Yesterday's End-11

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 11



New York City


Josh stared at Lucas, the young man's eyes moving away from him.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" he said, Lucas standing up and walking away from him, walking towards the kitchen.

Josh stood up, following him into the kitchen, finding the young man standing at the sink, staring down into its chrome emptiness.

He quietly watched the young man, seeing him lost in thought.

"Have you ever felt that you've been someone before, Josh?"

"You mean like reincarnation, Lucas?"

Josh watched as Lucas turned, his violet eyes staring at Josh, Josh seeing uncertainty there.

"I've had dreams, Josh. Very vivid dreams."

Josh walked up to him, leaning against the counter beside him, their eyes meeting.

"What do you dream about, Lucas?"
Lucas sighed, Josh remaining quiet.

"I dream about America, Josh. Ancient colonial America. You know, Paul Revere and all that."
Josh nodded, remaining quiet, sensing Lucas wanted to talk.

"That's strange, but perhaps not that unusual."

"Josh, I'm not American! I'm from Wales! I'd never been to America till this week! Why the hell would I dream about it?"

Josh nodded, his arm slowly going around Lucas, sensing the young man's feelings of confusion.

"I see your point, Lucas. That is indeed strange. Is there a pattern to these dreams? A familiar path or such?"
"I always walk a long shadowy road, images showing in front of me through thick, dense fog. Voices and faces showing briefly."
"And you think that somehow you may be dreaming someone else's life?"
Lucas slowly nodded, Josh softly smiling at him, Lucas seeing no strange look on Josh's face.

The man wasn't thinking him strange.

"You. . .you don't think that's strange? That I'm weird?"
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"The dreams sound strange, indeed. But you're not, Luke."
Lucas smiled, hearing Josh's use of his shorter name, a sign the man still liked him.

"I've talked to doctors, counsellors, and such. They all couldn't find an answer. I'm just imagining it, that was their conclusion. Even they thought I was nuts."
Josh's eyebrows furrowed.

"That's not true, Luke. You're a sane young man." Josh said, smiling at him, Lucas softly smiling back.

"Thanks, Josh. I was afraid if I told you you wouldn't want to hang around. I never told Jake about it. My bandmates know though."
Josh nodded, knowing the closeness between Luke, his sister, and their two close friends.

A family in all ways.

Josh smiled at Lucas, moving and guiding the young man to the kitchen table, the two sitting down.

"Tell me all about it, Luke. I'd like to know everything. Perhaps I can help in some way?"

Lucas smiled, seeing Josh's concern and friendship.

He saw the man wanting to know all about his life.

Lucas began talking, the other man quietly listening.

Lucas drew Josh into the strangeness of his nocturnal visions.




London, England


Grayson pushed on the door, walking slowly into the room.

His eyes went to the bed in the room's center.

The man laying there seemed comatose, Grayson quietly walking up to the bed's side, looking down at him.

The man's face was covered in bandages, tubes running out of his left arm.

Monitors were connected to him, soft beeps going off above his head.

"Who's there?" the man softly said, Grayson realizing the minister was awake.

"It's me, Lewis. Grayson." the lawyer said, the man's right hand slowly raising, Grayson taking it into his right.

"You. . .they are. . .you must warn. . ." the man said, trying to rise up, his voice staggered and raspy.

"Calmness, my friend. Lay back, you must relax, Lewis." the lawyer said, the man in the bed moving back against the pillows.

His breathing was haggard, Grayson's eyes showing compassionate tears.

"I'm sorry it came to this, Lewis. This was a greater sacrifice than you should have beared." Grayson said, the minister squeezing his hand.

"For them, for their safety. . .yes, it was." he said, Grayson nodding.
"Who did this to you, Lewis?"

The minister trembled, Grayson pulling up a chair beside the bed, his hand remaining in the reverend's.

"He. . .never saw him before. . .eye patch. . .left eye. He was. . .so large. . .so angry. . .so brutal. . ."

Grayson looked surprised, patting the man's arm with his other hand, the minister still trembling.

"What did you tell him, Lewis?"

"He. . .he wanted to know where they were. . .where he was."


The man nodded, Grayson staring at him.

"And what did you tell him? That you knew where he was?"

Lewis' face changed, Grayson seeing an emotional grimace cross it.

"The pain. . .he was so. . .I couldn't stop babbling. . ."
"You were courageous, my friend. No one could hold out against that."
The minister's hand tightened in Grayson's.

"I did, Grayson. My faith in God kept me sane. I told him nothing! That's why. . .why he. . .my eyes. . .I'm blind!"

Grayson teared up, rising and sitting on the man's bed, his hand gently going to the man's shoulder.

"We shall take care of you, Lewis. Emerson will see to your caring, to your recuperation." he said, the man crying.

"Where shall God send me now, Grayson? I am on a path of pain and sorrow. He has made the path so hard."

Grayson nodded, patting the man's shoulder.

"Your help towards them is now done, Lewis. I think it's time you found faith in my giving grace. I want to help them, Lewis. But I can't if I don't know where to find them."
The man nodded, Grayson quietly staring at him.

"I have sinned, Grayson. I have lied to you."
"I know, my friend. I know you've always known where they were."

"No, not exactly, Grayson. I have been in contact with someone. A dear friend who knows where they hide."


Lewis gasped, the lawyer patting his shoulder again.

"How could you. . .?"

"I overlooked her, Lewis. She sat right in front of me and I overlooked her. Our little sunflower of golden joy."

Lewis softly smiled, Grayson glad to see some joy on his face.

"Her golden smile still radiates, Grayson."
"Yes, and I saw the truth right in front of me. I only had to see where she lives."

The minister nodded, Grayson smiling at him.

"You need to rest, my young friend. The best doctors available will be here to attend to you. Emerson has seen to that. He wanted me to tell you that he doesn't forget the beauty of your giving young soul."
"Thank you, Grayson. And. . .thank him. . ."
"He requires no thanks, Lewis. For his son's love he would give all. I think you need to finally realize that. Things aren't as you and your friends seemed to think they were. One day perhaps you'll see that. And then perhaps you can voice a greater kindness to him."
"I understand you words, Grayson. I shall talk long in the darkness with God on such things." the man said, Grayson nodding.

"I. . .I am tired. . ."

"Rest, Lewis. I have to leave for a bit. But I shall see you soon."
The minister nodded, squeezing Grayson's hand again, Grayson staring at him.

"If. . .if you find them. . .if you see them. . .I need to ask their forgiveness. . ."

"No Lewd, old friend of their youthful hearts. I shall only tell them of your giving love. Of the sacrifice you've shown here. And the greater sacrifice Frenchie gave. There is no forgiveness needed for that."

"So long ago, at the innocence of false reality. We were all so young." the minister said, Grayson hearing the tiredness in his pained voice.

"Rest, Reverend. God's with you now."

The minister nodded, settling back into the pillows, Grayson sensing the man had gone back into sleep.

He gently removed his hand from his, no struggle showing.

Grayson stood up, quietly walking out of the room.

Outside in the hall Carl Wilson stood up from the seat he'd been waiting in.

"Is he alright, Grayson? Are you alright?"
Grayson looked at the young man, the man's eyes lowering at the fixed gaze directed at him.

"I am fine, and he shall have to be. Come, Carl. We are taking a voyage."
The young man's eyes raised, staring again into Grayson's steely, determined blue.

"Where are we going, sir?"

Grayson smiled.

"We're going to see a blossoming sunflower. I think her seeds of truth shall be destiny."*




New York City


Lucas' head raised, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"Wow, Lucas. That's so remarkable." he said, his eyes going to the pendant hanging around Lucas' neck, Josh's fingers going out slowly, touching the red stone hanging there, meeting Lucas' eyes again.

"It's real, Josh. It really is real."

"So you don't know this man, the one you saw at the falls? The one who gave you this pendant?"
"No, I've never seen him before in my life. But maybe I have in my past lives."

Josh nodded, his hand going in his.

"We haven't proven that yet, Luke. Let's just leave it at bad dreams right now."

Lucas nodded, seeing the caring in Josh's blue eyes.

"So your parents or your family have never been in America?"
"My parents have visited here, before we were born, but nothing links that with my dreams. I've never learned or knew anything about colonial history. I just can't seem to find out why these dreams haunt me."
"And you've never heard of these Shades before?"
Lucas shook his head no, Josh nodding, patting his hand again.

"That's quite a story, Lucas. You're a fascinating man."

Lucas softly blushed, Josh smiling at his beautiful face.

"I think you need to focus on this life, Lucas. On the life you're going to have with me."

Lucas softly smiled, seeing no strangeness or concern in Josh's blue eyes.

The man wasn't backing away from him.

"You're not fazed by this, Josh?"

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' lips again.

"No, Lucas. I like to think of it as a part of the mystery that is you. My new boyfriend's so mysterious, and so beautiful."

Lucas smiled, staring into his blue eyes.

"You still want to. . ."
Josh moved forward again, this kiss silencing the young man, Lucas lost in its tenderness.

Josh backed up, smiling at him.

"Must I kiss you forever to stop those doubts in your mind?"

Lucas blushed, Josh patting his hand.

"Those dreams are indeed strange and mysterious, Lucas. Perhaps you'll never know their meaning, or perhaps one day you will. That--or nothing--will change my view of you. You're still a young beautiful man with a caring, giving soul. I'll try and be at your side through all of those discoveries."

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back.

"You're amazing, Joshua."
"I'll only be as amazing as I sense you'll make me be."
Lucas grinned, kissing Josh lightly again, the older man smiling after the kiss.

"Then be prepared to be dazzling. I can be very creative."

Josh laughed, Lucas laughing with him, the young man standing and smiling down at him.

"How about we go back into the living room? I'd like to snuggle for the rest of the afternoon in your arms."
Josh beamed, rising quickly, Lucas smiling, the two joining hands, walking back into the living room.


Lucas opened his violet eyes, two blue pools looking down at him.

Lucas lay across the couch, Josh laying beside him, his arms wrapped around Lucas, Lucas' head resting in the crook of his neck.

"Rise and shine, Lucky."

Lucas smiled, sitting up, stretching his arms over his head, smiling at Josh, the man smiling back at him.

"How long was I out?"
Josh glanced at his watch, his arms pulling Lucas back down against him, Lucas sighing with happiness, the warmth of Josh's body against him.

"About two hours. You fell asleep rather quickly. I've been staring at your beautiful face, but nodding on and off as well."
Lucas smiled, his head laying against Josh's chest, Lucas hearing his heart beating in his chest.

"Your rhythmic heartsong lulled me to dreamland." he smiled, Josh smiling down at him.

"Perfect. The echo of my love."

Lucas smiled, sitting up again, staring at Josh.

"That's perfect!"

Josh looked quizzically at him, Lucas smiling.

"I've been working on a song in my head all day. You just gave me an inspirational thought."

Josh smiled, their eyes meeting.

"I am the muse of your soul, as you'll be mine."
Lucas smiled, returning to Josh's embrace.

"Can we stay here all day? I feel like I'm in heaven."
Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' forehead.

"Life doesn't work that well, my angel."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"You called me Lucky, Joshua."
Josh blushed, Lucas' violet eyes raising and meeting his.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. I should have asked. I know only Trish, Finn and Skyler call you that."
Lucas moved forward, his lips meeting Josh's, Josh lost in the tenderness of the kiss.

Lucas broke the kiss, their eyes meeting again.

"I think I'll be only your Lucky from now on. I believe they'll understand."

Josh beamed, Lucas seeing the happiness on his face.

Their moment of new love was interrupted by Lucas hearing the condo door unlocking.

"So ends our afternoon of quiet happiness." he smiled, Josh smiling back.

"We could lock them out?"

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling wider, Lucas sitting up.

"Nah. Those mother hens would find some way to get in. They're so nosy."
Josh laughed, Lucas grinning, his and Josh's eyes going to the opening condo door.

Finn walked in, smiling at the two seated on the living room couch, Justin and Trish walking in behind him, Skyler and Lance following them.

"Man, you can smell the testosterone from the hallway. So who's the top boy?" he grinned, Lucas raising a saluting finger, Finn laughing.

Justin smiled at Lucas, his eyes then going to Josh.

"You missed some great music, guys. Your arrangements for the other songs are nothing short of spectacular, Luke." Justin said, sitting down on the couch beside the two men.

"I know, Jus. They echo from my heart." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"I hope we aren't intruding?" Lance said, sitting down on a plush chair beside them, Trish sitting on the chair's armrest.

"Nothing can intrude on our love. It's ours alone." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, Finn making gagging noises as he and Skyler sat down on another couch across from them.

Skyler rolled her eyes, slapping Finn on the side of the head, the man blushing and looking at her, lowering his eyes.

"Forgive Mr. Romance here. He forgets the dawning of our love." she said, Finn softly smiling, nodding his head, Skyler smiling at him.

Josh and Lucas both smiled at the two, Trish smiling at both.

She saw the happiness etched across Lucas' face, her smile enlarging.

"I'm glad you like my music, Jus." Lucas said, staring at him, Justin smiling at him.

"You've got some amazing songs, Luke. I listened to this morning's recordings and went through the music for the others with Finn. Simply amazing. This album will take everyone by surprise. It's going to be fantastic. I may have found myself my very own gaggle of Biebers!"

Lucas rolled his eyes, Finn laughing.

"We are not teeny boppers, Jus. I'm twenty, and these three are ancient." he said, Justin laughing, Lucas' bandmates all saluting him, Lucas laughing.

"I meant the magnitude of your impending stardom. You four are going to take the world by storm just as explosively as he did."
All four smiled, Justin smiling.

"On that note, this future megastar should rustle up some supper for everyone." Lucas said, standing up, Josh smiling up at him.

"Everyone staying?" he said, looking at Josh, Justin and Lance.

"You've clued in early to the best way to our hearts, Carver. We all love a good home-cooked meal! Joey's going to love you!" Lance smiled, Lucas smiling back at him.

"Cooking feeds my soul, and my friends reap the benefits. Relax everyone. I may need you to go to the store, Finny."
Finn nodded, rising up, kissing Skyler as he got up, she smiling at him as the two walked into the kitchen.

Everyone's eyes went back to Josh's smiling face when Finn and Lucas walked into the kitchen, Trish moving and sitting down beside him.

"My brother seems to be walking on cloud nine. I take it I have you to thank for that?"
Josh smiled, nodding at Trish.

"He's a wonderful, giving, loving young man, Trish. I think I'm falling in love with him."

Trish smiled, leaning in and kissing Josh's cheek.

"I guess I should welcome you to our family. We all welcome you with happiness. I've waited a long time to see my brother smiling like that. My Mom and Dad are going to love you!"

Josh smiled, Skyler smiling at Josh.

"Welcome to our inner circle, Josh. But try to keep the necking down, okay? My Finn hates competition. And I hate being molested by him."

Josh laughed, Trish and Skyler joining him, Justin smiling at all three, Lance smiling and staring at Justin.


Josh sighed, rubbing his stomach, Lucas smiling, sitting beside him.

"My man's a little piggy. Three plates, Josh?" he said, Josh softly blushing, Lucas winking at him.

"I had to keep up to Justin, Luke. And your food was so delicious." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, then at Justin and Lance, both men seated on the couch across from them, both looking overstuffed, and contented.

Lucas had created a mushroom casserole, garlic mashed potatoes and seasoned pork chops, his food a hit with everyone

"Damn, that was so good!" Justin said, rubbing his own stomach, sighing with contentedness.

Finn smiled at him, the man laying on the floor, his head in Skyler's lap.

"Lucky's the best cook, bar none. He can make heaven out of nothing." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him, his friend's comment heartfelt.

"I like to cook, it calms my soul." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Why do I feel like I'm going to get tubby?"

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at Josh, patting his stomach.

"I'll keep you in shape, old timer." he said, Finn laughing, Lucas looking towards him.

"The other white meat." he grinned, Lucas blushing.

Everyone laughed again, Josh kissing his cheek, Lucas smiling.

Lucas' face suddenly changed, his expression going blank, the young man sitting up erect.

"You okay, Lucas?" Josh said, looking at him with confusion.

Lucas seemed to be staring at nothing, Josh sitting up more and touching his shoulder.

Everyone's laughter had died down, all their eyes focusing on the young man.

"Earth to Lucas! Hello?" Josh said, lightly shaking Lucas' shoulder, the young man's trance breaking.

The young man's eyes met Josh's, Josh seeing confusion in those violet pools.

"I. . .I just had a strange feeling."
"What did you feel, Lucky?" Trish said, staring at her brother.

"I. . .I felt immense heat. Then I thought I heard. . ."

Everyone stared at Lucas, the young man's words ended by the ringing of the phone on the end table.

Lucas rose up, picking up the cordless phone, answering it.

"Hello?" he said, his eyes moving away from everyone.

"Hi, Sol. How are things in England?" Lucas said, Trish smiling towards him, knowing he was talking to their manager.

"Okay. Just a second." Lucas said, looking around at everyone, meeting his sister's eyes.

"I'll be right back." he said, walking into the kitchen, not waiting for an answer from anyone.

Trish's eyes met Finn's, the man shrugging his shoulders, Josh staring at Trish.

"Is he alright, Trish?" he said, Trish staring towards the kitchen.

"I'm not sure, Josh. Something's going on. I feel it, in his looks and in his tone of voice."

Josh nodded, looking towards the kitchen as well.

"Lucas told me about his dreams."
Everyone nodded, Lance looking at everyone with confusion.

Trish quickly explained to Lance about Lucas' America dreams, the man's eyes widening with surprise.

"That's. . .that's so bizarre, so strange. And no one's found any connection to anything with them?"
"No, nothing. Lucas has been dreaming them since he was ten." Trish said, Finn and Skyler looking at her with love.

"So strange." Lance said, his green eyes going towards the kitchen.

"But, I sense the man's a remarkable individual. I see a lot of greatness in him." Lance said, looking and smiling at Josh.

Josh nodded, looking at Trish.
"But something right now is bothering him, I feel it." Trish said, looking towards the kitchen.

Josh nodded, for he'd felt it, too, a change coming over Lucas.

Everyone met his and Trish's eyes, the room shadowed in silence.


A few minutes later Lucas walked back into the room, Josh on his feet immediately, everyone else following, Trish staring at her brother.

Josh had risen in shocked concern, his eyes drawn to Lucas' white, serious face.

He saw immediately the distress showing on the young man's face.

"What's wrong, Luke?" Finn said, staring at his young friend.

Lucas' eyes met his for only a second, their violet emotion focusing on Trish.

He walked up to his sister, Trish staring at him with mounting concern.

"What. . .what is it, Luke?" she said, Lucas' arms going around her, hugging her close.

"That was Sol. He. . .he got a call from home, Trish."
Trish's eyes met Lucas', seeing the emotion in his violet eyes now.

"What's wrong? Mom and Dad? Is something wrong?"

Lucas looked around at everyone, Josh's eyes meeting his.

"There's been a fire, Trish."

"Fire? You mean at home? Mom and Dad, they're okay?"
Josh saw the pained look in Lucas' eyes, knowing something was deeply wrong.

"Our home's gone, Patricia. It burned to the ground late last night. And Dad's in the hospital. He was burned, seriously."

Trish began to sob, Lucas pulling her against her.

Finn and Skyler surrounded them, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"And Mom? Is she okay, Lucky?" Trish said, through her tears.

Finn stared at Lucas, Lucas lowering his eyes.

"No one knows, Trish."

"What do you mean, Lucky?" she said, Lucas meeting his sister's emotional gaze.

"She's gone, Patricia. She's disappeared."

Trish sobbed, Lucas holding onto her tightly, Finn's and Skyler's arms going around them.


Josh's blue eyes looked at Lucas, the young man sitting on his sister's bed, Trish sound asleep on top of it.

Josh stood in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his.

"She's finally asleep. I had to hold her for over an hour." Lucas softly said, slowly rising from the bed, walking over to Josh, the man's arms going around the younger man's waist, Lucas' head going against Josh's chest.

"Rest she needs. How are you holding up?"

"I'm focused on her, and my parents, Josh. That's my priority now."

Josh nodded his head, slowly leading Lucas out of the room, his arms still around him, walking him down the hallway.

Finn rose from the couch as Lucas and Josh rejoined the group, the man's arms going around Lucas as Josh released him.

"How's she doing, Lucky?"
"She's asleep, Finny." he said, Finn rubbing his back, Skyler smiling at him with love.

"She needs rest."
Lucas nodded, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Lance is on the phone with the airlines. We're trying to get a flight out immediately." he said, Lucas nodding, looking towards Lance, the man smiling at him, his cell phone at his ear.

"We have to go back, Justin. They're my parents. . .my family." he said, Justin nodding, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Of course, Luke. Family always comes first."
Lucas smiled at him, Finn guiding him to the couch, the two sitting down beside Skyler.

"Justin and I have talked, Luke. We're all going with you." Josh said, sitting in the chair beside the three, Justin sitting on the armrest of Josh's chair.

"Thanks, guys. But you have your lives to live." he said, Josh leaning forward and patting his knee.

"We're also your friends, Lucas. As are Finn and Skyler. We'll all be there for both of you. As your new boyfriend, my place will always be beside you in times of crisis." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"How are you holding up, bud?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"I'm fine, Finny. I've got to take care of Trish, and my Dad."
"What happened, Luke?"

"Sol said the police called him, he listed as a contact for Trish and myself. Dad came home last night and the house was ablaze. He ran in searching for Mom and got trapped. Two neighbours ran in and dragged him out. They didn't find her then or after the blaze. She wasn't in the house. But she's disappeared. There's no trace of her."

Finn nodded, his arm going around his friend, his girlfriend's love there for him as well.

"We'll find her, Lucky. And your father's going to be okay. Poppa Carver's a fighter." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"He's received second degree burns on his hands and legs. The doctors say he'll pull through but it will be a long road."

Josh smiled at Lucas, the young man looking towards him.

"You need rest as well, Lucas. It's going to be a long night and an even longer day tomorrow." Josh said, Lance hanging up his phone and looking towards Lucas.

"We're booked on a flight leaving tonight at one. That'll put us in Cardiff in Wales by three tomorrow afternoon Wales' time."
"Thanks, Lance." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"We'll let Trish sleep till eleven, then we'll head out. I'll run you over to your place, Justin. So you can pack some things for you and Josh." Lance said, Lucas looking at his watch, seeing it was after eight.

"You're going to lay down for a bit, Lucas." Josh said, standing up, looking down at Lucas.

"I won't be able to sleep, Joshua." he said, Josh offering him his hand, Lucas' hand going in his, the man pulling Lucas up off the couch.

"I'll sit with you." he said, Lucas smiling, Josh leading him back down the hallway, their friends watching the two men go.

"Josh will make him sleep. Love always calms a troubled soul." Lance said, Justin looking down the hallway.


Lucas felt the arms going around him, the young man laying in his bed, Josh laying beside him.

Josh hadn't said a word, leading the young man to the bed, gently guiding him down onto it, Josh joining him in silence, his arms going around Lucas, the young man's head laying against his chest.

"Close your eyes, Lucky." Josh softly said, Lucas laying in silence.

"I. . .I felt it, Josh. I felt the heat of the fire and I heard her voice. It. . .it was a sign, Josh."
Josh tightened his hold on Lucas, the young man clinging to him.

"Let's not focus on that right now, Lucky. You need to sleep." Josh said, the man kissing Lucas' forehead.

"Thank you for being here, Josh."
"You're welcome, Lucky. I'm happy to be here."
Josh felt Lucas begin to tremble.

"Where is she, Josh? What's going on?" he softly said, Josh hearing the emotion in his young voice.

"I don't know, Lucky. But we'll find her and your family will be okay. I promise."
Lucas began to cry, Josh tightening his hold on him, the man beginning to softly sing.

Lucas quieted down, listening to Josh's soft voice.

The sound made the young man calm down, his violet eyes closing.

Josh softly sang an old song, Lucas laying against him.

Josh felt like his world was complete.

He had someone in his arms whom he thought he could truly love.

I'm here, Lucky.

I'm not going anywhere.

I need you as much as you need me.
I. . .I love you.

Josh teared up, the young man against him now very quiet.

He softly smiled, knowing Lucas had drifted off to sleep.

Josh lowered his head, resting it against Lucas' black curls.

Josh heard a movement, his blue eyes going towards Lucas' bedroom doorway.

Justin stood in the doorway, his eyes meeting Josh's, the man raising his finger to his lips, Justin nodding.

"Heading over to the condo, I'll pack some clothing for you." he softly said, Josh nodding.

Their eyes met again, Josh seeing the love in Justin's blue eyes.

Josh wasn't certain of whom that love was directed at.

Justin bowed his head, the man disappearing down the hallway.

Josh stared after him, his eyes going to the sleeping vision in his arms.

He sighed, closing his own eyes, surrounding the young man with his love.



On the Road


Lucas' violet eyes looked downward, seeing the soft sand at his feet.

He raised his head, his vision met with a wall of fog as always.

He was on the road again, knowing he had fallen asleep in Josh's arms.

The fog cleared, a softening vision coming out of the gloom.

He smiled, seeing before him the waterfall again.

It was as it had been the last time, Lucas taking in all its remembered beauty.

He heard the waterfall, the mist rising from the pool below it.

He walked across the meadow, reaching the rocks, sitting down on a boulder, his eyes staring around the clearing, then at the falling water.

"Wetness echoes in all our souls."

Lucas' eyes turned, the young man's reflexes making him back up a bit.

Not three feet in front of him sat the stranger.

His green eyes were fixed on Lucas, a soft smile on his face.

"You. . .you startled me." Lucas softly said, the man smiling more.

"Reality surprises all of us." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"You have fallen asleep in turmoil, my young friend. I had to create the falls quickly to staid their interference. Your emotions act as a beacon to them."
"To who? What are you talking about?"

"I am talking about fail-safes, Lucas. About layers of protection. I sense you'll keep me very busy in the days ahead. As you kept me busy last year. That was a tumultuous time. The Shades almost solidified."

"Please tell me what's going on? I. . .I felt. . ."
"You felt the edge of Vita Tactus. You surprise me greatly."

"Vita Tactus? What is that?"

"That is a state of readiness, Lucas. Your soul begins to solidify. You're an amazing wonder."

"I'm a freak. I'm. . .I'm losing my mind." Lucas softly said, staring out at the water, not looking at the man.

"I assume it would appear that way to your confused mind, Lucas. For you are the only one to have experienced this."

"Experienced what?" Lucas said, his eyes going back to the man, the man gone.

"The Ortus Animus. You are gaining your uniform of life, valiant warrior. The Shades shall cower in fear." the man said, Lucas jumping a bit, the man now on his other side.

"Are you. . .are you a ghost? Or just my imagination? What's happening to me?"

"I am who I am, that one day you shall learn. The other two have seen to that necessity."

"The other two? You are talking riddles, ghost. Tell me the truth or leave." Lucas said, his eyes moving away from the man.

"Truth mirrors on different levels. The two of my creation have realized that. And out of that turmoil came the answer. An ancient truth. The Ortus Animus. The eons have made the myths reality. That in itself amazes even me, the first soul of this transgression."

"Transgression? Of what do you speak? Your attire. It looks as if you are--or were--a soldier."

"Yes, I once was a soldier of truth, a warrior of the unjust. Long has my heart widened since then. Life is a necessity of invention, my young friend. And yours is a necessity of destiny."

Lucas stood up, the man rising as well.

"Please tell me what's going on. Why am I in these dreams or visions?"
"Because you have been sent to me, Lucas. You are on the path of reality. Of the truth's reality."
"But what reality is this? Yours? My own?"

The man lowered his eyes, bowing his head.

"It is the transgression of my failure, Lucas. You walk the path of my error."
"Your error? Your error in what?"
The man's eyes raised, Lucas seeing a soft glowing emerald facade in those pools.

"My error in trusting man's soul."

"What man?"
"All men, Lucas. For I am a prisoner of fate."

Lucas looked confused, staring at the man's handsome features.

"Who are you, really?"

"I am you, Lucas. Or a passing image of what you once were."

"You're. . .you're me?"

"I only hope that one day you can bring that image back to its former self."

"So. . .so all this. . .I am walking through your life?"

"You are walking through all lives, Lucas. There is more than just myself within you."

Lucas stared in surprise, their eyes meeting again.

"I was chosen for my heroic soul. You are chosen for your loving."
"Chosen for what?"

"For salvation, Luke."

Lucas stared at the man, surprised he'd called him Luke.

The man smiled, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder, Lucas feeling a comforting warmth spread through him.

"All will be learned upon the path, Luke. You just have to have faith in yourself and your soul."
"I. . .I believe in myself. In what I want to do with my life."
The man smiled again, patting Lucas' shoulder.

"Half the battle is won then. Now comes the beginning of the other half. Look into yourself and you shall find the courage to do what you must do. I am here always to guide you forward. I walk as you walk."
The man moved back, staring towards the waterfall.

"They are out there, Lucas. You have their courage flowing through you."

"Who is out there?"

"Many who seek you, Lucas. And others that know not of your existence. But soon those realities will show themselves."
Lucas still looked confused, the man smiling at him.

"The heat you felt was not the heat of your home's destruction. It was the stirring of your own soul's fire. And that voice was not your mother's. It was the voice of a Shade. For they have found you."

"A Shade? What is that?"
"It is a shade of what it once was, a shadow of its own lost self. I have long heard them, and have reasoned them as non-threatening. I just do not know of their true existence. Or their true purpose. Here they cannot touch you. For this is a place of your own creation. It will be your safe haven in times of pain."

Lucas sat down on a boulder, staring at the man staring back at him.

"I feel like I am in a twisted version of The Lord of The Rings. What's next? Do I go on a quest? Is there a magical ring? Or is it this stone around my neck?" Lucas said, his hands going to the red stone hanging there.

"That stone is indeed magical, Luke. But only as magical as your own true self. For it is carved from your soul."

Lucas looked down at the stone, seeing it softly pulsing, a deep red glow coming from it.

"It. . .it is part of me?"
"Yes, a small part. As are other things. Things you will learn walking forward."
Lucas' violet eyes raised, the man seeing them focused and determined.

"Where is my mother? Did you do something to her?"
The man stared at Lucas.

"She is within your heart, Lucas. You only have to focus on that to find her. And then perhaps you will then have to accept some truths hidden from you."

Lucas lowered his head, the man moving, sitting down beside him on the boulder, his hand going to his shoulder again.

"Do not focus on the pain given to those you love. Focus on what you must do to ease that pain. It all lays within yourself."

"My father? My sister?"
"He awaits you, Lucas.  Ease his pain with the love within your heart. That in its giving will ease your sister's."

Lucas looked confused, the man smiling at him.

"Your friends await, as does your new beau."

"Beau? You. . .you know of my love for Joshua?"
The man smiled, standing again.

His green eyes focused on Lucas, a soft smile crossing his handsome face.

"Your love echoes through all hearts."

The man began to fade before Lucas' eyes slowly, Lucas standing up, seeing the clearing encroached by fog.

"Who. . .what is your name? I must know!"

The man smiled, fading into nothing, his voice a wisp on the thick dense foggy air.

"Call me Joshua."


Lucas opened his eyes, two pools of blue meeting his violet eyes.

"It's after eleven, Luke." Josh said, his hand on Lucas' shoulder, the man sitting on the edge of Lucas' bed.

Lucas rose up, engulfing Josh in his arms, Josh smiling at the touching display of affection Lucas was showing him.

Josh smiled, his arms going around him.

"You're real, Josh."

Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, Lucas. I'm real, and so are you."
Lucas backed up a bit, then leaned forward, kissing Josh on the lips, Josh feeling a lot of tenderness in the kiss.

"If this is how you react when you awaken, I'm going to make sure you sleep lots." Josh smiled when they broke the kiss, Lucas staring at him, then softly smiling.

"I. . .I just missed you." he said, Josh smiling.

"I wasn't away, Luke. I was right here beside you all the time."
Lucas nodded, laying back against the pillows.

"Trish is awake, and looking for you. Everyone's surrounding her."
Lucas nodded, his hand going into Josh's, the man smiling at him.

"And your love surrounds me. We're both so lucky."
"Well, you are my Lucky."
Lucas smiled, then moved.

He sat up, then stood up, Josh looking up at him.

"Let's go, Josh. I want to get home as soon as possible. I have to help my father, and I have to find my mother. Only that will heal my sister's emotions."
Josh nodded, standing up, Lucas taking his hand in his.

"Promise me you'll be by my side through all of it?"

"Yes, Lucas. I promise."

Lucas smiled, his eyes sparkling with a soft look of intense love, Josh lost in their violet hue.

The two walked out of the bedroom, heading for their friends and family.



Pembroke, Wales.


The man walked across the lawn, his blue eyes looking towards the other man standing in the middle of a charred ruin of a once magnificent home.

"Have you found anything?" the man said, his eyes scanning around the neighbourhood, then back at the man.

The area was cordoned off by long taped lines of yellow, the fire department having sealed it off under the police's instruction.

The man shivered, feeling the coolness of the late April evening, pulling his trench coat's lapel around his neck.

"What are you searching for? Can I help?"
"Stay there, my friend. I am only looking at the destruction. Someone has eradicated truth's necessity. I only hope they haven't eradicated the blossoming flower."

Grayson Wainwright's blue eyes looked toward Carl Wilson, the young man looking half frozen.

Grayson smiled, his eyes scanning the charred remains of Vivian Carver's home.

What happened here, dear lady?

What walked into this haven of love?

Are you safe, or have they captured you?

For your sake I hope the former.

What secrets lay hidden within you, my lost flower of radiating love?

Shall we ever know?

Grayson's eyes moved around, something catching his eye.

He bent down, sorting through a charred pile of ashes and broken glass.

He saw the corner of a white sheet of paper, pulling it out of the pile, shaking the ashes off of it, turning it over and focusing on it.

In his hand he held a photograph.

He stared at it, four smiles shining up at him.

He focused on the central two, smiling at the woman's regal beauty, her shoulder length blond hair as beautiful as it once had been.

Her face was etched in a more mature countenance, but just as lovely as it once had been in youth.

Grayson's eyes went to the man beside her, her husband distinguished looking and handsome.

To his left was a vision of blond-haired beauty, her obvious daughter as beautiful as she had been in youth.

Grayson's eyes moved to the right, focusing on a young man of exquisite beauty, two violet pools of life staring back at him.

Grayson gasped, staring in shock at the young man.

"It. . .it can't be!" he gasped, his legs starting to tremble.

He began to stagger, two arms wrapping around him, Carl's arms around him.

"Are you alright, Grayson?"
"I. . .it cannot be! What is going on here??!" he gasped, Carl's face showing concern.

"What is it, Grayson?"

"We. . .we must wait. He'll come. . .he will come."

"Who? You're not making sense."
Grayson regained his composure, standing tall again.

"Come, Carl. We shall return to our hotel and wait. I have found the trail. I only need now the answers to my questions."
The man moved, walking out of the charred rubble, the photograph still in his hand.

Carl stared at it as he followed, seeing four people.

He caught a brief glimpse of a young man showing, the man lost in the beauty of his face.



End of Chapter 11


And so Lucas' family now enters the story, in a dramatic way.

What has destroyed their childhood home?

Why was Grayson so shocked at that picture?

He's already run into Lucas at the airport, what has surprised him now?


Seems our Lucas and Josh are cementing their relationship.

And Justin still seems at odds with that realization.

Lance stands on the sidelines and watches.

I'm sure you sense he's clued into everything.


And Lucas has met the stranger of his dreams, the man now known as Joshua.

Is he a mirrored fantasy of Josh's love seeping into Lucas' mind?

Or is there more there as well?


Up next: A return home for the group Orion.

And more drama.


Hugs, Angel.