Yesterday's End-143


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 143


Lucas smiled, looking around the patio, all the tables filled with smiling faces of family love.

Josh stood at his side, Gideon and Colton standing behind them, the four in front of the open patio doors leading into the house.

Everyone smiled at the four men, Josh leaning down and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Our dinner of Thanksgiving is about to commence, everyone. Lucas and I want to invite you all to partake of the fares of our newest members of our family of love. Gideon and Colton Carlisle." Josh said, Colton and Gideon smiling behind him, everyone clapping at the two men.

"I'll let the boss begin the celebration." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling up at him.

Everyone smiled at him, Lucas smiling back.

"Traditions. All our families have them at these moments of celebratory love. A gathering of family love. Josh and I'd like to start our own tradition today. We'd like to welcome all of you here for every yearly celebration of Thanksgiving. A joining of many families under one roof of love to give thanks. The Chasezs, Belmonts, Carvers, Carlisles, Timberlakes, Templetons, Delaneys and Basses, and all their joining friends. We now consider all of you our family."
Everyone applauded, Josh smiling at everyone as well.

"We'd like the fathers of all those families to step up here with us." Josh smiled, his father smiling, rising from his seat; Randall, Emerson, Jim, Sean and Ian rising and walking up to Lucas and Josh.

"You as well, Dad. And you also Gideon." Lucas said, Tristan smiling at his son, Savannah beaming with pride, Gideon joining Tristan with the other men, he and Lucas exchanging smiles, Colton smiling at Lucas.

"As patriarchs of your loving families, you join us together with your wisdom, love and advice. We all look to all of you for friendship, love and guidance." Lucas smiled, all the men smiling at him.

"Would you eight guide all of your families here each year to Josh's and my opening love?" Lucas said, all eight smiling at him.

"To walk into this house each year will fill all our hearts with happiness, Lucas.  We honour your and Josh's love by saying a heartfelt yes." Randall said, the other seven nodding their heads in agreement, everyone clapping again.

Lucas and Josh smiled, Justin and Lance smiling at them.

"Would you honour us now with the saying of grace, Randall? The Lord shines upon all of our thankful hearts." Lucas said, Randall smiling at him.

"I would be honoured, Luke."
Randall smiled, turning and looking out at everyone.

Everyone smiled, bowing their heads, the patio bathed in silence.

"It is us, dear Lord. Children of your flock joined together in thankfulness. We join together today surrounded by love, friendship and happiness. Two young men have provided us with a meal of upcoming deliciousness, the bounty lovingly prepared by both. And two others have joined us here today as one family. A family joined in their love, our love and your love, dear Lord. Let all of us feast on the happiness of life. Good food, good company and a bounty of continuous love. Bless all of us for all we're thankful for today. Let us all walk forward on many paths of love. Amen."

"Amen!" everyone said, Lucas smiling up at Randall.

"Well said, Randall." Lucas said, Colton smiling, the young man walking over to a small table by the door, picking up a silver platter with a black cloth over it, smiling at Lucas and walking up to him, handing him the platter.

"Four birds of large succulence lay within, fathers of family love. We'll all be honoured if all eight of you would take turns carving out the bounty for our families." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling and pulling off the black cloth, eight carving knives laying on the platter.

The eight men smiled, Tristan leaning forward and picking up the first knife, the others following.

"Lead on to the turkeys, boys!" Tristan grinned, Lucas smiling.

"Finn and Alain are in the corner, Dad." he smiled, everyone laughing, Finn and Alain blushing.

"Dibs on a breast!" Finn smiled, Alain laughing.

"I'm more of a butt man myself." Lucas grinned, winking at Finn.
The Welshman laughed, everyone rising from the tables.


Lucas smiled, laying on a lounge chair, Josh patting his stomach.

"Three plates, my love?" he smiled, Lucas smiling up at him, his man seated beside him in a wicker chair.

"Sorry I couldn't reach your and Justin's pinnacle of four plates, babe." he smiled, Josh blushing.

"It was so delicious, Lucky. I love turkey." he smiled.

"Gobble, gobble." Lucas said, Josh laughing, leaning down and kissing his man's upturned lips.

The two men broke their kiss, looking at everyone surrounding them, everyone relaxing around the pool, dinner over with.

"Those four birds didn't stand a chance." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Dinner was heaven, boys." Francesca said, she and Emerson seated with Lucas' four parents at a table.

Gideon and Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at the younger man, his eyes looking towards the pool.

"Thank you, Francesca. Mom's secret baste and stuffing." Gideon said, Francesca smiling at him.

The dinner had been succulent, everyone refilling their plates from an enormous feast.

"Worthy of any restaurant in New York." Emerson smiled, Francesca smiling at her man.

"It was indeed heaven, Gideon." Savannah said, the young lawyer smiling at her, Nick's arms around him, the two laying on another lounge chair beside Lucas' chair.

Gio sat close beside them, the three smiling at each other.

"Come on in, Colt." Jonathan yelled from the pool, he swimming in the deep end with Stevie, Justin and Lance, Finn, Alain and Harry.

He and Gideon, along with Nick and Gio had filled the dishwasher, the meal over.

"In a moment, Jonah." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love calls you, Colt." he smiled, Colton smiled at his friend, rising from his seat on the end of Gideon's lounge chair, the young man tickling Nick's bare toes as he rose, the man laughing.

"Get in before I have Gio toss you in, squirt." Nick smiled, Colton laughing, pulling off his polo shirt, Nick smiling at the young man's toned, smooth, tanned physique, his long blond hair hanging over his shoulders.

"Getting buffed, Colt." Gio smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"Thanks, Uncle Gio." he smiled, the young man running to the pool's edge, diving in, disappearing in a flash, coming up beside his soulmate, Jonathan's wet arms wrapping around him, the two lightly kissing.

Everyone had changed into pool attire, the evening given over to a relaxing pool party.

"Uncle Gio?" Josh smiled, the young reporter smiling back.

"He feels our joined love. We're all now his uncles." Nick smiled, Gideon smiling at his man, Nick's head against his chest, Gio smiling at both men.

Lucas smiled, watching Francesca watching Gideon.

"So who's up for dessert?" Gideon smiled, Nick moaning softly.

"Not yet, babe. I can hardly move." Nick said, Gideon smiling at Josh's parents.

"We all have our culinary ways, Karen." he smiled, Josh's mother laughing, she seated with Roy and Justin's parents.

"Let's relax for a bit before you assault us with Colton's pumpkin and apple pies." Lucas smiled, Gideon nodding his head.

"I can go for that. I'm happy right where I am." Gideon smiled, Gio smiling at him.

"We need to get wider lounge chairs babe. Three seaters." Josh smiled, Gio smiling at him.

Lucas laughed, nodding his head, Josh moving into Lucas' chair, snuggling against him.

"A wonderful day, Lucas." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Indeed, Grandfather. A day of surprises, hidden and shown." he smiled, Josh kissing his cheek.

"Something tells me it's not over." he smiled, Lucas smiling into his blue pools.

"Have you ever known my love to not keep giving?"
Josh smiled, looking around at everyone sitting around the pool or in it.

"No, babe. It's unending."
Lucas smiled, looking towards his grandparents and parents.

"Love comes in many forms. And one's late." he smiled, everyone staring at him.

The phone on the table rang, Tristan answering it, looking at Lucas.

"It's Clive, Lucas. Someone's at the front gate." he smiled, Lucas nodding.

"Tell him to let them in." he said, smiling at Josh.

"Who's that, babe? All our family is here." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, patting his man's back, asking him to get up.

Josh nodded, sighing, releasing his hold on his man, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him.

"Later, my love. Love before lovin'."
Josh smiled, Lucas moving off the lounge chair and climbing into his wheelchair.

"Back with a surprise." he smiled, wheeling towards the patio, gliding up the ramp.

Everyone looked at Josh.

"Don't look at me, I have no idea what's going on." he said, looking towards the patio doors.

"The boy's a wonder, Josh." Mavis said, Sean kissing his wife's cheek.

"We've known that since he was twelve." he said, Mavis nodding with a smile, Skyler smiling at Finn's parents, she seated beside them.

"What's he got planned now?" Vivian said, Josh smiling at her.

"A reunion of love, Mom. With a greater surprise."

Everyone turned in their seats, looking towards the patio, seeing two men standing on each side of Lucas' wheelchair.

Tristan and Savannah's eyes widened with surprise, Vivian's the largest of the three.

"Jacques! Lewis!" she yelled, everyone smiling, rising from their seats, Josh looking surprised as well, rising to his feet.

Everyone in the pool waved, everyone else smiling as the two men followed Lucas down the patio steps and ramp.


Vivian's arms were wrapped around Lewis' neck, the minister smiling, and his arms around his old friend.

Jacques was embraced by Tristan, Savannah smiling at both their old friends, Jacques hugging her after Tristan.

Lucas smiled, watching the five old friends embrace each other, tears flowing from all their glistening eyes.

"Welcome back to your friendships, Pompous Darlings." Lucas smiled, his two mothers smiling at him.

Jacques smiled at the young man, his eyes meeting Tristan's parents.

"Mon amis. I walked through a smorgasbord in the kitchen to see an even greater feast in all your loving eyes. Your unending love." Jacques smiled, kissing Francesca's hand, Emerson laughing.

"Still the old charmer, Jacques." he smiled, Jacques' smile wide and giving.

"We're sorry we're late. Our plane was delayed in London." Lewis smiled, everyone around them greeting the two men.

"It's been months, Lewis! Where have you two been?" Vivian said, her old friend's arms around her again.

"On God's path, dear Vivacious. On the path of love." he smiled, Jacques smiling at her as well, their eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"All paths lead to love. God's and our own." Lucas smiled, the two men smiling at him.

Everyone was now out of the pool, drying themselves off, the two men smiling as everyone around them welcomed them with handshakes and hugs.

Josh smiled at his man, kissing his cheek.

"You invited them, Lucky? How did you know where to find them?"

"Yes, my love. They're part of the family as well. Lewis called me a few weeks ago from Egypt. I invited them for their needed friendship. And for their own happiness." Lucas said, Lewis smiling at him.

"How I've missed your amazing smile and those intense violet eyes, Lucas. I feel God's love around me again." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Welcome back to my friendship, Lewis. You as well, Jacques." he smiled, the two men smiling at him.

"Have you eaten? There's plenty of food." Gideon smiled, the two men smiling at him.

"As we saw and smelled in the kitchen on our way out. We ate on the plane this morning. The rubber was chewy." Lewis said, Gideon laughing.

"My turkey will melt in your mouth, Lewis. Come, let's get you fed." Gideon smiled, Colton smiling at his uncle.

"And I'll get dessert ready for all of us." he said, Jonathan smiling at him, their hands together, Lewis taking in the exchange, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"My love guides all, good Reverend." he smiled, Lewis grinning, lightly laughing, Vivian smiling at her friend's jovial smile.

"Yes it does, Lucas. Yes it does." he smiled, he and the Frenchman following Gideon and Colton into the house.

Vivian looked at her nephew, Lucas smiling at her.

"You guide all to your warm heart, Lucas. Your love can find anyone." she said, Savannah smiling at her sister.

"That I do, Mom." he smiled, Colton walking out of the house.

"Desserts are ready, everyone." he smiled, everyone walking towards the house.


Lucas smiled, watching his man finish his piece of pumpkin pie.

"How did you manage to wedge two pieces in there, babe?" he smiled, Josh smiling at him as his man rubbed his stomach.

"By their deliciousness, babe. And I can pound it in." he smiled, Finn laughing at the next table.

"Too much info, piggy!" he laughed, Josh blushing, Lucas kissing his cheek, smiling at his old friend.

"Don't call the kettle black, Finny. I saw you sneak that third piece. It'll soon be bursting out the other end." Lucas smiled, Finn relaxing back in his chair, Skyler rubbing his stomach.

Everyone laughed, Mavis patting her son's back, seated on his other side.

The Welshman suddenly burped, Lucas laughing.

"Your boy's fed and burped, Momma Mavis. Change his diaper, give him his pacifier, and put him to bed."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing more, looking towards Colton.

"I'll second Josh's comment. Beyond delicious, Colt." he smiled, the young man smiling.

"All homemade, Finny. Crust and fillings. Gramma's recipes." he smiled, Gideon smiling at his nephew.

"Mom's recipes live on." he said, Nick rubbing his shoulder, Gideon's hand in Gio's, the three seated together with Colton, Jonathan and Justin and Lance.

Lewis and Jacques had taken in all the revealed love now surrounding them, both men looking at Lucas often.

The two men had been brought up to speed on everyone's lives, Lucas quietly smiling at them.

"She always loved Thanksgiving. She loved to cook for all of us." Colton said, Jonathan smiling with compassionate love at his boyfriend.

"Her love lives on in her children." Lucas said, the two men smiling at him.

"That it does, Lucas." Gideon smiled, Colton nodding his head.

Lewis smiled with compassion at the two young men, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I'm sure she's cooking for God's kitchen with the same love." he said, Gideon smiling at the minister.

"Rosa Sharon loved her cinnamon rolls.  Gramma always made them for us Sunday mornings." Colton said, Jonathan smiling at his man.

Colton's eyes went to the table, a large half-filled platter of cinnamon rolls sitting in the middle, everyone having sampled them.

Lucas smiled at the young man, Justin looking at him as well.

"Have you seen her lately, Colt? Rosa Sharon, I mean." he said, Colton smiling at him.

"Not since we left back home, Justin." he said, Gideon smiling at him.

"She's in your heart, Colt." Gideon said, Lucas quietly looking at both men.

"She's here as well, my friends."

Everyone looked at the young man, Lucas' violet pools looking around with calmness.

"You mean she's in Colton's heart, always there to guide him." Francesca said, Lucas looking at his grandmother.

"No, Grandmother. I mean she's here. I saw her not twenty minutes ago. Her shadowy image faded around the corner of the house. She'd been watching the football game."

Everyone looked surprised, all their eyes looking out into the large backyard, seeing nothing.

Lucas' violet pools were on Francesca.

"But I'm sure you sensed her, Grandmother. Shades do feel each other."

The woman looked at Lucas, seeing the love shining in his violet pools.

"Yes, Lucas. I sensed a presence. A soft echo of her closeness. I just wasn't sure who it was. And I don't sense her now." she said, Emerson looking at his wife.

"You sense others from that world, my love?"
Her blue pools met Emerson's green.

"Yes, my love. Just their shadowy presence." she said, looking at Lucas again.

"Your magic is strong, Lucas. For you to sense them now." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"She has the essence of magic still, Grandmother. It was her magic I sensed." he said, Colton looking at him.

"I sensed her too, Lucas. I thought it was in my heart." he said, Lucas nodding.

"It is on the fringe of your magic, Colton. Your magic is a living, breathing thing. It sensed those of magic around it. As you sensed me that first night in Westonshire. You were drawn to my magic. You sensed it with your own."
The young man nodded, looking around the backyard.

"She always loved games. Our happiness must have drawn her." he softly said, Jonathan rubbing his shoulders.

"Your love drew her, my love." he said, Colton smiling at him, his head going against his chest, the two snuggled together.

Lucas smiled at him, his violet pools meeting his blue.

"No, Colton. She was drawn to me. She felt the simmering truth." he said, Josh looking at him.

"The simmering truth, my love?"

"Little Rosa Sharon is a part of all of this, my love. Of my path and the histories of my families. She's an exceptional little angel. And she's where she is for a distinct purpose." Lucas said, Colton looking at him.

"Really, Luke? She had to die to be important in all this? She was always important to me!" Colton said, Lucas looking at the young man with love.

"We know, Colton. Her love was and still is there for you. I'm sorry that she was caught up in all this.  I don't believe anyone wanted that. But I believe greater forces are at work here. Even those on the path have no clue of the greater message buried in all this." Lucas said, Lewis looking at him, he and Jacques seated with Lucas and Josh and all Lucas' parents.

"The message of love, Lucas." Lewis said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, good Reverend. A message of love." he said, Lewis smiling at him.

"God's love?" he asked, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love ascends from God's giving life, my friend. Love shows itself in loving hearts."

The minister smiled, nodding his head.

"God gives us life, we give each other love." the minister said, Lucas nodding, everyone taking in his profound words.

"Your heart is filled with faith, my mothers' friend. I sense it's filled with a greater treasure now. A lost treasure. My plan worked." Lucas said, Vivian and Savannah looking at the young man, then at Lewis.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Vivian said, looking at her old friend.

"He means that his own love's being devious again."
All eyes looked at Jacques who'd spoken, the Frenchman staring at Lucas.

"I sensed your true heart in our discussion at Kurucu's Haven, Jacques." he said, the man staring at Lucas.

"You knew where my heart lay, Mon Ami?"

"I knew who owned it, yes. They'd always had an ownership to it."

Jacques eyes moved, meeting Tristan's green.

They then moved again, staring at Reverend Saunders.

"Lucas guided me to tell you, Lewis. His devious love guided us together." he said, everyone looking surprised, Tristan staring at his old friends.

"You. . .you both. . .you're in love?" he softly said, Savannah and Vivian staring at both men as well with surprise.

Lewis' eyes met Jacques' brown pools, the Frenchman staring at him with love.

"I opened my heart to my friend on our journey together. I had always loved him. It began with your love, Tristan. In you I once sought that deeper love. But I saw easily that your total love was for our Savannah. My heart was at first hurt by that, by something you never knew existed. My love for you. But our dear friend here, Lewis, sensed something was bothering me at that time so long ago. His friendship increased for me, his giving friendship healing my heart. For my heart began to fill with his love. With a love he also never knew existed. I had carried that love for years, as well as a copy of that picture of all of us in your father's study so long ago. I was always drawn to Lewis' strong loving face in it. I sensed that his love was what I missed most. For it was even greater than the imagined love I had for you."

"Why didn't you seek him out, Jacques? We all knew where Lewis was all those years. He never hid from the past." Tristan said, the Frenchman staring at his old friend, seeing his shining love and friendship.

Lewis' eyes met Jacques', the Frenchman softly smiling at him.

"We all walked our paths of destined reality, Trist." he said, Lucas quietly looking at him.

"You gave your life's happiness over for Tristan and myself, Frenchie. You and Lewis could have had so many years together." Savannah said, the Frenchman smiling at her.

"I swore an oath to keep you safe, my friends. As we all did for each other." he said, his four friends staring at each other with love.

"Our love we shared across the distances, Beauty. I always loved Jacques as well." Lewis said, everyone staring at the minister.

The two men moved closer to each other, their lips tenderly meeting, everyone taking in their showing love.

They broke the kiss, Lewis' blue pools staring at Lucas.

"You offered us our future, Lucas. It was your idea that Jacques and myself go back to England together. You sent us on a mission of the past's histories as you asked of us. You also sent us on a path to our joining love. You gave Jacques the courage to speak from his heart. A heart that was identical to mine." the minister said, Jacques' hand now in his.

"I felt your identical love for each other. Years cannot hide a heart's need. It only makes the reunion of that love more revealing. I took it upon myself to start the hearts again."

The two men smiled, Lewis shaking his head.

"You are God's love, Lucas. Your love is ever-giving." he said, Lucas smiling, looking at Jacques.

"Your conversation with me at Kurucu's Haven under the night's statues showed your heart, my father's friend of courage. I reasoned out the greater truth after."

Josh's hand went in Lucas'.

"The greater truth, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling, his violet pools now looking at someone else.

"Kurucu's Haven's halls are shadowy at night. One can get lost in them. And one can see and hear all nightly discussions." he said, Emerson looking at his grandson.

"Discussions, Lucas?" he said, Lucas nodding.

"I am not an eavesdropper by nature, my dreams just sometimes are troublesome. I walk alone at night when I need to calm myself. When I need to calm the brewing magic."
His eyes moved, looking down at his legs.

"Even that's now been taken from me. But paths show themselves as they must." he said, Josh squeezing his hand.

"Meaning what, my love?"

"Meaning you heard our conversation, that last night at your grandfather's home."

All eyes turned, everyone staring at Harry who'd spoken.

"Yes, Harold. I heard you talking to your predecessor."

Everyone looked confused, staring at Lucas.

The young man smiled, staring at Jacques.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet the forty-ninth leader of the Seguaci Dellunico. Jacques Carlisle-Chambron."


Vivian, Savannah and Tristan looked shocked, Emerson and Francesca both looking surprised.

"You are a man of great intellect, Monsieur. I have underestimated your greatness. You are even more intelligent than your father." he said, Tristan staring at his old friend.

"You. . .you are a Carlisle? A relation of my Savannah's?" he said, Savannah staring at her old friend.

"In our ancestral paths, yes, my friends. My mother was a Carlisle, my family deep within the histories of that great clan." the Frenchman said, Savannah and Francesca staring at him.

"How. . .how can this be? Why didn't you say anything?" Savannah said, staring at her old friend.

"You know the sanctity of the Brotherhood, my dear friend. Our paths are secretive." Jacques said, Lucas staring at him.

"And you follow the prophecy to the word." he said, Jacques looking at him.

"Our Brotherhood has long followed the teachings of our forefathers. And foremothers." he said, everyone looking at him, Francesca staring at the man with guarded confusion.

"Savannah is correct. Neither of us knew of this, sir. You are not known in any of our family connections." she said, Jacques staring at her.

"Neither were Gideon and Colton, Grandmother. Destiny keeps its secrets safe." Lucas said, Jacques' eyes meeting his.

"But some souls seem to easily unearth the truth." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Some of us are guided to the light on the path, friend of my father." he said, Tristan staring at his old friend.

"You. . .you knew Savannah was related to you?" he said, Jacques' eyes lowering for a moment, meeting Tristan's green pools again.

"I met you at school, Tristan. Our paths were destined to meet. And from that I was guided to Savannah, and I understood why. For she was the one I needed to protect, more so than you. For she was the key to a future reality. She was the path to the One. To this young man of unbelievable importance. And amazing magic." the Frenchman said, staring at Lucas.

"You were guided onto the path to the One, Jacques. As was your present leader, my own cousin Harry. The Brotherhood's path was and is correct. It just has to be reasoned out what the One is."
Josh's hand went into Lucas'.

"Are you that One, my love?" he said, Jacques and Harry staring at him, everyone else as well, Francesca's blue eyes locked on his violet.

"That will be answered by destiny's path, my love." he said, Jacques looking at Harry.

"You have to be the One, Lucas. We all see the greatness of your magic. And we all feel your guiding love. Look where you guided Lewd and myself, La Merveille." Jacques said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am not that Great One your language speaks of, my friend. I am only myself. My magic is a part of all of this, as is all your guiding, connecting paths." Lucas said, the Frenchman shaking his head in amazement.

Tristan stared at Jacques, the man rising to his feet, Jacques rising as well.

"Was our friendship ever real, Jacques? Or was I only a path you were guided on?" he said, Lucas looking up at his father, seeing the emotion in his green pools, Emerson staring at his son.

"You are my friend, Tristan. Your friendship is a part of me. I once loved you with all my being. I still love you in my heart as the greater friend you became. I would give my life for you. It already almost came to that."

Tristan teared up, the Frenchman walking around the table, the two staring at each other.

"In you and Savannah--and our other two friends here--I found my life, Trist. I was and will always be your friend." Jacques said, his eyes filled with tears.

Lewis stood up, walking up to the two men.

"Jacques' heart holds my love now, Tristan. And we both love you. As our dearest friend." the minister said, his eyes meeting Tristan's green.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry. I. . .I love you both." he said, Jacques pulling his old friend against him, Lewis smiling as the two men embraced.

"Out of destiny's path a greater gift came. Friendship and love."

The two men broke their embrace, staring down at Lucas, the young man staring up at both men, having spoken, Lewis smiling at him.

"Life brings love, life brings us all to our hearts' needs." the minister said, Lucas smiling at him, looking at his father.

"Exactly, good Reverend. We walk the paths we walk. On them we find life's greater happiness."
Tristan smiled, looking at his two friends.

"I am happy for both of you, and I am happy for myself. For I have you both in my life." he smiled, looking at his son.

"And I have a son of unending love."

Lucas smiled, the young man sighing, looking around at everyone, his eyes meeting two pools of blue.

"Sit down again, everyone. Another light needs illuminating." he said, the three men exchanging looks, walking back to their seats.

Lucas moved, his wheelchair silent as it rolled to the ramp of the patio, his violet pools looking out into the darkening evening's shadows.

"Games can be played or watched by many." he said, looking back at everyone, the patio silent.

His violet pools looking at his grandmother, Francesca staring at him.

"How long have you known, Lucas?"

He smiled a soft smile of love at her, she feeling that glowing love.

"We all feel each other's love and presence, Grandmother of my heart. Even the journal doesn't shed light on all of the truth." he said, his eyes looking back out into the semidarkness.

"You can join our love again, Grandfather. I will always feel its hidden beauty."

Everyone stared out into the darkness, a shadow walking out from the yard's deep shadows.

"I cannot hide from your eyes, my grandson."

Everyone stared with surprise, Joshua Belmont walking out of the darkness.


Lucas smiled, watching the man walk across the backyard, walking up the ramp to the patio.

He wore his usual uniform, his appearance cleaner and well groomed.

Emerson stood up, staring at his father.

"Father! To see you again fills my heart with love!" he said, emotion showing on his face, Tristan now standing at his father's side, his green eyes filled with emotion at his grandfather's return.

"Hello, my children. My heart is always filled with your love." he said, his green pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"I only wanted to watch, Lucas. You guide me to your love." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'll guide you always to that, my ancestor of love." he said, Joshua's eyes lowering, looking around the patio.

A lot of faces showed shock, their presence unknown to him.

"Your circle of love increases, Lucas. It widens in life." the man said, Gio and Nick staring at the man with shock.

"That. . .that's. . .is that a ghost?" Gio said, pointing at the man, Colton's hand gently pushing his arm down.

"It is an apparition of Lucas' past, Gio. And his love." Colton said, Lucas smiling at him.

Everyone who'd never seen the man stared at him in amazement, their eyes going to Lucas as well, the young man seated in front of the apparition.

"I am sorry for your pain, Lucas. To lose one's legs is to lose one's independence."  Joshua said, staring down at the young man with love.

"We all depend on something, Grandfather Joshua. I need love. That will be my independence." Lucas said, the soldier staring at him.

"You should guide yourself to your pool, Lucas. Perhaps its magic can heal you."
The young man smiled, staring at his ancestor.

"I do not need to be healed, Joshua. Nothing can stop my magic or love from continuing. Life will right itself on its own accord. I have full faith in that."

Joshua nodded, staring at the young man with awed surprise.

"Why am I here, Lucas?"

"Why are any of us here, Grandfather? Life is a path of need. A need to know truths. To find out the mysteries of life. Even those who've transcended this life unto the next plane still search for answers. Shades of life will always seek out their hearts' needs."

Josh stared at his man, Justin and Lance both watching him as well.

"I have not gone on to the next plane of existence, Lucas. That is the truth that I need to reason out. And I am not a Shade." Joshua said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I believe that's the reason I am here, Grandfather. To help all of you find that truth." Lucas said, Joshua staring at him, his form going erect, everyone staring at the soldier.

"I have walked my path, Lucas. I have walked the Trinity. I await the final path. I just don't understand why it hasn't happened yet."
Emerson stared at his father, his eyes filled with tears.

Lucas looked at his father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

"It has happened, Joshua. You are at the end of the Trinity. You stand where your father, grandfather and the other five of our ancestral past stood."

Joshua stared at him with confusion.

"I do not understand, Lucas." he said, looking at his son and grandson, seeing their emotion.

"The Trinity is a bond of magic. A path of magical existence. The end of it all our ancestors knew not of. What that final path was. I've reasoned out what it is."

Everyone looked at Lucas, Lewis staring at him.

"Is it the path to God's heavenly ascension, Lucas?" the minister asked, Lucas staring into his faithful eyes.

"We all walk that path at the end of our lives, Reverend. Some of us just take a different path before that eventuality. That is where you now stand, Grandfather. As all of our ancestors stood."

"My. . .my father. . .my father walked in this limbo?" Joshua said, staring at Lucas.

Lucas sighed, his eyes meeting two blue pools.

"Many walked that path, Grandfather. As you well know."

Joshua's eyes moved, meeting the same two blue pools.

"I am not a Shade of my former self, Lucas. I am myself." Joshua said, staring at Francesca.

Lucas' eyes met his grandmother's, everyone staring at her.

She stood up, staring at Lucas.

"I do not sense the magic of Shades in him, Lucas. I did not sense his presence at all."

"No, Grandmother. You would not. For his being is hidden from all, as it was always destined to be, as all of them were." Lucas said, his violet pools looking out into the deeper darkness now.

"I am lost, Lucas. I am not on the path of life's final journey. For some reason I have been denied that."
"Yes, you have, Grandfather Joshua. You are on a path of discovery. The meaning of your life holds you here with us."
Joshua stared at Lucas.

"My life had meaning, Lucas. I lived it with courage, love and goodness."
"I know, Grandfather. As did your father, your grandfather and all of the Belmont clan." he said, Joshua staring at him.

"The time of your lost life is coming to an end, Grandfather. I am the one charged with righting the path. With freeing all of you."

"All of us?" Joshua said, Lucas nodding.

His violet pools looked out into the backyard, seeing something that no one else could see.

"My heart is crowded with their love, Grandfather. I need to free them all."
Joshua's hand went to Lucas' shoulder, the young man's eyes looking up at him.

"You are a soul of complete magic, Lucas. I have watched you all your life, I have watched all." he said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Grandfather."

Joshua looked confused, Lucas' violet pools looking out into the deeper darkness again.

"As I know what I've done."
Josh looked at his man, Lucas looking out into the darkness.

"Rosa Sharon, little angel. It's time."

Colton's blue pools widened, the young man standing up, Jonathan rising beside him, everyone seeing a small shadow walk out of the dark backyard, a little girl smiling at all of them.

Colton's face changed into a wide smile, the young girl suddenly laughing, running across the yard.

Colton moved, Jonathan staring with shock as the young man moved off the patio, running down the ramp, a small missile of love flying into his arms.

Lucas smiled, everyone staring at two siblings hugging each other.

Two small blue pools were staring at Lucas, everyone taking in Rosa Sharon Carlisle's loving smile.


Colton broke his hold on his sister, staring into her blue pools.

"I love you, Rosy. Welcome back to my love." he said, the little girl smiling.

"I've always had your love, Colt." she smiled, Gideon staring at the little girl, he now at Lucas' side, looking out at the patio-lantern-lit backyard's edge.

Colton was on his knees, beside her, the young man's face covered in a wide smile.

"It is an apparition of God's love." Lewis said, everyone staring with wonder at the little girl.

"It is the Thanksgiving gift for Colton's heart." Lucas said, the young man's blue pools meeting his, Colton rising to his feet, his hand going in the little girl's hand.

"What. . .what do. . .what do you mean, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

The little girl smiled, walking towards the patio, walking up the ramp, her hand still clasped with Colton's, the young man following her.

"Hello, Lucas!" she smiled, everyone staring at her cherub face, her youthful smile shining.

Her blond hair hung to her shoulders, pink ribbons tied in it.

They matched the pink dress she wore, the little girl looking around nine years old.

"Hello, little cherub. Welcome back to the love." Lucas smiled, the little girl moving, Colton releasing her hand.

She moved, climbing into Lucas' chair, sitting in his lap, the young man holding her close as she kissed his lips.

"I feel your love now, Lucas." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Life is real, Rosa Sharon. And I'm just Luke."
Her smile widened, her eyes moving, staring up at Colton.

"He's nice, Colt. I knew he'd be nice. And I'm just Rosy, Luke." she smiled, everyone staring at the young girl.

"What. . .what's the meaning of this, Lucas?" Joshua said, the little girl looking at the soldier.

"Hello, Joshua. Still wandering? You should find the door." she said, Joshua staring at her.

Lucas smiled, the young girl looking around at everyone.

"It's a big family, Luke. Your love spreads so far." she said, smiling at him.

"Yes it does, Rosa Sharon." he smiled, Joshua staring at the girl.

"The door? The door to what?" he said, the girl smiling.

"To life's mysteries, to life's end." she smiled, Lewis walking forward, the young girl smiling at him.

"You. . .you are an angel, little one. You have walked God's path?" he said, his face showing awed faith.

"Not yet, sir. But I've seen the beauty ahead. Gramma's there now. I led her to the door." she smiled, Colton smiling, Gideon staring at the little girl.

"Rosa. . .Rosa Sharon. . .are you real?" he softly said, the little girl climbing out of Lucas' lap, looking up at the young lawyer, her smile filled with love.

"Yep, Uncle Gideon. I'm here again to love you." she said, Gideon looking shocked, the young man going to his knees, staring at her.

"You. . .you're back?" he said, the girl smiling, running into his opening arms, the man surprised when he felt the realness of her warmth in his arms.

"You are real! This can't be!" he said, everyone looking shocked, staring at the girl.

"His love is real! So why can't I be?" she smiled, looking at her brother.

Colton's smile was wide, staring at her.

"She's real. I felt her warmth and love even before she walked out of the darkness." Colton said, his blue pools now looking at Lucas, his violet pools filled with love.

"It was you, wasn't it, Luke?"

Everyone looked at the young man, Lucas' eyes lowering for a moment, then raising again, soft tears showing in their violet centers.

"Sometimes one's dreams come with sacrifices. My greatest dreams are filled with all your giving love. Your smiles are worth anything."

Josh moved, seeing the emotion in his man's eyes, the man walking up to him, kneeling beside him, his hand going in his, Lucas feeling his love.

"What have you done, my love?" he said, the little girl climbing out of her uncle's arms, walking up to the two men.

Her blue pools met Lucas' violet.

"Why, Lucas? Why do I feel your love so much? Why can't I feel his anymore?"

Lucas smiled at her, wiping his eyes.

"His is hidden again, Rosy. Mine was always here." he said, the little girl smiling, looking up at her brother.

"He's so giving, Colt. His love is so amazing. Thank you, Lucas. I need Colt's love again. Mommy said it was always mine."
Colton teared up, the young man kneeling beside her.

"How can you be here, Rosy? How can you walk back into my life? Alive and loving?" he said, Rosa Sharon smiling.

"With his love, Colt. With his giving love." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"It was my choice, Rosy." Lucas said, the little girl staring at him.

"To take pain for another is to give life's greatest gift." she said, everyone hearing the maturity in the young girl's voice.

"To take pain? What's she talking about, my love?" Josh said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"The choice was mine, my love. For her life, I would give my own." he said, everyone staring at him with confusion.

"What do you mean, Luke?" Justin said, his and Lance's eyes filled with worried love.

Lucas sighed, looking at them, then at Josh.

"My magic is great, everyone. But with greatness comes sacrifice. Life's paths can be changed, but it comes with a cost. You see before you the cost." Lucas said, everyone looking confused.

"I changed the path for Rosa Sharon's sake, and for Colton's." he said, looking at the two Carlisle siblings.

"What path, Lucas?" Randall said, staring at the young man.

His violet pools met Lewis', the minister staring at his with wonder.

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I could not turn the other cheek. I gave a life for a life."

Everyone looked confused and shocked, Josh staring at his man.

"What. . .what do you mean, Lucas?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"I was supposed to die in that courtroom, my love. I walked into that room that day to die. I offered my life for Rosa Sharon's."


Everyone looked shocked, staring at the young man.

"She. . .she's alive, Lucas?" Savannah said, looking at the little girl with wonder.

"Yes, Mom. So it seems." Lucas said, staring at her as well, the little girl staring at him with love.

"You're not making sense, my love. Why would you do that, sacrifice your life for hers? She. . .she was already dead." Josh said, Lucas' hand going into his.

His violet pools looked at Colton, the young man staring at him with awed emotion.

"For those I love I would do anything, my love. I felt your soul all through our friendship, Colton. From the moment I first held you in my arms I felt your soul. The magic of it, and the loss. I felt your deep love for your sister, for this little angel of love. I love you, my young friend. I will always risk everything to make you happy."
Colton moved, going to his knees in front of Lucas, staring at him, Josh staring at him as well.

"You. . .you would give your life for her return to me, for my happiness?"
"Yes, Colton. For you are a part of me. I am a part of you. She is a part of you. I needed to join your love again."
Colton was crying, moving forward, and wrapping his arms around the young man, Lucas patting his back.

"Oh, Lucas! I love you so much! Thank you for giving her love back to me! This is so unbelievable!" he sobbed, Lucas smiling, hugging him close.

"You're welcome, Colton. I love you." Lucas said, the young man parting from him.

"But you're alive, Luke! How. . .how can this be?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Beats the hell out of me." he smiled, Josh staring at him.

"You would leave me. . .to save another?" he softly said, Lucas' hand going in his again.

"My love would never leave you, my Joshua. But my love always will go against destiny's path. That day I gave into love myself, my love. I trusted in God to guide me to life's fate. It seems to have worked. Well, half worked. Only half of me died."

Josh was in tears, staring at his man.

"Oh, my love. Why would you do that?"

"To save lives, Josh. Gabriel's and everyone else's in that courtroom.  And to give Rosa Sharon a chance at the life she was denied. That was the greatest tragedy in all I saw."
"In all you saw, Luke?" Emerson said, looking at his grandson with compassion, seeing before him a man of unending compassion and sacrificing love.

"I walked into a vision again the night before my last day in court. I saw all of the drama unfold."
"You never told us that, Lucas." Savannah said, Lucas nodding.

"I never expected to survive, Mom. I thought in my heart that the path was sealed for me. I saw my own death, and I saw the continuing path of all of you, Rosa Sharon's as well. I felt in my heart a hope that perhaps I could change that path, could perhaps survive. I gave my soul into God's hands. I believe He gave my life back to me. I don't understand why she's here now. I only know that she is. I didn't hold up my end of the bargain." he said, Rosa Sharon smiling at him.

"We all have visions, Luke." she said, Lucas staring at her.

The young girl smiled, looking out into the backyard's darkness, more than half of it pitch black now.

"You. . .you a once dead child have visions?" Lewis said, Rosa Sharon smiling at him.

"I have my mother's magic, and my Gramma's forbearance." she smiled, Colton smiling at her.

"You saw Lucas' path?" he said, Rosa Sharon smiling at her brother.

"Yes, Colt. One night while I slept at his pool, I saw the sacrifice he was willing to give. For all our happiness. We all saw it." she said, Lewis staring at her, Jacques' arms going around him, feeling his man's total faith showing.

"We, little angel?" Jacques said, the girl smiling at him.

"I see Lucas' love has fulfilled your dreams as well." she smiled, Jacques and Lewis looking surprised.

"Tres remarkable!" Jacques said, the little girl smiling at Lucas.

"Ever giving, Luke. Yes, we, sir. All the Shades of life behind the veil. Every moment of Lucas' love echoes in the realm of the lost. We all feel its greatness. It almost matches his upon whom I asked my own sacrifice." she said, Colton moving, wrapping his arms around his sister, the young man still on his knees.

"Who are you talking of, Rosy?" he said, Rosa Sharon's eyes moving to Lucas' violet pools.

"He that watches all of us." she smiled, Lewis staring at her with shocked wonder.

"God? You've. . .you've talked with God?" he said, the little girl giggling.

"No, sir. I haven't walked into heaven's realm." she smiled, Lucas moving his wheelchair, stopping in front of her, Josh standing behind him.

"Who do you mean, Rosy?"
She smiled, looking up at Joshua, the soldier standing by the patio ramp, forgotten.

"The Watcher." she said with a smile.


Joshua's figure rose erect again, staring at the little girl.

"Watcher? Of whom do you speak?" he said, Lucas looking at his great-grandfather.

"Someone who watches in the shadows, Joshua. The same man you all said carried me from the battle I was led into in Kurucu's Haven." Lucas said, Joshua staring at him.

"The evil of our past?" he said, Rosa Sharon staring at him.

"No, sir. This being is not evil. I felt his goodness." she said, Lucas looking at her.

"Do you know who he is, Rosy?"

"No, Lucas. I only know what I and all who've walked the veil have felt. His goodness flows by you like a wave of love." she said, Francesca's eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I have felt that love, Lucas. It is all-consuming. It is greater than even your love." she said, Lucas nodding.

"Is it God's love? Guarding His children in their wait to go on to His heaven?" Lewis said, Rosa Sharon smiling at him.

"It is beautiful, kind sir. If it is God then heaven must be unbelievable." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I don't think it is God, Rosy. I think it is a purer guarding form of love."

"Why does this man or thing watch, Lucas?" Joshua said, Lucas staring at his ancestor.

"He follows our paths, Grandfather. He awaits the ending of all of this. And I believe he may protect all of us." he said, Joshua staring at him.

"Is it my father, Lucas?" Joshua said, his green pools looking out into the darkness.

"I'm not sure, Joshua. I have not met this person yet." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Rosa Sharon's.

"What have you done, little angel? Why am I here, alive but injured?" he said, the little girl smiling at him.

"The Watcher's love is ever-giving, Luke. I told him of your sacrifice, of what we all felt coming. He would have none of it. I believe he walks alongside of you, protecting you. His magic is consuming. But yours is even more powerful. Even he said that."

"He follows me?" Lucas said, she nodding.

"He said you are the being of life. That your destiny is life's destiny. He seemed just as awed by you as we all are." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"I guess I have a new fan club."
Rosa Sharon giggled, Lucas still smiling at her.

"I think he saved you, Lucas. His magic wasn't strong enough to save all of you, but he saved your life."

Lucas nodded, looking around at everyone, going back to her blue pools.

"I'll have to thank him if I ever meet him."

Rosa Sharon smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"I don't think he seeks thanks, Luke. I felt a hidden sadness behind his love. I think he seeks something else." she said, Lucas nodding.

"I see." he said, looking at his grandfather.

"Someone walks hidden on our path, Grandfather Joshua. I think my destiny is to uncover that truth."

"I do not like someone watching us, Lucas. Evil lurks all around us." Joshua said, Lucas staring at him.

"As do hidden truths, Grandfather. All will have to walk into the light." he said, Joshua staring at him.

"The past is the past, Lucas. The future is unknown. I walk the path I was chosen for."
"We all do, Grandfather. We all do."

Joshua nodded his head, looking around at everyone.

"You are surrounded by love and friendship, Lucas. As they are all surrounded by your magic and love. What is to come can't be changed. The past has seen to that."
Lucas stared at him.

"She changed that, Grandfather."
Joshua stared at him, a soft look of surprise showing on his handsome face, disappearing as fast as it came.

"She changed nothing, my grandson."

"Then why are you afraid of the hidden truth?"
Joshua backed up a little, everyone staring at him.

"I am afraid of nothing. Real or unknown." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know, Joshua. Neither am I."

Joshua stared at him for a moment, then looked around again.

"A greeting of Thanksgiving to all of you, Lucas' family. We all are thankful for his remarkable love."

"As I am for yours, Joshua." Lucas said, the man softly smiling, his image instantly fading.

Everyone's eyes went to Lucas' violet pools, the man staring out into the backyard.

"I love all, found or lost." he said, the young man smiling, meeting Rosa Sharon's blue pools.

"Welcome to our love, little angel."

Jonathan walked up to Colton, Rosa Sharon smiling up at him.

"Hi, Rosa Sharon. I'm Jonathan. Colton and I are friends." he smiled, the little girl giggling.

"Hi, Jonah."

Jonathan looked surprised, Colton's arms going around him.

"She's my sister, Jonah. She's magical too."
The little girl smiled, her brother picking her up, she snuggling against his side, the girl smiling at Lucas.

"This place is nice, Luke. On to the love." she said, everyone surrounding her, the little girl smiling.

Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's hand going into his.

"I love you, Lucas. This is so unbelievable!" he said, Lucas feeling the emotion in his voice.

"Life is unbelievable, my love." he said, looking out into the darkness again.

He smiled, Rosa Sharon laughing in the middle of Lucas' extended family.



End of Chapter 143


Surprise, surprise!

A lost child has miraculously come back to life.

Colton has his sister back in his life.

For real.


Is she real?
Is she really now alive after dying?

How is that possible?


Lucas seems not too amazed by it, and he also seems to be watchful.

What lays out there in the darkness?


A family ends a Thanksgiving Day with an unimaginable surprise.

Lucas' love and magic at its center.


On we go, greater paths ahead.


Hugs, Angel.