Yesterday's End-120

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 120


Tristan and Emerson both smiled, their faces showing calm happiness.

The applause around them heightened, the two standing at the end of one of the patio tables.

Lucas stood at their side, the young man smiling with his own happiness.

"It's beautiful, Lucas. And it looks delicious." Emerson smiled, he and his son standing in front of a large cake laying on the patio table, their family smiling at them, surrounding them with love.

Dinner was finished, the group dining on Lucas' rich bounty, everyone contentedly stuffed.

After the meal when everyone had relaxed for a bit, Lucas had walked out of the kitchen, the large cake in his arms, everyone smiled, the patio filling with The Birthday Song, Emerson and Tristan rising from their seats with smiles as Lucas sat the cake down in front of them.

The two men took in the cake's beauty and the words of love written across it.



                        Happy Birthday


              Joshua, Emerson and Tristan


                  Belmont Souls of Love


             Today Begins Your True Lives



The two men's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the man now walking between them, his arms going around his grandfather and father.

"Moving words, Lucas. But what does that last line mean?" Tristan said, Lucas smiling at his father, kissing his cheek, then his grandfather's as well.

"It means that today is the last birthday on your familiar path of destiny. Next year's eventualities will surprise you as you've both already voiced to yourselves."
Emerson stared into his grandson's violet pools of love with mild surprise.

"I've felt your feelings all day, Dad and Granddad. Our souls are in tune." he said, Tristan staring at his son as well with soft wonder.

"You only have to remember one thing, my family." Lucas said, his surrounding family staring at him.

"Love surrounds us, on all levels. On all paths. Before all of you stands three of one soul. Three generations of the Belmont dynasty. Mature grandfatherly wisdom, giving fatherly courage, and youthful love. And all three are life. Life and love."
Emerson and Tristan both teared up, Lucas smiling at them both.

Josh, Justin and Lance all stared at the three, seeing the total happiness on Lucas' young handsome face.

"Today is perhaps one of the happiest days of my life so far. I stand among my family, sharing their happiness on this special day of their lives. Two souls who celebrate the anniversary of their life. The magic of the Trinity." Lucas smiled, looking around at all his surrounding friends, everyone staring at him with soft wonder.

"The male descendents of my family were all born on the thirteenth of October. How that is we know not, nor do we know why. Call it destiny, call it life, call it magic. I myself call it the path. It doesn't change what I see and feel. And that's a family of love, life and courage. I love both of you, my father and my grandfather. And the missing, ever-giving, ever-mysterious Joshua."

Tristan and Emerson both teared up, another voice making all those present turn their heads.

"Thank you, Lucas. I love you as well."

In front of the pool stood Joshua Belmont.

Lucas smiled, walking towards him, stopping in front of him, Emerson and Tristan following the young man.

Everyone stood from their seats, staring at the four men before them.

"Happy Birthday, Grandfather Joshua." Lucas smiled, Joshua smiling at him with a look of deep love.

"The only mysterious part of all this is your life of love, Lucas. Your love is so deeply entrenched in all our souls now." he said, Lucas smiling.

"It's new to all of you, Grandfather. There is no mystery in it. It is the same love that has transcended down through all our generations." Lucas said, Joshua nodding his head, his green eyes meeting his son's and grandson's identical pools.

"Happy Birthday, Father." Emerson said, Joshua smiling as his son and grandson moved forward, the man hugging both individually.

"Happy Birthday, Grandfather." Tristan said, his head against his grandfather's, Joshua kissing his cheek as they parted from their embrace.

"Happy Birthday, my son and grandson." he smiled, looking around at everyone, seeing new people surrounding him.

"Your family grows, Lucas." he said, the young man moving forward, Joshua surprised when the young man embraced him deeply.

"My love grows, Grandfather. Happy Birthday, guarding one of our love." he said, Joshua smiling, a tear showing in his green pools.

"Thank you, Lucas. It grows around us." he said, the two breaking their embrace.

"The void shimmers, my family. I must depart. I only wanted to feel the happiness and love on this special day in my family's heart. I would cross all voids to feel that." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You can carry it with you now, Grandfather. That is my gift to you on this day. And I'll have a greater gift for you next year." Lucas said, Joshua staring into his violet pools, seeing the soft sparkling starlight in those mesmerizing pools.

"Please, Lucas. What you seek to unravel may be the. . ." he softly said, trailing off on his words.

"May be the truth, Grandfather Joshua. The truth we all may have to face."

The man backed up a bit, staring at his son and grandson, then his great-grandson.

"Love is with you, Joshua. In this time and in all times." Lucas said, Joshua staring at him with soft surprise.

"Stay off that path, Lucas. It can only lead to reality." Joshua said, Lucas nodding at him.

"The reality is love and life, Grandfather. We all shall know that."
The man stared at him for a moment, then focused on his son and grandson.

"Enjoy the day of his love, my children. I love you both."

"Love you, Father." Emerson said, staring at his father, Tristan staring as well at his grandfather.

"Love you, Grandfather. As I love all my family." he said, Joshua smiling, the man suddenly disappearing, the pool now showing alone.

Adam's eyes widened with shock, Usher's arms going around him, his eyes just as wide, as were a few others around them.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools looking around at everyone.

"Families join on special days. My family surprises even ourselves." he smiled, Tristan and Emerson staring at the young man.

"You knew he'd come?" Josh said, now at his man's side.

Lucas nodded, looking at the two men staring at him.

"A day of always joined love. Through the long generations. He would have never stayed away. They all needed to voice their love for each other on this special day." he said, Emerson smiling at his grandson.

"My own grandfather always came as well, Lucas. The Guardian--though mystical and not of this world--always showed his love to his son and grandson on this day."

Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting Adam's blue and Usher's brown.

"This is my family, guys. Mystical, magical and destined. And I love all of them." he said, Tristan and Emerson smiling at him.

Adam and Usher both nodded, Justin's arm going around Adam's shoulders.

"I'll fill you both in on all of it. It's an amazing reality." he smiled, the two men nodding at him.

Lucas smiled, looking at his father.

"Time to cut the cake, Dad. Joey's looking like he's ready to pounce on it!"
Joey laughed, seated with his wife and daughter.

"I can wait, Luke! But hurry up!"

Tristan laughed, Lucas handing his grandfather the cake knife he'd picked up off the table as the three returned to it.

Emerson smiled, cutting into the rich cake.


Lucas smiled, walking out onto the patio, the evening's surrounding darkness pushed back by all the patio lights now lit.

Everyone was talking and laughing, the evening softly warm.

He carried a tray of drinks, Lance smiling and taking it from him with thanks.

"You're welcome, cutie. Try not to get Jus too drunk. Our HD needs to have all his faculties to be any good." he whispered into Lance's ear, the man laughing, kissing his cheek, heading over to Justin at another table, that table filled with others, including Nick, Harry and Alain.

Lucas smiled, sitting down at another table, Josh's arms wrapping around his man as he sat down beside him, the table surrounded by Gideon, Lucas' mother and aunt and Adam and Usher.

Adam's blue eyes locked with Lucas' violet.

"Say from your heart your feelings, my friend." Lucas said, Adam's hand going to his shoulder, the man seated beside him.

"I. . .I. . .we would never have imaged the wonder of your family's heritage, Lucas! Justin told Ush and me the story of your family's past. The magic and mystical truth of it! We. . .we just saw a ghost tonight!" he said, Usher nodding as well, Lucas softly blushing.

"I was as surprised as well by all of it, Adam. Hell, I'm still thrown by all of it. Ghosts, Shades and magic essence? It all still mystifies even myself. Especially the magic, or perhaps the renewed greatness of it." he said, Savannah staring at him.

"The renewed greatness, Lucas?" she said, Josh looking at his man.

Lucas sighed, Vivian staring at him as well.

The tables surrounding them as well had quieted down, everyone quietly listening to Lucas.

Tristan and Emerson traded looks, the two seated with Francesca, Trish, Henderson and Andrew.

Lucas stared over towards the pool, seeing Colton and Aaron swimming with Joey's daughter, Craig with them as well.

"The younger generation thrives on the wetness of life, just as I always have." he said, Josh rubbing his shoulder.

His violet pools met his adoptive mother's, Vivian smiling at him.

"I remember the love you always have had for water, Lucas. The waterfalls of life and of your imagination always calmed you."

"Yes, Mom. Waterfalls have always calmed me, their beauty and sound so soothing to my mind and my life." he said, Josh smiling at him, Lucas smiling back.

"That's why I'm always so amazing in the shower, babe. My love focuses when I'm calm."

Adam chuckled, Josh blushing, Usher smiling at him.

Lucas kissed his man's lips, Josh calming against the love.

The two parted, Lucas looking at his mother.

"I need to confess something, everyone. I've always known that I have had magic. Since the first day of my known existence."

Savannah and Vivian looked surprised, Josh staring at his man with surprise as well.

"Always, Lucky?"

"Yes, Josh. From my earliest recollections of life, I've always sensed it within myself. I kept that truth deep within myself hidden from all, perhaps from myself as well. For I just couldn't accept what it represented about myself. The difference of who I am. Of what I am."
"What you are is a man of deep love and courage, my angel. Who you are is the man I love. For the greatest difference within you is your love. For it's the most amazing thing we've all witnessed and felt. Myself the most." Josh said, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

"Your love I've always accepted, my love." Lucas said, his hand going in Josh's.

Everyone smiled at the young man, Lucas sensing all those around them listening to his words.

"I've finally accepted what the magic is, everyone. What its purpose is in regards to myself, to my family and to destiny. And once I accepted that, the true path focused for me."

"What is its purpose, Luke?" Gideon asked, the man feeling an arm wrapping around him, Nick having moved from Justin's table, now seated beside his new boyfriend.

"It's a weapon, everyone. A weapon given to me for when I have to face the truth. And when, perhaps, I will have to fight against that truth. To reveal a even greater truth."

"You're not making sense, my love." Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips again, smiling at him.

"When have I ever accepted the sense of life, my Joshua? Life is a journey of choices. We all make them, in different moments of our own individual lives. Each choice changes the path we walk upon. I don't think that's true in all ways for myself."

"You mean you think you're on a destined unchangeable path?" Nick said, Lucas looking at him and Gideon.

"Not entirely, Nick. I have changed parts of my path, not always destined to be changed. That day in the bunker, that day Bryce shot me. And the days that I've changed all your lives with new love."

Adam and Usher looked at Lucas with wonder, Gideon and Nick as  well.

"I feel the truth of that changed path in my soul. Whoever--or whatever--is beyond or behind this path I walk, I believe I've surprised even him."
"Surprised who, Lucas?" Josh said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"Yes, surprised who indeed. That's the big question." he said, more to himself than to those surrounding him.

His violet pools met Gideon's blue, the young man wrapped in Nick's arms of love.

"Monday is one of those changes on my path, Gideon. Jake's murder, I believe, was never destined to happen. Nor my standing in judgment for that crime."

Everyone looked surprised, Gideon staring at the young man.

"Jake was destined to kill me. That path was changed, myself saved. For the greater purpose of the one true path, that destiny was changed. All paths changed and are guided by someone or something in regards to myself. The magic reaches beyond my own path, guiding other paths to their changed realities so that my true path stays on its course. Jake was one such changed path. Someone--or something--is going to have a lot to answer for in regards to my own feelings on that subject. No one deserved to die for myself."
Josh rubbed Lucas' shoulder, the young man feeling his love, and all the love surrounding him.

Everyone stared at him with love, feeling the young man's giving, forgiving soul.

"Jake's death wasn't your fault, Lucas. We all believe that. In that coming trial's reality or in any perceived ideas you're throwing at your own mind." Lance said, Lucas looking towards him and Justin.

He saw the love enshrined in their loving eyes, the young man nodding.

"I know it wasn't my fault, Lance. I accept that."

"But you can't accept the truth of the magic's involvement."

Lucas eyes raised, staring into two blue pools of sparkling love.
Colton stood by his side between him and Adam, the young man having moved from the pool in relative silence, now standing beside Lucas, his hand going to his shoulder.

Adam stared up at his smooth, naked torso, the young man slim and toned.

"I felt it the night of Jake's death, Lucas. I felt the hidden magic stirring in you. That greater mysterious magic guided you out of this house on that journey to his door. Your soul sought to change his path, to save him from a destiny you thought lay at the hands of your best friend. You went there that night guided by the magic to stop Finn from either killing Jake or dying himself."

Finn's blue eyes were on Lucas, Skyler's arms wrapped around him at another table.

"The magic took hold of me, Colt. I don't remember even the trip there that night. I only remember staring at his body floating in that pool. Of Finn's disappearance from there, his life still on its path. That fact filled my heart with relief." Lucas said, his violet pools staring at the love shining in Finn's blue.

"But Jake's life was gone. He was the sacrifice against the magic's interference." Lucas said, everyone seeing the tears in his eyes, and sensing the truth in his voice.

"I sensed the hidden magic, Lucas. I sensed the greater other magic." Colton said, staring down at his friend.

"The other magic, Colt?" Gideon said, Colton staring at his uncle.

"Yes, Uncle Gideon. There's another magic around us." he said, Lucas staring up at him with soft surprise.

"You. . .you feel it as well? You can't have!"

Colton smiled, staring into his friend's violet pools.

"I snuck around your defenses, Luke. Thanks for the protection given with love. But I sense my own path of destiny. It's to see behind the barriers of magic. Of all magic, hidden by love or not." he said, Lucas rising from his seat staring into the young man's blue pools.

"There's another magic beside yours and Colton's?" Harry said, looking surprised, Francesca's violet pools looking at him, then at her grandson, then around at everyone else.

"I didn't want you to feel it, Colt. I thought my magic was strong enough to let you remain oblivious to its presence." Lucas said, Colton smiling at him.

"You can't stop me from feeling life, Lucas. For feeling all of its beauty and surprising truth."

Josh stood up, his arm going around Lucas' waist.

"What's going on, Luke? What other magic is here?" he said, Lucas feeling his concern and love.

"I'm on the true path, Josh. A path that's been created for one purpose. For the destiny of my family's life. And that path, I believe, was created by magic. By the magic of someone I've overlooked."
"By who, Luke? Is that hidden magic evil?" Finn said, Lucas seeing the worry on his friend's face across the patio.

"I don't know the truth of who it is, Finn. But I don't sense evil surrounding that magic. But I don't sense goodness either. Its reality is hidden from even me."
"I sense what surrounds it, Luke."

Lucas' violet pools met Colton's blue eyes.

"You. . .you do?"

Colton nodded, Lucas' hand going to his smooth naked shoulder.

"What surrounds that magic, Colt? I sense nothing but the hidden magic." the young man said, everyone staring at the younger man, Colton in the center of all their gazes.

"I've been asked to keep that to myself, Lucas." he said, Lucas staring at him.

"By who, Colt?"

"By the visitor kneeling at the pool."

All eyes went to the pool, the area empty of all except Aaron, Craig and Briahna, who were now out of the pool, all walking towards the patio.

"At the beautiful waterfall pool, Lucas."

Lucas looked surprised, staring into Colton's blue pools.

"At my pool, Colt? In my dreams? You've. . .you've been there?"

Everyone looked surprised, Colton nodding.

"Yes, Luke. I've been there many times."


Gideon stood up, walking around the table, Nick following him.

"You. . .you've been to the pool in Lucas' mind?" he said, his blue eyes showing wide surprise, Lucas still staring at Colt.

"That's impossible, Colt." Josh said, the young man staring at him.

"I am of magic, Josh. Magic always flows to Lucas' love. I just never realized it was your pool that I visited, Lucas. I sense now it always was. I always thought it was. . .I thought it was my own."

Lucas rubbed the young man's shoulder blade, Colton staring at him.

"When did you go there first, Colt?"

The young man lowered his eyes, then raised them, their blueness meeting Gideon's equally blue pools of love.

"On the night of my mother's death, Lucas."

Gideon teared up, Nick's arm going around him.

"Her death, Colt?" he said, Colton's blue eyes meeting his uncle's blue.

"Yes, Uncle Colton. For each day of my deepest emotions I was drawn in my dreams to that shaded pool, to that flowing waterfall. The love surrounding that place always calmed my soul, always filled it with calming love. Those moments helped me go on with life. I saw Rosa Sharon there the night after her death. Her love was so beautiful, felt so real there, as it always had. I carried it in my heart with that pool's love. The last time I was there was the day I was attacked, that night, after I learned of Grandma's death." he said, Lucas' arm now going around him, the younger man sinking into his warmth.

"I sense in moments of hurt and pain my love always surrounded you, Colt." he said, Colton staring into his violet pools.

"I never knew it was your pool, Luke. But I sense now the truth in it and your magic. It is your protective love. You've always protected me these last few years. Even before I met you."

"I guess my magic has, Colt. I guess it sensed the deeper meaning of who we'd one day be to each other."

Colton smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Your love's been with me always, Luke. I'm not afraid anymore. Of the other magic or of life."

Lucas smiled, everyone staring at the two young men.

Emerson walked up to his grandson, Francesca at his side, their hands together.

"Your magic and love flow everywhere, Lucas. In all ways, in all dimensions. I felt it as well beyond the veil." Francesca said, Lucas staring at her.

Her now blue eyes looked at Gideon, he staring into a different face.

Adam and Usher's eyes widened as well, seeing another woman standing before them.

Everyone around them stared in surprise, seeing the transformed woman standing beside Emerson.

They'd heard the stories of Lucas' past, of all the different sides of it, including Francesca's dual reality.

But the magic of its transformed reality surprised all those new to its reality.

"And what of you, Gideon?" she said, Gideon staring at her, his eyes meeting Lucas' and Colton's.

"You, Uncle Gideon? You've been there, too?" Colton said with surprise.

The man stared into Lucas' violet pools, then he teared up.

"It can't be, Lucas! It. . .it's so unbelievable!" he said, his voice laced with sudden emotion, Nick's arm tightening around him.
"What's wrong, Gid?" he said, Gideon staring at Lucas.

"I've. . .I've seen a waterfall in my dreams as well, Luke. A pool of unbelievable beauty."


Everyone stared with surprise, Lucas looking softly surprised.

"You. . .you've been there as well?" he said, Josh's arm going around him, feeling his lover's surprise.

"Yes, Luke. I first went there the night before I left Westonshire. I thought that it had been Joshua, your great-grandfather and my supposed father who'd guided me there. Any day that I felt overcome with emotion, with life's strains and realities, I was drawn in my sleep to that place. A place of calming beauty and warmth. I always thought it was a manifestation of my own emotions, a calming buffer in my mind. It's more than that, isn't it? It has to be if we've all seen it. If we've all been drawn to it." he said, Colton staring at his uncle with wonder.

"Did you see or meet anyone there, Uncle Gideon?" he asked, Gideon looking at Lucas, then at Colton, shaking his head no.

"No, Colt. It was always a silent peaceful place, a place of beauty and warmth." he softly said, Lucas quietly staring at him.

Lucas' violet eyes met Colton's blue.

"Who did you meet there, Colt? Was it Joshua?" h said, Lucas quietly staring at him.

"No, Lucas. It wasn't him. I don't know who he was. He was young, handsome and beautiful. His voice so soft and loving. I. . .I thought that perhaps he was a vision of the ideal man for me. His beauty made me realize the truth of my sexual soul." Colton softly blushed, Lucas smiling at him with love.

Emerson's green eyes met Lucas' violet.

"I have been there as well, Lucas. In such said moments of emotion. You already knew that." he said, Lucas nodding.
"As were I and Savannah drawn, Father. And for each night we were captured within the void. We were lost in that place of your given love." Tristan said, his son staring at him.

Trish walked up to her brother, her arm going around him.

"You always dreamed of that pool when your were emotional, my brother. Could it be a manifestation of your magic's protection, Lukey? Did your magic create it for yourself and others?" she said, Lucas staring at her.

"Joshua said it was my pool. Lucas' Pool. A pool created by myself." he said, Josh's arm pulling him close.

"Perhaps your protective love drew everyone else to it. Or your magic. Or both." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Perhaps, Josh. But why would I draw people there that I hadn't known at that time?"

"Paths of destiny, Lucas. Your magic perhaps sensed those surrounding you in the distance of the future's destiny. We were all drawn to the love we'd one day experience for real. The magic of your love." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"I like your reasoning, Grandfather."

The older man smiled, Tristan staring at his son.

"Your magic is the greatest any of us have ever sensed, Lucas. This imagined pool is proof of that reality. We felt your love lost within the void. As did Mother when she passed into the light of eternity's uncertainty. We all now hear of the deeper protective love of it. Its calming love echoes in all our hearts. We that have experienced that pool's and waterfall's beauty have experienced an even deeper love. Your ever-giving love."
The young man smiled, his violet pools meeting Josh's blue pools.

"I felt the total beauty of it. I've been drawn there as well." he said, everyone looking surprised, Lucas smiling at only his Josh.

"Your love I need always, in all dimensions, my love. I'll always draw it to my soul."
Josh smiled, Lucas' violet pools moving, meeting Gideon's blue.

"Thank you for protecting me through life, Lucas. And for being there for Colton as well." he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I don't know if it truly was me, Gideon. If it truly was myself who drew all of you to that waterfall. But I know in my heart I would have always tried to protect all those then that I hold dear to my heart now."

Everyone smiled, Lucas looking around the patio.

"My magic moves on its own. My love moves from my heart. Let's focus on what we have with each other. Monday's truths will flow on their own. Just as my love will. I sense a lot more hiding behind even my own giving soul." he said, everyone sensing he was closing off the surrounding, emotional subjects.

"The evening wanes, my friends. Let's enjoy the surrounding love and the warmth of this night."

Adam and Usher rose to their feet, Lucas' violet eyes meeting Adam's blue.

"You're. . .you're all so amazing! You most of all, Luke!" he said, his face showing soft awe.

Lucas smiled, Adam's hand going to his shoulder.

"Thank you for giving me your friendship, Lucas. I know I've gained so much! You're amazing!"

Lucas smiled, looking at his Josh.
"Wait till you see me dance! Let's trip the lights fantastic, beautiful!" he said, Josh smiling at his lover.

Lucas' violet pools met Adam's blue.

"And you're second on my card, tattoo boy."
Adam smiled, watching Josh and Lucas walk to the middle of the patio, Lance hitting the buttons on the stereo in the corner of the patio, music filling the night.

Josh smiled, Lucas' arms wrapping around him, the two beginning to dance, others joining them.

Usher pulled his man to the dance floor, Adam feeling his love wrap around him, his blue pools staring at Lucas' smiling face, that face against Josh's warm chest.


The night ended, the love and happiness flowing from Josh's home out to other homes.

Justin and Lance left with Finn and his parents as well as Trish and her parents; Skyler and Andrew following with love, all heading to Justin's home nearby.

Adam and Usher left to hugs and kisses, two friends seeing them off with love.

Aaron and Craig left to hugs, Nick and Gideon following, their hands together, Nick being privately respectful of the paparazzi still outside Josh's gated home, Lucas and Josh smiling at their blossoming love.

"Ya did good, sexy. They're totally smitten with each other." Josh said, kissing his man in the doorway after he closed the door.

"Love flows to needful hearts. I sensed our Jus and Lancy sensed that in us as well. We have our bed to ourselves tonight, beautiful."

"They knew we needed only our own love tonight and tomorrow." he said, kissing Lucas passionately on the lips and pushing him up against the closed door.

"Babe, we're not alone yet. Mom and Grandmother Francesca are in the kitchen cleaning up. Others are bedding down for the night." he smiled, Josh biting his soft lower lip gently.

"I need you, babe." he said, Lucas feeling his aroused need.

"You just want to nail me before your 'rents get here tomorrow. Tomorrow my Joshy will have to be on his best behavior in front of his loving parents. I sense he needs his Lucky fix before that. Horny are we?"

Josh blushed, Lucas kissing his lips tenderly.

"The best way I love you. My love and beauty are here for you always. I'll just close up the place, babe. You head for bed, beautiful."

"I can't leave you, babe. Let me guide you, my love." Josh smiled, taking Lucas' hand in his, the two smiling at each other, Josh locking the door behind Lucas, the two walking through the bottom floor, shutting off lights.

They met Savannah and Francesca coming out of the kitchen, both kissing both men on the cheeks.

"The kitchen's shipshape, my grandson. We're off to our loved ones and sleep." Francesca smiled, Lucas smiling at both women, sensing more than sleep awaited them.

"Goodnight, Mom and Grandmas." he said, Francesca beaming, her eyes changing from violet to blue, smiling at his entrenched love in that shorter term of affection for both of his entwined grandmothers.

The two women walked towards the staircase, Lucas and Josh both walking into the clean, gleaming kitchen, Lucas locking the patio doors, shutting off the outside lights.

The two men smiled, Lucas grabbing two bottles of water out of the fridge, Josh raising an eyebrow.

"The coming love will make us both thirsty." he said, his hand going into the back pocket of Josh's black tight jeans, kneading that firm cheek.

Josh smiled, the two walking through the darkening rooms, both shutting off lights, finally walking up the staircase, heading for their bedroom.

The two men met Colton walking out of the bathroom, his slim toned form in only a pair of flannel pyjama pants.

"Night, guys. I'm going to watch some sports on my television. I'll mute the sound." he said, hugging both men, kissing both on the cheek, returned kisses given, the young man smiling, walking towards his bedroom.

"Give Jon our love. Tell him we'll see him tomorrow." Lucas said, Colton smiling, closing the door behind him.

"He's going to call Jonathan?" Josh said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"He always calls him before he falls asleep. I've heard him doing it every night since his return."
Josh smiled, feeling Lucas' love for both young men.

"I'll have to talk to that Timberlake boy. Our Colton's love he'll have to earn." Josh said, Lucas sensing the man's equal love for both young men.

"They've both already earned that giving love." he said, Josh smiling, Lucas guiding him into their bedroom, closing the door behind them.

Josh's blue eyes took in the quiet beauty of the room.

The bed's covers were pulled back, a red rose laying on top of the exposed pillows, Josh's blue eyes meeting his violet.

"I readied this room an hour ago. I sensed your need for our love tonight. Come with me, my love." Lucas said, Josh tearing up.

Josh let Lucas lead him towards the bathroom, Lucas opening the door.

The room was lit by candles, their wicks half burned down, the bathtub filled with bubbles.

"Colton set this up for me just a short while ago." Lucas said, kissing his man's lips, Josh feeling the love.

"Stand still, my love. Let me guide you to the water before us."
Josh smiled, wiping his eyes as Lucas began to unbutton his shirt, Josh's smooth chest showing as he pulled the shirt off Josh's arms.

Lucas' warm hands went across that smooth chest, feeling its smooth warmth.

Within minutes Lucas had stripped Josh completely bare, his violet pools scanning every inch of his man's beautiful self.

"Oh God, Lucas! I need your love so much!" he softly moaned as Lucas kissed his neck.

Lucas smiled, stepping back, quickly removing his own clothing, Josh following every exposed inch, seeing his man's center at full mast, his own needs lengthening.

Lucas smiled at his man watching his beauty, the man setting all their clothes on top of the hamper by the door, taking his man's hand, guiding him towards the bathtub, Josh climbing into the still warm water, Lucas following him.

Lucas sat down in the bubble-filled tub, guiding his man down in front of him, Josh feeling his man's wet arms wrap around him, the young man's heated center finding its warmth between Josh's ass cheeks.

Josh sighed, moving back against his man's smooth body, the man cocooned in his man's love.

Lucas kissed his neck, licking his earlobe.

Josh softly moaned, Lucas' wet hands going across his smooth chest, each latching onto one of Josh's wet nipples.

"I'm going to wash all of you, my love. And then I'm going to taste all of my man's needs. I love you, Joshua. Tonight, I'm going to own you. And I am yours in any way you need."
Josh teared up, then softly gasped, Lucas having guided one of his hands down under the water, its fingers guiding to Josh's center.

Lucas' other hand had picked up a soapy sponge, Josh feeling it glide across his abs.

Josh surrendered to Lucas' talented fingers, the man giving into the love his soul needed.

Lucas began to clean his body, and claim all of him.


Adam cried against Usher, the man feeling the total claiming love surrounding him.

Usher held him close, feeling his man's emotions, the two wrapped in each other's arms.

Usher was laying back against the pillows in their bed, the two men naked against each other, Adam on top of Usher's black, muscled body.

Usher's strong, muscled arms were wrapped around Adam's naked body, his large hard center embedded deep within Adam's own center of love.

Usher's lips moved across Adam's chest, his head nestled in Usher's armpit, Usher's tongue licking Adam's left nipple.

The bed was wet with their sweat, the two having been making love for hours, their needs opening to each other.

"That was so beautiful, my love. Each time. . .so. . .so beautiful." Adam softly said, his face covered in tears.

Usher moved from his nipple, kissing the man's warm lips, Adam lost in the love flowing through him.

Adam moved, Usher's now softening shaft slipping out of him, Adam moving onto his back, Usher moving against his side, their lips still attached to each other, both men lost in their love for each other.

The two broke their kiss, opening their eyes and staring into each other's pools of love.

"You are beautiful, Adam. My love only reacts to the beauty of all of you." Usher said, Adam staring up at him with love.
"Thank you, my Terry."

Usher smiled, his fingers going against Adam's cheek, rubbing the wetness off each cheek.

"My middle name, spoken with love. You only ever call me that when you're deeply showing me your love, Noah."

Adam smiled, leaning up and kissing his lips softly, settling back against the pillows.

"I'll always show you my love, Terry. As deep as I can give."
Usher smiled, snuggling against his man, the two sighing with contented happiness, Usher's brown eyes scanning Adam's tattooed naked body against him.

Adam blushed, staring into his brown eyes.

"You still show so much need in those golden pools, my love." Adam said, Usher smiling at him.

"I need you always, Noah. I love climbing onto your ark and leading two by two."

Adam laughed, knowing Usher had pulled two orgasms out of his needful body twice tonight.

And he only called him Noah--his own middle name--when his love was ravenous.

The last few hours had shown the total love he had needed.

Within minutes of leaving Josh's and Lucas' home, Usher had shown Adam what he'd needed.

Usher's hand had unzipped Adam's jeans, his hand finding the rising warmth hidden there.

Adam had driven home with Usher snuggled against him, his man's hand wrapped around his warm shaft in his jeans.

Upon arriving home and closing the front door, their clothes had left a trail from that door up to their bathroom.

In the shower, Usher had drawn the first flowing orgasm out of Adam's enlarged shaft, his mouth wrapped around it, Usher drinking in all of his love.

Adam had surrendered to Usher's total possession, the man licking every tattooed inch of Adam's slim muscled frame.

He'd claimed his body in the shower, Usher's dark shaft of love embedded deep within Adam's ass, both orgasming together under a wet flow of water.

Then he'd dried him off, carrying him to their bed of love.

And there Usher had laid back, giving Adam the love he'd needed.

Adam had tasted every inch of Usher's black muscled body, its beauty and warmth always drawing him into a place he'd become lost in.

The total love of this remarkable, beautiful man.

A man he'd loved from the first moment he'd stared into his brown eyes so long ago.

Then Usher had given Adam a greater gift.

Adam had claimed Usher's total need, the two men joined as one again, Adam feeling the total love he lived for.

Usher had orgasmed his first time with Adam deep within him, the two lost in the love.

Adam's third orgasm had flowed a few moments after Usher's first, filling the black man.

And then he'd given Usher the same.

The two had an orgasm together as one, a second round of total love washing over both of them.

Here now they lay together, wrapped in the love that thrived within them.

"You're so loving, my Terry." Adam said, Usher kissing his shoulder.

"I'm only as loving as your love makes me, Noah. And that damn sexy body, sweetie." he said, Adam smiling.

"I need a breather before you can claim me again, babe. You were insatiable." Adam said, Usher smiling, kissing his cheek.

"Sorry about that, my love. I felt my love for you growing all day." he said, Adam's blue eyes meeting his brown.

"Yes you were fully grown that first time in the shower. Was it all that male beauty we saw all day, babe?"
Usher smiled, his lips kissing his man's.

"No, babe. Our friends are all beautiful. We've both tasted a few of them." he said, Adam softly blushing.

"I know, Ush."

Usher smiled, rubbing his man's cheek.

"Wipe those thoughts from your mind, my love. The past is the past. They've all accepted that, and so have we. The greater thing we've gained is their friendship."
Adam smiled, nodding.

"I can't believe they've all forgiven both of us."

"We have one to thank for that, my love."
"Lucas. Surprising, unbelievable Lucas. Josh is so lucky." Adam said, Usher's eyes slowly lowering.

"Do you. . .?" he softly said, Adam pulling his man close.

"Do I what?" he said, their eyes meeting again.

"Do you still feel a need for him? Do you regret not having been with Lucas?" Usher said, Adam seeing the look on his face.

"Oh, babe." Adam said, moving, pushing Usher back onto his back, his smooth tattooed body going against him, half laying on top of him.

"I need to speak from my heart, Usher."
Usher nodded, a soft wetness showing in his brown eyes, Adam staring at him, Usher seeing a greater beauty in his handsome face.

"I love you, Usher. Today I realized how much. I saw all that half naked beauty today, even Lucas' own remarkable beauty. But my eyes were only drawn to one who totally made me quiver with need. You, Usher. I looked at all that stunning beauty but only could see you. I feel so different, Usher. I feel so lost. So lost in the need I have for you. But that loss disappears when I'm in your arms. I need you so much."
Usher teared up, Adam rising out of the bed, walking over to the windows of the bedroom, staring out into the darkness, Usher staring at his naked form, his bubbly butt looking so beautiful.

He saw Adam lower his head, the man silent.

Usher sat up, staring at him in the soft darkness.

"Do you. . .do you want only me, Ush?" Adam softly said, the man's head turning, staring back at the naked black man sitting up in bed.

"I'll. . .I'll do all that you ask, I'll give all that I am to you. . .or anyone else you need me to give myself to, Usher. Please. . .please tell me the truth." Adam said, his body softly trembling, his head turning back to the darkness, Usher's own eyes tearfully stared at his man.

He saw the trembling of Adam's body, sensing the man was afraid of Usher's answer.

Usher rose from the bed, stopping at the dresser to Adam's left side for only a moment, then moving towards the windows.

Adam stared out of the window into the dark night, hearing only silence behind him.


Adam felt an arm going around his waist, the man feeling a warmth wrap around him.

He felt two lips on his neck, a soft kiss given against that smoothness.

"Turn around, my Adam. Turn around to the truth of my soul."

Adam trembled, turning around, staring into two wet brown pools, Usher's handsome face covered in tears.

"I'll answer that question only once, Adam Noah Levine." Usher said, Adam hearing the deep emotion in that soft musical voice.

Usher's arms wrapped around Adam, pulling him close, the two staring into each other's eyes.

"I want only you, Adam. No one. . .no one we know or ever will know will ever give to me what you give to me. The beauty of your smile, the beauty of yourself, or the beauty of your love. I need only you, Adam. I love only you. Let those doubts go, my love. I am hopelessly, totally in love with only you. I saw all those beautiful bronzed men today as well, Adam. They were all so beautiful as you already said. But they weren't you. In you--as you see in me--I see only the man I need. I will never ask you to give yourself to anyone else to please me. You please me, Adam. Only you. We've both walked that life of lust and domination. We only need to find lust in each other now. And there will never be domination. I could never dominate the man that I love. I would only ever give him the love he needed. The love I gave you tonight. The love you gave me. I love you, Adam."

Adam sobbed, pulling his man close, both crying against each other.

"Do you feel the magic of his love, Adam?" Usher said, with tears flowing.

"Yes, Ush! I feel the magic of his love and what he's given both of us. Each other. Lucas' love is so real, his magic is so real! It's opened both of our eyes to what we need. I need you, Terry. Only ever my Terry."
Usher cried, pulling back from Adam, Adam staring into Usher's handsome face.

He felt Usher's hand move from his back, settling on his left ass cheek, Adam feeling a sudden coldness of something hard there, the man lightly jumping.

"What's that, Ush? It's cold!" he softly said, Usher smiling.

"The coldness in my hand may be the warmth of our future, my Noah."

Adam stared at his handsome face, the man's face bathed in love and happiness.

"It is the answer to your doubts, your dreams and your needs, Noah."

Adam watched as Usher sank to his knees, Adam's softly trembling.

Usher remained still staring up into his blue eyes.

His hand moved from Adam's ass, now laying against Usher's chest, Adam staring at something laying in his beautiful black palm.

Adam's eyes widened, staring then into Usher's brown tearing eyes.

"I love you, Adam. Will you be mine alone?"

Adam sobbed, his eyes moving again to the golden ring laying in Usher's hand.

"Will you marry me, Adam?" Usher sobbed, Adam falling to his knees, his arms wrapping around the muscled black man.

"Yes, Usher! I'll love you forever, my Terry!" Adam sobbed, the two wrapping their arms around each other, their heads moving.

They stared into each other's eyes, seeing the soul of love staring back at them

The love of their hearts.

They joined their lips, their love flowing on a new adventure.

An adventure of two soulmates.


Lucas opened his violet pools, Josh staring down into their violet sparkling centers.

The two were joined as one, Josh taking Lucas to that place of heaven.

"Lucas, your eyes! They're sparkling!" Josh said, the man slowing his rhythm, Lucas' hands going to his ass, pushing him downward deeper.

"They shine with love, my love! The beauty of total love!" Lucas moaned, Josh smiling down at him, Lucas staring into his blue eyes.

Lucas pulled his head downward, their lips meeting, Josh continuing his rhythm, feeling the charge of love flowing through his lover.

Lucas was beyond need, the young man pulling all of Josh's love out of him, Josh sensing his edge coming.

"Oh God, babe! I'm. . .I'm close!" He gasped, Lucas suddenly moving, flipping Josh over on his back with his muscled strength, Lucas now on top of Josh, their lips again joined.

Lucas was in charge, his body sinking up and down on top of Josh, Josh feeling his total abandon.

Josh felt his inhibitions letting go, the man feeling his orgasm cresting.

He gasped as he felt the release, Lucas sinking down on him, Josh erupting inside Lucas, Lucas feeling the warmth filling him.

His own center fell over the edge of need, his seed erupting across Josh's chest.

Lucas sighed, sinking down onto Josh's chest, wrapping his arms around his man, Josh doing the same around him.

"Oh, babe! Amazing as ever!" Josh sighed, Lucas kissing his neck, licking his cheek.

"I love you, Joshua. Today and forever." Lucas said, Josh smiling and kissing his cheek.

"The same, babe. The same." he softly said, Lucas hearing the exhaustion in Josh's voice.

"I've sated the tiger's energy." he said, pulling himself off Josh, Josh's deflating center plopping out of him, Lucas snuggling against his man's side, pulling the tossed blankets over both of them, the two snuggling together.

"You pull the love out of me, Lucky. It always sates my soul." Josh said, his eyes flickering.

"Go to your dreams, my love. I'll meet you at the pool." Lucas said, kissing his lover's sweaty chest.

Josh smiled, slowly closing his eyes.

"I love you, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, hearing the softness of the last word, Josh overcome by sleep.

"I love you, Joshua."
Lucas sighed, his mind filling with love.

New and known love.

He smiled, his mind focusing on all of it.

You have your answer, Adam.

Usher is yours alone forever.

The young man smiled, snuggling against his man.

And my love goes on its journey.

I just have to follow the path.

Monday starts that quest.

And I aim to be there at the end.

No matter what you have destined, lost one.

Lucas closed his eyes, the young man slowly taken by sleep.

He never saw the congealing air in his bedroom form into a solid shape, or the eyes staring down at him.

Soon, Lucas, very soon.

I hope I have chosen right.

I feel all of you, past and present.

You are the one.

I hope his soul can see that.

And I hope your Joshua can forgive me.

The future shall lay open those answers.

The monster is coming.

And you are my only hope.

The image faded, the bedroom bathed in the silent love of two men wrapped in silent slumber.


End of Chapter 120


And so another chapter ends, wrapped in mystery.

Lucas is showing his opening truths.

He always knew he was magically gifted.

That he was different than others.

But no less giving and loving.


Others have wandered his pool of magical love.

Some gathering courage and love there, others gathering hope and destiny.

Colton's magic senses another hidden magic, as Lucas' does as well.

Perhaps that hidden magic showing itself only by itself in the quiet darkness of night.


Usher and Adam have united as one.

That was always my intention, their love their own.

Two lost souls of wanton lust given over to a better end.

And two new friends to stand by Lucas in his upcoming ordeals.


The trial looms.

Sorry for the delay in that, I just wanted to strengthen the background of love.

The trial opens shortly.

As do other paths of love and mystery.

Lucas' and Josh's wedding awaits, as does the Belmont destiny.

Shades gather as well in the near future.


Ya ain't seen nothing yet!


Hugs, Angel.