This story is pure fiction, and does not in anyform refect reality of any persona mentioned in this story.

Chapter 5

Justin sat by bar drinking is scotch. He looked around and saw nobody around. He had been at the bar for a good two hours. He rubbed his eyes with his thumb and index finger. Thoughts of Cameron, and how there break up went kept on going through his head. He didnt understand what went wrong. Were there love went. The break up was a peacful one but the fear of solitude is what scared him most of this seperation. Yes he was The Justin Timberlake from the micky mouse club, Nsync, and producer of his own album. Yet he felt so alone. He looked at his half empty glass, shook the ice inside and then looked at the time. It was only 2:20 in the morning. He Chugged the rest of the glass, signaled the the bartender for another drink.

Johnny woke startled from his bed. He once more had a dream, only could not remember what happened. He tossed and turned around in bed for a good half hour, unable to go back to sleep. He looked up at the digital clock displayed on the bed side to see that is was 3:00 in the morning. He sat on his bed, knees currled to his chest thinking about his parents, his dream. He began to cry, and then sob. He couldn't hold it in anymore. He cried for a good while till he was able to compose himself and catch his breath. He composed himself, not allowing himself to shed anymore tears.

"I need a drink!" Johnny said to him self. he got out of bed, and put on a fresh t-shirt, with some jeans. He crabbed his wallet and headed down to the bar downstairs. Once out of the elevator Johnny passed the reception area, and saw the lobby bar. It was completely empty as he imagined. There were only two people there, the bartender, and some drunk american. He sat down and ordered a Sapphire tonic. He looked over at the drunk man on the other side of the bar. He looked familiar. He had a buzzed shaved head, blue eyes, 5 o'clock shadow. He was wearing a hoody sweater with some kick ass true religion jeans. He had to be at least in his mid 20s.

The bartender gave johnny his drink, and noticed him staring at the American.

"He's been here for the past three hours, and has been drinking like a fish!" the bartender told Johnny. He just gave the man a slight smile, and took a sip of his drink. Johnny looked up at the man again, and caught him staring straight at him. He looked so familiar to Johnny but just didn't know who he was. He froze when he saw the guy walking over to him, Johnny's heart started to race. As he stumbled over.

"Mind if I join yout? Being that it's only us two, figured we could both use the company!!" the american man said to Johnny. Johnny just smiled "sure no problem!" Johnny could smell the whisky on him. He reeked of alcohol. It actually reminded him of his ex, Carlos.

"So whats a kid like you doing up so late by him self." Justin slurred looking straight foward not even looking at Johnny,

"Couldn't sleep." Johnny said a little taken back by this guys attitude.

"yeah, me either." the man said to Johnny.

"I'm sorry, my names Justin" he said extending his hand.

"Johthan" Johnny responded

"Oh my god. Your Josh's cousin!" Justin said astoned. Thats when it hit him, this guy was Justin Timberlake.

"Yeah thats me!" Johnny said a little un easy. He was scared that he was going t say something awkward.

"Dude I'm so sorry about your fam-" Before Justin could finish what he was saying he fell out of the chair, and hit himself hard on the ground. Johnny got up quickly and kneeled down to see if he was ok. Johnny shook Justin and got no response. He gently slapped he sweaty cheek only to see Justin's eyes open. Justins eyes looked like two semi-precious stones. Justin stared straight into johnnys eyes and smiled, "hey there!"

Johnny blushed and turned his gaze away. "You alright?" Johnny asked in concern. THe bar tender had come around to help justin up.

"Yeah I think I had a few to many drinks." Justin said leaning on the bar to get his balance. Justin could hardly keep his eyes focused, it was almost as if somebody put a rufee in his drink.

"ill help you back to your room" Johnny told Justin. Johnny was actually use to this from Carlos, so it came natural to him.

"No, Don't you worr,'Justin began to say as he stumbled onto Johnny. Justin was grabbing Johnny's waist for support, and Caught Johnnys gaze.

"seems like I keep on falling for you!" Justin said grinning in his flirtatious grin. Johnny rolled his eyes, and told the bartender just to charge everything to his room, as he helped justin to the elevator. Justin couldn't keep his eyes focused, he could feel the sleep come over him. Wierd thing is, he usually holds his liquor really well.He didn't understand how he got drunk so quickly.

"What floor are you on!?" Johnny asked Justin, only to see him completely passed out on his shoulder.

"Great!" Johnny told himself pushing the 15th floor,which was his own. It took Johnny a while to get Justin in his room. He woke up every now and then, bet he might as well should have been moving a corpse. He laid Justin one of the queen sized beds. took of his shoes, and shirt to that he'd be comfortable. Johnny couldn't help but laugh at himself, he was have a slumber party with "the " justin timberlake! Well the wasted one at least! Johnny went to the bathroom to bring the garbage pale next to Justin's bed just incase he well....you know! Johnny changed back into his Pijama's and sat on Justin's bed.

"Justin, Justin" Johnny shook him to see if he's respond. Justin Opened his eyes, and sat up perfectly. He put his hand on- top of johnnys and stared him straight in eyes.

"Claudia, my love!" Justin said to Johnny. He than Grabed Johnny's face and came forward to kiss him. He tried to back away but something in him told him not to. There lips touched and Johnny closed his eyes feeling justin's tounge penetrate his mouth. Thats when he saw a flash:

It was snowing, and he well she was in a carriage. Thats when he saw Justin, well it looked like him, only wearing clothing from a diffrent era. He looked around the carriage and saw that he was wearing this beautiful embodied silk dress. Different gems were sewed into the red silk of the fabric.

"Petro! we have to be careful, they know!" Johnny heard him self say. It was like whaching a movie. Johnny couldn't control anything he was doing.

Johnny opened his eyes, he was back in the hotel room. Justin was asleep, the way he left him.

"What the hell is wrong with me!" he said to himself brushing off the weird premonition. Johnny got up and walked over to his bed trying to shrug off what just happend! He curled under the covers, and slowly but surely went back to sleep.

Chapter 6

Justin looked around the room that was his. He looked to his side to see a woman on his bed. She was naked, only wearing this penetrating necklace around her neck. He got up and looked round the victorian style room, only to see a gold base mirror. As he looked at his refection, he saw him self, only with long straight hair, that went up to his shoulders. he was naked as well. He could smell the candle wax burning as he made his way to the door. Once he opened it, he saw a tall man. Eyes so dark it looked like windows to hell.

"Leave him alone!" he whispered in a evil whisper. Right after that the man shreaked and blackness surrounded Justin. Justin began to scream and closed his eyes to try to get away from this evil dream. He new he was dreaming, he had to have been, only he couldn't wake up. He felt sombody grab his hand, and when he opened his eyes he saw Johnny look straight at him.

"You ok!?" Johnny asked in a worried voice.

"Yeah, just um... not important. Wait, what are you doing in my hotel room?" Justin asked looking at him not really remembering what happen last night.

"Your' actually in mine" Johnny said getting up from the bed. You passed out on the way to the elevator and well, you never told me your room number." Johnny said getting up from the bed. Justin looked over at Johnny, feeing like shit for putting him through so much trouble.

"Here you could use these!" Johnny said throwing him a bottle of pills.

"What are they?" Justin said trying to focus his bloodshot eyes.

"Asprin." Johnny said with a wink "You were pretty gone lost night. I was worried "the Justin TImberlake" was going to die on my bed! Then I would have been in loads of trouble!" Johnny Joked getting a smile out Justin. Justin put the bottle on the side of the table and put his arms in the air, letting all his muscles stretch out. Johnny couldn't help but look. I mean he was shirtless. Johnny turned all shades of red and turned to the mini bar to get a bottle of water. When he turned around Justin was back to laying down. Johnny walked over to the bed and sat on the little space between Justine and the edge of the bed. He put the water down on the side table. Justin gave his charming smiling that everybody loved.

"Why are u being so nice to me?" Justin asked suspicious on Johnny's intentions. He didn't understand why he was always a step ahead of him. Like letting him sleep in his room. The obvious Garbage can next to the bed. The asprin, the water.

"Bad habits die hard i guess!" Johnny responded opening the bottle of pills, taking two out, and handing them to Justin with the glass of water.

Justin sat up, and took the pills, and swallowed them with the water. "Whats that so post to mean?" looking in Johnny dark eyes. They were so sad, he put up a good face, Justin had to admit, but his eyes were so sad.

"Its nothing really, just my ex boyfriend, he was constantly drunk, high on cocaine, XTC, or god knows what. And well I was there to pick up the pieces!" Johnny said not being able to look and Justin. He didn't even realize that he had just told Justin that he was gay.

Justin could tell that there was alot more to what his ex did to him, and when he saw the hurt look on Johnny's face he felt something run through his veins that he never felt before; pure rage!

"But he's dead now, so... it doesn't really matter." Johnny said wiping a tear from his eye. He looked at Justin a gave a big fake smile, like the one his mother use to do to his father.

"Want some more water?" Johnny asked, trying to change the subject. Johnny went back to the mini bar, looking for more water. Justin could see his hands shaking as he went through all the other bottles. This poor kid was about to loose it Justin realized. Justin got up from the bed and bent down right next to him. he got the bottle of water which was right in front of Johnny the whole time, opened it and handed it to him giving Johnny the first sip.

"He died yesterday, of a cocaine overdoes. I was with him. If i wouldn't had been with him... I'd be dead right now... I don't know whether to thanck him, or hate him for it!" Johnny said shaking and beginning to tear up. Justin didn't even think twice. He just held this kid, and Johnny burst into tear on his bare shoulders.


Petro and Claudia held each other in the dark alley. They released there embrace and looked at one another. Petro put his hand on her face and claudia put her hand over his.

"Please my love don't do this! I'm not scared of him!" Petro said in Ruissian.

"He will kill you Petro. He has power which you wouldn't believe in. He will kill you, then how would I live with myself knowing that you died, my true love, died because of me!" Claudia said with tears in her eyes. Petro pulled back a strand of her hair dangling with the wind in front of her face. He leaned in and kissed her.


Justin and Johnny opened there eyes, only to find there mouthes locked on to one another. Johnny was the first to part from the kiss, "Oh my god, um...I'm so sorry... I don't..." Johnny stuttered

"Know Its my fault, I shouldn't have... i mean i didn't know what I was..." Justin stuttered nervous that he took advantage of this kid, and that he was going to tell JC, and his dad. Johnny looked at Justin, and realized that he saw it to the same thing he did.

"Oh my god. You saw it didn't it, didn't you?" Johnny asked getting closer to Justin. Justin looked back at Johnny, "What?" Justin asked knowing exactly what he was talking about.

"The premonition, you were there too! you saw everything!" Johnny said not scared of feeling completely crazy! Right then there was a Knock on the door, "Hey Johnny its your' uncle, and cousin Josh. We tried to call but know one picked up!" JC shouted through the door. Johnny looked at Justin now realizing how crazy he must of sounded. Justin got up from the floor and put on his shirt.

"Be right there Josh," Johnny screamed, as he whached Justin have his back to him.

"Boy do I feel stupid! " Johnny said to himself not knowing what to do.