Yesterday's End-131


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 131


"I don't like Luke doing this." Finn said, his arms around Skyler, everyone surrounding him in the hospital hallway outside Lucas' room.

They were all waiting as Josh and Lance helped Lucas change and clean up in his room, Pierce remaining as well to do some medical vitals.

"You know Lucas, Finn. When he's focused on something, he sees it through." Vivian said, Finn looking at Lucas' adoptive mother.

"I know, Mama Carver. I just don't like him being exposed out there to the world in his weakened state. He doesn't have to be the poster child for the world's sympathy."

Justin smiled, remembering that Morgan Sheppard had accused him of that yesterday.

"He's not looking for sympathy, Finn. He's focused on telling the truth. Then seeking his freedom at home." Colton said, the young man smiling at the Welshman, Gideon's arm around his nephew, Justin smiling at the young man.

"He's just being Lucas." the singer said, everyone looking at Justin.

"He wants his freedom as Colt said. To curb the world's need so he can have that freedom at home. I think he'll never ever stop amazing us. You all saw his determined love in there. But he's the Lucas we all know and love. I'd be the first to voice that to anyone who questioned the real him." Justin said, Colton smiling at him.

"We all love him and see that, Justin." Gideon said, smiling at the singer, Justin smiling back at him.

"What was it like, Gid? Having Lucas' soul within you? We never really discussed that." Justin said, everyone looking at the young lawyer.

Colton stared up into his uncle's blue eyes, the man softly smiling.

"At first it was like being on the edge of life. In the middle of the universe. So much surrounding reality. It was almost smothering. I then felt the wetness of it."

"The wetness of what?" Harry said, Gideon looking at him.

"The wetness of Lucas' love, Harry. It was like being bathed in liquid love. It felt so warm, so wet and soothing. And then I saw a blue light in my mind. That light took on a form. It changed into a vision of Lucas. I was staring at Lucas within my mind. That's when I knew I was then Lucas, or Lucas was then me. Not sure of the logistics of it. It just felt like I had separated. Like there were two of myself within myself. I can't really explain it."
"Were you scared?" Trish said, Gideon looking at her.

"When have you ever known your brother's love to scare you? I wasn't scared. In fact, I felt totally safe. As if Lucas' love was surrounding me. I felt him there with me. But I felt separate from myself. As if I was sitting on the sidelines watching Lucas walk as me, talk as me and control my emotions."

"Control your emotions?" Emerson said, the young lawyer looking at him.

"With Lucas within myself, I also felt his emotions within the magic. I felt his fear but his love as well. He knew that going forward was to walk a dangerous path. But he took on the fear and the reality of the situation, not myself. After his presence solidified in my soul he never let me feel that fear again. His love blocked the emotions of the moment. He alone walked forward to face that fear and danger. I was sheltered by his love. I stood back and let him walk the path to justice." the young man said, his eyes lowering, Colton's arms wrapping around him.

"You gave into the magic and the beauty of his love, Uncle Gid, as he had asked you to do. To give into that is to give into life." Colton said, his uncle smiling at him.

"It was a magical journey. For a moment I actually felt a great loss when he left. As if part of my soul was going with him. But then as suddenly his love returned to my soul. His love and friendship never left. I love him today as I've loved him and his friendship from the moment we first met." the lawyer smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Remarkable. A transference of soul. It's never been heard of." Grayson said, looking at Emerson and Francesca, the older man staring around at everyone.

"My grandson's magic is the most remarkable of all this. It already exceeds his own families' greatness." he said, Tristan and Savannah looking at their father, the older man smiling.

"The greatness of my families is their love."

Everyone's eyes turned to the hospital room's doorway, Lucas seated in a wheelchair in its center, Josh behind him, Lance and Pierce at his side.

The young man looked refreshed, his black hair combed, his gown replaced with a fresh new one.

His face was clean-shaven, Lance having shaved him with a safety razor.

Lucas' legs were covered with a blanket, the young man looking calm and refreshed.

"Looking good, Luke." Justin said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"As good as the circumstances warrant, my friend. Maybe I'll be the poster child for Bed Pans and Backward Gowns R Us." he said, looking around at everyone.

Everyone laughed, the young man's humor lightening everyone's heart.

"My families' love surrounds me. And I feel the greater love awaiting me at home. Now, just to get this over with. I need to feel that home love." the young man said, Josh's hand going to his shoulder.

"We're all going to be right behind you, Luke." Gideon said, Lucas smiling at his lawyer and friend.

"A man is nothing without family. I have so much." he smiled, everyone smiling.

Lucas looked up into Justin's blue pools.

"Let's head `em off at the pass, sheriff!" he said, Justin lightly laughing.

"Okay, cowpoke." he smiled, Lucas smiling more.

"I'll let you brand me later, sexy." he smiled, Justin grinning.

Everyone smiled, looking at Lucas' smiling face.

Josh moved the wheelchair forward, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue, the man walking beside him and Lucas now, Lance smiling at his soulmate, he and Pierce right behind him.

The others followed; Lucas' bandmates and close family following his love.


Pierce Welby walked into the room, the cameras flashing immediately, the young doctor followed by Gideon, Grayson and Judge Navarro.

The media reporters were on their feet, the large room filled with them and their equipment.

Pierce stared out into the flashing melee, the young doctor walking up to a table, a few chairs behind it as well as a small dais set up beside the table, the two lawyers and judge following.

Gideon Carlisle stood at the dais, the other three men sitting down behind the table in three of the four chairs situated there.

Gideon's blue eyes looked out at the reporters, the room's noise only that of flashing cameras, and silent faces.

"Good morning, everyone. Please be seated." the lawyer said, the reporters slowly going to their seats, all eyes on the young lawyer.

Pierce's eyes went around the room, seeing all the reporters as well as several security personnel, the hospital keeping the room secure.

Two guards stood on both sides of the door they'd walked through, others seen lining the walls of the room.

The door was slightly ajar, those behind it hearing everything going on in the enclosed room.

"My name is Gideon Carlisle. I am the legal representative of Lucas Carver-Belmont, his defense attorney and friend.  I will introduce the gentlemen seated here today, each deserving your calmness and respect." Gideon said, looking to his left, the three men staring at him, all the reporters focused on them.

"To my immediate right is Grayson Wainwright, Lucas' family lawyer and friend. To his left is Dr. Pierce Welby, Lucas' physician here at Los Angeles General Hospital. To his left is Judge Gabriel Navarro, the judge at this week's trial. Each will read a statement, then with time permitting, questions will be answered by each. I trust all of you will keep it respectful and calm. After those statements, Lucas Carver-Belmont will address you himself." Gideon said, all the reporters murmuring, staring back at him.

"This is a meeting that he himself has requested. The world's media seems to have a great need to hear the truth of what has happened these last few days to this amazing young man. We here will voice those details, Lucas himself may voice more. All that we here ask is that you give the young man the respect he's entitled. He is still recovering from this ordeal." the young lawyer said, everyone staring at him.

"Through Lucas' own high intellect and unflinching resolve, his freedom was granted this week. Lucas stood against false accusations, his astute reasoning revealing to myself, to the court, and to the world, his undeniable innocence. The truth was drawn out in the revealed background crimes that surrounded Jacob Addison, the victim. His own two brothers hidden behind the lies. And the scheme those three men devised to implicate my client--and friend--in a false charade of criminal undertaking. Lucas Carver-Belmont has been found innocent of all charges. Judge Navarro seated here can verify that acclamation. As you are now all aware, through your own reporting on that day and the subsequent revelations fed to your need, Jacob Addison's brother Ravid--now revealed as one and the same Detective Raymond Harris--was the true murderer of Jacob Addison. A murder decreed by terminal illness, devised suicide, and vengeful brotherly hatred. Jacob Addison lost his life to his own brother's nefarious underhanded dealings. And in the end, Raymond Harris received his own judgment at the hands of his other brother Levi Strassman. It was a tale of brotherly hardship, animosity and betrayal. And somehow my client was able to decipher all of its hidden truths. Lucas Carver-Belmont owes his own tenacity and courage in gaining his own freedom. He freed himself with his own courageous resolve. I'll take questions." Gideon said, the reporters on their feet.

Gideon pointed at several reporters, questions given on the trial's revealed surprises, and now known truths.

Gideon answered all of them, no hidden facts remaining.

Lucas and his family stood behind the door, listening quietly to all the growing surprise coming from the reporters.

"Gideon's not leaving anything out, other than your soul moving journey." Finn said, Lucas looking at him.

"I told him to reveal all. Nothing needs to remain hidden." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

Their eyes met, Lucas smiling at him, Josh's hand on his shoulder.

They were in public, their need to show their love curtailed, but their eyes spoke volumes to each other.

Gideon continued to answer several questions, the truth shown.

"Judge Navarro would like to read a statement next." Gideon said, the judge rising from his seat, walking up to the dais, shaking Gideon's hand, the younger man smiling at him, Gideon taking his seat on the other side of Grayson.

The judge looked out at the reporters, the middle-aged man softly smiling, pulling out a couple of small notes from his tailored suit pocket, facing the reporters.

"Good morning, everyone. I am Judge Gabriel Navarro, Los Angeles circuit judge and Chairman of the Judicial Board of Los Angeles County. I was the presiding judge at Lucas Carver-Belmont's murder trial that commenced a short few days ago. I have been a presiding judge here in this county for over twenty years. And never in all that time have I ever seen a more complex, surprising and dramatic trial as I have seen these last few days. The hidden truth, the dramatic fashion of how it was all revealed, the intelligence of the defendant and the greater resolve of his amazing lawyer." Judge Navarro said, looking towards Gideon, the young man smiling.

"I have always relied on complete decorum in my courtroom. This week showed anything but that. And here now seated back from that drama I can see the path that Mr. Carver-Belmont weaved for all of us. He created a tapestry of truth and resolve. Of lies and deception, of greater sacrifices in the name of family unity and brotherly love. Tragically three victims--or should I say four now--were the result of all this underhandedness. The death of Jacob Addison at his brother's planned hand, for mercy or perhaps for vengeance; the later death of Ravid Ackerman at the hands of his remaining brother Levi; and the greater tragedy of Levi's final decision. To kill his lost brother to stave off that man's maniacal destruction. That man's destruction wounding a man of innocent resolve. It was a week of great drama, and tragic circumstances. But out of all of it came a greater truth. Mr. Carver-Belmont is freed of all charges leveled against him. He did not kill Jacob Addison, or orchestrate his death or the robbery of his sudden wealth. Lucas Carver-Belmont today is a free man. And I am personally very pleased with that." the judge said, cameras going off, video recorders taping all of it.

The judge's blue eyes looked towards the door, his blue eyes then looking out at the reporters.

"The greater courage of that courageous young man was in his protection of all of us in that courtroom after the revelation of Jacob's true murderer. Ravid Ackerman was a desperate, trapped young man, on the edge of explosive madness. Lucas' sudden reaction to the upcoming truth of that's man's actions saved my own life. Lucas walked in front of the bullets meant for myself. That young man risked his own life for my own. How could I ever repay him for that? How can I ever thank him for that?" the judge said, everyone seeing the tears on his handsome Latino face.

Grayson rose from his seat, walking up to the dais, his arm going around the judge.

The lawyer's blue eyes looked out at everyone, the older man softly smiling.

"Lucas Carver-Belmont's courage is just that. Ever-giving and ever-protective. He needs no thanks for something that comes second nature to him. His love is all-protective and all-giving." the man said, Gabriel looking into his man's blue pools.

"My name is Grayson Wainwright. I am Lucas' family lawyer, as Gideon stated earlier. I have a statement to read on his family's behalf. Then Judge Navarro and myself will answer any questions." the man said, taking a letter out of his pocket, Gabriel looking at him.

Grayson smiled at him, opening the letter, putting his glasses on and reading it.



"It is with great relief and happiness that we, Lucas' family, join together in our praise for his ever-giving love, in the acceptance of his ever-giving protection, and in our own happiness for his love still remaining here with us.

Our grandson, son and brother, and family friend of giving love, is still with us.

He is wounded but his love still shines.

We only ask that all those of needful want give him time to recover, to rejuvenate his love as it once was.

He has so much more love, music and happiness to give all of us.

Let's watch his love return to us.

Let's feel that love forever.


Written with love,
Emerson, Francesca, Tristan and Savannah Belmont.

Vivian, Henderson, and Patricia Carver.

Finn Delaney, Skyler Templeton, and all his friends of love."


Lucas looked around him, everyone smiling at him behind the door.

"Thank you all. Love written, love shown." he said, Savannah leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"Love given, love gained." she said, Lucas smiling.

Inside the room, Grayson's and Gabriel's blue eyes looked out into the staring reporters.

"We'll take questions." Gabriel said, Grayson looking at him.

Reporters were raising hands, edging towards them, Gabriel pointing at a reporter with a CBS badge on him.

"Jim Horton, CBS news. Lucas Carver saved your life, Judge Navarro? He really did that?" he said, Gabriel nodding.

"Yes, sir. I was taken hostage on the bench by Raymond Harris who sat in the witness stand, his gun then aimed against my head. He dragged me out of the bench, his thoughts on a hostage entrapped escape. Lucas stared at me with such courage. Through his eyes I saw the sign he was giving me to have my own courage. I moved suddenly in the man's arms. I hit the floor, the assailant surprised. Lucas charged right at him, sending the man moving backwards, Lucas stumbling.

The man regained his feet, aiming the gun towards myself. Lucas' gamble was for naught. Or so I thought. I was bracing myself to die, the gun aimed right at me. In a flash of courage and surprising acceptance, that young man leapt right in front of me, shielding me, taking those bullets in my stead." the man said, his emotions laid bare, Grayson's arm still around him, the reporters staring in awed silence.

"A hero is a man willing to give his own life for the safety of others. Lucas Carver-Belmont will always be a hero to myself. He has given me life again, a life of renewed faith in mankind and in love." the judge said, everyone staring at him.

Other reporters raised their hands, Grayson and Gabriel answering questions, Gideon again drawn into their judicial questions.

When the reporters had seemed to divulge all the truth from the three men--or what they warranted should be given--Gideon asked the other two to go back to their seats, Grayson and Gabriel sitting down together, their hands joining under the table, hidden from the room.

Gideon stared out at the media, the lawyer looking towards the young doctor seated beside Gabriel.

"Last to speak from this room is Dr. Pierce Welby, Lucas' physician and now friend." Gideon said, Pierce looking at him with soft surprise, the young lawyer smiling at him.

The doctor rose from his seat, walking up to Gideon, the man shaking his hand, leaning in to the young doctor, whispering in his ear.

"Before the melee rises, Lucas asked me to invite you to lunch this afternoon at Josh's home. I worded your introduction by his own words, new friend of his heart." Gideon said, Pierce staring at the young lawyer, Gideon smiling, walking back to his seat.

Pierce looked out at all the reporters, the young man's hands going onto the dais.

"My name is Doctor Pierce Welby. I am Lucas Carver-Belmont's surgeon and physician here at this hospital. I am, as Mr. Carlisle stated, a new friend of his as well. For through his recuperating strength and giving courage I have seen a young man of deep courageous strength and resolve. His healing strength is next to no one's. His youth, strength and physical fitness have done wonders for his recovery. He unfortunately has a long road ahead of him. But he is destined to see that challenge face to face. His own words. I will give you a detailed report on his injuries and his recuperation. Then Lucas will join us here of his own resolve. I am still his doctor. I will not let all of you work him up into a threatening level of taxing strength. Be forewarned." the young doctor said, pulling out a few sheets from a folder he'd carried into the room and to the dais.

The next few minutes were given over to Pierce's explanations of Lucas' injuries, surgery and recuperation.

The revealed fact of his spinal injuries sent a wave of murmuring voices through the audience, hands raising immediately.

Pierce answered a lot of medical questions, a consensus building in the media's mind.

Lucas was paralyzed.

The young man's injuries were not so minimal.

Pierce told them all the truth, Lucas quietly listening in silence, Josh's hand rubbing his shoulder again, the young man feeling his surrounding love.

Justin's blue eyes met Josh's blue, Justin seeing deep love in his friend's blue pools.

A love Justin hadn't seen totally before.

I was a total love of unflinching life.

The man smiled, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder as well.

Lance smiled at both men standing behind Lucas, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Love never changes, Lucas. We are all here for you as always. For both of you." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, Justin's blue pools on Josh's blue.

Josh smiled, Lucas surrounded by everyone.

Pierce ended the questions, the truth now known to everyone.

"Lucas is a courageous, giving, determined young man. I truly believe him when he says he'll never give up. His tenacity shines in his giving love, his giving courage and his own life-giving resolve. That young man will continue to surprise all of us."
Gideon rose again, walking up to the dais, thanking Pierce, the young man's face showing a wide loving smile.

He walked back to his seat, Gabriel and Grayson both smiling at him.

"Thank you, gentlemen. For voicing the truth and the friendship you all show for our dear friend. We shall end this news conference with the one at the center of all of it. I expect all to give their calm respect to this young man. He has earned it in his own actions and in his own showing self. Last to speak here today is my friend, Lucas Carver-Belmont." Gideon said, his body and eyes moving towards the door, the security guards moving around the room, walking in front of the rows of reporters.

All the reporters rose to their feet, the door opening, everyone staring towards it.


Into the room rolled Lucas, the young man pushed forward by Josh, everyone of his young life following him.

The cameras increased in volume and flash, a hundred suns shining in a suddenly small enclosed room.

Their lenses zoomed in on the young seated man, as well on all the famous faces walking behind him.

Justin, Lance and Josh all calmly focused on their young friend, Orion following them; Finn's arms around both Sky and Trish, Andrew walking with Lucas' parents and grandparents, Alain and Harry walking behind everyone, their eyes scanning everywhere.

Colton quietly stared out at everyone, Tristan's arm around him.

Lucas' violet pools looked around, everyone staring at a young handsome, calm face; Josh pushing him towards the dais, Gideon quietly removing the microphone from its stand, Josh stopping beside Gideon, Gideon smiling at Lucas, adjusting the mike again onto a pedestal stand, focusing it in front of Lucas' wheelchair.

Lucas smiled at him; Grayson, Gabriel and Pierce joining with Gideon on Lucas' left side.

Josh, Justin and Lance all stood on Lucas' right side, Josh right beside Lucas' wheelchair.

Lucas' family stood behind all of them, all of them staring out at the reporters.

The young man sat quietly, staring out at everyone, a calming distance between him and the reporters, security guards standing in front of the reporters.

All eyes and cameras were on the young man's handsome, calm face, a soft smile showing across it.

Suddenly a few of the reporters began to clap, a gradual applause beginning in the room, then increasing.

Lucas stared around at everyone, the room suddenly filling with genuine applause.

His family and friends were clapping as well, the young man softly smiling, his eyes lowering.

The noise gradually quieted down, Lucas now surrounded by everyone who'd walked into the room behind him.

Lucas' head raised, the young man seeing everyone focused on him, their faces  showing an awed look of wondrous amazement.

"Thank you, everyone. For your applause and for your showing respect. I see before me all your enquiring eyes, some filled with wonder and others filled with awed confusion. I sat behind that door listening to all that my friends and legal counsel spoke of these last few minutes. I heard again all the drama and truths I recently lived through. They are all facts of surprising truth and revealing life. As I'm sure my being here like this reveals its own surprise. I survived. I'm alive and I'm healing. I have been given a second chance at leading my life forward again. That life begins with the love I feel and you now see surrounding me. Good friends, loving family and my own resolve. I am injured, perhaps permanently, perhaps not. As Dr. Welby said, I show a great courage and resolve. It's called living one's life. I have a life to live, I have a path to walk, or as you see, wheel. I will not now nor ever will give up on life." Lucas said, his eyes looked around, meeting so many eyes of awed wonder.

"The drama has ended, the trial showed its truth. I am free, as I always said I would be. That never raised a doubt in my heart. For I had truth behind me. I wish to thank all of those who believed in me. My family, friends, and judicial colleagues. I am free again. My life once again is my own, albeit a more trapped life. But my heart and soul are not trapped. I am going forward with freedom in my heart, and love as well. Those that surround me I can lean on, love and take in their support. Today, I feel I am the luckiest man alive. I have life and I have love. I'll take some questions." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

The reporters were on their feet again, Lucas pointing at a young woman at their center.

"Diane Maloney, Lucas. Entertainment Tonight. You're showing a renewed radiance of healthy resolve, Lucas. How do you feel?"

"I feel alive, Miss Maloney. I know I'm not totally healed, that there's a long road ahead. I have to will myself to try and survive as a disabled man. My legs may not gain me lofty aspirations but my mind and heart still continue. I am focusing on going forward. On getting well and taking on life again. That begins again with my music. I sing from my heart, not my legs. I have a voice that needs hearing. As do my bandmates. We are one of soul. We've just added some metal acoustics." he said, smiling at the reporter, she smiling back.

A few reporters lightly laughed, Lucas' soft humor washing away the quietness in the room.

"You have a very positive view on life, Lucas."

"Life is about living, Diane. I'll never give up on that." he said, the woman nodding, sitting down again.

Lucas pointed at another man just to her left.

"Bill Simon, USA Today. You saved Judge Navarro's life, Lucas. Has he thanked you? How does it feel to be a hero?" he said, Lucas softly sighing, looking towards Judge Navarro, Gabriel smiling at him.

"Judge Navarro tried to thank me, I taking that with reluctance. His being here is the only thanks I need or expect. I didn't do it for accolades or heroism. I did it because I saw someone in danger. I would have done it for anyone in that courtroom, including those who sought to destroy me."

The reporters murmured, all staring at Lucas with surprise.

"You mean you would have saved even Raymond Harris, or Ravid Ackerman whom he was shown to be?" the reporter said, staring at him.

"Yes, I would have, sir. The greatest tragedy in all of this is that three brothers ended up losing their lives for nothing."

Everyone murmured, Lucas own friends and family staring at him.

"Three brothers?" the reporter from USA Today said, staring at Lucas.

"Levi Ackerman--or Levi Strassman as he was known--hung himself this morning in his jail cell." Lucas said, everyone looking shocked, Judge Navarro walking up to Lucas, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"How did you. . .?" he whispered, Lucas' eyes meeting his, the judge looking out at everyone.

"Lucas is correct. I was informed of the news this morning by the police chief. That young, distraught man hanged himself early this morning. It hadn't been made public yet. I see your forgiving love shines in all corners, Lucas." he said, looking at Lucas, Lucas looking out at the reporters again.

"There is no heroism in the loss of life. Jacob was dying, his thoughts on a more quick end to his life. I would never fault him for that. His mistake was trusting in his brothers to see him off on that journey with kindness and love. In the end, he only received that from Levi. Ravid took more pleasure in doing the deed himself. He was long lost to the evil that was his life." Lucas said, lowering his eyes for a moment, the room suddenly rather quiet, cameras still going off.

"Levi was the true lost one of the three. The oldest and the more giving. He sought his whole life to give his brothers a better life. In the end that was denied all of them. He showed a greater courage in the end than even I did. For he stopped his brother from perhaps hurting even more people. None of us can judge any of the three.  That is now for God's holy tribunal. I only wish for all three of them a final peace. Perhaps three brothers can find forgiveness in love's eternal life."

The young man sat up more in his chair, everyone staring at him.

The reporter who'd asked the question quietly sat down, Lucas pointing at a young man staring at him with a raised hand.

"Tom Harmon, CNN. Where do you go from here, Lucas?"

"I go home, sir. I go on with life. Dr. Welby is releasing me today, I am going home. I have to heal, then sing again. And I have other paths to walk, so to speak. Paths of love and of family. I will not stop on life's path." he said, the young man in front of him nodding his head.

"You are surrounded by so many famous friends, Lucas. Those here and others who have voiced their love for you in the media. You're becoming a rising star in music and in fame. You seem to have it all. Is there love in your heart as well?" the young man said, Lucas staring at him.

"Life is nothing without love, young man. I will always have love in my heart." Lucas said, everyone smiling at him.

"He has mine. I love him with all my heart."

Lucas' eyes widened, moving to his right, staring into two blue pools.

Josh stood beside Lucas' chair, his hand going into his resting on the chair's armrest, Joshua Chasez's blue pools looking forward.

"Lucas Carver-Belmont is the love of my life. We love each other with all our hearts. I will never hide that love again." Josh said, Justin and Lance staring at their friend, Lance's eyes showing tears, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

The room was dead silent for a moment, then all hell broke loose.

The melee charged forward, cameras flashing again, reporters raising their hands, yelling towards Josh.

The security guards kept everyone back, the noise deafening.

Josh raised his hand, trying to calm the madness before him.

The noise gradually lessened, the young reporter who'd asked Lucas the question about love staring at Josh.

"Are you. . .are you coming out on national television, J.C.?" he asked, Josh's hand squeezing his soulmate's, Lucas violet pools looking up at his handsome face.

"I love Lucas, with all my soul. He is the love of my life. The only thing coming out is our love for each other. He has my love and my soul. And I will walk with him on the path of his life. Of our life. We walk always together. In the openness now of our love."

Lucas teared up, Josh leaning down, their lips meeting, cameras exploding around them.

"Forever, my Lucas." Josh said when they parted lips, Lucas seeing the total love in his soulmate's blue pools.

"Forever, my Joshua." Lucas said, Josh seeing the emotion showing on his young handsome face.

Pierce was staring at him as well, seeing the emotion.

Josh stood erect again, staring out at everyone.

"I'll voice the truth as it lays in my heart. I'm gay and I'm in love with this wonderful man. Lucas and I are leaving and heading home. Our lives move forward, our love our own." he smiled.

The reporters began to yell again, Gideon walking in front of everyone.

"This news conference has ended. Thank you all." he said, everyone moving towards the door again, Harry now pushing Lucas' wheelchair, Josh at Lucas' side, the cameras continuing to flash until they disappeared through the door, the media's need loud and thunderous.


Justin closed the door, all eyes going to the young man leaning back against the pillows of his bed, Tristan and Pierce helping Lucas back into his bed, the young man's violet pools only on Josh's, the man standing beside his bed.

"Say something, my love. You haven't said a word since we left the reporters." Josh said, Lucas' violet pools staring at him.

The group had been surrounded by security guards when they'd walked through the door, the group guided to the elevators, heading back upstairs to Lucas' hospital room.

Here they all now were, Lucas in the center of all their gazes.

"My. . .my love. Why. . .why did you do that?" Lucas said, Josh seeing the emotion in his violet pools.

For our love, Lucas. For the love you give me every day. I saw you alone in front of the world showing your love, showing your giving soul. I wanted to stand beside you, Lucas. I want to stand beside your love for the rest of my life. I love you, my Lucas. Forever." Josh said, his eyes filled with tears, staring into Lucas' violet pools, the young man pulling Josh forward, his arms wrapping around him, Josh sobbing into his chest.

"I love you, Joshua. For this life and for eternity. Our love is ours forever. Its openness will show forever." Lucas said, everyone seeing the love and emotion in Lucas' violet pools.

Finn was crying, Skyler and Alain's arms around him, everyone moved by the love showing before them.

Josh pulled back, Lucas smiling at him, wiping the tears from his handsome face.

"You just let a mess of worms out into the pond, my love. The bottom feeders may devour us."
Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nice vision, babe." he said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"We love each other, Josh. We'll get through life together."

The man smiled, a hand going to his shoulder.

He stared into Justin's and Lance's eyes, the two men hugging him tightly.

Lucas smiled up at all three, Lance staring at him.

"Did you two know?" he said, Lance smiling at him, then at Josh.

"No, Luke. No one knew." Josh said, his soulmate's violet pools meeting his.

Justin's hand went to Josh's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"I kinda knew, Josh. I saw a deep look in your eyes just before Lucas walked out into the media frenzy. I saw a look of total love. Your total love for him. It was the largest I had ever seen it. Your heart is full, my friend. I wasn't shocked that you'd voice that love with your heart's truth. I wish both of you a life of open love. You both deserve it!" he said, his blue pools filled with tears.

Lucas' hand went in Justin's, the young man pulling him downward, the two hugging tightly.

"You will have the same love soon, Justin. All hearts need open love." Lucas said, kissing his lips.

The man smiled, wiping his eyes, Josh pulling him upwards, his arms going around him.

"Thank you, Justin. Our love begins with all of your love." he said, the two hugging.

Finn walked up to the bed, wiping his eyes.

Lucas' violet pools met his, the younger man smiling.

"You eyes have never looked happier, Lucky. We all see their total shining happiness." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm in love, Finny. My heart's healed. I have all of Josh's love." the young man said, tears beginning to fall.

Finn moved forward, sitting down on the bed, holding his friend in his arms, Lucas sobbing against his muscular chest.

Skyler and Trish were in tears, walking up to the bed, everyone taking in the scene of Lucas' emotional love.

Lucas broke from his friend, Finn smiling at him, wiping his young friend's tear-covered cheeks.

"I'm sorry, guys. I'm going to have to change the song." he said, Trish and Skyler exchanging glances, Finn's eyebrow cocked.

"What song?" He said, Lucas' violet pools looking up at Josh.

"Someone just laid claim to my heart. My healed heart of love." He said, his three bandmates smiling.

Josh sat down on the bed, his hand going in Lucas', Finn smiling at both.

"Looks like the boy toy of Orion is off the market." he grinned, laughing, Lucas smiling at him.

"Did Alain finally put a ring through your nose?" Lucas said, Alain bursting into laughter, Finn blushing, the room flooding with laughter.

"I meant you, Joshy's bitch!" he said, Lucas laughing now, Pierce smiling at the young man.

"Looks like my patient is healing nicely. I'll sign the papers, Luke. You can sneak out now if you like." he said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Thanks, Pierce. I need to go home. To our home." he said, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"We'll get the cars organized, Luke." Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, Gray. And then I'll organize my life." he said, the young man smiling widely.

Emerson looked at his grandson, seeing the love shining in his eyes.

And he alone saw the soft glow of the red stone hanging around his neck.

Lucas smiled, he and Josh hugged by everyone, Josh smiling with open happiness.


"Comfy, my love?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The water soothes my soul, my wet Adonis." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, leaning forward, kissing his lips.

Lucas sat on a pool chair, floating in the middle of the pool.

Josh swam beside him, he and Justin having helped Lucas climb into the chair in the water.

Justin smiled, he and Lance swimming at the end of the chair at Lucas' feet.

Lucas was half submerged, the warmth of the wetness and the overhead sun soothing his tired body.

Lucas had insisted when he'd been wheeled back into their home that he wanted to feel the sun and the wetness of his home's heart.

Josh had smiled, giving into his man's every wish.

Here now Lucas floated in the pool; the patio, pool's edge and the water filled with his friends and families of love.

Justin swam around the pool chair, he now on Lucas' other side.

He filled his hand with water, pouring the water across Lucas' smooth muscular chest.

His eyes went to the wound showing just above Lucas' left nipple, a waterproof bandage covering it.

"Mm, that feels good, Jus." he said, Josh smiled, doing the same thing, both men bathing Lucas with the warm water, Lucas leaning back and sighing.

They were both careful of the wound, the young man smiling at both.

Lance smiled, pouring water over Lucas' feet and legs, the young man looking down at him.

"I don't feel it, Lancy. But I feel your administering love." he said, Josh tearing up, Justin smiling at him.

"Nice harem, Lukey!" Finn yelled from the diving board, smiling down at Lucas and the three men surrounding him.

Lucas looked up, smiling at his friend.

"Where's your loincloth, Eunuch?"

Justin laughed, Finn blushing, diving off the diving board, landing on Justin's other side a few feet away, his splash soaking Justin and Lucas.

The younger man smiled, Justin wiping the water off his face.

"Careful, Finny! You could have upset Lucas' chair!" Justin said, when Finn gained the surface of the water, his blue eyes going to Lucas.

"Sorry, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love exploded, Finny. And I'm all wet. Tasty too." Lucas said, licking his lips; Justin, Josh and Lance all laughing, Finn blushing.

Justin grinned, swimming towards the Welshman.

"Let me have a taste, Finny! Yummy!" he said, Finn backing up and swimming backwards.

"Stay away from me, Timberlake!" he said, Justin grinning and following him.

"That's Timbersnake, to you! And that's for a reason!" Justin laughed, Finn blushing, reaching the pool's edge, climbing out, Justin stopping in the water, smiling up at Finn.

"You're twisted, Timberlake."
"Don't I know it." Lance said, wrapping his arms around his wet Justin, the man having swam after him.

Justin smiled, their lips meeting, Finn smiling down at them.

"I'll leave you to your love, then. But keep it clean." he said, Justin smiling up at him.

"Where's the fun in that?" he said, Lance's lips kissing his neck.

"I can be a lot of fun, clean or dirty." he said, Justin smiling at him, Lance hugging him close.

Finn smiled, walking across the pool's edge, sitting down with his Sky on a lounge chair.

Justin smiled, his blue eyes looking towards Josh and Lucas, the two in the middle of the pool, Josh's lips joined with Lucas', the two lost to themselves.

"They're happy, Jus. I've never seen Josh so happy." Lance said, Justin looking at him, then back at them.

"Yes, Lance. I have never seen that look in Josh's eyes. It's the look of total love. He never had that for me. And I see the same in Lucas' violet pools."
Lance smiled, his lips meeting Justin's, the man feeling Lance's total love.

"I see that look in your eyes, almost completely, my Jus. And I know it's for me alone." he said, Justin tearing up.

"I love you, Lance. I'm so happy for them. And I'm happy for myself." he said, Lance smiling at him.

"I love you too, Justin. And I want you to let that feeling go."
Justin stared at him, Lance's arms wrapping around him in the water.

"I feel the emotion in your soul, my love. You don't have to voice your love as Josh did, for me, my Jus."
"I love you, Lance. I want that open love they have. I just. . ."

"You just feel you need more time. I totally understand that, my love. You don't have to open your life for me, Justin. When you feel you want to do that, you do that for yourself. I already have your open love. It's right here, surrounding me. You tell the world when you're ready. Today, Josh was ready. He saw the love he's found in Lucas' eyes. The emotions of almost losing him stirred the truth in his soul. He needed his love open so that their love could grow in the open. For his soul is given over forever to Lucas' love. As I know one day yours will. I love you, Justin. And I'll accept that open love one day as easily as Lucas has today."
Justin teared up, staring at Lance.

"I love you so much, Lance. I just need a little more time." he said, Lance smiling at him with total love.

"I'm not going anywhere, beautiful. And you're already mine."

Justin smiled widely, their lips meeting with deep love.

"Shouldn't you brand him then?"

The two men broke their kiss, both staring into two violet pools, Lucas' pool chair floating beside them, Josh smiling at both from the other side of it.

"That chair's way too silent." Lance said, Lucas smiling widely.

"I'm going to grease my wheelchair's wheels as well. Rolling thunder coming at ya!"

All four laughed, Lucas smiling at the two men swimming in front of him.

"Open love is beautiful, Jus. But there's something that can be said for closeted love. The dangers of getting caught, the nerves of making out in open places. Woof!" Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"Never thought of that, Luke. Thanks. Josh will soon get sick of all the tedium from your average love."
Lucas laughed, his hand going on top of Justin's head, pushing the man under the water.

Lance and Josh laughed, Justin coming back to the surface, wiping his wet face, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Damn you and your strength, Luke."

"None in my legs, double in my arms. I can crack walnuts now. Or any other nuts that excite me." he said, batting his eyelashes, Justin laughing.

The four smiled, Lucas looking towards the patio.

"Almost time for a late lunch, babe. Help me out of here and guide me to my chair. I want to bask in the showing love."
The three men smiled at him, Josh guiding Lucas' pool chair over to the pool's edge.
Justin stared after Luke, his thoughts his own.


Pierce walked out onto the patio, Andrew at his side, the young lawyer talking to him.

Lucas smiled at the young doctor, Pierce smiling at him.

"What are you doing out here in the sunshine, Luke? I thought I said complete bed rest for the first few days?" he said, softly smiling at Lucas, the young man seated at one of the patio tables in his wheelchair.

His chest was covered now by an athletic top, his arms bronzed and muscular.

His parents and grandparents rounded out the patio table, Tristan offering the young doctor his chair beside Lucas.

"I'm going to help Josh with the steaks, Luke. He's taken too much on." Tristan smiled, Lucas nodding with a smile, his father walking over to Josh and Justin, the two standing beside two large barbecues off the patio.

"Men and their barbecues." Savannah said, Lucas smiling at his mother.

"It's a guy thing, Mom. I think it's mainly because of the meat." he said, Pierce laughing, then blushing.

"Cool! He caught the double entendre." Lucas smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"How are you doing, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I couldn't stay cooped up in a bedroom all day, Pierce. I need to move in the sunshine and the open." he said, Pierce nodding.

"Understood. But take it easy." he said, Lucas nodding with a smile.

"Thanks for the ruse at the hospital, Doc. We got out with everyone relatively intact." Harry smiled, walking up to the table, sitting down beside the doctor, pulling another chair over from the other table, Vivian giving the young man room.

Pierce had suggested that Lucas and Josh go down to the underground parking, fleeing out of there while Justin and Lance and Lucas' family had met the press head on at the front entrance.

Harry had accompanied Josh and Lucas down to the parking lot, Alain waiting there with an SUV.

The four had driven home relatively easily.

Only when they'd driven up into the first level and out into the street were they spotted.

The chasing reporters were lost easily.

"Relatively intact?" Pierce said, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

"Harry bit his nails down with worry. The only casualty of the war." Lucas said, Harry laughing, the others around the table smiling at Lucas.

Pierce smiled, nodding his head.

"You're welcome. I wanted you freed with minimal stress."
"Sign, sealed and delivered. No postage due." Lucas smiled, Pierce shaking his head in amazement.

"You are amazing, Luke. So full of mirth even after all this drama." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

The phone went off, Josh picking it up by the barbecue, waving at Lucas, talking into it.

"I will never let life get me down, Pierce. I'm living it and I'm loving it. There's no time for doubt." he said, smiling at the young doctor.

The man nodded, looking around.

"I feel out of place here, Luke." he said, Lucas' violet pools taking in his casual look, the young man wearing a Ralph Lauren navy polo shirt and white cargo shorts.

"You look normal and relaxed. You fit in nicely. As a friend, first and foremost." Lucas smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"Thank you, Luke. I welcome your friendship." he said, Josh smiling at him as he walked up to the table, Lucas staring into his blue pools, seeing the tears in his man's eyes.

"Something wrong, my love?"
"They love me, Luke. They love me so much." he said, handing the phone to Lucas, the young man smiling at him, taking it from him.

"Hello? Oh hi, Mom!" Lucas said, Josh smiling at his man talking to his mother.

"My parents. They called to voice their love for me. For me and my open love. It's all over the entertainment news, Mom said." he said, Savannah rising from her seat, hugging Josh, Lucas smiling up at him, talking into the phone.

Pierce smiled up at the singer, Josh's face covered in emotional happiness.

"They love their son, Josh. End of story." Savannah said, Josh smiling at her.

"Parents. You have to love them." he said, Savannah smiling, kissing his cheek.

"That you do, Josh. As much as they love their children." she said, looking towards Emerson and Francesca.

Lucas smiled, continuing to talk into the phone, Josh's father now on the line.

"Welcome to our home, Pierce. Lunch is almost ready." Josh smiled, his hand going to Pierce's shoulder.

"Thank you for inviting me, Josh. It's beautiful from what I saw walking through." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Come with me. I'll give you a guided tour and fix you a drink." Josh said, Pierce rising from his seat, Josh smiling around at everyone, blowing his man a kiss, Lucas blowing one back, the two men walking towards the pool first.


Josh smiled at Pierce, the two standing in the living room, Josh having shown the young doctor the whole house, Pierce marveling at its contemporary but stylish beauty.

Pierce had discussed with Josh Lucas' needs, the man showing him their bedroom upstairs, as well as the bathroom, Pierce suggesting slight changes to make the access easier for Lucas.

"Lucas has nominated me as his number one chair lift upstairs." Josh smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"And I'm sure carrying him in your arms every night to bed is an easy acceptance." he said, Josh smiling widely.

"I'd say it's more a fringe benefit. I love him in my arms."

Pierce laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"So during lunch I'm sure Lucas will draw all of your life out of you. He loves to know everyone's background." Josh smiled, the two now in the living room, Pierce's fingers strumming across the large black piano in the corner.

"It's not that glamorous, just average." he smiled, smiling at the soft music coming off the piano keys.

"I always marvel at people's ability to make music. You and Lucas are both so gifted." Pierce smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"As are you, Doctor. You use your hands for life-saving work. Lucas and I use ours for spiritual melodies." Josh said, Pierce smiling at him.

The front buzzer went off, Josh smiling at Pierce.

"More guests. Everyone wanted to be here for Lucas today." Josh smiled, Pierce nodding, walking with the man to the front foyer, Josh opening the door.

Josh was enveloped in a hug, Usher smiling at Adam hugging Josh, his brown eyes going to Pierce's piercing blue.

"Hello again, Adam and Ush. Lucas is on the patio." Josh smiled, breaking Adam's tight embrace of friendship, the singer looking now into Pierce's blue eyes.

"Hello again, Mr. Levine." Pierce said, extending his hand with a smile, having just shook Usher's, the black man looking between the two with a smile.

Adam smiled, staring into the man's captivating blue eyes.

"Hello, Dr. Welby. And I'm just Adam. And this is just Usher." Adam said, the young doctor softly smiling.

"Alright, Adam. I can't get over all these celebrities. I feel so out of my league." the young doctor smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"We're just normal guys, Dr. Welby." Usher said, Pierce smiling at him.

"And I'm just Pierce." Pierce said, both men smiling at him.

"And I'm just Nick. And this is Chris one and Chris two." Nick Carter said, standing behind the two men in the open door.
Josh smiled, waving all his friends in, Chris Kirkpatrick and Chris Pine walking into the house as well.

"Close the door, Joshy. The paparazzi have wide lenses. Don't want my beautiful face splashed across every magazine in the US." Chris smiled, Piney rolling his eyes.

"I'm sure Whales Quarterly will snatch them up."

Everyone turned, Chris staring into Lucas' violet pools, the man smiling at him, his wheelchair right behind Josh.

"Everyone's here, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, meeting Chris' blue pools.

"I'd slap you silly for that remark, if I wasn't so damn happy to see you, Carver!" Chris said, moving forward, bending down, his arms wrapping around Lucas, the young man smiling at his felt emotions, Chris Pine smiling down at him with tearful eyes as well.
"Welcome home, Luke." Piney said, Lucas patting Chris' back, the man still hugging him with emotion.

"And here I thought your love was an endangered species. I think it will never die." Lucas smiled, Chris breaking his hold on him.

"Love ya, Knucklehead!"

Lucas laughed, smiling at his friends; Nick, Adam and Usher smiling at him with tearful eyes as well.

Chris' eyes went to Josh, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Proud of you, my friend. We can all see your love grow in the open now. But we don't want to see your skinny ass!" he smiled, Josh tearing up, the two old friends hugging.

"Thank you, Chris. Our love we'll always share." he said, Chris kissing his cheek.

"Love ya, Lucky's bitch."
Josh laughed, Chris smiling, his eyes meeting Pierce's blue.

"Pierce is a new friend, guys. He's seen more of me than even my Beamy. We're all ourselves here." Lucas said, Josh laughing.

The men smiled, Lucas looking at Nick.
"Gid's in the pool, Nicky. He's missing your love."
Nick smiled, walking towards the living room.

The two Chrises smiled, their arms going around each other.

Adam and Usher's hands went together, Pierce's blue eyes looking around at everyone, following their joining motions of love.

"Love is love, my friends. This house is full of it." Lucas said, Chris smiling at him.

"I'd sooner be filled with your lasagna. You cooking, Luke?" he said, Piney rolling his eyes.

Lucas laughed, wheeling his chair around, Josh pushing him forward, everyone smiling and following them.

Adam's blue eyes met Pierce's blue, the young doctor softly blushing.
"We're all pairs of Lucas' love, Pierce. If you're not hitched he'll guide you to your love." Usher smiled, Adam smiling at his soulmate.

"An angel walks among us, Pierce. His violet eyes are love." Adam said, Pierce smiling at him.

The doctor walked with the two men, everyone heading for outside.

Lucas led the way, his face covered in a guarded smile.


End of Chapter 131


Lucas has returned home.

Not before stating the truth to the world, his own and his Josh's.

And so Josh has stepped into the limelight with his love for Lucas.

He's outed himself to the world.

And Lucas' love grows stronger within his soul.


Lucas walks forward on the path.

And others have walked off it.

Levi, Ravid and Jacob Ackerman have gone on to their justice.

Let's hope God's love warrants eternal peace.


Lucas is home again, basking in the surrounding love of his family.

His own and now Josh's.

The two men stand free to the world.

Let's watch their open love grow.


Pierce has been welcomed into the flock as well.

Another stray youth of beauty and friendship.

What's his whole story?

He seems overwhelmed by the celebrity world around him.

I think we can trust in Lucas to draw more out of him.

The love will grow.



Hugs, Angel.