Yesterday's End-132


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 132


Lucas smiled, the young man seated in the corner of the patio, Josh seated beside him, his arm around the back of Lucas’ wheelchair.

Lunch was over, the group relaxing around the patio, all the tables filled with friendship and love.

Lucas’ violet pools scanned around, seeing all that mattered to him.

His family and his loving friends.

Aaron and Craig--as well as Joey and Kelly-- had called earlier, the last of Lucas’ close friends sending their love.

All were in New York, the distance no separation for their love.

Pierce sat beside Lucas and Josh; Adam and Usher as well as Justin and Lance completing their surrounding table.

The meal had been delicious, the barbecue fare enriching and bountiful.

Josh and Tristan had smiled, receiving accolades from everyone.

Lucas had eaten relatively well, Josh smiling at him.

“Delicious indeed, my love. And I can’t walk it off.” he smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

“Your metabolism will burn it off as usual, my angel.” Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

“I will never go to seed, babe. I have too much energy to ever grow lethargic.” Lucas said, Pierce smiling at him.

“That will keep you fit. As will your physiotherapist. I’ve booked one for Monday.” the doctor said, everyone smiling at Lucas.

“A taskmaster is it to be?” Lucas said, Pierce smiling.

“No, Lucas. I don’t think anyone could make you do anything. You are your own man.” Pierce said, Lucas smiling at him.

“That I am. But I’ll always welcome help. Plus, I like a good workout.” he said, winking at Josh, the man softly blushing.

“That should be the last thing on your mind, my love.” he said, Lucas leaning forward and kissing his man’s warm lips.

“I’m injured, not dead, babe. My man opened his heart to the world today. That’s got me so turned on.” Lucas said, Josh blushing again.

Everyone around the table laughed, Adam smiling at the two men.

“I can’t believe you did that, Josh! Ush and I watched the video on the noon news. That took a lot of courage.” Adam said, staring at his friend with admiration.

“It only took Lucas’ love, Adam. And my own heart. His showing love made my love show.” Josh said, staring at his man.

Lucas smiled, the two staring into each other’s souls.

“Soulmates forever, my love.” Lucas said, Josh smiling.

Usher smiled at the two, his arm around Adam’s back, and their eyes meeting.

“One day I hope to show that same heart-filled open love as well for my Adam.” the black man said, Lucas smiling at him and Adam, the Maroon Five singer looking at Lucas.

“I’ll tell you what I told Justin and Lance, what I’ll tell all of hidden love. You do that when your own heart’s ready. For yourself and for the one you love. A pairing of one soul. One soul voicing their love for each other.” Lucas said, Justin and Lance smiling at their young friend.

Josh’s blue pools met Lucas’ violet.

“My soul’s filled with Lucas’ love. It was easy to voice my love for him. I won’t ever hide that again.”

The young man smiled, Josh kissing his lips again.

“Something tells me I’m going to have to get used to being accosted by this horny man in public.” he said, everyone laughing around the table, Josh smiling at his soulmate.

“You love my flirtatious love, beautiful. And you’re a groper yourself.”

Lucas laughed, nodding his head, looking around the patio.

“Lunch was delicious. And the sun’s at its peak. I think the pool party should continue. I have extra suits, Pierce. You guys brought yours?” Lucas said, Adam and Usher nodding, Adam looking at the young doctor.

“Josh’s pool is deep and warm, Pierce. And the surrounding friendship is wonderful.” he said, Lucas smiling at him, seeing the love in Adam’s blue eyes.

“Paths walked, love shown, my friends.” he said, Adam smiling widely.

“I’ll show you where the suits are, Pierce.” Josh smiled, Pierce nodding his head, the two men as well as others rising from their seats, people heading out to the pool again, Trish, Skyler and Savannah taking dishes into the kitchen.

Adam and Usher smiled at Lucas, the two staring at him.

“Pierce seems like a nice guy, Luke. Another entrapped in your web of love?” Usher said, Lucas smiling at him.

“My web entraps all of love, Ush. This spider will always spin love, sticky or not.”
Lance smiled, his green eyes staring at Lucas.

Adam’s blue eyes looked towards the patio doors, his blue pools then meeting Lucas’ violet.

“So, who wants to help me back into the pool?” Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

“Let me, Luke.” Adam and Usher both said at the same time, Lucas smiling at both.

“My harem’s expanding. Loincloths for everyone.” he smiled, Finn laughing at the next table, winking at Lucas.

“The boy’s gone crazy. What’s that, ten studs now?” he said, Lucas laughing.

Adam and Usher both blushed, Lucas’ smile washing the awkwardness away from their faces.

“Help given in friendship I’ll always take.” the young man smiled, wheeling his chair around the table, Usher and Adam both rising, everyone else rising as well.

Adam took the handles of Lucas’ wheelchair in his hands, Usher helping him lower Lucas off the patio, the three heading towards the pool, everyone smiling and heading there as well, or into the house to help with the cleaning up from lunch.


Lucas smiled, floating in his pool chair again, the pool filled with happiness, the young man wearing tinted sunglasses, resting back in smiling happiness.

His eyes looked around him, taking in all the surrounding happiness and love.

Justin and Lance swam in the deep end, Adam and Usher with them, the four talking and laughing.

Trish and Andrew were cuddled in the shallow end, Lucas smiling at his sister’s showing happiness.

Finn and Skyler were laying in lounge chairs, both taking in the warming sun, their bodies showing a bronzed hue.

Lucas looked up at the diving board, seeing the two Chrises climbing the ladder, Alain already on the board, Harry in the pool below them.

Lucas parents and grandparents were inside the house, the mothers taking over the kitchen now, the evening’s meal under preparation.

The men were relaxing in the living room, the couches filled with middle-aged contentedness, all recovering from the bountiful lunch.

Lucas smiled, seeing the patio doors opening, Josh walking out of the house, Pierce at his side, the two carrying trays of drinks.

Both men wore t-shirts and shorts, Lucas smiling at both behind his glasses.

Josh smiled towards his man, seeing him floating in calm happiness, the man’s hand going to his own t-shirt, pulling it over his head, his smooth bronzed chest coming into view.

Pierce’s blue eyes took in the man’s Adonis beauty, Josh looking around the pool.

“Drinks are on the table guys. The Moms are busy cooking for dinner.  There are snacks inside as well. Everyone help themselves.” Josh said, smiling towards his man, Lucas waving at him.

“Come in, my wet angel. I need you in my wet arms.”
Josh smiled, the man running across the pool’s marbled edge, diving into the pool, swimming towards his soulmate.

Adam smiled towards them, his blue eyes looking towards Pierce, Usher’s arms going around his man, kissing his neck.

“Come on in, Pierce! The water’s heaven.” Adam smiled, the young doctor smiling towards the two men, his blue eyes lowering.

“I’m not that good of a swimmer.” he said, Lucas smiling towards him.

“Love floats, Pierce. And we all will watch out for you. Finn loves to give mouth-to-mouth.” Lucas said, Finn raising his arm, a one finger salute showing, the man still lying on the lounge chair, his blue eyes covered by dark sunglasses.

Josh laughed, his wet arms going around his man, the man now at his chair’s side.

Adam smiled, swimming towards the pool’s ladder, a few feet away from Pierce’s standing position.

The singer smiled up at him, climbing the pool’s ladder, standing up on the pool’s edge, walking towards Pierce.

The young doctor took in the man’s slim, toned, tattooed physique, Adam walking up to him.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, Pierce. Not everyone swims like an Olympian.” the man smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

“Thanks, Adam. I’ve been so consumed for so many years with my medical profession that I’ve missed a lot of everyday normalcies.” he said, Adam’s hand going to his shoulder, the singer standing right beside him, Pierce taking in his wet, toned beauty.

“You always have to take time for fun things, Pierce. Just follow me. I’ll be at your side. You’ll warm to the water and our friendship.” Adam smiled, the young doctor smiling at him.

“Okay, Adam.”

Usher smiled from the pool, seeing his man’s relaxing way with the young, obviously nervous man.

“Great. Lose the shirt and dive into the warmth of our awaiting friendship.” Adam smiled, the man moving, diving back into the pool, swimming to the ladder again, coming up above the surface, smiling towards Pierce.

The young man smiled, pulling his t-shirt off, everyone in the pool staring at the young man’s defined, sculpted chest.

His chest was compact, muscular and surprisingly hairy, its sculpted beauty that of an Adonis.

“He’s damn fine.” Josh softly said, Lucas kissing his man’s cheek.

“Is that a woody I see?” he said, Josh blushing, looking into his man’s violet pools.

“The tree of your love, my lumberjack.” he said, Lucas laughing, their lips meeting.

“Later, beautiful, I’m going to cut down a forest.”

Josh smiled, his wet man snuggling against him.

Pierce walked to the pool’s ladder, Adam swimming in front of it, smiling up at the nearly nude young man.

His blue eyes took in his sculpted beauty, the young man turning around, slowly walking down the rungs of the ladder, his body slowly submerging in the water, the man pushing back away from the ladder, floating on the water.

He felt two arms gently go around him, Adam smiling at him, their eyes meeting.

“There you go! Just move your arms and you’ll stay afloat.” the man said, Pierce smiling at him.

Usher swam up to the two men, the man smiling at him.

“Doing well, Pierce. Adam’s a fantastic swimmer, he’ll show you all the tricks.” Usher said, Adam’s blue eyes meeting his brown pools of love.

The two smiled at each other, Pierce’s blue pools staring at both.

“Usher’s of Olympic caliber. We’ll both show you anything you need to know.” Adam smiled, the young doctor smiling at him.

“I know the basics guys. I’m just nervous about the greater depth ahead.” the man said, Usher smiling at him.

“I’m good at mouth-to-mouth as well, Pierce. We’ll keep you safe.” Usher smiled, his wide toothy smile making Pierce lightly laugh.

“I bet you are.” he grinned, Adam laughing.

“Oh he is!” he said, the three men smiling at each other.

“Come on, Pierce. Let’s head into the deep water. We got your back.” Usher said, the young doctor smiling, moving in the water, swimming towards Justin and Lance, both men smiling at the three men.

The two Chrises and Harry and Alain were with them as well, all smiling towards the young doctor.

Adam and Usher smiled at each other, the two following their new friend.

Two violet pools followed the young doctor as well, Lucas smiling at his new friend’s calmness.

Lucas felt Josh’s lips kissing his wet neck, the young man smiling.

“There’s as much love in this water as at my own envisioned pool.” Lucas said, his sunglass-covered eyes meeting his man’s blue.

Josh smiled, staring at him.

“You are the center of both, my love.”
Lucas smiled, his sunglass-covered pools looking towards the deep end.

“What can I say? My love radiates outward.”
Josh smiled, the man swimming with his soulmate.

He failed to see the wet eyes behind Lucas’ sunglasses.


Lucas smiled, resting back against the many pillows behind his head.

His eyes met two green pools, Lance seated in the bed beside him.

“Comfy, Lucky?” he said, Lucas’ violet pools taking in Lance’s naked chest, the man wearing only a pair of white boxer shorts.

“My man’s love has built a cloud of softness behind me. I feel his love like a cloud.” he said smiling, Lance kissing his lips.

“He loves you, Luke. He wanted you comfortable.”
“Then why did he ditch me for a second-rate singer?” Lucas said, Lance laughing.

“You know my Jus loves to wash wet angels.”

Lucas smiled, looking towards the open bathroom door, the young man hearing the shower running.

“Lucky Josh. Justin’s wet love can be so cleansing.” he said, Lance’s lips kissing his cheek.

“And what of my love?” Lance said, Lucas turned his head back to the man sitting beside him.

“Your love is beautiful, my Lance. Come here into mine.” Lucas said, pulling the man towards him, their lips meeting.

Lance felt a lot of love in that kiss, the two holding each other, Lucas’ hand wandering down Lance’s back, rubbing the top of his white boxer shorts.

The two broke the kiss, Lance’s green eyes opening, staring into two violet pools of deep softly glowing love.

"You know, you could be in there as well. I smell the pungent aroma of yourself. I'm sure those two would love to clean you up as well." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

"I don't want to leave you alone, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling, leaning forward and kissing his lips again.

"Lucky me." he said, Lance's head going against Lucas' chest.

Lucas smiled, his fingers going through the man's soft blond hair.

"I'm never alone, Lance. I have all three of you in my soul." the young man said, Lance raising his head again, Lucas seeing a tear on his cheek.

"Hey, none of that. I'm home, my angel. I'm with all three of you."

Lance stared into his violet pools.

"I love you, Lucas. I'm so glad you're home." he said, the man moving forward, their lips meeting again, Lucas feeling a deeper love in their warmth.

The two parted, Lucas smiling.

"Keep that up and I'll wash you myself. With my tongue."

Lance smiled, staring into his violet pools.

"That would be beyond beautiful." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his hand moving down Lance's back, lightly slapping his boxer-covered ass.

"Get going into their wet arms, Lancy. I know they long for your beauty. As I know you love theirs."

Lance smiled, moving back, the man standing up at the edge of the bed.

Lucas' violet pools stared at the tent showing in the front of those white boxers.

"Your man will take care of your desires, Lance. And my Josh will be beyond happy."
Lance smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Hand me my journal, Lancy. Then walk into paradise."
Lance smiled, grabbing the old book off the nightstand, handing it to Lucas, the man leaning down, their lips meeting.

Lucas smiled when they broke the kiss, their eyes meeting.

"Back in a bit, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling.

"See you soon." he said, Lance smiling, the man's hands going to his boxers, the clothing off in moments.

Lucas smiled, taking in the vision before him.

"So beautiful, Lance. You are so beautiful." he said, Lance smiling.

"Three visions of your beauty will return to you. Our love will draw you into sleep." Lance said, Lucas smiling.

The man smiled back, turning and walking towards the bathroom.

Lucas' violet pools followed his naked form, his eyes following Lance's beautiful bubbly butt.

"So beautiful. You will see their love, my Lancy." he smiled, leaning back into his pillows.


Lance walked into the bathroom, staring towards the shower stall.

Its glass was coated in steam, Lance smiling.

He walked over to it, pushing the door open.

His green eyes stared at two visions of beauty.

Josh was standing in the middle of the shower stall, the water falling all over his naked form.

Justin was behind him, Josh's eyes closed, the man leaning back against Justin's naked form.

Justin's arms were wrapped around Josh's chest, a sponge in one hand soaping his pecs, Justin's other hand on Josh's center, his soapy fingers stroking him.

Lance smiled, closing the shower door behind him quietly.

Justin's blue eyes met his man's green, Lance smiling at him.

The man walked forward, standing in front of Josh.

He leaned forward, his lips meeting Justin's, the two kissing deeply.

They broke the kiss, Josh standing between them, oblivious to Lance's presence.

Lance smiled at his man, Justin's blue eyes scanning his man's naked form.

He smiled, seeing Lance's center at full mass.

Lance smiled at him as their eyes met, the man taking the sponge from Justin's hand, Justin's other hand continuing to soap up Josh's center, its flaccid state showing Lance that the two were showering with love, not desire.

Lance smiled, beginning to soap Josh's chest, the man sighing against Justin's chest.

"Mm, that's heaven, Jus." he softly said, his eyes still closed.

"An angel to wash another angel." Justin said, kissing Josh's wet neck.

"And two to love you." Lance said, Josh's blue pools opened, staring into Lance's green pools.

"Lance? When did you get here?" Josh said, Lance smiling, continuing to wash Josh's smooth muscular chest.

"I just walked into the beauty of my Justin's showing wet love." he said, Josh softly smiling at him.

"Lucas asleep?" he said, Lance smiling at him.

"No, he's still awake. He sent me in here. He said I needed my soulmates' wet love as well." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

Josh smiled, sighing when he felt Lance's wet hands rub his nipples.

"Mm, you and Jus are so tender in your wet love." he said, Lance smiling, leaning forward, his lips kissing Josh's warm lips.

The two parted, Justin's hands moving, pulling Lance closer to both of them, Josh feeling a large hardness against his thigh.

"Oh, Lance. You're excited. You came in here for more." Josh said, his blue eyes opening again, Lance smiling at him.

"Lucas told me to go and search for my soulmate's desires as well." he said, Justin smiling at his man.

"I'll leave you two to your love then, Lancy." Josh smiled, Lance and Justin both not moving.

"You are a part of our love now, Josh. We all accept each other." Lance smiled, Josh smiling softly.

"Yes, Lance. I accept both you and your love. It's as beautiful as my Lucas'. But I see a greater need in your green pools of love. A need only our Jus can give you."
Justin smiled, leaning forward, his lips meeting Lance's, Josh smiling at both.

Josh felt another hardness behind him, Justin's center pressed against his left butt cheek.

"I'm trapped in the middle of your desires." Josh said, the other two's lips parting, Justin's lips going to Josh's neck again.

"Maybe that's where we want you, Josh." he said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"We love you, Josh. And we trust you. Our love is our own. But your beauty and love we desire as well. The closeness of your love--and Lucky's--raises our desires." Lance said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his green.

"I have seen your love, Lance. It is as beautiful as my Lucas'."

Lance smiled, Justin smiling as well.

"I love you, Josh. And Lance is my soulmate. I need to love him. It's alright if you want to love him as well. Or just watch our love." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"I'll. . .I'll just watch for now, Jus." Josh softly said, Lance leaning forward and kissing the man's warm lips again.

"Fine by me as well, Josh. Your beauty stokes our souls. Right now I need my man's love." Lance said, Josh softly smiling, the man slowly moving from between the two, the man feeling both of their rising desires.

The two let him go, Josh moving against the shower wall, staring at the two.

Lance and Justin both smiled at him, their eyes then meeting each other's.

"I need you, my love." Lance said, Justin pulling him close, their lips meeting.

Josh stood in silence, watching the two become one, their hands moving over each other, both on a path of desire.

For ten minutes Josh watched the two love each other, their passion almost identical to his and Lucas'.

Josh watched Lance's tender care of Justin's desires, his touches and wetness sending Justin into ecstasy.

And he watched Justin do the same for Lance.

Justin pushed Lance up against the shower wall, the spray pouring down Justin's back.

The man moved, slowly sinking to his knees.

Josh's eyes were drawn to Lance's center, its largeness disappearing down Justin's throat.

Josh remembered the talent of Justin's fellatio, the man a skilled expert.

He saw the bliss on Lance's handsome face, his hands in Justin's wet hair, the man's green eyes staring at Josh.

Josh's eyes scanned across Lance's smooth chest, his nipples hardened.

Lance's green pools were locked with Josh's, the man feeling the love seeping from them.

Josh moved forward, bending down, picking up the sponge that Lance had dropped on the shower floor.

Lance stared at him, Josh moving forward.

The two men smiled at each other, Josh's hands going to Lance's smooth chest.

Lance moaned, Josh's fingers running across his abs, the other hand soaping up his smooth chest with the sponge.

Justin looked up, smiling at his soulmate, Lance's eyes closed, Justin's eyes meeting Josh's blue.

Josh stared down at him, Justin's hand going to his left, wrapping around Josh's now enlarged center, stroking it.

Justin pulled off Lance's shaft, the man licking its large mushroom head, Josh staring at its largeness and length.

It was over eight inches in length, its beauty tantalizing.

Josh felt two lips on his neck, the man's head turning, staring into two green pools.

"I have tasted your love, Joshua. As has our Jus. I offer you my love. I need to feel your love for me." Lance said, Josh hearing so much love in Lance's voice.

Josh moved, sinking to his knees, his eyes level with Justin's.

The man moved forward, his lips meeting with Josh's, the two kissing with love.

They broke the kiss, Justin staring at his friends.

"We love you, Josh. We offer all of our love to you. My Lance needs your love." Justin said, Josh moving forward, Justin releasing Lance's center.

Lance gasped, feeling a new warmth surround his center, Josh devouring him with love.

Justin smiled, watching Josh become lost in the beauty of Lance's center.

The man rose to his feet, his blue eyes meeting Lance's hazed green pools.

"I feel his love flow through you, Lance." he softly said, Lance's green pools going to Justin's risen center.

"I need your love as well, my Justin. I need so much love." Lance said, moving forward, Josh moving back, his hands going to Lance's thighs, Lance's center still down his throat.

Justin moved behind Lance, his arms wrapping around him.

Josh's hands moved upwards, rubbing across Lance's abs, Lance moaning, feeling his soulmate center himself behind him.

Justin moved forward, his lips meeting Lance's turned lips, the man feeling his lover possess him.

Josh felt Lance's shaft lengthen more, the man's hands moving to Lance's sides, feeling two other thighs against his, Josh's hand clasping onto Justin's hips.

Lance was lost, his center and his core lost in the love possessing him.

Josh felt a liquid fill his throat, the man lost in the richness of the love flowing.

Lance was lost himself, feeling the love flooding his own soul, Justin exploding within him.


Lucas’ violet pools opened, staring into two blue pools of love.

“Sorry, love. I must have dozed off.” he said, Josh smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

The two broke their kiss, Josh picking up the book that lay in Lucas’ lap.

Lucas licked his lips, staring into his blue pools.

“Monster residue. My Beamy’s tasted all of Lance’s offered love.” he said, Josh staring at him.

“Its richness is in its love.” Justin said, Lucas’ violet pools moving to his left, Lance and Justin sitting on the edge of the bed.

Lucas smiled, their smiles filled with love.

“I missed the show.” he said, Josh kissing his lips again.

“Thank you, my love.” he said, Lucas staring into his liquid blue pools, both now wet with love.

“You needed their love, my love. Just as we all need each other’s.” Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

“Our love is here for you as well, Lucky.” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

“Quit trying to get into my pants, Timberlake.” Lucas smiled, Justin laughing.

“How about me, beautiful?” Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

“Any day, handsome. And you can bring your boy toy with you.” he said, Justin smiling.

“We love you, Lucas.” Justin said, Lucas smiling with love.

“I know, my men.” he said, his eyes lowering.

Josh leaned forward, kissing Lucas’ forehead.

“There will be time enough for love on the path ahead, my love. We’re going to get you well.” he said, Lucas’ head rising.

“I’m sorry that. . .that I’m like this, Josh. I understand your need for desire, for total love. Justin and Lance can give you that in my stead.” he said, Josh’s blue eyes meeting Lance’s and Justin’s pools of tearful love.

“I love you, Lucas. I now see what you’re doing. Their love is beautiful, but it’s not yours. And your injuries will never deter me from loving you. From loving all of you.”
“They love you, Joshua. As greatly as I do.  They can give you their total love. A love you deserve. My love is here always. It’s just not as complete as it once was.”

Lance leaned forward, kissing Lucas’ cheek.

“We love you, Lucas. Josh is beautiful and always welcomed within our love. Just as you are. And we all know that your love is more than just your stamina and desires. Josh has loved you always. And will continue to love you. As we now do as well. Thank you for guiding Josh’s love to me, it was as beautiful as my Justin’s. And I know your love will be as well. We move forward together. We are all here to love you. And we all will be loved by you.”

“I love all of you. I just wish. . .I was whole again. I need your love so much! The. . .the beauty of it!” Lucas said, his eyes showing tears.

Josh’s arms went around Lucas, pulling him close.

“Our love is here, Lucas. We all love you. And we’ll all show you that love as you need it. You are whole for us. Whole in your love and your beauty. The magic of your love is all we need.”

Lucas looked into his soulmate’s eyes, seeing his unending love.
He looked to his left, seeing the love shining in Lance’s and Justin’s tearful eyes, all three men wrapped in cashmere robes.

“I’m so tired.” he softly said, Josh gently releasing him.

“Then it’s to our dreamful love you go.” he said, the man standing up, Lance and Justin rising as well.

“We’ll leave you to your man’s love, Lucas.” Justin said, Lucas smiling up at him.

“I need all of you tonight, Justin. I need all your love.” he said, Justin smiling, Lance smiling as well.

Lance moved, gently pulling the covers back, he and Josh gently guiding Lucas more down into the bed, removing the pillows behind him, Lucas laying on his back, the young man wearing only boxer briefs.

Josh’s eyes went to the bandage on his man’s chest, Lucas’ violet pools meeting his.

“You can remove it, my love. I am healed but for my weighted legs.” he said, Lance gently removing the bandage.

All three sets of eyes stared at Lucas’ smooth chest.

“That’s. . .that’s amazing!” Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

“As is your love, Justin.”
Justin smiled, his hands going to his robe, removing it, tossing it on a chair.

Lance did the same, Lucas taking in their revealed beauty.

Josh smiled at both, the man removing his own robe, his naked beauty on display as well.

Lance smiled, walking over to the dresser, opening a drawer and retrieving three pairs of boxer briefs, handing one to the other two.

“Treasures hidden, warmth given.” Lucas said, the three smiling, pulling on the briefs; all three climbing into bed.

Josh pulled Lucas gently against him, Justin moving against Lucas’ other side, Lance smiling and pulling the blankets over all of them.

Lucas sighed against Josh’s smooth chest, Justin’s arms going around him as well, Lance spooning against his soulmate, his hand going to Lucas’ shoulder.

“We love you, Lucas. Walk to the pool with us in your dreams.” Lance said, the young man closing his eyes, Josh kissing his forehead, Justin kissing his cheek.

“Goodnight, Lucky. We love you.” Lance said, the young man smiling, closing his tired eyes.

The other three smiled, closing theirs as well.

The room became silent, four wrapped in love.

Lucas’ violet pools slowly opened, a soft glow showing in their centers.

He smiled, his mind hearing the waterfall, the magic moving.


Lucas’ violet pools opened, the young man feeling a warmth surrounding him.

He felt the warmth of the smooth skin against his cheek, as well as the warmth of other skin against his back.

He slowly moved, two arms wrapped around him tightening.

He raised his head, staring at Josh’s beautiful sleeping face, his man sound asleep against him.

He felt the man sleeping behind him pull him close, the man’s arms like steel vices.

Wrapped in Justin’s love, the trap of steel.

He smiled, slowly moving around in the bed, Justin’s beautiful face showing in front of him, the man murmuring.

“Sleep. . .my love.” he softly said, Lucas smiling, staring at his beautiful face.

“How can I sleep with such beauty surrounding me?” Lucas softly said, Justin’s eyelids fluttering then slowly opening.

Lucas stared into two blue pools of love, Justin softly smiling.

“Morning, Luke. What time is it?” he said, moving a bit, his arms pulling Lucas closer.

“Have no idea, Jus. By the window’s soft brightness I’d say around seven.”
“Ugh, Luke. That’s way too early.” Justin sighed, his head going against Lucas’ shoulder, Lucas smiling and feeling his warmth against him.

“Never too early to see love.” Lucas said, Justin’s blue pools opening again, his lips forming a smile, his face moving forward, his and Lucas’ lips meeting.

They broke the kiss, both feeling the love behind it.

“Our men are dead to the world, my Jus.” Lucas said, his fingers rubbing Justin’s cheek, feeling the soft stubble there.

“I feel Lance’s clutching love behind me. The monster’s embedded in my ass cheeks.” Justin smiled, Lucas smiling.

“Lucky you.”

Justin smiled, his hand moving, rubbing Lucas’ right nipple.

“Damn lucky.” he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

“I need your help, Jus.” Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

“Anything, my Lucas.”

Lucas smiled, the young man slowly sitting up, Justin releasing his grip on him, staring up at him.

“I need to use the washroom. Can you carry me?” Lucas said, Justin smiling and sitting up.

“Certainly, Luke.” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

Justin slowly moved, unravelling Lance’s arms from his waist, gently pushing the man back onto his back.

Lucas smiled, staring at Lance’s smooth torso, and the large package showing in his briefs.

“My man’s beauty rises in the morning.” Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

“Doesn’t all of ours.” he smiled, Justin smiling, rising out of the bed, gently guiding Lucas down its length, the young man sitting up.

Josh murmured, moving to his left, finding the bed empty beside him.

“Lucas?” he softly said, Justin smiling back at him.

Lance moved, the man pulling Josh towards him, the two wrapping their arms around each other.

“They found the love they needed.” Lucas smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

“Haven’t we all.” he said, Lucas smiling at him as Justin’s arms wrapped around Lucas’ waist and legs.

Justin rose up, lifting Lucas up with his arms, the young man smiling at him.

“In the arms of my hero!”
Justin smiled, kissing the young man’s cheek, carrying him towards the bathroom.

The two walked in, Justin gently setting Lucas down on the toilet, the young man smiling.

“Want me to leave, Luke?” Justin said, the man standing beside him.

“You’ve seen all of me, Jus. I’m just going to whiz.”

Justin smiled, leaning against the sink cabinet.

Lucas smiled, pulling down his briefs, Justin smiling at him.

Justin averted his eyes, Lucas smiling at his chivalry.

Lucas felt the relief, his water flowing.

Justin smiled, Lucas smiling back.

“Losing three quarts. Damn!”

Justin laughed, his own legs moving a bit.

Lucas smiled, staring at his tented briefs.

“I’m finished. You’re next.”

Justin smiled, Lucas pulling up his briefs, Justin helping him rise from the toilet, lifting him again, setting him down on the tub’s edge.

Justin smiled, moving to the toilet, flushing it, pulling his own briefs down a bit, Lucas turning his head.

“You’ve seen me naked too, Luke.” he smiled, Lucas turning his head back, Justin smiling.

Lucas’ eyes took in his long hard shaft, Justin’s hand wrapped around it.

“To hard to flow.” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

“How old are you?”

Justin laughed, closing his eyes.

Within moments a steady stream began, Lucas smiling, watching his friend relieve himself.

“You into water sports, Luke?” Justin smiled, his eyes opening again, looking at his friend.

“Timberlake apple juice would be delicious, no doubt. But I always found that kinky stuff weird.”

Justin laughed, nodding his head.

“Me too. Lance is the same. Close personal love is the best. Let’s leave the kinky stuff to others.” Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, Justin shaking his shaft, putting it back into his briefs.

Lucas smiled, seeing the total openness Justin was showing him.

“The Timberlake snake is beautiful, Jus.” Lucas said, Justin smiling at him, sitting down on the toilet in front of him.

“The Carver python is as well. And delicious.” Justin said, remembering the beauty of Lucas’ center.

Lucas blushed, Justin smiling at him.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it that last time. I hope your dreams were fulfilled.”

“They were, Luke. And I hope I can live up to your dreams.” Justin said, lowering his eyes for a moment, Lucas’ hand going forward, resting on Justin’s knee.

Justin raised his head, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

“You already have, Jus. I have your moving love. The same goes for your Lance. I love you both. And I want to show you how great my love can be. The same love I show my Joshua.”

Justin softly smiled, staring at his friend.

“I love Lance so much, Lucas.” he said, Lucas smiling.

“I do also, Jus. And I love your Joshua even more.”

Justin smiled, nodding.

“I understand, Lucas. Lance and I both want all of your love. It will be as beautiful as Josh’s love.”

Lucas leaned forward, Justin moving forward as well.

Their lips met, Justin feeling a deep love coming from the young man.

Their lips parted, Justin staring into two violet pools of deep shining love.

“It will be more beautiful, Justin. For my love is unbelievable.”

Justin patted Lucas’ shoulder.

“Someone’s building up his libido.”

Lucas laughed, Justin smiling at him.

“I need to get cleaned up.” Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

“I’ll go wake Josh, Lucky.” Justin said, about to rise, Lucas’ hand going to his knee again.

“He needs sleep. How about you helping me wash?”
Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

“It’s a big tub, Jus.”

Justin beamed, moving and going to his knees beside Lucas, opening the tub’s faucet, water pouring into it, the man finding the plug, Lucas’ hand going to Justin’s back as he began to fill the tub, each man feeling the close love of the other.


Lucas sighed, feeling the wet hands washing his chest.

He moved back, feeling the warmth and wetness of Justin’s body behind him.

The two sat in the bubble-filled tub, Lucas sitting in front of Justin.

He felt Justin’s lips on his neck, the man’s soapy hands roaming across his wet chest, lathering his nipples.

“Speaking of dreams.” Lucas softly said, Justin smiling.

“You love a nice bath as much as my Lance does.” Justin said, washing the young man’s abs with soap, Lucas smiling.

“And water excites you as much as my Joshua. Is that a rocket about to launch against my ass?” Lucas smiled, Justin blushing.

Justin had helped Lucas into the water-filled tub after Lucas had removed his briefs, Justin then shedding his own, climbing into the tub behind him.

Lucas had seen Justin’s swaying hardness, the young man knowing his presence was exciting Justin.

“Sorry, Luke. Your beauty stokes my soul.”

Lucas smiled, pushing back against Justin, the man softly moaning.

Lucas’ hand moved, going on top of Justin’s soapy hand on his abs.

“Then let me light the fire.” he said, guiding Justin’s hand downward.

Justin felt a hardness against the palm of his hand in the water, his hand moving around it.

“Oh, Lucas! You’re. . .”

“My legs are dead, Jus. Not my center. And your beauty stokes my soul as well.”
Justin teared up, feeling the warmth of the flesh in his hand.

He began to move his hand, Lucas softly moaning, moving his head around, his lips meeting Justin’s.

Justin’s other arm wrapped around him, turning Lucas’ body a bit, the two lost in the kiss, Justin’s hand moving more.

“They beat us to the tub, Joshy.”

Justin and Lucas broke their kiss, their eyes meeting a set of blue and a set of green, Lance and Josh leaning against the open bathroom door, Josh’s arms wrapped around Lance’s waist.

The two men in the tub smiled, Lucas smiling at his soulmate.

“I needed a bath. Justin volunteered to help.” he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

“Lucky you.” he said, Justin smiling.

“Lucky me.” Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

“Guess we’re left with the shower, Joshy.”

Josh smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

“Sweet! The early bird may get the worm, but I get the monster!”

Justin and Lucas laughed, Lance blushing, but smiling.

Josh smiled, kissing Lance on the lips.

“Lucky me.” he said, Lance smiling into his blue eyes.

“I need to pee first, guys.” Lance said, Justin smiling at his soulmate.

“Pee away, Lance. Lucas has a fetish about watching guys pee.” he laughed, Lucas slapping his wet chest.

“And Justy’s got a fetish about always holding a dick in his hand. Awake or asleep. Dry or wet.” Lucas smiled, Justin smiling, feeling Lucas’ center in his hand still.

“I love the dick, stud.”

Josh smiled, kissing Lance’s cheek.

“I have to go too, Lance. Let’s both give Lucas his thrills.”

Lance laughed, the two men walking into the bathroom.

Lucas smiled, Justin’s head going against his, the two men watching their soulmates remove their briefs.

“Open in all ways, guys.” Lance smiled, aiming his half erect shaft towards the toilet, Josh at his side, aiming for the bowl as well.

Two streams of fluid began to flow, Lucas smiling at their openness.

Josh smiled, his hand going to Lance’s shoulder, the two peeing together.

Justin smiled, staring at both men and their showing weapons of love.

Both were semi-hard, their water flowing strong.

Lucas stared at Lance’s long shaft, its uncut head half covered.

“You are so beautiful, Lance. Our champion of weaponry.” Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

“Large in size, larger in love.”

The two men in the tub smiled, Josh kissing Lance’s cheek, their streams ending.

“Let’s hit the shower, Lance. I’ll clean up that monster good.”
Lance smiled, he and Josh heading for the shower stall.

Both men’s eyes met their soulmate’s eyes, the four showing their love.

Lance hit the shower tap as Josh closed the shower stall door, his arms wrapping around Lance’s wetting body.

Justin smiled, his lips meeting Lucas’ neck.

“Now where were we, my wet angel?” he said, Lucas smiling.

“In heaven, Jus. In heaven.” Lucas said, Justin moaning as he felt Lucas’ hand wrap around his shaft.

Their eyes met, Lucas moving forward, their lips meeting.

Lucas opened his mouth, Justin’s tongue diving into it.

Their kiss became filled with passion, their hands moving in a stroking motion of love.

And in the shower stall beside them, two others became lost in their own wet love.



End of Chapter 132


And so our Lucas has returned home.

Healed but still injured.

His legs unmoving in their trapped reality.


The quietness of the ending day has brought that truth into Lucas’ mind.

And with his giving love he sought to give his soulmate the physical love he thought he needed.

The love of Justin’s and Lance’s physical beauty.


The four are joining as one.

Josh, Justin and Lance have tasted and received the love of the other two.

Lucas hasn’t given into that final love, Justin and Lance’s beauty still unknown to him.

His soul believes he has to be whole to receive that.

Let’s let the path show the truth in that.


Pierce has entered the family dynamic, a new friend drawn into their heart.

Adam and Usher have both welcomed him with giving friendship.

Perhaps the young doctor is Lucas’ latest target of love.


Let’s watch the love unfold.


Up next: Lucas begins his path again.


Hugs, Angel.