Yesterday's End-155


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 155


On The Road Again


Lucas opened his eyes, the young man staring at the whiteness ahead of him.

Well, I'm not at the pool. Where am I now? he thought, the young man surrounded by soft white mist.

The road at his feet showed he was on a well worn cobblestone path, both sides of it showing small stone boulders lining it.

He felt the coolness of the air around him, the sound of soft crashing waves in the distance behind the fog making Lucas believe he was near a beach or shoreline.

To his left side a large stone wall rose upwards into the mist.

In front of him he saw the mist slowly clear, a path of stone steps leading upwards in front of him.

He sighed, walking up the steps, the young man feeling his momentum lead him upwards.

The mist ahead of him softened as he walked forward, the young man rising upwards.

After about fifteen minutes he reached the top of the steps, Lucas seeing a small stone courtyard ahead of him, the place silent as a tomb.

Shadows shrouded the corners of the courtyard, Lucas staring across it, seeing an entrance across from him, its opening more a hole than a doorway, the fragments of a long vanished wooden door hanging on its edges.

A sanctuary on top of a mountain.

Lucas looked around, seeing no one, nor hearing a sound.

He sighed again, walking forward.

Lucas felt his own footsteps echoing all around him.

He crossed the courtyard, his eyes moving everywhere, then focusing on the doorway in front of him.

The mist around him and above him suddenly cleared, Lucas seeing shadows of light showing within the doorway's darkness.

Lucas walked forward, walking up a few stone steps, then walking through the doorway.

He stopped when he entered the place, looking around.

A church?

I'm in a long forgotten empty church.

Lucas stared at the long, silent, stone pews on either side of him.

The lights he'd seen in the darkness were rays of sunshine beaming down through gaping holes in the old stone church's damaged roof.

Years of decay, rain, and probably snow, were wrecking havoc on the building's deteriorating structure.

Dust covered everything, Lucas slowly walking forward, his bare feet leaving footprints on the sandy aisle.

Lucas' eyes scanned all the walls, stone slabs shown, carved with ancient words etched into their dusty facades.

He stopped at the end of the aisle, staring at the stone altar in front of him.

Dust covered it, a stone cross embedded in the center of its vacant top.

The cross stood about six feet tall, Lucas guessing it weighed a few hundred pounds.

How long it had been there, he knew not.

He scanned around the silent church, the young man sitting down on the front stone pew, wiping away dust first.

Lucas wore a t-shirt and flannel pants, the man remembering he'd fallen asleep nude.

"Faith requires its modesty." he softly said.

"Love desires its revealed beauty."

Lucas turned, having heard the soft voice echo around him.

He stared behind him, where he'd heard the voice centered, the young man seeing no one.

He turned back to the altar, Lucas moving back a bit in surprise.

In front of the altar stood a lone man in a monk's cassock, the man's back to Lucas, his head raised to the cross on the altar.

The hood of the cassock was hung over his head, his face hidden from Lucas' view.

The man's head turned, looking towards Lucas, his face showing as only a shaded apparition, the hood hung over his eyes.

"Why doest thou walk into the home of thy Lord?" the man said, his voice rich and powerful.

Lucas stood up from the pew, staring at the man.

"I did not know it was a place of worship, sir. Until I crossed the threshold." Lucas said, the man in front of him turning towards him.

"Do you seek penitence, or do you seek sanctuary?"
"I seek only knowledge, sir. I am of God's love." Lucas said, the man's hooded head raising.

Two hands came out of his cassock, Lucas seeing their weathered looks, but seeing a muscled strength in them as well.

They went to the hood, pulling its rough cloth back, Lucas staring into a weathered face, a grey streaked beard covering half its noble handsomeness.

"Who are you, young man?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"My name is Lucas Carver-Belmont." he said, the man's deep blue pools staring into his young handsome face.

"That name means nothing to me, young man. I am a servant of God's word. I guard the sanctuary. I keep it clean of all evil." the man said, Lucas slowly walking towards him.

The man raised his hand, Lucas stopping.

"I feel your magic, young warrior. Are you of the pact? Are you one of them?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"One of who, sir?"

The man stared into Lucas' violet pools.

"You do not have the eyes of the giving soul. You are not of their blood." the man said, his erect form trembling a bit.

Lucas moved, catching the man before he staggered forward, his young muscled arms going around the man, Lucas suddenly feeling his frailty.

"Are you hurt, sir?" Lucas said, the man's blue eyes staring into his violet.

"Life and its next stage task all of us, young child. We walk our path as we are guided by God's design." the man said, Lucas guiding him to the front pew, the man sitting down slowly.

"Who are you, sir? What place is this?" Lucas said, the man staring at Lucas with quiet confusion.

"You do not know of where you walk?"

"No, sir. I have never envisioned this place before." Lucas said, the man staring at him.


"I just awoke here, sir. I was asleep." Lucas said, the man looking surprised.

"He that walks in dreams shall cross your soul, Brother. Her words ring true." the man said, Lucas staring at him.

"What year is this, son?"

"It is two thousand and twelve, sir." Lucas said, the man lowering his head, sighing softly.

"You are in the sanctuary of Fynach Asgre, young man. The Holy Church of the Lady." the man said, looking at Lucas.

"I am Brother Vaughn. The last of my order. The Friars of the Fynach Asgre. The Brothers of the Monk's Heart." the man said, Lucas staring at him.

"The lost monastery on Holy Island in Northern Wales? My aunt has visited here. This was where. . ." Lucas said, the man staring at him.

"Where your parents went across the void?" he said, Lucas nodding his head slowly.

"I had felt their presence, the whisper of their transcendence. Magic fills the air. Old magic. She found the truth." the man said, looking at Lucas.

"Are you a Shade, sir?" Lucas asked, the man softly smiling at him.

"You are deep within the magic, young warrior."

"I am not a warrior, sir. I am only myself."

"What do you seek within your heart, young self?"

Lucas looked at the man.

"I seek truth, sir. The truth of my past and of my future."
"The future we leave to God, son. The past we search for in the deeds of our forefathers."

Lucas nodded, sensing a great wisdom in this older man.

Lucas looked around the silent church.

"What is the significance of this place, Brother Vaughn?"

The man stared at him, a soft smile coming to his aged face.

"The magic of the vision you walked into keeps that truth from your keen intellect. But you shall solve it out. All triads are not as they seem. Some are hidden in the past and in the present. Voyages lead to many realms."

"You must be a Belmont, sir."

The man laughed, Lucas smiling at his rich laugh.

"From what time are you, Brother Vaughn?"

The man sighed, staring at Lucas.

"I have guarded this sanctuary for over three hundred years, Lucas. Upon her request. In life and after it." the monk said, rising to his feet, his blue eyes staring at the stone cross standing before them.

"Whose request, sir?" Lucas said, rising to his feet as well.

The man smiled, staring into his now green pools.

"Remarkable. Gifts given, pasts shown. You know more than you belie, young child. She was correct. In all realms."
"Where is she, Brother Vaughn?"

The man lowered his eyes for a moment, Lucas seeing a soft look of emotion cross his weatherworn face.

"I do not know, Lucas. I have not laid eyes upon her loving beauty for eons. We all walk our paths." he said, the man's eyes raising again.

"You have given those of your heart small gifts from the hidden treasure, Lucas. It is dangerous to walk into that room. The last gift you took has alerted the beast. I feel it prowling the edges of this world."

"I feel it as well, Brother Vaughn. And I am prepared for it."
"Yes, you have already faced it and won. Your magic surprises its master. Be on guard for all evil, Lucas. I have lived many lives guarding what she asked of me."

Lucas' hand went to the monk's shoulder.

"What do you guard here, Brother Vaughn?"

"It is not what I guard, Lucas. It is what I keep hidden. We all bear the crosses of our devotions. Trinities have many forms, young warrior." he said, Lucas lowering his eyes, the man's hand going to the younger man's shoulder, Lucas raising his eyes, staring into two blue pools of deep emotion and love.

"She sacrificed for the greater good, Lucas. You may be the salvation of her dreams." the man said, smiling at him.

"For that reason alone I call you friend. I give my life to your continuation. And I feel the greater sacrifice you already have given." the man said, Lucas staring at him.

"You see into my soul, Brother."

"I see God's love around all of us, Lucas. You are the green shine of its greatness. And your mind is the white light of his love."

The man vanished in front of Lucas, Lucas looking around the room.

He was alone, the sanctuary empty of life.

"Guard well, Brother Vaughn. I will fight for truth. My magic fights for it. I sacrifice for love."

Lucas' eyes went to the stone cross.

"'We all bear our crosses of devotion. Trinities have many forms.'" he said, repeating the old monk's words.

Lucas stared at the cross again, a wide smile coming to his face as he saw mist begin to invade the sanctuary, its whiteness thick.

Lucas sensed the vision was ending.

The whiteness consumed him, Lucas' eyes catching a vision of the cross at its last moment, a shadow suddenly walking across it.

Lucas' eyes widened, sleep overtaking him.


Kurucu's Haven


Lucas' violet pools opened, two blue pools shining right in front of him.

"Oh, Luke!" Justin moaned, Lucas staring down into his blue pools, the man's face showing a soft sheen of sweat.

Lucas' eyes moved, scanning down the man's muscled, smooth chest, Lucas seeing his center large and erect.

Justin's legs were spread upwards, Lucas' own center buried deep within Justin's loving need.

"God, Luke! That's the spot!" Justin moaned, the man's hand moving, pulling Lucas' lips down to his, Lucas feeling his love and desires in their wetness.

"Don't stop, oh God don't stop!" Justin gasped, Lucas' own desires taking hold of him.

The man increased his pace, sinking deeply into Justin.

Justin raised his head, his lips attaching to Lucas' left nipple, the young man moaning, pulling Justin closer to him, actually lifting the man off the bed, Justin now in Lucas' lap, the man lifting his body up and down, Justin sinking down on the sabre of flesh buried within him.

"Oh God, Luke!" he gasped, Lucas' lips going to Justin's shoulder, licking his sweat.

Lucas felt Justin's whole body trembling, a warm fluid filling the space between their chests, Justin gasping.

Lucas smiled, continuing his thrusting, Justin clinging to him, the man coming down from his orgasm.

Lucas pulled out of him, the man's strength flipping Justin over, Lucas sinking back into his warm canal of love.

Justin gasping, Lucas picking up his tempo again, pulling Justin's body upwards, his lips kissing his neck, licking his earlobe.

"Oh God, Luke. You're on fire!" he said, Lucas nibbling at his neck.

"Your warm tunnel of love is stoking my soul, Justin. God I love your ass!" he said, Justin feeling Lucas' hands attach to his nipples, tugging at both.

One hand moved, wrapping around Justin's still hard, wet shaft, stroking him again.

Justin moaned, feeling Lucas trembling behind him, his insides feeling the warm liquid filling him.

Lucas sagged against Justin, pushing him downward, Lucas' weight on top of Justin, his lips still kissing his neck and cheek.

"I love you, Jus. God you're the best." Lucas said, Justin smiling, feeling the young man move, his hardness pulling out of him, Lucas' arms flipping the man over again, their lips meeting.

Justin felt the love in the man's kiss, the two holding each other close.

They broke their kiss, Lucas' lips kissing his chin, then his sweaty chest.

"I. . .I think Josh would fight you on that. He's the best." Justin softly smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're identical in your beauty and your needs. And the deliciousness of your bodies." Lucas said, kissing the man's left nipple.

"You're a powder keg this morning, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I awoke with your man's monster rubbing against me. My needs took over. I devoured him, then the best of our hearts. They're in the shower cooling down, I think. They both had nice smiles on their faces when they left. They left me to wake you." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling.

"Nice way to wake up, you on top of me. And in me."

"Your beauty is nothing if not worshipped." Lucas said, licking Justin's nipple, its center hardening.

"God I love you, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas smiling, moving upwards again, kissing his lips.

"I love you, Justin. Our dreams have come true."

Justin smiled, staring into his violet pools.

"I always wanted you, Lucas. From the first moment I saw you singing on that stage in London. Even before I met you the next morning at your apartment."

"I know, Justin. And now you have me. Desires work both ways. I wanted you from the first moment I saw your face on the first N*Sync album I bought."

Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love at first sight? I am beautiful." he grinned, Lucas smiling.

"And with no ego either." Lucas chuckled, slapping Justin's sweaty abs.

Justin blushed, Lucas smiling and kissing his nose.

"We love you as you are, beautiful. That and so much more."

"God, I love this. You and me here. Lance and Josh with us as well. I have so much love."
Lucas smiled, his hand rubbing across his sweaty, smooth chest.

"And so much sweat." he smiled, Justin smiling.

"More for you to lick, beautiful." he said, Lucas laughing.

"I'll let your man wash you. Go hit the showers. I'm sure Lance has Josh cornered. Save my man, or join in."

Justin laughed, Lucas moving back, Justin climbing out of the bed, Lucas taking in his naked beauty.

"It's a big shower, sexy. Want to wash my back?"

Lucas smiled, throwing a pillow at Justin.

"I'll be in after the loving. I'm cleaning all three of you."

Justin smiled, walking into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Lucas smiled, sighing and laying back against the remaining pillows.

He took in the scent of all his men, their morning sweat after the love clinging to the sheets.

The aroma of my life.

Thank you all for the love.

It feeds my heart.

Now to feed my soul.

Lucas' eyes went to the nightstand, his eyes meeting the old book laying there.

He'd awoken from his dream, the bedroom still bathed in moonlight.

He'd risen from the bed, the three of his heart joining in his empty spot.

He'd quietly visited the bathroom, returning to the room and picking up the old journal, quietly sitting down in one of the wing chairs in front of the fireplace, a soft glow still coming from the fire Justin had lit when they'd entered the bedroom last night.

He'd added a few logs, the fire roaring to life.

Lucas didn't turn on any lights, the man opening the book, finding his last place, reading the book by the fire's light.

He'd read for a couple of hours, a few sentences making his mind come alive.

At ten minutes after seven he'd closed the book, the day's dawning light filtering into the room.

He'd put the book back on the nightstand, climbing back into the bed beside his soulmate, Josh sound asleep.

Justin was on Josh's other side, the man's head against Josh's chest.

Lance lay spooned against Justin, his head on Justin's shoulder.

Lucas stared at the man's handsome sleeping face, seeing the beauty of his flawless skin.

He smiled, moving in the bed, climbing over Josh's and Justin's legs, moving behind Lance's smooth body.

Lucas smiled, climbing under the covers, spooning against Lance.

He felt the warmth of the man's body, his hands going on a mission of love, wrapping around the monster of Lance's desires.

Lance murmured in his sleep, Lucas' lips going on a mission of love.

Lance's green pools opened, staring into two violet pools of love.

"I love you, Lance. I need your love." Lucas said, Lance feeling the man pulling him into his warm embrace, their lips meeting.

Lance felt the young man's love flowing around him, its beauty awakening Lance's own love.

For the next hour he gave into Lucas' love and passion, the man lost in its beauty and intensity.

Lucas made love to him in a variety of ways, each as moving as the last.

And when Lance was overcome by the love, Lucas calmed him with gentle kisses of love and thanks.

And then Lucas moved on to the center of his heart.

Lance lay back, watching Lucas send Josh on the same voyage of love, awakening him and then owning him.

Justin slept oblivious to the showing love, Lance snuggled against him.

Lucas smiled, remembering each moment of the three voyages of love he'd gone on that morning.

He sighed, smiling, feeling the energy their love gave him.

The tiredness of his short sleep was gone, his body thriving on their love.

On to the path I walk.

The path I have created.

For their love and happiness I'll give all.

Lucas smiled, rising from the bed, walking towards the closed bathroom door.

He heard the light laughter, and soft moans, a wide smile coming to his face.

His center lengthened, walking into the bathroom, heading to his heart's need.


Emerson smiled, his green eyes meeting two violet pools, Lucas walking into the dining room, three men with smiling faces staring at him.

"There you are, Lucas! Good morning, my grandson!" he said, rising from his chair, Lucas' smile increasing, walking over to his grandfather.

The two hugged, Lucas kissing his grandfather's cheek.

"We held breakfast, my grandson. You're late. No worries, we all assumed your tiredness after yesterday." the older man smiled, Lucas kissing his cheek again.

"Your love never tires me, Grandfather. The same can't be said for the three of my heart. Their love is exhausting." he smiled, Josh kissing his cheek and Emerson's.

"We're the tired ones, Emerson. His youthful love is unending." Josh smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Your love makes me happy, beautiful." he smiled, Josh and Lucas sitting down beside Emerson, Justin and Lance joining them beside them.

Lucas had left his three soulmates after their heated shower fun, the young man saying he had to check on something and would meet them in the dining room for breakfast.

He'd kissed all three with love, walking out of their bedroom.

Here now he'd walked into the room, about half an hour behind everyone else.

Lucas greeted everyone, the two tables filled with his extended family.

Lucas saw that Finn and Skyler were missing, his eyes going to Momma Mavis and Sean seated at the end of the next table.

"Skyler's having breakfast in bed with her three angels. Finn said they'd be down after breakfast." Momma Mavis smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"A new family joins as one. And two angels were smothered in grandparental love all morning. They needed a rest."

Four grandparents smiled, Lorraine looking at Lucas.

"They're so beautiful, Lucas. The morning's light shines upon their small faces." she smiled, Lucas smiling.

"Let's enjoy the Mavises' breakfast, everyone. The day opens with happiness. And life." Lucas said, his eyes lowering.

Josh sat beside him, Lucas' eyes lifting, smiling at him.

Lucas' eyes went to Colton's blue pools, the young man smiling at him with love.

"Is everything ready, guys?" he said, Jonathan smiling at Lucas.

"Your love is ready, Luke. They're going to be amazed." the young man smiled, Colton kissing his cheek.

Lucas smiled, everyone looking at the two young men, the meal being passed around on platters.

"What's going on, Luke?" Andrew said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Christmas still thrives, everyone. What's that without more surprises?" Lucas smiled, the young man filling his plate with sausages and bacon, Emerson having handed him the platter.

Lucas handed the platter to Josh, his three loves staring at him.

"Love famishes me, boys. I need more energy." he smiled, diving into his breakfast.

The three smiled, trading glances.

Colton smiled, his eyes on Lucas.

Thank you, Lucas.

His love and beauty were beyond my dreams.

I feel so alive.
The young man smiled, his hand in his Jonathan's.

Lucas smiled across the table, sensing the new love.


The Previous Evening


Colton smiled, walking into the bedroom, two blue pools staring at him with love.

"Is she down for the night?" Jonathan smiled, the young man stretched across the large king sized four-poster bed, his body covered in a white t-shirt and flannel sleep shorts.

"Yes, she finally fell asleep. Even your story didn't zonk her out. I had to sing her to sleep. She's sleeping with Becka in her arms." Colton smiled, closing the door between his bedroom and Rosa Sharon's.

Jonathan smiled, patting the spot beside him, Colton smiling and crossing the room, climbing into the bed, snuggling beside Jonathan.

"She was wired, it's Christmas Day. She's had excitement all day. Children thrive on excitement." he smiled, Colton smiled, his arms going around the young man.

"And older kids thrive on new love." he said, Jonathan smiling, pulling the young man closer, their lips meeting.

They kissed deeply, both feeling the love flow through them.

They slowly broke the kiss, their lips licking the other's wetness.

"Speaking of exciting." Colton said, Jonathan smiling, his fingers going to the necklace Colton wore around his neck, Jonathan rubbing the silver star at its end.

"I love it, Jonah. Thank you for its silver beauty." he said, Jonathan smiling, staring into his blue pools.

"You are the star of my heavens, Colty. I had to show you that." Jonathan smiled, Colton kissing his lips again.

Jonathan had given Colton the necklace for Christmas, Colton lost in its symbolic beauty.

The young man smiled, snuggling into the older youth's toned body.

"I love you, Jonah."

"I love you, my Colton." Jonathan said, Colton smiling at him.

Jonathan stared into his blue eyes, seeing a soft glow of magic shining.

"Lucas' love is ever-giving, Jonathan." Colton said, Jonathan staring at him.

"He's given myself a wonderful Christmas gift." the young man said, Jonathan smiling at him.

"What has he given you, Colt? You didn't show me anything." Jonathan said, Colton smiling, kissing the man's soft lips.

"He's given me the gift of happiness, Jonah. I felt it cross my magic this evening. His love shows me what I need."

"What do you need, Colt?"

"I love you, Jonathan. It's time we give each other another gift--our total love. I need your total love." Colton said, staring into his blue pools.

"I already have your love, Colton. It's beautiful."

Colton smiled, snuggling more into the young man, Jonathan's arms wrapping around him.

Colton wore a black athletic shirt, flannel shorts covering his sculpted butt and center, his slim muscular legs on full display, soft blond hair covering them.

Jonathan's hands moved, cupping the young man's firm ass cheeks, Colton smiling.

"Going for the good stuff." he said, Jonathan smiling.

"I've seen it wet. It's beautiful."

"And it's yours." Colton said, Jonathan staring into his blue pools.

"I love you, Colt. All of myself is yours as well." Jonathan said, Colton staring at him.

"I would never own you, Jon. I will only ever love you. We're equals on all levels." he said, Jonathan tearing up, his eyes lowering.

"I'm nothing against your love, Colt. Your magical love moves me." he said, Colton raising the young man's chin, staring into his blue pools.

"Your giving love makes me feel alive, Jonah. Please love all of me."
Jonathan moved, their lips meeting again.

Colton moved, sinking back into the bed's pillows, Jonathan moving on top of him, their bodies meshing together.

They broke their kiss of love, staring into each other's eyes.

"Colton, I. . ." Jonathan began to say, staring into his blue pools.

"Let's learn together, Jonah. Let's explore our love, our desires and our bodies together. We both will find our heart's needs."

Colton moved up, his lips meeting Jonathan's, Jonathan lost in the love filling him.

He felt Colton's hands guide his, Jonathan beginning to pull on Colton's shirt, guiding it off the young man's smooth torso.

Jonathan felt his own shirt pulled off him, Colton's warm hands running across his smooth chest.

"You are so warm, my Jonah." Colton softly whispered, Jonathan's hands on Colton's smooth chest, feeling its instant warmth.

"So are you, Colt. So warm and beautiful." Jonathan said, his eyes scanning the young man's smooth, slim muscled torso.

"My warmth is tasty too, Jonah." Colton said, his own lips kissing Jonathan's shoulder blade, his tongue gliding along his neck.
Jonathan trembled, his own lips moving, tasting the smoothness of Colton's Adam's Apple.

Colton moaned, Jonathan's tongue moving more, tracing down Colton's smooth chest, finding his left nipple.

The young man gasped, Jonathan lost in the taste of the young man's skin.

He sucked on the nipple, it hardening quickly, Jonathan latching onto it.

"Oh, Jon! That feels so. . .oh man!" Colton moaned, Jonathan's lips moving to the other nipple, sucking it into his mouth, his hands running across Colton's abs.

The young man gasped, his hand going on top of Jonathan's, guiding it downward.

Jonathan felt his hand on top of Colton's mound, feeling its hardness and warmth.

"Take my shorts off, Jon! I need to be against you, free of life's inhibitions!" Colton moaned, Jonathan's hands moving.

He pulled the shorts off Colton's center, guiding them down his legs, his lips still attached to Colton's right nipple, the young man's hands running through Jonathan's hair.

Jonathan pulled off the nipple, moving back, staring at the vision of youthful beauty laying before him.

"Oh God, Colton! You're so. . .so beautiful." Jonathan said, his eyes scanning every inch of Colton's naked physique.

His center was enlarged, its long shaft laying straight upwards, its head resting on top of his belly button, the indentation wet with its leaking liquid.

Jonathan licked his lips, staring at the wetness, his eyes raising, meeting two blue pools of deep love.

"I am yours, Jonathan. Love all of me. I need you against me, flesh to flesh!" the young man said, Jonathan hearing the need in his soulmate's voice.

Jonathan's hands moved, his own shorts disappearing from his body, Colton's blue pools seeing the young man's naked self.

His center was enlarged, hanging down between his muscular legs.

Jonathan moved, returning to his soulmate, their bodies joining, their lips meeting again.

Both young men felt the beauty of the other's warmth and body against theirs.

They broke their kiss, staring into each other's eyes, Colton seeing so much love in Jonathan's blue pools.

"You are my life, Colt. Please love me." the young man said, Colton moving, Jonathan pulling him on top of him, their lips meeting again.

Colton broke the kiss, his lips moving, Jonathan gasping as Colton began to explore the young man's chest.

Colton's lips tasted all of Jonathan's smooth toned chest, working their way down Jonathan's body, finally finding a pool of liquid laying below his outie belly button.

Colton tasted the liquid, savouring its salty but sweet taste.

Jonathan's blue eyes stared down at him, Colton's hand wrapping around Jonathan's hardened shaft.

"Oh. . .oh God, Colty." Jonathan softy said, Colton smiling, diving onto the center of that liquid love.

He engulfed the long shaft, Jonathan's mind exploding with love.

Colton savored the texture and warmth of the rod of love in his mouth, more liquid filling it.

Jonathan was trembling, moving on the bed, his center suddenly erupting against the emotions.

Colton drank in all the offered love, its taste feeding his soul.

Jonathan trembled, coming down from his orgasm, Colton licking the shaft clean, catching every drop of the essence of his soulmate's love.

Colton moved, going up his soulmate's body again, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Jonathan. Your love feeds my soul. Thank you for offering me your love."
Jonathan tearfully smiled, Colton kissing his lips, Jonathan tasting his own essence on the young man's lips.

"I love you, Colt. That was. . .that was amazing!"

Colton smiled, moving to his left, pulling Jonathan with him, the young man now on top of him.

"It's only beginning, my love. I am yours to taste as well." he said, Jonathan tearing up, his man's fingers rubbing his cheek.

"I love you, my Jonah. Taste all of me. I need you to love all of me."

Jonathan smiled, his lips meeting Colton's again, the man feeling the older youth's fingers beginning to move across his body.

They were followed by his lips, Jonathan discovering all of Colton's smooth muscular frame.

And in the center of Colton's being, Jonathan discovered his greatest desires.

Both felt the joining of their love, and their lives.

And Colton felt the beauty of the love now his, the love Jonathan was showing him.

The night would give way to the newness of their joined love.

And life would begin anew for both.


The Next Morning


Everyone smiled, walking out of the dining room.

Lucas smiled, seeing two visions of happiness standing at the bottom steps of the foyer's central staircase, Horace smiling beside them.

Each held a small bundle in their arms, everyone smiling widely.

"Hello, new family of joining love." Lucas smiled, walking up to Skyler and Finn, the new parents radiating with happiness.

The couple were surrounded, both seeing everyone's happiness at their joining them.

"Hello, everyone." Skyler smiled, Lucas kissing her cheek, his arm going around her, his violet pools meeting her blue.

"Hello, angel of the morning. The bundled happiness of your life in your arms. And he's not hairy like Finnegan." Lucas smiled, Skyler laughing, Finn smiling at his friend.

"That comes later, Lukey. My boy's going to be like his father." he smiled, Lucas smiling, Skyler staring at him.

"And your daughter is already as beautiful as her mother." Lucas said, Skyler smiling into his violet pools, seeing his unending love there.

"Thank you, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling, his eyes going to Finn and the small bundle in his arms.

"Love is love, angel. And you two have your hands full." he smiled, the little bundle in her arms moving, Lucas smiling as she moved the blanket from over the small infant's face.

Lucas stared into two small blue pools, a small face staring at him, the baby gurgling.

"Hello, little Julian." he smiled, Finn smiling at his friend.

"Little Julian Lucas. And this is Diana Sky. Our two angels." he smiled, everyone crowding around them, cooing over the babies.

Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Skyler's and Finn's blue.

"Thank you both. I am honoured. Come here little angel." Lucas smiled, Skyler guiding the small boy into Lucas' strong arms, the man staring down at the bundle laying against his chest.

He smiled, gently rocking the baby in his arms, Josh smiling at the man's happy, smiling face.

"Hello, little angel. Welcome to the world of our love. Let's start that world off with all the comforts of home. Follow me, everyone." Lucas smiled, the man moving, heading towards the Receiving Room.

Finn and Skyler looked at each other, the two following Lucas, everyone else following as well.

Lucas stopped at the closed doors in front of him, looking back at Skyler and Finn, little Diana still in his arms.

"Angels need clouds upon which to slumber. My love provides everything." he smiled, moving his one free hand, the doors before them opening.

Everyone looked in the room, their eyes widening in surprise.

"What the. . .?" Finn said, Lucas smiling, walking into the room, everyone following him.

All their eyes took in the surprise before them.

The Receiving Room hadn't changed, the fire still burned in the fireplace, the decor as it always was.

The large Christmas tree still stood in the corner, its lights sparkling.

What took everyone by surprise was what surrounded the tree.

Large gifts of shining beauty.

A large wooden crib, a rocking chair, a change table, many baskets of accessories and clothing.

"How. . .how in God's name did all this get here?" Finn stuttered, Lucas smiling as he watched the young man walk up to the crib, Skyler at his side.

The two stared at the wooden crib, seeing two names carved into the headboard of its lightly tanned wooden beauty.


                Julian and Diana

                  Angels of Love


A pair of small cherubs were flying above the names.

Finn and Skyler stared at Lucas with emotion, the young man gently laying the small infant in his arms down into the crib, covering him with a small blanket.

Two blue pools looked up at him, Lucas leaning down and kissing the small infant's forehead.

"Welcome to our love, Julian." Lucas smiled, gently taking the other infant from Finn's offered hands, Finn's arm going around Skyler's waist.

Lucas smiled at the little infant in his arms.

"Hello, Diana. Welcome to our love." he smiled, kissing the child's forehead, gently guiding her down into the crib beside her brother, covering her gently as well.

The little girl cooed, Lucas smiling at their parents.

"All the comforts of home our angels now have. They're starting their lives off with our love." he smiled, Josh's arms going around his man.

"You are beyond amazing, my love."
Lucas smiled, Finn and Skyler staring at him.

"I love you, my friends. They are an extension of your love. I've loved them before they dawned this world."

Skyler teared up.

"Oh, Lucas! What you did. . .what you're doing!" she said, the young man smiling, opening his arms, Skyler rushing into them, Finn's eyes filling with tears.

"What I'm doing I've always done, Sky. I'm showing my love. For you and that monster over there." Lucas smiled, his violet pools looking down at the two infants.

"I'm happy there's no electrodes showing. They must be wired right."

Josh burst out into laughter, Finn smiling widely.

"They're wired perfect. It's their new uncle who's totally fried."

Lucas laughed, Skyler staring at him.

"They're asleep. Let's sit down, everyone. I believe my friends need to hear the truth." Lucas said, Skyler and Finn staring at him.

"The truth is your love, Lucas. My children have it." Finn said.

Lucas smiled, Finn guiding his Skyler to a couch.

Lucas sighed, staring down into the crib.

Lives will be lived, little angels.

And I've run out of them.

He smiled, Josh's blue eyes staring at him.

I feel your love, my love.

As I feel theirs.

Lucas' eyes went to Justin and Lance, the two standing beside Josh.

Paths move.

And I sensed their coming.

I will protect all.


Lucas smiled at everyone, staring down into the crib again.

"They are asleep from the worries of real life. My own life is given." he said, looking toward Finn and Skyler.

The two traded looks, Lucas smiling at both of them.

His blue pools looked towards Colton and Jonathan, the two young men smiling at him.

"I had purchased these gifts before we left for Vermont. They were delivered here last week, my grandparents storing them for myself. Colton and Jonathan set this all up early this morning, as per my request last night." he said, Finn and Skyler looking surprised, the two looking towards the two young men.

"We agreed to help wholeheartedly. We love all four of you as well." Colton said, Jonathan smiling beside him.

Finn and Skyler both smiled at the two young men, Finn's eyes going to Lucas' violet pools.

"Over a week ago? You knew then that Sky would have an early birth?" Finn said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"Yes, Finnegan. My magic felt the coming realities. So I prepared for them. I wanted both of your children to have a fighting chance. It was a sacrifice I was always prepared to give." he said, Finn staring at him.

The Welshman rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, the young man standing beside the fireplace.

Both of his hands went to his friend's shoulders, staring into his violet pools, seeing the deep love shining there.

"Skyler told me of your words before she went into labor, Lucas. About you giving a last Christmas gift to both of us. What have you done, my ever-giving, ever-loving friend?" Finn said, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

"You are my brother, Finnegan. Skyler is my second sister. You only ever showed me love and friendship from the first moment you met myself. I love both of you. It was all I could do."

Josh rose from his seat, Justin and Lance rising as well, all three staring at Lucas.

"What's going on, my love?" Josh said, Lucas' violet pools looking towards him.

"Life, my Joshua. A life I have now taken on. For their lives I would sacrifice my own happiness free from the magic's needs." Lucas said, Finn staring at him.

"What are you saying, Lucas?" he said, Lucas lowering his eyes.

The young man moved, walking over to the crib, staring down into it, two sleeping bundles of love before him.

He stared at them for a moment, then raised his eyes, Finn and everyone seeing the wetness in both violet pools.

"They were never supposed to live, Finn and Sky. Your little angels were destined to be lost on the sands of time. I couldn't let that happen. . .I just couldn't. The magic warned me of the coming loss. For your love, for theirs, I. . .I went against the love. As he once did." Lucas said, Finn staring at him with shock.

"Our angels. . .my children. . .you. . .what did you do?" Finn said, his voice laced with emotion, Skyler now at his side, both staring at Lucas.

Josh, Justin and Lance had all moved as well, now standing beside Finn and Skyler, all five staring at Lucas.

"I gave into the magic's need, Finn. I have sacrificed my love for theirs. The magic now owns me. It finally won."

Everyone stared at the young man, his now green pools softly glowing.

Josh stared at his man, seeing no golden ring on his finger.

Josh's eyes widened, the man seeing Lucas tremble.

"I. . .I stopped them. I felt their evil." he said, Josh sprinting across the room, catching his man before he collapsed.

"God, you're hurt, Lucas!" he said, his arms wrapping around the man, Justin and Lance at their side, Justin helping Josh guide Lucas to the nearest couch.

Everyone rose, the four surrounding them.

Lucas' green pools looked up into Josh's blue.

"I know the truth now, I know. . .the Trinity. . .I had it wrong."

Lucas closed his eyes, everyone staring down at him in shock.


End of Chapter 155


The magic owns him?

What is Lucas talking about?


What has Lucas done for those two little angels?

What's happened to Lucas?

He's hurt again?


What was the reasoning behind his visit to that long decayed church in Northern Wales?
If you all remember Vivian visited there as well, and Tristan and Savannah disappeared from there, lost for years.


A chapter of mysteries surrounding our Lucas.

How will all this end?


Questions in need of answers.

Read on, the plot thickens.



Hugs, Angel.