Yesterday's End-126


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

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Chapter 126


Everyone's eyes were on the young lawyer seated in the witness stand, all save three.

Justin and Lance were staring at Lucas with soft surprise, Josh staring at his soulmate as well, his mind full of thoughts.

How had you known of Levi's true identity, Lucas?

Who had gathered all this information for you?

Josh stared at his soulmate, Lucas remaining calm, his eyes staring forward at Levi.

The young man stared out into the courtroom again, his eyes then meeting Gideon's staring blue.

"Who are you? How did you unravel all that?" the man said, Gideon looking up at the judge, then at the witness.

"As I stated it wasn't myself who uncovered this testimony, Mr. Ackerman. Lucas Carver-Belmont hired an ingenious, thorough, and resilient private detective. The path to your and Jacob Addison's hidden connection was well hidden. It seeps of deceit, unlawfulness and sinister dealings." the young lawyer said, looking back at Lucas and Grayson, Grayson's blue eyes meeting Gideon's blue.

"Belmont Industries is the company--as I said--owned by Lucas' lost family. His grandfather, Emerson Belmont, seated in this room, is the bastion and present owner of the company. Through him, Lucas was guided to a private detective whom Emerson Belmont and Grayson Wainwright--Lucas' second lawyer for his defense--used to uncover the shady dealings that have had Belmont Industries put on lockdown." Gideon said, walking back to the portfolio, picking up another document.

Everyone's eyes were on Emerson Belmont, the older man quietly staring at his grandson, Grayson's blue eyes meeting his.

Grayson saw the man's pride in himself and his grandson.

The judge's blue eyes were staring at Grayson, then Emerson, both men calmly staring back at him.

Gideon walked back to Levi, the man staring at Lucas and Grayson.

"More evidence I have, Your Honor. And these documents seal Levi Strassman's direct involvement with Belmont Industries. He is a lawyer on Haven Marlowe's--the company's acting chairman--private payroll." Gideon said, handing the document to Martin, the clerk entering them into evidence, handing them to the judge.

Lucas' family and friends looked surprised, the young man in the witness box looking the most surprised.

Judge Navarro's blue pools scanned the documents, looked at Gideon, then looked down into Levi's handsome face.

"Mr. Ackerman, you have lied to this court. Of your own identity and of your involvement deeper into this charade. Were you aware of Mr. Strassman's hidden identity or nefarious dealings with this said company, Mr. Waterman?" the judge said, looking now at the D.A., Nolan Waterman going to his feet.

"This is all new evidence to myself as well, Your Honor. I only knew the witness as the man he initially stated he was." the D.A. said, surprise showing on his face, Judge Navarro nodding, looking at the documents he held in his hands.

"Those documents in the judge's hands show Mr. Strassman's own involvement in monetary transactions between himself and Haven Marlowe. A transfer of money from Mr. Marlowe's own private bank account to another separate account." Gideon said, looking at Levi Strassman.

The judge looked at Gideon, nodding his head.

"The sum of one transaction was one million dollars, Mr. Ackerman. It was the same amount that Jacob Addison received a short month ago. One of the documents shows that money going into Jacob Addison's account, through a separate account, listed under the name of L. Ackerman. You yourself, Mr. Ackerman, were the go-between for that transfer. You knew from the start where Jacob Addison received that money. From none other than Haven Marlowe himself, through your own transferring truths. You've lied about everything, Mr. Ackerman."

The judge looked at the witness, the man's head raising, staring at the judge.

"You swore an oath of truth, Mr. Strassman. Mr. Carlisle has just shown that your words are anything but truthful." the judge said, Levi's head lowering again.

"What you've done is called perjury, Mr. Strassman. You as a lawyer know that fact." the judge said, the witness nodding his head slowly.

"I hereby charge you with perjury, Mr. Ackerman. The court will judge your forthcoming testimony with that in mind." Judge Navarro said, staring at the witness, Levi silent.

"Continue, Mr. Carlisle. I understand the factuality of this man's words. Draw out the truth as you deem fit." the judge said, folding his hands again, staring at Gideon.

Gideon's blue eyes went back to Levi's blue.

"Why was your brother given that money by the chairman of Belmont Industries, sir?"

Levi stared at Gideon, his eyes lowering at the lawyer's intense stare.

"Silent until the end will you be, Mr. Ackerman? Or do I have to show the further truth?" Gideon said, walking back to the table, his hand going to the portfolio, Levi staring at it.

His eyes went out into the courtroom again, scanning the faces staring back at him.

"You seem to be searching the courtroom for another face, Mr. Ackerman. He whom you look to won't save you." Gideon said, the young man looking at the lawyer sitting in the witness stand.

"I. . .I don't know what you're talking about." Levi said, his blue eyes looking at Lucas.

"I think you do. And I now see the truth of all this. Of what all three of you did. And of what Jacob Addison himself did. And I see who the true victims in all of this were." Gideon said, the young lawyer picking up the last remaining items from the portfolio, a photograph in his hand, as well as a small memory card.

Levi stared at him, the young man walking towards him, staring at him.

"My brother was the only victim, Mr. Carlisle. Lucas Carver murdered him." Levi said, the young lawyer stopping in front of him.

"No, Levi. Lucas is the actual victim here. As I now see you are as well, even though you don't know it. And there's another victim as well. And that victim knew he was being victimized." Gideon said, the judge staring at him with surprise, Levi staring at him with silent confusion.

"What do you mean, Mr. Carlisle?" Judge Navarro said, the young lawyer looking back out into the courtroom, his blue eyes staring at only Lucas.

"What I mean is Jacob Addison was--in essence--behind all of this." Gideon said, staring at Lucas.

"Behind all of what, Mr. Carlisle?" Judge Navarro said, the young lawyer looking towards the jury, then back out into the courtroom's gallery, everyone staring at him with silent confusion.

Gideon's blue eyes turned, staring up into Judge Gabriel Navarro's blue staring eyes.

"Jacob Addison, to begin with, wasn't truthfully murdered, Your Honor. He committed suicide."


The courtroom resounded with one joined gasp, the murmuring intensifying, everyone showing surprised wonder on their faces.

The judge was banging his gavel, the calamity slowly quieting.

"Order in the court!" the judge said, his voice laced with wonder.

Nolan Waterman was on his feet, staring at the judge.

"Your Honor! The  defense counsel's gone off his rocker! That's totally absurd!" the D.A. said loudly, the judge staring at Gideon Carlisle, Nolan Waterman's eyes meeting Gideon's blue, the two staring each other down.

"Mr. Carlisle, that's indeed a far-fetched tale you're implying! And somewhat impossible judging by the forensic evidence!" Judge Navarro said, the young lawyer looking up into his blue eyes, seeing the soft look of surprise registered there on his rugged face as well.

"Truth is not impossible, Your Honor. Nor is a trinity of family love. A trinity in itself not really true to its heart." Gideon said, Nolan Waterman shaking his head.

"Your Honor! Must we listen to this fantasy?" he said, sitting down again, staring at Gideon, his blue eyes looking at the older lawyer again.

Gideon still saw the soft surprise and confusion showing on the District Attorney's face.

"This isn't fantasy, Nolan. This is the reality of the Ackerman soul. A soul that's been deceived by its own self." Gideon said, Levi Strassman staring at Gideon with awed shock on his face, the jury staring between the two men, their faces covered in confused surprise as well.

"What did you mean by that surprising statement about Jacob Addison, Mr. Carlisle? I want to know the factuality of it, however unbelievable it seems. What proof do you have of this unbelievable accusation?"  the judge said, Gideon nodding.

"It is believable, Your Honor. For only three others know its truth. Jacob Addison was the mastermind behind its original concept. Another took it upon himself to guide two others to see it through." the young lawyer said, staring at Levi again.
"What. . .what are you. . .it wasn't me?" Levi said, Gideon staring at only him.

Levi stared into the man's eyes, his face widening with surprise.

"I know the truth, Levi. For Lucas just an hour ago told me all of it." Gideon said, Levi looking towards Lucas.

The young man stared at him, all eyes behind him staring as well.

"He. . .he doesn't know anything. . .except what he did to my brother!" Levi said, Gideon looking at him.

"Lucas Carver-Belmont did nothing to your brother Jacob, Levi. Not on the night of his death nor any day before that. All the young man did was love him at one moment in time. You have one other to blame for your brother's own faults. Perhaps for your own as well." Gideon said, the young lawyer raising his hand, Levi staring at the memory card laying in his palm.

"Your brother Jacob was nothing if not well-prepared, Levi. Neither you nor the other knew of this card's existence." Gideon said, the young man handing the card up to the judge, Judge Navarro nodding his head.

"This card I'd like entered into evidence, Your Honor. It was taken from Jacob Addison's condominium, Your Honor. The detective Lucas Carver-Belmont hired removed it from that place yesterday as per my request, the request you yourself granted yesterday." Gideon said, Judge Navarro nodding at the young lawyer again.
The judge's blue eyes went out into the courtroom, staring at Grayson Wainwright.

Nolan Waterman rose from his seat, staring at the judge, Judge Navarro looking towards him.

"What's going on, Your Honor? You gave him access to the victim's condominium?" the lawyer said, Judge Navarro nodding his head.

"Yes, Mr. Waterman. An access you yourself withheld from the defense. The defense team had a legal right to view it." the judge said, the D.A. staring at him, then glancing at Gideon.

"Mr. Carlisle made no inclination that he wanted to see it, Your Honor."

"And you never offered it either." Judge Navarro said, Waterman staring at him.

"But they've tampered with evidence, Your Honor! That item was taken from there without my knowledge." Waterman said, the judge shaking his head in the negative.

"No, Mr. Waterman. Mr. Wainwright, Mr. Carver-Belmont's other legal counsel came to me yesterday over lunch informing me of your oversight. I gave the defense counsel a court order allowing them access to the crime scene and the right to search for evidence to exonerate their client yesterday. In the establishment of this case you overlooked the evidence situated within Mr. Addison's condominium, the shown crime scene, Mr. Waterman. Why didn't you investigate all its contents yourself?" he said, Nolan Waterman looking at him.

"We did, Your Honor! The computer he had there showed no evidence, or a memory card within its device. And the living room was searched by forensic teams." Waterman said, Gideon looking at him.

"I never said it was in the computer, Mr. Waterman. Or in the living room." Gideon said, Waterman staring at him.

"Where did you find it then?" he said, folding his arms, glaring at Gideon.

"The detective found it the desk in Mr. Addison's bedroom." Gideon said, the lawyer staring at him.

"That desk's contents were removed, Carlisle." the man said, Gideon nodding.

"But the desk wasn't, Waterman. The card was found taped to the underside of the bottom drawer."

Waterman stared at Gideon with surprise, the judge looking between the two.

"What does the card contain, Mr. Carlisle?" the judge said, Gideon looking at him.

"I would like to show the court its contents, Your Honor." he said, Judge Navarro nodding.

Gideon turned back to the gallery, nodding at the security guard standing at the door.

He nodded back, opening the door, another guard walking into the room, pushing a cart which contained a large monitor and a hard drive beside it.

The new security guard wheeled it down the aisle, moving it towards the corner of the front of the court near the evidence table.

Martin helped the guard set it up, plugging it in and turning it on.

"I'd like this entered into evidence, Your Honor." Gideon said, handing the memory card to Martin, the judge nodding, the bailiff labelling it, handing it back to Gideon.

"The validity of its place of existence was witnessed by a police officer who accompanied the detective throughout his search of the condo's contents yesterday, Your Honor."

The judge nodded again, Gideon walking up to the guard beside the monitor, handing him the card.

"Wait until I tell you to play it, please." he said, the guard nodding at him.

Gideon walked back to the judge's bench, looking up at the judge.

"I'd like this photograph logged into evidence as well, Your Honor." he said, handing the photograph to the bailiff, the man labelling it as well, handing it back to Gideon,  Gideon handing it up to the judge.

The judge took it, looking at it, taking in all the faces showing in the small group photograph.

His eyes widened in surprise, his blue pools looking at Levi Strassman, then out into the gallery.

His eyes looked down at Gideon's staring blue pools.

"Yes, Your Honor. Truths hidden behind reality. I didn't even see it myself until Lucas showed me its truth."
The judge nodded, looking at Lucas sitting in quiet silence.

"How do you want to proceed, Mr. Carlisle?"

"With the revealing of the truth, Your Honor."

All of Lucas' family stared at the judge, seeing the photograph in his hand.

What does it show? Josh thought, staring at his man seated ahead of him.

Josh's thoughts were interrupted by someone's hand going into his.

Josh's eyes turned to his right, Colton's blue pools staring at him.

Colton had moved from Justin's side, he and Lance trading places while Josh had been staring at Lucas.

Their eyes met, Josh seeing a sparkling love in Colton's softly glowing blue pools.

"It shows the truth of Lucas' path, Joshua." Colton said softly, his blue eyes moving, staring towards his uncle.

Josh showed surprise, wondering how Colton had read his thoughts.

"A path walked in love and protection." the young man softly said, staring ahead.

Josh stared at him, his and Justin's and Lance's eyes meeting.

The judge looked at Gideon again.

"Continue, Mr. Carlisle. Show us this truth."

Gideon looked to the judge's left, staring into Levi's blue pools.

"You loved your brother, didn't you, Levi? Your brother Jacob."

The man stared at Gideon, Levi's face showing a soft confusion as the man stared at him.

"We. . .we were brothers. We went through a lot together." he softly said, the judge looking at him.

"You'll have to speak up, Mr. Ackerman. The jury needs to hear your words." the judge said, Levi nodding.

"I said we were brothers and that we'd gone through a lot together." he repeated, Gideon nodding.

"As I earlier said, you were the strength of the three. You looked after your two younger brothers. You took them with you when you left your parents' home, am I correct?"

Levi nodded, staring at Gideon.

"I was the oldest, Jacob a year younger than me, Ravid two years younger than Jacob. Our father was abusive, our mother lost in godly worship, uncaring of what he. . .of what he did to all three of us. I had endured it the most, being the oldest. I knew they'd receive the same treatment as they grew. We agreed together to leave when they both learned I was going. Jacob caught me packing the night after my eighteenth birthday."

"They followed you because they loved you?"
Levin nodded, replying yes.

"Jacob idolized me. Not so much Ravid. He was independent all his life."

Gideon nodded, staring at Levi.

"The memory card the guard has holds a confession, Levi. A confession from a man's tortured soul."

Levi's eyes widened, looking towards the monitor, then out into the courtroom.

Gideon's eyes looked out into the courtroom, the young lawyer nodding softly towards the guard who still remained by the doors.

The guard moved, standing now in front of the closed doors, blocking their exit.

Gideon's eyes looked up at the judge.

"Your Honor, I'd like to talk to the witness on his own level of emotion, giving him a chance to come clean before I have to play that card. Our card in the hole, so to speak."

"Your Honor! This is highly unusual!  And you don't like theatrics in your courtroom!" Waterman said, the judge looking towards him, then at Gideon and then at Levi.

His rugged Latino face looked out into the courtroom, his blue eyes meeting two other eyes.

His blue pools looked again at Gideon, the older man seeing a great calmness and determination in those blue pools.

"I'll allow you to talk openly with the witness, Mr. Carlisle. The court understands his volatility. In his relationship to the victim and in his reluctance here to state the truth of what I see he may know in regards to Jacob Addison's death. But Mr. Waterman has the right to challenge anything said by him or yourself." Judge Navarro said, Gideon nodding, looking towards Nolan Waterman.

"I hope Mr. Waterman will allow me some leeway. For my client's sake." Gideon said, Waterman staring towards Lucas, the older lawyer folding his arms again, staring at Gideon in silence.

Gideon stared back at Levi, the young lawyer putting his hands on the witness stand's front railing, staring at Gideon.


"We haven't stated much on the younger of you three, Mr. Ackerman. Your youngest brother Ravid Ackerman. When did he leave you two?"
Levi looked surprised, staring at Gideon in silence.

"Answer the question, Mr. Ackerman." the judge said, Levi staring at Gideon.

"How did you know he left?"

"You said he was the most independent. Independent people are usually destined to leave and seek out their own destinies. He left you two didn't he? To seek out his own life?"

Levi slowly nodded, looking again at Gideon.

"The three of you left your parents' home. You went to New York City. There you found work, did you not?" Gideon said, Levi nodding again.

"Yes, we did. I myself worked two jobs, studying for a law degree. I made Jacob stay in school, his intelligence and outgoingness opening many doors for him. He graduated full honours, accepted into Oxford in England. It was in London where he met. . .where he met him." Levi said, pointing towards Lucas, Gideon nodding.

"And your younger brother Ravid?"

Levi lowered his eyes for a moment, then met Gideon's again.

"Ravi wasn't as outgoing as Jacob and myself, Mr. Carlisle. He held a lot of anger and loneliness in his heart. He left Jacob and me the last year of my law degree, and the year Jacob graduated from university in New York. We didn't see him again until three years later."

"Last summer, am I correct?"

Levi nodded, looking at Gideon.

"And where did you meet him, Mr. Ackerman?" Gideon said, Levi remaining silent.

"Answer the question, Mr. Ackerman." Judge Navarro said, again.

Levi remained silent.

"You met him at a function at Belmont Industries, didn't you, Levi?" Gideon said, Levi looking surprised again.

"How. . .how did you know that?"

"You just told me, Mr. Ackerman." Gideon said, looking up at the judge, then back at Levi.

"Your Honor, Mr. Carlisle is leading the witness into traps." Waterman said, Judge Navarro looking towards him.

"This witness has shown he is unreliable in revealing the truth in his answers, Mr. Waterman. I'll allow Mr. Carlisle some leeway himself to guide the truth out of him. Overruled." he said, Waterman glaring again at Gideon.

"The photograph I just gave Judge Navarro is a photograph found in Mr. Addison's apartment, Levi. I gained access to it as a part of Jacob Addison's judicial profile, supplied to me by the District Attorney's office. He himself has a copy of the photo. He himself overlooked it as well, as did I. It only shows Jacob at a party with a bunch of people. I myself showed it to Lucas Carver-Belmont. He saw its immediate truth. We didn't." Gideon said, looking over at Nolan Waterman, the lawyer turning to his assistant, the younger man ruffling through their papers.

Gideon's eyes went back to the young lawyer seated in the witness stand.

"That photograph is a picture of Jacob at that party. What's interesting is the man standing behind him, and another man standing behind both of you. And perhaps something else." Gideon said, the man looking up at the judge, the judge handing Gideon the photograph back.

Gideon handed the photograph to Levi, the man taking it, Nolan Waterman taking the photograph from his assistant, the older lawyer staring at it now.

Levi stared at the photograph, his eyes widening a bit, looking up at Gideon.

"This photograph shows you standing behind your brother Jacob at that party. The man standing behind you and Jacob is Haven Marlowe, Mr. Ackerman. A man both of you knew. For a very long time, am I correct?"

Levi stared at Gideon, the young lawyer staring back.

"Yes. . .yes. We. . .we were all acquainted with him."

"You yourself work for him, am I correct?"
"Yes, I am on his legal retainer." Levi said, his eyes showing a soft emotion.

"And Jacob?"

"He. . .he met him for the first time that night this picture was taken. At a function Haven threw at his condo in New York. That's the only time he met him." Levi said, Gideon looking at him.

"Must we continue to lie, Levi?"

"Your Honor!" Waterman said, his eyes looking towards Gideon.

"Remain seated, Mr. Waterman.  The counsel has valid reason, I believe, to pursue this line of questioning with this volatile witness as I already said. Continue, Mr. Carlisle."

Waterman sighed, looking at the photograph again, a new look registering in his brown eyes.

He turned in his seat, looking back into the gallery, then turned back again, staring at Gideon with soft surprise.

"Gideon, it. . .!" he said rather loudly, the judge looking towards the D.A.

"Quiet please, Mr. Waterman. Mr. Carlisle is in charge." Judge Navarro said, the older lawyer and the judge's eyes meeting.

Grayson's blue eye met Judge Navarro's blue steely pools, the judge nodding his head.

Gideon stared at Levi again.

"Jacob Addison was well acquainted with Mr. Marlowe, Levi. A short time ago they met again. And that time he gave into Mr. Marlowe's total power. For a certain price previously owed. One million dollars, am I correct?"

Levi stared at Gideon, a look of confusion on the man's face.

"Previously owed?" Levi said, Gideon nodding his head.

"Yes, Levi. For your middle brother was also well acquainted with Haven Marlowe. He worked for him, he was paid by him, and he was owned by him. Body and soul. He met him before he left for England. Long before that party." Gideon said, Levi looking even more surprised.

"That. . .that can't be true! Jacob told me he only met him for the second time a few months ago. The first being at that party. The second time when Haven hired him to. . ." Levi said, ending his last sentence with abruptness.

"When Haven Marlowe hired him to kill Lucas Carver-Belmont?"

Everyone in the courtroom gasped, the judge banging his gavel again.

Levi remained silent, the judge staring at him.

"Well, Mr. Ackerman?" the judge said, Levi remaining silent.

"Jacob knew Haven, as I said, even before he left for England three years ago. Even before you introduced them at that function in New York. For your brother Jacob was hired by Haven Marlowe to find a certain individual. An individual Haven Marlowe always knew existed. Haven Marlowe was the only one who knew of Lucas Carver-Belmont's existence in regard to his lost family. Haven Marlowe hired Jacob Addison to destroy Lucas Carver-Belmont's life before he ever met any of his family's lost love." Gideon said, Levi's face now showing deep surprise.

"That. . .that's impossible!" Levi said, looking out into the courtroom.

Josh and Lucas' family were surprised as well, Finn staring at his old friend with shock.

"No it's not, Levi. For Jacob was well acquainted with Haven before even you met him. He was guided to Haven by someone else. The same person who guided you to him a few years later. The same person who benefited from both of your involvement with that shrewd, calculating man."
"No. . .no it can't be!" Levi stuttered, his mind going back to the past, confusion showing on his face.

"You only need to remember the past and who guided you to Haven Marlowe. A young man of callous disregard for even his brothers. That young man was even deeper in Haven Marlowe's ownership. And your middle brother was owned by both of them."

Levi looked stunned, his face showing deep crushing emotion.

"He. . .no. . .he can't have!" the man said, tears showing on his face now, the judge looking down at the emotional man, remaining silent, letting Gideon draw out the emotions in him.

"He did, Levi. For your youngest brother Ravid, is even more lost of soul and life than your brother Jacob was. For he's been in Haven Marlowe's employ even longer than you or Jacob. And he'd given over everything to Haven's ownership. Including guiding his older brother Jacob into his and Haven's bed." Gideon said.

Levi looked totally shocked, Gideon's hand going on top of the young man's hand in the witness stand.

"You were oblivious to the deception of both of them, Levi. Ravid was even more deceptive than Jacob. And your brother Jacob loved you enough to keep you out of that tangled, dangerous mess."

"Jacob. . .he can't have. . .he wouldn't. . .not after father's. . ."

Gideon stared at the man, Levi's eyes meeting his, the young lawyer seeing the tears showing there.

"After your father took his innocence? After he abused him all his young life? As he abused all of you?"

Levi slowly nodded, his eyes lowering.

"I. . .I failed him. . .them. . ." he softly said, Gideon's eyes meeting the judge's.

"You could not shield either of them from the demons in their minds, Levi. You showed a greater courage by walking away from that abuse. Your love for them made you take them with you. Unfortunately, you couldn't save them from walking back into the pain of their lost youth. And you only have one to blame for that."

Levi's eyes raised, staring into Gideon's blue pools, the young man seeing something greater there.

"He. . .he can't have!" Levi sobbed, Gideon nodding his head.

"I'm sorry, Levi. Your brother deceived all of you."

The young lawyer lowered his eyes, his body trembling.

"What happened that night of Jacob's death, Levi? I know you and your brother Ravid were there that night. After Finn left and before Lucas showed up."

The man's head raised looking into Gideon's soft, compassionate eyes.

"Jacob knew that he was dying, didn't he, Levi?"

Levi sobbed, Gideon's eyes meeting the judge's, then looking towards the D.A., Waterman silent and staring at the two men.

"Yes. He told both of us two weeks before his death. He'd only just found out himself." Levi said, wiping his eyes.

"And that's when Jacob came up with his plan." Gideon said, Levi staring at him, the man nodding his head.

"Jacob had found out that the tumor was malignant. That there was nothing he could do to prevent its life-destroying growth. The doctors had told him that he'd be paralyzed at the end, that the pain might be unbearable. That the tumor would seep into his brain, causing him unfathomable pain. He didn't want to face that pain, that excruciating pain." Levi said, tears flowing from his eyes.

"And so he told you of his plan. Of his plan to end his own life. But he also wanted you taken care of. That's why he'd agreed to Haven Marlowe's demands a few weeks before that. For the money he could leave you. And for the greater satisfaction he could have in knowing that the man he hated in his disillusioned mind would get a well deserved--but truthfully undeserved--justice. He would make Lucas the victim of his own ending decision. He only needed his brothers to guide him to that ending moment. A brother who loved him."

Levi nodded, looking at Gideon.

"You couldn't do it, could you, Levi? At the end you couldn't hit your brother with that baseball bat?" he said, Levi sobbing again.

"I loved him, you must believe that! I. . .I couldn't take his life regardless of the pain he would bear! I just couldn't!" the man sobbed, the judge looking at him with quiet compassion, the courtroom silent, all eyes on the emotionally broken man.

"I know you couldn't, Levi. But I know your other brother easily could." Gideon said, the young man's eyes meeting the judge's.

Gideon's eyes moved then, a sudden movement in the gallery catching his eye, Gideon seeing a man rise from his seat, heading for the exit doors.

The guard stood in front of them, the guard's hand going to his revolver at his side, the man walking up the aisle stopping, staring at the uniformed guard.

Gideon's blue pools focused, the young lawyer looking towards the back of the courtroom.

"Leaving so soon, sir?" Gideon said, all eyes in the court now staring at the man standing at the back of the courtroom.

The man turned, staring forward, Levi Strassman's blue eyes staring at the man.

"I have no more questions for this witness, Your Honor. I'd like to call my last witness." Gideon said, staring at the man standing by the back doors.

The judge looked at Levi, then at Gideon.

"You are excused, Mr. Ackerman. But you will remain in your gallery seat. You have charges to answer for, perjury and perhaps accessory to murder being the main ones. So far shown." the judge said, Levi staring at the man standing at the back door.

The guard by the jury box moved on Judge Navarro's command, walking up to Levi, the young man moving out of the witness stand, the guard guiding him back to his seat in the gallery, his blue eyes locked on the man remaining at the doors.

Gideon stared at him as well, everyone focused on him.

"I call to the stand Detective Raymond Harris. Or should I say, Ravid Ackerman?"


Detective Cameron stared in shock, staring at his partner, the younger detective standing in front of the guard at the exit doors.

"Please come forward, Detective Harris. Or would you like to be guided here?" Judge Navarro said, staring at the young man, his eyes glancing at the two guards on both sides on his bench, both men moving forward.

The young detective's blue eyes looked around the courtroom, all eyes on him, save one.

The young man looked at Levi Strassman, the young lawyer standing beside Detective Cameron.

"Ravi. . .what have we. . .?" He softly said, the young detective staring at him.

"Shut your mouth, Levi!" he said, rather forcefully, his eyes darkening.

Levi lowered his eyes, the older detective looking at the young man standing beside him.

"I won't ask twice, sir." Judge Navarro said, nodding towards the guard behind Harris.

The guard moved, his hand going to the young man's shoulder, Detective Harris moving slowly forward, the other two guards in the room now waiting at the railing at the front of the gallery.

Raymond Harris walked forward, everyone's eyes following him, the young detective passing Grayson, the older lawyer staring at him, Lucas' head turned as well, staring at him, the young man the only one seated.

The detective moved to the witness stand, the three guards following him, the young man sitting down.

The bailiff gave him the oath, Detective Harris swearing to it, his face emotionless, staring at Gideon.

The young lawyer stood in front of him, staring at him.

"You are Ravid Ackerman, are you not? Younger brother of Jacob Addison and Levi Strassman, hereby named as Jacob and Levi Ackerman?" the young lawyer said, the detective staring at him.

"My name's Raymond Harris. I don't know anyone by that name." he said, Gideon staring at him.

"You're lying, sir. Do I have to call your brother again to the stand to verify that truth? He already called you Ravi in this courtroom." Gideon said, the detective staring at him.

"Ravid Ackerman died a long time ago. I like the man I now am." the detective said, staring at Gideon.

"The man you are now and the man you once were are still the same person--Ravid Ackerman. The younger brother of Jacob Addison. And that young man's greatest ally in all that's transpired."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Jacob Addison was a fool. As is Levi Strassman." the young man said, Levi staring at his younger brother with hurtful emotion.

"I will tell you what I'm talking about, Mr. Ackerman. I'm talking about deception. The deception of your own evilness against your two brothers. Two men who'd trusted you. Who both loved you in their own misguided way."
"You don't know shit." the man said, Gideon staring at him.

"Language, Mr. Harris.  Not in my courtroom." Judge Navarro said.

"OK, fine.  Whatever." the detective grumbled.

"I know a lot more than that, Ravid. And right now I'm going to show you." Gideon said, the young lawyer walking back to his table, looking towards the guard who'd now returned to his position beside the monitor.

"Play the memory card, officer." Gideon said, the young man sitting down at the table beside Lucas, the young man's hand going to Lucas' shoulder.

Gideon lowered his head, Lucas softly trembling beside him, the young man's violet pools going to the monitor.

The guard inserted the memory card into the computer hard drive, the monitor coming to life.

Everyone in the courtroom gazed at the monitor, seeing a handsome blond-haired man staring back.

Jacob Addison's voice filled the room.


"Is this on?" he asked, his eyes lowering as if he was fidgeting with the camera pointed in his face, the camera angle moving.

His blue eyes stared into the camera, their blueness striking.

"I'm leaving this record hidden for a reason. The reason of my own doubts. Of what surrounds me, of what I feel around me. Deceit and anger. And it's all coming from one man. One man I loved. My Ravi."

Levi Strassman stared at his dead brother's image, his eyes showing soft emotion.

"Levi, you don't know the truth. The truth of what Ravi and I have done. Of what we've done with each other, of what we've done together. And of what I now know Ravi will take great pride in doing. I loved my lost brother once so much. I gave him everything. My soul, my love and yes, my body. I always thought that I had to look out for him. As Levi always did for me. You, my older brother, always loved me so much. Not the love Ravi and I shared, but real brotherly love. I always knew that love was less for Ravi. I now understand why. You saw easily the reality of our younger brother's soul.  A reality I too late now know. Ravi was indeed our father's spawn. For he, in the end, owned me as well." Jacob said, his emotional blue eyes staring into the camera.

Levi sat in the courtroom, staring at his younger brother, seeing the truth in those blue eyes, his own eyes covered in tears.

"Ravi used me, Levi. He used me all my life. As Father used all of us. You never felt the totality of his youthful, angry possession. I alone have felt that. For I know I had to. To save you from his possession. And I have been devoured by the domination in my soul. And by the domination of his own now master. The man who owned both of us. Haven Marlowe is evil, Levi. Walk away from him. Take the money we've masterfully hidden in that secret account. Follow our plan. Once Lucas is arrested and found guilty of my staged murder the money will default to my estate. You've prepared my will perfectly. The money will go to you as my therein written heir. Live in happiness, Levi. A happiness you always deserved. Judge me not for what my life was, judge me for what my love was. I always loved you as the brother you were, Levi. You will find the letter with the will, Levi. That letter will guide you to this card. And to the truth of what Ravi's done. I know in the end you won't do it, Levi. Your love for me would never make you hurt me. Take comfort in that. That's perhaps why I joined Ravi with us in this plan of my staged merciful death. For I know in my heart he will take great pleasure in giving that life-ending blow. He never loved me, as I loved him. I finally see that. I always knew it would be he that would end my life. As he destroyed it. I leave this confession for you alone, Levi. Destroy it or keep it, the decision is yours. Get out of here and live a life of happiness. My pain ends, Ravi's continues. And my past has been righted. Lucas will bear the pain of our deception. For you alone I did all of it, Levi. My life had to count for something in the end."
The young man stared into the camera again, Levi staring at his dead brother's emotional, handsome face.

"I love you, Levi. I took too long to say that. And I'll see you in hell, Ravid." he said, the monitor going dark.


Detective Harris sat in the witness stand, staring at the blank monitor, Judge Navarro staring at him.

Gideon's blue eyes met Lucas', the young man now staring at him, the young lawyer rising from his seat again.

"Your Honor, this confession shows--from Jacob Addison's own words--that his death was a staged event. He named Ravid Ackerman, his brother, as the one who gave him that life-ending blow. His other brother, Levi Strassman, was there. The man seated in the witness stand is Ravid Ackerman. He was the one who killed Jacob Addison, in a staged death. A death to implicate Lucas Carver-Belmont as the murderer." Gideon said, the judge looking at the witness.

"Is this true, Mr. Harris?" the judge said, staring into the detective's rising blue eyes.

"I have no knowledge of any of that. Jacob Addison's nuts and so is this fool of a lawyer." the man said, staring at the judge, then at Gideon.

"Jacob was our brother, Ravi."

Detective Harris' blue eyes moved to two other blue eyes, Levi Strassman standing in the aisle.

"Shut up, Levi!" the man said, glaring at the man slowly walking down the aisle towards him, Detective Cameron following him.

"No, Ravi. I won't lie ever again. For you or anyone." the young man said, anger showing on Ravid Ackerman's face.

"Keep your mouth shut, Levi! Or I'll shut it for you!"

Levi's blue eyes met Gideon's blue, Lucas rising from his seat beside him, their eyes meeting as well.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. I'm sorry for what Jacob did to you. What I was forced to do, and what Ravi did to all of us." he said, his eyes going to the judge staring at him.

"This is my brother, Your Honor. His name is Ravid Ackerman. He--upon Jacob's request--took a baseball bat and bashed my younger brother's head in that night. Jacob stood in silence and allowed his younger brother to end his life. He and I both threw his lifeless body into the pool, Ravi wiping the bat clean of his fingerprints. I stood there and watched all of it because I didn't have the courage to do it myself. Then Lucas showed up as we were leaving. Ravi hit him from behind with his fist, Lucas falling into the pool. We left together, walking to our car parked a few blocks away. Lucas is innocent of my brother's death! Ravi is the murderer! For that's what it was. It wasn't suicide when Ravi relished doing it. I stood there and let my brother execute my other brother!" Levi sobbed, the courtroom gasping with shock.

The gasping wasn't for the young man's confession.

Everyone's eyes were on the judge's bench.

Ravid Ackerman stood in the witness box, his hand stretched out from his right side, the young detective's gun held in that hand.

The barrel of the revolver was pressed against Judge Navarro's head.

"Anyone moves and I'll kill this man!" Ravid said, the guards pulling their revolvers.

Judge Navarro remained in his seat not moving an inch.

"Calm down, son. There's no cause for this." he calmly said, Ravid glaring at the guards.

"Shut up you old fuck! Drop your guns or I blow his brains out!" the young man said, the three guards looking at each other.

"Drop them, now!" Judge Navarro said, the three guards slowly lowering their weapons.

"Don't do this, Ravi!" Levi said, moving forward, Detective Cameron's arms going around him, stopping him in his tracks.

"Shut your cakehole, Levi! I've had enough of your stupid words!" Ravid said, Levi silencing.

"Don't do this, Harris."

Ravid's blue eyes locked on Lucas' violet pools, the young man finally speaking.

"You had to interfere, didn't you Carver? You couldn't leave well enough alone. You were supposed to be someone's prison bitch by now! Jacob couldn't even train you right for that job! He should have bashed your skull in the first night he fucked you!"  Ravid said, motioning the judge to rise from his seat, the judge slowly rising, the barrel still lodged against his temple.

"Move out of that bench. Slowly." Ravid said, the judge slowly moving to his left, he and Ravid moving down out of the bench and witness stand.

The two now stood in front of the witness stand, Gideon backing up, moving back with Levi and Detective Cameron.

"That's good, asshole. Everyone's going to back off and we're going to leave. Any movement and this man's brains are on the floor. Understand!" Ravid said, his arm now going around the judge, the gun still on his head, the younger man now standing behind him.

"You can't get away with this, Ray! This ends now!" Detective Cameron said, his eyes showing worry, his partner staring at him.

"I'm leaving and no one's going to stop me!" Ravid said, Levi staring at him.

"Don't do this, Ravi! Walk away from this madness!"  he said, Gideon's hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"Levi is right, Ravid." Gideon said, his blue pools staring at the judge, Judge Navarro staring into his pools, then into Lucas's calm violet pools.

The judge suddenly felt a voice in his mind, his eyes widening.

"Shut up, asshole! Or I'll kill you and my useless brother both! I should have bashed his brains in that night as well. What would one more dead idiot matter?" he said, Levi staring at him with shock, seeing the truth of his brother's soul.

"You're not my brother, your a monster! Jacob was my only loving brother!" Levi softly said, tears flowing from his eyes.

"Jacob was an ass that needed fucking and a soul that needed to be used. I see he finally realized that too late. And you're a coward." he sneered at his brother, Levi staring at him.

"You have no soul, Ravid." he softly cried, Ravid staring at him.

"And you're dead, Levi!" Ravid said, moving the gun, aiming for Levi's head.

"Now!" the judge heard in his mind, the judge dropping to his knees, Ravid surprised by the sudden movement, the judge falling out of his arms, falling flat onto the floor, the young man's eyes moving downward.

He failed to see a sudden movement in front of him, Lucas on the move in one burst of speed.

Everyone stood in stunned silence at the young man's speed, Lucas colliding with the armed man, Ravid falling backwards, Lucas landing flat on his face beside Judge Navarro.

The younger Ackerman was on his feet in a flash, aiming the gun towards the sprawled judge, Judge Navarro's eyes widening with horror as he raised his head.

A flash of rising movement moved between the two men, three gunshots going off loudly in the silent courtroom.

Two bullets hit Lucas' chest, the young man standing in front of Judge Navarro, shielding his body.

The third bullet hit Ravid Ackerman in the head, the young man dropping his gun, falling backwards to the floor.

Lucas staggered, going to his knees again.

Levi Strassman stood with a revolver in his hand, the young man having pulled it out of Detective Cameron's holster beside him, the young man having shot his brother in front of him.

Detective Cameron pulled the gun out of Levi's hand, the young man falling to his knees, sobbing.

Josh screamed, seeing his soulmate stagger, Justin and Lance's arms going around Colton, Josh on the move towards Lucas.

The courtroom filled with screams, the three guards and the bailiff moving as one.

Two of the guards pulled Ravid Ackerman's motionless body away from the judge, tending to his wounded head, the other picking up the detective's gun.

Josh and Gideon reached Lucas as the young man began to sink to the floor, Grayson at Judge Navarro's side, helping the judge gain his feet.

Josh's arms went around Lucas, gently guiding him to the floor, Lucas laying in his arms, the young man gasping, his violet pools slowly opening.

Josh stared into them seeing only a faint glow of their once vibrant, violet beauty.

"Don't move, Lucas. Stay with us." he said, on his knees, Gideon pulling a handkerchief out of his pocket, pressing it against one of his wounds, the young man gasping.

Colton, Justin and Lance were all now around him as well, Josh's eyes filled with tears.

"Oh, Lucas! What have you done?" he said, emotion etched in his voice, Lance's arm around him.

Justin's hand was against Lucas' chest as well, holding it against the second wound, the blood still flowing.

One of the guards was on his radio, medical assistance called.

Judge Navarro stood above the young man, staring down at him, Grayson's arm going around him.

"Why. . .why would he do that?" he softy said, Grayson's tearful eyes staring at him.

"He is love. Love always stands against evil." Grayson said, their eyes meeting.

Grayson's eyes moved, staring into Emerson's green.

Lucas' family now surrounded him, everyone staring with emotion at the wounded man laying in Josh's arms.

Josh stared into Lucas' violet pools, seeing only clouding darkness.

"Stay with us, Lucas. Don't go." he softly said, Lucas staring at him.

"It. . .it. . .I changed it." he softy said, two tearing blue eyes staring down at him.

Lucas closed his eyes, the young man's body sagging in Josh's arms.



End of Chapter 126


The truth has been revealed.

I hope, in a surprising way!

Two hidden brothers aiding Jacob in his damning final moments.

One brother guiding him with love, one guiding him with anger.

Jacob died easily at the hands of a young man who relished killing him.

Levi stood in silence and allowed his loving brother to die at the hands of his evil brother.


Kind of a morbid end to a dying man's pain.

In the end the loving brother stopped the evil brother, perhaps too late to save Lucas.

What will happen to our hero now?


And so Lucas has been shot again!

Is he okay?
His innocence has now been proven.
But at what cost?


Read on and see some surprising truths materialize.

Someone's about to take charge and weed through this mess.

The flowers of truth are hidden there.

Two blue pools of love will show their beauty.



Hugs, Angel.