Yesterday's End-124


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 124


Nolan Waterman smiled out into the courtroom, his grey eyes on Lucas' violet, his eyes then returning to Levi Strassman seated in the witness box.

"The money was transferred to an account under Lucas Carver-Belmont's name?" Waterman said, the younger lawyer nodding.

"Yes, sir. It was an account at Chase Bank here in Los Angeles. It's a diversified account, locked in and protected by the account's owner." Levi said, Waterman walking over to the evidence table again, picking up another small folder, walking back to the judge's bench and handing the file to the judge.

"I'd like this entered into evidence, Your Honor. It's the bank statement from this said account and the profile of its ownership." the lawyer said, Judge Navarro nodding, looking over the file for a few moments, the D.A. waiting.

The judge handed the file to his bailiff, Martin attaching a label to it, the judge looking at him.

"Give this to the defense counsel, Martin." he said, the bailiff walking the file to Gideon, the young lawyer perusing it while Waterman returned to his witness.

"How did the defendant gain access to Mr. Addison's account, Mr. Strassman?" Waterman said, Levi looking at him.

"I do not know, sir. That reality would be between Jake and Lucas. I don't know the extent of their personal relationship." the young lawyer said, Waterman nodding.

"You had interaction with Mr. Addison before his death, sir. What are your observations of his emotional state, his own feelings towards Mr. Carver-Belmont as well?"

The young lawyer looked towards Lucas, the young man quietly staring at him.

"Jake was angry at the young man. He'd informed me of their past intense, confrontational relationship. How it had ended with Jake walking away from the drama. There was no love lost between either of them. I believe Jake was in his heart jealous of Lucas' success. He'd been an unknown singer when their relationship had ended. Jake had struggled all his life to make ends meet. Then at the end of his life he'd finally come into his own, so to speak. And even that in the end was taken from him. His life and his new wealth." Levi said, the D.A. nodding.

"Yes, drama indeed. And a tragic end to a life coming to a better start. Mr. Addison deserved that."

"Objection, Your Honor. Mr. Waterman is trying to elicit sympathy for the witness and the jury." Gideon said, setting the bank statement down on his table, the bailiff taking it back from him, Gideon and Grayson both having perused the file's contents, Lucas ignoring it.

"Sustained. You words are inducing to sympathy, Mr. Waterman. Curb the theatrics, please. Leave the acting to professionals." Judge Navarro said, Nolan Waterman softly smiling at him.

"Sorry, Your Honor. The picture of the victim's past gave one hope for him."

"The victim now needs only justice, Mr. Waterman. Nothing else." Judge Navarro said, folding his hands again in front of him.

"Yes, Your Honor. I have no more questions for Mr. Strassman." the D.A. smiled, walking back to his table, his assistants smiling at him.

"Your witness, Mr. Carlisle." Judge Navarro said, Gideon quietly talking with Lucas, Grayson listening in on their conversation, talking to both as well.

Gideon rose from his seat, his eyes meeting Levi Strassman's as Gideon walked up to the witness stand.

"You glossed over the facts of your first meeting with Mr. Carver-Belmont a few months ago, Mr. Strassman. I'd like to hear your words on what the end result of that meeting was. What was the result of the litigation you levelled against Mr. Carver-Belmont?"

Levi's blue eyes looked towards the D.A., Waterman folding his arms, staring at him and Gideon.

"Mr. Addison's claim against Mr. Carver-Belmont was nullified. Jacob didn't have enough evidence to carry on with the litigation." the young lawyer said, Gideon nodding.

"I can supply witnesses--including Mr. Bass, who'd voiced his anger at your words earlier--that Mr. Carver-Belmont never uttered any threat to Jacob Addison at that meeting, Mr. Strassman. Lucas Carver-Belmont proved the invalidity of your client's claim against his music. That was what that meeting was about. Lucas' standing up and challenging Jacob's claim. It was proven by certified documentation that it was Lucas' music alone, not Jacob's. Lucas Carver-Belmont wrote that music himself. Am I correct?"

Levi stared at Gideon, slowly nodding his head.

"We need a verbal answer, Mr. Strassman." Judge Navarro said, staring at the young lawyer.

Levi sighed, looking at Lucas.

"Mr. Carver-Belmont had valid proof that Jacob had no involvement in his music. Lucas had the original music, written and signed by him alone."

Gideon nodded, looking towards the jury.

"And why did Jacob Addison end up in Lucas Carver-Belmont's pool that day, Mr. Strassman?" the man said, Levi looking towards the D.A., the man staring at Gideon with quiet resolve.

The young lawyer sighed again, looking at Gideon.

"Jake became angry when the validity of Lucas' claims was shown. Lucas told him to leave and never come back."

"So he never verbally threatened him as you said earlier under oath?" Gideon said, staring at Levi.

The man lowered his eyes for a moment, softly replying.

"No. . .no I guess he didn't."
"And what did Jacob do upon that request to leave?" Gideon said, looking back at Lucas, the young man sitting in quiet calmness.

"He charged at Lucas, Lucas latching onto him and sending him flying, Jacob landing in the pool." Levi said, his eyes moving downward again at Gideon's silent gaze.

"So Lucas was defending himself against Jacob's anger? What you earlier said  was a fabricated lie, am I correct, Mr. Strassman?"

The young lawyer nodded, Gideon's blue eyes looking into Judge Navarro's blue eyes.

"Your Honor, this witness has been leading the court astray with his testimony. I think there's been collusion between him and the District Attorney. This all smells of a collaborated farce." Gideon said, the judge slowly nodding his head.

"I am beginning to see your reasoning, Mr. Carlisle. Did you coach this witness in his testimony, Mr. Waterman?" he said, looking at Levi, the young man's eyes lowering, Judge Navarro's blue eyes looking towards Nolan Waterman.

Nolan Waterman stood at his table, looking intently at the judge.

"I only went with the facts Mr. Strassman gave me, Your Honor. He didn't tell me of the underlying truth he's now revealed." the D.A. said, the judge nodding.

"You need to delve deeper into your witnesses' information, Mr. Waterman. Mr. Carlisle here is famous for weeding out the garden of truth. Are you well-seasoned or not, Mr. Waterman? You carry yourself as a novice. Continue, Mr. Carlisle." Judge Navarro said, Gideon softy smiling at him, his eyes then going back to Levi's blue, ignoring Nolan Waterman's eyes glaring towards him.

Nolan Waterman sighed, the lawyer sitting down at his table again, softly brooding over the judge's admonishment.

"This missing money that Jacob Addison had, where did he acquire it from? It seems strange that he suddenly benefited from a large windfall. Was it an inheritance?" Gideon said, looking at the young lawyer.

"I do not know the whereabouts of it, sir. Jacob never informed me of its background." Levi said, Gideon staring at him.

"The condo he lived in, do you know how he acquired that? Three months ago when he was accusing Mr. Carver-Belmont of thievery, he was broke, looking for a job with Mr. Carver's own band. You're supposedly his lawyer, how do you not know of your client's monetary background?"
"Your Honor! The defense is questioning the witness' already divulged role in Mr. Addison's life. He already stated that he was Mr. Addison's attorney. How many lawyers know everything about their clients?"

The judge looked at the D.A. then at Gideon.

"I'll allow the question." he said, Waterman tossing the pen he held in his hand onto his table, sitting back down, folding his arms again.

Levi Strassman looked at Gideon, the young attorney's arms folded, staring at him intently.

"I was only his lawyer for a short three months. He paid his retainer, I just focused on his needs."

Gideon nodded his head, staring at him.

"I'm sure you did, Mr. Strassman. I only have one more thing, call it my own observation if you will." the young lawyer said, Waterman looking at Gideon with an intense stare.

"What is it, Mr. Carlisle?" Judge Navarro said, looking at Gideon, Gideon's blue pools on Levi, Lucas behind quietly staring at the young man as well.

"Mr. Strassman, you earlier stated that this new account where the money now lays was created by a company named Belmont Industries."
"Yes, sir. That's what the bank's statement said, as you can see yourself from that statement your associate has." the man said, Gideon nodding his head, Grayson staring at the young lawyer, the file in Grayson's hands.

"Belmont Industries is a company owned by Lucas' own grandfather, Mr. Strassman. A grandfather Lucas just met a short few months ago himself. Lucas Carver-Belmont has no ties to that industry or any connection to its monetary structure. He is not an employee of it, nor in any way associated with it. And one more thing, Mr. Strassman. Belmont Industries has been on lockdown for the last seven months. The IRS is investigating it for corporate fraud. There has been no monetary or financial transactions done in that whole time. This mysterious account was never opened by Belmont Industries."

"But how can that be?" Levi said, looking surprised.

"Yes, how indeed." Gideon said, walking back to his table, Lucas quietly looking at him.

"No more questions for the witness, Your Honor. But I reserve the right to recall him at a later time." Gideon said, the judge nodding.

"Agreed, Mr. Carlisle. The witness is excused for now." the judge said, Levi slowly walking out of the witness box, returning to his seat.

As he passed Lucas' table, his eyes met Lucas' violet, then looked away.

Lucas eyes followed him, the young man taking in the man's defeated look.

His violet pools zoned in on the man wringing his hands together, Lucas' eyes widening a little, the young man looking surprised.

"Of course! Another one!" he said, Grayson looking at him.

"Another what, Lucas?" he said, Gideon looking at the young man as well.

"Mr. Carver-Belmont?" the judge said, Lucas' eyes still following Levi's walk to his seat.

"Mr. Carver-Belmont!" the judge said, his voice louder, that voice breaking Lucas' train of thought.

"Who is the third?" he softly said, Grayson's hand going to his shoulder, Lucas' eyes going to the judge, seeing two pools of intense blueness staring at him.

"I'm sorry, Your Honor. Was just thinking aloud." Lucas said, the judge staring at him.

"Decorum, Mr. Carver-Belmont. You are to remain silent through this hearing. I won't warn you again. Do you understand, young man?"
Lucas looked at the judge, their eyes staring each other down.

"I understand, Your Honor. But for past rings and future truths we may all have to voice our souls." he said, the judge looking at him with confusion.

His blue eyes went to Gideon's blue, the young lawyer staring at the judge.

"Your client is talking nonsense, Mr. Carlisle. Is this a ploy for another defense?" he said, his eyes on Lucas again.

"No, Your Honor. My client didn't sleep well last night. I believe the day's length is taxing him." Gideon said, hoping his fabricated reply might give Lucas a reprieve from the judge's wrath.

"He looks refreshed to me. But the day is after four. Rather than continue with your next witness we should recess for the day. If the counsellors are in agreement?" the judge said, Gideon nodding.

"I'll agree to that, Your Honor." he said, Waterman smiling at him.

"I as well, Your Honor."

The judge stared at Lucas, the young man's violet pools staring back at him.
"Very well, then. Court is recessed until ten a.m. tomorrow morning. Court adjourned." the judge said, banging on his gavel.

He rose from his seat, everyone else in the courtroom rising as well.

Gideon looked at Lucas, the young man softly smiling at him.

"Another long day ahead, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Let's go home, Gid." he said, the young man turning, his friends and family all staring at him with love.
Josh's blue eyes met his, the man walking at Lucas' side, Justin and Lance following both of them.

The reporters filling the back rows of the gallery followed them through the doors, questions filling the air.

Lucas remained silent, walking out of the room.


Harry parked the SUV, his blue eyes meeting Alain's brown, the black man seated beside him in the front, their hands having been together.

Harry's head moved back, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

Josh sat beside him, Justin on his other side.

Behind the three of them sat Lance, Gideon and Colton.

"You're sure about this, Luke?" the young bodyguard said, Lucas smiling softly at him.

"Yes, Har. Paths walked have to come to a final end. I need peace of soul." the young man said, nodding at Josh.

The man softly smiled at him, opening his car door, climbing out, Lucas following him.

The others exited the vehicle, Alain glancing at his watch.

It was almost eight o'clock, the evening's air softly cool, the daylight ebbing out of the night's darkening sky.

Lucas and his friends had fought their way out of the courthouse, their vehicles ready at the front entrance, the group walking through the mobbing media and surrounding crowds.

The security guards had surrounded all of them, the group climbing into their cars, photos taken, words unspoken, the press left with nothing.

They'd arrived back home, Lucas still surprisingly calm, Josh's body against him throughout dinner, the young man feeling his surrounding love.

Here now the small group stood on the front sidewalk in front of a large downtown Los Angeles stone and marble building.

Lucas looked at the sign situated at the front entrance in the middle of a flowerbed of red roses.


                                Angelus Funeral Home


Josh looked around, his hand going into Lucas'.

"Are you alright, my love? You don't have to do this if you're having second thoughts." he said, Lucas feeling the love in his voice.

"No, Joshua. I'm alright. And I have to do this, for the peace I need within my soul."

Josh nodded, Justin and Lance quietly staring at the young man.

Lucas felt another hand go in his other, his violet pools meeting two youthful pools of love.

"I'm here for you, Dad. We all are."
Lucas smiled, kissing Colton's cheek.

"I know, Colton. Let's go in." Lucas said, the young man moving forward, walking up the front marble steps, Harry opening the door for him, he and his friends walking into the funeral home.

Lucas' violet pools scanned the opulent front entrance, seeing the French decor and lavish gaudiness of the tapestries surrounding him.

An older man walked down the hall towards them, a soft smile on his face.

"Good evening, sirs. You are here for visitations?" he said, Josh looking at him.

"Yes, sir. We called earlier. We're here to see Mr. Addison." Alain said, the funeral director nodding his head.

"Yes, of course. The viewing room is at the end of the hallway to your right. It's empty and has been that way most of the day. The last few days a few reporters tried to gain access, but we quietly turned them back. We are always trying to keep a refined calmness to a man's final resting. Good evening, Mr. Carver-Belmont. I saw the papers." the man said, looking at Lucas.

"Good evening, sir." Lucas said, the man softly bowing to him.

"Everything's been arranged as per your wishes. He's laying in rest and will end his journey tomorrow." the man said, Lucas nodding.

"Follow me, please." the man said, Lucas following him, his friends quietly following him.

They walked down the long open hallway, stopping at its end at another doorway.

Lucas looked into the room seeing a dark brown casket laying on a clothed pedestal, a few baskets of flowers surrounding it, soft music playing in the quiet empty room.

The casket was closed, a soft bed of white roses laying on the mahogany casket's top in the middle.

Lucas walked into the room, his friends following him, the funeral director remaining in the doorway.

"Take your time sir, I shall return momentarily." he said, Alain thanking him.

Lucas walked across the room slowly, Josh following him.

He stopped in front of the casket, his hand gently going out, laying it gently on top of its smooth shiny finish.

Gideon stood beside Colton, his arm going around him, Justin and Lance quietly watching Lucas.

Harry and Alain stood together, their hands entwined.

"Hello, Jake. It's Lucas. I've come to say farewell, Jacob." he softly said, Josh quietly looking at Lucas.

His friends remained quiet, all sensing Lucas wanted to talk to himself.

"It's over, my Jake. I never wanted this end for you, this final end. Not like this. I wanted us to forgive each other. I thought that there was forgiveness in you, a forgiveness that could give you peace. I'm sorry that it came to this end, Jacob. To what you thought I'd done to you. I never gave you anything but all of myself, Jacob. I'm sorry if you couldn't see that that was enough. My love would always have been enough."
Josh looked at Lucas, seeing the wet tears running down his cheeks, the man's hand going to Lucas' shoulder, Lucas feeling his love.

"I forgive you, Jacob. For all that we've experienced together, for all that our once love created. I now see the truth behind most of it. I can forgive you for what you did and for what you wanted to do. You now walk on the path to the greater openness of life's mystery. Walk into the unknown, Jacob. And walk to the truth you never could find here. Goodbye, Jake. I once loved you, and I now can let you go. Farewell. I will always. . .always hold the first smile I saw within my heart. Goodbye." Lucas said, the young man turning, his face going into Josh's chest, Josh holding him tightly, tears showing on his cheeks as well.

Everyone surrounding them quietly wiped their eyes, Lucas wrapped in his Joshua's love, the young man trembling against him.

Josh held him in his arms, Lucas gradually gaining control of his emotions.

He broke their embrace, the young man wiping his tearing eyes, Josh pulling out a Kleenex from his pocket, handing it to his love.

Lucas softly smiled at him, taking it from him, wiping his eyes.

"Always prepared is your love, my Joshua." he said, Josh softly smiling at him.

"Take all the time you need, my love. We're all here for you." Josh said, Lucas softly nodding, his eyes going back to the mahogany casket.

"He looks so all alone here. So all alone." Lucas softly said, the funeral director walking back into the room, softly smiling at everyone.

He quietly walked up beside Lucas, the young man meeting his calm brown eyes.

"Is everything ready for tomorrow?" he softly said, the man nodding.

"Yes, sir. A small spiritual farewell, a local priest giving the sacrament. Then he will be cremated. His ashes we shall entomb in the interment center as you have chosen." the man said, Lucas nodding.

"He has no other place to go." Lucas said, Josh's hand rubbing his back.

"I'd like to see his face, please." Lucas said, everyone quietly looking at him.

"Alright, sir. But it has been a few weeks since his passing. Death's hand has begun its journey, sir."

"I understand. I just need to see him one last time. That will be the finality of all this." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Josh's blue.

"I'd like to see him alone for a few moments, Joshua." he said, Josh quietly staring into his violet pools.

"I understand, Lucas." he said, so wanting to take his man in his arms again, the funeral director quietly looking at both men.

Lance walked up to Josh, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

"We understand, Lucas. We'll all be waiting in the hallway for you." he said, kissing Lucas' cheek, Lucas softly smiling at him.

Josh quietly met his violet pools again, Lance gently guiding his friend out of the room, Justin's arm going around him as well, everyone following the three men out of the room.
Lucas remained alone with the funeral director, their eyes meeting again.

"I'd like to see him, please."
The man nodded, quietly walking up to the casket, gently unlatching the front half section of the casket's lid, raising it slowly open.

Lucas quietly lowered his eyes as he saw the director's hands going to the silk covers, a few moments of preening and the man stepped back.

Lucas nodding his thanks, the man remaining silent, backing up behind Lucas.

Lucas' violet pools looked forward, staring at Jake's handsome face.

That face wore a darkness around it, the embalming beginning to blacken.

Lucas saw his once handsome features again, remembering the beauty of that face when he'd first met him, so alive and smiling.

He remembered the blueness of the man's eyes and how he'd always been lost in them.

They were almost at one time as bright as his Joshua's.

His mind flooded with the thoughts of where Jake was now.

"You were once so beautiful, Jacob. It will live forever in your remembered smile. Goodbye, until the shadows of his love draws us together again." Lucas said, leaning forward and pulling a white rose off of the floral bed laying on the casket's center.

He gently lay the rose on top of Jake's suited chest, the man's fingers going to the black tie Jake wore, Lucas gently fixing its soft slant, the tie perfectly centered now.

Lucas leaned down, softly kissing Jake's cold lips.

"Goodbye, Jacob." he said, gently moving back, folding his hands in front of him, staring at Jake's motionless face.

The funeral director moved again, now again at Lucas' side.

"You may close it now." Lucas said, the man nodding, quietly going to his task, Lucas remaining still.

The casket was closed. Jake's face gone forever.

The funeral director folded his hands together, looking at Lucas.

"Your friend will be handled with dignity and care, sir." the man said, Lucas nodding, their eyes meeting again.

"I have a question for you, sir."
The man nodded, softly smiling at Lucas.

"How many people have visited him since you opened the doors to viewing?"

"Only two, sir. One came several times and one only once about an hour ago."

"Who were they, sir?" Lucas asked, the director informing him of the names registered in the visitation book.

Lucas nodded, the young man sighing.

Lucas extended his hand, the director taking it in his.

"Thank you for all of this, Mr. Gordon." Lucas said, remembering the director's name Gideon had informed him of earlier at the house.

"Our pleasure sir. Death we view with dignity and reserve, sir."

"As we all should, sir. Dignity begins with visiting truth." Lucas said, the young man quietly walking out of the room, taking one last look back at the casket, lowering his head and leaving.

Josh was at his side the moment Lucas walked into the hallway, Lucas softly smiling at him as Josh handed him another Kleenex.

Lucas wiped his eyes, everyone softly smiling at him.

"Life goes on for us, my friends. As does our love. Let's go home."

Josh smiled at him, the group quietly exiting the funeral home.


Lucas smiled, walking out of the bathroom, Lance at his side, the two men wrapped in towels.

Josh and Justin were laying in bed, Justin's arms around Josh, the two locked in a deep kiss, Justin half laying on top of the older man.

"Looks like the love's been going strong." Lucas smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Mirrored reflections, beautiful." he said, Lucas smiling.

"But I had the fun of our monster."
Lance softly laughed, Justin and Josh breaking their kiss, Justin smiling at both half naked men.

"When did you two walk out?" he smiled, Josh smirking.

"Right when your tongue was doing its magic, HD." Josh said, Justin smiling at him.

"I was entranced by beauty." he said, his fingers rubbing Josh's right nipple, Lucas smiling at both.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, stud." Lucas smiled, his hand moving, grabbing onto Lance's velour towel, pulling it off him in one motion.

Josh's blue eyes widened, seeing Lance's naked self, Justin's face beaming.

"Wow! It always moves me." Justin smiled, Lance blushing, trying to cover his center, looking at Lucas.

"Oh, Luke!" he said, Lucas smiling.

"Don't cover what we all love, beautiful." he smiled, Lance smiling at him, his hands moving back, Josh staring at Lance's half hard center, its length now equal to his own full erect state.

"We should call you Bunny, Lancy. You keep going and going. And growing and growing." Lucas smiled, Justin laughing, Josh smiling as well.

Lance blushed, Lucas leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"Friends of love, Bunny. I've got your back." Lucas said, the young man dropping his own towel, Josh smiling at his revealed soulmate.

Justin's blue eyes were taking in every inch of Lucas' revealed beauty, his blue pools focusing on the rising shaft in Lucas' center.

It was standing fully erect now, straight out from his body.

Lucas smiled, watching Lance and Justin both taking in his revealed desire.

"This bunny has a carrot for you. Who'd like to chew on it?"

Josh laughed, the man rising from the bed, Justin's eyes following his brief-clad smooth body, Josh's body going against Lucas, his enlarged center disappearing against Josh's black brief center.

"That's my veggie, Bugs."

Lucas laughed, the two kissing.

"Why dine on one when we have a smorgasbord surrounding us." Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"No teasing the boys, babe." he smiled, his hand rubbing Lucas' left naked butt cheek.

"Teasing is fun when the eyes show need." Lucas smiled, seeing Lance's green pools locked on his naked backside.

Lance smiled, their eyes meeting again, Justin's eyes now on Lance's showing largeness.

"Our HD's beside himself. Best we cover the veggies." Lance said, Lucas laughing.

"With what? Cream?"

Lance laughed, the man walking over to the dresser, Josh and Justin both taking in his revealed smooth backside, Lucas smiling at it as well.

Lance walked back, holding in his hands two pair of boxer briefs.

Lucas smiled, the man taking one Lance offered him, the two men pulling the briefs on over their centers.

Justin folded his arms, a soft pout showing on his face.

"Where's the fun in that deed?" he said, Lucas laughing, winking at Lance, the young man moving with a burst of speed, tackling Justin, the man caught totally by surprise.

Justin fell back into the bed, Lucas on top of him, the young man moving Justin's hands above his head, both trapped there.

Justin felt the strength coming from the young man, feeling himself trapped within his grasp.

"I have you where I want you, Timberlake. And I see the pout's gone." Lucas smiled, his face inches from Justin's.

Justin softly smiled, looking into those violet pools.

"Let me go, Luke." he said, struggling against the man's strength.

"Where's the fun in this deed? I know where." Lucas smiled, his head moving, Lucas burying his face into Justin's left armpit, Justin feeling his tongue licking every inch of it.

Justin trembled, feeling the man's wet tongue begin to tickle.

"Stop, Luke! That tickles!" he said, Lucas moving back, his tongue going to Justin's left nipple, licking it.

Justin trembled again, Lucas raising his head, smiling at the man again.

"You're delicious, Timberlake. I wish I could devour all of you."

Justin stared into Lucas' violet pools, seeing the love there, his blue eyes moving, staring into Lance's green pools, Josh at Lance's side, his arm around Lance's waist.

The two were smiling at the two in the bed, Lucas smiling only at Justin.

"You can, Lucas."

Lucas turned his head, his violet pools meeting Lance's green pools, Lance having been the one who'd spoken, not Justin.

Justin stared at Lance, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Justin. I see your love for Lucas. You can give into that love. I want to give into it as well." Lance said.
Lucas stared at him, then at Justin, then at his Joshua.

Josh's blue pools stared into Lucas' violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. And I see your love for our Justin. It mirrors my own love for Lance and him. We all can give into that love."

Lucas moved back, the young man staring at Justin, his blue pools showing soft emotion.

"I love you, Lucas. I need your love. We all do."

Lucas moved back more, the young man rising from the bed, all three men staring at him.

Lucas lowered his head, the young man moving, walking through the patio doors, walking out into the balcony's darkness.

Justin's blue pools met Josh's blue pools, seeing the love shining there.

The man moved from the bed, rising up, Lance and Josh both seeing his muscular beauty hidden only by a pair of white boxer briefs.

The man walked out onto the darkened balcony.

His eyes adjusted to the darkness, seeing Lucas standing at the balcony's railing.

He walked up to him, standing beside him.

Josh and Lance walked out into the cool evening's breeze, standing behind the other two.

"You walked away from the truth of our souls, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas' head turning, Justin seeing the tears in his dark eyes, the moonlight showing his handsome face in a soft shadow.

"Our souls are one, Justin. I accepted that quite a while ago." Lucas said, turning his head again, staring out into the night.

Lance moved, moving to Lucas' other side, the young man feeling the two surrounding him.

"We all love you, Lucas. I think we all now see how much." Lance said, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"I know you all love me, Lance. I feel your love around me. And I need that love so much." he said, lowering his head now.

Josh moved, the man standing right behind him, his arms going around Lucas' waist, his body meshing with his, his lips kissing Lucas' bare shoulder.

"I love you, Lucas. All of you." he said, Lucas raising his head, his body turning, the man staring at the three visions of beauty surrounding him.

He felt Justin's and Lance's arms going around his back, the young man in the center of their love.

He stared into Josh's blue pools, seeing the depth of his love for him.

"I love you, Lucas. And I know they do as well. As I love them."
Lucas teared up, his body trembling, all three feeling it.

"I'm on the precipice, Joshua. If I take that step I'll be lost forever, forever in the love!" he softly cried, Josh moving forward, their lips meeting, Lucas feeling the love flow into himself.

Their kiss parted, Josh's lips moving to his left, lightly licking Lucas' earlobe.

"Let go, Lucas. Let go of the doubt. Walk that first step. Our love is forever. Tonight we want to love you."

Lucas cried, the man feeling a hand go to his left butt cheek, gently caressing it.

He felt another set of lips licking at his ear now.

"I love you, Lucas. I want to show you heaven." Lance said, Lucas turning his head, feeling Lance's lips meet his.

This kiss was filled with love as well.

He felt two other lips on his other ear, a soft voice entering it.

"I love you, Lucas. Heaven begins with all of us." Justin said, his lips kissing Lucas' neck.

Lucas felt the man's hand on his back going lower, his fingers going beneath Lucas' briefs, gently rubbing the right mound of his ass, the whole hand now under the fabric.

Lucas moaned, feeling his lover's hands running across his chest, going downward.

Lance was still kissing him, Lucas feeling his lips pressed against his.

He felt a probing need behind those lips, Lucas slowly opening his own.

A tongue darted into his mouth, Lucas latching onto it.

He now felt another set of lips on his abdomen, three hands tugging at his briefs.

He felt Josh's hands pull on the front of them, Justin's one hand behind pulling downwards as well.

Lucas stepped out of the briefs as he felt a wet warmness surround his now totally enlarged center.

He felt Josh's familiar talent, knowing his touch immediately.

He continued to be lost in the kiss of desire Lance was giving him, Lance's hand going down his back, cupping his left butt cheek, his other hand roaming across his chest.

He felt another set of hands raise his right arm, a tongue suddenly sliding into the depth of his armpit, Justin devouring the moisture laying  there,

Lucas smiled, mid-kiss, sensing payback was wonderful.

Lance broke the kiss, his tongue licking Lucas' lips.

"Oh God, Lance. You kiss beyond belief." he said, Lance smiling at him, their lips meeting again.

Both men opened their lips immediately, their desires ahead of them.

Lucas felt Justin's lips move, tracking down Lucas' chest, stopping for a moment on his right nipple, gently tugging at it with his lips, his tongue bathing it.

Lucas trembled, the man feeling Josh's hands steady his legs, his love continuing to bob on his large hard center.

He felt Justin's lips leave his nipple, licking down across his abs, stopping suddenly.

He felt his Josh pull off his shaft, his tongue licking the underside of it, tonguing the bulbous head, tasting the liquid leaking out of it.

Lucas softly moaned, Josh smiling up at his soulmate, seeing the depth of the kiss Lance was giving him.

He saw Lance's fingers were attached to Lucas' left nipple, gently tugging at it.

He smiled seeing his lover lost in the man's love.

He continued to lick the end of Lucas' long hard shaft, his eyes moving to his right, seeing another man kneeling beside him.

He stared into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the deep love shining there.

Lucas felt his Joshua's hands move, one now rubbing his hip, the other now wrapping around his hard shaft, gently stroking it, still licking its end.

Then Lucas felt his cock being moved to the left, another wetness now engulfing him.

This feeling was new, a newer wetness than his Joshua's talented love.

Lucas immediately sensed the truth in it.

And his mind opened, his love flowing around him.

And he suddenly found himself pulled into a blinding light.

Lucas disappeared into his magic, his lips locked on Lance's, his center deep within Justin's throat, his Josh's lips devouring his hanging orbs.


Lance moved in his sleep, the man's green eyes slowly opening.

He looked downward, seeing the brown mop against his chest.

He smiled, feeling the warmth of his man against his chest, Justin's arms wrapped around him.

He sensed another warmth against his right side, his head moving in that direction, staring into the sleeping face of Joshua Chasez.

He smiled, feeling Josh's warmth against his side, the man's arms across his chest, his hand resting on Justin's brief covered ass.

Wrapped in smooth beauty.

How did I get so lucky?
He smiled, looking around the bedroom, seeing the soft greyness of the morning's hour threatening to peak out from under the blinds on the window.

Where is the fourth of our heart?

The new deliciousness of our love?

He smiled, remembering the beauty and taste of Lucas' warm, muscled body.

He also remembered the taste of his essence.

All three men had made love to the young man's body, the man laying back in their arms on the balcony, then the three guiding him back to their bed.

Lucas had been silent through all of it save for his groans and gasps of desire, all three tasting all of him.

Lance had lain back for a while, watching his Justin devour the young man's beauty, Lance seeing his blue eyes looking at him often, seeing the mirrored love shining back.

Their love was as strong as ever, Lucas' beauty as giving as Josh's had been.

Lance had tasted every scented inch of the young man's body, his sweat a nectar of delicious love.

Its smoothness reminded him of Justin's, its taste matched in its drenched love.

After the two had tasted Lucas' beauty, Josh had given Lucas his familiar love, Lance and Justin wrapped in each other's arms at the last, watching the two soulmates seal their love as their own.

The three had been there for Lucas, his body offered to all three, he taking in more than they gave.

Lance smiled, remembering each inch, scent and taste of all of him.

It was as equal as his own man's beauty.

Lance looked down, his eyes going to his Justin's head, Justin moving back a bit, his handsome face now in full view.

I love you, Justin.

I loved seeing you love him.

It was as beautiful as my love I gave to him.

And as beautiful as Josh's showing love.

I want that same love from all three of you.

As I know you do.

Lance smiled, looking around the room again.

He felt a soft breeze move across the bed, the man seeing the balcony door was opened again, Lance knowing he'd kicked it shut as they'd guided Lucas' naked form to the bed.

He smiled, gently and slowly unravelling himself from the two vices he'd found himself locked in.

Justin was the hardest to pry from, the man's love so clingy.

Lance finally made it out of the bed, the man turning and seeing Justin on the move in his sleep.

His target was Josh, the older man immediately wrapped in the younger man's loving arms.

Lance smiled, seeing Justin's hand snake down his abs, disappearing into Josh's briefs.

Forever on the search for warmth and love.

I love you, my wandering angel.

As I love our delicious Joshua.

He smiled, quietly walking towards the balcony door.

He stopped in the doorway, quietly taking in the beautiful vision standing at the railing.

Lucas was naked; his firm, smooth ass on full display.

He and Justin had respected Lucas' center, knowing that love was Josh's alone.

But both men had rubbed the smooth butt, their desires lost in the center organ of love.

The man quietly walked up to Lucas, wrapping his arms around him, kissing his neck.

"Good morning, Lance." Lucas said, not looking back, his voice calm and loving.

"Good morning, our vision of love. How'd you know it was me?"

"By the scent of your love, Lance. All three of you have different scents. And your touches are different as well." Lucas said, turning around in Lance's arms, the two smiling at each other.

"Plus that monster rubbing against my ass was a dead giveaway."

Lance smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Our Justin took care of that monster after you and Josh fell asleep last night." he smiled, Lucas softly smiling back.

"I know. I felt the love in my dreams." he said, Lance smiling with love at him.

Lucas moved forward, their lips meeting, Lance lost in the love in this kiss.

No desire was shown, their lips closed, their love flowing nonetheless.

The two parted, Lucas softly smiling at Lance again.

"Thank you for last night, Lance. Its beauty came at a most crucial moment. Your love was there when I needed it the most. As my love will be there for you three in the same way."

Lance teared up, his eyes scanning the naked man in his arms, Lucas smiling again.

"I am yours, Lance. You've tasted most of me."

Lance smiled, lightly kissing his lips again, his hands remaining on Lucas' back.

"And you were heaven, Lucas. Our loving Lucas. I want you to experience the same taste of myself. I am yours as well, Lucas. As I know my Jus is forever all of ours. And he can't wait for all of us to taste him. You're the last to welcome that beauty into your desires."
Lucas smiled, his eyes glancing over Lance's smooth toned body.

"Soon, Lance. Whenever you need me, I'll give you all you need. My love is just as giving as yours, although it may be more intense."

Lance smiled, softly blushing.

"Great, I now have three Justins. Or I soon shall have."

Lucas smiled, his eyes lowering for a moment.

"We've crossed the line of uncertainty, Lance." Lucas said, Lucas' eyes raising, staring into his green pools.

Lance pulled Lucas closer to him, his arms tightening around him.

"It's a line I believe we were all destined to cross, Lucas. Our love for each other grows. I love you, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I have always loved you, Lance. We are both kindred souls of echoing emotion."
Lance smiled, lightly kissing Lucas' cheek.

"And we both found the man who destroyed those emotions. Our hearts are filled with their love." Lance said, Lucas nodding in agreement.

"And what of your feelings for our Justin?"

Lucas stared into his emerald green pools, Lance smiling at him.

"Justin told me of your first meeting, Lucas. Of your kissing him in that hotel room in London. You've been lost within his love ever since, haven't you?"

"Yes, Lance. I've always loved him. But I found a greater love in my Joshua's arms." he said, Lance nodding his head.

"And Justin's arms finally hold me. He loves me, Lucas. I totally know that. But he loves you as well. I know he always has felt the same since that first day. And I know he's always loved our Joshua."

"I've known that also, Lance. The three of us let him find his own feelings in regards to all three of us. He voiced his truth when he told you that you were his soulmate. Josh and I both see that truth. He loves you deeply."

"I know, Lucas. I know the depth of his love for me. Just as I know the depth of his love for you and Josh. And my love is just as deep for both of you. I sense I need all three of you. Your joined love is what my soul needs. It's what all of our souls need."

Lucas smiled, hearing the honest truth in Lance's words.

"I need all three of you as well. Last night I felt all three of you. It was beautiful."

Lance nodded his head.

"It was that, Lucas. You are nothing if not intoxicating and delicious."
Lucas softly blushed, looking back out into the lighting sky.

"Perhaps it's a beauty I don't fully deserve." he softly said, Lance kissing his neck again, holding him close, the man's body turned back to the morning's awakening.

"Care to open your heart as greatly as you opened your body? I feel the emotions under the love, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas staring at him.

"Your intellect is as great as your beauty, Lance."

Lance smiled, kissing his cheek.

Lucas' head went to Lance's chest, his arms holding him close.

"Here on the edge of the truth I'm afraid, Lance."

"Afraid of what, Lucas? Our love?"

Lucas raised his head, staring into his green pools.

"No, Lance. Your love is nothing I have to fear."

Lance smiled, nodding his head.

"Then what's wrong, Lucas?"

Lucas' violet pools moved back out into the morning's showing sunrise, staring down at the pool.

"I've pieced together the truth, Lance. I know what happened with Jacob."
Lance turned him around in his arms, staring at him.

"You know who murdered him?" he said with soft surprise.

"Yes, Lance. And the path is on its true course." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.

"Tell me all of it, Lucas?" he said, Lucas staring into his green pools of love.

"I can't, Lance. For the path is set. I now know it's always been set. And I have to walk to its end."

"I don't like the sound of that, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas seeing the soft worry in his green pools.

"It's life, Lance. I only ask one thing of you."
"Anything, Lucas. I love you." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That's all I ask, Lance. That you love me. My love is within you. You'll know that always."
Lance teared up, Lucas leaning forward and kissing him deeply, Lance feeling his deep love.

The two parted, Lucas breaking the kiss, his violet pools opening.

Lance's green eyes stared at Lucas, Lucas seeing the sparkling love shining in both.

"All is ready, I walk into life's truths. I love you, Lance."
"I love you, Lucas."

"I need to be wet, Lance. And I need your hands of love to cleanse my soul."

Lance smiled, his green eyes scanning down Lucas' naked body, seeing his center had come to life, the man having felt its warmth against his thigh.

Their eyes met again, Lucas smiling at his friend.

Lance felt Lucas' hand guiding his own downward, Lance's fingers wrapping around the warmth of Lucas' center.

"I offer you alone the breakfast of my love, my Lance."

Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' lips, the man gently tugging on Lucas' hardened shaft.

"I love sausage in the morning."

Lucas lightly laughed, their lips gently meeting.

Lance smiled when they broke the kiss, Lucas taking his hand in his, the young man guiding him back into the bedroom.

They both smiled as they glanced at the bed, Josh and Justin still sleeping together.

Lucas saw Justin's hidden hand, Lance kissing his neck again.

"He goes to the love. As I now need to as well."
Lucas smiled, watching Lance pull off his briefs, the man smiling at him, tossing the briefs onto the chair.

The two smiled, walking naked into the bathroom, closing the door behind them.


End of Chapter 124


And so Lucas has felt the physical love of Lance's and Justin's desires.

He gave into their love, needing it with all his soul.

And they both tasted the giving beauty of this remarkable giving man.

Josh there as well, to enjoy the beauty of their love for his soulmate.

Four souls are joining together, two pairs of soulmates still entwined in their total love.


Lucas has said his farewell to Jacob, the man's body now on its final journey.

Lucas still has to endure the trial, its outcome still uncertain.

But Lucas seems to know the truth in that as well.

There seems to be a mystery surrounding that acceptance, as if Lucas is afraid of what that final outcome will be.

But he still moves forward, now surrounded by three of his soul.


I'm wondering how all of you feel on that.

Of the four joining as one.

The path of where that will go eventually still resides in my imagination.

I hope I haven't reduced the beauty of that joined love.


The trial continues, and the end may surprise even me.



Hugs,  Angel.