Yesterday's End-146


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 146


Lucas' green pools were staring at Justin and Lance, both men staring at him with awed love, their eyes filled with tears.

"Oh, Lucas! You can walk!" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am myself, and I am more now. But my heart and love are the same.” he said, Savannah still in his arms, his mother backing up from him.

"This. . .this is a miracle, Lucas!” she sobbed, Lucas smiling at her.

"It is the magic of the ages. The magic of life. The newness has healed me."
"It is indeed a miracle, Lucas! You are a magical being of God's love!" Lewis said, staring at the young man, everyone on their feet now, the young man softly smiling around at everyone.

Jacques looked at his boyfriend, seeing the faithful wonder on his face, his hand going in his.

"As are you, my love. Lucas' magic healed you as well, remember? Do not look upon him as something more than he is. He is most of all our friend." Jacques said, Lucas smiling at the Frenchman.

"First and foremost, my parents' friends." Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance walking up to him, the young man hugged by both.

"Is. . .is this real, Lucas? Is this permanent?" Lance said, Lucas seeing the hope in his green pools as well as in Justin's blue.

"It is real and it is permanent. I am physically my old self." Lucas smiled, Justin staring at him.

The man screamed, his arms going around Lucas' waist, lifting him up.

"Oh God, Lucas! Welcome back!” he cried, Lance smiling at his lover's happiness.

Lucas laughed, everyone smiling at Justin's happiness, the man twirling Lucas around, Lucas grinning.

"Put me down, Jus! You'll break me if you squeeze any harder!"

Justin smiled, setting Lucas down, Finn walked up to the two men.

"You are amazing, Luke! This is so wonderful! And so unbelievable!" Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"My love could never be contained, Finny. I have to move it around.” he said, Finn and Justin smiling at him.

"Josh is going to be so. . ." Finn said, catching his words, Lucas staring at him.

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, Luke.” he softly said, Lucas smiling at him, patting his shoulder.

"He will be happy, Finn. With my whole love again." Lucas said, looking towards Detective Cameron.

"I'm going in there, Charles. I now have enough strength and magic to walk into anything. It's the only way. Only I can save Josh.” he said, looking at the older man, the detective sighing.

"You're an amazing man, Lucas. Your unbelievable magic might just pull that off. I don't like it, I'm just going to state that."

"I know, Charles. And I understand your concerns. I feel your wanting to help my Josh, and your wanting to protect me." Lucas said, the detective nodding.

"I've never met anyone like you, Lucas. You just showed all of us the unbelievable person you are." the man said, staring at the young man with awed respect and wonder.

"As everyone says, I'm amazing." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

Trish moved, walking up to her brother.

"That you are, my brother.” she said, Lucas smiling, the young woman hugging him, everyone moving, the young man surrounded by his family and friends.


Lucas broke the hug he was in, Adam smiling at him.

"You're one of a kind, Carver.” he smiled, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

"And you're hot stuff, sexy."

Adam laughed, Usher's arms going around him.

"Got that right, Luke."

Detective Cameron stared at the two men, Justin smiling at him.

"Lucas' love wanders everywhere, Charles. He unites all hearts." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, Lance walking up beside his man.

"That he does, babe." Lance said, his arm going around his man.

Charles smiled at both men, the man seemingly calm about their showing love.

"I knew you knew! You saw the signs, right?" Finn smiled, looking at the detective, Charles smiling.

"I  take in all around me, young man. I've always watched people.” he smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"Your man gives too much away in his eyes and where they always go." Charles smiled, Justin blushing, Lance kissing his cheek.

"It's alright, gentlemen. Your secret's safe with me." the detective smiled, Justin smiling, looking at his man.

"I can't keep my love for my man hidden easily, Charles. His beauty fills my soul." Justin said, Lance smiling at his man.

Lucas smiled, Justin's eyes meeting his.

The young man had been hugged by everyone, everyone amazed at his calm smiling face, and his healed physique.

Colton smiled at Lucas, his blue pools meeting Justin's blue and Lance's green.

"When Luke put the ring on in the living room there was a brief flash of unbelievable light. It was as if the sun had exploded in the room. Then it was gone just as quickly. And Lucas stood before us, his now green eyes glowing." Colton said, everyone looking at Lucas, the young man smiling at Colton.

"The light was the aura of his love uniting with the greater magic." Rosa Sharon said, Lucas smiling down at her, the young girl snuggled between Colton and Jonathan.

"Correct, little angel.” he smiled, his eyes moving to Charles.

"We need to organize this quickly, Charles. Josh's life hangs in the balance. Haven Marlowe is unstable. The power within him is on its edge." Lucas said, the detective nodding.

"The evil's magic?" Emerson said, Lucas nodding at his grandfather.

"Yes, Grandfather. The pawn is on the chessboard. And the king behind him won't take any failure in regards to me."

"I hate the thought of you and Josh in that man's clutches, Luke." Finn said, Lucas looking into his friend's blue eyes.

"Josh is there now, but he won't be there long, if I have any say in it. I know what I have to do." Lucas said, his green eyes looking at Charles.

"I'm going in there alone. My magic and my destiny will keep me safe, of that I have no doubt. And the paths will go to their end as they must."

"Alright, Lucas. I'll agree to your demands. But I'm having you wired. We're going to be in close contact with you. The first sign of anything happening and I'm moving in, with backup. Understand?” he said, Lucas nodding.

"I will accept that, Charles. And things will indeed happen. The path moves forward." Lucas said, the detective nodding.

"So how do you know where to go?" the man said, everyone looking at Lucas.

"I don't know where to go." Lucas said, his green pools looking towards Justin. "But Justin does."

"That cabin? I told Charles earlier that I couldn't remember where it was. We were only there once and Josh drove us up." Justin said, Lance nodding in agreement.

Lucas walked up to him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"You went there once, that's true. And that knowledge is in your mind." Lucas said, Justin staring into his green pools.

"Will you allow me to find that knowledge, Jus? Will you allow me to use my magic to gain the location from your silent mind?"
"Will it hurt, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I will never hurt those I love, Justin.” he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Then my mind opens for your love, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Thank you, Justin. Please sit down."

Justin nodded, moving, sitting down in a patio chair, Charles looking him.

"You're going to read his mind?"
"I'm going to search his memories. I would never invade his deep thoughts, his personal space." Lucas said, Justin smiling up at him.

"I trust your love, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, going to his knees in front of Justin.

"Close your eyes, Jus. Concentrate on that cabin. On what you remember."

Justin closed his eyes, Lucas' hands going to both sides of Justin's forehead.

Lucas' eyes suddenly glowed a soft blue, everyone staring at him with silent wonder.

Lucas closed his eyes, the patio silent for a few moments.

Lucas suddenly moved back, his eyes opening, their usual violet shade showing for a moment, the green instantly returning, Lucas' face showing a soft look of surprise.

He stood up, staring down at Justin.

"I've finished, Justin.” he said, Justin opening his eyes, staring up at him.

"That fast, Luke?” he said, Lucas nodding his head.

"You concentrated well. I know exactly where it is.” he said, looking at Detective Cameron.

"Let's get moving. I have to walk the path.” he said, looking at Justin again.

"All paths." Lucas softly said.
Detective Cameron nodded, pulling out his cell phone.


An hour and a half later, Lucas was seated in the front seat of Detective Cameron's car, Charles driving; Finn, Justin and Lance seated in the backseat.

The three had been adamant about coming, Lucas giving in to their obvious concern for both himself and Josh.

He would allow them to be close, but not too close.

Behind them two police cruisers followed, as well as a tactical van filled with a SWAT team.

Lucas felt the wires taped to his chest, the mike pinned to the inside of his shirt, just below his necklace.

Lucas had been giving Charles directions, the group driving through the San Fernando Valley, the night cloudy and dark.

"It's about another five or ten minutes ahead. You'll need to turn on the next right." Lucas said, Justin and Lance staring at him from the backseat.

"How can you be sure, Luke?" Finn said, beating them to the question.

"I'm certain because I feel him."

The three men looked at each other, Justin's blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"You feel Haven's magic?"

Lucas looked into the backseat, staring at Justin.

"No, Jus. I feel my Josh's love. We are connected now on all levels." Lucas said, turning back, Charles glancing at him, Lucas' eyes lowering

Lucas felt a hand go onto his shoulder, looking behind him, staring into Lance's green pools.

"That's beautiful, Lucas. We always knew there was a deep connection between both of you.” he said, Lucas nodding.

"There always was, Lance. And now it's even stronger.” he said, looking out into the dark night, staring into the darkness.

"Perhaps too strong.” he softly said, Lance catching his quiet words.

"He's going to be alright, Luke."
"I know he is, Lance. And I'm going to make sure he is. I'll sacrifice everything for that reality. I love him. He is my life." Lucas said, Lance rubbing his shoulder.

Charles turned the car onto a dark gravelled road, a sign showing at its entrance warning of no trespassing.

Another sign stated the name of the road and what was down it.



                    Peace's End

                Cabins of Solitude


              Follow Tranquility Road

                        3 Miles



"Pull over here, Charles." Lucas said, the detective slowing his car, pulling over to the side of the road, the vehicles behind him stopping as well.

The vehicles cut their engines, all their lights going out.

"I'll walk from here." Lucas said, the young man opening his door, climbing out of the car, his friends and the detective climbing out as well.

Detective Cameron looked at Lucas as he walked around his side of the car, the vehicles behind him emptying as well.

Three uniformed officers walked up to Charles; Justin staring back at the van now wide open, police officers piling out of it, all armed and dressed in black.

"Set up a command post, Hendricks." Charles said, one of the officers nodding, another following him to the SWAT van.

"I want surveillance on all sides. And keep it quiet. We don't know what we're dealing with." Charles said, looking at Lucas.

"We're dealing with magic, Charles. Old magic. The trap's been laid. I just have to wander through it." Lucas said, the young man's hand going to the necklace hanging from his open shirt, closing his hand around the red stone, Lance watching him.

The young man's eyes softly shimmered for a second, their emerald darkness almost black in the darkened night.

A soft greenness pulsated for a moment, Lucas' lowering his hand, the stone faintly glowing blue for a moment.

Finn and Justin both saw the glow, Charles seeing it as well.

"What's out there, Lucas?" the detective said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"Evil, Charles. A concentrated evil that’s bent on attacking me. But I have an advantage on it. An advantage it isn't aware of." Lucas said, the detective staring at him; Lance, Finn and Justin quietly watching.

"What advantage?" Charles said, Lucas smiling.

"I'm ready, my friend. It's time I walked the path destined for me."

"Are you sure, Luke?" Finn said, Lucas staring at him.

"My Josh is out there, Finn. I'm going to him. And nothing's going to stand in my way. Real or unreal."

The four men stared at him, seeing the calmness and determination on Lucas' handsome face.
"Alright, Lucas. Let me test the mike. Say 'Check one'."  Charles said, Lucas repeating the words.

The detective looked towards the van, Hendricks popping his head out from the van's open door, giving a thumbs-up.

"Check one, loud and clear.” he said, Charles nodding, his eyes meeting Lucas' calm pools.

"I'll state it again, Luke. I don't like you going into this alone. You don't know what’s waiting for you out there." Charles said, Lucas calmly smiling at him.

"My life is waiting out there, Charles. And I'm going to get it back."

Finn walked up to Lucas, his arms wrapping around him, hugging him tightly, Lucas patting his friend's back.

"I love you, Lucas. And I love Josh. Please be careful.” he said, Lucas feeling the love in his emotions.

"I will, Finnegan. We'll both be back soon."

Finn nodded, Justin and Lance walking up to the young man.

Lucas smiled, hugging both, both holding him close, Finn and Charles quietly watching.

Lucas smiled, knowing both men wanted to kiss him, the surroundings too open for such showing love.

"Be careful, Lucas. We'll both go if you need us." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I already have you both close to my heart. I have the strength of all of you.” he said, everyone smiling at him, their eyes showing concerned wetness.

"Keep us abreast of everything, Lucas. If you feel anything dangerous or you feel trapped, give us a sign."

"I will, Charles. You'll see it clearly. Look to the sky. When you see the flare in the sky you can move in.” Lucas said, the young man looking down the darkened road.

Charles stared at the young man, Lucas looking at his friends.

"See you soon, guys. And I won't be alone." Lucas said, the young man moving, heading down the gravel road, everyone watching him walk away into the darkness.

Hendricks walked up to Detective Cameron, their eyes meeting.

"He's on radar, sir. And his mike is on and working. The boy's got guts." the man said, Cameron looking at him.
"He's got a lot more, young man." Charles said, the police officer looking at Justin and Lance.

"When should we move in, Detective Cameron?" Hendricks said, Charles looking at him.

"When Lucas gives us the sign. But listen to everything. I'll be in the van shortly." Charles said, the officer nodding.

"When did you give him a flare gun?" Hendricks said, Charles looking down the darkened road, Lucas gone.

"I didn't." Charles said, suddenly realizing that fact.

Lance looked down the road, his green eyes meeting Charles' blue.

"I think Lucas is going to make his own fireworks." Finn said, Justin and Lance looked down the road.

Lance's hand went in Justin's, the two private in the darkness.

Both men concentrated on their friend, sending their love out into the darkness.


Ben flicked the cigarette he was smoking off the cabin's porch, looking out into the darkness.

"What's going on, Morgan? What have we walked into?" the cameraman said, Morgan looking at him.

"You know what we're doing, Ben. He's already explained that. Think of the end results." Morgan said, Ben staring at him.

"I'm thinking of that fine piece of ass laying in there. You think Hartwell's nailing him?" Ben said, Morgan looking towards the cabin's closed door.

"Don't know, don't care. The boss said to stay outside, outside we'll sit." Morgan said, folding his arms, the man sitting on a wooden bench against the cabin's wall.

"Where'd he get off to anyway?" Ben said, staring out into the darkness.

"He's checking out his well laid plans." Morgan said, Ben staring at him.

"I still don't get what we've done. What are all those stone slabs supposed to do?" Ben said, looking towards a pickup truck that was parked beside their van, its bed now empty of its contents.

"I don't know or care. We did what he asked of us, and he seems happy. Just relax." Morgan said, sipping at the small flask he held in his hand, the night's air suddenly cooler.

"You have any clue what was written on them?" Ben said, sitting down on the bench beside Morgan, the man taking the flask from his hand, taking a drink.

"As the boss said, you ask too many questions, Ben. Keep your mouth shut or open for what he needs."

The cameraman smiled, looking at his employer.

"You meet the kinkiest people in this business, Morgan. And I thought Hartwell was a master.” he smiled, Morgan looking at him.

"And you're too submissive.” he said, Ben smiling more.

"Look at the kettle calling the pot black.” he said, his hand going into Morgan's lap.

"Cool it, slut. I'm only submissive when it suits my needs, as you well know." Morgan said, staring out into the darkness.

The door of the cabin opened, Bryce walking out into the night's freshness, his blue eyes staring at the two men, the young man closing the door behind him.

"Where's Haven?” he said, Morgan staring at him.

"He's out there somewhere. He said he had to finalize everything." Morgan said, Bryce nodding, walking up to the porch's railing.

"How's our guest?" Ben asked, staring at the young man.

"He's asleep again."

Ben smiled, nudging Morgan.

"Wore him out, did you?"

Bryce turned, staring at the young reporter.

"That's my business. Have you done as Haven's asked?"

"Yeah, we put up those markers all over the place as he asked. And the place is prepared." Ben said, lighting another cigarette.

Bryce's eyes went out into the darkness again.

"I don't like this. How the hell does he know if he's even coming? I should be long gone from here. I don't give a damn about that young upstart. But he deserves whatever Haven's got planned for him."

The two men looked at Bryce, the young man ignoring them.

"Calmness, my young friend."

Bryce's eyes moved, Haven standing on the porch behind him, Ben and Morgan staring at him with surprise, the man having seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

"I'll be calm when I'm miles from this place. Where have you been?" Bryce said, Haven staring at him, the young man lowering his eyes.

"I've been canvassing the area. Everything's ready. And I sense him. Just beyond the scope of my vision." Haven said, staring out into the darkness.

"We did good, boss?" Ben said, the man smiling at Haven, Morgan watching his obvious pandering.

"Well done, boys. Everything's set up perfectly." Haven smiled, Bryce staring at him.

"Thanks, Haven. When do we get paid?" Morgan said, standing up from the bench.

Haven smiled at him.

"The money's already in your account, Morgan. I keep my faithful servants happy.” he smiled, Morgan nodding his head.

"Good. When will he be here?" Morgan said, Haven smiling.

"Soon, my friend. You'll hear him before you see him."
"He'll probably scream when he runs into one of those slabs in the darkness, or trips over one." Ben smiled, Haven staring at him.

Ben smiled more at the older man, Haven's eyes going to Bryce.

"How finds your treasure, Bryce?” he said, Bryce's eyes meeting his.

"He's fine. I've gotten him calmed."

"I bet you have." Ben smirked, Haven staring at Bryce.

"A treasure should be shared, Bryce." Haven said, Bryce staring at him.

"He's mine. No one touches him."

Haven smiled, staring at the young man.
"I'm sure you said the same thing about yourself, my young slut."
Bryce stared at Haven, the older man moving with a flash of speed, his hand going to Bryce's throat.

"I want this evening to go on point, slut. You'll focus on one thing. On doing what I asked of you. For that you'll be paid greatly. With your freedom and with your slut in there. Understand?"

Bryce stared into Haven's deep brown eyes, seeing a deep fire of glowing reality there.

"Understood.” he chokingly said, Haven staring at him, his fingers releasing his grasp.

"It will be about half an hour before he makes himself known. I sense someone needs some relief. He's yours, Ben."

Ben looked at Bryce, then at Haven.

"Really? I. . .I can. . .?"

"You want a crack too, Morgan?" Haven said, looking at the reporter.

"No, I want what you promised."

Haven smiled, nodding his head.

"You think with your brain, Sheppard. Your friend thinks with his dick. Get going, slut."
Ben smiled, the young man moving, opening the cabin door and closing it behind him.

Bryce stared at Haven, the older man seeing the anger simmering in his blue pools.

"Good. I want you charged, focused and angry. He won't damage him too much, I believe." Haven smiled, Bryce glaring at him.

Haven pulled a knife out of his jacket, Bryce staring at it, the blade gleaming silver, its length about six inches.

"When Lucas is cornered, you slit his throat.  He'll be helpless. Can you do that?"

Morgan's eyes widened in disbelief.

"You're. . .you're going to murder Lucas?” he stuttered, Haven staring at him.

"Well, I ain't going to kiss him and hug him. The boy's a thorn in my side, in many sides. He dies tonight." Haven said, Bryce nodding his head.

"I'll do it. I want him out of Josh's life completely."

Haven smiled, nodding his head.

"I. . .I didn't sign up. . .I can't!" Morgan said, backing up, Haven moving with a burst of speed.

The man's hands were on Morgan's throat, the reporter struggling with him.

"You'll do your part, Sheppard. Get to the tree!" Haven said, Morgan staring into his now red eyes.

The man became lost in their glowing madness, his mind remembering the first time he'd gazed into them.

Haven released his strong hold on him, Morgan remaining silent.

"Yes, sir.” he said, the man moving, walking off the porch, heading down a short path.

"Show your loyalty, slut. The other is a liability." Haven said, staring at Bryce, then sitting down on the bench.

Bryce stared at him, the man smiling at him.

Bryce moved, walking to the cabin's door, disappearing inside.

Haven smiled, staring out into the darkness.

I sense you out there, you preconceived bastard.

And what you are is unnecessary.

It wants your power.

I'm going to consume all of you.

Haven smiled, watching the darkness ahead.

A few minutes later the silence was broken by a loud scream.


Josh's blue eyes fluttered, the man on the edge of a nightmare.

He felt hands on his chest, their roughness unknown.

He opened his eyes, staring into two blue pools of a stranger's face.

"Hello, sweetheart. Don't you look ripe for the picking." the man said, his hands rubbing Josh's chest, the man's shirt wide open, his chest bared.

"Who. . .get off me!" Josh trembled, the man smirking.

"Oh, I'll get off, boybander. I'm going to own your ass." Ben said, his hand moving, going to Josh's center.

Josh's pants were open, but still covering his center.

Josh moved his leg on contact, trying to knee the man's crotch, Ben moving back.

"A fighter! Love that! Looks like your boyfriend out there got a little rough. Or did you play hard to get?" Ben smiled, looking at Josh's bruised face.

His left eye was swelling, his lip looking bruised, another bruise showing on his collarbone and on his left side.

Bryce had been brutal, Josh unable to stop his consuming want of ownership.

Josh had remained silent, unmoving, Bryce's desires turning to more aggressive need.

The man hadn't raped him, his wandering hands getting no signs of rising desire from Josh.

Bryce had been frustrated when Josh didn't give into his needs, Josh collapsing in exhaustion and pain.

The young man had sat back, staring at Josh, seeing the man's swollen face.

Bryce had left in quiet silence when Josh had fallen asleep.

Here now Josh found himself with someone he didn't know, the man on top of him, groping at him.

"Joshua Chasez, singing idol to the masses. I've scored the big prize! Only thing better would have been Timberlake. But you'll do in a pinch." Ben smiled, his fingers going to Josh's left nipple, pinching it roughly.

Josh screamed, Ben's hand going to Josh's mouth.

"Calm down, stud. I'm not going to hurt you much. I know your ass loves the dick. And I'm packing." Ben grinned, Josh struggling again, Ben's hands going all over Josh's chest.

"Nice! Get ready for a long session." Ben leered, his lips going to Josh's, Josh turning his head, Ben slapping his face.

"Look me in the eyes, slut! I want to see you loving it!" Ben smiled, the man backing up, his hands going downward, Josh fighting the bindings on his hands behind his head.

Ben grinned, going to Josh's pants, grabbing onto them, staring down at him.

"Time for some fun, Chasez!” he grinned, Josh's eyes widening, seeing Ben's eyes suddenly widen as well.

The man gasped, his hands on reflex going to his throat, blood gushing out of an opening in its center, Josh staring into two blue eyes showing behind him.

Bryce stood behind Ben, a silver knife in his hand, the knife's blade covered in blood.

"Your fun's ended, Ben." Bryce said, the cameraman's body going slack, the life going out of his blue eyes, Bryce pushing him to the left, Ben falling off the bed, landing on the floor, his dead eyes staring up at the ceiling.

Bryce stood beside the bed, staring into Josh's wide eyes.

"No one touches you ever again, Josh. You’re mine." Bryce said, Josh staring at him with shocked fear.

"You're a monster! You. . .you killed him!"

Bryce stared at the lifeless body laying on the floor.

"You're mine, Joshua. You need to understand that.” he said, Josh staring at him.

"Time to silence you, my love. Your boy toy's coming." Bryce said, sitting down on the bed, Josh moving away from him as best he could.

Bryce picked up a roll of duct tape off the stand by the bed, staring at Josh.

"Lucas loves me, Bryce! I'm forever his."

Bryce's hand moved, slapping Josh across the face.

"He's gone, Josh. Or soon will be. You’re mine."

"He'll stop you, Bryce! He'll stop all of you!" Josh said, Bryce ripping off a piece of tape, placing it over Josh's mouth.

"You seem to have a lot of faith in that moron's ability. I've seen Haven's self, Josh. He's strong. Lucas won't stand a chance. And if he does, then I cover all bases." Bryce said, standing up again, staring down at Josh.

"We're leaving here tonight. No matter who's left standing."

Josh stared into Bryce's blue eyes, the man seeing the madness shining.

The night's silence suddenly filled with a loud scream, Bryce bolting for the door.

Josh closed his eyes. . .that scream sinking into his soul.


Lucas walked in silence, his green eyes watching all around him.

The darkness to anyone else would be black and unyielding, Lucas' now green magical eyes seeing through it easily.

He moved in silence, walking along the gravelled road for a bit, then stopping.

His eyes moved, staring ahead of him.

He saw two stone obelisks on both sides of the road, Lucas staring at the one on the right.

He saw a dark etching on the top of it, Lucas slowly walking up to it.

The words etched in the stone were unknown to Lucas, the words more like ancient hieroglyphics.

Lucas stared towards the left one, seeing different etchings.

He closed his eyes, clearing his mind.

A few moments later Lucas opened his green glowing eyes, staring again at the right side obelisk.

He read the words written on it, his mind seeing their meaning.

He looked to the left, seeing the continuance of the one phrase on both.


                        Walk ye into thy Void


                Salvation cometh from They within


Lucas closed his eyes again, summoning his strength, his mind filling with something.

He opened his eyes, his vision clouded with a new reality ahead of him.

Behind the stones, Lucas saw a man, draped in a long cloak.

It looked somewhat identical to the cloak Joshua Belmont had worn.

The man stared at him, Lucas staring into two blue pools of intense calmness.

"You walk a fine line, my young friend. Danger is ahead." the man said, Lucas slowly walking up to the obelisks, stopping just before them.

"You seem unchallenged by what surrounds you." Lucas said, the man nodding his head.

"I carry a greater strength within my heart. Nothing on either side of the veil can challenge myself."

Lucas stared at the man, sensing he was in his mid-thirties, his face handsome and flawless, his skin a little darker than Lucas', but the dark shadows could be playing tricks.

"Am I in the presence of the Watcher?"

"I watch all, lifeblood of Alsarius, child of a different path." the man said, Lucas staring at him.

"Are these stones the markers of the trap?" Lucas said, the man's face changing into a soft smile.

"You are very intelligent, Lucas."
"As are you, Watcher. Rosa Sharon told me much but still very little of who you are."
The man stared at Lucas.

"You have seen the little child?"

"Yes, she is with me now. She has walked back onto life's path."

The man nodded, looking around into the darkness.

"I was not certain it would work. She has a kind soul, its pleading need so wonderful." the man said, staring at Lucas.

"The path is set, Lucas. Where you are venturing is dangerous. I cannot aid you once you cross the threshold."

"I was not seeking your help, sir. I have enough within my heart to see me through."

The man nodded, staring into Lucas' eyes now.

His own blue pools widened, taking in Lucas' glowing pools.

"It. . .it can't be! Where in all the shades of Shubra El-Kheima did you find that?" the man said, Lucas hearing the awed shock in his voice.

"I assumed it was guided to me by you." Lucas said, the man backing up a bit.

"I would not give that to my most earnest friend, Lucas. For to unleash it is to unleash the unknown. Your eyes are the shade of his existence. He. . .he cannot risk that path!" the man said, Lucas sensing the man's distress.

"What's wrong?"

The man stared at him.

"The path's changed! It can't go this way! Not for his sake, never for my own!" the Watcher said, looking at Lucas.

"I cannot stay, the veil feels me. I come with a warning. Look to the stone's words, they speak the truth. Through them you can find salvation. They will be your force of reckoning. Of all realms."

Lucas was about to say something, the man before him disappearing, Lucas again alone.

A soft breeze blew across the road, his face feeling its coolness.

Lucas sighed, looking at both stones.

"I walk the path I must.” he said, the young man walking forward.

The moment he walked between the two stones, Lucas felt the consuming pain.

He screamed, his voice cutting through the darkness, its painful emotion filling the night.


Haven Marlowe smiled, rising from the bench.

"He's here! Finally!” he smiled, the door of the cabin opening, Bryce rushing out, staring at Haven with concern.

"Our guest has arrived. He's just walked through the first stones. The snare is wrapping around him. Go to Morgan. You'll both need to man the net." Haven said, Bryce nodding, his eyes looking back at the cabin, Haven slapping his head.

"Keep your wits, Bryce. Your boy won't move. He'll be yours at the end of this."

Bryce moved, walking off the porch, the darkness swallowing him.

Haven stared after him, watching the man heading down the short path.

He stared out into the darkness, the man taking a deep breath.

His eyes glowed red, a leering smile crossing his face.

Haven felt a voice enter his head, the voice consuming him.

He comes, master.

Destroy him, Haven.

Sap the life force out of him.

I sense he has gained much.

I feel a presence not long felt.

That concerns me.

Destroy him quickly; wipe the earth of his existence.

Yes, Master.

I will drink of his blood and consume his magic.

We shall rule for eons, faithful servant.

Haven smiled, the voice gone from his head.

"I'm going to so enjoy this.” he smiled, the man walking off the porch into the darkness.


Lucas fell to his knees, the pain coursing through him almost overcoming him.

His mind was lost in it.

He struggled to breathe, the young man feeling his life ebbing out of him.

In the darkness of his mind he felt a soft voice penetrate through the void.

Focus, Lucas.

The magic lays in its surprise.

Fend off the pain, see what needs to be seen.

The life breathes in you, just reach out for it.

Lucas focused his mind, finding a glowing light in the center of his mind.

He focused on that light, his mind suddenly calming, the pain lessening.

The light seemed to intensify, Lucas regaining his bearings, slowly rising to his feet.

He felt the light flow through him, calming his whole self.

He took a deep breath, looking around his surroundings.

His eyes widened with surprise, seeing images flowing towards him.

He stared at each, a soft smile crossing his face.

He smiled, moving forward, walking down a short path.

He walked between two more stone obelisks, the young man's path not faltering.

Behind him images quietly followed.


Morgan met Bryce's blue eyes, the two staring around in the darkness.

Ahead of them stood two stone markers, both saw two others off in the dark distance.

The clouds above them had thinned, a large moon now showing behind them, the area filling with a soft moonlight.

"I don't like this." Bryce said, Morgan staring at him.

"Relax. The boss says these stones act like a beacon for him. The boy's trapped within their path. He'll walk right down this path. And then we'll release the trap." Morgan said softly, his voice almost a whisper.

Bryce stared out into the semidarkness, seeing no one.

Morgan looked at him.

"The night will be over soon. Then you can go claim your prize. I don't think Ben will stay long. He should be here soon."

Bryce stared into the darkness.

"Ben's not coming. It's just us." Bryce said, Morgan staring at him.

"I'm surprised you're so calm about that. I thought you had an iron grasp on your man?"

"I do. No one touches my Josh."

"You and I vary on what touching means, Hartwell. Ben's probably deep within Chasez's ass."

"Ben's off on another adventure." Bryce said, Morgan looking at him.

Their soft talk was interrupted by a sound.

The sound of many footsteps.


Lucas walked down the path, passing several stone obelisks, ignoring all of them.

Each time he passed one he felt the magic within him pulsate, their magic disintegrating against the greater magic within himself.

Lucas sensed ahead of him, sensing the two men waiting ahead of him.

Lucas stopped, turning back, the images behind him stopping as well.

He stared at them, his voice filling their minds.

He moved again, walking forward, cresting a small knoll, walking down the path on its other side.

The images remained unmoving.

Lucas looked ahead of him, seeing the path meandering through a grove of trees, the young man walking ahead.

He'd just entered their beginning, the young man seeing two more stone markers.

He walked forward between them, his magic barely registering their intrusion on his mind.

He took about twenty steps, a sudden sound filling the air.

Lucas looked up, the young man not watching where his feet were going.

A log suddenly appeared in front of him, Lucas stumbling over the log, falling forward.

He hit the ground, finding it not hard, but filled with something thick and rough.

Lucas suddenly felt himself being airborne, the net he'd fallen into rising up through the trees, Lucas now trapped within it, about three feet off the ground.

He saw two shapes move out of the darkness, Lucas seeing clubs in their hands.

Lucas felt the clubs hit his back and head, the young man closing his eyes, concentrating on the center of his magic.

The young man's body sagged, then lay still.

Morgan smiled, Bryce still hitting the young man with his club, Morgan pulling him back.

"He's out like a light, Bryce. The boss wants him alive." Morgan said, staring at the silver medallions hanging from the net, ancient words etched into their surfaces.

"He walked right into his doom." Morgan smiled, Bryce wiping his face with his shirt sleeve.

"Let's get him to the cabin. I want this over with." Bryce said, Morgan nodding.

Morgan cut the guide rope, the net falling, Lucas hitting the ground under him, the young man not moving.

"Grab a rope. We drag him up the path." Morgan said, the two men beginning to drag Lucas to the cabin.


Haven stood in front of the cabin, the light behind him casting a soft glow around his statuesque form.

Morgan and Bryce walked out of the darkness, pulling a net behind them.

Haven smiled, seeing the lump under its roped length.

"You didn't kill him, did you?” he smiled, Bryce stopping, dropping his rope.

"No, why deny you the pleasure?” he said, walking up to Haven.

"I'm going to check on Josh. And he better be alright.” he said, Haven smiling at him.

"Oh, the boy's just as you left him. Not my type, as I said." Haven said, Morgan dropping his rope.

Bryce moved, walking past Haven, walking up onto the porch.

"He walked right down the path into the trap. Here he is." Morgan said, staring at the young man laying in the net.

Haven smiled, walking up to him, staring down at the silent man.

"I'm surprised he didn't put up a fight. The magic must have consumed his weaker magic. Excellent! This will be so easy!"

Haven smiled, moving his foot, hitting Lucas' head under the net with a sharp kick.

"Wake up, sunshine! Time to welcome yourself to the darkness of eternity!” he smiled, the young man not moving.

Haven looked at Morgan, the man shrugging his shoulders.

"We hit him, but he's not dead."

Morgan hit Lucas again, the man suddenly moving, rising to his feet, still trapped within the net.

Morgan looked surprised, stepping back, Haven staring at Lucas.

The young man's green pools were glowing, Haven's igniting as well.

"What the fuck? Where did you get. . .?” he began to say, a sudden explosion filling the sky, fireworks going off above them.

"I walked onto the truth path, Haven. And its answer is coming."

Lucas moved his hands, their palms hitting the net, its ropes suddenly turning white, disintegrating around Lucas.

Haven moved back in shock, staring at Lucas.

"No one can breach the magic of Kurucu!” Haven screamed, the net now gone from Lucas' body.

His eyes glowed emerald, Haven backing up towards the cabin.

"I am of greater magic, spawn of evil! Prepare for destiny!" Lucas said, his hands going upwards, a white light flowing from them.

It reached the night sky, exploding, a fireworks of white light going off.

Haven's eyes filled with anger, their redness now glowing.

"Come on then, whatever you are!” he screamed, his hands moving, a bright red light flowing from them, hitting Lucas, the light instantly disintegrating.

"I am life, I am love. Evil cannot stand against either." Lucas said, raising his head.

"They within the forests of all realms, come to me!!"

The forest exploded with noise, shadows moving out of the darkness, Morgan's eyes widening with surprise.

Out of the forest came animals, large running animals.

Some were alive, some were mere images of their once noble selves.

Morgan screamed, running towards the cabin, a large elk charging after him, its antlers picking the man up, tossing him over its back.

Morgan hit the ground, a small herd of deer rushing over him.

His screams were cut off by the hooves hitting his face.

Haven saw all the shadowy animals running towards him, his eyes meeting Lucas' green pools.

"Beasts have no chance against the stone's magic. I only have to do this!” he said, snapping his fingers.

The stones along the path Lucas had walked suddenly pulsated, the ones surrounding the cabin glowing red.

The animals suddenly disappeared, their images gone.

"Games with tricks, you stupid fool! Let me show you real power!" Haven said, Lucas staring at him, not moving.

"No, Uncle. Let me show you." Lucas said, raising his hand.

A white light came out of his palm, Haven's eyes widening with surprise, the light consuming him.

Lucas stared at the man, seeing his eyes widen with disbelief.

"Until the end, spawn. The room will imprison you. Life will show you the truth."

The white light disappeared, Haven Marlowe gone.


Lucas moved, heading for the cabin.

He flew open its front door, walking into the cabin.

He scanned the living room, seeing no one, his green eyes on an open door at its end.

He moved; his mind, magic and reflexes on high alert.

He walked slowly into the room, seeing a sight that pulled at his soul.

His Josh lay in a bed, the man's hands tied above his head, his shirt wide open.

On the floor by the bed a man lay, Lucas sensing he was dead.

Lucas scanned the room, seeing no one else.

He moved with graceful speed, sitting down on the bed, grabbing a knife off the nightstand beside it, beginning to cut the cord from above Josh's head.

Josh's eyes were closed, Lucas scanning his bruised face.

His hand went to Josh's chest, Lucas gently rubbing it.

"I love you, Josh. Please wake up.” he softly said, Josh's body stirring.

Josh's eyelids flickered, then slowly opened.

Lucas cut the cord, releasing Josh's hands.

His hand went to Josh's mouth, pulling off the tape.

"I love you, Josh. I'm here to. . .” he said, Josh's mouth opening, his scream filling the air.

Lucas felt the pain in his back, the man moving with a burst of speed, his hand moving as well, the knife within it embedding in Bryce Hartwell's chest.

Bryce gasped, releasing his own knife, its blade sunken into Lucas' shoulder.

The man staggered, staring at Josh for a moment, then sinking to his knees, falling to the floor, his head landing on Ben's dead chest.

Lucas gasped, pulling the knife out of his shoulder, dropping it to the floor, his eyes turning back to Josh's rising form.

Lucas engulfed him in his arms, holding him against his chest.

"I love you, Josh. I'm here. You're safe within my love."
Josh sobbed, Lucas holding his life in his hands.

He heard the cabin explode with noise, Detective Cameron and Justin and Lance bursting into the room, all stopping, seeing the two men laying on the floor, Bryce gasping for breath, Detective Cameron going to him, checking for weapons, yelling for the officers in the other room.

Justin and Lance were at Lucas' side, his green pools meeting their blue and green.

"He's okay, my loves. Our love is okay." Lucas said, Lance seeing the blood soaking Lucas' back.

"You're hurt, Lucas!” he said, Lucas holding onto Josh.

"My love heals all, Lance. I have my love back.” he cried, Justin and Lance wrapping their arms around him and Josh.

Finn stood in the doorway, staring at four men joined forever.

Tears fell down his cheeks, knowing in his heart Lucas' love could save anyone.

Josh clung to Lucas, feeling the man's love consume him.

And in Lucas’ mind he felt something else.

He sank into a white light, and into the truth.



End of Chapter 146


There you go!
Josh has been saved by Lucas!

And Bryce, Ben, Morgan and even Haven appear to have received their justice.


Lucas' magic indeed seems to have handled the situation.

Glowing dead animals charging at his command?

Magical beacons that sought to hurt him unable to destroy his new magic?

Haven seemed surprised by something.

And Lucas seems to have destroyed him.

Or is he still out there?
He spoke of a room of imprisonment?


Interesting events.

Let's hope Lucas can explain it all.


On the path we go.


Hugs, Angel.