Yesterday's End-153


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 153


Colton walked back into the room, Jonathan's arm around him, the two smiling at everyone relaxing around the room.

"They're both asleep, everyone.” he said, Lucas smiling at the young man.

"With visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads." Jonathan said, Colton smiling at him, Lucas rising from his seat, opening his arms, Colton moving into his arms, Jonathan releasing him.

Josh smiled, seeing Lucas' love for the young man, Lucas hugging him close.

"Thank you, Lucas. For making this Christmas so special for her.” he said, Lucas kissing the young man's forehead.

Everyone smiled, seeing their closeness as well.

"I want this to be a special Christmas for you as well, Colt." Lucas said, Colton's head raising, the young man smiling at the slightly older man holding him.

"It is special, Luke. I have you and Rosy here with me, and Uncle Gid and my Jonah. And everyone else. It's the most special Christmas.” he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think we can all do with a little more special Christmas cheer.” he smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Now that Colt and Jon are back, I'd like all of you to follow me. I have another surprise." Lucas smiled, everyone looking at him, Finn smiling widely.

"I knew it! He's gone and done something magical. What, did you give your three another inch?” he grinned, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Finny. I did something magical. I talked to Santa and he needs another beast to pull his sleigh. I volunteered you." Lucas smiled, Finn looking confused.

"He's okay with a jackass instead of a reindeer." Lucas smiled.

Everyone burst into laughter, Finn blushing, Skyler laughing and kissing his cheek.

"You walked into that one, beast of my heart.” she said, Finn softly smiling at her, his blue eyes going to Lucas.

"Well deserved. I'll behave."

Lucas smiled, leaning down and kissing Finn's forehead.

"Where's the fun in that? Tonight I want you in fine form." Lucas smiled, standing again, smiling around at everyone.

"I've created a Christmas surprise for all of us. A nice way to end the evening.” he said, everyone smiling at him, Randall rising from his chair, giving Lisa his hand, she rising as well.

"Then let's get to it, Luke. Your surprises fill all our hearts with happiness.” he said, Justin smiling at his father.

He, Lance and Josh rose as well, everyone else taking the hint, all rising from their seats.

"Bring your hearts and your smiles, and we'll have fun." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going in his.

"Lead on to your love, my love.” he said, Lucas kissing his lips.

"We don't need an audience for that, my love.” he said, Finn laughing, Josh blushing.

"Need tips, Josh?" Finn grinned, Alain smiling at the Welshman.

"No he doesn't, Finn. He has three." Alain said, he and Finn bursting into laughter, slapping each other on the back, Harry rolling his eyes, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

"Mirthfulness fills our hearts. Let's feed off our laughter's soul. And I'm going to reenergize all of you." Lucas said, the young man moving, Josh walking with him, the two going to the room's exit.

Everyone smiled, Lucas looking back, seeing couples join arms, everyone smiling at him.

"To winter's wonderland we go, my families." Lucas smiled, the young man opening the door, everyone moving and following him out of the room.

"We should get our jackets, Lucas." Francesca said, Lucas smiling back at her, everyone walking across the foyer, following the young man and Josh.

"We are not venturing out into the night's coolness, Grandmother." Lucas said, everyone looking at each other.

"You said winter's wonderland, Luke." Lewis said, Jacques' arm around him.

"There are many winters of life, Good Reverend. Trust in me to warm your hearts with my own." Lucas said, not looking back.

Everyone shrugged their shoulders, following the young man.


Emerson's green alert pools devised where Lucas was leading them.

They were walking down the corridor to the cavadeum, the garden on their right side showing darkness behind the glass wall between them.

"Are we visiting our ancestors, Lucas?” he said, Tristan looking towards his son.

"No, Grandfather. We walk past their love to the greater love." Lucas smiled, continuing to walk.

Justin's blue pools were looking into the garden, Lance kissing his cheek.

"The spot of our proposal, my love. I will always see it in my heart." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"The garden is heated, and sheltered. You could walk there later, Lance and Justin." Francesca smiled, the two men smiling at her.

"I believe our Lucas' love may keep us busy all night." Lance said, Josh smiling back at the two men, he and Lucas hearing their words of love.

"That it will, Lance." Lucas said, the group walking now into the open cavadeum, all of them taking in the bronze statues standing in a circle.

"We close the glass roof during winter months. The coldness would seep into the whole house." Emerson said, Lucas smiling back at him.

The young man and Josh walked through the circle, taking in the male forms of bronzed beauty surrounding them.

"I walk through my family, all their love within my soul." Lucas said, Emerson and Tristan smiling at the young man.

Everyone followed, the young man leading them down another corridor, everyone exchanging looks, knowing this corridor led to the grand ballroom.

"Where are we going, Lucas? This leads to the ballroom. It's shut down and sealed for the winter. Isn't it, Em?" Grayson said, looking at Emerson, Gabriel's arm in his man's.

"Yes, Gray. It's sealed off.” he said, looking towards his grandson, Emerson's eyes suddenly widening as they walked through the hallway, the ballroom at its end.

The hallway was lined with candelabras, soft candlelight bathing the hallway in its reflective glow.

Everyone stopped, taking in the festive decor strewn along the hallway.

Boughs of greenery were strung along its length, glass balls and ornaments hanging from them, the hallway bathed in Christmas cheer.

The walls were white with snow, snow covering a lot of the greenery as well.

The two large mahogany doors of the grand ballroom were closed at its end, two large white wreathes hanging in the center of both doors.

"What's all this, Lucas? When in God's name did you have time to do all this?" Tristan said, Lucas stopping halfway down the hallway, turning and smiling at his father, his violet pools now glowing a soft green.

"Magic aids me in all my endeavors, Dad. It is laced within the love.” he smiled, looking around at everyone.

"Welcome to an evening of Christmas cheer, my family." Lucas said, the young man stepping back against the wall, Josh staring at him.

"Walk into the season's festivities, everyone." Lucas said, the young man's hand moving towards the mahogany doors, both doors moving inward.

What greeted everyone first was music; festive, classical Christmas music.

"Where is that music suddenly coming from, Lucas? We would have heard it earlier through the acoustics of this old place.  Music from the ballroom carries everywhere." Francesca said, her eyes moving forward.

"It comes from my heart, Grandmother. Walk into my Christmas gift for all of you."

Josh smiled, the man feeling Justin and Lance walk up behind him, the three men moving forward, everyone behind them following them with awed wonder.

Everyone walked into the dark ballroom, it suddenly flooding with light, everyone stopping and taking in the sudden revealed beauty.

"Good God, Lucas! It is a winter wonderland!!" Reverend Saunders said, Jacques’ eyes as wide as his.

Everyone stared around them, the whiteness and the beauty of the room awing them all into silence.

The room was covered in whiteness, real snow heaped everywhere.

"It's so beautiful! The music, the snow, the candles! On my God, look at that tree!" Colton said, his fingers pointing towards the end of the ballroom, a large silver tree filling one corner, lights all over it, blue and silver balls hanging from every limb.

"And there's ice!" Jonathan said, pointing towards the other far corner, where what looked like a large pool covered in ice filling it, small trees and benches surrounding it.

"There are skates for the young at heart. You can dance all around the room, or skate in joined love." Lucas said, the young man walking into the room behind everyone.

Mavis' blue eyes looked towards one wall, a large buffet set out on a long table.

"When. . .how did you. . .my kitchen?” she said, turning towards Lucas, everyone staring at him.

"It is the banquet of my love, dear lady. Dine on the beauty of it.” he said, everyone staring at his smiling face.

"Welcome to an evening of dancing, of festive love and of enriching love, my family. I love all of you." Lucas said, everyone seeing soft tears in his now again violet pools.

Josh walked up to him, smiling at him.

"It's all so beautiful, Lucas. The snow, the ice, the tree, the banquet and the music. How did you. . .?” he said, Lucas' hands going into his, the young man looking around at everyone.

"It is the gift of my Christmas memories, Joshua. I always envisioned certain things about Christmas throughout my life--Snow, ice, skating, music, good food and warm company. The magic within me sensed all of those memories. You see before you the giving love of my magic. I only ask that you enjoy it. It is a night of happiness for all of us. Of Christmas magic, of joined love and of living life.” he said, Josh pulling him into his arms.

"I want the first dance with you, my love.” he said, the soft music in the room suddenly changing, Josh recognizing the song immediately, others recognizing it as well.

"You have laid claim to my heart, Joshua. Let us dance in our love." Lucas said, the man moving, Josh swept up in his arms, the two beginning to dance, heading into the center of the room.

Everyone stared at the gracefulness of Lucas' dancing, the man moving in tune with the music, Josh following him with love.

"That man never stops amazing us." Lewis said, looking around the snow and love filled room.

"He is love. And we're dancing, mon cheri." Jacques said, his arms going around his man.

Everyone saw the look of surprise and love on Lewis' face.

The two began to dance towards the room's center, other couples joining together, heading there as well.

And Lucas' love drew them all into his Christmas memories' warm center.


Justin sat down in Lance's lap, the man kissing his neck, Justin panting.

"Is my old man tired?” he said, Justin smiling at him.

"Colt's too damn energetic. I don't know how Jon has kept up with him all night.” he said, Lance kissing his lips, Justin feeling his love.

Justin had just finished dancing with Colton for the third time, the young man now walking over to Jonathan.

"He's flying on love, Jus." Lance smiled, Justin snuggling against his man.

The two sat at a white linen-covered table by the large Christmas tree, several tables filled with everyone surrounding it.

"And they're a hell of a lot younger than you both."

Justin's head moved, smiling up into Lucas' handsome violet-eyed face.

"There you are, Luke. Where's Joshy?" Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"He's by the pool, removing his skates. He only fell three times." Lucas smiled, sitting down beside his friends.

Justin laughed, looking towards Josh, the man sitting on a bench by the ice pool, watching Finn and Trish skating around the pool, Andrew and Skyler sitting with Josh as well.

"Someone's going to have to kiss it to make it better later.” he grinned, Lance rolling his eyes, Lucas laughing.

"And I know you'll volunteer, HD.” he smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"I love that hot little tush. I have three to worship."

Lance and Lucas both smiled, Justin's love showing in his face and eyes.

"This is all so amazing, Luke. The pool, the music, that delicious food." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm glad you were all surprised. Even the older ones have been loving it the last few hours." Lucas said, looking towards the center of the room, a lot of couples still dancing, the music light, classical and melodic.

He saw his grandfather dancing with Lynn, Francesca in Paul's arms.

"Mavis has been eyeing you all night, Luke. She's still trying to figure out how you cooked all that food in her kitchen without her knowing. And whenever did you have the time?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

The young man stood up, winking at both men.

"Who said I cooked it?” he smiled, the man walking across the room, heading towards Gideon, Gio and Nick.

The two men's eyes followed him with awed wonder, watching Lucas' arm going around Gio.

The man smiled at him, the two walking to the dance floor, joining in each other's arms, beginning to dance.

"He's danced with everyone tonight. I've never seen him so happy."

Justin and Lance looked up, Josh's handsome face smiling down at both.

"He's happy, Josh. Our love makes him happy." Justin said, Josh smiling and kissing his cheek.

"That it does, my loves.” he smiled, sitting down in Lucas' vacated chair, the man softly moaning.

Justin smiling at him.

"You can't keep up with him, Joshy. I don't think any of us can." Lance said, Josh smiling at him.

"He doesn't hold that fact to his heart, Lance. He loves all of us as we are.” he said, the other two men smiling.

"He's a package I'm definitely unwrapping before Christmas." Justin said, Josh laughing, Lance joining him, Justin blushing.

"The man's calling dibs already for later tonight. Lucky Lucky.” he said, Justin smiling widely.

"I'll just unwrap him for you, Josh. It's Christmas Eve. We both need to make the ending of this night special to our soulmate." Justin said, looking into Lance's green pools, their lips meeting.

Josh smiled, a hand going to his shoulder.

"And where's my dance, Joshua?"
Josh smiled up into Savannah's violet pools, Tristan smiling beside her.

"I'm ready, Mom. Try to go easy on me.” he said, standing up, Savannah laughing, kissing his cheek.

"I'm good, Josh. But not Lucas good.” she smiled, Josh laughing.

"You are his mother, your love is part of him."

She smiled, the two walking towards the dance floor.

Tristan smiled after them, his green pools then going to Justin and Lance.

"And who'd like to dance with me?” he said, both men looking surprised.

The older man smiled, his hand going to Justin's shoulder.

"My son's love for both of you makes your love enter my heart. I would be honored to dance with both of you."

Justin smiled, the man standing up.

"I'd be honored to go first, Tristan." Justin smiled, the older handsome man smiling.

"Then let's trip the lights fantastic. But keep the hands above the waist. I'm not Lance."

Justin laughed, Lance smiling as the two men walked onto the dance floor.

"You're amazing, Luke. You draw out the love in all." Lance said, the man rising from his seat, walking over to another table, the man in search of another dancing partner as well.


The night went on; the music, happiness and festive Christmas cheer continuing.

Everyone had danced, eaten, talked, laughed, skated and enjoyed themselves immensely.

The food was rich, delicious and seemingly unending, the buffet always seemingly full.

Finn and Alain had eaten heartily, Sean and Lewis right behind them.

Mavis had admonished Horace for his own overindulgence, the man kissing her cheek, dancing that bounty away all night with her and others in his graceful arms.

Emerson and his wife had danced constantly as well; with each other, their children and their grandson and granddaughter.

All hearts were festive and happy.

Colton and Jonathan had skated, danced and cuddled, another dimly lit private corner given over to a bench of love, its place hidden behind snow-covered trees.

Several others had had moments of love in that hidden corner, that another of Lucas' giving surprises.

Lucas had sensed love tonight needed its own private moments.

He'd gone there himself with all three of his heart separately.

Josh and Lance had been romantic, Justin his usual ardent self.

Lucas sensed the later night would be long for all four of them.

The dog of their love might run all night.

Lucas had smiled all evening, watching the love flow.

A little after midnight, the group had begun to tire; the food, drink, dancing and love having its affect.

Lucas stood up at his table, everyone relaxing, all smiling at him.

"I hope my evening of snowy love has warmed all your hearts?"

Everyone began to clap, Lucas smiling, a soft blush coming to his face.

Emerson rose from his chair, the older man walking up to his grandson, his hand going to his shoulder.

"I have lived here all of my life, Lucas. But in all that time I have never felt the love I feel in this room tonight. It is as if the house's center has flooded with life."

"It is the love of all of us, Grandfather. It is the festive season of our memories, our hearts and our souls. I hope I have captured the beauty of the season's meaning?"
Emerson teared up, staring into his grandson's violet pools.

"You have, Lucas. We feel love and faith. We see the beauty of that Christmas tree and all this snow.” he said, looking around the white filled room.

"I'm surprised it hasn't melted from all the heat of our hearts tonight." Emerson said, smiling.

Everyone looked around the snow covered room, the snow as white and fluffy as it had been all night.

"We'll all help you clean this place up in the morning, Luke." Vivian said, everyone agreeing.

"Leave that to myself, everyone. The morning brings Christmas."

Everyone smiled at him with love, the young man smiling more.

"I believe it's time that heat found its warmth from others. It's been a wonderful evening, everyone. Happy Christmas to all of you." Lucas said, his grandfather hugging him close, the man kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Merry Christmas, my grandson.” he said, Lucas patting his back.

Everyone rose from their seats, Lucas surrounded by everyone, all hugging him individually, couples joining together, gradually moving from the winter wonderland surrounding them.

Their eyes all moved back, taking the memory of its beauty with them.

Lucas and Josh were the last to walk out of the room, Justin and Lance at their sides, the two couples joined with their soulmates.

"The coolness of this room's memories will warm the heated hearts of all venturing to their slumber. Love is the fire of all of us." Lucas said, Justin looking at him.

"That's beautiful, Lucas.” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"As beautiful as the gift you so want to unwrap, HD." Lucas smiled, Justin blushing.

"You heard that?"

"I felt it in your soul, beautiful. And this gift is unending."

Justin beamed, the four men walking through the doorway, Lucas the last to walk through, the young man smiling, his hand going to the door handle, slowly closing the door.

His violet pools looked back into the darkening room one last time, its emptiness silent.

He smiled, no snow showing anywhere.


Christmas Morning


Lucas' violet pools opened, the young man feeling the warmth of the love surrounding him.

He felt two arms wrapped around his chest, their warmth known to him.

Josh's head was in the crook of Lucas' neck, his lips against his cheek, Lucas feeling the man's warm breath against it.

"The warmth of my soul.” he softly said, the man feeling another hand holding him lower.

He smiled, feeling his other lover's familiar warmth.

"To the prize he always goes."

Lucas' violet pools stared into two green pools to his right, Lance's loving eyes staring at him.

Justin was spooned against Lucas' right side, his hand clasping onto Lucas' rigid center.

Lance was spooned against Justin's other side, his head nestled against his soulmate's.

"Merry Christmas, Lucas." Lance softly said, Lucas smiling as Lance's head moved, their lips meeting.

Both felt the instant love, their hearts filling with it.

They broke the kiss, Lance's face lost in love.

"Merry Christmas, my love." Lucas said, Lance smiling.

"You are love, Lucas. I still feel you inside me."

The young man smiled, feeling the warmth surrounding him.

"I only topped you once, monster of my heart. And Justin was needful in his desire for our liquid love. He didn't leave any in you."

Lance lightly laughed, Lucas smiling at him.

"Shall we wake the two of our heart? An early Christmas gift we could give both." Lance smiled, Lucas moving suddenly with grace and speed.

Lance moved back, the young man suddenly on top of him, Lance feeling his instant warmth.

Lance stared into his violet pools, seeing the deep love there.

"I have all I need at the moment in my arms." Lucas said, his head moving, Lance gasping when the young man began to bathe his right nipple with his tongue.

"Oh God, Luke!” he softly moaned, Lance feeling Justin move beside him, his body going against Lance's as well.

Lucas raised his head, smiling at Lance.

"We better wake them, sexy. Justin's fingers are playing with my ass."

Lance smiled, Lucas moving again, the young man's body now going on top of Josh's smooth naked physique.

"Rise and shine, my love. It's Christmas morning!" Lucas said, his voice filled with loud love.

Josh's eyes flickered open, staring up into two violet pools.

"Good morning, my love."
"Good morning, beautiful. Merry Christmas, heart of my life." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

His eyes moved, seeing Lance's smiling face and Justin's half asleep face, the man rubbing his eyes.

"What time is it?" Justin said, half groggy.

"It's Christmas time, Timberlake." Lucas smiled, his hand going across Justin's naked chest, tweaking his nipple, his lips meeting Josh's.

Josh felt all of Lucas' love, the two kissing deeply, Lucas' hand still attached to Justin.

Justin's eyes met Lance's green, the man smiling, leaning down and kissing his lips with tender love.

"Merry Christmas, my love." Lance said, Justin smiling.

"Merry Christmas, my angel. I love you." Justin said, their lips meeting again more deeply.

Lucas and Josh broke their kiss, the two smiling at the other two kissing.

"Merry Christmas, my love. An angel's fallen off the Christmas tree.” Josh smiled, Justin and Lance smiling at the two.

"It wasn't a Christmas tree that was stuck up my ass last night." Lucas smirked, all three laughing.

"Well it was three pieces of wood." Justin grinned, Lucas laughing heartily.

All three smiled, seeing the joy and happiness on Lucas' handsome face.

Josh's eyes went to the antique clock resting on the nightstand, the man's blue pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"It's early, my love. It's just after six."

Lucas smiled, his hands running across Justin's and Josh's chest.

"I wanted some alone time with the three of my heart. Then I have to organize the kids' surprises.” he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"You're so giving, my love."

"Oh I'm going to give alright. Timberlake may have reaped the fun last night, this morning it's going to be all me."

Justin and Lance broke their kiss, the two and Josh smiling at Lucas.

"I'm game, sexy. Round two!" Justin grinned, Lucas blowing him a kiss.

"Soon enough, HD. And you're going to be floored.” he smiled, the young man moving, rising up from the bed.

All three men took in his beautiful muscled body, the young man's center showing in all its glory.

"I have a gift for all three of you. You three trade your Christmas greetings.” he smiled, the young man walking over to the dresser.

Three sets of eyes followed his perfect ass, the man's body moving with grace.

Josh moved, his lips going to Justin's, Lance smiling.

"Merry Christmas, Jus. I feel your love in my soul, and my ass."
Justin smiled, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"Merry Christmas, Josh. I love you and that fine ass."
Josh smiled, moving over Justin's smooth, muscular chest, his lips meeting Lance's.

"Merry Christmas, Lance. Justin's love is wrapped in yours. Love you." Josh said, Lance smiling at him.

"Merry Christmas, Josh. Your love is filled with Lucas' love and Justin's. You three feed the monster's need."

All three smiled, snuggling together, their eyes meeting two violet pools.

Lucas stood at the end of the bed, the three seeing three identical small packages in Lucas' hands.

"Merry Christmas to the three of my heart. I've gotten you three something.” he smiled, all three sitting up a bit, Lucas handing them each one of the small boxes.

The three took the gifts, Justin smiling at Lucas.

"A box of condoms, Luke?” he grinned, Josh's hand slapping his ass.

"We're all clean and monogamous, babe. No need for those." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him, the young man climbing into the bed, moving to Josh's other side.

All three smiled, staring at the silver and gold boxes, an emerald bow on top.

"I didn't write a card, I have words to say though." Lucas said, all three staring at him.

"Merry Christmas to the three of my heart. Inside you will find a part of me. I have given you all this, the last part of myself. With it our love will be true forever. And my heart will love you and protect you all. I love you, my three angels of love. Love, your Lucky."

All three men were in tears, Justin's blue eyes looking at the box.

"This I have to see!” he said, beginning to unwrap the small gift, Josh and Lance smiling at Lucas, they opening theirs as well.

All three stared at a small wooden box in their hands, a star carved on top of each.

"Another surprise like that globe last night, Lucky? This wears the same symbol." Josh said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"It isn't the Christmas Star. But they shall guide us in our love for each other."  Lucas smiled, kissing his man's cheek again.

"Open it, babe."

Josh smiled, Justin and Lance smiling as well.

The three opened the small wooden boxes, all three staring with surprise at its contents.

Justin lifted his out, staring at a silver ring, its center etched with a golden star, one solitary diamond in its center.

"It's beautiful, Luke." Lance said, his hand holding the same ring, Josh's hand with one as well.

"A bit symbolic. You three are the stars in my heavens." Lucas said, all three staring at him with tearful eyes.

"I'd like all three of you to wear them. Together our love will forever be solid. They join your souls to my own." Lucas said, the three nodding.

"I will wear it as the symbol it is, Lucky. A symbol of your love for me." Lance said, Justin nodding as well.

Lance smiled, slipping the ring onto his finger, the man suddenly gasping.

Justin's arm went around him, staring at him, his green pools flashing white for a moment.

"Are you alright, my love?” he said, Lance staring at him.

"Oh God, the love! Oh, Lucas!” he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You feel all of me now, Lance. You are a part of the quartet of my heart." Lucas said, Lance smiling at him.

"All three of you look so beautiful. It's as if I'm seeing your beauty for the first time. I'm amazed!” he said, Justin smiling at him.

"This I have to feel!” he said, the man slipping his own ring on his finger.

The feeling was instantaneous, Justin trembling between Lance and Josh, his eyes sparkling for a moment.

"Oh, shit!!” he gasped, Lucas smiling.

"The center of our desires just encountered the orgasm of our souls."

Justin sagged back into the pillows, Lance's and Josh's eyes seeing Justin had had an orgasm, white liquid covering his uncovered abs.

"You're next, my love." Lucas said, staring into his man's blue pools.

Josh smiled, still feeling Justin trembling against him.

"Your love continues to grow, my love. I need all of it.” he said, slipping his ring onto his hand.

The man trembled, his eyes sparkling.

"Oh God, Lucky! The love's unbelievable!” he softly said, all three now looking at Lucas.

The young man smiled, leaning forward and kissing each on the lips, all three feeling the connection of his total love.

He backed up, smiling at all three.

"We now are joined as one. Those rings hold magic. Ancient in its creation, greater in its love. My love. I will always protect you now, my soul within yours."
All three teared up, Justin staring at Lucas.

"The love when I put it on was so intense. I. . .I had an accident.” he said, Lucas smiling, his fingers going into the wetness on Justin's abs.

He lifted them to his mouth, tasting it.

"You felt the orgasm of our joined one soul, Jus. It would overcome any of us. We'll all feel the same now when we crest the height of our passions."
All three smiled, Lance and Josh looking at Justin.

"Can't wait, Lucky." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

The man rose to his knees, kneeling on the bed before the three of his heart.

"I'm going to love all three of you.” he said, the three of his heart rising as one, Lucas surrounded by all three.

"Merry Christmas, my loves. I am the gift you all need. And I am going to love you."

The three moved, Josh's lips going to Lucas', Lance's lips going to his smooth muscular chest.

Lucas felt Justin's mouth enclose around his hard shaft, the young man smiling.

He broke the kiss with Josh, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"Not so fast, Timbersnake. You had your fun last night. This morning's it's my turn." Lucas said, staring down into Justin's blue pools, the man pulling off Lucas' hard shaft, licking its knobby end.

"Bring it on, ring boy.” he grinned, Lucas moving with a flash of speed.

Justin felt his arms going around him, Justin upended, now on his back on the bed, Lucas on top of him.

"We have to wear down the tiger to find the deeper emotional love." Lucas said, Josh and Lance smiling.

The two moved, Josh's lips joining with Justin's, Justin feeling his love.

Lance's lips were kissing his chest, Lucas smiling.

"Go to the love, Lance. I'm going to the desires." Lucas said, Justin gasping as Josh broke their kiss, the man feeling all of Lucas' hardness sinking into him.

"Oh God! It's. . .it's amazing!” he said, his eyes rolling back as he felt Lance's mouth engulf his center.

He stared up at Josh, the man smiling at him.

"Feel all our love, Jus." Lucas said, Josh smiling at his man, moving forward.

Justin engulfed Josh's hardness, its length sinking deep into his throat.

Lucas smiled, the man's violet pools now glowing green.


The four smiled, kissing each other, the last ten minutes given over to putting on clothes.

"We're finally dressed, babes." Lance said, Justin smiling at him.

"No thanks to HD." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him with love.

"The last hour was unbelievable. I didn't want it to end."
"None of us did, Jus." Josh smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

Lucas smiled at the three, sitting on the bed, tying his shoes.

"Done just in time.” he smiled, a knock coming to the door.

"Come in, Finny." Lucas smiled, their bedroom door opening.

"Happy Christmas, everyone!" Finn smiled, walking into the room, the Welshman's physique suddenly wrapped in two strong arms, two lips going against his.

Finn was lost in the love flowing through him.

Those lips parted from his, Finn staring into two violet pools.

"Happy Christmas, my dearest friend." Lucas said, Finn smiling at him.

"I taste Timberlake on your lips.” he grinned, Lucas smiling.

"Along with a little Chasez and a lot of Bass. What's your point?” he smiled, Finn blushing.

"No point. Just feel the love.” he smiled, the other three men hugging him, Christmas greetings exchanged.

"Everyone's up and ready for breakfast. But the kids are hankering to hit the tree." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Remember your youth, Finny. Momma Mavis said she literally had to chain you in bed the night before."
Finn laughed, the others laughing as well.

"True, Luke. Christmas joy is always brightest in a child's eyes."

Lucas smiled, kissing his cheek.

"And you're getting a special gift today.” he smiled, Finn smiling at him, then at the other three men.

"These three in my room in twenty. I need to be worshipped.” he grinned, Justin kissing Finn's cheek.

"I'm game. But please shave!"

Everyone laughed, Finn's the loudest, the man slapping Justin's ass.

"For you sexy, no way!"

Justin smiled, the five walking out of the room, Lucas smiling and seeing everyone mingling in the hallway.

"Happy Christmas, everyone." Lucas smiled, everyone hugging the four, greetings exchanged.

Lucas felt two arms wrap around his leg, the man smiling down into two blue pools.

"Merry Christmas, Dad! It's Christmas morning!" Rosa Sharon smiled, Lucas smiling, bending down and picking her up in his arms, the girl snuggling against him, Becka in her hand, Lucas kissing her forehead.

"Yes it is, Rosy. Merry Christmas, angel.” he said, Rosa Sharon smiling.

"Let's head to the tree, kids.” he smiled, Finn grinning.


Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling and walking down the hallway, everyone following with happiness.


Emerson stared at the Receiving Room's mahogany doors, two new wreaths of silvery hue hanging from them.

His green pools met Lucas', the young man standing before them, Rosa Sharon in his arm, his other arm around Colton's waist, Jonathan at his side.

"Another surprise, Lucas?” he said, Francesca's arm around him.

"In all ways, Grandfather. It's Christmas as it should be." Lucas smiled, looking back at everyone.

"Merriest of holidays to all of us. Gifts open.” he smiled, the young man walking forward, the two doors opening before him.

He smiled, setting Rosa Sharon down, the little girl's eyes wide with wonder.

"Santa's been here! Look at all the presents!” she screamed, everyone staring with just as wide-eyed wonder.

"That. . .that all wasn't here last night!" Nick said, Gio's arms around him and Gideon.

"The old elf's love gives always." Lucas said, everyone staring at the Christmas tree, its base filled with many more gifts, some opened.

A large doll house for Rosa Sharon, a bicycle for Stephen as well.

"Wow!" the boy said, running up to the motocross bike, his hands going over it, Randall at his son's side.

Lucas felt two arms wrap around him, two lips meeting his.

"The old elf, I believe, has a wonderful sexy worker." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Correct. But I don't do windows."

Josh laughed, smiling at the kids gathered around the tree.

Colton and Jonathan both had guitars in their hands, staring at Lucas with love.

"Your love needs to sing, boys." Lucas smiled, Justin and Lance standing beside Lucas.

The two young men smiled, their lips meeting.

Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone taking in the children's happiness.

"Let's sit down and open our gifts, everyone. And then I have another gift for some special people."
Everyone smiled, beginning to sit down, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

"Can you and Grandmother hand out the gifts, Grandfather? We are in your home of love."
The older couple smiled, Isadora Francesca walking up to her grandson, kissing his cheek.

"We would love that, Lucas.” she smiled, Lucas staring into her blue pools.

Everyone got comfortable; Lucas, Josh, Justin and Lance sitting down by the tree.

Rosa Sharon climbed up into Josh's lap, the man smiling at her.

"Merry Christmas, Papa. I'm so lucky!"

Lucas smiled at Josh's tearful eyes, Stephen climbing into Lance's lap.

"So am I!” he grinned, Justin smiling, kissing his brother's cheek.

Lance smiled at his soulmate, his green pools meeting Lucas' violet.

The young man smiled, winking.

Emerson and Isadora smiled, beginning to hand out the mountain of gifts to everyone.


An hour later everyone was relaxing, the gifts all opened, paper strewn everywhere.

"We are so blessed." Lewis said, the man wearing a new cardigan Jacques had given him, the man kissing his lips.

Everyone smiled, agreeing wholeheartedly, everyone surrounded by gifts.

"This is the best Christmas, Dad!" Rosa Sharon said, the little girl still in Josh's lap, Josh opening a box of hair barrettes for her, the girl smiling.

"Yes indeed, Rosy."

"I'm going to wear those pink ones with my new dress from Aunt Lynn.” she smiled, Lynn smiling towards the girl.

Lucas smiled, kissing her cheek.

"Thanks for all the gifts everyone.” he smiled, everyone smiling back at him, they voicing their thanks for his many gifts.

"You never stop giving, Luke." Henderson said, Lucas smiling at his uncle.

"Love gives always, Dad. You all are giving, too."
Everyone smiled, Finn smiling at his friend.

"And the last gift, Luke?” he said, everyone looking at the young man sitting on the floor with Josh and Rosa Sharon.

His violet pools met Josh's blue, the man kissing his lips.

"Lead on to the surprise my love. I'll join you.” he smiled, Rosa Sharon smiling up at him, climbing out of his lap.

The young girl walked over to Lynn, climbing up into her lap, the woman smiling at her, Rosa Sharon handing her the pink barrettes, Lynn smiling, beginning to put them in her hair.

Josh rose up, giving his soulmate his hand, Lucas smiling and standing up.

The two joined in front of the tree, their lips meeting.

Everyone smiled, Finn grinning.

"That's the surprise? You two groping each other?” he laughed, Lucas breaking his deep kiss with Josh, Josh smiling at Finn.

"We thought you'd be using that sheering kit by now, Finny. Sky wants her pet lamb sheered." Josh said, everyone laughing, Finn blushing.

Lucas laughed, kissing his man's cheek, Josh smiling at him.

"Good one, babe.” he said, everyone smiling at the couple.

"It's been a wonderful Christmas morning, everyone. We've all gotten wonderful gifts from family, friends and soulmates. Each an extension of their love."
Everyone nodded, smiling at the young man, Lucas' arm going around Josh's waist.

"Today we'll dine on a succulent turkey dinner, the cooks of our love filling all of us with their love."
Mavis and Momma Mavis smiled, nodding their heads.

"Breakfast first, Lucas." Mavis smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"I can smell it awaiting, Aunt Mavis.” he said, the woman beaming, Horace kissing her cheek with a smile.

"I only have one gift left to give for Christmas. And this gift is a gift of surprising love for others. I may have orchestrated it, but the love behind it guided them to their own hearts."
Everyone looked around at everyone, Lucas smiling.

"In a short few days we'll all be joining with others of our love, all of us heading to a tropical paradise to watch love join as one." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him and Josh.

"For this last gift, I'll need the help of a few individuals.” he smiled, looking out at everyone.

"Would you please come up to the tree and stand beside us, my friends, Finn, Alain, Andrew, Jacques, Myles, Lance and Gabriel?"

Everyone looked at the men, all seven of them smiling, rising up and walking up to the tree, Justin rising from his feet beside his family, Lance smiling at him.

The men moved to each side of Josh and Lucas, Lucas smiling at them all.

"I'll let Lance begin the love." Lucas smiled, Josh's arm going around him, Josh smiling at Lance standing beside Lucas.

"Thank you, Lucas. The seven of us have a deep love for this kind, giving, loving young man standing beside us. For his love has guided all of us to our own love. Of the soulmate we now have. Lucas' love guided Justin and me together, our love once hidden but now known. All six of us have felt the guidance of Lucas' love. Three of us are engaged, our love united with our soulmate. Three others found love long lost to them. One other couple finding youthful love." Lance smiled, looking at Alain.

"We are loved. And we love. Last night Lucas talked to all seven of us individually. Hidden moments of dawning reality and love. I myself have had long conversations of love with him. Right now we'd like to voice what that love means to us.  Will our soulmates join us?"

Justin walked forward, Lance smiling at him as his arm went around him.

Six others walked up to their men, Skyler staring at Finn.

"What's going on, Finny?” she said, Finn's arms going around her showing waist.

"Love, my angel. Lucas' unending, giving love." Finn said, his blue eyes showing tears, staring at his friend.

Lucas smiled; Abraham, Grayson, Lewis, Harry and Trish going into their soulmate's arms.

"Everyone united, everyone loved.” he smiled, his eyes looking into Josh's blue, the man smiling at him with accepting love.

The two men moved, walking forward a bit, turning and staring at the fourteen standing together as seven couples.

"This gift I give from our joined heart. Joshua and myself welcome the showing, joining love. You have the floor, my friends." Lucas smiled, seven men staring at their soulmates, taking their hands in theirs, their soulmate staring into their tearing eyes.

"Three of old love, voice your souls. One of new love voices their hearts." Lucas said; Myles, Jacques, Gabriel and Alain staring at their men.

"I love you, my Har. Your love is my life." Alain said, Harry smiling with love at his man, their hands squeezing.

"I love you, Abraham. For always and forever. I now see the beauty of your soul." Myles said, Abraham tearing up.

"I love you, Grayson. For always and forever my Gray. Your aged beauty is as youthful as ever." Gabriel said, Grayson's blue eyes filled with tears.

"And I love you, Lewis, mon cheri. My heart burns with your love. You are the canvas on which I wish to paint my life." Jacques said, Lewis actually crying.

The four men moved as one, going to their knees, the four others widening their eyes with surprise, the four men revealing rings hidden within their pockets.

"Will you marry me, my love?" Jacques said, staring into Lewis' blue pools of wetness.

"Will you marry me, my love, my Abraham?" Myles said, both men's eyes filled with tears.

"Will you join in love forever with me, Har? Will you marry me?" Alain said, Harry staring down into his beautiful, black face.

"Will you marry me, Gray? My heart is yours." Gabriel said, Grayson moving, going to his knees, enveloping his man.

"Yes, Gabriel! A thousand times yes!" Grayson sobbed, the two kissing.

"Yes, my Jacques. Our love is ours forever!" Lewis said, sobbing in the man's arms, Jacques’ face covered in a wide smile.

"Yes, Myles. I love you forever!" Abraham said, the two men kissing, Randall smiling at the two.

Harry went to his knees, his arms going around Alain's muscular body.

"I am yours, Alain. Forever I will love and be loved! Yes, a million times yes!” he said, Alain sobbing, the two joining their lips.

Everyone was on their feet, the applause loud and resounding.

Lucas smiled, the eight men going to their feet, the other six beside them smiling at them with giving happiness.

"Seven couples of joined love. The gift can now be given." Lucas smiled, his violet pools going to Lance's green pools.

Lance smiled, his green pools going to Justin's blue, their hands joining again, standing before each other, the other six couples joining hands as well.

Lucas voice filled the quiet room, everyone staring at him except the seven couples of love, who stared into each other's eyes.

"My Josh and myself welcome these seven couples of love. Their love is as large as ours. They have pasts of hurt and pain, of love and loss, of hoped and dreams. Josh and I have the same. It's only fitting that all sixteen of us join as one, under the sunshine of a tropical love. Welcome all of you to your week of marital bliss. We're all marrying on Embrace Island!” he smiled, everyone gasping.

Seven people stared at their soulmate, the other seven wearing smiles of showing love.

Justin stared into Lance's green pools.

"Really. . .really, Lance?” he said, Lance smiling into his eyes of love.

"Yes, Justin. I want to marry you in that tropical paradise, our friends around us. I love you."

Justin sobbed, Lance enveloping him into his arms.

Lance smiled, his green pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"Really, Finnegan?" Skyler softly said, Finn's arms around her.

"Yes, my love. I want to marry you now. I need your total love, our family's total love.” he cried, Skyler sobbing, their lips meeting.

The other five couples were kissing, the surprise overflowing their hearts.

Lucas smiled, a new voice cutting through the emotions.

"My baby's getting married!" Momma Mavis sobbed, her arms around Finn and Skyler, Lucas laughing.

Everyone moved, the seven couples enveloped in the arms of their families and friends.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools going up to the golden star shining on top of the Christmas tree, the young man smiling.

The beginnings of the love.
It was the loving thing to do.

And another surprise comes.

He smiled, he and Josh pulled into the arms of the couples of love.


End of Chapter 153


More surprises from our ever-giving Lucas.

Christmas comes with lots of happiness and love.


A magical ballroom of Christmas love.

Three rings of uniting love.

And the joining of sixteen in a tropical paradise of love.


Did any of you see that coming?
Some had hinted at Justin and Lance marrying alongside Josh and Lucas.

I thought I'd expand on that concept.

Hope you're all in agreement.

It will be a day of gathering love, of joining love.

Trust in me to make it special.


What other surprise is Lucas referring to?
What more could this young man give?

Read on, the love continues.


Hugs, Angel.