See Right Through You
Chapter 10
by JT Poole

About a Week Later - Metropolis - Department of Unexplained Phenomenon - Psion's Living Quarters

"I know that already Governor but there's nothing I can do about things now. The team is falling apart and right now I don't know if it can be rebuilt," Psion says, walking around the room now.

"Well maybe you need to do something about the bad pieces in your team. I've heard reports that one member is the cause of all the fallout and that person has been warned about it. Why is she still there Psion?" The Governor asks as Psion turned around.

"Aqua is an important part of my team. I can't just up and toss her out," Psion says, crossing his arms now. "She's just refusing to work through the issues at hand."

"Well if she keeps refusing then you toss her out," the Governor says as Psion sighs. "There is no place in your ranks for a person that doesn't want to cooperate. The others are doing what's needed, why can't she?"

"She's fine when Clone isn't around but other than that..." Psion says as the Governor interrupts him.

"No buts about it Psion. Either she straightens up or she's gone," the Governor says as Psion shook his head. "I expect a full turn around in this matter as soon as possible Psion. Don`t disappoint me."

"Alright Governor," Psion says, pressing the button on the phone and then walking over to the mirror in his room. "JT what are you going to do about this now? I can't keep on allowing her to attack Clone and I can't allow her to keep on acting like this isn't affecting the team when it is. If she has to go then she has to go."

At the Same Time - Smallville, KS - The Kent Farm

"I don't care what you say you saw, you're lying!" Clark screamed as beams of pressurized heat projected from his eyes at young man that was erecting some kind of field around the both of their bodies.

"I know you Kent! I know what you are!" The guy shouts, running towards Clark as things blinked around them and Joey Fatone of « N Sync appears out of nowhere, grabs Clark and then is gone again. "No!!!! Who the hell was that and how did he get through my field?"

A Few Miles Away

"Are you okay Clark?" Joey asks as he and Clark appears on the outside of town.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Thanks for coming to the rescue but I could've taken care of myself," Clark says, looking at Joey closely. "How did you know that I was back there fighting?"

"Chris sensed you in need of help so I teleported to you," Joey replies, waving his hand as Chris appears in a burst of light.

"Cool, you're okay now," Chris says, hugging Joey to his chest. "My headache is gone now."

"I'm glad baby," Joey replies, kissing Chris' lips. "Where's Justin, I thought he was with you?"

"He was with me but he moved away from me before your gate could transport him," Chris replies, looking up at Clark now. "I think he's still upset about finding out that we're gay and together."

"Does Justin have a problem with gay people?" Clark asks, looking at Joey and Chris now.

"Pretty much so," Chris answers him.

"That's a shame. I've always had a crush on him. Glad I didn't make a fool of myself now that I know that officially," Clark says as his ear picked up Whitney's voice. "Sorry guys but I have to go, my boyfriend is back at my place looking for me."

"Clark wait, you can't go back there. Those guys will be there to catch you," Chris says as Joey held him. "It's a trap man!"

"Calm down baby," Joey says as his eyes start glowing and he waved his hand in the air. "I can't seem to find him. Chris can you see him?"

"No I don't see him or sense him," Chris replies, looking at Joey as the two of them looked at Clark. "Are you sure you heard him? If I'm not able to sense him, it must be some kind of trick or there's someone around shielding him from seeing him."

"Whit's not a meta-human," Clark says, frowning now.

"He's not? Does he know about you?" Chris asks and then shook his head. "No and you're afraid to tell him."

"Chris stay out of his mind," Joey says as Clark frowns.

"Thank you for that," Clark says, glaring at Chris now.

"Well I'm sorry baby, his mind is like an open book here," Chris says as he felt something pushing on his mind. "No! That one from the concert is here!"

"What? Which one?" Joey asks, holding Chris closer now.

"The one that has the power like mine," Chris says as he starts holding his head.

Back at the Kent Farm

"This is where I sensed the commotion from. I know Circuit and Biometrick have been here," Psion says as he and Defender walked around the area. "I can still feel Biometrick's energy wave."

"Are you sure they are here? I don't see or hear anything JT," Defender says, looking around now.

"I don't see anything either boss," Shadow Girl says as she transform back into her regular three dimensional self.

"Well I know they were here, I don't know if they still are," Psion says as his eyes start glowing. "The guys of N Sync are here."

"How do you...never mind. Where are they?" Defender asks, flying into the air.

`They are down there at the end of the property with Clark Kent,' Psion mentally tells him as he himself flew into the air. `We need to protect them and get them to safety as needed.'

"On it boss," Defender says, flying as fast as he could to get to the three men just as a strange barrier appears, knocking him down to the ground.

"Well well, look what we have here," someone said as Psion appears next to Defender.

"Are you okay Chad?" Psion asks, looking at the two men. "You hit that field mighty hard. Did you break anything?"

"Nothing's hurt but my pride Psion," Defender replies, getting up and dusting off his uniform.

"You might as well show your faces now that I can telepathically see you," Psion says, standing up now. "You can't mask yourself from my perceptions forever."

"Not trying to do that at all Psion," Biometrick says, smiling now. "Luthor paid us a whole lot of money to draw you and your friends out."

"Maybe he did but it's you that got drawn out," Psion says, smiling now as he flew up into the air, using his telekinetic powers to encircle the two men in a field of energy. "I know Lex was going to pull out the big guns to try to get us but what he doesn't know is that I'm far beyond an ordinary telepath. I have plenty of other powers at my disposal."

"You can't stop us man!" Circuit shouts, throwing energy at Psion now.

"You're only delaying the inevitable Circuit," Psion says, smiling now.

"Nope, that's where you're wrong. Now!" Circuit shouts as some more men came out into view, surrounding Defender and Shadow Girl.

"Okay I didn't sense those," Psion says, floating down to the ground now. "I'm not going to let you guys hurt my friends!"

"You have no choice in the matter Psion," Lex says, walking out into view now. "I'm going to stop you and your team from meddling in my business once and for all. I win Psion, you lose."

"I don't think so," Psion says, smiling as he stepped backwards and disappeared.

"What? He disappeared. It's okay, we still have his friends here," Lex says, turning around as Defender disappeared first and then Shadow Girl. "No! No! He got away and got them too!"

"Okay Mister Luthor, what is our next move?" Biometrick asks, looking at Lex now.

"We need to take the fight to him," Lex says, turning around and walking back towards his vehicle.

"You heard the man, let's go find those creeps and take care of them," Circuit says, grabbing Biometrick's hand and flying away.

The Luthor Estate - The Room of JC and Lance

"Baby I'm sure something's going on with Justin, Joey and Chris. They haven't been here most of the day. Since we got back from dinner last night they've been acting more strange than normal," Lance says, sitting down next to JC on the bed.

"Baby don't worry about them, I'm the one you should be worried about. I've been horny all morning and now that you're back here with me I want to make some mad passionate love to you," JC says, smiling at Lance now.

"Baby I'm not in the mood to do that here," Lance says, getting back up. "This place is creepy and it creeps me the hell out."

"There's nothing wrong with this place baby," JC says, getting up and walking over to Lance as he starts feeling him up.

"Don't tell me you don't hear those strange noises at night or you don't feel strange when you walk down the hall around here?" Lance asks, looking at JC now.

"Nope, that stuff doesn't bother me. That noise is just the wind and that feeling is just in your head baby," JC says, leaning in and kissing Lance's neck. "Come on baby, let's lay down and make some hot, crazy, monkey love."

"No Josh, I'm not in the mood to do that here. I'm sure you can wait for us to head back home to Orlando," Lance says, pushing JC away from him.

"Come on baby, stop being a damn stick in the mud," JC says, grabbing Lance by the hand and placing it on his crotch. "See how hard I am for you baby? That hardness is for you and I want you bad."

"I don't care what you want Josh, I'm not going to have sex with you until we're some place else," Lance says, pushing JC back and walking out of the room, slamming the door as he went.

"Fucking tease," JC says, shaking his head, walking back over to the bed and then lying down. "If he doesn't want to give me some ass, I'll just have to take care of myself."

A Few Hours Later - Metropolis - Department of Unexplained Phenomenon - Clone's Living Quarters

Clone's POV

This has been one of those days and it seems to be getting stranger. I don't know if the people here are trying to freak me out or if they are finally coming to their senses about me. Since getting up this morning the guys have been more friendlier towards me. Well almost all of them. Aqua is still being rude to me that she doesn't matter, I don't like females all that much anyway. I'm starting to think that they are under orders from Psion to treat me nice or something. Since he went rummaging through my mind, I think he saw a whole lot of information that he didn't know about and that's changed his views on me. Out of all the people here, he's been the nicest to me. I don't know if he saw something in my mind that changed his attitude towards me or is it the fact that he's trying to change things around here since when I got here everyone treated me like fucking dirt. I know they all thought I was a rapist and I said nothing in my defense to the matter.

Now that I look back on all that stuff, I think it's funny that I spent time in Belle Reve for something I wasn't responsible for. I knew Lex had something to do with it, but I couldn't prove it at the point that I was taken into custody. Clark's friend Pete knew what was going on but Lex made sure he wasn't around to tell the truth. Me, Lex and Pete are the only ones that know the truth about what really happened that night. Lex fixed things so Pete would never talk about that night again. I know that bastard is thinks he's won but I know the truth and now Psion knows about it all. If I play my cards right, I'm sure I can make Lex pay for what he's put me, Clark, Pete and the rest of people in Smallville through.

I'm just glad that Psion knows the truth about what happened that night and in the following weeks after that. I thought with him knowing the truth about what happened and that I didn't rape Clark or try to kill him, I would get the respect I deserve but that isn't happening. That girl Aqua is still treating me like I'm the shit on the bottom of her shoe or something. From the stuff I've heard from Shadow Girl and Protectra, she was raped repeatedly at a young age by her father and other men he knew. They also told me that she was held against her will in some lab where her father and his colleagues beat her, raped her and then experimented on her, the end result, she having the powers she has now. I can see where she's coming from but she doesn't have to hold me accountable for something I wasn't around to even do. I'm not her father, her father's colleagues or the other men she's encountered in here life.

I'm supposed to be in the workout room training and working out but Aqua and Inferna are down there right now. Deciding to just come back here to my room and relax, I'll just wait until I think she's gone. It's strange to me because everywhere I went in this big ass building today she was there. I don't know if those were just strange coincidences but she's been everywhere I've been today. I'm just glad she's not here in my personal space. If there's someone I want here, I would rather see Psion in here with me and not her.

"It's been an hour now, I wonder if she's done working out now," I say, getting up, grabbing my towel and walking out of my room towards the elevator. "I need to burn off that cheesecake I had last night and I can't do that laying on my ass."

"You got that right," I hear Braun says, walking up behind me. "Where you headed Ian?"

"I'm going back down to workout," I tell him as he looked at me funny.

"Going back? I don't care how much you workout, you're not going to get any more perfect than you already are," he says, smiling at me.

"Ha ha ha, thanks but I haven't actually worked out yet," I tell him as he looked at me funny again. "I went down earlier to work out but Aqua was there."

"Ah, that explains things then," he says, picking up on what was going on. "Man, don't take her too seriously. She's gone through some stuff in her life. She's only taking it out on you because there's no one else to take it out on."

"It's getting old and I don't take to kindly to having things taken out on me," I tell him.

"I know you don't," he says, patting me on the back now.

I know he's only trying to be nice but I don't like it when he touches me. If someone is to touch me, I would rather Psion touch me and no one else. Maybe one day he'll finally see me as a man and treat me as one and we could be together happily ever after. Yeah right, what am I thinking? That guy would never fall in love with me. I'll just workout and try to get my mind off of him and all the things that's plaguing my mind.

Outskirts of Smallville

Lance's POV

I'm gone now and I feel a whole lot more at peace now than I did while being in the Luthor Mansion. I don`t know why Josh was acting the way he was and I don`t know why he chose not to come with me. He`s been acting strange since the concert we did the other night. If I didn`t know anybody I would say that`s not really him and if it is him then someone took over his mind and is causing him to act like a jerk. I don't know what's causing him to do the things he's doing but it's not like him.

Now that I'm away from that house my mind seems clear and I feel that the others are in great danger being there. When I told the others that I didn't feel safe staying there in that house, they laughed at me and did what they could to try and convince me otherwise. Well I'm gone now and I don't plan on returning to that house. I left them a note telling them that I was gone and if they want to see me again they know where to find me. I don't even know why they are still there. The concert is over and we should be gone back home. We were only supposed to be there to play that one concert and we did that. Why are they still at the Luthor Mansion? Something is really strange about that place and as much as I want to know what's going on, I won't dare go back there.

Later that Night - The Kent Farm - Out in the Barn - Clark's Area

"Hello baby, I've been looking for you all evening. Where have you been hiding?" Whitney asks, walking up the steps to Clark's space.

"I've been around town handling some odds and ends," Clark responds, taking off his short and tossing it into a hamper in the corner of the room.

"Well that's okay but I missed you baby," Whitney says, walking over to Clark and wrapping his arms around his waist. "Have you eaten anything yet?"

"Not yet," Clark replies, leaning down and kissing Whitney's lips.

"Well I picked up some food on my way here. Since I know Mrs. Kent is out for the evening, I put everything in the kitchen. You ready to eat?" Whitney asks, kissing Clark's lips now.

"Let me go shower first and then we can eat," Clark says, turning around and walking over to the chest of drawers in the room, opening the top drawer and pulling some things out. "You want to join me for a quick shower?"

"Sure thing baby," I say as he walked towards me, took my hand in his, kissed me on the mouth and lead me to his bathroom.



I don't know any of the members of N SYNC, Backstreet Boys or any other celebrities mentioned. I don't know anything about their sexual orientation or the orientation of any other celebrities in this story (even though I wish some of them were gay). This story is fiction and you shouldn't take it for anything else but that. This is for entertainment value only folks.