Yesterday's End-10

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 10


Justin opened his eyes, rolling onto his side.

His blue eyes were met by two pools of emerald green.

Lance sat in a chair beside the bed, Justin staring at him.

"What time is it, Lance?"
Lance looked at his watch, meeting Justin's eyes.

"It's eleven fifteen, Jus."
Justin nodded, laying back against the pillows, staring up at the ceiling.

"Thank you for letting me sleep in." he softly said, Lance looking towards him.

"You needed the rest, Jus."
Justin nodded, Lance standing up.

"I made breakfast for J C, he left at eight-thirty. He's going to spend the day with Orion. He'll keep them focused, he said."

Justin nodded, his eyes meeting Lance's again.

"What did you tell him?" Justin said, Lance softly smiling down at him.

Justin saw a lot of caring and love in that familiar smile.

"I told him that I came over early this morning, intending on going to the studio with you guys. I told him that I found you looking sick, with a fever and head congestion. He thinks you're laid up in bed with allergies."

Justin nodded, their eyes meeting again.
"Thanks for covering for me, Lance."

"Why don't you shower again, Jus? I'll round up some breakfast for you. I'll meet you in the kitchen."
"Cereal will be fine, Lancy." Justin said, Lance nodding.

"Meet you in the kitchen." he smiled, walking out of the room, Justin's blue eyes following him.

Justin sighed, rising out of bed, walking quietly into the bathroom.


Lance's eyes raised, the man seated at Justin's kitchen table, the singer walking into his kitchen.

Lance had placed a box of Frosted Flakes on the table, Justin sitting down, Lance smiling at him.

Justin filled his bowl, Lance setting the milk carton beside him.

A glass of orange juice lay already poured, Justin picking it up and sipping at it.

"You need to eat, Jus."

Justin nodded, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green.

"You hate me, don't you Lance?" he said, lowering his eyes.

"No, Justin. I don't hate you, I never could hate you, you're my friend. I just need some answers."

Justin's eyes raised, Lance staring at him with quiet compassion.

"I can't look into your eyes, Lance. I see too much sympathy there."
"I guess I am sympathetic, Jus. For I believe you've lost yourself."
Justin nodded, staring at his cereal bowl.

"I'm bisexual, Lance. I've hidden it from everyone for years. Even Jessica doesn't know."

"I figured that out myself last night, Jus. So I take it that wasn't the first time for you with guys?"
"No, Lance. It was the first time for so many guys at one time, but not my first time with a man. I've had several low-key lovers through the last few years. And I use a private escort service, very discreet."
"And you've been doing this since you've been with Jessica?" Lance said, Justin's head lowering again.

"Yes, Lance. The urge never leaves me. You must think me terrible for that. I guess the Timberlake image doesn't hold much water in your eyes now."

"I understand why, Jus. I can't say I approve, but I can sympathize with the double life scenario. I lived it."
Justin nodded, their eyes meeting.

"Why. . .why didn't you just take me last night, Lance? Like the others? Why didn't you just join in and claim Justin Timberlake's ass?"
Lance sighed, the man's hand going on top of Justin's, their eyes meeting.

"Because I've known you for years, Justin. We've built a friendship of love and trust. I would never break that trust by using you. As I'll now tell you that I'll never divulge your secret either. I'd never use that secret for any ulterior motive. I'm the same Lance you've always known. I'm your friend."
Justin softly smiled, Lance smiling back.

"But I do believe you need to tell Jessica, Jus. Adam Levine's an arrogant asshole. I've known the man for years. I wouldn't put it past him to tell every player in the industry that you're available. And if that happens it's bound to eventually be found out by Jessica."
Justin lowered his head, trembling.

"What. . .what have I done?"
Lance sighed, moving his chair closer to Justin, his arm going around him.

"Tell me exactly what happened last night, Justin. I need to know all of it."

Justin nodded, his soft voice filling the room, telling Lance everything.


Lance poured milk onto Justin's cereal, softly smiling at him when Justin finished.

"Eat, Justin. I just need to gather my thoughts."
Justin sighed, taking a mouthful of cereal, the two sitting in silence as they ate, Justin eating his cereal, Lance eating a bran muffin, looking deep in thought.

"So it was basically entrapment. Taylor was the bait, and an obvious accomplice in Adam's scheme. Then when they'd corralled you, they notified everyone whom Adam knew would want to play with you. I'm sorry you were trapped into that mess, Justin. How long have you and Adam been. . .acquaintances?"

"We met at a bar two years ago after a dance party. We got drunk and we ended up at his place. I woke up the next morning in bed with him. We'd had sex. We met a couple of times after that. I felt lonely last night so I. . .I called him. The biggest mistake of my life!" Justin said, Lance rubbing his shoulder.

"You were looking for companionship, Jus. Not a night of submission."

Lance stared at Justin, Justin seeing determination in Lance's eyes.

"I'll handle all of them, Justin. I'm going to make sure they all stay away from you."
"Why. . .what. . .how can you do that, Lance?"
Lance sighed, leaning forward and kissing Justin's cheek.

"You're my friend, Justin. I love you. And when someone hurts my friend I'll defend them. You leave them to me. I've got dirt on most of them so they'll fall in line. You don't have to worry about that."

Justin teared up, Lance smiling at him.

"What say you finish your breakfast, and then maybe we take a ride down to the studio? I'm sure Josh has Orion singing like angels. Lucas is quite taken with him. I believe love is in the air."

Justin looked surprised, Lance smiling at him.

"I've seen their glances at each other. And Josh was practically beaming this morning. He told me about their having dinner last night. I've always known when Joshy's in love."
Justin nodded, staring at his now empty cereal bowl.

"Just as I've known when you are."
Justin's eyes raised, Lance smiling at him.

"Jessica's a wonderful girl, Jus. I don't think you should lie to her anymore."

Justin nodded, Lance standing up.

"Finish your juice and have another bowl of cereal, Curly. I'm going to make a few phone calls."
Justin nodded, smiling at Lance calling him that old nickname.

Lance smiled back, the man walking out of the kitchen.


Lucas finished the last chord of the piano solo, three smiling faces smiling at him.

"Awesome, guys!" a voice said from the control booth in front of them, Orion's four stars beaming.

Lucas' violet eyes met two blue pools, Josh smiling at him through the booth's glass windows, the man waving a thumbs up signal.

"Thanks, Josh. But I don't think the second chorus held together. Finny's voice was cracking a bit. I think he's getting a sore throat. Most old guys get that." Lucas grinned, Finn giving him a finger salute, Josh laughing in the booth with the engineers.

"Always a perfectionist. Give Finn a lozenge someone." Josh laughed, the four singers grinning, Finn winking towards Josh.

"I'm not the one who's looking for something to coat his throat." Finn smirked, Lucas blushing a bit when Finn stared at him.

Josh looked the other way when Finn eyed him.

"I think it was top notch, Luke. But we'll listen to it again." Josh smiled, Lucas looking at him again.

Josh smiled back, turning and talking to the engineers.

The group had gone through two other songs, Josh marvelling at their combined togetherness, their voices molded into one entity.

Both songs needed little adjustments, but they were basically spot on.

"We'll run through it one more time, Luke. But I thought it was near perfect." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling back, their eyes meeting.

"Ever the perfectionist I am." Lucas smiled, Josh shaking his head.

"Why don't we take a break first, Lucky?" Trish said, Finn and Skyler nodding.

The four agreed, removing their headphones, Lucas stretching.

"Why don't you go into the booth and listen again to the song? Josh looks so lonely in there." Skyler said, winking at Trish, the two women giggling, Finn smirking.

Lucas blushed, rolling his eyes.

Trish leaned over the piano, kissing her brother's cheek.

"The two of you have been making gooey eyes at each other all morning. A little talk goes a long way." she said, Lucas nodding.

He rose up, walking towards the booth's door, entering it.

Finn smiled at the two women, looking towards the booth.

"Ah, young love. It's so energetic. Speaking of perfect. Those two are perfect for each other."

The two women laughed, Finn grinning.


Josh looked up, smiling at Lucas when he walked into the booth.

"Want to take a listen, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him and nodding, sitting down beside him, Josh looking at the two engineers as he flicked a few switches.

"Take five guys. The group's taking a well-deserved break." Josh said, the two engineers smiling and getting up, heading for the lunch room and the vending machines, walking out the main entrance doorway.

Lucas smiled at Josh, Josh hitting a few more buttons, leaning back in the chair.

Music filled the booth, Lucas listening, hearing Finn's voice echo around the room, music surrounding it.

"Spot on with Finn's lead vocals. He's perfect for that solo. You really know your music structure, Luke."
Lucas smiled, staring at Josh.

"Getting flirty are we, Joshua?"
Josh smiled with a soft blush, looking into the booth, seeing the three other singers chatting together, sipping water bottles.

"Do I get points for effort?"
"No, you get smiles."
Josh met Lucas' violet eyes, a wide smile on the young man's face.

"Sweet, bonus points!"

Lucas laughed, the two smiling at each other.

Josh's mind zoned in on the music, watching Lucas listening to the song.

"I was teasing, Lucas. It's actually perfect. You don't have to touch anything."
Lucas smiled, looking at Josh.

"I was hoping that we'd have to sing it a few more times just so I could stare at your beautiful face behind this glass all day, Joshua. You've seen through my plan."
Josh smiled, staring at Lucas.

"Well we could do that, but I think those three in there would catch on pretty quick. Look how they baited you into here!"
Lucas looked surprised, Josh laughing.

"The intercom was still on, I heard their words about coming in here. And I'm happy you took a step in the right direction."
Lucas blushed, smiling softly at Josh.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you, Josh. Not since last night."
Josh blushed himself, their eyes meeting.

"I've been in the same state of mind."

"What's happening to us, Josh? Is this. . .are we. . .is this the start of love?"

Josh smiled at Lucas, lost in the young man's handsome face.
"Well, scholars have long thought on the subject."
Lucas smiled, seeing a mirthfulness cross Josh's face, knowing the man was being flirtatious.

"Oh? And what was the consensus?"

"Well, the field's divided. Half say that love is a tangible quantity, always flowing on a path of self-discovery. The other half say that love is an illusion, that it only exists in people's imagination."
"I see. A conflicting hypothesis. So what do you believe is the correct answer, Professor?"
Josh smiled, his hand going forward, taking Lucas' in his, Lucas smiling at him.

"Well, you seated here beside me is no illusion, so love must be real. And I'm lost on a newly discovered path. I think I'm falling in love with you, Lucas."
Lucas lowered his head, Josh staring at him.

"I hope I wasn't too forward, Lucas."
Lucas raised his head, their eyes meeting.

"No, Professor. Your hypothesis was bang on. Only it's me that's fallen in love."
Josh smiled, the man moving forward, Lucas moving forward as well, their lips meeting with a soft tenderness.

The kiss was light and gentle, with a bit of flirtatious passion, both men feeling the other's soul.

They parted, staring at each other.

"I think we just won the Nobel Prize for love." Josh said, Lucas bursting into laughter, Josh smiling widely.

"I think I'll throw up now."

The two men's eyes moved, Lance smiling at the entrance doorway, Justin standing beside him, Lance having spoken.

"Oh, hi guys." Josh said with a soft blush, Lucas and he breaking their hand lock, Josh smiling towards his friends.

"You're. . .you're feeling better, Jus?" Josh said, standing up, Lucas rising as well.

"I'm fine, Josh. What's going on here?" Justin said, staring at the two men.

"I guess the cat's out of the bag, my friends. Lucas and I. . .well we've. . .we've. . ." Josh stuttered, his blushing emotions rising.

Lucas smiled, his hand going back in Josh's, Josh calming immediately.

"Josh and I have developed feelings for each other. We're going to move forward and see where that takes us." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Well, it's about time, Josh!" Lance said, smiling and walking across the room, hugging Josh, Lucas smiling and standing beside him.

Lance broke his hold on Josh, smiling at Lucas.

"Welcome to our big happy family, Lucas. This guy's the best!" he smiled, patting Josh's shoulder, then pulling Lucas into a hug.

"I know that, Lance. And it's just Luke, okay?"
Lance smiled, patting the young man's back as they broke their embrace.

"Luke it is, Luke."

Justin's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"Lance is right, Luke. Josh is the best. He's my best friend." Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

Justin walked up to the two, Lance smiling at him.

"I wish you both all the luck in the world. I think you've both won today." he said, a soft smile on his face.

Josh smiled, pulling his best friend into a tight embrace.

Justin smiled, his eyes staring at Lucas.

Lucas smiled at him, Justin hugging him after he broke his embrace with Josh.

Justin held him close, Lucas wrapping his arms around Justin.

"I wish you only happiness, Luke. Josh is a wonderful man."
Lucas smiled, another voice breaking the touching moment.

"Our plan worked."

Lucas turned, his sister smiling at him, Finn and Skyler standing beside her, their arms around each other.

"No words need saying, Lucky. I see your happiness in Josh's eyes." Trish said, Josh smiling at her.

Lucas began tearing up, walking up to his sister, pulling her into his arms.

"Welcome to the world of love again, Lucky." she said, Lucas tearfully kissing her cheek.

"I'm so happy, Trashy."
Everyone smiled, Josh's eyes meeting Lucas'.

Lucas hugged his sister, Finn and Skyler smiling beside them.

"A day for happiness. How about we head out for lunch?" Finn said, Justin nodding at him.

"Feeling better, Justin?" Finn said, Justin nodding again.

"Yes, Lance gave me some antihistamines and my sinuses have cleared now." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Awesome!" Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"My treat for lunch, guys." Justin said, Finn grinning.

"Keep that up and we'll feel like we're being kept. I can be easily bought!" Finn laughed, Justin blushing a bit, everyone laughing.

"No chance of that Finn. Your ass is too thin." Justin said, Finn looking shocked, Lucas bursting into laughter.

"Good one, Jus! He's speechless!"

Everyone laughed, Josh smiling at Lucas' good mood.

"How about Delano's, Josh?" Justin said.

"Super idea, Jus. Lucas has already tasted their fare."
Lucas nodded, smiling.

"You can ride with me, Luke." Josh said, Lucas smiling and nodding.

Justin stared at Josh, then Lucas, Lance standing back and watching Justin.

"Meet you at the restaurant, guys. Come on Orion, your lead singer is blowing you off. We'll drive with Lance." Justin smiled, Lance nodding at him.
"If that's all he blows today, Josh won't be so lucky." Finn grinned, Lucas now blushing deep red.

Josh was blushing as well, Justin staring at both.

"Meet you there, guys." Josh said, Finn winking at Lucas, everyone laughing and walking out of the booth.


Josh's blue eyes looked to his right, Lucas smiling at him.

"You friend's twisted, Luke."

Lucas smiled, his thoughts on Finn's comment.

"I hope you weren't. . ."

Josh smiled, his hand going on top of Lucas', the young man looking at him.

"That's the farthest thought from my mind right now, Luke."

Lucas blushed a little, Josh smiling at him.

"I like you a lot, Lucas. And yes, I may want to love you. Sex will be a part of that. And I know it will be amazing. For someone as beautiful as you will be just as sensual."
Lucas smiled, hearing the caring and understanding in Josh's voice.

"It's not your pants I want to get into right now, Luke. It's your heart."

Lucas smiled, their eyes meeting, Josh trying to focus on the road as well, driving Justin's SUV.

"So quit being so flirtatious then, Chasez. You know what you calling me Luke does to me."

Josh laughed lightly, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're amazing, you know that?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"All in due time, sexy."
Josh smiled, Lucas' looking forward.

"So, are we going to talk about the elephant in the car?"

Josh glanced at Lucas, Lucas' hand squeezing his.

"I wanted to have a private conversation with you about something, Lucas."
"I like you too, Josh. If we want to open our hearts to this newness we feel, we should be totally honest with each other."
Josh nodded, squeezing Lucas' hand.

"After lunch we'll skip the afternoon music session. I think you and I should spend some private time together. I think it's time we started that path with honesty."
Lucas nodded, looking into Josh's blue eyes, the vehicle having stopped at an intersection, the restaurant just a block or so ahead.

Josh looked at Lucas, a soft blush coming to his cheek, Lucas leaning over and lightly kissing his cheek.

"Past liaisons bind the soul with fibers of love. I sense a well-bound soul within you, Joshua. It perhaps mirrors my own."

Josh nodded, their eyes meeting again.

"How long have you known?"

"Since before I met you, Joshua."

Josh looked surprised, Lucas staring at him, his violet pools brimming with calmness.

"You mean you. . .?"

"I have a talent for reading souls, Joshua."
Josh felt a tremble go through him, a blowing horn behind him breaking his thoughts.

"Someone's horny. Better move, Josh."

Josh laughed, Lucas joining him, the two driving forward.


Lucas smiled, closing the condo door behind him.

"Here we are, again." he smiled at Josh, the man smiling back.

"The doctor is in?"
Lucas laughed, his eyes going to Josh's leg, the man showing no limp.

"You don't need the doctor anymore, my friend. You're healed. Bill's in the mail."

Josh laughed, the two walking into the living room, Lucas offering Josh a seat on one of the couches, Josh smiling and sitting down.

"So what do you expect for your services?"
"Applause, standing ovations, you know, adoration."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Do you want anything, Josh?"
"No, I'm good Lucas. I'm still stuffed from lunch. Joey's cousin Vincent makes a heavy lasagne. I'm packed full." he smiled, patting his stomach, Lucas smiling at him.

The group had all met at the restaurant, Justin buying everyone lunch, everyone laughing and enjoying the meal.

After lunch Lucas had begged off the afternoon session, everyone sensing where he wanted to be.

Justin agreed, the other three bandmates going back to the studio with Justin and Lance, Justin wanting to work on some of the background music with Finn, the girls wanting to rehearse their backup vocals.

They all sensed that Josh and Lucas had wanted some time alone as well to begin their relationship.

Finn had winked at Lucas after he'd hugged him goodbye, his sister kissing his cheek, whispering in his ear.

"Listen to him, Lucas. Be his friend and he'll be yours."
Lucas had nodded, he and Josh leaving the group at the restaurant.

Justin had watched them leave, Lance staring quietly at him.

Josh patted the spot beside him on the couch, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sit down, Lucas. Let's talk."
Lucas smiled, sitting down beside Josh, the man leaning into him, lightly kissing his lips, Lucas returning the soft kiss.

"Mm, you kiss great." Lucas said, Josh smiling.

"Thanks, I try."
"No trying there, I think it's all natural."
Josh smiled, Lucas leaning in against him, Josh's arm going around him.

"So, would you like to begin, Josh?"
"No, Lucas. I think you want to say something first. Let me know what you've seen."
Lucas nodded, Josh quietly looking at him.

"I've seen your best friend lost in his own insecurities. And I've seen the way he looks at me. It was, I think, part of the reason I. . ."
"Part of the reason you made a pass at him?"
Lucas nodded, their eyes meeting.

"Justin hides it well, but I sense he's into guys."

Josh nodded, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"Justin's bisexual, Lucas. I've known for quite a while."

Lucas nodded, his hand going into Josh's.
"How long was your relationship with him?"

Josh looked stunned, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm young, but not blind, Josh."

Josh recovered from his shock, Lucas looking at him, Josh lost in those loving violet eyes.

"I've seen the passed glances between the two of you, Joshua. I feel in my heart that Justin was at one time a large part of your heart, perhaps still is."

Josh nodded, looking at Lucas.

"I was his first lover, Lucas."
Lucas nodded, remaining silent, letting Josh continue.

"It was when we were at the height of N*Sync's rise. I was always the big brother to him. We were really close. And he was a young man on the edge of his blossoming sexual newness. I gave in to his needful demands. He was so energetic, so full of love and beauty, it was easy to do."
Lucas nodded again, staring at Josh.

"But he was young, Lucas. He was experimenting with his sexuality. I was a release for him in that regard. A newness of self-discovery. It didn't last long, Britney drawing him forward onto the path of heterosexuality. We never lost our love for each other, but Justin went forward with his destined life."
"And you, Joshua?"
Josh's blue eyes met Lucas'.

"I felt lost, Lucas. Justin entered my soul so easily. His beauty, love and desires left me wanting him more. I never told him that. His leaving hurt very much."
Lucas nodded, patting Josh's knee.

"It was a long time before I got over him. And then I met Bryce. And again I was hurt, but in a more heart-wrenching way."
Lucas' arm now went around Josh, Josh feeling his support and compassion.

"That relationship was built on love and trust. I loved him and trusted him. He failed me in both ways. He cheated on me repeatedly. I was too stupid to see it. And then the money started to disappear."
"He was robbing you?"
Josh nodded, Lucas tightening his hold on him.

"I gave him access to my accounts, we were in love, living together. I never thought that he'd be that conniving, that underhanded. He played me for over a year. If Justin hadn't gotten wind of the man's spending habits I would have remained oblivious. He and Joey cornered Bryce with the truth. They actually set him up to show his hand. And I saw it all then. The mistrust, the deceit, the fool I'd been. I lost so much in that relationship. I gave all and lost all. Trust, hope, love."
Lucas leaned forward, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I'm sorry you were deceived, Joshua. Someone with your kind, giving heart didn't deserve that."

"The man wasn't the man I thought I knew. And that scares me so much."
Josh lowered his head, Lucas seeing the emotion in his face.

"You're afraid that you won't be able to trust someone completely again. That you'll be hurt by lies and dishonesty."

"Yes, Lucas." he said, their eyes meeting.

Lucas smiled at the older man.

"Justin was so lucky to have someone so giving and loving as his first." Lucas said, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"He was so young, so innocent. But he was also so focused. I knew then that I was only a moment in his blossoming life. He walked away from our relationship, focusing on the greater prizes ahead. He went on to his fame, and also the path of denial he now walks. He chose to hide his sexuality. I don't hate him for that, all I've ever done is love him. I think he really loves me now as a brother."
Lucas nodded, his hand going in Josh's.

"His love showed you the truth of your lover's infidelity. He was there when you needed him the most, as that friend you love."
Josh nodded, their eyes meeting again.

"I was Justin's first lover and he. . .he was my last."
Lucas stared at Josh, the man's blue eyes filled with emotion.

"Justin and I ended up together again after Bryce showed his true colors. Justin was so attentive, so giving of his love when I was so destroyed. His love, it. . ."
Lucas pulled Josh into his arms, the man hugging him.

"His love was what you needed. He showed you that perhaps you could trust someone again. He gave you a rope to hold onto."
Josh nodded, Lucas breaking their embrace, staring at him.

"It surprises me that Justin is bisexual, especially after me throwing myself at him. But it doesn't surprise me that he was there for you when you needed him. I see the deep love in his eyes for you."

"Luke. . .I. . .we. . ."

Lucas smiled, his fingers going to Josh's cheek.

"I understand, Josh. I see before me a man with a giving soul, and I see Justin's love for you. I only need to know one thing."
Josh nodded, Lucas taking both of Josh's hands in his.

"Do you still love him, Josh? Do you still long for him?"

Josh stared into Lucas' violet pools.

"No, Lucas. I love Justin as the brother he always was. And he's set on his own path, away from that once fragile needful love. He loves Jessica, I sense that deeply."
Lucas nodded, leaning forward and lightly kissing Josh's lips.

"I believe you, Joshua."

Josh smiled, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"I'm glad you opened your life to me, Joshua. We can now go forward with open, honest souls. The past is the past, it can't be changed. But the future is a path we can forge together. Built on honesty, trust and love."

Josh teared up, seeing so much in Lucas' violet eyes.

"You can let go of the rope, Joshua. I think you've found the man you can trust with all of your soul."

Josh stared at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

Lucas moved forward, pushing Josh back on the couch, the young man now laying on top of him, his head going against Josh's chest, Josh wrapping his arms around him, the young man laying on top of him.

They held each other for a few minutes, Josh and Lucas both lost in the heated togetherness they felt.

Josh broke the silence with a question filling his mind.

"How. . .how does my truth make you feel, Lucas? Now that you know. . ."

Lucas raised his head, their eyes meeting.

"Now that I know Justin and you had a relationship?"
Josh nodded, Lucas staring at him.

"Justin is a beautiful man, Josh. A physical and personal beauty. I see easily why you fell in love with him."

Josh nodded, Lucas staring into his soul.

"But the beauty of his own soul lays in the soul of the man who forged that soul. That man's you, Joshua."
Josh looked surprised by Lucas' answer.

"I see you in Justin's mannerisms, in his giving soul, in his helpful love. Yes he's beautiful, but he's a mirror image of your love, Josh. It's you that's captured my soul, I think you're starting to make it your own. I am falling in love with you, Josh. Not Justin. That's the first truth you need to fill your soul with."
Josh stared into Luke's eyes.

"You have no attraction to him?"

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh's lips.

"The only desire I now have for him is my desire to be his friend."

Josh smiled, Lucas staring at him.

Lucas lowered his head for a moment, then raised his eyes, Josh staring into two tear-filled orbs of violet hurt.

"You were lucky, Joshua. The last moments of physical love you experienced were Justin's giving love and beauty. The last moment I experienced was rape."


Lucas sat up, Josh rising with him, the man staring at Lucas with shock.

"No, Lucas! He. . .he didn't!? He couldn't have!"

Lucas lowered his head, Josh's hand going slowly in his, Josh not wanting to alarm Lucas with too much closeness.

"Yes, Josh. The last time was the night before he attacked me. That night he attacked my soul even more. He raped me with a baseball bat. The same baseball bat he beat me with the next morning."
Josh looked shocked, Lucas' pools of violet pain meeting his.

"I've never told anyone that, not even my sister or Finn. I never told them of the sexual abuse he gave me, only the physical. Scars don't always show." he said, Josh staring at him with compassion.

"I'm. . .I'm so sorry, Lucas. I hate that bastard! I want to. . ."
Lucas's arm went around Josh, Josh surprised at his caring touch.

"Revenge isn't the answer, Josh. The past is gone."

Josh nodded, looking at Lucas.

"Jake was the only lover I had, Josh. I only had one moment of true physical love with him. That was the first night he slept with me. The night I became lost in an illusion of false love. From that night onward he held claim to me. And he claimed me often, each time becoming more brutal, more demanding."
Josh's arm went slowly around Lucas, the young man sinking into Josh's body.

"He was so abusive, Josh! I was so afraid of him at the last! I was so afraid he'd kill me!"
Josh held Lucas, feeling the pain unleashed, the young man crying now against his chest.

"He's gone, Lucas. The pain's gone."

Lucas calmed down, wiping his eyes against Josh's shirt, Josh smiling down at him.

"I've never known what true love is, Joshua. Will I ever experience that?"

Josh held the young man, the two lost in their need for each other's closeness.

"You will, Lucas. My love will be true love."

Lucas smiled, moving, Josh releasing him.

"Someone's building up his libido again."

Josh smiled, seeing Lucas' use of humour to deflect the uncertainty showing in his eyes.

"I trust you, Lucas. I think I can truly love you."

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back.

"You were right, Lucas. If we want to have a relationship we have to be honest with each other. I've told you all my secrets. Justin, Bryce and my own fears. I think it's time you told me yours."

Lucas' violet eyes met Josh's.

"I only have one secret, Josh."
Josh nodded, his hands going into Lucas'.

"And what secret is that, Lucas?"

Lucas' violet pools met Josh's, Josh seeing so much uncertainty there.

And behind that uncertainty he saw something even greater.

He saw total fear.

Lucas stared forward, Josh waiting for Lucas to open his soul.

Lucas turned, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"I don't think I'm myself, Josh."

Josh looked confused by Lucas' statement, squeezing the young man's hands.

"What do you mean, Lucas?"

Lucas sighed, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"I think I'm someone else."



London, England


Grayson opened his eyes, finding the room in shadowy gloominess.

His eyes adjusted to the semidarkness, the man laying in his hotel bed.

He heard a soft sound, his eyes moving to his left, staring at a vision of youthful beauty laying beside him.

A young man lay sleeping there, his naked body laying under the covers, his smooth muscled chest on full view for Grayson.

Grayson stared at him for a few moments, his hand going out to the man's smoothness, his fingers lightly rubbing the man's chest.

The man murmured, moving around in the bed, moving towards Grayson, his arm going around him.

Grayson smiled, remembering the evening's surprises and ending passion.

Carl Wilson lay deep in sleep, his naked body laying against Grayson.

Grayson's eyes scanned the young man's forearm which lay across his chest, the man's thoughts going back to last night.

That arm seems to have healed rapidly, my young friend.

I know my massages can do wonders, but not that.

He smiled, looking at the young man's face.

You were magnificent, my young buck.

And your seduction was well-planned.

Too well-planned.

I am not a fool.

Grayson smiled, remembering the evening, and the young man's slow seduction.
The two had had lunch, Grayson listening to the young man's life story, and quietly watching his showing beauty.

Grayson had always had a weakness for younger lovers.

And this young man was strikingly beautiful.

Grayson had invited him back to his hotel to discuss some options he had that might help the young man find work.

That invitation had turned into a night of talking, the young man slowly enticing Grayson into this bed.

Grayson smiled, looking down at the young man.

Your moves were exciting, my young friend.

And your stamina well worthy of your youthful needs.

Thank you for stoking the fires of this old heart.

It had been too long.

Your youthful energy was just what this old soul needed.

I can use that energy to find the answer.

Grayson smiled, gently rolling the young man onto his back, Carl not waking.

Grayson silently pulled himself out of bed, putting on his robe, walking quietly out of the bedroom into the adjoining living room.

He walked across the room, going to the ornate desk set in front of the large windows.

Grayson sat down at the desk, clicking on the desk lamp, the room bathed in a quiet light.

He opened a drawer, pulling out his briefcase, opening it on top of the desk, pulling out the folders laying within.

His eyes went to the bedroom, the room bathed in darkness.

Grayson stared at the folders, his mind on everything.

He sighed, opening the files, browsing through their contents.

A few hours later he'd scanned everything again, the last thing from them he held in his hand.

It was the photograph of the group of people in Emerson's library back on the estate.

"Friends of scholarly togetherness, friends for life. But one of you has gone on to your final reward." Grayson softly said, his eyes scanning the photo and the names listed under it.

"Pompous Darlings." he smiled, remembering Tristan's old name for his small group of friends.

"You were not so pompous on that last night together. The night of the truth's showing." he said, staring at the six faces, lost in their youthful beauty.

His eyes went to the first man on the right, the young man seated on a couch's armrest, three of his friends seated beside him on the couch, another on the other armrest, the last man standing behind the couch, his arms encircling the three on the couch.

"Forever their guiding force, Tristan. And forever Tricky, as you've so lately shown." he said, taking in the young man's features, seeing Emerson's face shining in his more youthful beauty.

His eyes went to the man seated on the other armrest, his youthful features showing a French heritage, the beret he wore on his head naming him as French.

"Jacques Gambon, my sacrificial friend. You gave your life to protect him. He shall come to know of your giving love." he softly said, staring at the youthful apparition showing before him of the man he'd met in Istanbul.

"Forever Frenchie to these five old friends." he said, his finger rubbing across the Frenchman's face.

His eyes went to the others, focusing on the man standing behind the couch.

"You always were out of the group's center, he trying to draw you in, Puck." Grayson said, staring at the man.

"You should have taken in his love, instead of walking into shadows. I am sorry for starting that path for you." he said, the man lost in thoughts of the past.

His eyes went to the man seated in the middle of the couch, Grayson smiling.

"And the ever-giving Lewd. Such a play on your path of devotion, Lewis. Never was there such a giving young man. The only lewdness was in your vicarious fun." Grayson smiled, remembering the young reverend.

Grayson had been sidetracked all evening, his thoughts on the good reverend forgotten.

I shall visit you in the morning, old friend.

Grayson's eyes went to the other two young women seated on both sides of the young minister.

"Beauty, Tristan's soul. Your beauty intoxicated all of us. I hope for your sake--and his--the last twenty years have been what you dreamed of." he softly said, looking at the young woman, and Tristan sitting on the couch's armrest beside her.

Their hands were entwined, their forever showing love on full display.

Grayson sighed, remembering their love for each other.

You walked away from destiny into the night of love.

I hope the path was worth it.

Grayson sighed, his eyes going to the last person seated on the couch.

He stared at her youthful face, her long blond hair cascading over her shoulders, her smile wide and inviting, her blue eyes sparkling like diamonds.

"And the ever happy Vivacious. I had forgotten about you, little spirit of mirthful love. Where has your life taken you?" he said softly in the silent room, his eyes going to the bedroom's darkness, no sound coming from there.

Grayson stared at the young woman, his thoughts on her forgotten smile.

He looked through his folders, remembering the file, pulling it out and opening it.

The life of a teacher, married with two children.

You were the most vivacious, but here now you have the most sedentary life.

He briefly perused the file, taking in her married name, and her rather quiet life.

He sighed, about to close the file, his eyes going to one line typed under her birth date.

His eyes widened, focusing on the line titled Present Location.

Grayson gasped, zeroing in on its two-word answer.

"It. . .it cannot be!" he said, his voice rather loud, the man actually dropping the folder.

A voice from the bedroom brought Grayson back to reality.

"Are you alright, Grayson?" a youthful voice said, Grayson's eyes going to the darkened room.

"Yes. . .yes. . .I am fine." he said, the lawyer staring at the folder before him, reading the location again.

Right before my eyes, hidden under my forgetfulness.

How could I have been so blind!

The man quickly closed the file, his mind jumbled with thoughts and a dawning clarity.

The last of your friends, perhaps the center of all of it.

She has to be the answer.

I must see Lewis immediately.

Grayson heard movement, a young man walking out of his bedroom, Grayson's eyes going to the man's naked form.

"You're up early, Grayson. You've left my warmth." Carl said, the young man's eyes going to the papers strewn across the desk, Grayson picking them up and dumping them into his briefcase.

"Just couldn't sleep. I work when I rise." he said, closing the briefcase, his eyes meeting the young man's pools of blueness.

"I guess I wasn't enough for you. I thought for sure you'd sleep for hours. You were very energetic." Carl said, smiling at the older man.

Grayson smiled, the older man rising to his feet, his eyes taking in every inch of the young man's naked beauty.

He saw the risen state of Carl's swinging shaft.

"And I see you rise to the occasion as well. Your youthfulness has energized my soul, Carl. I can now take on the world, as I must."

The young man smiled, his eyes glancing at the briefcase.

"You're working on such a quiet morning?"
Grayson smiled, setting his briefcase down by the desk's leg.

"Just some last minute details for Emerson. I can now focus back on you. I had planned on pleasing you all morning." he said, the young man smiling.

"I'm leaving in a few hours, unfortunately. I have to pack and then catch a late flight out back to New York. I have to get going on my life again."

Grayson nodded, the young man seeing his eyes scan his body again.

"How about you miss that flight, Carl? I'd love to spend the next few hours revisiting every inch of you. And then I'd like to offer you a new job."
Carl looked surprised, staring at Grayson.
"A job? With you and Emerson Belmont?"

"With me actually. As my personal secretary. I've been needing one for years."
Carl smiled widely, walking up to the older man, wrapping his arms around him.

"This isn't offered because I slept with you last night? I'm usually not this forward, it's just. . .well. . .I've always been attracted to older men. You're so giving, and beautiful. And you were so amazing in your energy. I've never felt a man take me like that before."
Grayson smiled, the young man smiling back as Grayson's hands went to the young man's center, stroking his erection..

"No, son. This isn't because of your amazing body or desires. I've checked out your background while you slept. I do have all connections to Belmont Industries. You're intelligent, organized and determined. What I have here in my hand is just an added bonus."

Carl smiled, knowing that Haven had made all the necessary plans in regards to Carl's deceptive employment records.

"Thank you for having that much faith in me. And for wanting all of me." Carl said, his hand going under Grayson's robe, Grayson moaning softly.

"Oh, yes. I'm sure I'll be very happy with your services. Professional and discretional."

"Then I guess I should keep my new boss happy." he said, Grayson smiling as Carl took his hand, guiding him back towards the bedroom, pulling at Grayson's robe, the man following him into the bedroom.

Both men were lost in their own thoughts, two minds on different paths.

I'll fuck you into submission, you old fart.

You're going to show and tell me everything.

And Haven's going to reward me greatly.

You'll never see it coming.

I'm that talented, all right.

Carl smiled, falling back on the bed, Grayson falling on top of him, the two locked in a heated kiss.

Grayson's thoughts matched Carl's.

I keep my friends close and my enemies closer, Carl.

I'll use you and I'll own you.

Haven's plan won't bear fruit.

And you I'll indeed own, my young beauty.

It starts here now.

Carl moaned as Grayson lay on top of him, the older man's face meeting his as they broke their kiss.

"You are mine now, Carl. Starting now." the older man said, Carl staring into his blue eyes.

Carl gasped when he felt the man's hardness sinking into him, Carl shocked at the old man's rising desire.

"Oh, Grayson! You're. . .you're on fire!"
"I need all of your energy, slut. And I'll have it."

The older man fell forward, Carl gasping as the man began his urgent rhythm, Carl lost in his aggressiveness.

The man was indeed on fire.

Carl moaned, lost in the man's dominance over him.

He began moaning, the young man failing to see the older man's eyes, Grayson's lips against his earlobe.

Grayson's hands moved the young man's hands upwards, securing them behind his head.

Grayson increased his rhythm, thrusting hard into the younger man's center.

"That. . .that's hurting. . .stop Grayson!"
The older man's head moved, Carl focusing on the man's eyes.

Grayson's blue eyes looked like they were glowing.

"What the. . .?"

Grayson grinned, pounding into the young man.

"You're mine, Wilson. And I'll make sure you know it."
Carl gasped, the man above him unwavering in his desires.

Carl felt trapped, the man's dominance overcoming him.

And then he felt his vision blurring, two soft blue points of light fading in his mind.




End of Chapter 10


And so Lucas and Josh have opened their souls to each other.

They perhaps now can have an open, trusting, loving relationship.


Will Justin want that to happen?

What will Lance do to keep his friend focused on Jessica?


Seems the conniving Carl may have met his match in the mysterious Grayson Wainwright.

What did Grayson see in the folder?

Why were his eyes glowing?


Mysteries, I'll give you that.

And someone must know the answers.

Guess that would be me.



Hugs, Angel.