Yesterday's End-125


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 125


Josh came out of his sleep with a feeling of moaning bliss.

He opened his blue eyes, staring into two violet pools sparkling with love.

"Your love was in my dreams, my. . .my love. Welcome back to our real world." Lucas softly moaned, Josh feeling his man's weight on top of him.

He also felt the connection between them, Josh's center deep within Lucas.

Lucas' lips met his, Josh feeling his love flow through him.

Lucas' lips left his, moving to Josh's right earlobe, Josh turning his head as Lucas sucked the lobe into his mouth, Josh softly moaning, his blue eyes meeting two other blue pools staring at him.

Justin was laying beside Josh, Lance's lips on his own earlobe, the man sitting on top of Justin.

Josh and Justin had both been awakened by their soulmates on top of them, both men riding them with love.

The two men had returned from the bathroom, climbing into bed with their lovers, their desires igniting at their shown beauty.

The two men had pulled the two apart, kissing their man's smooth chest, their eyes meeting, both smiling as they began to explore their man.

Lance had stripped Justin of his briefs after he'd seen Lucas do the same to Josh, the two men centering themselves over their lover's morning hardness.

Josh's and Justin's blue eyes had opened at the same time, their lover's lips meeting theirs, the four becoming lost in the mounting love.

For half an hour the two men owned their lovers, the two below them lost in their soulmate's passion, all four cresting the moment of love together, awash in the love within them and around them.

Josh held Lucas in his arms after, Justin held in Lance's.

"Oh, babe. That was amazing." Justin softly said, Lance kissing his lips, Justin's blue eyes going to the two naked men laying beside him.

"I think the view had a help in that." Josh said, Justin smiling at him, seeing Josh's blue eyes scanning his and Lance's naked bodies.

"It was the love most of all. Our own and the showing ones. But there's nothing wrong with some fantastic eye candy to increase the desires." Lucas said, smiling at all three.

Justin's blue eyes had met Lucas', the young man smiling at him, moving off Josh, laying on his back, snuggling between Josh and Justin, Lance smiling at the young man, his own naked body against Justin's other side.

Josh's blue eyes watched Justin's blue scanning Lucas' naked body, his flaccid center laying against his abdomen, his wet liquid love laying all across Josh's chest, the young man having had an orgasm when Josh had erupted inside him.

Lucas smiled at Justin and Lance, both looking into his violet pools.

"Thank you both for last night. Our love now transcends our doubts. My soul is filled with all three of you."

Justin smiled, looking into his soulmate's green eyes.

"We both hold the same love, Lucas. We love both of you as well." he said, Lance kissing his cheek.

Josh smiled, Justin's blue pools meeting his own.

"And I have a triad of love in my soul. I love all three of you." Josh said.

Justin smiled, Lucas leaning to his left kissing the man's soft lips.

The two parted, Lance and Josh both seeing the emotion in Justin's blue pools.

"Thank you for last night, Lucas. You were. . .you were a dream come true." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I hope I was all you dreamed of, my Justin." he said, Justin smiling at him.

His blue eyes met his Lance's green, Lance's smile for only him.

"You are a third of my heart now, Lucas. Dreams do come  true." he said, Lance kissing his lips now, Lucas smiling at both.

Justin's blue eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the man smiling at him.

"So when do I get to chow down on Timberlake sausage? Or when do Josh and I take on that Bass monster?"

Justin and Lance both laughed, blushing.

"We're rather spent right now, Lucky. But I'm sure you could get a rise out of me again." Justin smiled, Lance chuckling.

Lucas laughed, Josh now joining him, Justin blushing more, Lance kissing his lips..

"And I'd love to taste you again." Justin smiled, his eyes scanning Lucas' flaccid center.

"Our ever horny, Timberstud." Lucas smiled, Justin's blushing continuing.

"You're beautiful, Lucas. As beautiful as my Lance. And as beautiful as Josh always was. I'll never not want to be with any of you."

Lucas smiled, the young man sitting up, taking in the beauty of the two naked men laying beside him.

"As tempting as all that is, Lance and I have already showered, and I think I heard someone going downstairs. How about you and I tackle breakfast, Lancy?" he smiled, Lance smiling and pulling himself off of Justin, the man standing up, Josh scanning his naked beauty, Justin smiling up at it.

Lucas smiled, climbing out of bed, standing beside Lance, the two beginning to dress.

Josh and Justin sighed, staring at the two beauties before them, Lance kissing Lucas cheek.

His green eyes looked at his soulmate, Justin smiling at him.

"You two wash up. But I think you need to snack on Josh's wetness first, Justy. He's covered in Lucas' deliciousness." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling beside him.

"We'll leave them to it, Lancy. Always fun to have dessert before the meal. Come on, I want to taste your eggs."

"They're not that fertile, Lucky. But I'm sure your deliciousness could impregnate anyone."

Lucas laughed, Justin and Josh joining him, Lance smiling widely.

"We'll meet you in the kitchen, boys. We want our men smelling fresh." Lucas said, Lance smiling, the two walking out of the bedroom fully dressed.

Josh and Justin both smiled at each other, their eyes meeting.

"Now where were we?" Justin said, his eyes scanning Josh's wet chest as he moved closer to him, snuggling against his side.

"Oh yes. The remnants of Lucas." he smiled, their eyes meeting again.

"He's delicious, Jus. And he's all of ours. As am I."
Justin beamed, his lips moving forward, Josh laying back, Justin's tongue devouring the liquid laying on Josh's chest.

Josh softly moaned, feeling Justin's lips sucking the wetness off his left nipple.

Justin drank it all in, his lips moving upwards, kissing Josh, Josh tasting his lover's love on Justin's tongue.

The two parted their lips, staring into each other's eyes.

"Thank you for letting me love him, Josh. And for letting me again love you." Justin said, soft tears showing in his sparkling blue eyes.

"We never stopped loving each other, Jus. Now we have a greater relationship. This closeness is a part of it. As is the trust we have in each other, and our soulmates. We are four of love." Josh said, Justin tearfully staring at him.

"We have that trust, Josh. I'd never do anything to you without them here." he said, Josh smiling, kissing the younger man's lips again.

"Oh, Josh. I've missed your love so much."
Josh smiled, their lips meeting again, the two holding each other after the tender kiss.
The two parted, the kiss sealing their love for each other and their missing two.

"Right now we're going to miss our men's cooking. Let's hit that shower. And I want to feel your wetness against me."

Justin smiled, releasing Josh, climbing out of bed.

Josh smiled, seeing the remembered beauty of Justin's smooth tight form.

He'd muscled up a bit more since they'd experienced their love, his body more mature and rugged.

"Looking good, Jus. Lance is beyond lucky."
Justin smiled, taking in Josh's naked form.

"You're all lucky. You all have me. And you're a vision of Lucas' toning beauty. As beautiful as always."

Josh smiled, climbing out of bed, their eyes only on each other's smiling face.

"First to the tub gets to wash." Justin said, knocking Josh back onto the bed, the younger man rushing for the bathroom.

"You bitch!" Josh laughed, taking off after Justin's smooth ass.


Lucas smiled, feeling the arms wrap around his waist, his arms going around the slim form pressed against him.

"Morning, Dad." Colton said, his slim body wrapped in Lucas' arms, the man leaning against the kitchen counter.

"Morning, son." Lucas said, kissing Colton's forehead, the young man's head against Lucas' chest.

Lance smiled at the young man, Lance pulling the last frying pan off the stove.

Gideon smiled at the young man, the young lawyer sitting at the breakfast table with everyone else.

Colton was the last one out of bed, Josh and Justin still upstairs.

"You beat me to it, Dad. I wanted to surprise you with breakfast this morning." the young man said, Lucas kissing his nose this time.

"Too much time last night on the cam with Jonathan, sport. You slept in. Someone's dreams were filled with happiness." Lucas smiled, Colton softly blushing.

"You know me so well, Dad." he said, Lucas smiling, releasing the young man from his loving embrace.

"Join your uncle, Colt. His love is just as warm." Lucas smiled, the young man staring at him, then moving to the table, sitting down in his uncle's lap, Gideon smiling and hugging the young man close.

"He's a morning clinger. I see why he idolizes Justin. Like two peas in a pod." Lance smiled.

"Want to open that pod, beautiful?" Justin said, walking into the room, his lover smiling as his arms went around him, the two kissing.

"Don't bother, Lance. That pod's gone to seed." Finn yelled from the table, Alain joining him in his laughter, Justin blushing.

Lance smiled, kissing his lips again.

"They're just green with envy. I always love opening you up, babe." Lance said, Lucas laughing as Josh's arms went around his man, Lucas smiling at him.

"The scent of washed beauty. You smell divine, my Beamy." he said, Josh smiling at him, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Scrubbed clean as a whistle." he smiled, Finn smirking at the table.

"I think someone blew that whistle." he laughed again, looking at Justin, the man blushing again.

"That I did, Finn. And boy, can it carry a tune! Long and mouth-widening." Lucas said, saving Justin from Finn's mirth, the man smiling at him.

Finn was blushing, Alain laughing at him.

"You've got him dreaming again, Luke." the black man said, Lucas now laughing, everyone joining him.

"Me and my big mouth." he said, Alain bursting into laughter, patting his shoulder.

"Damn, Frankie! Maybe we can put that to use later." he laughed, Harry laughing loudly, Justin joining him.

Finn blushed more, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Morning love, Finny. We all experience its happiness." he said, everyone smiling at their soulmates, Sky kissing Finn's lips.

"That we do, Lukey." she said, Finn smiling at her, Lucas setting the coffee carafe on the table, everyone sitting down to breakfast.

They all quietly ate, everyone glancing often at Lucas, the man smiling at them individually, eating quietly.

"I feel all your love, everyone." he said, as he finished his breakfast, Grayson looking at him.

"Another day of drama, Lucas." he said, Lucas looking at him, then around at everyone, seeing all their loving gazes.

"The last one in regards to Jake, Gray." he said, Gideon looking at him.

"Not the last, Luke. Just the last of the D.A. witnesses. Then comes our turn." Gideon said, Lucas looking at him with thoughtfulness.

"Yes, our turn. The truth's about to crest the wave of hidden reality." the young man said, Josh's hand going on top of his.

"How are you doing, Lucas?" his mother said, Lucas looking at Savannah.

"I'm doing alright, Mom." he said, Savannah smiling at him.

"We know it was hard for you last night, seeing Jake for the last time." Vivian said, Lucas nodding at his adoptive mother.

The young man had come home after leaving the funeral home, everyone sensing his rather quiet mood all evening, giving him quiet space.

"It was, Mom. He's finally gone out of my life. After this trial ends I'll be free from that part of my past. The present and the future are what I am focusing on. And the love I'm going to have." he said, his violet pools meeting his Josh's, then glancing at Justin and Lance, both smiling at him.

"I feel the magic's change, Luke."
Everyone's eyes turned to Colton, the young man seated beside his uncle, his blue pools showing a gentle glowing softness, their blueness staring directly at Lucas.

"I'm sorry, Colt. I tried my best to shield its intrusion from your loving thoughts." Lucas softly said, the young man staring at him.

"What are you doing, Luke? I feel the magic's change. The path has changed." the young man said, everyone looking between the two.

"What I have to do, Colt. For this to end I have to show the truth. And for. . .for him I'll change it all." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"I feel your magic has moved, Lucas. It's divided."

The man looked at the younger man, Lucas sighing.

"Your magic is great, Colton. Great in its loving center."

The young man softly smiled, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. I see the reasoning behind the gamble. I'll be there to guide them all." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know you will. For you are part of all of it."

The young man returned to his food, smiling as he ate, his soft blue eyes staring at Lucas.

Everyone looked at each other, Josh squeezing Lucas' hand.

"What's going on, my love?" he said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"Love, my Joshua. Love on different levels. I just have to bring it out into the open." he said, his violet pools looking towards Gideon, the young lawyer staring at Lucas.

"Something I should know about, Lucas?" he said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I'll fill you in later on what's about to happen, Gideon. I'll need your involvement in all of it." the young man said, Gideon staring at him.

"I'm here for you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know, Gid."

"As am I." Grayson said, the young man smiling at the older lawyer.

"Yes, I feel your heart, Gray. We all have our mysteries, don't we?" Lucas said, the older man staring at him, Emerson looking between the two.

"Meaning what, Lucas?" his grandfather said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Meaning that life's a gamble, Granddad. We just have to know how to play our cards right. But for something we'd risk all."
"You're deep in the mystery yourself this morning, son." Tristan said, Lucas smiling at him.

"What's life without mystery and love, Dad?"
"It's nothing, my son. Both keep us alive." Tristan said, everyone smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"The greater part is what I feel here--all your love."

Everyone smiled, Lucas wiping his lips with his napkin.

"Finish up, everyone. Take your time. I have to get some things organized. I'll meet you in the foyer in thirty minutes, everyone." Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, kissing Josh's lips, smiling at him, then walking out of the kitchen.

Josh's blue eyes looked towards Colton, the young man staring at him.

"What's going on, Colt?" he said, the young man sighing, Gideon's arm going around him.

"I don't know the full truth of it, only that the magic's changed. Lucas' magic isn't as strong as it once was. He's changed it." he said, Gideon looking at him.

"Why would he do that, Colt?" Gideon said, Colt looking at him.

"I don't know, Uncle Gid. All I know is that I sense I have to be prepared."
"For what, Colton?" Finn said, looking at him with worry.

"To fix it."
"To fix it?" Finn said.

The young man nodded, looking at everyone.

"Lucas has changed the path for some reason. And I think it may all come down to me. Myself and my magic."

Gideon's arm tightened around the young man.

"It's okay, Uncle Gid. I'm not afraid. My love's there for him. As his is for me."
The young man smiled, rising from his seat, smiling at everyone.

"I'm going to change." he said, quietly walking out of the room.

Everyone exchanged looks, the room quiet with worry.


Lucas looked at the file he held in his hand, staring at the photograph laying on top.

He lifted it, glancing over the faces, then moving his violet pools to the papers behind it.

He'd read all of them, their truths centering the greater truth in his mind.

The truth he'd suspected.

The truth that last night suddenly revealed.

He sighed, closing the file folder, placing it in the leather portfolio he'd picked up off the bed.

He zipped it up, laying it on the bed, walking over to the dresser, opening the dresser drawer.

The door of his bedroom opened, Lucas not looking towards it, the young man pulling out a pair of black boxer briefs and a pair of black socks, the young man standing in the nude.

His grey suit, tie and shirt lay on the bed beside the portfolio.

Two arms went around his waist, two lips kissing his neck.

"Above the waist, Timberlake. Or I'll never leave this room."

Justin smiled, kissing Lucas' neck again, the young man smiling, turning around in Justin's arms.

"Just how I like you, Lucky. Naked and wonderful."
Lucas smiled, Justin's hands moving downward, resting on Lucas' hips.

"And here you're all clothed." Lucas smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes, seeing the soft emotion there.

"How did you know it was me?" he smiled, Lucas pulling him close, kissing his lips softly.

"I felt the coming love. It's different from my other two soulmates."
"I. . .I love you, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, staring into Justin's blue eyes.

"I've felt your feelings since last night, Jus. I feel your confusion."
Justin sighed, the man moving, sitting down on the bed, quietly watching Lucas pull on his briefs, his flaccid center disappearing under them, the young man smiling at him, quietly dressing as Justin sat in silence.

The young man was soon dressed, only his suit jacket and the portfolio remaining on the bed beside Justin.

Lucas sat down beside Justin, his blue eyes meeting his violet.

"I am confused, Luke. Last night with you was so. . .so. . ."

"Different, Jus?"

Justin nodded, Lucas smiling at him.

"That's because there was a different love within you."
"A different love?"
Lucas smiled, his arm going around the man.

"Call it the love of longing, of the want of what you desired. Last night your dreams really did come true. I've known for a long time that you desired me, Jus. More than Lance does, more than my own Josh at times. Your love I've always felt in the background of my heart."

Justin stared at Lucas, the young man smiling at him with love.

"I. . .I love Lance, Lucas. He's my life."

"I know that, Justin. Josh and I both know that.  And Lance knows that the most. But we all also know the depth of your love for all three of us. Last night wasn't about sex, Justin. About you getting your heart's desires. It was about myself getting what I needed the most."
"Our love, Lucas?"

"Yes, Jus. The three of you gave me your love last night. Your real giving, sensual love. And behind those sensual feelings you gave me, I felt the greater truth. Your love is the existence of my life. Just as I am yours. As Josh always was, as Lance now is. That the three of you are my life."
Justin nodded, understanding what Lucas was trying to say.

"Are the four of us. . .?"

Lucas smiled, kissing the man's lips again.

"Our ever giving, ever needful H.D. No, not entirely, Jus. The four of us will show each other moments of love, as you did last night for me. As you did for Josh before. As I know Josh and I will do for you and Lance when you need it. But the core of our sensual being will always be our soulmates. Lance is the only one who could ever take you to that heaven you so deeply need, Jus."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"It's like being lost in the center of his love, Lucas."

"I'm lost in Josh's center always." Lucas said, Justin smiling.

"Josh and I are here for you, Justin. Last night's beauty you felt you'll feel from both of us always. It's just not the total beauty you receive from Lance."

Justin smiled, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Do you ever regret that you and I didn't explore a greater love with each other, Lucas?"
Lucas smiled, pulling Justin close.

"I have nothing to regret, Jus. In the end I have explored a greater love with you. It's the joined love of all four of us."

Justin smiled, nodding his head in agreement.

"I love Josh, always have, Lucas. And you guided me to Lance's love. And now I do have your love as well. You all make me so happy. I love you all so much."
Lucas smiled, the two kissing again.

They broke the kiss, Lucas staring at Justin with open love.

"Promise me something, Jus." he said, Justin nodding his head.

"Alright, Lucas."

"Love my Joshua always. His love for you I've always felt in his soul. If he lost that I don't think he'd ever be the same."
Justin teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"I wouldn't be the same either if I lost his love, Lucas. Or yours."

Lucas smiled, the door of the bedroom opening again.

Lance and Josh walked in, Lucas smiling and standing up.

"Everything okay, guys?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Everything's fine, Lancy. You and Justin need to get dressed. As do you, my love. I'll let you get to it." he smiled, picking up the portfolio off the bed, Josh looking at it, having not seen it before.

"Alright, Luke. Come on, Jus. Our suits are in the closet. Let's change in the bathroom." Lance smiled, Justin rising from his seat, the two walking to the closet, Lance handing Josh his suit, the other two men walking into the bathroom.

Lucas smiled, putting on his suit jacket.

Josh smiled, putting his arms around his Lucas, his man kissing his lips.

"What's going on, my love?"

"Love's moving path continues, my Joshua. I love you." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"I love you more, babe."

Lucas smiled, Josh wrapping his arms around him.

"Careful, babe. Don't mess the duds. I have to look sharp for my photos." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I prefer you casual, not so all dolled up." he said, kissing Lucas' lips again.

"No time for love, my love. You need to get dressed." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling, Josh smiling back, the man pulling off his t-shirt, Lucas taking in the beauty of his man's toned, smooth chest, running his hand across it.

"I never tire of seeing your beauty, Joshua. For I know it's mine alone." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Just you, babe?"

Lucas smiled, kissing his lips again.

"Alright, two others have a good claim to it."
Josh smiled, looking towards the bathroom.

"He voiced his love, didn't he?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As all three of you have. And I voiced our joined truth. And the truth of what you and I have, and what he and Lance have. He agrees to all of it. We're all here for each other. You are more than that to me, Joshua. You are my life, my love and my soulmate. They are the other two of my heart and my desires."
Josh teared up, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, Josh seeing the quiet love in his violet pools.

"You'll never know how much I love you, Joshua. I will never be able to voice it enough."
Josh smiled, Lucas picking up his suit off the bed.

"Now let's get you dressed." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling back.


"Call your next witness, Mr. Waterman." the judge said, moving back in his seat.

The courtroom was again filled with spectators and reporters, the room bathed in silence.

Lucas sat at his table, Grayson and Gideon at his sides.

Court had begun again, the morning filled with ominous clouds, the day's earlier sunshine leaving.

The D.A. rose from his seat, smiling towards Lucas and his attorneys.

The next three hours were given over to the D.A.'s next few witnesses.

A neighbor of Jacob's was called to the stand, the man stating that Jacob's condo had been a busy place that evening.

He'd seen several cars arrive after ten, then several people leaving after midnight, the neighbor not seeing who they were.

He'd verified that he'd seen Finn going into Jacob's house around one, leaving shortly thereafter.

The man had been out walking his dog when he'd seen Finn's disheveled, bruised face staring at him as he'd climbed into his car.

He'd identified Finn from a photograph shown to him by police.

Then the neighbor had been awakened by Lucas' car driving in about a half hour after Finn had left.

He'd been looking across the street a half hour later at Jacob's condo seeing a wet Lucas walking out of it, climbing into his car and leaving.

Then the police had arrived a few hours later.

Gideon had questioned the witness, the man's story agreeing with Lucas' and Finn's own accounts of the time line.

The D.A. had also called another neighbor to the stand, the time lines all verified.

Then the investigating police officers were called to the stand, their testimony given, the facts stated for the jury.

They gave a detailed report of the crime scene and what they'd found upon entering the home.

A record of Lucas' call to the police informing them of Jacob's death and his location had been entered into evidence as well.

Another police forensic expert was called, the man giving all the details of forensic evidence at the crime scene.

Then Waterman had called the younger detective to the stand, Detective Harris beaming at his partner, Detective Cameron shaking his head with soft surprise.

Detective Harris gave their testimony about what Lucas had said to both of them in his interview the next day after Jake's death.

Lucas watched the younger detective's arrogance shining through on the stand, Lucas feeling the young man's boastful bravado and posturing stance.

Lucas wasn't surprised that the D.A. had chosen him over the calmer Cameron; the D.A. had easily picked up on the younger man's eagerness and dislike for Lucas.

Detective Cameron had quietly watched his partner's grandstanding, Lucas' violet pools going to his blue once or twice during his testimony.

Gideon only asked him a couple of questions pertaining to minute points, the young detective smiling with soft smugness when he ended his cross examination.

The young detective was the last witness for the prosecution, Nolan Waterman remaining standing as the young detective returned to his seat beside Detective Cameron, the older man staring at him with soft anger.

Lucas had taken in their eyes, the young man then turning towards the D.A.

The man wore a wide smile of confidence, his eyes going to the judge.

"That was my last witness, Your Honor. The state had provided its case to the jury. The state rests."

The judge nodded, looking towards the clock on the right wall.

"As it is ten minutes to twelve, we shall adjourn for lunch. You may take up the defense's case after lunch, Mr. Carlisle."
"Very well, Your Honor. The defense is ready." Gideon said, Lucas quietly looking at him.

Lucas then turned his body in his seat, his eyes scanning the gallery behind him.

Several people were staring at him, the young man turning back to the front of the courtroom, his thoughts his own.

He softly sighed, Grayson looking at him.

"Court is adjourned until two o'clock." the judge said, banging his gavel, rising from his seat, the courtroom rising as one.

Gideon picked up his file folders, throwing them in his briefcase, Lucas staring at him.

"Let's go, Lucas. You need to relax for a couple of hours before I begin." Gideon said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"It's a short journey now, Gid. Truth's at our door." the young man said, Lucas then moving, picking up his portfolio off the table where he'd placed it, Gideon staring at him.

The three men joined their waiting friends and family, Lucas' arm going around Colton, the young man smiling at him as the two walked down the aisle, followed by everyone, the reporters' voicing need following the group out of the courtroom.


Lucas sipped at his coffee cup, Josh's arm around him, the two seated in the same room they'd had lunch in yesterday.

The room was filled with their family and friends, Lucas smiling around at all of them.

Lunch was over, the group having dined on Chinese food that Alain and Andrew had returned with.

The only ones missing were Adam and Usher, Lucas understanding their other commitments.

"You're awful quiet today, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his lips gently.

"I spoke all my love this morning, babe. I'm just relaxing and awaiting the day's ending truth." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Your truth is your innocence and love, Lucas." Francesca said, Lucas smiling at her.

"That is always the greatest part of me, Grandmothers." he smiled, Francesca smiling at him, her face and eyes changing, Lucas smiling more.

Her face changed back, everyone staring at her with quiet awe showing on some faces.

Her duality of love never ceased to amaze all of them.

"I have all of my love here today." Lucas said, smiling towards Gideon.

"All ready for your defense, Gideon?" Sean said, Finn smiling at his father.

"As ready as I can be, Mr. Delaney." He said, Gideon looking at Lucas.

"It's time, Gideon." Lucas said, the young man lowering his eyes when Gideon looked at him.

"We have half an hour, Luke." he said, his briefcase sitting beside him, Grayson seated there as well.

The young man's eyes raised again, everyone seeing a greater calmness in his violet pools.

"The waterfalls of life can flow over the most lost soul. You only need to know where to stand. On the side of right or on the side of wrong. Not all trinities are forged in family love. Someone's going to have to see that today." he said, everyone looking at him with confusion.

Lucas stood up from his seat, staring at Gideon.
"We need to talk, Gideon. Alone." Lucas said, the young lawyer rising from his seat.

"If everyone will excuse us, I'd like to discuss today's truths with my lawyer." Lucas said, everyone looking at each other, rising from their seats.

"We won't be long, everyone. Meet you in the courtroom." Lucas said, Colton looking at him.

"Do you want me to stay, Lucas?"

"Yes, Colt. I need your assistance as well."

Josh's blue eyes were on Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

He leaned forward, kissing his man's soft lips.

"I love you, Joshua. I'll be with you shortly."

Josh nodded, feeling the love in his man's kiss.

"Alright, my love. Let's leave them to their talk." he said, everyone quietly filing out of the room, Josh the last to leave the room, looking into Lucas' violet pools, seeing the love there, the man quietly closing the door behind him.

Lucas stared at the door, the two Carlisle men quietly staring at him.

The young man's violet pools turned back to them, both men seeing the soft tears in his eyes.

"Is everything okay, Lucas?" Gideon said, he and Colton trading looks.

"Everything is as it should be, Gid. Sit down, my friend." he said, Lucas picking up the portfolio he'd carried into the room, unzipping and opening it.

Gideon and Colton both sat down together, Lucas sitting down across from them, the young man pulling out the photograph, sliding it across the table to Gideon, the young man picking it up.

He looked at it, his eyes raising, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"This is the photo from Jake's personal file I showed you? How did you still have this? And why?" Gideon said, Lucas looking at him.

"How is not important. The why is. You need to look at the rest of this." Lucas said, picking up the papers from the folder in his portfolio, sighing and sliding them across the table to Gideon.
Colton stared at Lucas, Gideon's eyes going to the papers he held, setting them down, his eyes scanning each page, flipping them over in slow procession, his eyes widening as he read their contents.

His blue eyes raised, staring into Lucas' calm violet pools.

"This can't. . .is this for real?" he said, Lucas nodding his head.
"Yes, Gideon. It's all verified, as the name on the bottom of each page notes."
Gideon scanned each page.

"Who is this person, Lucas?"

"He's someone I hired. He was very thorough. Grayson has some good men working for him. Behind the scenes, I mean. You can delve into anything if you just have the right resources." the young man said, Gideon staring at him.

"How do you want to handle this?" he said, his voice laced with awe and emotion.

"I will handle it, Gideon. I only ask one thing from you."

"Anything, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet pools meeting Colton's blue, seeing the love shining there for him.

"I need you to give into the magic." Lucas said.

Gideon stared into Lucas' violet pools, seeing a soft sparkling glow in both eyes.

The young man felt a hand go to his shoulder, turning his head and staring at his nephew.

Colton's blue pools were glowing softly blue.


Twenty minutes later Lucas and Gideon walked into the courtroom, Gideon walking ahead of Lucas, the young lawyer's stride calm and determined, the leather portfolio in his hand.

Lucas walked with Colton, all the reporters staring at the two young men, Lucas' arm around Colton.

Grayson stood at their table, Lucas quietly walking up to the table.

Colton kissed his cheek, Lucas quietly sitting down in his seat, Colton walking back to his, the young man sitting down beside Justin, the singer smiling at him, Lance smiling at him as well, seated on Justin's other side.

"Is he okay?" Justin asked, Colton looking towards Lucas.

"He's Lucas, Justin. He's always okay." the young man said, Justin smiling at him.

Josh sat on Lance's other side, the man looking at Colton.

"He sends his love, Josh. It's always yours." Colton quietly said, Josh softly smiling at him, his blue eyes looking towards his lover, Lucas staring forward.

Gideon had Lucas' portfolio in his hand, his briefcase nowhere to be seen.

The young lawyer sat it down on the table beside his chair, the young man looking back at all of Lucas' family and friends.
He softly smiled, his blue eyes lowering and then looking towards the bailiff.

Everyone watched Gideon walk over to the bailiff, the lawyer quietly talking to the man, the man nodding as Gideon talked.

Gideon returned to the table, sitting down beside Lucas, Grayson looking at the younger lawyer.

He seemed calm and focused, the man staring forward.

The bailiff walked over to the two guards standing near the jury box, the two listening to him as he talked.

The two guards nodded, one then moving, walking down the main aisle, then turning and standing beside the double doors where everyone had entered.

The other remained at the end of the jury box, a short distance from Lucas' table.

The bailiff returned to his position by the judge's bench, still standing, looking out into the courtroom.

"All rise, court is in session again. Judge Gabriel Navarro presiding." he said, everyone rising, the judge walking in from his chambers, sitting down again at his bench.

"Please be seated, everyone." the judge said, moving his papers around, looking around the courtroom.

He stared at Lucas, the young man silent and looking towards him.

His violet eyes looked calm.

Judge Navarro looked then at Gideon, then at Grayson, the younger lawyer staring at the judge.

"The State's case has been shown, Mr. Carlisle. You may now begin your defense of your client." Judge Navarro said, folding his hands in front of him, quietly staring at Gideon.

"Thank you, Your Honor. I'll try not to take too much of the court's time." Gideon said, the judge looking at him.

"A short defense usually bodes trouble for a client, counselor." Judge Navarro said, Gideon looking at him.

"The truth--whether short or long--bodes a greater justice, Your Honor." Gideon said, the judge staring at him.

"Indeed, Mr. Carlisle. Proceed with your first witness." the judge said, relaxing back in his chair, his blue eyes focusing on someone, their eyes staring back at him with quiet confusion.

"I will keep this short, Your Honor. I only have one witness to call upon. For now, anyway."

The judge looked surprised, the court murmuring, the judge banging his gavel again.

Everyone behind Lucas looked surprised, all eyes glancing at each other, then all staring at Gideon, the young man standing at the end of his table, one of his hands on the leather portfolio laying on the table beside him.

"Quiet in the court, please." Judge Navarro said, looking at Gideon.

"One witness. . .that's. . .that's unheard of, Mr. Carlisle."

Gideon sighed, looking to his right at Lucas, the young man quietly staring ahead at the judge.

"One witness to bring out the truth, Your Honor. To force the greater hand of truth. And of destiny." the young lawyer said, the judge staring at him.

"You know my feelings on theatrics, Mr. Carlisle. Are you trying the court's patience?"

"No, Your Honor. We are all searching for the truth. The truth Lucas has given me." Gideon said, Josh's blue eyes going to Lucas, the young man motionless.

The jury and the judge both looked at Lucas, the young man quietly staring at the judge.

"I prefer facts and proof, Mr. Carlisle. If Mr. Carver-Belmont has something to show I want it shown. Call your witness." The judge said, everyone in the court staring at Gideon.

Grayson's blue eyes looked up, meeting Gideon's eyes, the older man seated beside Lucas.

Grayson's eyes widened in surprise, Gideon's eyes moving, looking behind him, their blueness showing soft focused calmness, his eyes focusing on one person.

"I recall to the stand Mr. Levi Strassman."


Everyone's eyes in the courtroom went to the young lawyer, the man seated four rows behind Nolan Waterman's table, Detectives Harris and Cameron seated beside him, Morgan Sheppard and other reporters seated behind them.

The young lawyer looked around him, seeing all eyes on him, slowly rising to his feet, walking slowly towards the witness stand for the second time.

His eyes met Gideon's, the young lawyer quietly staring at him.

He walked up into the witness stand, the judge looking at him.

"You are still under oath, Mr. Strassman. Truth you still need to voice. Not like your first appearance." the judge said, the young lawyer nodding his head, sitting down in the witness stand.

"You may begin, Mr. Carlisle. Enlighten us all." Judge Navarro said, Gideon looking at the witness.

Gideon opened the leather portfolio, Grayson staring at it.

"Mr. Strassman. You stated in your earlier testimony that you had been Mr. Addison's lawyer for the past three months or so. Is that correct?"
"Yes, sir." the young man said, Gideon nodding at him.

"Before that you had no connection to Mr. Addison?"

"No, sir. I did not." the man said, Gideon nodding at him again.

"You also stated that the transfer of all Mr. Addison's wealth was to an account created by Belmont Industries under Lucas Carver-Belmont's name. Is that correct also?"

"Yes, sir. That is what the statement and the bank itself verified."
"Yes, it does, Mr. Strassman." Gideon said, looking at the young lawyer again.

"I'd like to ask you another question, Mr. Strassman. Do you yourself have any connection to that already stated company itself?"

Levi looked surprised, Nolan Waterman going to his feet.
"Objection, Your Honor. That has no bearing on the immediate case. Mr. Strassman's previous or private business dealings do not have an relevancy to the defendant's case." he said, the judge looking at Gideon.

"What is your reasoning behind that question, Mr. Carlisle?" the judge said, looking at Gideon.

"I am trying to show a direct link between Mr. Strassman and the company that this supposed account was created by. That in itself could be construed as a conflict of interest or at least suspicious, Your Honor."

The judge looked between the two lawyers standing in front of him, nodding his head.

"I'll allow the question. Overruled, Mr. Waterman. Please answer the counselor's question, Mr. Strassman."
Levi's eyes went to the young attorney, Gideon staring at him.

"I have had dealings with Belmont Enterprises, a small subsidiary of Belmont Industries. But I have had no direct contact with the parent company."

"Yes, indeed you have." Gideon said, the man picking up a couple of sheets of paper from the portfolio, walking up to the judge's bench.

"I'd like these two documents entered into evidence, Your Honor." Gideon said, the judge nodding, Gideon handing them to the bailiff, the man quickly adhering evidence labels to them, then handing them to the judge.

"The first document Your Honor, is an employment file for one Levi Strassman, a lawyer on retainer for the parent company named Belmont Industries, located in New York City. The second document is Mr. Strassman's state license to practice law in New York State. If you look at that document you will see the name listed as Levi Ackerman."

The judge nodded, looking at Strassman, then perusing the two documents.

"If you look at the social security numbers on both documents you will see that both are identical, Your Honor. Mr. Strassman and Mr. Ackerman are one in the same person." Gideon said, looking at the young lawyer, Levi staring at him with soft surprise.

Gideon approached the stand, looking at the young man.

"What is your real name, Mr. Strassman?" Gideon said, Waterman staring at him with judging eyes.

"My. . .my name is. . .my real name is Levi Ackerman." he said, lowering his eyes from a moment.

"Why do you go by the name of Strassman, Mr. Ackerman?" Gideon said, Levi staring at him with soft emotion.

"I. . .I wanted a fresh start from my troubled past, sir. My family and myself never saw eye to eye. Changing one's name gives a man a fresh perspective on life. It doesn't make me a bad man." the young man said, Gideon staring at him.

Judge Navarro handed the two documents to Martin, the bailiff walking them over to Nolan Waterman.

"No it doesn't, Mr. Ackerman. But it makes a man look like he has something to hide." Gideon said, Waterman on his feet again.

"Objection, Your Honor. The counsel is painting the witness in an unproven light of doubt." he said, the judge shaking his head at the D.A.

"The man already shines that light upon himself. Overruled." the judge said, Waterman shaking his head, sitting back down.

The judge looked back at Gideon, his blue eyes staring at him intently.
"Go on, Mr. Carlisle."

Gideon's blue eyes looked at Levi.

"What do you have to hide, Mr. Ackerman?"

"I. . .I have nothing to hide."

"I see. Well perhaps we should take a walk into your past, Mr. Ackerman." Gideon said, the young lawyer walking back to his table, picking up another set of documents laying in the portfolio, the man walking back to the witness stand, staring at Levi.

He saw the young man look out into the crowded courtroom, its quietness directed at him.

"Where were you born, Mr. Ackerman?"

"I. . .I was born in Massachusetts."
"And your parents' names?"

"Your Honor, must we go down Mr. Strassman's family tree? This is irrelevant." Waterman said, the judge looking at the D.A.

"I'm intrigued by what Mr. Carlisle is doing, Mr. Waterman. Continue on your path, Mr. Carlisle. I'd like to see where this leads."
Waterman folded his arms, glaring at Gideon.

Levi looked at the judge.

"Answer the question, Mr. Strassman."

"My parents were Solomon and Rachel Ackerman." the young lawyer said, staring at Gideon.

"And were you an only child, Mr. Ackerman?"

Levi looked into Gideon's blue eyes seeing the intensity behind those blue orbs.

And his gaze widened a bit, seeing something else.

"Yes. . .yes, I was."

Gideon looked up at the judge, raising the other documents he held in his hand, handing them to the judge.

"I'd like these entered into evidence, Your Honor." he said, Judge Navarro nodding, Martin quickly entering them into evidence, the judge perusing them.

His blue eyes widened a bit, looking into Gideon's blue eyes.

"The first document is Levi Ackerman's birth certificate, Your Honor. The second is another birth certificate, as is the third. All three are the only children of Rachel and Solomon Ackerman. Why are you lying to the court, Mr. Ackerman or Mr. Strassman, whatever name serves your purpose?" Gideon said, Waterman staring at him with surprise.

"I. . .I didn't think it was. . .my family's not important." he softly said, Gideon staring at him.

"Your family is the truth, Mr. Ackerman. For perhaps you are not the only one who sought out another identity in life. To escape the horrors of a brutal upbringing. Is that what happened, Mr. Ackerman? Was your family home life a nightmare?"

Waterman was on his feet, Judge Navarro waving him back down.

"Careful, Mr. Carlisle. You're leaning towards badgering the witness." he said, Gideon looking at him.

"I'm sorry, Your Honor. Just seeking the truth."

"Answer the question, Mr. Ackerman."

"It was hell, sir. I left when I was eighteen." the young man said, Gideon nodding at him.

"Understandable. But what of your brothers Ravid and Jacob? What did you do for them?"
Levi's eyes met Gideon's with surprise, the lawyer staring at him.

"The D.A. is not the only one with deep resources, Mr. Ackerman. The defendant seated here today is a young man with deep intellect and sound reasoning. Before he walked into this trial against his innocence he shrewdly delved into all the backgrounds of everyone. Not just the immediate witnesses but those of his own destined path. And from that intellect came the answer to all of this. The truth of what's been done to him."

Gideon's blue pools looked back at Lucas, the young man seated in quiet silence, staring at him.

He turned back to Levi Strassman.

"You were the oldest of the three Ackerman children, Levi. You were the voice of reason and maturity. The middle child was the outgoing one. A handsome young man who beguiled everyone. The youngest of you three was the opposite of both of you. For he was a child of intense anger, determination and domination."
Levi lowered his eyes, then raised them, looking out into the courtroom again, silence greeting him.

"Jacob Addison wasn't just your client, Mr. Ackerman. He was your younger brother. The middle child of Rachel and Solomon Ackerman."


End of Chapter 125


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Gideon spoke of a path of truth and destiny.
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