Yesterday's End-119

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 119


Lucas stretched his muscled arms over his head, walking down the staircase, the house bathed in quietness.

The hour was early, just after seven on Saturday morning.

He'd awoken, wrapped in three beauties of love, his three soulmates surrounding him.

Lance's arm was wrapped around his waist, Josh's around his back, Justin's hand laying on Lucas' hip, his head nestled in the crook of Josh's neck, Josh's head against Lucas' chest.

Lance's blond locks hung over Lucas' face, the man's head against his.

Lucas had smiled, slowly unravelling himself from their cocoon of love.

He'd stood at the end of the bed, staring down at the three when he'd climbed out.

All three were joined together again, Josh in the center of the threesome of love.

Right where you love to be, my angel.

Right where we both may destine to be.

And we'll both come to love that.

Last night I almost gave into that complete love.

Lucas had smiled, quietly dressing in a wifebeater and shorts, walking out of their room of slumbering love.

Here now he had reached the bottom steps, the young man walking towards the kitchen.

His keen hearing caught a sound coming from the room, Lucas smiling.

I think Dad's beaten me this morning.

His love rises with my own.

Lucas smiled, walking into the kitchen, two other violet eyes meeting his own violet pools.

"Good morning, son." Savannah smiled, Lucas smiling at his mother, walking across the room, his arms going around her as she stood by the coffeemaker.

He kissed her cheek, she smiling into his violet pools.

"Good morning, Mom. You're up very early." he smiled, smelling the deep aroma of freshly ground coffee beans.

"I woke up with the morning's rising sun shining on my face. Tristan forgot to close the blinds. He's still dead to the world, his body turned away from the rays." she smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Your love should have awoken him." he said, Savannah smiling at her son.

"My love sent him into a deep sleep last night." she smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Josh went to slumber just as deeply." Lucas said, Savannah kissing her son's cheek.

"And what of the other two of your love?"

Lucas softly blushed, Savannah smiling with love at her son.

"I saw their car still parked outside when I picked up the newspaper. I know they stayed." she smiled, Lucas smiling more.

"I love them both, Mom. Not as deeply as my Joshua, but they hold a deep place in my heart."

"I'm glad you have so much love surrounding you, Lucas. I won't ever question the privacy of it." she said, Lucas smiling at her again.

"We love each other, Mom. Not in all ways, but very deeply."

"I'm glad of that, my son." she said, a soft look of quietness showing on her face.

Lucas' arm went around her again, the woman feeling his surrounding love.

"I have love, Mom. All through my life I had it. From your sister and her surrogate family, and from Finn and Sky. And I now have my Joshua's deep love, and Lance's and Justin's, and my new second family's love as well. But most of all I have your and Dad's returned love. A love I sense I always had."
Savannah teared up, Lucas kissing her cheek again.

"We. . .we loved you from your first breath, Lucas. I sense that as well, that our love for you was always with you."
Lucas smiled widely, his mother kissing his cheek again.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you in real life, Lucas. I did what I thought was best for you." she said, her eyes showing tears now.

"I know that, Mom. I can never fault you for the love you gave me. Mom and Dad and Trisha's. And now your love is here as  well. The rest of my life is going to be so love-filled."

Savannah smiled, a new voice entering the morning brightness.

"All our lives now have yours, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting another set of violet.
"Good morning, Grandmother. The Belmont women have risen united. And one with a fragrant gift." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting his grandmother's, Francesca standing at the patio doorway, her arms filled with flowers.

"I thought that our breakfast table could use some colour, and fragrances." she smiled, Lucas walking over, taking the flowers from her, kissing her cheek.

"These roses, gladiolas and marigolds will scent our happiness deeply. I have the perfect vase." Lucas smiled, walking out of the room with the flowers, returning a few moments later, the flowers filling a large glass vase.

Francesca smiled, Lucas setting it in the middle of the table, the two women watching him arrange their floral beauty.

"The coffee's ready, Mother. The paper's there as well, Lucas." Savannah smiled, turning and pulling three cups down out of the cupboard, Francesca joining Lucas at the table, Lucas glancing at the folded newspaper, his eyes returning to his mother's as she brought the three cups and a carafe to the table, joining them.

Lucas smiled at both women, pouring cream into his coffee after Savannah filled the three cups from the carafe.

"A beautiful morning, my son." she said, glancing out the patio doors.

"It will be warm. The sun has already claimed the dew." Francesca smiled, Lucas suddenly smiling wider.

"Wonderful words, Grandmother. Perfect for a song running through my head."

Savannah and Francesca smiled, looking at the young man.

"A musician. My son's a gifted musician." Savannah said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Mom said you were a gifted musician in your own right, Mom."

Francesca smiled, looking at her daughter, seeing Lucas' love for both her children.

"Savannah could bring love to a piano's keys as a man could bring beauty to stone with sculpting."

Savannah smiled, Lucas' hand rubbing her soft hand.

"We have a well-tuned piano in the living room, Mom. I want to hear your love later."

"You shall, Lucas. I always played for your father on his birthday."

Lucas smiled, the two women smiling at each other.

"Yes, today's Dad's and Grandfather's wonderful day. The eclipse of their tenures of life."

Savannah's eyes lowered, Lucas rubbing her hand again.

"Their next birthdays are their days of destiny. I'm going to do all in my power to change that destiny before that day. Today will be the first of many moments of celebrating love for many years to come. If I have any say in it." Lucas said, the two women hearing the love and determination in the young man's voice.

"You cannot change the path of destiny, Lucas. Both of them have resigned their souls to that eventuality next year." Francesca said, Lucas staring at her.

"One year from now their destinies will end, Grandmother. And it won't be like the last thousand years."

Both women looked surprised, hearing a deep resolve in Lucas' strong, calm voice.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Savannah said.

His violet pools met two other sets of violet worry.

"I mean that life changes, as do paths. And I'm the one who will see it done. Grandfather will be the last Being, Father the last Creation. And Great-Grandfather Joshua is the last Guardian of the Trinity of Evil."


Francesca stared at her grandson with confusion.

"Trinity of Evil? Are they that consumed by Kurucu's magic?"

"Yes, Grandmother. The Evil's grown through the generations because of one thing."

"Because of what, Lucas?" His mother asked, Lucas calmly meeting her gaze.

"That I haven't fully reasoned out, Mom. But I do know that I am the one charged with changing the path of the Belmont souls."

"That can't happen, Lucas. Your forefathers risked their own lives to no avail trying to free themselves and their children from that Trinity. What makes you think that you can have any greater success?" Francesca said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"Because I know what I have that they never had."

"What's that, Lucas?" Savannah said, her and her mother staring with soft awe at the young man, feeling the deep reassurance coming from his calm face.

"That's for another day, Mom. Today I want to talk of something else."

The two women looked at each other, Lucas smiling at both.

"You are a man of riddling love, Lucas. And opening wonder." Francesca said, Lucas smiling.

"I'm myself, Grandmother. As you are yourself, Grandmother Isadora."

Francesca softly smiled, her violet pools changing to soft blue, her face showing a different beauty, Savannah staring at her with soft love and surprise.

"We are all magical, Grandmother. I'd like to know the history of the Carlisle magic." Lucas said.

The two women exchanged glances, Lucas' violet pools softly glowing for a moment.

"The house is silent, the hour early. We have total quietness to delve into the past of my family's love and magic." Lucas said, both women seeing a calm love shining from the young man's face.

"I think it's time, Mother. My son has the right to know of his destiny in regards to our own family." Savannah said, Francesca' face now again her own, her now violet pools meeting her daughter's.

"Alright, Savannah." Francesca said, Lucas smiling at both women.

"Thank you both. I'm sure it is as love and courage-filled as the Belmont clan's."
"It is, Lucas. For our family is as old and as destiny-filled as they are." Savannah said, Lucas looking softly amazed.

"That old, Mom? Remarkable!" he said, the young man folding his hands together, his face showing both of them his undivided attention.

"Let's walk the path, Mom. I need to know all of it."

The two women nodded, Francesca beginning to talk.


"Our dynasty began with one person, Lucas. A young man named Dathan Carlisle. He was an Italian merchant who sailed the seas of the Baltic, Mediterranean regions and the Atlantic coast of Europe. He lived almost a thousand years ago. He traveled all through Europe, parts of Africa and the then dawning Far East. A shrewd intellect and a courageous soul. From him came the roots of our family's soul." Francesca said, Lucas showing a soft look of surprise for a moment, then softly smiling.

"Of course! All paths flow together. Even from almost the start." he softly said, his mother and grandmother staring at him with confusion, then trading glances.

"Nothing, my parents of love. Just thinking aloud. Continue." Lucas said, softly smiling.

Francesca nodded, continuing.

"For an unknown reason, in the year one thousand and eighty-seven at the young age of thirty he walked away from that aquatic life of adventure he'd known since the tender age of twelve. He made one final voyage across the waters. That voyage was to England.  There he settled and remained, creating a family. His wife's name has never been known, lost in the recesses of time.  But he had one child. A beautiful daughter. She herself was an individual of giving love, and great courage. She was the first Signora Della Luce." Francesca said, Lucas staring at her.

"The Lady of the Light." Lucas said, Francesca nodding.

"Very good, Lucas. You know Italian." Savannah said, Lucas smiling at his mother.

"I have studied several languages. I'm fluent in Italian, German and French." he smiled, his mother and grandmother amazed.

"What was Dathan's daughter's name, Grandmother?" Lucas said, a soft look of hope shining in his violet pools.

"Her name was Priscilla Carlisle, Lucas."

Lucas nodded, remaining quiet, his face showing a soft look of thoughtfulness.

"She was the first lady of the light of our family's soul, Lucas. From her began the long lineage of courageous women. Right down to my own courageous daughters and my new granddaughter. Savannah is the last Signora Della Luce." Francesca said, Savannah smiling at her mother.

"To my mother--a former Lady--and myself, the women of the Carlisle lineage have always shown greater courage than the men. And greater magic." Savannah said, smiling at her mother, Francesca smiling back with equal love.

"Patricia will show her own courage through her life, as her mother and aunt have shown." Lucas said, smiling at the thought of Trisha's own giving, perhaps courageous soul.

The two women smiled, thinking the same.

Lucas' eyes looked into both sets of violet love.

"Have all our ancestors had violet eyes?"
"Some, yes. The first being Dathan Carlisle himself, then Priscilla. Through the long lineage several ancestors with greater courage than most--and the greater magic--have shone violet love to their brethren. It's always been taken as a sign of that person's destined courage." Francesca said, Lucas smiling.

"I see that greater courage and magic in both of your eyes, Grandmother and Mom."
"And we both see the greatest magic in yours, my son. You have that courageous Carlisle blood coursing through you." Savannah said, Lucas beaming with pride.

"I have the courageous blood of both sides of the greater destiny. I have now found the connecting realities of why."

Both women looked confused again, Lucas smiling with quiet calmness, asking a surprising question.
"Who was Almira Carlisle?"

Both women showed a greater confusion, staring at the young man.

"I know not that name, Lucas. And I am well versed in the whole lineage of the Carlisle dynasty." Francesca said, Lucas nodding.

"I thought as much, Grandmother. Hidden necessity was very desired."
"What do you mean, Lucas? Where did you hear that name?" Savannah said, his violet pools meeting hers.

"It is the name etched on the tomb where the Evil attacked Colton and myself. In the town where he and his uncle's family lay long hidden."

Both looked surprised, Francesca staring at her grandson.

"The hidden branch of our old tree. Concealed from all of us. I don't understand why." she said, her eyes showing a thoughtfulness as well.

"Yes, Grandmother. Hidden out of necessity and perhaps destiny. I just have to find the lock for that key of truth." the young man said looking determined.

"What do you hope to find behind that lock, Lucas?"

"The light, Mom. The light of truth." he said, smiling at his mother and then his grandmother.

Both traded glances again, Francesca looking at her grandson with quiet reflection.

"So what was Priscilla's claim to fame?"

The two women smiled again, seeing Lucas' calmness, the young man smiling with love.

"She was the one who created the Seguaci Dellunico, Lucas." Savannah said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his mother's violet eyes.

"The ancient brotherhood of the Carlisle dynasty?" he said, the two women nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. That is how old that mysterious sect is. Almost a thousand years old." Francesca said, Lucas nodding.

"What is its purpose, Grandmother?" he said, the two women looking at each other.

"What its original created necessity was, no one knows. But through the years of the family's history it has been a symbol of our family's courageous heart. It has fettered out the evil of the world, done battle with it and perhaps has suffered for it as well. But their resolve has never diminished. They follow the One. As the Seguaci Dellunico's name illustrates." Francesca said, Lucas nodding.
"Followers of the Only. And who is the One?"

His grandmother's hand went to her grandson's, rubbing it.

"I believe it may be you, my grandson."

Lucas looked surprised, softly blushing.

"And what is that One's destiny? In regards to the Carlisle family?" he said, looking softly uncomfortable, Francesca releasing his smooth hand.

"That is unknown as well, Lucas. Only that he will be a great man. A man of courage, love and strength. And that what he is destined to do will perhaps unite the world in a way it's never known. That is the edict and hope of my family's courageous mysterious sect."

"The sect now led by our loving Harry."
Francesca and Savannah both looked surprised, Lucas smiling at them.

"Harry's already divulged that truth of leadership, when I lovingly cajoled it out of him. Gideon, I know, is a member as well."

Francesca nodded with surprise, staring at Lucas.

"You are very intelligent, Lucas." Savannah said, Lucas smiling at his mother.

"Your sister's love and worry for myself guided Harry to my heart, Mom. Your sister's love--and Harry's own resolve to know me--has filled my heart with Harry's love. I take that love with great happiness. It matches all of my family's love."
Both women smiled, Lucas looking at both.

"Thank you for sharing some of our family's past with me. Over the weekend I want to hear more of the courageous other individuals of our heritage. Of the sect and of those courageous Ladies. I sensed the underlying faith and courage within this family's heart. And what you've mentioned has greatly helped my own thoughts in a surprising way."
"Do you know what's going on, Lucas?" Francesca said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Love is going on, Grandmother. Love, fate, destiny and life. I just have to reason out all of its connections. That in itself is my destiny."

"You hold your secrets close, Lucas. Your heart is truly a Carlisle." Francesca smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"All will unfold as it must, Grandmother. Right now I have to unfold this newspaper and see what's going on in the world. Then start breakfast." he smiled, Savannah patting his hand.

"You read of the world's day, my son. We'll cook breakfast. We're mothers, we have to keep our families fed." Savannah smiled, Lucas smiling at her with love.

The two women rose, both smiling at him with love, Lucas watching them begin to organize the morning meal's happiness.

He stared at both.

Of course, the connection of truth!

One name unlocking the binding fate.

Now just to find the underlying truth.

And what the light truly is.

And what she did with that light.

I think the first arrow has been created.

Now to fill the quiver.

And then find out what the target is.

The young man smiled, picking up the newspaper, his mind on an old book laying upstairs in his room of love.

His eyes went to the newspaper, opening it, perusing its pages nonchalantly.

His eyes stopped for a moment, an article focusing for him.


Lucas walked into the bedroom, smiling at a pair of blue eyes that opened as he walked in, focusing on him as Lucas closed the door behind him.

Justin lay in the bed, his awakening blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

Josh lay snuggled against him, Lance on Josh's other side, both men still sleeping.

Lucas smiled, seeing where Justin's hand was.

"You've loved it forever, Jus. Your hand goes to its warmth again."

Justin blushed, releasing Josh's morning hardness, his hand coming out of the man's tented briefs.

"My dreams sought out the reality of his love. And you snuck out from our arms of love." Justin softly smiled, Lucas smiling and climbing onto the bed, his clothed body moving on top of Justin's, their lips meeting in a deep kiss of love.

Justin slowly opened his eyes, staring into Lucas' sparkling violet pools.

"How does that match your dreams?" Lucas said, Justin smiling, pulling the young man down on top of him more, Lucas feeling his naked warmth, Justin's center covered by a sheet.

"No dream can match the beauty of you in person, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas smiling into his handsome face.

"And you haven't had all of me, HD. You're going to be so happy."

Justin blushed, staring into his violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. For more than the beauty of what I can see."

Lucas smiled, moving a bit, snuggling against Justin's side, kissing his lips lightly again.

"And I love you, Justin. For all of you, inside and out."
Justin smiled, winking.

"You haven't had all of me as well, sexy. I have a lot to love."
Lucas lightly laughed, Lance softly murmuring against Josh's chest, the man's arms pulling Josh closer.

"I'd love to go on the voyage of discovery, Jus, but we haven't time. Breakfast is on the ready. The Belmont ladies have beaten me to the bounty."

"Great, then you can stay here with us for a bit." Justin said,  his lips meeting his again, Lucas feeling the man's love.

"My treasure is harder to dig for, sexy. But I'm sure our men would love our exploring hands."

Justin smiled, the man rising up, kissing Lucas' lips again as Lucas rose, Justin moving and climbing over Josh's smooth body, sinking down on top of Lance's body, the man moving back, two lips meeting his.

Lucas smiled, he climbing on top of his Beamy, his warm lips meeting his soulmate's.

Josh murmured, his blue eyes slowly opening at the same moment Lance's green did.

"Morning, our treasures. We both love you." Justin said, Lance smiling as Justin's lips met his again, Josh's attacked by his man's warmth.

The two men felt their soulmate's love flowing through them, the two men breaking their kisses of love, Justin and Lucas smiling at each other, the other going to the other man laying on his back, Josh tasting Justin's warm love, Lance tasting Lucas', the young man climbing over Justin's naked back to kiss Lance.

The four broke their kisses, all four smiling, Josh's blue pools meeting Lance's green.

"Morning, Lance. Our loves have awakened us." he said, his and Lance's lips meeting in morning love.

Justin and Lucas both smiled, lightly kissing again.

Josh's blue eyes glanced over Lucas' clothed body.

"You've been up for a while, babe." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I awoke an hour and a half ago. Showered, dressed and on the move. Not that I can say that about the three of you. My Rip Van Winkies!"

The three blushed, Lance glancing at the clock radio.

"It's only eight-fifteen, Lucky. We haven't really slept in late."

Lucas smiled, snuggling against his man, the two joined again.

"No, I guess not, Lance. You were all wrapped in an embrace of love when I returned. Our HD on his voyage of love again."

Justin softly blushed, Lance smiling at him.

"His warmth wakes me up always. I take it Joshy's rod of happiness benefited from the love?"

Josh grinned, staring at Justin.

"And here I had to be asleep."

Justin smiled, leaning over and kissing Josh's lips.

"When you benefit totally from it you'll be wide awake, sexy."

Lucas and Lance laughed, the four smiling at each other.

"Rise and shine, my three beauties. Breakie's on the go." Lucas said, rising up from the bed, Josh pouting.

"Where's my morning love, babe?" he said, Lucas smiling down at him.

"Right beside you, beautiful. And you should make it a wet one."
Lance and Justin smiled, the two men moving, rising up, Josh smiling and sitting up as well, the man seeing both men standing in their briefs, both tented.

"Will you marry me, beautiful?" Lucas said, smiling at his soulmate.

"You betcha, sexy." Josh said, Lucas smiling and kissing all three on the lips when Josh rose from the bed, the young man smiling at all three.

"I heard my father and grandfather rising. Today's their day of love. Our days of love go on forever."

The three men smiled, Lucas walking out of the bedroom.

Josh's blue eyes met Lance's green.

"Let's shower, guys. I've a monster and a horndog to clean."

Justin and Lance smiled, the three walking into the bathroom.


Lucas walked into the kitchen, smiling at the touching scene before him.

Tristan and Savannah were locked in a deep kiss, Emerson and Francesca embraced in a kiss as well.

"Happy birthday, Dad and Grandfather! I see you've been given the first gift of many today." Lucas smiled, the two couples separating, all four smiling at Lucas.

"That we have, son. The love of our happiness." Tristan said, smiling at his wife.

Lucas smiled, walking up to his father and grandfather, hugging both tenderly, kissing each on the cheek.

"Happy birthday to both of you. My love I give as a gift as well."

"It's a gift that continues to open, Lucas. And both our hearts are beyond happy." Emerson said, Grayson smiling from the doorway watching the family before him.

"We're a family, Granddad. That's the greatest gift we all can receive." Lucas smiled, Emerson smiling at the shorter name of endearment.

"That we all see, Lucas. Good morning everyone." Grayson said, walking into the kitchen, Emerson hugging his old friend.

"Happy birthday, Em." Grayson said, then smiled at Tristan.

"You as well, Trist."

"Thanks, Gray." Emerson said, patting his old friend, Tristan kissing his cheek.

"Thanks, Uncle Gray."

The older man smiled, the front door chiming, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"That will be the rest of the gang. I did say eight-thirty." he smiled, walking out of the kitchen, heading for the front door.

"Lucas seems happy today. That's wonderful." Grayson said, Savannah kissing his cheek as he hugged her and Francesca.

"He's happy and calm. That should warm all our souls." she said, Tristan smiling at his wife.

"We've made all your favourites, Trist and Father." she smiled, Emerson smiling at her with tearful eyes.

"Thank you, Savannah. This is a birthday I shall fondly remember. For the love surrounding me. From all of you and my new grandson." he said, Francesca kissing her husband's lips again.

"You've forgotten your other daughter and grandchild."

Everyone turned, Vivian and Trish standing in the doorway, Lucas smiling beside them.

Vivian walked into the room, hugging her father, Trish's arms wrapping around both of them.

"Happy birthday, Grandfather." she said, Emerson's eyes filled with tears, Vivian now hugging Tristan.

"I've. . .I've never had a granddaughter." he softly said, Trish kissing his cheek.

"You have one now, Grandfather. You have both Lucas and me, your grandchildren of love."

Outside the kitchen, Lucas smiled, Josh's arms wrapped around him, the hallway filled with everyone, Andrew and Henderson smiling at Josh's side, Finn and his family behind him, others as well.

Trish gave Tristan birthday wishes, hugging her uncle.

"Come on in, everyone. The food's ready. And the love we're already dining on." Francesca smiled, everyone walking into the kitchen with smiles.

Tristan and Emerson had carried in a second table and chairs while Lucas had been upstairs, the flowers divided now into two vases, a large feast at the ready.

"Let's sit down, my family." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling and joining as one.


The meal was delicious, everyone ravenous and quickly fulfilled.

They all chatted throughout the meal, Emerson and Tristan taking in all their birthday wishes, the two men smiling at everyone, Lucas watching their total happiness.

"What's the day's plans, Lukey?" Colton smiled, Francesca looking at the young man, Alain and Harry seated beside him.

"Well, I'm cooking a large dinner for my father and grandfather on this special day. I'll need your help with that, Colt." Lucas smiled, the young man beaming.

"Given with friendship and love, Luke." he smiled, everyone smiling at the closeness showing between the two.

Lucas' eyes went to his father's green.

"The day's events we leave solely at the feet of my father and grandfather. It's your day, Belmont men. Whatever you'd like to do, Dad and Granddad, we welcome it with love." he said, the two men smiling at the young man.

"We have your love, my son. We'd like to bask in that all day." Tristan smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I'd love to go for a nice walk, or a hike." Emerson said, Josh smiling at him.

"There are a lot of hiking trails all around Los Angeles, Emerson. Griffin Park has several." he said, Lucas smiling at his lover.

"An excellent idea, Granddad. It's a warm beautiful day for that. Who's up for it?" Lucas smiled, a lot of people agreeing.

"So we have a great start! After breakfast we'll go on an adventure." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Every day's an adventure with you, Luke. Just look at Justin's puppy dog eyes. He'll follow you anywhere." Finn laughed, Skyler rolling her eyes, Momma Mavis slapping her son's shoulder.

"It's a day of family love, Finnegan. Keep it civil." she said, admonishing her son, Finn softly blushing.

"Yes, Mom."

Lucas laughed, his eyes meeting Finn's blue.

"Where's the fun in that, Momma Mavis? Your boy feeds my soul of mirth."

Everyone smiled, seeing Lucas' smiling face.

"Where's the paper, Luke? They always have ads in the Times for events at the park." Lance said, Lucas moving over, reaching for the newspaper laying on the counter behind him where Savannah had placed it when readying the table.

Lucas picked up the paper, looking around at everyone, his face showing a soft look of seriousness.

"Today will be a day of family. Our happiness will shine all day. But first there's one new drama to focus on only momentarily. The rest of the day will be given over to only love." he said, Josh looking at him.
"What's that, Luke?" Harry said, looking at the young man.

Lucas sighed, handing Lance the paper, the man staring into his violet pools.

"Read the article on page one of the entertainment section, Lance." Lucas said, the man pouring more coffee into his cup, Josh quietly watching him.

Lance traded looks with Justin, the man opening the newspaper, perusing that page, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools again.

"Go ahead, Lance. Read the headline and the short article." the young man said, Lance nodding, looking at the photograph showing in the paper, his rich musical voice filling the quiet kitchen.




            Lucas Carver's Trial Slated For Tomorrow

                    Justice Will Answer Truth's Call


Tomorrow, the central courthouse of Los Angeles will be inundated with a gathering media circus.

Lucas Carver, singer and self proclaimed celebrity, will begin his trial for murder tomorrow.

That trial has been the focus of the city's media from all corners, and all comers.

It's even become a national intrigue, which I'm sure the man thrives upon.

Tomorrow he will be the center of attention, perhaps not really deserved.

One young man of dubious standing may come out with a less-than-glowing stature after all this.

Perhaps it's a reckoning long overdue.

As it's already been made shown--with video and photographic evidence--I myself have had my own interaction with this young man.

And it wasn't a very cordial interaction.

Lucas Carver's apparent temper showed its total wrath in the middle of that interview.

I remained calm, he totally lost it.

But I'll show the bigger image here and just state that I was only searching for the truth.

He was searching for fame and notoriety, only his anger got the best of him.

And that truth that I search for may show itself beginning tomorrow.

Lucas Carver has surrounded himself with the fame and the support of a large group of today's greatest celebrities.

Those known celebrities may soon see the reality of that young man's truths.

For tomorrow isn't about fame or notoriety.

It's about justice and condemnation.

A young up and coming musician was brutally murdered, his life taken too soon.

Tomorrow, Lucas Carver will stand in judgment for that murder.

Let's hope justice finds that truth.
He will be surrounded by his celebrity friends, I and the media will stand for justice and truth.

And the court of justice won't stand for any celebrity bolstering.

Fame is left at the door, justice resides alone in that courtroom.

The District Attorney seems well organized in his case, the evidence substantial.

Lucas Carver may have a damning fight on his hands.

This faithful, focused reporter will follow it all, alerting all of you of its surprising truth, up to and including its conclusion.

Justice is coming, and Lucas Carver is about to be served.'"



"Morgan Sheppard, again?!" Justin said, rather loudly, Lucas looking towards him.

"Yes, Jus." Lance said quietly, handing the paper to him, Justin looking at the picture of Lucas above the article.

"That's damn near slanderous, Luke!" Finn said, soft anger showing on his face.

"Not really, Finn." Grayson said, his blue eyes looking at Lucas.

"He's being careful, as Grayson sees. He didn't come right out and accuse me of the murder." Lucas said, Josh hugging his man close.

"You need to stay away from him, Lucas. That man's dangerous. Any confrontation you have with him will be in the middle of the spotlight." Grayson said, Lucas nodding.

"I will be nothing but calm against him or any other that seeks to force my hand in anger. That anger's gone. I'll only now focus on the truth."

"Is there no way to prove that he's maligning you, Lucas? That he's being paid to do that?" Savannah said, Lucas looking at his mother.

"No, Mom. And that's only a side story to all of this. I can deal with him and I'll later deal with Bryce Hartwell's part in that." he said, Josh looking at his soulmate, their eyes meeting.

"This trial will soon end, then  Sheppard won't have anything to focus on with me. And the path that we and Bryce are on will lead to its own end, my Joshua." Lucas said, Josh kissing his cheek, feeling the young man's total love.
"You don't seem angered by this, Luke." Sean said, Finn looking at his father.

"Being angry will only fuel the media's fire, Uncle Sean.  I intend to remain calm. That in itself may fan greater flames, but I don't give a shit. Sorry for my language." Lucas said, Justin staring at him.

"We'll all be there with you, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know, Jus. That's the only strength I need." Lucas said, his eyes following the newspaper moving around the table.

"I'll talk to Gideon about this, Lucas. We could go to the judge and seek reparation against his pandering to the masses. We could get a gag order." Grayson said, Lucas nodding.

"Let it go for now, Grayson. Truth will sew up all the ends of this opening circus tent."

Finn now had the newspaper, his eyes raising, meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Want to cut out the picture for some alone time later, Finny?"
Alain burst into laughter, Finn blushing, others now laughing.

"Nah, thanks. But my dart board needs a target." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Ten bucks says you'll aim for my center."

Justin laughed, Finn blushing more.

"On that note, we need to get this kitchen cleaned up. Then I'm going for a walk with my grandfather, and my family." Lucas smiled, beginning to rise from the table, his sister smiling at him.

"Relax, Lukey. Your family will clean this all up. You need some time with your man."

Josh smiled, he and Lucas rising from their seats, Lucas kissing Trish's cheek.

"We'll try to be quieter than you and Andy this morning. Or was that Randy Andy?"

Trish laughed, Andrew blushing but smiling.

Josh and Lucas walked out of the kitchen, Justin's and Lance's eyes following the young man.


The morning and afternoon flew by, the group enjoying the outdoors and the sunshine.

Most of them had opted for the outdoors, two vehicles leaving Josh's home, the paparazzi following them for a while, finally ditched by Justin's and Harry's easy maneuverings.

They spent the late morning and early afternoon hiking down a lot of forested, flower-filled trails, all of them enjoying the warm sunshine and open air.

Emerson seemed robust, walking with relish, Tristan marvelling at his father's regained fitness.

Lucas smiled often, walking with both of them, their friends and family following.

Momma Mavis had prepared a large lunch for them, Andrew and Finn both carrying baskets.

They'd all dined under the sunshine on a picturesque slope, the view expanding out before them all of the city.

Lucas had felt the closeness and love of his three soulmates, all surrounding him all day.

He and Josh had stolen small private moments of intimacy along the trails; Justin and Lance doing the same, sharing that love with their friends.

He sensed all their showing love, the three focusing on tomorrow's drama, Lucas feeling their love.

They'd arrived back at the house mid afternoon, the group relaxing and having fun in the pool and in the backyard.

A small game of touch football was organized, Justin and Finn designated captains.

Colton was beaming with happiness when Justin chose him first for his team.

Gregarious fun was had by all, the players and the spectators alike.

Nick and Gideon showed up in the late afternoon, Aaron and Craig with them.

Joey, Kelly and Briahna, along with the Chrises right behind them.

Adam and Usher were the last to arrive, the house filled with laughter, happiness and love.

Lucas' second family were introduced to all of Lucas' new friends, they all seeing he was surrounded by more than celebrity friends--he was surrounded by genuine love and friendship.

Lucas was in the kitchen for most of the day, preparing another culinary feast for his ever-growing family.

Justin had walked in around four, his arms wrapping around the young man from behind, just as Lucas rose to his feet after checking the roast in the oven.

Justin kissed his neck, Lucas smiling.

"That has to be my Jus. His kisses are filled with more need than even my Joshy's." Lucas said, Justin smiling.

"You basted the meat, maybe I can have a turn."

Lucas laughed, turning around in Justin's muscled arms, the man smiling as Lucas kissing his lips softly.

"And what would you like to baste me with?"

Justin smiled, softly blushing.

"My love, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, Justin kissing his lips this time, the kiss laced with love and need.

"How goes the cooking? The aromas are damn enticing!" Justin smiled, Lucas smiling, looking around the kitchen.

"Everything's in the oven, warmers and fridge. Should make it all ready for six." Lucas smiled, Justin's eyes glancing at the large cake sitting on the kitchen counter.

"Can you help me put this in the fridge, Jus?" Lucas said, Justin nodding, releasing the young man, helping him lift the cake, the two walking it to the fridge, Justin opening the door, guiding the cake onto the empty center shelf.

Justin smiled, reading the words written on the large cake.
"They'll love it and its meaning, I think." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling and closing the door.

"Free at last." he smiled, Justin smiling back.

"Great! Joshy sent me in here to guide you back out to his love. He's been looking for you." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling and wiping his hands on a dishcloth, removing the apron he wore.

"I can chill for an hour or so. So how's all the scenery out there? My Justy's kisses were lust-filled." Lucas smiled, Justin softly blushing again.

"Man, all our friends are beautiful, Luke." he said, Lucas' arm going around him.

"That they are, Jus. Their love and friendship are even more beautiful."
Justin smiled, his face showing a soft look of thoughtfulness.

"What's that beautiful mind thinking on?" Lucas said, Justin staring into his violet pools.

"I was watching Ush and Adam in the pool, Luke. They're totally in love. And both so beautiful. They both seem like totally different people." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"They are, Jus. Lust gave over to life, my friend. True love has a way of doing that to one's hearts."

"They're soulmates?"

"Yes, Jus. They're soulmates for life."

Justin smiled, looking towards the patio doors.

"They were both so ardent, so possessive, Luke. Beautiful, but so dominant. It just surprises me so much." he said, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"They were lost, Jus. Dominance can't hold out against a greater need. A need they both hid in their souls. That need's free now, they both feel the greater desire of its truth. Love."

Justin smiled, nodding.

"You have such a way with words, Luke. You make me understand things so clearly."
"You may be blond, but you ain't no airhead, cutie."

Justin blushed, Lucas smirking and kissing his lips lightly again.

"Horn dog, but not an airhead. Just how we love you."
Justin smiled, winking at Lucas.

"Leave the love to me. Lancy and Joshy can think for both of us."

Lucas laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"Let's go watch that eye candy." he smiled, Justin smiling, the two walking out onto the patio.


The two men walked out onto the patio, Lucas' violet pools meeting two blue pools walking towards him, Josh's smile sending a flash of love deep into Lucas' soul.

His near naked body added to the feeling of deep love echoing through the young man.

"There you are, babe. Your family's been missing your love." He smiled, wrapping his muscled arms around Lucas' polo shirt-covered chest.

"And what of you, my angel?"

"I'll never miss you, you're always a part of me." Josh said, kissing Lucas' lips tenderly.

Justin smiled, Lance's arms wrapping around him.

The two men parted from their kiss, Josh staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"And that kiss was steeped in loss, babe. You're such a liar." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling with blushing love.

"Okay, I did miss my beauty."

Lucas smiled, the young man's arms wrapping around his soulmate.

"Just how I love you, Joshua. Needful and loving."

Josh smiled, snuggling against his man.

Lucas' violet pools went around the patio and pool, seeing all his family and friends laughing and smiling.

His eyes took in Adam and Usher in the pool, Nick and Gideon beside them.

Adam was on Usher's shoulders, the black man standing on the bottom of the pool, Nick in the same position on Gideon's shoulders, the four tossing a football back and forth.

Lucas' eyes scanned Adam's tattooed slim muscled torso, the man's body beautiful.

Nick's body showed a couple of small tattoos, his body smooth with a swimmer's build.

Justin was staring as well, Lance kissing his cheek.

"The pool's filled with beauty. Lucky us." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Come on in, Luke!" Colt yelled from the diving board, diving into the pool, Aaron and Craig waving at him as well from the diving board's ladder.

"Might as well add to the beauty, my pet." Josh said, Lucas smiling and pulling off his polo shirt, his bronzed muscled smoothness taken in by everyone surrounding the pool and patio, Tristan smiling at his son's muscled beauty.

He felt a hand go to his shoulder, the man staring into his father's identical green eyes.

"We are handsome, my son. Your son is an Adonis." Emerson smiled, Tristan smiling at his father.

"His love is beyond beauty, why would he not be?" the man said, Emerson nodding his head, looking at his grandson as he ran across the pool's marbled stones, the young man diving into the pool in front of Colton and Aaron and Craig, both now in the water.

"One more year, Father." Tristan said, Emerson rubbing his shoulder.

"I think it will be a year of amazing reality, my son. And the reality of our hopes just dove into that pool."

"He can't stop it, Father. No one can. The past will continue as always." Tristan said, Emerson kissing his son's cheek.

"I am ready for that, my son. My life passes into the shadow of my father's own steps. And Father goes into the unknown. The cycle will continue."

Tristan teared up, staring at his father.

"I would give heaven and earth to have that not happen, Father."

"I know my son. I would give the same." Emerson said, looking at his grandson, the young man's violet pools staring now at both of them, the young man now wrapped in his Joshua's wet arms.

In those eyes, Emerson saw a deep center of love and a flowing magic of unbelievable life.

"I think Lucas is going to surprise us all." he said, the man smiling at his son.

"Let's join his love, Tristan. Let's let him guide us into the future. I think he's going to surprise the hell out of us."

Tristan nodded, then smiled.

"I believe the same, Father."
The two men dove into the pool, Lucas' violet pools softly glowing as he saw them hit the water.

I think I'm going to surprise myself. He smiled, his lips meeting his Joshua's, his wet arms surrounding him.



End of Chapter 119


A sunny day of gathering love.

Lucas' father and grandfather's joined birthdays.

The two surrounded by the love of their now larger family.

As Lucas is surrounded as well.


The two Belmont men have their thoughts on the last year of their Trinity stages.

Emerson about to ascend into his own father Joshua's role as Guardian, Tristan to take up the mantle of the Being his father presently holds.

What of Joshua Belmont?
What lays ahead for him on their next birthday?

A walk into the endless void?

Will there be another Creation next year?
Is Lucas that said creation?


And so the trial looms on the horizon.

The final day of family love before Lucas stands before justice.

The media monster Morgan Sheppard slinks around in the background, awaiting perhaps to butt heads with Lucas again.

Maybe he'll find a surprise awaiting him.


Onward we go!


Hugs, Angel.