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"Babe, I think you should tell them." Justin, my boyfriend, responds after reading the cover story of the Star. `NJ Phoenix caught in Romantic Embrace with Pop Prince Justin Timberlake.'

"I don't know Justin, they know I'm gay and are fine with that but this is a whole other story." I say Pacing back and forth behind the large oak desk in my office in Staten Island, NY.


My name is Nathaniel Jason Phoenix. I live alone in a small two acre estate on Todt Hill in Staten Island, NY. I am anything but your normal twenty-year old gay man. I lead a double life. No, no, not like that get your minds out of the gutter.

In my first life, I am a normal twenty year old. I go to school, I have a job, albeit in an office building but it is a part time job. I hang out with my friends and dream about the future, but, that Is all fake.

In my real life, I am not normal at all. Firstly, my mother disappeared when I was about thirteen years old, forcing her will to be enacted, leaving me her entire estate which includes...

        The Phoenix Organization-largest corporate conglomerate in the world, worth over 30 trillion dollars, including companies such as IMG Worldwide, Phoenix Recording, which includes the Universal Music Group and Sony/BMG Music Entertainment, Clothing lines such as Guess, Armani, 2exist, NorthFace and Spyder, Outward Bound Wilderness as well as REI Adventures, and much more; to many to list. I am now President and CEO of the Organization.

        Monetary assets and investments worth more than 50 billion dollars

        45 Properties scattered all over the world, including an 8 square mile island about 1 mile off the coast of Los Angeles, California which was her Primary residence.

        And other bequeaths not really worth naming

But, that's not all, my Father is Prince Charles of England, I am forth in line to the British Throne. My official title is HRH Prince Nathaniel Jason Ian Phoenix, the British Prince Royal. If that isn't enough my Maternal Grandfather is James Phoenix the forty-third President of the United States of America running for a second term, if he wins he will have served for a total of ten years; because he became President when his predecessor resigned after two years in office. Furthermore I have a recording contract (I am a crossover artist from with singles in Rock, Pop, and Country genres) with The Phoenix Music Group with a Popularity rivaling Madonna, The Beetles and The Rolling Stones in their prime my first Record has gone platinum seven times since it's release 4 months ago.

To date, I have never made any public appearances or done any touring for my music, my popularity has become what it is with the suspicion and mystery of who I really am. Well, that's my real life, back to the story.


"Babe, sit down, you're making me dizzy." Justin says with one of his everything is going to be alright looks which always gets to me.

"I guess, I have two options, one is to tell them myself the other is to let them find out. If I'd have to choose I'd choose the first one." I say sitting on the plush suede high back Executive Chair that resides behind my desk.

"Ok, so your gunna tell them? How do you wanna do it? When?" Justin says finally happy that I've agreed to tell my close friends who I really am and end my double life for ever.

"Christ, what is this twenty questions? I've barely agreed to tell them. I have no idea how I'm gunna do it!" I almost shout, immediately regretting yelling at Justin, "errrgg, I'm sorry for yelling, Justin, I'm just really stressed. I guess I'll tell them Friday before we leave for dinner this way they can get used to the idea of having an A-List Celebrity as a best friend before the press conference on Monday, because after the press conference nothing is going to be the same ever again." I say putting my head in my hands and sighing heavily.



"It's open!" I yell from my seat at the conference table in the Great room, where I can see the side door all of my friends come in through.

"Natty, I haven't spoken to you all day! How was work?" Jenna, my best friend, screams as she sets her fake Prada bag on the conference table. Then she notices the expensive clothing that I hardly ever wore. "My, My we're dressed up fancy today. Did you have a lunch date?"

"First of all J, DON'T call me Natty, second of all I spoke you this morning before I left for the office and, Third of all can't I just dress nicely for a change?" I respond with out looking up from the Textbook that I'm reading.

"Oh alright Nate, you're such a party pooper! Where are we going to dinner tonight? Are we going to Bottomly's after dinner? Who else are we waiting for?" Jenna, letting the topic of my clothes drop, rattles off without waiting for a response, as she sits down next to me on one of the Suede High Back Executive Chairs that surrounded the Oak table.

"I thought we'd go to The Cracker Barrel, I made reservations for six people for seven o'clock. Problly, yes to the bar. Were waiting for Stef, Brina, and Gina. Before we go I have to talk to the four of you first." I say knowing that there's no turning back, I now have to tell my closest friends the truth about my double life.

"Oh, ok." She says thinking, and then realizes my numbers don't match up. "Wait you made a reservation for six, who's the sixth person?"

"That's what I have to talk to you about." I reply closing my textbook, as Stefanie and Sabrina come in giggling. "What are you two giggling about?"

"Just the cover picture on the star this week." Stefanie responds throwing the magazine down on the large table "It says that Justin Timberlake was caught cuddling on the beach with your name sake, NJ Phoenix. Isn't that crazy Justin Timberlake is SOOO not gay."

"Heyy you never know, those pictures have to come from somewhere, this one is clearly not photoshopped together." I say shifting in my chair afraid of what their reaction was going to be when they found out that not only was Justin gay but that I was dating him. Just as I was starting to doubt my ability to go threw with this, Gina opens the glass door leading in from the outside making our little group.

Before I get the chance to fully back down Jenna goes "Ok Nate, what you wanted to tell all of us. It can't be too big we already know you're gay." impatiently as everyone else takes a seat at the large table.

"Ummm...there's no easy way to say this so I'm just gunna spit it out." I say as stand and reach for the copy of The Star Stefanie brought in.

"Ok Nate, you're scaring us. Just say it already." Sabrina says staring at the diamond ring I was wearing.

"Ok...it's actually two things I have to tell you first one is..." taking a deep breath preparing myself, "I AM NJ Phoenix. The second one is I am dating Justin Timberlake, this article is true. The picture was taken two weeks ago when I said I was visiting family in Arizona, I was really in Cancun with Justin." I finally spit out sitting back down on my chair.

After what seemed like hours but was only minutes Jenna was the first to break the painful silence. "Oh Natty, this is bigger than you're being gay but doesn't change anything between us. Except for the fact that you're paying for dinner tonight and I wanna meet Justin as soon as possible." After she's finishes speaking she stands up gives me a bear hug and sits back down.

Stefanie was next. "Oh wow, that is big, I can't believe that you managed to snag Justin, oh my god he's hot. But it doesn't change anything between us. Although I'm with Jenna dinner's on you." Following Jenna's lead she stands just long enough to give me a bear hug and sat back down in her chair.

Sabrina followed suit by standing giving me a bear hug whispering in my ear "You lucky dog you, getting to sleep with Justin Timberlake."

I giggle at her successful attempt to lighten the mood as Gina stands walking over to me grabbing me by the shirt saying, "Come here ya big lug." As she too gives me a bear hug.

Jenna breaks the silence, "So Nate, now that we know your secret you have to answer some questions. First, this Island you own in California how big is it and is it true that you built a bridge from your original property on the main land to the island?"

"Yes, the Island is about of a mile off the mainland, about five years ago the property directly across from us on the mainland went up for sale, grandpa thought it would be a good idea to buy the property so we can build a dedicated dock for the launches and a garage for our cars, I suggested we take it one step farther and build a bridge to the island. It would solve our problems with needing to wait for a launch, the maintenance issues like trucks not being able to get on to the property, and we'd be able to get the cars on to the island, even though we had to redesign parts of the island to incorporate garages and parking lots I think that the cost of the bridge and the remodeling have been worth it. Next time I fly out there I'll be sure to take you guys; Nanny'll be thrilled to meet you guys." I respond standing and walking over to the fridge for a bottle of Iced Tea.

"My turn, my turn!" Stefanie shouts bouncing in her chair.

"Ok Stef." I respond returning to my seat at the head of the table.

"How long have you been with Justin? How'd you two meet? What did you two do on your first date?" Stefanie rambles off without waiting for a response for any of her questions.

"Easy there...you don't have to rush, I'm not going anywhere!" I respond before answering her questions with one of those goofy smiles that you get when you really love someone. "Justin and I have been together ten months now; first time we met was strictly business; there were some issues regarding security during his tour and it got to the point where I needed to get involved so I called a meeting and he showed up an hour early...I was on my way out to lunch and invited him along...it was like no more till morning, we went back to the island and really got talking, before I knew it he was telling me he was gay and asking me out on a date...I said yes, our first date was as normal as a pop mega-star and a prince can get, he invited me over to his house for dinner and a movie, dinner was steak, corn on the cob and potatoes we spent about an hour cooking dinner together and just talking, we ate dinner sitting on bar stools at the counter talking about anything and everything, after dinner we went into the den cuddled up on the couch and watched 'The Lake House', after the movie we got hungry again and decided to go to the nearest Carvel for Ice Cream when we got back to his place and realized it was almost 3 in the morning It was to late to head back to The Island so he invited me to stay the night...about forty-five minutes later I'm cuddling into his chest and falling into the most relax full sleep I've had in months. We've been happy ever since."

Gina was next with her question. "SO...we hear you have all this money and power...I've got two questions for you. One, how are we supposed to believe you? Two, if you do have all this money how much are you really worth?" Looking around the room I see that I'm not the only one shocked by these questions Stefanie and Sabrina have their usual 'Dear in Head Lights' dumbfounded look and Jenna has one of her classic 'I'm going to kill her looks.'

Before I can come up with a response to these questions, Jenna looks at me and says, "Nate you don't have to answer that, how much you are worth is none of our business!"

"No, it's ok. I've got no problem answering both questions." I reply reaching for the cordless phone next to my textbook. Pressing talk I dial the four digit extension to my bedroom upstairs (I know...a phone system in a private house but all of my properties are connected together on a Cisco VOIP System allowing me to call any property with out using any outside lines) as I walk away from the table to get a little privacy.

"Helloo" Justin says into the phone as he puts it to his ear.

"Heyy, babe it's me, Gina seems to not believe me that I am who I say I am, would you mind coming down here with the wallet in the top drawer of my nightstand, it's the wallet I use in LA, it has my Cali drivers license and my diplomat ID in it."

"No problem babe, I'll be right down."

"Thanks, Oh and put some clothing on before you come down."

"OH OK, I'll be down in 2 minutes, then"

"Thanks Babe." I say as I press the talk button again to end the call sitting back down in my chair. Once seated I look at Gina and in defensive tone I reply, " For your information last time I checked I was worth about 58 Billion Dollars between Monetary assets and Investments AND my proof is on its way downstairs as we speak!" And as if on cue Justin opens the double doors leading into the great room from the rest of the house. Looking around the table Stefanie, Sabrina and Jenna have their classic 'OHMYGOD' faces and Gina just looks defeated. As Justin reaches the table Jenna stands up and sits a opposite me at the other head of the table leaving a vacant chair next me for him.

Handing me the wallet he gives me a quick peck on the cheek and greets my friends. "Heyy girls, nice to finally meet you, Nat's told me so much about you."

Opening the expensive leather wallet, I reach in and pull out my California Driver's License and my Diplomat ID Card. passing them to Gina I say, "If Justin standing here giving me a kiss isn't enough proof here's my real driver's License and my American Diplomat ID Card." In one of my I told you so tones.

Without saying a word Gina hands me back my ID Cards and starts to fix her makeup.

"Babe, it's almost Six O'clock we'd better start getting ready or where gunna miss our reservations." Justin replies trying to get out of an awkward situation.

"Nope, no chance of missing our reservations, I made them in your name, they're not gunna tell Justin Timberlake he's late for his reservations and that they've given the table away." I tease.

"Yea, Yea, Yea. Come Monday I'm going to be using your name for stuff like that." Justin says sticking his tongue out at me.

"What's Monday?" Jenna inquires.

"I'm holding a Press Conference to announce my relationship with Justin and to put a face on NJ Phoenix." I respond.

"Oh, now it makes sense, you told us now so you're the one to tell us not the five O'clock news." Sabrina states.

"Yea, but you won't hear it on the five O'clock news, its being Syndicated by Fox, ABC, NBC, BBC, CNN, Fox News, ABC News and some local news channels Worldwide." I say.

"Oh Wow, when you do something you do it big." Stefanie states.

"Yes, I do. Now, just let me go change my Shoes, then we can go." I state as Justin and I make our way to the door leading upstairs.


"There's something fishy about that Gina chick." Justin mentions worried about what might happen.

"Don't worry about it; Jenna's got her under control." I reply as I finish changing my shoes.

"OK, OK if you say so. I'm gunna use the bathroom then meet you downstairs." Justin says as he disappears into the bathroom.


"I can't believe that he felt he had to hide this from us, it's like he thought that our opinion of him would change when we found out who he really was." I hear Stefanie say as I near the bottom of the stairs.

In one of her snooty tones Gina rants "Well my opinion has changed, I don't like trust fund babies, I think that they have an unfair advantage to the rest of us just because they were born into the lucky gene pool, and he's no different, in fact he's worse inheriting 58 billion dollars from his mother AND being able to live off the British Royal Family for the rest of his life. He doesn't have to work a day in his life, yet people like me have to work 40 hours a week and go to school full time just to be able to get a decent job when I graduate, and just because his mother was successful he gets to jump to the top of the corporate ladder barely out of high school. Its people like him that drain our society by partying all night every night, and sleeping everyday all day. We don't need him or people like him out in our society." without taking a breath.

"GINA, that's uncalled for I think you should leave, we'll discuss this more tomorrow while Nate is at work, he has enough going on in his life he doesn't need one of his best friends stabbing him in the back like that!" Jenna practically screams at her.

Gina then gets up and storms out just as I enter the great room. Not wanting to let on that I overheard Gina's whole rant I ask, "What was that about?" as I walk over to the coat closet to pull out a jacket for me and Justin.

"Oh, nothing, Gina's just in one of her Diva wannabe moods, and I wouldn't take it, telling her to get lost. She got bent out of shape and stormed out." Jenna replies staring up Stef and Sabrina as if to relay an unspoken message.

"Whose car was that screeching out of the drive practically plowing through the gates?" Justin questions walking over to the Counter I stood over to gather his Sidekick III, Blackberry and keys.

"Gina, she's in a mood, Jen kicked her out." I look him to silently tell him to drop the subject as gather my Sidekick III, Blackberry, Keys and wallet from the Counter.

"Anyway, what's on the agenda for tonight? I'm correct to assume that you accounted for me, booking a private room? I'm sorry for being picky but not all of us have the ability to remain incognito." Justin asks worried that someone will spot him and ruin the entire evening for everyone.

"Don't I always? We've got the party room at The Cracker Barrel at Seven Thirty." Say stretching up to give him a peck on the lips.

"AWWW, you guys are gunna just make me puke." Jenna whines standing from her place at the table.

"After we eat we'll problly to the Bar...oh and your driving." I say throwing him the keys to my "Baby" (a 2007 GMC Yukon Denali LX with almost seventy grand in modifications since it was bought.)

"o0o...he gets to drive your truck! He must be pre-tee special!" Stefanie says as she puts her jacket on.

Getting all defensive I start to say something, but decide to let it drop. Stefanie's teasing was the least of my worries; in less than Seventy-Two hours life as I knew it would change forever.


After showing up at the bar we migrate over to the end of the bar and take our usual table, right next to the edge of the bar. Justin seemed to be the most popular person there, with everyone asking for an autograph or picture, but he seems to take it all in stride signing autographs and taking as many pictures as he can.

After about twenty minutes Justin gives me one of those `Help Me!' looks, so I quickly make a bee line for him. "Ok, Ok, guys give Justin his space, I'm sure that later tonight he won't mind signing some more autographs but at least let him get in and enjoy himself for a while." I state as I pull Justin toward our table.

"Thanks Nat, I thought that they were gunna devour me. Just think about it after Monday morning you are going to be getting stopped like this everywhere." Justin teases as he takes a sip of his beer.

"I know, I kno--" I start to say but am interrupted by the very loud entrance of Gina and her Boyfriend Frank.

"YO YO YO, Ya'll can get this party started Frankie in da house!" Gina's boyfriend shouts throwing his arms in the air as they walk through the archway leading into the bar from the vestibule with Gina, as usual, two steps behind him looking thoroughly upset and embarrassed.