Yesterday's End-144


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 144


Lucas smiled, rolling into the bedroom, his violet pools taking in three smiles greeting him.

"She's down for the night?" Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"She fell asleep in Colt's arms, Jonathan at their side." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling and rising from the bed the three lay on.

Lucas smiled, taking in Lance's toned physique, the man wearing a pair of white trunk briefs.

Lance smiled at him, closing the door behind Lucas.

Josh and Justin were laying in the bed, Justin half laying on top of Josh, their near naked bodies covered by a white satin sheet.

"I still can't believe all this, Luke!" Lance said, Lucas smiling up at him.

"I still can't believe you two haven't ravished my Beamy yet." he smiled, Lance laughing.

"Our Justin's been groping the hell out of him, but we wanted to wait for your love." Lance smiled, leaning down and kissing the young man's upturned lips.

Lucas smiled after the kiss, feeling the love in its wetness.

"Lucky Beamy. Our tiger's fingers are heaven."

Justin smiled, kissing Josh's bare chest, his fingers rubbing Josh's left nipple.

"So get your fine ass in this bed so I can do my own magic." he smiled.
Lucas smiled, wheeling over to the bed.

"Let me help you get undressed, Lucky." Lance said, Lucas smiling and wrapping his arms around Lance's neck, the man pulling him up and setting him down on the bed.

Lucas smiled as Lance removed his shirt, Josh and Justin smiling at his revealing beauty.

"Thanks for staying, guys. To miss your touch would be terrible." he said as Lance smiled, unbuckling his cargo shorts and pulling them off Lucas's muscular hairy legs.

"Beautiful as always, our Lucas." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, pulling himself up the bed, resting against the pillows beside his man, Josh leaning in and kissing his lips.

Justin smiled, watching the two men break their kiss, Lucas' violet pools meeting his blue.

"Gimme some of that sugar, sexy." Justin smiled, leaning over Josh's smooth chest, his lips meeting Lucas', the young man's hand going to the back of Justin's head, pulling him in deeper.

Josh smiled, sensing the depth of love coming from that kiss.

Justin broke from the kiss, his face showing a soft look of lost love.

"I've missed you, sexy." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Wow, Lucas. That kiss almost made me have an accident." Justin softly said, Josh smiling at both men.

Lucas' violet pools met Lance's green, the young man pulling him next against him, Lance feeling just as deep a love from Lucas' lips.

They broke their heated kiss, Lance showing just as lost a look on his handsome face.

"Wow. . .wow." he softly said, Lucas smiling at his man.

"My love increases, boys. New love entering my soul always will charge my needs." Lucas said, the three men smiling at him.

"You seducing our friends, babe?"  Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Gotta get them hot and bothered so they'll overpower you."
Josh laughed, the other two joining him.

"Haven't missed your weird sense of humour, Lucky. Wait, yes I have." Justin smiled, Lucas grinning.

Lucas smiled at all three, Josh quietly staring at him.

"Do you want to talk about it, my love?" Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Josh's blue.

Josh's face changed, all three seeing the emotion on his handsome face.

"You. . .you were going to leave me, my love." Josh said, his emotions letting go, Lucas pulling him into his arms, his head going against Lucas' warm smooth chest.

"I love you, Joshua. I'm sorry for not telling you. The choice was mine. My love always comes with conditions. Forgive me for choosing that path. I felt it was my only option." Lucas said, his violet pools showing tears, Josh's head raising, staring into his violet pools.

"Your love is so amazing, my love. Forgive me for my emotions. Just the thought of my almost losing you tears at my soul."

"My love is with you always, Josh. Regardless if I am here or not. That is what I held onto. That your love would always be with me. And my love will always be with you. You are my soulmates. My love is yours forever." Lucas said, all three staring at him with wet eyes and emotional love.

"Please don't ever leave us, Lucas. We'd be so lost without your love, your physical love." Justin said, his blue eyes filled with tears.

Lucas smiled, looking around at all three.

"I won't, my loves. I'll make a promise to all of you. I will love all three of you until the end of your days. My love--spiritual, physical and emotional--will be here for all three of you."
Justin smiled, Lucas' words filled with love and tenderness.

"Sweet. I'm going to be so happy." he said, Josh laughing.

"I think the horndog's in need of your love first, Luke."

"All three of you will have my love tonight, in all ways." Lucas said, all three smiling.
Lucas smiled, Lance's green pools meeting his.

"This is all so unbelievable tonight, Luke. That little girl's appearance, alive and living. Everyone's been talking all night. They left with an awed wonder on all their faces." Lance said, Lucas sighing, nodding.

"I know, Lance. It's just as surprising to me. But not unforeseen."

"You knew she was coming, didn't you?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, my love.  When I awoke from my surgery I immediately felt her presence on the path. Her greater presence. Nearing the transition. That indeed surprised me. I was still alive. I'm still trying to fathom that realization."

"Rosa Sharon said it was the Watcher, Luke. His magic somehow saved you." Justin said, Josh looking at Lucas.

"I owe him my undying thanks." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As do I, my love. I still haven't reasoned out who he is exactly." Lucas said, everyone nodding.

"So where does she go from here?" Lance asked, Lucas smiling.

"She goes nowhere, Lance. She's right where she's supposed to be. With her brother and myself."
"You sense that, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Jus. Rosa Sharon is part of all this. A small part perhaps, but a part nonetheless. Her happiness is Colt's happiness. We're all going to see their happiness grow." he smiled, Josh smiling at him, kissing his cheek again.

"I always wanted a daughter." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Thanks for accepting her so easily, Josh." he said, Josh smiling.

"She's Colt's sister, Lucky. That speaks volumes right off the bat. She saved all our lives back at that cemetery, warning Colton, as well. And she saved your life in a way." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Looks like the house is blossoming with a greater love." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling.

"Why? Lancy is still wearing his briefs."

Lance laughed, smiling at Lucas.

"He said a greater love not a bigger love."

All four laughed, Lance smiling and standing up, removing his briefs, the other three smiled, seeing the large organ hanging between his legs half erect.

"There's the monster of our hearts. And I see he's waking up." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Go for it, babe. I'm going to bang me a Timberlake!" Lucas grinned, Justin grinning widely, his body moving with a flash over Josh's, his muscular physique now on top of Lucas.

"Maybe the Timberlake wants to bang a Carver!" he smiled, Lucas smiling, his hands going to Justin's brief-covered ass, slapping both cheeks.

"I'll go get Dad then."

Lance laughed, climbing back into bed, his naked body going on top of Josh's smooth physique, Josh's arms pulling him close.

"I think he's happy with what he has." Lance smiled, Josh's lips kissing the man's neck.

"And I'm going to take the monster." Josh said, his hand wrapping around Lance's risen shaft, the man softly moaning.

"And the monster's going to the hills of Chasez." he said, his lips meeting Josh's, the two kissing deeply.

Justin smiled, feeling a set of lips on his neck.

"Your mine, beautiful. I'm going to take you to ecstasy." Lucas said, Justin gasping when he felt Lucas' teeth latch onto his left nipple.

"Oh, Luke! That. . .that drives me wild." he gasped, Lucas moving, his strength flipping Justin onto his back, Lucas crawling on top of him.

"Then prepare to scream, horndog. I'm going to devour you." Lucas said, his hand going into Justin's briefs, stroking his already hard shaft.

Justin moaned, Lucas' hands moving, the man's body opening to Lucas' needs.

Justin gasped, his center lost in Lucas' love.

Beside them Josh was just as lost, Lance's love owning him.


The Next Morning


Colton smiled, his blue eyes meeting two blue pools, the young man going to his knees, Jonathan smiling beside him.

Two arms flung around his neck, two lips kissing his cheek.

"Morning, bro!" Rosa Sharon smiled, Colton smiling at his sister.

"Sleep well, sis?" he said, Rosa Sharon smiling up at Jonathan.

"Yep! I was surrounded by my brothers."

Jonathan smiled, leaning down and kissing her cheek

"Morning, sunshine!"

"Morning, Jon!" Rosa Sharon smiled, the young man's arm going around Colton.

"Did you sleep well, sunshine?" Jonathan smiled, Rosa Sharon nodding.

"Yep. But Colton snores just like he always did." she said, Jonathan laughing.

"But it's a beautiful sound." Jonathan said, Colton blushing, Rosa Sharon smiling.

"Yep. It always lulled me to sleep." she smiled, Colton smiling at his little sister with love.

The two young men had been up for about an hour, the kitchen filled with wonderful aromas.

"Sit at the table, Rosy." Colton smiled, the young girl smiling, walking over to the table, Colton filling a glass with orange juice, Jonathan smiling at him, continuing his chore of filling the coffee urn.

Colton smiled back, walking over to the table, setting the glass down in front of Rosa Sharon.

She smiled, picking up the glass and taking a drink.

"Yummy. Love O.J." she smiled, Colton smiling and sitting down beside her.

The young girl climbed from her chair into his lap, Jonathan smiling from the counter, Colton smiling and hugging his sister then.

"I love this place, Colt. It feels so like home. Luke and Josh are nice." she smiled, Colton smiling, nodding his head.

"That they are, Rosy." Jonathan said, the young girl smiling at him.

"They got lots of love, now we got it, too." she smiled, Colton smiling widely.

"Our love is yours, angel."

The three looked towards the kitchen doorway, Lucas' wheelchair in its center, Lance standing behind him.

Rosa Sharon smiled, the two men entering the kitchen, Lucas wheeling up to the counter, Jonathan bending down and hugging him.

"You two beat me to it again." Lucas smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"We earn our keep, Luke. Where's the other two?" Jonathan smiled, Lucas ruffling his hair, the young man brushing his hand away.

"Your bro's preening himself, Josh is getting dressed." Lucas smiled, Jonathan nodding.

"Jus always wants to look good. My looks come naturally." he smirked, Lance laughing.

"I'll be sure to tell him that. You may find yourself in a tickle fight." Lance said, Lucas laughing.

"All kneel at the temple Timberlake. The Gods walk among us." Lucas said, Jonathan laughing.

"Maybe one."

Lucas laughed, wheeling up to the table, Rosa Sharon leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"Morning, Luke."
"Morning, sweetie. How finds your first morning here?"
"Awesome, Luke. Slept good, now I'm hungry." she smiled.

"That child needs nourishment, boys."
Everyone smiled, Lucas' parents walking into the room, followed by his grandparents and Finn and Skyler.

Rosa Sharon smiled, Savannah and Vivian walking up to the table, both kissing her cheek.

"Just in time, Finny. Can you help us with the table inserts and the other table and chairs?" Jonathan said, Finn smiling at him.

"Waiting for my gorgeous muscles, were you?" he smiled, Jonathan blushing, Finn winking at him.

"Definitely not the small one in your head, Frankie." Lucas said, not looking at him, Finn blushing, Skyler laughing.

"Thanks, sweetie." he said, looking at her, Skyler kissing his cheek.

"You walked into that on your own, babe." she said, Finn smiling.

Alain and Harry walked into the kitchen, greetings exchanged, the two following Finny and Jonathan into the dining room, chairs and another table at the ready.

Justin and Josh then walked into the kitchen, followed by Karen and Roy, Lucas smiling at all of them.

"Get me some sunglasses. I'm blinded by the god's beauty." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"Worship from your knees, disciple." he said, Lucas winking at him.

"I thought that was Josh's job?" Finn said, walking into the room, carrying three chairs.

Josh blushed, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Ignore the peasants, Joshy. They long for the master's favor."

Finn laughed, dropping the chairs, plopping down on one, pulling Justin down into his lap.

"I've got a favor for you!" he grinned, flipping Justin over, beginning to slap his ass.

Jonathan laughed, Justin screaming.

"Ow! That hurts! Stop, Finny!!" he yelled, everyone laughing.

"Not often a peasant flogs a lord." Finn laughed, Lance rising from his chair, pulling Justin out of Finn's lap, the Welshman laughing.

"Looks like your knight saved you, me Lord."

Lance smiled, looking at Finn.

"Looks more like an ogre than a peasant, sweetie."
Justin laughed, rubbing his ass.

"His hands felt rough. Maybe you're right." he smiled, Finn grinning and standing up again.

"Just call me Frankie."

Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling at his friends, the men setting up the other table, the kitchen filled with chairs for the surrounding family.

Everyone sat down after filling their coffee cups from the urn, all smiling at the little girl still seated in Colton's lap.

"So what's on the agenda for today, Luke?" Tristan asked, Lucas smiling at his father.

"Well, it's Black Friday, so I'm sure the women will want to hit the malls." he smiled, all the women smiling at him.

"Shop till we drop!" Trish grinned, Andrew laughing.

Her eyes met his, he smiling and kissing her cheek.

"Spoil yourself, babe. You deserve it." he said, Finn gagging beside him, Skyler rolling her eyes.

"Mr. Romantic here. I'm game for some fun shopping." she smiled, Finn kissing her cheek.

"Spoil yourself as well, sweetie. Spend all that money we've earned on yourself." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nice save, Frankie."

Finn smiled, snuggling against his woman.

"And we're doing some shopping for this little angel. She needs everything." Vivian smiled, Savannah nodding her head as well.

The little girl looked around the table, her eyes widening with wonder.

"For me? You're buying me stuff?" she said, Lucas smiling and kissing her cheek.

"You're family now, Rosa Sharon." Josh said, the young girl smiling.

"It's Rosy, Papa." she said, Josh looking surprised, Colton lightly laughing.

"I didn't tell her that." he said, the little girl smiling.

"New lives need new parents. Right Dad?" she smiled, looking at Lucas.

"Right, Rosy. And we're going to spoil you good."
She grinned, Colton smiling at her.

"Aren't we lucky, Rosy?"

"Yep, we are." she smiled, Jonathan smiling at his boyfriend.

The front door buzzer went off, Lance smiling and standing.

"That will be the rest of the brood." he smiled, walking out of the kitchen.

Rosy climbed into Josh's lap, Colton rising and heading to the stove with Jonathan.

Josh smiled, looking down into her blue eyes.

She smiled, snuggling against his chest, everyone smiling at the two together.


Lucas smiled, watching the vision of beauty dive off the board in front of him, disappearing under the water.

He smiled, sensing the man's movements.

A flash of masculinity rose out of the water on Lucas' other side, two arms wrapping around his shoulders, Lucas floating in a pool chair.

"Hello, angel. A wet angel at that. You dove out of the sky into the wetness of my love." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"From heaven into your love." he smiled, leaning in and kissing Lucas on the lips.

Lucas smiled when they broke their kiss, their eyes meeting.

"Just how I love you. Wet and beautiful."
Justin smiled, his eyes scanning over Lucas' smooth muscular form, the young man wearing a pair of black Speedos.

"Speaking of wet and beautiful. Yummy." he said, his wet hand going across Lucas' abs.

"And you're a freaking tease. You wore that skin-tight bikini to tease me." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling wide.

"I like to keep my men needful."
Lucas smiled, then sighed.

"Damn! I thought I wore that all out of you last night." he smiled, Justin smiling more, remembering last night's hours of passion.

With Lucas he'd experienced the greater passion, the young man equally devouring all three of his mates.

The young man's passion had seemed unbelievable last night, the man charged with a great need.

"You were amazing last night, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling.

"The treasures were bountiful. I had a lot of beauty to work with." he smiled, Justin sighing.

"I hope it was enough, Luke. We all sensed you were on fire last night." Justin said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"You are the igniter of our desires, Jus. Your beauty and energy make all three of us hunger for you. I wouldn't want any other three to love."

Justin smiled, staring into those violet irises.

"God it was amazing, Luke. Your passion was intense."

"I love you, Jus. I'll always show that. And I love your body."
Justin smiled, looking around at everyone swimming and laughing around them.

"It's yours, sexy. And Lance and Josh are just as sexy."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I'm so lucky. Three visions of different beauty, but similar love. Each with their own beauty. I'm so damn lucky." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"We're the lucky ones, Lucky."

"And you have a fine ass, beautiful."
Justin smiled, his love for this young man filling his heart.

"Thanks, bubble butt."

Lucas laughed, splashing Justin with water.

"Hey! No foreplay in the pool! Where are your hands, Timberlake?" Finn yelled, then laughed, floating on another pool chair, the Welshman grinning.

The man's eyes moved, catching a flash of movement beside him.

Someone hit the water right beside him, the force of the dive knocking Finn right out of his chair as it flipped over, the man sinking under the water.

Justin and Lucas both laughed, a vision of beauty cresting the waves, Josh's handsome face smiling at his men.

"I knew it was true! Frankenstein sinks!"

Everyone around the pool laughed, Finny's head coming out of the waves, the Welshman gasping for air.

"Damn, Chasez! You almost hit me!" he said, Josh smiling, swimming up to the man.

"Don't make fun of my men's love, Finny. I'll always defend its beauty."

Lucas and Justin both smiled, Josh swimming over to them, Finn looking at them.

"You can have it, Chasez! Looks filthy to me!" he yelled, the man about to laugh, another body landing right on top of him, the Welshman sinking under the waves, two arms wrapped around him.

The man sank to the bottom of the pool, the man holding him suddenly releasing him, his hands moving fast, Finn's eyes widening as a smiling face stared at him.

The man shot up through the waves; Justin, Josh and Lucas smiling at Lance's handsome face.

"I have the prize!" he screamed, waving something in his hand.

Lucas laughed, Josh and Justin smiling at Lance.

"You didn't!" Justin said, Finn's head cresting the pool's surface.

"Damn, Bass! Give me those back!" Finn screamed, Lance swimming back from him, a pair of swim trunks in his hand.

"What's the matter, Frankie? Is your bolt showing?"

Everyone laughed around the pool, Alain and Harry smiling at the Welshman.

"Let's dive in, Harry. I think there's a free show." Alain yelled, Harry laughing.

Finn blushed, looking around at all his friends.

"Ha. . .ha, this isn't funny! And I don't give free shows!" he said, blushing deeply.

Lucas smiled at Lance, nodding his head.

Lance smiled, swimming up to the Welshman.

"Cover yourself, Finny. Your love's showing." he smiled, Finn softly blushing.

"I guess I deserved that." Finn said, taking the trunks from Lance, the man smiling at him.

"Don't ever change, Finny. Your mirth lightens all our souls." Lance said, Finn smiling.

"Want to put them back on, Lance?" Finn grinned, Lance smiling at him.

"No thanks. Your bolt looked dangerous."

Finn laughed, pulling his trunks back on under the water.

"Well, monsters are aptly named." he grinned, Lance laughing again, his hand going on top of Finn's head.

"Then I must be Godzilla." he grinned, dunking Finn under the water.

Everyone laughed, Lance laughing and swimming over to his men.

Finn came back up to the surface, blushing and swimming over to his woman.

Everyone smiled, the afternoon continuing.


Lucas wheeled into the kitchen, Colton smiling at him as he walked in through the living room entrance.

"You're back. Is Los Angeles still standing? Have the stores been stripped bare?" he smiled, the ladies walking into the kitchen behind Colton, hearing Lucas' mirthful words.

"Almost, Lucas." Trish smiled, her arm around Rosa Sharon.

Lucas smiled, seeing the little girl wearing a new t-shirt and shorts.

"I got lots of stuff, Dad! I have so many pretty things." she said, Lucas smiling as she walked up to him, climbing into his wheelchair, sitting in his lap.

"Lots of pink, I hope?" he smiled, the little girl grinning.

"Yep! But other colors, too!" she smiled, Lucas smiling more.

"Love the t-shirt, Rosy. You know he has a big ego." Lucas smiled, Colton laughing.

"She picked it out. I think she's smitten." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"A family trait. I remember your idol worshipping."
Colton blushed, Lucas smiling at him.

Rosa Sharon wore a black t-shirt, Justin's image adorning the front of it.

Josh walked into the house, smiling at everyone, his eyes staring at Rosa Sharon.

"Oh, God! He's signed her up already? A Timberlake tot?"

Lucas laughed, Rosa Sharon softly blushing.

"I remember your music and his, Papa. You're great singers."

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"That they are, Rosy."

Josh smiled, taking in the young girl's happiness, her hair style changed, her bangs cut and her hair tied up.

"Looks like the moms have cleaned up their princess." Josh smiled, his mother slapping his shoulder.

"She needed a more stylish look. And she loves it." Karen said, Rosa Sharon smiling.

"Looks beautiful, Rosy." Josh smiled, Rosa Sharon smiling at him.

Andrew and Jonathan walked into the room, both carrying bags, setting them down on the kitchen table.

"The feast is supplied, Leggy." he smiled, Colton kissing his cheek.

"Leftovers and some new dishes will be ready in a couple of hours, guys." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"The masses won't leave if you keep feeding them, Colt." Josh laughed, everyone smiling at him.

"Great! I love a full house." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Come on and see my new clothes, Papa." Rosa Sharon smiled, climbing out of Lucas' lap, Josh smiling at her.

"Lead on, Rosy." he said, following her out of the kitchen towards the living room.

"She's really taken well to Josh. And Justin." Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"And she's such a happy little child." Diane, Lance's mother, said, smiling at Lucas.

"She was so happy all day. Running around, laughing, chatting, like any other happy eight-year-old."  Karen said, Lucas smiling at her.

"She was the same before her passing, Mom. Death changes nothing in regards to our souls." he said, everyone staring at him.

"This is so unbelievable, Lucas." Savannah said.

"And we've all noticed something else, Lukey." Trish said, Lucas looking at his sister again.

"Yes, Trish?"

Trish sat down in the chair beside her brother, Lucas' violet pools meeting her blue.

"She's very intelligent, Luke. She says things with so much maturity in her words." Trish said, Lucas sighing softly.

"It's the magic, everyone. The magic, as I said, is like a living thing. Colton and Rosa Sharon's magic is equal. They are of the same blood." he said, Colton staring at him.

"I never wanted that for her, Luke. She's just a child." he said, Lucas nodding.

"I know, Colt. Her magic was the reasoning behind her death."

Everyone looked surprised, staring at Lucas.

"She died because she had magic?" Trish said, Lucas looking at Colton.

"The evil in that town, the presence we all saw, was drawn to her magic. And for another reason." Lucas said, Colton staring quietly at him.

"Another reason, Luke?" Andrew asked, Lucas staring at him.

"Our magic is a joined magic. Colton, and now Rosy, have connected with my magic. That magic together is stronger. A triad of magic, so to speak."

"Another Trinity, Lucas?" Francesca said, Lucas smiling at her.

"A trinity of goodness and destiny, Grandmother." Lucas said, Colton looking at him.

"We were always destined to meet you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My destiny instils in my heart love, Colt. I was always destined to have both of your love." he said, Colton smiling at him.

"Your love is worth facing any destiny, Luke." Colton said, Lucas smiling, his violet eyes looking around the kitchen.

"Colton and Rosa Sharon are both on their own paths, paths destined to materialize. They, in turn, are connected with my path, as that was always destined to be. Life gives us surprises. Our love for each other is the best surprise."
"I agree wholeheartedly, Lucas." Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"Rosa Sharon has a new life ahead of her. The magic saw to that." he said, everyone nodding.

"It will be a life of happiness and love, Lucas. We'll all see to that." Savannah smiled, everyone smiling.

"She is after all a Carlisle. She'll learn of her family's heritage." Francesca smiled, Lucas nodding.

"I think she's just gained a new family." he smiled, everyone agreeing.


Lance and Justin walked into the kitchen from the patio, both men smiling at the ladies.

"Where are all your treasures, ladies?" Lance smiled, Savannah smiling at him.

"In the foyer. We should carry our bags upstairs, ladies." she smiled, Justin looking around the room.

"Where's Rosy?"

Lucas laughed, seeing the smile on Justin's face.

"Your groupie is showing Josh her treasures." Lucas smiled, Lance looking at Lucas.

"Groupie?" he said, everyone lightly laughing, Justin looking confused.

His confusion was evaporated by a small missile of happiness running into the room, Josh walking behind her.

Justin smiled, seeing the t-shirt on the girl's chest.

"Awesome shirt, Rosy! You have good taste!" he smiled, the girl giggling, stopping in front of him, smiling up at him.

"You sing good, Justin! I want everyone to see who's my friend." she smiled, Justin grinning.

"That I am, Rosy." he smiled, going to his knees.

"How about you and me hit the pool before dinner?" he smiled, the young girl's eyes widening.

"For sure, Justin!" she smiled, everyone seeing the idolizing worship in her blue pools.

"Like brother, like sister." Lance smiled, Colton blushing, Jonathan's arms going around his man.

"We Timberlakes are idolized by all the beauties." he said, Justin laughing, Colton smiling at his man, kissing his cheek.

"Come on, Rosy." Justin smiled, the little girl following him, she wearing a bathing suit under her t-shirt, Josh having told her that she could go swimming before dinner.

Josh smiled, watching Justin walk the little girl out onto the patio.

"The kids are playing, how about the adults relax on the patio with some refreshments?" Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"She dumped me for him?" he said with a smirk.

"You're her Papa, Justin's an idol." Lance smiled, Josh folding his arms.

"And you're Unky Lance. What's your point?" he said, Lance laughing.

"Sorry, Papa." he said, blowing him a kiss.

Josh laughed, smiling at his friend.

"Justin's always been a big kid at heart. All the young ones flock to his childlike self." Josh said, looking at Colton.

"Look at Colton here."

Everyone laughed, Colton blushing again.

"I don't think I'm ever going to live that down." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You were drawn to his friendship and love, Colt, as is Rosy. You have all our love."
Colton smiled, Jonathan kissing his cheek.

"Let's get dinner going, babe." he said, Colton smiling, Lucas smiling at his man.

"I'll mix cocktails for everyone." Lance offered, Josh thanking him, Lucas smiling at his man.

"Come on, sexy. I'll never dump you. You're too hot!"

Josh smiled widely, following his man out onto the patio.

The ladies all smiled, heading to their shopping bags, Lance smiling and heading for Josh's bar in the living room.


Josh smiled, watching Justin and Rosa Sharon in the pool.

She was laughing, Justin sitting beside her in the shallow end, his watchful smile showing.

"He'd make a great father." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Everyone sat around the patio tables, awaiting dinner, enjoying their cocktails.

"You boys thinking about parenthood, Lance? There are a lot of good adoption agencies out there." Karen said, Lance smiling at her.

"Justin and I both love kids, Karen. We haven't really talked about it, but it could be part of our future. I'd love to raise a child with Justin." Lance said, Justin's mother smiling at him.

"My son a father. That would be amazing." she said, looking out at her son, Lance smiling at her.

"A child could feel both of our love." Lance said.

"That would be a lucky child." Lynn said, Lance smiling at her.

Lucas smiled, seeing Lynn's acceptance of Lance and Justin's love for each other.

"A lucky child indeed. And you'd make an awesome grandmother, Lynn." Lucas smiled, Lynn laughing.

"I'm too young for that, Luke." she smiled, Lucas smiling at her again.

"You're never too young for showing your love to a child. And you'll love that angel."

Lynn smiled, Lance staring at Lucas.

"You sound like you've seen the future, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Life gives us surprises. Some angels just need to be guided onto the right path." he said, Josh smiling at his man, snuggling against him.

"Something we should know, Luke?" he said, Lucas smiling.

"That's for me to know and you all to find out." he smiled, Lance laughing.

"Wishful thinking, Luke.  We need to get married first." Lance said, Lynn smiling at him, Randall smiling as well.

"I thought this would all be so strange, Lance. But I see your love for my son. I see the happiness in his eyes." Lynn said, Randall smiling at his former wife.

"Love is love, Lynn." he said, Lynn smiling at him.

"And your boy's beyond happy." Finn smirked, Lance smiling at him.

"Your big day's coming up soon as well, Luke and Josh." Randall said, Lucas smiling at Justin's father, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"Yes, a little over a month, Randall." Lucas said, Randall smiling at him.

"Can't wait. You'll be mine forever." Josh said, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"I'm already that, my love. We just need to make sure God knows." he smiled, Josh smiling.

"Our love has his love, babe." Josh smiled, Randall smiling at the two men.

"How goes the wedding plans, Josh?" Savannah said, everyone smiling at the couple.

"Haven't got a clue, Mom. It's Lucas' big surprise." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I like to keep my man guessing. Plus Justin and Alain have been a big help." Lucas said, Alain smiling at him.

"The island's almost ready, my friend." Alain said, everyone looking at him, Lucas smiling.

"A tropical wedding. How romantic." Skyler said, Finn smiling at her.

"It will be nice and cozy, all of us trapped in that one cottage." he smirked, Alain smiling at him.

"You can bunk with me and Harry, sexy." he said, Harry laughing.

"That should be cozy. Word of warning, we sleep naked."
Finn blushed, everyone laughing.

Lucas smiled at his friend, seeing his usual trapped look.

"We've created some roomier accommodations for everyone." Lucas said, Alain smiling at him.

"Correct, Luke." he smiled around at everyone.

"Great! Tents for everyone. I hate sand. "

"You're all invited, everyone. We leave for Embrace Island on the twenty-ninth of December." Lucas said, Josh snuggling against him.

"Love in paradise. It's going to be so romantic." he said, Lucas kissing his cheek now.

"And we have to have a stag party!" Finn grinned, Sean laughing at his son, high-fiving him.

"A stag party?" Josh raised an eyebrow, Lucas smiling.

"A bachelor party it's called in your neck of the woods, babe." he said, Josh smiling.

"We are going to get both of you so tanked." Finn grinned, clapping his hands together.

"We'll leave it to your and Justin's discretion, Finny. Best men and all that." Lucas smiled, Finn grinning even more.

"No strippers, Frankie. Unless they're male, buffed and young." Lucas said, Lance laughing.

"Who's buffed?"

Lance smiled, Justin having spoken, he and Rosa Sharon having walked up onto the patio, Justin wearing a t-shirt now over his chiselled chest.

"The strippers Finny wants to book for the bachelor party." Lance smiled, Justin grinning.

"Excellent! But I thought Finny volunteered for that dance."

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing.

"I ain't stripping for no one!"

"Aww, come on, Finny. Shake those hips!" Alain grinned, Finn blushing more, but softly smiling.

"Let's just keep it to just good food, good music and great friends." Lucas said, Finn and Justin smiling at him.

"We'll keep it clean, Luke. But you and Joshy are getting wrecked." Justin grinned, Josh laughing.

"We better watch our backs, babe. They're scheming." he said, Justin sitting down beside Lucas, Rosa Sharon climbing into his lap.

"How was the water, angel?" Lucas smiled, the young girl smiling.

"Great, Dad. And warm!" she smiled, the girl wearing her Justin t-shirt again.

"Dinner's about ready, Rosy. How about we get some new clothes on you?" Lynn smiled, the girl smiling at her.


Lucas smiled, Lynn rising from her chair, Rosa Sharon kissing Justin's cheek.

"Thanks for the swim, Justin." she said, Justin kissing her cheek.

"It's just Jus, remember Rosy? We're chums." he smiled, the girl beaming, climbing off his lap, Lynn smiling and walking towards the patio doors with her.

"Thanks, Grandma." Lucas smiled, Lynn smiling more.

"I still don't like it." she laughed, walking into the house with the little girl.

"Increasing the fan club, Jus?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"She's an angel, Luke."
"And you're an angel magnet." Lucas said, Justin blushing.

"Kids love me." he said, Lance leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"As do I, beautiful."

Lucas smiled, watching the two, everyone relaxing, awaiting dinner.


Lucas smiled, relaxing in his wheelchair, his man snuggled against him in his chair.

Dinner was over, everyone enjoying Colton's and Jonathan's leftovers and delicious new fare, the two young men praised all through dinner.

The evening had darkened, everyone relaxing around the patio; Colton and Jonathan running around the backyard with Stephen and Rosa Sharon, the two younger ones catching fireflies.

Justin sat beside Lucas, Lance sitting in his lap.

"A great day, Luke. What's the plan for tomorrow?" Lance smiled.

"That's my doing, babe." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Golf anyone?" he said, all the men smiling.

"Excellent! We haven't played in a while, son." Randall smiled, Justin smiling at his father.

"I've booked tee offs for who'd ever like to play at the Riviera Golf Club." Justin smiled, Finn grinning at him.

"I'm game! We haven't played in years. Right, Lukey?"

Lucas smiled at his friend, nodding.

"That's because you kept cheating, Frankie." he smiled, Finn laughing.

"You're just a sore loser." he grinned, Justin laughing.

"You'll be on my team. I'll keep you honest." he smiled, Finn giving a thumbs up.

Most of the men agreed to play, Trish and Skyler as well.

Four foursomes were agreed upon, Justin informing them that he'd invited Usher, Adam, Nick, Gio and Gideon as well.

Nick and Gideon had left the evening before, spending the day alone together today.

Everyone began to discuss the teams, Lance going into the house and bringing out a ball cap and paper.

Names were drawn out of the hat, the teams decided fairly.

Justin would play with Trish, Colton and Usher.

Josh's team comprised of himself, Lance, Tristan and Finny.

Finn blew Justin a kiss, the man smiling at him.

"You'll have to settle for amateurs, Timberlake." he grinned, Justin laughing.

Randall, Nick, Skyler and Lewis would be the third foursome.

Gio, Gideon, Adam and Jonathan would be the last four.

Everyone chatted and laughed, Josh kissing his man's cheek.

"I wish you could play. I bet you're a pro." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Well, I am good with a nice club in my hands." he smiled, Josh seeing the flirtatious love in his violet pools.

"Keep it clean, boys." Finn chuckled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Where's the fun in that?" he said, Finn laughing, his blue pools looking at Colton and Jonathan.

"Where's dessert, boys?" he smiled, Jonathan smiling at him.

"We're not your bitches, Finny. Wasn't dinner enough?" he smiled, Colton smiling at his man.

"We didn't make dessert, Finny. We were going to go pick up ice cream sundaes for everyone. Josh recommended a great ice cream store just a few blocks away last week. We called it in about an hour before dinner.  They should be ready." Colton smiled, everyone smiling.

"Sweet! Love me some cream." Finn said, Alain grinning widely, Finn blushing.

"Ice cream, perv!" he said, Alain laughing, others joining him.

"I'll go pick it up, Colt." Josh smiled, Colton smiling at him.

"I'll go with you, Papa." the young man smiled, Josh rising from his seat.

"Sit where you are, Colt. You've done your work already. Besides, your man looks lovelorn."
Jonathan smiled, wrapping his arms around his man.

"Papa says we can play, babe."
Josh laughed, the two young men kissing.

"Even the ice cream won't cool those two down." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling, leaning down and kissing him, Lucas feeling the love in the kiss, Josh lost in the love flowing back.

"Hurry back, Beamy. I need some cooling down too." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him with love.

"Get going, Chasez.  I hunger for sweetness." Finn grinned, Josh smiling at him.

"I'll make sure your sundae has lots of nuts."

Lucas laughed, Josh kissing him on the cheek, the man walking into the house.

Lucas smiled after him, his eyes showing their love.

Justin's blue pools met his, his love identical.

Lance smiled, watching the two men show their love.


Josh smiled, climbing into his Porsche convertible.

He waved at Clive, the man walking up the driveway, stopping at Josh's car door.

"Heading out, Josh? I assumed you be in all day." the guard smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Just zipping out to get some ice cream for everyone. I'll bring you guys back some sundaes." he smiled, Clive smiling.

"Simon likes hazelnut. Just the two of us today." he smiled, Josh nodding.

"Everything's quiet, no reporters outside. Must be the holiday.  Even the press loves turkey." Clive smiled, Josh laughing.

"Who doesn't?" he said, Clive nodding his head.

"Drive safely, Josh." he smiled, Josh smiling and waving goodbye, driving his convertible towards the front gates, Simon waving at him as he opened the gates.

Josh smiled, pulling out onto the street, driving away from his happy home.

His thoughts were on his love, and his need to get back to him soon.

He smiled, thinking of the earlier talk of their wedding.

He couldn't wait till they married.

Lucas would be his forever.

He smiled, the breeze cool on his black curly hair.

He'd let it grow longer, Lucas loving his hair longer.

He would do anything to make his man happy.

He smiled, thinking of the weekend ahead, their families all together.

That was all Lucas' doing, his need to see everyone happy and loved.

Lucas' tour was beginning again next week, heading up the east coast.

They'd finish in New York mid December, the holidays after.

Josh smiled, thinking of his first Christmas with Lucas in Vermont.

All their families again would be together, Lucas' love the joining force.

And then they'd head to Embrace Island, and their moment of romantic, soul-binding love.

Josh's smile widened, his heart filled with Lucas' love.

I love you, Lucas.

I am yours forever, as you will be mine.

Josh hit the gas pedal, his need to return to his love filling his heart.

He smiled, heading for the ice cream store.

He failed to see the black van that had followed him from the house.


"It's been too long, Luke. He should have been back by now." Justin said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"Black Friday traffic, maybe. Or the store was busy." he said, the young man sitting in his wheelchair, his face showing a guarded concern.

"It's been almost an hour and a half, Luke." Lance said, he seated beside Justin, the two showing worried looks on their faces.

"I'm sure he'll be here shortly." Finn said, smiling at his friends.

Everyone was still relaxing on the patio, the night's shadows now darkening the backyard deeply, patio lanterns now lit.

Jonathan was sitting on a lounge chair on the patio; Rosa Sharon and Stephen playing a game in front of him on the floor.

Colton walked out of the house, Justin looking at him, seeing a deep worried look on his face.

"I called the store. Josh never showed up." he said, Justin rising to his feet.

"Something's wrong." he said, the front door buzzer going off.

"I'll get that. Maybe it's Papa." Colton said, walking back into the house.

Justin's eyes met Lucas', the young man staring at him.

"You feel something, don't you?" Lance said, Lucas staring at him.

The quietness was interrupted by Colton's reappearance in the doorway, another man at his side.

Lance stood up, staring at him.

"Good evening Detective Cameron." Lucas said, the older man staring at him.

"Good evening, Lucas. Is Mr. Chasez here?" the man said, Justin walking up to him.

"No, sir. He left here about two hours ago. He hasn't returned."

Detective Cameron nodded, looking at Lucas.

"We found his convertible about twenty minutes ago, off the road about three miles from here. It was down an embankment." the detective said, staring around at everyone.

"He's. . .he's been in an accident!" Savannah said, everyone now rising to their feet, looking between the detective and Lucas.

Justin's arm went around Colton, the young man showing deep worry now.

"We don't know, Madam. The car was empty." the detective said, Lucas wheeling up to him.

The man stared at him, seeing the quietness in his softly glowing violet pools.

"Josh wasn't there?" Lucas softly said.

"No, Lucas, he wasn't. We found blood on his driver's window and on his door handle. Also, along the grass up to the bank."
"He crawled out, then. Maybe he flagged down someone for aid." Finn said, now standing behind Lucas, his hand going to his shoulder.

The detective's eyes went around the patio, stopping on Lucas' last.

"No, I don't think so, Mr. Delaney.  There were signs of more footprints and an apparent scuffle. Mr. Chasez's left shoe was found on the bank. As well as tire tracks from a vehicle on the shoulder. Skid marks were all over the road, as well as glass and part of his Porsche's back bumper, nowhere near where he crashed."
Lucas stared at the detective, his mind focusing on his magic.

"I'm sorry to say this, but I believe Mr. Chasez was run off the road. And then he was kidnapped."



End of Chapter 144


Oh no!
Josh has disappeared!


A bad sudden case of cold feet?

Or has someone really kidnapped him?


A black van followed him.


Who took him?

I believe we don't need to think long and hard on that.

Could Bryce be behind this drama?


Lucas seems calm, but focused.

He's zoning in on his magic.

What will he do without his Beamy?

Or rather, what will he do to save his Beamy?


Onward the path goes, drama ahead.


Hugs, Angel.