Yesterday's End-137


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 137


Justin smiled, his eyes glancing up the foyer staircase.

Finn and Skyler walked down the stairs, Justin's blue eyes taking in Finn's muscled chest, the man wearing a pair of tight fitting tights, his muscular chest stretching the fabric.

A red cape hung from his shoulders.

Skyler wore an almost identical costume, hers more feminine and giving, her showing motherhood revealed.

Justin smiled, seeing the emblazed S on their chests.

"Mr. and Mrs. Superman. Cool idea, Finny!" Justin grinned, Finn winking at him.

"I am her hero, and she's mine." Finn said, the two walking down the stairs, stopping in front of him, Skyler kissing her man's cheek.

"He just likes showing off the goods." Skyler smiled, Justin's eyes taking in the tight costume covering Finn's physique.
"Lucky us!" Justin winked, Skyler smirking, Finn rolling his eyes.

"And where's your harem, Sultan?" the Welshman laughed, taking in Justin's costumed form.

Justin wore a white turban with a diamond in its center, a short white vest embroidered with blue symbols covering his smooth, muscular, naked chest .

A baby blue silk wrap was wrapped around his waist, a silver scarab holding a sword hanging from it, his pants puffy, navy blue silk.

"They're naked and upstairs awaiting their master." Justin grinned, Finn laughing, patting his shoulder.

"You wish, perv! I saw the three in Josh's room. They were dressed." Finn grinned, Justin smiling.

"My Lance is there with Josh and Luke, the three getting ready. None of them would tell me their costumes. They should be down shortly." Justin smiled, his eyes going to the stairs again when he heard another sound.

Harry and Alain walked down the staircase, all eyes on the two handsome men and the revealing costumes they wore.

Harry wore a bone necklace around his naked muscular chest, a leather loincloth covering his center, his chiselled body on full display.

Leather, feathered bands were on his biceps as well as around his ankles, the man's feet covered in leather moccasins.

A headdress was on his head, two feathers adorning it, one sticking up and one to the side.

His skin was a darker bronzed color, the man a coppery native color.

Harry smiled at everyone, Alain's arm going around the man's naked bronzed waist, his smile wide.

Alain wore the outfit of a cowboy; a white cowboy hat donning his head, leather chaps covering his legs and his white, tight fitting jeans.

A leather vest covered a white shirt, the shirt skin tight across his muscled chest.

"Look, it's a black Lone Ranger and a California tanned Tonto!" Finn laughed, Harry smiling at him.

"I know who I'm scalping first." he grinned, Alain laughing.

Finn blushed, Alain taking in Finn's skin tight costume.

"Nice outfit, sexy. What's the S stand for? Slutboy?" he grinned, Justin laughing, Finn folding his arms.

"You know damn well I'm Superman!" he said, Alain and Harry laughing, walking down to the bottom steps, Alain's arm going around Finn's shoulders now.

"Haven't had the pleasure yet, sexy. I don't know if you're super or even good." he grinned, Skyler laughing.

Finn blushed but laughed, Justin smiling at them all, his eyes going to the stairs again.

He smiled, seeing a young man walking down the stairs, a wide smiling on his face.

"I don't believe it!" he laughed, Colton smiling at him.

"What? You don't like?" the young man said, stopping in front of his friends, spreading his black cape wide.

"Awesome, Colt!" Justin smiled, Finn's eyes meeting his.

"How could he know. . .?" Finn began to say, Justin shaking his head, Finn silencing.

Everyone smiled at the young man, taking in his costume.

"It was Luke's idea. I think it's cool!" Colton smiled, the young man turning around in a circle, everyone taking in his black tights-covered form.

A large bat was on his chest, a black mask covering his face, a younger Batman smiling at everyone.

"Looking good, Batman." Harry smiled, the young man grinning.

"I'm not muscular like Superman there, but I hope it looks alright. I always loved Batman!" he smiled, Justin's arm going around him.

"Looks great, Colt. And you're toning up nicely." he said, Colton beaming, his blue eyes scanning Justin's naked chest.

"I'll be in your harem any day, Master." he said, Justin laughing, Finn joining him.

Colton blushed, his blue eyes taking in Harry's near naked form.

"Tight covered muscle boys. My tepee may be full tonight." he grinned, Finn blushing, Colton grinning.

Alain slapped his man's ass, Harry smiling at him.

"You're in my bunkhouse tonight, chief." he said, Harry leaning in, his lips meeting Alain's.

"Please, tone it down, gay boys." Finn smiled, the two breaking their kiss.

Alain smiled at Finn.

"I want a dance later, Superman. Let's see if I can make you really fly, Finny." he said, Finn laughing.

"Who's Finny? I'm Superman!" he said, striking a Superman pose.

Everyone laughed, smiling at the Welshman.

"Are you faster than a speeding bullet, Superman?"

All eyes went upwards, Lance's smiling face staring down at everyone.

Justin's eyes widened, taking in his man's beautiful form.

Lance wore a skin tight uniform, a badge hanging from the uniform's chest, the uniform crisp and wrinkle-free.

His blond head was covered in a commander's hat, the man looking stunning.

"Hide the dope, Justin. It's the fuzz!" Finn laughed, Lance smiling and walking down the staircase, joining his man at the bottom steps.

Justin smiled at his man, taking in his handsome form.

"The policeman of my heart. You looking so handsome, Lance." he said, Lance smiling at him.

"I'm arresting you later, sexy. I have handcuffs and everything." he said, Justin beaming at him, his eyes showing a soft lust.

"Oh great! I think these two are getting off on the costumes." Finn said, Skyler shaking her head.

"This from the guy who's practically asking to get groped." she smiled, her hand going to Finn's ass, pinching it.

The man jumped, and blushed, everyone laughing, more laughter coming from above them.

Their eyes went upwards again, Trish and Andrew standing at the top of the staircase.

Trish wore a light blue dress, long white gloves flowing down her arms, a tiara on her head.

Andrew stood beside her, the young man wearing a crisp white soldier's uniform.

"Prince Charming and Cinderella. How creative." Finn chuckled, Skyler slapping the back of his head.

Finn blushed, rubbing his head.

"Sorry, dear." he said, Skyler smiling at him.

"I think it's beyond romantic. Their young love on full display." Lance said, everyone smiling at the couple as they descended the staircase, Andrew's arm in Trish's.

The two were dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming, both looking beautiful.

"A princess you are indeed, Trishy." Skyler said, her friend hugging her.

"And you two will be the heroes of your new babies' hearts." Trish said, Finn and Skyler both smiling.

"This must be a fantasy. The love's thick enough to cut in the air." Finn said, everyone smiling.

"Well, you are a fantasy of mine." Alain said, licking his lips.

Harry laughed, kissing Finn's cheek.

"Can I borrow that costume tonight, Finny?" he whispered in his ear, Finn laughing loudly.


Justin smiled at his man, Lance smiling back.

"A sexy sultan. Have a full harem yet?" he said, Justin laughing.

"Working on it. Alright have Colton lined up. And Finny will do anything for a cheap thrill." he smiled, Finny winking at him, Lance smiling, looking at Batman, his green eyes widening a bit.

His green pools met Justin's blue, the man kissing his lips.

"Shush, babe. He doesn't know." Justin softly said, Lance nodding.

"Speaking of him, where're he and Josh? I hope they're not going at it again? We're going to be late." Finn said, Lance smiling at him.

"I watched them and everything, Finny. The boy's gifted, I'll give him that!"

Justin and everyone laughed, Finn blushing again.

"Me and my big mouth."

"I'm right here if you want to put that mouth to use, perv."

Everyone's eyes raised, looking up the stairs again.

Josh and Lucas stood at the top of the staircase, Harry smiling and walking up the steps towards them.

"Great costumes, guys! Need some help down, Luke?" the bodyguard smiled, everyone smiling up at the two men at the top of the staircase, Lucas seated in his wheelchair.

Josh stood beside Lucas' chair, the man's face covered in a soft fur, his body wearing a skin tight white t-shirt and black jeans.

Slashes were ripped in the front of the t-shirt, soft hair showing through.

Josh's hands were covered in fur, long silver blades for fingertips.

"Wolverine, awesome idea, Josh!" Harry smiled and laughed, Josh smiling widely.

"The beast of my heart. But those knives scratch. My ass is all scarred." Lucas said, everyone laughing, Josh blushing, his blue eyes looking down at Lucas' bald head.

The young man smiled up at him, dressed in a finely tailored suit, the man playing his part nicely.

"Good evening, Professor X." Harry smiled, Lucas smiling up at him.

"There are not a lot of characters that go around in wheelchairs, Har. I thought that Josh and I needed to match. What better than a superhero and his collaborator." Lucas smiled, Harry nodding and taking in the X-Men costumes.

Lucas raised his arms, Harry picking him up in his arms, Josh picking up the wheelchair, the three walking down the stairs.

Everyone smiled at Lucas, the young man soon in his wheelchair again in the foyer.

"Great idea, Luke. You both look great. Josh needs a shave though. And you're as bald as Patrick Stewart." Finn laughed, Josh smiling at him, scanning his tight costume.

"Careful, Fly Boy. These knives can cut that costume off you fast. Then we'll see who's hairy." he smiled, Finn smiling back.

"Enough said, Wolverine. But you're not going to be able to hold much in your hands with those knives." Finn grinned, Josh smiling down at Lucas.

"No worries, Finny. Luke said he'd handle anything I need my hands for. I'm looking forward to my bathroom breaks." Josh said, beaming, Finn blushing again.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"You all look great, guys. Everyone matches except Justin and Lance." Lucas smiled, the two men smiling at him,

Lance's arms around Justin's waist.

"We still need to be discreet, Luke. But I plan on arresting him later." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"Can I help you frisk him?" Lucas smiled, Justin blowing him a kiss.

"Wait till I'm handcuffed, Professor. Then you can do as you like." he winked, Lucas laughing.

Justin and Lance smiled at Lucas, his bald head actually making his face even more handsome.

Josh's handsome furry face added to his beauty as well.

The two men smiled at the other two men, Finn rolling his eyes again.

"They're at it again." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You never answered Lance's question, Finny. Are you faster than a speeding bullet? I knew Sky looked disappointed for some reason in the mornings."
Skyler burst into laughter, Finn blushing again, others laughing as well.

"I guess I deserved that." he softly smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"All you deserve is what you have, Superman. Our love and friendship." Lucas said, Finn smiling.

"Thanks, Luke. I welcome all of that."

"But keep the tights. You've got us all stoked." Lucas smiled, licking his lips, Finn laughing.

"That was my intention, gay boy."

Lucas laughed, everyone smiling at Finn.

"The cars are ready, Luke. Adam said eight o'clock, and it's close to that now." Alain said smiling, Lucas smiling at the cowboy.

"Josh can drive, Alain. I'm sure you'd like your little brave sitting in your lap."

Alain laughed, Harry smiling at him.

"You hired me as your assistant, Luke. I'll drive. With my big brave beside me." he said, Harry beaming.

Everyone laughed, heading out of the house.


Usher opened the front door, his handsome face smiling at everyone.

"Awesome, guys. You made it! Love the costumes!" he smiled, Josh smiling at the black man.

Usher wore a King Tut costume, his black muscular chest on full display, his head and neck covered in an Egyptian headdress, a short toga skirt covering his hips and center, sandals completing the outfit.

Everyone hugged him, smiling at him, the man leading everyone into the house.

The living room was filled with people, Usher leaning down and hugging Lucas.

"Awesome costumes, Josh and Lucas. X-men extraordinaire!" He smiled, Lucas smiling up at him.

"My Beamy's actually a Triple X-Man. Woof!"

Josh blushed, Usher laughing.

"Please mingle, everyone. Adam's around here somewhere." he smiled, Lucas smiling, Josh pushing him towards the living room, everyone following.

Nick and Gideon walked up to their friends, everyone smiling at them.

Gideon wore a Roman centurion's costume, his chest covered in a bronze chest plate, an eagle emblazed upon it.

Colton hugged him, Gideon smiling at Lucas.

"Never knew Batman was so hot." he smiled, Colton smiling at his uncle.

"It's me, Uncle Gid." he said, Gideon laughing.

"Ah, Colton! Nice threads, bud!" Nick said, Colton smiling at the religious icon smiling at him.

"Jesus Christ! It's Jesus Christ!" he laughed, everyone joining him.

"The savior of my heart." Gideon said, Nick smiling at him, so wanting to kiss him.

"I know who this Roman's going to crucify later." Finn laughed, Nick smiling at him, the man wearing a brown beard and wig, a long white robe covering his body, a golden halo surrounding his head.

"He's definitely going to get nailed later tonight." Gideon smiled, Nick blushing, looking around.

"The bar's over here, guys." Nick smiled, Alain and Justin following him, going to get drinks for everyone.

Lucas smiled, looking around the room.

He saw a lot of celebrity faces, some he knew, remembering a lot of them from Josh's birthday party a few months ago.

Janet Jackson walked up to him, the woman in a Cat Woman costume, she bending down and kissing his cheek.

"I'm so happy you're doing better, Luke." she said, Lucas smiling at her, seeing the concern and friendship in her brown eyes.

"Thanks for the flowers, Janet. And I'm recovering."
She smiled, hugging Josh.

"You can now show your love openly, Josh. Congrats to you both." she smiled, Josh kissing her cheek.

"I plan on being in his lap all night." he smiled, Janet laughing.

"I didn't know Wolverine and Professor X were hot for each other."

Josh's eyes turned, staring into two blue pools.

Pierce smiled at the man, Josh smiling back.

"Hello, Doctor. Or should I say nurse? Creative costume." Lucas smiled, Pierce smiling at his patient.

The doctor wore a nurse's uniform, its white dress barely covering his muscular legs.

"Don't tell the nurses at the hospital. I stole it from their locker room." he said, everyone laughing.

"You're one ugly nurse." Finn laughed, Pierce smiling at him.

"Bend over Welshman, I'll take your temperature." he said, Lucas laughing loudly, Finn blushing.

"He's now officially one of us! Excellent, Pierce!" he laughed, Pierce smiling around at everyone.

"God help me!" Finn said, Sky kissing his cheek.

"Let's mingle, my love. Bruno's motioning towards us." she said, Finn nodding, following his fiancée over to Bruno Mars and the Lachey brothers.

Mars was dressed as Sherlock Holmes, the Lachey brothers dressed as Laurel and Hardy.

Lucas stared at the singers, Josh's hand going in his.

"Come on, Professor. Let's mingle as well. I want to show off my man."

"You fix his claws once and Wolverine thinks he owns you." he said, everyone laughing, Lucas smiling at his man.

"Lead on, Wolverine. My hands will follow that hairy ass anywhere."

Josh laughed, he and his man heading over to some of Josh's friends, their hands joined as Josh pushed his chair.


Everyone mingled, the evening continuing.

Lucas was relaxing by himself, sipping at his drink just off the kitchen doorway, staring at his man dancing with Janet Jackson.

Lucas felt a hand go to his shoulder.

"One of the first here and one of the last I greet."

Lucas smiled up into two blue pools of sparkling love.

"Hello, beautiful. And love the new look." he smiled, Adam smiling back at him.

The singer wore a loincloth, his tattooed body on full display, his dark hair now bleached blond.

"Me Tarzan, you Jane?" He said, Lucas laughing.

"Sit down in my lap, Monkey Boy. I've got a big banana for you!"

Adam laughed, the singer sitting down in Lucas' lap, the two hugging, Adam's lips kissing Lucas' cheek, Lucas' arms around his near naked body.

"Thanks for coming, Luke." he smiled, Lucas' fingers running across Adam's smooth torso, the two relatively secluded where they sat.

"I haven't yet. Let's head upstairs, beautiful."

Adam blushed, but laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"The party's a big hit, Adam." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling back.

"Yes, I have a lot of friends. But this year I've changed it a lot." he said, Lucas nodding, rubbing his bare back.

"This year it's a party of friendship and happiness, not a party of gathering lust like the years before. Although I see a few of last year's players here." Lucas said, Adam nodding, looking towards Bruno and the Lacheys.

"I talked to all of them before they came, Luke. I want this to be my and Usher's night of friendship. Not like the many other nights."
"That it will be, Adam. For your heart's open now. And Ush owns it." Lucas said, Adam nodding, looking towards the living room, seeing his man talking with Pierce, the doctor wearing a large smile.

"Luke, I need to tell you something." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love is love, Adam. A greater love you needed. I'm happy for all three of you." Lucas said, Adam staring at him with shock.

"What. . .what do you mean?" he softly said, looking around them.

Lucas' hand went to Adam's heart, covering his left nipple, feeling the warmth of his tattooed skin.

"I meant that I have felt your and Usher's feelings, Adam. I felt the greater need. Pierce will fill that need, as you will fill his."

"You. . .you know?"
Lucas smiled, then laughed.

"My love is ever-giving, Adam, my friend. I guided all three of you together, as I long ago knew I had to."

Adam looked stunned, Lucas kissing his cheek, looking around first.

"You guided us together?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My heart is love, Adam. I feel love's need and I will always guide it to its truth."

Adam stared towards Usher and Pierce.

"We had dinner the other night. All three of us opened our hearts and friendship to each other. Pierce is a beautiful, intelligent man. I feel so comfortable around him, as does Ush. And he opened up to both of us about his lonely life."
"About there never having been anyone in it?"

Adam looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him.

"He needs your love just as much as you both need his. I felt that a long time ago."

"You. . .you didn't know him then, and us barely." Adam said, staring at him with wonder.

"I knew your love, Adam. All of it. I felt all of your soul that first day we shook hands. I saw the future of all of you."

Adam looked surprised, Lucas kissing his cheek.
"I am the magic of love. It is my destiny to unite separated love. The triad of your love is now joining. I only wish all three of you the happiness of that love. It mirrors my own foursome of love."

Adam looked in awe at the young man, his blue eyes moving and looking towards Justin and Lance, the two men laughing and talking to Josh and Drew Lachey.

"Ush and I, we both. . .we both thought there was something more between you four."

"There is, Adam. It's love, friendship, and trust. We are two pairs of soulmates. They are the mirror of my and Josh's own love. We are now four of one love. We are all beyond happy."

Adam smiled, staring at the three of Lucas' heart.

"You're lucky, Luke. They're all beautiful. In their love and their beauty."
Lucas smiled, looking towards Usher and Pierce, Pierce's blue eyes now staring at Lucas and Adam.

"As are the two of your heart, Tarzan. I think you've lucked out as well. You've found two Janes."
Adam laughed, looking towards Pierce and Usher, both men now smiling at him.

Adam's eyes met Lucas', Lucas seeing the beginnings of tears showing.

"Wipe your eyes, Adam. Life begins with the newer happiness of their love. The only tears that need to flow are the tears of all your joined love." he said, Adam pulling him close, hugging him tightly.

"Oh, Lucas. How can we. . .?"

Lucas smiled, Adam releasing his embrace on the young man.

"By you all making each other happy, Adam. Pierce especially needs your love. He needs a greater love. He's found it in both of you."

Adam smiled, the man rising out of Lucas' lap, the young man smiling up at him, taking in his smooth tattooed form.

"We all thank you and love you, Lucas."

"And I love all three of you. Your men need you. They're both beyond lucky."
Adam smiled, the man walking towards the living room, Usher's and Pierce's smiles increasing.

He walked up to both, both smiling at him.

Lucas felt another hand go to his shoulder.

"I feel their love has solidified, Dad."
Lucas smiled up into Colton's blue pools hidden behind the Batman mask.

"One trio joined, another brewing."

Colton smiled, leaning down and kissing his friend's cheek.

"Too bad Gio's not here tonight. Nick and Uncle Gid look softly sad behind their smiles."

"Paths move on their own, my young friend. Or others create them." Lucas smiled, looking towards the front door of the foyer, Adam now at its door, opening it, Usher beside him.

Two people walked into the home, Colton's eyes widening with surprise.

One was dressed as a Star Wars storm trooper, all in white molded plastic, the other dressed as another heroic character.

Justin and Lance and Josh all walked up to Lucas' wheelchair, Colton not noticing them surrounding him.

Justin looked into Lucas' violet pools, the young man winking at him.

"Who's that?" Colton said, his eyes moving, meeting Justin's blue.

The man smiled at him.

"Batman doesn't recognize his partner in heroics?" Justin smiled, Colton's eyes moving back to the doorway, one of the figures walking towards him and his friends, the other one following Adam and Usher into the living room.

The slim figure walked up to Colton, staring at him, their eyes meeting, both staring into each other's eyes.

"Sorry I'm late, Batman. I had to sneak out of the bat cave tonight. You had me chained." the young man said, Justin and Lance both laughing.

Josh smiled, looking confused, staring at the stranger.

"Robin, the Boy Wonder. About time you arrived." Lucas smiled, the man smiling at Lucas.

"Yes, Professor X." he said, Colton's hands going to both of the Boy Wonder's shoulders, his blue eyes widening at the smile showing on the man's face, Colton staring into the blue eyes behind his black mask.

"Jonathan!" he screamed, Batman pulling Robin into his arms, the two hugging each other deeply, their lips meeting.

Everyone smiled at the two, Josh staring with surprise at Lucas, then Justin.

"Lucas thought it would be a nice surprise." he said, Josh smiling at his man.

"My love spreads, Wolverine."

Josh laughed, the two young men breaking their embrace and kiss, staring into each other's eyes.

"You left me chained to your heart." Jonathan said, Colton smiling at him.

"Jonathan, you're here! This is a wonderful surprise!" Colton beamed, the young man still in his arms smiling, their hands then going together.

"Batman is nothing without his Robin." Jonathan said, Colton beaming.

"Got that right! I'm so glad you're here!" Colton said, hugging the young man to him again.

"Give us all a shot, Colt." Lucas smiled, the two breaking their hug slowly, Jonathan smiling, leaning down and hugging Lucas tightly, Lucas smiling.

"Welcome back to our love, Jon. And Colton's. The boy's missed you beyond belief." he smiled, kissing the young man's cheek.

Jonathan rose again, hugging his brother next.

"Thanks for the invite, Bro!" Jonathan said, hugging his older brother, Justin smiling.

"It was Luke's idea, Jonnie. He knew you two needed each other. And our love as well." he smiled, Colton's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"I never felt any of this, Dad." he said, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Hence the surprise, son. My magical love can hide itself even from you, Batman." he said, Colton tearing up, leaning down, hugging the man tightly, Lucas patting his back.

"I love you, Dad." he said, Jonathan now hugged by Lance and Josh.

Lucas smiled, kissing Colton's cheek.

"You need his love, Colt. It was as simple as that. I'll always give all for you."
Colton smiled, standing up again, Lucas smiling up at him.

The two young superheroes stared at each other, Lucas smiling, feeling their need.

"Get moving you two. But keep it private and discreet." he smiled, Colton beaming, his hand going in Jonathan's.

"Excuse us, guys." he said, the two young men walking back down the hallway, Justin watching them take the staircase upstairs two steps at a time.

"Ah, young love. They're both wired." Lance said, kissing Justin's cheek, looking around first.

"They shouldn't be upstairs, my love." Josh said, Lucas' hand going in his.

"It's alright, my love. Adam was aware of Colton's surprise. He's been young before as well." Lucas said, Josh staring down at him.

"I guess I'm the last to know." he said, Justin kissing his cheek.

"We just organized it all this week, Joshy. A last-minute surprise. He flew in last night and stayed at Lance's." Justin said, Josh nodding, looking into his man's violet pools of love.

"Your love is unending, my love." he said, leaning down and kissing his man's lips, everyone smiling at him.

Adam, Usher and Pierce walked up to the group, smiling at Josh's open love.

"He's openly gay for less than two weeks and he's molesting his man in public! Kinky!" Adam said, looking around, smiling at Justin.

"I take it Batman and Robin are upstairs?" he smiled, Lucas smiling as Josh broke their heated kiss.

"Yep. We'll give them a half hour. Then an ice bucket should do the trick!" Lucas said, everyone laughing.

"Ah, young love." Usher smiled, Lucas' hand going into Josh's.

"Doesn't hold a candle against old love." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Someone's getting his ass slashed tonight." he said, everyone bursting into laughter, Lucas smiling widely.

"Kinky indeed, Wolverine! Come on, my hairy beauty. Time to show off your love to all the stars." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at Josh's beaming face.

The two men rolled towards the living room, Pierce's blue eyes meeting Adam's blue.

"You're right, Adam. He is amazing." he said, Adam's hand going behind Pierce, settling on his ass.

Pierce smiled, looking into Adam's and Usher's smiling faces.

"Amazing indeed. Love is his destiny. As it is all of ours." Usher said, Justin smiling at the black man.

"Indeed." Justin said, smiling at his Lance.

Lance smiled, his eyes having been watching Adam's closeness to Pierce and his sudden movement.

"Come on, Lancy. Let's mingle." Justin said, Lance smiling into his eyes.

The two men moved, the three remaining smiling after them.

Usher's arm went around Pierce's waist as well, his hand settling on top of Adam's.

Pierce smiled, feeling the surrounding friendship and the growing love.


Lucas smiled, seeing his Josh dancing with Trish.

His eyes scanned the large living room, smiling as he saw Nick and Gideon talking to the storm trooper.

"Hello, Lucas. Why are you sitting back here like a wallflower?" a voice said, Lucas' violet pools looking up into two brown pools.

"Hello, Bruno. Nice to see you again." Lucas said, Bruno smiling at him.

"Always a pleasure seeing you, Lucas." the man smiled, Lucas staring at his Sherlock Holmes costume.

"Where are your other two friends?" Lucas said, Bruno smiling at him.

"They're around somewhere. They both like to scope out the possibilities." he smiled, staring at Lucas with a look of deep lust.

"I'm sure they do. Conquests are nothing if not challenging." Lucas said, Bruno smiling at him again.

"Kudos on bringing Josh out into the limelight, Luke. The man's nothing if not delicious. Or so Nick's told me." he smiled, Lucas staring at him.

"My Josh is beautiful, Bruno. And he's mine. Keep your dreams and your lusting eyes to yourself."

Bruno smiled, staring down at the young man.

"Come on, Luke. I know he's played the field. I bet you have too. How about some group fun? I'd love to experience that Chasez need. Nick said he was amazing. And you look more than amazing."

Lucas wheeled his chair around, staring at the singer.

"How was Jake, Bruno? Was he amazing as well?" he said, Bruno looking at him with surprise.

"I don't know what you're talking about. He was just a friend." he said, Lucas staring up at him.

"Friends don't stick their legs up in the air to half the male singers in Los Angeles." he said, Bruno surprised by Lucas' words.

"I know you, Drew and Nick Lachey were with him the night he died, Bruno."

Bruno looked stunned, backing up a bit.

"Finn told me he saw all three of you leave his condo before he walked into it that night. I know all three of you were with him. And I know he was playing all three of you."

Bruno looked confused, staring at the young man staring up at him.

"What. . .what are you talking about?" he said, Lucas sighing.

"I'm talking blackmail, Bruno. You three were too stupid that night to realize that he was taping everything. He was going to blackmail all three of you."

Bruno trembled, sitting down in an empty chair in front of Lucas.

"What. . .that's impossible!" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"No it's not, Bruno. There were cameras all set up in his bedroom."
"How. . .how do you know that? What happened to the tapes?" he said, looking towards Nick and Drew, the two talking with Usher.

"One only had to walk into that bedroom and you would have seen the lenses in the corners of the room. But you three were only after one thing that night. Jake's ass, and your own needs."

Bruno trembled again.

"Those tapes would ruin all of us!" he said, his voice edged with emotion.

Lucas stared at him, seeing the man's trembling worry.

"Life is about owning up to your mistakes, Bruno. If those tapes did materialize, you and your friends would have to face the truth of your own crassness. Something your other friends here have already faced."

Bruno stared around the room ahead of them, taking in Adam and Usher talking with Justin and Lance.

"What happened to them, Luke? They were all great players. What did you do to them? What are you wanting from me and my friends?  Are you now going to be the blackmailer?"

Lucas stared at the singer.

"What happened to your once conquests is that they found love, Bruno. Real love. Not the depraved lust and need you hide behind."
Bruno stared at the young man, surprised by the young man's answer.

"Love. . .love doesn't exist."
"Yes it does, Bruno. You just need to look into your own soul to find it. That's what Adam and Usher now have. They looked into their own souls and found the truth laying there. That they'd always loved each other. And now they're building on that love, as Justin and Lance have now done. They have found true love. That's why they've walked away from the life you're now leading with your friends. There's more to life than sex, my friend."

Bruno lowered his eyes, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"The tapes are destroyed, Bruno. The police found nothing on Jake's video cameras. I saw to that eventuality."

Bruno's eyes raised, staring with surprise at the young man.

"You. . .you erased them? How. . .how did you do that?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"I am more than myself, Bruno. You only have to ask the man that you've always loved."
Bruno rose from his chair, staring down at Lucas, the young man's violet pools softly glowing.

"What. . .what are you?" he softly said, his eyes wide with shock.

"I am life, and I am love, Bruno. It's time you looked into your own soul. The truth is there. And you have to face it." Lucas said, his hand moving forward, attaching to Bruno's left hand.

Bruno's eyes widened, the man feeling something overcome him.

He slowly sank back down into his chair, his body trembling.

The man's head lowered, Lucas quietly staring at him.

Lucas released his hand from his; that hand going to the singer's shoulder.

Bruno's head rose, Lucas staring into his now wet, brown eyes.

"How did. . .how could you know?" the man softly said, Lucas hearing the emotion in his soft voice.

"I sense love, Bruno. I sensed the truth within your soul the first night I met you. And I sensed the duality of that love in his own soul the night I was forced to confront him, to show him his life. A life that was on one path of destruction. I don't need to do that with you. All I had to do was show you your own inner truth."

Bruno trembled, staring into Lucas' deep violet pools.

"He. . .he feels the same?" he softly said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Yes, Bruno. In him you'll find your life's salvation. It's time you walked away from the path you are on. I gave you and your friends the gift of anonymity. No one knows of your involvement with Jake that night. The past is the past."

Bruno's eyes lowered, Lucas rubbing his shoulder.

"How can I face him? How can I tell him the truth?" the singer softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"By telling him your soul's truth, Bruno. I think it's time you both listened to your own hearts. They are identical in their need."

Bruno stared at the young man.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Lucas. For. . .for coming on to you. And for what Jake did." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Jake is at peace, Bruno. Your life needs to be lived. Life goes on for all of us. It starts with truth and love." Lucas said, the man nodding his head.

He rose from his seat, looking down into Lucas' violet pools.

"I'll tell Adam and your friends goodnight." Lucas said, Bruno lowering his eyes, the man walking down the hallway, exiting through Adam's front door.

"Where's Bruno going?" Josh said, walking up to his man, sitting down in Bruno's vacated chair.

Lucas smiled at his man, Josh's arm going around his man.

Josh had removed the knife gloves, Lucas snuggling against his man.

"He's gone to follow his heart, my love. I just set it on its correct path."

Josh stared at his man.

"Meaning what, my love?"

"Meaning that my love continues, babe."
Josh smiled, staring into his man's violet pools.

"He's a player, Luke. Lance and Adam have both told me some wild stories about him."
"Yes, he was that."

Lucas smiled, kissing his man's soft lips.

"Let's just say I set him on a better path, my love."

"You guiding hearts again, my love?" Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him

"Just two, my love."
Josh stared towards the front door.

"Bruno is in love with someone? Who?"

Lucas smiled, leaning into his man, softly whispering in his ear, Josh's eyes widening a bit.

"Really, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, nodding, his lips meeting Josh's again, Josh feeling his love.

"Yes, my love. And it's a path of duality."

Josh looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him.

"How long have you known that?"

"Since your birthday, my love. I felt it in his soul."

Josh stared at Lucas, the young man snuggling against him.

"You are amazing, my love."

"Tonight, my love. I'm going to show you how amazing my hands are. I'm going to pick every one of those hairs off you. I want my smooth man against me."

Josh smiled, a shadow going across their faces, both men looking up.

Adam smiled at the two men, Lucas smiling up at him.

"Speaking of smooth. Woof!"

Adam grinned, Josh's eyes scanning over his tattooed body.

"The buffet's ready, Luke and Josh. Better get moving. Finn's filling two plates." Adam smiled, Josh smiling.

"Then lead the way, Tarzan. I should have easy access, being disabled. Everyone makes way for a sad case."
Adam laughed, smiling at his friend.

"There's nothing sad about you, Luke." Adam smiled, Lucas winking at him.

"I'll have you for dessert later, Levine. Right now I need some food."
Josh laughed, Adam smiling as Lucas moved his wheelchair, the young man looking up at him.

"I'll bring you a plate, my Joshua. Push me forward, Tarzan."
Adam laughed, pushing Lucas' wheelchair towards the buffet table he and Usher had set up.

Josh stared after his man, his blue eyes going to the front door again.

Unbelievable you are, my love, he thought, his heart filled with his man's love.

His mind thought of someone, a soft smile coming to his face.

Even against such depravity, love can move anyone.

You are indeed amazing, my love.

He smiled, watching his man at the buffet table, he and Adam at its head.

He laughed, awaiting his love's return.


Bruno sat in his car, the man staring at the condo building before him.

He sighed, shutting off his engine.

He climbed out of his black Porsche, hitting the locking button on his keychain.

He walked up the front pathway, stopping at the front door of the building, walking into the small foyer.

He looked at the board on the wall, hitting a button.

"Yes, who is it?"

"It's Bruno." Bruno replied.

"I don't want to see you, please leave."
"Please, we need to talk. Just talk. Okay?"

Bruno waited in silence, hearing no response.

"Come in."
The front door buzzed, Bruno walking into the condo building.

He took the elevator, going to the third floor.

He walked down the corridor, walking past three of the four doors on the floor.

He stopped at the end, the man taking a deep breath, rapping on the door.

The door opened, Bruno staring into two blue pools.

"What are you doing here, Bruno? You're the last person I expected to see." the man said, Bruno staring at his handsome face.

"I need to talk to you, please." he said, the man staring at him.

The man moved, widening the door, Bruno walking into the spacious condo.

The place was modern, white couches and chairs filling the wide open living room, one wall all glass windows, the view appealing, Los Angeles downtown lights filling the night.

Their eyes met, Bruno staring at the man staring back at him.

"I'm out of the scene, Bruno. My life's changed. You'll find nothing here." the man said, sitting down on one of the white leather couches.

Bruno stared at the man, the man sitting down beside him.

"I think I'll find something here. The same thing you're looking for."

The man's blue eyes stared at him, staring into Bruno's brown eyes.

He'd always been lost in them, seeing a golden hue of something more there than sex.

But the man hadn't shown him anything but lust and need.

And he'd shown him the same.

"I went to Adam's party tonight. Lucas Carver was there."
The man's eyes widened a bit, moving from the man's brown pools, staring out at the darkened night through the windows.

"How is he?"

Bruno's hand went to the man's shoulder, their eyes meeting again.

"The man's unbelievable. His eyes. . .they're. . .they're so. . ."
"Capturing? Drawing beacons of truth?" the man said, Bruno nodding his head.

"He made me face my soul."
The man stared at him, his eyes lowering.

"He changed mine, Bruno." the man said, Bruno moving closer.

"I need to know the truth. And I need to tell you my own truth."

The man's head raised, staring into Bruno's brown pools.

"Do you love me?"

The man stared at him, then backed away, rising from his seat, walking towards the window.

Bruno followed his movements, staring at the handsome actor.

The man stared out into the night, hearing Bruno move from his seat, sensing the man's presence right behind him.

"Did he tell you what I did, Bruno? Did he tell you that?"

Bruno's hand went to the man's shoulder, the man turning around, staring into his brown eyes.

"I. . .I was a monster, Bruno! Lucas ripped that beast out of me! And when he did that I felt the truth of my real soul." he said, his blue eyes filled with tears.

"You felt your love for me?"
The man stared at Bruno, seeing the shining love in his eyes.

Could what he saw be true?

Bruno's other hand went to his other shoulder.

He nodded, staring at him.

"I was a monster as well. A monster of lust and need, of depravity and desire. He made me face the truth in my heart."
The handsome man held his breath, staring at the man.

"I've always loved you, Zac. I love you so much!" the man said, his own brown eyes filled with tears.

Zac Efron stared at him, his soul trembling.

"Say something, Zac!" Bruno said, his body trembling.

Zac began to cry.

"I've done some bad things, Bruno. How. . .how can you love me?"

Bruno moved closer, his arms moving, pulling Zac closer.

"We need to open our souls to our pasts and our truths. I think Lucas has given us a wonderful gift tonight."
Zac stared into the Hawaiian's eyes.

"He's given me my life, Bruno."
"He's given us our new life, my Zac."

Zac teared up, the man moving forward, their lips meeting.

Both felt a rush of love flow through them, their embrace tightening.

Neither saw a shadow disappear from a dark corner of the living room.


End of Chapter 137


I assumed a few of you would have guessed it was Zac that Bruno loved.

I hope some were surprised, lol.


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Our young magical beauty has his love back in his arms.

How far with their love go?

Will the two find the greater desirous beauty of their love?

The two are surrounded by their brothers.

I'm sure they'll all guide them to life's path.


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