This story is ment for people 18 years and older. If you are not 18 or have problems with gay content i advise you to please leave. All characters in this story is fiction. This story does not mean to imply that any of the celebraties mentioned in the story is gay, and is complete fiction as well. I have really bad spelling and grammer but really would love ur feed back...if u can email me at wizard06@hotmail.com to let me know what you think id appriciate it!!

Daniel.....aka kenny

Chapter 1

It was cold. I looked around and everything was dark and foggy. I couldn't see anything. I started to panic.

"Is anybody here? Mom? Dad? anybody?" I screamed in desperation. I saw this figure appear from the shadows. She had long dark hair, and eyes so deep u can get lost in them. She was naked, and around her chest laid a pendent. It seemed to be a ruby that glowed as if it were a red star.

"Come home." she said to me. I backed away scared of this woman

"who are u?" i asked scared

"your mother, your real mother." she told me as she reached over to touch my face. As she did this i saw this dark cloud surround her,

"Come home!" she told me again she disappeared into the cloud.

I woke up screaming, my real mom's hand was on my face.

"You ok sweetie?" my mother asked worriedly.

Yeah i was just having a nightmare again. I was sweating like crazy. My mom just looked at me and smiled.

"Well it was just a bad dream, no harm done!" my mother said as she got off the bed and reached over to get the phone. She dialed 21, which was the number to the kitchen. She told the house cook that I was up, and to bring up my breakfast.

"Tonight is a big night, your father is being honored for his efforts of Embassitor, so I expect you to be on your best behavior!" my mother said as she got up and opend my closet door.

"I know mom." I said yawning trying to shake off the creepy dream. My mom pulled some clothes out, the clothes i was going to wear tonight, she always made me wear the most preppies outfits ever, I hated them! She looked over at me worried,

"Are you sure your ok dear?" she asked me again

"yeah. the dream is just really bothering me, I'm ok though." i replied

"what was it about" She asked curiosly as she was trying to find a tie that matched my shirt.

"I don't rember much of it. THere was this woman, she told me to come home."

"Thats absord you are home dear." my mom said not really paying attention. I laughed,

"i know, but there was this one thing that caught my eye, a necklace, with a ruby. It was glowing." My mother turned around quickly,

"What did u say?" she snaped.

"nothing there was just a ruby. Its was almost talking for the lady. I really dont remember anything else." My mom looked at me shocked at what i was telling.her.

"you ok mom?" i asked. My mom snapped out of gaze and put on her fake smile she did when ever she was talking to my dad's boss's wife.

"yeah, fine! I have to go make a phone call." she left my room quickly. That was wierd i though to myself. I got up went into my bathroom to wash my teeth. the maid came in and put my food down on my desk. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was looking shitty that dream had taken a tole on me. My dark brown hair was afroed, i need to shave and I had major bags under my eyes. i rubbed them trying to take them away. I looked at the mirror and almost freaked at what i saw, I turned around as fast as I could but saw nothing. I looked back at the mirror and saw nothing again. I would have sworn to see a man standing right next to me. Tall, and dark, staring at me smiling. I rubbed my eyes and shook off this feeling. I'm 21 for gods sake, have to stop acting like this. I splashed some water in my face, put on some sweat pants, and a shirt, and was heading downstairs. My parent's room was barley closed and he could he heard his mother on the phone.

"Its happening, he had a dream with the ruby."

"She what?!"

"Mom are you ok?"I asked walking in the room. My mom just looked up at me.

"Yeah, fine sweetie. Listen I need to talk to you about something very important. You know how I have family St. Augusten?" his mother asked him

"Yeah, but i've never met them." I was confused on wear this was going.

"Honey listen to me, if anything ever happens to me, you have to promise never to go there, never get in contact with anybody from the Valencia family. Do you hear me!?" My mother pleaded

"umm....ok are you ok Mom?" I asked confused

"Yeah fine darling, just fine!" My mothered smiled.

"well I'm heading to the gym, that afterwards meeting up with Carlos." I said feeling awkward about the conversation I was having with her.

"Ok honey, just be on time for your father's party." my mom said. Her eyes were worried as if she was thinking about something else. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. At the moment she touched me, flashes appeared through my eyes, I saw my mom, young, in front of this enormous house with a garden full of weeds. An old woman stood in front of her, giving my mother a baby. I heard screams coming from the window in the attic.

This all happened with in a second. My mom looked at me worried.

"Are you ok Johnny?"she asked

"Yea, um... just got dizzy.Thats it." I said leaving the room as quickly as i could. "What the hell was that. What did I just see? am i going crazy or something?" I thought to myself. I needed to clear my mind so I called Carlos, this guy I was on and off with, for like two years. We had just gotten back together a week ago. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I'm gay? I got into my baby blue mini cooper, locked the doors, and took out my cellphone.

"Carlos? Hey whats up?"

"Nothing much, just getting up." he yawned on the other end.

"Hey can we meet up or something, I don't want to be home for some reason." I asked him. I heard him sound annoyed on the phone.

"I just woke up Johnny, i thought we decided we weren't gonna crowd each other."

"I haven't seen you in a week Carlos..."

"Fine come on over." he said and hung up. I could't beleive him. He could be such an ass sometimes. I drove to his house, and called him. He told me to come up stairs. He lived alone, his parents kicked him out when they found out he was gay. I walked up the stairs as quick as i could, he didnt live in the best neirborhood so to speak. I knocked on the door. I was waiting for five minutes annoyed that he didn't awnser the door, till he finaly opend it. He was wearing black calvin briefs. He had tanned olive skin, green eyes, and jet black hair. He also had bed head hair, and a rough face.

"Come in." he said grogily, not even giving me a chance to give him a kiss. I walk in already getting annoyed by his atitude. I saw a mirror on his table, with rolled up dollar bills, he obvious had a long night. He saw me looking at the mirror,

"Don't start Johnny, I'm not in the mood." he said shaking his head already knowing what I was thinking.

"What the fuck Carlos, You told me you were going to stop when i gave you that money. Did you even pay your rent!?"

"I said i dont want to talk about it!" Carlos replied angerly

"I can't believe you sometimes, I dont even know why I take you back, you can be such an ass.

"I said shut the fuck up!" Carlos said raising his hand about to slap me. I stared at him. I couldn't believe what he almost did.

"Do it I fucking dare you." I snapped at him. My eyes focused on him, pure anger raged through me. He wouldn't dare hit me. He slowly put his hand down and sat on the couch.

"Im sorry Johnny, didn't know what got into me. I'm probaly just tired thats it." realizing what he almost did. I was livid. I couldn't believe that i would take a scum bag like this back.

"Johnny really, I'm sorry. I have no idea what the hell came over me! It was probably the drugs. I"m really sorry!" he pleaded. I turned around towards the door. I kept on looking at it, trying to get the courage to leave. I looked out the window, back facing Carlos. I felt his arms wrap around my wasit, and felt a cold kiss on my neck.

"Really babe, I'd never do anything to hurt you!" he whispered in my ear.

"You know how much you mean to me!" He whispered again and kissed the back of my neck, while putting his hands in my front pocket. I felt cheap, why did I left him manipulate me this way. I finally pulled out of his grip, and turned to him. I pushed him away.

"No Carlos, what the hell do you think I am? Thats not gonna work." I snapped.

"Were done!" I said looking straight into his eyes, letting him know i was serious. I turned away and headed to the door. Right before I was able to get out of his apartment, Carlos grabbed my arm, and turned me to him.

"You'r not fucking leaving me. I won't let you end this. If anybody is gonna end this its me!" he screamed in pure rage. He tried to forcefully to kiss me. I Turned my head as he also tried to pull down my pants.

"GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" I screamed at him trying to push him away, but he was to strong for me. I started screaming thinking that someone would hear me.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Carlos snapped and slapped me so hard I fell to the floor. As I looked up at him, so many feelings were being morphed. I went from being scared of him, to having pure rage. My eyes focused on his eyes, I focused my rage into him, and whispered "DIE."

He stopped in his tracks. He started to breath heavily. He put his hands around his neck as if he were chocking. He fell on his knees looking straight at me, pleading me to help him. I just stared at him with pure rage. Carlos began to change different shades of blue. Till finally he layed on the floor, dead. I stood up not thinking about what really happend. I kept on staring t Carlos' body, absorbing this whole situation. Thats when i freaked out, I just killed Carlos!

Chapter 2

I sat on the hospital chair dazed on everything that just had happend. I couldn't call my parents and ruin my dad's big night, So I called the next best person, Paulina. She had her arm around my back rubbing it in a caring way. We waited in the waiting room for ever, I really dont know why, i mean he was dead. Pina looked at me worried, not knowing what to say.

"Johnny its not your fault." she pressured.

"The doctor said, that he had more cocaine in his system then a Colombian coke plantation! Thats what provoked the heart attack." I looked at my friend, she was really pretty. She had the most lushious curls a girl could have. She looked like an old fashion porceliean doll. She had fare white skin, and deep green eyes.

"I dont know how to explain it PIna, I did it.! I wished it, and I felt his life slip away. What the hell is wrong with me!?" I said starting to sob, frightened out of my mind on what ever im turning into. I Knew this had to be related some how to my dream, since the begining of the day, wierd things have been happening. I was interrupted by the sound of Pina's cell phone. She looked at who was calling, it was her mom.

"Sorry Johnny I have to take this! You know how overprotective my parents are!" I gave her a slight smile and wondered in my thoughts. I heard her tone change suddenly, something was wrong, terribly wrong! I looked over at her as her skin went from rosey white to pale. She avoided making eye contact with me. I felt my heart race. Tears started forming in her eyes, as she caught my stare. She dropped the cellphone,

"Johnny theres been another accident." She said no sure if she should be the one to break this news to me.

"What are u talking about? whats going on!?" I studdered scared on what she was going to tell me.

"Your house.... there was a Guerrilla attack. Everybody is dead, Including my father. My mother is a mess. I have to go home I'm... Oh my god....I have to leave I'm sorry."

"What!? what are u talking about? I don't understand." I felt a rage of panic go through my heart.

"Your house blew up. Everybody in there is dead. Oh my god, my father! He's dead!" Pina sobbed realizing what had just happend. I ran out of the hospital, got in my car and speeded over to my house. I left my best friend there sitting in the guest room crying. I had felt bad but i had to go home. This couldnt be true. It has to be some joke. My whole life was in that house. I have nobody left. My parents couldnt have been dead. All these thoughts ran through my had. All my father's family, everybody who was dear to me was in that house celebrating with my father. As i got closer to my house i could see this cloud of smoke rising from the distance. No, It couldn't be!

I pulled up to what was left of my house, got out of my car and stared in awe. Everything was at level zero, the fire was being put out by the fire men, as they tried to clear the public which was surrounding the area. i walked closer until I was stopped by a fire man.

"I'm sorry but your gonna have to step back." he said pushing my chest. I stared at him with rage. This is my house, who the hell was he to tell me what to do!?

"Th... thi.. this... is my house.... my parents are in there...." I managed to stutter. The Fire man looked at me realizing who I was. He called a Police man over, to care for me. They insisted that I get into the car, and be taken to someplace away from here, I looked at the fire, still blazing... thats when I saw him again. He formed blending with the smoke and flames, the same man i had seen in my dream. He noded his head as if trying to get my attention. Thats when i heard his voice in my head,

"Go home, come back to St. Augistine, go see ur real mother before it's to late."

Thats when i realized, I have to go, go to Florida to see my long lost family.

Chapter 3

It was early in the morning. Sunlight was creaking through the curtains oddly waking Justin up. He is usually a heavy sleeper. He had been trying to go back to sleep for the past fifteen minutes with out success and finally decided to get up and enjoy his day off. He got out of bed, stretched his arms in the air getting rid of what was left of his tiredness and went into the bathroom for his morning grooming. He looked into the mirror and looked at himself, he couldn't believe how much he had changed in the past couple of years. He actually looked like a man! finally. He lost the whole baby boy from next door, to become a scruffy young adult. He liked what he saw, plus the success with his new albums, he couldn't ask for anything else. Justin was single having a good break up with Cameron, due to the fact that they realized that they were just friends, instead of lovers.

He took a quick shower, brushed his teeth, and looked at himself in the mirror again. He rubbed his cheeks debating on whether or not he should shave. he decided not to, liking his scruff. His thoughts were interrupted from the sound of his blackberry, he picked it up and saw that JC was calling. He was going to meet up with JC like at six in the afternoon for some catch up, but why would he be calling now? He thought to himself.

"Hey Josh!" Justin said into his phone.

"Wow, what are u doing up!? I was just going to leave u a voice mail!" JC awnsered groggily into the phone

"Couldnt sleep! So whats up?" Just said looking through his closet deciding on what to wear today.

"Well i was actually calling to cancel on you today, I have to fly to South America with my dad, You remember my dad's brother, the embasotor over there, well apparently there was an attack on his house last night by some local guerillas. " Josh said not finishing the whole story.

"Yeah i remember him, he helped us out when Chris was caught with drugs in England. He gave us the hook up there. Is he ok?" Justin said a little worried for his friend.

"No, he's dead. They blew up his house with all these politicians, and there wives. He was hosting a party and they targeted his house. My dads a mess, its his younger brother, and I have to go with him. I cant let him go by himself." Josh explained.

"Oh my god Josh I'm so sorry, thats terrible!" Justin said sitting down not knowing how to help his friend.

"Yeah worse thing is, they had a kid, my cousin Johnny he just turned 18, and he wasn't at the house when all this stuff went down. He's all alone down there andy my dad is all he has left. Thats why we have to get down there as soon as we can. My dads a real wreck Im really worried about him J." JC said needing his best friend.

" Well dont worry Josh, I'm comming down there with you and your dad."

"Dont be ridiculas J, you dont have to come!" JC said hopping that he really does.

"JC cut the bullshit. Your like my brother, and fuck your dad has been there for me so many times its the least I can do. What time do we leave.?" Justin snapped on the phone. He got all the information from JC, booked himself a seat on the same flight and a hotel room were they were staying. He had to go, his friend need him.

Justin walked into his closed got a black suit, the one he wore to the VMA a couple of years ago actually. he pack lightly not know how long he was going to be there with his friends. He looked at his clock, he still had another three hours to spare before he met them at the airport. He turned on the TV to kill some time.

He was flipping through the channels till he landed on CNN. Surprisingly they were covring the story about JC's uncle.

"Authorities believe that this attack was indeed a terrist attack from local drug- lords. Unfortinatly young Johnathan Quintan Chazez was not at the incident when this occured and is left orphaned at the age of 17." the newsporter said while just listen attevly to the broadcast. A picture of the kid was showed up glaring off the television. Justin once seeing the picture had a strange feeling inside of him. He didnt know what it was but he ahd a feeling as if he this kid was going to somehow changes his entire life. He got chills down is spine, the hairs ion the back of his neck stood up. Justin turned the TV off, shaking off the wierd feeling, and went to get a bite to eat before his flight.