Johnny sat on the hotel bed looking out side the big window. Drops of water were being collected as the rain fell harder and harder. He thought of the irony of the rain, and how in most movies in scenes such as these it is always raining. The window began to fog, due the humidity out side. Johnny turned his head to look at the clock, 11:48 p.m... His uncle should be landing soon. His dad's brother was coming down to help him with everything. Yeah Johnny was over age but he is still young. He hadn't seen his uncle in ages. His father and him had gotten into a fight ages ago. He remember his dad calling his nephew, JC, a faggot when he saw him on TV. Johnny gave a small chuckle to himself thinking "if he only new!"

His mind drifted off to St. Augustine, and his mother's family. He had to call someone over there, to let them know what happened. Than he started thinking about what he promised his mother. How she made him promise never to get in touch with them. His curiosity was getting the best of him. He started thinking about that man, the man he saw in his dreams. He had come to the conclusion that it was probably his stress that made him see all that. I mean it was hard to believe everything that had happened to him in one day.. First it was Carlos, his cocaine addicted boyfriend. Then his family, three deaths in one day. The thought of all this brought this sickling feeling inside of him. He still hadn't cried, he started to feel the tears build up deep inside of him. He tried to fight the urge, he new that once he cried, that would be accepting everything that happened. He turned the TV on to distract him, to MTV. Justin's video "sexy back," was on. Johnny just rolled his eyes and turned the TV right off. It's not that he doesn't like the video, its just that is been overplayed so much that he can't stand it.

Johnny didn't know what else to do, he felt claustrophobic, and the tv was really helping him out, because stories about his parents events were like on every channel. His eyes searched the room, to see if there was anything he could do. He spotted the hotel room's computer and got online. He was browsing his e-mail accounts, his myspace, the usal. !0 minutes later it came to him, to google his mom's last name to see what comes up about his mom's family. He typed "Valencia St. Augustine." Thousands of sites about his family history came up. Newspaper articles about strange deaths, which date back all the way since the 1800's. There were tons of business articles about different corporations which the family runs. He clicked on "images" to see what was to be found, thousands of pictures poped up on his screen, but one that caught his eye was one of a painting. It was a woman, and she had his eyes. By the look of what she was wearing you could tell that the painting was probably from the 1600. The most appealing thing from the painting wasn't the familiar resemblance, but the pendant around her neck. It was the ruby stone from his dream. It was oval cut, with with a gold rim holding it. The gold rim was covered with diamonds, and settled with in her bust. The picture showed the name, Cristina Maria Valencia de la Cuadra . He was mesmerized by the painting almost like the girl in it was hypnotizing him. He felt his eyes feel heavy and the next thing he new He was awoken by a Knock on the door. Johnny looked around the hotel slowly registering everything that happened. He had a dream, and important one, only this time he couldn't remember any of it.. He new it was an important dream for some reason. THe knocking on the door again.

"shit," Johnny mumbles as he got out the computer chair. He looked in the mirror really quickly to fix his hair a bit, than quickly opened the door.

On the other side, was his Uncle, and his cousin.

"Uncle Casey." Johnny said as he hugged him. Even though he hadn't seen him in for ever, he was relieved to see family. His Uncle hugged him back, not knowing what to say, or how to say it. JC just looked at the his dad, and cousin. A small smile crossed his face, Johnny let go of his uncle only to give his cousin a hug..

'Hey there, well look at you, last time I saw you, you were still playing with Power Rangers!" JC said as he let his cousin go. Johnny just gave him a small smile, and let them in his room.

"Did you guys check in already?" Johnny asked looking at them.

"Yeah, we left are bags in are rooms and came right up to see you." his uncle said sitting down on the chair next to the computer. JC just looked at his cousin, he really didn't know what to say to him. This kid just lost his whole world, what can I say to him, he thought to him self.

"So how you doing Johnny?" JC asked shakily not knowing if that was the right thing to ask.

"Surprisingly good. It really hasn't hit me yet. I don't want it to either." Johnny replied. Johnny had to admit that he felt awkward, this is family that he hasn;t seen in years, and here they are asking him how he felt!

Johnny yawned, and stretched his arms out in the air. he hadn't been able to have a good night sleep in the past two days. Only nap here and a nap there. His uncle looked at him, and realized this, so decided to leave the boy to rest.

"Josh and I are going to leave you. We have a lot of catching up to do, but we just want you to know that your not alone Johnny. If you need anything just give either a call!" His uncle said as he got up heading to the door.

"night kiddo!" JC said with a contagious smile.

"night, thanks so much for being here!" Johnny said as he watched both men exit. He crashed on his bed and fell into a deep slumber.