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"YO, YO, YO, Ya'll can get this party started Frankie in da house!" Gina's boyfriend shouts throwing his arms in the air as they walk through the archway leading into the bar from the vestibule with Gina, as usual, two steps behind him looking thoroughly upset and embarrassed.


With the loud entrance of Frankie and Gina, everyone in our little group looks to the door to confirm the fears; that Gina has brought her Boyfriend to the bar where he was not welcome. "Why does she have to do this? She knows that he's not welcome here; he makes me SO incredibly uncomfortable with his shameless flirting all the time!" I groan as I lean into Justin.

"Flirting?" Justin questions as he reaches around my waist pulling me close.

"Yea, apparently dear Frankie has a big time crush on me and makes no effort to hide in, in fact he openly throws it in everyone's face every chance he gets." I reply as Frankie and Gina make their way through the bar toward the back table our group usually sits at.

"How's everybody doing?" Frankie asks before looking at me saying, "And how are you doing sexy?" with a wink.

"I'm doing well, my boyfriend's here and I'm having a wonderful evening." I say leaning into Justin and wrapping his arms around my waist for effect.

"Oh, well I gotta get goin, let's go Gina." Frankie stuttered dejectedly, dragging Gina toward exit of the bar.

After Frankie and Gina left the rest of us had a pleasant evening before we decided to call it a night at 3AM. We all piled into my truck and headed for home.


Lying in Justin's arms is really the only place I feel completely safe any more, I know that Justin will do anything in his power to keep me safe.

"I never wanna move; this is pure heaven." I say to Justin as I lay with my head on his chest wrapped in his arms.

"I know babe; but we gotta get up; we have to fly to LA for the press conference tomorrow and you have to tell your friends about your attack because I'm pretty sure that once the press conference is over the media will find out about your...Rape" Justin says as he kisses my forehead before getting up and walking to the bathroom.

"I guess I have to tell them something. They can't here from it from the media; they always have inventive ways to spin a bad situation into an even worse one.


"As soon as Gina gets here we can leave for breakfast." Jenna tells Stefanie and Sabrina as they pull up in Stefanie's SUV.

"Sure, no problem." Stef replies. "What are you gunna do with Gina and her attitude from last night?"

I don't kno—" Jenna starts to say as her Sidekick III starts ringing. "Hey Nate, what's up?" Jenna says answering her phone.

"Would you three mind changing your plans for Breakfast and come here to eat? I have to talk to you." I say on my end of the line.

"Umm, sure but do you really want Gina there after the way she acted last night?" Jenna asks worried that Gina might make me more comfortable than I needed to be.

"Yea, I'm sure. I need to tell the three of you something." I reply.

"Ok, Gina just pulled up we'll be there in 25 minutes." Jenna replies before hanging up. "Ok, guys change of plans. Nate needs to tell us something so we're going to go to his house for breakfast."


Pulling up to the gates' in front of Nate's house Jenna tries her key to the open the gates. "Grrrr, that's odd my key isn't working."  Pulling out her cell phone she dials Nate. "Nate do you know why my key isn't opening the gates?"

"Damn, I forgot to tell you, we changed the key because of security issues. I'll open the gates."


"Nat are you ok? You've barely eaten your food." Justin asks from his seat to my right of the large conference table I used as I dining table.

"Yea, I'm just not that hungry." I reply half-heartedly as I play with the ever present Leather cuff that resides on my right wrist. "I guess I'd better get this over with."

"Get what over with?" Sabrina inquires looking at me questioningly.


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--Nate Phoenix