Yesterday's End-129


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 129


Josh sat gently down on the bed, he and Colton both staring at Lucas' handsome, tired face.

"I feel the truths of my own reality, my love. I know I can't feel my legs." Lucas said, Josh tearing up.

"I wanted you to be a little stronger before we talked about it, my love." Josh said, Lucas' eyes lowering.

Josh leaned forward, his lips kissing Lucas' forehead.

"I love you, Lucas. No physical impediment would ever change that in my soul. You are more than your physical beauty. You are the love of my soul."

Lucas raised his head, his face covered in tears.

"I love you, my Joshua."

Josh smiled, their lips gently meeting.

Everyone in the room quietly watched the two show their love, Justin and Lance trading looks, their arms going around each other.

Colton's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, their eyes meeting when Josh broke their kiss.

"Let me try my magic, Lucas." Colton said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"Not yet, my son." he softly said, Colton's eyes showing soft tears.

"My magic is healing, Lucas." Savannah said, standing at the end of the bed.

"I know, Mom. I feel its essence." Lucas said, Josh rising from the bed, looking at Savannah.

"Please try, Mom." Josh said, Savannah looking at her new son with love.

The woman walked around the bed, Francesca moving as well.

"My added strength will aid you as well, Lucas." Francesca said, her daughter smiling at her as she sat down on the bed, smiling at Lucas.

Lucas' grandmother stood beside the bed, her hand going into her daughter's, Savannah's other hand going on top of Lucas' forehead, the woman closing her eyes, Francesca joining her in the darkness of their minds.

Both women at the same time opened their eyes, staring at Lucas.

"You cannot breach the barrier of my pain, Mom and Grandmother." Lucas said, his violet pools showing soft tears.

"The wall. . .it's blocking. . .it's immense, Lucas." Savannah said, staring at her son, Francesca staring as well.

"The greater wall is the wall of your love that surrounds me. Thank you for trying." he softly said, everyone staring at him with compassion and worry.

His tired eyes went around the room, seeing all their love showing.

"I'm not giving up. I feel in my soul this is only temporary. I'm. . .I'm right where I'm supposed to be." Lucas softly said, his eyes flickering.

"Where you now are is where you are, Dad. Close your eyes. Let my magic give you some comfort." Colton said, sitting down on the bed beside Savannah, Lucas nodding his head.

Colton's hand went to Lucas' forehead, a soft blue glow suddenly appearing around the young man's head.

Everyone stood in silence, the glow lasting for only a moment.

Lucas' eyes were closed, the young man's breathing more relaxed.

Colton moved his hand off Lucas' forehead, his blue eyes looking around the room, meeting Josh's blue eyes.

Josh saw the soft glow in those pools, the young man softly smiling.

"He's sleeping again. And I felt the wall as well." he said, Savannah's arm going around the young man.

"Do you know what it is, Colton?" Francesca said, Emerson now at her side, his arm around his wife.

Colton's blue eyes went to Lucas' sleeping face.

"It is the protection of Lucas' love. He wouldn't want any of us of magic to feel his pain. Even they that aren't here." Colton said, Josh looking at him.

"They that aren't here? Who do you mean, Colt?" he said, Colton's eyes meeting his again.

"I think Lucas has walked again into the past. I feel the echo of that voyage on his magic's path." the young man said, Josh sitting down on the bed again, staring at his man.

"The pool again?" he said, Colton shaking his head no.

"No, Papa. I saw a brief glimpse of a stone circular room." Colton said.

Emerson stared down at the young man, Francesca's eyes meeting his.

"What does that mean, Colt?" Josh said, the young man looking unsure.

"I don't know, Papa. All I know is he seems calm about it." the young man said, rising from his seat, walking up to his uncle, Gideon's arms going around him, Colton's head going against his chest.

Nick stared at the young man, he standing beside Gideon.

"His love is unchanged. It's always around us. He's going to get better, I and he truly believe that." the young man said, Josh softly smiling at him, having followed his movements.

Josh's eyes went back to his sleeping soulmate.

"I believe it also, Colt. His love can never change."

Everyone softly smiled, Lucas sleeping in the middle of their surrounding love.


Lucas opened his eyes, two green pools staring at him.

"How long have I been out, Lance?" he said, Lance leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"About three hours, Luke." he said, Lucas looking around the room.

"Josh shooed everyone out of the room about an hour ago. He and Justin have just gone downstairs for lunch, joining everyone down in the cafeteria. I can shoo with the best of them." Lance smiled, Lucas softly smiling.

"I love your giving love, Lance." Lucas said, Lance smiling, his finger rubbing Lucas' warm cheek.

"I love all of you, Lucas. I'm so glad you're back in our arms again."

"Right where I want to be, Lance." the young man said, Lance tearing up, his arms gently going around the younger man.

"Now, none of that. I need my men smiling and beautiful. Tears would only wet the canvas of your love."

Lance smiled, leaning forward again and kissing Lucas' warm lips again.

"Your words are so beautiful, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling, staring into his green pools.

"I feel your love energizing me, Lance. I feel a little stronger and focused."

Lance smiled, moving back a bit.

"How about some lunch, Luke? They dropped a tray off ten minutes ago. I was just going to wake you.  You need more energy." Lance said, moving a small table over to the bed, Lucas seeing a tray on its top.

"Where's your white uniform, nurse of my love?"

Lance smiled, winking at Lucas.

"My white wifebeater and short white shorts are in the laundry. As is my white thong."

Lucas laughed, softly gasping, Lance staring at him with concern.

"I'm okay, just a bit tender in my chest and back. Can you raise the bed a bit, Lance?"
Lance nodded, picking up the remote off the table, raising Lucas' back, the young man sitting up more.

Lucas softly sighed, a small gasp at the end of it.

"Better, Luke?"

"Much. I can see around me now."

Lance smiled, adjusting Lucas' blankets, giving the young man some more room to relax.

"How about that food, sweetie?" Lucas said, Lance smiling at him, moving the tray closer.

He pulled off its large lid, Lucas staring at a bowl of consommé soup as well as a small plate of diced chicken, coleslaw and assorted cheeses, as well as a glass of milk and a small bowl of tapioca.

"You're on a diet of soft food for a bit, Luke. Your stomach's ingested a lot of drugs. Need to settle a bit." Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"That all looks so bland, Lancy."

Lance smiled, picking up a spoon, stirring the soup.

"If you finish this I'm sure I can rustle up something meatier for dinner." Lance said, Lucas softly smiling.

"I don't think I could quite take on the monster yet, sexy."

Lance lightly laughed, Lucas smiling a bit more.

"All in good time, beautiful. Now try this soup." Lance said, the man gently feeding Lucas from the soup bowl, Lucas taking it all in slowly.

The two sat together, Lance quietly feeding him, Lucas gradually eating most of the food.

Just as they were finishing, the door of the hospital room opened, Dr. Welby walking into the room.

"Now that's good to see. A fed man is a recuperating man." Dr. Welby said, smiling at Lucas.

"If you can call this food." Lucas said, the young doctor now grinning.

"Griping about the food is an even better sign." he said, Lance smiling at him.

Lucas softly smiled, Lance moving the small tray table away, Dr. Welby walking up to the bed.

"You look even more focused, Lucas. Feeling better?" he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I'm slowly healing, Pierce. Well most of me is." Lucas said, Dr. Welby's eyes meeting Lance's.

"He knows, Pierce." Lance said, the young doctor nodding.

"A patient knows his own self." Pierce said, Lucas smiling at him.

"So what's the prognosis, Pierce? Will I ever walk again?" Lucas softly said, the young doctor staring into the young man's determined violet pools.

"There's always a hope within one's soul, Lucas. I want to run some tests in the next few days to get a true consensus." Pierce said, Lucas nodding.

"I'm just Luke, Pierce. You've probed most of me. I think we can be on a more friendly basis." Lucas smiled, the young doctor smiling.

"Alright, Luke. Right now all we can focus on is getting you better. Life goes as it must. You have the greatest medicine around you."
Lucas nodded, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"I have even more, Pierce." he said, Lance smiling softly.

"You're an amazing man, Luke. You've shown yourself to be strong, calm and focused. That's going to help you as well."

Lucas smiled, staring into the man's brown eyes.

"Word of warning, I'm a lousy patient. Idleness drives me nuts."

Pierce laughed, Lance smiling beside him.

"I'll give the staff fair warning." he said, Lucas smiling, moving a bit in the bed, softly gasping.

The doctor's hand went to his shoulder.

"Take it slow, Luke. Your body has to recuperate from the surgery. Once the stitches have healed and the pain lessens, we'll put you through some tests. Then will come physiotherapy, exercise and dealing with the aftermath. You've already come so far."

Lucas looked up at Lance, the man smiling at him.

"When will I be able to leave here, Pierce?"

The doctor folded his arms, staring at Lucas.

"When I say you're ready to leave, Luke."

Lance looked between the two, seeing both staring at each other.

"I think I have a better say in that, Pierce." Lucas said, the young doctor relaxing a bit.

"I always listen to my patients, Luke. And I hope they can listen to me."

Lucas softly smiled, raising his hand, the doctor taking it in his.

"Friends listen to each other, Pierce." Lucas smiled, the young doctor smiling, gently shaking his hand.

Pierce's eyes met Lance's, the young doctor smiling.

"Your friend's remarkable, Lance. I see the deep friendship you both have for each other. You're a lucky man."

"That I am, Pierce." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Alright, I'll leave you to relax, Luke. That's first on your list." Pierce said, Lucas nodding his head, the door of the hospital room opening, Josh and Justin walking into the room, followed by Adam and Usher.

The young doctor's eyes widened with surprise, glancing at Adam, then Usher.

"You're surrounded by friends, Luke. Some amazing famous friends." Pierce said, Josh smiling at him, walking up to the bed, sitting down beside Lucas, Justin introducing the young doctor to Adam and Usher, both men shaking his hand.

Pierce stared at Adam's handsome face, the singer smiling at him, Usher smiling as well.

The young doctor softly blushed, turning towards Lucas' bed.

"I'll leave you to your friends, Luke. Remember, take it easy." the young doctor said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Will do, Pierce. I'll try not to do handstands."

The young doctor laughed, Adam staring towards Lucas.

He said goodbye to everyone, looking at Adam and Usher last, Dr. Welby walking out of the room.

Adam walked towards the bed, Usher's hand going in his.

Lucas smiled at both, seeing the tears showing in both men's eyes.

"I'm going to be okay, guys. Thanks for coming." he softly said, Adam leaning down and gently hugging him, Lucas softly moaning.

"Oh God, Luke! I'm so glad you're okay!!" he said, tears hitting Lucas' face.

Usher rubbed Adam's back, everyone seeing that Adam deeply loved Lucas now.

Usher gently pulled his man back, wrapping his arm around him.

"Glad to see you awake, Luke. We love you." Usher said, Lucas smiling at the black man.

"I love both of you as well." he said, Adam wiping his eyes.

"I'm healing, guys. Slowly but surely." Lucas said, Lance smiling at Josh.

"He ate lunch." he said, Josh kissing Lucas' cheek.

"You need the energy." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

His violet pools met Usher's brown and Adam's blue.

"So what's going on out there in the real world?" he said, Adam looking at Josh, the man looking at Lucas.

"Tell me what's going on, babe." Lucas said, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"The trial's over, Lucky. Judge Navarro has dismissed the case against you. The truth shown at the end exonerated you from everything."

Lucas sighed, looking into his man's blue eyes.

"And Harris? What about Levi?" Lucas said, Justin and Lance trading glances.

Josh's hand went in Lucas', the young man staring at him.

"Please tell me, Josh."

The man sighed, squeezing Lucas' hand.

"After you were shot, Levi pulled the gun out of Detective Cameron's holster. He shot Harris, Lucas."

Lucas lowered his eyes.

"He's dead, isn't he?"

Josh nodded his head, Lance sitting down on the other side of the bed, Justin standing beside his man, staring down at Lucas.

"Yes, Lucas. Levi's been charged with second-degree murder. The judge said it could be reduced to justifiable homicide due to the circumstances at the time."
Lucas slowly nodded his head.

"I never wanted him to die, Josh. I only wanted him to confess so that I could be free. So that Levi could be free as well." Lucas said, everyone seeing the loving soul of this remarkable young man.

"I know, my love. Just as we all now know what you did in that courtroom. Colton told us everything." Josh said, Lucas' head raising, his face covered in tears.

"I thought it was my only recourse, my love. I had to draw the truth out of Levi to make Harris show himself. And in doing that I knew that Levi would see the truth hidden from him as well. Only one person was to blame for all of this."

"Harris paid for his deceit with his life, Lucas. He was a dangerous man." Adam said, Lucas staring at the man.

"He was a dangerous man because of the man who's to blame for all this." Lucas said, Josh squeezing his hand.

"Don't get excited, my love." he said, worry showing in his blue pools.

Lance leaned forward, wiping Lucas' cheek.

"You're talking about Haven, aren't you?" Lance said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Lance. Haven was behind most of it. As he's been behind most of my pain." Lucas said, leaning back into the pillows.

"What do you mean, my love?" Josh said, staring at his soulmate.

Lucas' eyes went around, staring at everyone.

His eyes met Josh's again, Josh seeing a lot of emotion behind their violet hue.

"Haven's known of my existence far longer that he's shown, Joshua."

"What do you mean, my love?" Josh said, Lucas sighing.

"Haven created the monsters that Jacob and Ravid Ackerman became, everyone. He beat their submission into them. And he used them and owned them." Lucas said, the young man trembling.

"Jacob never loved me, Josh. Haven guided him to me to destroy me. The pain and horror I endured with that man was of Haven's doing." Lucas said, Lance rubbing his shoulder.

"Gideon--I mean you in Gideon--drew that out in the trial, Luke. You said that Jacob was sent to London by Haven. Haven knew you were there?"

Lucas nodded, staring at his friend.

"Yes, Lance. Haven knew I was Tristan's son. So he sent Jacob to London to watch me. And to torture me. And when I showed no. . .no magic. . .he told Jacob that he could totally own me. That was the night that Jacob beat me almost to death. The finality of that life-ending day was interrupted by my loving friend Finn. Finn did indeed save me that day. For Jacob was told to murder me."

Everyone looked shocked, Josh staring at his man with deep concern.

Lucas' eyes met his.

"I didn't even know who I was, Josh. Why would they want to kill me when I didn't even know who I was?" Lucas said, his eyes filled with tears.

"Because Haven is a monster, Lucky. A monster devoid of love." Josh said, his own eyes tearing.

"Haven was behind Harris' planned charges against me. I was framed so that I would be taken out of the picture." Lucas said, his eyes lowering, Josh squeezing his hand again.

The young man's head raised, Lucas wiping his eyes with his other hand, staring at the IV lodged in the back of his wrist.

"Well I'm not out of the picture, and I never will be. My life now is my own. It's love-filled and it's focused." the young man said, his eyes showing a greater love now.

Everyone stared at him, seeing that focused love shining with determination.

"Levi was trapped within the pain as well. I want to help him, everyone."
Everyone looked surprised, Lance staring at him.

"You want to help him, Luke?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"Yes, Lance. Levi was a victim within his brothers' plans as well. He wasn't wrapped in Haven's evil. He was guided by his brothers for their own gains. All he ever did was love them as his brothers. He didn't know the monster that Ravid had become. In the end he had only one brother in Jacob. I can't let him down."

Everyone stared at the young man, seeing his giving soul giving once again.

"I'm going to talk to Gideon about his helping Levi." the young man said, staring around at everyone.

"You are unbelievable, my love." Josh said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"I am love, Joshua. Everyone deserves that love." the young man said, Adam and Usher smiling at him.

"We all have it, Luke." Adam said, Lucas smiling softly at him and Usher.

"Paths walk as they must. Surprises center that love." the young man said, sighing, moving a bit, softly gasping.

"I'm suddenly tired, everyone. I think I'll rest for a bit."

Josh leaned forward, kissing his man's lips, Lucas closing his eyes and softly smiling.

"Rest, my love. I'll be here when you wake up." he said, gently moving off the bed, everyone walking away from it, walking over to the couches and chairs in the corner.

"That man's unbelievable, guys. So much pain and hurt and still he goes on, his love's unending." Usher said, Adam nodding his head in agreement.

"What did he mean by those last words? 'Surprises center that love'?" the singer said, Josh looking at him.

"I don't know, Adam. My Lucas' love is always surprising, as we've all seen."

Justin stared towards the bed, smiling.

"I think we're in for even more surprises from his love." he said, Adam looking at him.

The man looked towards Lucas as well, his mind on something else.


Later That Evening


Grayson felt the warmth surrounding him, the man opening his blue pools, staring at a black mop of hair right below him.

He smiled, moving a bit, two arms wrapping around him.

The head against his chest moved, a handsome face coming into Grayson's vision, Grayson staring at the face now nuzzled into his armpit.

I love you, Gabriel.
The remembered beauty of your passion fills my soul with love.

You haven't changed in the beauty of your giving love.

I love you so much!

Grayson teared up, remembering the past few hours.

He'd returned to Josh's home after lunch with Lucas' parents and grandparents, Trish informing him that Gabriel had left a message for him.

Grayson had read the short message, returning the man's call.

Emerson had smiled beside him, seeing the happiness on Grayson's handsome face.

Grayson had hung up the phone, informing his friends that Gabriel wanted to go out to dinner with him that evening.

They'd all hugged the distinguished lawyer goodbye on Josh's front doorstep, Emerson smiling after him, Francesca kissing her husband's cheek.

"Their love has been separated far too long. I don't think he'll return tonight." she said, kissing her man's cheek.

Emerson had smiled, closing the door behind everyone.

The two men had met at a posh restaurant downtown, Gabriel's smile drawing Grayson's loving gaze.

The two had dined over a delicious steak dinner, their eyes often gazing at each other.

Together they'd talked about their separated lives, their pasts and hopes opened before each other.

Both men had been honest in their pasts, Grayson even telling Gabriel of Carl's deceit a few short months earlier.

The judge had gently squeezed his hand, Grayson seeing the unchanged love in his former soulmate's blue eyes.

"Your heart I see never changed, Gray. Your love had been and still is giving."

"And your beauty and love are unchanged, Gabriel. I still can't believe you're here across from me. It's like this old man's dreams have come true." Grayson said, his blue eyes showing soft tears.

"You are not an old man, Gray. Yes, you have aged, Gray. So have I. But I still see the beauty of your love in those deep magical blue pools. That's unchanged." Gabriel said, Grayson squeezing his hand, Gabriel raising his wine glass, Grayson picking his up.

"The past is the past, Gray. I think we both need to focus on the future. The future of what Lucas has given us. Of what we both have been denied." Gabriel had said, both men showing tears in their blue eyes.

"A toast to the love we've always felt, which we both feel coming alive again." Gabriel said, clinking his glass against Grayson's, both men tasting the sweet white wine.

"I love you, Gabriel. I never stopped loving you. You were always trapped within my soul." Gray had said, Gabriel softly smiling.

"Your love was always in my soul, Gray. The fire of those blue eyes has lit it again. I love you." Gabriel said, the older man tearfully smiling.

The two had finished their dinner together, soft touches given.

Grayson had driven Gabriel home from the restaurant, the younger man having taken a cab there.

Gabriel had invited Grayson into his home, the older man accepting with showing love.

The two had walked around the large spacious home, Gabriel showing him every room, Grayson taking in the young man's exquisite taste in the furnishings, decor and painting and sculptures.

They'd stopped in front of Gabriel's bedroom door, Grayson staring at a marble statue of two men wrapped in each other's arms, both visions of masculine beauty naked and close together.

"A beautiful sculpture, Gabe." Grayson said, Gabriel staring at him.

"That you are." Gabriel said, leaning in, gently pushing the older man against the doorframe of the bedroom, their lips meeting.

The two became lost in the kiss, Gabriel feeling the love flowing into his soul.

Grayson was just as lost, neither man feeling a presence around them.

But they both felt a sudden wave of love flash across their souls.

The two broke their kiss, Gabriel softly pulling on Grayson's bottom lip with his teeth.

"That was. . .oh my God!" Gabriel said, the younger man stepping back, staring at Grayson with wide surprise.

Grayson was staring at Gabriel with just as wide a look of total surprise.

"Gabe! You're. . .you're as I last saw you! You don't look a day over twenty-five!!"

"And you. . .you look as beautiful as that last day when your love destroyed me!" Gabriel sobbed, Grayson moving forward, the two men wrapping their arms around each other.

"I'm sorry, Gabriel! I never meant to let you go! My heart died that day!" Grayson sobbed, Gabriel kissing all over his now showing, beautiful younger face.

"I loved you then, I love you now, Gray! My heart and soul were always yours!" Gabriel sobbed, the two men kissing deeply again.

After a few moments of intense love, they broke their kiss, staring into their remembered faces of youthful love.

"I need your love, Gabriel. I need to feel its remembered beauty." Grayson said, the younger man taking his hand in his.

"Come to my love, Grayson. I need yours so much as well."
The two men had walked into the bedroom, closing the door behind them.


For hours the two had tasted the long lost magnificence of their soulmate's love and beauty.

Grayson had tasted each inch of the young man's body, relishing in its love-saturated skin.

And Gabriel had feasted on the older man's remembered beauty.

Their centers were as magnificent as they'd always been, weapons of enriched love, of tasteful desire.

Both had given each other their deepest desires, both lost in the possession of the other.

At the end of their fevered lovemaking, the two had held each other, Grayson staring down into the younger man's returned middle-aged beauty.

Somewhere in the throes of their passion the two had transformed back to their real selves, the greater beauty of their older physiques not tempering the need within each other.

Gabriel had held Grayson as he cried after his third orgasm, the younger judge feeling the older man's spent love.

"As beautiful as the remembered beauty." Grayson had said, staring into the younger man's blue pools.

"And the new beauty is just as intoxicating, my Gray. You are nothing if not greater in your love." Gabriel said, Grayson kissing his lips.

"Forever, Gabriel. I am yours forever." Grayson said, Gabriel snuggling against him, Grayson moving onto his back, the younger judge laying his head against his beating heart.

The two had fallen asleep in each other's arms of love.

Here now Grayson lay in their bed, holding the man of his dreams.

He gently moved, Gabriel moving onto his back, softly saying Grayson's name.

Grayson stared at his handsome face, seeing the more mature beauty of his Latin looks.

You were and still are so beautiful, Gabriel.

I am healed of all my soul's pain.

I will love you forever.

Grayson smiled, quietly rising out of the bed, walking around it and picking up his discarded suit jacket.

He felt through its pockets, pulling out an envelope from the inside pocket.

He quietly walked over to the balcony door, carrying the envelope with him, walking quietly out into the darkened night.

He stood naked on the balcony staring into the backyard of Gabriel's home, seeing a large pool as well as a manicured lawn and large patio below.

He leaned against the railing, opening the envelope in his hands, staring at the words written on the one page in front of him.

He read Lucas' words again, each word a testament to the wonder of the young man's giving soul.

He folded the letter again, placing it back into the envelope, staring out into the moonlit night.

A few moments later he felt two arms wrap around him, two lips kissing his neck, a warmth rubbing against his ass cheeks.

"Couldn't sleep, my love?" Gabriel said, Grayson turning in his arms, the judge's arms wrapping around the lawyer pulling him close.

"Your love fills my soul, Gabriel. I needed to be awake to feel all of it." Grayson said, Gabriel smiling at him.

"You look so beautiful in the moonlight, my Gray." the younger man said, Grayson smiling.

"And I feel the rising need within your center, my Gabe." Grayson said, kissing his man's cheek.

"What happened to us tonight, Gray? The youthful visions we first saw. Was that. . .was that your magic?" Gabriel said, Grayson staring at him.

"No, Gabe. I think it was Lucas again."

The younger man looked around, Grayson kissing his cheek now.

"He would never invade on our private love, Gabriel. The man is nothing if not loving of others' respect." Grayson said, Gabriel smiling.

"I've never met anyone since you who so totally surprises me." the judge said, Grayson smiling.

"He surprises even me, Gabe." the man said, Gabriel's hand going to the envelope in Grayson's hand.

"I take it that its contents surprised you?"

"Yes, Gabriel. It totally surprised me." the older man said, Gabriel kissing him gently on the lips.

"I love you, Grayson. I respect your privacy and yourself. I trust you to open your heart always to me. I love you."
Grayson teared up, leaning forward and kissing the man's lips again.

"Thank you for loving me again, Gabriel. I feel the same for you. Please just give me a little time to think upon everything. My love for you is real. I love you so much."

Gabriel smiled.

"As loving and mysterious as always, my Gray."

"I like to keep my man surprised as well." Grayson said, Gabriel smiling, the younger man guiding Grayson's hand to his center, Grayson feeling the young man's rising excitement.

"How about a moonlit swim, my love? I want to taste all of you wet again." Gabriel said, Grayson smiling.

"And I'm going to devour you for hours, my young stallion."

Gabriel smiled, Grayson seeing the younger man's face change, his youthful beauty showing again.

"The magic of Lucas' love makes us see what we fell in love with so long ago, Gray."
"I think it's the magic of our own love, Gabe. You will always be my young stallion."
The younger man smiled, Grayson chasing him back into the bedroom, the two heading downstairs for a wet end to their evening of rejoining love.


Lucas opened his eyes, his room bathed in a soft semi-lit darkness.

He turned his head to the left, two blue pools of love meeting his.

"What time is it, my love?" Lucas said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"It's almost nine, my love." Josh said, Lucas looking into his blue pools.

"You should go home to bed, Joshua. You look exhausted." he said, Josh snuggling gently against him.

"I can't leave you, Lucky. You need my love close." Josh said, Lucas tearing up.

"I love you, Joshua. Your love is always in my heart."

Josh smiled, Lucas kissing his soft warm lips.

The two parted, Josh holding back a soft yawn, Lucas smiling at him.

The door of the room opened, Lance and Justin walking into the room, Justin closing the door behind them, his hand then going into Lance's, Lance smiling at him.

Lucas smiled at both as they walked up to his bed.

"I think you two need to take this yawning, beautiful man home. My Beamy needs some rest." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

"You trying to get rid of me, Carver?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, Chasez. I'm trying to love you. I want my man refreshed and beautiful in the daylight. That will get my body healing. The energy of my love is your refreshed beauty." Lucas said, Josh tearing up.

"I won't be able to sleep without you beside me." Josh said, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"You have two other visions of love to hold you tonight, Joshua. Their love mirrors mine. And you'll sleep with all our love in your heart."

Justin and Lance both smiled, Josh smiling towards both of them.

"They are visions, Lucas. And their love does mirror yours. But they're not you." Josh said, Lucas tearfully smiling at him.

"I know, Joshua. I would love to be at home with you. But tonight I'm just going to sleep. Which you need to do as well. You'll feel their beauty around you, I'll feel all of you in my dreams."

Josh nodded, rising from the bed.

"Alright, my love. But I'll be here first thing in the morning." Josh said, leaning down and kissing Lucas' lips.

The young man softly smiled when they broke their kiss, Justin's and Lance's arms going around Josh.

"One of us can stay with you, Luke." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, it's alright, Jus. I'm just going to sleep all night. I already feel the pain lessening. You three need sleep as well. Goodnight to the three of my heart." Lucas softly smiled, Justin leaning down, kissing Lucas on the lips, both men feeling each other's love.

The two parted, Justin's arms going around Josh again as Lance leaned down and kissed Lucas' lips.

The two men parted, their love anchored in each other's souls.

"Keep them both happy, my Lance. I can already feel the monster stirring."

Lance laughed, blowing Lucas a kiss, the three men smiling down at him.

Josh leaned down again, kissing Lucas again on the lips.

"Love you, Lucky."

"Love you, Beamy."

Josh smiled, kissing him on the lips again, the man rising up, his two friends surrounding him.

The door of the room opened, Linda the nurse walking into the room, carrying a tray.

"Good evening, everyone. Hello, Lucas. You look much better than last night." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"I feel better, Linda." he said, the nurse smiling more at the three singers standing by the bed.

"I have your evening medication, Luke." she said, setting the tray down on the tray table, picking up a needle.

"Thank you, Linda. That should hit the spot." he said, the nurse smiling at him, injecting the needle into his IV.

"And I made it a double this time." she said, Lucas lightly laughing, the three men smiling at him and the nurse.

"Are you staying tonight again, Mr. Chasez?" she said, Josh smiling at her.

"No, Lucas is kicking all of us out. He's just going to sleep all night." Josh said, the nurse nodding.

"That should help, Luke." she said, injecting another needle into his tubing.

"Thanks. I already feel sleepy. Goodnight every. . ." he softly said, slowly closing his eyes.

The nurse smiled, looking at the three men.

"The first shot was a sleeping drug. He'll sleep all night." she said, Justin nodding.

"We'll leave then." he said, the nurse picking up the tray, following the three towards the door.

Josh's blue pools took one last look at Lucas, the young nurse smiling at him.

"He's in good care, Mr. Chasez. And he'll feel your love in his dreams." she said, Josh softly blushing, nodding his head.

"We're all discreet here, Mr. Chasez. Dr. Welby already informed me of your situation. It's nice to know he has love surrounding him." she said, Josh smiling at her.

"Thanks, Linda. And it's just Josh." Josh said, the woman smiling more.

"Goodnight, Josh." she said, Justin holding the door open for her, the four walking out of the room.


Lucas opened his violet pools, feeling the warmth surrounding him before his vision focused.

He also heard the sound of the falling water as well.

He smiled, taking in the vision of beauty before him.

The pool was unchanged, its beauty as breathtaking as ever.

Lucas sat at its edge, his feet submerged in the water.

Lucas stared at his legs, seeing he was wearing the hospital gown here as well.

Lucas closed his eyes, willing his mind to move his feet and legs.

He felt nothing.

He opened his eyes, concentrating on his legs and feet.

They didn't move.

"Your mind cannot direct your magic to move something unmovable, Lucas."

Lucas moved his violet pools, staring into two green pools, Joshua sitting right beside him.

Lucas moved back in surprise, Joshua's arms wrapping around him, stopping him from falling off the large boulder they both sat on.

"Careful, my young friend." the man said, Lucas feeling his muscular warmth around his waist.

"Hello, Grandfather." Lucas softy said, Joshua softly smiling at him.

"Hello, Lucas. My great grandson of surprising love." the soldier said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"My legs. . .they don't. . ." he began to say, Joshua leaning forward and kissing his lips.

The two parted, Joshua staring into his violet pools.

"The realness of the world is a challenge to any magic, Lucas. And yours is perhaps the greatest I have ever witnessed. What you did to clear your own name. And the courage of your protective love." the soldier said, Lucas staring at him.

"I did what I had to do, Grandfather. For any or all of them."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"You. . .you have a great magic, Lucas. Joining souls is almost unheard of. I envy Gideon the sensing of your realness. It would have been moving." Joshua said, Lucas seeing a soft look of awed surprise on his ancestor's face.

"I felt it was my only choice, Grandfather. I did what needed to be done. Regardless of the risk." Lucas said, Joshua nodding his head.

He took in Lucas' legs and hospital gown.

"Your magic is your love, Lucas. You are greater than all of us."

Lucas softly smiled, looking around the pool.

"It hasn't changed, it is as beautiful as ever."
"Your love hasn't changed, why should it?" Joshua said, the soldier rising up from the boulder, Lucas looking up at him.

The handsome middle-aged man wore his uniform, the clothing looking almost new.

He smiled, beginning to unbutton the jacket, Lucas staring at him.

"Are we going to swim together in my love again, Grandfather? Isn't that like incest?"

The older man laughed loudly, Lucas loving his rich masculine laughter.

"Love knows no gender or desire, Lucas. Your love is real love." the man smiled, removing his jacket, Lucas watching as the man's shirt, pants and undergarments joined it on the rock.

Lucas took in the man's revealed muscular physique, the man a walking Adonis.

"Our beauty mirrors ourselves, Lucas. Let me help you into the water." the older man said, Lucas feeling the man's arms going around him, the gown leaving his body, Lucas nude within moments.

Joshua picked the younger man up into his arms, the two rising as one.

The older man moved forward, walking into the pool, carrying Lucas in his arms.

Lucas felt the immediate warmth of the warm water, Joshua's muscular arms around him.

Lucas felt his flaccid center against his ass, the man carrying him with love, not lust.

Lucas became submerged in the water, his body beginning to float on its own, Joshua's arms still around him.

"Your love floats the tiredness from your limbs. It heals the tiredness and pain. But it cannot heal what the real world took from you with steely pain. I know not the answer to that eradicating illness." Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love with mine is enough, Grandfather. I already feel its joining remedy." Lucas said, Joshua smiling at him.

"I give all to you Lucas. As you have always given me."

Lucas smiled, closing his eyes, Joshua's hands going over his body, Lucas feeling his great grandfather's healing touch of love.


Josh stood on the balcony, two arms going around him.

"Thank you for the shower, Justin. Your and Lance's love soothed my tired body." Josh said, Justin kissing his neck.

"And what can soothe your emotional heart, our Joshua?" Lance said, the man standing in the balcony doorway, Justin looking towards him.

All three men were naked, the three having showered together, Lance drying off the other two with love, Josh feeling both of his friends' love.

Josh turned to Lance, the other two men seeing the forming tears in his eyes.

"I almost lost him, Lancy! I almost lost his love!" Josh sobbed, Justin pulling him close, Lance destroying the distance between them, his arms going around Josh as well.

"We will never lose his love, Joshua. I truly believe that. I never stopped feeling his love the last two days. It's still in all our hearts. He's been hurt, but he's alive. He's with us in our hearts and souls. And soon he'll be back home here with us as well. We all need his love." Lance said, Josh staring into his green wet eyes.

"You love him deeply, don't you, Lance?" Josh said, Lance smiling at him.

"With all my soul, Josh. I love him as deeply as I love you and my Justin. I love all three of you with all my soul." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"As I have always loved you, Josh. I love Lucas as deeply in my heart as I love you and my Lance." Justin said, Josh staring into his blue pools.

"Oh God, Jus! I love both of you so much! I need Lucas' love so much!" Josh cried, Justin holding him closer.

"You have his love, Joshy. Now and always. And you have ours." Lance said, Josh's blue pools meeting his.

Justin stared into his green pools, Lance leaning forward, their lips meeting.

Josh felt Justin's lips on his neck, his hand rubbing Josh's smooth chest.

Lance and Josh parted their kiss, Josh's lips now against Justin's, Lance gazing at their tender love.

The two parted their lips, Josh staring into Justin's blue pools.

"We love you, Josh. Let Lance and me stand in for Lucas tonight. Our love surrounds you. You'll sleep a deep sleep of love."
"I'm so tired." Josh softly said, Justin kissing his cheek, Josh's head going to Justin's smooth chest.

Lance smiled when Justin's blue pools met his green.

"Our Josh needs sleep, my Lance. And he needs our love." Justin said, Lance smiling, the two men gently guiding Josh into the bedroom.

Within moments Josh was laying in the center of the large bed, Lance and Justin on both sides of him.

Josh yawned, Justin pulling him close.

Josh moved, his head going against Justin's smooth chest again, Lance spooning against Josh's back, the man feeling their warmth and beauty surrounding him.

He didn't feel any risen desire, his two friends there with their love only.

He smiled, closing his tired eyes, feeling Justin's heartbeat against his ear.

Lance raised his head, leaning across Josh's smooth torso, his lips meeting Justin's.

"Goodnight, my loves." Lance smiled, Justin and Josh both smiling, Justin closing his eyes.

Lance smiled, his head going in the crook of Josh's neck.

His green eyes closed, the love flowing through all three.

None of the three saw the disappearing shadow in the corner of the darkened room.


End of Chapter 129


Our Lucas is slowly getting better.

Will he be permanently paralized?

Can even the waters of his pool of love rejuvenate his injuries?

Our Lucas has visited his pool again, his injuries following him there.


Grayson and Gabriel have reunited, their love again surrounding them.

As Lucas' does as well.

Our magical young man has given them a special gift.

A vision of their forgotten past beauty.

Both men will always see the vision of their remembered lover when they join their love.


Josh is surrounded by his two other soulmates, his own soul wrapped in Lucas' love.

Our foursome has joined deeply.

Now just to get Lucas healthy again.

Paths need walking, souls need opening.


Up next: The media thrives upon their lives.


Hugs, Angel.