Justin's Angel-98

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Justin felt Michael's sorrow, his pain at giving Justin some of his gifts.
"Oh, Mico. It's okay, it's unbelievable actually. I've never felt anything like this. It feels so different."
"I've know for a long time that this might happen, our being so close, so entwined, it was almost certain to happen. I've fought to try and stop it. I never wanted you to feel this."
"Michael, I love you. I will easily carry your burden. Do you know why?"
Michael looked into Justin's eyes.
"Because I love you. For some reason I have been meant to have this. So I accept it easily. Just as I've accepted your love."
Michael teared up, hugging Justin tightly.
"But we'll talk about this tomorrow. We both need some sleep. Lay down here against me, my love." Justin sensing Michael's tiredness.
Justin lay down, Michael curling up beside him, Justin wrapping his arms around him, Michael's head laying on his chest.
"I love you, Mico. This doesn't change anything."
"I love you, Jus."
Justin held him, gradually feeling him relax, Michael soon lightly snoring.
Justin lay there, his eyes closed, feeling the power laying inside him. He sensed it wasn't anything spectacular like Michael's power, just a new part of Michael inside him.
That made Justin smile. Michael was inside him.
Justin gradually fell asleep.
The shadows in the room gave way to a silent form, that stood beside the bed, looking down on both men.
"And so the souls are one. The gifts are in place. Now begins the truth and God's judgement."
Adrian walked silently around the bed, touching Michael's cheek.
"Soon, my friend. Soon."
Adrian smiled, then faded back into the darkness.

Chapter  98

Paulo stared at his brother, sensing the quietness in him.
He felt something was wrong.
Michael was filling Becky's cereal bowl with Rice Krispies.
Lonnie, Paulo, Lance and Josh had just arrived about ten minutes earlier. They were all sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.
Lance and Josh traded looks, watching Michael helping Becky.
Justin had just gotten up, Michael had let him sleep in. He was in the shower.
They'd traded "I love you"'s when Justin had awoke, Justin sensing Michael's mood. Becky's playfulness stalled their talking about last night.
Justin walked into the kitchen, Michael looking at him, Justin hugging and kissing his cheek.
"Sit down, Jus. I'll fix your plate."
Justin and everyone exchanged looks, Michael going to the stove, fixing a plate of eggs and bacon, as well as a bowl of cereal for Justin.
"Sit down, love. Join us." Justin said, smiling up at him.
"I should wash the dishes, we're leaving in half an hour."
"They can wait till we're back, Mico."
Michael quietly nodded, sitting down, pouring a cup of coffee.
Everyone was silent, eating their breakfast, the mood quiet.
"Okay, this is ridiculous. We need to talk about this right now, Mico." Justin said, his hand going on top of Michael's.
Michael felt Justin's love, and his worry.
"I'm okay, Jus. I'm just not happy with myself, that's all." Michael said quietly, getting up and grabbing some dishes off the counter, going to the sink.
Justin watched him, sighing.
"Something wrong, Jus? Michael?" Lonnie asked, his caring evident in his voice.
Michael looked at him, then Justin, Michael nodding at Justin.
"Something happened last night, guys."
Everyone looked at Justin, Justin's eyes looking around the table.
"Last night, somehow, Michael gave me part of his gifts. I have some of his power now inside me. It's totally unbelievable. I feel it inside me. And I can do things. I don't know yet what all of it entails, but I can move things. I tested it last night."
Everyone looked stunned, Josh and Lance looking at Michael, seeing him lowering his head.
Justin got up, pulling Michael against him.
"Michael feels that he shouldn't have allowed this. That it's his fault that I now have this gift. I think he's wrong."
Michael looked into his blue eyes, Justin kissing him tenderly.
"I think something else is behind this. For some reason I needed to be given this gift. I don't want you feeling this way, Mico. It's not your fault."
"I tried to stop it, Jus. I didn't want you to have this power."
Paulo looked at his brothers, he himself knowing how that power felt, and Michael's reluctance to let others have it.
"I know, Mico, you told me that last night. But I think there was no way for you to stop it. It's done, Mico. Will you help me to understand it, to use it for good like you do?"
Michael smiled a small smile, seeing Justin's acceptance of the situation.
"I will show you what needs to be shown. But I need to tell you something."
Justin nodded, pulling Michael closer.
"This isn't a parlor game, Jus. This isn't something that you use to amuse yourself or your friends. This is serious."
Justin smiled, nodding again.
"And I can control it inside you Jus. If you get too crazy or too wild, I will stop you in your tracks."
"Okay, teachie."
Michael stopped, staring at Justin.
"Daniel always called me that."
Justin kissed him lightly.
"Sorry, babe."
"No it's okay. Well, let's get this all cleaned up, some kiddies want to go to Disneyland."
Becky smiled widely, Justin picking her up. She was wearing her Justin t-shirt.
They both had wide smiles on their faces, everyone smiling.
Lance was looking at Michael, Michael smiling at him.
"And how is the newly engaged couple doing?"
"We're fantastic, Mikey!"
Michael winked, Lance blushing.
"Yeah, I know. I felt your happiness last night."
Lance and Josh both blushed, Michael laughing.
"Sorry boys, I'm permanently attached to all of you. I sense happiness and love. But I don't watch."
Everyone laughed, Michael smiling.
Justin felt Michael's mood lightening, his happiness bubbling to the surface again.
He knew they'd talk about this later, all the feelings coming out.
Justin kissed Michael, Michael smiling.
"Let's head for Mickey Mouse!" He yelled, Michael laughing.

Within an hour, the two vehicles pulled into the private parking lot of Disneyland.
Justin, Josh and Becky were all wired up, Michael smirking to himself.
"Now you three hold hands. Don't want my kids to get lost."
Lance was laughing loudly, Michael smiling.
"Lonnie and Paulo, you're in charge of Lancy, he's the hyper kid."
Lance stopped laughing, Michael laughing now.
"Very funny, Mikey. For that I'm going to throw a temper tantrum."
"Then I'll have to get Josh to sit on you, till you calm down."
Josh beamed a large smile.
"Really? Cool! Throw one Lance!" Josh said, wiggling his eyebrows.
Lance blushed red, his eyes meeting Josh's.
"On that flirtatious note, let's get going." Justin said.
They were guided to a private office, meeting a young lady with blond hair.
Justin hugged her, knowing her already, Josh also hugging her, as well as Lance.
"Hi, my name is Stephanie, I'll be your guide today for your adventure here at Disneyland."
"Hi, Stephanie. With this gang, every minute will be an adventure." Michael said smiling.
Stephanie laughed, Justin introducing everyone.
Stephanie smiled at Becky, spending time making her happy.
Within ten minutes they were out in the open, walking around the park.

Stephanie turned out to be a bundle of joy.
She had everyone laughing and having fun right off the bat.
"So how many times is this for you Josh?" Stephanie asked, smiling.
"This is my seventeenth time here."
Michael's eyes widened, looking at Josh.
"And you Justin?"
Justin blushed, looking shyly at Michael.
"It's only forty three."
Michael stopped in his tracks, stunned.
"Forty three visits here?"
Justin blushed, Michael smiling.
"Babe, even Donald Duck hasn't been here that many times."
Everyone laughed, Michael kissing Justin's cheek.
"Looks like I've gained a real kid. I couldn't be happier."
Justin smiled widely, putting his arm around him.
"I can't believe it Justin! You and Michael? " Stephanie exclaimed smiling at both of them.
"Yep, he's my world." Justin said, Michael smiling.
"Let's head for Fantasyland." Stephanie said, Josh and Justin grinning widely, Becky running ahead with them.
"You have a big kid there, Michael." Stephanie said, walking beside him and Paulo.
"Yep, he keeps my heart young, even though we're both the same age."
Everyone laughed, heading after the running kids.

Becky was completely mesmerized. To her, she was in heaven.
Fantasyland made her eyes glow.
So many things to see, and do.
Justin took her on different rides, everyone going through different attractions.
Justin and Becky sang all the words to It's A Small World, going through the attraction named after the song.
Michael was impressed with all the attractions, robotics and just fantastic displays.
Justin felt Michael's childlike wonder threatening to break through, knowing how this place could bring out the kid in anyone.
Josh, Paulo, Lance and Justin went on the Matterhorn Bobsleds roller coaster, Michael holding Becky watching the guys fly around.
Becky was thrilled with Mickey's Toontown, actually meeting Mickey Mouse at his house.
Justin bought her mouse ears, Becky wearing them happily.
Judging by the layout and scope of all the attractions Michael knew they wouldn't see everything in just one day.
He asked Justin what the best attractions were, Josh and Lance voicing opinions too. All three agreed on two things.
Frontierland and Pirates of the Carribean.
Frontierland was a western-themed attraction recreating pioneer days.
Michael had a blast, seeing all the old western town and settings.
Justin bought both of them a white cowboy hat each, both wearing them.
Becky loved the horses and Justin rode her around on a small pony.
Pirates of the Carribean was a spectacular display of old Pirate lore.
The ship was fantastic, Michael awed by its size and design.
They took the Grand Circle Tour on the Disneyland Railroad, driving all around the park, seeing all the attractions.
They finished the rail trip at Main Street U.S.A.
Becky was awestruck by Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
Justin spent almost an hour there with her, Michael relaxing outside, waiting with Paulo.
"Wow, this place is amazing! I've never seen so much child-oriented stuff!"
"It's a fantasyland alright, Paulo." Michael smiled.
"We never had this when we were kids, Mikey. I wish we had. To slip away into fantasy would have been wonderful!"
Michael put his arm around his brother, feeling his memories flood back.
"Well, we're enjoying it now. Let's make up for lost time. Come on, bro. Lonnie, we'll be back."
Michael grabbed Paulo's hand, heading off, Lonnie smiling after them.

An hour and a half later, they found Paulo and Michael climbing off Space Mountain roller coaster.
Both had wide grins, and were laughing loudly.
Justin felt all Michael's feelings, his happiness and the childish joy in full bloom.
"Justy, this place is amazing! Totally amazing!" Michael grinned.
"Uh-oh, Justin. Looks like two more kids have been sucked into the Disney fantasy." Lonnie said smirking.
Michael and Paulo both grinned, Justin and Josh laughing their heads off.
"I think all us kids need to chill, come on, let's get some food." Stephanie said, everyone agreeing.
They had lunch at one of the numerous stands, everyone having hot dogs and fries.
They sat down all together, watching the crowds go by.
They were being looked at, their identities not hidden from anyone.
All day they'd seen people looking, all of them giving them space.
Michael had just finished his lunch, dumping the remainder into a trash can when a young black woman walked up to him.
"Excuse me, are you Michael Tavarro?" She asked quietly.
"Yes, I am."
She smiled shyly at him, then grabbed him in a tight hug, tears falling from her eyes.
Michael stood in shock, everyone staring at the scene in front of them.
"Thank you, thank you for giving me my brother back."
Justin walked up beside Michael, the woman breaking her hold on him.
"I'm sorry, I just wanted to thank you. You can't possibly know what you've done for my family. Hello Mr. Timberlake."
"Hello." Justin said smiling at the young woman.
"Please sit down with us." Michael said, the woman blushing.
"I don't want to intrude."
"No, please. I'd like to know what I've done that's helped you." Michael said smiling, the woman lost in his golden eyes.
She sat down at their table, everyone sitting back down.
"You know me, I'd like to know you." Michael said smiling.
She smiled.
"My name is Rachel Conrad."
"It's nice to meet you, Rachel. Let me introduce you to everyone."
Michael introduced her to everyone, Lonnie smiling at her, but Michael could feel his eyes judging her. Lonnie was always on the job.
"Please, go on with your story." Josh said smiling at her.
"My brother Jonas has had a hard life. Our father abused us, our mother dying when he was just becoming a teenager. He's seven years younger than myself; when I left home, I took him with me. Our father didn't care. I've been his sister, his mother and his friend. But I couldn't save him from himself."
Michael put his hand on top of hers.
"He started hanging out with the wrong people. He stayed out late, he came home drunk and on drugs. I saw where he was heading, trying so hard to reach him. I failed."
Justin put his arm around her shoulder, she blushing.
"Go on, please." He said smiling, caring in his voice.
"A year and a half ago, he disappeared. I didn't know where he was. I searched so hard, but found nothing. The police didn't seem to care. He was seventeen, an adult in their minds. They didn't care that he was everything to me."
Justin squeezed her shoulder, the young lady pulling out a Kleenex from her purse, looking at Michael.
"Two months ago he showed up on my doorstep. With him was another young man. The smile on his face was so beautiful, I cried for hours, my brother holding me. All my dreams came true in that smile."
Everyone smiled, hearing the happiness in her voice.
"And then he told me what had happened."
Michael took her hand, putting it on his heart.
"He was hurt, wasn't he?"
"Yes. He'd gone to a party at a friend's house. He'd gotten drunk, some frat boys giving him a drive home. He never made it home. They took him to their apartment, and they raped him. For days he was their toy, and their slave.
When Jonas got free of them, he was so hurt, so humiliated. He couldn't make himself go home. He'd tried to call me, to tell me what had happened, but he just couldn't do it. So he walked away from me, because he felt ashamed. So he ran away."
Most of the people around the table had tears in their eyes.
"He lived off the streets, moving to Anaheim, selling himself to make money. He became a call boy. And in that industry he met Byron, the young man who was with him that day he returned.
The two fell in love. My brother realized he was gay, and he found love with Byron.
The two were there for each other.
And then one day, about four months ago, Byron brought something home for Jonas. It was your book."
Michael remained quiet, waiting for her to continue.
"Jonas told me that your book gave him the courage to return to me. To ask my forgiveness. Only he didn't realize there was no forgiveness needed. He is my brother, I love him with all my heart. His heartache kept us apart. Your book brought us back together. For that I will forever be thankful."
Rachel was crying, Justin holding her.
"How is Jonas doing now, Rachel?" Michael asked, still quietly.
"They've both moved back home with me. I now have two brothers. Byron is so wonderful. The two of them are going back to school, working jobs to finish school. They've walked away from the streets. I have my brother back again."
"Where's Jonas now, is he with you?" Justin asked, smiling at her.
"He's here today with me, as is Byron. They're riding the coasters."
"I'd like to meet him, if that's okay." Michael said smiling.
"I think he'd be floored by that. But I didn't want to intrude, you are here having fun."
"It's no intrusion. I like to know what my fans think of my novels."
Rachel smiled, looking into his golden eyes, lost in their brilliance.
"They should be back soon, will you be here for a while?"
"Yes, bring them here. And don't tell them it's me. I want to surprise both of them."
Rachel nodded, standing up.
"They both will be blown away."
She walked away, everyone looking at Michael.
"Wow, what a story! Your book helps so many people, babe." Justin said, wrapping his arm around him.
"Lonnie, you might as well grab us all shakes, it might be a little while."
Lonnie smiled, getting up, Michael smiling at him.
Justin caught a weird look in his eye.
"Everything okay, babe?"
"Everything's fine, love." Michael smiling, laying his head on Justin's shoulder, his cowboy hat in his lap.
Ten minutes later, Michael spotted Rachel walking with two young men.
One young man was obviously her brother, a tall, muscular black man. His face was flawless, smooth and blemish free.
The other man was white, shorter with short blond hair. He, too, was muscular but not bulky. He reminded Michael a little of Justin.
Michael grabbed everyone's attention, turning his back on the three people walking towards them.
Rachel sat down at a table, the two men joining her, their backs to Michael and Justin.
"Why are we sitting down, Rach? There's so much to do." Jonas said, smiling.
Byron hung his arm around his friend, smiling at his youthful enthusiasm.
"Yeah, my Jon wants to fly more. Most angels do."
Michael and Justin both smiled, hearing the whole conversation.
"I just thought we'd relax, and catch our breath. Besides, I want you to meet someone." Rachel said smiling.
"Awesome! Sis has found herself a man!" Jonas said, smiling widely, Rachel blushing a bit.
"No, but he is a wonderful man. I think both of you will be thrilled to meet him. If you two kids will turn around you'll see for yourselves."
Michael and Justin both stood up, the two young men turning around in their seats.
Byron gasped, Jonas looked stunned.
"Hi, Jonas and Byron. Your sister thought you might like to meet me." Michael said, smiling at both of them.
Jonas remained seated staring at Michael.
Byron stood up, smiling at Justin and Michael.
"It's a pleasure to meet you, sir." Byron said, shaking Michael's extended hand, his eyes looking at Justin.
Justin shook his hand also, Michael smirking at Byron's gazing at Justin.
"I think you've got another groupie, love." Michael said, smiling, Byron blushing.
Jonas still stared at Michael, Michael's golden eyes staring back.
And then Jonas began to cry.
Byron was kneeling beside him, holding him tight.
"It's okay, Jon. It's okay."
Jonas got his emotions under control, still staring at Michael.
He stood up, Michael extending his hand, then pulling Jonas into a hug.
"It's a pleasure meeting you, Jonas."
Jonas began crying again, Michael holding him, Byron smiling at his boyfriend, tears in his blue eyes.
"Oh, Mr. Tavarro! It's an honor meeting you!" Jonas said, his voice emotional.
"Hey, it's Michael, okay. I'm not that old, geez."
Justin smirked, Byron smiling.
"Rachel told us your story, Jonas. All of us were moved by your courage."
Jonas blushed looking at Michael.
"It's you that has the courage, Michael. What you went through, to write your feelings down like that. It's incredible!"
Michael smiled, putting his hand on Jonas' shoulder.
"You have courage too, my friend. The courage to return to your sister's love. The courage to get your life back on track. The courage to be yourself, and love who you want to love. Byron seems like a wonderful man. You are so lucky."
Jonas smiled, looking at Byron.
"I am lucky, very lucky. I got my sis back, I fell in love with this wonderful man. I owe a lot to your book, Michael. Daniel's story gave me the courage to face my life. Life is for the living, I'm living it now."
Michael smiled, hugging him again.
"That's wonderful! Then I've accomplished what I set out to do. To make people see that life is worth living."
Everyone smiled, Michael introducing the two young men to everyone.
Byron was blushing meeting Justin, Jonas smirking.
"Byron's had a crush on you for a long time, Mr. Timberlake."
Justin smiled, immediately hugging Byron, and kissing his cheek.
"There ya go. The fantasy's complete. Now you can like me for me. Just like I like you for you. Please, it's Justin."
Byron smiled widely, laughing.
"Okay, Justin."
They all sat back down, talking among themselves, learning all about Byron's and Jonas' lives.
Michael asked questions, drawing everything out of the two men.
In them, he saw love and deep hearts. The two men were in love.
Michael noticed Becky and Justin getting antsy, knowing they were dying to have more fun.
"Unfortunately, it looks like the kids want to play. We should be going."
Jonas and Byron smiled, Rachel nodding.
"It's been a pleasure meeting you, Michael." Rachel said, Michael hugging her.
"As it has been meeting you. Thank you for coming up to me, Rachel. I am deeply moved by your story. And congratulations on finding Jonas' love again. The three of you will have a lot of happiness."
They all hugged Michael, Michael smiling at all three.
Jonas looked like he wanted to say something else, but had chickened out.
"Jus, get Becky all set, I'll be just a moment. Jonas, can I see you in private for a moment."
Michael walked away from everyone, Jonas following.
The two sat down on a bench, Michael smiling at Jonas.
"Is there something you wanted to say to me Jonas?"
Jonas took a deep breath.
"I wanted to say thank you. I found a lot of truth in your book. A lot of truth about myself. I didn't tell Rachel everything I've done. I'm not proud of a lot of it. Byron knows, and he still loves me."
Michael put his arm around him, nodding.
"We all do things we're not proud of, including myself, Jonas."
Jonas was surprised by that, he hadn't expected Michael to say that.
"But we learn from our mistakes. We learn not to give up. I see a lot of love in Byron's eyes for you, my friend. Let his love heal your soul. The past can't match the present's beauty or love."
Jonas was moved by Michael's words.
"I understand, Michael."
Michael smiled, handing Jonas a piece of paper.
"That's my cell number. Anytime you want to talk, give me a call."
Jonas' face lit up, feeling Michael's friendship.
"Thanks, Michael! Thanks for everything!"
Michael smiled, getting up, pulling Jonas into another hug.
Justin stood with Becky in his arms, smiling at the two men hugging.
Michael was giving his heart to another troubled soul.
They all parted, Michael and Justin walking together, Justin holding his hand.
"They were really nice guys. I hope they have a wonderful future together."
"They will. All of them."
Justin looked at Michael, seeing him deep in thought.
"And what are you thinking about?"
Michael looked up smiling.
"Life's beautiful surprises. Let's go have more fun."
Michael and Becky both squealed, Justin laughing.

All afternoon and evening they enjoyed themselves immensely.
At dusk, they watched the fireworks displays and music show.
Becky was awestruck by all of it, Michael seeing the innocent joy in her small round eyes.
They left after dark, Becky falling asleep in the car, Justin and Michael snuggling together.
"What a day, love! What a magical day!" Justin said, laying his head on Michael's chest.
"Yes my love. The magic of children. You have a good day, Jus?"
"Hmmm, let's see. I spent all day with my man, in public, holding his hand, and hugging him. Watching his childlike happiness blossom. I'd say I had a fantastic day."
Michael smiled widely, kissing him deeply.
They arrived back home, Lonnie and Paulo hugging them good night.
Justin carried Becky upstairs, putting her pajamas on, and tucking her into her bed, across the hall from their room.
Michael stood in the doorway, his shoulder against the doorframe, watching Justin's caring for the little girl.
Once Justin had her all tucked in and placing her stuffed Winnie the Pooh beside her, Justin kissed her on the forehead.
"Sleep tight, little angel." Justin smiled, looking at Michael.
Michael smiled back, Justin going into his arms.
"Time for bed, sweetie." Justin said, kissing him gently.
"You offering to tuck me in, too? But I don't have any stuffed animal to snuggle with."
"Will I do in a pinch?"
"Oh, you'll do more than that! Come to bed, Tigger!"
Justin laughed, Michael taking his hand, pulling him across the hall.

Michael woke up, feeling the emptiness beside him.
"Where's my Justin? Love ya, Tigger."
"Love ya, lovecakes. Be right there."
Justin smiled, loving the new nickname Michael had started calling him.
Michael heard the patter of little feet, Becky running into their room.
She jumped up into the bed, Sitting on Michael's chest.
"Good morning, Uncle Mikey!"
"Good morning, sunshine. All rested up from yesterday?"
"I love you, Uncle Mikey. Thank you for taking me to Disneyland."
She hugged him, kissing his cheek.
Justin walked into the room, carrying a tray of food.
"Here's your breakie, love. Becky cooked the toast and spread the jam."
Becky beamed, Michael kissing her cheek.
"Thank you, my angels. Becky was just thanking me for yesterday."
"Yes, she thanked me too. What a little angel."
Becky smiled, taking her glass of milk off the tray.
Justin climbed into bed with Michael, Michael smelling and smiling at all the delicious food.
"Smells wonderful! Thanks so much, honeybuns!"
Justin leaned down, kissing his lover's lips.
The three had a wonderful breakfast, Justin feeding Michael.
"What's up for today? What time does your flight leave?"
"I'm gone around two. Back around one o'clock. What time tomorrow are people starting to arrive?"
Justin had one more concert tonight, then two weeks off.
Michael wasn't going with him, staying at home to get ready for their Easter celebration. Becky was staying with him and Paulo.
"Nana gets in around eleven o'clock, Cricket and Zach around two."
"Mommy and Daddy are coming home tomorrow?" Becky asked, smiling.
"Yep, angel. You're all staying here for a couple of days with your uncles."
"Yay!!!" Becky said, Justin tickling her.
They finished breakfast, Michael showering while Justin helped Becky get dressed.
They spent the morning relaxing, playing around the pool.
Becky and Justin swam around, Michael relaxing on a lounge chair.
Paulo and Jake showed up around eleven, the two hugging everyone.
"Sorry I missed Disneyland, Mikey." Jake said, pulling off his shirt, Michael taking in the vision standing in front of him.
"It's okay, the life of a movie star." Michael smiled, Paulo jumping into the pool with Justin and Becky.
Jake's face changed a bit, Michael staring at him.
"Something wrong, Jake?"
Jake watched Paulo swimming with Justin, his eyes remaining on his beautiful body as it moved through the water.
"I'm at a crossroads, Mike. I'm hopelessly in love with Paulo. I want to spend every moment I can with him. I hate being away from him. And I know it's hard on him also."
"You both knew that going in, and I still feel your deep love for each other. If anyone can make it work I know you two can."
"Do you know what's going to happen with us, Mike? In your vision, have you seen our future?"
Michael knew that this might come up eventually, choosing his words carefully.
"I have seen the future, what will come to pass between you two. It's going to be magical, Jake. Just go with your heart, and all will play out."
"You're not going to tell me, are you?"
Michael smiled.
"Half the fun is finding out for yourself."
Michael looked at Paulo, seeing him swimming with Justin.
"My brother loves you, Jake. With all his heart. And I know you feel the same. That to me is all that should matter. The rest will sort itself out."
Jake smiled, hugging his friend.
"Thanks, Mike. Thanks, bro."
Michael smiled, smelling the wonderful scent of Jake's cologne.
"Go join your boyfriend, Justin is too involved with Becky. Paulo's lonely."
Jake laughed, getting up, diving into the pool.
Justin left just after one o'clock, Becky and Michael going to the airport to see him off.
Michael watched his plane leave, sighing to himself.
"Hey bud, he'll be back later tonight." Paulo said, smiling at him.
Michael had noticed a few reporters following them, pictures being taken.
When he walked out of the terminal, he was approached by them.
"Mr. Tavarro, can you answer a few questions?" One asked smiling at him.
"I'm in a bit of a hurry, so please make it brief."
"Who is the small child with you and Justin. Are you adopting?"
Michael smiled, Becky looking up at him, Michael carrying her in his arms.
"This is Rebecca. She is my best friend's daughter. I'm looking after her while her parents are on their honeymoon." Michael smiled at her, Becky smiling back.
"A beautiful little girl. Are you and Justin thinking of adopting or having children?"
"In the future we want to have a family. We have too much love not to share it."
Paulo started guiding Michael towards their vehicle, the reporters following them, cameras going off.
"How has Justin's fan base reacted to your relationship? Are there signs of distress in his career?"
Michael felt they were looking for some trouble in Justin's career.
"Justin's fans love him for his music. His personal life shouldn't  come into the mix. They all respect his right to privacy. They all want him to be happy. And believe me, he's happy."
Michael opened the car door, putting Becky into her car seat.
"Aren't you afraid that your involvement with him will undermine his success? Being in an open gay relationship can't be helping." The reporter wasn't giving up.
Michael sighed, looking at him.
"Justin's love for me, and my love for him is what you see. We love each other. Deal with it. Neither of us care what anyone thinks about our relationship. What matters to us is being together. We love each other. That's all that matters. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm heading home. It's Easter this weekend, and I have lots to do."
Michael jumped into the vehicle, Paulo pulling out from the curb.
The reporters continued to take pictures as the vehicle sped away.
"It never ends, huh Michael?" Paulo said, looking at Michael in the passenger seat.
"They just can't understand that we're happy. They want to rake us over the coals,  find trouble or issues between us. Fuck them all!" Michael said the last part in a lower voice so only Paulo could hear it.
Paulo looked shocked, not hearing Michael use that kind of language often.
Michael looked in the back seat, seeing that Becky hadn't been listening, she playing with a doll.
"I'm surprised the rumor mill hasn't paired us up with other guys yet. The press is always trying to destroy people's lives with innuendo and false facts."
Paulo nodded, knowing Justin and Michael weren't like that. To each, the other was everything.
"Well, they're going to see something new. They're going to see two men deeply in love. Their half truths won't destroy what we have. Never!"
Paulo heard the finality in Michael's words.
Michael stared out the window, lost in his own thoughts.
"Nothing, or no one, will destroy our love." Michael said quietly, Paulo just catching his words.
Paulo's mind was on something else.
A feeling he had, a feeling of trouble coming.

Nicholas smiled, watching Kevin succumb to his passion.
They were in bed together, both sweating profusely, hours of passion in the past.
Kevin gasped as Nicholas sank deep inside him.
Kevin was his.
Nicholas had been in control, Kevin relinquishing it completely.
Nicholas smiled, knowing Kevin was his completely.
He exploded inside him, his body falling on top of Kevin, Kevin wrapping his arms around him.
"Man, Nicky, you're fantastic! You send me into the stratosphere!"
Nicholas smiled at him, laying on his back, panting.
"You're one hot piece of ass, Federline. All my friends think so."
Kevin looked at Nicholas, knowing where this would be leading.
"Can't it be just you and me tonight, Nicky?"
"Hey bud, you know me. I'm insatiable. I like to party. And I like more than one."
Kevin lowered his eyes, Nicholas running his hand across his chest.
"Come on, Kevy. You know you're special to me. I always include you. I can't have fun without you, sexy."
Kevin nodded, Nicholas pulling him against him.
"Paul so wants to meet you. I've told him all about your insatiable ass. He's one hot, horny top man. You'll love him."
As if on cue, Nicholas's cell went off, Nicholas answering it.
"Hey, Paul. Yeah, we're both here. And Kevin is dying to meet you."
Nicholas looked at Kevin, Kevin smiling shyly.
"Who? Yeah sure, no prob. See you in ten."
Nicholas got up, pulling on his boxers, telling Kevin to hit the shower.
Kevin got up, going into the bathroom, the shower relaxing his tired body.
He heard voices outside, remaining in the shower.
After a few minutes, he shut the water off, dried himself, and then wrapped the towel around his waist.
He walked out of the bedroom, looking at a surprising sight.
Nicholas was sitting in Paul Walker's lap, French kissing him, Paul's hand down the back of Nicholas's boxers.
The two broke their kiss, both staring at Kevin.
"This is Kevin. Kev, meet Paul Walker and his friend over there."
Kevin looked away from the two men, staring at another man in the corner of the room, sitting quietly in a chair.
Kevin recognized Nick Carter immediately.
Nick got up, walking to Kevin, pulling him into a hug.
"Been a while, Kevin. I'm surprised to see you here, with Nicholas."
Kevin blushed, staring into Nick's blue eyes.
"Yeah, it's come as a surprise to me also."
Nick's hand remained on Kevin's back, stroking him lightly.
"I always thought you were a hot man. I'm so happy you're here."
Kevin smiled, remaining still.
"Let's get this show on the road. Come here Nick." Nicholas said, standing up.
Nick let go of Kevin, smiling shyly, walking over to Nicholas.
Nicholas pushed Nick down to his knees, his hands grasping his shoulders.
Nick's face was pushed into Nicholas' center, his hands pulling down his boxers.
Nick took Nicholas' cock into his throat, Nick closing his eyes.
Paul, meanwhile, had been sitting quietly in the chair, now standing up, pulling his shirt over his head, Kevin staring at his sculpted chest.
Within seconds Paul had his pants off, wearing no underwear underneath.
Kevin's eyes widened seeing the log growing between Paul's legs.
Paul walked up to him, pulling the towel off Kevin's waist.
Kevin stood naked in front of him, Paul scanning his body.
"Hot man, very nice. I'm going to show you how nice I think you are."
Paul pushed Kevin back onto the bed, falling on top of him, Kevin closing his eyes as Paul devoured his body.
Kevin turned his head, opening his eyes, staring at his Nicholas.
Nicholas was removing Nick's clothes, pulling him towards the bed.
Kevin watched Nick lay down beside him, both men looking into each other's eyes.
They both were letting themselves be controlled, both lost in their love for others.
Kevin felt Paul spreading his legs, his large cock seeking relief.
He found it in Kevin's center, pressing firmly against it.
Kevin felt the largeness of Paul's weapon sinking into him, his body shuddering.
Nicholas was sinking into Nick, feeling the blond singer's surrender.
Nicholas smiled, loving the control. These singers were so easy to control.
Nicholas looked at Kevin, seeing him grimacing in pain, knowing how big Paul was.
"Paul's fantastic, Kev! You'll be begging him to fuck you for hours. Just like I'm going to fuck you Nick."
Nick looked up at Nicholas, as he ran his hands across Nick's chest, pinching his nipples.
Nick turned looking into Kevin's brown eyes.
Nicholas and Paul continued their desires, using both men to satisfy their needs.
Kevin and Nick both clasped hands, neither of their lovers seeing them do it.
In each other's hands they felt an anchor, a kinship, to keep them focused.
For hours, the two men used them, taking them separately and together.
Kevin did all Nicholas asked, everything.
Paul and Nick left in the early morning, Nicholas crawling back into bed beside an exhausted Kevin.
"You have fun, Kev?"
"Yeah, Nicky, I had fun."
"Good, Kev. I'm glad. I like seeing you having fun. I actually want us to have fun with someone else. You game?"
Kevin looked at Nicholas, a tear in his eye.
"Why can't it be just you and me?"
Nicholas leaned in, kissing Kevin deeply; Kevin lost in the passion of Nicholas' tenderness.
"It is you and me now, Kev. I just like a little variety, that's all. You like making me happy, right?"
"Yes, Nicky."
"Well, what if I told you I could make one of your former dreams come true?"
"What dream?"
"How would you like to take on Justin and Michael?"
Kevin sat up, staring at Nicholas.
"What are you talking about, Nicky?"
"Nick Carter is friends with Justin. So are you. I think we can arrange something."
"But, Nicky, Michael and Justin don't fool around. They're in love."
Nicholas laughed, shaking his head.
"Oh, Kevin. You can be so naive at times. I can take care of Michael. I want you and Nick to concentrate on Justin, leave Michael to me."
Kevin lay back down, staring at the ceiling, Nicholas beginning to rub his body again.
"Think of it, Kev. Justin Timberlake fucking you. Wouldn't you like that. And I want Michael. I want him badly. You'll help me get him, won't you, Kevy?"
Kevin looked into Nicholas's eyes, as Nicholas climbed on top of him again, beginning to take him again.
Kevin stared into his eyes, feeling himself getting lost. Lost in what he thought was there. Nicholas's love.
"I'll do anything for you, Nicky. Anything."
Nicholas smiled, sinking into his lover.
Nicholas closed his eyes, thinking about a hot vision of beauty that ignited his soul.
You'll be mine soon, Michael Tavarro. I'll make you forget all about Justin Timberlake.

Michael opened his eyes, hearing Justin climb into bed.
His arms wrapped around him, Michael melting into them.
"Mmmm, hello my love. You're early."
Justin kissed Michael's cheek, looking at the clock.
It was two thirty in the morning.
"I took off right after the concert. No interviews."
"Eager to get home and start your vacation?"
"Eager to be with my man. I missed you so much."
Michael turned around, pulling Justin against him.
"I missed you more, sweet angel."
They kissed deeply, a kiss of want and need.
They hugged close again, Michael laying his head on Justin's chest.
Their naked bodies felt the warmth of the other's heat.
"Just think, love. Tomorrow, we have all our friends and family here for three days. And our party Saturday night for Josh and Lance. We are going to have so much fun!"
Michael remained quiet, Justin sensing his mood.
"Something wrong, love?"
"I just have a feeling, Jus. A feeling that something is going to happen."
"Is it bad? You haven't had a vision, have you?" Michael sensing Justin's worry.
"No, Tigger. I just think something magical may happen this weekend."
Justin hugged Michael tighter.
"Then we'll see it together. I love you, Mico."
"I love you, Tigger. And I want to show you how much."
Michael pulled Justin on top of him, Justin kissing him deeply.
They made love, a slow, heated session of passion and desire.
They both felt the newness of their passion, the power inside Michael sending their passion to new levels.
Justin felt the power take hold of all his senses, his body climaxing in a flurry of jumbled emotions.
Michael held him against him as Justin cried, lost in the love he felt.
"I love you so much, Mico! Please don't ever tire of showing me that love!"
Michael smiled, his mind on what he'd felt today.
Michael felt there was a test coming. A test to prove the depth of their love.
And he was going to do everything in his power to show Justin how deep that love really was.
They both fell asleep, locked together, their hearts and souls full of deep love.

End of Chapter 98

And so trouble may be brewing.
Is Nicholas going to get what he wants?
Will Kevin help him achieve his goal?
Can Michael deflect his advances?
Looks like there may be trouble ahead for our destined heroes.
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