Yesterday's End-149


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 149


New York City, Manhattan


Sheridan Whitecastle set down the phone, his blue eyes staring at the young man laying on the bed beside him.

"Still no word on Haven." Sheridan said, sipping at his whiskey drink.

Carl Wilson stared at the young monster beside him, Sheridan's eyes on his drink.

"What's happened to Haven, Sheridan. . .I mean sir?" he said, his eyes lowering when Sheridan stared at him, the hope going from his eyes.

"He's disappeared, Carl. Whatever happened out there in L.A. is of Carver's doing. Of that I have no doubt. The police reports and televised media show no mention of Haven being there, but I know he was there." Sheridan said, sipping at his drink again, the man standing up, walking to the windows of Haven's expensive condo, staring out at the evening's darkness.

"Haven's. . .Haven's powers. . .that young man can't have. . ." Sheridan began to say, turning and staring at Carl laying on the bed.

"Haven's powers are unbeatable. So is his resolve. You and I both know that. And that young man is nothing against the master's power." Sheridan said, Carl staring at him.

The man wore a thin silk robe, his body barely hidden by its sheerness.

For the last few hours Carl had experienced that body, Sheridan now his master.
And both were controlled by Haven's even greater power and lust.

"Perhaps we were wrong on that, sir." Carl said, Sheridan continuing to stare at him.

"Perhaps, Carl." Sheridan said, his eyes returning to the city's lighted skyline in the darkness.

Sheridan's own thoughts were on Haven's disappearance.

Where are you, Haven?
Why can't I sense you through your gift?

It's as if you've severed the tie.

Or the tie was severed by someone else.

The young man stared out into the darkness, his mind flying through the past.

He had met Haven when he was just a mere child himself.

And that introduction had sealed his fate in regards to Haven's ownership.

Sheridan had experienced the magic and power of the man.

The man had owned him body and soul.

It was a pact that Sheridan had benefited from.

For Haven had introduced him to power and strength, to greed and ownership.

Sheridan stared back at Carl, the young man's eyes lowering at the intense look of ownership Sheridan showed in those blue eyes.

Haven had introduced him to all of that, and Sheridan's own soul had seen the greatness hidden behind the man.

The power that controlled Haven.

The magic and strength.

He stared at Carl, knowing the young man knew nothing of the power Haven held, or the greater power that held Haven.

Sheridan softly smiled, staring back at the darkness.

How can I have that power?

Haven has walked into something dangerous and unknown to him.

I truly sense that now.

Whatever that young bastard did has seemingly vanquished my master.

Perhaps that was of Haven's own doing.

I sensed the uniformity in his power was unraveling.

Perhaps the master wasn't strong enough.

What of his power?

Where is it now?

Sheridan's blue eyes stared into the darkness.

The phone beside the bed suddenly went off, Sheridan staring at Carl, the young man walking over to the nightstand, picking up the phone.

Sheridan felt a feeling coming over him, the man putting the phone to his ear.

"Let me enter, Sheridan." a soft voice said, Sheridan feeling a greater strength in the rugged male-sounding, calm voice.

"Who is this?"

"I am a companion of Haven's greatness. I wish to give you your dreams. I have the power you seek. Let me in."

Sheridan stared at Carl, the young man laying naked in the bed, his body exposed to him.

The young man's hands were tied above his head, attached to the brass bed's headboard.

"Come up." Sheridan said, hitting a few buttons, shutting off the phone.

"Who was that, sir?" Carl said, Sheridan staring at him.

"That was destiny, I believe, Carl. I'll return in a moment. I think I'm going to be very demanding tonight." the young man said, Carl lowering his eyes.

"Yes. . .yes sir."

Sheridan walked out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

The young man in the bed moved his hands, their bonds tight, his escape impossible.

Carl stared at the closed door, his mind filled with confusion and fear.

Sheridan walked across the dark living room, hearing a soft knock on the condo's front door.

He walked up to the door, looking through its peephole.

Sheridan's eyes widened in surprise, the man stepping back.

"It can't be!"

Another soft knock came again, its sound almost thunderous in the silent condo.

Sheridan went forward, his hand turning the doorknob, opening the door quickly.

He stared into two deep violet pools.

"Hello, Sheridan. May I come in?"
Sheridan stared at the young man staring back at him.

Sheridan moved back, the young man walking into the condo, Sheridan closing the door behind him, staring at the handsome black haired youth staring back at him.

"What are you doing here, Carver?" Sheridan said, two violet pools staring at him.

"I'm here to help you." the young man said, Sheridan staring at him.

"The only way you can help me is by dying a quick death." he said, the young man smiling at him.
"Very good, young man. I like your anger, it festers in your soul." the young man said, Sheridan staring at him.

"What have you done with Haven?" Sheridan said, Lucas staring at him.

"I haven't done anything. That disaster lays at that young upstart's hands. And I'm going to enjoy his suffering." the young man said, Sheridan staring at him, a look of confusion on his face.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" he said, the young man smiling.

"I'm talking about the happiness of my mirthful soul. Haven never could see that. He was always too focused on greed. There's more to life than greed. There is magic. That is the greatest power of this world."

Sheridan moved forward, his fists balling.

"What the fuck do you want, Carver? I'm stronger than Haven. I will fight you right now."

Lucas smiled, his violet pools suddenly changing to green.

"You may be boastful, but you're not that intelligent." the young man said, Sheridan's eyes widening as the young man before him began to change, his face lengthening, his body mass increasing.
"What. . .what are you?" Sheridan said, staring into another handsome face, two emerald eyes of soft glowing light staring at him.

The young man smiled, staring into Sheridan's confused, cautious blue eyes.

With a burst of speed that totally shocked Sheridan, the young man moved, his arms pinning Sheridan up against the door.

"I have come for you, Sheridan. I can give you everything. And I need you."
Sheridan stared now into two glowing green emerald pools, the young man in front of him only inches from his face.

"What the. . ." Sheridan began to say, two lips meeting his, a sudden sensation overpowering the young man, two glowing green pools now focused on his blue open pools of shock.

Sheridan became lost in those pools, his mind filling with a sudden truth.

And then a thousand images flooded his mind, their reality almost destroying his mind.

The young man before him changed, his body growing, his strength pulling Sheridan towards him.

The reality of Sheridan's mind suddenly focused, a light filling it.

And Sheridan felt the power in that light consume him.



Lucas' Condo, East Village, New York City


Josh gasped, feeling his men's possession, his body trembling under the water spray.

"Oh God, Lucas! You're. . .oh God!" Josh gasped again, Lucas' lips kissing his neck, the man's largeness deeply embedded in him, the young man thrusting with deep passion.

Josh felt two lips meet his, Lance's tongue entering his mouth, his love and desire flowing into him.

Josh felt his center throbbing, its length buried down Justin's throat, the man devouring him.

"Oh God, Guys!" Josh moaned when Lance broke their heated kiss, the man's lips attaching to Josh's left nipple, sucking it.

Lance stood in front of Josh, Justin bent over between them, Lance's monster embedded in Justin's ass.

Justin's throat was filled with Josh's hardened shaft, his hands on Josh's smooth hips, steadying himself and Josh for the loving assault coming from their lovers.

The four were in the shower, the water cascading over their smooth bodies.

Lucas' lips sucked on Josh's left earlobe, the man lost in the passion all three were giving him.

Lucas' long shaft thrust into him from behind, his man's hands moving constantly, rubbing Josh's chest, as well as stroking Lance's and Justin's wet hair and bodies.

Lance's lips left Josh's nipple, their wetness meeting Lucas' lips, the two kissing, Josh lost in passion between them.

Josh was lost in the love he'd experienced for the last few hours.

Lucas' passion had started it all after dinner, the young man kissing Josh deeply after their meal and dessert.

The two had danced in the dining room, Justin and Lance having cleared the table after dinner.

Justin and Lance had joined them, dancing beside them, Lucas' kiss with Josh stoking their own love, the two kissing as well.

Lucas had broken his kiss, Josh staring into his now green pools.

"I love you, Joshua. Thank you for this night of your returned love." he'd said, Josh smiling at him with tears.

"I love you, Lucas. I love all three of you." Josh said, the man feeling Justin's hand go to his shoulder.

"We love you, Josh. As we love our Lucky." he'd said, Lucas leaning over and kissing Justin's warm lips.

He'd then kissed Lance's, Lance feeling his love.

Josh had smiled as they continued to dance, Justin and Lance both kissing him tenderly, their kisses filled with a soft desire.

Josh's blue pools had met Lucas' green pools, the young man's face showing a look of total love.

"We love you, Joshua. It's time you had all our love again in your heart. You need a greater love now. That is my first Christmas gift to you. Our first gift to you." Lucas said, Justin and Lance now at both his sides, the man surrounded by all three.

"I need all of your love. And you need mine." he'd said, Lucas moving forward, his lips meeting Josh's.

Josh had felt the greater love flowing in the young man's touch immediately, feeling his body lift up, Lucas carrying him to the empty table, laying him down on it.

Lucas broke the kiss, Josh staring up into his green pools.

"This night will be filled with our returned love, Joshua. You'll experience all of our love." Justin said, leaning down, his lips meeting Josh's, Josh feeling his love.

The three men had slowly undressed him; their hands, tongues and kisses covering his exposing body.

He became lost in their love, the three joining with him as one, but each different.

Justin's touch was one of desire, his hands on a mission of needful excited love.

Lance's was one of tenderness, his need for others to feel his love.

Lucas' was the most intense, its beauty taking Josh's breath away, the mixture of love and magic making Josh tremble with need.

His need for this man's total love.

The three had carried him into Lucas' bedroom, their clothes joining together by the bed.

For hours their bodies experienced the love and desires of the other three.

Lucas' love was the most consuming, two watching him claim the other, all three taking a turn under his love and passion.

Here now they'd walked into the bathroom, joining together under the shower, cleanliness on their mind.

Lucas' love was on another mission.

An hour later Josh was the last to experience the second round of Lucas' unending desires.

Josh felt the climax coming, Justin sinking his shaft deeper into his mouth, Lucas sinking deeper into his ass.

"Oh God!" Josh screamed, Lance feeling his orgasm crest at the same moment.

Lucas joined the two, Josh's ass filling with his liquid love.

Justin was filled at both ends, his lovers' essence warm and filling.

Josh sagged, Lucas slipping out of him, Justin rising upwards, the man turning, Lance's lips on his, tasting Josh's essence from Justin's mouth.

Justin moved, his lips meeting Lucas', the young man's arms around his man, Josh's head on his wet chest, Lucas tasting his soulmate's love out of Justin's mouth.

"We're going to get so fat if we're all so delicious." he smiled, Justin laughing.

"I can't get enough. Just call me thunder thighs if I fatten out."
Lance laughed, slapping his man's wet ass.

"I'd sooner call you the center of my heart, my love." he said, Justin beginning to wash his chest.

"I'll always be that, Lance of my heart."

Josh's head moved, smiling at the two, Lucas kissing his cheek.

Lucas stared into his blue pools, his green irises filled with love.

"You're so amazing, my love. And I'm exhausted." Josh said, Lucas washing his body.

Justin pouted, Lucas smiling at Lance.

"I'll dry you off, Joshy. And we'll cuddle. I think our Justin is still raring to go." Lance said.

Lucas smiled, his hand going to Justin's still erect shaft, tugging at it, Justin moaning.

Josh smiled, kissing Lance on the lips.

"Our Justin will never tire for our love. But I think he's met his match in our Lucas." he said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Don't get too comfy in Lance's loving arms, babe. You're my teddy bear tonight."

Josh smiled, the love shining in his eyes.

Lance smiled, Lucas pulling Justin into his arms, his hands going to his wet backside.

Lance and Josh both kissed each of their lovers, Justin feeling their love as the two stepped out of the shower stall, closing the door behind them.

Justin smiled, turning his eyes to Lucas, the man moving, pushing him up against the shower wall, the water cascading over his wet, smooth chest.

Lucas' eyes scanned all of Justin's smoothness, Justin's center jumping upwards at Lucas' gaze.

"You are so beautiful, Timberlake. What am I going to do with you?"

Justin smiled, staring into his green pools.

"You're going to love me, Carver."

Lucas smiled, moving forward, his lips meeting Justin's, Justin's arms going around his smooth muscular body, feeling the man's rising hardness against his own hard shaft, Lucas pushing him up against the wall again.

Justin was lost in the love flowing from this beautiful man, Justin feeling his need for him, for only him.

"Oh God, Luke!" he moaned as Lucas broke the kiss, his lips kissing Justin's chin, Justin feeling him stroking his shaft with one hand, the other hand rubbing between Justin's ass cheeks.

Justin gasped, feeling one finger caressing his center's heat.

"The violet of my love, or the green of my desires. Your choice, my love." Lucas said, Justin staring into his green emerald pools.

"I've experienced your total emerald desires often tonight, Lucas. You have sent me to heaven. Now I need only your own violet love."
Lucas smiled, slipping the ring off his finger, placing it on the shower's shelf.

Justin stared into two violet pools of deep love.

"I fell in love with those violet pools that first day in London on your front step." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his hands running across Justin's beautiful, smooth chest.

"I fell in love with your blue at the same moment, Justin. Just as I fell in love with Lance's green when I stared into his emerald pools that first night at your party. The same night as Josh's blue pools captured my soul. I instantly felt the triad of my soul. And now I have its love. I now have you."

Justin teared up, Lucas lightly kissing his lips.

"I am yours, Lucas. Love all of me."
"I do and will, Justin. The vision before me, and the vision in my soul." Lucas said, his hand moving, running across Justin's smooth abs, Justin trembling at his tender touch.

"But first I need a snack for energy. For I'm going to love all of you." he said, the man moving his hands to his hips, Justin feeling their strength, Lucas flipping him around, pushing him against the wall again, Justin feeling the man sink to his knees.

"I need Lance's love to join with your own. It's dripping out of you." Lucas said, the young man burying his face in Justin's ass, Justin gasping, pushing back, exposing all of himself to Lucas' searching tongue.

Justin was lost in Lucas' touch, his body trembling.

Justin moaned as Lucas devoured Lance's essence from Justin's heated center.

Lucas' hand attached to Justin's throbbing shaft between his legs, stroking him, Justin lost in the man's need.

And then Justin felt his body moving again, Lucas flipping him around again, then lifting him up, Justin's legs wrapping around Lucas' waist, his eyes opening, staring into two violet pools, seeing a thousand stars sparkling.

"You are mine, my Jus. My love is yours always. And I shall own you." Lucas said, Justin gasping as he felt the largeness filling him, Lucas' strength surrounding him, keeping him safe in his strong arms.

Lucas's lips met his, Justin lost in the love flowing through him.

He surrendered to something he'd searched his whole life for.

He surrendered to total love.


New York City, Manhattan


Carl watched the bedroom door open, Sheridan walking back into the room.

The man was naked, his bathrobe gone.

Carl stared at him, seeing his center at full staff.

His eyes moved across the young man's body, seeing a slight change in it.

He looked more muscular, a deeper tan on his smooth body.

"What. . .what's going on, Sheridan? Who's here?" he said, Sheridan walking up to the bed, sitting down on the bed's edge, his hand moving, slapping Carl's face hard.

"Who am I?"

"I'm. . .I'm sorry, sir! Sir!" he said, Sheridan staring into his blue pools.

Carl trembled, seeing an intense glare in the young man's blue eyes.

"Our visitor is gone. And my mind now sees all. We're leaving, Carl. We're both going on a quest, my assistant." Sheridan said, his hands moving, untying the restraints around Carl's hands.

He released him, Carl's hands lowering, rubbing his tired limbs.

"Where. . .where are we going, sir?" he said, Sheridan smiling at him.

"I'm going to Britain. You're going to stay here for a few days. I have some errands for you to perform. Then you're going to meet me in the United Kingdom."
"England? What's there?"

Sheridan stared at him, Carl seeing a focused look cross his face.

"Something that needs to be verified. And then we go to two other locations. One of them being Vermont."

Carl stared at the young man.

"Vermont? You mean we're going to Emerson's old mansion?"

"Yes to Vermont, and yes to Kurucu's Haven. But not a meeting of confrontation. That will be a reunion for a future time. This must be a mission of silent resolve."

"You mean we're going to break in?" Carl said, Sheridan staring at him.

"I do not have to break into a place that I once controlled."

Carl nodded, the young man remaining silent.

"I have some things for you to do here in New York." Sheridan said, his hand going to Carl's chin, raising his face, his blue pools staring into Sheridan's blue, the young man seeing those eyes softly glowing in their centers.

"Do well for me, Carl, and I'll give you your heart's desires--power, wealth and greed." Sheridan said, Carl nodding.

"Yes, sir. I. . .I will do all for you." he said, Sheridan's eyes scanning over his nude body.

"Yes you will, my servant. My soon to be totally faithful servant." Sheridan said, the man suddenly moving, Carl pushed back onto the bed, Sheridan now on top of him.

"Please. . .you've. . .you've taken all! I'm so sore!" Carl moaned, feeling the pain in his arms and his center.
Sheridan smiled, Carl staring into two blue now glowing pools.

Those pools changed, Carl seeing a flash of green, then a familiar red.

"That I shall take, my faithful servant. I will take all."

Carl began to scream as Sheridan violated him deeply, Carl's eyes widening, Sheridan's lips going against his.

Carl screamed into his own throat, something else filling that throat as well.


On The Road Again


Josh smiled, his eyes moving, staring at his lover in the seat beside him, Lucas' eyes on the road, the man driving an SUV.

"So much snow, Luke! It's Christmas for certain!" Lance said behind them, Justin smiling beside him, his arm around his man.

Lucas smiled into the rear view mirror.

It was December twenty-third, the group driving towards Lucas' ancestral home.

"Christmas is nothing if not white, Lance. That does it for me." he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"I know what white I want. And it's not cold." Justin grinned, Lucas looking at him in the mirror.

"Our asses are all tanned, Timberlake. No whiteness here."

Lance laughed, Justin blushing.

"You read my mind sometimes, Luke."

Lucas smiled, Josh leaning back between the seats, his lips meeting Justin's forward moving ones.

"We all read your mind, horndog." he smiled when Justin broke the kiss, his tongue licking Josh's chin.

"Why don't you come back here, and I'll show you what's on my mind." Justin smiled seductively, his finger rubbing Josh's cheek, Lance slapping his man's exposed ass in front of him.

"Put your seatbelt on again, babe. I like you trapped beside me." he smiled, Justin smiling, leaning back, kissing his man's lips, buckling up.

"Want to give them a free show, monster of my heart?" he smiled, seductively again.

Lucas laughed, Justin smiling at him in the rear view mirror.

"I thought I tamed you this morning, horndog?" he said, Josh smiling at his man.

"You tamed all of us, Lucky. I'm still full of your love."

"You had your chance for me to empty you, Josh. My lips would have licked you clean." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling in the mirror.

"Your mouth was full of Lance's wetness at the time, stud. Our Timberlake bidet."

All four laughed, Justin smiling.

"I'll always hunger for the cream of your hearts." he smiled, the other three groaning, Justin laughing, Lance snuggling against him.

"That's bad, sweetie. Tonight for sure, babe. In a big four-poster bed." he smiled, Lucas smiling, his eyes on the road.

They were driving through the white snow-covered Vermont countryside, four vehicles following them.

Lucas smiled, his family behind him and ahead of him.

"Christmas in Vermont. It will be as wonderful as Christmas in Wales." he smiled, Josh leaning over and kissing his lips.

"Our first Christmas together, my love. I'm going to make it so special."

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"When are the transport trucks of gifts coming?" he smiled, Josh blushing.

"I didn't get you that much, sweetie. Just some gifts from my heart. I really want you to love our first Christmas together." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Then wear mistletoe around your neck. I hunger for lots of Christmas kisses."
Justin smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"I'll wear one on the crack of my ass." he grinned, Lucas laughing.

"And I have a special Yule log for you."

Everyone laughed, Josh smiling at Lucas' good mood.

"The last few days have been so wonderful, my love. So much time spent together with you three. Shopping, eating, talking and cuddling." Josh said.

All three smiled, Lucas glancing at his man, the two behind him smiling.

"Don't forget the fantastic sex, Joshy!" Justin smiled, Josh shaking his head with a smile.

"You'll never change, Jus." he laughed, Lance kissing his man's lips.

"Why should he, Josh? You love our beauty just as much as he does."
Josh smiled, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green.

"I do, monster of our hearts."
Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at all three in the car.

He felt their happiness around him, his own heart filled with the love he felt for all three.

"Can the love, sweeties. We're here, guys." Lucas said, all eyes moving forward, staring at the bear and eagle statues on each side of Kurucu's Haven's front entrance.

The gates were open, Lucas smiling.

"I feel the love from here. Its open gates welcome us into its arms of love and life." he said, the three men around him smiling.

Lucas drove through the gates, the other vehicles following.

"I'm happiest in your arms, my loves." Josh said, Lucas' eyes meeting his.

"Something tells me that four-poster bed may not hold up." Justin said, Lance laughing.

"Then you're mine on the floor." he said, Justin smiled, his lips meeting his soulmate's.

Everyone smiled, driving through snow-covered fields.


Lucas smiled, walking up the marble steps, the front oak doors of the stone mansion opening.

His smile widened more, seeing three men standing in the open doorway.

Jefferson, Emerson's servant, held one door open, Grayson standing in the doors' open center, Gabriel holding the other door open.

"Welcome again to Kurucu's Haven, Lucas." the lawyer smiled, Lucas smiling, walking forward, his arms going around the older man, hugging him in a tight embrace.

"Hello again, Gray. I felt your love across the snow. Its warmth floods Gabriel's soul even more." he smiled, his violet pools going to Gabriel's smiling face.

"Hello, Lucas. Let's get you all in from the cold." the man said, Lucas smiling, moving and embracing him, the judge surprised, feeling the man's warm friendship and love.

"Love warms us all, Gabriel. Our hearts are full."

Jefferson smiled at the other door, his eyes moving, seeing all the people walking up the steps, Lucas releasing the judge.

"Please leave your bags, everyone. The staff will bring them in." he smiled, his eyes suddenly widening a bit, then lowering quickly, his head turning towards Grayson.

"I will see to the refreshments, sir." he said, the man walking into the mansion, a set of eyes following him.

Lucas smiled, staring after the man, his eyes meeting someone's blue, that person having not seen the servant leave.

"Where is my family, Gray?" Lucas smiled, Grayson smiling at him.

"They're wandering throughout the house. Everyone arrived last evening. You're early, Lucas. We didn't expect you for another hour at least." the lawyer smiled, guiding everyone into the home.

"Traffic was light. Last night's snowstorm quieted the roads. Luckily we flew in this morning with no trouble." Finn said, his lady's arm around him.

"Please, everyone. Come into the receiving room and warm yourselves." Gabriel said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man's violet pools scanning the front foyer, the entrance filled with Christmas cheer.

Christmas garland hung on the staircases, Christmas ornaments showing on small tables and doorways.

Lucas suddenly felt someone pull him into their arms, two lips meeting his.

Lucas felt Justin's love in his kiss, his taste easily known.

The two broke their tender kiss, Justin smiling at Lucas when he opened his eyes.

Lucas saw Justin's hand raised, pointing upwards.

Lucas looked up, seeing mistletoe hanging from the chandelier above them.

"My first Christmas gift. You." Justin smiled, everyone lightly laughing.

"You aren't unwrapping me till Christmas morning. And Josh has the receipt." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing more.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting two green eyes staring down from his great-great-grandfather's portrait.

"I feel his love, Gray. It echoes in my grandfather's heart."

"And your grandfather's heart fills with your returned love, Lucas." a voice said above them.

Everyone's eyes went upward, Lucas smiling up at four smiling faces.

"My heart is overflowing with yours, Grandfather."

Emerson smiled, Francesca smiling at his side, the two and Lucas' parents walking down the left staircase, Lucas enveloping all four in his arms as they met at the bottom steps.

"Welcome home, son." Savannah said, kissing her son's cheek, her violet pools filled with tearful love.

"Home I am, Mom. For all your love surrounds me." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at the happiness showing on his man's face.

Lucas hugged all four, the four then hugged by everyone else, Lucas smiling at his family's showing love.

"Come, everyone. There's a chill in this old foyer. The fireplace warms in the receiving room. And you must see the tree!" Emerson smiled, Lucas' arm going around his grandfather.

"I feel this place's love, Grandfather. I'm back." he smiled, Emerson smiling at him.

"The house felt your coming love, Lucas. It's been grumbling all morning." he said, Lucas smiling.

"Then let me put it at ease." the young man said, Emerson watching as Lucas slipped a golden ring onto his finger.

The effect was instantaneous in his now showing green eyes and the rising sound surrounding them.

It was as if the mansion was gasping, a soft tremble felt by everyone through the floor.

"What the hell was that?!" Gabriel said, Grayson's arm going around him.

"That was life's awakening, protective love." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at his grandfather.

"Lead on to the warmth, Grandfather." he said, Emerson staring at him with wonder, the two walking towards the receiving room.

Everyone stared after them, Grayson looking at Josh.

"He never stops surprising us." Grayson said, Justin smiling at him.

"His magic's increased, Grayson. As has his love." he said, Lance and Josh smiling at him, the three following Lucas and his grandfather, everyone else following, the foyer silent with their wonder.


Everyone walked into the large receiving room, all smiling at what lay before them.

Lucas' green pools looked around the room, the room a vision of Christmas beauty.

A large Christmas tree stood in the corner, its greenery towering over everyone.

"Wow!" Lucas smiled, Emerson smiling at him.

"A Vermont fir, Lucas. Over fifty years old." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I could climb that." he said, Josh laughing, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's beautiful, Emerson. The lights, the ornaments." he said, Emerson smiling around at everyone, Francesca kissing his cheek.

"Belmont historical ornaments. Their beauty has weathered the ages." she said, everyone walking up to the tree, taking in its sparkling lit beauty.

"So big!" Rosa Sharon said, Lucas smiling at her, Colton's arm around her shoulders.

"This is going to be the best Christmas!" Colton said, Lucas smiling, seeing the young man's childlike smile, Jonathan's arm going around him.

"The best, Colty." he said, Justin smiling at his brother.

"It's so big! Double last year's size, Dad!" Stephen said, Rosa Sharon smiling at the young man, the two children touching the ornaments on the tree, their eyes sparkling with childlike happiness.

"Yes, son. But we're still having a family Christmas, little man." Randall said, Stephen and Jonathan both smiling at their father

"Nothing like a Timberlake Christmas, right Dad?" Justin said, Randall smiling at his son.

"Correct, Justin. We'll show them our traditions, and experience theirs with happiness." he said, Lucas smiling at Justin's father.

"Love flows through all of us, Randall. We've all lived lives of tradition and love. Love flows on its own path."

Randall nodded, staring at Lucas.

"I think this will indeed be a wondrous holiday, Lucas." he smiled, Lucas smiling back.

The young man walked up to the large fireplace, warming his hands against its large flames.

"This is all so beautiful, my love. A real Christmas atmosphere." Josh smiled, walking up to his man, his arm going around him, Lucas smiling at him.

Everyone smiled, relaxing around the festive room, sitting down on couches and chairs.

Lucas' green eyes met Finn's blue pools, the young man seated with Harry and Alain, Skyler surrounded by all the ladies, all enquiring about her condition, the young woman taking in their love and friendship.

Alain had just made the plane, the young Jamaican having just arrived back in New York from the island.

He and Harry had cuddled all during the flight, everyone seeing their reuniting love.

Lucas smiled, knowing tonight a lot of love would fill this large mansion.

"You wanted to say something, Finny?" Lucas said, Finn staring at his friend.

"What was that in the foyer really, Luke? We felt the whole place move." he said, Lucas smiling, looking around at everyone.

"That was the blanket of my magic and love settling down upon this house. I have shrouded us in my love and magic. We will have a safe and happy holiday week. Evil will not be able to enter this place unless I warrant it." Lucas said, Grayson's eyes meeting Emerson's green.

"That's amazing, Lucas." the lawyer said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My magic has grown, my grandfather's friend. Even what lays here cannot stand against it. Haven found that out himself."

Emerson walked up to his grandson, his hand going to his shoulder.

"You are the one, Lucas. The one of magic that can perhaps change the path." Emerson said, Lucas smiling with love at his grandfather.

"I have already changed the path, Grandfather. And it was time Haven's mischief was reined in." Lucas said, Grayson walking up to him.

"Where have you sent him, Lucas? That's. . .that's so unfathomable!" the man said, Lucas staring at him with calmness.

"He is behind the veil, Gray. His needs are no longer a threat. Others may seek to supplant him, but I can deal with all. The evil's already moving."

"Sheridan?" Grayson said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Gray. Your nephew's lost to the other side. His greed has walked him onto his chosen path."
Grayson nodded, staring into Lucas' green pools.

"It is a path he chose for himself, Lucas. He was offered our love and chose against it. He walks the path he walks."

"Right now isn't the time for reflection or regret, my friend. You are surrounded by a greater love." Lucas smiled, Grayson smiling, Gabriel's arm going around his waist.

"That you are, Gray." Gabriel smiled, Grayson smiling at his lover.

Mavis the cook walked into the room, Horace following his wife, the two each carrying a large silver tray filled with silver mugs of steaming apple cider and eggnog.

Mavis smiled around at everyone, walking up to Emerson.

"Where's Jefferson, Mavis?" he said, taking a mug of eggnog, Horace smiling at him, the two setting down their trays on the coffee table in front of the fireplace, everyone helping themselves to a mug.

"He said he wasn't feeling well and had a headache. He's gone to lay down for a while at my insistence, Emerson." Horace said.

"He seemed fine earlier." Emerson said, Horace smiling at him.

"Just the beginnings of a cold, I believe. I'll check on him later." Horace said, he and his wife walking around, shaking everyone's hands, Mavis smiling as she walked up to Lucas.

"Do I smell roast beef, Mavis? Your delicious culinary love made me hit the gas pedal constantly on the way up." Lucas said, Mavis laughing, kissing his cheek.

"You just won the biggest piece, Lucas." she grinned, Josh laughing, kissing her cheek.

Momma Mavis laughed, seated with her husband, Mavis smiling at her.

"He's always been the charmer when it comes to finagling a bigger part of the meal. He's a born charmer." Momma Mavis smiled, Lucas smiling at Finn's mother.

"And it was never fair, Mom. I'm your son." Finn smiled, Momma Mavis laughing, Sean joining her.

"You don't look like your starving, son." Sean grinned, Finn blushing.

Mavis laughed, joining Momma Mavis and Sean on the couch.

Horace smiled, shaking Lucas' hand.

"Welcome back, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at the doctor.

"How finds my grandfather's health, Horace?" he said, Emerson smiling at his friend, Horace smiling at Lucas.

"He's recovered completely, Lucas. Emerson's walking around as spry as a strutting rooster." Horace smiled, Emerson patting his friend's shoulder.

"The surrounding love fills my soul. That's the best medicine. And your returned love makes me feel so alive, Lucas. I felt your love coming across the bridge. My heart's alive with happiness." he smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandfather, kissing his cheek.

"Your heart's always been alive, Grandfather."

"Thank you, Lucas. For all you've done for this old heart. My family surrounds me again, I have meaning in my life again."

"We all love you, Father."

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Vivian's, she and Henderson walking into the room, followed by Jacques and Lewis.

"Hello, everyone. Happy Christmas." Vivian said, everyone rising, the four greeted by everyone.

Lucas smiled, hugging his adoptive parents, Trish smiling at him.

"Like our old Christmases, Lucky. Family all together, love glowing." she said, Lucas smiling at her, kissing her cheek.

"The love Mom showed us she felt here throughout her childhood. This is an extension of the remembered happiness." Lucas said, Emerson smiling at his grandson, his two daughters and wife surrounding him.

"You'll all glow more with fed stomachs. Dinner shall be ready in an hour." Mavis smiled, Momma Mavis putting her arm around the older woman.

"Let me help you, Mavis." she said, the woman smiling, walking out of the room with her.

"I have lots of antacids, everyone. We're going to be stuffed all week." Horace said, Lucas laughing.

"You'll be eating oatmeal for weeks if Mavis hears that, Horace." Grayson laughed, the doctor blushing.

"I meant we'll be eating lots and it shall be all delicious. It will be an indigestion of richness and deliciousness." he said, Emerson laughing, patting his old friend's back.

"Good save, Horace." he laughed, the doctor smiling.

"Come, everyone. You have your same rooms, and there are more for all your enlarged group of friends, Lucas." Emerson smiled, Lucas nodding.

Everyone rose from their seats, Lucas smiling at everyone.

He kissed his adoptive mother's cheek, Vivian smiling at him.

"A happy Christmas indeed, Mom." he smiled, Lucas' eyes meeting someone's blue.

The young man walked out of the room, everyone following him, two blue eyes staring after him, a mind filled with reflective thoughts.


Josh smiled, opening the terrace door, a breath of cold air hitting him in the face.

"Geez, Lucky! It's frigid out here!" he said, Lucas smiling from the balcony's icy railing, the man wearing only a light silk shirt, its blackness covered by a soft grey v-neck sweater.

"The breath of winter's life, my love. It always invigorates my soul."

Josh smiled, looking back into the bedroom.

"Close the door, Joshy! Its frosty out there!" Justin yelled from the bedroom, Lucas smiling at him.

He saw Lance's arms going around Justin's half dressed body, Josh smiling at their showing love.

"The boy's a winter novice. I'm going to throw him in a snow bank." Lucas smiled, Josh laughing, shutting the door behind him and walking up to his man, Lucas' arms going around him.

"You'd just do that so you could lick the water off him while he warms." Josh smiled, Lucas pulling him close.

"Definitely. A Timberlake popsicle."
Josh laughed, kissing his man's lips.

"There's the warmth I need." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"You'd melt any popsicle, my love." Lucas said, Josh sighing, snuggling against him man.

"I'm so glad we're together this Christmas, Lucas. I have your love to make the holidays beautiful."
Lucas smiled, kissing his man's forehead.

"You have all of our love, babe. I'm opening a Timberlake present Christmas morning, You're getting a Bass treat."
Josh laughed, raising his head, staring into his man's green pools.

"A monster of a surprise." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him, Josh seeing so much happiness and love in his soulmate's face.

"You look so happy, Lucas. This trip seems to have lightened your soul."
Lucas smiled, pulling his man close.

"Your love and theirs feeds my soul with happiness, my love."
Josh smiled, looking into the bedroom, seeing Justin and Lance now laying on the bed, Justin on top of Lance.

"Our tiger's stirring, my love." Josh said, Lucas feeling a tremble go through his man's body.

"And I have a courageous lion in my arms. Let's go inside, babe. You don't need to brave the cold to claim my love."

Josh smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"The heat of my love claims all of you." he smiled, Lucas smiling widely.

"Let's go calm the tiger. Lance looks like he can't control him."

Josh laughed, the two men walking back into the bedroom.

Josh ran for the bed, diving on top of Justin, his arms wrapping around the man's naked chest, rolling him off of Lance.

"Foreplay, Josh? It's on, sneak!" Justin said, Josh grinning, his fingers going to Justin's armpits, the man screaming with laughter.

"Stop, Joshy! I just put on these pants! I'll pee myself!" he screamed, Lucas laughing, extending his hand, Lance taking it, Lucas pulling him to his feet, his arms going around him.

"Thanks, Luke. The tiger was on the prowl. He's all warmed up." Lance said, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips.

"A snow bank it is then." he smiled, Josh laughing, releasing Justin from his tickle torture, the man gasping.

Josh smiled, climbing off the bed, all three men staring down at Justin.

"Even tickling gets him going. Let's salute the flagpole, guys." Lucas said, doing a salute.

Justin blushed, covering his center, its largeness on full view under his dress pants.

All four laughed, Justin smiling and rising to his feet, Josh offering him a hand.

"Payback's a bitch, Chasez! Be on your guard tonight." Justin smiled, Josh smiling and kissing his lips.

"I'd sooner be on you, Timberlake. You're mine tonight first."

Justin beamed, Lance smiling and handing him his shirt.

"Dinner's soon, babe. Get dressed. And lower the flag."
They all laughed, a knock coming to the door.

"Come in." Justin said, pulling on his shirt.

The door opened, Randall and Lisa walking into the room.

Both wore dress clothes, Randall in a navy blue suit, Lisa in a silver dress.

"Looking lovely, Lisa. The belle of the ball on your man's arm." Lucas smiled, Lisa kissing his cheek, smiling at him.

"Thank you, Lucas." she said, smiling.

"I'm the lucky one, Lucas." Randall said, smiling as well.

"This place is amazing, Lucas. Such decor, such history!" Lisa said, Justin smiling at his stepmother, knowing her love of antiques and history.

"The captured treasures of wealth. Give me my home in Los Angeles or New York." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, his arms going around him.

"Everyone's ready in the hallway, Lucas. We were going to go down together for drinks before dinner." Randall said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We could all use a little sparkle in our eyes." he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I'll make you my famous whiskey sour, Luke." he said, Randall smiling at both men.

"Word of warning, Luke. Justin doubles up on the whiskey." Randall smiled, Justin grinning.

"Thanks, Randall. I owe you one." Lucas smiled, Randall patting his son's shoulder.

"I don't think you have to bait them with libations, son. I see the love in all their eyes for you."

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"My eyes hold a greater love for them." he said, the other three men smiling at him, Justin finishing dressing.

"Let's go have a refreshment before the Schmaltz police show up." Lucas said, everyone laughing.

They all walked out of the bedroom, Lucas the last to leave, looking out into the hallway, seeing everyone joining together, the large long hallway suddenly crowded.

Everyone was dressed in dress clothing, Lucas smiling at their elegance.

"We look like a Vanity Fair spreadout." he smiled, Trish kissing his cheek.

"You always have to doll up for Christmas, Lukey. Looking good, bro!"
Lucas smiled, the young man wearing a completely black suit and shirt, his stone necklace showing between the shirt's open neck.

"I have to match the three of my heart." he smiled; Josh, Justin and Lance all smiling at him, the three wearing blazers as well.

"The bar's calling, Luke. I could drink a flagon." Finn smiled, Skyler rolling her eyes, Finn blushing.

"I'll be good, dear." he said, Alain laughing, slapping his shoulder.

"Where's the fun in that, Finny?" he smiled, Harry smiling at Finn.

"You just want me drunk and with lowered defenses, perv." Finn smiled, Alain smiling, kissing his cheek.

"True, Finny. It dulls the pain, our tight little monster."

Harry laughed, others joining him, Finn blushing

"My family awaits, guys. Onward to a wonderful meal. Christmas begins tonight." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him.

"That it does, my love." he smiled, everyone beginning to move.

Lucas smiled, his thoughts filled with love.

Onward to the first Christmas surprise.

He smiled, following his men downstairs.



End of Chapter 149


And so Lucas and his family are joined again for a Christmas celebration.

He's surrounded by a greater love now.

Four men have joined totally in their one love, Lucas being its center.


Who or what was the man who walked into Haven's condo?

It came in as an image of Lucas and left rather suddenly.

Seems something has happened to Sheridan.

He seems more resolved, more focused.

What has happened to him?

Carl seemed trapped, and then overpowered by Sheridan.

Does Sheridan now have magic?

Red eyes glowed.


Not five minutes into Kurucu's Haven and Lucas has surrounded the place with his magic.

Is everyone truly safe there now?

What of Sheridan's words of coming to Kurucu's Haven?

Christmas is at hand, a family joins.

Love flows and surprises await.

I wonder if any of you sense the first one?


Hugs, Angel.