Yesterday's End-14

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Chapter 14


Finn smiled, his blue eyes on Lucas' watchful face.

They'd left the hospital, Lucas' father wheeled out in a wheelchair by Lucas, his friends and sister following them.

Finn had taken charge, helping Henderson into the back of the van, everyone else joining them.

Finn climbed into the front seat, Justin driving.

Finn had directed Justin through the quiet Welsh city, directing him to his childhood home.

Finn's parents were waiting there for them, Finn insisting that Henderson would get a more peaceful rest at his home instead of at the hotel, his parents agreeing.

"We're family, Luke. Your dad needs family around him." Finn had said, Lucas smiling and hugging him, the group having been awaiting Henderson's release.

Here now they pulled up into the front yard of a suburban home, Finn smiling as he climbed out of the van, two people standing on the front porch of a modest, beautiful home.

The two people walked down the front steps, smiling at the people climbing out of the van.

Finn's parents were middle-aged, a quiet beauty showing on their calm faces.

The woman's blond hair was done up in a bun, an apron around her waist, the woman smiling at the visitors in her front yard.

The woman walked up to Trish, pulling her into a hug.

"Land sakes, Patricia! You've grown so much! America agrees with you!" she smiled, Trish smiling and kissing the woman's cheek.

"Thanks, Mamma Mavis." she smiled, the woman smiling at Lucas as he stepped out of the van, Lucas helping his father climb out, Josh and Lance climbing out after.

The woman hugged Lucas, her husband standing behind her, he hugging Trish now.

The woman broke her hold on Lucas, kissing his cheek, then looking at his father.

"Henderson, how are you doing?" she said, her voice laced with concern and warming love as she gently hugged him.

Henderson smiled at the woman and her husband, the man smiling at Lucas as he lightly hugged him.

"I'm doing okay, Mavis. Hello Sean." Henderson smiled, Finn's father's hand going to his shoulder.

"Let's get you inside, Henderson. Rest you need, and good food as well. Mavis has lunch well in hand. She'll get you on the mend!"
"Let me introduce you to our friends, Mom and Dad." Finn said, his parents looking towards the three men standing apart from Lucas and his father, Justin having walked around the van, joining his friends.

"No introductions needed, son. We do watch television and their pictures were once on your bedroom walls." Sean Delaney smiled, the man offering his hand in friendship to the three men, all three smiling and shaking his hand, their eyes on a softly blushing Finn.

"You were a big fan, Finn?" Lance said, the young man blushing still.

Lucas smiled, looking at Lance.

"Where do you think I first heard your music? Finn was a N*Sync fanatic!"

Justin laughed, Finn's mother smiling at him.

"Welcome to our home, Mr. Timberlake. And you as well, Mr. Bass and Mr. Chasez." she smiled, all three smiling at the jovial, effervescent woman, her voice laced with welcoming friendship.

"We're just Justin, Lance and Josh, Mrs. Delaney." Justin smiled, the woman smiling widely.

"And I'm just Mamma Mavis. This is my old ball-and-chain Sean." she smiled, the three men laughing, Henderson smiling at Sean.

"Same old Mavis." he said, Mavis' arm going around him again, smiling at him with tenderness.

"To the couch you go, Henderson. I've got tea waiting." she said, urging the man forward, everyone smiling at her guiding hospitality.

They walked into the house, Finn softly smiling at his three friends, Lucas chuckling behind him.

"I. . .I liked your music, I. . .I wasn't swooning over you."
Lance laughed, his arm going around the man, Finn smiling.

"Damn, and here I thought I had a shot at a sexy Welsh man!"
Everyone laughed, Finn blushing more as Lance smiled, walking with him into the house.


Henderson sighed, resting on the living room couch in the Delaneys' welcoming home.

"You look so much better than we expected, Henderson. Finn said you were badly burned." Sean said, seated in a recliner, puffing on a pipe, staring at his friend.

"I'm healing quickly, Sean. The love surrounding me helps greatly." he said, Sean nodding, the man's eyes going towards Lucas, the young man seated on another couch, Josh and Justin seated on both sides of him.

Mavis, Trish and Skyler were in the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes, lunch now over.

They'd all complimented the woman on her fantastic lunch, Mavis blushing with pride.

Justin and Lance had offered to help clean up, Mavis amicably shooing them out of the kitchen.

"Your son's love was probably the most giving, I'm sure." Sean said, Lucas smiling at Finn's father.

"I give all I can, Papa Sean." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"So we've known since you first met Finn."
Lucas smiled at the man, Sean looking back at Henderson.

"We're sorry to hear about Vivian, Henderson. I'm sure she's okay. We'll find her safe." Sean said, Henderson softly nodding towards him, Lucas' eyes on his father.

"She's safe, Sean. I feel that in my heart." Henderson said, his eyes now going to Lucas.

"I'm hoping she is, Henderson. I've talked to the constabulary and nothing much has come up. She seems to have vanished completely."
Henderson nodded, Lucas looking towards Finn's father.

"Well-planned, and necessary." he softly said, Josh looking at him, their eyes meeting for a moment.

"You mean she disappeared on her own, Luke?" Sean said, his eyes rising, seeing his wife and the two young women walking into the living room.

"Vivian was a capable, shrewd, courageous woman. I'm sure Luke is right. That fire had all the smell of a trap. She was too smart to walk into it. I'm sorry you did, Henderson. I know that was never her intention." Mavis said, Lucas looking at her as the woman sat down, Justin having risen up, offering his seat to her, the older woman thanking him, putting her arm around Lucas.

"You knew it was a trap?" he said, the woman looking at him.

"I didn't know, Lucas. But your mother did. She came over to see me the day before yesterday."
Henderson looked at the woman with surprise, Mavis smiling at him.

"We've been friends for years, Henderson. I always knew she had a mystery surrounding her. I see now it revolves around our giving Luke." she smiled, her eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Finn told me about last night, Luke. About your parents' secret. It doesn't change how any of us feel about you. You'll always be that rambunctious boy we came to love as our own."

Lucas smiled, hugging the smiling woman, Mavis patting his knee.

"Love you back, Mamma Mavis." he said, the woman smiling, looking around the room.

"Vivian told me that something was going to happen. That she felt a foreboding. And with that worry on her mind she asked me to remember something. Something that I was supposed to tell you when the quietness returned."

Lucas looked surprised, Josh watching him.

Mavis smiled at Josh, her eyes looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Your mother would be so happy, Luke. To see the love now in your eyes. He's quite the catch! Handsome and famous!" she said, her eyes meeting Josh's, Josh's eyes widening in surprise.

Mavis laughed, leaning over and kissing Josh's cheek.

"Love glows from you, son. It's only matched by Lucas' own new glow." she laughed, her husband laughing, smiling at both men.

"Mavis has always had a touch of the spell, my boys. She can see love's light, as she's always fond of saying." he laughed, everyone in the room smiling at the woman, Lucas smiling at Josh, his hand going in his.

"We are starting to love each other, Mamma Mavis."
She nodded, smiling at both.

"I'm happy for you both, Luke. The past falls away from the rising beauty of new love. Let your hearts be covered by the shadow of it."

Finn smiled at his mother, Skyler's arm going around him.

"We. . .we shall, Mrs. Delaney." Josh said, Mavis patting his knee.

"It's Mamma Mavis, son. Welcome to our extended family. All of you. You're all welcome, what with you making my boy a star!" she said, Finn smiling at his famous friends.
Josh smiled, Justin and Lance smiling at her, Justin now seated beside Lance, both men seated on chairs.

"What did Mom want you to remember, Mamma Mavis?" Trish said, her eyes focused on her brother.

The woman thought for a moment, her eyes meeting Henderson's, then Lucas'.

"It was kind of confusing, the words making no sense to me, but perhaps there's reasoning behind that. Maybe they're meant more for you than anyone else."
Lucas nodded, remaining quiet, looking at her.

"Let me think. She wanted me to remember every word. I think it's like some kind of nursery rhyme." she said, nodding her head as if she suddenly remembered all of it.

"Yes, that's it! I've got it again. She told me to tell you this, word for word." she said, Lucas staring at her, every set of eyes focused on the two seated beside Josh, the room quiet.


'My son who walks the path of thoughts.

My son of my sister, my son hear their whisper.

Beware the voices for they shall steal.

Be wary of your feelings for they are real.

Let the water fall upon the stones.

I hide in shadows beneath the drones.'


Everyone remained quiet, lost in their thoughts, going over the words in silence.

Lucas stared down at the floor, Josh's eyes on his calm face.

"Beneath the drones? What does all that mean? What's Mom telling me?" he softly said, Josh's hand squeezing his.

"She knew that you'd learn the truth of your identity this week. She called you her son of her sister." Henderson said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"She knew your love for me would make that secret's revelation necessary. And I believe she left me these words so I could find her. You remember the poems at home, Trish?" Lucas said, looking at his sister, Trish nodding.

"Mom's a teacher. She always gave us poems of merriment when we were younger. Little puzzles to capture our imagination. Humorous ways of making life fun for us." she said, everyone smiling at both siblings.

"'Beware the voices, for they shall steal.' She must mean the voice you heard at home, Dad. The voice that almost stole you life." Lucas said, Henderson nodding in surprise.

"She knew a trap lay in wait for perhaps all of us. She knew about the voices." Henderson said, looking at his children.

"And she knows what those voices are, and perhaps the ghosts, too." Lance said, Finn's parents looking at him with confusion.

"Ghosts?" Mavis said, Finn looking at his mother, quietly explaining about the visiting nurse to his parents.

"Land sakes, child! A dead nurse visiting the sick!" she said, crossing her heart with the symbol of faith, her eyes on Lucas.

"It's me."

Everyone's eyes were now on Lucas, the man staring at everyone.

"'My son who walked the path of thoughts.' I walk the path of their thoughts. The path of ghosts. 'Be wary of your feelings for they are real.' My feelings act as a beacon to them. I draw them to me. I drew that ghost to its former path."

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Josh said, his hand still in his.

"I walk a path in my dreams, Josh. A path of mystery, visions and the past. When I'm there I feel fear in my soul. Fear for what it may all mean. And I've felt so much now in this town, feelings I never felt here before. I think its because of this that I wear." Lucas said, his hand going to the stone.

"The stone, Luke? If it scares you take it off." Justin said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"I. . .I don't think I can, Justin. For the man said it's a part of me. I can't lose part of myself."

"That's ridiculous, Luke. Take it off right now. If it's that that's causing these visions, these walking ghosts, remove it." Finn said, looking at his friend with concern.

Lucas saw the fear hidden in Finn's caring eyes, the young man nodding.

"Alright, Finny." he said, his hands going to the rawhide strip that carried the stone, Lucas pulling it over his head, placing the stone on the coffee table in front of him.

All eyes went to the stone, then back to Lucas' violet pools.

"I created a waterfall in my dreams, or he created it. A place among the fear to be at peace. My mother said for me to 'let the water fall upon the stones'. She means that I must calm down, and focus. Only then can I find her."

Everyone nodded, their eyes then widening in shock, Finn pointing at Lucas.

"The. . .the stone! It's around your neck again, Luke!"

Lucas' hand went to his throat, feeling the rawhide cord, and the weight of the stone.

Their eyes went to the coffee table, the stone gone from there.

No one had seen it move and Lucas hadn't moved an inch.

"I told you, it's. . .it's a part of me now." he said softly, the young man standing up.

Everyone stared up at him, Lucas lowering his head.

"A part of the freak. . .the freak that I now am."

He moved, walking quickly out of the living room, everyone hearing the front door close.

Josh rose up, Justin rising as well.

"Stay, Justin. I'm going to see if he's okay." Josh said, Justin nodding.

Josh moved, walking out of the room, everyone looking after him.

Mavis' eyes met Justin's, the woman softly smiling at him.

"Your new friend is as loving as he always was, and as mysterious. Vivian always said he walked with a giving, opening soul. I think that soul is even more mysterious than even she knew. And I think we are going to be totally surprised by what will come from that soul."

Henderson nodded, Trish's arm going around her father.

"He'll be okay, Dad. He loves us, that's unchanged. And I know in my heart he'll find Mom."

Henderson nodded, everyone's eyes looking towards the doorway.

Justin sat back down, his thoughts his own.


Josh walked around the house, following a path through a small gate, the man walking out into the Delaneys' backyard.

He spotted Lucas, the young man seated on a bench in front of a large garden, an old oak tree in its center, a small rock-formed pool at its base, water falling into the pool from a stone angel at its end, the water falling out of the angel's joined hands.

He walked across the yard, sitting down on the bench beside Lucas.

"You have to stop walking away from people, Lucas. We're all here to help, and to love you."
Lucas raised his head, Josh staring into his violet eyes.

"I need to help myself, Josh. I need to find out what's going on in my mind, in my life."

Josh nodded, Lucas leaning against him, Josh's arm going around him.

"Those words are flooding my mind. I just have to reason it all out."
"Can I help?"
Lucas smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"You are helping, Joshua. Your new love surrounds me."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' soft lips.

"Glad to give it, my Lucas."

Lucas smiled, staring at the water-filled pool, watching the water fall out of the angel's hands.

"I helped Mamma Mavis build this fountain, and landscape the yard."
"It looks beautiful, Lucas. Your touch is in all of it, your beauty showing."

Lucas smiled, staring at the falling water.

"Where do I go from here, Josh? Where's my Mom?"

"I don't know, Luke. But I know the answer will come to you. Your mother left you those words, I believe, as a map to her. I truly believe that."

Lucas nodded, staring at the water still.

He felt his mind calm, his vision clear, his soul focus on those words.

"Wetness echoes in all our souls."

Josh looked at Lucas, his eyes moving to his.

"Joshua from my dreams said that. I think I see what he means. I need the water to remain calm. I just need to make the connection. Drones? 'I hide behind the drones'."

"Well drones are bees aren't they, Luke?"

Lucas nodded, his mind on that assumption.

"I know of no honey farms around here. Mom was allergic to bees anyway. She wouldn't go near them."
Josh nodded, hugging Lucas a little more close.

"That makes sense. But I can't honestly think of any other meaning. Other than to drone on means to talk on and on."

Lucas nodded, the young man sighing.

"I feel so alone, Josh. My Mom's gone, and I'm not her son really. I don't have a father or a sister anymore. I have parents that I've never met, who I've never loved. I feel so alone."
Josh pulled Lucas against him, the man's arms wrapping around him.

"You are not alone, Lucas. You still have your mother, father and sister's love. That's real and always was. You have your friends in there who're here for you as well. And you have me."
Lucas' eyes met Josh's, the man softly smiling at him.

"I am starting to love you, Lucas. I'm here in any way you need me. To block the pain, to chase away the doubt. To surround you with love. Let me in, Lucas. Let my love in."
Lucas teared up, Josh leaning in and kissing him lightly, Lucas pulling him against him, the young man intensifying the kiss, Josh lost in the need he felt flowing from the young man.

Both became lost for a few moments, Lucas finally pulling back.

"W. . .wow!" Josh softly said, his eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

He saw a deep calmness there now.

"I do love you, Josh. And I so need your love in my life."
Josh smiled, his fingers brushing against Lucas' cheek.

"I want to be in that life, for it mirrors my own. We do really need each other."
Lucas smiled, relaxing more, Josh sensing he'd calmed him greatly.

"Thanks, my Joshua. I need only your love."
Josh smiled, looking towards the house.

"Let's go back in, Lucas. They're there for you."
Lucas nodded, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"How long can we stay here, Josh? I know you and the guys must have scheduled plans this week coming up. I don't want to interfere with your lives. And I know Justin wants to continue with the album. I feel I'm letting all of you down."

Josh leaned in again, kissing Lucas' lips gently.

"No worries, Luke. I can reschedule things, nothing that important awaits me. I don't have to fly back to Los Angeles till next week. I'll stay with you. Justin and Lance can head back when they need to. Finn said there are planes leaving every day from Cardiff."

Lucas stared at Josh, Josh seeing a stunned look cross his face.

"Are you alright, Lucas?" he said, the young man looking as if he was in a trance.

"'Hidden in shadows beneath the drones'." he softly said, his eyes focusing back again.

"Of course! Why didn't I remember that?" he said, the young man leaping up onto his feet.

Josh stared up at him, Lucas' violet eyes beaming.

"I know where she is, Josh! I know exactly where she is!"

Josh stood up, Lucas taking his hand in his.

"We have to go now!"

Josh nodded, Lucas pulling him towards the house.


Finn stared at Lucas, the young man behind the wheel of the van.

Another car followed them; Trish, Henderson, Sean and Mavis in it, Sean driving.

Lance, Josh, Skyler and Justin were in the back seats of the van, all their eyes on Lucas.

"Okay, Luke. Just where the hell are we going?" Finn said, looking at his friend with concern.

He and everyone else had been surprised when Lucas had rushed into the living room, the young man seemingly very calm and focused.

"I know where she is!" he'd said, all their eyes widening in surprise, Henderson slowly standing up, Trish standing as well, her arm going around her father.

"Then let's get going." he'd said, Trish looking worried.

"No, Dad. You're remaining here. You're still recovering." she'd said, Henderson looking at his child.

"I love you, Trish. And I love my wife. Nothing will stop me from finding her. I believe your brother's found the answer, unquestionably. He has the love to find her."

Lucas had smiled at his father, the man smiling.

Everyone had risen up, Lucas looking at them all.

"Follow me, everyone. We need to go immediately."

Everyone had followed Lucas out of the house, climbing into the van and Sean's car.

Here now they were driving through the outskirts of Pembroke, Lucas heading towards the direction of Cardiff.

"We're going to my Mom's sanctuary, Finny. To a place she loved so much. I'd completely forgotten that!"

"Where's that, Luke?" Josh said, Lucas looking in the rear view mirror, Josh's blue eyes staring back at him.

"It's an abandoned airfield about twenty minutes outside of Pembroke. It was originally an RAF base during the war. My Mom and her college students had restored it as a botanical garden about twelve years ago. You remember the place, Finny. Havisham Gardens?"
Finn's eyes widened in surprise.

"The bunkers!"

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Yes, my friend. The underground bunkers at that old airfield. 'I hide in shadows beneath the drones'. The place was an airfield. Plane engines drone as they fly."
Everyone smiled, surprised by Lucas' astute reasoning.

"Sound reasoning, Luke." Finn said, patting his shoulder, Lucas nodding.

"She was trying to tell me that she's hiding in the airfield underground bunkers. Remember when we played there, Finny?"
Finn smiled, telling everyone of the weekend a few years back that the families had gone there and had fun.

It was now a large botanical garden, the grounds covered in flowery tributes, but still devoted to the lost memories of the planes that still remained there.

Old air force planes once abandoned now took on a flowery beauty, their abandoned shells now filled with flowers.

"It was an imaginative idea, the place now visited by so many. History and beauty intertwined." Skyler smiled, everyone smiling at her words.

"My Mom loved the place, even before its now showing beauty. She always was a history buff." Lucas smiled, Finn patting his shoulder again.

"And her son's pretty smart."
Lucas smiled at Finn, his face showing a greater concern.

"Is it safe there, Lucas?" Finn said, Lucas not looking at him.

Finn looked back at Josh, Josh's hand going to Lucas' shoulder from the seat behind him.

"Shouldn't we have called the police, Lucas? They are still looking for her."

"No time, Josh. I have to get to her immediately."

"Immediately, Luke? Why?" Finn asked, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"Because she's in danger, Finn. I sensed something else back at the house."

"What, Luke?" Josh said, Lucas looking back into his blue eyes.

"I sensed something when it dawned on me where she was. I had a sudden feeling. She may not be alone now."

"Not alone, Luke?" Justin said, seated beside Josh, their eyes meeting.

"Yes, Justin. I think someone else has clued in to where she is. Someone else has headed there."
Everyone looked surprised, Lucas' hand going to the necklace around his throat.

Finn's eyes widened a bit, seeing the stone was softly glowing again.

"I'm coming, Mom. And I'm bringing all of me."
Everyone looked at each other, Lucas' foot pressing on the gas pedal, the vehicle speeding up.

Behind it Sean followed, their car filling with dawning reality as well.


Lucas pulled the van slowly through the airfield gates, a large sign at its right stated the place was closed.

Lucas had climbed out of the van when they'd reached the gates, opening both gates, driving through, the other car following.

"Hasn't opened for the summer season yet." Lucas softly said, everyone looking around as they drove towards the main buildings.

The whole area was covered in budding flowers, the late April sunny sky warming their beds.

They could see large and smaller aircraft on both sides, flowers filling their windows and opened doors.

"It's very beautiful." Lance said, looking out the car's window, Lucas nodding.

"My Mom's college students spend every spring and all summer tending the gardens. It's a horticultural assignment for all of them."
Lucas stopped the van in front of the main building, shutting off the engine.

He climbed out, everyone else climbing out as well, the car behind them emptying.

Henderson stared at his son, Trish showing just as much awing surprise.

"'Beneath the drones', Dad. You know Mom's love for this airfield."
Henderson smiled, nodding.

"You are remarkable, Lucas. None of us clued in to it. And a perfect place to hide, what with the gardens closed this time of year."
Lucas nodded, his eyes scanning around.

He saw another car parked by the last hangar, his eyes staring at it.

"We're not alone, everyone. I suggest you all remain calm. I know where Mom will be." Lucas said, everyone staring at him with concern.

"Who's here, son?" Henderson said, looking around.
"I don't know who he is, but I know he may be dangerous."

Everyone looked at each other, their eyes going to Lucas' calm, determined face.

"Follow me, quietly."

Lucas moved, Josh at his side, everyone following the two men.

No one noticed two people watching them from a window on the second floor of the building right in front of them.

The people moved, quietly descending downwards.


Lucas' eyes adjusted to the dimness of the stairs before him, the young man walking downward into the silence ahead of him.

Everyone followed, Josh right behind Lucas.

The narrowness of the stairwell made single file mandatory.

"Where are we going, Luke?" Josh said in a whisper, Lucas staring ahead.

"This stairwell leads down to the old air force bunker. At the end of it is another stairwell, leading down into a lower chamber, once used as a meeting room. My Mom always loved that room because the walls are etched with writing from all the servicemen, kind of a testament to their being here. I'm positive she's been hiding down there."

Josh nodded, everyone behind them having heard the man's words.

Lucas descended the stairwell, opening the large double doors at its end.

He walked into a rather large room, everyone now standing behind him.

The room was filled with the metal framed cots, long abandoned beds laying in long rows, no mattresses on any of them.

The place had the loneliness of abandonment to it.

Lucas walked forward, a soft dimness to the room, overhead lights softly glowing.

"Someone is here, the lights are only on when someone's here." he said, Josh looking around, the man at Lucas' side again.

Lucas smiled at him, his hand going in his.

Lucas' eyes were looking forward, the man and his friends walking to the room's end, another door showing before them.

Lucas stopped at it, peering quietly through its one small window.

He stared into darkness, his ear going against the door.

"Everyone stay here. I'll check it out."
"You're not going alone, Luke." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, knowing the man would follow.

Lucas nodded, Josh remaining silent as Lucas opened the door.

There was a steel stairwell showing in front of them, the place bathed in darkness.

"I know the way, Josh. Follow me." Lucas said, Josh looking at everyone, the man silently following Lucas down the stairs, the two disappearing into the darkness.

Everyone remained quiet, their eyes scanning the dimly lit bunker surrounding them.


Lucas descended into the darkness, a soft light showing down in the darkness before him.

Lucas focused on it, the young man hearing and feeling Josh's presence behind him.

The two men descended to the bottom of the stairwell, Josh seeing a soft edge of light in front of him, sensing it was the bottom edge of a door, lights on behind it.

Lucas was already walking towards the small light source, Josh following him.

They stopped at a doorway Josh made out in the total darkness, light indeed showing through the door's bottom edge.

Lucas' hand went forward, turning the latch on the steel door, opening it outward, light flooding the hallway.

Their eyes adjusted, looking into a room that was about twelve feet square.

Laying in the center of the room was a sleeping bag, some bags containing food and water, as well as a small stove.

Lucas' eyes scanned the room, finding no one.

He walked into the room, looking around, Josh standing at the door watching him.

"She was here, Luke. She slept in that sleeping bag and ate that food." Josh said, Lucas nodding, his eyes scanning everywhere, his hand going to the stone hanging around his neck.

He closed his eyes, Josh watching him.

Lucas opened his eyes a few moments later, the man moving towards Josh.

"Let's go back upstairs, Josh. They're coming."
Josh looked confused, Lucas walking past him, Josh following him, the two ascending the stairs upwards.

Lucas walked out of the staircase, opening the door into the bunker, the man freezing in his footsteps, Josh running into him as he walked out of the darkness.

"How nice of you two to join us?"

Lucas' eyes were locked on two blue eyes staring at him.

And one dark brown eye staring behind the blue.

Lucas stared at his mother, Vivian Carter standing about twenty feet back of everyone in the center of the bunker, a rather large man behind her, his arm around her throat, a gun in his hand.

The man wore a black eye patch, his one good eye staring at Lucas.

"Looks like everyone's here for the party." the man said, smiling at Lucas.

"What are you doing with my mother? Let her go!" Lucas said, looking around, everyone standing to the right of the doorway where Lucas and Josh had walked out of.

"I'm taking sweet little mommy here with me, boy. So stay where you are, all of you." the large man said, Lucas staring at him quietly.

"Who are you?" he said, the man smiling at him.

"I'm a seeker, boy. I'm seeking her friends who've slipped away from me once already. Right, doll face?" the man said, Lucas' mother staring at Lucas.

"I'm not telling you anything." she said, the man tightening his grip on her throat, Lucas' brow furrowing.

"Let her go, now." he said, everyone seeing the calm determination in Lucas' violet eyes.

"I ain't doing that, boy. She's coming with me."

"Foolish of you to walk in here, you should have slipped away." he said, the man grinning.

"Couldn't get past you bunch of meddlers. I beat you to her, boy. But you didn't give me enough time. I thought once you saw this room empty you'd bugger off. You seem well acquainted with this place, boy." the man said, Henderson staring at Lucas.

"They were in the kitchen area hiding, Lucas. Lance stumbled upon their hiding place." Henderson said, Lance staring towards Lucas.

"Bunch of meddlers. Well, we're leaving. And if you all want to stay healthy you'll remain where you are." the large man said, his eyes scanning everyone, his gun pointed at all of them.

The man began to back up, his eyes on all of them.

"I'm not letting my mother go anywhere with you." Lucas said, the man's face showing a sneer.

"A punk like you won't stop me, boy. So don't ruin your life by being heroic." the man said, sneering again.

"He never said it would be him that stops you."

The man whirled around, everyone staring at the person who'd spoken.

On the other side of the bunker stood two men, one older than the other.

"We meet again, my one-eyed friend. You seem to linger around impending doom." Grayson Wainwright said, Carl Wilson standing beside him.

Everyone stared at the lawyer and his associate, no one having a clue who the men were.

No one except two people who stared at him.

Vivian Carter and her son Lucas.


"You're surrounded, sir. I suggest you let that woman go." Grayson said, his hand coming out of his pocket, a gun showing in its grasp.

The large man's free hand went towards Vivian's head, his gun pointed at her skull.

"I suggest you step away from that entrance and let us leave, you old skunk. I'm only going to say it once." the man said, Grayson staring at him.

"You will not harm anyone. For they are coming."

All eyes turned to Lucas, the young man having spoken.

"Who's coming, boy? What game are you playing? You call the cops? Cells don't work down here, I found that out." the large man said, his eyes scanning the entrance behind Grayson.

"I didn't call anyone. They come on their own mission." Lucas said, his words ended by a sudden sound.

All eyes went in the direction of the sound, all eyes staring towards the stairwell where Lucas and Josh had walked out of.

Josh turned, staring into the darkness.

"Walk to the others, Josh." Lucas said, moving towards his mother, the large man aiming the gun towards him.

"Move another step and I'll kill you. Who's down there?"
Lucas froze, staring into the man's one good eye.

Josh had made it to his friends, standing beside them, all eyes locked on Lucas and the large man, about twenty feet separating them.

"History shades its own truths, Humpty Dumpty." Lucas said, his eyes meeting his mother's.

Vivian stared at her son, an old truth filling her mind.

The silence was broken by a rushing sound coming from the open darkened doorway, a sound of rushing feet on the stairs heard by everyone.

What rushed out of the darkness of that doorway surprised everyone, the large eye-patched man staring in disbelief.

Out of the darkened doorway came three soldiers, all three men attired in the uniform of World War II airmen.

Each man had a rifle in his hand, their uniforms weatherworn, air force eagles showing on their shoulders.

All three men ran across the bunker, heading towards Lucas, the young man focused only on his mother.

"Now, Mom!" he screamed, Vivian Carver diving to the floor, slipping out of the stunned large man's arms.

Lucas was on the move, the large man finally noticing the young man diving towards his mother, Lucas swooping her into his arms.

The large man lowered his gun, trying to aim as three charging men were on him in mere moments, the man flying backwards, the three going with him.

The man's gun went off, the noise in the bunker deafening.

The man struggled, the three soldiers bringing him to the ground.

"Gerry in the bunker, boys! Tackle him!" they said in unison, the large man upended, landing on his back, the three men on top of him.

Everyone stood in silent shock, taking in the scene before them.

The three soldiers were beating the large man, one hitting him in the face with his rifle butt.

Within moments the man was unconscious, laying spread across the bunker's floor.

The three soldiers stood up, looking down at the man, patting each other on the back.

"Stand down, corporals." the older of the three said, the other two men going erect, saluting the man, the man returning the salute.

"Bind the blighter, Jensen." the man said, one of the corporals going to his knees, pulling out a rope from the ammunition bag slung across his waist.

The leader of the three turned, staring around the room, his form going erect, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet, Lucas starting to rise, his mother in his arms, the woman staring at the man.

The man smiled at Lucas, the officer saluting the younger man, his blue eyes staring at the stone hanging around Lucas' neck, the stone's redness softly glowing.

"Paths walked, sir. Our mission over?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

Lucas nodded, the man saluting him again, his eyes going to the other two soldiers, the one on the floor now again on his feet.

The large unconscious man was bound by ropes, his hands and feet tied.

"Good work, Jensen. Formation, gentlemen. You take up the rear, Ferguson."
The other soldier saluted, standing behind Jensen.

The officer smiled at both.

"Meeting o-seven-hundred hours, gentlemen."
Both men saluted, their rifles going to their shoulders, marching towards the door.

The officer watched them disappear into the darkness, his blue eyes turning again towards Lucas and his mother.

"No enemy avoids detection on my watch, sir." he said, Lucas nodding, smiling at him.

"Your watch is over, Lieutenant Meighen. Stand down."
The man nodded, saluting Lucas again, the man walking towards the door, disappearing into the darkness.

Everyone in the room had stood in stunned silence, watching the three men disappear into the darkness.

What was surprising was that no sound came when the three men entered the doorway.

No sound was heard on the steps.

All eyes turned back from the door, taking in a touching scene in the center of the bunker.

Lucas had his mother in his arms, her blue eyes staring into his violet.

"I remembered the drones, Mom. I came for you."
Vivian Carter teared up, her son smiling at her.

"They were. . .you did. . .how?"

"They were on the path of shadows, Mom. I drew them to their last mission." he said, Lucas pulling his mother against him.

Everyone moved for the side of the door, Sean now closing the door to the lower room.

They all walked towards Lucas and his mother, Lucas' eyes meeting his father's and Trish's, both showing smiles of happiness and wonder.

Lucas held his mother as the others surrounded them, Lucas' violet eyes moving to the other side of the room where Grayson and Carl stood, the two men staring at him with silent shock.


Grayson pocketed his gun again, staring at the young man.

"All paths draw to the center, sir. We meet again."
Grayson nodded, Vivian's eyes going between the two men.

"I suggest you go up top sir, and call the police." Lucas said, the lawyer nodding towards Carl, the man heading for the other doorway.

"My associate will call upstairs." Grayson said, walking forward, stopping beside the man laying on the floor bound.

"I've met this man before, young man. In Istanbul. I am certain he had a hand in someone's death there."

Lucas nodded, looking towards the comatose man.

Henderson walked up to Lucas, Vivian smiling at him, the man pulling her into his arms.

"You. . .you're alright, Henderson?" she said, staring at his face and his erect form.

"Yes, my love. Our son's love heals our hearts." he smiled, Trish now in both their arms, Lucas smiling at the three joined of his family.

Grayson's eyes went to Lucas' violet, the man's eyes filled with calm determination, and even calmer love.

Lucas' eyes went to his mother's blue, Vivian arms around her daughter now.

"Are you alright, Mom? He didn't hurt you?"
"No, Lucas. He arrived about half an hour before you all showed.  He didn't have time to do anything. I'm fine." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I remembered the drones, Mom. I followed your heart."
Vivian smiled, her eyes meeting Grayson's blue staring eyes.

"Who were those. . .did we just witness. . .?" he said, Lucas lowering his eyes for a moment, then raising them again, staring at the lawyer.

"I drew them out, sir. Out of necessity. As he told me I would have to."
"As who told you, son?" the man said, Lucas focusing on him again.

"Who are you, sir?" Lucas said, the lawyer's eyes glancing towards Vivian.

"My name is Grayson Wainwright, young man. And who are you?" he said, Vivian looking at her son.

Lucas folded his hands in front of him, his eyes looking around at everyone standing around him, lastly looking into Josh's blue eyes.

Lucas sighed, staring at the lawyer.

"My name--until yesterday--was Lucas Carver. Today, I stand upon the edge of destiny. My name I believe is Lucas Belmont. I am the only son of Tristan Belmont. I believe you've been walking the wrong path, sir."

Grayson's eyes widened in total surprise, Lucas suddenly staggering.

Josh was at his side in a flash, his arms going around the young man, Lucas sagging against his chest.

"I. . .I think I've been shot, Joshua."

Everyone gasped, Justin at Lucas' side as well, the young man collapsing to his knees, Josh guiding him back into his arms, going to the floor with him.

Josh opened Lucas' jacket, seeing a large red stain on the young man's chest.

"Oh God, Luke!" Justin said, the man at his other side.

"I. . .I see lights. . .I see. . ." he said, his violet eyes looking into Justin's blue.

Josh was staring at the young man, his eyes filling with tears.

"I see. . .who are you?"

Lucas collapsed, sinking into Josh's arms, his eyes closing.




End of Chapter 14


And so our heroic Lucas has been shot.

Will he be okay?


His mother is now found, saved from the eye-patched monster stalking Lucas' real father.

Will she be safe now, or are others still out there?

What truths will she reveal if our loving Lucas talks to her again?

Will Lucas learn his father's truths?

Will he find his real mother?


I hoped you liked the drama in the bunker, a step back into history, so to speak.

Complete with airmen of courageous valour.

More ghosts walking to Lucas' aid?


Up next, a calming of the turmoil, a beginning of love's path.

Perhaps that path shall have a few forks in it.

Walk with me to its surprising end.


Hugs, Angel.