Yesterday's End-118

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 118


Lucas filled the glass pitcher with lemonade, the young man smiling.

"And so the marauders return with their treasures. Is L.A. still standing? I don't see many bags. No one got any booty?" he smiled, his violet pools turning.

Justin and Lance both smiled at him, Lucas standing at the kitchen counter as Josh's arms went around his muscled form.

Their lips met, the other two men walking up to the two.

"Justin's car holds our treasures, Josh holds his." Lance smiled, leaning in and kissing Lucas' warm lips.

Justin did the same, Josh's arms still around his man, Lucas in the center of their trio of love.

"I have my own treasures, all three of you. And my gift to all of you is my love." he smiled, the three men smiling at him.

"You are indeed a present. Can I unwrap you?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at his licking his lips.

"Later, sexy. It's a big surprise." Lucas smiled, winking at him, Justin licking his lips again.

"Not as big as Lancy's, but a treasure nonetheless." Josh smiled, Lucas winking at him, the man feeling Josh's hands on his ass.

"I have my treasure in my hands." Josh said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"That's not the booty I was referring to, Beamy."

The four laughed together, Justin's arms going around Lance's waist.

"Where's everyone else?" Lucas asked, Josh kissing his neck.

"They were putting their own treasures away upstairs. Finny said they were all going to hit the pool." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"So what did my angel buy me?" Lucas said, kissing his lips again, the other two men smiling.

"A present for later, sweetie." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You and your surprises. That hot body, your love." he said, Josh smiling and kissing his lips.

"Need help with anything, babe?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, sweetie. Dinner's slowly cooking in the oven, the fixings are prepared. Why don't you all head out onto the patio? Nick and Gid are here. Everyone's in or near the pool." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his cheek again.

"Okay, babe. But you need to relax and play with us in the pool." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Wet and in my trio's heaven. My favourite place, babes." Lucas said, his lips moving and kissing Justin's warm lips deeply.

Justin felt the love flowing through him, the two parting.

"Wow." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

Lucas kissed Lance next, Josh smiling at the look on Justin's face.

Lance felt the love as well, the man lost in its deep warmth.

They slowly parted, Lucas' lips lingering on Lance's warm lips.

"Wow. . .wow." he softly said, he and Justin both staring at Lucas, the young man's handsome face showing deep love.

"Get used to it, boys. My love flows deep." Lucas said, his lips meeting his man's, Josh feeling that deep love.

The two parted, all four staring at each other.

"Your warm love flows through me. I do indeed need to hit the pool to cool off." Lucas smiled, the three smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, picking up the tray of lemonade, Justin smiling at him.

"Let me take that for you, Lucky." he said, taking the tray from him, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips again.

"How chivalrous you are, Jus. You're going to be my first wet playmate. Wet Timberlake skin. We all love it."
Justin smiled, seeing the love on Lucas' face.

It matched his own.

Lance and Josh both smiled, the four walking out onto the patio.


Josh, Lance and Justin all stood at the pool's edge, staring down into two handsome faces.

Emerson and Tristan were standing in waist deep water, both men smiling up at the three standing on the pool's edge.

Justin's blue eyes were scanning both muscular men, Lance's arms around his waist, he staring as well with surprise at the two smooth, muscular visions.

Lucas walked up to them, his arm going around his man's waist, kissing his cheek, Lucas standing between Josh and Justin.

"I come from beautiful stock, guys. My beauty mirrors theirs." Lucas said, his father smiling up at him.

"Come on in, Lucas. The water's heaven. It needs only its angel to truly make it beautiful." Tristan said, Lucas smiling down at his father.

"The secret ingredient. My love." Lucas smiled, everyone in the pool smiling at him.

Gideon and Nick were swimming together at the deep end, waving at all four.

"Your love warms any water, Lucas." Emerson smiled, the young man smiling at his grandfather.

"Then be prepared for double the love." Lucas grinned, the young man moving suddenly, his arms wrapping around Justin's smooth body, the man pulling him out of Lance's arms, Lucas diving into the pool, Justin wrapped in his muscled arms, Justin screaming.

The two hit the water, disappearing under its blue waves.

Justin felt Lucas' muscled arms around him, the man wrapped in a cocoon of love.

He felt Lucas' lips go to his, the man feeling the love flowing through him.

Justin felt Lucas' body moving upwards, their lips parting as the two men came out of the water, their arms wrapped around each other, Lucas' smiling face in front of Justin's.

"I said you'd be my first wet playmate." he smiled, Justin smiling wider.

"A man of his word."
Lance and Josh were both laughing, Justin smiling up at them.

"Our sneaky friend ambushed me." he smiled, Lucas smiling up at his soulmates.

"My love ambushes everyone."

The two above them smiled, then laughed, diving into the pool, coming up in front of their soulmates.

Tristan and Emerson were smiling as well, looking at the four men joining together.

"The love's doubled twofold." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandfather, Josh's arms going around his man, Justin's arms going around his Lance.

"Got that right." Josh smiled, his lips meeting Lucas'.

"No making out in the pool! Others have to swim in that!" Finn yelled, he and others walking out of the house, Lucas' violet pools looking towards his friend.

Finn now stood on the pool's edge, smiling down at his friend, his loud laughter filling the pool area.

Lucas smiled up at him, his friend's smiling, laughing face grinning.

"At least the pool's hair and monster free." Lucas said, Justin laughing.

Lucas' violet pools met his and Lance's, Lance smiling at him.

"Well at least hair free." Lucas said, winking at Lance, Lance blushing, Justin kissing his cheek, Josh lightly laughing.

Finn smiled, folding his arms, his muscled hairy physique covered by a black athletic shirt and black swim trunks, looking down at the four friends swimming together.

"And up here it's gay orgy free, gay boys. Only dry angels here." Finn smiled, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' mirthful violet.

"I wouldn't go that far, Finny. And angels love to fly." he smiled, his violet pools moving behind Finn.

Finn laughed, the man suddenly airborne, two muscular forms wrapped around him.

Finn screamed, water hitting him immediately.

He sank to the bottom of the pool, the man feeling two sets of muscled arms around him pulling him upwards.

He broke the surface, staring into two blue pools, Harry's smiling face right in front of him.

"Welcome to heaven, Finny! Us gay angels welcome you into our wet orgy!" Harry laughed, Finn feeling two lips kissing his cheek, the man's head turning.

Alain's smiling handsome face was inches away from him, his arms wrapped around Finn's wet body as well.

The two men had snuck up on him at the pool's edge, wrapping their arms around him and then diving into the water.

All around them everyone was laughing, Finn blushing.

"I was only fooling around! Let go of me!" he said, the man feeling two other lips kiss his cheek, turning and staring into Harry's blue pools again.

"You'll always be wrapped in our love, Finny! And don't ever change!" Harry laughed, Alain joining him, the two releasing their holds on Finn, the man blushing, listening to all the laughter around him.

Lucas swam up to him, smiling at his friend.

Finn looked into his violet pools, seeing the love and smiling happiness there.

"You'll always be Sky's angel, dry or wet." he smiled, Finn smiling back at him, his blue eyes looking up at Skyler standing on the pool's edge now, Trish and Andrew beside her.

"Come on in, babe. This pool needs our real love." he smiled, the man suddenly feeling a hand go on top of his head, Finn submerging again.

Finn came back up to the surface, staring into Tristan's green pools, the man smiling at him, he having been the one who'd dunked him.

Josh was now at Lucas' side, his arms around him.

Justin and Lance and Harry and Alain were all smiling at him as well.

Finn's blue eyes met Tristan's green again.

"My son's love is the center of all the love here, Finn. Our love is all real because of him." the man smiled, looking at his wife who was standing at the pool's edge.

Finn nodded, looking around at everyone.

"I'm sorry, guys. I see all the love surrounding me is also real. And you are our center, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No hard feelings?" Finn smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Well, I felt something hard." Harry said, batting his eyes, Alain laughing, Finn blushing.

Lucas smiled, Finn's eyes meeting his.

"We all love ya, Finny. Don't ever change."
Finn grinned, the man feeling two arms wrap around him.

Sky's lips met his, she having swum up behind him.

The two parted, their eyes meeting with love.

"I love you the most, Finny." she said, everyone smiling.

The man smiled, everyone swimming away from them, couples joining in wet love.

Savannah smiled, diving into the pool near her husband.


Dinner was a gathering of friends.

Everyone enjoyed Lucas' delicious dinner, the man smiling at all their showing compliments.

He sat beside Josh, his man's arms around him, dessert just finished, everyone relaxing on the patio at tables, coffee in hand.

The sun had just set behind the far wall of the backyard's fence, Josh having just lit the patio lanterns, then rejoining his man.

"A wonderful day of joining love. My family's almost all here." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Your family comes tomorrow, as do our other friends. My family will be all around me." he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"We should go over the reports, Luke. I think you need a relaxing weekend with just your family." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"Alright, Gid." he said, Grayson looking at the young man.

"We should adjourn to the office, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am surrounded by family and friends, Gray. They can all listen in." he said, Gideon nodding with a smile.

"I'll grab my briefcase from the car, Luke." he said, standing up, Nick rising as well, smiling at him.

The two joined hands, both walking into the house.

Josh smiled, his eyes meeting Justin's blue.

"Nick is his shadow." Josh said, Lucas smiling.

"New love always holds close to its heart." he said, everyone smiling at him.

"You're so giving, Lucas. Your love reaches out to all lost, needful souls. Its beauty ignites other love." Francesca said, Emerson's arm around her.

Lucas smiled at his grandparents, Josh snuggling against him.

"I am the flame of love. And water only makes me shine brighter. Nothing can extinguish my giving soul." he smiled, everyone looking at him with love.

"You seem so calm, Lucas. So focused and calm." Grayson said, Lucas looking at the lawyer.

"I am, Gray. For I know what's going to happen. From today forward. And I'll face it all with you all surrounding me." he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

Gideon and Nick walked back out of the house, Gideon carrying his briefcase.

Lucas smiled at both, both returning to their seats.

"That wasn't long. You should have at least enjoyed some alone time." Lucas smiled, Nick smiling at him.

"Every moment with Gideon is fun, Luke." he smiled, Gideon blushing.

Nick kissed his cheek, their eyes meeting.

"Ah, young love." Emerson said, everyone chuckling, the two men smiling around at each other, Nick's arm going around Gideon's back.

The lawyer smiled at Lucas, opening his briefcase on the table.
Everyone quietly stared at him, the man pulling out some folders.

"Alright, Lucas. We've gone through all the photographs of the crime scene, the forensic reports--what there were of them released. Grayson has obtained Jake's background reports, financial assets, and police activities. We should go through them all." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"I know some of what's in there, Gideon. The gist of it, I mean" Lucas said, Gideon's eyes meeting his.

"You know, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

Gideon scanned the papers, everyone quietly staring at him, Grayson speaking.

"Jake Addison came into a large sum of money recently, Lucas. As well as that condo where the murder occurred." the older lawyer said, Lucas nodding.

"Haven Marlowe was bankrolling him, Gray." Lucas said, Emerson's green eyes meeting his with surprise, Lucas sighing.

"He's connected to this, Lucas?" Emerson said, Tristan staring at his son.

"Yes, Grandfather. Jake was under Haven's control." he said, Tristan and his father exchanging glances.

"How. . .how is that possible? And for what reason?" Francesca said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting hers.

"I don't know the possibilities of it, but I do know the reason--to stop me."
"To stop you, Lucas?" Alain said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Alain. Haven knows now of my involvement in my family's destiny. And he aims to curtail me from reaching that end."

"So he hired Jake to follow you?" Harry said, Lucas staring into his blue eyes.

"Not to follow me, Harry."

Josh's arm tightened around Lucas, their eyes meeting.

"Why did Jake walk back into your life, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas sighing again, looking around at everyone.

"Jake was lost, everyone. Through someone he was introduced to Haven. And then he became even more lost." the young man said, Josh turning his face to his, staring into his violet eyes.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" he said, Josh seeing a soft hidden sadness in Lucas' violet pools.

Lucas turned his head, staring at his father and grandfather, the young man rising from his seat, walking to the edge of the patio, staring out towards the pool.

Everyone looked at each other, Lucas sighing again, turning and looking at Gideon and Grayson.

"Haven Marlowe is deep within the magic as well. And Jake became lost in his control. Haven possessed him."

Everyone looked surprised, Emerson rising to his feet, staring at his grandson.

"The magic of Kurucu's Haven! The evil magic there possessed him!"

Lucas nodded, walking up to his grandfather.

"Haven himself is possessed by that magic, Grandfather. Through no fault of your own." he said, his hand going to his grandfather's shoulder.

"Haven was a soul lost to evil before you even found him, Grandfather. Even your loving, giving soul could not guide him from the path he chose. And that's why the evil residing there easily ensnared him. That evil uses him to thwart the future destinies of all of us. And Haven is a man charged with only one goal--power, greed and madness."

Emerson teared up, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Your love is large, Grandfather. All of us of your family feels its greatness. That is the greatest loss of his lost soul."
Lucas turned, looking at Gideon.

"Jake was under Haven's control. What that entailed, I know not. I only know that it was to lead to only one end." Lucas said, walking back to his seat, sitting down beside Josh again.

"And what end was that?" Gideon said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"Jake was here in Los Angeles for only one purpose. And that was to kill me."


Everyone looked shocked, Josh's arms going around Lucas.

"He. . .he was here to kill you, Lucas?" he said, Lucas nodding his head, Josh seeing the soft sadness in his violet pools again.
Justin and Lance saw it as well, both staring at Lucas with love.

"Yes, Joshua. That is how great the control was that Haven had him under. Jake was destined to kill me. A destiny that I sense was never the true destiny." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Colton's.

"I felt the truth as well, Lucas." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I sensed you did, Colt."

Lucas's eyes went to Gideon's blue, the man staring at his nephew with surprise.

"That's part of why you went to his place that night, Luke. For Finn's safety and for your own guilt. You were going to confront him weren't you?" Colton said, the young man rising from his seat, Lucas' head lowering, Josh staring at him.

Colton walked around the table, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder, the man's head raising, staring up into Colton's blue pools.

Colton saw and felt the sadness there, his eyes filling with a greater love for this remarkable man.

"You went there to stop Finn from fighting with Jake and perhaps losing his life in the process. But you also went there to save Jake, didn't you? You went there to fight the magic possessing him."

Everyone looked surprised, staring at Lucas, the young man lowering his head again, Josh's arm pulling him close.

"I. . .I only wanted to free him, free him from that magic. Even he didn't deserve that fate." Lucas said, Colton leaning down and kissing his cheek, Lucas' head raising, their eyes meeting again.

"So deep is your love that you would save the world, Lucas. That you would save a man who hurt you. The love in your heart is the greatest the world will ever know. And we are all blessed to have it."
Lucas softly smiled, Colton hugging him, Lucas hugging him back.

The two parted, Colton smiling and walking back to his seat.

Lucas' violet pools looked around the table, everyone now seeing the soft sadness showing there.

"Jake hurt me deeply. I held that pain in my heart for many years. But that pain is now gone. Destroyed by the love I feel from all of you. From Josh's deep love most of all. My heart couldn't heal completely until I forgave him for what he did to me. And I did. When my heart filled with my Josh's love I forgave him."
Josh teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"I was free of the pain. And then I felt that pain in him, Joshua. I felt Jake's pain. The pain of the evil possessing him. That evil was monstrous in its pain-giving possession. I had to try to save him. I couldn't let even him be consumed by it." he said, Josh leaning forward and kissing Lucas' soft lips.

"I love you, Lucas. I love the greatest of your forgiving, giving heart."

Lucas smiled, looking around again.

"I went there that night to stop Finn's anger, and to free Jake's soul. I had the magic to do both. But the path was changed. Finn's life was spared by that change. And Jake's was ended. I never wanted that for him. I wanted to save him."

Josh rubbed his man's back, Lucas sighing again.

"Was it Haven, Lucas? Did Haven kill Jake?" Emerson said, Lucas staring at him.

"No, Grandfather. It wasn't Haven."

"Who was it, Luke?" Finn said, staring at his friend with love.

"I haven't totally reasoned that out, Finny. I just need to find the connecting sign."

"The connecting sign?" Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"I sense someone in the shadows, Gid. Someone hidden behind the lies and truths."
Gideon nodded, Grayson staring at Lucas.

"Jake Addison had over two million dollars in his bank account when he died, Lucas. There were two separate transactions for a million dollars each, two weeks apart."

Lucas nodded, looking at Grayson.

"The first was deposited from a firm under Belmont Industries umbrella. That had to have been Haven."

"And the second, Grayson?" Emerson said, his friend's blue eyes meeting his.

"The second we haven't been able to ascertain." Gideon said, Emerson's green eyes meeting his blue.

"It's been totally covered up. A trail that leads nowhere. Whoever deposited the second transaction was very thorough." Grayson said, Gideon nodding.

"Phantoms in the night." Lucas softly said, Grayson looking at him.

"Meaning what, Lucas?"

"The past has a way of always going full circle, Gray. I just have to reason it all out." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Gideon's.

"I know of Jake's criminal past as well, Gideon."

The young lawyer looked surprised, looking around at everyone.

"Jake had spent the last year in and out of jails all along the east coast, Luke. Several charges of prostitution, drug trafficking and assault."

Lucas nodded, looking around at everyone.

"He fled England only to come back to nothing." Lucas said, Josh quietly looking at him.

"His family kicked him out when he returned to the States, Luke. He was basically a transient. Worked several jobs, music gigs and also hustled on the streets." Gideon said, perusing the folder marked Police Reports.

"We both walked our paths of hurt and pain." Lucas softly said, Josh kissing his cheek again.

"He didn't have the pain you had, Lucas. He chose his life, you walked yours." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I can't change the past, my love. And I indeed walked my own life. My life of your love."

Gideon picked up the last folder, marked Background.

"Jake was from a well off Connecticut family, Luke. Went to two private boarding schools, then Oxford, where he met you in England. He was studying law. He could have had an exemplary career, if he'd only focused." Gideon said, staring at the sheets in the folder.

"His family history is in this folder. So sad." Gideon said,  Lucas looking at him.

"Can I see that folder, Gid?" he asked, Gideon looking at Josh, then quietly handing Lucas the folder.

Lucas set the folder down, looking at the sheets before him.

He picked up a photograph from the folder, Josh staring at it.

It showed Jake in the center of a group of people, the man younger and smiling.

"He was so handsome when he was younger." Lucas softly said, staring at the picture.

"His beauty was false, Lucas. He used it for nefarious gains. And in the end it may have been his curse." Grayson said, Josh looking at the lawyer.

Josh turned back to Lucas, the young man still staring at the picture, his violet eyes showing a soft glow.

"Are you okay, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas remaining still.

Josh shook his shoulder, Lucas' eyes closing, then opening, looking at Josh.

Josh thought he saw a faint look of surprise in his violet pools.

Lucas closed the folder, looking at Gideon.

"When is Jake's funeral, Gid?" he said, Gideon staring at him with surprise.

"It's. . .it's on Monday, Lucas. The police released the body. Everything's been taken care of. He's being cremated, no service. His ashes are being entombed. I took care of it as you requested."

"Thank you, Gideon. I'd like to pay my respects on Sunday." Lucas said, everyone looking surprised.

"It's over, Lucas. Jake is gone. You don't have to do that." Josh said, rubbing his back again.

"I have to do it for my own soul, Joshua. I have to say goodbye." the young man said, everyone staring at him with deep love.

"Alright, Lucas. I'll go with you." Josh said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"So will we, Luke." Justin said, Lance nodding his head.

"Thank you, my friends."

Everyone smiled at Lucas.

"The night wanes. Tomorrow we celebrate my father's and my grandfather's birthdays.  Let's leave the judicial uncertainty for Monday." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

The front door buzzer went off, Colton smiling and rising from his seat.

"I'll get it, Josh."

Josh smiled, the young man disappearing into the house.

"How about a nice evening of dancing and cards, everyone?" he smiled, everyone agreeing.

"Did I see a dartboard in your games room, Josh?" Finn grinned, Josh smiling at him.

"I'll get my Amex card."

Sean laughed, Finn smiling at his father.

Colton walked out of the house, the two Chrises walking out onto the patio.

Everyone smiled at them, Lucas rising from his seat.

"You're late, Chris. The food's gone!" he grinned, Chris rolling his eyes.

"We already ate, Luke." he said, Lucas laughing, handing the folder he held in his hand back to Gideon, the man smiling and putting it and the others back into his briefcase.

"Then I'll throw the last of the cheesecake out then." he said, Josh smirking.

"No, don't do that!" Chris said, everyone laughing.

He blushed, Lucas smiling and patting his arm as he walked up to him.

"Food needs to be eaten, Chris. My love in delicious form."
The man smiled, following Lucas into the house, Josh introducing Chris Pine to Lucas' family.


Lucas walked into his bedroom, three smiles greeting him.

"I assumed you'd all be in bed." he smiled, Josh rising from the bed, wrapping his arms around his man.

He, Justin and Lance were all fully dressed, having been snuggling, awaiting Lucas' entrance.

"We couldn't go to bed without our love." Josh said, kissing his man's lips.

"Sweet. I get to strip the beauties." he smiled, Josh kissing him again, this kiss deeper and more tender.

"All locked up, Lucky?" Justin said, smiling at him, his head against Lance's chest.

"Yep, the fort's on lockdown." Lucas smiled, his hands going to Josh's ass, rubbing both globes.

"We need to talk, my love." Josh said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I'm sorry, Joshua."
Justin and Lance both rose up from the bed, the two wrapping their arms around both men.

"Why didn't you tell us, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas' eyes lowering.

"We feel your soul, my love." Josh said, Lance kissing his cheek.

"What could I tell you, guys? That I felt everything? What Jake was going to do to me, what Haven did to him?"

"We're all here to protect you, Lucas." Lance said, kissing his lips this time.

"I know you are, guys. I feel your love always."

"And we feel your sorrow, Lucky." Justin said, his lips now kissing Lucas'.

"I couldn't save him. I was. . .I was too late." Lucas said, his voice trembling with emotion.

The three surrounded him, holding him close, his head on Josh's chest.

"Our ever-giving, ever-loving Lucky. How we love you." Justin said, kissing his cheek, Lance kissing it as well.

"I didn't want him to die. I. . .I couldn't save him."
"We know, my love. We know. Your heart is unending. But the path was walked. He's gone, Lucas. Our love remains."
"I love you all so much." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes meeting Justin's blue, then Lance's green.

"We all love you, Lucas. Let's show you how much." Lance said, Lucas raising his head.

Their lips met, Lance gently pulling the young man against him, Josh and Justin rubbing his shoulders.

"I'm so loved. I just want to be loved forever." Lucas softly said when their lips parted, Lance kissing his chin, Justin kissing his cheek.

Josh's hand rubbed his chest, staring into his violet pools.

"We three will love you forever, our Lucky."
Lucas teared up, the man feeling another hand go to his chest.

"Jus and I are here for you tonight, Lucky. We're staying." Lance said, Lucas tearing up.

"I need your love so much." he softly said, Josh's lips meeting his.

"Stay still, Lucky. Let us guide you to our love." Justin said, Lucas' violet pools meeting Justin's blue as Josh broke their kiss.

Justin's fingers went to the buttons on Lucas' silk shirt, Lance's hands going to his cargo shorts.

Lucas remained still, Justin opening his shirt, Lance opening his pants.

Josh's hands pulled the shirt off Lucas' chest, then their warmth began to massage his shoulders, Lucas closing his eyes.

Justin's hands went to Lucas' smooth chest, rubbing his pecs and abs, Lance's hands guiding the shorts off Lucas' muscular legs, Lucas stepping out of them.

Lucas felt Lance removing his socks, the young man standing in only a pair of black boxer briefs.

Lucas felt the three sets of hands rubbing his back, chest and legs, Lance on his knees, slowly rising upwards, his arms going around Lucas, pulling him against him again.

Lucas felt two lips on his, their warmth filled with Lance's love.

The two parted the kiss, their eyes opening, staring into each other's love.

"I love you, Lucas. I'll hold you while our Jus is readying our Josh." Lance said, Lucas' head going against Lance's clothed chest.

He felt Lance's hands on his back, rubbing its warmth, coming to rest on Lucas' globes, rubbing both.

Lucas' eyes stared at his soulmate in Justin's arms, the two kissing.

Both of them were removing the other's clothing, their bodies of smooth beauty showing themselves.

Within moments the two were standing in their boxer briefs, their lips never having parted.

The two broke the long kiss, smiling at each other.

"I love your warmth and smoothness, Josh. Lucas loves it more." Justin said, the other man smiling, kissing Justin again.

Josh moved, moving his Lucas into his arms, Lucas' head against his warm chest now, he and Josh watching Justin take his man into his arms, kissing him repeatedly as he began to remove Lance's clothes.

Both men stared at Lance's revealing beauty, the green briefs he wore filled to their capacity.

"The green beauty of Justin's soul. His eyes and the container of his beautiful monster." Josh softly said, Lucas smiling.

Justin and Lance both smiled at their friends, Lucas' eyes seeing the rising tents in both men's briefs.

He felt his own Joshua's rising love against his own center, the love surrounding him intoxicating.

The other two men joined them, Lucas surrounded in a cocoon of smooth warmth.

"I love you all so much." he softly said, closing his eyes, three sets of lips kissing his lips, neck and cheek.

"We all love you, Lucas. Let's get into bed." Josh said, the young man feeling all three guide him to the bed a short distance away.

Josh was the first to climb into bed, guiding Lucas down into his arms, the man snuggling against his man.

Two others of warmth and love climbed in next, Lance against Josh's left side, Justin against Lucas' back.

Lance pulled the covers up over all of them, Lucas sighing and feeling his man's warmth against him.

He felt Justin's warmth against his back, his hand moving over Lucas' hips, across Josh's center and onto Lance's hip, pulling all three closer together.

"I love you all. I'm so tired. I'm so. . .sorry." Lucas softly said, Justin kissing his neck, Lance's hand rubbing Lucas' arm, Josh kissing Lucas' forehead.

"Sleep my love, wrapped in our love. We love you so much." Josh said.

Lucas felt Justin's lips on his earlobe, a soft whisper spoken.

"Time enough ahead for me to taste all of you. I love you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling.

Lance leaned over Josh, his lips meeting Lucas' open mouth.

The two kissed, Lance breaking their kiss, Lucas' eyes slowly opening, staring into two green pools of love.

"Time enough ahead for me as well. I love you, Lucas. I love all three of my soul." he said, Lucas smiling, closing his eyes again.

Josh smiled, seeing their two friends showing his man their love.

Josh's blue pools met Lance's green, the man moving and kissing him deeply.

Josh felt Justin's hand on his abs now, gently rubbing them.

Lance broke their kiss, smiling at Josh when his eyes opened.

"I need you as well, Beamy. I long to feel your love." Lance said, Josh tearing up, his blue eyes meeting two other blue.

Justin's handsome face held a wide smile of love, their eyes filled with remembered love.

"Again I'll feel your love, my Josh. And it will be as beautiful as my Lance's and my Lucas'. I love you always."

Josh smiled, Lance and Justin looking at each other.

They leaned across their friends, kissing each other deeply, Josh staring with happiness at their showing love.

The two parted, staring into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Lance."
"I love you, Justin. I'll love all of you together in my heart." Lance said, Justin tearing up.

"Goodnight, my love."

"Goodnight, my Jus. Our friends need our love around them. Here and in our dreams."

The two men smiled, snuggling against the two men laying between their love.

Josh smiled, pulling his man close.

"We love you, Lucas" he softly said.

No answer was returned, Lucas sound asleep in the center of their love.


Lucas violet pools opened, the darkness still showing around him.

His violet pools looked towards the window, seeing the soft look of sunrise off in the distance.

He moved a little, feeling the warmth surrounding him.

The warmth of his man's smooth chest against his cheek, and the warmth of Justin wrapped around him.

He felt Justin's arms wrapped around him, one of Justin's hands on his right nipple.

The other he sensed had taken a deeper voyage.

Lucas smiled, feeling the warmth in his briefs.

He moved a little again, feeling the hand rubbing against his hardness, fingers wrapping around it.

A trek of love you seek always, HD.

Lucas smiled, feeling the man's warmth in his center.

Now how do I get out of this? Lucas thought, the man moving slowly to his right, rising off Josh's chest.

Justin murmured, his hand tightening around Lucas' hardness, Lucas moaning softly.

Lucas slowly turned, Justin's head going against Lucas' shoulder, his arms pulling him closer.

Lucas felt Justin's hand rubbing his nipple and his center, Justin's lips kissing his shoulder blade, moving upwards to his neck.

"Mm, my love." Justin softly said, kissing Lucas' neck.

Lucas smiled, knowing the man thought he had Lance in his arms.

I'm not a monster, you should feel that.

God, you're so beautiful in your warmth and love.

Lucas turned a little more, Justin's head now on his chest, his hand from his chest moving, pulling Lucas tighter against him, that hand moving to his ass.

Trapped in beauty, trapped in need.

Soon, my angel of beauty.

Lucas smiled, lightly slapping Justin's cheek, then flicking his nose lightly.

Justin moved, raising his head slowly, his eyelids flickering, his blue eyes opening.

"Luke? What time is it?" he softly said, half asleep.

Lucas smiled, leaning upwards and kissing the man's lips.

"Time for you to let go of my prize, sexy. Unless you want a wet awakening? I have to pee."

Justin stared at Lucas, his mind slowly clearing, realizing where his hands were.

"Oh, Luke. Sorry." Justin said, staring into his violet pools.

"I'm not. I love waking up to your needs, beautiful." Lucas said, Justin feeling the warmth in his hand.

He blushed, pulling his hand out of Lucas' briefs, releasing the silky warmth.

Lucas smiled, the man moving with a flash, pushing Justin onto his back, Lucas' smooth body on top of him.

Justin stared up into his violet pools, seeing so much love in their centers, Lucas leaning down and lightly kissing Justin on the lips.

He raised his head, staring into his blue pools.

"I want to experience all that is the love of Justin Timberlake. In all ways. I could so easily give you all my love right now, my Justin."

Justin teared up, staring into his violet pools.

"I. . .I need your love, Lucas. I need all your love."

Lucas smiled, leaning down and lightly sucking on Justin's left nipple, the man trembling.

Lucas raised his head, staring at him again.

"You taste unbelievable, my Justin. But I want and need all of your love. All three of you. I will not experience one without the others. Our love is one."
Justin teared up, his eyes moving to the left of the bed, seeing his Lance sleeping against Josh, Lance's head on his smooth chest now, his arms wrapped around Josh.

Justin felt Lucas' hand turn his face back to him, Justin staring into Lucas' violet pools again.

"They love each other, and love both of us. We will become lost in that love." Lucas said, Justin about to speak, Lucas' finger going to his lips, silencing him.

"I have something better for you at this moment, my Justin. I give this with love."
Justin stared into Lucas' violet pools, seeing a thousand sparkling stars, their light increasing.

And then Justin felt sleep overtake him.


Lucas rose from the bed, staring down at the three of his soul.

Justin was sound asleep, the man wrapped in two sets of arms of love.

He now lay in the center of the bed, Lucas having guided him there.

Lance was on his left side, his head on Justin's smooth chest.

Josh was on his right, his head laying against Justin's, one of his arms across Justin's abs, his hand resting on Lance's brief covered hip.

Three visions of beauty united in love.

I will love all three of you.

I have given the gifts, I await destiny.

Lucas smiled, wiping his tearing eyes.

He moved a little, bending down and picking up his cargo pants.

He searched the pockets quickly, finding what he sought.

He quietly picked up all the clothing on the floor, folding it and placing it all on a chair by the window.

He silently walked to the balcony door, opening it and walking out onto the balcony.

The night was clear, a half moon shining above the pool, the water in it softly rippling, a soft breeze blowing across Lucas' smooth chest as the man stared around at the stars, standing against the railing.

He raised his hand, staring at what he held there.

A photograph of truth.

Lucas stared at Jake standing in the photo's center, his face youthful and beautiful.

"I saw that beauty in your eyes that first day. Why did it change?"
Lucas sighed, looking at the other faces surrounding Jake.

He focused on one face, his violet pools softly glowing.

"And all circles come around. And I now sense the truth. I only have to reason out your existence."
Lucas sighed, looking up at the stars.

Lucas began to cry, alone in his silent pain.

He cried for a few minutes, wiping his eyes.

He turned back, staring into the dark bedroom, his violet glowing pools taking in the three beautiful men laying in slumber.

"I'm sorry, my loves. The greater prize is your love."

Lucas looked up at the stars again, sighing.

"Forgive me for risking all to have all. But I need all their love."

Lucas wiped his eyes again, looking at the photograph again, walking quietly back into the bedroom.



End of Chapter 118


Happy New Year!


I thought I'd start off with more mystery!

Who's in the photo with Jake?

What is Lucas talking of?
What's he sorry for?


A chapter of widening mysteries and showing love.

The trial looms and Jake's past is slowly seeping out.

Lucas is soon to be surrounded by his family and friends, his trial of judgment about to begin.


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The Belmont birthdays.

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