Yesterday's End-136


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 136


Justin opened the front door, smiling into two brown eyes.

"Good evening, Gio. Please come in." the man said, Gio smiling at him, walking into Josh's stylish home.

The young reporter carried a bottle of wine in one hand and a plastic bag in the other, Justin smiling at him again.

"Good evening, Justin. I assumed you wouldn't be here." the young man said, Justin nodding his head.

"Josh invited Lance and me both tonight as well." Justin said, Gio nodding, staring into the man's handsome face.

Justin wore a black silk shirt, khaki dress pants covering his muscular legs.

Gio wore a light cream-coloured sweater, its slim fabric stretched across his muscular torso, its muscled form showing, black jeans covering his muscular legs.

"We're all friends here, Gio. The past is just that." Justin said, Gio softly blushing.

"I should go, Justin. I don't want us to feel uncomfortable." he said, Justin nodding his head.

 A new voice entered the discussion, Gio's brown eyes moving behind Justin, meeting two violet pools.

"There will never be uncomfortable situations in my home." Lucas said, the young man having wheeled into the foyer in relative silence, neither having heard him wheel up behind Justin.

"We're going to have to put a bell on you." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling up at him.

"Just so you can call me Tinkerbell, sexy?" he said, Justin lightly laughing, Gio smiling at the young man.

"Well, you are a fairy, magical and all." Justin grinned, Lucas laughing loudly, his violet pools meeting Gio's brown eyes.

"Welcome again to our home, Gio. I'm glad you could make it. Josh and Lance are out on the patio. Please come out." Lucas smiled, Gio nodded at him, his hand extending forward, Lucas smiling and taking the bottle of wine from him.

"You didn't have to do that. Nice!  A sweet Chardonnay. My favorite. Let's go outside." Lucas smiled, the young man setting the bottle down in his lap, turning his chair, Justin and Gio's eyes meeting, the two following him through the living room and towards the kitchen.

The two men followed Lucas out into the early evening coolness, the sun now behind the trees on the west side of the backyard.

Lance and Josh smiled, rising from their seats at the patio table, the two having been chatting.

Colton waved from poolside, the young man having just climbed out of the pool, sitting on a lounge chair now.

The four were the only ones in the house tonight.

Finn and Skyler had gone out for a quiet celebratory dinner; Trish and Andrew, as well as Harry and Alain joining them.

The afternoon had been a happy occasion, the couple hugged and loved by their friends.


Earlier That Day


The delicious cake was gone, its richness devoured by everyone, Colton blushing at the compliments given.

Lucas had felt his friends' happiness, the young man hugged and kissed by both, Lucas smiling often.

"Just think, Luke! I may have two sons!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Life gives us surprises, Finny." Lucas said, Finn smiling at him.

"Meaning what, sneaky?" Skyler said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Meaning that you both are having your dreams fulfilled. Little Julian Lucas and Diana Sky will be loved by all of us."

Skyler had begun to cry, Finn showing shocked emotion on his face.

"Their love we already feel within our magic, Finn." Colton had smiled, Finn and Skyler looking at the young man, then at Lucas.

"A son and a daughter? Really?" Finn softly said, his eyes filled with tears, Lucas patting his shoulder, smiling at him.

"The center of your coming happiness, my friends. Two angels of deep love and warmth. They are already in my heart. The path of your love grows." he smiled, Finn hugging him tightly, everyone smiling at the man's showing happiness.

The two had left with their friends, their happiness glowing.




Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him, the man standing beside his soulmate now.

"Hello, Gio. Thanks for coming." Josh said, the young reporter shaking his hand.

"Thanks for inviting me, both of you." he smiled, Josh smiling at his handsome face.

The young reporter handed him the plastic bag he'd carried into the house, Josh smiling and taking it.

"The finished version of the interview. I hope it's to your liking?" he smiled, Josh looking at the DVD in the bag.
"We'll watch it after dinner, Gio. Can't wait to see my sweetie on television." Lucas said, Josh winking at him, leaning down and kissing his upturned lips.

"I'll probably show those proverbial ten pounds." Josh said, Lucas slapping his dress pant-covered ass.

"More for me to work off, stud." he said, Justin laughing, Gio smiling at the couple, seeing their total love for each other.

"Would you like a drink, Gio?" Lance said, Gio smiling at him as Lance shook his hand.

"Thank you, Lance. A glass of that white wine would be nice. It's my favorite as well, Luke." Gio said, Lance nodding, taking the bottle of wine from Lucas.

"Pour everyone a glass, Lancy." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling back, walking into the house, Justin offering the young man a seat at the patio table.

Everyone sat down at the table, Lucas smiling towards Colton, the young man laying in the lounge chair, his smooth young chest on full display, its smoothness darkened.

"The roast should be near done, Colt." Lucas yelled, Colton waving at him, the young man towelling off his wet body, smiling towards the patio.

He rose from his chair, Gio staring at the young man's slim, cargo shorts-covered form.

"Hint taken, Dad." Colton smiled, pulling on a white polo shirt, the young man walking up onto the patio.

"Our resident cook." Lucas smiled, Colton blowing him a kiss.

Gio smiled at the young man, Colton smiling back, walking into the house, holding the door open for Lance who carried a tray of wine glasses out.

"He seems a together young man, Luke. Who exactly is he? He called you Dad tonight?" Gio said, looking at the younger man in the wheelchair, Lucas smiling at him.

"He's part of my life now, Gio. A surprising young man of giving love. The son and friend I was always destined to have." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, Justin and Lance both smiling as well.

Lance offered the tray to Gio, the man smiling into his green pools, taking a glass off of it, Lance offering everyone else their glass, Lance sitting down beside his Justin.

Justin smiled at him, Lance smiling back.

Gio took in this exchange, Justin's blue pools meeting his brown.

"You should hear Colton's story, Gio. And then you should hear the rest of my story." Lucas said, Gio's eyes meeting his.

"The rest of the story? You revealed most of that in the interview, Luke. Didn't you? Your life's a story unto itself." Gio said, smiling at him.

"It's something more, Gio." Josh said, his hand going in Lucas' again.

"It's a path of love, my friend."  Lance said, Gio's eyes meeting Lance's, then Justin's, and finally back to Lucas' violet pools.

"I am love, Gio. And my path is the path of destiny."

The young man stared into his violet pools, seeing a deep light of life there.

Lucas began to talk, his hidden life unfolding before Gio's eyes.


The next hour was given over to Lucas revealing his life to Gio's silent wonder, the man hearing all of it.

Colton's walking onto that path, the young man's giving love in regards to him and his uncle.

Colton had returned to the patio, the young man sitting down in Lucas' lap, telling the reporter of his own self, his life and Lucas' entering it.

Gio sat in silence, marvelling at the truth coming out of the four surrounding Lucas.

Lucas told him of his growing love for Josh, and what his love now meant to his soul.

He talked of his magic revealing itself, of his family's heritage and of his own upcoming mysterious destiny.

"My magic is my love, Gio. I will always show that to all my friends." he said, everyone smiling at him.

"This angel walked into my life, my own life now filled with a love of total happiness and beauty." Josh said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him, Josh leaning forward, their lips meeting, Colton smiling from the young man's lap.

Gio's eyes met Colton's, the young man smiling.

"Dad has guided me onto my own path as well, Gio. The path of our joined magic, and my own path of blossoming love."
"You. . .you've found love?" he said, Lucas smiling when he saw the wide smile form on Colton's face.

"Jonathan's love is so unbelievable, Gio. Our love is growing in our hearts." Colton smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools of love.
"Jonathan? You mean. . .your younger brother, Justin?"

Justin smiled, looking at Colton.

"Lucas' path is a path of love, Gio. He guides all to their happiness, even the happiness they never knew existed." Justin said, Lance smiling at his man.

Gio's eyes widened, seeing Justin's hand going into Lance's, his blue eyes looking directly at him.

"Lance is the love of my life, Gio. We've both found the love we always sought. And this young man sitting beside us is the most loving of friends. His giving love guided both of us to our happiness."
Gio's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him with friendship.

"We all know the truth of your past with Justin, and with Lance, Gio. Our loving friends told us everything." Lucas said, the young reporter's eyes lowering, then rising, staring at Justin and Lance.

"You told them?" he said, Justin looking at him.

"Lucas' love has a way of drawing out a man's past, Gio. He knew I was bothered by your appearance the other day. As he saw in Lance as well."

Gio's eyes met Lucas', the young man staring at him.

"I will always feel my friends' troubled souls. And we're all friends here."

Gio nodded, his eyes meeting Justin's blue and Lance's green.

"Congratulations to both of you, Justin and Lance. I only ever wanted both of you to find happiness. I see in both of your eyes your total love for each other." the man said, his face showing a soft look of emotion.

He felt a hand going on top of his, two violet pools meeting his, Lucas having wheeled over to his side.

"I feel your soul, Gio. I feel your love for both of my friends.  The deep love you once had for Justin, the deep friendship and love you had for Lance. They are both happy, my friend. You should be as well."
Gio's eyes lowered, then looked at Justin and Lance again.

"I don't hate you, Justin. I never hated you. And I always valued your love and friendship, Lance."
"We know, Gio. I'm sorry that I hurt you with my love. I should have been honest with you instead of just ditching you. I honestly didn't love you. It just wasn't the love I was destined for." Justin said, Lance's arm going around him.

"I love him, Gio. And he loves me." Lance said, Gio softly smiling.

"I forgave you a long time ago, Justin. I always sensed in my heart the futility of my holding onto the lost dream of your lost love. I now see the happiness on your face. And on Lance's. I see true love before me." he said, everyone smiling at the couple, Justin's lips meeting Lance's.

Gio smiled at both, the two breaking their kiss, Justin's blue eyes meeting Gio's brown.

"Thank you, Gio. We both want to be your friends." Justin said, Gio smiling at him.

His brown eyes looked around the table, everyone smiling at him with friendship.

"I guess my life's out of the bag as well." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Another one for my harem. Where's my Viagra?" Josh said, everyone bursting into laughter, Lucas smiling at his man.

"You wish, slut."

Josh laughed, his lips meeting Lucas'.

"You're the one for me, babe." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Nice save, horndog." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Gio's smiling face.

"But you have great taste, babe. He's scrumptious."

Gio blushed, Lucas' hand patting his again.

"We're all friends here, Gio. We'd all like to welcome your friendship."

"Thank you, Luke. I see the friendship surrounding me." he smiled, Colton smiling at the handsome Latino.

"Dad's love is ever-giving, Gio." he said, the man looking at the young man with a questioning look.

Lucas' eyes met Colton's, the young man giggling.

The phone went off on the patio table, Colton answering it, talking for a moment, then hitting some buttons.

"I'll get it, Dad." he smiled, rising from his lap, walking into the house.

"Two other friends in search of sustenance." Lucas smiled, everyone looking at him.

"I thought it was just us, Luke." Justin said, Lucas smiling, sipping at his wine glass.


Colton walked back onto the patio, the young man in the center of a pair of smiling faces, his young body wrapped in their love.

Gio stood up, staring into Nick Carter's blue pools.

"Nick Carter?" he said, Nick smiling at him.

"Hello, Gio. What are you doing here?" Nick said, the young man staring at him.

"Gio was the interviewer for Josh's interview, Nick." Justin said, Nick hugging him, Gideon smiling around at everyone.

"This is my uncle, Gio. Gideon Carlisle." Colton said, smiling, his uncle extending his hand, Gio staring into his handsome face.

"The lawyer from Lucas' trial. Everything's falling into place." Gio smiled, Gideon smiling at him, Nick's blue eyes taking in their smiles.

Lucas smiled, his eyes watching everyone.

"You're right on time, guys." he said, Nick smiling at the young man, leaning down and hugging him tightly.

"Wouldn't miss one of your delicious meals, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him as they broke their hug.

"You'll have to wait for that, I'm afraid. Tonight's bounty is from Colton's larder." Lucas smiled, Colton beaming, his uncle smiling at him.

"But they're your recipes, Dad." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Treat them as your own, son." he said, Colton smiling more.

"I'll bring you out a Manhattan, Uncle Gid. the usual for you, Nick?" he said, Nick patting his shoulder.

"Thanks, our voyeur squirt." he smiled, Colton blushing, looking at his uncle.

"He worked it out of me." he said, Nick winking at Gideon.

Gio stared at the two men with confusion, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"More magic, Gio. And some more surrounding love." he smiled, Nick smiling at Justin, his arm going around Gideon, Gio's eyes widening.

"Another Luke Special. His magic joined us." Nick said, Gideon smiling at his man.

Gio smiled at both men, shaking his head.

"Unbelievable." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sit down everyone. More magic needs showing." he said, Gideon smiling and sitting down at the table, Nick sitting down in his lap.

Gio's eyes met Nick's, the man sighing.

"It's been a while, Gio." he said, Gio nodding.

Justin and Lance looked between the two men, another voice breaking the sudden silence.

"All paths walk to their own ends. Their parallel fate drawing the truer path." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

Colton walked out of the house, handing his uncle his drink and Nick a bottle of beer.

"Drawing out the truth again, Dad?" he said, sitting down in Lucas' lap again, Gio staring at the young man with surprise.

"Dad's love has a way of weeding through the doubts, emotions and realities." Colton smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I think you all need to voice your pasts to each other. Why don't you start, Nick? We're all friends here."

Nick stared at Lucas, his eyes then meeting Gideon's.

Gideon nodded, Lucas smiling at both men.

"Gio and I go way back. We were once lovers." he said, Gio's eyes meeting Nick's, Nick smiling and putting his arm around Gideon.

"Gideon's changed my life, Gio. I've finally found love. I have Lucas to thank for that." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're welcome, Nickolas. But you also have your own heart and soul to thank for it as well. You changed your own life's path, my friend. And then your soul found its love." Lucas said, Gideon smiling at his man.

"You know the kind of man I once was, Gio. You experienced that depravity firsthand." Nick said, Gio nodding.

"I went into it with my own needs, Nick. You made the pain less bearable." he said, Nick looking confused.

"Let's get dinner ready, Colt. Our friends have to voice their pasts and find their friendships." Lucas said, Colton smiling and rising from Lucas' lap.

"Need help, my love?" Josh said, Lucas blowing him a kiss.

"We're fine, my love. You need to referee the discussions. You can use the pool as a penalty box." he said, Josh laughing, Justin joining him.

"I don't think it will come to that, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling and wheeling into the house, Colton smiling around at everyone.

"Walk into your past friendships, everyone. That was always the center of all of you." he said, the young man smiling and walking into the house.

Everyone looked at everyone, Justin's eyes meeting Nick's.

"I think I should start." he said, Lance smiling at him.*


Josh walked into the kitchen about twenty minutes later, smiling at his man.

Lucas smiled at him, the young man at the table, tossing a bowl of salad, the table laden with food.

Josh leaned down, his arms going around his man, their lips meeting.

Lucas felt the love in the kiss, the two breaking their love lock, Josh's blue eyes staring into his love-filled violet.

"You're beyond amazing, my love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Don't I know it. And lucky you." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Don't I know it. I love you."
Colton smiled from the counter, the young man filling a platter with sliced roast beef.

"You knew they were all connected, didn't you?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"I felt their intermingling love, my love. All of them were at one time or another deep within each other's heart. Now with that in the open they can go on their true paths of love. Justin and Lance, Nick and  Gideon, and Gio." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"And who have you lined up for him?"

The phone went off, Colton wiping his hands on a dishtowel, answering it.

"I'm not a matchmaker, babe." Lucas said, Colton hanging up the phone.

"Adam and Usher just arrived." Colton smiled, Lucas nodding.

"I'll get it, my love. You take these plates out to the patio and start setting the tables."
"You invited them as well?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"A night of coupled love, my love. All our friends need to bask in our love." he said, Josh smiling.

Lucas smiled, turning his chair, heading towards the living room.

Josh's eyes met Colton's, the young man smiling, going back to his platter.

"Why do I feel something's going on?" he said, Colton looking towards him.

"As Dad said, a night of love." he smiled, Josh nodding, staring at the young man, then carrying the plates out to the patio.

Colton smiled, looking out the kitchen window.

"One more and the path solidifies." he smiled, lightly giggling.


Lucas smiled, opening the front door, two smiles meeting his.

"Evening, Luke. You're looking amazing." Adam said, leaning down and hugging him tightly, Usher smiling at his man's embracing Lucas.

The young man smiled up at him, Adam breaking his hug, his trim sleek body replaced by Usher's muscular frame, another hug received.

"We were followed in, Luke." Adam said, smiling out into the front yard, someone waving at the three, the three security guards surrounding the young man.

"Good evening, Pierce." Adam yelled, the man waving again, chatting with Clive, walking towards the front steps, the other two guards heading back to the front gate.

"This is a surprise, Pierce." Lucas smiled, the young doctor smiling at him, his blue eyes meeting Adam's blue.

"Hello again, Doc." Adam smiled, Usher smiling at the young doctor as he walked into the house in front of them.

Clive waved at everyone, the guard heading back to the gates.

"I hope I'm not intruding, Luke? I was in the area and thought I'd check up on you." he smiled, the young man smiling at him.

"No worries, Pierce. We were just having a small dinner party. Your smile and friendship I'll always welcome." Lucas said, Adam smiling at the doctor again.

"It is an amazing smile, right Ush?" he said, Usher smiling at Pierce, the young man softly blushing.

"Beautiful indeed." he smiled, Lucas smiling at all his friends.

"Close the door, Ush. Dinner's at hand, and everyone's on the patio." he said, Adam handing Lucas a bottle of wine he'd been holding in his hand.

"My mother taught me to never come empty-handed." he smiled, Lucas seeing a platter in Usher's hand as well.

"Devilled eggs and Chardonnay. I'll have to open all the windows tonight, just to air the house out."

Everyone laughed, Lucas heading towards the living room.

Usher smiled at Pierce, the young doctor smiling back at him and Adam.

The three men followed Lucas, quietly chatting behind him, no one seeing Lucas' wide smile.


The three men walked out onto the patio, everyone rising from their seats.

"I see everyone's here." Adam smiled, stopping and looking at Gio, the young man staring at him and Ush.

"Hello, Adam and Usher. It's been a while." Gio said, the two men looking around at everyone.

"Yes it has, Gio." Usher said, Adam looking at him.

"You know them as well?" Nick said, Gio nodding his head.

"I believe I've walked into the center of my past." he said, everyone looking at each other.

"You've walked into life, Gio. The past is the past. It's the future that holds all our hearts now."

Everyone turned, Lucas seated in his chair in the patio doorway.

Gio stared at the young man, Lucas wheeling down the ramp, stopping beside his Joshua.

Pierce stared at everyone, Gio staring at him.

"And who's this?" he said, Pierce smiling at him, walking forward.

"This is my doctor, Gio. Dr. Pierce Welby. Pierce this is Gio Benitez."

"The reporter, yes. I've seen you on television, Mr. Benitez." Pierce said, extending his hand, the two men staring at each other, shaking each other's hand.

"Hello, Dr. Welby. And I'm just Gio."
"And I'm just Pierce. A new friend of Lucas'." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm surrounded by friends and love. This will be a nice evening when all is mixed together. Love and friendship, and perhaps more."

Everyone smiled at the young man, Colton walking out of the house.
"Dinner is ready, everyone. It's buffet style, all set up inside." he smiled, the patio tables now all set for dinner.

Everyone smiled at the young man, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"I'd like to say a short grace before we dine." he smiled, everyone smiling at him, bowing their heads.

Josh smiled at his love, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"We gather here tonight in friendship and love. The evening is surrounded by the past's shadows. Let's brush them off and look towards the future. For the future is our hearts' happiness. We dine on the youthful cuisine created with love. Let's nourish our stomachs with its deliciousness. Let's nourish our hearts with everyone's opening friendship. Love surrounds us, in bonded couples of love, in solitary visions of singular need. Our friendship will widen tonight. For the strings of love, destiny and life weave through all of us. Blessed are we for the good food we shall have, and the greater love we shall all see. We share our love and our friendship. The bounty is great, with our Lord's love. Amen."

Everyone said Amen, Lucas smiling around at everyone.
"We'll all chat over dinner." he smiled, turning and wheeling his chair towards the house.

Everyone followed, glances exchanged.


Over dinner, pasts were revealed, the group hearing the truth unfold from everyone.

Adam and Usher revealed their past, Gio playing a small part in it as well.
The two men revealed their new relationship to Gio, he the last to know of its truth.

He revealed his own past with the two men, he one of their conquests.

It had been a brief relationship, all three filling their needs at that moment.

Gio hadn't fallen into their once circle of ravenous friends, other than a few brief trysts with Nick.

Nick revealed his past with Gio as well, and his new love for Gideon.

Pierce sat back, taking in all the revealing truths, seeing the couples of love surrounding him.

He and Adam traded looks a few times, Usher's eyes meeting his as well.

Justin and Lance both revealed their past with Gio, he smiling at both, reiterating his previous words of forgiveness.

Nick looked at the young man in a new light, seeing a mirrored vision of his own self.

The young man had walked a path of needful love, never finding the other side of the coin of life.

The flip side of love.

His eyes met Gideon's, the young lawyer smiling at him.

Lucas sat back, letting everyone reveal their past discretions, Colton smiling at him often.

"Thank you for showing us all our pasts, Lucas. I see that you've been behind a lot of this. All my old friends have found love." Gio said, Lucas smiling at him.

"They all just wandered onto the right path, Gio. Just call me their guide of love." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Ever amazing, Luke." Adam smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Hold on, everyone." he said, wheeling towards the house.

Everyone stared at each other, Gio staring at Josh.

"He's really something, Josh. You can feel the love flowing from him." he said, Justin and Lance both smiling at Josh.

"His magic really is his love, Gio. I think you've been ensnared in it as well." Justin smiled, Gio's brown eyes meeting his.

"I've searched a long time for that elusive sensation, Justin. I walked my own lost paths." he said, everyone looking at him, his eyes meeting those he knew well.

"But they were all paths of happiness and friendship. I gained much from each path."
Everyone smiled at him, Lucas wheeling out of the house again, wheeling up to the table.

Lucas handed Adam a card, the singer looking into his violet eyes.

"You get the first one, Levine. Fresh off the printing press." he smiled, Adam's blue eyes going to the small card.

Adam laughed, smiling widely, looking around the table.

He read the card out loud.


                Lucas Carver-Belmont


                   The Amazing One


             Good For One Free Ride

     Paths of Love By Appointment Only


"Sign me up for that ride." Adam smiled, laughing.

"You're already on that voyage, my friend. And it just gets better from here. Besides, my Joshy doesn't like to share the saddle."

Josh blushed, Lucas laughing, others laughing as well.

Lucas kissed his man, Josh's embarrassment evaporating.

"It's like riding an ox."

Justin burst into laughter, Lance joining him, Lucas raising an eyebrow.

"You calling me fat, Chasez?" he said, Josh smiling at him.

"No, babe. I'm calling you a muscled beast of love."

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

"Tease. Just for that you can ride bareback."

Everyone laughed, Josh blushing but smiling.

Lucas' violet pools went around the table, smiling at everyone.

"You've all opened up about your past. And you now see the intertwining paths of love and friendship you've all walked. Tonight you've all crossed onto the one path. Your souls are free from the past, your hearts open to the new love around you. I welcome all of you as close friends. We stand together in friendship, respect, trust and love. Four couples of joined love, and a few friends of singular friendship and love." he said, everyone staring at him with deep friendship.

"Thank you for including me in all this, Luke." Gio said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You are an interweaving thread, Gio. Your five friends here have felt your giving beauty, love and friendship. The rest of us welcome your new friendship as well. As we all welcome you, Pierce." Lucas said, the young doctor looking at him.

"I see so much love around me, Lucas. I never focused on that in my own life. Tonight I feel so alone, seeing so much joined love." he said, everyone smiling at him, Gio's eyes meeting his.

"I feel the same, Pierce." he said, Pierce smiling at him.

"Love surrounds everyone, my friends. We just have to look to where we feel it. Love flows on its own path, enveloping those of its need and its beauty. One is never alone when you have friendships." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Well said, son." he smiled, Colton smiling widely at him.

"I'll get dessert ready, Dad." Colton smiled, picking up some empty plates, heading into the kitchen.

"Let's have dessert in the living room, guys. My Josh is going to wow us all with his interviewing beauty." Lucas said, Josh kissing his lips again.

"I'm only that beautiful when I am with he whom I love with all my soul." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Elton John?"

Everyone laughed, Josh laughing as well.

"Nah, someone a little more north of him. A certain amazing Welshman."

"Tom Jones?"

Josh rolled his eyes, Lucas laughing, their lips meeting again.

"They're like rutting bucks." Justin laughed, the two breaking their kiss.

"This stag loves a large herd, little doe." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing.

Everyone rose from the table, everyone helping clean up the empty dishes, all walking into the house.


Lucas sat on the couch, snuggled against his Beamy, Josh's arms around him.

Everyone had watched the interview, all eyes going to the two men often.

Colton shut off the video, Gio staring at the two men, he sitting on a couch with Nick and Gideon.

"Well? Your thoughts, guys?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Did you use a soft lens, Gio? My man looked ten years younger. Woof!" he said, Josh blushing.

"And ten pounds heavier." he smiled, Lucas kissing his neck.

"You just need a good workout, babe. That'll wipe those love handles off." he said, licking Josh's cheek.

"Can we all watch?" Justin laughed, Lucas blowing him a kiss.

"Need pointers, Timberlacking?" Lucas said, Nick laughing, remembering that teasing name.

"I'm sure Lance has trained him well." Nick smiled, Adam and Usher both smiling at the couple, Pierce seated beside them.

Justin smiled, wrapping his arms around his man's waist, the two cuddled together on the couch with Lucas and Josh.

"My Lance's love is an experience I'll never tire of." he said, Lance smiling and kissing his lips.

Lucas' violet pools met Gio's, the young man smiling at him.

Josh smiled, looking at him as well.

"It's perfect, Gio. Don't change a thing." Josh said, Gio nodding.
"I agree, as before, Josh. It will air next Friday night. You're both going to be inundated with press again, I'm afraid." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We have friends around us, and our own resolve. Our love's in the open. And I couldn't be happier." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Ditto, babe. I'm so looking forward to flirting with my man in public."

Everyone smiled, the two kissing again.

"Cool, a competition!" Justin said, his lips meeting his Lance's.

Gideon and Nick smiled at each other, their lips meeting.
Gio smiled, taking in their showing love beside him.

Adam smiled at his Usher.

"Shall we, my love?" he said, Usher pulling him close.

"The best for last, babe." he said, their lips meeting.

Pierce sat beside them, watching the two kiss deeply.

His eyes met Gio's, the young man smiling at him.

"I don't know you that well yet, Pierce. And it looks like we've been ditched."

Pierce laughed, Gio joining him.

"And what am I? Chopped liver?" Colton said, Gio and Pierce laughing more.

"I think the term is jailbait, Colt?" Justin said, having broken his kiss with Lance.

Colton frowned, folding his arms.

The other three couples broke their kisses, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

Lucas' eyes met Colton's.

"See, my young friend. You don't have to evaporate into the shadows to see the real love around you." he said, Colton smiling at him.

"Yeah, but it's so old-looking. And slow." he said, laughing loudly.

Justin's eyes met Josh's.

"Let's get him!" he screamed, the two men on their feet in a flash, tackling Colton, the young man knocked out of his wingchair, going to the floor.

All the couples were on the move, Colton screaming with laughter, everyone tickling him.

Lucas smiled, wheeling to the gang laying on the floor.

"Is this like a gang bang?" He laughed, looking at Gio and Pierce.

"Fresh meat over here boys." he smiled, the couples looking up at him, all laughing.

Gio and Pierce blushed, everyone looking at them.

"They'd make a great couple, Luke. You matchmaking again?" Usher said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love leads its own path, Ush. I'm just the guide, remember?" he said, everyone smiling at him, all rising to their feet again.

"Let's light the patio lights, my love. I want to snuggle in the darkness with my friends and you."

"I'm first in your lap, Carver." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'll put down my kickstand. Or you can pull it up."

Everyone laughed, following Lucas and Josh out to the patio again.


Lucas smiled, looking towards the bathroom doorway, a vision of beauty walking out of the bathroom, Lucas taking in his soulmate's naked beauty.

"Mmm, you are so beautiful." he said, Josh smiling, climbing onto the bed, his naked body moving on top of Lucas' brief-covered form.

Their lips met, the two feeling their deep love.

They broke their kiss, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"Your love makes me more beautiful, my love. And you are fantastic." he said, his fingers running across Lucas' smooth chest.

"I love you, my Joshua." Lucas said, Josh sighing, snuggling against his man's warm body.

Lucas took in the scent of Josh's freshly showered skin, kissing his man's neck.

"I miss them, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling, pulling his man close.

"They sensed they and we needed our own private love tonight, my love. And I miss them too." Lucas said, Josh smiling, kissing his man's chest.

"You are my love, my Lucas. Your love is even more beautiful than theirs."

Lucas smiled, his hand running down Josh's back, lightly slapping his bare ass.

"Yeah, right! I saw your love for the monster. It was almost as intense as my love for Justin's deliciousness."

Josh smiled, Lucas' body moving, rolling on top of Josh, their eyes meeting.

"You liked the Timberlake beauty?" Josh smiled, Lucas kissing his chin, his lips moving to Josh's neck, working their way up to his earlobe, Josh moaning as Lucas licked it.

"He is beautiful, and delicious. As is the monster of our hearts. It's like I have three of you now. Three visions of beauty. And your beauty alone lights a greater fire in my soul, Joshua." Lucas said, his hands moving, Josh feeling one wrap around his center, its girth widening.

"Oh, babe! You are on fire!" he softly said, Lucas' lips moving down his neck, then to his lips, Josh feeling his tongue enter his mouth, the two deeply French kissing.

Josh became lost in his love, the two slowly breaking the kiss, Lucas' head going against Josh's smooth chest, Josh wrapping his arms around him.

"I love them, Joshua. As I know you do. But you are the center of my life. I love you so much." Lucas said, Josh kissing his forehead.
"I love you as the center of my world, Lucas."

"I know, Josh." Lucas smiled, Josh moving, Lucas rolling on his back now, Josh laying on top of him.

"I felt your flowing love tonight, Lucky. Your love drew all of their past out, showing the love and need beneath it. And that love of yours guided most of them to their heart's happiness. I sensed you were guiding two new ones again. Gio and Pierce would be so good together."

Lucas smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"Our other two of love said the same thing to me privately just before everyone left tonight." he said, Josh smiling.

"We all clued into it, babe. And I think Colton sensed it as well."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"He did indeed sense the truth." he said, Josh kissing his lips gently.

"God, your giving love stokes my soul! When I see you guiding people to love, it makes me love you so much!"
Lucas smiled, kissing his man's chin.

"Josh Chasez gets turned on by showing love. And here we thought Colton was the perv?"

Josh blushed, Lucas pulling his head down, their lips meeting, another French kiss engulfing them.

Lucas broke the kiss, staring into his man's blue pools.

"I'm here for only you, my love. I need you, Joshua. I need you to love me." he said, Josh's lips moving, this kiss steeped with love and desire.

Josh began to move, tasting all of Lucas' warm skin, his head going lower.

Lucas moaned, feeling his man's talented fingers and lips begin their passion.

He stared up at the ceiling, his mind going to the ending night's truths.

He smiled, feeling his man's lips claiming all of him.


A Few Hours Earlier


Lucas smiled, sitting in his wheelchair in the foyer, the young man surrounded by all his friends.

The hour was after midnight, everyone beginning to leave.

The evening had been a happy affair, everyone relaxing and talking openly.

He'd sat back and watched everyone talking, laughing and smiling at each other.

Couples had danced together, their love showing in the open, soft music filling the patio.

He'd watched his man dancing with everyone, seeing Josh's happiness at their new circle of close friends.

And he'd seen his man's deep love for Justin and Lance.

His own heart held the same love for both as well.

His eyes had taken in the surrounding love, their violet hue watching two other new friends and their searching eyes.

He'd seen Pierce and Gio talking with each other, their friendship now growing.

He'd smiled to himself, watching where their eyes had always looked to.

Hidden love is a love that needs voicing.

You can't hide behind your eyes of showing love, my friends.

He smiled, seeing who they were gravitating to.

Love needs to shine in the most needful hearts.

And the beauty of the greater open love I now have needs to be shared as well.

I've started your paths, my friends.

The greater love will soothe all your hearts.

Colton had walked up to Lucas around eleven, the young man seated in his wheelchair at the patio table, Lucas watched Josh dance a slow dance with Lance.

The young man had smiled at him, sitting down beside him.

"Having fun, Colt?" he'd smiled, Colton kissing his cheek.

"Watching love unfold is always fun, Dad." he'd smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"You feel and see it as well?" he said, Colton smiling.

Lucas had smiled, watching other searching eyes.

He'd watched Nick and Gideon chatting together, the two men drawing another into their conversations, that young man's smile showing more all night.

Gio had relaxed more, his smile increasing, especially when he was with Nick and Gideon.

"I'm happy for my uncle, Dad. He needs a greater love than Nick can give him. I've felt his soul." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You sensed that when you watched their love." Lucas said, Colton smiling at him.

"Their love was beautiful, but I felt its incomplete center. I see a greater love shining now. I'm happy for all three."  Colton said, watching his uncle smiling, Gio seated between him and Nick.

Lucas smiled, sensing the same growing love all evening.

His eyes looked towards Adam and Usher, the two men chatting with Pierce.

"And the other trio?"

Colton smiled, looking at the three men, seeing Adam's blue eyes staring into Pierce's blue.

"I felt their opening love the day Pierce swam here with us. Adam's eyes showed a deeper need. Not the once lust-filled need he had, but the greater need of a greater love. Usher's love is just as needful. I think they've found the surgeon to heal them." Colton said, Lucas smiling at the younger man.

"Well said, Grasshopper. Our best work yet." Lucas said, Colton laughing.

Justin had walked up to the two young men, smiling.

"I haven't danced with you yet, Colt. Your hands need to be on my ass." Justin grinned, Colton smiling at him.

"Sweet! I'm going to have some wild dreams tonight." he smiled, standing up, Justin winking at Lucas, pulling the younger man out onto the dance floor.

Lucas had smiled, watching Colton's head go to Justin's chest, the older man's arms wrapping around him as they danced.

He saw Colton's hands resting on Justin's ass.

Here now an hour later everyone was saying goodnight, Lucas hugged by everyone, Josh at his side.

Gio hugged the young man tightly, Lucas patting his back.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening, Luke. You've made me feel so much better." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Life is a path of adventures, Gio. Open your heart to what you feel. Their love is the answer." Lucas whispered into his ear.

Gio looked surprised, staring at the young man's smiling face as he stood up.

His brown eyes met Usher's brown, then Adam's blue.

Pierce was the last to hug Lucas, the young man patting his back.

"You take care, Luke. Tell Cindy to double the exercises. I think you're stronger than you look." the man smiled, breaking their embrace.

"You're strong as well, Pierce. Now that you sense what your heart needs. Love can be beautiful when it's threefold." Lucas said, the young doctor hearing his words alone.

Pierce looked confused, Lucas smiling at him.

Josh's arm had gone around Lucas' shoulders, the man smiling at the doctor.

"Talk to you soon, Pierce. You're always welcomed here." Josh said, the doctor smiling at him.

Justin kissed Josh's cheek, Lance's arm around his waist.

"We're heading home as well, guys. I need my Lance tonight." Justin said, Josh smiling at the inebriated happiness showing in Justin's glassy eyes.

"Have fun, Lancy. He looks like he's raring to go." Lucas said, Justin smiling and leaning down, kissing Lucas' lips.

"Love ya, sexy." he smiled, Lucas kissing back.

"Later, you hot man of love." he said, Justin winking at him.

The group began to move, and everyone saying goodnight.

Josh smiled at Lucas' side, Colton on his other side.

"I feel the new love, babe. You work miracles." Josh said, staring at Gio and Pierce shaking hands goodbye.

His thoughts were on their showing love, the man not realizing it wasn't directed at each other.

"See you on the thirty-first, Adam and Ush. Thanks for the invite." Lucas yelled, the two men smiling and waving, Adam talking quietly to Pierce, Gio walking away from them, Nick and Gideon at his side, their cars parked together.

Adam had invited everyone to his yearly Halloween party at his home, everyone accepting with smiling friendship.

Everyone climbed into their cars, Josh smiling at his man.

"They're all so happy." he said, Colton's eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"Happy they'll be indeed." Colton smiled, Lucas chuckling.

"More paths of love to experience, our little wandering imp of love."
Colton laughed, the young man closing the door to their parting friends.


End of Chapter 136


And so Lucas has joined other couples of love, a greater love entering several hearts.

It seems two new trios of love are joining.

Adam, Usher and Pierce.

And Nick, Gideon and Gio.


I think you may have sensed Adam's watching eyes on Pierce, Usher watching the young man as well.

Colton's wandering exploration made him see his uncle's greater need.

Adam, Usher and Nick had all led past lives of total depravity.

I felt the three needed a greater love.


Our two magical angels of love are spreading their love.

Let's watch the love unfold and grow.


Up next: A party of showing surprises.

I've got a few up my sleeve.


Hugs, Angel.