Yesterday's End-147


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 147


"Good morning, everyone. Marcus Coleman for CW Entertainment.

We're at the scene of a dramatic rescue that took place last evening.

I'm standing outside the boundaries of an upscale cabin community in the San Fernando Valley.

Last night JC Chasez--singer and former member of N*SYNC--was rescued from kidnappers by his recently revealed lover Lucas Carver, lead singer of Orion.

We've learned that JC Chasez was kidnapped yesterday in Los Angeles by two individuals, his car found abandoned in West L.A.

The two men were identified as Benjamin Austin, a freelance cameraman, and Morgan Sheppard, entertainment reporter for our own network, KTLA.

Our station wasn't aware of these nefarious dealings until after the fact.

Austin was pronounced dead at the scene, from an apparent stabbing.

Morgan Sheppard was injured and arrested, then taken to Los Angeles Memorial Hospital.

Another man identified as Bryce Hartwell was injured--he the apparent mastermind of the kidnapping of JC Chasez.

All reports show that Hartwell was JC Chasez's former boyfriend.

He was also the assailant who shot Lucas Carver a few months back in New York City.

It seems young Carver took it upon himself to try and rescue his boyfriend from their clutches.

Police and SWAT teams were involved; Detective Charles Cameron is slated to give a statement to the press shortly.

JC Chasez was taken to the hospital along with Lucas Carver.
What their wounds or conditions are we haven't learned yet.

We're waiting for the update from police representatives, and will bring it to you live when it happens.

For now it's back to you, Susan, at the Los Angeles CW Morning News desk.



Los Angeles Memorial Hospital


Justin stretched, his muscles feeling cramped and sore.

Lance smiled at him as he walked into the waiting room, carrying a tray of coffee cups, Finn at his side carrying another.

The waiting room was filled, all Lucas' and Josh's families waiting.

"Any word?" Lance asked, the door closing behind him and Finn, Justin shaking his head no.

Colton stared at Lance, Jonathan's arms around his boyfriend, the two seated beside Justin.

Rosa Sharon's head lay in Colton's lap, the young girl sound asleep on the couch.

It was just after eight in the morning, everyone having been waiting since they'd brought Lucas and Josh to the hospital around four.

"We brought coffee and donuts." Finn said, walking around to everyone, Lance walking the other side of the room, some taking cups and donuts, some passing on them.

Lance sat down beside his man, Justin snuggling against him, Lance's arm going around him.

They were in a private waiting room, awaiting any news of Josh's or Lucas' conditions.

Finn had called the house, the news given.

Everyone had driven to the hospital, arriving before Justin, Finn and Lance and the ambulances.

Rosa Sharon had insisted on coming, Colton giving in to her request.

Here now they all sat in silence, mulling over the night's drama.

Lance and Justin had both told everyone what they knew had happened, a lot of mystery still surrounding the night's events.

They all hoped Lucas could shed some light on what he'd done.

The door of the room opened, everyone's eyes going to it, Detective Cameron walking into the room, closing the door behind him, two uniformed officers seen standing outside it.

"Any word?" he said, Lance shaking his head no, now on his feet again, Justin at his side.

"The cabin's been secured, no sign of Haven Marlowe anywhere. He's somehow escaped all this. Although he left behind his vehicle." Charles said, everyone staring at him.

"What about Sheppard? And Hartwell?" Finn said, Detective Cameron looking at the Welshman.

"They're both in custody, being treated for their wounds here. Both will survive. Sheppard looked like he'd been through twelve rounds with a prizefighter. His face is a mess. Hartwell's in surgery, the doctors repairing a collapsed lung and heart tissue damage." Charles said, Josh's parents staring at him.

"That man's hurt our son. He deserves any pain he has. I'm just glad Lucas was able to save our Josh." Roy said, Colton smiling at the older man.

"Lucas saves all with his love." the young man said, Justin looking at him.

"You sense him, Colt? How is he?" Justin said, Colton seeing the worry in his emotional face.

"He's okay, Justin. His wound has already started to heal. His heart is another matter." the young man said, Lance looking at him.

"What do you mean, Colt?"

"I'm not sure what's going on, Lance. I only feel that Lucas has done something unbelievable. I feel the residual effect of his magic. It's laced with emotion. I've never felt so much love, courage and greatness. His magic is unbelievably powerful." Colton said, Jonathan's hand going in his, the young men looking at each other.

"Don't fear it. His magic is laced with his love. Josh's alive because of that love."

Everyone smiled at the young man, Colton's eyes on Justin.

The door opened again, Gideon, Nick, Gio, Usher, and Adam walking into the room, closing the door again.

Colton raised Rosa Sharon in his arms, Jonathan taking her from him, the girl snuggling in his lap, still sound asleep.

Colton stood up, his uncle walking over to him.

"How is he?" Adam said, Gideon's arms going around his nephew, hugging him close.

"We're waiting for news." Lance said, Usher nodding.

"Pierce stopped at Emergency. He'll find out what's going on." Adam said, Usher's arm around him.

"I still can't believe all this. Lucas' walking into all that danger for my son." Roy said, his arm around his wife.

"That young man's unbelievable." Charles said, the detective introduced to Gio, Nick and Gideon.

"What happened out there?" Gideon said, Colton snuggled against him, Jonathan smiling at Gideon.

"We're not sure, Mr. Carlisle. We saw fireworks in the sky and moved in. We found Lucas with Josh in a bedroom, a man laying dead at their feet, Hartwell laying on the floor wounded as well. We found Sheppard outside unconscious." Charles said, everyone listening to him.

"It was Morgan Sheppard, Gideon. He and a friend of his were the ones who kidnapped Josh. They were all connected to Haven Marlowe, Bryce as well. That all seems so confusing." Justin said, Lance's arm around him.

"The important thing is that Josh and Lucas are both okay." Lance said, Colton smiling at him.

"Their love is unstoppable." he said, Justin smiling at the young man.

The door of the room opened again, Pierce walking into the room, another doctor in a white lab coat following.

"Hello, everyone. This is Doctor Adams." Pierce said, the older man smiling at everyone.

"Mr. Carver and Mr. Chasez are both resting comfortably. We've treated Mr. Carver's stab wound, he seems remarkably strong. He's being released this morning."
"How is Josh? I'm his mother, doctor." Karen said, the doctor smiling at her with compassion.

"He's doing fine. A bit emotional and confused, but fine.  He has no apparent physical wounds, other than a few scrapes and bruises, as well as exhaustion and tiredness. We're going to keep him here for the day just as a precaution. He's been through a rough ordeal."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, the doctor smiling around at all the famous faces.

"This has turned our hospital into a war zone. The front entrance is inundated with reporters and camera crews. No worries, both men are safe and have privacy." the doctor said, Roy extending his hand, the man shaking it.

"Thank you, Dr. Adams. I'm Josh's father. My wife and I'd like to see him."

"Of course, Mr. Chasez. I'll walk you down there shortly. I believe Mr. Carver would like to be with his partner first." the man smiled, Roy and Karen smiling as well.

"I'll return in a half hour or so. Good morning, everyone." the man said, Pierce shaking his hand, the doctor walking out of the room.

"Did you see Lucas, Pierce?" Adam said, Pierce smiling at him.

"No, I only met Frank Adams, outside Emergency. He's a good man, and a brilliant doctor. They're both going to be okay. I'll look after both when we get them out of here."

Everyone smiled, Justin hugging Pierce, the man smiling.

"Lucas won't leave today without his Josh." he said, Pierce nodding.

"I know, Justin. Frank's already authorized his staying overnight."

Everyone smiled, sitting down again, their thoughts and love on the two men.


Lucas sighed, the young man in a wheelchair, a young doctor pushing his chair, a uniformed police officer following.

They stopped at a hospital room door, another police officer standing beside it, the young man smiling down at Lucas.

"This is Mr. Chasez's room, Mr. Carver." the doctor said, Lucas nodding at him, focusing on the door.

The young doctor had been with Dr. Adams, both men patching up Lucas' wounds.

"We'll give you some privacy. Try not to overexert him. He needs rest." the man smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"Thank you, Dr. Fuller."

"You need rest also. Dr. Adams has ordered another bed down for you. I understand your need to be close to him. Big fan, Mr. Carver. Of both of you and your courage." the young doctor smiled, Lucas smiling up at him.

"I'm Lucas, Dr. Fuller." Lucas said, the young doctor smiling at him.

"I'll stop by later today, Lucas." he said, nodding at the two police officers, one of them opening the room's door, Lucas gliding his wheelchair into the room, the officer closing the door behind him.

Lucas' eyes were drawn to a bed in the room's center, his life laying within it.

Lucas rose from the wheelchair, walking across the room, gently sitting down on the bed's edge, staring at Josh's sleeping face.

Josh wore a small bandage on his forehead, his eyes looking bruised and swollen.

He wore a clean hospital gown, his legs and center covered by blankets.

Lucas' hand went out, taking Josh's hand in his, the young man feeling the instant connection with his love.

Josh's eyes fluttered, slowly opening, staring into two emerald pools of showing love.

Lucas stared into two blue pools of intense emotion.

"Lucas? My Lucas! Oh God, Lucas!" Josh sobbed, the man moving upwards, Lucas wrapping his arms around his torso, holding him close, Josh sobbing into his chest.

"I'm here, my love, my Joshua. My love's here for you always!" Lucas said, his own eyes filled with tears, the man holding his life within his arms.

"I was so scared! I. . .I needed you so much!" Josh cried, Lucas rubbing his back.

"You had my love always, Josh. And I would never leave you alone." Lucas said, the man against him holding onto him tightly.

Josh's hands moved, going up Lucas' back, Lucas softly gasping.

Josh pulled back, staring at his man with concerned love.

"You're hurt! Oh, the knife wound!" Josh said, softening his hold on his man.

"Just a small wound, my love. It's healing already." Lucas said, his fingers wiping the tears from Josh's bruised face.

"I love you, Lucas. I love you so much." Josh softly said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him.

"You are my life, Joshua. I love you with all of my soul." Lucas said, Josh tearing up again.

Lucas leaned forward, his lips meeting Josh's, Josh's soul suddenly calming, the man feeling a great surge of love flow through him.

Lucas pulled back, Josh licking his lips softly, trying to catch every moment of the leaving love.

"Rest back, my love. I'm here." Lucas said, Josh moving back against the pillows, Lucas picking up a remote control off the nightstand by the bed, raising Josh's bed up a bit, Josh in a sitting position now.

Josh's eyes widened in surprise when he looked into Lucas' eyes.

"Your eyes! They're. . .they're green!" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, his eyes flashing for a moment, Josh seeing their familiar violet for a few seconds, the emerald green returning.

"I've found a greater magic, my love. It helped me rescue you from them."

"I felt it, Lucas. When you kissed me, the love within you seemed so overpowering." Josh said, Lucas' fingers brushing his cheek, the young man smiling at him with love.

"The magic enhances the love, my Josh. You're going to be loved forever." he said, Josh tearing up again.

Lucas sensed Josh's emotions were volatile, the young man kissing his cheek.

"You're going to relax today, we're going to get well. Then we're going home. And our life of love will continue. Only this time it will be even more amazing." the young man smiled, Josh seeing so much love in his handsome face and his mesmerizing green pools.

"Jus and I are both so lucky. We both have green-eyed visions of beauty."

Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's unending love for him.

"And I have three souls of unending love." Lucas smiled, the young man sitting back a bit.

"There's something else, my love. Your love and my need for it has healed all of me." Lucas said, the young man slowly standing up.

Josh stared at his man, seeing Lucas standing on his feet.

"Oh God, Luke! You can walk! You're healed!" Josh said, Lucas sensing his cresting emotions, the man returning to his man's side, his lips meeting his again, calming his man's emotions.

Josh was in his arms again, Lucas holding him close.

They broke the kiss, Josh staring into Lucas' green pools.

"The new magic healed me, Joshua. Your love healed me."

Josh cried, Lucas smiling at him, wiping his cheeks again.

"Lay back, my love. Let me return your beauty somewhat to itself. I'll do the rest when we get home." Lucas said, Josh laying back again, Lucas' fingers going to Josh's face, his green pools suddenly flashing a glowing blue.

Josh stared in silent awe, feeling a warmth flood his face.

Lucas' fingers moved back, Josh's handsome face showing its returned beauty.

The bruising was nearly gone, his eyes showing no swelling.

"I'm tired, my love. I'll heal all of you tomorrow. With my magic and my love." Lucas said, Josh smiling up at him.

"I love you, Lucas."

"I love you, my Joshua."

Lucas smiled, moving back a bit.

"The love comes." he said, a soft knock coming to the door.

"Come in, our family." Lucas smiled, the door opening; Roy and Karen, Tristan and Savannah, Justin, Colton and Lance walking into the room followed by Dr. Adams and Pierce.

Lucas smiled, rising from the bed, his spot filled immediately by Josh's mother, Karen kissing her son's cheek, her arms gently around him.

"Oh, Josh! You're alright!" she cried, Josh kissing his mother's cheek, smiling up at his father, Roy's hand on his son's shoulder.

"I'm going to be okay, Mom and Dad. I have Lucas' and your love again." he said, Lucas smiling, the young man gently hugged by the others in the room, his parents' eyes filled with tears.

"I'm alright, everyone. I have my love back." Lucas said, Justin and Lance both holding him gently, Lucas feeling their emotional love.

"Oh, Lucas! You're. . .you're. . ." Savannah said, Lucas' arm going around his mother.

"I'm fine, Mom. But I think Josh and I both need some motherly love when we get home." he smiled, Karen smiling up at him from her son's bedside.

"You'll both get it a hundred fold." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

Doctor Adams walked up to the bed, staring at Josh's face.

"My God! You're face's bruising is almost gone! And your swelling's gone down! Amazing!"

Josh smiled at the doctor, his blue eyes going to Lucas' emerald.

"Love heals all, Doctor." he said, Josh smiling at him.

The doctor stared at Lucas, Pierce walking up to his friend.

"Lucas' love is amazing, Frank. Josh will be right as rain soon enough." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Tell everyone waiting that I'll be down to see them shortly, Pierce." Lucas said, smiling at his man.

Josh softly smiled back, looking at the young doctor.

"I'd like to see everyone. They're my family." he said, Lucas smiling.

Karen smiled, rising from the bed, Lucas smiling as she gently hugged him.

"We're all one big happy family. Thank you, my son, for bringing our Josh back to us."
Lucas teared up, Justin and Lance smiling, seeing his emotions.

"I love all of you. Family we all are."

The two doctors smiled, walking out of the room, Pierce quietly listening to the other doctor's enquiring words.

Josh softly smiled, Justin and Lance both gently sitting down on the bed, Josh staring between both of them.

"Welcome back to our love, Joshy. We love you." Justin said, his eyes beginning to tear up.

Josh smiled, pulling his friend down into his arms, Justin's head going against his chest gently.

Josh smiled at Lance, the man leaning down, kissing his lips.

"Welcome back, Josh. To our love and to our Lucky's amazing new love." Lance said, Josh smiling at him.

All three men looked towards Lucas, his green pools filled with deep love.

"My love belongs to all three of you. It will heal all our souls." he said, Justin smiling up at him.

"I know my boy, I see his eyes. He needs some rest." Karen said, Justin and Lance both smiling, Lucas smiling at Josh's mother.

"Mother's love. It's the best." he smiled, Karen pecking his cheek, smiling at him.


Justin and Lance both got up off the bed, Karen and Roy sitting down in chairs by the bed, Josh smiling at them, sighing softly.

Colton walked around the bed, leaning down and kissing Josh's lips, gently hugging him close.

Lucas smiled, seeing the young man's love for his Josh.

"Welcome back, Papa. I love you." Colton said, Josh tearing up, kissing the young man's cheek.

"I love you too, Colt. Missed you." Josh smiled, Colton smiling as he broke his hold, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"Dad's fine, Papa. He has your love back, as do we all. I'm looking forward to its greater beauty."
Josh smiled, looking up at his man, then at Colton.

"So am I, Colt."
The young man smiled, rising up from the bed, his arms wrapping around Lucas' waist, Lucas hugging him close.

"Love you, Dad." he said, Josh smiling at the emotion on Lucas' face.

"Love you, my son."

Everyone smiled, seeing Lucas' love for the young man.

"Enjoy our parents' love, babe. I'm going down to see everyone. Back in a bit." Lucas said, Josh smiling, Karen smiling up at him.

"He's in good hands, Luke." Roy smiled, Lucas nodding.

"The best, Roy." Tristan said, he and Savannah walking around the bed, both leaning down and kissing Josh's cheek.

"Four parents, babe. You're trapped in their wonderful love." Lucas smiled, Colton's arms still around him.

The four parents smiled up at Lucas, Tristan and Savannah now seated on the other side of Josh's bed.

"A great place to be, Lucas. Almost as wonderful as your arms of love." Josh softly said, his eyes slowly fighting to keep open.

"Close your eyes, son. We're all here around you." Roy said, Josh smiling at his father, his eyes slowly closing.

Karen's hand went into her son's, Tristan and Savannah smiling at both.

"Love you, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling, Justin and Lance guiding him out of the room, Colton snuggled against him.


Everyone rose from their seats as the door opened, Lucas walking into the room, Colton's arm still around him.

"Lucas! You're okay!" Trish said, Lucas smiling as Colton broke his hold on him, it replaced by Trish's tight embrace.

Lucas softly gasped, Andrew at his fiancée's side.

"He's hurt, Patricia. Give Lucas some breathing room." he smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

Trish released her grip on her brother, kissing his cheek.

"Sorry, Lucky." she said, Lucas feeling her love in that name.

"What's a few broken ribs against your love?" he smirked, Trish smiling at him, Lucas seeing her love.

"Still a smartass. Lukey's on the mend." she smiled, Lucas lightly laughing, the young man surrounded by everyone, everyone giving him gentler hugs and kisses.

Lucas smiled at Charles, the detective extending his hand.

"I'm so glad to see you standing, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's Luke, Charles."

The detective nodded, guiding Lucas to a chair, the young man sitting down.

"If you're feeling up to it, could you tell us what happened? We can wait if you're tired." he said, his voice laced with compassion.

"I'm fine, Charles. A bit tired but my Josh's love rejuvenates me." he said, Finn smiling at his friend.

Finn's embrace had been just as intense as Trish's, Lucas bearing the weight of his giving love with happiness.

"How's Josh, Luke?" he asked, Lucas staring at his friend.

"He's emotional, and exhausted. Today he'll rest. Tomorrow the healing of his soul begins. And my love will heal all of him. I've already healed the blemishes of his attack." he said, everyone hearing the love in his voice.

Justin and Lance were both at his sides, Lucas surrounded by their emotional love.

"Your love is what he needs most." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"He needs all of our love. That love is laced with my own." he said, Adam smiling at him.

"We all know that, Luke."
Lucas smiled at the singer, his green pools focusing on Charles' staring blue.

"I saved him, Charles. I walked through magic, pain and destiny to do it. As I never doubted I would."

"What happened out there, Luke?" the detective said, Lucas beginning to talk.

He told them all of the night's drama, everyone sitting down and listening to a story of magic, love and courage.

When Lucas ended his story, he saw many eyes staring at him with wonder.

"That's unbelievable, Luke!" Charles said, staring at the young man with awe.

"I told you to watch the skies. I'm glad you took my sign at what it was."

"Ghost animals, Luke?" Finn said, staring with wonder.

"Shade animals, Finny. My magic drew the Shades again. Only this time they were beasts of past lives." he said, Lance staring at him.

"Your love drew them, Lucas." Rosa Sharon said, now awake and seated in Jonathan's lap, Colton at her side, Gideon seated beside him.

He smiled at the young girl, seeing the love in her blue pools.

"Yes, I believe so, Rosy." he said, Rosa Sharon rising from Jonathan's lap, the young girl moving across the room, climbing into Lucas' lap.

"Your love, as I said, transcends through the veil, Lucas. They were drawn by it and its danger. You have a great power. The monster realized it too late." she said, Lance staring at her.

"The monster?" Lance said, the little girl smiling at him.

"The evil within Haven is a true monster. Lucas sensed that. Am I correct?" she said, Lucas staring down at her, the young man kissing her forehead.

"You don't need to think of monsters, little one. My love is here to protect you."

"As is his, Luke. You saw him?"

Lucas nodded his head, looking around at everyone.

"Yes, Rosy. I saw the Watcher. He was beauty come to life."

She smiled, nodding her head.

"He's nice, Luke. I wonder who he is."
"Me too, sweetie. Me too." he said, looking around at everyone.

"You saw that man?" Lance said, Lucas nodding his head.

"He came before me just before I walked across the threshold of Haven's trap."

"We heard your scream, Lucas.  It took all my officers to stop Justin and Lance from trying to go after you." Charles said, Lucas looking at his friends.

"I walked between two of the stone markers that created the magic path Haven was forcing me onto." Lucas said, Charles' blue eyes meeting Justin's and Lance's confused eyes.

"Stones, Luke? What stones?" the detective said, Lucas looking at him.

"You didn't find any stone obelisks marked by strange writing?" he said, the three shaking their heads no.

"Magical to the core I guess they were. Haven stirred a great magic. Magic disappears as it must."  he said, Justin looking at him.

"Where did Haven go, Luke?" Justin asked, the question on everyone's mind.

"He's out of the picture for now, Jus. Necessity forced my hand in that regard. I had to remove him from the scene."

"Remove him, Luke? You mean you destroyed him?" Finn said, staring at his friend with surprise.

"Destroy him? I am a man of love, Finn. I would never seek to destroy someone. I am not a killer. I won't cross that path. If destiny forces me to fight evil I will destroy it. But I won't risk hurting anyone."
Everyone nodded, seeing the love shining from this courageous young man.

"I'm sorry, Luke." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Finn. I feel your protective love."
Finn smiled, nodding at his friend.

"I sent him away within my magic. He was surprised by that. At the greatness of what I possess. His evil--or the evil within him--didn't see that coming." Lucas said, Lance staring at him.

"Your magic is strong, Lucas. To remove and imprison his evil shows that." Francesca said, Lucas staring at his grandmother.

"I have the magic of the ages flowing through me, Grandmother. I believe it has a mind of its own.  It gave me the answer to staying Haven's plans. I know he's not happy where he is. But his own path in life drew him to his stand. As did mine."

Everyone quietly stared at Lucas, sensing the young man wouldn't elaborate anymore on what had happened between the two men.

"Thankfully Josh was saved." Charles said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Bryce is a young man with deep emotional wounds." he said, Charles nodding.

"He'll survive his wounds, Lucas. He and Sheppard have both been charged with kidnapping, attempted murder, unlawful imprisonment and assault. They'll both go away for a long time."

Lucas lowered his eyes.

"I didn't want that for either. All I wanted was my Joshua's freedom. His freedom from their wickedness." he said, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"You gave him that freedom, Lucas. You are a man of your word. We all now have faith in that truth. And we'll all now see that love shine again."
Lucas raised his eyes, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"Buy me drinks first, sexy."
Justin laughed, the heaviness in the room suddenly dissipating.

Everyone smiled, Finn grinning.

"He's back!"

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"That I am. As is my Josh. I only ask all of you to be gentle with him. He's emotional and he's been through an ordeal." he said, everyone smiling at him with love.

"We all love Josh, Lucas. And we all love you. We're all here for you both, in any way." Adam said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You in a Speedo at the pool will make me happy."

Adam laughed, others joining him, Charles smiling at the young man.

"So amazing! After all that, you try to alleviate everyone's concerns with humor." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Life is friendship, happiness, humor and love, Charles. I give all."

Everyone smiled, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

Only one person wasn't smiling totally.

Justin's blue pools were quietly staring at Lucas.


Josh opened his blue pools, the man staring at a lot of smiling faces.

His bed was surrounded by a lot of people, one person sitting on the bed beside him.

"Our friends wouldn't leave without seeing that you're alright, my love." Lucas said, seated beside him, his hand in his.

Lucas' touch had awoken Josh, the man feeling its love-filled greatness.

Finn smiled, leaning down and kissing Josh's cheek, Josh staring into his smiling blue pools.

"Hi, Josh. Welcome back to our love." he said, Josh tearing up.

Finn smiled, looking at Lucas.

"There are armed policemen outside, Josh. If lover boy here gets too randy I'm sure they could stun him with a Taser or something."

Josh softly laughed, Lucas smiling, knowing Finn's humor would go to his man's heart.

Finn smiled, stepping back, Gideon taking his place, the man leaning down and kissing his cheek.

"As beautiful as ever, Chasez. Say the word and I'll be yours." he smiled, Josh laughing again.

"The word is yes."

Gideon smiled, stepping back, Nick the next to hug Josh gently.

Everyone took turns, saying words of love to Josh, hugging or kissing him gently.

The man felt all their returned love, his emotions showing, and Lucas' love beside him calming him through all of it.

"We have a big family now, Josh. Isn't it wonderful?" Lucas said, Josh softly smiling.

"Yes, it is, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

Lucas sensed Josh's still tired self, everyone else sensing it as well.

"We'll let you get some more rest, Joshy. We'll all see you at home tomorrow." Savannah said, Josh smiling at her.

"Okay, Mom."
She and Karen smiled, Karen leaning down and kissing her son's cheek.

"I'm going to whip you up all your favorites. My boy's going to get better." she said, Josh smiling at her.

"See you tomorrow, Mom." he said, Karen kissing his and Lucas' cheek.

"Bye, my boys."

Lucas smiled, everyone saying goodbye to Josh and Lucas, Justin and Lance the only two remaining.

The two men smiled, sitting down across from the bed on a couch.

Lucas smiled at his Josh, seeing the man looking towards the closed hospital door.

"Penny for your thoughts, my love?" Lucas said, kissing his cheek, Josh's blue pools meeting his green.

"Are there really armed policemen out there?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Josh. Detective Cameron thought it best. There are a lot of reporters milling around." Lance said, Josh looking towards his friends.

"I. . .I was so stupid!" he softly said, Lance and Justin rising from their seats when Lucas beckoned them over.

"Now why would you think you were stupid?" Lucas said, staring down at his man.

Josh lowered his eyes.

"I should have known Bryce would try something! That he'd snatch me for himself. He was so adamant! So lost in his need for me! I'm sorry, Luke! I'm sorry I risked your life with his madness! He was so mad! So lost!" Josh said, his voice letting go, his emotions cresting.

Lucas moved, pulling him into his arms, Justin and Lance on the bed immediately, their arms going around the man as well, Josh feeling all their surrounding love.

"This in no way was your fault, Josh! He was lost and unstable! You were only and are only loving. You had no say in his madness." Justin said, his arms around his friend.

Josh's head raised, staring into Lucas' green pools.

"I've changed you, Lucky. Your green eyes show how much I've risked for you. You risked a greater magic because of me!" Josh sobbed, Lucas moving his hand, removing the golden ring from his finger, his green pools immediately changing back to their violet hue, Lucas pocketing the ring.

"I'm here as always, my love. As is the magic. I was always destined to own it. You had no say or doing in that. I thank that magic for what it is. It is the salvation of our love. It saved you, my love. For that blessing I'll carry it always. I love you, Joshua. I would risk my life for this. For having you in my arms." Lucas said, his face covered in tears.

Josh moved, Lucas feeling his arms wrap around him.

"Oh God, I love you, Lucas! I love you so much!"

Lucas smiled, Josh hugging him close.

Justin and Lance smiled, both staring at Josh's face.

It wore a smile of deep love.

"We love you as well, Josh. We're both so happy you're here again in our arms." Lance said, Justin smiling at his man.

Josh raised his head, staring at his two friends.

"I love you both." he said, moving, Justin's arms wrapping around him, Lance leaning in, his lips meeting with Josh's.

Lucas smiled, seeing their love surround Josh.

Josh broke the kiss, feeling Lance's love.

It was replaced with Justin's love, the man kissing him deeply.

Lance's arm went around Lucas' waist, the man smiling at him.

"He has all our love. That'll get him through anything."

Justin and Josh broke the kiss, Josh sinking into his friend's chest.

"I'm so tired. I feel all your love so deeply, Jus." he said, Justin kissing his forehead.

"We're here, Josh. Our love's here." he said, moving back, Josh's head going against Justin's chest, holding him close, the two men now laying on the bed.

Lucas smiled, seeing Josh's eyes close.

He and Lance moved, climbing out of the bed, Justin smiling at both.

The singer began to hum, Josh's body snuggling more into him.

The two men walked over to the couch, sitting down, Lucas staring at the two men holding each other.

He felt a set of lips on his cheek, the young man turning his head.

"Justin's love will send him to slumber's dreamland." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"He has your love there as well." Lucas said, Lance smiling, looking towards the bed.

"I love him, Lucas. Just as much as I love my Jus. Just as much as I love you." he said, snuggling against Lucas' side.

"I love all three of you, Lance. My loving Lance." Lucas said, staring at Justin with his Josh.

Lance smiled, his hand going to the necklace hanging from Lucas' throat, his fingers touching the red stone.

He felt a pulse of love flow through him, Lance trembling for a second.

He raised his head, staring into two violet pools of love.

"The new magic's given me another answer, my Lance." he softly said, the only sound in the room Justin's soft humming.

"An answer to what?" Lance said, staring into Lucas' now green pools, seeing so much love there.

He glanced down, seeing the ring on Lucas' finger again.

"The answer to what I have." Lucas said, the young man moving forward, his lips meeting Lance's.

Lance felt the same pulse flow from Lucas as from the stone, this sensation a thousand times stronger.

Lance was lost in it, feeling himself join with Lucas in a thousand ways.

Lucas broke the kiss, Lucas gasping with a soft breath, staring at the young man.

"Oh God, Lucas! What. . .what was that? It felt like I was flowing through heaven. And I've. . ." he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That was my love, Lance. It is now forever yours." Lucas said, the young man releasing his hold on Lance, standing up.

Justin had risen from the bed, tucking the covers in around Josh, walking up to Lucas.

"He's asleep. . .my music always. . ." he began to say, the man suddenly pulled into Lucas' strong muscled arms, Lucas' lips meeting his.

Justin was stunned, a feeling flowing through him, the man's body beginning to sag against Lucas', Lance staring at his man being overpowered by Lucas' love.

Lucas broke the kiss, Justin slowly opening his eyes, staring into Lucas' violet pools of intense love.

"I love you, Jus. That is only the beginning of my love." the young man smiled, releasing him, climbing into the bed with Josh, his arms going around him, Lucas closing his eyes beside his soulmate.

Justin staggered a bit, Lance's arms now around him, the man guiding his soulmate to the couch.

"Did you. . .did you feel. . .I've. . .I've. . ." he softly said, Lance kissing his lips.

"So have I, Jus. It. . . it was so powerful. . .with no touch." he softly said, their eyes meeting.

"He is love, Lance. His love I. . .I need it." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"So do I, Jus. I need all of your loves."

Justin smiled, his hands going to his man's center.

"I feel your stickiness, my love. I'm just as wet."

Lance blushed and smiled, his green pools looking towards the bed, then at his man.

"His love drew our love out in just his kiss."

"It was amazing. You have just as moving an effect on me, my love." Justin softly said.

"Yes, but I don't make you explode like that." Lance smiled, kissing Justin on the lips, his own hands in his man's center, smelling the wetness of their erupted love.

Justin lightly laughed, smiling towards the bed.

"Let's go clean each other up then." he said, Lance smiling wide.

The two men quietly rose from the couch, their eyes going to Josh's and Lucas' sleeping forms.

The two men walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind them.

Two violet pools opened on the bed, staring at the bathroom door.

Sorry, my loves.

My love is now intense.

And I'll draw your love out always.

I need all of it.

For myself and for my Joshua.
We three have to heal his soul.

And he has to speak from his heart.

Our love needs to be one.

The man smiled, snuggling against his man.

Lucas suddenly sensed something, the young man's head raising, looking around the room, focusing on a shadow in the corner.

"Thank you." he softly said, returning to his man's chest, closing his eyes again.

An image faded from the corner of the room, two blue eyes disappearing last.


The Next Day


Colton smiled, opening the front door, the young man greeted by six smiles.

"Welcome home, Papa!" he smiled, hugging Josh on the front steps, Lucas at his side, Justin and Lance behind them.

Harry and Alain stood behind them all, their eyes scanning the front driveway and gates.

Josh smiled, the man walking into his home, Lucas' arm around him.

Justin glanced out towards the gate, the guards standing at it.

Behind it reporters stood, their cameras zooming in.

Justin sighed, he and Lance following Lucas into the house.

It was just before lunch, Josh having been released at ten from the hospital.

The four had driven through a mass of reporters from the hospital's garage, Lucas thankful for the tinted windows of Alain's SUV, no real pictures of Josh or himself taken through the dark glass.

It had taken them half an hour just to drive out of the hospital grounds, security surrounding their vehicle.

Colton guided Josh through the living room and kitchen, Josh seeing a lot of food prepared.

"Your mom and I have been cooking all morning." the young man smiled, Josh softly smiling at him.

"I am hungry, Colt." he said, Lucas smiling at him, guiding his man out onto the patio.

Josh stopped, the patio and backyard filled with people.

Lucas kissed his cheek, his eyes meeting his.

"Our families and friends surround us, my love. Welcome home to our love." Lucas said, Josh tearing up, everyone moving forward.

The first to hug him was Chris, he and Chris Pine at the front.

Lucas smiled, seeing Chris' emotional face, the man hugging his old friend tightly.

"I'm so glad you're alright, Joshy!" he said, Josh softly smiling at him.

"Give him room, Chris." Piney said, Chris smiling at his lover, the man wiping his eyes.

"Sorry, Joshy." he smiled, Josh nodding his head.

Joey walked up to him, the man hugging him more gently, patting his back.

"Glad you're okay, Josh. Welcome home." Joey said, Josh seeing the wetness in his eyes.

Josh softly smiled at him, the man quiet while everyone welcomed him home, Joey's arm going around Lucas.

"Welcome home as well, Luke. We're glad you're okay, bud." Joey said, Lucas smiling, Chris smiling at him.

"Thanks, Joe. Glad to be home myself." he said, smiling at Chris.

"Glad you're okay also, Luke. Thank you for saving our Josh." Chris said, Josh smiling at his man.

"I love him, Chris. My life and love are his." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling, both men welcomed home by everyone.

Colton and Lance handed out drinks for everyone, Justin smiling at Lucas and Josh.

"I'd like to propose a toast." he said, everyone smiling at him, holding their glasses.

"Welcome home, Joshy. It's only been two days, but we've missed your love. And a greater love missed you even more. And that love went after you, bringing you home to all of us. We thank you, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at Justin, Lucas' arm around Josh.

"I'd like to propose a toast to Josh's and Lucas' love. It never faltered these last few days. We all have it back in our hearts. To Josh's and Lucas' love!" Justin said, everyone seconding the toast, drinking their drinks together.

Josh softly smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I'll speak for both of us. We thank you for your love and support. My Josh is home, our love unchanged." Lucas said, Josh softly smiling at him.

"It's been a rough couple of days for Josh. We both love you, and I love him." Lucas said, smiling at Josh.

Josh smiled at him, looking around at everyone.

"Thank you all. I love all of you. Thank you for being here for my Lucas and for myself. I never gave up on having your love and friendship again. And I never gave up on my Lucky's love finding me. I'm home where I belong. I love all of you." he said, the man showing soft tears in his eyes.

His mother walked up to him, her arm going around him, kissing his cheek.

"We all love you, Joshua. Come on, I've made my lasagne." she smiled, Josh smiling at his mother.

He walked with her into the house, everyone smiling and following them, Lucas and Justin and Lance remaining on the patio.

"He seems so fragile, Luke." Lance said, Lucas nodding his head.

"He is, Lance. He's holding deep emotion in his heart. I'd like both of you to stay tonight. He's going to need all of our love." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"We thought the two of you needed some time alone, Luke."

Lucas smiled, leaning over and kissing Justin on his lips.

"We're a foursome now, Jus. We need all of our love."

Justin and Lance smiled, the two walking into the house, Lucas following them.

Neither saw the soft wetness in Lucas' now violet pools.


Josh stood out on the balcony, looking over the railing at the lit pool down below.

The night was breezy, a soft coolness spreading across the night's darkness.

Stars were everywhere, the sky clear and filled with them.

"God's paintbrush casts its beauty across the heavens' canvas."

Josh turned his head, Lucas smiling at him, the young man standing a few feet away from him.

"Rosa Sharon asleep?" he softly said, Lucas smiling at him again.

"She's with Colton and Jon. She's in dreamland across both realms."

Josh smiled, Lucas walking up to him, his arm going around him gently.

Josh tensed up a little, Lucas quietly staring at him.

"It's nice to have you home, my love."  Lucas said, Josh's blue pools meeting his.

"I think it's time we talked about the pain within your soul, my Joshua." Lucas said, Josh trembling.

Their eyes met again, a new voice entering the semidarkness.

"We're all here for you, Josh."

Josh and Lucas turned, Justin and Lance standing in the doorway of the balcony.

Josh's eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man's eyes filled with love.

"I asked them to stay tonight. You need all of our love."

Josh watched as Justin walked up to him, Lance following him.

Justin's arms went around Josh, pulling him close.

"I think I sense what Lucas has already sensed." he said, Josh looking at his Lucas.

"I thought I'd never return here, Lucas. I...I...I thought I didn't deserve to return here!" Josh said, the man now trembling.

Lance was at his side now as well.

"Why would you ever think that, Josh? We all love you. We all want you here with us."

Josh's eyes lowered, Justin's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

Justin kissed Josh's forehead, the man's blue eyes meeting his blue.

"Let it out, Josh. What did Bryce do to you?"

Josh trembled again, Lucas' arm going around him as well.

"I love you, Josh. You weren't allowed to make any choices for what was done to you. I saw how trapped you were laying on that bed." Lucas said, Josh staring into his violet pools of love.

"Oh, Lucas! He...he...he tried to rape me! I wouldn't move, he kept hitting me, he keep fondling me. I just didn't move. I couldn't focus on the need in him!  It wasn't anything like your love! I'm sorry! I couldn't stop him! And then...and then that other guy was at me...was going to...Bryce killed him! He slit his throat! He was insane! He wanted to make me his! I love you! I didn't want him! I want you!" Josh cried, Lucas pulling him into his arms.

Justin and Lance were in tears, Lucas holding his man close.

"I couldn't stop him, Lucas! I couldn't stop his need!" Josh cried, Lucas rubbing his back.

"Bryce is gone, my Joshua. The pain is gone. All that surrounds you is the love you always had. My love." Lucas said, kissing his forehead.

"And mine." Justin said, rubbing the man's back.

"And mine." Lance said, rubbing his shoulder as well.

Josh raised his head, staring into each of their wet eyes.

"He...he was a monster! He wanted to...I felt so scared! So alone. And then I felt...I felt you, Lucas. I felt you around me!" Josh said, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I was there, Joshua. My love is forever in your heart. And the magic of it now will always be with you. I knew exactly where you were. I'm sorry it took me so long to save you. Forgive me." Lucas said, Justin quietly staring at the young man.

Justin had sensed that emotion earlier in Lucas' soul.

"Oh, Lucas! My Lucas! You have nothing to be forgiven for. Your love saved me." Josh said, Lucas pulling him close.

"I love you, Josh. I would walk through any danger to save you. You are mine." Lucas said, Josh moving, kissing his lips.

"I love you, Lucas. My love is yours alone." Josh said, his blue eyes meeting Justin's blue and Lance's green.

"I am yours alone. The three of my heart."

Lucas kissed Josh's lips, Josh feeling his unending love.
They broke the kiss, Josh moving and kissing Justin and Lance on the lips.

The four smiled at each other, Justin's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I sensed your emotions all day, Josh. As I sensed yours, Luke."  Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"A new gift from my love, my soulmates." he said, Lance and Justin meeting each other's eyes.

"That kiss?"

Lucas nodded, his violet pools meeting Josh's blue.

"The magic in me has grown, my love. As has the love, the two inseparable now. I gave Justin and Lance each a soft taste of that love." Lucas said, Justin smiling at the young man.

"We both had an orgasm with just a kiss, Luke. That love was intense."

"Sorry, my loves. Didn't mean to go so far. Just the emotion of the moment." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I didn't mind. It was intense and beautiful." he said, Josh softly smiling.

"I'm home. Justin is being a horndog again."

Lucas laughed, the other three joining him, Lucas smiling at his man, Josh staring at him.

"Your kiss had that effect on them?"

Lucas smiled, staring at his man.

"I love you, Joshua. And I love them. I showed them my total love. I want to show you the same."
Josh softly smiled.

"I...I feel...less than. . ." he softly said, lowering his head.

Lucas' fingers went to his chin, raising his head again, staring into his blue eyes.

"You are worth more than life to me, Joshua. Let the past go. Our love is the future you need."

Josh teared up, staring at the three men surrounding him.

"I need that love, Lucas. Just let me go slow." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Of course, Joshua. Our love is yours in any way you want it." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know how I want it." he said, Justin smiling.

"I'm ready for anything you need, sexy."

Lance laughed, kissing his man's cheek.

"We're here for Josh, sweetie." he said, Justin blushing, looking at Josh.

"I'm ready for your love as well, Josh."

Josh smiled, looking out into the darkness, Lucas staring at him.

"We love you, Josh. We'll be inside if you want to join us. Right now, I need to continue with our love's induction." Lucas said, Josh looking at him.

"Induction, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man pulling out something from his pocket.

All three men stared at the ring in Lucas' hand.

"This ring holds the magic of life, of my love and something else. It was that magic you both felt, combined with my own magic and my love. That was the intensity." he said, Justin staring at the ring.

"It was beautiful, Lucas. But your love alone is as well."
Lucas smiled, looking at his man.

The man slipped the ring on his finger again, his eyes turning emerald green immediately.

He stared at all three, all three staring into his green eyes of love.

"The choice is all of yours, and each of yours alone. The magical me or the real me." Lucas said, Justin smiling at his man, Lance kissing his cheek.

"I should be green with envy but I'm not. Justin needs the greenness of your emerald magical love."
Justin nodded his head, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"I love the violet beauty of your real soul, Lucas. I need only you right now."

Lucas smiled, looking at Josh.

"I love you, Lucas.  Your violet eyes captured my heart the moment I looked into them. That real man I alone need."

Lucas smiled, extending his hand.

"I am here for you, my Joshua. Let my real love destroy the pain within you. It always has, it always will."

Josh was in tears, the man walking up to his man taking his hand in his.

"I love you, Lucas. This new person within you is unknown to me." he softly said, Lucas kissing him on the lips.

"Then let me show you the beauty of his love. Justin's need for me is about to crest. And I finally need to feel all his love."
Justin stared at Lucas as the young man moved, walking up to him, pulling him into his arms, his green pools staring at him.

"I love you, Justin. It's time you loved all of me. And it's time you saw the beauty of my total love." Lucas said, his green pools meeting Lance's green.

"I love you, Lucas. Show our Justin what his soul yearns for. I yearn for it as well." Lance said.
Justin's blue pools met Lance's green, Justin seeing his unending love in those emerald pools.

"Watch the love unfold, my loves." Lucas said, the man's lips meeting Justin's, the man instantly feeling the love flow through him, feeling Lucas pick him up in his arms.

Lucas carried him into the bedroom, Lance's green pools meeting Josh's blue.

"Lucas' love grows, Joshua. Let's watch Justin live his dreams."

Josh nodded, Lance's arm going around him, the two men walking into the love opening before them.


End of Chapter 147


And so Josh is safe and at home surrounded by his Lucas' love.

Lucas' love has grown, as has his magic.

The three of his heart are experiencing a greater love now.


Bryce and Morgan are now under arrest, their plans waylaid by Lucas.

Will that be the end of them?

Where did Lucas send Haven?

Lucas seems to be more in tune with his surroundings and he's totally accepted his magical self.

What lays ahead for him?


Only time will tell.

Onward we walk the path.


Hugs, Angel.