Justin's Angel-Epilogue

This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality.  By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor or in the company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.

The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. It's all just fun.  It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story.


Walking the Hallway of Life

The man walked across the foyer, into the room on the left side.
He walked with a calmness belaying his age.
He stopped upon entering the doorway, looking at the stone fireplace.
The room had changed over the years, different furniture replaced from wear and tear.
He smiled, remembering the times he'd been in this room.
For so many birthdays, remembrance services and meetings of faith.
The man walked across the room, walking to the fireplace.
The portrait of Adrian still hung upon its venerated wall, the young man looking down upon the older man.
Noah Daniel Chasez-Bass-Timberlake smiled, running his hands along the left blue-eyed lion.
"It has been so long since you've roared, mighty ones." he softly said.
Noah heard a soft sound, turning and looking towards the doorway, a man standing there.
"I needed to see it again, Darry. To see the lions."
Darian Chasez-Bass-Timberlake smiled, walking up to his husband.
They tenderly kissed, Darian breaking the tenderness and looking up at the portrait.
"How are you, my love?" Noah said, his hand in his.
"I am alright, Noah. I am alright."
Noah's eyes looked into the blueness of Darian's.
"A remarkable enriched life they had, my angel. So filled with love and happiness. The happiness they gave and received from all of us."
Darian smiled, his head laying on Noah's shoulder, Noah's arm going around him.
"I feel so lost without them. They were my world. For so long."
Noah smiled, kissing his husband's cheek.
"In those words, the truth is real, Darry. They were here for so long, their love seemingly unending. I feel the depth of that love, but I also feel the loss."
Darry nodded, kissing his husband's cheek.
"You have the rings, my love? It's time we did what he asked."
Darian nodded, turning and loudly speaking.
"Shauny! We're in here!"
Noah smiled, seeing Shauna walking into the room, followed by two other individuals.
The three smiled, Stevie's arm going around Becky's waist as they walked forward.
"Well. We're all here again. We haven't been all here since Uncle Polo's funeral." Noah smiled.
Shauna nodded, smiling at everyone.
"Time moves on, people pass into the light. But their love remains."
Darian smiled, kissing his sister's cheek.
"They are all missed, especially today." Rebecca said, smiling at her husband Stephen.
Stevie smiled, kissing her gently.
The five people stood for a moment, smiling up at the portrait.
"For you, Dada and Papa, we open the pathway, as you asked of us." Noah said, taking the ring from Darian's hand, smiling at his husband.
Noah put the silver ring on, Darian donning the second one.
The two rings of faith, the faith of their loved ones.
Their hands went into the mouths of the guarding lions.
The fireplace began to move, the lions roaring as they always had, the opening widening.
The five stood in silence, waiting for the transformation to end.

Noah walked in the front, the other four following.
They took their time, looking around at the naked empty walls.
They had walked down the steps and in the darkness for a while in silence, reliving in their minds thoughts of their fathers.
Within a few minutes, they came to two closed wooden doors, Noah looking at Darian.
"Papa said the doors had disappeared when he and Uncle Mikey were last here." Noah said quietly, all five looking at the ancient wooden doors, with their golden handles.
"Do you suppose?" Shauna said softly, looking into Darian's eyes.
"Right now I don't suppose anything. I go on our faith. Our faith in their love."
Noah and Shauna smiled, both kissing Darian's cheeks.
Darian smiled, opening both doors, the five walking forward.
They stopped, standing in a room of ancient beauty.
Its walls were hung with portraits and pictures, old ancient furniture filling the room.
"It's returned to its old glory. Just as Father spoke of so often." Darian said, looking around, seeing the platform where the Book of Truth once lay, now empty, a light covering of dust on it, as well as on all of the furniture.
"Look!" Rebecca said, pointing to the far side.
They all looked in that direction, seeing two statues facing each other, and an open hallway behind them.
"The Hallway of Truth? Can it be?" Stephen said, looking at his nephew and niece.
"Yes, Stevie. The Hallway of Truth. It's been opened for us." Shauna said, smiling widely, her blue eyes filled with wonder.
They all quietly walked over to it.
They looked at the statues of Adrian and Aurelia.
Then they looked down the darkened hallway, seeing paintings lining the hallway's walls.
"Can we walk it? Uncle Mikey always said it was only meant for him, and Uncle Lance. For that one time."
"It is meant for all of you now."
The five turned around, staring at someone surprising.

A beautiful woman stood in the center of the room, her smile breathtaking.
Her golden eyes shined with beauty and love.
"Diana?" Noah Daniel said, staring at the woman.
"Yes, Daniel. And my grandchildren Darian and Shauna. And sweet little Becky and Stevie. Not children anymore. Now in the sunset of your lives. Sweet lives lived with love."
The five smiled, looking at the beautiful woman.
"The Hallway has been opened for you five. For the greatness of your love for Michael and Justin. And because of Michael asking for it. My sweet child, who now I have forever to love."
Darian and Shauna teared up, Noah's arms going around both.
"Walk forward and walk your lives. Walk forward and see the love."
The five smiled, looking back into the darkness, then turning to look again at Diana.
She was gone.
The five exchanged looks, then smiled, walking together down the Hallway of Truth.

An eerie light seemed to brighten the darkened corridor, casting light upon the shadowed picture frames.
They stopped at the first blank portrait, its white surface changing.
The picture changed, showing Michael and Justin dressed in tuxedos, standing in Alberto's garden.
The five smiled, knowing and remembering that day, about six months after Michael's reappearance.
It was the day Justin Timberlake married Joseph Tavarro.
Joseph Michael Tavarro.
Forever know to all of them as Mico.
Michael Augustus Tavarro was gone, passed into history and the family heritage.
Remaining was Mico, a beautiful loving man.
A man given a second chance at life, and happiness.
Michael had talked with everyone, explaining the need for Michael to pass into legend.
For that man's life was over.
Now began the life of the real Michael.
For they all saw the new Michael was the same Michael.
The same giving, loving man.
And so, on a sunny Saturday, in the garden where they'd once married before, two hearts of love were again united, all their family in attendance.

Becky smiled, remembering the loving hearts of her two favorite uncles.
The group walked onward, another picture hanging on the wall ahead of them.
It changed, Darian and Noah smiling widely.
For it showed the happiest day of their young lives.
The two men stood in the backyard of Darian's fathers' home, the family surrounding them.
For it was their wedding day.
On Darian's twentieth birthday, two hearts united, two playmates of love became one.
Michael's vision bore fruit that day, Darian and Noah's childhood love turning into the real thing.
Father Derrick O'Hara, long retired from his devotional work, married both of them in that quiet setting. Justin, Michael, Lance and Josh watched their sons' love shine, the two young men surrounded by all those that loved them.
Darian looked at Noah, Noah smiling back.
"It's hard to believe that was forty years ago, my love." Noah said, Darian kissing him tenderly.
"It feels like only a moment to me." Darian said, Noah smiling.
They walked onward.

The next picture was of the birth of Daniel Michael.
Loving sweet little Daniel.
Noah and Darian's loving child.
The two men had too much love not to give it to a special child.
And both decided they wanted it to be their own child.
Through in vitro fertilization and a surrogate mother, little Daniel was born two years after Darian and Noah's wedding.
And through a dear, loving friend their dreams became reality.
Rebecca volunteered to give her two loving friends their dream, becoming the surrogate to bring Daniel into the world.
Wonderful sweet, talented Rebecca.
Justin's beautiful little Becky.
Now an accomplished painter and artist.
All those drawings she'd done for her favorite uncle blossomed into a love of art.
She'd had countless showings, her beautiful paintings heralded as masterpieces.
She became one of America's greatest talents.
Becky smiled, remembering the day Daniel was born.
She remembered her Uncle Justin sitting on her bed, smiling down at her, kissing her cheek.
"My grandson, my beautiful grandson. Thank you, Becky, for giving me my loving Daniel."
She'd smiled, looking into his loving blue eyes.
"For you uncle, my life and my love."
She'd turned, seeing Michael sitting in a rocking chair, the little infant in his arms, Noah and Darian standing beside him, all three in tears.
And she saw all four sets of eyes softly glowing.
Little Daniel had the gift of his fathers and grandfathers.

Darian kissed Rebecca's cheek, Becky smiling.
"No words need saying, Darry. Danny's amazing life had been more than enough thanks."
Darian smiled, the five walking again.
The next picture brought a smile to Darian's face.
It was a picture of Shauna's success.
Shauna smiled, looking at the portrait of her greatest achievement.
Her being sworn in as California's first female senator.
Senator Shauna Tavarro-Timberlake-Kirkpatrick.
Shauna had been a naturalist, activist and survivalist.
She'd taken to many causes, bringing pride to her fathers' hearts.
For in her, they saw a tenacity and resolve to better others' rights.
A champion for the people.
And she'd fallen in love with Joe, Chris and Vicky's son.
Funny, lighthearted Joe-Mikey.
They'd grown through life together, their love growing as well.
Joe Michael Kirkpatrick took his soul of mirth into a surprising field.
He became a successful comedian, eventually having his own series, then his own talk show.
Michael and Chris, two friends of mirthful souls, watched their children grow and unite together in love.
Both were crying tears of happiness the day the two married.
Shauna smiled, looking at her portrait, seeing the moment when all her hard work and giving soul bore a fruit of greatness.
She'd resided as a senator for almost thirty years before retiring.
Her life a devotion to the bettering of less fortunate souls.
Through her tenacity and respectful demeanor, California's archaic same-sex laws were destroyed, the state becoming the first to initiate complete, unbiased rights for same-sex couples.
Her life now after retirement was devoted to her loving husband.
Her joyful, mirthful Joe-Mikey.
A tragic stroke had left him invalid, her steadfast love his healing force.
The five walked onward again, a larger picture hanging before them.
Stevie looked at the frame, seeing a small engraved plaque on its center.
"Moments of Leaving Souls."
The five exchanged looks, sensing this picture might be surrounded with sadness.
The picture changed, showing moments of passing they'd all witnessed through their lives.
The leaving of their loving family and friends.

They saw the singular passing throughout their lives of their grandparents, Alberto, Lynn, Lisa, Paul, Randall and Doris, in that reflective order.
Then the passing of a Tavarro mainstay.
Samuel died at the age of forty three, having devoted his life spreading the word of Michael's love and Adrian's heart throughout the Tavarro and Stavros clans.
He and Jonathan had developed an everlasting friendship.
Samuel was Jonathan's best man when Jonathan married his childhood sweetheart in his early twenties.
They'd named their first child Samuel Justin Timberlake.
Samuel had died in a tragic hotel fire, saving the lives of five children and three adults before perishing when a roof collapsed.
His heroic, loving soul now in heaven beside his father.
Raphael's eternal soul rewarded for his loving devotion.
The first of the five's famous uncles to go surprisingly was Chris.
At the age of fifty nine.
He'd been at Michael and Justin's, laughing his head off at some joke he'd heard Joe-Mikey doing on his show, when he'd collapsed.
A massive brain hemorrhage.
Nothing could possibly be done for him, Justin holding his friend in his arms as he passed into the light.
Michael had given his eulogy, one beautiful loving part forever remembered by everyone.
"Chris' joy lay in his mirthful heart. For to be stung by one of his pranks was to feel his love for you. I think he's finally one-upped me. I shall wait forever until I can get him back."
Kelly was next, four years later, dying from pancreatic cancer at fifty three.
Joey and Vicky found a friendship of loss together, the two alone in their grief.
Three years later the two wed, finding in each other the love to sustain their hearts through middle age and onward.
Joey died at the age of eighty three, three days after he saw the birth of his first great grandchild, Brianna's daughter's son.
Vicky died a year later, surrounded by Michael's love.
Michael and Justin had welcomed her into their home, she passing away in Michael's arms, his strength and love guiding her to her final peace.
Others–of no less love and no less happiness–passed on as well, the signs of their own encroaching maturities and lives.
The most famous, perhaps, had been the most spiritual.
Pope Nicholas I, died at the age of seventy two.
The former Cardinal, former parish priest, and loving grandson of Alberto Tavarro.
Forever Father Nico to all his family.
He devoted his life to the faith of Jesus' and Michael's love.
And he changed the views of the faithful, guiding them all to Michael's love.
Cardinal Tomas Santiago gave his final sacrament.
He and Seth had devoted their lives to Michael's truth.
Tomas walked away from the church after Father Nico's death, stating that he could not continue without the guidance of his faithful friend.
He even turned down a request for him to take up the shoes of the fisherman.
As his own ancestor, Adrian, had done, Tomas walked away from power to live the life of a country farmer.
After Tomas left the church, he and Seth married and lived in happiness and peace in sunny Spain until their deaths.
It was a pact they'd agreed upon before Tomas' walk on the path of faith.
Lonnie, that wonderful large man, died in a tragic moment of courage.
At the age of sixty eight he'd walked into the middle of an armed robbery, stepping in front of a mother and child in the line of fire. He'd died in their stead, giving his life to save them.
Rachel still remained alive–at the age of ninety five–carrying in her heart her husband's love.
Her brother Jonas cared for her, he himself eighty six.
His loving Byron had passed on, the two siblings finding comfort in each other's love.

The five watched the picture move onward, showing the rest.
Christina and Zach, the beloved sister and brother of Michael.
Zach died of a massive heart attack, while administering aid to a pregnant woman in emergency on the last day of his forced retirement from the hospital he'd worked at for over forty years.
Christina passed away two years later, Becky knowing that her mother's heart was lost without her Zacky.
Rebecca had lost her parents when she was in her fifties, but still her heart longed for her mother's love, and for that of her loving Dad, Zach.
The next shown were the four of love.
Paulo, Marco, Jake and Emile.
The foursome of love, dying with a year of each other.
Four souls unable to live complete and yet alone.
They'd had a long life of love, happiness and joy.
Paulo had been the last, after Jake's death, living in the Villa Tavarro alone.
His three loved ones entombed beside Ramon and Alberto.
Paulo joined them a year later.
Nick and Trevor perhaps had the most happiness.
Nick walked away from fame and fortune, Trevor walking away from Michael's foundations, once everything had been finalized and their funds secured.
The two were given a special gift from Michael and Justin.
The island in Hawaii, the one the two had honeymooned on.
Their two friends moved there, living out a long life of happiness in the Hawaiian sun.
That only left four men of deep love and happiness.
Josh, Lance, Michael and Justin.
The foursome of love had watched all their friends and family pass on to their next adventures.
But together their loving hearts gave love to all the maturing children and their legacies.
Lance and Josh died within a day of each other.
Held in the arms of those that loved them completely.
Josh had had a stroke at the age of ninety five.
His beautiful voice had been silenced forever.
They'd brought him home to recover, Lance his constant companion and nursemaid.
Michael and Justin had walked into their bedroom one afternoon to find Josh holding Lance, their loving friend having died of an apparent heart attack while moving Josh onto his freshly changed bed.
The ever-loving Lance hadn't waited for Justin and Michael's help.
He'd died in Josh's arms, Josh unable to call out to Michael and Justin.
The three soulmates held their loving Lance in their joined arms until the ambulance came.
The next morning, Justin woke with Josh between him and Michael.
Michael looked into Justin's eyes, Justin seeing the truth.
Josh had passed into God's love during the night, he now forever with his angel.
That had been less than a year ago.

The picture went black, the five standing in silence.
Darian's arms were around Noah, Stevie holding Becky.
Shauna stood alone, looking on in silence.
"So many giving hearts of love and beauty. We truly were blessed. We were surrounded all our lives with love. The love of all of them."
All five smiled, sensing perhaps that this was what this walk was for.
To show all of them the joy and love they'd all shared.
With so many giving hearts.
Shauna looked forward, seeing only two pictures left.
The five joined hands, walking up to the next picture.
It changed slowly, the five seeing a picture of the family sanctuary.
Their beloved Lake Tavarro.
Darian teared, seeing before him his Dada's final day.

Justin and Michael had spent every summer, since marrying, at the lake.
At their sanctuary of love.
That's what Justin had always called it.
That summer after Lance and Josh's passing had seen all their kids, grandkids and now great grandkids visiting them there.
The stalwarts of the family dynasty, the ancient beloved bastions of faith and love.
And all their loving friends and families surrounding them.
The small community that Michael had built in love that one summer now spanned two thirds of the lake.
And the one remaining side was Nana's Retreat.
The two elderly men had had a life of unbelievable happiness, and unending joy.
They'd both retired from their responsibilities in their early seventies, spending the last twenty years together enjoying life.
Michael's foundations had sprung into national and global charities.
Darian and Shauna–as well as Noah–were all board members on most of them.
They were carrying on the giving heart and soul of their fathers.
Justin had continued to sing throughout his life, alone and with his friends.
*NSync was inducted into the hall of fame, all five members alive when that happened, a short two years before Chris' death.
Justin's own career was a kaleidoscope of awards, honors and inductions.
Michael returned to his writing, under the name of Joseph Tavarro now.
Throughout his life, he wrote twenty novels, two volumes of faith, and a history of Michaelism, or Michael's Truth as it was generally called.
No one, outside the family knew the truth of who Joseph Tavarro was.
That secret became the soul of all their happiness.
For Michael Tavarro sacrificed his faith for everyone, but his own truthful soul he gave to only his family.
The center of it to only five.
Justin, Darry, Shauny, Josh and Lance.

Justin stirred in his sleep, feeling a familiar weight upon his chest.
He opened his tired eyes, looking down at his husband's head laying upon his chest.
Where it had lain for almost sixty five years.
Sixty five years.
His thoughts went back to Fred and Betty.
Their love burning for over sixty years.
The same length of time Justin and Michael had been given.
The last few days had been rough for him, trouble with his heart and his legs.
At ninety three, he wasn't as agile as he'd once been.
Throughout their lives together, his Mico had healed all of Justin's ailments, Justin having a life of good health.
Here, now, towards the end, he knew that even Michael couldn't stop the progress of time.
Justin looked up upon hearing the opening door, Darian and Shauna's heads popping into the room.
"Are you awake, Dada?" Shauna said, Justin smiling.
Even now when they were in their late sixties, his two angels still called him that.
"I'm awake, Papa is not."
The two smiled, walking into the room.
Noah was in New York, coming up to the lake later that evening.
"Papa is awake, he just chooses to remain quiet." Michael said, his eyes still closed.
Justin chuckled, Michael smiling and raising his head.
His eyes opened, Justin smiling at him.
"I love you, Mico."
"I love you more, Jus." Michael replied, kissing his Justin's soft lips.
Justin smiled upon the contact, their lips parting.
"How do you feel, love?" Michael said, rubbing Justin's shoulder.
"Not too bad, Mico. I slept good last night. Dreams of the past, loving moments of happiness."
Michael smiled, kissing him again.
"Up for some breakie, my love? I can make you some of my famous rolls."
Justin smiled, remaining still.
"Later, my love. I'd like you to do something for me, Michael."
Michael nodded his head, seeing the tiredness but calmness in Justin's soulful blue eyes.
"I'd like you to play your song for me. I haven't heard it since my birthday."
Michael had played Justin's Song for his lover on every birthday they'd shared.
"Alright, my love."
"After that, I'd like to sleep. And I'd like you to go for a walk, Mico. There's a place you need to visit. It's been a long time since you've gone there. It's not far, Darry can help you."
Michael nodded, knowing in his heart of what Justin spoke, a tear falling from his blue eyes.
"Alright, my love. I love you."
Justin smiled, Michael kissing him again.
Shauna helped her father get up, Michael quietly dressing, then walking out of the room, leaving the bedroom door open.
He walked into the living room next door.
They no longer slept upstairs at the cottage, the climb too hard on Justin's legs.
Shauna guided her father to the piano that Justin had used for many years.
Michael sat down, opening the keyboard.
His old fingers gently touched the keys, Michael starting the song.
He played the music for a while, Shauna watching him with love.
Then his voice began, its beauty still as wondrous as it had always been.
Shauna smiled, walking back into her father's room.

Don't think that I don't know
When my love started to grow
Deep in your soulful blue eyes
I found my calming skies
A hope materialized,
And then I fantasized
Of our love together
To begin my heart's surrender
To you, only you

Love conquers all
It makes it all, so magical
To burn our souls into one
Our new love has now begun
I look into your eyes
And now I realize
That it was true, I needed only you
Love conquers all

I now realize that I've needed this
All this deep romantic bliss
And your beauty healed a heart
That had been shattered apart
The pain of a tortured past
On a path that couldn't last
My eyes now look above
To my angel's love
For my angel's love

Love conquers all
It makes it all, so magical
To burn our souls into one
Our new love has now begun
I look into your eyes
And now I realize
That it was true, I needed only you
Love conquers all

She looked at Darian, who now sat on the bed beside his father, Justin's eyes looking at her.
"As beautiful as always. His voice makes my heart beat. And you two are my soul."
Shauna teared up, sitting on Justin's other side, the three listening to their father's angelic voice.

You really are my angel
Sent from above
To be my hope and faith
Giving all your endless love
My angel's love
My tears now fall in joy
For my beautiful boy
Destined to be mine
For all time
My beauty, my love

Love conquers all
To make it all so magical
To burn our souls into one
Our new love has now begun
I look into your eyes
And now I realize
That it is all so true, I need only you
Love conquers all

Your love conquers all

On the final verse, Justin rose up for a moment, looking towards the doorway.
"His voice... his love. We'll love forever... Mico... forever...."
Justin fell backwards, Darian and Shauna looking at each other.
Their father's blue eyes of love stared into the light of God's love.
Their Dada was gone.
Shauna's face was covered in tears, the moment forever in her heart.
Darian gently covered his father's eyes, closing them forever.
He leaned down kissing his cheek, feeling the cooling skin.
"Sleep in love, Father. Sleep in peace."
Darian stood up, walking quietly out of the room.
He walked up to his father, Michael finishing the music, his son's hand going to his shoulder.
"That was beautiful, Papa. So beautiful."
Michael nodded, looking into Darian's blue tearful eyes.
"He's gone, Darry. I felt him leave."
"Yes, Papa. His last words were that we'll love forever... Mico... forever."
Michael stood up slowly, Darian taking his father's arm.
Shauna stood as her Papa walked into the room and over to the bed, sitting down beside his Justin.
"You didn't stay for my rolls, my Jus. You didn't stay..." he said, tears falling down his cheeks, Darian and Shauna sitting beside him, both hugging their father tightly.
"It's all right, my angels. Dada's happy... forever he'll be happy."
Darian smiled, Michael kissing his cheek.
Michael leaned down, kissing his lover's still lips.
"Come, my son. And my beautiful daughter. Let's take a walk."

The day was bright, the July weather warm and beautiful.
The three walked in quiet solitude around the cottage, slowly walking the worn pathway up to the clearing.
It had been over twenty years since Michael had walked this path, his life filled with happiness and joy.
This sanctuary ahead was the center of Michael's past.
The last sixty years had been the center of his love.
His loving Justin.
He smiled, walking under the tree boughs that Darian and Shauna lifted above his head, the three walking into the clearing.
He looked around, Darian and Shauna looking as well.
Nothing had changed, not one leaf or blade of grass or flowery shrub.
It was as if time had stood still on this one plot of soil.
Michael saw the boulder, the boulder where Justin had proposed to him.
He smiled, walking to it, sitting down upon it.
He looked forward, out onto the lake.
The view was as beautiful as ever.
Darian and Shauna stood beside him, looking out onto the lake.
The view had changed, more cottages and buildings now surrounding the entire lake.
"Progress moves forward. Times change." Michael said, smiling.
Darian and Shauna turned looking at their father.
They both stopped, looking into his now golden eyes, glowing golden like the sun.
They both remembered those glowing eyes.
"Papa? Your eyes?"
Michael smiled, then a voice filled the clearing.
"Hi, Mikey!"
Darian and Shauna turned, seeing a small boy smiling at them, his eyes moving to Michael.
"Hello, Matthew."
The little boy laughed, running to Michael.
Michael hugged the little boy to him, a smile of joy upon his face.
"Rammy's looking for you, Michael. He says we can play again."
Michael smiled, looking towards his two angels.
"Yes, Matty, soon. Very soon."
"They's all waiting for us! Poppa's got the gardens looking so beautiful!"
Michael smiled, Darian and Shauna's hands now together, their eyes brimming with tears.
Michael looked at his two angels, seeing the beauty and happiness of his giving love shining in their eyes.
"Then I guess we shouldn't keep them waiting, should we Matty?"
The little boy smiled, climbing down and running up to the clearing edge, looking down into the water.
His little face turned, looking into Darian and Shauna's blue eyes.
"Justin's waiting for us. We plays forever."
Michael's face changed into a large smile, Darian seeing the love in his father's golden eyes.
"Love conquers all, my angels. My love is forever."
Michael leaned forward, Darian rushing to him, catching him just before he fell.
Darian looked down into his father's beautiful face, his golden eyes now normal, a smile of enormous joy on his face.
Darian and Shauna both knew in their hearts that their Papa was gone.
Darian closed his father's eyes, looking around the clearing.
Little Matthew was gone.
And Darian was sure a golden eyed angel was walking at his side, walking to eternity.

The five stood together, Darian and Shauna hugging each other.
The other three were silent, their eyes filled with tears.
For they hadn't been there that day, they hadn't seen the two men of love fade into God's embrace.
They now felt a calmness and faith in their souls, having looked upon their going.
"They're in heaven now, Darry. Their joyful love forever theirs." Noah said, smiling.
"My brothers now have their dreams fulfilled. They will love forever." Stevie said, Rebecca kissing his cheek.
"They fulfilled all of our dreams the last sixty years, guys." Shauna said, looking towards the last picture.
"I wonder what the last picture shows?" Darian said.
Shauna looked around, sensing something in the air.
A smoldering love moving around them.
"Do you feel that?" she said, softly.
The other four nodded, feeling the shift in the air.
"This picture ahead has been viewed before. I believe this is the final picture Papa saw on his first trek here. The one that gave him the strength to go on." Darian said, Noah's hand going in his.
The five smiled at each other, feeling the love surrounding them.
The walked as a group up to its center.
It was a golden-framed picture, the surface deep blue.
They remained silent as the surface changed.
All five smiled widely, seeing a picture of eternal love.

On a hill above a blue sparkling watered lake, stood two men.
One tall, masculine, blond and breathtakingly beautiful.
The other was a little shorter, muscular, black haired and incredibly handsome.
Both were young, smiling and obviously in love.
They both wore white shirts and white pants, the whiteness seeming to glow around them.
Both turned, smiling towards the five standing in the darkened hallway.
All five wore tearful smiles looking at the two sets of blue eyes, sparkling blue orbs of love.
Justin's head lifted, his beautiful laughter echoing in the hall.
Michael's smile was breathtaking, his arm going around his lover.
The two were young again.
Young, in love, and eternally happy.
"Love conquers all, our dear angels. Our love is yours forever." Justin said, Michael nodding his head.
The picture moved then, scanning the clearing upon which they stood.
The five smiled, seeing the place filled with all their lost friends and family.
All those that had gone on before them.
Noah smiled, seeing his fathers, their hands together, standing now beside Justin and Michael.
"Eternity begins in your heart, my boys. It feeds on love to carry it on the journey ahead. We'll all be here waiting for you, many years ahead. Love, laugh and be happy. Your walk here is done." Lance smiled, Josh kissing his young strong face.
The five smiled, the group in the picture all smiling at them.
The picture faded, then went out.

Darian and Noah were the last to climb the stairs, standing on the opening edge.
"I think the Hallway shall never open again. Its task is done. It showed Papa his destiny and his reward. It's shown us our love-filled lives, and our future rewards. Let's get back to living life. Our kids and grandkids need us." Darian said, Noah kissing his cheek.
The lions roared again, the group stepping back.
Something different happened this time.
The two lions turned, their forms now facing each other.
And then they began to sink into the floor, disappearing downward.
The five watched the floor close in, the lions swallowed into the darkness.
Only the fireplace remained, the lions forever gone.
Noah looked up at the portrait, his eyes widening in shock.
The other four gazed upward as well.
Adrian's portrait was gone.
Replaced now by a painting of two men.
Becky smiled, knowing when the original photograph was taken.
It was a replica of the picture Zach and Christina had taken on their wedding day.
Justin sat in a chair, Michael sitting on his lap, his head laying against his lover's chest.
Adrian's beauty had been replaced with Justin and his angel.
The five smiled, walking out of the room.

Darian opened the south terrace doors, the five walking out into a carnival-like atmosphere.
Children were running around the lawn, adults sitting in all the stuffed chairs and loungers.
Daniel walked up to his fathers, hugging both of them.
"Where did you five get off to? We've missed you."
Noah smiled at his son, kissing his cheek.
"Just wandering this old house. Reliving our childhoods."
Daniel smiled, his blue eyes shining.
At thirty nine he still was a beautiful looking man.
"Cricket's been looking for you, Dad. She wants her Grandpa to read everyone a story. You know how they love your stories." he smiled, looking at Noah.
"Yes, stories. Our lives have been filled with stories. Some truthful, some magical. Bring all those little angels together." Darian smiled, Rebecca smiling at him.
Daniel walked up to his wife, Sonya, smiling and shouting out to the kids.
A gang of laughing, smiling little and big ones ran up the terrace steps, smiling at their grandparents.
Christina, a little girl of twelve, smiled up at her grandfather Noah, her smile wide and loving.
"Tell us a story, Grandpa! The magical one about our families!"
Noah smiled, sitting down in Alberto's rocker, it forever remaining on the south terrace, long after his passing.
"Come here, my little Cricket."
Christina smiled, climbing into her grandfather's lap.
Darian smiled down at her, sitting down in the chair beside Noah.
"Do you have the book, Daniel?" Noah looked over at his son, Daniel walking into the house.
He returned a few minutes later, all the children now sitting down in front of Noah's chair, or on the other chairs with their parents and family.
Noah's chair sat in the center of the whole group.
Daniel smiled at his father, kissing his cheek, handing him the leather-bound book.
Daniel returned to his seat beside Sonya, she wrapping her arm around her husband.
Darian smiled at Noah, Noah looking at the book in his hands, turning it over and staring at the cover.

 Justin's Angel
 Michael Tavarro

Noah opened the book, reading the dedication out loud.

"For our three angels, Darry, Shauny, and Noah Daniel.
Our three beaming lights of love.
For Joshua and Lance, my brothers of love.
And for Justin, my angel.
I forever yours."

The little ones were all looking in awe at Noah, Noah smiling.
His eyes looked upon the first chapter, their brownish centers softly glowing.

"Chapter One.

Michael Tavarro pulled his jacket up tighter around his neck.
The cold November air was freezing on his back.
He had been standing outside the ticket center for three long hours.
The wind in Chicago–especially in November–was like liquid ice.
Who knew that standing in line for tickets............"

The End of Justin's Angel
The beginning of the story.

Writer's Note

Thank you all for reading this to its final conclusion.
My joy has been in writing it.
And in hearing your kind words and praise.
From my heart a thanks of caring and love.
I'm glad you all walked with me on this adventure.
I hope the end did indeed justify the means.

Thank you, your Angel.

And now, for those who dreaded the ending of this tale, a sneak peek at my next story.
I hope it will be as inspiring as Justin's Angel, but that in itself was so much more.

My next story is called "Jolan's Path"

Here is the prelude.

Jolan's Path

The forest came alive with the sounds of his haggard breathing.
He struggled through the dense brush, running from death.
He felt the closeness of the darkening sky.
His young lungs pumped with ever struggling breath.
Through the dense undergrowth he staggered, falling, then returning to his feet.
There was a sense of urgency in his erratic path.
For behind him, he felt death; its icy claws reaching out for him.
His body glistened with sweat, covered in a myriad of caked dirt and wet filth.
He'd fallen often in his need to escape.
And his need to find her.
He'd promised to protect her, to love her and be her rock.
He had to find her.
He stumbled, the forest now drenched in darkness, no light to guide him forward.
He moaned, laying on the wet dew-filled earth.
Where was she hiding?
A cloud moved slowly above him, the golden moon of the October sky lighting the clearing.
The full moon lightened the forest, opening before him the old trail he's been following.
He staggered to his feet again, his breath ragged and deeply gasping.
His body ached in dark places, deep wounds of hurt within himself.
He moved with a renewed strength, a soft voice calling him forward.
Her voice.
Jennie's innocent youthful voice softly filling his pounding ears.
"Where are you, Jolly?" it spoke with an urgency entrenched in love.
The voice lay somewhere ahead of him.
He felt a renewed light in his heart, his feet speeding forward.
He came out of the forest in a mad rush, falling forward onto a concrete slab of wet road.
He gasped and coughed, his nearly nude body feeling the dampness of the concrete road against it.
He staggered slowly to his feet.
His vision instantly filled with the brightness of day, a throbbing light of mechanical making.
He felt the sudden contact with the moving vehicle.
The impact propelling his body upward.
His body flew through the night's dampness, landing in the roadside ditch.
He heard the slam of brakes, the opening of a door and the rushing of feet.
The darkness enveloped him in a blackness he'd only experienced once before.
The suffocating blackness of death.
A face came into his line of vision.
It was old and tired, a man of about seventy, but tenderness filled its beautiful blue eyes.
Eyes filled with concern and worry.
He struggled to speak, his own voice sounding so distant.
"Jennie? I have to find..... my buttercup."
The blackness engulfed him, the kind face disappearing, along with his life's hope.

To be continued.......

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