Yesterday's End-15

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 15


Josh walked back and forth, everyone's eyes on him.

"Pacing isn't helping, Joshy." Justin said, the man rising from his seat beside Trish, his arm going around his friend.

"We've heard nothing, Jus. What's going on?" he said, Justin looking at his friend with concern.

"They're doing what they have to, Josh. Lucas is going to be alright. We all truly believe that." he said, Josh nodding his head, Justin quietly looking at him.

"That doesn't mean I can't worry about him."

Justin nodded, rubbing his friend's shoulder.

Justin had calmed down himself since they'd entered the hospital, Lucas now under the care of skilled doctors.

The group had been waiting in a hospital waiting room for over three hours.

Lucas had been brought into the hospital by ambulance.

Carl had called the police from outside the bunkers, the police having arrived minutes later, an ambulance summoned when they'd found Lucas wounded in the bunker surrounded by his family and friends.

Lucas had regained consciousness a few minutes after he'd fainted, his pained violet eyes trying to calm the concerned tearful looks of everyone surrounding him.

Josh had held him the whole time, the young man feeling his protective love.

Lucas had lost consciousness again in his arms, Justin holding a compress against Lucas' chest, trying to stop the blood flow, the blood still seeping from the wound there.

Lucas had been carried upstairs on a stretcher, Josh at his side, his parents and Trish following, their friends close behind.

Vivian and Grayson had exchanged looks, Grayson seeing the deep concern and love on the woman's face.

And the fear.

Grayson, Sean and Carl had remained with the police, their statements given.

The police had interviewed everyone, the large one-eyed man now in custody, the man taken away in another ambulance.

Everyone else had headed to the hospital in the van and car, following the ambulances.

Here now they sat waiting, Lucas' parents and sister seated together, their friends around them.

"I. . .I still can't understand how he still managed to remain so calm, and continue with those soldiers after being so wounded." Trish said tearfully, Lance's arm now around her, the man having sat down beside her when Justin had stood up.

"My son. . .my son always had a lot of strength in him. My son. . .my Lucas." Vivian said with tears, her head lowering.

Mavis sat down beside Vivian, her hand going in hers, Henderson on her other side.

"He'll be alright. The boy's got spunk. And he's courageous, we have to give him that. He didn't stop in his need to see you safe, Viv. He risked his life to save you."

The woman nodded, looking up at Justin and Josh.

"I. . .I put him--and all of you--in danger. I'm sorry." she said, her head lowering again, her husband's arm going around her, Vivian leaning against Henderson's chest, the man kissing her forehead.

"Our Lucas showed his love--his ever-giving love--and strength again. He never wavered in his need to find you." he said, everyone nodding.

Lance looked around at everyone, focusing on Vivian.

"I still can't believe what we saw. Where did those soldiers come from? They weren't down there when you and Lucas were down there, Josh." Lance said, Josh nodding.

"Who was that one-eyed man, Mrs. Carver? And who are those other two men? They seemed genuine in their concern for you. The large guy obviously did not."
Vivian nodded, Henderson and their daughter looking at her.

Introductions had been made between Lucas' mother and Lucas' new friends, Vivian seeing all their concern for her son.

"I don't know who that large man is, Lance. I've never seen him before. I only know that he was seeking information from me. And I'm pretty sure he would have done anything to get it. I don't know who he works for or who he's in league with." she said, Lance nodding his head.

"And the other two?"

Vivian sighed, looking at Lance.

"I don't know the young man, but the older man and I are well acquainted." she said, Henderson looking at her.

"Who is he, Viv?"

"My name--as I previously said--is Grayson Wainwright."

All eyes turned, Grayson and Carl standing in the waiting room's doorway, Sean standing behind them.

Vivian's blue eyes were locked on Grayson's blue, the older man nodding towards her.

"How is he? And how are you, Vivian?"

Vivian stood up, Henderson standing up as well, the woman crossing the room and standing in front of Grayson.

"Lucas has been hurt, Grayson. The lies and deceit have come full circle. He should never have been drawn into this."

Grayson nodded, his hand going to her shoulder.

"I think we have it wrong, Vivacious. I think we have been drawn to him."
Vivian teared up, the woman beginning to cry, Grayson's arms going around her, the woman's head going to his chest, everyone staring at their intimacy with surprise.

"He said it himself, Vivacious. We have been walking the wrong path."
Vivian raised her head, staring into his eyes again.

"What has happened to Tristan and Savannah, Vivian?"

The woman backed up, staring at him.

She sighed, a look of emotional trauma showing on her face.

"They are where he offered to take them, Grayson. Tristan said it was their only choice."
Grayson looked confused, staring at the woman.

"Where who offered? Where did they go, Vivian?"

Vivian turned and looked at her husband and daughter, everyone else staring at her.

Henderson walked up to his wife, his arms going around her.

She lowered her head for a moment, then raised it again, staring at Grayson.

"Tristan said it was the True Shade. And then it sent them into Lucas' soul."


The surprised silence was broken by a doctor walking into the room, everyone's eyes going to him.

Josh walked up to him, staring at him.

"Lucas, is he. . .is he alright?" he said, worry etched on his face, Vivian staring at the man.

The doctor smiled a calming smile, looking around at everyone.

"Mr. Carver is resting comfortably. We found no bullet in his chest. It appears to have gone right through his chest, an exit wound we finally found on his back. Thankfully there was no internal damage, the bullet hitting no major organ. He's had quite a lot of blood loss, but he'll recover completely. The young man's very lucky."
Everyone let out a breath of relief, Vivian walking up to the doctor.

"Can I see him? I am his mother."

The doctor nodded, smiling at her.

"He's sleeping, but I can take you to him. At the moment only immediate family can see him. We're moving him to a private room shortly, then he can be visited by the rest of you."

Josh's eyes lowered, Justin's arm going around him again.

Vivian smiled at Josh, the man's eyes meeting hers.

"I'm his father, and this is his sister. We'll come with my wife, doctor." Henderson said, his arm around his wife and Trish now.

Everyone smiled at the three, the doctor guiding them quietly out of the room.

Everyone sat back down, Lance's eyes going to the two men standing by the door.

"You never truly told us who you are, Mr. Wainwright." he said, the lawyer looking at Lance, Lance's hand shaking his, offering him a couch.

The two men walked over to the couch, sitting down across from Josh and Justin, Mavis staring at the two, Sean sitting down beside her on another couch.

"You seemed awfully familiar with Viv, Mr. Wainwright." she said, Grayson smiling at her.

"We've known each other for a long time, madam." he smiled, Mavis still staring at him.

"The name's Mavis Delaney. You've met my husband Sean. I've been Vivian's friend for over twenty years. I don't ever remember meeting you."

Finn looked at his mother, seeing her familiar look of determination, the woman on the hunt for the truth.

Grayson nodded, a calm look on his face.

"I only knew her when she was younger, when she was a dear friend of my employer's son."

The woman nodded, folding her arms.

"And who's your employer?"

Grayson smiled at her, seeing the woman's determination as well.

"As I said, my name's Grayson Wainwright. I am a lawyer. And this is an associate of mine, Carl Wilson." he said, Carl nodding his head at everyone, everyone nodding back.

Finn introduced himself, the young man introducing everyone in the room to the two men, acknowledging greetings exchanged.

"A lawyer? What's a barrister doing here?" Sean said, staring at the man.

"I only have one client, sir. And that man's name is Emerson Belmont. He is Tristan Belmont's father."

Everyone looked surprised, all eyes on the distinguished-looking gentleman.

"My client has been searching for his son for over twenty years. The younger Belmont left a very concealed existence behind him. It took me forever to follow the trail to this city. And here I found a unique surprise awaiting me."

"You're personally seeking his son for what?" Justin said, the lawyer looking at him.

"For reconciliation, Mr. Timberlake. His father is looking to heal the pain of the past. A father hoping to love his son again. He actually never stopped loving him. And here at the waning end of his long life he wants to make amends."

Everyone nodded, Josh staring at the older man.

"And what's Lucas' involvement in this? He knows neither of them." he said, the man staring at Josh.

"That's the truth in all of this, Mr. Chasez. For no one in turn knew of Lucas' existence. That truth has shocked my employer, I believe very deeply. And it's surprised me to no end. Tristan has left a path of mystery and surprise."

Josh stood up, looking at both men.

"I won't let either of you upset Lucas. Or his now-revealed grandfather. He's been through enough already. I don't know what's behind all this, and I don't care. All I--and everyone here--care about is Lucas' safety."
The lawyer stood up, his and Josh's eyes meeting.

"You are a courageous friend to defend his safety, sir. I as well want no harm to come to that amazing young man. For I believe he may be the center of something of greater importance. What we saw in that bunker belays that amazement. And more surprisingly, I believe he seems to know that as well."

Josh stared at the man, Justin's arm going around his friend again.

"Calm down, Josh. Let's get Lucas healthy and then we'll iron all this out." he said, the lawyer's eyes meeting Justin's.

"I am not the enemy here, everyone. Nor is my client. I only want what's best for everyone, Lucas included. My employer is a man of great conviction as well. He will want what's only best for his new grandson as well."

"Lucas doesn't know the man, Mr. Wainwright. This is an emotional time for him. He just found out his parents weren't his parents, and now he has a grandfather he never knew existed." Lance said, the lawyer nodding at him.

"Fate guides us all on a path of opening newness, everyone. And I believe Lucas Carver is the beacon on that path." Grayson said, everyone staring at him.

"As you said Mr. Timberlake, our concern right now is for Lucas' well-being. There will be time soon enough to talk of the future." Grayson said, Justin nodding at him, the lawyer smiling back.

"I would like to visit him tomorrow, if he is comfortable with that. As I said, his concerns I want to try and ease." the man said, Josh nodding, Carl rising to Grayson's side.

"We will let him decide that." Josh said, the man nodding.

"A pleasure meeting all of you. We will be in touch. You can reach me at this number." Grayson said, handing Justin a business card, he and Carl walking quietly out of the room, everyone watching their departure.

"So the vultures are circling the new meal." Mavis said, the woman looking around at everyone.

"Seems our Lucas is wanted by so many. I think the boy's aware of that, indeed. He called that man out in the bunker just before he collapsed. I sensed our Lucas knew the man was on his trail." she said, Sean nodding at his wife.

Everyone sat down again, Josh looking towards the doorway.

"He's going to be okay, Josh. Lucas is going to be okay." Justin said, rubbing his back.

"I feel so lost without him, Jus. I need to be with him." he softly said, Justin nodding his head.

"That's called love, Josh. You love him and need him." Lance said, Justin looking at his friend.
Josh nodded, the door of the room opening, Josh standing up as Trish walked into the room, a tearful widening smile on her face.

"He's awake! He's going to be okay!" she said, Skyler's arms going around her friend, Finn smiling at her as he hugged her as well.

"They're moving him to a private room as we speak." she said, the woman walking up to Josh, kissing his cheek, smiling at him, Josh hugging her gently.

"His first words were about you, Josh. 'Where's Joshua?' he said."

Josh smiled, Trish smiling back.

"You can all go down and see him in a few minutes. Dad said he'd come and get us all when Lucas is settled."

Everyone smiled, Josh sighing with relief.

"He loves you, Josh. He's looking for you." Trish said.
Josh nodded, smiling at her.

"I'm here for him always. I need him just as much."

Justin stared at Josh, then looked at Lance.

"I'm going to hit the washroom, be right back." he said, walking out of the room, everyone sitting back down.

Lance's eyes were on Justin, watching him disappear through the open doorway.


Justin walked down the hall, walking into a small bathroom at its end, locking the door behind him.

He sat down on the toilet seat, lowering his head into his hands.

I almost lost you, Luke!

And now I've. . .now I'm losing Josh!

I'm losing both of you to your love for each other!

I feel so alone!
Oh God what am I feeling?

How do I stop this?

This need for you, Lucas.

I love Josh. . .but. . .but I don't want him to have you.

I want you to. . .I want that love. . .those feelings.

I saw the look on your face, Josh.
The look of total loss.

You love him so much!
I. . .I do also.

That need mirrors the need I once had for you, Joshy.

I need. . .I want. . .God I'm so alone!
Justin sobbed, his hands muffling the anguish coming out of his soul.

His crying was halted by the ringing of his cell phone in his pocket, Justin regaining control of his emotions, searching for his cell phone in his jacket pockets.

He found it, answering the call.

"Hello, Justin here." he said, with soft emotion.
"Hey, babe. Where are you? Are you okay?"
Justin wiped his eyes, focusing on the voice on the phone.

"I'm alright, Jessica. I'm at the hospital."

"Hospital? What's wrong? Are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine. It's Lucas. There's been trouble." he said, Justin quietly and calmly telling his fiancée what had happened.

"Oh, Jus! I hope he'll be okay? That's all so dramatic, so unbelievable!" she said, Justin hearing the concern in her voice.

"He's going to be okay, the doctor told us that." Justin said, his voice laced with emotional determination.

"Of course he will, Jus. Give him my concerned wishes, will you?"

"I will, Jess."

"Is there anything I can do? I'll contact your mom and get her to look after your work. I know you'll want to stay there and look after Luke, Josh and Orion."

"Thanks, babe. Lance and I will probably be staying for a few more days, just for Josh's sake. And Orion's on the back burner till Lucas is well again."

"Tell Josh I love him, and his Luke."

"I will, babe."
"Are you sure you're okay, Jus? I sense a lot of emotion in your voice."
Justin wiped his eyes again, looking at himself in the mirror across from him.

"It's just been a traumatic day, Jess. I'm just so glad Luke's alright. As you said, for Josh's sake as well."

"I know, Jus. I'm glad he's okay. And I'm glad you weren't hurt. To think of what could have happened."
"I'm safe, babe. We're all safe. I have to let you go, Jess. Lucas' father will be here shortly to take us down to see Lucas."

"Call me later, my love. I love you, Justin."
Justin stared at his reflection in the mirror.

"I love you, Jessica. Goodbye."
Justin closed off the phone, staring at himself in the mirror.

He stood up, leaning on the sink in front of the mirror, staring into his red tear-filled eyes.

For my sake as well, Jessica.

Luke has to be okay, Jess.

I can't hide these feelings anymore.

My heart's about to explode.

I'm sorry, Jess.

I have my own path to walk.

I have to tell you the truth.

Justin turned the cold water tap on, washing his face, cleaning the tears from his face, turning the water off, wiping his face dry.

He stared one last time at his own reflection.

I need real love.

It's time I focused on my happiness.

He quietly walked out of the bathroom, going back to his friends.


Lucas opened his eyes, staring into two blue tearful pools staring back at him.

"Joshua, you're okay. . .you're really okay?"

Josh smiled, leaning forward slowly, kissing Lucas' forehead.

"Yes, Lucas. I'm alright. And I'm so glad you are!" he said, tears now showing in his eyes, Lucas' hand raising, an IV embedded in his forehand, his fingers brushing against Josh's wet cheek.

"I'm going to be alright, Joshua. I'm just so tired. I. . .I feel so drained." he softly said, Josh smiling at him.

"You need to rest. You're going to get better and we're going to love each other." he said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

His tired violet eyes looked around the room, taking in all the smiling faces surrounding him.

"The posse's all here." he said softly, everyone smiling at him.

"Orion can't soar without its main voice." Finn smiled, his tearful eyes staring at Lucas.

"Got that right. You're lost without me, Finny."

Finn laughed, seeing Lucas' loving mirth trying to calm him.

"You'd just miss ogling my fine form." he smirked, Lucas laughing, then gasping, Josh's face showing concern, Finn's as well.

"I'm okay, just a little tender." Lucas said, calming again.

Lucas' eyes went to Josh's, seeing their flowing love, his eyes looking around the room, seeing his parents behind Josh.

"Mom. . .I have to tell you. . ."
Vivian smiled, leaning down, kissing her son's cheek.

"I already know, Luke. He shows his love easily, when confronted."
Josh smiled, looking into the woman's blue eyes, remembering what happened half an hour ago.

Henderson had come back to the waiting room, Vivian with him.

Everyone had stood up, Henderson smiling.

"You can all come to his room now. He's settled in and asking for all of you." Henderson said, Vivian looking at Josh.

"He asked about you rather adamantly." she said, her eyes locking with Josh's blue pools.

Josh saw a determined gaze in her blue eyes, the man softly blushing.

"What are your feelings for my son, Mr. Chasez?" she said, staring at him.

Josh softly sighed, then smiled, Justin staring at him.

Josh looked the woman right in her identical blue eyes, smiling more.

"I am starting to love your son, Mrs. Carver. Lucas and I are falling in love."
The woman nodded, her eyes searching Josh's determined gaze.

"I see a mirrored soul in your eyes, son. I see a mirrored copy of my Lucas' pain."
Josh lowered his eyes, then met hers again.

"We both have felt pain. And with that etched in our souls we've found a common ground of hope. We both believe in our hearts that we can build on that need in our souls. Love, trust and hope flow through both of us. I love him, Mrs. Carver. I need him and I love him. And it's just Josh."
Vivian smiled, leaning forward and kissing Josh's cheek, their eyes meeting again.

"It's Vivian, Joshua. Joshua, as Lucas calls you. He needs you."
Josh smiled, the woman smiling back.

"We'll talk later, Joshua."

"It's just Josh, Vivian."
She nodded with a smile, her arm going around him, the two walking towards the door.

Here now Josh sat at Lucas' bedside, his mother beside him.

"Confronted?" Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Your mother's love drew my own love into the open. She knows that I love you. And she's happy for both of us."

Lucas softly smiled, meeting his mother's eyes.

"I have so much love in my heart, I. . .I will heal so easily."

Vivian smiled, a soft look of concern crossing her face, Lucas' fingers touching her cheek.

"You're safe, Mom. That was always my only concern. . .this doesn't matter. None of it matters."
She teared up, Josh's arm going around her.

"You. . .you shouldn't have, Lucas. Those. . .those ghosts!"

"For your safety. . .risks. . .worth it."

She nodded, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"My man of giving love, of surprising mystery. We're going to get you well."

Lucas smiled, looking around the room, Mavis and Sean both waving at him from a couch, Lance and Justin standing on the other side of the bed, Lucas smiling at both.

Justin smiled at Lucas, their eyes staring at each other.

Josh and Vivian stood up, everyone else taking turns gently hugging Lucas, the young man feeling their giving love.

Justin was the last to hug Lucas, Josh standing behind him.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Luke." he said with a soft smile, Josh smiling at Lucas as well.

Lucas' violet eyes met Justin's tearful blue, staring into his soul.

"I'll be fine, Jus. I have your love and friendship. That's the strength I need."

Justin lowered his eyes for a moment, then raised them again.

"I'm here for you always, Luke."
Lucas smiled, patting Justin's chest.

"Look after your friend, Jus. My Josh needs your love."

Justin nodded, seeing the loving trust in Lucas' violet eyes.

"He's in good hands, Luke."

"I know, I've felt those hands of hugging friendship."
Justin smiled, standing up again, Josh kissing his cheek, Justin hugging him.

Lance stood on the other side of the bed beside Finn and Skyler, his green eyes staring quietly at Justin and Josh hugging.

Lucas looked around, focusing on his mother and father.

"That man. . .he didn't. . .he's not free?" he softly said, Josh looking at Justin.

Josh moved, leaning down and kissing Lucas' cheek.

"He's gone, Lucas. The police have him in custody. Let's not worry about that right now. You need rest, and sleep." Josh said, Lucas softly smiling at him, seeing his boyfriend taking charge of his needs.

"I. . .I am tired. . .so tired." Lucas said, his eyes closing slowly, Josh looking around at everyone.

Everyone nodded, beginning to move out of the room, Lance and Justin staring at Josh, Justin's eyes meeting Lance's.

"I'll stay with Josh, Lance. Once Lucas is asleep I'll bring Josh back to the hotel."

Lance nodded, hugging Justin, kissing his cheek, then Josh's.

"Later, guys. You both need sleep as well."

Both nodded, Lucas' parents and sister smiling at Josh.

"My son's in good hands. See you all in the morning." Vivian said, Henderson's arms going around his wife and his daughter, the three and Lance quietly walking out of the room.

Josh sat down on the bedside again, Justin sitting down on a chair beside the bed, his blue eyes watching Josh.

Josh stared at Lucas' smooth face, lost in its returned beauty.

Lucas' eyes slowly opened, their violet hue laced with tiredness.

"So quiet, where's. . .?"

"Everyone's gone, my love. You need to sleep. Close your eyes."
"I feel your love, my Josh. Justin?" he softly said, Justin looking at Josh.

"I'm here also, Lucas. Josh is right, close your eyes." he said, Lucas' head turning towards the chair.

Justin saw the tiredness in Lucas' violet eyes as well.

"I. . .I have it all now. They can't stop that now." he softly said, Josh's eyes meeting Justin's.

"Shush, Lucky. Close your eyes."
Lucas' face showed a soft smile, that nickname flooding his soul with love.

Lucas closed his eyes, Josh's hand going in his, the man staring at his sleeping face.

Justin stared at both, his thoughts on both of them.

"What was he talking about, Joshy?" Justin softly said, Lucas not moving in the bed.

"I don't know, Jus. All I know is that he's going to be okay. He just has to be!" Josh said, Justin seeing the signs of the inner emotion in Josh about to erupt.

Justin moved, pulling Josh up quietly from the bed, the man's arms going around him, Josh's head going into Justin's chest, a deep sob erupting out of him.

Justin held him as Josh quietly sobbed into his chest, Justin lost in the emotion he felt coming from his friend's soul.

"Oh God, Jus! I almost lost him! I almost lost his new love!" he sobbed, Justin rubbing his back.

Justin held the man against him, feeling the warmth of Josh's lost beauty against him.

"You haven't lost him, Josh. He's right there. I'm right here too. I promised Lucas that I'd look after you. And I will. I'm going to look after both of you."
Josh raised his head, Justin staring into his blue eyes.

"Justin. . .I'm. . .I'm sorry."
"Sorry for what, Joshy?"

"I'm sorry for the feelings I have been having."
"Feelings? About myself?"
"Yes, Jus. I've been feeling worried about your feelings. Your feelings for Lucas."
"Josh, I told you that. . ."
Josh's finger went to Justin's lips, silencing him.

"I love you, Jus. And Lucas loves you as well. We both now see that love is the love of friendship. We trust you, Justin. We both love you and trust you. Our love is ours now alone. And that love we'll always give to you, as the love brothers would give you."

Justin smiled, pulling Josh against him, Josh's head going to his chest.

"I love both of you, Josh. I'll always need your love." Justin said, his blue eyes staring at the sleeping man in the bed beside them.

Justin closed his eyes, his emotional soul trying to right itself.

"Come on, Josh. You need sleep. Lucas will sleep all night, I think."
Josh nodded, breaking his hold on Justin, the man returning to Lucas' side, leaning down and kissing the sleeping young man's lips.

"Until the morning, my love. I'll be here early, my Lucas." he said, leaning forward again and kissing his lips again.

Josh then stood up, Justin's arm going around him, the man leading his friend out of the room, Justin quietly looking back, closing the door behind them.


"You've no concern, Emerson. The boy's going to be okay." Grayson said, talking into the phone, his eyes staring down at the naked man beside him.

Carl was asleep beside him, the lawyer's hand rubbing the man's naked chest.

"I have great concern, Gray! My new grandson was almost murdered! Who is that one-eyed man?" Emerson said, the man seated at the desk in his library, the hour late in Vermont, even later in Wales.

"I'm working on that, myself. I know he's the same man I saw outside Gambon's building in Istanbul."
"So he may be a hired killer? He may have killed Gambon?"

"It looks that way, Emerson. And you and I both know who may have hired him."

Emerson's eyes lowered, his mind clouded with troubling thoughts.

"Murder, Gray? Would he stoop that low to claim the prize?"
"I'm sorry to say, yes."
"Have you found anything out from Wilson? Is he still with you?"
Grayson sighed, his eyes glancing towards the naked man laying beside him.

"Yes, he's still here. And I haven't found anything new. But he is yielding to my influence."
"You've used the gift?"

The lawyer rubbed his tired eyes, sighing again.

"I have, yes. Just minimally."
"It is a precarious line you walk, my friend. You have not the strength to control it all. You need myself."
"I know, Emerson. I am being cautious."
Emerson nodded, his thoughts on his friend.

"You haven't asked me the all-important question, my friend." Grayson said, the man sinking back into the pillows on the bed he lay in in his hotel room.

"No sign of him?"
"Nothing of your son, Emerson. I haven't had the chance to talk long with Vivian. But the few words she spoke have me greatly concerned."
"What did she say?"

Grayson focused on the concern heard in Emerson's voice.

Grayson repeated Vivian's words about his son.

"Into Lucas' soul? The True Shade?" Emerson said, repeating Grayson's words.

"Those were her words. That is what he named himself."
Emerson stared at the top of his desk, his eyes then going to the portrait over the fireplace.

"There is no true Shade, Grayson. I have known that since the day of my existence." Emerson said, Grayson nodding.

"So you have long said, Em. But I have seen with my own eyes today the moving Shades. Three saved all of us today."

"So you have said. My grandson's aura is drawing all of them around him. It is time he came to see me. For his destiny, for knowledge and for protection."

"His is a strong-willed soul, Emerson. A mirror image of your son's."

"I still cannot believe what they have done. It goes against the path. What has my son done to all of us?"

"You know how great his love was for her. You must remember that he is an extension of her love as well."
"Yes, Gray. Her love now flows in a newer form. Is he beautiful?"

"He is handsome, yes. I see a soft trace of Tristan's youthful beauty in his handsome face. The same beauty I saw in your youthful face so long ago."

Emerson softly smiled, hearing his friend's words.

"A Belmont to his very soul."

"He is of his own mind, Em. I see a lot of his mother's courage and love shining in those violet eyes. And I saw something else as well."

"What do you see, Gray?"
Grayson's eyes focused on the window beside the bed, the view mostly total darkness, a full moon shining high in the dark sky, its light bathing the room.

"I saw life, Emerson. Total, pure life. It shines deep within his eyes."

"I think we've come to a new fork on the path, my old friend. I think my new grandson will surprise all of us. I need to see him, Grayson. Tell him that. Tell him that I am in need of his assistance."

Grayson sat up, hearing a soft edge of emotion in his old friend's voice.

"What's wrong, Emerson?"

"My life is wrong, Grayson. I think I've finally realized that. My son saw it, but I refused to see it. I believe that young man is going to show all of us the truth."

"Is there anything I can do, Em?"

"You are doing it, my friend. You are with him. Speak to him of the past. Of his father, of myself. Let him know his heritage."

"I shall, my old friend."
"I'll let you go, Grayson. I know it is late there. Call me after you've met him again."

"I shall, Emerson."
"And, Grayson?"

"Yes, Emerson?"

"Tell him I may have the answers he seeks. I, too, have been to the falls."

Grayson was confused by Emerson's words, unsure of their meaning.

"Alright, Em. I. . .I shall tell him."

"Goodnight, my friend."

"Goodnight, Emerson."

Grayson hung up his cell phone, placing it on the nightstand by the bed.

He sighed, his mind on Emerson's words and emotions.

"How is he?" a voice said beside him, Grayson's blue eyes meeting Carl Wilson's staring eyes.

"He is on edge. I felt that in his words. Why aren't you sleeping?"

Carl moved, rising up against the pillows, his body moving against Grayson's.

"I was until I heard your concerned, raised voice. You could have called him in the morning."
Grayson smiled at Carl, the younger man smiling back.

"One thing you should know about Emerson Belmont, my young friend. The man needs to know things right away."
"You've been with him a long time?"

"Yes, for years. Longer than you've been alive."

The young man nodded, his eyes meeting Grayson's.

"You make yourself out as ancient, Grayson. The man who's shown me his stamina is no ancient warrior."

Grayson smiled, the older man moving, his body going on top of Carl.

"Your youthful beauty stokes my soul, my young buck."
Carl smiled, his lips kissing Grayson's, the older man's hands running across the young man's smooth chest.

"Then let me send you into sleep fulfilled of my beauty." the young man said, Grayson smiling as their passion began.


"He found who?"

Haven Marlowe's face wore a stunned look, the man laying in his large bed in Manhattan, his cell phone at his ear.

"Tristan has a son, Haven. Grayson's found Emerson Belmont's grandson."
Haven's face darkened, his anger now showing.
"That's impossible, Carl! Tristan Belmont never had a son!" Haven screamed, Carl moving the phone away from his ear, his eyes looking towards the dark bedroom doorway.

Carl sat in the hotel room's living room in darkness, not wanting Grayson to know he was awake.

"I'm sorry, but it's true. I've seen him for myself. His eyes are the deepest violet I've ever seen."
Haven's eyes widened.

"Violet? His eyes are violet?"
"Yes, Haven."
Haven's mind flowed back into his memories, one face coming into his field of vision.

"Savannah. They couldn't have."
"Savannah? Grayson mentioned her name with Tristan's. Who is she?"

"An old friend, Carl. No word on Tristan's location?"
"Nothing. We didn't have any time to question Vivian Carter."

Haven's mind thought on that old face as well.

"Vivacious! How could I have forgotten her?"

"Grayson mentioned that nickname. You know her as well?"
"I did once, long ago. My old acquaintances are coming back to haunt me." he softly said, Carl quietly listening on the other end of the phone, thousands of miles away.

"What concerns me most, Haven, is this man that attacked her, and threatened us. For the life of me I can't see where he comes into this equation."
"Yes, the large man you spoke of."
"Yes, the one-eyed man."
Haven's mind focused on Bartholomew Barrister.

"He must be some kind of psychotic nut. He hasn't talked yet?"
"Nothing so far. Grayson was in contact late tonight with the police. The man's in police custody, awake but silent."

"And the young man is stable?"
"Yes, he's awake and stable. Grayson's hoping to see him tomorrow."
"Make sure you're at his side, Carl. I want to know everything. I want this mystery solved. I think Emerson's pulled the wool over all our eyes. That man can't have not known of that boy's existence. And I'm beginning to sense what the old boy's plan is."

"You mean. . .?"

"He's grooming that boy for his succession. How could I have not seen that?! That's why Grayson's been so calm and Emerson's been so silent. Surprise and succession! Well it's not going to happen!"
Carl heard the anger in the man's voice, his eyes looked again towards Grayson's bedroom.

"I want to know everything, Carl. Get me that information, then get back here."

"There's something else, Haven. I'm feeling something else."
"Feeling what?"

"It's Grayson, and what's going on here. It's. . .it's strange. He's strange. I get these feelings about him. . .it's as if he's beginning to control me."
"What the hell are you talking about? Fucking that old man's dulling your mind. I said seduce him and use him. What's going on with you?"

"I'm fine, Haven. It's just all this confusion with this boy. Those soldiers, his words, his strength and courage. It's just so confusing. I'm feeling lost."
"You're losing your grip, slut. Get your head out of your ass and focus! I've sent you there to get a job done. These new details don't change that. Focus, Carl!"
"I am focused, Haven. I will succeed with what you need. Trust me on that."
"For now I will, Carl. But don't disappoint me. I don't like to be disappointed."
"Yes, sir."

"I'll await your report. Get me everything and I'll give you everything."
Haven hung up the phone, the man laying in silence.

You've almost cost me everything, Bart!

I should leave you to rot in hell!

How could you have not known of this boy's existence?
Your one good eye appears to be blind as well.

You've become a liability.

You--and I sense perhaps Carl--are on the same path.

Haven picked up his phone, searching for a number, hitting the buttons.

"Sherman? It's Marlowe."

A voice answered him, Haven sighing.

"The big one is at his end. Silence him. Yes, you heard right. I want it done immediately. He's in Wales. An easy target. He's hogtied."

Haven sat up in bed, staring out at the darkened Manhattan night, the city still alive with lights, the hour late.

"A double reward for speed. I don't care how you do it. And there's another aspect as well. A surveillance. Yes, the usual price. I'll expect you by seven tomorrow. Yes, seven. I want this done now. Goodbye."

Haven threw his cell phone on the nightstand, laying back down in bed, staring at the ceiling.

Nothing is going to stop me, Emerson.

No lost heir to your heritage, or his bastard son.


You and your family are as good as ruined.

I have the proof to bring you all down.

Haven smiled, closing his eyes.

Miles away in Wales, Carl Wilson sat in silence, staring out the large windows of the hotel room's living room.

He sighed, his mind on everything he'd seen today.

He didn't hear or see the shadow standing at the bedroom doorway, the image silently returning to its bed.

Grayson Wainwright returned to its warmth, his mind on all he'd heard.

He smiled, laying in silence, his blue eyes softly glowing.

Return to this room, spy.

I'll take you into the inner sanctum of truth.

And then I'll own you.

Grayson smiled, hearing Carl walking towards the bedroom, his attempted silence easily picked up by Grayson's acute hearing.

Grayson closed his blue eyes, the spy returning to his side.

He remained silent, his mind sinking into sleep, his thoughts on the future.

Justin lightly knocked on the bedroom door, then entered.
He scanned the room, seeing Josh not in bed.
The covers lay pulled back, the bed empty.
His blue eyes went to the room's balcony door, Justin seeing a darkened shadowy figure standing on the balcony.
Justin crossed the room, looking out of the open balcony doorway.
Josh stood at the railing, the man wearing only pyjama bottoms, his smooth back to Justin.
"You should be in bed, Joshy. It's after midnight." Justin said, Josh's head turning towards Justin.
"I couldn't sleep." he said, his eyes going back out into the darkness.

"Didn't the shower help, Josh?"
"Yes, Jus. It did. I feel clean, warm and refreshed. But the tiredness is still there. I just wish I could sleep. Too much on my mind."
Justin walked out into the darkened balcony, standing at Josh's side.
"Hell of a day, Joshy. I can understand why you can't sleep. So much happened today. Lucas' finding his mother, those soldiers saving all of us. Lucas' getting hurt. It's been an emotional day."
Josh's blue eyes turned, staring into Justin's blue.
"Are you sure it was the soldiers, Jus? I think it was Lucas who saved all of us. I think those soldiers were an extension of his protective love."
Justin looked confused, staring at Josh.
"There were no soldiers down there, down in that darkened lower level. There was only darkness and one room. Lucas and I searched all of it. Then Lucas said we had to get back upstairs. He said they were coming."
"You mean. . .?"
"I mean that he knew that his mother was in danger in the bunker, and that those soldiers were coming. I truly believe that. You saw their uniforms. Those were World War II uniforms they wore, Justin. And Lucas called them by name. He knew they were coming."
Justin's arm went around Josh's smooth torso, the man leaning against Justin.
"I think we met three ghosts today, Justin. I think those men were Shades."
"That's amazing, Josh. If it's true, then Lucas is one gifted man."
Josh moved, walking back into the bedroom, Justin quietly following him, watching Josh sit down on the bed's edge, Justin joining him, sitting beside him.
"Lucas is Lucas, Justin. I don't care about any of this mysterious surrounding uncertainty. For me he's the man I'm falling in love with. I don't care about anything else but his safety. And right now I'm so scared that he's in real danger. How do I stop feeling this fear?" Josh said, lowering his head, Justin's arm going around him, Josh sinking into Justin's body, his friend holding him tightly.
"Lucas is an amazing man, Josh. We're just beginning to see that. And yes, there seems to be uncertainty and danger around him. But you have to remember one thing."
"What's that, Justin?"
"You saw his eyes down there, Josh. You saw the determination and calmness. I truly believe he wasn't scared, and indeed maybe he knew all that was about to unfold. Maybe he didn't. But we saw the calmness and love in his eyes. Whatever danger lays ahead I truly believe he'll face it with courage, strength and love."
Josh raised his head, his eyes meeting Justin's.
"And you will be beside him, Josh. And so will I."
"I. . .I really love him, Jus."
"I know, Josh. It's easy to see. I saw that same look once in your eyes for me. And I'm sorry I walked away from you. I was so scared of what that look meant. I've always regretted that, that I never gave you that look back."
Josh nodded, staring at Justin.
"You were young, Justin. You weren't strong or mature enough to realize what you wanted in your life."
"I know, Josh. And I hurt you with that immaturity. But I've grown, and I've focused finally on what I want in life. And who I want to spend that life with."
Josh nodded, Justin smiling at him.
"I need to talk to Jessica. I need to tell her the truth of who I am and what I want out of life. Thank you for making me realize that."
Josh smiled, hugging his friend.
"She loves you, Jus. She'll accept who you are."
Justin smiled, feeling Josh's warmth against him, the scent of the freshly showered man hitting his nostrils.
His mind remembered every inch of the man's beauty, every intoxicating inch of Josh's smooth body.
"I love you, Josh. And I'm going forward with an open heart."
Josh smiled, pulling back from Justin, the man smiling at him.
"But right now, you need to sleep. Crawl into that bed and I'll cover you up."
Josh smiled, moving down the bed, climbing under the covers, Justin smiling and pulling them up for him, Josh's smooth naked chest laying outside of them.
"Thanks, Justin. Lucas and I are both here for you."
"I know, Joshy. I love both of you. And I'm here for both of you. I promised Lucas I'd take care of you. Now close those eyes and get some sleep." Justin said, standing up, looking down at Josh.
Josh smiled, staring up into Justin's blue eyes.
"Will you stay here tonight with me, Jus? I. . .I don't want to be alone."
Justin smiled, nodding.
"If that's what my friend needs, then I'm here for you."
Josh smiled, watching as Justin pulled his sweater over his head and removed his jeans.
Josh took in the vision of Justin's sleek, muscled, smooth form, his tattoos showing in the soft light.
Josh remembered the feeling of that body against him, and the beauty of its touch.
He felt a soft stirring in his soul, a soft blush crossing his face, Josh turning and casting his eyes away from Justin's nakedness.
He felt Justin climb into bed, the man shifting his body around, settling down.
"Goodnight, Josh. Sleep well."
"Goodnight, Justin. Thanks for staying."
"My pleasure, Joshy." Justin said, the man leaning towards the nightstand, clicking the lamp off, the room washed in darkness.
The two lay in silence for a few minutes, Josh turning around, staring at the man laying beside him.
"Jus?" he said in the softening darkness.
"Yeah, Joshy?"
"Let's snuggle like we used to."
Justin smiled, moving towards Josh, Josh pulling the younger man against him, Justin's head laying on Josh's bare chest.
The two lay together, united as they'd once been, their lost memories now familiar again.
"Like old times, Joshy." Justin said, Josh smiling.
"Yes, Justy. Like at the beginning of our dawning friendship."
Justin smiled, Josh smiling back, the man snuggling against his friend.
In Josh's heart there was no sexual agenda, only the reopening of their once ironclad friendship.
Justin held Josh, feeling that once beautiful friendship.
And in his soul he felt a renewing of the love he once felt for this strong, loving man.
I love you, Josh.
I've finally realized that, here with you laying against me.
This feels so beautiful, as it always was.
I'd make love to you for hours if that's what you want.
Just ask and I'll love you forever.

Josh didn't move, Justin sensing the man was falling asleep.
I do love you, Josh.
And I sense I could love Lucas even more.
I'm sorry, but I need him and you to see that.
I'm sorry if I have to destroy what you both want.
I want something more.
I don't want to hurt you Josh, I love you.

Justin smiled, closing his eyes, the man against him snuggling more into him.

He suddenly opened his eyes, a light coming on in his mind.

His blue eyes looked at Josh's beautiful face, the man now sound asleep.

Justin smiled, leaning upward, kissing Josh's sleeping forehead.

I know what I can do to not hurt either of you.

I just felt that truth in my soul.

It's so simple.

Justin smiled, his head going against Josh's chest again, hearing his heart beating underneath him.

Tonight begins our path of re-joining love, Josh.
I can love both of you, Joshua and Lucas.
And I'll make you both love me.
Our real life begins soon.

My life begins.
And I'll need your love so much.

Justin smiled, closing his eyes, sleep overtaking him.

End of Chapter 15


And so our Lucas is again safe, albeit hurt.

And his parents now seem to have accepted the budding romance between Josh and Lucas.


Haven knows of Lucas' existence now.

Who is the person named Sherman?
What is his mission from Haven?
More danger ahead for Lucas and his family, real and adoptive?


Justin's brewing something in his mind?
Is he now hoping for love from both Josh and Lucas?
What will that need do their growing love?

And where will Jessica fit in all this drama?


Seems the pot's brewing steadily.

Let's hope it doesn't overflow and someone gets burned.


LOL, Angel.


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