Yesterday's End


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 1



Manhattan, New York


Grayson Wainwright's brown eyes stared out the limousine's tinted window, seeing the passing buildings of steel and mortar shimmering above him.

Midtown Manhattan in the heat of a late summer day was like a smothering tomb.

The man sighed, removing his glasses, rubbing his tired eyes.

In the last seventy-two hours he'd been in seven different nations.

His eyes moved to the briefcase laying beside him, his mind filled with many thoughts.

His forays into the industrial and technological locations of his employer's vast empire had been slightly eye-opening.

One opens one's eyes when you leave the nest, my friend, he thought, his mind going to his exclusive client and dear friend.

The cell phone in the inside breast pocket of his finely tailored suit began to ring, the man pulling it out, answering the call, sensing who it would be.

"Grayson here." he answered, a distinguished voice answering him.

"You are in New York City, Grayson?"

"Yes, Emerson."
"And your findings? They have been substantiated?"
"Yes, my friend. You were never one for believing the nature of others, Emerson. I am sorry to say my exploration proves my original hypothesis, my old friend."

The phone went silent for a moment, Grayson sensing the man was mulling his options.

Grayson had learned a long time ago to give the man time to reach a consensus on his next move.

"You are headed to the meeting?"

"Yes, Emerson. I've just passed the 9/11 Memorial. I shall be at headquarters in five." the man said, staring out the window at the honored memorial as it flew by.

"You have my directives?"
Grayson nodded, replying  'Yes', the man's eyes going to the briefcase, the sealed envelopes laying within it.

"Haven will be like awakening thunder."
"I trust you to take his abuse with good grace, Grayson. I sense our time of calmness before the gathering storm has ended. I am well prepared to weather all typhoons."
"It will be a trial of fire, Em. He won't stand for it. I will send you the allegations, and the testimony I have collected. What course will you now go?"

"I will go the course we discussed. Have you begun your search?"

The man was silent for a moment, his mind on the other half of his mission.

"I shall fly to Istanbul after the meeting. It was there they were last seen. He doesn't want him found, Em. You need to accept that. He's covered all sides of the trail."

"I need to see him, Gray. If only to seek forgiveness."
Grayson remained silent for another moment, hearing the tone of his friend's voice.

"I swore on our friendship that I'd find them, Emerson."

"Thank you, Grayson. Keep me abreast of your findings. And of the meeting's consensus. I expect you here for dinner on your birthday next week."
"I shall be there, my friend."

The phone disconnected, Grayson returning it to his pocket as the limousine pulled into a circular drive, a hundred story building coming into view before him, his eyes staring at the name carved above the main entrance.



                  Founded in 1813


The limousine came to a stop in front of the building, the chauffer getting out, opening the door for the lawyer.

Grayson climbed out of the black car, his eyes going upwards, the building reaching upwards into the late day, smothering sky, his thoughts congealing together.

A hundred floors of intrigue, deceit and cunning lies.

I'm here to start the second war, villains of commerce.

And then we get to the heart of the centuries old struggle.

Where are you Tristan?

Your father needs you.

Both of you.

The man sighed, Emerson Belmont's lawyer walking into the fire.




London , England


Lucas Carver instinctively ducked his head, the beaded pillow just missing it, slamming against the wall.

"Half a minute, Trish! I'm on the freaking phone!" he yelled, the young woman in front of him folding her arms.

"Get off the phone sex line, Luke. And pull you hand out of your pants." she smiled, Luke rolling his eyes, talking into the phone.

Luke sat on the couch of their small flat, wearing only a pair of Adidas shorts, his muscled slim body on full display.

"Sorry about that, Sol. Yes, we've got the location, and we'll be there by nine. Yes, she's here, being a bitch as always. Finn and Sky are on their way over. Thanks for the heads up about them.  Alright, later." he said, looking towards his sister, hanging up the phone.

Patricia Carver wore a wide, evil-fringed smirk on her face, Luke shaking his head.

"You know, you could be civilized sometimes. I was on the damn phone with Sol!"

"Sol, shmall! I don't give a rat's ass. You promised me that you'd do my hair!" she said, Lucas holding in a soft laugh, staring at his sister.

They were like night and day.

He was black haired, long curls donning his head; she was blond headed, her long straight tresses reaching the middle of her back.

"What can I do with it? It's like a freaking lion's mane!" he said, now laughing, another pillow flying at him.

"Alright, alright! Let's head for your den of seduction."

Trish laughed, Lucas smiling at her, the young man standing up and following her down the hallway of their small, two bedroom flat.

They both walked into Trish's bedroom, Lucas' eyes scanning everywhere, the room in shambles.

"How you can find anything in here is beyond amazing." he said, Trish grinning as she sat down at her dressing table, looking around its top.

"I know where everything is, same as I did at home." she said, picking up a curling iron, handing it to Lucas.

Lucas shook his head, taking it and plugging it into the wall socket, his hands going through her long shimmering blond hair.

"I know, but it's still a disaster. If Mom sees this?"
"She'll see I'm being myself, as she did at home. So there!" she said, applying red lipstick to her soft lips.
Lucas smiled, beginning to work on his sister's hair.

"So what's up with Sol? Checking up on us again? That's like the third time today."
"He was just touching base. Making sure we're organized for tonight."

"Just think, Luke! A sold-out venue! Our first! It's going to be amazing!"
Lucas nodded, Trish's blue eyes looking into his violet eyes.

She's always been amazed by his eyes.

Since she'd first held him when she was three--when her parents had come home from the hospital with him--she'd been mesmerized by their violet, calming love.

Her brother was the anchor for all four of them, her parents' pride and joy.

"Yes, it will be amazing." he said, Trish sensing her brother's familiar quietness.

"Why aren't you happy, Luke? This is our dreams come true. Who knows where we go from here? What did Sol have to say? Has he lined up our next gig? You said something about thanks for a heads up about them? Who are them?"
"Let's wait for Skyler and Finn. I have to discuss something with all three of you."

Trish nodded, her eyes going to her brother's reflection in the mirror in front of her.

Her younger brother was becoming a man.

At twenty he was a muscled, taut, smooth-bodied Adonis.

He refused to see it, but the many women--and men--who attended their venues were a true sign of the truth.

"So who's the lucky one tonight? Or is the boy toy going to shag all of them?"
Lucas shook his head, pulling the curling iron through her long hair, tugging it downward.

"Ouch! Okay! Enough said, torturer!"

"Sorry, Trish. You know we don't go there."

She nodded, her mind on his words.

"Have you heard anything from him?"


"Good. It helps to talk though, Lucky."

Lucas smiled, his sister's pet name for him always bringing a smile to his heart.

"Thanks, Trashy. But it's over."
"I'm glad we kicked him out of the band. He was a good drummer, but he was a first class asshole."

"Yes I know. I felt those drumsticks a lot."
Trish turned, staring into her brother's soft violet eyes.

She pulled him against her, her head against his rock hard abs.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. I didn't mean to go there."

"It's alright, Trish. I've moved on."
"No you haven't, Luke. You've bottled it all inside of you. We're all worried about you."
"It's been a year, Trish. I'm going forward, the past is just that."

"Yes, but the past has a stranglehold on your life, Lucky. You've become reclusive, and so quiet."

Trish stared at him, the young man looking away.

"Let's get this mane finished, and get you dressed. How about something in red?"

Trish stared at him for a moment, then smiled.

"Red does bring out my inner beauty."
Lucas smiled, Trish turning back to the mirror.

His thoughts went back into his past for a moment, his heart hardening.


Twenty minutes later a knock came to their apartment door, Lucas pulling a black t-shirt over his chiselled chest, yelling from his bedroom doorway, looking at himself quickly in the hallway mirror.

"It's open, Finn!"

The apartment door opened, two people walking into the neat, clean place.

"Someone's bored. The place looks immaculate." Skyler Templeton said, her blue eyes scanning the room, Finnigan Delaney's arm around her waist.

"Where are the gruesome twosome?" Finn yelled, Lucas walking down the hallway and into the living room.

"Trish's getting dressed." he said, walking up to his old friends, both hugging him, Skyler kissing his lips, Finn kissing his cheek.

"What have you dolled her up in tonight? Will she fly high on your organized beauty?" Skyler said, Lucas smiling at her, his eyes taking in her wardrobe.

"You followed my advice! You picked the blue blouse. Excellent!" he smiled, Skyler smiling back.

"You do have good taste, Luke. Thanks." she said, Lucas smiling at her again.

"I guide people to their inner beauty. Just look at Finn!" he laughed, Finn raising one finger, Lucas' eyes going over his body.

Finn was a good looking man--twenty-four years old, a slight goatee on his chin, his wavy blond hair accenting his chiselled face.

The man had a fantastic body as well, defined and muscle-covered.

He also had drawn a lot of gazing eyes through his teen years and now into their musical foray.

"I wear what I like, Luke. What do you think?" he said, turning around in a circle, Lucas smiling to himself.

Finn wore faded jeans, a black wife-beater covered by a plaid woven shirt.

"If you were gay they'd call you butch."
Finn chuckled, raising his finger again.

"Don't show that unless you intend to use it, stud." Lucas said, licking his lips, Finn bursting into laughter.

"You wish, bum boy!" he smiled, Lucas smiling at him, his eyes lowering from his for a moment.

"I'll keep trying, stud. When are you going to leave Skyler for me?" he smirked, Finn smiling at him, his arm going around his girlfriend again.

The two had been a couple since their teen years, their friends knowing the two were rock solid in their love for each other.

"Not a chance, amigo. Time for you to find your own love." Finn said, Lucas looking away from him, the young man going to the couch, pulling out some papers from the satchel laying on top of the coffee table.

Skyler and Finn traded looks, both showing a look of compassion.

The quietness was broken by Trish walking into the room, smiling.

"What do you think?" she said, striking a pose by the hallway doorway, a seductive look showing on her face.

"Fantastic, girlfriend!" Skyler smiled, walking up to her, the two kissing.

"Do you have your chastity belt on, Trish? One look at that body and the studs will be all over it! Condoms anyone?" Finn laughed, Trish giving him the finger now.
"I play my own way, Finn. These goods are off limits unless you've got it."

"Got what? Twelve inches?" Finn said.
Lucas laughed, Finn joining him.

The two women shook their heads, but smiled, both sitting down beside Lucas, Finn laughing still, sitting down on the couch's armrest.

"So, Mr. Organization? What's the plan?" he said, the two women smiling at Lucas.

"Well, the show starts at nine, four sets played until almost midnight. Full house according to Sol." he said, all three grinning with excitement.

"The rehearsal this aft was spot on, Luke. We're going to blow them away. That new song will fire them up." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"I have some other news. Perhaps good."
All three nodded, waiting for Lucas to spill the beans.

"Sol said that he's learned there may be some record producers in the audience tonight. His office has been contacted by a recording label."

All three began to scream, all on their feet, Lucas looking up at them.

"You. . .you mean someone's interested in us?" Skyler said, her voice filled with emotion.

"Looks that way, Sky. Sol seemed impressed by them."

Finn was clapping his hands with joy, high-fiving the two women, all three then looking at Lucas.

"This is fantastic news, Luke! We're on our way!"
"Perhaps. Listen everyone. It's a promising sign. Let's not get too excited about it. We need to be calm and focused. Tonight we have to focus on our music. We have to show them the real us. It's always going to be the real us. Agreed?"

The three smiled, pulling Lucas up from the couch, all four joined in a hug.

"Always and forever, Lucas. The four shining stars of Orion. We all remember your words, Luke." Finn said.

Luke smiled, the group's name his choice.

"We are the stars of friendship, the stars of love. Orion's going to shine in the heavens." Finn said, repeating the words Lucas had spoken to them the day he'd named their band.

All four smiled, Lucas picking up his satchel.


James Fauntleroy's eyes scanned the arena, taking in the enthralled crowd.

Robert Knox sat beside him at their table in the bar area, handing him a drink he'd fetched off the waitress' tray, his own drink in his hand.

"So what's the verdict?" Rob said, Jimmy's eyes meeting his.

"Top notch, and refreshing. A different, unique style and sound as well. Very compelling and riveting." he said, sipping the glass of Grey Goose vodka.

"Yes, Silverstein's been lauding their praises for weeks all over town, and even across the pond, as they call it. I'm surprised the boss zoned in on the truth behind his posturing. Where's the boss, anyway?" Rob said, Jimmy nodding, his eyes still scanning the crowd.

They'd been sitting here for close to three hours, taking in the band that had been playing center stage.

"He left ten minutes ago. He had other plans. He's given us the go ahead." the man said, his eyes scanning the front stage area.

Jimmy Fauntleroy was a talented music producer, his keen insight into the musical world gaining him a rising trust in all arenas of music.

He had a talent for spotting new refreshing talent.

That was the main reason he'd been hired by the owner of the label.

That and the owner's own talent in music, and his keen experience in selecting talented people to help him.

"So it's a go?" Rob said, Jimmy smiling at him.

"Just waiting for the last set." he smiled, looking towards the stage as the band came back on, the four young people beginning to play their music.

Jimmy sat up in his chair when the lead vocalist began to sing, the man's voice edged with talent.

The song was a ballad, Jimmy drawn into the song's words, the melody entrancing and soul-capturing.

Rob listened as well, both men silent and lost in the music, the packed arena surrounding them lost as well.

Within a few minutes the song ended, the place erupting into thunderous applause and screaming, the two record executives staring at each other.

"That has all the makings of a number one single, Jimmy." Rob said with awed wonder, Jimmy nodding.
The man stood up, Rob rising as well.

"I've heard what I need to hear. Let's go meet them. I just have to call the boss first." the man said, pulling out his cell phone, walking towards the arena's exit.


Lucas smiled, hearing the happiness in the voices of his friends and sister, the three practically bouncing off the walls in the dressing room.

The four had reached their dressing room after having to fight their way through a gathering mob backstage at the arena.

It was after midnight, their final set done, the audience having tried to attack the stage, their music filling their hearts with maddening happiness.

The night had been a total success, the crowd totally worshipping them, dancing and cheering after every song had ended.

Finn was screaming with happiness, twirling Skyler around in his arms, Trish smiling widely, plopping down on the couch in the dressing room, Lucas quietly sitting down beside her.

Of the four he was the calmest, but inside he was the happiest.

The night had been bang on--their voices, music and souls in top form.

He smiled at all three, their happiness his own.

"Bang on, guys! We blew them away!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We all were in the zone, guys. Kudos to your talent and happiness. It showed in every song." he said, the three grinning.

"Your talent showed in the last one, Lucky. That song's amazing." Trish said, kissing her brother's cheek.

Finn and Skyler smiled at the two, seeing their sibling love showing.

The door of the dressing room opened, an older man walking into the room, a large smile on his face, a younger man in a tailored suit following him.

"That was beyond spectacular, my friends!" Solomon Silverstein said, the large smile on his wide face showing more.

All four smiled, their manager pulling each into a hug, all four now standing.

"Top notch, guys. I've never seen a more enthralled crowd. You've hit the big time!" the younger man said, smiling widely at all four, Finn high-fiving him.

"Thanks, Drew!" Finn grinned, the young lawyer smiling at him.

Andrew McLaughlin was Sol Silverstein's nephew, and the group's legal representative as well.

"Well-deserved. That last song, Lucas! It was amazing!" Sol said, Lucas smiling at his friend and manager.

"It's new, I just wrote it last week, Sol. Finn said it was perfect for the ending set, I agreed."
"Beyond perfect, Luke! That's a winner if I ever heard one! That should be your lead off single!" Sol said, Drew nodding his head in agreement.

"We need a album first, Sol." Trish smiled, Finn and Skyler smiling as well.

"Soon enough, guys. There were record execs out there tonight. I saw three guys watching you pretty close." Sol said, Drew nodding as well.

The four smiled at each other, Lucas looking at Sol.

"Our music was a hit tonight. I felt that from the start. We're heading up, guys. And we're going as ourselves."
The four smiled, Sol and Drew smiling as well.

"Orion lit up the night tonight, guys. Your star is shining bright." Sol smiled, a knock coming to the door, Drew heading to answer it, opening it.

Two men stood in the doorway, Drew looking at them.

"Sorry, this is a private dressing room." he said, the taller man smiling.

"I'm here to talk to Orion. My name's James Fauntleroy. This is my associate, Robert Knox. We're representatives of Tennman Records." the man said, handing Drew a business card.
Drew's eyes widened a bit, his eyes turning and looking at Sol, and then the group.

"Come in, Mr. Fauntleroy. It's always a pleasure to meet people in the recording industry." Sol smiled, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

"No need for formalities, Solomon. We've met before. At the British Music Awards last year. Remember?" Jimmy smiled, Sol smiling back.

"Yes, I remember, Mr. Fauntleroy. And I spotted you out there in the crowd. I assume you're here on a mission?" he said, smiling towards the four younger people staring at both of them.

"Yes, indeed, Solomon. And it's Jimmy. I wanted to congratulate your group on a stellar performance. You are their manager, correct?" Jimmy said, looking at Sol.

"Yes, I've managed them since I found them three years ago in Pembroke, Wales. They were singing at a local bar." the man said, smiling at all four.

The two executives smiled, Jimmy staring at Lucas.

"You've an excellent voice, young man. You carried the whole group."
Lucas folded his arms staring at the man.

"We sing together, no one carries anyone." he said, his voice softly edged with determination.

Trish looked at her brother, her hand going to his shoulder, Luke relaxing.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to imply anything derogatory to you or your friends." he said, Lucas nodding; Finn, Skyler and Trish smiling at the man.

"We're a group, Mr. Fauntleroy. We sing, dance and join as one. Orion's light comes from all four of us." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

The producer nodded, looking towards Sol.

"Then, as a group I'd like to discuss your future. We'd like to bring you under our label. We see a lot of potential in you. We've got some talented musicians and songwriters that could hone you to perfection." Rob said, Jimmy looking at him.

"We don't need other musicians or songwriters. I write our songs and music, and we play them together." Lucas said, everyone now hearing the greater determination in his voice.

"Son, you're new to the music business. You don't just walk off the street and find fame. It's a lot of work, and it takes a lot of help." Jimmy said, Sol looking at Lucas.

"He's right, Luke. You're young and you should listen to anyone offering to help you."
Lucas' violet eyes met Sol's, the man seeing Lucas' usual calm defiance there.

"Take his card, Sol. We'll think about it." the young man said, smiling at his three friends.

"I think we should hit Blakeley's Pub for some celebratory fun, guys." he said, Finn staring at him, the two ladies as well.

Jimmy walked up to Lucas, staring at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Listen, kid. I'm offering you a one-way ticket to fame. I suggest you drop the smugness and listen to us."
Lucas brushed the man's hand off his shoulder.

"I suggest you walk out that door and wait till we talk this over. Or just flag off!"

Jimmy looked surprised, Rob pulling him back a bit.

"We'll leave, but you don't have much to think it over. Our boss wants you to sign with us. He doesn't take no for an answer."
"There's a first time for everything, isn't there?" Lucas said, his arms folded again, Sol shaking his head.

"Calm down, Luke. Thank you for coming, Jimmy. And we will discuss this. I'll call you later." he said, Jimmy handing him his card, Rob handing him his as well.

The two men looked around at everyone, Jimmy smiling at the two young women.

"I think your young friend needs the support of his three friends. I see the joy in your eyes, after tonight's success. I think he needs to see it as well. I suggest you talk to him, it's your future as well, as he's already stated." the producer said, he and Rob smiling at everyone, then walking out of the room, Drew shutting the door behind them, all eyes in the room immediately going to Lucas.

"Are you out of your freaking mind, Luke?!" Sol said, his voice loud and concerned.

"Hey, they were being opinionated and pushy. Telling us that we needed help. Screw them!" he said, Trish's hand going to his shoulder again.

"They're execs, Lucky. They're zoned in on the monetary value of us. You could see the dollar signs in their eyes. But they were offering to guide us."
"Our music is ours, Trish. It's always been ours. I wrote it, and we've captured its beauty in our voices. I'm not the one who carries us. We carry each other. They have to understand that. We won't change for money or fame. I'll walk away from all of it before I let that happen."
Sol sighed, his hand going to Lucas' other shoulder.

"You've always been the voice of the group, Luke. Its music, life and happiness surrounds you. They didn't mean any hurt by their words. You are the heart of Orion. Your music gives it life."
"Sol's right, Luke. We've always known that." Finn said, smiling at his friend.
"Orion is four stars, Finn. It's the four of us. It won't exist without all four of us. They need to understand that, before we agree to anything."
Sol nodded, smiling at all four.

"Hit the pub, guys. We'll discuss this in the morning. I'll be over after a late breakfast." he said, Drew smiling at him.

"Coming, Drew?" Trish said, Drew smiling at her, a look of surprise on his face.

"Really, Trish?" he said, Lucas softly chuckling, Trish leering at him.

"And why not? You need to shuck that corporate look and have some fun." she smiled, Finn and Lucas trading looks.

"Sounds like fun, thanks. I shall join you." Drew smiled, Skyler smiling at him, then the other three.

The five smiled at each other, walking out of the dressing room.




Manhattan, New York


Haven Marlowe sat in his high-back leather chair, tapping his fingers on the long table's wooden top.

His mind was on the approaching meeting.

What's that conniving Wainwright doing here?
What's Emerson playing at?
This is my meeting, my positioning to greatness.

I'm almost at the pinnacle of the summit.

If the board agrees to this repositioning, I'll have it all.

I'll wrestle the firm right out from under him.

Your century's over, old man.

My new blood will rule everything.
The man's dark brown eyes scanned all of the faces seated in quiet silence along the length of the conference table's sides.

The important executive governors of all branches of Belmont Industries were assembled.

At forty-nine, Haven Marlowe was a handsome man, with a ruthless run of ambition flowing through him.

He had climbed the corporate ladder, gaining the owner's trust and faith in guiding that industry into the next century.

The man's thoughts were judging the coming reality.

So what if our path was strewn with rather underhanded dealings and payments of changing design?

I have doubled the company's profits every year, the shareholders gaining wealth and power.

I am the force behind its growing ambition.

No old lawyer or ancient fool of an inherited owner can stop that now.

The man smiled, everyone's eyes drawn to the man's rugged good looks.

"If no one has any objections, I'd like Carl to go over the budget forecasts and profit ratios. You have the floor, Carl." he said, relaxing back in his seat, a younger man in his mid-twenties standing half way down the table.

"We've been informed that Grayson Wainwright is on his way up, sir. Shouldn't we wait for him?"

The Chairman of the Board smiled, nodding at the younger executive.

"He can walk into the numbers, Carl. Continue."

The young man nodded, his voice filling the room, the board listening to the flowing data, their eyes sparkling with visions of rising worth and increasing capital.

About ten minutes later the conference room's door opened, Grayson Wainwright walking into the room, a secretary closing the door behind him.

"Sorry I'm late, Haven. My flight was a bit tardy." he said, walking up to the far end of the table, Haven smiling towards him.

"No worries, Grayson. But we are surprised to see you here at all."

"I am here at Emerson's request, Haven. This is, after all, a meeting of the Board of Governors of Belmont Industries. I am here representing Emerson Belmont's stake in this corporation." the lawyer said, setting his briefcase down on the table in front of him, sitting down in a high-backed leather chair at the end of the table.

"Certainly, Grayson. We are honoured to have our illustrious leader's presence felt here. How is Emerson? His illness is lessening?" Haven said, his dark eyes staring at the lawyer from the other end of the table.

"He is recuperating nicely, Haven. Doctor Hampton is at his side again. Your doctors were thanked but dismissed. Emerson feels more comfortable with his own family doctor at his side. He's on the mend."

Haven nodded, his eyes narrowing.

"A joy to hear, Grayson. The tiger is getting his stripes back."
Grayson nodded, staring at the man.

"If there are no other objections, we'll continue with the heart of the matter laid before us today. The consolidation of the American and European industries into a new entity. Belmont Industries is about to go global as one conglomeration, as one large company. We are here to vote on that resolution."
Grayson opened his briefcase, the older man standing on his feet again.

"Before any votes are taken on any matters concerning Belmont Industries, I am here to invoke a moratorium."
The governors looked confused, all eyes moving between Grayson and Haven.

"A moratorium, Grayson? What do you mean?" James Palmerson said, the governor of the American industries branch staring at Grayson.

"My employer, Emerson Belmont, has the largest share in this company. His stock represents fifty-eight percent of the total investments. As the key stockholder, he has the right to call out anyone or anything he sees as a threat to this company's future. The moratorium I am invoking here today will justify his findings."
"And just what are his findings?" Haven said, his dark eyes glued to Grayson Wainwright's brown pools.

Grayson pulled out a large envelope from the briefcase, opening it, pulling out a dozen smaller bound leaflets, the man passing them around the table, one given to each governor of the company.

"He--or rather I--have found a lot of glaring irregularities in several lower key companies handled by Belmont Industries." Grayson said, his eyes going to Haven Marlowe.

"As these reports you are reading show, there have been several acquisitions in several countries that have dubious standing. An example is the munitions factory in Belarus. The last time I or Emerson checked, Belmont Industries wasn't in the arms manufacturing sector."
Several of the governors mumbled and whispered to each other, their eyes going to Haven.

"Belmont Industries has had to expand, Grayson. The shareholders expect a higher yield for their investments. We are in a lot of different fields and going in different directions. We have factory acquisitions all over the globe. B.I. is finally global. We, and those said shareholders, are making money hand over fist." Haven said, a lot of the governors smiling towards him.

"At what cost, Haven? Our standards and our honour? What of the other factories that I have myself visited in the last three days? Diamond mines in South Africa that were seized by dubious means. The local governments bought off and people bribed. What of the aircraft factories in North Korea? A communist country that this nation is at odds with?"
"We deal with all nations, Grayson, regardless of their political intent. This is a business that needs to flourish and expand. There are many opportunities out there that we can grow with. I and this board are well aware of all companies that have come under our umbrella of wealth. Emerson's mindset is on the past, Grayson. Today's business savvy leans on tenacity and determination. It's a cutthroat world out there and this company will gain greatness and power. The name Belmont Industries will soon be known worldwide."

Grayson stared at the man, seeing the smugness on his staring face.

"As I earlier stated, I am invoking a moratorium. Effective today, Belmont Industries is in lockdown mode." he said, everyone around the table gasping, Haven rising from his seat.

"What do you mean? You have no right to do that! That's unbelievable!" he said, his face now showing shock.

"No it's not, Haven. As the presiding President and Chief Executive Officer of this company--founded by Emerson Belmont's own grandfather--Emerson is initiating the Belmont Clause."

The surrounding governors gasped, the spoken clause known to all of them, but mostly forgotten as legend within the company's folklore.

"You mean. . .but. . .but that's a myth, Grayson!" Helga Gerhardt said, the European governor staring at him with shock.

"No it is not, Mrs. Gerhardt. It is a contractual clause written within the company's standards. Emerson's own grandfather wrote it into the company's policies on the first day of the company's existence."
Grayson reached into his briefcase again, pulling out a written writ, placing it on the table before him.

"For all those here who've forgotten the clause--or didn't believe of its existence--I shall state it again as Joshua Belmont wrote it that first day." he said, picking up the writ before him, his voice filling the quiet room.


"In the acceptance that this company may one day become too grand to sustain its own importance, Belmont Industries as a whole will be placed in moratorium until such a time as the company's standards and practices can be verified to be honourable and just.

I created this company to guide the future generations of my family on the same honourable path that I have walked.

I, Joshua Belmont, on this seventeenth day of October, eighteen hundred and thirteen, as president and owner of Belmont Industries lay my soul forward to my future children and their children. May they guide this company forward to greatness. As my inheritors, you owe an obligation to honour and justice, not to profit and greed.
If, at anytime before the two hundredth anniversary of this founded company, that honour is lost--or if greed has taken over the company's heart-- then that man of my inherited blood on that day will cease this company's operations until it is found that honour and integrity have been restored.

I have interred the legality of all aspects of this herein written clause.

My honour is ironclad as is my company's integrity.

I leave the future of our greatness to a more honourable man.
Walk forward to truth and honour my children, walk forward to our company's greatness."


Grayson set the writ down, his brown eyes staring around at everyone, lastly at Haven Marlowe.

"Emerson and myself have verified all the legalities and contractual obligations of the writ Joshua Belmont created almost two hundred years ago." he said, everyone staring at him with concern.

"Effective today, Belmont Industries is in complete lockdown. No further changes, contracts, negotiations or any other plays for power will be tolerated. The business will continue to function, all its companies continuing to operate. An investigation of all the company's assets, financial documents, and portfolios will be commencing shortly. Emerson Belmont has complete confidence that honour will be restored. That the company of his forefathers will be again honourable and just. I take great pride in seeing the greatness of Emerson's resolve in making his beloved company again trustworthy." Grayson said, closing his briefcase, leaving the writ on the table.

"As governors of the Board of Directors you are all under investigation, yourself included Haven. From what I have seen in the last few days, there is a growth of malicious greed upon the heart of Belmont Industries. Emerson Belmont has called in the surgeons. He's going to remove the cancer spreading here."

"This is lunacy, Grayson! B.I must enlarge! We must expand!" Haven said, his voice raising.

"It will expand, Haven. Emerson has seen to that future as well. The next owner will guide it to greater honour."
"The next owner?" Haven said, staring at Grayson, his face now showing hatred and anger.

"Yes, Haven. This moratorium can only stand until October seventeenth of next year, on the two hundredth anniversary of the company's creation, as Joshua Belmont wrote into the writ. By that time the new owner will be at his or her post."
"Emerson's son is dead, Grayson. There is no blood left in the Belmont strain. This company will have a new leader, and he'll be one of courage and power. Everyone here looks to me for that leadership."
Grayson smiled at the Chairman, Haven's face still showing anger, but a smugness now showing as well.

"Dead sons may sometimes come back to life, Haven. Your paths of sinister doings won't always remain hidden." he said, Haven taken aback by the man's words.

"This meeting is at an end. You'll all be notified shortly of the preliminary investigations commencing on your governorships. Officers and agents of the Internal Revenue Service will be here within the hour. This building is on lockdown. Good day, everyone."
Grayson picked up his briefcase, the man turning and walking towards the door, Haven yelling after him.

"This isn't over, Grayson! Emerson's time has ended! And Tristan Belmont's dead!"

The lawyer stared one last time into Haven's dark eyes, making no further comment, walking silently out of the room.




London, England


Lucas stretched his taut smooth body, climbing out of bed, his hands going to his forehead.

He felt the pounding headache, its edge like a stinging needle.

He stretched, walking out of his bedroom, wearing only boxer briefs, crossing the hall into the bathroom.

He quickly downed two Advil, brushing his teeth and flossing.

He stared at himself in the mirror, his violet eyes showing a trace of bloodshot redness.

He sighed, remembering the alcohol he'd consumed last night.

For an hour until the pub closed--and two hours at home--he and his friends had drank and discussed the night's revelations.

For his bandmates it was the beginning of their hopes and dreams.

For him it felt like the justification of his life's work.

Music was his soul, his life and his happiness.

He'd voiced that to his three friends, they already knowing where his mind was.

They agreed as a group that they'd play their music their way, and without interference.

They would back him and his wishes.

He smiled, remembering their smiling faces, and their devoted love.

He also remembered their consuming a large amount of alcohol.

He shucked his briefs, climbing into the shower stall, hitting the water knobs.

Warm water cascaded over his nude body, its warmth dulling the headache considerably.

He felt refreshed, his hands washing his muscled, toned body, his mind on last night's promising dreams.

His mind then went deeper into his thoughts, the edge of his trapped pain brushing against his soul.

Jacob Addison.

Jake to all his friends.

The man's beauty and intoxicating smile flashed in front of Lucas' eyes, Lucas leaning against the shower's wall.

His mind thought through all the past, their intense relationship lasting for over a year.

The hidden pain of that truth threatened to overwhelm him, Luke hitting the hot water knob, shutting it off.

Instantly cold water hit his body, Lucas reacting immediately.

He shrieked, jumping back, its coldness shocking him back to reality.

He hit the shower knob, the water stopping.

He sighed, climbing out of the shower slowly, towelling himself off.

Not today.

Not on the edge of my future.

The past is gone.

I go forward, always forward.
He threw the towel around his waist, picking up his briefs, walking back to his bedroom.

He had just changed into another pair of briefs and a fresh pair of Adidas shorts, when he heard knocking at the flat's front door, someone then hitting the buzzer.

He knew Trish was lost in sleep, she having been more inebriated than him when they'd called it a night.

He walked out of his bedroom, grabbing a t-shirt before he left.

He crossed the living room, walking down the small hallway, opening the front door.

Finn was leaning against the door jam, his arm wrapped around Skyler.

She had her eyes closed, her head against Finn's chest.

"Please tell me you have Advil, and coffee?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Don't you two look smashing!" he laughed, Finn rolling his eyes.

"Sky woke up with a throbbing headache." he said, Lucas pulling the door back, his two friends entering.

"I told you last night, sweetie. Don't drink sugar-induced drinks like Daiquiris. They hit you hard the next morning." he smiled, Sky's blue eyes opening, Lucas seeing the pain there.

"I'll get the extra strength. You can start the coffee pot, Finny."

Lucas threw his t-shirt on the couch, heading back towards the bathroom.

A short couple of minutes later he walked into the kitchen, his arm around a yawning Trish.

"Look what I found wandering the halls, lost in her lovable self!" he laughed, Trish glaring at him, rubbing her head.

"And for breakfast we have Advil Surprise!" Lucas grinned, raising a bottle of Advil in his hand, Finn taking it from him, smiling down at his girlfriend, Skyler seated at the table, sipping a cup of coffee.

"I'll take three of those, please." she said, Finn opening the bottle and handing her three.

"You are way too freaking perky in the morning, Lucas! Oh, my head!" Trish said, sitting down at the table.

"Here, Trishy. Three for you as well." Finn said, the woman taking the offered Advil.

Lucas smiled at all three, Finn looking at him.
"Coffee's ready, Luke."
"Thanks, Finn." he smiled, walking up to the coffee pot, pouring two cups, walking back to the table and joining his friends, Finn having sat down as well, Lucas handing Trish one of the cups.

"Thanks, bro." she said, sipping the warm liquid.

"You three hit the sauce pretty hard last night, I'm glad I settled back." Lucas said, smiling at all three.

"We were happy, Luke. Today's a new day. We're on our way." Trish said.
Lucas nodded, sipping his cup.

"So what time is Sol coming? I wonder if he's talked to them?" Finn said, rubbing Skyler's shoulder.

"He said he'd be here after a late breakfast. I should make us one too." Lucas said, standing up.

"Just toast, Lucky. My stomach's doing back flips." Trish said, Luke smiling at her.

"No greasy bacon, or perhaps my special runny eggs?" he smirked, Trish moaning.

"Stop, Luke! Please! I'm. . .I'm going to be sick." Skyler said, Finn looking at his friend with a sneer.

"Sorry, sweeties. The Advil will kick in soon."

Lucas smiled, going to the fridge, then the stove, breakfast on his mind.


The four sat at the table, breakfast over.

Lucas had whipped something up fast, the four actually eating.

The two girls had life back in their eyes and smiles, Lucas' breakfast fare the ticket.

"Thanks, Luke. That was great. Really hit the spot. My stomach's actually settled down." Skyler said, Lucas smiling at her.

"That's my special omelettes. The milk soaks up the acidic after taste. Plus the Advil chasers helped."
All three smiled at him, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"So you seemed to have fun with Drew last night. It was fun to see him more relaxed."
Finn and Skyler smiled, looking at Trish, the young woman slightly blushing.

"I knew there was a happy guy under that suit." she smiled, Lucas staring at her.

"I think your smile and laughter brought that happiness out. You do know he's smitten with you, right?" he said, Trish's blue eyes meeting his.

"Really? You think so?" she said with soft surprise, Finn and Skyler both chuckling, holding in their laughter.

Lucas smiled at his sister.

"Um. . .Trish? He follows you around like a lost pup."
Trish softly blushed, her friends smiling at her as well.

"He's a nice guy. I really like him. But he's. . .he's also our lawyer. But he's so nice."
Lucas now laughed, Trish looking at him with confusion.

"I can't believe it! Our little Trashy's in love!"

Trish blushed again, more redness showing in her cheeks.

Lucas leaned over, kissing her cheek.

"He is a nice guy, Trish. I think the two of you would be perfect for each other."

Trish softly smiled, Finn and Skyler smiling at the two siblings.

"Take it slow, Patricia. You've got a big heart, let it open up. He's already in love with you."
Trish's eyes widened in surprise, Lucas' loving words entering her heart.

Their talk was interrupted by the front door's buzzer going off, all four looking at each other, Lucas standing up.

"That will be Sol. Let's stay calm, everyone."
Lucas smiled, walking down the hallway, his two friends and sister following him.

Lucas smiled back at them, seeing the anticipation in their eyes, giving them a thumbs up as he opened the front door, forgetting to put on his t-shirt.

His eyes focused, his friends and sister's eyes widening behind him.

Sol and Drew stood on the front step, Jimmy Fauntleroy and Robert Knox beside them.

It wasn't those four the four were staring at.

It was the other man standing on the front step, his blue eyes staring at Lucas' nearly naked form.

Lucas violet eyes were staring into a handsome face, two of the bluest eyes he'd ever seen staring back.

That face was covered in a beautiful smile, those blue eyes sparkling.

"Hello, you must be Lucas. I'm here to make your dreams come true." the man said, extending his hand forward.

Lucas Carver stood in stunned silence, staring into Justin Timberlake's sparkling blue eyes.



End of Chapter 1



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