Yesterday's End-16

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 16


Josh smiled at Justin, the two men walking down the hospital corridor, their friends and Lucas' family walking behind them.

Josh had awoken with Justin sound asleep in his arms, the man smiling down at his old friend, remembering so many mornings he'd awakened with the man against him.

Josh's thoughts had turned to Lucas, a smile crossing his face.

In Lucas he felt a deeper need, a deeper longing.

But the man laying against him was a close second.

He smelled Justin's scent, the scent of remembered love.

You were once the heart of my life, Justin.

Here now you're again within my soul.

A true friend as you've always been.

Last night verified that.

You didn't flaunt or offer yourself as usual.

Last night wasn't about your needs.

My little Justy may be growing up.

Josh smiled, looking down as Justin moved, his body moving back, Justin now laying on his back, his beautiful chest fully exposed.

Josh remembered how many nights he'd tasted every inch of that beautiful body.

Josh felt his morning friskiness lengthening, the man sighing.

It's not your essence I need now, Justin.
It's your friendship and love.

Josh smiled, the man silently climbing out of bed, walking into the bathroom.

A half hour later he was dressed, the man gently shaking Justin's shoulder, Justin opening his eyes, the man stretching and staring at Josh.

"What time is it Joshy?"
"Seven-thirty, Jus."
"Ugh, Joshy! Let me sleep some more!" Justin said, pulling the covers over himself, burying himself into the warmth of the bed.

"No chance, Justy! We need breakfast then off to the hospital. Up and at 'em!" Josh laughed, pulling the covers right off the bed, Justin laying in the bed's center, wearing only boxer briefs.

Josh's eyes went to Justin's center, a large bulge showing prominently.

"Someone's been having a good dream. Did my being against you all night excite you, Timbersnake?"

Justin blushed, covering his center, staring at Josh.

"Not a chance! I do long for other people, you know!"

Josh laughed, smiling at Justin.

"You'll be back with Jessica soon, loverboy."

Justin stared at Josh, then softly smiled.

"I'm here for as long as you need me, Josh. You and Lucas both."
Josh smiled, pulling the covers back onto the bed.

"Ten more minutes, then its a wet awakening for you, bud."
Justin smiled, Josh smiling back and walking into the hotel suite's adjoining living room.

Justin watched him go, laying back against the pillows, his hands going to his center.

You were half the morning desire, Josh.

Your man's the other half.

Justin smiled, thinking to himself.

Now just to work on my freedom.

And to claim my heart's desires.

Justin smiled, his hand going into his boxer briefs, closing his eyes.


Here they now were, two hours later, walking towards Lucas' hospital room.

Everyone had joined together for breakfast at Finn's parents' home, Mavis heartily feeding all of them.

They'd all talked and joined as friends, everyone then heading back to the hospital together.

Josh smiled, seeing Lucas' doctor walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

The doctor stared at the group as they walked up to him.

"How's Lucas doing, Doctor Sheridan?" Henderson said, Josh smiling at him.

"Your son is recuperating at an amazing rate. He's alert, responsive and determined. He even walked to the bathroom and back." the doctor said, his eyes showing a soft amazement.

"My son's always been a fast healer, Doctor." Vivian said, the doctor nodding at her, then looking at Henderson.

"A family trait no doubt. Doctor Fields informed me late last night of your own miraculous recovery, Mr. Carver."

Henderson nodded, smiling at the doctor, his arm around his wife.

"My family's love made that recovery quicken. I'm almost back to normal." he said, Vivian and Trish smiling at him.

"Your son's awake and eating a small breakfast. I'll leave you to visit." the doctor said, quietly walking away, a soft look of wonder on his face.

Josh smiled at Lucas' family, the man pushing on Lucas' room door.

Everyone walked in, Lucas smiling at all of them, his eyes locked on Josh's blue pools.

The young man was half reclined in bed, a tray on a table laying before him, the tray containing empty plates.

"Good morning, son." Vivian said, Lucas smiling at his mother as she walked up to the bed, leaning down and kissing his cheek, Josh sitting down on the bedside, Lucas' father and sister giving him kisses from the other side of the bed.

Everyone smiled at the family showing their love, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"You ate breakfast. That's a good sign. The energy returns!" Mavis said, waving at Lucas from the bed's end, everyone else standing back.

"It wasn't much, but I was hungry." Lucas said, laying his head back against the pillows, Josh smiling at him.

"I'll sneak you in some of my home cooking. That'll get your energy back." Mavis winked, Lucas softly smiling at her.

"Comfy, Luke?" Josh asked.
"Could you raise the bed a bit, Josh? I hate laying down." he said, Josh nodding, reaching for the remote laying on the nightstand, hitting a few buttons, the bed rising at its head to an upright position.

"That's better, I feel I can see everyone now." he said, smiling around at everyone, Justin's blue eyes meeting his.

"You man's regained his freshness, too. He slept all through last night." Justin said, Lucas smiling at Josh.

"I'm sure his friends were there for him, you especially Jus."

Justin nodded, walking around the bed, standing beside Trish.

"I told you I'd look after him."
Lucas nodded, smiling at Justin.

"You look after all of us, Jus."

Justin smiled, Josh leaning forward and kissing Lucas' lips.

"I missed you, babe."

Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's love in those words.

"Missed you too, my Josh."

Josh smiled, Vivian smiling at both men.

Her eyes made contact with Lucas' violet pools, Vivian asking Finn to close the room's door.

Lucas smiled as Josh removed the table with the empty tray, Lucas sighing and looking around at everyone.

Everyone still saw tiredness in Lucas' violet eyes, but he looked more healthy, his cheeks redder.

His mother sat down on the bed's edge, Josh walking around the bed and sitting down on the other side, Justin at his side.

"I'm so glad you're going to be okay, Luke." Vivian said, leaning forward and kissing her son's forehead.

"I survived, Mom. I'm going to be okay."
"No thanks to me, Lucas. I am sorry for leading you into that situation." she said, Henderson's hand going to her shoulder, the man standing behind his wife.

Lucas took his mother's hands in his, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Mom. First and foremost you'll always be the mother I have loved all my life. Nothing's going to change that. Not the revealed truth or any future truths. You're the only mother I've ever known."

Vivian teared up, Henderson smiling at Lucas.

"I would have searched everywhere for you. Thank you for leaving the clue." Lucas smiled.
Vivian smiled, nodding her head.

"I knew your intellect would guide you to me. I always knew my son was smart."
Lucas smiled, looking towards Trish.

"You trained your children well, Mom." Trish said, Vivian smiling up at her.

"You came in the nick of time, although you walked into a dangerous moment." she softly said, Lucas nodding.

"Lucas, those soldiers. . .their uniforms? Were they. . .?"

"Ghosts, Mom?"
Vivian nodded, everyone in the room having wondered the same thing.

Lucas' eyes moved around the room.

"No, Mom. I don't think they're ghosts. I think they are Shades. The ones I have heard of in my dreams."

"The Shades, Lucas?" Lance said, Lucas smiling towards him.

"Yes, Lance. I believe they are shades of the persons they once were. Not really a ghost, but perhaps a soul image of their once-lived lives. They walk the past as they once remembered it. As the nurse at the hospital did. And I am the one who called them forth."

Everyone looked surprised, Lucas' eyes lowering, Josh looking at him.

"You called them out, Lucas?"

"In a sense, Josh. It happened the moment I walked into that room below the bunker."

"What happened, son?" Henderson said, Lucas looking up at his father.

"I felt their auras, Dad. I felt so many memories, feelings and souls down in that darkened room below the bunker. The three men we all saw were the three that came forward to the front of my mind. That's how I knew their names. I felt their past, and their surging souls moving forward towards me. I summoned them to that bunker, I brought them to our salvation by using the freakishness of my strange mind!"

Lucas turned his head, not looking at anyone, Josh having seen the look of fear and uncertainty in his violet eyes.

Josh's hand went in Lucas', the younger man squeezing Josh's hand tightly.

"It was an amazing sight, Lucas. It was magical. Not just in its revealing truth, but more so in the love behind its appearance." Josh said, Lucas turning back and tearfully staring at Josh.

"Your love for your mother's safety--for all our safety--made your inner greatness draw them forward. You used your gifts to aid all of us."

Lucas nodded, everyone looking at him.

"But at what cost, Josh? I put all of us in danger. I drew us into a circle of uncertainty. I didn't know what those men would do, I only knew that they had perhaps the courage and strength that I didn't have to help all of you. I just didn't know it would turn out like it did. I took a gamble on a feeling I had in my mind. In my clouded, lost mind."
Josh smiled at Lucas, leaning forward and kissing his lips softly.

"I think it was more than just a gamble, Luke. I think the gift within you took over when they felt the love and fear within you. I think your gift drew those apparitions towards you. I think it acts as a beacon of strength and courage when you need it most. We're all lucky to have a friend and loved one with such wonderful gifts and love."
Lucas softly smiled, seeing the calmness in Josh's eyes.

"I wasn't courageous, Josh. I was just so concerned for all of us. I felt only one way out of that scenario. I hope I didn't risk too much?"
"You didn't, Luke. We're all here safe and sound because of your giving love." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his old friend.

"So give me some of that hot love, Finny!" Lucas said, blowing the man a kiss, Finn laughing loudly, everyone smiling.

"Wait till you're well, stud. Then I'll rock your world."
Lucas laughed loudly, then softly gasped, Josh's hand going to his shoulder.

"Rest and lay back, Luke. You're still recovering." Josh said, smiling at him with soft care in his eyes.

Lucas nodded, resting back against the pillows.

"I remember some of those names you spoke of in regards to those three men, Lucas. I did a lot of research on that bunker for its restoration." Vivian said, Lucas nodding at her.

"To see those men, to see the real men whom I'd read of, it's just so remarkable." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"History comes alive." he said, Vivian nodding, taking his hand in hers.

"I remembered that name Humpty Dumpty when you said it, Lucas. That old game I played with you. How when I called that name you always fell down like him. I knew what you were asking me to do when I was in that man's arms."
"I knew you would remember, Mom. You did exactly that."
Vivian nodded, everyone now clueing into why she'd dropped so fast when Lucas had screamed at her before the soldiers attacked the large man.

Everyone focused on the young man, sensing he'd been well prepared.

Josh looked at him, seeing a soft reluctance in Lucas' violet eyes now, Lucas looking at his mother.

Josh felt Lucas was now focusing on something more emotional, his eyes showing that emotion.

"What happened to my parents, Mom?" Lucas said softly, Vivian looking at him with quiet love.

"They left, Lucas. They were at a moment of precarious salvation. They, in a sense, were boxed into a corner."
"Because of who followed them?"

Vivian nodded, Lucas staring at her.

Everyone in the room sensed a nervousness in Lucas, a determined edge to that nervousness, and they saw a soft need showing in his still moist violet eyes.

"Did they. . .did they. . .?"

Vivian looked at her son with love.

"Did they what, Lucas?"

Lucas' eyes met hers, Vivian seeing a greater need there now.

"Did they love me?"

Josh's hand went in Lucas' again, Lucas feeling his closeness, his mother staring at him.

"Yes, Lucas. They loved you as a part of themselves. Your mother was so emotional on that day of parting from you. She felt she was losing a part of herself. Your father was in just as emotional a state. I saw easily their total love for you."

Lucas nodded, everyone seeing the tears welling up in his eyes.

Vivian leaned forward, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"They loved you with all of their hearts. They gave you to me to protect you, Lucas. To give you a life of protective love. The path they were on was filled with danger, and possible death. They sought to shield you from that. No greater sacrifice can a parent give than life to their child, even if it means their own. And so your mother asked me to take you in. My love for my sister--for your mother--made that choice easy for me. I see so much of your mother in your violet eyes. Violet and intense like hers. Like our own mother's."

"I. . .I have my mother and grandmother's eyes?"
"Yes, Lucas. And you have your mother's astute reasoning, and your father's beauty. And within you is something even more beautiful."
"My soul. . .the gift?"
Vivian smiled, nodding yes.

"Yes, Lucas. Your mother told me that on the day you were born--when she looked into your violet eyes--she saw the world. She saw the beginnings of true life. The beginnings of a great love. Those were her exact words."
Lucas nodded, his head lowering for a moment, the room quiet.

"Vitas Tactus and the Ortus Animus."  Lucas said, his violet eyes raised, meeting his surprised mother's blue widened pools.

"How. . .how in God's name do you know those names, Lucas??!" she stuttered, Lucas staring at her.

"I have heard them in my dreams, Mom."
"They are names not of dreams, young man."

Everyone's heads turned, Grayson Wainwright standing in the open doorway of Lucas' hospital room.

Carl stood behind him, the younger man staring at Lucas.

"I hope we are not intruding?" Grayson said, Vivian's eyes meeting his.

"No, sir. Everyone is visiting me this morning." Lucas said, his violet eyes meeting Grayson's blue, then glancing at his mother.

"It is good to see you sitting up and vocal, young man. I was genuinely concerned for your well-being."
"Thank you, sir. I am on the mend. And my name is Lucas."
Grayson nodded with a soft smile, Lucas moving his hands inward, beckoning the man and his friend to come in.

Grayson walked forward, standing at the end of the bed, Carl just behind him.

Mavis folded her arms, staring intently at both men.

"My name is Grayson Wainwright, son. . .I mean Lucas. This is my associate, Carl Wilson."

Lucas smiled at Grayson, then smiled at Carl.

"You're far from the beach, Beach Boy."

Finn laughed, Carl blushing a bit, looking confused.

"Sorry, I have a dry sense of humour. Carl Wilson was a founding member of the Beach Boys." Lucas said, smiling, Carl smiling back.

"Unfortunately, I can't sing." Carl smiled, Lucas smiling back.

Lucas' eyes met Grayson's, the older man shaking his head softly.

"Fate lies upon our paths, young man. No meeting is without fate." Grayson said, Lucas smiling.

"Falling forms signalling gathering storms."
Grayson laughed lightly, his eyes meeting Vivian's concerned blue pools.

"Your son and I ran into each other a few weeks ago, Vivian. In London at the airport. He knocked me down on fate's path. And also on my ass."

Lucas smiled, looking at his mother.

"I wasn't watching where I was going and collided with Mr. Wainwright in the middle of Heathrow airport. The day you left for the States, Justin." Lucas said, looking at Justin, the man nodding.

"That is fate, Lucas. To have never met, then collide together, then to meet further down the path." Josh said, Lucas smiling softly at him.

"Fate and others have their own agendas." he said, his eyes meeting Grayson's again.

"So exactly who are you?" Lucas said, Vivian looking at her son.

"We can delay discussions until you're feeling better, Luke." she said, rubbing his shoulder.

Everyone sensed Vivian's wanting to end the discussion.

"No, Mom. I'd like to know what's going on." Lucas said, Josh watching Lucas and his mother.

He saw Lucas' calmness, and the need to know in his eyes.

His mother saw his familiar determined look.

She also saw the tiredness seeping into his violet eyes.

Vivian nodded at her son, then met Grayson's eyes, nodding to him as well.

"I am a solicitor, Lucas. I am employed by one client. I am in Wales at his request, on a path of searching need."
"Who is your employer?" Lucas said, relaxing back into the pillows again, Grayson looking at him.

"My employer's name is Emerson Belmont, Lucas. He is your father's father. Your grandfather."

"I. . .I have a grandfather?"
"Yes, Lucas. I am here on his behalf. And I and he have been searching for your father for a long time."

"My father? What is the reasoning behind that search?"
Grayson sighed, looking into Lucas' determined, questioning eyes.

"The reason is redemption, Lucas. Your father walked away from his father a long time ago, and Emerson has been seeking him to right an unjust wrong. Your father left under strenuous circumstances. A lot of conjecture, falsehoods and misinformation created a rift between them. Here now at the twilight of his life, that man is seeking forgiveness."

Vivian stood up, her eyes staring at Grayson, everyone seeing a tenseness in those blue pools.

"A rift, Grayson? It was more than a rift!" she said, Grayson staring at her.

"Seen visions sometimes distort the truth, Vivacious. You saw only with your eyes. I saw with my heart." he said, Vivian glaring at him.

"You always curtailed to his demands, Grayson. Your love for him, I believe, clouded the truth staring you in the face."

"No, Vivian. Emerson, my saviour and good friend, is more than what you and Tristan's friends named him."

Vivian stared at the lawyer, Lucas' voice breaking their stares.

"What did you name him, Mom?"

Lucas' mother turned, looking at him, Lucas staring into her troubled face.

"We named him Monster, Lucas. Your grandfather was a monster hidden behind a charade of deception."


The room was dead silent, Mavis staring at the lawyer and his friend.

"I think you two should leave. You're upsetting Vivian and Lucas." she said, glaring at both.

"It is alright, Mamma Mavis." Lucas said, Mavis' eyes meeting his.

"I need to understand all of it. Who is my grandfather, Mr. Wainwright? What kind of man do you make him out to be?"

Grayson smiled, folding his hands in front of him, staring at Lucas alone.

"Your grandfather is a man of shrewd intellect, Lucas. A man of devotion, courage, tenacity and loyalty. He has created a financial empire that rivals many in this world. A man of business, and a man of family. Neither ever conflicted with the other. His heart always lay on his family's side, more so than business. But the business part flourished greatly. His intelligence--and his family's greatness--created one of the largest companies in the world. Your family is one of the wealthiest in the United States."

Everyone looked surprised, Lucas still quietly staring at the lawyer.

"My family's history is entrenched in the history of that great nation?" he said, Grayson surprised by his question.

"Why yes, Lucas. Your family has been instrumental in many regions of the heritage and history of the American dream."

Lucas nodded, lowering his eyes for a moment.

"Hence my dreams of its revolutionary past." he softly said, Grayson looking at him with surprise.

"You. . .you have had dreams?"
Lucas raised his head, staring at the man.

"Many, Mr. Wainwright. I have dreamed often of the Revolutionary War, of America's independence."

"Amazing. Your great-great-great-grandfather was a soldier in George Washington's army, Lucas. Your great-great-grandfather was a member of Lincoln's war cabinet, and a soldier under Ulysses Grant. Your great-grandfather fought with Theodore Roosevelt in Cuba. And your own grandfather was a decorated soldier who fought in the Pacific and in France in the last Great War."

"Many warriors of truthful heritage. For honour and glory." Lucas said, the man's eyes staring determinately at Grayson.

"All courageous men, Lucas. I have never met anyone with a more courageous soul than your grandfather. I hold him as my dearest friend."

"I sense my grandfather has earned that friendship."
Grayson smiled, nodding.

"Yes, indeed."

Lucas nodded, then looked at his mother.

"Why, then, would my mother call him monster?"

Grayson's eyes met Vivian's, their eyes belaying reluctance.

"Alright, I sense your reluctance to voice that truth. A story for another day, perhaps." Lucas said, moving upwards, his body sitting up, Grayson staring at him, Vivian staring as well.

"Why do I dream of the past, sir?"
Grayson stared at the young man, a soft compassion showing in his eyes.

"I do not know the full truth of that, son. I only know that your grandfather--and your father--have dreamed the same."
Lucas looked confused.

"Emerson told me to tell you that he seeks your assistance. And he wanted me to tell you that he dreams also of the waterfalls."
Lucas' face changed into shock, Josh looking at him with worry.

"What's wrong, Lucas?" Josh said, his arm going around him, Josh feeling Lucas trembling against him.

His violet eyes stared towards his mother, Vivian looking at him with concern.

"Where. . .where did my parents go, Mom? Please tell me."
Vivian looked at Lucas with concern, seeing the need in his eyes.

"He. . .the man said. . .he said they'd be safe there." she said, Lucas trembling more.

"Safe where, Mom?"

Vivian looked at Grayson, then at Josh, then into her son's clouded eyes.

"He. . .he said that the waterfall of life would obscure the passages of time. In his love you could live forever."

Lucas lowered his head, Josh worried beside him.

"It can't be! It doesn't exist! It is of my own creation!"
"What is of your own creation?" Grayson said, staring at the young man.

Lucas' head raised, everyone staring at him.

"In the dreams I was told it was of my own creation. A large waterfall of immense beauty flowing into a large pool. The Pool of Lucas he called it. He said it was a place I created as a sanctuary, a safe haven for myself when the world stresses me out."

"Are you saying. . .someone. . .they're. . .?"
"Someone or something has sent them into that place. Into my imagination."
"That's a pretty far-fetched idea, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas looking up at him.

"No it's not, Justin. And I think I see a crack in the mystery's facade."

Everyone looked at Lucas in confusion, Lucas staring at the lawyer, Josh feeling the tremble again.

"What is my father's name, sir?"

Grayson looked confused.

"Tristan Belmont, Lucas."
"His full name. . .please."

Grayson looked at Vivian, then at Lucas.

"Tristan Joshua Belmont. That was his full name. Tristan after Emerson's father, and Joshua after Joshua Belmont, the founder of Belmont Industries, your family company."

Everyone saw Lucas' face go white, his violet eyes staring at his mother.

"They're there, Mom! They're in my dreams at the waterfall! For I have talked to my own father!"
Lucas fell back against Josh, Josh laying him back into the pillows, Lucas' world suddenly going into darkness.


Everyone stood in the hallway, all eyes looking towards the hospital room's door.

Lucas had fainted, Josh at his side while Lance rushed out of the room in search of assistance, Justin and Finn guiding everyone out of the room, Josh and Lucas' parents remaining.

Here now it was a few minutes later, Lucas' doctor again in his room with him, everyone awaiting his diagnosis.

"I didn't want to upset him, you must understand that." Grayson said, Finn nodding at him.

"It wasn't your fault, sir. Lucas is still emotional, tired and exhausted. We shouldn't have talked so long, it was too much for him." Mavis said, Grayson smiling at her, seeing that she had lost some of her defiant look.

"Lucas is a remarkable young man. He is a reflection of his grandfather's giving love." Grayson said, everyone looking at him.

"This is all too much to take in." Sean said, everyone looking at him.

"Could his parents. . .could they really be. . .?" he said, Skyler looking at him.

"Lucas has always been unique, special and loving. To be that unique, that giving and loving. . .it very well could be. We're talking beyond this world here." she said, Finn's arm going around her.

"I don't care about that. He'll always be Lucky to me." the young man said, Grayson smiling at him.

"Could Lucas have talked to his father in his dreams? Is it just a dream or is it more?" Lance asked, Mavis looking at him.

"In that room lies a young man of exceptional mystery, courage and love. I've known him since before he could walk. He's always been more than he's seemed. I believe it could very well be real." she said, everyone quietly looking at her.

She turned, staring at Grayson.

"Is his family magical, mysterious, gifted?"

Grayson's blue eyes scanned around at everyone, Carl staring at him.

"The Belmont family is steeped in heritage, history and yes, mysticism also. They are on a path of singular destiny. I believe in my heart this truth may be only the beginning. I think Lucas Carver will surprise all of us."

The door of the hospital room opened, the doctor and Lucas' parents walking out.

"He's resting again, and comfortable. He seemed more relaxed and focused when he awoke from the fainting spell. I believe he taxed himself too much." the doctor said, everyone nodded.

"He's sleeping again. Josh is watching over him." Henderson said, Trish sighing in relief, Justin's arm around her.

Vivian's eyes went to Grayson's blue eyes.

"I'm sorry if in any way my discussion upset him, Vivian." the lawyer said, Vivian staring at him.

"My son's recovering from a horrendous attack, Grayson. The past will only upset him more."
"He needs to know everything, Vivian. You know he can't escape that past. No more than his father could."

Vivian walked up to the man, staring into his calm, compassionate blue eyes.

"That past may have destroyed his father, Grayson. And my sister walked with him into the abyss."

Grayson nodded, his hand going to her shoulder.

"I believe they are alive, Vivian. Somewhere they are alive."

"Their love echoes in Lucas' soul, Grayson. And what Emerson seeks one day may destroy his own soul."

Grayson stared at the woman, everyone surrounding them quiet and intrigued.

"He wears the red stone, Grayson. How did he come by Emerson's stone?"

Grayson's eyes widened for a moment, then returned to their calmness, Carl staring at him.

"Emerson was wondering where it had gone to. A vault of iron seems not to have contained its need."

"You mean that stone belongs to his grandfather?" Finn said, everyone surprised by that revelation.

"Yes, son. In fact, that stone is older than Lucas' whole family lineage. It dates back to the beginnings of America's past. It is a family heirloom, of significant importance to the Belmont family line."

"It is just a rock Emerson lorded over his own son. I remember his twentieth birthday when Emerson gave it to him. I never saw the man without it around his neck. He had it there the day he disappeared. How now does it lay around his son's?"

Grayson sighed, staring into Vivian's blue eyes.

"I don't know, Vivacious. Another mystery of your son's greatness."

She stared at the lawyer, then looked around at everyone.

"My son's recovering. When he's well he's leaving here. And he's staying as far away from Emerson as he can. I won't allow you or him to corrupt his giving, loving soul."
Grayson sighed, staring into her blue eyes.

"Nothing I could believe would ever corrupt his soul, Vivacious. For I believe he's the answer."

"The answer to what?" Justin said.

Grayson folded his hands in front of him, everyone staring at him.

"The answer to the mystery surrounding the Belmont family, Mr. Timberlake. A mystery that even Emerson Belmont cannot decipher."

Everyone looked confused, Vivian staring at Grayson.

"The Belmont family is shrouded in mystery. And I think Lucas may reveal its truth."



On The Road


Lucas opened his violet eyes, the sunlight making him shelter them with his hand.

Its radiating intensity surprised him, the young man adjusting to its brightness, staring around him.

He'd heard the water falling before he'd opened his eyes, knowing he was on the path again.

He stared around himself, seeing the returned beauty of the cascading waterfall, the young man seated on the now familiar boulder at its watery edge.

I guess the path is centralizing.

I no longer have to walk the meadow to this place.

He stood up, his violet eyes scanning every inch of the waterfall's surrounding area.

He saw no one, the young man standing alone against the falls' beauty.

I had hoped you were out here.

It was you I talked with, wasn't it, Father?

Where have you gone, ghost?

"I am nowhere and I am everywhere."
Lucas turned, stepping back a bit, the man standing only inches from his side.

He took in every inch of the man's handsome face, his eyes scanning his uniform-clad body.

"My father was not a soldier. Why are you wearing this garb, Father?"
The man smiled, his own green eyes scanning Lucas' body.

Lucas wore his hospital gown, his muscular legs showing.

"You wear a garment of medical preparedness, Lucas. I hope you bore the pain with strength?"

"I am healing. But I assume you know that, Father."

The man smiled, Lucas taking in his calm manner, and focused gaze.

"I am not your father, Lucas."
Lucas looked surprised, staring at him.

"I. . .I assumed. . .it seemed so real, so on the mark."

The man smiled, his green eyes glancing out into the misty center of the waterfall.

"Perhaps in a way it is. Your father is here, Lucas. As is your mother."
Lucas scanned the pool, his eyes searching.

The man's hand went forward, Lucas focusing back on his eyes when the man's hand went to his heart.

"Love, of any path or soul, focuses on the center of its need. They lay within your heart, and your soul. You only have to know them to love them."

Lucas lowered his eyes from the man's gaze.

"I do not know them, Joshua. For they gave me away." Lucas said, the young man sitting down on the boulder, lowering his head.

The man stared at him for a moment, then sat down beside him, his arm going around the young man.

"Danger surrounded them, Lucas. They gave you life to stay the tide."

"The tide?"
"The tide of death and fear that chased them. The monster hunted them, and they were within his grasp."

"My grandfather?"
Joshua smiled, then laughed.

"No, Lucas. Not your grandfather. He is of a greater love."

"My mother. . .my adoptive mother. She called him such."
The man smiled, standing up again, his body facing the waterfall.

"She was deceived as they all were. No monster resides on the Belmont path of blood. Their blood is pure and untouched."
Lucas stared up at the man, his green eyes focused again on Lucas' violet.

"Emerson is a man of giving love, Lucas. You would one day do best to visit him. For both of you could find a connecting peace in your lost souls."

Lucas lowered his head again.

"I cannot visit someone I do not know."
The man sighed, returning to Lucas' side.

"Do you believe in a greater destiny for yourself, Lucas? Do you sense that there is a greater truth out there for you?"

"I feel as if I'm lost, Joshua. I feel like I'm on a path of someone else's truth."
The man smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' cheek.

Lucas looked surprised, the man smiling at him.

"You are not lost, Lucas. You are just unknowing of the truth. You shall find it all, for within you lays the answer."

"Where are my real parents?"
The man stared out at the water, sighing again.

"They are here, they are there."
"That's not a very informative answer."

The man laughed, smiling at Lucas, Lucas seeing a lot of mirth and happiness in the man's beautiful face.

"If you're not my father, who are you?"

"I am who I am, Lucas. I am who you have designed me to be. A reflection of the truth as you want to see it."

"So you're like a fantasy. My ideal man?"
The man laughed again, Lucas softly smiling, the man's mirthfulness making Lucas calm.

Lucas stared at him, seeing the beauty of his smiling face.

"You resemble my Josh, but I see others in your face."
"I am a composite of your soul, Lucas."

Lucas nodded, looking out into the falling water.

"Is Josh my soulmate?"

The man stared at Lucas, Lucas feeling his calmness.

"That is a question only you can answer."

"You have Josh's beauty, Justin's physique and Lance's eyes. I see a lot of Finny's mirthful humour in you as well. Is everyone in love with me?"

The man laughed again, smiling at Lucas.

"You wish!"

Lucas laughed, staring at the man again.

"You are a focused soul, Lucas. I am the vision of your past and your future. As the needs lengthen I shall change. But the essence of myself is the truth."
Lucas nodded, staring out at the water again.

"Can I find them again, Joshua?"
"They are not lost, Lucas. Only hidden. Your love, your soul, and yes, your destiny, will one day make them return."

Lucas nodded, staring at him again.

"What do I do now?"

The man smiled, standing up and looking down at Lucas.

"You go on living, Lucas. The music within you is an extension of your soul. That path of music shall show another truth. And then you can focus on the true path. Your family's destiny can wait until you are whole."
"I feel so stretched, so pulled by so many people. When can I be myself? When can I be happy?"
The man's hand went to Lucas' shoulder.

"You are yourself, Lucas. A man of immense truth. And there is a happiness within yourself that will take your breath away. Let the path lead as it must. Life and love await you. Destiny will shape that course."
Lucas nodded, the man smiling in front of him.

"But first we need to get yourself well. The waters of your love will heal any soul, your own the most."
Lucas stared at the man as he watched the man start to remove his clothing.

His cloak, jacket, shirt and pants were soon laying on the rocks, the man standing in front of Lucas in only a pair of old boxer shorts, the material ancient in its construction.

Lucas took in the vision of the man's smooth beauty.

He saw a carbon copy of his own physique.

"Made by you, Lucas." he smiled, the man moving forward, Lucas watching as he dove into the pool, the man lost under its watery depths.
The man came up a few moments later, his smooth body breaking the water's surface.

"Come on, Lucas. Dive into your love." he smiled, Lucas slowly standing up.

Lucas took a deep breath, pulling the hospital gown off his torso, his naked body revealed.

The man smiled at him, floating in the water.

"Perfection in physical beauty. He shall be so loved."

Lucas smiled, the young man diving into the water.

Lucas felt an instant warmth, his body surrounded by heat and a calming warmth.

He dove downward for a moment, then curved his body upwards.

He broke the water's surface, the sun beaming down on him.

He opened his violet eyes, staring into two green pools that were only inches away from him.

"Love heals all hurts, love heals all needs." the man said, Lucas staring into those green pools.

Lucas moved forward, two strong arms wrapping around his naked body.

Lucas felt himself becoming lost in an engulfing warmth.

Then he felt two lips meeting his.



Ridgehaven, Vermont


Emerson Belmont opened his eyes, the man staring at the fire in the fireplace before him.

He sat in a wingchair in front of the fireplace in his library, a book laying in his lap.

The man sighed, a knock coming to the room's door.

"Enter." he quietly said, the door opening, his manservant Jefferson walking into the room, holding the door open for Henry, the doctor carrying a large silver tray.

"Good morning, Emerson. I've brought you breakfast." the doctor said, smiling at his friend and employer.

"I'm not that hungry, Henry."
"Eat you must, Emerson. I'll have no argument about that."
The older man nodded, Henry placing the tray on a folded wooden table that Jefferson had carried in with him.

"Are the painters and cleaners at work?" Emerson said, Jefferson nodding.

"Yes, sir. They arrived at six this morning. They are presently working in the west wing."
"The grand ballroom?"

"Yes, sir. I've never seen it so open and its beauty is coming back to life."
Emerson nodded, the servant smiling at him.

"A long time since it has shined, Jefferson. This old mausoleum will shine again in its beauty. For him it must." the man said, Henry and Jefferson exchanging looks.

"Eat, Emerson. You may go, Jefferson." Henry said, the man setting the table in front of Emerson, a large tray of food before him.

The servant bowed and smiled, quietly walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"How long have you been up and in here, Emerson? This room is becoming your tomb." the doctor said, walking over to the covered windows, pulling back the long hanging drapes, the room flooded with light.

Emerson covered his eyes for a moment, the light brightening them.

The doctor walked over to him, sitting down in another chair beside him, the two in front of the fire which now showed only glowing embers.

"I couldn't sleep last night. I came in here around four to do some reading." the older man said, staring down at the food before him, Henry removing the covers from the plates.

"Eat, Emerson. The cook's cooked your favourites."
Emerson nodded, picking up a cup of coffee, sipping it, then picking up an English muffin.

Henry picked up the book from Emerson's lap, staring at its cover.

"'The War for Independence: History's Hidden Truths'. A weighty read so early in the dawn's early light, Emerson." Henry said, Emerson nodding.

"The past is an echo of the future, my friend. One cannot face it without remembering the past."
Henry nodded, staring at Emerson.

"Any word from Grayson this morning?"
"No, Henry. But he is with him. I'm sure he will learn something. As I am sure he will guide the young man to myself. Back here to the home of his historic family."

"So you are hoping. Are you sure the young man will be so agreeable in meeting you? For he knows nothing of you or his own family. He's never even met his father, Emerson."

"I have to hold onto that hope, however small it shall be."

Henry nodded, watching as the man quietly ate the food before him.

He stared down at the book in his hand, the doctor's eyes meeting Emerson's.

"You've never really told me that history, Emerson. Oh, I know of you and your father, my own father telling me of that history. But what of the history before?"

"My family has walked on this country's soil since the dawning of its creation. We are locked in its success and perhaps in its now crumbling tarnished image." the older man said, finishing his breakfast, staring at the doctor.

'That's not really an answer, Emerson. I've known you since I was a mere child myself. Here now so close to my sixtieth birthday I sense I know so little of your family."
"You know of its essence, of the truth of my own existence."

The doctor nodded, staring at the man with compassion.

"A great responsibility thrust upon a great man. You have weathered many storms, my friend. I can only imagine the greatness of all of it. You walk as a soul of immense giving greatness."
Emerson nodded, setting his fork down, wiping his chin, picking up the cup of coffee.

Henry smiled, seeing the man had eaten most of the breakfast, Henry pushing the table back from the man's chair, Emerson sipping the coffee, crossing one leg over his knee, staring at the man.

"I walked the path as I was asked, Henry. As my father did. As we all have. I only wish Tristan had seen that." Emerson said, the man staring up at the portrait hanging above the fireplace.

Henry's eyes went to the portrait, staring at the men showing there.

"He is a beautiful man, Emerson. His eyes are so intense, so steeped with wonder and, I sense, love."

"He is, Henry. And he was."

Henry nodded, marvelling at the truth in that answer.

Emerson stood up, setting his empty coffee cup on the discarded table, the man walking to the fireplace, staring up at the portrait, his hand going to the fireplace's mantle.

"He will come, Henry. He must. I have felt the water's warmth. It has healed my troubled soul."
Henry nodded, standing up and walking up to the man, his hand going to his shoulder.

"How about you and I take a walk around the gardens? The fresh air will do you good."
Emerson nodded, staring up at the portrait.

"Yes, Henry. And I want to walk the west wing. I need to be sure they have it cleaned exactly as it once was. The Belmont clan needs to dance again."

Emerson smiled, Henry staring into his soft green eyes, seeing a youthful happiness there.

The two men walked out of the room, the light from the windows bathing the library in a widening beam of brightness.

The beam rose up the fireplace, its brightness falling on the portrait hanging above it.

Three sets of green eyes staring into the emptiness, the figure on the right showing a widened smile.



Kensington Hospital, Pembroke, Wales


The door of the hospital room opened again, Josh walking out, everyone's eyes going to his confused-looking face.

Josh wore a surprised, stunned look of wonder on his face.

"What is it, Josh?" Vivian said, she and her husband looking at him with worry.

Josh's eyes went to the doctor who still stood apart from the group, the man talking with a nurse who'd handed him a medical chart.

"Doctor, my friend. . .he. . .he wants to see you."
The doctor's eyes met Josh's blue pools, the man looking confused, nodding.

Everyone stared at Josh, seeing soft tears now beginning to show in his eyes.

"What. . .is something wrong with my son?" Vivian said, Josh's arm going around her, a soft reassuring smile coming onto his face.

"Please, doctor. He needs to see you." Josh said, staring again at the doctor.

The doctor sighed, then nodded, walking towards the hospital room, Josh following him, his arm still around Vivian, everyone else following as well.

They all walked back into the room, the doctor stopping in shock at the sight before him.

Everyone behind him stopped as well, their eyes widening in surprise.

Lucas sat up on the bed's edge, his face showing a wide calm smile.

Everyone stared at the bed, seeing that it looked soaking wet, a hospital gown laying on the floor beside the bed.

Everyone's eyes took in the vision of muscular beauty seated on the bed, Lucas' naked chest on full display, his center covered in the bed's sheet that was wrapped around him.

Lucas smiled at everyone, the doctor's eyes staring at his smooth, muscular chest.

"Your. . .your wound. . .it's. . .it's gone!" he stuttered, everyone now zoning in on Lucas's smooth, blemish-free torso.

The red stone hung from his neck, its hue now almost matching Lucas' violet eyes.

Lucas smiled, the young man standing up, his body healed and fully erect, his stance one of health and strength.

"I am feeling one hundred percent better, doctor. I'd like to be discharged immediately."

Everyone stared in shock at Lucas, his violet eyes meeting Justin's surprised blue.

"I'd like to return to New York, Justin. I have to walk my path of music. Then I have to walk the path of destiny."

Lucas smiled at Josh, his blue eyes filled with tears of love.

"Can someone find me some clothes? I can't walk out of here naked!"

Josh smiled, taking in the vision of beauty before him, his heart filling with love.





End of Chapter 16


And so our Lucas has been healed.

The waters of his dream seem to have healed his wounds.


But many questions remain.


Who is the man in that dream?

What is his connection to Emerson, other than their sharing green eyes?

He said he was a composite of Lucas' needs.

And Lucas saw Josh, Justin and Lance's images in that handsome face.

What does that mean?


What is Grayson and Vivian withholding from Lucas?

They seem to know more than they're revealing.

Will Lucas draw the truth out of them?


I hope I have intrigued you.

Let's see if I can divulge the answers to those questions.

I'm hoping to surprise you and make you happy.



Hugs, Angel.




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