Yesterday's End-151


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 151


Lucas smiled at his man, Josh smiling back with love.

"You're amazing, my love. he said, Lucas smiling, the young man standing in front of the fireplace.

"I'm only as amazing as the love that surrounds me" he said, Justin and Lance smiling at him and Josh, the three men seated together, their two chairs close.

Lucas' violet pools looked around the room, everyone relaxing, a lot of eyes meeting his.

They all still awaited Jefferson's return, the man having been gone for about ten minutes.

Grayson rose from his seat, Gabriel's blue eyes following his man as he walked up to the fireplace, Emerson looking at his friend as well.

"Lucas, there is something you need to know about Myles." the lawyer said, his blue pools meeting Lucas' violet orbs of watching love.

"Sacrifices are made when the heart holds a greater love than most." the young man said, Grayson's blue eyes staring at him.

"Their love is deep, Lucas." the man said, Emerson's green pools watching both men.

"I know, Gray. And the sacrifice made was one that never should have been made." Lucas said, Grayson's and Emerson's eyes widening in surprise.

Two other sets of eyes stared at Lucas.

Francesca moved from her seat, Tristan's green pools following her, his eyes also staring at the other three in front of the fireplace.

His son's violet pools met his green, Tristan seeing his son's showing love.

Francesca stood by her husband's chair, her hand going to his shoulder, Lucas staring into Isadora Belmont's blue pools, Lucas smiling at her.

"I feel your love, Grandmother Isadora. All have shared its beauty. he said, Isadora smiling at her grandson.

"I feel the greater love here, Lucas. Yours and your magic. she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"A gift of love I have given tonight, that gift reuniting two lost souls from the past. he said, Randall smiling at the young man, still seated with his family, his blue eyes filled with happiness.

"I cannot thank you enough for healing my heart of its lost memories, Lucas. he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No thanks are needed when all my friends' and families' souls are free of their loss. Life regains its true paths. As will my second gift show. he said, Grayson staring at him.

"Second gift, Lucas?"

"It's Christmas, Grayson. It is a time of giving, of family and love. I shall make this the most loving of all for all of you. It starts tonight with healed hearts and showing truths."

Everyone stared at the young man, their thoughts and wonder interrupted by a noise.

All eyes turned to the room's closed door, a soft sound of tapping heard.

The door opened, Jefferson walking slowly into the room, another man beside him, his arm through his.

Everyone stared with surprise at the new visitor, Jefferson's eyes on the man's handsome face.

"We're in the receiving room, my love." Jefferson said, the handsome stranger's eyes covered by dark glasses, a white cane in his hand.

The tapping everyone had heard was the sound of that blind man's cane as he walked to this room's entrance.
Tristan rose from his seat, the man walking up to the two, Emerson rising from his seat as well, he and Francesca, followed by Grayson, moved as well.

The man's head was looking around, everyone staring at him.

He was distinguished-looking, his face showing a rugged handsomeness, his age around Jefferson's age, mid to late fifties.

Everyone rose from their seats, staring at the two men, two other sets of eyes staring with emotion.

Randall stared at the two men, seeing his old friend's loving eyes and protective love surrounding the man.

Tristan stopped in front of the two, the blind man focusing on the man in front of him, sensing his presence.

"Hello, Myles."  Tristan said, the other's man's face showing a soft look of emotion.

"Trist? Is that really you? Returned to all of us? he said, his voice one of masculine authority.

Tristan smiled, the man's eyes showing a soft wetness.

"Yes, my old friend. I have walked back into my father's love."

The man smiled, Tristan moving, the two men hugging tightly.

Jefferson softly smiled, his eyes watching both.

The two parted, Myles' hands going to Tristan's face, feeling his masculine beauty.

"Still as beautiful as your remembered youth. The magic still flows."

Tristan smiled, looking towards his father.

"I am a Belmont, Myles. My love and beauty you well know."
The man smiled, looking around again.

"Where is the old tiger? he said, Emerson moving forward, his hand going to the man's shoulder.

"I am here, Myles. I was always here. he said, the other man softly smiling.

"I feel another of just as giving love, Emerson. The magic is whole. Isadora? he softy said, Francesca's hand going to his other shoulder.

"I am here, Myles. The magic drew me back to his love. she said, the man smiling.

"A family joined again, their love unbreakable. Gray's words rung true. he said, Grayson smiling at the man.

"What words, Myles? he said, the man smiling towards his voice.

"Still at Emerson's side, bastion of law, friend of life."

Grayson smiled.

"Yes, old friend. Still within his love."

The man smiled, looking around the room again.

"So many years, so many moments. I feel the old place's thoughts. And I feel a new presence. he said, Emerson's hand patting his shoulder.

"The old place missed you, Myles. You could have always walked back into its love. he said, the man's head lowering.

"To have done that would have drawn the evil, Emerson. You, most of all, know that. he said, Emerson nodding.

"Friendship would have joined us together, Myles. Your heart knows no greater need."

The man nodded, looking around again.

"Is he here?"

The five surrounding the man looked at each other, Jefferson's arm going around the man further.

"Is who here, my love?"

"The one of the voice, the one of the touch. he said, his eyes moving around again.

"What do you mean, Myles?" Grayson said.

The man looked around again, moving forward, his cane tapping in front of him, Jefferson moving with him.

Lucas moved from the fireplace, the young man walking to him, the two stopping in front of him in front of Emerson's vacated chair.

"Hello again, Myles." Lucas said, the man suddenly trembling.

"It. . .it is. . .my heart's hope? he said, Lucas' hand going gently to the man's shoulder.

"Yes, my friend. I can open your heart to the real love."

The man suddenly sobbed, then collapsed, Lucas' arms going around him, Jefferson's face changing to deep concern, Lucas gently guiding the man to Emerson's chair, setting him down gently.

Jefferson was beside him, his face deeply emotional.

"This has been too much, my love. You need rest! he said, Lucas' violet pools looking up at him.

"He is stronger than all of us, Abraham. For his greatest strength is his courage and love." Lucas said, his family surrounding him and the man, Tristan's green pools looking down at his son.

"What's going on, Lucas? he said, the young man rising from his crouching position, staring at his father and grandfather.

"Life is going on, Father." Lucas said, the blind man's covered eyes looking up at the two men.

"He. . .he is. . .he's your son, Trist? he said, Lucas staring down at the man.

"I am a Belmont, Myles. And I am a Carlisle. And my love is the answer."

"It. . .it cannot be! he softly said, Jefferson staring at his partner.

"Are you alright, Myles? he said, Lucas smiling down at both men.

"He's alive, Abraham. No evil could ever destroy his magical soul."

Jefferson looked shocked, staring at his man.

"What. . .what do you mean? he said, Myles' hand going into his, Jefferson staring at his soulmate.

"He is the one, Abe. And he's seen into my soul."

Lucas smiled, staring down at the man.

"Welcome to my love, Myles. And my family now is whole."


Everyone stared at Lucas, Josh now at his side, Justin and Lance there as well.

"I feel your love, my friends. And I feel so much more. he said, the three exchanging glances.

The man seated before them staring upwards, his glasses-covered eyes moving between the four.

"I feel a great love before me. he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You feel all love, dear friend. he said, the man softly smiling.

"What's going on here, Lucas?" Tristan said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his father's green.

"The path as always, Father. And something more."

Emerson walked up to his grandson, Isadora at his side.

"You have us all at a disadvantage, my grandson. You seem to know more than we. he said, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"I know all, Grandfather. And I've found the underlying love. he said, staring at the man before him.

"I have found love, courage, sacrifice, evil, goodness and life. And tonight I rectify all that are lost. In their giving love, in their needful love and in their misguided love. The greater love needs to shine. And magic, love and life need to find their true path."

Everyone stared at the young man, lost in all his confusing words.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Sit down, my family and my life. Tales need to be voiced, paths need to be seen. he said, everyone nodding, moving back to their seats, Emerson guided by his wife to hers, the two sitting down with their children.

Lucas smiled at Myles and Jefferson, Jefferson rising to his feet.

"What's going on here, sir? What did Myles mean about a voice and a touch? he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I told you it's Lucas, Abraham. And your soulmate I've met before."

Jefferson looked shocked, others showing surprise as well.

Lucas moved, the young man picking up a chair that stood empty beside his soulmates, the young man smiling at everyone now seated again, the young man moving the chair beside Emerson's chair, the man smiling at Myles, then at Jefferson.

"Sit down, Abraham. Your man's love needs yours. he said, Jefferson slowly sitting down in the offered chair, his hand going into Myles' beside him, Lucas looking at both men.

"First off, you need to introduce yourself, Myles. he smiled, the man seated before him staring at Lucas.

"My name is Myles. I was a former employee of this estate's greatness once. he said, Emerson looking at him.

"You still are, Myles. You are a part of this place's soul." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"My grandfather holds you in high regard, sir. he said, Myles looking up at him, his covered eyes going towards Emerson's voice.

"I am nothing of importance, Emerson. I am half of what I was. he softly said, Jefferson's blue pools staring at his man's face.

Lucas saw the look of deep love on his grandfather's, grandmother's and father's staring faces.

"You are my life, my love." Jefferson said, Lucas stared at the two.

"He is more, Abraham. He is your destiny, as you are his. And he is so much more."

"What am I but a broken man, sir? I have been clouded in darkness for half my life."

"You have been surrounded in love, courage, sacrifice and life, kind sir."

The man's handsome face stared at Lucas, the young man moving, walking up to the fireplace, staring at the portrait still sitting on the mantle.

"Thank you for divulging its hidden place, Myles. I have given the gift. he said, Myles' hand squeezing Jefferson's, Jefferson staring at him.

"You. . .you gave Lucas my painting? he said, the man slowly nodding.

"Yes, Abe. I gave him the answer to freeing your soul. he said, Jefferson looking at Lucas, then back at Myles.

"You. . .you two have met before? he said, Lucas looking down at the two seated men.

"No, Abraham. We have only talked for the briefest of moments." Lucas said, Myles staring towards him.

"He called me three days ago from America, Abraham. He wanted my advice on how to heal your heart, and your old friend's heart as well." Myles said, everyone staring with surprise at Lucas, Josh rising from his chair again, walking up to his man.

"How is that possible, Lucas? he said, his hand going to his man's shoulder, Lucas' violet pools staring at him.

"Because my love feels all, my love. I felt the hidden truth here the last time I was here. I felt the love denied, the love hidden and the truth hidden. he said, everyone looking at him with surprise.

"That was months ago, Luke! You've known all this since then?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"Yes, Finny. Not the trueness of the lost souls or the hidden truth. But paths moved, and I connected the missing pieces. Paths walked and such. he said, Josh staring at his man.

"You are amazing, my love. he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"That's beginning to get old, my love. I am just myself. I am the weaver of the quilt of love. I bind all threads. he said, Josh smiling at him.

"I love you, weaver of my heart."
Lucas smiled, kissing his lips.

"Sit down in our love, my love. he said, Josh nodding, returning to his seat.

Lucas' violet pools looked around, his eyes meeting Randall's.

"I mended the past, as I said I would, Myles. The painting brought their friendship together again." Lucas said, waving towards Randall, the man rising and walking up to Lucas.

"They have found their past and their souls have healed?" Myles said, Lucas nodding at Randall.

The man moved, kneeling down in front of Jefferson and Myles.

"Hello, Myles. I am Randall, Abraham's lost friend. Lucas has given our hearts our greatest joy again. Our friendship is found again. he said, taking Myles' other hand in his, Myles smiling at Randall.

"His heart was always lost without your friendship, Randall. He talked often of you and what you gave him in his youth--a hope and a dream of a truer life. You were his first love and you were his friend. I am glad that you are in his life again. he said, Randall smiling at Jefferson, seeing the man's blue eyes locked on his soulmate's face.

"I am his friend, I see that you are his love. My heart warms to know he's found love." Randall said, Abraham smiling at him.

"Thank you. He is my life." Myles said, Jefferson tearing up.

Randall stood up again, smiling at Lucas.

"Thank you for showing me their love, Lucas. Thank you for giving me my friend back."

Lucas smiled, Randall returning to his seat.


Lucas' violet pools looked around the room, everyone seeing a soft change coming over his handsome face, the young man's face showing a look of determination and thoughtful pause.

Josh stared at his man, sensing the young man was steeling himself against a forthcoming truth.

Lucas sighed, his body turning, his violet pools staring into the flames before him in the fireplace.

"For love, for truth, for all, I walk the path of life. he softly said, all hearing him.

He turned back, everyone now seeing his pools were green, the young man having slipped on his golden ring.

"I have not shown the truer love, Randall. The truer love both of these courageous men have denied each other."

Jefferson stood up, staring at Lucas.

"I have never denied Myles my love, Lucas. We are of one soul. he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You are both one of courage, Abraham. But you are both walking separate paths. Both of guilt and both of selfless sacrificial love. I am here to show the truth and show the greater love. It starts with the greater love shining here. A love of family, of togetherness and of my life. he said, his violet pools staring at two other people in the room, one of them standing up.

"Go to your son, madam. He needs your love. he said, someone moving, walking up to the two, another following.

Mavis stared at Lucas, Horace's eyes showing deep emotion.

"You have walked him into danger, Lucas!" Horace said, Mavis' wet pools looking at Lucas.

"No, Horace. I think Lucas has walked him into life. she said, the woman's arms going around her son's seated form, Myles enveloped in her love, Horace's arms going around both.

Everyone stared in shock, the two older people now surrounding Myles, the man wrapped in his parents' love.

Jefferson stood up, staring at all three, then at Lucas.

"How could you have known that?! he said, wonder showing on his face, Mavis looking up at Lucas.

"A parent's love radiates a deeper sensation within my magic, Abraham. I see many glows of maternal and paternal love around me. I deduced from their radiant glow their child was near. he said, Horace staring at the young man with wonder as well.

"Simply amazing! he said, Lucas smiling at him.

Mavis broke her hold on her son, Myles kissing her cheek.

"I think this man sees into all souls, Mom. he said, Mavis kissing his cheek back.

"He sees our love for you, Myles. she said, her eyes looking at Lucas.

"Yes, Mavis. I see your love. he said, Mavis smiling at him, breaking her hold on her son, Horace's arm going around his wife.

"He is our son, Lucas. His love is giving, his life a path of pain. We three have been his rock. she said, smiling at Jefferson, the man smiling at Myles' parents.

"I know, dear lady. A family joined in their love for him. he said, his green pools meeting Randall's blue.

"Your Abe has had a life of family love, Randall. He found adoptive parents in these two. he said, Jefferson smiling at Randall.

"I'm glad, Abe. I see your now shown love for both of them."
The man smiled, Lucas looking at Mavis.

"And I see a greater destiny in their giving, loving souls. he said, Mavis staring at him.

"You are indeed deep within the magic, Lucas. she said, staring at him with wonder.

"Yes, dear cousin, I am."

Mavis nodded, her blue pools looking towards Harry.

"He is the one, sire. she said, Harry staring at Lucas.

"You are amazing, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, everyone showing their confusion.

"Meet another branch of my lost family, everyone. Before you stands Mavis Carlisle Hampton, her husband Horace, and her son Myles Hampton."


Finn rose to his feet, staring at all three.

"They're. . .they're Carlisles?! he said, Lucas smiling at his friend's wonder-filled face.

"Yes, my friend. Family surrounds me on all sides. he said, Savannah, Vivian and their mother rising from their seats, both staring at him.

"How. . .how could you have known?" Francesca' returned face said, Lucas smiling at her.

"I feel the love within my heart, Grandmother. Your sister's love I feel radiating from her cuisine and her heart. And I feel the magic of all the Carlisles."

Mavis smiled, walking up to Lucas, staring into his green eyes.

"You are the one, Lucas. I see the love and magic within your eyes. It is greater than all of us. she said with emotion.

"She's. . .she's. . .she's Francesca's sister?" Finn said, Skyler rising to his side.

"We all figured that out by Luke's words, babe. Close your mouth. she said, Lucas lightly laughing at Finn's wonder-struck face.

"Calm your beast, Sky. The love shines as it must. he said, his green eyes returning to Mavis' blue pools.

"Hello, great aunt of my love. he smiled, Mavis tearing up, her arms going around the young man.

"You are love personified, Lucas! You are magic radiating! she said, Lucas smiling, hugging her close, his eyes staring at Horace's smiling face.

"She has wanted to hug you since she met you, Lucas. She can now with revealed family love. he said, Lucas smiling at the doctor.

"I love all my family, Uncle Horace. he said, Horace smiling.

Mavis broke her embrace, staring into his green pools of love.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. We thought it best to hide our allegiances. she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"The evil of our times makes us weary of our surroundings, Aunt Mavis. I am here to destroy those doubts and that evil. he said, Francesca walking up to him, Lucas smiling at her.

"I offer all of our apologies, Lucas. she said, Lucas smiling at her and his family.

"No forgiveness is needed, no love unchanged. My family cannot hide from my love."

She smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek, her arm going around her sister's waist.

"Her love for myself guided her to stand by my Emerson's side while I was lost, Lucas. She loves him as I do. she said, Emerson smiling at his wife and sister-in-law.

"My grandfather won all of your love. His wife's, his sister-in-law and brother-in-law's and his treasured nephew's love." Lucas said, his eyes going to Myles' silent face.

"Perhaps the most giving of all souls. he said, his grandmother and great aunt staring at him.

Savannah walked up to her son, their eyes meeting, Vivian at her side.

"His love is unending, Lucas. It is as great as yours. she said, her violet pools looking towards Myles.

"Yes, Mom. And his love needs to shine. And Abraham's needs to as well. The cloaks of lost paths need to be removed. he said, everyone looking confused, Abraham staring at him.

"What are you talking of, Lucas? he said, Lucas sighing again, the man's face changing, a look of soft compassion showing now.

"What's going on, Lucas?" Savannah said, Lucas staring into his mother's loving eyes.

"Deceit hides in many forms, Mom. The hidden love of this family is one form of deceit. But that deceit only shows its hidden love. I would never hold disdain for that hidden love. It is and will always be in my heart. he said, his family staring at him with love.

"Another deceit shows a greater pain. And I'm going to destroy that pain, and show the true love beneath it. he said, Savannah staring at her son with love.

"What deceit, Lucas? she said, Lucas moving, walking away from the women of his family, all eyes on him.

He stood in front of Myles' chair, staring down at the man, his head moving from side to side.

"I feel your love, Lucas. You. . .you cannot know all of it. he softly said, Abraham staring at his lover.

"I feel even more love, now revealed cousin of my heart. And I am here to ease your pain. I know all and even more."
Everyone saw the tears showing now on the man's cheeks, Lucas going to his knees in front of the man, taking his hands in his.

"You sacrificed all to have all, Myles. But another lays at the feet of this deception. The truer love must be shown. As must the monster behind all of it." Lucas said, his eyes moving up to Abraham's staring wet blue pools.

"I am that monster, Lucas. For I destroyed my soulmate's heart so long ago. And I have been trying to capture its lost love again for the last twenty-five years. he said, Lucas standing up, staring into the man's blue pools.

Randall moved, rising from his seat, going to his friend's side, his arm going around Jefferson.

"What's wrong, Abe?"

Jefferson's eyes met Randall's blue.

"Your friend lost his soul, Randy. He gave over his life's happiness for carnal lust. I destroyed my Myles' life and body with my own weakness." Jefferson sobbed, Myles staring up at him, his hand going in his.

"Our love is ours, my love. Your love gained my soul again. And this soul was just as lost as yours. he said, another voice joining the emotion.

"No soul was lost that was deceived. Two souls never lost the love beneath the pain. It's time that love showed its true beauty."

All eyes moved to Lucas' green pools, Jefferson and Myles staring at him with confusion.

"You both need to bare your souls, to see the greater truth. And the truer monster shall show itself."

"I. . .I cheated on Myles, Lucas! I destroyed our love!" Jefferson said, Randall looking surprised, the room blanketed in silence.

"No, Abraham. You were just a pawn in the monster's plans." Lucas said, Abraham staring at him.

"And your man's soul holds a greater secret." Lucas said, Myles staring up at him.

"You. . .you can't know! he softly said, Lucas patting his knee.

"My magic knows all, Myles. And the monster deceived you both. he said, his green pools looking at Jefferson.

"Open your heart, Abraham. Let all of us see your courageous soul, and your giving love." Lucas said, Jefferson feeling a hand going into his.

"What is he talking of, Myles? he softly said, Myles looking up at him.

"Tell our story, my love. And let us both open our hearts."

Jefferson nodded, staring down at his soulmate.

"Alright. he said, Lucas moving, walking back to his love, sitting down beside Josh, Josh's arm going around him.

"Sit down everyone. Let's watch love unfold. And I'll show more. he said, everyone returning to their seats, Jefferson returning to his beside Myles, the two still holding hands.

"Our story begins with my own downfall, with my own past. A past someone found out about. And that person used it against me. he said, Lucas staring at him.

The man's blue pools went around, looking at everyone.

"Out of that deceit my soulmate lost his sight. Lost his immobility for so many years. I have spent my life trying to win back that love, win back that life. he said, Myles' hand squeezing his.

"You never lost it, Abraham. he said, Jefferson staring into his shaded eyes.

"I cheated on our love, Myles. he said, looking towards Emerson and Tristan, both staring at him.

"That deceit drove you from my love, causing the car crash that almost destroyed you. Forgive me, my love. Forgive me for destroying all of you. he cried, Myles' arm going around him.

"We have talked this through, Abe. I forgave you when you showed your giving love."
Lucas stared at both men, Jefferson's eyes going around to everyone.

"I had sinned against my love for this man. he said, staring at Emerson.

"It's time the truth was known, and then I'll leave. he said, his voice filling the room, everyone listening in silence.

Two green pools stared at him, Lucas' mind filling with a known truth.


"Our love was intense. I fell in love with this man the moment I laid eyes upon his beautiful face." Jefferson said, Myles smiling at him.

"It was only a few weeks after Emerson brought me here, here to begin my new life." Jefferson said, staring at the older man, Emerson smiling at him.

"I had met Tristan, the young man welcoming me as a contemporary, as a friend." Jefferson said, Tristan smiling at him.

"Emerson gave me a job, as an employee within the stables. As a farmhand and as a friend. He, his wife and son welcomed me into their home. They became the family I had lost. he said, the three smiling at him.

"It was through that job that I saw a vision of beauty that day so long ago. Tristan and his college friends had been riding all afternoon, the group returning to the stables. And that's when I stared into two blue pools of intense overwhelming love. It was that day that I met my Myles. he said, Myles staring at him.

His head moved around, the man smiling.

"It was that day that I found the second part of my soul. Emerson had paid for my scholastic achievements, treating me as a second son, my friendship with Tristan within my heart all my life. And that friendship brought me to that stable's door that day. And I found love. he said, Jefferson staring at him.

"Your love was unbelievable. You treated me as a man, not a servant. Our love grew under the watchful gaze of our friend Tristan and our families. he said, the family smiling at the two.

"We all saw your love easily, Abraham." Grayson said, Jefferson smiling.

The man's eyes lowered, Grayson's and Emerson's eyes meeting.

"We loved each other with all our souls, Grayson. And that's why my deceit was all the more destructive."

"What happened, Abraham?" Emerson said, the man staring towards his friend and employer.

"I fell from grace, Emerson. The evil drew me into its web. For it found my weakness."

"It found your loving soul, Abraham."

Jefferson's eyes turned, staring at Lucas who'd spoken.

"Evil feeds on love, everyone. It cannot abide by its beauty. It seeks to destroy it. And it uses all means. Even blackmail, strength and underhandedness. he said, Jefferson staring at him.

"How. . .how did you know? he softly said, Lucas staring at him.

"Evil can easily be felt, Abraham. My magic senses its games. he said, Jefferson releasing his soulmate's hand.

He rose from his seat, going to the fireplace, staring down into the flames, the fire snapping and sparking.

"He was a monster, Lucas. I didn't sense it until it was too late. Until I was lost within the spider's web. he said, trembling.

Lucas rose from his seat, walking up to the man, his hand going to his shoulder, Jefferson raising his tear-filled eyes.

"Monsters will answer for their deeds, Abraham. I guarantee you that. Tonight I'll heal the paths. he said, Jefferson moving, the young man holding him close, the man sobbing into his chest.

Randall was staring at his friend, his emotions filled with concern and love.

"He. . .he. . .he blackmailed me into it, Lucas! He found out my past, my life of sinfulness! He. . .he used it against our love! he stammered, Lucas rubbing his back.

"Who is he speaking of, Lucas?" Emerson said, staring around the room, looking at Myles.

The man's head was lowered, his body motionless.

Jefferson stared at Emerson, his face covered in tears, Emerson staring at him.

"It was Haven, Emerson. Your adoptive son owned my soul. And he destroyed it!"


Everyone gasped, looking at the man, seeing the emotion on his face.

"He. . .he. . .he did what?!" Emerson said, Grayson staring at the man with surprise as well, his blue eyes meeting Gabriel's blue.

"The monster showed himself, Emerson. He. . .he blackmailed me into being his slave. He. . .he used me. . .he raped my soul!" Jefferson said, Randall standing up, walking up to his friend, his arm going around him.

"He is a monster, Abraham. Lucas has shown us that truth." Randall said, Lucas smiling at him with compassion.

Emerson rose from his seat, walking up to Jefferson, the man staring into his tearful eyes.

"Randall is correct, Abraham. The man's evilness is now in the open."

"He. . .he found out about my past, Emerson! About me being a call boy and stuff! He. . . threatened to tell Myles and Emerson! He threatened to destroy my life again! To cast me out into the darkness again! I. . .I couldn't lose everything again! I just couldn't! he sobbed, Myles rising from his seat, his cane moving, the man walking up to the voices he heard, Randall staring at him, guiding Jefferson into his opening arms.

"I'm sorry, my love! I'm sorry I destroyed our love! he sobbed, Myles holding him.

"You have already unburdened your soul to my own, my love. And now the world knows. he said, Lucas' hand going to the man's shoulder.

"The courage you show has always been in your heart, Abraham. Your love as well. Randall felt that youthful love, Myles feels the beauty of its total greatness. It's time you both feel the deeper trueness of it. he said, Myles staring at him.

"You know of my own deceit, don't you?"

Abraham raised his head, staring at his soulmate.

"I am the one who deceived you, my love. I came to you on my knees that night, so long ago. After the defilement of that man's needs. And I saw the look upon your face. I saw the heartbreaking truth. You saw me for who I was! For what I was! And then you left! You drove out of my life! he sobbed, everyone staring at the two men with compassion and love.

"I drove into my own pain." Myles softly said, Abraham's eyes meeting his glasses-covered pools.

"I hurt you, Myles. I hurt your love and then you never would have had your accident. I robbed you of your love for me and then I robbed you of your sight!"

Lucas' hand went to his shoulder, rubbing it.

"You did no such thing, Abraham. You were deceived, manipulated and used. By a monster of true evil. For that monster didn't use only you. he said, the young man staring at Myles.

The man stepped back, everyone seeing the tears in his eyes.

"Lucas is right, my love. That night you came to me on your knees, pleading your love for me, pleading my forgiveness. It was a forgiveness I didn't deserve. For I was just as guilty as you were. For the monster played all paths. he said, Abraham staring at him.

"What. . .what do you mean, Myles? he said, Myles' head lowering.

Lucas moved, the man standing between the two.

"He means that his love was threatened and hurt as well as yours, Abraham. Haven played both of you against each other. For a very specific reason. he said, Myles' head moving towards Lucas' voice.

"What. . .what reason, Lucas?" Jefferson said, his man's hand going to his shoulder.

"To stop me from telling Emerson the truth, Abraham. The truth I discovered. he said, Emerson looking at his cook's son.

"What truth? he said, Myles staring at him.

"I saw the evilness take him, Emerson. A few nights before my departure from here, I saw Haven in the upper rooms with a shadow. And I saw the shadow consume him. The evilness possessed him. And then he stared into my revealed eyes, a smile of true meanness showing on his face."
"And then he came for you?" Lucas said, the man nodding.

"Yes, Lucas. The man--or monster he now was--attacked me. He. . .he pulled me into a bedroom. . .he. . .he possessed me." the man said, Jefferson staring at him with shock.

"He told me everything, Abraham. Of his owning you, of his defiling your love for me. Of the sheer brutality of his evil soul. And then he threatened to kill you if I didn't give into his needs. I stopped struggling, the monster possessing me, taking what it needed. I lay in stunned loss, your love hammering at my soul. And he took that soul and shattered it." the man said, Gabriel rising from his seat, going to Grayson's side, his arm going around his man.

"Hello, Myles. I'm Gabriel. Lucas revealed to Grayson and myself a similar pattern of evilness. Haven did the same thing to our love a few years later. He tried to destroy it. Lucas' love gave it back to both of us. I sense he's doing the same tonight for both of you." Gabriel said, Lucas smiling at the judge.

Jefferson's arms went around Myles' waist, the man tensing up.

"Why didn't you tell me, Myles? I would have understood. I would have seen the man's deceit, at what he'd done to both of us. he said, Myles' eyes filled with tears, his cheeks showing them.

"Your love was real, Abraham. It wasn't tainted, but mine was. For I gave into the greater evil, the evil I truly saw. And then I. . .I. . .I sent you into a prison of my own doing. Of my own selfishness. I ruined our love by making you feel guilty."

Jefferson pulled him close.

"Oh, my love! I loved you then, I love you now. Where is the guilt in that? he said, Lucas smiling at the man.

"No guilt was ever real, my friends. And I know what your own heart was pledged to do. And I know Haven knew it as well." Lucas said, Myles staring at him.

"Tell him the truth, Myles. And then I'll voice a greater truth."

Myles' face went to Jefferson's, the man staring at him.

"That night, that night of your confession. I wasn't running away from you, my love. I already knew of your heart's shame, Haven having already revealed it. I loved you deeper than I ever had before that night. For I knew that your soul was as trapped as mine. That your love was as real as mine, and just as trapped. That night I didn't flee from your love, I went in search of its freedom, and my own."
Lucas' hand went to the man's shoulder.

"You drove out that night in search of Haven. To destroy the evil. To give both of your hearts justice."

Everyone stared at the man with surprise.

"Yes. . .yes Lucas. That night I drove away from my home to seek out evil. To destroy it. I carried a gun in my car's boot. I mean to find Haven and kill him. I was going to kill the evil! he said, Jefferson staring at him with tearful love.

"Oh why, my love? Why didn't you tell me the truth?"
"How could I, my Abe?! How could I tell you that that monster had defiled me as well? he cried, Jefferson pulling him close.

"You left me to walk into fate's pain, my love. Why didn't you tell me? You'd be whole now, our love would be whole!" Jefferson cried, the two holding each other close.

"Your love is whole, Abraham and Myles. It never faltered throughout your lives." Lucas said, the two looking towards him.

"Each of you felt a deep guilt in what you'd done to your joined love. Abraham always believed that he'd caused your injuries, Myles. That his defilement of your love had caused you to flee that night. So from then on he showered you with his giving, caring love. He slowly nursed you back to health, as healthy as you could be. You felt his love every moment of the last thirty years. And you yourself, Myles, felt a deeper guilt of not telling him the truth. The truth that you'd known beforehand of Haven' deceit. You never got the chance to cleanse your own soul of its truth. Tonight that's happened. And another truth must be shown as well. For I sensed that truth just a few weeks ago. I sensed it in the man's magic as I possessed it."

The two men stared at the young man, everyone staring at Lucas.

"Haven is gone from the path, my friends. I have sent him into the prison of his own greed. He is confined in the abyss of judgment. His deeds will one day be judged. My magic preordains it."

"He's. . .he's dead?" Myles softly said, Lucas' hand going to shoulder.

"No, Myles. He's trapped in his own evil. An evil that's left him alone and lost. That evil still lingers, possessing another to do its needs. For both of you that is of no matter. For before you stands a greater truth." Lucas said, the young man staring at Myles.

"You never would have killed Haven, Myles. For Haven was one step ahead of both of you. You were both destined to die that night. he said, both men looking surprised.

"What. . .what. . .what do you mean?" Jefferson said, Lucas staring at him and Myles.

"What was going on that night, Grandfather?" Lucas said, looking at Emerson, Isadora's arm going around her husband, she having walked up to him.

"It was the night of the annual Harvest Ball, Lucas. It was in town. Myles and Jefferson were running late that night. They would have been the last to arrive. But they never showed. she said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, they would have never shown."

"What do you mean, my love?" Josh said, Lucas looking at him, his eyes returning to the two men standing in front of him.

"I mean that your accident was no accident, Myles. Haven had tampered with your brakes that night. He was the one who intended to kill both of you. He'd taken what he could from both of you and he was then determined to destroy other lives. Emerson's, Tristan's, Mavis' and Horace's. Your deaths would have destroyed their hearts."

The two men stared at Lucas in disbelief, the man's hands going to each of their shoulders.

"Your lives have been filled with false guilt, evil's touch and love's lost trueness. Tonight you both need to find in each other the trueness of your real love. And to do that I need to give all to have all." Lucas said, the man's eyes closing, everyone rising from their seats, staring at a white glow that suddenly appeared around Lucas.

"This gift needs no wrappings, it is only wrapped in the trueness of your souls."

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, the white glow moving, encircling all three, Jefferson and Myles drawn into the whiteness.

It only lasted for the briefest of moments, its whiteness disappearing instantly, Lucas the only one who moved.

He trembled, the man feeling two sets of arms surround him.

"Lucas, you've taxed yourself!" Emerson said, he and Josh holding him.

"Love taxes the most giving hearts. he said, staring at the two men standing before him.

Jefferson's eyes showed a wide look of total shock.

"Myles! You're. . .you're so young! You're. . .you're beautiful!! he stuttered, Myles' hand going to his face, removing his glasses.

Jefferson's eyes widened more, staring into two blue pools of shining wetness.

"Abe! I. . .I see you. . .I see your youthful beauty!! he cried, the two men moving forward, their lips joining, their arms pulling each other close.

"Love knows no ending. One can see when one's free of the deceit." Lucas said, a voice filling the room's awed quietness.

"My baby! My baby can see!" Mavis cried, the woman rushing forward, Jefferson and Myles both immediately wrapped in her arms, Horace's arms surrounding all three.

Lucas smiled, Grayson now at his side, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"They spoke of youthful looks, Lucas. The same gift you have given Gabe and myself? he said, Lucas' now violet pools meeting his blue.

No one, save one, had seen Lucas remove the ring, depositing it in his pocket.

"Yes, my friend. They lost their youth with their lost love. It was only fitting they have both returned to each other's eyes and souls."

Everyone moved, surrounding Lucas and the hugging foursome, Lucas' eyes lowering.

"Excuse me, everyone. I need to walk away from too much love. he said, the man moving, everyone watching him walk over to the door, the man disappearing out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"Is he alright, Josh?" Lance said, Colton staring at him and Josh as well as Justin, the two men now at Josh's side.

"He is alright, guys. He just needs to stabilize his soul. Such love comes with a price. It is the calming love of a greater magic." Colton said, the man smiling towards the closed doors, his face showing a deeper understanding.

The four by the fireplace were suddenly surrounded by everyone, two men feeling the newness of Lucas' widening family.


End of Chapter 151


And so Lucas has drawn two others out onto the stage that is his life.

Randall's former youthful friend, and Lucas' own revealed great-cousin, Myles.

Two souls once lost in the deceitfulness of Haven's evil.

A man who's now serving a greater punishment richly deserved.


Lucas reveals the past's secrets, paths walked in confusion and lies.

Two men showing love to each other, a more real love underneath.

Lucas has healed Myles' eyes, the man seeing his lost love as he last gazed upon it.

Young, beautiful and his.

And Jefferson stared into two eyes of forgotten love.

Another Christmas gift given in Lucas' giving soul.


Onward we go, more surprises waiting.

New families join, new love shows.


Hugs, Angel.