"Get Ready...Tonight...Gonna make this a night [love] to remember."  by Shalamar

My Kinda Guy
A Love To Remember
Chapter 22
by JT Poole and Nikki Brown

March 2, 2005 (Morning) -- Orlando, FL -- The Richardson/Anderson/Carter Estates -- Tyler's Quarters

Tyler's POV

It's a peaceful morning in this house and that's rather strange compared to every other morning that I wake up to hear someone arguing about something or another.  Things around this place haven't been the same for a long time.  Since JT's Aunt Addie arrived, we've had day-to-day drama and all kinds of action.  There's never a dull moment when Addie's around I can tell you that.

I know he said she was nobody special and all but after talking to John Patrick, Jerry, Leticia and a few of the state troopers that were here the day she arrived, I found out that the woman is actually his great aunt and she's nobody to fool around with.  From the way he talks about her and to her, he doesn't want her around here and with the way she threatens to cap people, I finally see where he got that from.  But I can fully understand why he doesn't want her around, I think she's dangerous.  That's not my business or anything but I'm not going to worry about it.  I'm paid to provide security to Kevin and the boys, not get into the middle of their personal lives.

Now that both Kevin and JT are home with the boys they don't really need me to help them with them.  That's a good thing since I get more free time by myself and get to catch up on some things I enjoy doing, like reading and taking nice long quiet baths.  Walking into the main part of the house, I see that Jaken and Toby are running around playing as usual but something's strange, there are some lights on down in Justin and Nick's part of the house.  Walking down to their wing of the house I see that the light seems to be coming from one of their guest rooms.  I don't know why there are any lights on when Justin hasn't been here since Nikki beat his ass on Valentine's Day.  I don't agree with how she treated him, but I can understand why things turned out the way they did.  He had no right to do what he did to Nick and she wanted to get that point across.  Since then he hasn't been back here and none of us have seen or heard from him.

Getting distracted by Toby screaming at the top of his lungs, I turn around to see that Jaken was tickling him like always.  Walking over to them to quiet them down, I'm pulled in another direction as the doorbell rings.  Signing, I walked over to the door.

"I wonder who that can be at seven in the morning," I say, stopping at the door and then opening it as I dropped my cup of coffee.

"Hello baby," he says, looking at me and I just froze.  "Long time no see."

"W-what're you doing here?"  I ask him as he pushed me to the side and walked into the house.  "I didn't say you can come in here."

"Tyla come play with us!"  Jaken shouts out as he and Toby ran over towards me as my instincts kicked in.

"No kids go back down there.  Jaken why don't you go get your daddies to play with you," I tell him as he looked at me funny and then ran off as my unwanted guest grabbed me by the arm and turned me towards him.

"So this is where you've been hiding all this time," he says, smiling at me.

"I'm not hiding Randy, what is it that you want?"  I ask him as he smiled at me.

"You know what it is that I want," he says, pulling me closer and kissing me on the mouth.

"Stop it Randy!"  I shout as his expression changed and he got that angry look on his face that would always scare me.  "I'm sorry."

"Tyler I'm glad you apologized for that.  You know I don't like it when you're disobedient.  Now why don't you go get dressed and we go somewhere," he says as I shook my head no.

"I can't go anywhere, I'm working," I tell him.

"You're working?  What kind of work are you doing?"  He asks me, closing the door behind him.  "You can work on me if you're doing the same kind of work you were doing when I first met you."

"I don't do that kind of thing no more," I say as he smiles at me and then grabs my arm again and pulled me closer kissing me.  "Please don't Randy, don't do this."

"You're mine Tyler, I can do what I want with you.  Remember I own you," he tells me as he smirked at me.  "I was the one that saved you from yourself way back then.  You owe me Tyler."

"I don't owe you anything Randy, just please go," I tell him as he pushed me up against the wall in the foyer.

"What is it that you're doing for work now Tyler?  How can you afford a place like this and what are you doing here?"  He asks me.

"This isn't my place," I tell him as he raised his hand like he was going to hit me.

"Tyla is som'thin wrong?"  Toby asks, walking over to the two of us.

"Who is this lil nigger?"  He asks, looking at Toby.  "You got a black bitch here with you and you've gone and started playing house with her?"

"Randy, stop that.  I'm here working, don't cause any problems here," I say as he hauled off and smacked me.  "Owwww!"

"What's going on out here?"  I turned to see JT walking down from his wing with Jaken in his arms.

"So it's not a bitch, it's a black man," Randy says, looking at me with hatred in his eyes.  "You left me to go live with some nigger and his kids?  You really are a stupid fucked up bitch.  If I'd known you was a nigger lover I wouldn't have gotten mixed up with you."

"Randy, stop it!"  I shout out as JT and Jaken were standing closer to us now as Kevin came out of their bedroom and started walking down to where we were too.

"I asked what was going on out here and I'm not going to ask again," JT says, putting Jaken down on the sofa and then calling Toby to him.

Looking back I saw that Toby was moving slowly towards JT and Kevin as Randy watched both of them.  He was fuming now and I didn't know if he was going to try to go off on anyone or what.  Please God, let this just end now.

"Oh my God, it's Randy Orton," Kevin says, coming closer to us.

"Randy Orton?"  JT says, looking up again and then walking over to us closer and then covers his mouth.  "I thought you looked familiar.  What are you doing here in my house?"

"Your house?  What do you mean your house?"  Randy asks him.

"That's right playa, my house.  Why are you in here and why do you have him jacked up against my damn wall?"  JT asks him.

"That's my business and mine alone," he says as JT shook his head.

"Tyler what's going on here?"  JT asks me as I looked at Randy and then back at him.

"We're just talking JT, don't worry about it," I say as Randy smiled at me.

"Don't worry about it?  That's hard to do Tyler when some guy has you jacked up against the wall in here," JT says, stepping closer to us.  "Kevin, take the boys down to their room."

"Baby what are you..." Kevin starts but JT raised his hand as I spot Addie walking down the hall towards us too.

"Ohhh shit!  It's that white boy Randy Orton from wrasslin on the TV.  How many stahs ya'll have coming up in here.  I ain't been here a month yet and I already don seen just about every sanga and TV stah in the world," Addie says, walking up behind JT.  "Baby what's going on hur today?"

"Who the hell is this bitch?"  Randy asks, letting me go now as he turned around to look at Addie.

"Excuse me?  You lucky you a wrassla and you ain't up in my house, me being way from home saved yo life," Addie says as Randy looked at her strangely.

"What she say?"  He asks, shrugging his shoulders.

"Don't come up in here acking like you don't know what I'se said.  You hurd ever'thing I told ya," Addie says as JT stepped in front of her.

"Addie, just go back to your room and act like you didn't see any of this," he tells her as she looked at him funny.

"What's wrong baby, you fixing to cap one of these mista creamas?"  She asks as he shook his head and pushed her towards his and Kevin's section of the house.

"Addie, just go back to your room and let me handle whatever this is," he tells her as she shook her head.

"Baby you know if you need me just scream, `cause I'll come back out hur gunz a blazin," she says, walking down to her room.

"Tyler I'm waiting," JT says as he walked over to the two of us and looked at me.  "What's going on with you and Mister Orton here?"

"I see someone can speak with respect around in here," Randy says as JT looked at him and then back to me.

"Randy why don't you just go back to where you came from," I tell him, trying not to be scared of him now.  I can't look like a wimp in front of JT now.  I took the job with him to prove to myself that I could stand up for myself and I need to start doing that now.

"What did you just say Tyler?"  Randy asked as I turned around to him.

"I said you need to go back to where you came from," I tell him as he turned away from JT and turned his gaze on me.  "I'm not scared of you anymore and I'm not going to let you bully me any fucking more.  Just go and don't show your face here again."

"You better not be serious Tyler.  Do you want a chance to rethink what you just said?"  Randy asks as I shake my head no to him.  "Are you sure about that?  Once I leave out that door I will make your life miserable."

"What do you mean by that?"  JT asks, stepping closer to us now.  "I just heard him tell you to leave and that's what he meant.  I don't care who you are, if you're in my home and someone asks you nicely to leave, you leave!"

"JT please, I can handle this," I tell him as he looked at me as Randy pushed him out of the way and grabbed me.

"Aw hell naw!  Let me go get my piece!"  JT shouts, running down the hall to his and Kevin's room.

"Oh shit, you've done it now," I say as Randy smacked me again.

"You're coming with me Tyler and that nigger isn't going to stop me," Randy says as I heard JT arguing with Kevin and then I heard Addie's voice too.

"I'm going to cap him and now!"  JT shouts as I turned to see him running towards us as Randy pushed me up against the wall and he turned around to face JT again.

"Get out of this house Randy Orton!"  JT shouts as I got up and tried to jump in between the two of them as Randy grabbed him around the neck and slammed him down to the floor.

"He must be a real stupid nigger.  Don't he know who I am?"  Randy asks as JT got up off the floor coughing now.

"Sorry man, but I don't give a hot damn who you is," JT says, trying to catch his breath as he rubbed at his chest.  "Get the fuck outta this house and now!"

"JT just calm down and let me handle this," I tell him as he closed his eyes and leaned up against the wall, still rubbing at his chest.

"Listen to what he's saying guy, you don't know me and I sure as hell don't know you.  Don't turn this into a free for all," Randy says as JT raised his hand and then there it was, his gun and then he cocked it.

"JT please don't," I say as he shook his head and moved away from the wall holding his right arm up with his left as he got closer to Randy.

"Get out of my house now!"  JT shouts as Randy stepped back towards the door.  "If I have to, I'll drop you where you stand and I don't miss!"

"Randy listen to what he says," I say as JT's finger looked like it was about to press the trigger.  "Randy, get the hell outta here now!"

"Alright you win for now but this ain't over with," Randy says, opening the front door and walking out and then slamming the door behind him.

"Oh God, JT are you alright?"  I ask him as he looked up at me as Addie and Kevin both came running over to us.

"I just hurt a bit and think I need to lie back down," JT says as me and Kevin helped him up as he uncocked the gun and slid it back into its holster.  "I'm going back to bed.  We can talk about this later Tyler."

"Okay JT," I say, looking down now, not knowing if what just happened cost me my job or not.

Early Morning -- The Puna Coast, HI -- Puna Coast Villa

Lydia's POV

Oh this looks to be the start of a great morning.  It's just me, Craig and our daughter Kiera Grace and we're all set to go on a picnic down to the beach.  With all that's happened to me in the last few weeks I'm glad that I'm able to be here with my husband and my baby.  From what I was told things were touch and go with me a few times and I almost died.  I thank God daily for not allowing me to die so I can stay here and share and the glory that's my daughter with my loving husband.

"Good morning babe," I hear from behind me as Craig walked up to me with Kiera Grace in his arms.  "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes handsome, I'm ready to see the water," I tell him as he kissed my cheek and helped me up.

When I got out of the hospital, the doctor told me that I needed to do my best to take things easy for a bit.  With the way my life had been thrown out of whack, I knew that would be a hard task for me.  Doctor Turner told me that with all that happened to me that I shouldn't be putting too much stress on my body and that I should rely on my husband a little bit more often.  Craig's been waiting on me hand and foot and sometimes he goes a little bit overboard with it to say the least.  So to put a stop to him driving me crazy I suggested we come here to Hawaii for a short vacation...well a vacation until I'm ready to get back to the swing of things.  Shoot, I have a newborn baby, so I don't know when that will be.

"So what's on your mind baby?" Craig asks me as we stepped outside the cottage where we were staying for awhile.

"Just thinking about how much I love you baby," I say as we kiss and then look down at a now awake Kiera Grace.  "Our little girl is awake, daddy."

"Yeah she is," he says, picking her up out of the baby carrier and playing with her.  "How is daddy's little girl this morning?"

"She's doing the same as when you asked her an hour ago when you fed her," I tell him as he laughs. "Come on handsome let's get this show on the road."

"Alright missus," he says, laughing at me.  "I have everything set up, so let's go eat."

After Lunch -- Atlanta, GA -- Charter Hospital -- Detoxification Center

"Good afternoon, I'm here to see Cynthia Williams," the man says, walking up to the Reception Desk and flashing his nametag.

"Just have a seat over there in booth number seven and she'll be right out with you," the young woman behind the desk says, smiling at the man and picking up the phone to make a call.  "Doctor Rucker, Cynthia Williams has a visitor, could you have someone bring her down to booth number seven please?"

"Miss Williams isn't allowed to see anyone right now," Doctor Rucker says as the young lady stood up and waved the gentlemen over to the desk.

"Is there something wrong miss?"  The man asks.

"Sir I'm sorry but Miss Williams isn't able to see visitors today," the young woman tells the man.

"What?  Why not?"  The man asks.

"Well her doctor didn't give a reason, he just says she's not able to see visitors today," the young woman says, preparing to move at the man grabbed her hand.

"Look miss I need to talk to her, this is a very important matter concerning her children," the man tells the woman.

"Well I can get Doctor Rucker on the phone and you can maybe explain to him what's going on and maybe he might make an exception," the woman says, picking up the phone and calling the doctor again.

The Hyatt-Regency Hotel -- Phyllis' Hotel Room

Phyllis' POV

I've just gotten into town a few days out of prison and I'm ready to put my plan back into action.  Since getting here into Orlando I've been trying to contact Steve and Jeffery but I haven't been able to reach either of them.  I've called every number and sent just about ever text message I can send and no one has replied yet.  What do I have to do to get something done around here?  I've got to get my grandchildren away from that conniving bitch and I'm going to do everything in my power I can to ruin Nicole's life if it's the last thing I get to do on this Earth.

For the last month and a half I've put up with humiliating things I thought I never would and I've had to endure treatment that I don't deserve.  When I'm done with Nicole she'll regret ever disrespecting me the way she did.  When I'm done with her she's going to think twice about ever crossing me again.  All I have to do is catch up to Steve and Jeffery and get things rolling while those idiots think I'm still in jail.

"Where in the hell is that boy?  I'm tired of calling for him.  If I call for him one more time, I'm going to beat him like I used to when he was a child," I say as my cell phone started beeping.

Picking up my cell phone I see that it's an incoming text message from Steve and that he's on his way to Orlando.  As it seems he's been in some town called Yulee held up in a hotel for the last couple of days.  I don't know why he was in that town, but I bet he was hiding from something he's not willing to tell me.  I'll find out when he surfaces.  Turning around, ready to go into the bathroom, I'm stopped when someone knocks at the door.  No one is supposed to know I'm here.  Who can that be?  Walking over to the door, I stop and take a breath.

"May I help you?"  I ask as the hotel's bellboy is standing there with a package in his hand smiling at me.

"Good afternoon Miss, a package was delivered for you a few minutes ago," the bellboy says, handing the box over to me.

"A package?  I wasn't expecting a package from anyone," I say, looking at the box closely but didn't see a return label anywhere on it.  "Thank you dear, here's a dollar."

"Thank you, miss," the young man says, tipping his cap and walking out the door.

Who could've sent me a package here?  I just decided on coming here, no one knows I'm even here.  Let me open this and see what it is.  Placing the box on the table in the room, I start ripping the tape off to get it open.  To my surprise the box had an envelope in the bottom and a gold ring.  Picking up the ring and inspecting it closely, it looked like the ring I had bought Michael for graduating high school.  Picking up the envelope and opening it, a picture of me, Michael and Joe fell out. Picking up the picture, it was the same picture we had taken the night that Michael had graduated from high school.  What's going on here?

Back in Atlanta, GA -- Charter Hospital -- Detoxification Center

Cynthia William's POV

I can't believe after all the time he's actually found my cherin.  I've been looking high and low for them and now I've finally got word of where they at.  I know when John ran away from me he said that I would never see him again if he had anything to do with it and I pretty much believed that was true until now.  He, Lydia Bell and Trey have been out of my lives for far too long and it's time I made things right with them like I tried to do with Shannon.  I know things are too late for Shannon, but I can save Trey, John and Lydia and reunite us all.  I just have to have faith in the Lawd and let him do his work.

I've been sitting here for the last hour or so listening to all that Mister Jacobs, the private investigator I hired to help me locate the three of my babies has been doing to find them.  Against the wishes of my Aunt Addie, I hired him and he's done a very good job in doing what I wanted.  As soon as I get out of here, I'm going to get my babies.

"So after doing all of that, are my babies stable?  Are they safe?"  I ask as he opens his briefcase and places a folder out on the table in front of me.

"What do you mean by stable and safe Miss Williams?"  He asks me.

"Are they okay and having a good life?  Do they have good lives?  I've wished for nothing but the best for my babies," I say as he looked at me funny.

"Are you trying to find out the financial stability of your children Miss Williams?"  He asks me.

"No not really, but that would be good to know," I say, not caring about what he thought since I was the one paying him to do what I want.

"Well to start your son John isn't all that stable in the head," he says, opening the packet and pulling out a picture of what looked like John, a white man and two little boys, one black and one foreign looking.  "This is John Richardson, he is your son and he's gay.  He's married to this man here and this is their adoptive children."

"He's gay and married to a man?  Who's the man there?"  I asked him.

"That's Kevin Richardson of the band the Backstreet Boys," he tells me, pulling out a picture from the packet and pointing the white man out with his band mates.

"So my son is gay and is married with children?"  I ask as Mister Jacobs nods his head.  "What about Lydia and Trey?"

"Well Lydia has been married twice and she's currently married to this young man here which works for John's Security and Protection company called Poole Securities, Inc.," he says, pointing to a picture of Lydia and a white man.  I see that my children didn't discriminate either.  "Lydia was recently released from Florida Hospital after the birth of her first child so it appears you're a grandmother all around."

"Looks like it," I say as I could feel my heart breaking all over again since I wasn't there with Lydia to share in the glory of her giving birth to her first child.  "So does this thing have all the information about my cherin?"

"All of this is for John and Lydia, I couldn't get much information about Trey since he's believed to be dead, but I don't know that for a fact," he tells me as I stood up but one of the guards looked at me, motioning for me to sit back down.

"What do you mean he's believed to be dead?"  I ask, feeling like I was about to have a heart attack now.

"The information I found for him says that he's dead but the information lead me to a younger white male in his late twenties," he tells me as I covered my mouth.

"No Trey," I say as he looked at me funny.

"Pardon me?"  He says, looking at me funny.

"Was his name Trey...Trey Daniels?"  I ask him as he pulls out another packet from his briefcase and slid it over to me.

"Here Miss Williams, I think you need to just read this," he says, getting up from the table.  "I'm sorry, but I gathered all the information about him I could."

"He's dead?  He's really dead?  Why?"  I ask, reading the first document in the packet.  "What about his father?"

"All the information about him and where he was is all contained in that document," he says, turning to walk away.  "If you require more of my services you know how to contact me."

"Th-thank you Mister Jacobs," I tell him as he put on his hat and then walked over to the desk and then walked through the doors.

Back in Orlando with JT, Kevin and the Boys

"That's not fair Jaytee!"  Toby shouts, running around in the backyard with some water balloons in his hand as JT and Kevin ran behind him.

"Stop or I'll shoot you boy!"  JT shouts as Toby stops, turns around and then sticks his tongue out at JT.

"Oh you really looking to get beat down," JT says, running after Toby with a Super Soaker.  "You just wait until I get close enough to you.  I'm going to soak you up."

"Baby I'll stop him, I'm reloaded," Kevin says, firing at Toby as Jaken ran past him and doused him with a water balloon.

"Got ya Kevin you dead," Jaken says, laughing as Kevin grabbed him and started tickling him.

"If I'm dead, how am I able to do this," Kevin says as Jaken squealed on the ground as Kevin held him down. "Na, Na, Nah!"

"Stop it Kevin!  Stop it!"  Jaken squealed out in laughter as Kevin wouldn't let him up.

"Baby I got one of them can you get the other one?"  Kevin asks, sticking his tongue out at Jaken as JT stopped over a few feet from him.

"That lil rascal got away," JT says, breathing hard now as Tyler came outside, laughing now with Toby in his arms.

"Did one of you loose him?"  Tyler asks as JT and Kevin started laughing at the angry look on Toby's face.

"I lost him or he lost me since I gave out of breath over there," JT says, standing up now.  "That lil rascal tired me out."

"I hope not too much for later on," Kevin says, winking his eye at JT.

"Naughty, naughty, naughty," JT says, smiling at Kevin.

"What time is it Ty?"  Kevin asks him as he got up and picked up Jaken into his arms.

"It's a little after three," Tyler replies, putting Toby down as he sat down in one of the lounge chairs.

"Are you guys ready for a snack?"  Kevin asks, sitting Jaken down next to JT.

"YEAH!"  both boys screamed in unison.

"Okay I guess this is the perfect time to throw some dogs on the grill," Kevin says, smiling as he turned to go into the house to get the things he needs.

"JT are you okay?"  Tyler asks, looking at JT closely.

"I'm fine," JT says as Toby climbed up into JT's lap and lay down besides Jaken.  "It seems I've turned into a bed now."

"I guess so," Tyler says, laughing now as he waved and walked back towards the house.

"Okay boys why don't you go over there and get your toys, you don't need to leave them out in the open like that," JT says as both little boys got up from off of him and ran over to get their toys.  "Let me go help them.

"Move on chile ya botherin me," Addie says, walking past Kevin outside.

"You could've at least held the door open for me," Kevin says as Addie turned around and looked at him funny.

"The last time I checked I wasn't that white boy ova thur, I don't work for ya so don't be trying to thank I do," Addie says, displaying the middle finger to Kevin as she sat down in the chair JT just got out of.

"Whatever," Kevin says, walking over to the grill as he started it up.

Someplace in Schaumburg, IL

"Wake up bitch!"  The man shouts, slapping the woman tied up in the chair in the face.

"Wh-what's going on?  Where am I?"  The woman asks.

"That's none of your business where you currently are.  I want to know a little bit of information and you're about the only one that can give it to me," the man says, holding the woman by her chin.

"Why am I tied up?  Why can't I move?"  The woman asks.

"If I wanted you to be able to move I wouldn't have tied you up. Shut the fuck up, I'm the one doing the question asking around here," the man says, smacking the woman in the face.  "Now tell me what I want to know!"

"What do you want to know?"  She asks, expecting to be slapped again.

"Tell me about your ex-boyfriend and his husband.  I want to know about the both of them, what you know about your ex-boyfriend's baby momma and her family.  I want to know everything you know and don't hold nothing back.  If what you tell me is true and verifiable then you might live to see your child again."

"Whatever, I'll tell you anything you want, just don't hurt me or my child," the woman says, sighing.

"Tell me what I want and you'll live to see her again," the man says as he starts laughing.

"I said I'll tell you anything, just don't hurt my child," the woman says as the man walked around in front of her and started undoing her clothes as he laughed.

At the Dorough/Fatone Homestead

Nikki's POV

I woke up from my afternoon siesta with a smile on my face, and I have to say, it felt really good after everything we have gone through the last few weeks. I've been having some pretty strong contractions since Valentine's Day, so the husband, Nick, Joey and Josh when he's here have been waiting on me so that I can spend as much time relaxing as possible, but you know I can't sit still for long. My doc says that I'm gaining weight at a pretty good rate, and even joked that he thought it might be twins, but after I foul scowled him into silence, he knew what the deal was. At least now we know that the baby is definitely a girl. Howie and I can't decide on whether we want to name her Caroline Faith or Savannah Hope though. I'm guessing we'll have made a decision by the time she's actually ready to come out and say hi!

Joey is spending a lot of time getting to know the boys and making sure that everything is perfect for Briahna. He takes the kids to see Josh at Liberty Springs as often as he can, and things between them are so much better now. They've finally had a chance to talk about all of their problems, including me, and realized that while I am always going to be a part of their lives, I'm not a reason for them to break up. I went with them the last time, and Josh looked so good I was ready to throw him down and molest him right there on the patio in front of all the doctors. Shit, I've been horny as hell the last few weeks, so yeah! Anyway, Josh has been back at the home ever since his doctors sent JT out to the house to bring him back. Tony was sad, but he understood why it had to be that way. Now he spends his days helping D get the house ready for our new baby and things are really peaceful between all of us again.

I also found out that my ass whooping partner had her baby and Craig didn't even bother to call me and let me know! I had to find out from JT the same day he found out! I know JT was highly pissed, but I can't say as how I blame him. Lydia almost died trying to have the baby, but I thank my Yahweh every day that my girl and her little girl made it through. And oh my goodness is Kiera Grace a little cutie! She looks so much like Lydia that I tease Craig about being sure he's the daddy.

Nick is finally settling down at the house, so things are quieting down now. He's developed a fascination with lying with his head on my tummy so he can talk to the baby, which is cool. I'm used to D and Joey doing it, so I don't mind too much... ok, yes, I'm lying, but so? Yeah, sometime it annoys the hell out of me that they always want to pet me like I'm a dog, but what can I say? They love me and want to share this with me, so how can I say no?

Now that everybody is here and settling in, it's getting pretty calm on the Dorough homestead, but it wasn't that way two weeks ago.  Why oh why did Justin have to come here to try to see Nick? He was respectful enough at first, trying to sweet talk himself into the house, but then his true colors came out and well, let's just say that Auntie Nikki was not pleased! I had to commence the level ten ass kickin' and ever since then Nick has been a lot more at ease, but I know he's still not right.


Valentine's Day

"I'll get it!" Howie yelled over the din as Nick and Joey played tag with the kids in the back yard. He kissed me on the nose before hurrying to see who was ringing the doorbell like a fool. "Love you!"

"Love you too," I replied, closing my eyes and chillin' on the lawn chair we'd moved into the shade so I could relax while I kept an eye on all of the children—yes, the adult ones too!

When he still wasn't back after 10 minutes, I decided to go see what was keeping him so long—right after I came from my fortieth bathroom trip of the day that is. When I came out of the bathroom I could hear him arguing with someone, so I hurried to the front door... and damn near fell out when I saw Justin standing there holding a giant bouquet of roses that I knew were probably for Nick since today was their anniversary, but I wasn't having him upsetting Nick, so I went into Momma mode.

"Justin, what the fuck are you doing here?" I asked, my tone letting him know that he was about two seconds off of a well whooped ass.  "You know you ain't welcomed here, so Im'ma need for you to take yo ass on back to wherever the fuck it was you were hidin'."

"Nikki, I know I'm not welcomed here, but I just came to give these to Nicky...is he here?" Justin asked, sounding all contrite, but I know for a fact that this lil punk ass leopard cub ain't changed his spots that damned quick, so I'm keeping his ass where I can see him at all times!

"He's here, but I don't think he wants—no, I know he doesn't need to see you right now Justin," I stated, attempting to take the roses from him, but he held on to them. "Justin, please just leave before he sees you. Nick is in a very fragile place right now and he doesn't need this from you! Just hand me the flowers and I'll make sure he gets them."

"No! I want to give my husband flowers for our anniversary," Justin stated, getting pissed off as he brushed past me and Howie and started yelling for Nick. "Nick! Baby where are you? Nicky! I know you're here!"

"Justin, stop yelling and get the fuck out of my house before I throw you out!" D snapped, getting between Justin and the back door that led out to the yard where I could see Nick staring at the house in horror. "I'm warning you Justin, leave before I have you arrested for trespassing!"

"Fuck you D! I came here to see Nick and I'm gonna see him!" Justin yelled, pushing Howie aside and going out to the patio where Nick and Tony stood watching him warily. "Hey baby... I—I brought you flowers and... I wanted to see you."

"J-just leave Justin!" Nick stammered, looking around wildly. "I don't want you here! Get out! Just get out!"

"Are you happy now, you stupid bastard?" I asked, going over to Nicky and wrapping my arms around his huddled form. "Get the hell out of my house Justin!"

"Fuck you, you fat bitch!" he yelled as he tried to come toward me and Nick, but was stopped by Tony and D. "Let go of me you fuckers! Nicky needs me!"

"No! He's gonna hurt me!" Nick screamed, scaring the boys and Bri, who all started crying. "Make him stop! Make it stop!"

"Justin, man, just leave!" Tony told him as he tried to lead him through the house, but Justin was fighting him every step of the way, yelling obscenities. Finally I'd had enough, and this muthafucka was leavin' one way or another!

"Justin, get the fuck out!" I screamed, flying at Justin with fists of fury. I kneed him in the stomach, pimp slapping him until he fell to his knees. "Are you happy now, you stupid bastard? Look what you did to him!"

I commenced the ass kickin' for real then.  I was punching and kicking him like I wasn't even pregnant.  Justin was screaming and cryin', beggin' me to stop but it was too late for stoppin'.  Pushing him up against the wall, I started smacking him in the face for each thought that entered my mind for each time Nick said 'no'. I wanted to stop, but it was like my body wouldn't stop, I couldn't just stop myself, I wanted to kill him for the hurt he caused Nick, for the hurt that all men like him caused to other people...

"I told you to stop hurting him, but you wouldn't listen!" I screamed, loosing it for real as I beat the boy for all the old and all the new.

Howie's POV

I'm standing here frozen to this spot watching my wife beat the shit out of Nick's abuser. I know I should probably be trying to stop her, but she's handing out justice for what that son of a bitch did to Nicky, so I just watch for a good five minutes until I realize that if somebody doesn't stop her, she just might kill Justin.

"Baby stop before you kill him!" I yelled, trying to pull Nikki off Justin, but she's as strong as a bull now. Joe and I manage to get her off, but she's struggling to get back in Justin's ass and I don't know how much longer we can hold on to her! "Justin, get the fuck out of here before she kills you!"

"N-No," Justin stammered, coughing and spitting blood from the pounding he'd just taken. "I-I came to see Nicky, and... and I'm not l-leaving unless he c-comes with me."

"Oh no, you gonna leave!" Nikki snapped, shaking me and Joey off for a second before we got her back under control. "Let go of me! He needs to die for what he did! Let go of me damn it so I can finish this little fuck wit off!"

"Nicole, stop it!" Joey bellowed, shaking her until she calmed down enough to listen. He looked over his shoulder at Nick, who lay on the ground curled up in the fetal position. "Nick needs you now... let me and D deal with Justin."

"Get his pathetic ass outta my gottdamn house!" she yelled, breaking free of us and going back over to Nick. "Nicky, it's me... come on Sweetie... it's ok."

She sat down on the ground next to Nick, who clutched at her as he laid his head in her lap and cried. I know my wife has taken his pain to heart so she's feeling just as hurt and lost as Nick is. Seeing them there snapped something inside of me and I drew back and punched Justin so hard, his neck cracked like a walnut. I would have done more, but Joey grabbed me and held me off of him.

"D, that's enough," he said softly, holding me close to him, placing a tender kiss on my temple. "He's had enough now, and you need to be strong for Nick and Nikki."

"Justin, I promise you, if you come to my house again before Nick is ready to see you, nothing Joe says will stop me from killing you!" I told him, deathly quiet now that the initial anger was gone. Something must have clicked in his mind, because he looked at me like a deer in the headlights of an SUV. "Now, take those fuckin' roses and go before I change my mind."

"Come on J... let's get you to your car," Joe said as he half carried, half pulled Justin out of the yard. I ran over to where Nick and Nikki were still huddled together, wrapping my arms around both of them and holding on for dear life.

Please God, let this get better, I prayed, rocking them. Because it sure as hell can't get any worse!

End Flashback

Nikki's POV

After that visit, it seems no one has seen or heard from Justin. I can't blame his ole punk ass though. He prolly feelin' simple as hell for getting the smack laid down on his candy ass by a girl! Hmph! Yeah, I still got that hellafied right hook though... I just wish things would get back to normal with Nicky.

He tries to avoid being around me because he knows that while he can pretend with D, I know better. I've been where he is and I know for a fact that he might try to hide it Nick is just as hurt and bewildered as I was when I was being beaten by Michael. He told me that he doesn't need therapy, but I know better. Add to that Amanda Willaford lying in wait to drop that huge ass bombshell about him being a Daddy, and you gonna have all the makings for a well deserved nervous breakdown.

"Hey Mommy to be... what are you up to?" Nick asked as he poked his head into my bedroom a few minutes later. "I just got done making chicken salad for lunch, did you want some?"

"Yes please," I replied with a grin. I'm hungry since I haven't had anything to eat yet. "I'll be down as soon as I get dressed."

"Cool, I'll let D know you're coming down and—oh! I almost forgot! There's a package downstairs for you," he told me as he headed back downstairs to wait for me.

I showered and dressed in record time, hunger pains spurring me on to hurry up and get my ass downstairs. I stopped to check in on the boys, but they and Bri were nowhere to be found. I was about to start panicking until I remembered Nick liked to have the kids where he could watch them while he was in the kitchen, and surprise, surprise, my boys are pretty good in the kitchen! They spent hours at a time sitting watching Tony and D whipping up good things for us to eat.

I know they didn't get that from me, I thought with a sardonic grin as I stopped to grab the package Nick had mention on my way to the kitchen. I love to cook too, but I'm not gonna be up in that kitchen like that!

"What's in the box babe?" Tony asked as he kissed my cheek then made himself comfortable at the table, but jumped up and held the chair out for me. I smiled at him, easing down into the seat and smacking his hands when he grabbed for the box.

"Mine!" I snapped playfully, snickering when he tried to grab for it again and Nick speared his hand with a fork. I ripped the paper off the small box, laughing as Nick, Howie and Tony went back and forth. "So, what's for brunch guys? I'm starving and this baby is... oh my G-God..."

"Kick? What's wrong babe?" Tony asked when I dropped the box. I pointed at the box wordlessly, horror struck at the contents. "What's gotten you so spooked? Is it the... what the hell?"

"It's my locket," I whispered to D and Nick, who both stared at me like I'd lost my mind. The oval shaped locket with a diamond encrusted butterfly on the front held pictures of my ex husband and me, and had been one of the few pieces of my jewelry that had survived Michael's stealing during his drug binges. My eyes went to Tony, the only other person who understood what that piece of jewelry meant. "It's... the one... he bought me... Tony... he bought it... I left it a-at... the house..."

"Michael bought it for her when they got married," he explained, touching my hand. "He told her to him she would always be like this butterfly: beautiful, loved and blessed. I thought you left this at the house when we brought you to Orlando."

"I did... Michael snatched it off of my neck when he slapped me that last time before you and Josh came into the kitchen," I stated, my mouth trembling. "He told me that I would never see it again because I was trash and didn't deserve it... who sent this?"

"I don't know, but I plan to find out," Tony stated as D rubbed my back. I almost jumped out of my skin when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it. You guys finish eating."

"No, I'll get it... I... I don't really feel like eating anything now," I told him, leaving the kitchen before any of them could move to stop me. I walked back to the front of the house, my mind still on that butterfly locket. The bell rang again, the impatience of the person on the other side making itself known. "Just a second, dang it... you'd think people would be a little bit patent... what the hell are you doing here?!"

"I came to see my grandchildren," Phyllis snapped, side eyeing me as she tried to brush past me. "You have no right to keep me from them, so get the hell out of my way!"

"Phyllis, I don't need to be dealing with you and your nonsense today, so get out of my house!" I shouted, trying to push the door closed in her face, but one shove from her sent me backwards. Phyllis barged past me, looking back briefly before she started up the stairs, but I was right on her trail and grabbed her arm, stopping her in her tracks. "You're not going up there, so just leave us alone!"

"You little bitch!" she shouted, swinging around and knocking me off balance.

Even though we had only gone about 5 stairs up, I knew as soon as I felt myself going backwards that I was falling. I tried to catch myself on the rail, but it was no use since my center of gravity was off. I went down, tumbling over and over until I came to rest at the bottom of the stairs. Phyllis came down behind me, the terror in her eyes making them almost white... but there was something else... something that made the pain I was in pale in comparison. She looked almost happy—that is until Howie, Nick and Tony came running in and saw her standing over me.

"What the fuck did you do?!" D screamed, falling to his knees beside me. "Baby, what did she do? Oh God... my baby! Nick, call the police... oh God baby... I'm here... no, just lie still."

"D?" I said in wonder as pain ripped through me so hard it made my head spin. I touched the side of his face, trying to reassure him that I was okay. "I-I think we may n-need to go t-to the hospital."

"Ma, what have you done?" Tony asked, kneeling next to D and taking my hand. "You could have killed her and this baby..."

"I didn't mean to hurt her Joe," Phyllis babbled. "She grabbed my hand and she wouldn't let go. I just wanted her to let me see my grandbabies... I didn't mean to hurt her..."

"The ambulance is on the way," Nick said softly, his face white as he noticed the spreading red stain underneath me. "D... I think she's bleeding!"

"If she dies I'll kill you!" D snapped as he held me, tears sliding down his face. "We can't wait for the ambulance. Nick, my parents' number is by the phone. Call them and tell them what's happened. I'll try to call them, but I don't know when I'll be able to. Oh—call the rest of the guys to come get you. And get this bitch out of here! Call Leticia to help you if you need to! She's in the back yard with the boys. I'll call you as soon as I can."

When Tony picked me up, I screamed bloody murder and fought him, but he held me tight and I could see the fear in his eyes. I wanted to comfort him, to let him know I would be okay, but the pain was indescribable. It felt like someone was ripping my insides out and there was nothing I could do to stop them. D kissed my forehead, whispering soothing words that calmed me some, but I was in so much pain I was wishing for a large shot of the good shit, but one thing I prayed for than anything was that this baby would be okay.

Please let her be alright, I prayed as Tony placed me in the backseat of our Escalade. Please don't let anything happen to my little girl!



I don't know any of the members of «N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.