Love Brought Us Together

by CJ

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. I don't own or know the celebrities in this story. The only characters I own are the ones I create.

Chapter Seventeen

Kevin slowly drew his gaze up and down Nick's body as Nick stepped out of the shower and lazily ran a towel over his body. He met Kevin's eyes and smiled shyly. Coming up behind him he wrapped his arms around Kevin's waist and pressed his lips against his left shoulder, content to watch him finish shaving.

A few minutes later Kevin turned around and wrapped his arms around Nick. When their eyes connected, for a moment no one else existed for them, they were in their own world.

AJ checked himself out one last time in the mirror before turning to Howie who was lounging on the bed and watching TV.

"Let's go check on the lovebirds," he said.

Howie turned his attention to AJ, "Why?" "I don't trust them. Kevin could be busy distracting himself with Nick and you know Nick won't stop him or even remember that

we're going out if Kevin sets out to make him forget it."

Howie turned off the TV and turned his attention to AJ with a laugh, "I'm sure they're getting ready AJ."

AJ shook his head, "C'mon please?"

Howie shook his head and got off the bed, "Fine, let's go."

Kevin slid his belt on and turned to Nick who was frowning at the clothes in front of him. Feeling Kevin's eyes on him he turned his head and pouted.

Kevin blinked in confusion and went over to Nick. "What's wrong baby?"

Nick sighed, "I'm so boring."

Kevin frowned, "You most certainly are not!"

Nick pouted further, "Fine then. My CLOTHES are so boring!"

Kevin chuckled and wrapped his arm around Nick's shoulders, "What's brought this on love?"

Nick sighed and looked at Kevin, "I just... I wanna wear something cool! Jeans, t-shirts, that's all I ever wear all the time."

Kevin smirked, "If I give you something else to wear will you wear it without making a fuss?"

Nick eyed Kevin, "No leather pants!"

Kevin threw his head back and laughed before shaking his head, "No leather pants, I promise."

Nick shrugged lightly, "Ok then."

With a smile and a kiss to Nick's hair Kevin went through his clothes and tugged out a few things bringing them back over to Nick. -x-

As AJ knocked on Kevin and Nick's room door Brian joined them.

"I'm starved!" Brian declared. "What're we doing about dinner? Eating out or here?"

AJ and Howie looked at each other before shrugging. "We haven't planned dinner with the others. We still have an hour before we have to leave. Let's check with Kevin... if he ever decides to open the door," AJ said before knocking again.

Kevin opened the door and smiled, "Hey guys. Come on in," he said while stepping back.

AJ, Howie and Brian came into the room and stopped short as they saw Nick standing in front of the mirror and fixing his hair. He finished what he was doing and turned to look at them, trying not to fidget as he waited for their opinion.

Howie was the first one to snap out of the surprised silence that had fallen over them. "You look really good Nicky," he said while a smile.

Nick ducked his head with a smile.

It was indeed surprising for them to see Nick in anything but oversized clothes. They couldn't remember the last time he had worn anything that was his exact size except maybe on his wedding day. Looking at him now in slightly baggy black cargo pants that was the 'in' thing to wear and a beige beater that was moulded to his body was a very pleasant surprise.

Brian shook his head, "You look so grown up Nicky," he said softly, taking in Nick's clothes and his slicked back hair.

Nick smiled his thanks before nervously looking at AJ. AJ smiled and walked forward to hug him. "You look fantastic, I'm proud of you," AJ said softly before he stepped back.

Nick smiled at his friends before meeting Kevin's loving eyes, silently thanking him.

Kevin smiled at Nick before clearing his throat, deciding to break up the moment before Nick started getting uncomfortable with the attention.

"What're we doing for dinner?" he asked.

45 minutes later Nick groaned and pushed his plate away. The other who had finished eating 10 minutes earlier laughed at him. Sticking his tongue out at them Nick closed his eyes and rested back against Kevin.

A few minutes later when AJ looked over at Nick he saw him half asleep. He glared at Kevin who was petting Nick's hair. The easiest way to get Nick to feel sleepy was to caress his hair.

"Kev stop that," he growled.

Kevin blinked and looked at AJ in confusion while Nick made a soft whining sound at being disturbed and buried his face into Kevin's neck.

"What?" Kevin asked.

AJ rolled his eyes and gestured to Kevin's hand, "THAT! Stop petting him! He'll fall asleep and that is not part of the plan!"

Kevin sheepishly pet Nick's hair one last time before moving his arm to Nick's back.

"Don't fall asleep," he whispered before kissing Nick's hair.

Nick mumbled something incoherent against Kevin's neck and tightened his arm around his waist.

"I'm serious Nicky, don't sleep. AJ'll just wake you up in the loudest manner possible," Kevin said and then gently rocked Nick's body to get him to sit up.

Nick sat up and yawned stretching his arms above his head. "Someone wanna remind me what we're waiting for?" He looked at his watch, "It's past 10, let's go already!"

All eyes turned to AJ who shrugged, "I'm just waiting for Chris. Let me check what's going on." He got off the bed and went out to find Chris.

Nick looked at Brian who was playing a game and Howie who was reading a magazine before moving forward and straddling Kevin's hips.

He smiled sweetly at the look of surprise on Kevin's face.

"Gimme little kiss?" He asked innocently.

Kevin looked at him warily, wanting to give in but wanting to find out why Nick was being so forward. "How little?"

"Very little," Nick said while tilting his head and leaning close to Kevin.

Kevin smiled, unable to say no to anything Nick wanted and wrapped his hand around Nick's neck, guiding him down. Their lips met with soft, slow kisses. Kevin sighed as Nick opened his mouth slightly inviting Kevin to deepen the kiss. Unable to resist Kevin did just.

Howie and Brian shared a smile before both turned back to what they had been previously doing. AJ chose that moment to walk back into the room. As soon as he spotted Kevin and Nick he strode over to them.

"Hey hey hey, none of that now," he said while putting a hand on each of their shoulders and pulling them apart. Nick pouted unhappily at the intrusion and looked at the source.


AJ smirked, "Sorry to interrupt your little session and I'd feel bad for doing it if I didn't know that you get it more regularly that any of us. Now c'mon get your shoes on, we're leaving."

Nick blushed and looked at Kevin who looked back at him in amusement. Tugging him down Kevin pressed a gentle kiss against his lips before they sat up to get ready to go.


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