My Immortal Beloved
Chapter 15
by JT Poole

Things don't seem to be looking up now that there's a new threat on the scene. Will the guys be able to handle this new threat and what's going on with Alpha? I guess the new player thrust into the gist of things can shed some light on that when she awakens. The guys just hope she's a friend and not a foe. Because she was fighting against Jeremiah, doesn't mean she's good.

Somewhere in Orlando, FL


We've been out in the open for too long. When Wade teleported us away I thought he was taking us someplace safe but it seems he only took us someplace that was more dangerous than we just left. I'm starting to get a little bit suspicious of him and his actions. He's been acting strange since all this stuff started happening with Nick Carter and when Howie Dorough disappeared. I wonder can he still be trusted?

"Why not just ask me and see Josh," Wade says, walking over to me and pushing my shoulder now. "How soon you forget that we're all mentally linked and we can hear each other's thoughts."

"I don't care if you can hear my thoughts or not Wade, I don't really trust you right now since we've been found too many times after you teleport us away," I say as he shook his head at me.

"I know you're not blaming us been spotted by vamps on me!" He shouts, pushing my shoulder again as I get more pissed off now.

"Yeah I'm blaming you damnit! Gamma! Blazing Heart!" I scream out as I quickly drew a heart with my finger on his chest and it instantly caught on fire.

"What the hell!" He shouts out as Elizabeth came over to the two of us and used her ice powers to put the fire out.

"You two need to calm down. We can't be here fighting amongst ourselves. We should be saving our strength for Jeremiah and that new fellow Ashden Knight," Elizabeth says as I glared at her.

"You stay out of this! You're not so trustworthy either," I say, glaring at her. "I know you like I know the dirt we're walking on."

"Josh, bro you need to calm down," Justin says, walking towards me now.

"What I need to do is find my boyfriend and get away from here as quick as I can," I say, turning around. "See how well you fools do without me and him."

"Josh stop," I hear JT weakly say behind me. "We're not leaving them. You need to calm down. Take a breather over there."

"Baby how do you feel?" I ask him.

"I would feel a whole lot better if there was no screaming and shouting," he says, frowning. "Josh you can't go on accusing innocent people of what's going on around us. If you want to blame someone, blame me and Julie for going into the damn cave and bringing that book out. So if you want to place blame, place it on me and her...well just me since she's no longer with us."

"I can't blame this on you baby," I say, walking over to him and caressing his cheek.

"Well if you can't blame me then you can't blame Wade or Elizabeth," he says, looking me in the eye now.

"Guys we have trouble," Justin says as I look at him to see that his eyes were glowing. "We have unwanted trouble coming and it's Nick and Joey."

"Baby are you able to fight?" I ask him as he looked around.

"Where's Nicole?" He asks, looking at me and then to Justin.

"She's lying over there. She hasn't awakened yet," Justin replies, looking at his hands. "We have to fight or leave. We have to choose one and now. Nick and Joey are getting closer."

"I guess we have to run," JT says, frowning as he held his side.

"Wade get the girl, you all know how to leave," I say as we all started disappearing.

A Few Miles Away

"Well hello there Justin Timberlake," Nickolas Lazar says, smiling as he appeared next to Justin, grabbed him and then flew off into the air.

"Let me go you fucking freak!" Justin screams, struggling with Nickolas as the creature held on to him tightly. "Get your hands off of me before I cut loose and let you have it! You`re lucky I know what`s going on with you!"

"Now do you really want me to let you go Justin? I thought you loved me and wanted me to hold you like this," Nickolas says, licking along Justin's neck as tears came to Justin's eyes. "Don't tell me you're getting sentimental now."

"Shut the hell up!" Justin screamed as he stopped struggling. "If you want to kill me go ahead and fucking do it, stop playing games with me!"

"Now now, We don't need to rush things," Nickolas says, smiling as he turned Justin to face him as he bared his fangs. "I'm not ready to kill you Justin or should I call you Epsilon?"

"You can call me Epsilon! Blood Scream!" Justin screamed out as a strange energy surrounded his body and Nickolas started screaming and instantly let him go.

" hurt me! You're not supposed to be able to hurt me!" Nickolas screamed out, flying towards Justin as Justin shook his head and disappeared. "You're not going to get away from me Justin. You can't hide from me, we're linked spiritually and there's no stopping me from finding you!"

`Oh God! It's me, it's me! I'm the reason that they keep finding us. Nick's connection to me is what he's using to track us down,' Justin thought as he reappeared on the ground.

"There you are my sweet," Nickolas says, flying as fast as he could to the ground to get to Justin as something else appeared in front of Justin and he rammed it.

"Thank you for proving my theory correct Mister Lazar," JT says, smiling as he grabbed Nickolas and started laughing. ALPHA! SOUL ETERNAL CHANGE UP!"

"What are you doing JT?" Justin asks as JT flew into the air with Nickolas Lazar as he struggled with him.

"I'm about to make things a little bit easier for us!" JT shouts as his eyes start glowing. "SOUL CRYSTAL DEVASTATION!"

"Oh no!" Justin screamed as the area around JT and Nick filled with light, making him shield his eyes as the ground starts to shake.

"What's going on?" Wade asks as he, JC, Elizabeth and Christina appears.

"I don't know but it doesn't look so good," Justin replies as the light fades and JT floats in the air with what looks like a lifeless Nick Carter.

"What did you do Alpha?" Elizabeth asks, moving past JC and the others. "Did you kill him?"

"In a matter of speaking, yes I killed him," JT says, throwing Nick's body down to the ground. "He's no longer Nickolas Lazar, he's Nick Carter again."

" killed him!" Justin screams, looking down as the tears welled up in his eyes. "You killed him!"

"Justin..." JT says as a beam of energy flashed from Justin's hands, knocking him down.

"You killed the man I loved!" Justin shouts again, pushing Elizabeth and Christina away from him. "There could've been a way to save him!"

"Justin my love he saved me," Nick Carter says, looking up from his spot on the ground. "He got rid of the evil being that was within me."

"Nick!" Justin screamed as JT's body started to glow and he changed back to his normal self.

"Baby are you okay?" JC asks, rushing to JT's side.

"I'm still not strong enough. I still can't maintain the transformation," JT says, sighing as JC helped him up off the ground.

A Few Meters Away

Brian's POV

I've lost my wife, my child, my home and my life. I have nothing to live for now and yet I'm a creature of the night feasting on vermin to stay alive. Why? Why did my own cousin have to do this to me? I know I wasn't living my life the way I should've been living it but this is no better than what I had. I'm immortal now but the cost was too much for me. I know I played around on my wife and cheated with every girl that walked past but that doesn't mean I deserve to live like this preying on the living. I can't thrive living like this. I wasn't meant to be a creature of the night.

"Are you sure of that young Branson?" I turn around to see Nadya Strong standing there watching me.

"I'm not a creature of the dark," I tell her as she shook her head.

"You are what your destiny says you are," she says, looking at me closely. "You might not have chosen this for yourself but your path was already drawn out for you."

"That's not true! A path can be changed!" I shout at her.

"For one as yourself, your path isn't easily changed. Regardless of what you think, you were meant to be Branson Lark and that is what you are," she says as she waved her hand in front of me and a strange book appeared. "You are just as timeless as I am. I wasn't meant to be Nadya Strong but yet I am. Like you, I was born someone else but my spirit took on another form."

"Took on another form? If you're not Nadya Strong then who the hell are you?" I ask her.

"About fifty years ago I was born as Deidra Jones. When I reached adulthood my path was chosen for me. My soul was put to rest and my destined soul took over. I was destined to be Nadya Strong and that's who I am."

"That doesn't make any sense lady," I say as she shook her head at me.

"Like me, you were born Brian Littrell but your soul was already destined to be Branson Lark," she says as I looked at her strangely now.

"How could I be destined to be Branson Lark?" I ask her.

"Put it this way, Branson Lark was a very powerful man and creature in the past. When his body died his spirit drifted in abeyance waiting for a body that would hold his spirit. You, one that walks the planet in a body without a complete soul. Branson Lark is the completeness of your soul. Your body's spiritual song matches that of Branson Lark, which makes you one whole," she explains as I just stared at her.

"I don't fucking believe this! Are you telling me that I was born with a piece of a soul? Is that what you're trying to say?" I ask her.

"In a manner of speaking, yes, I was born the same way," she replies, frowning now. "This is your life now Brian, you aren't Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, you're now Branson Lark, one of the most powerful men on the planet."

"Well I don't feel so damn powerful," I tell her. "Power doesn't mean a thing if you don't have a reason to have it or use it."

"You have a reason to have it and use it," she says, turning away from me. "Remember this, you have always walked the path of your destiny. Think back Brian and you'll see that I'm right."

"You're not right," I say as she disappears in the fog. "You're not right, you're not.

Nadya's POV

If I play my cards right I'll have all these boys fighting against Jeremiah for me. Once I get them all rallied up, I'll be able to finally free myself of his control. I have my own life and being around babysitting demons, spirits and souls isn't at the top of my agenda. I need to get away from Jeremiah and soon. The longer I stay away from my life and with Jeremiah, I lose any hope of ever being able to return to my life free of him and this damn curse.

I've always longed to be free and live my life the way I wanted to but that hasn't always happened. When I learned from my grandmother that I was the chosen one to be used as the slave to give to the Vampire King Jeremiah, I thought she was only joking and telling me some foolishness but now that I'm actually here and Jeremiah has control of me, I know that all the things she said to me were true. I have to do what I can to get rid of Jeremiah. As long as Jeremiah lives I'll always be his slave until I'm dead. I'm not ready to be dead yet and I don't want to spend the rest of my life being his slave either. Before grandmother's prophecy, I had a prosperous life as a model and an actress and now that's all gone down the drain. I might not be able to get my life back as Deidra Jones but I can still return to my husband and my son. I know they are still alive and waiting for me to return.

All I have to do now is wait for my big coup to happen and then I'm home free. I just hope Ashden does what he's supposed to and doesn't stray to far from the plan. I would hope that he would take care of Jeremiah and the others soon but I fear that my power over him isn't strong enough to get all of my tasks complete. I just hope he takes care of Jeremiah before he realizes his true path.

Outskirts of Town - A Broken Down Car

Howie's POV

Since getting back into town I've yet to be able to find Wade and his friends. I know he's probably figured out that it was me that attacked him and dumped him in the trash dumpster but as an Agmalon Druid, that's my job, I was trained to kill him and his friends to keep the world safe from evil. I've been searching the town for them for the last few days and I keep losing their trail. I just don't know what the problem is. When I think I'm getting closer to them I lose their trail again. Grandfather taught me the ways of tracking and yet, for some strange reason, it's not working like it should. I need some luck here and soon. I like Wade, I really do and regardless of my training, I believe he and his friends are trying to save the world too.

"Maybe you're not meant to find them," I hear from behind me as I turn around to see a strange looking white guy with auburn-colored hair all decked out in black.

"Who the hell are you?" I ask as he smiled at me.

"Ah, why is that any of your business Mister Dorough?" He asks, walking closer to me.

"Don't tell me you're able to read my mind," I say as he laughed and shook his head.

"It's not a hard thing to do with a feeble minded person such as yourself," he says, crossing his arms now. "I need something from you Dorough."

"What is it that you need from me?" I ask, looking at him closely.

"Pretty simple really, I need you," he says, grabbing me by the throat and then flying off into the air, holding me as I tried to get away from him. "Don't struggle with me! If you continue to struggle I'll kill you!"

Oh God he's going to kill me! He's going to kill me!

"I'm not going to kill you, not until after I've gotten what I want," he says, smiling at me.

Since you can hear my thoughts fucker, what is it that you want then? If it's not really me, what is it?

"I need you to help me destroy Jeremiah Rage," he says, smiling at me as we land on the opposite side of town wear the dunes were.

"Who the hell are you?" I ask as he let me go so I could finally breathe.

"You may call me Ashden Knight," he says as his eyes start glowing and his face starts changing.

"What are you doing?" I ask him as he started to look like me.

"I need you to kill Jeremiah Rage," he says again. "I have to be like you to kill him. If Jeremiah sees or senses me, he'll know what I'm up to. With me taking on your personae, he'll have no clue until it's too late."

"I don't understand what you're doing. How are you going to kill him?" I ask as he shook his head.

"I'm going to use your Druid powers to kill him," he says, turning around to face me as beams of light flashed from his eyes and everything went black.

Somewhere In Time

"Why can't I go home?" Julie asks, looking around the room. "I'm totally better now. I want to go home so I can see my friends, my family, my Alex."

"I'm sorry Julie but we can't let you go back to your home right now," Julie heard as she turned around, looking for where the voice was coming from.

"Why can't you let me go home? The others need me damnit!" Julie shouts, screaming as her powers activated, sending crystallized ice particles in every direction of the room. "I don't belong here!"

"You may not belong here but we can't send you back until there others have done away with their great challenge," the voice said as she sat back down and covered her face as she cried.

"I can't stay here, I need to go back home," Julie says, lying down on the bed and pulling the blanket over herself as she continued to cry.

Later On - The Hyatt-Regency Hotel - The Gang's Suite - Justin's Hotel Room

Justin's POV

Since it seems we're running out of places to hide, we decided to find a public place with other people around in hopes of taking attention away from us. I know it sounds bad to think that way but with all the shit going on, we need a break. Since me and Josh are the only ones around with working credit cards, we got suite that would hold all of us.

I know Josh is mad with me for attacking JT but at the time I thought he had killed my Nicky. After a long and careful interrogation from Christina and Elizabeth, they both verified that the Nickolas Lazar creep was gone and that my Nicky was all that was left. I still don't know how JT did it but I'm glad he did. He some how used his new powers to cast out that evil man and give me back my lover.

When we finally got settled here in the hotel, Nick came into the room with me and I instantly fell into lust with him. He stood there taking off all that crap Nickolas was wearing, only leaving his boxers on. He looked at me and a few tears fell from his eyes. I had already cried earlier when I thought he was dead and now wasn't the time for crying more. He walked over to me and I held my arms out for him. He fell into my arms and started crying, mumbling his praises to God and what other higher power that might be out there that set him free. He still doesn't know what JT did yet but I'll tell him about that later on. Right now I'm not in the mood for talking about any of that right now. I have my lover back and we both need some TLC.

He was lying on the bed with his boxers riding low on his hips. I was trying to keep my lust level down but those boxers weren't doing anything to help me out. The more I tried to avert my eyes from those nice round mounds of his ass, my eyes would then settle on his package that kept coming into view through the open fly of them. Oh God, I'm trying to be calm and collected here but I'm about ready to strip those boxers off of him and rape him.

"Baby we're still boyfriends aren`t we?" He asks, looking at me with a sad look on his face.

"Of course we're still boyfriends," I tell him as he pulled back from me.

"How could you still want to be with me after all the things I did to you?" He asks, looking down now.

"You didn't do those things to me Nick, Nickolas Lazar did," I tell him as he shook his head.

"Regardless of that, it was still me, my body," he says, frowning. "You might not see it or feel it now but somewhere down the line you're going to see me as that evil man."

"I will never see you as that evil man Nicky," I tell him as he shook his head.

"How can you not Justin?" He asks me. "How can you hold me in your arms the way you did and not see that evil man that tried to kill you?"

"I can hold you in my arms because it wasn't you, it was him and now he's gone," I tell him as he frowned as some more tears fell from his eyes.

"I...I just don't get it," he says, sniffling now.

"There's nothing to get baby. You weren't responsible for what Nickolas Lazar did," I tell him as he looked down at his hands. "Baby please don't worry about Nickolas Lazar. I don't ever want to talk about that evil man again."

"I don't want to talk about him either Justin but he hurt you," he says, reminding me of what I was trying to block out of my mind. "He did things to you that..."

"Don't worry about that Nicky, please just drop it," I tell him as he looked down again as more tears fell from his eyes.

"I'm sorry baby," he says as I caressed his cheek and then lifted his chin.

"You don't have a reason to be sorry," I tell him as I leaned in and kissed his lips.

"Did you lock the door?" He asks, looking at me now.

I nodded my head and then looked at him, wondering where he was going with this. He got up, walked over to the door and checked the lock. Okay, should I be worried now? What's about to happen here?

"Why don't we go take a shower and then get reacquainted," he says, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the bathroom. "I don't know when is the last time I actually had a shower."

"Okay," I say as I heard the water come on in the bathroom.

Okay let's get my mind off the bad things and think about the good things. We're going to take a shower and get reacquainted. Hopefully I won't prove him right and see Nickolas Lazar. I just have to concentrate and keep my mind on him.

"I bet between all the fighting and stuff you haven't had time to take care of that," he says, pointing down at the tent in my pants. "We can take care of that in the shower."

He stepped closer to me and kissed my lips. He started loosening my belt on my pants as I stepped back from him and concentrated enough to transform me back into myself, getting rid of the Epsilon costume. Stepping back over to him, he helped me out of my underwear and I took a deep breath, trying to keep myself in control.

We got into the water that was a little bit too hot but my body started to adapt to it quickly. He picked up the soap and started soaping me up. He washed my back, my arms, my legs and my chest. He smiled at me, kissed me lips and then started washing my ass. Moving back from me, he hold my dick in his hand and started washing it. Smiling up at me, he kissed the tip of my dick, got back up and handed the washcloth to me. Following his actions and doing the same things, we both rinsed off and grabbed a towel to dry off.

"That was wonderful baby," he says, leaning in and kissing my lips again.

"Yes it was," I say, taking the towel from him and drying him off as we kissed again.

"Come on, we have some catching up to do," he says, leading me back into the main room and over to the bed.

He walked around the bed and dimmed the lamp. Climbing on the bed with me, my lust took over and I leaned in and kissed both of his nipples, sucking on each one teasingly. Pushing me back on the bed, he did the same to me. Pushing my legs apart, he started stroking my erection, trying to bring me farther into valley of happiness but I did my best not to succumb to that feeling.

"I've missed you touching me," he says, moving up my body to kiss my lips as I caressed the skin of his arms. "I've missed you kissing me, being with me, making love to me."

"Nicky I..." I trailed off as he covered my lips with another kiss.

"No words baby," he says as I felt his other hand playing with my ass now. "All we need to do is communicate with our bodies and yours is saying enough for us right now."

"Stop! I can't do this right now," I say, letting my fear get the best of me as all I could see in my mind was Nickolas Lazar touching me.

"I...I'm sorry Justin," Nick says, moving away from me.

"No, don't be sorry, I'm sorry," I say, looking away from him now. "Why don't we just go to sleep."

"Okay Justin," he says, moving farther away on the bed.

"No, don't move away, I want you to hold me," I say as he slowly slid back over to me.

"I'm sorry Justin," he says again as I wrapped my arms around his slowly. "You're trembling baby. I'm not going to hurt you."

"I know you're not," I tell him as some tears fell from my eyes. "I know..."