Yesterday's End-121

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 121


Previous Evening


Gideon unlocked his condo's door, his blue eyes looking back.

Nick smiled at him, the man standing right behind him.

"Thanks for inviting me in, Gid." he said, Gideon softly smiling, a soft blush showing on his handsome face.

"My home will always welcome you. It's small but it's mine." he said, Nick smiling with love at him.

The two men walked into the dark condo, Gideon hitting the light switch by the door.

Nick's blue eyes took in the place, seeing the total cleanliness and shining beauty of it.

"I hate mess." Gideon softly smiled, Nick smiling back as he removed his jacket, Gideon taking it and his own and hanging them on hooks by the door.

The singer walked into the surprisingly open living room, feeling the coziness and warmth of the small condo.

"It's beautiful, Gid. So warm, cozy and inviting." Nick said, the man feeling Gideon's hand go in his.

"Let me give you the short guided tour. It won't take long." Gideon said, Nick smiling as the man walked him around the condo.

He showed Nick the small roomy kitchen, a small table for two in its center.

Nick walked with Gideon through the three bedrooms, seeing one converted into a small office, Nick feeling the lived-in presence of this judicial room, Gideon's center to his career.

"A lawyer's haven, given over to hard work." Nick smiled, picking up a heavy law book that lay on the desk.

Gideon smiled, seeing the sparkling happiness in Nick's blue eyes.

"My den of tasks undone. I've spent a lot of time alone in this room."
"A man's needs more than work to fulfill him." Nick said, his arm going around Gideon's back, Gideon feeling his closeness.

"I'm beginning to see that." he smiled, Nick smiling, the two lightly kissing, both smiling with happiness.

Gideon led the man back out through the living room, the two walking out onto a large balcony, Nick taking in the view of the dark Los Angeles skyline.

The condo building stood on a high hill, looking out at the city in front of it.

"A beautiful view, at least I think." Gideon said, looking out into the twinkling lights.

Nick's blue pools were on Gideon's handsome face.

"Yes, the most beautiful." Nick said, Gideon's eyes meeting his.

The two men moved towards each other, their arms wrapping around each other's waists, the two locked in a kiss of needful happiness.

Both men sighed, breaking the kiss, their blue eyes opening into another set of blue pools of shimmering love.

"I'll. . .I'll get you the drink I promised." Gideon softly said, Nick leaning forward again, lightly kissing his smooth lips.

"I have the drink I need right here. A tall drink of water he is." he said, Gideon smiling.

"That's cute, Nicky. Silly, but cute." Gideon said, Nick smiling softly.

"I had to break the nervousness of the moment, Drinkie Pooh."

Gideon chuckled, smiling at the man, the man smiling back.

"You nervous? The great Nick Carter nervous?" Gideon said, Nick softly blushing, the man moving and breaking their still connected embrace.

He sat down on a wicker couch in the corner of the balcony, Gideon staring at him, seeing a soft look on Nick's face.

"I'm not that great, Gideon. You know of the less-than-stellar life I've walked through." he said, Gideon moving and sitting down beside the man.

"You walked a path of loneliness, of doubt and searching need, Nick. I can't fault you for walking your own life." Gideon said, Nick looking at him.

"I was lost, Gideon. Lost in my own needs, delusional wants and false hopes. I never found what I searched for."
"What was that, Nick?"

"It's what our good friend has given me. Lucas has a giving soul, Gid. And an all-seeing one."
Gideon stared into Nick's blue pools.

"He saw easily that I was searching for love in all those encounters. That I was searching for something I'd never had before."

Gideon nodded, the man rising to his feet again, walking to the balcony's railing, staring out into the dark night.

"He is all-seeing, Nickolas. He saw the same thing in my soul. My soul that perhaps is even more lost." he said, Nick rising, the man walking up to Gideon's side, his arm going around him.

"I think he's very devious, giving and loving. I think he's making both of us see that what we search for we may find in each other." Nick said, Gideon's blue eyes meeting his.

"I don't have to think on that, Nickolas. I see it right before me." Gideon said, Nick's blue eyes filling with soft tears.

"You. . .you feel it too?"

Gideon's arms moved around the man, pulling him closer.

"Yes, Nickolas. I've felt it from the first moment I stared into your blue pools. I think I've found the second half of myself. The half I never knew existed. I think I've found someone to love me."
Nick teared up, Gideon moving, their lips meeting again.

This kiss was deeper, more giving in its need, love and hope.

The two broke that kiss, staring into each other's blue pools.

"Wow." they both softly said simultaneously.

"I believe the same, Gid. I felt your love that first moment I looked at you as well. Oh God, it feels so overwhelming! So unbelievable! You're so amazing!" he said, Gideon smiling at him.

"Lucas is the amazing one. I'm just myself."
Nick smiled, lightly kissing the man's lips again.

"You're the you I am falling in love with. And I do think you're amazing." he softly said, Gideon smiling at him.

"And you're the you that I need to love. I need your love, Nickolas."
Nick teared up, hearing the love in the man's emotional voice.

"I need your love also, Gideon. All of it, hopefully forever."
The two men smiled, kissing again, their arms wrapping around each other.

Gideon's head went to Nick's chest when they broke their kiss, Nick holding him close.

"I. . .I love you, Nickolas."

"I love you, my Gideon." Nick said, feeling his world focusing.

Gideon raised his head, staring into Nick's blue pools.

"I. . .I need to confess something, Nick." he said, Nick staring at him with a soft smile.

"That you're too beautiful for me? Or too good?"

Gideon smiled, softly blushing.

"I'm attracted to you, Nick. I have been for a long time. I always loved your music and your looks. Don't tell Justin, but I always loved your voice and looks more than his."
Nick laughed, smiling at Gideon.

"That would knock the great Timberlake down a notch." he smiled, Gideon laughing as well.

"But he's a great guy, Nick. And a great friend."
"That he is, Gideon. And thanks for the compliment."

Gideon softly blushed, their eyes meeting.

"You're beautiful, Nickolas. Why. . .why are you. . .?"

"Why am I interested in you?"

Gideon nodded, Nick smiling at him.
"Because to me you're even more beautiful, Gideon. Your smile, your looks, your beautiful physique, it all shows the real you. And your heart's even more beautiful. I don't know all of you, but I want to. I love you, Gideon. Please. . .please let me love you."

Gideon teared up, their eyes meeting again.

"Your beauty wasn't my confession, Nick."
Nick nodded, sensing a soft embarrassment in Gideon's voice.

He remained quiet, sensing Gideon needed only his smile.

"I'm a virgin, Nick. I've never been with anyone." Gideon said, his eyes lowering, Nick showing soft surprise on his face, his hand going to Gideon's shoulder, the man's head raising.

"Never, Gideon?"
The man shook his head no, their eyes meeting again.

"I never searched out for that need, Nick. I went out with a couple of women, that focusing myself on my inner truth. I always have felt that I'm gay. But I've never really had a serious relationship with a man. My career was the focus of all my adult years. But being with you, being in your arms, and seeing what we have together, it makes me. . ."

"It makes you want to have that serious relationship?"

Gideon nodded, staring into Nick's blue eyes.

"I want to try with you, Nick. To love you, to be with you in. . .in all ways."

Nick teared up, seeing the truth in Gideon's blue eyes.

Gideon's hand raised, his fingers brushing against Nick's smooth cheek.

"I need to experience your love, Nickolas."

Nick stared into Gideon's blue pools.

"You. . .you want me to be your first?"

Gideon smiled, Nick taking in the beauty of his warm smile, seeing love shining in his blue pools.

"No, my Nickolas. I want you to be my only love."

Nick lightly trembled, a soft sob coming out of him, Gideon's arms going around him again.

"I don't know if I could be worthy of that trust and need, Gideon. You make it sound so earth-shattering, so moving. I've. . .I've never. . ."

"You've never experienced the loving side of sex, Nick. I think it's time we both sought out our dreams."

Nick teared up, Gideon's lips meeting his, the two kissing deeply, both lost in a new sensation flowing through both of them.

They slowly parted, staring into each other's blue opening eyes.

"Take me to my dreams, Nickolas. I'll take you to yours. I need you, I trust you and I love you."
Nick leaned in, kissing Gideon on the lips gently again, their hands joining again.

"I'll need those dreams as well, Gideon. And I need you and love you."
Gideon smiled, the man gently guiding Nick back into his condo, the two heading for a moment of opening love.


Nick's blue eyes looked around the bedroom, taking in the neatness and beauty of its warmth.

A large double bed stood in the middle of the room, a navy bedspread covering it.

He felt Gideon's hand in his, the two standing a few feet away from the bed.

Gideon moved, his arms wrapping around Nick's waist, the two facing each other now.

They stared into each other's eyes, Gideon kissing Nick on the lips again.

They parted from the deeper kiss, Gideon's blue eyes showing his love.

"I love kissing you, Nick.  Your lips are so warm and tasty."
Nick smiled, licking his lips softly.

"As are yours, Gideon." he said, Gideon softly smiling.

"So. . .so how do we start?"

Nick's hand went to Gideon's shoulder, his other hand going to his face, gently rubbing his cheek with his long slender fingers.

"I love you, Gideon. Will you trust me to make this a moment of deep love?"

"Yes, Nick. I love you and trust you."

Nick smiled, leaning forward and kissing the man again on the lips.

His arms went around him, pulling Gideon closer to him, the man softly murmuring through the kiss.

"Touch me, Gid. I need to feel your hands on me." Nick said, Gideon hearing the soft need in Nick's words.

He also sensed in his heart what Nick was doing.

Nick was offering himself to Gideon, allowing him to begin their new relationship.

Gideon's lips moved from Nick's, the man kissing the other man's cheek, moving to his neck, sucking on the soft flesh.

Nick softly moaned, Gideon's hands moving on their own.

They both attached to one of Nick's bubbly ass cheeks, kneading each in their strong grasp.

Nick pushed against Gideon's muscled body, feeling the man's rising heat.

One of Gideon's hands moved, crossing Nick's chest, rubbing his abs and rising to his t-shirt covered pecs.

Nick softly gasped, their eyes meeting again.

Their lips joined again, a deeper passion now in their needs.

Both of Gideon's hands moved, going to each side of Nick's face as they kissed deeply, Nick slowly moving backwards, the back of his legs hitting the bed's edge.

The two broke the kiss, staring into each other's blue eyes, seeing the need and love reflecting back.

"I need you to love me, Gideon. I need you to make love to me. Touch me. Remove these clothes from us. I need to feel all your warmth and love."

Gideon smiled, the man moving forward, Nick falling back onto the bed, Gideon falling on top of him.

Nick felt Gideon's hands going all over his body, the man sensing the man's inhibitions were gone.

For the next few minutes Gideon slowly removed Nick's t-shirt and jeans, the man's body exposed to Gideon's soft touch, his lips kissing all over Nick's chest and shoulders.

The two traded kisses and soft touches, Gideon moving back off Nick, staring down at his smooth exposed physique.

Nick lay in the middle of the bed, wearing only a pair of black trunk briefs.

Gideon scanned the large tented phallus hidden beneath those briefs, seeing the wetness showing on the front of them.

"Oh God, Nick. You're so beautiful." he softly said, Nick smiling at him.

"I'm here for you to love, Gid. Please love me."
Gideon stared at him, seeing the love in Nick's blue eyes.

"I need to be naked against you, Nickolas. Guide me to your love. Please love me, too."

Nick rose from the bed, his arms wrapping around Gideon's clothed form, their lips meeting again.

They both felt the heat coming from the other, their lips parting.

Nick lightly kissed Gideon's lips repeatedly, gently pushing Gideon back onto the bed.

Gideon moaned, Nick's hands moving all over his chest, going to the buttons on Gideon's silk shirt.

Within minutes, the two were naked against each other, their briefs containing their need and desires, both barely contained.

Nick broke their kiss, staring into Gideon's blue eyes.

"Make love to me, Gideon. Make me feel the newness of real love."
"I want the same, Nickolas. I want your love."
Nick smiled, guiding Gideon's hands to his hips, Gideon gently pushing the man's briefs off his ass and down his legs.

He gently moved Nick onto his back, the man taking in his totally naked body.

Their lips met again, Nick feeling Gideon's hands all over his body, touching him everywhere.

Gideon's hand wrapped around Nick's hardened center, the man gasping.

"Oh God, my love!" he moaned, Gideon lowering his head, staring at the hardness in his hand.

Nick gasped as Gideon's head lowered, the man tasting a leaking wetness coming from Nick's shaft head.

Gideon revelled in the taste, his mouth engulfing the head, Nick's head snapping back.

Nick moaned, his body feeling new sensations, his body trembling with newness.

He'd had sex with a lot of men, this somehow felt different.

He sensed why.

This was more than sex, this was love.

He felt himself close, the man's hands going to Gideon's head, pulling him off his hardness, Gideon's blue eyes looking lost, so full of need.

"It's my turn, my Gideon. I want you to experience the newness I now feel."
Gideon moved back, Nick's body moving on top of his, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Nick. Show me that newness. I need your love so much."

Nick smiled, his lips moving downward, beginning to kiss Gideon's chest, his hands and tongue going on a journey of love.

Gideon moaned, lost in the love flowing around him.

Both men felt a stirring within themselves.

A stirring of new love, of deep moving love.

Gideon felt his soul opening, Nick's touch sending him on a new journey.

A new journey they'd both walk for the rest of the night, and perhaps for the rest of their lives.


The Next Day


Lucas smiled, opening the door.

He was immediately wrapped in two arms of emotional love, his face covered in tender kisses.

He felt another set of arms around him as well, a manly hand patting his back.

"Hello, Karen and Roy." he smiled, Josh's father smiling at him, his mother still wrapped around Lucas.

"Now, none of that! It's Mom and Dad, remember?" Karen Chasez said, Josh smiling behind his parents, Lucas smiling at him.

"Welcome to our home, Mom and Dad." Lucas smiled, Karen releasing him, his arm going around her.

"You made fast time, my love." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"They landed early. They were waiting for me at the luggage carousel." he smiled, Roy patting his son's shoulder.

"I travel like the wind when I smell good food." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Then put some sneakers on, Dad. I'm going to make you break the minute mile."
Roy and Karen laughed, Lucas guiding them through the house, Roy's nostrils taking in the heavenly aromas as they walked through the kitchen, heading for the patio.

"Do I smell ribs?" Roy said, Karen slapping his shoulder.

"Forgive him, Lucas. He didn't have breakfast and refused the airline food. Not to blame him, it was atrocious." she smiled, Lucas smiling at Roy.

"Marinated in my own barbecue sauce, Roy. We'll eat shortly. But I can sneak you a taste." Lucas smiled, Josh chuckling.
"He can wait, Lucas." Karen said, smirking at her husband, Roy smiling back.

"Need makes the meal more tasty." he smiled, the four walking out onto the patio, smiling at everyone surrounding them.

Karen and Vivian exchanged hugs, Henderson smiling as Roy shook his hand.

Lucas introduced the couple to all the surrounding new people, the patio and pool filled with everyone.

It was early afternoon Sunday, the house brimming with friends and family.

Justin and Lance were in the pool, Colton and Briahna playing water polo with them and Finn and Andrew.

Their ladies were seated on shaded lounges, others around the patio tables and pool.

Harry and Alain were snuggled in the deep end of the pool, their smooth skin wet and sunning.

Emerson, Tristan, Grayson and Savannah had been playing cards at a table, Francesca smiling and watching everyone.

The two Chrises and Joey and Kelly were at another table smiling as Roy and Karen made the rounds with Josh and Lucas, hugged by everyone they knew.

Karen stared at Lucas' family as she and Roy were introduced, Savannah smiling at her.

"It's a joy to meet both of you. Our sons' engagement now makes us all family."

"Thank you. A pleasure meeting all of you as well. And I already know the depth of your family's wonder." Karen smiled, Tristan smiling at her.

"We are still a family, magical or not." Emerson said, the woman smiling at him.

"So we see. Lucas' eyes shine with family happiness." she said, Lucas smiling.

"I have love surrounding me. That'll always make them shine." he said, Josh's arms around him.

"Enough of the loving, you two. I'd like to taste those ribs, Lucas." Roy smiled, Karen rolling her eyes.

Lucas laughed, his arm going around Roy.

"As you will, Dad. I'll bring you a drink, Karen. Everyone relax, dinner will be ready shortly."

Karen smiled, Vivian guiding her to a seat at Francesca's table, the woman sitting down with the other ladies, the talk happy and cordial.

Josh smiled, following his father and his man back into the house.

As they walked back into the kitchen, the front door chime went off, Lucas smiling and kissing his man's cheek.

"You introduce Dad to my latest culinary creation, my love. I'll get the door." Lucas smiled, Roy smiling at his son, Josh guiding his father over to the indoor barbecue pit embedded in the kitchen's stone wall.

"They're to die for, Dad. So tender and delicious. I've been chewing on them all afternoon."

Lucas smiled, walking down the hall, opening the front door, Clive standing there, another man at his side.

"A delivery for you, Luke. It needed your signature." Clive said, the UPS man standing beside the guard staring at Lucas with wide surprise.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Carver! Oh wow! Lucas Carver! I'm a big fan!" the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you. . .Gary." Lucas smiled, looking at the name tag stitched into the young man's brown shirt.

Clive smirked, his face looking serious though to the delivery man.

The young man blushed, staring at Lucas' handsome face.

"Sorry, it's just your music is the best." the young man said, handing Lucas a digital pad for his signature.

"Thank you again. Glad you're enjoying it." he smiled, handing the pad back to the young man, the young man handing Lucas a large envelope.

"I am, sir. Your lyrics are awe-inspiring." he said, Lucas smiling more.

"Thank you. Here's a tip, and not just for the praise." Lucas smiled, handing the young man a few bills he'd pulled out from his shorts pocket.

The young man's eyes widened, Clive softly smiling.

"Thank you, Mr. Carver!" he said, smiling widely.

"Hey, it's just Lucas to my fans." Lucas smiled, the young man beaming.

"Good luck tomorrow, Lucas. Your fans are all rooting for you. This whole thing is bogus!"
Lucas smiled, hearing the genuine honesty in the man's voice.

"Yes, bogus it is. That will all be shown." he smiled, Clive smiling at Lucas.

"Let's head back to your truck, sir." he said, the young man nodding, walking back down the driveway, Clive following him.

Lucas' violet pools looked down at the large envelope he held in his hand, staring at the shipping address on its label.

Hopefully, the final piece of the puzzle.

He sighed, closing the front door, quietly taking the stairs, walking into his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

About ten minutes later he walked into the kitchen, Josh and his father seated at the kitchen table, both men holding rib bones in their hands.

"Did you leave any for the others?" he smiled, Josh blushing, rising from his seat, Roy smiling widely at the young man.

"Damn delicious, Luke! Fall off the bone delicious!" he beamed, Lucas smiling.

"Thanks, Dad." he said, Josh's arms wrapping around him, kissing his man's lips.

They broke the kiss, Lucas licking his lips.

"Yep, fall off the bone delicious."

Roy laughed, Josh blushing again, wiping some barbecue sauce off Lucas' lips, Lucas' hand going to his man's ass, rubbing it.

"That meat's beyond tenderized."

Josh laughed, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Who was at the door, babe? You were gone for a while."

"Just a delivery man. Some forms needed for tomorrow."
Josh nodded, Lucas seeing the soft look in his blue pools.

"Lose the look, babe. Today's about today's love, my love. Happiness all day around us." he said, Josh smiling softly at him.

"I love you, Lucky. We're going to snuggle all day." he said, Roy smiling at the tender love Josh was showing Lucas.

"Sweet! I better baste you in that sauce for later. I want my man delicious."
Roy laughed, Josh joining him.

"You two head out into the sun. Take your mom her drink, babe." Lucas said, breaking his hold on his man, walking to the fridge and pulling out a pitcher of Margaritas.

Josh smiled, taking the pitcher from Lucas, Roy picking up the tray of glasses Lucas had already prepared on the kitchen table.

He had another rib bone in his other hand, Lucas smirking.

The two men chuckled, walking back out onto the patio.

Lucas stared after them, the young man sighing.

Forward we go.

And truth's coming.

I hope what I face won't cost me more than I can give.
Lucas headed to the fridge again, pulling out several salads.


Lucas looked towards the pool, Chris Kirkpatrick floating on a pool chair in the middle of it, his Chris swimming beside him.

"Better beach that whale, Piney! He looks stuffed." Lucas yelled, others around him laughing.

"I'm dead weight with all those ribs, Carver!" Chris yelled back.

"Well you did claim half a pig. We should start calling you Porky." Lucas countered, Justin laughing.

Dinner was over, everyone dining on a slice of heaven.
Lucas' ribs had been a big hit, everyone devouring them.

Karen had blushed, her husband having two large plates full.

Roy had winked at her, Lucas laughing, sneaking more onto his plate.

"That was heaven, Luke." Justin said, Lance rubbing his man's abs, the two snuggled together at one end of Lucas' table.

"Damn straight, Luke." Roy said, softly burping, Karen slapping his shoulder.

"Land sakes, dear!" she said, Roy blushing.

"Sorry everyone." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No disrespect given. In Wales a good belch means the cook's done their job." he smiled, Roy grinning.

"A fine job indeed, Luke." he smiled, everyone seconding his compliment.

"Those would be a great hit at Southern Hospitality. That sauce was amazing, Luke. What's in it? I tasted bourbon." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My own secret recipe, sexy." he smiled, Justin pouting.

"I hope it's not a dirty secret?" Finn chuckled, Alain and Harry laughing.

"No, there's no hair in it, Monster." Lucas smiled, Finn blushing.

"All I know is, I'm stuffed." Gideon said, the young lawyer settling back into his chair, Nick smiling beside him.

The two had arrived just before dinner, Josh greeting them at the front door.

He smiled at both, both kissing his cheek, their hands entwined after Josh closed the door.

"You both look beyond happy." Josh smiled, Nick beaming.

"Life is good, Joshy. Love is downright fantastic." he smiled, Gideon smiling back at him.

"Okay." Josh said, looking confused at their beaming happiness.

The two had walked out onto the patio, Nick hugging Josh's parents, Karen rubbing his blond head.

"Nick Carter! It's been too long! You're looking amazing." she'd said, kissing his cheek.

"Life is good, Mother Karen." he grinned, Karen pinching his cheek.

"And who's this?" she'd said, Lucas introducing her to Gideon.

The woman smiled at the young lawyer.

"You look very young for a criminal lawyer, son." Roy said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The best in the city, Roy. Don't let his youthful beauty fool you. His mind is spectacular. Among other things. Right, Nick?" Lucas smiled, the two men staring at him.

"Got that right, Luke." Nick smiled, his arm going around Gideon, Karen smiling, Roy looking surprised.

"We're a couple, Karen and Roy." Nick said, Gideon smiling at his man's openness.
"That's wonderful, Nick. I always knew your heart would follow its path." Karen smiled, kissing the singer's cheek.

"You knew he was gay, Mom?" Josh said, Karen smiling.

"A mother always knows, Joshua."

Josh smiled, Nick and Gideon both smiling, Lucas smiling more.

Here now they all sat around the patio and pool, relaxing after Lucas' delicious feast.

He'd served a delicious rice pudding and chocolate éclairs, everyone stuffed beyond contented happiness.

"Tomorrow's the big day, Luke." Nick said, Lucas nodding.

"One of many throughout my life, my friend. Some good, some bad. But all need facing. With love and courage." the young man said, softly smiling at everyone.

Josh's hand went in his, the two men smiling at each other.

"You'll weather through this, son. We all have faith in your innocence being proven." Roy said, Lucas smiling at the older man.

"That's a guarantee, Roy." Lucas said, Emerson looking at his grandson.

"You have that much faith in yourself, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Granddad. For I have truth on my side. The whole truth." he said, Gideon's blue eyes meeting his violet.

"We can go over everything again, Lucas. Tonight or tomorrow morning if you like." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We're set, Gideon. We walk forward as it stands. I just want to voice one thing."
Everyone nodded, the patio bathed in quietness, those in the pool staring towards the young man as well.

"The next few days will be challenging. In several ways. But through it all I'll stand for truth, for justice and for myself. It's myself that's being attacked. I know you'll all voice your defending love for me. I feel all your love. It's going to be a madhouse down there tomorrow and all week. I just ask that all of you remain calm, focus on what's at stake here. My freedom. My right to live my life as I want to live it. You're going to see a different me when this is through. I'm going to be stronger, more focused and more seasoned. But my love and giving heart will never change. I want to make a promise to all of you today." he said, everyone's eyes on him, his words echoing through all their souls.

"What's that promise, Lucas?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"A week from today I hope to be serving all of you these ribs again. But next Sunday I'll be a free man. A changed man, but free nonetheless. I promise I'll do all I can to make that day a reality." he said, everyone tearing up.

"That's it! We're staying for the week!" Roy said, Lucas laughing.

"He's trapped within my love! Barbecue sauce was the clincher!"

Roy laughed, smiling at Lucas.

Gideon's blue eyes were on Lucas' violet pools.

"I'll clean this all up, everyone." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him as he rose from his seat.

"We should help, Lucas." Francesca said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother, his mother agreeing.

"Relax, ladies. My kitchen is my own."

"I'll help you, Luke." Gideon said, Colton smiling at his uncle.

"Thanks, Gid."

"Me too, Luke." Colton said, his eyes glancing towards the pool.

"Chivalrous but deceiving. Your eyes betray your need. Hit the pool, Colt. And try and sink that whale out there." Lucas smiled, Colton laughing.

The young man rose from his seat, pulling off his t-shirt, leaving it on his chair, running towards the pool.

He dove into the water, landing right in front of Chris' pool chair, the water soaking him, Chris screaming as he fell off his pool chair.

Lucas laughed, others joining him, the young man walking into the house, Gideon at his side, both carrying dishes.


Gideon smiled, leaning against the kitchen counter as Lucas filled the dishwasher.

"That's all of it. The last load." Lucas smiled, hitting the on button.

The two had cleaned up the kitchen and patio, others helping carry in the dishes.

They were all now out on the patio again, relaxing or swimming.

Lucas smiled, looking out the kitchen window, seeing Justin diving off the diving board.

He saw his man and Lance chatting, sitting on the edge of the pool, both in swim trunks.

"You should be out there with your man, Gid. The love's new." Lucas smiled, filling the coffeemaker again.

"You know, don't you?" Gideon said.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools looking into Gideon's blue pools.

He saw the sparkling love there, Gideon seeing even more sparkling in Lucas' violet pools.

"I see the love in both your eyes, Gid. It's beyond amazing, isn't it?" he smiled, Gideon softly blushing, looking towards the patio doors.

"He was indeed beyond amazing." he softly said, remembering every moment of last night's intense desires.

He felt a hand go to his shoulder, the man turning, staring into two violet pools of sparkling warmth.

"New love is always amazing. I remember the first night of my Joshua's love."

Gideon smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I love your values, Gideon. Sex should only ever be surrounded by love. Especially your first time."

Gideon blushed, Lucas smiling at him with no mirthfulness showing, only love and friendship.

"He was so giving, so loving, Lucas. No one's ever touched my soul like that. It was so unbelievable. He was so unbelievable."

"No one ever will give you what you experienced last night, Gideon. Nick is the one you've searched your whole life for. The path moves on. Love is now part of your path. For now and always."
Gideon smiled widely, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know it was just as moving for him. His eyes mirror your own." Lucas said, smiling.
Gideon smiled, sighing.

"He cried in my arms, Lucas. He said he'd never felt that intensity before."

"He never had, Gid. For all his lost life he's only ever felt the briefness of that elusive love. In you, he now feels the completeness of it. He finally felt total love. Sex is amazing when it's filled with love."
Gideon smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I love him, Lucas. He was amazing."

"I know, Gid. I know. " Lucas smiled, pulling down some cups from the cupboard, putting them on a tray.

"Thank you, Lucas."
"It wasn't my doing, Gideon. Your love found each other."

"You introduced us, Luke. For that I'll always thank you."
Lucas smiled, Gideon seeing his missing, blushing reluctance.

"You've changed, Lucas. You're so calm and focused."

"The path has solidified for me, Gideon. I walk the one true path now." he said, quietly staring at the coffee brewing into the carafe on the coffeemaker.

"Is there anything that I need to know heading into tomorrow, Luke?" Gideon said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"Only that I accept your friendship and giving courage. The facts will all be shown. But before the final outcome of all this, you and I will have to have a heart to heart. For I need you to know what I'm going to do."
"What you're going to do?"

"Yes, Gideon. I'm going to have to draw out the lies. And that may spell danger for someone."

"For who, Luke?"
Lucas' violet pools met his blue again.

"For me, Gideon."

Gideon stared into Lucas violet pools, the man seeing a thousand stars sparkling with burning intensity.


That Evening


Lucas walked into the bedroom, the man stopping with a smile.

Three smiling faces met his, the young man smiling at three faces of showing love.

Those three faces were attached to three visions of brief-wearing beauty.

He closed the door behind him, taking in their beauty.

Josh sat on the bed's edge, Justin on his left side, Lance on his right, both their arms around him.

"My angel's in the middle of heaven. What's all this?" Lucas smiled, taking in the three smiling at him.

"We await your love. And ours is here to for you." Lance said, Lucas smiling, scanning his smooth chest.

"Sweet! Lose the briefs, Lancy. Let's behold that monster!" Lucas smiled, the young man pulling off his polo shirt, all three staring at his sculpted, smooth chest.

Lance laughed, smiling and standing up.

Josh smiled, staring at the sizeable package standing in front of his face.

"Monster indeed."

Lucas smiled as Lance walked up to him, his arms going around him, kissing the young man on the lips.

"Thank you for asking us to stay tonight." he said as their lips parted.

"I needed all my love tonight. I need so much love to start this."

Lance smiled, his green pools looking towards his Justin.

"You should start with the best. Come to us, my Justin."
Justin smiled, the man rising from the bed, all three staring at the large tent showing in his boxer briefs.

"Our man shows his true self. Beautiful as always." Josh smiled, Justin smiling back at him as he walked to his man and Lucas.

Lucas smiled as Justin's arms wrapped around him, his lips meeting his, Lucas lost in the love flowing from this giving man.

His hand went to Justin's left butt cheek, gently squeezing it.

The two smiled as they broke their kiss, staring into each other's eyes.

"Second only to my Joshua is the intensity of your love, Justin."
"I've got so much more to offer." he smiled, batting his eyelids. Lucas smirking, slapping his brief-covered ass.

"And Lance needs all of it." he smiled, Lance smiling, his arms going around his man.

"I think your man needs all of you." Lance said, Lucas smiling and leaving the couple, the young man moving with a flash, Josh's eyes widening in surprise as Lucas flew across the room, tackling him, pushing Josh back onto the bed, Lucas on top of him in a heartbeat, their lips connected.

Justin and Lance both smiled, watching the two lost in their love.

"Heated and fast. Josh is lost in his love." Lance said, Justin's lips kissing his neck.

"As I have been lost in yours, my love. And I am just as heated."

Lance smiled, guiding his man towards the bed.

The two fell on it beside Josh and Lucas, their lips meeting as well, another couple lost in the love possessing it.

The four kissed their soulmates, their love flowing.

Lucas was the first to break the kisses, his violet pools watching the two men kissing beside him, Josh's lips kissing Lucas' neck.

"Their love mirrors ours, my love." he said, Lucas smiling, his head moving, staring into his blue pools.

Josh saw the tears in Lucas' violet pools.

"I love you, Joshua. I need only your love." he said, Josh tearing up, their lips meeting again.

Justin and Lance had broken their kiss, hearing the emotion in Lucas' voice.

"You okay, Lucky?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him and Lance.

"I'm with those in the center of my love. I'm doing fine." Lucas said, the man sitting up, kneeling on the bed, staring down at his man.

Josh smiled at him, Lucas smiling back.

"I love all three of you, my angels. But this man needs some sleep. Big day tomorrow." Lucas said, holding back a yawn.

Josh smiled, rising to a sitting position.

"Lose your jeans, babe. Then let's snuggle." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"And who'd like to remove them?" he smiled, three smiles shining back.

"Allow me, Lucky." Justin smiled, the man rising from on top of Lance, sitting beside Lucas.

The young man smiled, Justin's hands rubbing across his abs.

His slender fingers went to the button clasp on Lucas' jeans, popping the button.

His fingers pulled down Lucas' zipper, the young man smiling at him.

He saw the look in Justin's eyes, the young man smiling more.

"Loved by our special angel. I've never been so undressed by a horn dog."

Justin softly blushed, his fingers caressing Lucas' smooth abs again.

"But I'm your HD. For all of you." he smiled, Lucas laughing, the other two smirking.

Justin smiled, looking at Lucas' exposed white briefs.

Lucas smiled, climbing off the bed, pulling off his jeans, throwing them on the chair.

"I want our HD at my side. His love on all levels, flirtatious or desirous, will always warm our hearts."

Justin smiled, Lucas climbing back into the bed, the other three moving as Josh and Lance pulled back the blankets, Lucas crawling into the middle of the bed, Justin smiling and following him.

Josh and Lance smiled at each other, Lance leaning across the bed and kissing his lips.

"Our loves are united. Let's snuggle on their sides and at least have some of the afterglow of their love."

Lucas smiled, kissing Justin's cheek as his arms wrapped around his smooth body, pulling Lucas close to him.

"I love you, Jus. Tonight I need only your giving love. The warmth of your amazing beautiful body will walk with me in my dreams. As will our soulmates."

Justin smiled kissing Lucas' lips softly.

"And here I thought I was going to taste your goodies."

Lucas laughed, his hand rubbing across Justin's smooth taut chest.

"Dreams are always better than reality, Justin."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"The reality we all have is the love of he that is our soul." Justin said, Lucas smiling as he felt Josh's arms wrap around his back, Justin feeling Lance do the same.

"Ain't that the truth, our beauty. But eye candy and warm buns are always nice."

Justin laughed, Lance kissing his man's neck, his body wrapping around him.

"My buns are to die for." he smirked, Lance lightly slapping his ass.

"And they're all mine."

Justin smiled, moving his body till he was on his back, Lucas doing the same.

Their soulmates moved against them, their heads going to their smooth chests.

"Isn't this wonderful, Jus? The love and beauty surrounding us." Lance said, Justin kissing his forehead.

"Yes, babe. The beauty and love of all of us."
Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting all three sets of loving eyes.

"I have the love to guide me to sleep. Goodnight my men. I love all of you."
Josh smiled, moving to his left, shutting off the light on the nightstand, the room bathed in moonlight, the four silent and together.

"Goodnight, my love." Josh said, kissing his man's lips, Lucas feeling his total love.

"Goodnight, my Joshua. The path moves forward. And our love is enough. All of our love." he said, Justin and Lance smiling, the two kissing each other.

"Goodnight, my love." Justin said.

"Goodnight, my angel." Lance said, the four at their words of love for their soulmates.

"Goodnight, Monster and HD." Lucas said, Justin turning his head and kissing his shoulder blade.

"Goodnight, Lucky and Beamy."
The four smiled, snuggling more together, Lucas smiling to himself.

The bed quieted down, the four closing their eyes.

A few minutes later, Lucas opened his violet pools, their centers softly glowing.

He lay in silence, his mind flooding with all his thoughts, all the mystery of what he sensed.

The path begins.

Truth gives way to destiny.

And I'll bear what I must.

For these three I shall give everything.

His head turned, staring at Justin's handsome face, his mouth slightly open, Lucas hearing him softly snoring.

I love you, Jus.
And I love you, Lance.

I give all to have all.
He smiled, seeing Justin's hand that lay across his chest move, now laying on Lucas' chest.

Your dreams search out for me, Justin.

We've weathered so much together.

And we've gained so much.

I could give into your love so easily.

It mirrors my Joshua's.

Lucas sighed, his eyes going to his man, Josh's head against his chest, Justin's hand moving and rubbing Josh's cheek.
Josh murmured, he dead to the world as well.

Onward you move, to your former lover, wrapped in the arms of your soulmate.

And I lay between.

Right where I was always destined to be.

Such is the giving love of your beautiful heart.

Justin murmured, his hand moving again, going down Lucas' smooth chest, over his abs, to the waistband of his briefs.

Lucas smiled, sensing where this was heading.

About damn time!
I was feeling so denied.

Lucas smiled as Justin's hand went under the waistband, Lucas feeling it wrap around his softened cock.

He smiled, his head going against Justin's shoulder.

I love you, Jus.
We join as we must.

In love and life.

Lucas stared toward the window seeing the moon shining bright.

Tomorrow it begins.

And I'll do what must be done.

Lucas smiled, closing his eyes, feeling the softness of sleep overtake him.

The last sensation he had was of Justin's hand wrapped around his center.

And then he heard the sound of falling water.

And a child's laugh.



End of Chapter 121


And so four fall asleep wrapped in their love.

Lucas in the center of the three of his life.

And Justin's desires flow now to him, in his dreams at least.

But in Lucas' awakened reality, wrapped around his center.

As Justin has a way of needing to do, his love searches out for love.


Gideon and Nick's love has blossomed on its true path.

Lucas well knowing that truth.

Tomorrow the trial begins.

There seems to be something brewing in Lucas' mind.

Perhaps a premonition of what's to come.

Does he really know what will happen?

What did he mean when he told Gideon he had to do something?

Will he be freed from the injustice he stands against?
Or will be become some convict's sweetie?

In prison for life.


Trust me to guide him onto a more amiable path.

The path to the three surrounding him.

And his own dreams.


Up next:  Justice comes to town.

And Lucas may be jumping into the fire.

Let's hope he doesn't get burned.



Hugs, Angel.