Yesterday's End-138


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 138


Josh smiled at his man, Lucas rubbing his man's stomach.

"You're such a mooch, my love. All three of us brought a plate. And you ate most of it!" Lucas smiled, Josh blushing, smiling at his man.

Lance and Justin both laughed, both men seated beside them, all four relaxing out on Adam's patio in the backyard, the outdoors filled with lights and music.

Several people were sitting around the pool, the conversation joyous.

Music was playing in the background, a couple of people dancing on the dance floor beside the pool.

Finn and Skyler, as well as Usher, Adam and Pierce filled their table, everyone having finished the delicious buffet.

"Wolverines are very aggressive and hungry creatures, Luke. You may get no sleep tonight." Usher winked, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sweet. I'll get out the clippers. Sheering time!"

Everyone laughed, Josh smiling at his man.

Lucas looked around the patio and pool, the young man seeing two men looking at him from the other side of the pool.

He smiled at his man, Josh smiling back.

"Excuse me for a moment, my love. I have to finish what I started." Lucas said, Josh staring at him, the young man leaning in, kissing his lips.

"Be right back, my love." he said, Lucas wheeling his chair towards the patio's steps.

Harry and Alain were just off the patio, both men smiling at Lucas, helping lift his wheelchair down onto the pool's walkway, Lucas thanking them, gliding along its marble surface.

"Where's he off to?" Finn said, wiping his lips with a napkin, watching his friend wheel around the pool, Lucas stopping at a table on the other side of the pool.

Josh looked towards his man, seeing Nick and Drew Lachey seated alone at that table, Lucas having wheeled up to it.

The three men were talking, Lucas seemingly doing most of the talking.

Everyone saw the two men's faces change, a soft look of surprise showing on both, that look widening more.

"What's he doing? They both look shocked." Adam said, Josh looking towards his friend.

"Mirrored paths, my friend. I think your heart can sense that." Josh said.

Adam and Usher traded looks, looking towards the two men sitting with Lucas.

They saw Lucas' hands going to each man's shoulder, both men looking surprised.

Lucas was still talking to both, their heads lowering.

After a few minutes, Lucas moved his wheelchair, rolling around the pool again, Harry and Alain having been watching him as well, the young man smiling at both.

Harry smiled back, he and his man lifting Lucas' wheelchair back up to the patio, both thanked again, Lucas wheeling back to his friends, Josh smiling at him.

"I'd love a cup of coffee, my love." Lucas said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"I'll bring coffee for everyone, Josh." Andrew said, he and Trish seated with Janet Jackson and her husband, as well as Nick and Gideon at the next table.

"Thanks, Drew." Lucas smiled at him, the young man rising, kissing Trish's cheek, heading back into the house.

Everyone's eyes moved to Lucas, the young man taking Josh's hand in his.

Their looks were interrupted by two men walking up onto the patio.

Everyone stared at Nick and Drew, their faces showing a soft look of emotion.

Adam stood up, looking at his friends.

"Everything alright, guys?" he said, Drew looking at him.

"Nick and I are going to call it a night, Adam. We need to get back to our families." Drew said, his blue eyes looking towards Lucas.

"Life is nothing without a family's love, Drew." Lucas said, his handsome face covered in a warm smile.

Drew nodded, Nick looking at him as well.

"It's still early, Nick." Adam said, staring at the man.

"I need to see my wife, Adam. I miss her love." he said, Drew's hand going to his brother's shoulder.

Adam nodded, Usher rising from his seat as well.

"Thanks for coming, guys." he said, both men softly smiling at him.

"Thank you for inviting us, Adam and Usher. We now see the reasoning behind it. Goodnight." Nick said, guiding his brother back into the house, both of their sets of blue eyes meeting two violet pools just before they disappeared into the house.

Everyone's eyes returned to Lucas, the young man lowering his eyes, his hands going together in front of him.

"What just happened, Luke?" Adam said, sitting down again at the table, Usher joining him.

"Was it something to do with Bruno? He left earlier as well." Usher said, Finn looking at his friend.

Lucas raised his head, everyone seeing the tears in his violet pools.

"Love I give for all. But perhaps I lose a part of myself in doing it." he softly said, Josh's arm going around him.

"Are you alright, my love?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love regenerates my soul, my Joshua." he said, his violet pools looking around at everyone.

"We'll discuss tonight's revelations tomorrow, my friends. How about a pool party tomorrow afternoon? At our place?" Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"We'll be there with bells on, Luke." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'd sooner have you both wear what you now have on." Lucas said, licking his lips.

Adam and Usher laughed, Andrew walking out of the house with a tray of filled coffee cups.

Lucas smiled up at him, Andrew handing him and Josh each a cup of coffee.

Lucas thanked him, smiling towards the patio doors, seeing Batman and Robin walk out of the house, Justin and Lance following them.

Jonathan and Colton both had two plates in their hands, all filled with food.

Lucas smiled at the two, the four joining Andrew and Trish and Nick and Gideon at the table beside them, Colton and Jonathan sitting down together.

Janet smiled at the young man, she and her husband rising from their seats, walking towards the dance floor, Lucas smiling at both as they passed him.

"You two are still eating? I thought I was the ravenous one." Finn grinned, both young men blushing, setting their loaded plates down in front of them.

"Love feeds the soul. With that a young man needs energy." Lucas said, Batman smiling at him.

"We're growing boys." Robin smiled, Josh grinning.

"So your costumes showed. You need to carry the plates lower." Josh said, Lucas bursting into laughter, both young men blushing, looking at each other.

"Don't be jealous, my love." Lucas said, kissing his man's cheek.

Josh blushed, Colton and Jonathan smiling.
Josh smiled, nodding his head, Lucas' eyes meeting Adam's blue, the man smiling at him.

"Do you happen to have a large platter, Adam? I'm fixing to make my man show all his goods."

Everyone laughed, Colton and Jonathan grinning, their eyes meeting again.

Josh was beaming, his arms going around his man.

"God, I love you, babe!"
Everyone smiled, Josh kissing his man, everyone seeing his open love.


Adam's hand went into Usher's under the table, their eyes meeting Justin's and Lance's, the two men smiling at them.

"Open love. It looks so wonderful." Justin said, Lance smiling at his man, their eyes showing their love.
Adam smiled, his eyes meeting Usher's.

"It does, Justin. Usher and I have had that conversation." Adam said, Usher smiling at his man.

"You're going to come out?" Finn said with surprise, looking around the patio, only their close friends surrounding them.

"Eventually, Finn. I've left it up to my man to decide when he wants to do it. I'm walking into his open love that day myself. It will be the day of our unifying love." Usher said, Adam smiling at his man alone.
Pierce smiled at both, the doctor on Adam's other side.

Lucas smiled at all three, everyone else oblivious to the new love growing before them.

Josh smiled at his man, leaning in and kissing his soft lips.

"It's a wonderful feeling, showing our love openly. I feel so alive." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's beyond beautiful. Who wouldn't be happy with Joshua Chasez groping you in public? It's damn near heaven." he said, Josh beaming.

"I wish I could dance with you in my arms tonight, my love. It would be so beautiful." Josh said, Lucas smiling at only him.

"I can't stand up, but I could spin the chair around with you in my lap." he smiled, Josh smiling back.

"Let's cut a rug, babe." Josh said, standing up from the table, Lucas smiling and moving his chair back, the two men heading towards the dance floor, Harry and Alain again helping Lucas descend the patio steps.

Everyone around the pool smiled, Josh walking into the dance floor's center, other couples smiling at the two men.

Janet smiled at both men, winking at Josh.

Lucas smiled up at his man, Josh taking one hand in his, Lucas smiling up at him.

Josh sat down in Lucas' lap, his arms going around his man's back, his head going against his chest.

Lucas smiled, beginning to move his wheelchair in time with the music, everyone dancing around them.

"They look so in love." Jonathan said, Colton smiling at him.

"They have true love, Jon. Papa and Dad's love is beyond special."

Everyone smiled at the two young men, their blue eyes staring at only each other.

"Let's dance, my love." Finn said, the love showing before them guiding their own hearts to their own love.

Skyler smiled, rising with her man, Andrew and Trish joining them.

"Should we shock them all with our hidden love, babe?" Justin said, Lance smiling at his man.

"Nah babe, it's too beautiful to stop at just a dance. My hands would be all over you."
Justin smiled, his hand in Lance's under the table as well.

"But the boys are downstairs now. How about we have a private moment upstairs? I need you so much." Lance whispered into Justin's ear.

The man smiled, rising from his seat, Lance smiling and rising as well.

"Excuse us, guys. We're going to grab some dessert." Lance said, smiling at Usher and Adam.

Pierce smiled, watching the two men walk into the house.

"They call it dessert now, do they?" he smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"Well, it is creamy and filling. And oh so sweet!" Usher said, the two other men smiling at him.

All three laughed, Pierce seeing the shining love in the other two men's eyes.

Their eyes went to the dance floor again, Pierce smiling, feeling Adam's free hand join his under the table, all three men connected with their love.


Lucas smiled, rolling up to the pool's edge, Josh and everyone now at tables around the patio-lantern-lit pool.

Jonathan smiled, climbing out of Lucas' lap, the young man kissing the older man's cheek.

"Thanks for the Rumba, Luke. I almost fell off twice." he grinned, Finn laughing.

"You're going to have to put in seatbelts if you're going to fly around like that, Wheels." he grinned, Lucas smiling at him.

"How about I put a saddle on your back and we'll see if Superman bucks while he flies?"
Everyone laughed, Finn smiling at his friend.

"I ain't your next stallion, Carver. Just because you've gelded Josh, don't look towards me."

Lucas laughed, smiling at his man.

"He's no gelding, Finny. My man's an Arabian stallion." Lucas said, Josh beaming, feeling his man's pride in him.

"When do you put him out to stud?" Finn smiled, folding his arms.

"Whenever a cute filly like you walks into my pasture, sexy." Josh grinned, Finn blushing.

Lucas laughed, others joining him, the young man smiling, looking around the patio and towards the house.

The party was still going full force, Lucas seeing the house still filled with people as well as the patio, dance floor and pool area.

His violet pools went to the patio doorway, seeing a Star Wars storm trooper walk out of the house onto the patio.

Nick and Gideon both looked towards the doorway as well, the man having talked to them earlier.

"Looks like Jesus is going from the past to the future." Lucas softly said, Josh alone hearing him.

"Meaning what, my love?" he said, Finn's eyes looking at his friend.

"What's going on, you two?" he said, not having heard the conversation.

Lucas smiled at him.

"Paths of love, Finny. There is more to the world than just your bubble of beauty."

Finn smiled, nodding his head.

"What are you cooking up now?"

"I'm nowhere near the barbecue, Stuperman."

Josh laughed, Finn smirking.

"So what exactly is a Stuperman?"

"A flying fool, Finny."

Adam and Usher burst into laughter, Finn blushing more.

The two men rose from their seats, smiling at everyone.
"We have guests to make happy. We should mingle." Adam smiled, Lucas smiling up at both men.

"You upstairs in ten minutes without that loincloth, Levine. That'll make me happy." Lucas said, Adam laughing, blowing him a kiss.

"I'll grab the KY Jelly from the fridge on the way up."

Lucas laughed, Josh joining him.

The two men smiled at everyone, walking back towards the patio, walking into the house, the storm trooper nodding his head at both men as they passed him.

Lucas smiled, looking at Colton and Jonathan.

"So why no visible hickeys, boys?" he said, both young men blushing.

"We . . . we didn't. . .we just talked and kissed." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Enough said, young man. We all feel the rejoined love. And we're all here for both of you." he said, Colton smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, Colton staring into his violet pools.

The young man's head moved around the patio, staring at everyone, his eyes suddenly widening a bit, turning back to Lucas' violet pools.

"No way! You didn't!" Colton suddenly said, Lucas smiling.

"May the force be with them." he smiled, Colton's smile widening.

"You're amazing." he said, Josh and Jonathan looking at both men, both looking confused.

"Love is amazing, my son. It always finds a way." Lucas smiled, the storm trooper walking up to their tables.

"Good evening, commander. You're a couple of galaxies off course." Lucas smiled, the man nodding his head, raising his hand and giving a thumbs-up.

Everyone at the two tables was staring at the man, Josh looking at Lucas, then back at the man.

"And you are. . .?" Josh said, looking at the storm trooper, the man's hand going to his chest, saluting him, then standing at attention.

"He's obedient, whoever he is." Finn smiled, looking at the man, the man then waving his hand at him.

"So we're getting the silent treatment. So we must know you then?" Josh said, the man giving a thumbs-up again.

Nick and Gideon were looking at the man as well, Lucas' eyes taking in their looks to each other.

He smiled, sensing they weren't really sure of the man's identity as well.

Everyone had seen him walking around the party, Lucas seemingly knowing who he was, the two seen quietly talking.

"Who is that, Luke? Finn asked, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"He's a friend. How about you ask him some questions and see if you can deduce who he is?" he smiled, Colton's blue pools meeting Lucas' violet, both smiling at each other, Josh seeing this exchange.

"Something tells me there's intrigue afoot."

"Sherlock Holmes left earlier, babe. And Pierce is smarter than Dr. Watson. Even if he's now a nurse." Lucas smiled, Pierce laughing.

All eyes went to the storm trooper again, the man standing still, waving quietly at everyone.

"Hmm, let's see. Have we met you before?" Usher said, the man nodding.

"Here in Los Angeles?" Finn asked, the man nodding again.

Finn smiled, looking at the man.

"Judge Navarro?" he grinned, the man shaking his head no.

Finn sighed, Skyler smiling at her man.

"Good guess, babe." she said, Finn smiling at her.

"Are you a movie star?" Andrew said, the man shaking his head no again.

"Hmm. A singer?" Nick countered, the man looking towards him, shaking a negative again.

"So you're definitely not famous." Finn said, the man folding his arms, staring at Finn.

"Gees, he's a bit touchy. Sorry." the Welshman grinned, Lucas chuckling, the storm trooper's eyes going towards Lucas.

Finn smiled, looking at his friend as well.

"With that kind of ego, I assumed he was a Timberlake. It's not Justin's dad, is it?"
Lucas laughed, smiling at the storm trooper.

The man's costumed face mask began to move, a scratchy voice filling the poolside.

"Luke, I am your father!"

Lucas burst into laughter, the storm trooper's body moving as if he was silently laughing.

Josh smiled at his man, seeing Lucas' smiling happiness.

"Now we're all intrigued. Please tell us who you are. We give up." Josh said, the storm trooper looking at Lucas.

"Up to you, my friend. But I think you know what the greater reaction will be." he smiled, the storm trooper giving a thumbs up again, standing at attention again.

His hands went to his face mask, pulling it and his helmet off.

Everyone stared into two brown pools, a smiling handsome face staring back at them.

Nick and Gideon's eyes widened, both men rising to their feet, the storm trooper surrounded by them.

"Gio! When did you get into town? You said you wouldn't be back in L.A. for a couple of weeks!" Nick said, Gideon hugging the man, everyone at the tables rising, the young man smiling at everyone, his brown eyes meeting Nick's blue, the man now smiling at him.

"Thank your friend here. He told me about the party last week. I moved a few things around so I could be here." he smiled at Lucas, everyone surrounding him, shaking his hand.

"You made it, that's what's important." Lucas smiled, Gio smiling down at the man.

"Your words were enticing, Luke. I followed my soul." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

Everyone looked confused, Nick's blue eyes staring at Gio.

"How long can you stay?" he said, Gideon smiling at his soulmate, then at Gio.

"Free and clear for the week." he smiled, Nick and Gideon's faces changing into wide smiles.

Finn looked at the two men, seeing their reaction, his blue eyes then moving to Lucas' violet pools.

"Great! Luke's having a pool party tomorrow." Gideon smiled, Colton smiling at his uncle's handsome face.

"Consider yourself invited, Gio." Lucas smiled, the man nodding his head.

"Thank you, Luke. I'll be there with bells on." he smiled, Finn grinning at Lucas.

"We're going to have a full belfry tomorrow." he said, Lucas laughing.

"Yeah, but some of them have soft clappers. What's a bell without a hard clapper to make it ring?" he said, Finn blushing, everyone cluing into the double entendre, laughter sounding.

"The party enlivens. Would you like to join us, Gio?" Lucas smiled, the storm trooper smiling at the young man.

"Thanks, Luke." he said, Nick guiding Gio to their table, the man sitting down beside Nick and Gideon, Colton and Jonathan joining them.

Finn's eyes went to Lucas' smiling face again, the Welshman's thoughts his own.

"Tomorrow, Finny. Paths open, lives continue." he smiled, everyone staring at the young man.

"My turn for a dance, Dad." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at the young man at the table beside him.

"Hop on, Batman. Fast or slow?"

The young man smiled, rising from his seat, sitting down in Lucas' lap, his arms going around the man, his head going against his chest.

"Slow, Dad. It's been a magical night. I want to feel the warmth of your magic's love."

Everyone smiled, seeing the young man's deep love for Lucas, Lucas kissing his forehead.

"Slow it is. And I want to feel your soul's opening happiness."
The man smiled, wheeling his chair to the dance floor again, Jonathan smiling after them.


As all parties of happiness and merriment go, the late hour draws the night to an end.

Lucas had smiled all evening, taking in the happiness and love surrounding him.

He'd watched all his handiwork showing, the young man feeling the joining love.

Colton had smiled at him often, the young man's face showing his happiness, a shadow of love beside him all evening.

Lucas easily saw the two young men's deep love growing, and the happiness of being with each other.

He'd taken in all his friends' happiness and love showing as well; couples of love wrapped in each other's arms, or sitting close to each other in their hidden reality.

Justin and Lance had returned to their group shortly after Gio had revealed himself, both men showing smiling faces of vanquished love.

Lucas had smiled at both men as they'd hugged Gio, Justin winking at him.

Lucas knew the two other of his heart would be wrapped around him later tonight.

He felt their love and need for him and his Josh.

His violet pools had taken in the two new triads of love, seeing the two groups of three close and smiling.

Pierce's blue eyes had widened with happiness when Adam and Usher had joined them again later that evening, the two taking care of their hosting duties, everyone happy and enjoying the night.

The three had sat down together, quietly talking to each other, no one really seeing what was before them.

Lucas had smiled, seeing Gio still seated at Nick and Gideon's table, the three quietly talking together all night as well.

Lucas had seen wandering hands, hidden moments of touching love.

Discretion was shown, love finding its way.

He knew the second trio was deeper in their love than the first, his magic sensing both would find their center.

The young man had closed his violet pools for a moment, his magic sensing out the greater love.

Those eyes had opened, Lucas smiling at what he sensed.

Josh, Justin and Lance had all smiled at the young man, seeing the total look of love showing on his handsome young face.

All three felt their hearts double with their love for this young man.

Just after two o'clock the party felt its last breath, the guests having gradually left between midnight and two.

Lucas and his friends were nearly the last to leave, all hugged by Adam and Usher, their thanks given to the two men.

"Been a blast, Tarzan." Lucas smiled up at the singer, Adam leaning down and kissing his cheek, whispering in his ear.

"I think the fireworks haven't even started yet, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing the man's cheek.

"Hey, hands off my man, Levine! You have your own chocolate treat." Josh smiled, slapping the man's loincloth-covered ass.

"Careful, Joshy. You have no idea where Tarzan's been. That loincloth looks soiled." Finn grinned, his face showing a wide smile, his arms wrapped around his Skyler's caped body.

Everyone saw the young man's inebriated happiness.

"He's at his end. Something tells me his bullet is going to double the speed of sound tonight." she said, everyone laughing, Finn kissing his woman's lips.

"The rocket in my pocket is all yours, babe." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his friends.

"And we have lift-off!"

Everyone laughed, Adam smiling around at everyone.

"Thank you all for coming. My home tonight was filled with friendship." he said, Justin and Lance both hugging him, Usher smiling as they did the same to him.

"Friends we will now always be, my friends. We're all here for both of you." Lucas smiled, Adam and Usher both smiling at him.

"See you this afternoon, Luke. Call us before we come over and we'll bring whatever you need." Usher said, Lucas smiling at the two men, his violet pools looking at Pierce leaning against the front doorway's opened door.

"We all have what we need, my friends. Just bring your opening smiles." he said, the two men nodding at him.

Everyone began to leave, the group walking out onto Adam's lit front yard.

Couples walked with their arms around each other, walking to their awaiting vehicles.

Lucas wheeled his chair down the drive, his three men walking in front of him.

Behind him Nick and Gideon walked, Gio walking beside them, the three the last to walk out of the house.

"Where are you staying, Gio?" Nick said, Gideon smiling at both.

"At the Fairview." he said, Nick smiling at him.

"You're going home to an empty room alone?" Gideon said, the young reporter smiling at him.

"I'm used to it. I'll just sleep in tomorrow. Have a quiet late breakfast alone." he said, the two men staring at him.

Gideon's arm went around his man, Gio smiling at their closeness.

"My Nicky makes a mean omelette, Gio. Why don't you crash at our place tonight? We have lots of room." Gideon said, Gio staring at both men.

"I can be ravenous in the morning." he smiled, the other two smiling at him.

Lucas smiled in front of the three men, the young man alone having heard the whole conversation.

Gideon kissed Nick's cheek, his man smiling at him, then at Gio.

"My Nicky's soul is ravenous too." he said, Gio smiling at both.

"I can see that." he smiled, the two men smiling at him.

"I have some great coffee at home, Gio. How about the three of us chill out and talk some more?" Nick said, Gio nodding his head.

"A great ending to a wonderful evening. I'd love that." Gio said, all three smiling at each other.

Gideon leaned in, kissing Gio's cheek, Nick doing the same.

"We've missed our talks the last week, Gio." Nick said, the young reporter smiling at both.

"I've missed both of you myself." he said, all three smiling.

Lucas smiled, his man looking back at him, the group having reached their cars at the end of the drive.

"Good night, guys. See you tomorrow at Josh's." Nick waved, Lucas waving at the three men getting into their two cars.

"See you there, guys." Lucas yelled, Josh kissing his cheek, wheeling his chair to the van's door.

Within minutes everyone had climbed into the van that Alain had rented, Lucas snuggling against his man.

"You didn't say good night to Jus and Lancy, Luke?" Finn grinned, closing the van's door behind them.

"They're staying with us tonight, Finny." Josh smiled, Lucas' head against his man's chest.

"Ugh, where are my earplugs?" the Welshman said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Hopefully in your ass. We all saw how much baked beans you put away tonight."

Everyone laughed, Alain laughing and backing up the van, following Justin and Lance in their car, Colton and Jonathan snuggled in its back seat.

"Home to love, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling, raising his head and kissing his man's soft lips, Josh feeling his total love.

"Home to love, my Joshua."
Josh smiled, Lucas' head returned to his man's warm chest, Josh's arms wrapped around him.

Lucas smiled, feeling the upcoming love awaiting him.


Pierce smiled, closing the door behind him, Lucas and their friends the last to leave Adam's home.

He stared into a pair of blue eyes, Adam smiling in front of him, Usher walking back into the foyer from the living room.

"That's the last of them. And the house needs a major cleaning. Our friends are messy." the black man smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"There's one left, Ush." Adam smiled, Usher's arms going around his man.

Pierce smiled at both, taking in their beauty and love.

Usher kissed his man's lips, the man breaking his hold on his man, walking the short distance to Pierce.

His muscular arms wrapped around the young doctor, pulling him close.

"Pierce is more than a friend, Adam." Usher smiled, Pierce staring into his brown intoxicating eyes.

Adam smiled, walking up to the two men, Pierce feeling his arms wrap around his back, the doctor between the two men.

He felt the closeness of their bare chests, their warmth feeling so close, the doctor's mind trying hard to focus.

"Do you need help cleaning up, guys? If not, I should be leaving as well." the younger man said, Usher staring into his blue eyes.

"Do you really want to leave, Pierce?" he said, Pierce feeling Adam's hot breath on his neck, the young man trembling between the two handsome men.

"No . . . no, I don't. I've never . .  .the two of you . . . I don't want to destroy. . ." he softly said, Adam's blue eyes meeting his man's brown.

"We need to talk, my Ush, and our Pierce." Adam said, the two other men looking into his blue eyes, Pierce having turned around in their arms.

Adam moved, Usher and Pierce following him into the living room, not before Adam locked the front door.

The three men walked into the room, Adam sitting down on a black leather couch, patting the spot beside him.

"Sit beside me, Pierce." he said, Pierce slowly sitting down beside the singer, Usher smiling at his man, sitting down on Pierce's other side, the young doctor surrounded by their male beauty.

Adam's eyes scanned the room, seeing the remnants of the night's festivities.

"We'll clean up in the morning." he said, Usher smiling at him, looking towards the clock on the fireplace's mantelpiece.

"Make that early afternoon, it's after two now." he smiled, Adam nodding, both men looking at Pierce.

"It's late, Pierce. No sense in you driving across town. We'd both like you to stay." Adam said, his hand going to the doctor's shoulder.

Pierce trembled, staring into Adam's blue pools.

"Lucas knows, guys." Adam said, both men showing surprised looks on their faces, looking at each other.

"He knows we're. . ." Pierce said, Adam smiling at him.

"That we're falling in love with each other? That there's a triad of love joining before us?"

Pierce's blue eyes stared at Adam, then moved, staring into Usher's brown eyes.

Usher stared at Adam.
"Lucas' love is ever-giving. This was all him, wasn't it?" Usher said, Pierce looking surprised, Adam staring at both men.

"He told me that he felt our joining love a long time ago. Before all three of us even met each other."
Usher and Pierce looked shocked, Adam sighing.

The man rose from his seat, looking out the living room window into the dark night.

"He felt the love in my soul that first night I met him at Justin's party in New York. He felt the lost love in my soul. And he said that in that lost soul he had a vision of what that love needed."
Adam turned, staring at the two men seated on the couch.

"He saw both of you. He knew then that the two of you were what I needed. That our joined love would complete me."

Pierce looked stunned, Usher's arm going around him, pulling him closer.

"Even then?" Usher said, Adam nodding, walking back to the couch, sitting down again beside Pierce.

His hand went in the doctor's, Pierce staring at him.

"I love my Usher, Pierce. And my heart's filling with just as equal a love for you. Every moment that we've been together I've felt that love growing. The talks we've had the last week over dinner, our bearing our souls to each other. That has been the foundation of the greater truth in our hearts. We all three need each other. We need the others' love."

Pierce was staring at the handsome singer, seeing the love sparkling in his eyes.

Pierce felt a set of lips kiss his cheek, the man's head turning and staring into Usher's brown eyes, seeing the same look hidden there.

"Adam speaks the truth, Pierce. We both have deep feelings for you." he said, Pierce lowering his eyes.

"I . . . you both are so beautiful. I watched both of you all night. I saw the deep love you have for each other. The love of soulmates. I. . .I can't come between that." he said, Usher smiling at Adam.

Adam leaned in, kissing Pierce's cheek.

"You would never come between the deep true love Usher and I have for each other, when you will always be a part of it." he said, Usher smiling, staring at his man with love.

Pierce's eyes raised, staring at Adam.

"You want . . . you want me to be a part of . . . of that beautiful love?" he softly stuttered, both men feeling the emotion in his voice.

"Yes, Pierce. We both feel that you are a part of us. The missing part of our total love." Usher said, Adam tearfully smiling at his man.

Pierce moved, both men slowly releasing him, the young man rising, walking up to the doorway leading into the foyer, stopping, turning back and staring at the two handsome men staring at him.

His hand went against the wall, both men staring into his blue pools.

"I can't . . . I  can't destroy your love."

"To walk away from love is to walk away from your soul's need."

Pierce turned, staring into two blue pools, a man standing in the foyer's entrance a few feet in front of him.

Colton stood in the foyer's center.


"Colton? You . . . you already left!" Adam said, he and Usher rising from their seats, Pierce staring at the young man.

His Batman costume was gone, the young man standing before them in a pair of flannel shorts and a white t-shirt.

He looked like he was ready for bed.

"Yes, I left. But love and magic didn't." he smiled, staring at all three men.

Adam and Usher walked up beside Pierce, staring at the young man.

"I am an extension of Lucas' love. Call me an image of his walking magic."
"Why . . . why would Lucas send you back here?" Usher said, Colton smiling at the handsome singer.

"To rectify the path. To solidify the love. I am here to ask all of you a question." he said, Pierce moving forward, Colton backing up.

The man stopped, staring at the teenager.

"Are you real?" he softly said, Colton smiling widely.

"Therein lays the question that's needed to calm your souls and set you on your true path." the young man smiled.

Adam and Usher walked forward, all three men standing together, Usher's and Adam's arm going around Pierce, the young doctor standing between them.

"Is love real?" Colton said, staring at Adam, his voice sounding soft, like Lucas'.

Adam's eyes met Usher's brown, the man staring at him with love.

He turned, staring into Pierce's blue eyes, seeing the confusion there.

Adam turned back to Colton, the young man silently awaiting Adam's answer.

"Yes, love is real for me. I feel it every time my Usher holds me in his arms. Every time I feel Pierce beside me, like now. I feel that love is a blanket that wraps around a soul. Tonight I feel that I am the luckiest man in the world. For I feel two blankets of love wrapping around me. That love will get me through the winter of life. I need that love's warmth from both always."

Usher teared up, Pierce staring into Adam's blue pools, seeing so much love there, the young man realizing that that love was directed at him.

Colton smiled, staring at Usher.

"Is love real?" he said, the singer smiling.

"Hell ya, it's real. I walked for years searching for its elusive reality in many nights of physical lust. I thought that love and sex were the same thing. That if I dominated the world, that love would fulfill me. All that gave me were moments of lust and empty nights with an empty soul. I felt the realness of love the first night I looked into Adam's blue pools. I felt what love was for me. It was something I thought I'd never have. Those years of lost need were only bright when Adam was there with me. Lucas made me realize that love wasn't sex, it was something more. I was the light found in my soulmate's eyes. The bluest pools of love. Each time I look into them I am lost in the warmth of love."
Pierce felt Usher's arm pull him closer to him, his blue eyes meeting his brown.

"I've found a second pair of those soulful blue. The light shining in your eyes, Pierce, is the same light I see in Adam's blue pools of love. I need both of you to shine the light of love into my soul." he said, Colton smiling again, Adam smiling at his man as well.

Pierce stared into Usher's brown pools, seeing the deep love shining there, directed at him as well.

His eyes moved, staring at Adam, seeing the identical look.

His eyes moved again, staring into a second set of blue pools, this set sparkling with a thousand stars in them, their violet hue almost breathtaking.

"Is love real, Pierce?" the teenager said, Pierce staring at him.

"I don't know, Colton. I had never felt its reality. Not the blanket of warmth that Adam spoke of, or the light of consuming love Usher spoke of." he said, his eyes staring at Colton.

"I have never been with anyone. Emotionally, physically or spiritually." he said, emotion filling his voice.

Adam's and Usher's arms tightened around him, the man feeling their closeness.

Colton walked up to him, his hand going against Pierce's white uniformed chest, Pierce feeling his body tremble.

"I know, my friend. And standing around you is the heart of your life. They possess the gift I would gladly give to you myself. For I am an extension of their truth. Of the truth of all three of you."
"What . . . what are you?" Pierce softly said, the young man feeling the warmth entering his soul.

"I am you, Pierce. I am the real you. And I am love. Welcome to their love. Your life begins today." Colton smiled, the young doctor staring into those blue youthful pools.

The young man backed up, smiling at all three.

"Look into their eyes, Pierce. Feel your soul become true."

Pierce's eyes moved, staring at Adam, seeing a deeper love showing there in his blue pools.

A hand went to his face, turning it towards two sparkling brown pools.

"We love you, Pierce.  Let our love make your soul come alive." Usher said, Pierce's eyes filling with tears.

"I . . . I. . . I want your love, Usher." he said, the man feeling a set of lips kiss his neck, his head turning again.

"Welcome to my love and my Ush's, Pierce. We love you." Adam said, the young doctor moving his head forward.

His lips met Adam's, his soul trembling the moment they touched.

He felt another set of lips on his neck, its touch sending a wave of energy through him.

Two muscled arms wrapped around both men, Usher pulling both into his love.

Pierce's lips parted from Adam's, both staring into each other's eyes.

"I am one of three of this one heart. He loves you just as much." Adam smiled, Pierce's head turning, Usher's lips meeting his, Pierce feeling the identical wave of energy flow through him.

Adam smiled, taking in their kiss, seeing the beauty in both men's faces.

"Thank you, Colton. For. . ." Adam said, turning his head, staring at an empty foyer.

Usher and Pierce both broke their kiss, staring around as well.

"Where did he go?" Usher said, Adam's blue eyes meeting his and Pierce's blue.

"Was he ever here?" Adam softly said, Pierce's hand going into his, Adam's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"Love was. I think that was what Colton was." Pierce said, Usher and Adam staring at him.

"You mean . . . he wasn't real?" Usher said, Pierce smiling, looking towards the door.

"A wheeled man of giving love can use his magic in surprising ways. I think Lucas guided Colton here to show us ourselves. I think Lucas' love just sealed our lives for each other." he said, Usher staring at Adam, the man staring at Pierce.

Pierce's blue eyes looked at both men, taking in their half-naked beauty and their revealing eyes of love.

Both men saw a newer look in Pierce's blue eyes.

"You are both so beautiful. In your beauty and your love. I think I'm falling in love with both of you. Is that what love is? Is it this feeling of total need I feel burning in my soul? I feel so much want in my heart. I want you both to love me. I . . . I need you both to love me!" he said, his eyes flowing now with tears.

Usher moved, wrapping his arms around him, Adam at his side immediately.

"I love you . . . please . . . please love me!" Pierce said, his head going against Usher's black smooth chest.

Adam smiled, his man's brown eyes meeting his.

"We both will love you, Pierce. We want to show you what love is." Adam said, Pierce's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"Oh, God! Don't sing that song right now! I'll be a wet puddle!" he smiled, his eyes showing tears.

Usher and Adam both laughed, both kissing his cheek.

Adam began to sing, Usher joining him, their short rendition of I Want to Know What Love Is entering Pierce's heart.

Pierce smiled at both, feeling their closeness.

"You both sing so beautifully. A duet of love."

"Now a triad of love. We'll both sing our love for you always. You will be our inspiration. Your love will make our love come alive." Adam said, Pierce softly smiling at him.

Both men smiled, seeing a soft blush come over Pierce's handsome face.

"I've never . . . I have had no experience with love, emotionally or physically." Pierce said, his eyes lowering, Usher kissing his cheek, hugging him closer.

"This isn't about sex, Pierce. It's about the three of us giving all to each other. Sex is a part of that, and it is beautiful. But the greater beauty is the love and closeness we'll have now for each other. Adam and I are here for you in all ways. Musically, emotionally and physically."

The young doctor smiled, raising his head, staring into both men's eyes.

"So I can now have an Oreo sandwich?" he smiled, Adam laughing.

"A chocolate and vanilla surprise." Usher laughed, Pierce laughing as well.

"But lose the nurse's uniform. I ain't banging no chick." Adam grinned, Usher laughing.

Pierce smiled at Adam, taking his hand in his.

"Why don't you remove it, beautiful?"
Adam smiled, staring into his blue eyes.

"I thought you were a wallflower? You're a real flirt!"

Pierce smiled, his cheeks blushing.

"This is all new to me. Please . . . please show me what to do?"

Usher smiled at Adam, his man smiling back.

"What you're going to do is sleep, Pierce. In our arms. The beauty of our physical love we experience together as our love joins. Right now we just want to welcome you into our love."
The doctor smiled, Adam leaning forward, kissing his lips, the young man feeling his love.

Adam smiled, breaking the kiss, his lips replaced by Usher's, Pierce feeling the same love coming from him.

They broke their kiss, Pierce smiling at both men.

"I love you both." he said, Adam smiling at Usher.

"Let's get some sleep. Tomorrow our love begins." he said, Pierce smiling, the three men walking across the foyer and walking up the stairs.


End of Chapter 138


The costumed fun has ended.

Lucas' wheels of love gliding around the whole event.

First was Bruno, the singer seeing into his own soul.

He also seems to have worked some magic on the Lachey brothers.

What's their story?


And so a new triad of love begins.

Pierce has been welcomed into the heart of Adam and Usher's love.

And a certain apparition seems to have allayed Pierce's doubts.


Colton walks in visions of love again.

Perhaps Lucas guided him there.

Perhaps his love went on its own.


What of the other trio of love?

Nick, Gideon and the storm trooper of their hearts.

Their love seems just as joining.


A certain pool party the next afternoon may hold some surprises.

Let's see what the morning brings all around.



Hugs, Angel.