Justin's Angel-99

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Michael remained quiet, Justin sensing his mood.
"Something wrong, love?"
"I just have a feeling, Jus. A feeling that something is going to happen."
"Is it bad? You haven't had a vision, have you?"
"No, Tigger. I just think something magical may happen this weekend."
Justin hugged Michael tighter.
"Then we'll see it together. I love you, Mico."
"I love you, Tigger. And I want to show you how much."
Michael pulled Justin on top of him, Justin kissing him deeply.
They made love, a slow heated session of passion and desire.
They both felt the newness of their passion, the power inside Michael sending their passion to new levels.
Justin felt the power take hold of all his senses, his body  climaxing in a flurry of jumbled emotions.
Michael held him against him as Justin cried, lost in the love he felt.
"I love you so much, Mico. Please don't ever tire of showing me that love."
Michael smiled, his mind on what he'd felt today.
Michael felt there was a test coming. A test to prove the depth of their love.
And he was going to do everything in his power to show Justin how deep that love really was.
They both fell asleep, locked together, their hearts and souls full of deep love.

Chapter 99

The morning was a bustle of active motion and excitement.
Michael was up early, cleaning house and cooking.
Paulo and Jake were over early, Michael dispatching them with shopping lists and items to be picked up.
Justin looked after Becky, playing with her outside, the two staying out of Michael's hair.
Justin knew it was best to let Michael have complete control of the kitchen.
Justin was happy also to just be with Becky.
Chris and Vicky arrived around nine, helping Justin clean up the backyard patio and area for tonight's relaxing family get together.
And tomorrow night was the party here for Lance and Josh.
Unbeknownst to Lance and Josh, Michael was planning a surprise for them.
Lance and Josh had called everyone, announcing their engagement, their friends and family ecstatic.
Lance's Mom and Dad had cried for hours, as had Josh's parents.
They both promised each set of parents that they'd be home to see them.
Lonnie left at ten to go pick up people at the airport.
Alberto had called around ten, Michael and Paulo both talking to him for almost an hour.
He sent them his love, both young men missing their grandfather.
Shortly after eleven, Lonnie pulled up into their driveway, another car following him.
Nana and Silas got out of Lonnie's car, along with Lynn and Paul.
Randall, Lisa and the kids got out of the other car, everyone waving at Justin and Michael standing on the front steps.
Michael hugged his grandmother tightly, feeling her endless love.
"Welcome back to our home, Nana." Michael said in tears, Justin rubbing his back.
Nana and Silas both smiled, Michael then hugging his uncle.
Justin hugged his parents and step-parents, his brothers tackling Michael in the front hallway.
Michael laughed, being pulled down by Jonnie and Stevie.
"Help me, I'm in a Timberlake free-for-all."
Everyone laughed, seeing the brothers lost in happiness, Justin joining the tangle of arms and legs, Paulo diving in as well.
"I'll help ya, bro!" Paulo said, Jonnie and Stevie being tickled mercilessly.
The parents pulled them all apart, Justin laying on top of Michael.
"My, oh my. Fancy meeting you here, sexy."
Lynn slapped her son's ass, Justin jumping.
"You can ravish your man later, Justin. Time to entertain your family."
Michael laughed, Justin helping him up.
"Please, everyone, make yourself at home. This is your home for the next few days, treat it as just that." Michael said smiling, Nana wrapping her arms around him.
"Let's have a cup of tea, Michael. Tell me all that's new." She said, Michael guiding her towards the kitchen, Michael already having lunch prepared.
Everyone sat around the kitchen table, catching up on news and just having pleasant conversations.
Vicky was amazed, hearing Jonas' and Byron's story.
"Your book is awe-inspiring, Mikey. I told you it would help a lot of people." she said, Michael blushing.
"Anyone for more tea?  Lunch is almost ready."
They all felt Michael's diverting skills, Randall changing the subject to relax Michael, Michael thankful.
"So, Lance and Josh are getting married? That's great!" He said, smiling at Michael.
This became the next topic of discussion, Justin helping Michael set the table around everyone.
"So we're having an engagement party here tomorrow night to celebrate their happiness." Michael smiled, winking at Justin.
"How nice! A lot of people coming?" Lynn asked, sipping her glass of lemonade, her eyes falling on Justin's.
"Just friends and family, not many." Michael smiling at her.
They heard the front bell sound, Michael going to answer it.
"He doesn't have a clue does he, Justin?" Lynn asked, everyone smiling.
"Nope, he's completely oblivious to what's going on. And I have a great idea for tomorrow night! Let me tell you what happened today."
Justin quickly told them his secret, eyes widening in surprise, then smiles covering all their faces, Nana tearing up.
Michael walked back into the kitchen in a few minutes, smiling.
He noticed everyone beaming at him, wondering what was going on.
Justin looked up at him, sitting with Becky now in his lap.
Michael focused on what he had wanted to say.
"Someone here missing some parents?" Michael asked, smiling now.
Christina and Zach walked in, Becky screaming, Justin laughing.
Christina had her daughter in her arms immediately, smothering her with kisses, everyone remaining quiet, watching the touching scene; Zach hugging and kissing his new daughter as well.
Zach hugged Justin, kissing Vicky.
"Welcome back, honeymooners." Vicky said, Chris wrapping his arm around her waist.
Everyone gave both newlyweds hugs, Becky talking away a mile a minute.
"I went to Disneyland, Mommy!!" she said smiling widely, Christina looking at Justin, Justin blushing.
"Hey, it's a child's paradise. I couldn't help but take her."
Zach laughed, punching Justin's arm.
"You mean Michael took both of the kids."
Justin laughed, Michael smirking.
"Actually it was a whole group of kids."
Everyone laughed, Justin telling them all about the day.
"So, lovebirds, how was Hawaii? Is it as magical as Justin says?" Michael smirked, Justin blushing.
"It was beautiful, Mikey!  The water, the beaches, the romantic sunsets! We had a lot of fun!" Christina said, Zach kissing her cheek.
"I just bet you did! So what color are the hotel walls?" Chris smirked, Michael laughing.
Zach and Christina blushed, everyone smiling.
"We did see a lot, really." Zach said, Justin holding in his laughter.
"I'm sure you both did. And it's wonderful having you back." Michael said, hugging them both.
Becky looked up at all the grown-ups smiling.
"Daddy? Did you bring me anything from Ha-why-eee?"
Zach smiled, walking back out into the hallway.
He came back carrying a beautiful doll, decorated in a hawaiian hula outfit.
Becky's eyes lit up, taking the doll from her father.
"Oh thank you, Daddy!!  She's beautiful!!" The little girl said, her eyes wide with wonder.
Christina smiled, Zach wrapping his arms around his daughter.
"Let's eat everyone, I'm famished." Michael smiled, everyone heading out onto the patio.
They all sat down to a nice lunch, Michael's cooking a big hit as usual.
After lunch, the youngsters went swimming, the grownups relaxing around the pool and on the patio.
Lynn commented on the lovely decorations, Justin and Chris had hung streamers and lanterns everywhere.
Justin was beaming with pride at his Mom's loving praise.
Michael was busy cooking inside, Justin entertaining everyone.
Nana and Silas smiled when he sat down beside them; Lynn and Paul smiling at him from the other side of the patio table.
"How ya doing, Nana?" He said with love, kissing her cheek.
"I'm doing great. How has my grandson been doing?"
Justin smiled, everyone seeing his contented happiness. Then Justin's face took on a serious look.
"He's been a bit quiet the last few days. Something is on his mind. And there is something you should know."
Vicky had been sitting close by, listening to the conversation, telling Chris to be quiet.
Everyone sitting around could see the seriousness on Justin's face.
The patio became very quiet.
Justin told everyone about Michael's power entering him.
Nana looked shocked, staring at him.
"Michael says he knew it would happen, and he's not very happy about it. He fears he's put me in danger."
Lynn hugged her son, looking into his blue eyes.
"What does it feel like, Justin?" She asked, Justin smiling.
"It feels fantastic, like a charged energy flowing through you. Ever since it's happened, I don't feel tired at all, I feel energized."
Everyone smiled in wonder.
"I can move things, although not as powerfully as Mico. I only have a part of his power, but it's there. I'm just trying to figure out why I've been given it."
"God does things for a reason, Justin. Always remember that." Nana said, Justin picking up on something in her tone of  voice.
He watched her looking at Christina and Zach playing with Becky in the pool.
He remained quiet.
"Michael's been very quiet about it since, he's bothered by something. I just wish I knew what."
"He'll tell you when he's ready, Jus. But we all see his happiness, and we feel it too. He's happy. Don't think we don't know that it's you that's making him happy." Lynn said, Nana agreeing, Justin smiling.
"He makes me happy every day." Michael said, smiling from the doorway.
Michael walked out, sitting in Justin's lap, kissing his cheek.
"I'm sorry for being so quiet, love. It's not you, or any of you. I just have a lot on my mind. As for your new power, I'm dealing with that in my own way. We'll talk about it when we have some time alone, my sweet. Don't worry about me, I'm fine. We're here with our combined families. Let's enjoy our happiness."
Everyone smiled, feeling Michael's need for them all to be happy.
"Okay, lovecakes. Let's go for a swim." Justin said, pushing Michael up, grabbing his hand and heading for the pool house.
Everyone smiled, watching the two go inside to change.
Once inside, Justin pulled Michael close, kissing him deeply.
"Mmmm, that's what I missed this morning–that, and this."
Justin's hands opened Michael's pants, pulling them down.
"Jus, our family is right out there! Calm down, Tigger!"
Justin smiled, pulling Michael's shirt over his head.
"My man is so hot! I love seeing my man naked!"
Michael smiled, kissing his lover, helping him remove his clothes.
Naked, their hands roamed, Michael breaking the consuming passion.
"Love, as much as I want–and need–this, we have guests."
Justin pouted, Michael pulling their swim trunks off the hooks.
"Let's get dressed and hit the pool. That cool water should tame my tiger."
Justin hugged Michael close, Michael pulling the trunks up Justin's body.
"I love you, Mico. Are you sure you're okay?"
Michael pulled his own trunks on, kissing Justin tenderly.
"I'm fine, Jus. We'll spend some quiet time together and talk all this through. It's nothing to worry about. Trust me."
Justin smiled, then jumped almost out of his skin when a loud bang hit the door.
"Timberlake! Pull out of your boy and get out here!!!" Chris's voice shreiked, loud and excited. He'd banged a baseball bat against the room's metal door.
Michael shook his head, laughing at Justin's reaction.
Justin had been scared shitless. His face was as white as a ghost.
Michael's face changed, hugging his man close, Justin calming down immediately.
"Kirkpatrick!!! You better run, I'm on your ass like KY Jelly." Michael retorted loudly, hearing Vicky's laughter on the other side of the door.
Both men walked out of the change room, a large bucket of water falling on Michael's head, Justin getting the back splash.
Michael's gaze zooming in on Chris.
He was sitting on the pool's edge, laughing his head off.  Joey, Brianne and Kelly were standing beside him, taking in the scene, having just arrived.
Michael leered at Chris, walking up to Joey and Kelly, smiling at both of them, kissing Brianne's cheek.
"Wonderful having you here, guys. I'd hug you but I'm a little wet. You're just in time for the hunt."
Joey smiled, holding in his laughter, looking at Michael's wet head.
"Are we having an Easter egg hunt, Mikey?"
"No, it's a special hunt. We're all going to hunt for Chris' brains. First one to find them, wins. But it's a hard game, they're pretty hard to find."
Everyone burst out laughing, Chris staring at Michael.
"Okay, Tavarro! That's it! Let's get it on!"
Michael smirked, Chris standing up in front of him.
"You've been hunting for a long time, Chris, it's time for someone to help you find them."
Chris felt something strange about Michael's golden stare.
"It was only a joke, Mikey. Besides, you two needed to cool down. I'm sure it was getting pretty hot and bothered in there." Chris laughing, smiling at Justin.
Michael stared up into the sky, looking around. He was quiet for a few moments, everyone looking at each other.
Justin walked up beside him, wondering what Michael was doing.
"You okay, Mico?"
"Yeah I'm fine, Jus. I'm just wondering where it is?"
"Where what is?"
"That burning sun. Chris looks like he needs to cool off from it."
Michael lunged at Chris, Chris caught completely by surprise, Michael and him flying straight into the pool.
The splash was large, Michael and Chris sinking right to the bottom of the pool.
Michael surfaced, laughing his head off, everyone laughing.
Chris came up, his face showing shock.
"God damn it, Mikey! I just put these new clothes on today!"
Michael looked over at Chris, then dove below the water.
He came back up smiling.
"I've searched the pool, Chris, there's no sign of your brains here."
Joey was on his knees laughing loudly.
Chris leered at Michael, swimming over to the pool's ladder, climbing out.
Everyone was laughing, Chris staring them all down, looks moving elsewhere.
Michael smiled at everyone, laying on his back, swimming around.
Justin dove in, coming up right beside him.
"You my love, are spectacular." he smiled, Michael kissing him.
Chris stood at the pool's edge, staring at Michael. Vicky walked up to him, kissing his cheek.
"You know better than to entice him, sweetie. I think you got what you deserved."
Chris blushed, kissing Vicky back.
Chris bowed to Michael, Michael nodding back.
"Kudos to you my friend. I shall be more careful." Chris said smiling.
Michael smiled, swimming to the ladder, pulling himself up.
He hugged Chris, Chris blushing again.
"No problem, sport. Just be aware that payback is always guaranteed. No one scares my sweetie."
Chris nodded, looking at Justin smiling, floating in the water.
"What about the mirror? Justin gets scared every time he looks in it."
Everyone groaned, Michael shaking his head, then laughing, diving back into the pool.
Michael and Justin were joined in the pool by Paulo and Jake, as well as Zach, Christina and Becky.
They spent the afternoon just relaxing and catching up.
Michael excused himself around four o'clock to start preparing the food for dinner.
Lynn and Nana looked over everything, amazed at some delicious tasting recipes Michael was preparing.
"Everything looks delicious, my sweet." Nana commented, Michael brimming with pride.
"Yeah, I wanted everyone to taste an authentic Greek dinner, like my Nana makes."
Nana smiled, hugging her grandson, Lynn looking on with happiness.
"And what have you planned for Sunday's Easter dinner? The Timberlake men are ravenous when it comes to big holiday meals."
"Turkey with all the trimmings, ham, and some other specialties of mine. No one shall want for anything."
Lynn smiled, marveling at Michael's love of cooking.
"I've been hearing about some kind of special cake."
Nana and Michael smiled at each other, that cake a part of their heritage.
"You mean the Love Cake. I'm making that for dessert." Michael beamed.
He shooed all the mothers out of the kitchen, wanting to handle everything himself.
At five thirty, he asked Justin to get the table set up outside, the night being too nice to eat inside.
Joey and Chris helped set up the tables, joining them all together to make one long one, Justin and Vicky setting the plates out.
Lance and Josh walked into the kitchen, having just arrived.
"Well it's about time the lovebirds arrived! Now this day is really special!" Michael said, smiling.
He hugged them both, telling them to go see everyone on the patio.
Lance and Josh walked onto the back patio smiling at everyone.
"Hi, everybody."
Vicky screamed jumping into Josh's arms.
"Congratulations!!!" She screamed, Josh shocked.
Lance was laughing, Lynn hugging him tightly.
"Let's see the rings." Lisa and Nana said, hugging them also.
The two men showed off their matching rings, Lance telling them all how Josh had proposed.
"Well it's about time you two made it legit; congrats bros." Joey said, Lance tearing up as he hugged him.
Chris smiled at both after hugging them.
"So who wears the wedding dress?"
Joey groaned, smacking him on the back of the head.
"That's not funny, Chris."
"Hey chill, it's only a joke. Besides, Lance does look good in strapless."
Lance burst out laughing, Josh putting his arm around him.
"My man looks fantastic in anything."
Lance smiled, kissing Josh tenderly, everyone smiling.
"Keep it up, Chris, and I'll have Mikey teach you another lesson." Justin retorted, Chris blushing.
"I'll be good." He said quickly, feeling a shudder go down his back, remembering the wetness of his clothes. Everyone held in their laughter.
Everyone hugged them and congratulated Josh and Lance, remaining quiet about the party tomorrow night, it being a surprise for the two engaged men.
Michael walked out informing Justin dinner was ready.
Justin smiled, putting his arm around Michael's waist.
"If everyone would sit down please, dinner is about to begin. But first Michael and I would like to say something."
Everyone smiled, sitting down around the table.
Once everyone was seated, Justin nodded at Michael.
"Jus and I are so happy all of you are here today, and all weekend. It's so unbelievable that we have such a wonderful large family. All of you, everyone sitting here is family to us. All of you. This home is your home, always. So enjoy the next few days, all of us finding happiness in each other's love."
Everyone clapped, Justin beaming and kissing his lover.
"I'd like all of you to know that Michael is treating us all to an authentic Greek dinner tonight, recipes his grandmother and family created. I'm sure it all will be delicious. So enjoy this meal, and the pleasant company we all share. This is going to be a wonderful weekend, knowing all the love that's present. Enjoy!" Justin said, Michael smiling widely at him, everyone clapping again.
"For those observing the religious traditions of Good Friday, there are also several vegetarian entrees available. " Michael smiled.
Everyone smiled, Michael's attention to everything overwhelming.
Michael and Justin walked back into the kitchen, Paulo and Lonnie following them.
They all returned with bowls, platters and plates full of wonderful food.
Once everything was in place, Michael asked his grandmother to say grace.
Nana was touched, smiling at everyone, lowering her head. Everyone did the same.
"Lord, we your children, are gathered here today wrapped in your love. We sit as a family, joined together in our love for each other. The happiness and joy of two wonderful men have joined us all here today. Our love and blessing we give to Michael and Justin. Watch over them both, give them all our love and yours. Blessed are we to know their love and yours. Whatever lays ahead, keep our love as it is, given freely and given greatly. Before us lays a meal, created in faith and love, my grandson's faith and love in making this day so special. We thank you for guiding us to this day, and for being with us each step of the way. Forward we go to walk forever in your love. Amen."
Michael was openly crying, his tears running down his face.
Justin hugged him gently, Michael regaining control.
"Please, everyone, dig in. I hope you all love it. My Nana's cooking always filled my heart with joy." he said, his golden tearing eyes looking at his Nana with love.
Everyone dove in, the food delicious and succulent.
Michael had made meat entrees as well as rich dishes, and vegetable medleys.  There was lots to choose from.  Everyone became lost in the flavour and aroma of all the delicious food.
A large basket of his rolls he filled twice, Joey eating six of them, Chris matching him.
An hour later, a large group of people sat around, contented and full.
Michael handed out dessert.
He made baklava and a ravani cake, two rich, Greek desserts.
Everyone enjoyed the rich desserts, Michael smiling at everyone loving it.
After dinner everyone relaxed and had fun.
Justin put on music, everyone chatting and talking.
"So what are the plans for this weekend, guys?" Chris asked, Vicky sitting beside him, her arm draped around his shoulder.
Justin grinned, Michael smiling.
"Well, tomorrow morning it's golf, for those interested. I need a total actually, I have to reserve tee offs." Justin said, standing behind a sitting Michael.  Michael looking up at him with a bit of surprise.
Justin smiled at him, rubbing his shoulders from behind.
"I hope that's okay, Mico? I haven't golfed with these knuckleheads in so long."
"Sure sweetie, that's fine."
Justin smiled, sitting in Michael's lap.
"You any kind of golfer, Mikey? Or are you just as good at that as at basketball?" Josh said, smiling at him.
Michael blushed, Joey chuckling.
"I take it you are."
"I've hit a few balls, but not for a while. How long has it been, Zach?"
Zach smiled, chuckling.
"Oh, it's been about three years. Not since we went with that young pro that time, remember?"
Michael laughed, Zach joining him.
"What's so funny, love?" Justin said, looking between the two men.
"We were signed up in a golf tournament for Zach's hospital's foundation. Zach and me were the stragglers, so they teamed us up with a pro, making us a threesome." Michael said, blushing again.
"Yeah, the pro wasn't too impressed with Mikey's game. Especially after Mikey put his ball through the picture window of the club house."
Everyone laughed, Michael blushing red, Justin kissing his cheek.
"It went a little off target." Michael said, everyone laughing again.
"Exactly what you said then, Mikey! I thought the pro was going to piss himself laughing! It took forever to get him to stop laughing!" Zach smiled, laughing at the memory.
Michael smiled, remembering that day also.
"After he calmed down, we actually had fun. He helped Mikey with his game, giving him a few tips." Zach said smiling.
"He turned out to be a really nice guy. We had a lot of fun." Michael said smiling.
"So your game improved after that?"
"It got better, yes. He helped me a lot. I'm no pro, but I'm not too bad."
Chris sat up, smiling.
"So who wants to go?" Chris asked, looking at everyone.
After everyone had said yes or no, Chris smiled.
There were enough for an even three foursomes.
Justin put all their names in a bowl, Nana picking out the foursomes.
Jake, Lance, Josh and Randall made up the first foursome.
Justin, Chris, Jonathan and Michael made up the second one.
Zach, Joey, Paul and Paulo the third.
"Let's have some fun with this. How about a few friendly bets?" Chris said smirking.
Justin looked at Chris, knowing he was plotting.
"Combined team score wins. Third place has to buy lunch." Randall offered, everyone agreeing.
Chris smirked, Michael catching it.
"You wanted to add something, Chris?" Michael smiled at him, knowing Chris was seeking to savour a little revenge.
"How about a little one on one, Tavarro. You and me, a side bet."
Michael smiled, Justin not liking where this might be going.
"Okay, Chris. I have faith in my abilities. What would you like to bet?"
"How about winner earns a slave for the afternoon?" Chris smiled, Michael agreeing, extending his hand, the two shaking.
"What's with you boybanders wanting slaves?" Michael laughed, Justin and Josh blushing remembering their basketball game.
Justin put his arm around Michael.
"He's pretty good, Mico. Are you sure you're not biting off more than you can chew?"
Michael kissed his cheek, smiling at Chris.
Joey put his hand on Chris' shoulder.
"I think you may have just sealed your doom, Chris. Michael has the ability to always rise to a challenge. And don't forget his gifts."
Chris's face changed, looking at Michael.
"No gifts, Michael. This has to be fair."
Michael walked up to him, staring into his eyes.
"I won't cheat to win, Chris. I give you my word on that."
Chris nodded, feeling a little embarrassed by what he'd said.
"I accept your oath to play fairly. May the best man win."
Michael smiled, the two shaking hands again.
Everyone relaxed, Nana getting people playing cards.
Everyone had fun, playing cards and just relaxing.
Before they knew it, it was late, a few people tired from their flights.
The gathering slowly broke up.
Nana, Silas, Lynn, Paul, Randall, Lisa, Jonathan and Stevie, as well as Zach, Christina and Becky were staying here.
Joey, Brianne and Kelly were staying with Lance and Josh.
Paulo went home with Jake; Chris and Vicky going to their own home.
After everyone had left or retired for the night, Michael and Justin lay on the couch, snuggled together.
"It's so nice to have the house full of family." Justin said quietly, Michael smiling.
"Yes, love. It really is." Michael said, Justin kissing his cheek.
"Tomorrow's a big day love; golfing, then getting ready for the party. I don't think Lance and Josh have any idea."
"No, they don't. They'll love the surprise."
Justin smiled, thinking about the other surprise.
"Why don't you like surprises, Mico? You always seem uncomfortable with others showing you their pride and love for you."
Michael laid his head against Justin's chest, listening to his heart beating.
"I'd never felt that I warranted it, Jus. I never felt that I was that special to deserve that adulation."
"I think you're special. And everyone here tonight does."
Michael smiled, running his finger along Justin's hairy arm.
"You make me feel special, always. And I've accepted that everyone loves me. That I have you to thank for. You have instilled in me the feeling that I am good at what I do. That I deserve the praise. I'm coming around to it, Jus. I know your surprises have touched my heart."
Michael touched the engagement ring on his finger, smiling.
Justin smiled, hugging Michael tightly.
"I like to surprise you love. To see happiness in your eyes. I feel a lot of that lately. You are happy, aren't you?"
Michael kissed Justin's moist lips.
"Yes, Jus, I'm happy. Very happy. And you make me happy. This is going to be such a wonderful weekend. I don't think my life can get any happier."
Justin smiled, kissing Michael deeply.
"We'll see, love. We'll see."
"And just what does that mean?"
Justin put on his best angelic face, Michael laughing.
"Okay, Timberlake. Keep your secrets. I sense my life is going to just get better and better."
Justin smiled, loving Michael's acceptance of his making his life better.
"Let's go to bed, sweetie. Early start tomorrow."
Michael and Justin walked upstairs, hand in hand.
They undressed, climbing into bed, joining as always together.
"I guess no sex before the big game?" Justin said, smirking.
Michael laughed, Justin loving his laugh.
Michael's hands went below the covers, Justin moaning.
"Screw the game! I need my man!"
Justin beamed, the two beginning their passion.

Michael, as usual, was up early, preparing a large breakfast for his family.
He'd finished the cake for tonight, the icing completed.
He put it in the larger refrigerator.
Nana walked in around seven thirty, admiring the finishing touches he'd put on it.
"That's beautiful Michael. Lance and Josh are going to be so happy."
"It's a love cake, Nana. Everyone loves the recipe."
Nana smiled, knowing she'd be baking another one after Michael left. One for her grandson's surprise.
Everyone was down for breakfast by eight thirty.
At ten o'clock everyone arrived at the golf club.
Justin, Randall, Chris, Joey, Josh and Lance were all members, their clubs stored there.
Everyone else had to rent clubs, which Justin took care of.
By ten thirty, the first group was on the tee off box.
Michael's group had won the rights to be first.
Jonathan got up, hitting a nice drive about two hundred yards straight.
"Nice one, Jonnie!! We've got a pro with us!" Justin smiled at his brother, Jonnie beaming.
The other groups clapped, Jonnie bowing, Michael laughing.
Up next was Chris.
He hit a hard drive, two hundred and fifty yards, slicing a bit left.
"That's playable, not far to the hole now, Mikey."
Justin shook his head, knowing this kind of baiting would go on all day.
Justin got up, Michael smiling at him.
All Michael could concentrate on was seeing Justin's beautiful arms flexing.
Justin swung, his shot straight and true, about two hundred sixty yards.
"Wow!! Excellent shot, love." Michael said, smiling, Justin winking at him.
Michael smiled, walking to the tee box.
"Quiet in the crowd please. The pro's up." Chris smirked, Justin shaking his head.
Michael stared at Chris, shaking his head.
Everyone around them waited in anticipation for Michael's shot, wondering how good he was. Zach quietly smiled.
Michael lined up, his mind a bit shambled. He felt a bit nervous, feeling all the eyes watching him.
He swung, his body spinning around.
Chris was on his knees, laughing his head off.
The ball still remained sitting on the tee.
Michael hadn't even touched it.
"Strike one!" Joey said, laughing, Justin glaring at him.
Justin talked to Michael in his mind.
"It's okay, sweetie. I felt your nervousness. Just remember to focus. Keep your eye on the ball. And relax, it's just all our friends. There's no pressure or stress here. We're all just having fun."
Michael smiled, Justin's reassurances calming him completely.
He lined up again, his mind focusing on what the pro had shown him. He concentrated on his strengths and calmness. He swung his club.
The ball sailed, everyone watching it fly.
Straight and true, right down the fairway, landing three feet ahead of Justin's.
Chris stared in shock.
Michael stretched his arms, smiling.
"Opening night jitters." He said, Randall and Paul laughing.
Justin looked at him also, amazed at Michael's nice shot.
"Let's go have fun, love." Michael smiled, hopping into the golf cart, Justin climbing in beside him.
"Nice shot, Mico."
"Thanks, Timby."
They drove off, Jonathan tapping a still staring Chris on the shoulder.
"Let's move, Chris."
Chris looked at everyone, everyone smirking and smiling.
"Why do I believe that I've been had?"
Zach laughed, Randall looking at him, whispering in his ear.
"Zach, who was that pro you played with?"
Zach smiled, looking at Randall.
"It was Tiger Woods."

At two o'clock the game was finished.
The twelve people relaxing on the patio at the clubhouse.
The winning team had been Jake, Josh, Lance and Randall.
They'd won over Michael's team by one stroke.
Michael had beaten Chris by two strokes.
Chris looked totally dejected after the game, Michael remaining quiet.
They now were sitting on the patio, their lunches having been served.
"Give the bill to those four guys, please." Randall smiled, pointing to Paul, Paulo, Zach and Joey.
All four stuck out their tongues, the other eight laughing.
Justin looked at Chris, smirking.
"Is there something you'd like to say, Chris?" Justin asked, everyone knowing what had happened.
Chris still looked dejected, looking at Michael sitting beside Justin.
"Congrats, Mikey. Good game. You can really play. Kudos!"
Michael smiled at him, Chris smiling a bit more.
"Thanks, Chris. I was surprised myself. But you played well also. It was close."
Chris smiled, knowing he'd played one of his best games. But Michael played great.
"Yeah, thanks. It was one of my best games. I'd still like to know where you learned to focus like you did. You had some amazing long shots, and your short game was phenomenal."
Michael smiled, looking at Justin.
"My love was better. He beat both of us."
Justin had beaten both of them by four strokes, Michael marveling at his great form and wonderful skills.
He could be pro if he concentrated on it.
"I've played a lot more, Mico. Plus I've had lessons and professional help. I've played in tournaments also." Justin smiled, touched by Michael's praise.
"By the by, Mikey. You never did tell us who that pro was that you played with." Josh said, already knowing who it was, Randall telling everyone what Zach had told him. Josh sat holding in his laughter, waiting for Chris' reaction.
Michael smiled, eyeing Zach, Zach smiling.
"Some second rate player named Tiger Woods."
Chris almost choked on his hamburger, Joey patting his back. Food spewed from Chris's mouth, everyone laughing.
He glared at Michael.
"You took lessons from Tiger Woods?!!!" Chris said in shock.
"Well, he showed me a few things, yes."
"You tricked me, Mike!" Chris looking angry.
Michael folded his arms, staring at Chris. Justin sensed his mood.
"And just how did I do that? I told you I was given tips by a pro. I told you it had been three years since I'd played. I told you I wasn't a bad player. Today's game even surprised me, Chris. Because I played better than I ever have. Maybe it was the challenge from you, maybe it was just me challenging myself. All I know is I didn't trick you, or cheat you. I used no gifts or power. I played as myself, no one else."
Michael lowered his head, eating some fries off his plate.
Chris looked around at everyone, his face losing its anger, replaced with embarrassment.
"I'm sorry, Mike. I didn't mean that you cheated me. You won fair and square. I'm just mad at myself for losing."
"Hey, bud. You didn't lose by much. You had a fantastic game. For that you should be proud." Joey said, Chris smiling at him.
Michael and Chris made eye contact.
"I guess you and me are a lot alike, Mike. We like to be challenged."
Michael smiled, Justin sensing his happiness back.
"My clubs should be taken back to the clubhouse. Hop to it, slave."
Chris stared at Michael, everyone bursting out in laughter.
"Didn't you hear me, bitch?? Get moving!!"
Chris turned beet red, everyone still laughing.
Chris got up, Michael telling him to relax, he was only joking.
Chris smiled, sitting down.
"You can wait till after lunch, bitch!" Michael said, Justin laughing his head off, Chris still red-faced.

By four the friends were all back home, the guys telling everyone about the game.
Chris wasn't too enthusiastic, Michael giving him some menial things to do.
Michael smirked watching Chris cleaning the barbecue.
"You know, you boybanders make great slaves." He said smiling, looking at Josh and Justin, both blushing a bit.
"Now I just have to challenge Joe and Lance, and I'll have a full harem."
Everyone laughed, Lance and Joe glaring at him.
"There's no way in hell I'm ever going to compete against you, Tavarro!" Joey said, smirking at him.
"I think I'd like to be in Michael's harem." Lance said, Josh and Justin laughing now.
Lance blushed, Michael winking at him.
Everyone smiled and laughed, having fun.
Michael sat back, looking around at five people in particular.
Josh, Lance, Paulo, Jake and his Justin.
These five men were visions of beauty.
Michael felt in his soul they were so much more.
To him they were the center of his world.
Justin was his soulmate, the center of his existence.
The other four were the cornerstones of his life.
Four friends who meant so much to him.
Michael looked at all four, his gifts showing their truths.
Their auras burned bright, all blue except for Paulo's which was golden.
Michael felt that feeling flow through him again, a feeling of something hidden just out of reach.
Adrian had told him the meaning of the cornerstones, how Michael would find four throughout his life.
Four true souls to lean on, to find strength in, to find hope in.
He had been surprised to find them all together. Someone was looking after him.
Michael stared down at his hands, looking at his engagement ring.
The blueness around the ring looked different.
It seemed brighter, more alluring.
He looked up at Justin, seeing the white glow radiate from the center of his aura.
The power he'd given him. His power.
Why did Justin possess it now? What was the reasoning behind that?
There were many still-unanswered questions.
Michael sighed, Justin and the four others looking over at him.
They'd all felt his confusion.
Michael looked up at all five, seeing them all staring at him, worry on all five faces.
Justin walked across the patio, sitting down beside Michael.
"You're quiet my love, you okay?"
"Yes Jus, just sitting here thinking about a few things." Michael smiled at him.
Justin's smile returned, his hand rubbing Michael's back.
The other four formed into two pairs, the two couples uniting.
"How goes the barbecue?" Michael yelled over to Chris, Chris giving him a one-finger salute.
Vicky laughed from her lounge chair, Chris blushing.
Everyone was relaxing throughout the house, a home being used for its purpose.
Justin sat with Michael for a while, feeling his returned happiness, whatever was bothering him sunken back into his mind again.
Chris finished the barbecue, Michael allowing him to go swimming.
Vicky sensed Michael was enjoying his slave, although not being mean about it.
Justin was pulled into the house by Stevie and Becky, both wanting him to play with them.
Lance and Josh sat down beside Michael, one on each side.
"You okay, Mikey? We both sensed something on your mind a while ago."
Michael smiled at both, both looking at him with concern.
"Do you guys love me?"
Both were surprised by Michael's question.
"Yes, Mike, we both love you a great deal." Josh said, smiling, the words easy to say.
"I love you, Michael. No one's ever been a greater friend to me." Lance's voice full of emotion.
Michael teared a little, kissing Lance's cheek.
"I love both of you so much. I have five men in my life now. Justin is my soulmate. His love the greatest I've ever known. Then there are the four of you. Josh, Lance, Paulo and Jake. My four best friends. Four men who I love greatly, in all sense of the word."
Jake and Paulo walked over to the table, as if sensing Michael wanted to see them.
"My four friends. My four parts of my giving soul. In you four I've found friendship, trust, love and hope. I love all four of you so much. Justin is my center, you four are the cornerstones of my world. Throughout our lives our love will grow, our respect and trust in each other unquestionable. I love all of you. I will love you in every way, in every part of my heart and soul."
The four men were visibly shaken, Michael's words sinking into their minds and souls.
They all stared into his golden eyes, seeing his naked love before them.
Michael would be there for each of them, in every way possible.
All four felt great comfort in that, in knowing Michael felt that much love for them.
The four each hugged him, Michael crying on each man's shoulder.
Justin walked out of the house, seeing the touching sight.
The five stood looking at him.
Michael talked to Justin in his mind, everyone seeing him doing it.
"Oooh, a sixsome. Who's on top?"
Everyone laughed, Justin's the loudest.
They all hugged, their love and friendship united now in a special bond.
Only Michael knew the significance of that bond.
And what it meant for his soul.

Lance and Josh took off for home, promising to come back for drinks after dinner.
What they didn't know was that it was to be much more than that!
The moment they were gone out the driveway, the house went into party mode.
Michael concentrated on getting dinner ready, everyone else concentrating on decorating, and cleaning.
What Michael didn't know, busily working away in the kitchen, was that this was going to be a dual party.
First up, Lance and Josh, second part: Michael's surprise.
Justin made some phone calls as per Michael's instructions, then Justin making a few of his own.
Justin walked into the kitchen, Michael removing the Love Cake from the freezer.
"That looks beautiful, Mico. Looks delicious, too."
Michael smiled, kissing his cheek.
"Everything going okay, love?"
"Yep, I made those calls to organize your surprise. It should be here around seven."
"Nice! I love it when a plan comes together!"
Justin smiled, loving that also.
"Dinner's ready, Jus. Let's get everyone into the dining room. We should be done by six thirty, just enough time to clean up before the guests arrive."
Justin smiled, heading out to tell everyone.
At six thirty dinner was over, everyone contented and full. The dessert was saved for the cake at the party.
Lisa and Lynn helped Michael clean up, everyone relaxing outside, the backyard ready for the evening's festivities.
Michael went upstairs, hopping into the shower, cleaning up.
Five minutes later he heard the bathroom door open, then the shower door.
Justin's naked body was against him, his wet hands on Michael's chest.
"Finally, some quiet time with a fantastic man." Justin purred.
"Mmm, babe, that feels so good." Michael sighed, feeling Justin's hardness against his ass.
"I missed your body this morning love. It's been too long."
Michael felt Justin's body pressing up against him, Michael opening his legs.
"Make love to me, Jus! I need you!"
Justin's center ignited in passion, his urges taking over.
He felt himself sink into Michael's center, the two feeling the love open in their minds.
"Oh, babe! I love you so much!" Justin murmured, lost in the sensations.
"Show me how much, my love!"
Justin showed him, both men climaxing in the wetness of their lost contented souls.

Ten minutes later, both men were picking out each other's clothes, helping each other get dressed.
As usual, Michael was all in black, Justin standing back admiring his handiwork.
"A vision of masculine power and grace! Fantastic!"
Michael smiled, looking at Justin in the light beige silk shirt, and dark brown dress pants.
"You looking in the mirror again?"
Justin laughed, kissing his lover, the two walking back downstairs.
They heard a horn outside, Michael opening the front door, seeing the people climbing out of the vehicle.
He waved, Justin standing beside him, his arm around his lover.
They greeted their guests, Michael being introduced to some new people.
Justin gave them a tour of their home, Michael busying himself with some last-minute details.
Everyone else arrived, all their friends ready for the surprise event.
They were all out on the patio, waiting.
Michael and Justin were waiting in the living room for the couple of honor.
They heard a car drive up, both smiling, heading for the front door.
Michael stared in surprise.
Out of the car came Seth, Tomas, Kevin and Father Derrick.
"What are you guys doing here? " Michael said, his eyes full of tears.
"They're part of the family now, Mico. We had to have them here also."
Michael hugged Justin, kissing him tenderly.
"Thanks, Jus! What a wonderful surprise!"
Justin smiled, winking at Father Derrick, Michael hugging his friends.

Ten minutes later, Lance and Josh were driving towards their friends' home.
"Man, I can't wait to see the look on Michael's face! He's going to be in heaven!" Josh said, smiling.
"He must be going to look like me. I'm in heaven right now." Lance said, laying his hand on Josh's chest.
Josh teared up, his arm going around Lance.
"I'm in heaven every moment you're in my arms, Lancy."
Lance smiled, running his hand through the open navy silk shirt Josh was wearing.
Lance loved the heat and smoothness of Josh's muscular chest. His finger found his left nipple, Josh moaning.
"Lancy, didn't you get enough?" Josh moaned smiling at his lover.
They'd returned home, making love passionately.
"I can never get enough of that Chasez beauty and desire."
Josh smiled, Lance snuggling against him.
Josh pulled down the street of Justin's and Michael's house, Lance smiling at what was going to happen tonight.
Jim was at the gate, smiling, letting them drive through.
Josh and Lance said hello to him, Jim smiling.
"Welcome back. Everyone's waiting."
Josh sped ahead, parking their car.
"Who's cars are these?" Josh asked, getting out, Lance getting out as well.
"Not sure, maybe Justin has invited a few others for Michael's party."
"Cool. The more the merrier."
Lance smiled, heading up the steps, Josh pulling him into his arms at the door.
"Mmm, I need a little sweetness before we're not alone anymore."
Lance smiled, Josh kissing him deeply, the two leaning against the door, both lost in the sudden desires flowing through them.
They didn't see someone peeking out of the upstairs window, smiling.
Suddenly the door opened wide, both men falling forward, down on top of each other.
They both looked up, Michael and Justin smiling at them both.
"Hi guys! Thanks for dropping in!" Justin said, Michael laughing.
Michael helped Lance up, Justin giving Josh a hand.
They both smiled shyly, embarrassed about falling.
"And just what were you two doing against our door?? All I can smell is sex off both of you!"
Lance blushed deeply at Justin's comment, Josh smiling.
"It's been a fun afternoon, I'll give you that." Josh said, smiling widely.
"Oh, Josh!" Lance blushed more, Michael smiling.
"It's nothing to be ashamed of, Lancy. I'd be smiling and blushing if I had Josh to myself all afternoon!" Michael rolling his eyes, simulating sex motions.
All three men laughed, Michael's humor lightening the moment.
"Let's go out back, everyone's relaxing around the pool. I fed them all too much." Michael smiled, everyone smiling. Lance and Josh looked at Justin, Michael walking ahead. Justin put his finger to his lips, a sign to be quiet.
"Does he know, Jus?" Josh asked quietly.
"Whatever happens, just be quiet about his surprise, okay?"
Both men nodding, Justin smiling. They walked into the kitchen, Josh and Lance seeing the French doors to the patio covered in white paper, with roses all over it.
They couldn't see outside.
Michael turned around, smiling at the two men, their hands together.
"Walk through those doors, into a world of love, guys."
Both men looked at each other, Justin and Michael each opening a door, stepping out onto the patio.
Josh and Lance walked out, shock registering on their faces.
"SURPRISE!!!!" Everyone shouted, the two men standing in awe.
All their friends were standing in front of them, smiling at them.
They looked around, seeing lanterns hanging, baskets of roses on all the patio tables, bottles of wine on the tables as well.
A large banner was hanging from the patio.

Congratulations Lance and Josh

"Welcome to your engagement party, Lance and Josh." Justin grinned, hugging them both.
Lance was in tears, hugging him back.
"Oh, guys, this is so nice! Thank you, everyone!" Josh said, Michael seeing his eyes moist as well.
"You don't think we could let this go by without celebrating?" Michael smiled, Lance hugging him.
Everyone hugged them both, the two men deeply touched by all their friends' loving congratulations.
"Now, if the two newly engaged lovers would please stand here, Justin and I would like to make a small toast." Michael said, Joey and Chris lining the two men up, their backs to the patio doors.
Everyone gathered around them, the two men oblivious to the people coming out of the house behind them.
"Today is a day of deep happiness for these two loving angels. Through their own hearts and souls they've found each other; through courage and trust, they have discovered the greatest thing.
True love.
All of us here are blessed to know both of you. Your words, deeds and love are instilled in all our hearts. We all want to wish you two a lifetime of happiness." Justin said, tears in his eyes, Michael patting his shoulder.
Everyone raised their glasses, Josh and Lance in tears.
Michael smiled at his two friends, setting down his glass.
He walked up in front of his two friends, smiling.
"I have a surprise for both of you. To both of you, we are and will always be family. To all of us you are brothers, friends and giving souls. This is a special day for both of you. I thought that this day wouldn't be totally special for both of you without your family. I give you this gift with my love. Turn around guys."
Josh and Lance turned around, both shocked.
Their parents and families were standing in front of them.
"Congratulations, our little boys." Diane and Karen said, Lance and Josh crying immediately, their mothers hugging them tight.
Michael and Justin–as well as everyone else on the patio–had tears in their eyes, seeing the family reunion in full view.
Justin put his arm around Michael, sensing his happiness, and something else as well.
Justin kissed his cheek, Michael looking into his blue eyes.
"Ya did good, as always, Mico."
Michael smiled, Justin seeing the happiness in that smile.
In a couple of hours, Michael would smile even more.

End of Chapter 99

And so Lance and Josh are reunited with their families, by Michael's hand.
What had Justin in store for him?
Will Michael like it?
What's bothering Michael?
Lots of questions needing answers.
Soon, very soon.

Hugs, Angel.

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