Yesterday's End-150


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 150


Kurucu's Haven, Vermont


Josh smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas' green pools, the young man walking into the dining room.

"Welcome back, Lucas. That took forever." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sorry, everyone. Took longer than I thought." Lucas smiled, sitting down beside his man, Josh kissing his cheek.

"That was a long pit stop, babe.” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Just got turned around in this old place, Josh. Took a small detour." Lucas said, Josh quietly nodding at him.

Lucas smiled, seeing two long mahogany tables filling the dining room, all surrounded by his family and friends.

Emerson smiled at him, seated at the head of one of those tables, Lucas at his left side, his father seated at his father's right side across the table from him.

A large fire burned in the fireplace behind Lucas, the young man feeling its warmth.

Everyone had gathered for cocktails in the receiving room, then moved into the dining room, Lucas excusing himself in the foyer, the man just returning about twenty minutes later.

"Everything okay, Lucas?" his grandfather said, Lucas smiling at him, Lucas putting his hand on top of his on the table, his grandfather softly smiling back.

"Everything's fine, Grandfather. I just had to organize a little surprise.” he said, everyone looking at him.

"A surprise, Lucas?" Francesca said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother, she seated beside Savannah and Tristan, Vivian and Henderson on her other side.

"The brood increases, Grandfather. I am surrounded by love." Lucas smiled, looking around at the two large tables, everyone smiling towards him.

"Yes, Lucas. Your love increases the warmth of all our smiles." Emerson said, Lucas nodding.

"My heart fills with love and the mysteries of life.” he said, Josh kissing his cheek.

"You're the mystery, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him.

"Got to keep you on your toes, beautiful.” he said, Josh smiling at him again, Lucas looking at everyone.

"You didn't have to wait, you could have started without me.” he smiled, Emerson smiling at him.

"We relaxed, nice conversations flowing, awaiting you." Tristan said, Lucas nodding at his father.

Mavis walked out of the kitchen, Momma Mavis beside her, Horace and Sean following, all carrying platters and trays.

Everyone smiled, the tables filled with roast beef, salads, potato creations and lots of other dishes.

"My beef may be a bit chewy, it's been warming far too long." Mavis said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Your food melts in the mouth, Mavis. I'm going to steal you from my grandfather yet."

Mavis laughed, sitting down with her husband at the other table, Lewis and Jacques smiling beside them, Sean and Mavis joining them.

"Would you do us the honors of grace, Reverend?" Emerson said, looking towards the other table, Lewis smiling and standing up, everyone bowing their heads.

He said a short tasteful, thankful grace, everyone saying Amen at its end.

"The nostrils drive on your hunger, good Reverend. Short and sweet." Lucas said, Lewis laughing jovially.

Jacques smiled at his man, Mavis smiling around at everyone.

"Dive in, everyone, while it's still hot.” she smiled, everyone beginning to raise platters and bowls, a large group diving into a delicious meal.

Lucas smiled, Emerson handing him a platter of roast beef.

"The biggest cut, my grandson. As per Mavis' wishes.” he smiled, Lucas laughing and taking the largest piece off the platter, handing it to Josh next.

"You never answered the question, Lucas. What surprise?" Tristan said, Lucas filling his plate with mashed potatoes, smiling at his father.
"A surprise is nothing if not mysterious, Dad.” he said, Josh handing him a gravy boat.

"Yes indeed, Lucas. We've had many surprises here. Most rather unwelcome." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather with love.

"The past is the past, Grandfather. Look around you. See the healing of its surprises. You have your daughters' and son's love surrounding you again. And dear Grandmother's as well. Enjoy their love and this delicious meal." Lucas smiled, Emerson smiling widely.

"All thanks to you, Lucas. I shall savor all for the remainder of my life.” he said, Tristan smiling at his father with protective love.

"My son's on a mission to see that life continue for years, Father." Tristan said, his green pools meeting his son's green pools.

"It is a mission that will bear fruit, Dad." Lucas said, Emerson staring at him.

"Magic alone cannot stay the passage of destiny, my grandson. I have accepted my fate, and my destiny." Emerson said, Lucas eating off his plate.

"No, magic alone cannot. I have something more in mind." Lucas said, focusing on his meal.

Everyone around the table had been quietly eating, listening to the conversation at the one table's head.

"Your love, Lucas?" Francesca said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"That alone will increase the magic, yes. But I need to find something else.” he said, Emerson looking at him.

"What else could save or change the Trinity's path, Lucas?” he said, Lucas sighing, wiping his lips with his napkin, Josh putting some mixed vegetables on Lucas' plate, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, my love. You always look out for my needs."
Josh smiled, handing Lucas a freshly buttered roll.

Lucas rose from his seat, raising his wine glass as he rose.

"If everyone would indulge me, I'd like to say something.” he said, everyone stopping eating, smiling at him.

"You have the floor, Luke." Nick said, he seated with Gideon and Gio at the other table.

All three had come, everyone seeing their bond with each other and with Lucas' family.

The rest of Lucas' and Josh' friends would arrive after Christmas, the group as one heading to the Caribbean together.

"Thank you, Nick.” he said, looking around the dining room, the young man's hand moving.

Everyone watched the young man removed his golden ring, his eyes immediately showing their violet love.

"I stand before you as myself. For I am with my family. There is no magic in our love, no destiny in our joined hearts. I dine with my family tonight as myself. As the man you all love. And you are the family I love. That is what Christmas is, and should be. A gathering of family love. Let us not talk of destiny, of fate or the path ahead. These next few days we focus on each other. On love, family and the warmth of all our smiles. Tonight and all week I shall be only myself. And after this festive season we fly to a tropical island to join my life completely. For I marry the man of my dreams, I have the family now of my dreams. All of you."

Josh teared up, rising from his seat, everyone else rising as well, Lucas smiling at his man.

"I'd like to second your words, my Lucky. We are indeed a family. A family of friends, new and old, and loved ones who've walked beside us in life and in our souls. We now are all joined together by your giving love. We will all spend these days with each other's love and your unending, giving love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Let's toast each other's love. Those here and those in our hearts. To love!” he said, raising his glass, everyone seconding his toast, drinking sweet wine or apple cider.

Lucas smiled, sitting down again.

"And the canvas of life draws a new picture.” he said, smiling.

"Well said, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas smiling, looking towards Finn.

"Pass the baked beans, Finny! Either that or hang an air freshener around your neck for later."

Finn laughed, handing Josh a large bowl of baked beans.

Everyone smiled, continuing to taste everything.

Lucas smiled, his eyes looking towards someone.

"Yes, well said.” he softly said, smiling to himself.
He smiled at his man, Josh loading beans onto his plate.


Justin moaned, Lance rubbing his stomach, the two nestled together in a large oversized wing chair.

"I ate too much, Lancy. That was all so delicious!” he said, Lucas smiling at his friend, he and Josh seated beside them in another large chair, Josh in his lap.

Dinner was over, everyone relaxing in the receiving room.

Horace smiled, walking around with a tray of filled coffee cups, everyone taking one, Mavis wandering the other side of the room with another loaded with tea.

"I'm thinking a late night run through the snow will revive you, Timberlake. That'll run that paunch off you." Finn grinned, the man laying on the floor in front of a couch, Skyler above him, Trish and Andrew snuggled beside her.

"This from the man who ate four platefuls. There's a reason you're on the floor." Skyler smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Your dog's in his favorite spot, Sky.” he said, Skyler laughing, Finn looking up at her.

"Thanks, babe."

She smiled, leaning down and kissing his head.

"Sorry, my puppy of love."
Finn smiled, Skyler looking at Lucas.

"He's there because he can't move either. He needs a roll in the snow as well.” she said, Finn smiling up at her.

"Okay, I'll second Justin's words. It was beyond delicious! I can hardly move either."

Justin smiled, Lance continuing to rub his stomach.

"My thanks for your compliments, boys. No need for running into the night's freezing air. Your loves will calm your over exuberant appetites." Mavis smiled, Emerson smiling at his cook.

"The evening's indeed frigid, boys. I can hear the wind howling through the rafters." Emerson said, the older man seated in a wing chair in front of the fireplace, Francesca smiling at her husband, she seated on a couch with her daughter and son-in-law.

Lucas smiled, patting Josh's back.

"Arise, the love of my heart. I need to stretch out the kinks of my filled stomach." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling, rising out of Lucas' lap, the young man rising up, Josh sitting back down in the chair, smiling up at him.

"Drop it here, beautiful. I love a man in my lap also." Justin said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"I'm too expensive, sexy. You got to have hundreds for my g-string.” he smiled, Josh laughing.

Justin laughed as well, Lucas smiling at him.

"How about a fifty and an IOU, beautiful?" Justin smiled, Lucas winking at him, his violet pools looking towards the Christmas tree, seeing the younger ones surrounding it.

"Later, sexy.” he smiled, Justin winking back at him.

Lucas walked to the fireplace, warming his hands in front of the flames.

"You are correct, Grandfather. I feel the surrounding cold as well. It shall be a frosty night.” he smiled, Emerson's green pools meeting his violet.

"Yes, Lucas. Thankfully we're here inside. Warm, safe and loved."

Lucas smiled, looking towards the tree again.

Colton and Jonathan were snuggled together in front of it, Stephen and Rosa Sharon in their respective brother's laps.

"The little ones of all years are awash in the glow of the Christmas tree's shining love.” he said, Four sets of blue eyes looking towards him, four smiles showing.

Everyone smiled at the youths, seeing the Christmas wonderment in the smaller two's blue pools.

"So many presents, Luke." Rosa Sharon said, the tree surrounded by gifts; some already there when they'd arrived, others added to the pile before dinner and after.

Lucas smiled, knowing even more would slowly fill it tomorrow during the day, and later that night with Saint Nicolas' impending visit.

"Yes, Rosy. And quite a few under there are for you and Colt. And Santa Claus hasn't even ventured near here yet." Lucas smiled, the little girl's blue pools widening more, staring at the tree.

"Gifts for me?” she said, Colton kissing her forehead, she snuggling more into his chest.

"Yes, Rosy. Everyone around you loves you. We'll all going to make this a wonderful Christmas for you.” he said, she smiling up into his blue pools.

"I already have a great gift. Your love again, Colt.” she said, Lucas smiling at Colton, seeing the shining love on his face.

"Me too, Rosy.” he said, Rosa Sharon snuggling into his chest again, the small girl yawning, Stephen following her lead.

"Looks like the little ones are done in. Time for bed, angels." Lisa said, Colton smiling at her.

"Jonah and I'll put them to bed, Lisa.” he said, the two men rising, the kids still in their arms.

Lucas smiled, walking up to the four, kissing the two younger ones on the cheek.

"Night, Rosy and Stevie. Don't forget, we're going snow adventuring in the morning.” he smiled, the two smiling back.

"For sure, Luke!" Stephen said, Jonathan smiling at Lucas.

"For sure, Dad!" Rosy said, yawning again, Lucas smiling at her.

The two young men carried the younger ones out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Lucas smiled at the closed door, the young man walking up to the fireplace again, stirring the coals behind the grate, adding a couple of logs to the fire.

He closed the screening again, setting the poker in its stand.

He smiled around at everyone, Emerson smiling at him.

"They are young at heart, and mirthful in their joy. Christmas is always a surprise for them.” he smiled, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Grandfather. The joy of innocent surprises.” he smiled, looking up at the portrait above the fireplace mantle.

"Who painted this portrait, Grandfather? Father looks so young in it.” he said, Francesca smiling at her grandson.

"I did, Lucas. I gave it to Emerson on his fiftieth birthday.” she said, Tristan smiling, rising from his seat and walking up beside his son, staring up at his own portrait.

"I saw--and still see--each stroke of love in the colors, Mother.” he said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

He saw the love shining in her now blue pools, her face now that of Isadora Belmont.

"You were a beautiful young man, Tristan. I saw the beauty of your father's younger beauty in you. I painted his remembered beauty, which mirrors your own."

"And my beauty now mirrors my son's." Tristan smiled, Lucas smiling at his father.

"He's right, Luke. You look just like Tristan at that age." Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"I am my father's son. I am a direct descendant of the Belmont beauty.” he said, Emerson and Tristan both smiling.

"You are handsome, Lucas. I see that same beauty in you." Francesca said, looking at her painting, then at her husband.

Lucas nodded, his violet pools staring at the portrait of Tristan riding a stallion, his youthful beauty showing, his face almost identical to Lucas' handsome face.

"We all see beauty in the portrait painted in love before us. We hold onto its forgotten worth, forever hoping for the youth we lost. Life sometimes gives us a greater surprise." Lucas said, Tristan staring at his son.

"You've been talking of surprises tonight, Lucas.” he said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, I guess I have, Father.” he said, Emerson staring up at the portrait.
"What surprise hides in this portrait, Lucas? My son nor I do not hope for the forgotten youth of our lives. We both live in the present love that surrounds us.” he said, Tristan smiling at his father.
"Well said, Father. We both stand at the moment, loved and loving. I don't see any surprises in this portrait. Do you, Lucas?” he said, Lucas staring at his father with calm love.

"I never said I was referring to this portrait, Father.” he said, Tristan looking confused, Emerson staring at both men, everyone around them trading looks.

"What then are you talking about, Lucas? What other portrait?" Tristan said, Lucas smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"Return to Grandmother and Mother, Father. I'll show you all my surprise. A surprise well worth coming."

Tristan nodded, returning to his mother and wife, sitting down again.

Lucas smiled at him, seeing everyone's eyes upon him.

"I guess my heart holds a flare for the dramatic, for the surprising love it wishes to show.” he said, turning back to the portrait, smiling up at it.
"What's going on, my love? We're all on the edge of our seats." Josh said, Justin and Lance staring at him, then at Lucas.

"Life and love is going on, Joshua. Destiny, fate, life and the greater love." Lucas said, his violet pools going around the room, stopping for a moment on someone, then continuing to meet all the staring love.

"I have a surprise for someone.” he said, the door of the room opening, Colton and Jonathan walking back into the room.

"Just in time, lovebirds." Lucas smiled, Jonathan softly blushing, Colton smiling more.

"The darkness holds its own love, Luke.” he said, Lucas smiling.

"Young love can flare anywhere.” he said, Colton smiling.

"The kids are asleep. And we met someone in the hallway, Luke." Jonathan said, Lucas nodding.

"I'm sure you did. Please sit down, guys." Lucas said, the two young men nodding, sitting down with Gideon, Nick and Gio on a long couch.

"I was talking of surprises before you walked in, Colt and Jon. Life gives us surprises. But I've always believed that the surprises of life are just moments on the preordained path. That life moves on its own path. We walk as we are led to walk, our lives going on their true path. Memories rekindled, love always remains, whether hidden or lost. God's path is one of life, love and beauty."
Emerson smiled at his grandson, everyone lost in his comforting words.

"It's time a lost path rejoins." Lucas said, the young man moving, walking over to the Christmas tree, everyone watch him go to one knee, the young man searching through the gifts, reaching deep within the tree's hidden treasures.

Lucas stood up again, everyone seeing a rather large square gift in his hands.

He smiled, walking back to the fireplace, setting the present on the mantle's surface, everyone staring at its golden wrapping, a large emerald green bow in the center of a crossed emerald ribbon.

The gift was about two feet square, rather flat.

Lucas smiled at the gift, turning around from the fireplace, his hands joining in front of him.

"Christmas is a time of magic, love, life and happiness. Tonight I'd like to begin its festive season with a wonderful surprise. This gift represents that surprise. For it means something deeply to someone's heart. To lost joy and forgotten happiness. And it means the same to another."

Everyone's eyes moved around the room, eyes meeting eyes, thoughts meeting thoughts.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting two blue pools of thoughtful confusion, when those violet pools met his.

Lucas walked up to someone, smiling down at him, extending his hand.

"This gift is for you, friend with a lost heart."


Everyone's eyes widened in surprise and confusion, none more so that the two blue pools staring up at Lucas.

"For. . .for me? What. . .what do you mean, Lucas?" the man seated in front of Lucas said.

Justin's blue pools looked at Lucas, Lance's arm around his soulmate, Justin's eyes then moving to the man seated in front of Lucas.

"That gift's for Dad, Luke?” he said, Lucas smiling at him with violet love, his violet pools then meeting Randall's blue confused pools again, the man seated in front of him.

"Yes, Justin. This gift is for your father." Lucas said, Randall staring up at him, Lucas' hand still extended down to him.

"Don't be afraid, Randall. Let my love settle the confusion in your heart." Lucas said, Lisa looking up at the young man's smiling face, she seated beside Randall.

"Go on, sweetie. I see great love in Lucas' eyes.” she said, kissing her man's cheek.

"Alright. . .alright, Lucas." Randall said, the man taking Lucas' hand, Lucas smiling and pulling him gently up out of his seat.

Justin's eyes met two smiling blue pools, Finn looking at him from the floor across from him.

"His love's flowing again. You can feel it." the Welshman said, his hand going in Skyler's above him.

Randall quietly followed Lucas, walking with him up to the fireplace.

Randall stared at the gift on the mantle, then into Lucas' violet pools.

"You. . .you called me friend with a lost heart, Luke. My heart isn't lost. I have my family's love." the older man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"And they have yours, Randall." Lucas said, smiling towards Justin, Justin quietly staring at his father and Lucas.

Lucas' eyes returned to Randall's blue.

"We all have a soft version of a lost heart within ourselves, Randall. Our memories capture the joy of remembered life and of forgotten sorrow. This gift beside you is such a memory. For it was created from a heart of deep love. This gift I give to you. And I give it to the other of its creation." Lucas said, his violet pools meeting Colton's blue.

The young man was staring at him, his face showing a soft smile.

"I feel the coming love, Luke." Colton said, everyone looking at him, his arm around Jonathan.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Randall's again.

"Go ahead, Randall. Open the gift. I hope you both can forgive the wandering thief who attained it." Lucas said, Randall looking confused.

The man's blue eyes went to the mantle, gently lifting the large gift off its mahogany surface.

Randall held it in his hands, staring at the golden paper.

His eyes met Lucas' again, the man seeing a soft calmness in those violet pools.

"This gift was stolen?” he softly said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"Let's just say it was removed to create a truer path. Life always comes full circle. Open it, Randall." Lucas smiled, his violet pools going to Colton's blue, the young man nodding.

Colton kissed Jonathan's cheek, the young man rising from his seat, Jonathan watching him walk to the room's mahogany closed doors, the young man standing before them.

Lucas' eyes and everyone else's returned to Randall and the gift he held, the man slowly ripping the bow and ribbon off the gift, placing them on the mantle.

The man ripped the golden paper off the gift, everyone now seeing what it was that Randall held in his hands.

Randall stared at the wooden frame he held in his hands, the oak veneer dark and rich with etched engraving.

What took Randall's soul away was the image laying within its center.

He stared at a painting in a wooden frame he held within his hands.

"This. . .this can't be, Lucas! This. . .this is me and. . .!" Randall stuttered, Lucas' hand going to the man's shoulder.

"Life is a path that goes full circle, Randall. I felt its joining parallel paths. I took it upon myself to right a long forgotten wrong." Lucas said, the young man gently taking the portrait from Randall's hands, lifting it up and setting it on the mantelpiece beside its once covered golden paper.

Everyone stared at the portrait, seeing a portrait of two young men, both joined together in its center.

The two youths sat in an old wooden rowboat, the two snuggled together, both wearing smiles of showing love.

Justin stood up, walking up to his father, Randall staring at the portrait with shock, Justin's blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"That. . .that painting looks like the one we have at home, Luke! But it’s a painting of a different moment, the same figures and boat and river!" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet pools meeting Randall's now turned blue pools, the young man smiling at the older Timberlake.

"It was painted by the same man. Although both were painted with different memories. The one you have at home, Randall, was given to you in love, showing you the friendship it showed so easily. Two youths playing on a river, enjoying each other's love and friendship before life's realities and intolerance drove them from each other's arms. This portrait was painted years later, it showing the artist's forgotten love. The love he always had for you, Randall. The love you always had for him."

Randall's eyes returned to the portrait, staring at the two youths, seeing their closeness, their love for each other.

Randall's image had the smaller youth in his arms, his love surrounding him.

"I remember this moment, Lucas. It was after we'd shared the youthful secret of our hearts. He. . .he painted its beauty." Randall said, Justin now seeing the tears in his father's eyes, the man lost in the painting's remembered love.

"I painted its truth, Randy. The truth of that lost moment."

Randall's eyes moved, their blueness widening in disbelief.

All eyes turned, staring at the now open door, held open by Colton.

Standing in the doorway was a man.

"Abe. . .Abe, is that you?!"  Randall said, his eyes filled with tears, his voice filled with emotion.

"Yes, Randy. It's me. It's me. . . your lost Abe." the man said, he and Randall both moving.

Lucas smiled, his arm going around Justin's motionless beauty, the man staring as his father was wrapped in two arms of friendship, both men joining in front of the Christmas tree.

Their hug was one of friendship and lost love.

Two blue pools were staring at Lucas, the young man's eyes lowering.

Randall was holding in his arms his forgotten friend from his youth.

And Abraham Jefferson was holding his own forgotten friend in his arms.

Jefferson, the manservant, wore a smile of total happiness.


Emerson rose from his chair, his eyes moving from the embracing men to his grandson's now risen violet pools.

"Jefferson. . .Jefferson and Randall know each other?" Emerson said, Justin staring at his father, Lucas smiling.

"Paths of love and destiny, Grandfather. My love unites all threads of life's path.” he said, Randall and Jefferson slowly breaking their emotional embrace, both now showing wet eyes.

"It's. . .it's really you, Abe!" Randall said, Jefferson nodding.

"Yes, Randy! It's really me! We've both aged!” he said, smiling through his tears, Randall smiling.

"We've walked our paths, Abraham. I can't believe it's you!” he said, Lucas smiling, walking up to the two men, Justin quietly following him, his face still showing a look of quiet awe.

Randall's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the young man smiling at him and Jefferson.

"How. . .how is this possible?" Randall said, Jefferson looking at his old friend.

"It's possible because this young man has watchful eyes." Jefferson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I also have a heart of magic that sensed the underlying truth.” he said, Randall looking at Jefferson.

"It's been a long time, Abe." Randall said, Jefferson smiling at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Yes, it has been, Randy.” he said, Randall smiling at him, his eyes still showing wetness.

"I always wondered where God's path had taken you. You were always in my memories, Abraham." Randall said, the man smiling at him.

"And I have watched where your path took you, Randall. A famous son, and a loving family surround you." Jefferson said, the man looking at Justin, Randall smiling at his son.

"I've had a wonderful life, Abe.” he said, Jefferson smiling at him.

"So have I, Randy." the man smiled, his blue eyes going to Emerson's green.

"Emerson saved me many years ago. I have devoted my life to his happiness." the man said, Emerson smiling at him.

"My happiness has been your friendship, Abraham." Emerson said, Randall's eyes going to Jefferson's smiling face.

"Have you found love, Abe? Has your life been all you expected?" Randall said, Jefferson smiling at him.

"It's been more, Randy. And I have found love." the man smiled, Emerson smiling at his servant.

Lucas smiled, his hand going to Randall's shoulder.

"I think we should all sit down, my friends. I believe Abraham has a story to tell.” he said, Randall nodding, looking at his old friend.

"I still can't believe you're here, Abe." Randall said, his friend's arm going around him gently.

"I am just as surprised seeing you here, Randy.” he smiled, Lucas smiling at both.

"I think he should meet everyone, Randall." Lucas smiled, Randall nodding.

"This is my son Justin, Abe." Randall said, Justin extending his hand, Abraham shaking it.

"Hello, Justin. I've followed your career, for the obvious reasons." the man smiled, looking at Randall.

Justin nodded, shaking Jefferson's hand.

"Hello, Abraham. My father just recently told me of your past with him.” he said, Randall smiling at his son.

"It was a past of friendship and love, Justin. Your father was my dearest friend. And at the end, my only friend." Jefferson said, Randall smiling at him with compassion.

Lucas' violet pools were quietly staring at Justin, the man watching his father and his friend.

"I'll introduce you to the rest of my family, Abe." Randall said, walking his old friend over to his wife and son, Lisa smiling at the man.
"This is my wife Lisa, Abraham." Randall said, Jefferson smiling at her, she shaking his hand.

"Hello, Abraham. Randall spoke often of your youthful friendship. I see it still holds in both your souls."
The man smiled, Randall smiling as well.

"Hello, Lisa.” he said, Randall smiling at his wife.

"This is my son Jonathan." Randall said, Jonathan smiling and shaking the man's hand.

"I love your paintings, sir. One has hung on our wall at home for as long as I can remember." the young man said, smiling.

Jefferson's blue eyes looked at Randall, the man softly smiling.

"Your last gift I always cherished, Abe.” he said, Jefferson smiling softly.

Randall walked his friend around, Jefferson introduced to everyone, the man smiling at their warm welcoming smiles and handshakes.

He met Lynn and her husband, Justin's mother aware of the man's past with Randall.

After everyone met the man, Randall and Jefferson walked up to Lucas, the young man standing in front of the fireplace.

Jefferson's eyes moved behind Lucas, staring at the painting sitting on the mantle.

Randall stared at his friend, Lucas looking at the painting as well.

"A man's soul transforms a painting, Abraham." Lucas said, the man looking at the painting then at Randall.

"I painted that a long time ago. A faded memory of my once youth. I'd forgotten all about it. Who found this?” he softly said, Randall staring at him.

"I found it a few hours ago. My magic sensed its location, and what I needed to do with it." Lucas said, Jefferson's and Randall's blue eyes meeting his violet.

"What do you mean, sir?" Jefferson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I wrapped it up and gave it to Randall as an early Christmas present. And my name is Lucas, Abraham. Emerson is the only sir of this place."

Emerson smiled at his servant, Jefferson quietly looking at him with a soft blush.

"You're off the clock, Abraham. And you hold a place now within my grandson's heart, I believe." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Alright, sir." Jefferson said, looking at the painting again, then into Randall's blue eyes.

"We were both so young then, Randy. I can still smell the fresh scent of the water and the lilies." Jefferson said, Randall's hand going to the man's shoulder.

"It was a beautiful spot, Abe. The fishing was wonderful, the water cool, and the friendship beautiful." Randall said, Jefferson smiling.

"I loved you, Randall. This painting shows that. The innocence of youthful blossoming love. I never hated you for the silence you voiced before I left. I totally understood the corner you were backed into. I could never stand against your family and your love for them. I left with your love still in my heart."
"Your love and friendship was in mine, Abraham. I've carried it with me all my life." Randall said, Jefferson smiling.

"Thank you, Randall.” he said, Randall's hand squeezing his shoulder blade.

"I understood your reasoning for leaving, Abraham. You had no life or happiness left there. But you still had my friendship and love." Randall said, Abraham nodding.

"It wasn't enough, Randall. The pain was too intense, the hurt too crushing. Even you weren't enough.” he said, Randall nodding.

"How did you end up here, Abe? Here with such a kind man as Emerson?" Randall said, Jefferson looking towards Emerson.

"It was a short journey of pain and hurt, Randall. In the end fate, I believe, guided Emerson to my salvation." Jefferson said, Emerson rising from his chair, walking up to his servant.

"It was the destiny of a moment's change, Abraham." Lucas said, Emerson and Jefferson's eyes going to the young man.

"What do you mean, Lucas?" Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"Let's sit down everyone. Tell us the story, Jefferson." Lucas said, the man nodding, smiling at Emerson.

Emerson returned to his seat, Jefferson asking Randall to return to his family's heart, the man walking back to Lisa and Jonathan, sitting down with his family.

Justin sat back down with Josh and Lance, the three looking at Lucas.

Jefferson's eyes went to the painting, reliving that moment in his soul, the man's voice filling the room.

Lucas stood in silence by the fireplace, quietly listening.


The man told everyone of his past, of walking away from his family's home when the pain and hurt became too much.

He spoke of his tormented teenage years, of coming out to his family, of being shunned by everyone save Randall.

Of the two young men's love for each other, their friendship the center of their souls.

He spoke of their soft joining of love, of newness, Randall's love and friendship the cornerstone of his existence back then.

Randall smiled often at him, his friendship and love still showing in his eyes.

One night in the darkness of his troubled soul he left that home, stopping only for a moment to say goodbye to Randall.

The two parted that night, their paths going in different directions.

Randall sat in silence, listening to the man talk of that first year after his leaving home.

Of the hardships, of the loneliness, of the struggling to survive.

Jefferson was only eighteen, a youth lost in the darkness of a new generation, of the sixties love generation.

In his loneliness and meager existence, the young man turned to a life of depravation.

He ended up in New York City, struggling to survive.

He turned to alcohol, thievery and prostitution.

Randall's eyes were filled with tears; Justin watching his father's emotions on display.

"They were years of pain and hurt, Randall. I left home to fall into a deeper existence. I would have perished in that depravation if not for the chance of a casual encounter. An encounter that changed my life."

Lucas smiled at the man, his violet pools looking towards his grandfather.

"The introduction of my grandfather's love.” he said, Jefferson looking at him.

"Yes, Lucas.” he said, Emerson smiling at his friend.

"You didn't have to come on to him that first night, Abraham. I can almost hear my grandfather's laughter that night." Lucas smiled, Emerson laughing, his eyes showing surprise.

"How did you know that, Lucas?"
Lucas smiled, looking at Jefferson, the man blushing.

"I felt the embarrassment in Abraham's soul, and in yours, Grandfather."

Emerson smiled, looking at his friend.

"I remember that night, Emerson. That night I propositioned you. Your eyes weren't showing much shock and surprise. And then I was the one who ended up surprised." Jefferson said, Lucas smiling between the two men.

"Surprised? What happened?" Finn said, Skyler patting his arm, Finn blushing.
"Sorry, please continue, Abraham.” he said, the man smiling at the Welshman.

"I was working the streets in upper Manhattan that evening. I saw Emerson walking out of a posh hotel. He looked like he was looking for something. I thought perhaps it was company." the man said, Emerson looking at him.

"I was looking for you, Abraham.” he said, everyone looking confused.

"For him, Emerson? You didn't even know him." Justin said, Emerson looking around at everyone.

"Sorry, I worded that wrong. I was looking for someone, no one in particular. I. . .I can't really explain it. The vision wasn't totally clear."

"Vision, Father?" Vivian said, Emerson smiling at his daughter.

"Yes, Vivian. I'd had a dream that afternoon. It materialized during one of my visits."
"To the pool, Grandfather?" Lucas said, Emerson looking at him.

"Yes, that's correct, Lucas. How did you know that? That was years before you were born." Emerson said, Lucas nodding.

"What did the man tell you?"

Emerson's eyes widened in surprise, staring at his grandson, everyone looking confused.

"How did you know I talked to someone there?"

"I feel the truth in my magic, Grandfather. And he moves down all generations."

Emerson stared at his grandson, everyone looking at him.

"What did he tell you, Grandfather?"
"I didn't know the man, but he was so beautiful, so calm and reassuring. We talked in the quiet solitude of the waterfall. I remember everything he said, Lucas. He told me in my dream--or the residual aftermath of my being at the pool--that I was to walk into the darkness of the city's night and search out the salvation of a troubled soul. I was to seek a youth lost on the edge of despair and welcome him into my friendship and love. For from him I would find the threads of a uniting past and a certain future. All paths must be walked, all paths must be joined. A proposition given in desperation would be returned in the value of a white lily."

Everyone stared at the older man, Lucas softly smiling.

"He forms all paths, he guides all players.” he said, Josh looking at his man.

"Meaning what, Lucky?"
Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Meaning that the wandering soul has been masterfully guiding all paths.” he said, everyone looking at him.

"Continue, Abraham." Lucas smiled, the man staring at him, then Emerson.

"I walked up to Emerson that night and he smiled at me. Then I asked him if he was looking for some fun. I can still hear his laughter."

Emerson smiled, everyone seeing his mirthfulness in that smile.

"I was in my late fifties in your time at that moment. I found the humor in an eighteen year old beauty coming on to me.” he said, Jefferson smiling.

"You still wore a look of masculine beauty and power, Emerson. I was drawn to the look of your wealth."

Emerson smiled, looking at Abraham.

"Yes, so you said that night. You were even more surprised when I pulled out the white lily from my pocket." Emerson said, Jefferson nodding his head.

"A white lily, Emerson?" Randall said, Jefferson looking at his old friend.

"I saw in that flower the past, Randall. The white lilies of home. It all came crashing in on me at that moment. I sat down in the street and bawled." Jefferson said, Emerson smiling at the man with love.

"And I sat right down beside you.” he said, Jefferson smiling at him.

"Yes you did, sir. And you held me and talked to me for hours. Then you lifted me up and walked me back to your hotel rooms.” he said, Emerson nodding.

"I saw in you a lost child, a child needing a helping hand. The dream bore fruit. I found the young man I was told to search for. And I found something more. I found a young man with an intelligent mind, and a giving heart. I returned here to Kurucu's Haven bringing you with me. For I wanted to give you a better life."
Jefferson smiled at the older man, everyone seeing his love for Lucas' grandfather.

"You gave me a better life, Emerson. You gave me an education, a career and a home life. I am blessed for knowing you."
Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"Friendship works both ways, my friend. I am just as blessed."
Randall stared at his friend, Jefferson's blue eyes meeting his.

"That's so unbelievable, Abraham. That you would meet Emerson, that you'd have a better life after all your pain and hurt." Randall said, Jefferson nodding.

"It is the path of life, Randall." Lucas said, Randall's eyes meeting his.

"I think it's something more, Lucas." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Perhaps, Grandfather. It is the path of one life.” he said, Justin staring at his friend.

"Whose life, Luke?"

"I believe my own, Justin.” he said, everyone looking at him.

"Think of my life as a patchwork quilt. Each of you is a square upon that blanket. Your paths are sewn around you, all joining to create a greater path. Each of you have walked your path, or crossed others' paths, then crossing mine. Randall and Abraham were friends in their youth. They both then walked separate paths, each going away from each other. But destiny's hand--or another's--created other paths so that they'd both join again here. Destiny is a vehicle with a purpose. And that purpose always comes back to myself."

"But Lucas, you didn't even exist when Randall and Abraham were children." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I know that, Finny. But you need to take a look at the bigger picture. Of the greater path hidden here. The one true path." Lucas said, Emerson looking at his grandson.

"The path of the Belmont's destiny?” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The path of the greater destiny, Grandfather." Lucas said, the young man moving from the spot he was leaning against, stopping in front of Randall and Jefferson.

"Let's not focus on the semantics of destiny's path. Tonight we just need to focus on the happiness we've all experienced tonight. The joining of two lost friends."
Randall smiled, Jefferson looking at him with a smile as well.

"That's what I'm focusing on.” he said, Randall nodding, his blue eyes looking at Lucas.

"You never stop amazing all of us, Lucas. What you did tonight for me, for my heart and soul.” he said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"I just rectified your life's total path, Randall. Your heart and soul have always been giving. Abraham knows that, your family knows as well."
Randall smiled, his eyes going to his children and wives, Justin smiling at his father.

"I just received a wonderful gift, everyone.” he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"So have I." Abraham said, Randall moving, the two hugging again.

Everyone smiled, Lucas staring at Justin.

Justin smiled back, Lance rubbing his back behind him.


Everyone relaxed, Jefferson joining Randall and his family, the two men talking openly, both wearing large smiles.

Lucas sat with his men, snuggled between Justin and Josh, Lance smiling at him often.

Everyone listened to the two men talking of their past and their lives, both catching each other up on everything.

Mavis and Horace walked around again, giving everyone eggnog or apple cider.

"You've had a wonderful, loving life, Randy. I see your love for your family, and your love for Lisa." Jefferson said, Lisa smiling, Randall's arm going around her.

"I have, Abe. I've been blessed with wonderful children, a loving wife and a life of happiness." Randall smiled, Jefferson smiling at him.

"You said that you'd found love, Abraham." Lisa said, Randall looking at his friend.

"Yes, you said that, Abe. Where is your soulmate?” he said, Jefferson smiling at him.

"He is my life, Randall. He's back at my cottage on the west side of the grounds." Jefferson said, his eyes meeting Emerson's.

Randall smiled, looking at his friend.

"He must be a giving, loving man to have earned your love, Abraham."
The man smiled, his eyes glancing at Emerson.

"We'd all like to meet him, Abraham." Justin said, the man softly smiling at Randall's son.

"My Myles doesn't handle crowds very well. He's a bit shy."

Lucas smiled at the man, their eyes meeting.

"Shyness is just a covering of one's attitude on the world's indifference. I think he's more than you know." Lucas said, Josh looking at his man.

"What do you mean, my love?” he said, Lucas smiling, Jefferson staring at him.

"Please bring Myles up to the mansion, Abraham. I think you'll be surprised at how eager he is to come.” he said, Jefferson looking confused, his eyes going to Emerson's green pools again.

"It's alright, Abraham." Emerson said, the man rising from his seat, looking at Lucas.

"I'll be back shortly.” he said, Jefferson walking out of the room.

"Is something wrong, Emerson?" Randall said, looking at Lucas' grandfather.

"Jefferson is a kind, loving man. His heart is one of unending giving love. He and Myles have gone through a lot together. Their love is unbelievable in its honesty, devotion and beauty." Emerson said, Francesca smiling at her husband.

"They are each other's soul.” she said, Lucas smiling at his grandmother.

"All souls weather storms of life and love. They just need a little sunshine in their lives." Lucas said, everyone looking at him.

His violet pools were looking at the Christmas tree, its beauty gleaming and sparkling in the corner.

Lucas rose from his seat, walking up to the fireplace, his violet pools looking at the painting still sitting on the mantelpiece.

"Gifts given show love, recaptured and forgiven. And thieves have to atone for their good intentions.” he smiled, everyone hearing his words.

Josh rose, walking up to his man, his arms going around him in front of the fireplace.

"You're a man of mysterious words tonight, my love. Surprising gifts and soft intrigue.” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It's Christmas, my love. Who says that just the children can have a gleam in their eyes?” he smiled, Josh staring into his violet pools.

He saw a thousand sparkling stars in his violet orbs.

"Your eyes hold a deep happiness, my love.” he said, Lucas smiling.

"I am in the heart of love, Joshua. And I've found all I need. As will all others.” he said, smiling, his violet pools looking towards Justin and Lance.

They smiled at him, Lucas' violet pools returning to the fireplace, staring into the crackling fire in front of him, Josh's arms of love surrounding him.

Lucas smiled, his thoughts his own.

Another gift comes.
And all circles join.

He smiled, everyone trading looks in the quiet room.



End of Chapter 150


And so all join for Christmas.

Under Lucas' surprising love.


He's already giving out gifts of surprising reality.

Randall and Emerson's servant are long lost friends.

I hope some of you remembered that from a previous chapter.

Justin's father told everyone of his lost friend and the path that he walked.


But what you also need to remember is this.

All paths lead to Lucas.


What second gift was Lucas thinking on?

Who is Jefferson's soulmate?

What other surprises lay ahead for everyone as they celebrate Christmas?


You know the drill.

Take a pill, and chill.

Read on.


Hugs, Angel.