Love Brought Us Together

by CJ

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. I don't own or know the celebrities in this story. The only characters I own are the ones I create.

Chapter Sixteen

Kevin slowly peppered Nick's body with kisses. Nick kept shifting and wriggling while Kevin went on teasing him.

Lance angrily threw his jacket on the bed before sitting down and blinking back tears of sadness and pain.

Kevin slid back up Nick's body and brushed his lips across Nick's in a gentle kiss. Nick who felt like he'd become boneless after Kevin's ministrations sighed, unable to even open his eyes, a satiated and content smile on his face.

Lance swiped at the tears flowing down his eyes but more kept replacing them. He finally gave up the battle and curled up on the bed and cried, trying to release all the pain he felt. 'If this is what it feels like to be in love then I'm better off without it,' he thought to himself while hugging a pillow close.

Nick arched into Kevin's touch, gasping as Kevin kept up his steady rhythm and made him see stars with every thrust. Kevin kept whispering words of love to him.

"Kev... Kev I can't hold on any longer," Nick gasped while tightening his grip on Nick's hand.

Kevin's left hand was entwined with Nick's above their heads and the other was on his hip. Nick's left hand was on Kevin's back.

Kevin kissed along Nick's neck up to his ear, "Let go whenever you want to love, I've got you," Kevin said.

A few moments later Nick cried out and began shuddering, lost in the throes of his climax.

Lance covered his mouth with his hand and his hid head beneath the pillow he was hugging, hoping to stifle his sobs. Chris and Justin knocked on Lance's door a few more times before leaving.

Nick slowly became aware of his surroundings. He sighed as the warm, strong arms that were wrapped around him tightened.


"Hmmm," was all Nick was manage to say back.

Kevin chuckled, turned Nick onto his back and raised himself up on his elbow so that he could look at him.

"Awake love?" Kevin asked.

"Uh huh," Nick said. "Did I fall asleep?"

Kevin smiled and kissed him softly, "For a little while baby. Are you feeling alright?"

Nick nodded, "I feel fantastic Kev."

Lance walked into the gym. An hour of working out was just what he needed to clear his head. He stopped short when he saw two other people in the gym. It was only just passed 6.30am, he had thought he'd be the only one there.

Looking closer he saw that the other people in the gym were Howie and Nick. Howie was working out on the exercise bike while Nick was jogging on the treadmill. A few seconds later Nick increased the speed and began running.

Lance watched him in awe for a minute. Nick was hardly out of breath. He slowly made his way further into the gym and began stretching, nodding his head in acknowledgement to Howie's nod. Nick was in his own world and Lance thought it best not to disturb him by saying hi, least the younger man lose his balance with his concentration being disturbed.

He got onto an exercise bike next to Howie and began warming up.

Twenty minutes later Nick stopped the treadmill and got off it, still trying to get his breath back to normal. He turned to say something to Howie and stopped short when he saw Lance.

"Alright there Nick?" Howie asked.

Nick nodded. Howie looked between Nick and Lance who had locked eyes and patted Nick's shoulder.

"I'm heading on up. Are you coming?" Howie asked.

Without breaking eye contact with Lance Nick nodded, "Yup."

Howie waved to Lance and walked towards the door. Nick hung back for a few seconds before shyly breaking eye contact and smiling at Lance. "See you later Lance." He turned and went out of the gym to join Howie.

Nick entered his room and set his small gym bag down. Standing there he spent a minute watching Kevin stretched out asleep on the bed. The sheet had slipped to uncover Kevin's strong back. He was asleep on his stomach, his head pillow on his arm. Nick went into the bathroom to take a shower with a smile on his face.

Nick hummed softly as he towel dried his hair and then tossed the towel onto the hotel chair to dry. Opening a bottle of water Nick drank half of it before keeping it on the bedside table. He carefully slid onto the bed beside Kevin. Taking care to not let the bed shift and disturb Kevin's sleep he carefully moved closer to Kevin and lay down beside him.

AJ and Chris got off the elevator and walked down a hallway of their hotel. The entire floor was reserved for them. Most of the room doors were popped slightly open so that no one had to keep knocking and opening doors.

They decided to see what everyone was doing. Most of them were chilling, watching tv, sleeping. They reached one of the doors and all was quiet except for soft voices and slight moans. Both of them decided to be devilish and peeked inside.

Kevin and Nick were lying on the bed. Kevin was half way on top of Nick and kissing him. Nick was writhing under him and kissing him back while trying his best to breathe.

AJ and Chris grinned and AJ stepped inside and pulled Chris along with him. AJ cleared his throat while Chris attempted to pull him out of the door. Kevin turned his head and looked at them while keeping Nick's interest occupied. He dismissed them by turning his head again and pressing his lips to Nick's neck and sucking on it.

Nick moaned and clutched Kevin's back, "Kev please, that's... oh...," he whimpered softly.

"Come on Kev please we're bored. And we need to ask you something," AJ said.

Nick started turning his head towards AJ and Chris. He became restless, "Kev no, they're watching."

Kevin turned Nick's head and captured his lips in a kiss while rubbing Nick's side. He slowly broke the kiss and let his eyes move over Nick's face, taking in every feature. Nick stared back at him mesmerized. Kevin bent and kissed Nick's flushed cheeks and eyelids then sat up. He helped Nick sit up and motioned for Chris and AJ to come further inside the room. They sat down on the sofa as Kevin stood and then helped Nick up. Nick shyly bit his lip.

Kevin smiled and kissed his cheek, "Everything alright baby?"

Nick smiled shyly and toyed with Kevin's sleeve, "Um, can you give me my shirt?"

Kevin chuckled and picked up Nick's shirt giving it to him. Nick quickly put it on. Kevin kissed him slowly, "My beautiful, sexy, sensual, shy baby."

Nick blushed harder and buried his head in Kevin's chest. Kevin hugged Nick close to him. Nick sighed and pulled away with a smile on his face. Kevin took Nick's hand, led him over to the couch and sat down. Nick settled next to him. Kevin put his arms around Nick's waist and tugged him close so that Nick's chest was against his back. Nick sighed and relaxed.

Once Kevin was satisfied that Nick was comfortable he turned his attention to AJ and Chris. "So what is so important that you just had to talk to me right now AJ?"

AJ put on an innocent expression knowing it wouldn't fool Kevin for a second. "But Chris is with me too and wanted to talk to you."

Kevin smiled and placed a kiss on Nick's hair, "Chris was pulling you OUT of the room. Now spill it," Kevin ordered.

AJ looked at Chris and then they both looked at Kevin and Nick. "Well um we didn't really have to talk to you; we just wanted to talk to you. And we wanted to ask if you two wanted to come to a club with us tonight." AJ quickly continued before Kevin could say anything, "Kev come on! We haven't gone clubbing together in quite awhile and Nick hasn't been in forever." AJ looked at Nick, "Nicky tell Kevin you want to come to a club with us tonight."

"Kevin I want to go out with them tonight," Nick parroted what AJ had told him to say.

AJ sighed, "Make it convincing Nicky."

Nick rolled his eyes and tilted his face up, he moved up a little and captured Kevin's lips in a soft kiss, "Please let's go."

"You really want to go?" Kevin asked softly.

"I'd rather spend time alone with you," Nick said shyly, "but I haven't gone to a club in a long time and neither have you. Plus I think they are doing this to get Lance out. He's been a little sad."

Kevin smiled and kissed Nick's forehead, "I love you so much."

Nick smiled back, "I love you."

AJ cleared his throat, "Hello lovebirds? Can you guys be ready to leave by 10?"

Kevin looked at AJ, "I don't recall saying yes yet."

AJ stood up with a grin, "You don't know how to say no to him."

He started laughing and walked out of the room. Chris stood up with a smile, raised his hands heavenward and followed AJ.

Kevin smiled at Nick's laughter and slid his hand underneath Nick's t-shirt, gently running his fingers along Nick's stomach causing Nick to shiver.

Kevin lightly nipped at Nick's ear, "Now where were we?"

Nick laughed then moaned as Kevin rubbed his fingers against Nick's nipple. Just as Kevin was about to continue AJ poked his head back inside the room.

"Um lovebirds?"

Kevin sighed and looked at AJ, "Yes AJ?"

AJ grinned, "You might want to shut and lock your door before you ravage Nick."

"Why don't you shut it for me?" With that said Kevin stood up and lifted Nick into his arms.


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