Yesterday's End-139


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 139


Morning Moments


Colton's face felt a warmth on it, his blue pools slowly opening.

His vision was instantly blinded by the sun shining in his face, his hand going across it to shield his eyes.

He felt another warmth against his back, two arms around his chest pulling him closer into that warmth.

He smiled, staring down at the muscular toned arms wrapped around his bare chest.

He felt a soft dripping wetness on his neck, the young man smiling, slowly turning around in the arms holding him, taking in a vision of sleeping beauty beside him.

His nose was almost against Jonathan's, the man having been spooned against his back.

"This is a more blinding vision." he softly said, smiling at the young man sleeping against him.

A soft trail of moisture was showing in the corner of Jonathan's mouth, Colton now understanding what the wet feeling had been on his neck.

I've fallen in love with a drooler.

A beautiful, smooth drooler.

He smiled, his eyes scanning Jonathan's smooth body beside him.

The young man moved back, releasing his hold on Colton, resting on his back now, Colton taking in the full view of Jonathan's near-nakedness.

His eyes scanned Jonathan's smooth chest, taking in two small pert nipples, his abs showing great definition, his body toned and sleek.

Colton's blue eyes went to Jonathan's plaid boxer shorts, taking in the large tent showing there.

He stared at it, his mind wondering what that vision of beauty would look like.

He softly licked his lips, his thoughts interrupted by a soft voice.

"Staring at it makes it grow more, perv."

His eyes moved up, staring into two liquid blue pools, a handsome face showing a soft smile, that look making him a sultry vision of youthful beauty.

Colton blushed, moving back a bit.

"Sorry, Jon. You were. . .you were spooned against me and then the sun blinded me when I awoke. I moved around and you moved onto your back, I. . .I couldn't help but stare at your beauty." Colton said, Jonathan smiling at him.

The young man moved his arm above his head, resting his head in his hand, smiling at Colton.

Colton's blue eyes scanned his hairy armpit, the hair looking as soft as down.

"I was spooning you in my dreams, I guess my dreams took over." the young man smiled, Colton smiling into his blue pools.

"Like the view, sexy?" Jonathan smiled.

Colton smiled, moving a little closer to Jonathan, both men staring into each other's blue pools.

"It's been the vision of my dreams."

Jonathan smiled, his other hand moving, going behind Colton's head, pulling it in close to his own.

Their lips met, both young men lost in the love flowing through them.

Jonathan slowly broke the kiss, staring into Colton's blue pools.

"God, I've missed your closeness so much!" he tenderly said, Colton smiling.

"I've missed this warmth as well." he said, his head going against Jonathan's smooth chest, feeling the instant warmth.

Jonathan smiled, his arms going around the young man, the two close and in love.

"I love you, Colt." he said, Colton smiling, his head raising, staring into his blue pools.

"I love you, Jon." he said, his lips going to Jonathan's again, this kiss more urgent.

Both men became lost in the intensity of the kiss, their arms wrapping tighter around each other.

Colton moved back, Jonathan going with the motion, the man now laying on top of him.

They broke the kiss, Jonathan leaning back a bit.

"Wow! That was intense." he said, Colton smiling at him.

"Our love has intensified, Jonah."

Jonathan smiled, loving that name Colton had given him.

"I guess I'm in for a whale of a good time."

Colton laughed, Jonathan smiling at him, his blue eyes moving, scanning over Colton's now showing smooth chest.

Colton smiled, watching Jonathan gaze over his body.

"Speaking of pervs."

Jonathan blushed, Colton rubbing his arm with his fingers.

"You can look, Jon. My beauty rises as well when you stare at me." he said, Jonathan smiling, his eyes going down Colton's perfectly sculpted, smooth body.

Colton's blond hair hung down over his shoulder blades, his smooth chest looking more muscled than Jonathan remembered from New York.

His pecs were more defined, his abs starting to show cut ridges.

His eyes stared further down, seeing a large tent in Colton's white boxer shorts, Jonathan seeing the faint outline of Colton's long manhood, the young man's eyes moving back and meeting Colton's blue.

"You're even more beautiful than I remember, Colt. Did someone attack you, my whale of love?"

Colton looked confused, Jonathan smiling at him.

"You've got a big harpoon in your center."
Colton looked surprised, Jonathan bursting into laughter, Colton smiling at his laughing face.

"You, perv!" he laughed, slapping Jonathan's shoulder, his fingers going to Jonathan's armpits, the young man screaming with laughter.

Colton smiled, upending the young man, the younger man now going on top of him.

Colton's lips met Jonathan's, silencing his loud laughter.

The two slowly broke their kiss, both smiling at each other.

"Keep it up and I may use that harpoon on you." Colton smiled, Jonathan smiling back, both staring at each other.

"That. . .that would be beyond amazing." Jonathan softly said, Colton smiling at him.

"I think it would be for both of us." Colton said, Jonathan smiling at him.

"I hope I can measure up to what you deserve. It all sounds so beautiful." he softly said, Colton smiling, leaning in and softly kissing his warm lips again.

"You already do, Jonah. Our love is the same for each other. Our beauty and desires will be as well. I'm already in love with all of you."

Jonathan smiled, the younger man moving back, Jonathan moving, his head going against Colton's smooth chest, Colton's arms going around his smooth back.

The two smiled, loving the close connection.

The bed was warm, their love warmer.


Jonathan raised his head, kissing Colton's chin.

"I want to stay in your arms all day, Legolas."

Colton arched an eyebrow, Jonathan smiling at him.

"Legolas? From The Lord Of The Rings?"

"Well, you have long blond hair, and you love to use the bow. You're the elf of my heart." Jonathan said, winking at him.

"I'm more of a dwarf than an elf, Jon. And I've got nothing on Orlando Bloom's looks."

Jonathan's eyes furrowed a little, his hand slapping Colton's smooth chest.

"Don't berate yourself, my Colt. You're beautiful in your own way. In the way of your love, your friendship and your intoxicating beauty. I think you're beyond handsome."

Colton smiled, loving Jonathan's praise of him.

"You're not so bad yourself, sexy." he said, Jonathan smiling widely.

"But as for laying in bed all day, Dad will have none of that. And I've got my own plans." Colton smiled, Jonathan raising an eyebrow.

"What plans?"
"How about we start with breakfast for our friends and bros?"

Jonathan smiled, liking the idea.

"Awesome! Jus loves my cinnamon waffles." he beamed, Colton smiling, leaning forward and lightly kissing his lips.

"The spice of my heart. I'm going to get so fat on your love."

Jonathan laughed, slapping Colton's firm butt through his boxers.

"Feed you, then wow you. I like that pattern."

Colton laughed, the young man rising up from the bed, Jonathan staring at his smooth physique.

"First off we need showers." Colton smiled, Jonathan smiling, rising from the bed as well, Colton taking in his smooth beauty as well, all tent poles rigid against the morning sunshine.

"You go first, Colt." Jonathan smiled, reaching for his t-shirt off the chair by the window, Colton's hand stopping his, their blue eyes meeting.

"How about we go together?"

Jonathan stared at Colton, seeing the love shining in his blue pools.

"Really, Colt?"

Colton smiled, leaning in and kissing his lips again.

"We're comfortable with each other, Jonathan. I want to see the beauty of all of you. I've already fallen in love with your inner soul. I'm sure the package is even more beautiful. I'm sure you're wanting the same."

Jonathan blushed, Colton smiling at his sudden innocence.

"I am nothing against the vision of beauty and love I see before me. And yes, I want to know and see all of you."

Colton smiled, taking Jonathan's hand in his.

"Love is a complete package, Jonathan.  We both see with the eyes of love. Our eyes are the same in color and love."

Jonathan smiled, Colton smiling and leading him towards his bathroom.

The two men walked into the room, Colton stopping in front of the large walk-in shower stall.

Jonathan smiled at him, the young man feeling the slight coolness in the bathroom, his nipples hardening.

Colton smiled at him, staring into his blue eyes.

"Well, we won't get clean if we don't lose these shorts." he said, his hands going to his hips, Jonathan's eyes following them.

Colton took a deep breath, pulling off his boxer shorts, tossing them on top of the hamper in the corner.

Jonathan glanced at Colton's naked form, his eyes moving towards the sink, Colton smiling at him.

"You can look, my Jonah. This whale won't devour you."
Jonathan's eyes met Colton's blue again, the young man smiling at him.

His eyes slowly moved, going down Colton's young, smooth, muscular body.

Standing in the light, naked of all clothes, Jonathan saw the total beauty of the young man's smooth self.

His eyes moved to the center of Colton's being, taking in a large shaft slightly hanging down, its cut head large and smooth, the shaft not fully erect.

"Wow!" Jonathan softly said with emotion, Colton softly blushing.

"Thank you, I suppose." Colton said, softly smiling, Jonathan's eyes meeting his blue again.

"You. . .you're beautiful, Colt. So beautiful." Jonathan said, Colton smiling widely.

"Want to take a walk later in the forest with your elf?"

Jonathan laughed, his eyes going over Colton's naked form.

"Like that? Any freaking day!"

Colton beamed, Jonathan smiling at him.

"So join my openness, beautiful."

Jonathan softly smiled, a soft blush coming to his cheeks.

"You're already a vision of love in my eyes, Jonathan." Colton said, Jonathan staring into his blue pools.

In those eyes Jonathan saw a deep love; that love giving him instant courage.

His hands went to his hips, his boxers leaving his body, joining Colton's on the hamper lid.

He stood before Colton, a few feet separating them.

Colton's eyes scanned all of Jonathan's nakedness, his eyes taking in the vision of youthful beauty before him.

His eyes were drawn to Jonathan's center, Colton's eyes widening a bit.

"I know it's weird. It doesn't match my thinness." he said, Colton's eyes meeting his.

Colton's eyes went back to his center, staring at a long shaft risen upwards, its length almost identical to his, its girth much wider.

It was over seven inches in length, still not fully erect, its head cut.

"Wow!" Colton said, Jonathan blushing, his hands moving to his center, covering it.

"Don't cover it, Jonathan. It's so beautiful." Colton said, Jonathan staring at him, his hands moving away.

Jonathan stared into Colton's blue eyes, seeing the unchanged love there, his smile one of love.

"You're so beautiful, Jonah."

Jonathan's smile widened, Colton's words stoking his heart with love.

Colton turned, his hand going to the shower door, Jonathan's eyes moving to his smooth firm ass.

It was perfect and blemish-free, the same as all of Colton's young body.

"Coming, Jonah?" Colton smiled, walking into the shower stall.

Jonathan smiled, crossing the bathroom floor, walking into the stall and closing the door behind him.

Colton smiled at him, the young man turning and hitting the water taps.

Jonathan's eyes scanned down his back, settling on his firm smooth butt.

Colton turned, seeing where Jonathan's eyes were, smiling.

He pulled on the shower knob, water cascading out of the shower nozzle, their eyes meeting.

"Step into the wetness of our love, Jonah." Colton said, Jonathan smiling and moving closer to Colton, the water falling over both of them.

Colton's arms went around Jonathan's waist, pulling the young man against him.

Jonathan softly moaned, his arms going around Colton, moving down and settling on his smooth ass cheeks.

"Right to the good stuff, perv." Colton smiled, Jonathan blushing.

"It's too beautiful not to touch." Jonathan smiled, Colton staring into his blue eyes.

Both men moved forward, their lips meeting.

Both became lost in the kiss, a greater need consuming them.

The need for each other's love.

They broke the kiss, Colton's head going against Jonathan's wet chest, the two close and joined with love.

"I love you, Jonah." Colton said, Jonathan smiling.

"I love you more, Legolas."

Colton smiled, raising his head, the young man moving, the two staying connected.

He picked up the bar of soap off the shower shelf, handing it to Jonathan, their eyes meeting.

"Wash all of me, Jon. I want to feel the touch of your love." Colton said, Jonathan staring into his blue pools.

His hands went to Colton's chest, beginning to soap up its smoothness.

Colton sighed, staring into Jonathan's blue eyes.

"Your body is so smooth, Colt." he said, his fingers feeling the smooth wet flesh, gradually going lower, reaching the young man's nipples, rubbing both.

Colton smiled at Jonathan, the young man smiling back.

"That feels wonderful, Jon. And I know you're going to feel just as beautiful." he said, Jonathan smiling.

His fingers continued their journey, stopping when they felt a soft bed of hair, his eyes meeting Colton's again.

Colton's hand moved, taking Jonathan's in his, guiding it further down, Jonathan feeling it wrap around Colton's shaft, feeling its instant warmth.

They stared into each other's eyes, Colton moving and softly kissing Jonathan's lips.

"You can wash all of me as I'll wash you, Jon. And you can look."
Jonathan smiled, looking downward, seeing the large shaft in his soapy hand, the young man moving his hand, Colton softly moaning, his head going against Jonathan's naked shoulder.

Jonathan smiled, his hands moving on their own, a new closeness coming over them.

Colton smiled, knowing Jonathan was going to explore all of him.

He smiled, knowing he was going on an adventure of wet love as well.

He felt Jonathan's fingers on his chest again, their touch more controlling, more focused.

He smiled, closing his eyes, letting his soulmate explore all of him.


Pierce opened his blue eyes, the young man feeling a surrounding warmth around him.

The room was bright, the windows across from him flooded with brightness.

He moved in the bed he lay in, feeling two arms wrap around him.

He also felt another head against his own, two lips kissing his neck.

His eyes moved to the left, staring into Adam Levine's handsome face.

The man was asleep, his head nestled in the crook of Pierce's neck, his smooth body snuggled against his left side.

His eyes moved downward, seeing the black arm laying across his waist, the man feeling Usher's muscled form spooned against his right side.

Adam's arm was lower, laying across Pierce's hairy thighs.

His eyes scanned Adam's nude physique, his skin smooth and tattooed.

He saw Adam was still wearing his briefs, their blackness showing off his lighter skin.

Pierce felt the man's morning hardness against his thigh, its warmth soothing.

He also felt a larger hardness pressed against his right hip, Usher spooned against him.

I'm in heaven. How did I deserve this? he thought, smiling softly.

He felt Adam's arm move, his hand now moving on top of Pierce's own hard brief-covered center.

It stopped, slowly rubbing against the thin fabric.

"Mmm, Ush. You're so warm." Adam softly said, his body moving more against Pierce's.

Pierce felt Adam's fingers rubbing against his concealed shaft, the young man softly moaning.

He sensed Adam thought he was Usher, the man on the edge of sleep and desire.

"Don't be afraid of his love, Pierce. He always wakes me up with his searching need."

Pierce's head turned, staring into two brown eyes of love.

"He. . .he thinks I'm you." Pierce softly said, Usher smiling at him, leaning in and kissing the man softly on the lips.

"Lucky you." he smiled, his finger rubbing Pierce's cheek.

Pierce felt the black man's hand move, resting against Pierce's abdomen, lightly rubbing it.

"Good morning, beautiful. Welcome to our awakening love." Usher smiled, his lips meeting Pierce's again.

Pierce responded to the man's tender kiss, the two kissing more deeply.

They broke the kiss, Usher smiling at his Adam, the man's hand now fully enclosed around Pierce's hidden shaft.

"He won't let go until you wake him. He's a clinger in his sleep. That's why I love him. He holds onto your love." Usher smiled, the man's head going against Pierce's chest.

"Good morning, Ush. Thank you for the closeness of your love last night." Pierce said, Usher smiling, his hand moving upwards, his fingers rubbing Pierce's left nipple.

Pierce felt a shock of electricity move through his body, Usher feeling the man tremble.

"Don't be afraid of my love either, Pierce. We're both here for you." Usher said, Pierce feeling a wetness on his neck, Adam's lips kissing it.

"He's close to waking up. How about we both wake him up? Turnabout's fair play." Usher smiled, raising his head, his eyes meeting Pierce's blue pools.

Pierce slowly nodded his head, Usher moving, climbing over the man, then over Adam's body, settling on Adam's other side.

Pierce took in the man's muscled smooth beauty, his eyes scanning every inch of the man's toned, black physique.
Adam was now between the two men; his body still snuggled against Pierce.

Usher smiled at Pierce, the man smiling back.

Usher's hands moved, running over Adam's shoulder, down his side and over his hips and ass.

"Move onto your back, sweetie." Usher said, his lips kissing Adam's neck.

The man murmured, moving to his left, laying now on his back, Pierce's blue eyes scanning all over Adam's toned tattooed form.

Usher smiled, watching the man's eyes scan over his man's physique.

"He's beautiful, that's a given." Usher said, Pierce's eyes meeting his, the man's eyes then scanning over Usher's naked smooth black form again.

"So are you, Usher." he said, Usher smiling.

"I'm your Ush now, Pierce. As he is our Adam." the man smiled, Pierce smiling.

"Just call me Pip, Ush. That was my Mom's name for me. I'm now your Pip."

Usher smiled, the man leaning over Adam, Pierce leaning in as well, both kissing again.

They broke their kiss, both staring down at the sleeping man between them.

"Now for a nickname for our Adam." Usher said, Pierce smiling.

"How about Woof!"

Usher laughed, Pierce smiling at him.

"Thank you both for being gentlemen last night." Pierce said, Usher smiling at him.

"You're welcome, Pip. We both wanted you comfortable with our friendship and growing love."

The three men had walked upstairs last night, Pierce's eyes meeting the two men, their hands now joined.

He wondered which room was his, Usher smiling at his man.

"Would you like to sleep with us tonight, Pierce? Our love is here for you, just a togetherness of love." Adam said, his hand squeezing Pierce's.

Pierce had remained silent, letting the two men guide him into their bedroom.

It was a large room, the bed king-sized, Usher smiling at both men.

"Lose the nurse's outfit, Pierce. We're all men here tonight." he smiled, unzipping the toga skirt he wore, tossing it on the chair in front of the window.

Pierce stared at the man's muscled physique, his bikini briefs white and seemingly glowing on his black body.

His eyes turned, staring into Adam's blue pools; he already standing in only his black briefs.

Pierce began to remove his nurse's uniform, the man struggling with the zipper on the back of the dress.

Usher smiled, moving and helping the man open it, his strong hands rubbing down his revealing back.

Pierce stepped out of the dress while Adam removed the pillows from the bed, Pierce's eyes glued to his firm tight butt showing in his briefs.

When Pierce was out of the dress, Adam and Usher both took in his muscled, toned, hairy physique.

"Love the hair, Pierce. It really makes you a beautiful man." Usher said, Pierce softly blushing.

"I'm standing between two real men." he softly said, the man feeling Adam's arm going around him, Usher's hands still on his back.

"We all see the beauty of each of us. Let's climb into bed." Usher said, Pierce timidly smiling at him.

Adam's hand went to Pierce's shoulder, staring into his blue eyes.

"This isn't a regular occurrence with Ush and myself, Pierce. We're no longer sexual deviates. We were drawn to only your love and friendship. We're here tonight as two men who want to be with you, in love and friendship."
Pierce smiled, looking into both their eyes.

"I know you're both gentlemen. And you both have a deep love in you. I feel it surrounding me." he said, both men smiling.

The two men guided the young man into their bed, Pierce suddenly in the center of it, two visions of smooth beauty surrounding him.

Both men kissed him on the lips, Adam's kiss a little longer, his tongue licking across them as they broke their kiss.

"This is our love, Pierce. It's enough for now. We all need sleep. See you in my dreams." he said, the three men snuggling together.

Pierce had fallen asleep wrapped in the warmth of their new love.

He was now awake, staring into Usher's brown pools across from Adam's sleeping beauty.

"You're beautiful, Pip. We both have desires for you. But we want you comfortable with our closeness. You lead here. Whatever you need from us, we'll show you what our love can give." Usher said, Pierce softly smiling at him.

"I have no experience, Ush." he softly said, Usher's hand going to the younger man's shoulder.

"Experience is meaningless, Pip. Passion holds a heart on its path of discovery. You gain experience on the journey of life and love."

Pierce smiled, his eyes moving to Adam's handsome face.

"You both are so experienced, so beautiful. The passion must be intense."

"Adam is that, Pip. His love overwhelms you." Usher said, Pierce smiling at him, his blue eyes scanning Adam's smooth tattoo-covered chest.

Usher watched Pierce's blue eyes staring at Adam's center, its hardness straining against the black fabric of his bikini briefs.

"The master's awake at least." he smiled, Usher's brown eyes meeting Pierce's blue again.

Pierce blushed, Usher smiling more.

"I said turnabout was fair play, Pip." he said, his hand going on top of Pierce's, Pierce feeling the man's hand guiding his forward.

Usher guided Pierce's hand to Adam's center, resting it on top of the large phallus.

Adam stirred between them, the singer feeling the touch in his sleep, softly moaning.

"Oh, Pierce. Please. . .please love us." he softly said, Pierce's eyes meeting Usher's brown pools.

"He's dreaming of you, Pip. You're in his soul already. As you are in mine."

Pierce smiled, his eyes moving to Adam's handsome face, staring at the sleeping man.

"He's. . .he's so beautiful." he softly said, Usher's lips kissing Pierce's neck.

"Touch him, Pip. Make his dreams come true." Usher said, Pierce's hand moving on its own.

He encircled the hard shaft in his hand, beginning to stroke it through the fabric.

Adam moaned again, his eyes suddenly popping open.

"Pierce?" he said, Pierce's eyes meeting his blue.

Usher smiled, leaning in and kissing his man's lips, Adam feeling his love.

They broke their kiss, Usher smiling at his man.

"Good morning, my love. You were groping Pip in your sleep. I guided him to some revenge." Usher smiled, Adam's blue pools meeting Pierce's blue again, the young man's hand still on top of Adam's center.

"Pip? What did I miss?" he smiled, Pierce smiling at him.

"My Mom's nickname for me, now yours. Good morning, Adam." Pierce said, his body moving forward, his lips meeting Adam's, the man feeling the warmth of love in the kiss.

Usher smiled, watching the two kiss.

Pierce broke the kiss, staring into Adam's blue pools.

"Thank you for last night, Adam. Your kindness and love guided me to a great night's sleep." Pierce smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"Our love is always here for you, Pip. And it's nice to wake up with you attached to me."

Pierce smiled, squeezing Adam's mound, the man softly gasping.

"You tease like our Ush." he said, Pierce smiling at Ush.

"Turnabout's fair play, as Ush said. And I love the feel of you. It's like nothing I've felt before." Pierce said, Adam smiling, his eyes meeting his Usher's.

"You're a doctor, Pip. I'm sure you've groped a few male patients."
Pierce blushed, Adam smiling at him.

"Just teasing, babe. Remember, I was groping you in my sleep as well. We're all perverts when it comes to beauty." he said, Pierce smiling at him.

"There's more to me than what you have your hand on." He smiled, Pierce smiling, releasing his hold on Adam's center.

Usher smiled at the young doctor as his hand rubbed over Adam's chest, Adam smiling at both.

"You haven't groped me yet, Pippy." Usher grinned, Pierce smiling at him.

"Too much to handle, hot stuff." he said, Usher smiling widely.

"Got that right, Pippy." Adam smiled, Usher smiling at his man, Pierce blushing.

"You're both so beautiful." he softly said, Adam's hand going to the man's cheek.

"And you are as well, our hairy beauty." Adam said, scanning Pierce's hairy muscled chest.

Pierce blushed, Usher leaning over and kissing his lips.

Adam smiled, his hand and Usher's both going to Pierce's hairy chest, both rubbing it.

Pierce softly moaned, Adam's body rising a bit, their lips meeting, Usher continuing to rub Pierce's chest, his hand over his right nipple.

Pierce was lost in the kiss, feeling Adam's soul join with his, the man moving back again, pulling Pierce on top of him, Adam's legs moving, Pierce now laying totally on top of him.

Usher smiled, his hand moving, going to Pierce's smooth back, rubbing his shoulders.

His brown eyes took in the man's brief-covered butt, its bubbly firmness so beautiful.

The two men broke their kiss, their eyes opening together, staring into each other's blue pools.

"We're both here for you, Pip. Love us as we'll love you." Adam said, Pierce feeling a set of lips on his neck.
He turned his head, staring into Usher's brown pools, their lips meeting now.
Adam smiled, watching the two men join their love.

They slowly broke their kiss, Usher's tongue licking Pierce's chin.

He felt Usher's hand going down his back, its muscular strength now rubbing his left butt cheek.

He felt another set of lips on his throat, Adam's tongue licking his Adam's apple.

"He always goes for the Adam's apple. He thinks he owns it because it's named for him." Usher smiled, Pierce laughing.

Adam laughed, Usher joining them.

The three smiled at each other, Adam's finger on Pierce’s cheek again.

"We should get up. It's after eleven." Usher smiled, the other two men smiling at him.

"I'll make us brunch. I'm sure Luke has a large meal planned for dinner." Pierce smiled, both men smiling back.

"His greatest meal is his love." Adam smiled, the other two smiling at him.

"We all have to thank him for what we now have." Usher said, Adam smiling at him.

Pierce leaned in again, kissing both on the lips, both feeling his new happiness.

"I'll take a quick shower, then get going on brunch. I know you both need some special alone time." he smiled, the young man climbing out of the large bed, both smiling at him, taking in his tented briefs; his muscular, hairy body on full view.

"Need someone to wash your back? That would be a special time." Adam smiled, Usher wrapping his arms around his man.

"Thanks, but I think your man needs your touch more." Pierce smiled, the young man looking at his nurse's uniform laying on the chair by the window.

"Could I borrow some clothes? I don't think our friends need a nurse this afternoon."

"Take whatever you need, Pip. We're both about the same size." Usher smiled, Adam kissing his man's neck.

"Thanks, Ush. Back in a bit." Pierce smiled, the young man walking into the bathroom, both men watching his bubbly firm butt disappear, Pierce closing the door behind him.

"Think he's going to have a pleasurable shower?" Usher said, the man kissing his man's chest.

"Yes, we both stoked his heart, if that tent's any indication." Adam smiled, the man feeling Usher's hand now slipping into his briefs, wrapping around his man's hardness.

"And he's stoked ours, babe. He's so beautiful. I have two visions of beauty now." Usher said, his lips kissing Adam's earlobe.

Adam softly moaned, feeling his man's rising passion.

"Oh, babe. Please. . .I need you." Adam softly said, Usher smiling, his hand removing Adam's briefs in one pulling motion.

Usher moved in one quick movement, Adam gasping when he felt his shaft fill Usher's mouth, the man devouring all of him.

Adam's blue hazy eyes went towards the closed bathroom door, hearing the shower going.

He smiled, rubbing his man's head, Usher lost in the need to please his man.

I now have two to love me.

And I will give all to have all.

Thank you, Lucas.

Our happiness will be forever.

Adam gasped, feeling Usher's searching fingers enter him, the man suddenly lost in the passion of his soul.


Nick gasped, feeling the hardness sunken deep within him, the man opening his blue pools, staring into his soulmate's blue pools, Gideon smiling down at him.

"Oh, oh God! That's that's the spot!" he moaned, feeling the thrusting hardness filling him.

Nick felt two lips on his, a probing tongue entering his mouth, Nick lost in the passionate connection.

That mouth moved, licking his cheek, going to his neck, the man's passion total.

"Oh, Gio! Don't stop!" Nick gasped, Gio's mouth moving lower, attaching to his left nipple, sucking it into his mouth.

Gio moaned himself, the man lost in the passion surrounding him.

He felt his center lengthen even more, its hardness wrapped in the warmth of Nick's center.

The young reporter was positioned between two men of total beauty.

He felt the hardness sunken within himself, Gideon's length and girth the largest Gio had experienced.

Gideon was matching him thrust for thrust, their rhythm matched in its desire and passion.

Nick lay in the center of the bed, Gio on top of him, his large shaft buried within his center, Gideon behind the Latino, he buried just as deep into the man's beautiful ass.

"Oh God, guys! You're driving me insane!" Gio moaned, Gideon smiling down at his man again from over Gio's shoulder.

"He's amazing, Nicky! He's so like you in his warmth and need!" Gideon moaned, Gio feeling the man's lips on his earlobe, his own talent driving Gio's desires.

They'd been making love for hours, ever since the moment they'd walked into Nick's condo.

The three had looked at each other, Nick smiling at both young men.

"I'll get that coffee going." he said, Gio's hand going to his shoulder, stopping him.

"It's not coffee we need, Nick." Gideon said, Gio's brown pools meeting his blue.

Nick smiled at both, Gio leaning in and kissing his lips, Gideon smiling at the look crossing his man's face.

"I think we should continue where we left off last weekend." Gio said, when he broke the intimate kiss.

The young man turned, his lips meeting Gideon's, the young lawyer lost in the man's talent.

They broke their kiss, Nick's arms going around both men, all three staring at each other.

"Are you sure, Gio?" he said, the young man staring into his blue mesmerizing pools.

"I've never been more sure of anything in my life, Nickolas. I've fallen for both of you." he said, Gideon's blue eyes meeting Nick's blue.

"Our love needs to grow, Nickolas. We all need each other." Gideon said, Nick smiling at his soulmate, both men seeing the tears in his blue pools.

"I was lost for so long, lost in the need of my lost soul. And now I see before me something more. I see real love, the joined love of both of you." he said, Gio pulling him closer to him, his lips softly kissing Nick's.

"I remember the beauty of your giving love, Nickolas. It was always more than just sex between us." he said, Nick staring into his brown pools, remembering the passion of the young man.

"I felt the same, Gio. I should have sought out more from you." he softly said, Gio kissing his lips again.

"Life is a path of fate, Nick. I think the three of us are right where we're supposed to be." he said, the man feeling Gideon's lips on his neck, both men meeting his blue pools.

"In the heart of our love for each other." he said, the other two smiling.

"I feel your love for each other. If I could only ever have a small part of that, my soul would be forever happy." Gio said, the two men surrounding him pulling him closer.

"You have a greater part of it, Gio. We both want and need your love." Gideon said, Gio's lips meeting his, the two kissing deeply, Nick smiling at both.

"His love is beautiful, my Gid." Nick said, Gio breaking his hold on both men, the young man stepping back, his hands going to his storm trooper uniform, its chest plate removed, Gio pulling the black, long-sleeved t-shirt he wore off his chest, both men staring at his smooth muscled chest, Gideon taking in its smooth beauty.

"You are. . .so beautiful." he softly said, Nick kissing his cheek.

"And he's ours, Gideon. We are each other's forever." he said, Gideon moving, his arms wrapping around the young man's muscular beauty, their lips meeting.

Here it now was hours later, all three experiencing the love of the other two.

Gideon had found an identical loving passion in Gio, Nick sensing he'd found the same.

The young man had taken in all their love and beauty, his desires the most intense of the three.

Gideon had been lost in the young man's possession, Nick at his side, the three joined as one.
Here now they were in the open happiness of their joined love, the three attached by their desires.

Gio moaned, feeling his orgasm heightening.

"Oh, God! I'm. . .I'm so close!" he moaned, Gideon feeling his own edge cresting.

Nick felt his own hardness throbbing, Gio's stomach pressed against it, his sweat acting as a lubricant.

Gio gasped, screaming.

"Oh, Nicky!" he screamed, his center erupting, Nick feeling the warmth fill the condom buried within him, Gideon's orgasm exploding at the same time, Gio feeling the deep warmth fill him.

Nick gasped, his cock exploding, soaking his own chest and Gio's.

All three men sagged, Gio falling on top of Nick's smooth chest, Nick's arms wrapping around him, Gideon slowly pulling out of Gio, laying down beside the two men, gasping for breath.

"Oh God, that was amazing!" Gideon said, breathing hard.

Gio and Nick's heads turned, smiling at the young lawyer.

"Damn, you're the amazing one!" Gio smiled, slowly pulling out of Nick, the man's lips going to Gio's neck.

"And your love is amazing as ever. I forgot the depth of your passion." Nick smiled, Gio kissing his lips.

"It was heightened by your joined beauty." the man said, his lips moving down Nick's chest, lapping up the semen covering Nick's torso.

"Mm, as delicious as remembered." Gio said, licking up the rich fluid, his hand moving towards Gideon, pulling off the condom covering his large organ.

"The boy's insatiable!" Nick smiled, the young reporter smiling up at him, licking his lips.

"I'll always hunger for life's passion." he said, moving, Gideon gasping when Gio devoured his shaft, licking all the semen covering it.

Nick smiled, rubbing the young man's back, the three lost in the afterglow of their love.
Gio tenderly cleaned both men, the man moving, snuggling between the two, both men snuggling against him.

"I love you both." he said, Nick kissing his neck, Gideon kissing his lips.

"We both love you, Gio." Nick said, Gideon breaking his tender kiss with the Latino.

The young man was tearing up, both men hugging him closer.

"I need you both so much." he said, Nick smiling at Gideon.

"We're both here for you, Gio. In our love, in our passion, and in our souls." Gideon said, the young man smiling.

"So who's up for round five?" he said, Nick rolling his eyes, Gideon laughing.

"We have a monster in our grasp, Nicky!"

"We need to get cleaned. And we need a short nap. We have to head over to Josh's in a few hours." Nick said, stretching his arms, the man climbing out of bed.

Gideon and Gio both smiled, Gio kissing Gideon's lips.

"We have to thank Lucas for our new love.” Gio said.

The other two men smiled and nodded, climbing out of bed as well, their full nakedness on display.

Gio smiled, scanning both men, seeing their contrasting differences.

Gideon was muscular, Nick toned.

Nick was smooth, Gideon having some soft chest hair.

Gideon won first place for largeness, his center about an inch longer than Gio, and thicker.

Nick smiled, taking in both flaccid centers, remembering the taste of both.

"Dibs on washing Gio's back. That fine ass is mine." he smiled, Gio smiling.

"That fine ass was stretched by Gid's beauty. Don't get lost back there, Carver." he smiled, Gideon laughing, his arms wrapping around both men.

"I swing a mighty bat, and I score every time."

All three laughed, walking together into the washroom.


Lucas' violet pools slowly opened, the young man feeling a warm sensation flowing through him, centered in his own center.

His violet pools lowered, staring into two blue pools, the handsome face attached to them filled with Lucas' long hard shaft.

"Oh, Jus!" Lucas moaned, one of Justin's hands attached to Lucas' left nipple, his other wrapped around Lucas' balls.

The man bobbed up and down on Lucas' shaft, its length filling his throat.

Lucas moaned, looking around the bed, the two alone in its center.

The room was filled with sunshine, Lucas focusing on the beautiful man laying between his legs, Justin's naked body stretched down the bed.

Justin pulled off of Lucas' center, licking the shaft's head, tasting Lucas' leaking love.

"Mm, delicious. Morning, Lucky." Justin smiled, his fingers rubbing Lucas' left nipple, the nub hard.

"Morning, my horndog." Lucas smiled, Justin moving up the bed, his body enveloping Lucas, Lucas feeling the man's warm nakedness on top of him.

Their centers were meshed together, both men at full mast.

"Where are the other two of our love?" Lucas said, Justin smiling, looking towards the bathroom.

"Right about now I'm sure Joshy's mouth is filled with the monster's wet love." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him, leaning up and kissing the man's lips.

"Lucky him. I think I'm pretty lucky as well, I have you to myself."
Justin smiled, sighing, his arms wrapping around the beautiful man below him, his head going against the man's muscular smooth chest, Justin lightly licking his left nipple.

"I love you so much, Lucas. Thank you for last night." he said, Lucas smiling, his arms wrapping around the man on top of him, his hands moving lower, attaching to both of Justin's butt cheeks.

"You're welcome, my Jus. I was famished last night. I needed everything you could give." he said, Justin smiling, raising his head, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"All three of us fell asleep exhausted, Lucky. You took double the love out of all of us. I never saw Josh or my Lance so happy."
"And what about yourself?"

Justin smiled, his head going back to Lucas' warm chest, hugging him close.

"I was in heaven's center, my Lucky. Your love consumed me." he said, Lucas kissing his forehead.

"I think I consumed a pint of your liquid love, sexy."
Justin laughed, slapping the man's smooth abs.

"You drew a lot out of all of us, stud."

Lucas smiled, lightly slapping Justin's ass.

He glanced at the nightstand clock, reading nine.

"Well, you slept for five hours. Is the larder full again? I need breakfast." Lucas said, Justin raising his head, the young man under him suddenly moving, upending Justin, the man rolled onto his back, Lucas on top of him in a flash.

Lucas pulled Justin's arms over his head, holding his hands in place.

"Mm, something smells good for breakfast." he smiled, his nose going into Justin's hairy armpit.

"Let me go, sneaky! That tickles!" Justin giggled, Lucas' tongue now licking his hairy armpit, the wetness tickling Justin.

Lucas' head moved, his lips attaching to Justin's left nipple, the man softly moaning.

"Oh, Luke. You're insatiable!" Justin said, Lucas raising his head, his lips meeting Justin's warm lips, Justin feeling his tongue pushing against them.

Justin opened his mouth, Lucas' tongue invading his mouth, their tongues dueling.

Justin was lost in the kiss, feeling Lucas' body move off him, the man now laying at his side.

He felt another sensation, his hard shaft suddenly feeling wet.

Lucas continued to kiss him, the man feeling another wetness on his chest, someone taking his left nipple into their mouth, sucking it hard.

Justin gasped, Lucas slowly breaking their kiss, Justin's blue pools slowly opening, staring into two violet pools of love.

"I felt their wet love approach, and they felt your need." he smiled, Justin's blue pools moving, staring at his Lance laying against him, his mouth on Justin's left nipple.

He moaned, his eyes meeting two other blue pools, Justin's long shaft buried in Josh's mouth, the man's hands rubbing his balls and stomach.

"Oh, God!" he moaned, Lucas smiling, leaning down and kissing him again.

"I love you, Jus. As I love these other two. Do you trust me?" he said, Justin staring into his violet pools.

"With my love and my life, my Lucas." he softly said, moaning.

Lucas smiled, his fingers running through Lance's spiky blond hair, the man's green eyes meeting his violet, the man's lips letting go of Justin's nipple.

Lucas leaned in, the two kissing tenderly.

"He loves you, Lucas. He's dreamed of having all of your love for so long. It's time he experiences all of our love."
Lucas smiled, staring into Justin's blue pools, Lance moving, his fingers meeting Justin's cheek, their eyes meeting.

"What. . .what do you. . .?" he softy said, Lance smiling at him.

"I love you, Jus. I give you this gift to heal your soul." Lance said, the man moving forward, their lips meeting, Justin lost in the love he felt coming from Lance.

Lucas smiled, the man's eyes meeting Josh's blue, the man pulling Justin's hard shaft out of his mouth, licking the end, Justin trembling.

"I love you, Lucas. He needs all of your love."
Lucas smiled, the man moving, Justin still lost in the deep French kiss Lance was giving him.

He felt Josh's hands rubbing his stomach, his shaft feeling the wetness of Josh's mouth as it returned to it.

Justin suddenly felt a new sensation, Josh moving the man's low hanging balls, Justin gasping as he felt a wetness touch his center.

"Oh, oh God!" he moaned, Lance breaking the kiss, licking his chin and cheek.

"Give in to his love, my Justin. You need all of it. As I know I will as well." he said, Justin feeling Lucas' tongue suddenly invade his hole.
He gasped, the wetness sending a trembling shockwave through him.

The probing tongue suddenly stopped, Justin feeling his legs being moved.

He felt a sudden weight on top of him, his eyes opening again, staring into two violet pools.

"I love you, Justin. I am yours always." Lucas said, Justin suddenly feeling a largeness fill him.

He gasped, feeling Lucas' body move, the man rolling onto his back, Justin now on top of him.

Justin stared into his violet pools, his own blue filling with tears.

"Ride my love, Justin. Our love is now together forever." Lucas said, Justin feeling a set of lips meeting his own.

He tasted the familiar taste of Josh's love, the man's fingers running across his chest, Justin opening his eyes again, staring into his blue.

"Feel his love, Jus. He is now yours forever." Josh smiled, the man's head lowering, diving back onto Justin's large shaft.

The man gasped, feeling his man's arms wrap around him, the man surrounded by his world.

He felt the depth of Lucas' ownership of him, the man staring down into his violet pools.

He became lost, his body moving on its own, the three of his soul worshipping him.


End of Chapter 139


A little long, but a lot of joining love needed to be shown.

The morning's given way to amorous love.


Colton and Jonathan have opened their love to a greater closeness.

Pierce has been welcomed into Adam's and Usher's heart, their love new and open.

Nick, Gideon and Gio are now a threesome of total love; their love, desires and needs one.

Justin has now experienced all of Lucas' love, the man possessing him.

Josh and Lance witnessed that joining love, Lance certain that he will feel that greater love as well.

And we all know he shall.

Josh and Lance's love will be total as well, as will Justin's and Lucas'.


I've decided the four needed to be one in all ways.

Don't hate me for that, just remember the love behind all of it.

Perhaps we all need a greater love at times.


Onward we go, a pool party planned.

Perhaps Lucas will shed light on last night's moment.

Trust in him to guide all to their hearts.


Hugs, Angel.