Yesterday's End-122

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 122


Monday Morning


Lucas looked out the limousine's window seeing the downtown scenery flowing by.

Gideon and Grayson both sat in front of him, both cradling briefcases in their laps.

Lucas wore a suit, his tie feeling a little constricting on his smooth throat.

Harry sat on Grayson's other side, the young man quietly looking at Lucas.

Lucas' father and mother both sat beside him, the two quietly staring at him.

It had been a touching farewell for the young man in his home's front foyer, Josh's arms around him tightly.

"I hate you going down there without myself and all of us who love you, my love." Josh said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"It's jury selection day, Josh. No one in the courtroom but lawyers and my immediate family. Gid here thought it best if you all remained here. For tomorrow's actual trial commencement I'll be surrounded by all those I love. But today your love surrounds me as well."

Josh nodded, kissing him again, Justin and Lance both smiling with encouraging love at the young man.

"We should be leaving, Lucas. We have to leave some time for crowd control." Gideon said, glancing at his watch, Lucas smiling at him and Grayson.

"Lead on, my attorneys of courage." Lucas smiled, everyone seeing him calm and relaxed.

Lucas' last vision at home was of his soulmate surrounded by the other two of his heart.

He smiled, taking in that vision of beautiful love.

His three soulmates had awoken that morning to find him gone from their arms, the three snuggling together in the large bed.

Josh had been the last to wake up, his two bed mates awakening him with kisses.

"Where's my Lucas?" he'd said, Justin kissing his neck.

"He was gone when Lance woke me up twenty minutes ago with his love." Justin said, smiling at his man, Lance winking at him.

Josh smiled, seeing the love shining in their eyes for each other.

"And here I had to miss the fun. I can still smell the beauty of it." Josh smiled, Lance kissing his lips.

"I'm still available for any awakening desires. My Justin peaked fast. I'm still needful." Lance smiled, Justin blushing but staring at him with love.

"My monster of love was intense this morning."

Josh smiled, the man sitting up between the two, staring at their exposed smooth chests.

"I'm sure Lucky is in the kitchen preparing a welcoming meal for all of us." he smiled, staring at Lance.

"I'm certain of it. I can smell the aroma of bacon softly." he said, smiling at both smooth-chested men.

"He must still be cooking." Justin said, Josh smiling at him.

"Well, let's hit the shower then. Let's see if I can help you calm the monster." Josh smiled, Lance blowing him a kiss, all three smiling and climbing out of bed.

Josh smiled again, looking at Justin's and Lance's naked bodies, their briefs gone.

"Love did spread." he said, seeing two pair of briefs laying on the exposed sheets.

"It continues, our Josh. Lose those tented briefs, sexy." Lance smiled, Justin's eyes on Josh's hidden enlarged center.

"HD's leering, Lancy. I'm going to be so happy." Josh said, Justin smiling widely, the three walking to the bathroom after Josh shed his briefs with happiness, tossing them onto the bed with the others.

Justin and Lance smiled, following his naked backside into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later the three men walked into the kitchen, Lucas smiling at his soulmate, his friends' arms wrapped around him.

The kitchen was full, everyone awaiting Lucas' morning love.

"We're the last up." Josh smiled, wrapping his arms around his man, kissing him deeply.

"Or the last ones down." Finn smirked, winking at Justin, the man softly blushing, but smiling.

"That would have been my sexy boyfriend. He's been up and down all morning." Lance said, Justin beaming.

Finn laughed, nodding his head.

"So what are you going to do with all the money you save on water, Joshy?" Finn chuckled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Clippers and a muzzle for you, our hairy monster." he grinned, Finn blushing, Justin laughing.

Everyone joined his laughter, Lucas smiling as Finn smiled at him.

"Sit down, my loves. I have breakfast in hand." Lucas said, Josh nodding at him, smelling the room's filled aromas.

"Will you marry me, beautiful?" Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, his arms still wrapped around him.

"No thanks. Those hips aren't birthing ones." Justin grinned, sitting down, Lucas laughing.

"Good one, Justy. But I already have a son." Lucas said, smiling at Colton, the young man winking at him with a wide smile.

Justin smiled, rustling Colton's head of blond hair, the young man smiling at him.

Josh kissed Lucas again, Lance joining everyone at the table.

"Yes, I'll marry you, beautiful man of my heart." he said, Lucas kissing him lightly again, their morning ritual complete.

The group smiled at the two, Josh joining them, everyone diving into Lucas' wonderful breakfast.

They all saw him calm and relaxed, the culinary work that morning giving him a reprieve from the day's forthcoming drama.

He smiled at all of them, watching them consume his morning love.


Here now he sat in a limousine, driving towards the downtown courthouse.

Harry's cell phone went off, the young man answering it, talking for a few moments quietly, then hanging up.

"Alain has scouted the area ahead, Lucas. It's packed with camera crews and crowds. He said the place is a madhouse awaiting your appearance. He's with Clive and Simon, the three waiting at the courtroom entrance."
Lucas nodded, looking at his cousin.

Alain and the two bodyguards had left earlier, a reconnaissance mission to look out on the lay of the land.

Justin had hired other security guards for the upcoming week, guaranteeing Lucas and his friends would be surrounded from the crowds throughout the ordeal.

The three there now would surround Lucas at the courthouse, protecting him along with Harry.

"I trust all of you to surround me with protective love." he smiled, Harry smiling back.

"Our love given always, Luke."

Savannah smiled at her cousin, her eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

The young man smiled at his mother, she sitting between him and his father.

He reached for her hand, squeezing it as he held it in his.

"Thanks for coming, Mom and Dad." he said, Savannah kissing his cheek.

"We were surprised, Lucas. We assumed you'd want Vivian, Henderson and Trish at your side today." Tristan said, Lucas smiling at his father.

"You are my real mother and father, Dad. On this day I want the world to see that I'm my real self. Mom and Dad and Trishy will be with me tomorrow. As will all of you.  Today's about me showing my true self. As the whole week will show."
Gideon nodded, staring at the young man.

"You're focused and calm, Luke. Everyone will see that."

The young man smiled, nodding his head.

"So Judge Clayton will be presiding?" Lucas said, remembering the judge from his bail hearing, Gideon shaking his head in the negative.

"No, Lucas. He's an arraignment judge. Judge Gabriel Navarro will be the judge for the trial. I just learned that yesterday." Gideon said, Grayson's blue eyes widening a bit with surprise, those irises turning and looking out the window on his side.

Lucas' violet pools looked at Grayson for a moment, then back at Gideon.

"You both seemed concerned by that, Gideon and Grayson." Tristan said, the older lawyer looking at Tristan, then at Lucas.

"He's a no nonsense judge, Luke. He puts up with no grandstanding, coercions or foolish drama in his courtroom. He focuses only on law and its judicial truths." Gideon said, Grayson nodding as well.

"Well, he hasn't met me yet, Gid. I am surrounded by drama. It follows me everywhere." Lucas said, a soft smile showing on his face.

The two lawyers traded glances, Grayson looking at the young man.

"You need to stay calm, Lucas. He won't put up with anything outside judicial reasoning. Best to let Gideon handle all cross examinations and rebuttals." Grayson said, his eyes glancing at Gideon again.

"You are both judicial giants, of criminal and corporate law. Just let me decide when I'll voice my own truths." the young man said, his parents and his lawyers quietly taking in his words.

The limousine turned onto another street, the group in the car seeing surrounding mayhem ahead of them.

Alain's view of a madhouse was pretty much on the mark.

They hadn't even reached the courthouse's entrance when their vehicle was suddenly surrounded by people.

Lucas was thankful for the darkly tinted windows, no one seeing anything but shadowed figures within.

"And so it begins." Lucas said, squeezing his mother's hand again, Savannah smiling at him.

"We love you, Lucas. We'll walk at your side with love. It will surround you." Tristan said, everyone smiling at the young man.

"My heart carries a greater love. Everyone surrounds me."

The vehicle stopped, Gideon's blue eyes spotting Alain and the two bodyguards walking towards them, a pathway cordoned off in front of the limousine, crowds behind the barriers, uniformed policemen showing around, pushing people back behind the barricades.

"Just focus on the front door, Luke. We'll surround you." Harry said, the young man unbuckling his seatbelt, moving to the car door facing the courthouse.

"I'm ready, Harry. Lead me on with your protective love." Lucas smiled, the young bodyguard smiling.

He opened the door, the noise suddenly deafening.

Lucas sighed, his lawyers walking out next, he and his parents the last to appear.

Lucas heard the screaming, the pandemonium and the shouting.

Cameras were flashing, microphones pointed at him, the young man surrounded by four men of muscular courage, Alain on his left, Simon on his right, Clive right behind Lucas, all four scanning the encroaching crowd.

Lucas walked forward, Harry leading the way, his waist wrapped in his father's and mother's surrounding arms.

Words of need were thrown at him, the young man silent, his eyes scanning the crowd of reporters.

"Lucas! Lucas! Are you ready to fight for your life?!" one reporter yelled.

"Who's that with you, Lucas?!! It's not your mother and father! Who are they?" another screamed, Lucas feeling his parents arms tighten around his waist.

"Where are your bandmates and so-called friends?!!" another shouted, Lucas glancing towards that loud voice.

He stared into Morgan Sheppard's blue eyes, the man standing front and center in the middle of the reporters.

Lucas' eyes moved from him, focusing on the doors ahead.

"Have they abandoned you already, Carver?" Morgan shouted at him, Lucas ignoring him.

Clive's and Alain's steely eyes were glaring at the man, Lucas continuing to move.

His eyes scanned the crowds shouting behind the walls of reporters.

He saw younger people behind them, they carrying signs of encouragement and voicing their opinions, Lucas focusing on their shouting resolve.

"We love you, Lucas!"

"Your music's beauty is your truth!"
"You're too loving to hurt anyone, Lucas!"

A louder chant began to drown out the reporters, Lucas softly smiling.

"Free Lucas! Free Lucas! Free his love!!"

The small group walked forward, the two front doors held open by policemen, Lucas walking into his upcoming truths.


Lucas scanned the courtroom, feeling the quietness around him.

His parents sat behind him, they quiet and watching only him.

Gideon and Grayson sat at his sides, the three at a table ahead of the gallery seating, in front of a wooden railing-like barricade separating the two areas.

The spectators' gallery behind Lucas' parents was filled with four rows of reporters, two rows on each side filled.

They were quiet, the reverence of the place silencing them, as did the regulations.

On Lucas' right side sat the District Attorney at his table, two assistants at his sides.

The man's grey eyes looked towards Lucas, Lucas staring into his eyes with violet calmness.

The man smirked, one of his assistants quietly talking to him.

The man turned around then, smiling at the reporters, a lot writing notes, looking towards Lucas.

The bailiff on the left side of the judge's bench rose to his feet, looking out at the people in the court.

"All rise!  Court is in session, the Honorable Judge Gabriel Navarro presiding." he said, everyone rising, the chamber door on the left side opening, a man of around forty-five to fifty walking into the room wearing a black judicial robe, walking to the judge's bench, sitting down.

"Everyone please be seated." the judge said, the bailiff still standing himself as everyone else returned to their seats.

The judge looked towards Lucas' table, his piercing blue eyes staring at Lucas, then around the room.

Lucas quietly stared at him, seeing his handsome middle-aged Latin looks.

He focused for a moment on someone, a soft look of surprised puzzlement showing on his face.

He focused again on the back rows of quiet reporters.

"Let's begin with a question, Martin. Why is my courtroom filled with media darlings?" the judge said, the bailiff smirking and looking up at him after looking towards the reporters.

"This case is of celebrity renown, sir." he said, the judge nodding.

"Wonderful." he sighed, looking at Lucas' table again.

"Let's begin the fluff, Martin."

The bailiff smiled, looking towards the two tables of lawyers.

"Case number 1AC203756, the state versus Lucas Carver. Murder in the first degree is the central charge, Your Honor." he said, the judge nodding.

"The drawing pandemonium of brash commercialism and glorifying fame. Just what I need." he said, his blue eyes focusing on Lucas' table.

"Is the defendant present?" he said, Lucas rising from his seat, Gideon at his side as well.

"Yes, sir. I am here." Lucas said, the judge's blue steely eyes on him.

"You'll speak when spoken to, young man." he said, Lucas quietly staring at him.

"Yes, sir."

"Lucas Carver is present, Your Honor." Gideon said, the judge staring at him.

"Mr. Carlisle. You walk in interesting circles. And Mr. Carver must be deeply in the thick of this if you've been enlisted to defend him. On the path to another victorious win, counsellor?" the judge said, looking at Gideon.

"I defend all that are misjudged, Your Honor." he said, the judge nodding his head.

"I shall be the judge of that."

Gideon lowered his eyes, the judge looking towards the District Attorney's table.

"Right where I expected to see you, Mr. Waterman. You thrive as always in the spotlight." he said, the D.A. looking at the judge.

"I stand for justice always, Your Honor."

The judge nodded at him as well, his piercing blue eyes on Lucas again.

"That is why we're here, gentlemen. Justice. And only justice. That is all that will reside in my courtroom." the judge said, Lucas quietly standing and looking at him.

"Read the charges aloud, Martin." he said, staring back at Lucas.

"Lucas Carver, you are hereto named as the defendant in this case of criminal justice. You have been charged with first degree murder in the death of Jacob Samuel Addison on the seventh of September this year. You are also charged with evidence tampering at this said event, as well as leaving the scene of that said crime, and a charge of robbery after the fact." the bailiff said, the judge nodding his head as the bailiff returned to his seat.

"How do you plead, Mr. Carlisle?" the judge said, the judge looking at Gideon.

"The defendant pleads not guilty, Your Honor."
"Enter the plea, and the charges, Martin." the judge said, his blue eyes on Lucas' table again.

Two quiet eyes stared back at him, the judge folding his hands in front of him.

"Do you understand the severity of these charges, young man?" the judge said, looking directly at Lucas.

"Yes, Your Honor. I understand them all too well." Lucas said, remaining on his feet.

"Just a direct answer, please." the judge said, Lucas nodding.

"I understand the charges, Your Honor. But there is one correction needed, sir." Lucas said, Gideon looking at Lucas with confusion.

The judge stared at Lucas.

"And what correction is that, Mr. Carver?" he said, Gideon quietly looking at the judge.

"My full name is Lucas Carver-Belmont, sir." Lucas said, the judge hearing murmuring behind Lucas, the reporters writing with fervor and talking to each other, the judge banging his gavel.

"I'll have silence in my courtroom." he said, his voice booming across its sudden quietness.

The reporters remained silent.

"Why do you have an addition to your name, Mr. Carver?" the judge said, looking confused, glancing at the bailiff, the man shrugging his shoulders.

"I just recently found my birth parents, Your Honor. I go by both names now, sir." Lucas said, the judge staring at him.

"Twice the name, perhaps twice the fool. Very well then. Change the name on all documents, Martin. Sit down, Mr. Carver-Belmont." the judge said, folding his hands again, looking at both counsellors now as they all sat down, Lucas remaining silent.

"Let's begin, everyone. Jury selection is the first part of this. You do understand that twelve or your peers will judge you, Mr. Carver-Belmont?" the judge said, staring at Lucas again.

"Yes, Your Honor." he said, the judge nodding.

"Any other demands or judicial requests before we begin?" he said, the District Attorney rising again.

"Yes, Mr. Waterman?" the judge said, staring at him.

"The state requests that the defendant's bail be withdrawn. We would be happier if he was behind bars, Your Honor." the man said, Lucas looking towards him.

The judge perused the papers the bailiff had handed him while reading the charges, the man's blue eyes looking at the lawyer again.

"Mr. Carver-Belmont has adhered to all the bail conditions, Mr. Waterman. He didn't leave the state and he has ventured here today to stand against the writ." the judge said, the D.A. looking towards Lucas.

"He's also been glorifying himself in the media spotlight, Your Honor. He even attacked a reporter less than a week ago."

Morgan Sheppard smiled, sitting in the first row of reporters, Harry glancing towards him, he and Alain seated with Tristan and Savannah behind Lucas.

The judge nodded, looking at the files in front of him again.

"Yes, so I've read. But the defendant adhered to the bail stipulations. He toured for his musical tour but remained in the state. This altercation with this reporter seemed like a provoked, instigated attack on both sides."

"But he's dangerous, Your Honor." the lawyer said, the judge looking at Lucas again.

"That hasn't been shown as of yet, counsellor. His character seems to be of good repute. And the defendant is here to face these charges." the judge said, looking back at him.

The D.A. stared at him, Judge Navarro's blue eyes going to Lucas again, seeing the calm expression on his face.

"The bail stipulations remain as of now." the judge said, banging his gavel again, the D.A. sighing, returning to his seat.

"Anything else?" the judge said, looking towards Gideon, Lucas leaning over to him and whispering in his ear.

The young lawyer rose from his seat, the judge folding his hands again.

"Yes, Mr. Carlisle?" he said, Gideon looking at the judge.

"The defense requests that the courtroom be cleared of media representation throughout the whole trial, Your Honor." Gideon said, the reporters coming to their feet, their voices beginning to rise, the judge banging his gavel, the men returning to their seats.

"Order in the court! I'll have no outbursts from anyone!" the judge said, the courtroom silencing, the reporters sitting down, the judge staring at Gideon again.

"My client has already been attacked in the media, Your Honor. Coerced words of suggestive defilement."

"I have read all the articles, Mr. Carlisle. I empathize with your predicament. Some of those articles are venomous in their neutrality. But I will not sequester freedom of speech, on either side of uncertainty."

The reporters smiled, the judge looking towards them.

"But I also abide by your client's concerns, Mr. Carlisle. The media may remain for the actual trial sessions, in the gallery. But there will be no cameras, recorders, or cell phones allowed. Nor voiced words of shouting need in my courtroom.  Any deviation from that and I'll toss the lot of you." the judge said, banging his gavel again.

The reporters looked at each other, Morgan Sheppard folding his arms and remaining silent.

Gideon sat down again, Lucas looking at him with calm resolve.

"Alright, let's begin this. How many summoned jurors do we have waiting, Martin?" the judge said, leaning back in his chair.

"Two hundred and seventy-three, sir." the man said, the judge looking surprised, looking into Lucas' violet pools staring at him.

"Your notoriety precedes you, Mr. Carver-Belmont. The masses are chomping at the bit to judge you." he said, Lucas remaining silent.

"A greater number will give us a greater chance at neutrality, Your Honor." Gideon said, the judge nodding.

"Let's hope, Mr. Carlisle. Let's get to it then. It's going to be a long day."
The judge looked towards the reporters.

"Juror selection is private. I want the courtroom cleared, all but the defendant and present lawyers." he said, the reporters rising from their seats, walking towards the doors, court officers opening the doors.

Lucas' parents and Harry and Alain rose as well, Lucas smiling back at them as they left also.

"We'll be waiting for you, Lucas." Harry said, Lucas nodding.

Lucas turned back to the judge, the older man staring at him.

"Bring in the first twelve prospective jurors, Martin." the judge said, the bailiff rising from his seat again, walking towards another door beside the judge's bench.

Lucas sighed, awaiting the day of selection ahead.


Lucas felt the tightness of the hold he was captured in, two lips attached to his.

"I need to breathe, my love." Lucas gasped, Josh's body against him, the man's lips breaking from his.

Justin and Lance smiled, the two waiting to hug Lucas, Josh's feelings having taken over the moment Lucas had walked into the house.

He'd pulled him into his arms, Lucas lost in the love filling him.

Josh lightly kissed his lips repeatedly, his blue pools filled with needful love.

"I missed you, babe." he softly said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile.

"Your love was with me, my love. I can't miss what I'll always have." he said, Josh smiling, the man loosening his hold on his soulmate.

The two men separated, Justin and Lance hugging the younger man more gently, everyone standing around him, smiling.

"How did it go?" Emerson asked, Gideon smiling at the older man.

"As well as could be expected. The jury's been chosen. It took quite a while, but I think we've selected the best of what we could hope. The District Attorney was quite thorough in each chosen." Gideon said, Josh's arm around Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

Everyone could see the tiredness in his violet eyes, the day long.

It was now after six, Lucas having been gone all day.

"Now the trial can begin. Tomorrow it starts." he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Just focus on the freedom you'll have when it's done." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, the freedom. Whatever the cost may be.  Excuse me, everyone. I need to use the washroom." he said, everyone watching him walk down the hallway towards the downstairs bathroom.

Lance's green eyes looked at Gideon and Grayson, the two lawyers looking tired as well.

"How's he really doing, Gid?" Lance said, Gideon sighing.

"He's Lucas, Lance. He was calm all day, the judge I think was surprised by his calmness. He even corrected the judge on his own name." Gideon said, Grayson nodding.

"His name, Gray?" Emerson said, the older lawyer smiling at his old friend.

"All the paperwork had him listed as Lucas Carver. He told the judge that his name was now Lucas Carver-Belmont. And the reasoning behind that change." Grayson said, Emerson smiling at him.
"He's accepted who he is, Father. He claims us all now as family, himself as a Belmont. I was never more proud of him." Tristan said, Savannah smiling at her husband, their arms entwined.

"He was so calm all day, quietly watching everyone who walked into the jury box. But he didn't express any feelings of acceptance or rejection to myself or Grayson on the people that were finally chosen. It didn't seem that he was that interested in who was chosen." Gideon said, looking puzzled, Grayson nodding.

"That's because he feels he's going to be exonerated before they ever have a chance to judge him."

Everyone's eyes moved, staring at Colton who'd spoken.

"What do you mean, Colton?" Grayson said, the young man looking at Josh, then Gideon.

"He means that it will never go to the jury." Lucas said, the man standing at the bottom of the stairs behind them.

Colton quietly looked at him, the young man smiling at him.

"I've got dinner in hand, Dad." he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Good. I'm starving, Colt." he said, Colton walking up to him.

Lucas' arm went around the younger man, smiling at everyone.

"I smell lasagne." he said, Colton grinning.

"Yep. Gramma's recipe. And my own garlic rolls." he beamed, Lucas smiling more.

"Awesome! Lead on, my son." Lucas smiled, the two young men walked towards the kitchen, everyone following them quietly.


Lucas sighed, wiping his lips with a napkin, Josh rubbing his chest.

"You overate, my love. You were indeed hungry." he smiled, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips.

"For food and love, my pet." he said, kissing his man's lips again.

Everyone had picked up on Lucas' closeness to Josh, his love for him on full view.

His man was home after he having been missing him all day.

"We've seen you gorge on Colton's lasagne, we don't need to see you get your Joshy fix." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Dessert always comes after the meal, Frankie." he said, Josh beaming, his blue eyes on Finn.

Finn smiled at Lucas, the young man looking around the table at his family and friends.

"I feel your love, everyone. Tomorrow you all venture into the unknown. Trust in me to guide us on life's path." he said, Justin smiling at him.

"We're all worried for you, Luke. We all love you." he said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"I know, Jus. I feel all the degrees of it." he said, his violet pools meeting Colton's blue eyes, the young man seated beside his uncle.

"As Colt stated earlier, I wasn't concerned by who was chosen for the jury because I know in my heart that it will never be up to them to decide my fate. That is my own destiny."

"And you know in your magic as well." Colton said, the man smiling at him.

"Yes, my son. I have walked the paths of truth in my mind and my soul. The magic's guided me to that truth."
"And what is that truth?" Gideon said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

"That is for destiny to unravel. All I--and all of you--can do is walk the destined path. However or wherever it ends." Lucas said, Josh rubbing his chest again.

"We will walk on that path with you, Lucky. Your love will show us all of it."
Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"The judge hasn't curtailed the media's need, everyone. There were reporters in the court. He's given them access for the trial, but no involvement. Any deviation from that and they'll be gone." Grayson said, everyone looking at Lucas.

The young man looked deep in thought, Justin's hand going on top of his.

"Sheppard was there?"

"Yes, Jus. Silent in the court but taunting in the public domain."

"The nerve of the guy." Finn said, his face brooding with anger, Lucas looking at him.

"Drop the look, Finn. I want you all calm tomorrow. No one will show any anger or protective stance. We will go in together united in our love for each other." Lucas said, Lance smiling as his eyes met his violet pools.

"That we'll all easily show, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him and Justin.

"Sweet! But no groping, cutie."

Everyone laughed lightly, Lucas' humour changing the mood around the table.

"Tonight I'm going to relax. Tomorrow's another day." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"Okay, Scarlet."
Lucas laughed, blowing a kiss towards him.

"Want to loosen my corset, sexy?" he said, the young man still wearing his suit pants and white dress shirt, the tie and jacket gone.

"Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

Everyone smiled, Lucas' demeanour calm and happy.

"I need to change, babe. I need a swim." the young man said, Josh kissing him, the young man rising from the table and walking into the house.

Everyone looked at Josh, the man softly smiling.

"That's my Lucas. He'll always be a man of mystery and love." he said, everyone nodding.
Josh's blue pools met Justin's blue and Lance's green.


Lucas pulled the swim trunks up his muscular legs, the young man's firm butt disappearing under them.

He heard the bedroom door opening as he dressed, two arms going around him just as his ass disappeared into the navy blue trunks.

Two lips kissed his neck, Lucas feeling the love and the wandering hands roaming across his smooth chest.

"The boy does give a damn. And a nice massage to boot." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling and kissing his earlobe.

"Fiddley Dee. Beauty needs to be touched."

Lucas laughed, turning around in Justin's arms, the man pulling him close.

"I'm being caressed by a hot Southern gentleman." he smiled, Justin smiling back.

"And why do I get the honor of being in Justin Timberlake's arms alone?" he smiled, Justin kissing him gently on the lips.

"Because the other two of our hearts knew I needed to hold you. You needed my love."

Lucas smiled, his arms wrapping around the man's t-shirt covered waist.

"Always, beautiful. As I need the other two."

Justin smiled, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"I needed to see you alone, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling, his head going against Justin's chest, as the man held him close.

"You don't need to voice your love or concern for me, Justin. I feel both."

The man sighed, holding the younger man close.

"We're all worried about you, Lucas. About this week ahead."
"I know, Jus. I can't stop you three from that worry. All I can do is hold you all close like this and give you all my love."
"I love you, Lucas. Josh and Lance sense how much you mean to me. I guess I'm the weak one of the group." he said, Lucas smiling, raising his head, their lips meeting again, Justin feeling the total love in that kiss.

"You're not weak, Justin. You just show your love openly the most. Your love and your worry."

"I hate all this, Lucas. You in all this drama. Josh and you need to have a life free of drama and intrigue. Lance and I both want that for both of you."

"We have each other's love, Justin. That will get us through all of this. And we have yours as well." Lucas said, Justin smiled, his eyes scanning Lucas' smooth chest, the man wearing only the swim trunks.

"Talk from the heart, Jus."

Justin smiled, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"How will this end, Lucas?" he said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"The trial will show the truth, Justin." Lucas said, Justin softly smiling at him.

"I wasn't talking about the trial, Luke. I was talking about you and me."

Lucas smiled, his arms going around the handsome man.

"How would you like it to end, Jus?" Lucas said, Justin staring into his violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. As I love my Lance and our Josh. I've never been so wrapped in love before. The four of us show our love so easily. But the center of my love, of the love I receive, is from my Lance."
"Josh and I both know that, Justin. But our love is always here for you as well. As yours is for us. I love you back, Justin."

Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' lips softly.

"I love my Lance, Lucas. He is my life."

"I think you just answered your own question, Justin. This will end with the four of us steadfast in our love for each other. But we'll all have our own treasured heart of love. Lance is your soulmate, Jus. Josh is mine. But the two of us will always have a closeness that traverses the line of friendship. I'm here for you in any way, beautiful."
Justin smiled, Lucas kissing his lips softly.

"I saw a beautiful ass when I walked into the room. It matches my Lance's in beauty. And Josh's remembered beauty."
Lucas smiled, guiding Justin's hand to his backside, Justin smiling.

"You washed my man's beauty this morning, along with your Lance's beauty beside you. And still he hungers for more."
Justin blushed, Lucas kissing his lips again.

"You'll have me tomorrow morning, angel. I want to experience your loving wet touch again. For now our soulmates await us. Otherwise I'd give you all you need."
Justin smiled, returning Lucas' kiss.

"I have all I need, Lucky. Three of my heart's desire."

Lucas smiled, staring into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the love there.

"I'll always worry about those I love, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas smiling.

"It's nice to be loved."

Justin smiled, Lucas grabbing the towel that lay on the bed, smiling at Justin.

"We all love you, Lucas. We're here for you." Justin said, Lucas smiling.

"Tonight I need that love around me. Wet or dry."
Justin smiled, pulling off his polo shirt, Lucas scanning his smooth chest.

His hands went to his jeans, those pulled off quickly.

Lucas smiled, seeing a pair of black swim trunks covering Justin's center.

"I always come prepared." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I'll remember that." he said, Justin looking at him, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Let's hit the pool, beautiful. I want to bask in my soulmates' beauty."
Justin smiled, the two men walking out of the bedroom.


The Next Morning


Lucas smiled, walking down the stairs.

Everyone stood in the front foyer, their eyes on his handsome face and body.

Lucas wore a navy two piece suit, a soft baby blue shirt underneath, a navy leather tie finishing the ensemble.

"Looking good, Luke." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Conservative and urbane." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"You'd look beyond beautiful in coveralls, babe." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"The vehicles are organized and ready, Luke." Justin said, the security guards having talked with him moments before.

Five vehicles awaited outside, an escort of two other SUVs at both ends of the caravan.

"Thanks, Jus. Everyone ready?" Lucas said, everyone nodding at him, couples gathered together, friends and family surrounding Lucas.

"We'll ride with you, Luke." Lance said, Lucas nodding at him and Justin.

"And I'm at your side, my love." Josh said, Lucas nodding his head, kissing his cheek again.

"We'll be in the spotlight, my love. Let's show the friendship we share. The love will come on its own." the young man said, everyone smiling at him.

"Through life and love, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling, the young man's violet pools meeting Colton's and Gideon's blue pools.

"We're all at your side, Dad." Colton said, Lucas smiling.

"Try not to crowd me. I like to stand alone." he smirked, everyone lightly laughing, his mood lightening theirs.

They moved as one, walking out of the house, heading for the five limousines awaiting them.

Within minutes they had pulled out of Josh's home, reporters surrounding them, the house guards keeping them at bay, the seven vehicles speeding up, heading for downtown Los Angeles.

Lucas sat beside Josh, his arm around him, Justin and Lance in front of them, facing them.

Gideon, Colton and Grayson were in their limousine as well, Gideon perusing a file folder he held open in his hands.

"The D.A. has first crack at you, Lucas. He'll show his evidence, his reports and witnesses." Gideon said, marking some text in the file he held with a ballpoint pen.

"The simmering of the truth." Lucas softly said, looking out the limousine's window.

"I don't know who he's calling to the stand, but we should be prepared for anything. Probably forensic experts, neighbourhood witnesses and such." Gideon said, Grayson nodding in agreement.

"We have all the eyewitness reports, background checks, and some forensic evidence. But I think the man's holding something back." Grayson said, continuing the conversation, Lucas nodding.

"I'm sure he does, Gray." the young man said, Lance looking at him.

"Is there something we should be prepared for, Luke?" he said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his.

"Just the truth, Lance. Just the truth." the young man said, his eyes lowering for a moment, Gideon and Josh exchanging glances.

Those violet pools rose again, everyone seeing the calm determination in those loving irises.

"I'll face that truth with my own truths. And then I'll face the rest of it." the young man said, Grayson staring at him.

"A man of mystery and love you are, Lucas."

The young man smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Remember the better half of that always, my friends. I am nothing if not love." he said, Colton smiling at him.

"The better half indeed, Dad."

Lucas smiled, the cars continuing their trek to justice.


Lucas sat at the table in front of the courtroom again, the young man sitting quietly.

Behind him the courtroom's spectator gallery was filled.

His family and friends sat behind him, his side of the courtroom filled with their love.

He glanced back, seeing a lot of new smiling faces, the room filled with loving acquaintances.

Usher and Adam sat beside Justin and Lance; the Carter brothers, Craig and Josh's parents there as well.

Lucas had been met with their showing love upon walking into the courtroom, the young man hugged by all.

Reporters mulled around, taking in the celebrity world surrounding Lucas.

Usher and Adam both hugged him, Lucas smiling at both.

"We love you, Luke. We had to come." Adam said, Lucas seeing the new love shining in his blue pools.

"I welcome your friendship and love, my friends." he'd said, the young man smiling to himself.

Everyone was aware of the surrounding reporters, their faces showing calmness against the media's gaze.

Lucas' backup band and Tracy and her boyfriend were there as well, Lucas seeing others from the tour there also.

The trip into the courtroom had been intense again, Lucas surrounded by his family and friends, the group walking into the courthouse surrounded by the extra security guards Justin had hired.

Reporters threw questions at Lucas and all his surrounding friends, everyone calm and silent, the young man surrounded by their love.

The world saw a group of famous friends surrounding a young man of rising stardom.

Lucas saw himself in a cocoon of love.

He looked back again, everyone smiling at him.

His eyes looked on the other side of the courtroom, seeing the D.A. and his assistants staring at him.

Behind them that half of the courtroom was filled with strangers, the back half filled with men Lucas knew were reporters.

Seated on the aisle was Morgan Sheppard, the man's blue eyes glaring at Lucas.

Lucas ignored him, his eyes meeting another set of blue pools.

That man smiled at him, nodding his head.

Lucas turned back, his violet pools lowering, a soft glow coming from them.

Gideon's hand went to his shoulder.

"You okay, Lucas?" he said, Lucas raising his head, Gideon and Grayson both looking at him.

"I'm fine, Gid. On with the truth." he said, looking forward, seeing the bailiff rise from his seat.

"All rise! Court is in session. Judge Gabriel Navarro presiding." the bailiff said, the courtroom rising as one.

The judge walked into the room from his chambers, walking to his seat, sitting down quickly.

"You may all be seated." he said, looking around the filled courtroom, everyone returning to their seats.

His blue eyes looked towards Martin, the bailiff, the man smiling at him.

"The hype begins. Let's hit the path running." the judge said, the noise in the courtroom murmuring, the judge banging his gavel, the room quieting down immediately.

"Bring in the jury, Martin." Judge Navarro said, the bailiff nodding, hitting a buzzer by his desk.

Another door opened, twelve people and two guards walking into the room, the twelve people entering the jury box, sitting down, the two guards standing at both ends.

"Good morning, members of the jury. Today begins the trial upon which you have all been selected. You have been made aware of the surrounding notoriety of the defendant's life and you have no doubt seen the bedlam outside this courtroom, and in part of it today as well. This is the last time that we as a court shall allow you to walk away from the path of justice you now find yourself upon. Do any of you wish to bow out of this momentous responsibility?" the judge said, the jury box silent, everyone quietly staring at him.

The judge nodded, looking towards Lucas' table.

"The jury is ready, Mr. Carver-Belmont. Your trial of justice begins. Are you ready?" the lawyer said, Lucas rising from his seat, Gideon at his side.

"My client is ready, Your Honor." Gideon said, Judge Navarro nodding, staring at Lucas, then staring out into the crowded silent courtroom.

"Decorum is mandatory and demanded in my courtroom. Any outbursts will be dealt with swiftly. Justice alone will show itself here." he said, Lucas nodding, his violet pools on the judge's blue.

"Please be seated, Mr. Carver-Belmont. Is the State's case ready, Mr. Waterman?" Judge Navarro said, looking at the distinguished-looking man rising from his seat, smiling at the judge.

"The State is ready, Your Honor. Justice begins." the lawyer said, Judge Navarro staring at him.

"Call your first witness, Mr. Waterman. Let's walk the path, shall we?" the man said, staring at Lucas again.

The lawyer smiled, looking at Lucas as well.

"I call to the stand, Dr. Luther Cavanaugh." the man said, a middle-aged man of around fifty rising from a seat behind the D.A.'s table, walking to the aisle and walking up to the witness stand, sitting down in it, the bailiff walking up to him, the man standing again, taking the oath quietly.

He returned to his seat, the judge quietly looking at him.

Nolan Waterman smiled, walking up to the witness stand, smiling at the doctor seated there.

"Please give the court your credentials, Dr. Cavanaugh."

"I am the chief medical officer for the District of Southern California, sir."

"And in that position you are in charge of all autopsies, examinations of evidence and forensic documentation for the City of Los Angeles?"

"Yes, sir. I am the chief coroner." the man said, Waterman nodding.

"And what is your involvement in regards to this trial, Dr. Cavanaugh?"

"I concluded the examination of evidence as well as the autopsy on the victim, Jacob Addison."

"What are your observations on that evidence, Doctor?"
"Objection, Your Honor. The witness' observations are inadmissible. We need only true facts from him." Gideon said, standing at Lucas' table, Lucas looking up at him with a calm look.

"Sorry, I'll rephrase. What are your medical interpretations of the evidence and Mr. Addison's own self?" the lawyer said, smiling at the doctor.

"The victim died from a blow to the cranium. A severe lesion was found on his cranium carriage. It was a great force that caused severe brain damage. His death would have been almost instantaneous."

"Where was this blow, Doctor? In laymen terms?" the lawyer said, looking towards the jury.

"It was on the back of the head, sir. About four inches above the bottom of the head, where the spine meets the head."

"So the victim was hit from behind? He knew not his assailant? Or was he ambushed?"

"Objection, Your Honor! The counsel is interpreting the Doctor's words himself." Gideon said, the judge nodding his head.

"Sustained. The doctor wasn't there, Mr. Waterman. The assailant's identity wasn't known to him by those observations." the judge said, Waterman smiling at him.

"Sorry, Your Honor. I've gotten ahead of myself."

"Best to watch where you walk, Mr. Waterman. I'd hate to see your fall on your face." Judge Navarro said, the man nodding his head, looking at the doctor again.

"What were your conclusive findings on Jacob Addison's death, Dr. Cavanaugh?"

"Mr. Addison died from a severe blow to the back of his head. By a blunt object. That object left partial residue in the blood and tissue fragments in his skull."

"And what was that object made of, Doctor?" the lawyer said, looking towards Lucas' table.

"It was made of wood, sir."

A soft murmur went through the crowd, Nolan Waterman walking over to a table on the left of the judge's bench, picking up an item that lay on its surface with other items, that item in a long plastic bag.

"I'd like to enter this object into evidence, Your Honor." Waterman said, walking back to the judge's bench, Judge Navarro looking at a wooden bat that Waterman held in his hand.

"Enter it into evidence, Martin. Exhibit 1A." the judge said, Martin nodding, placing a tag on the plastic-covered baseball bat, handing it back to Waterman.

"This baseball bat was found at the scene of the crime, Dr. Cavanaugh. Have you examined it, Doctor?"

The doctor looked at the bat.

"Yes, sir. I have."
"And what is its connection in regards to the victim's demise?"

"The bat was examined for blood residue, fingerprints and fragmented lacerations." the doctor said, looking at the lawyer.

"And your forensic conclusions, Doctor?"

The doctor looked towards the jury, then towards Lucas' table.

"The bat was cracked on one end, small splinters missing. The wood matched identically to the fragments we found in Mr. Addison's skull."

"Any other facts in regards to this item, sir?" the lawyer said, the doctor nodding.

"Yes, sir. The wooden bat was saturated with water, the wood textured with it. It was found floating in the pool, a few feet away from the victim's lifeless floating body."

"So no other evidence could be found on it?"
"No, that not entirely correct, sir. We did an analysis of its whole surface. One side of the bat wasn't submerged in the water. It just lay there floating."
"And what did you find on that dry side, Doctor?"

The man looked up at the judge, the judge nodding.

"Go ahead, sir." he said, the man nodding.
"We found tissue fragments and blood residue that matched the victim perfectly."
"So you're saying. . .?"
"This wooden bat was the murder weapon, sir. Jacob Addison was hit on the back of the head with this bat." he said, the audience murmuring, the judge banging his gavel, the room quieting.

"Was there any other evidence on this bat, Dr. Cavanaugh?" the lawyer said, looking at the doctor.

"Only one other thing, sir." he said, the lawyer smiling.
"And what was that, good Doctor?" he smiled, looking towards Lucas' table.

"There was one fingerprint mark, sir. Right on the mid section of the bat. Right where it would have been held in a hand."
The lawyer smiled, looking towards Lucas.

Lucas quietly lowered his eyes.

"And did you identify that fingerprint, Dr. Cavanaugh?"

The doctor looked towards the table where Lucas sat.

"Yes, sir. It was Lucas Carver's thumb mark."

The courtroom went deadly silent, Gideon staring at Lucas with stunned silence.



End of Chapter 122


Surprise, surprise!

Well, maybe not.

You all remember that Lucas did pick up the bat, dropping it into the pool when he was struck from behind.

It appears that same bat is now the murder weapon, its wooden strength ending Jacob's life.

And by some tragic twist of fate the water didn't destroy the floating truth of that bat's possession.


Did Lucas kill Jacob?

We hope not!

But who did?

Finny had his hands on that bat that night as well.

Where were his fingerprints?

Or the perhaps hidden murderer's?


The trial begins with a moment of surprising damnation for Lucas.

What else lays hidden?

Will Lucas survive justice's judging eyes?

Or will he surprise everyone with his own judging eyes?

Read on, the plot thickens.


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