Yesterday's End-160


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 160


The dining room was silent, everyone staring at Lucas in shock.

“That’s impossible, Lucas!” Savannah said, Lucas’ violet pools looking at his mother.

“No mother. Nothing about our lives is impossible. We are a family of magic. And with that magic comes some unbelievable truths.” Lucas said, his violet pools meeting his great-grandfather’s green pools.

“You only have to look at my Grandfather Joshua, Grayson and my loving grandfather.  They are long of life, and deep of love and magic.” Lucas said, Joshua walking up to the young man.

“What you speak of is unbelievable, Lucas. I will not believe it. My wife and Almira were two different entities. They were no more alike than you are to your Josh.” the man said, his green pools filled with clouded awe.

Lucas’ hand went to the older man’s shoulder, their eyes locked on each other.

“My Joshua and I are alike in our love for one another, Grandfather Joshua. As your wife and lover were as well. They both loved you. She loved you.  Through two lifetimes. That of Carlotta, sixty years of wedded happiness and love, and that of Almira, a brief moment of intense love. Both lives created a great love. Your two sons Emerson and Grayson. And both have your and their love etched in their souls.”

Joshua’s eyes showed a soft glistening, staring at his grandson.

“I loved both equally, Lucas. What you say, it. . .it’s so. . .” he said, Lucas hugging him to him, his eyes meeting his grandfather’s and Grayson’s.

“It’s life, Grandfather. The magic lives of all of us. And it is a love that’s moving. As it has moved through all the generations of our family’s soul.”

The two men broke their embrace, Joshua staring at him.

“My wife. . .my loves. . .were of that ancient a magic?” he said, wiping his eyes.

Lucas nodded his head, looking around at everyone.

He raised his hand, Joshua staring at the ring laying on his finger.

“I reasoned out the reality of that ancient magic in love within the journal, but also within this ring.” he said, Joshua staring at him.

“Where did that ring come from?” he said, Lucas sighing again.

“That is a truth for another time, Grandfather. It is a truth I have finally reasoned out. And it is a truth that I must hold within my soul. For I have to let them come on their own.”
Josh stood up, walking to his man, his arm going around him.

“Let who come, Lucas?” he said, Lucas smiling at his man, feeling his protective love.

“They of the path, my love. Those lost in the shadows, ever watching and hoping.” he said, Joshua staring at his great-grandson.

“You are of mystery, Lucas. You hold much to yourself. I need to know everything.” he said, Lucas staring at him, seeing the determination in his green pools.

Lucas’ hand went forward, resting on the man’s chest, over his heart.

“You are of courage, love and magic, Grandfather. And I am of more.” Lucas said, his violet pools instantly changing to green, their centers glowing.

Joshua’s own eyes softly glowed, the man suddenly trembling going to one knee, his sons moving with speed, surrounding him, Lucas stepping back, his hand leaving his great-grandfather’s chest.

The man struggled to his feet, his eyes covered in tears, staring at Lucas’ now returned violet pools, his sons on both side of him, both showing concerned faces.

“Lucas . . .you. . .what I felt!” he softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

“You felt the love, Grandfather. I trust you remember it well?”

The man’s head nodded, staring at him.

“How . . .?”

Lucas’ hand went to his face, rubbing his handsome cheek.

“She is within me, Grandfather. They are both within me. Within the magic of their love and of the greater truth. I love them as I love you.”
Joshua nodded, the man standing erect, his sons staring at him.

“I love you as I love them, my grandson.” the man said, a soft smile crossing his face, everyone seeing the greater beauty of his handsome face.

“What’s going on, Father?” Emerson said, his green pools meeting his father’s green pools, Joshua’s eyes meeting Lucas’ again.

“Your grandson and mine has calmed my soul, Em. He gave me a great gift.” Joshua said, Lucas smiling at him.

“I gave you love, Grandfather. And I give you hope.”
The man smiled, nodding.

His eyes went around the room, everyone staring at him.

“I feel the greater love now, Lucas. I will abide by your request. I feel the greatness of what you’ve given me. Thank you.” he said, Lucas smiling.

“Forward on the voyage, Grandfather. I shall reunite all of them.” he said, the man smiling more.

“I will seek out what you request, Lucas. My life is now given over to the truth. And I will see all of them, my heart soaring that day.”
Lucas smiled, his great-grandfather’s green pools meeting Emerson’s green then Grayson’s blue, then Tristan’s green pools of staring love.

“Bask in the love of his soul, my sons and grandson. It has healed mine.”

The three stared at him, Joshua’s eyes going to Arlo’s, the caretaker rising from his seat.

“We have a trek ahead of us, Arlo. The day dawns on hope.”

The two men instantly vanished.

Everyone looked around the room, their eyes all drawn back to Lucas.

His violet pools were on his grandfather and great-uncle.

“What was Father talking of, Lucas?” Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

“My magical love has given him hope, Uncle Gray.”
“Hope for what, Lucas?” Emerson said, Lucas staring at him.

“Hope for a new path of love and magic, Grandfather.”

Lucas felt Josh’s arms pulling him closer, the man’s eyes meeting his blue.

“You’re confusing the hell out of us, my love.” he said, Lucas smiling.

“Pages of truth shed new lights in dark corners, Josh. I am the light to make the new path radiate in the sunshine of life.”

Savannah moved, her mother following her, the two walking up to Lucas.

“I know you have many questions, Mom and Grandmother Francesca.” Lucas said, Francesca’s now revealed face staring at him.

“What you said Lucas is unbelievable!” Savannah said.

“It is unbelievable Mom, but it is also true.” he said, Francesca staring at him.

“I know all the history of my family’s lineage, Lucas. What you said of Priscilla Carlisle cannot be true.” Francesca said, staring at her grandson.

“It is true, Grandmother. For I know why.” Lucas said, his hands joining together, his fingers rubbing the golden ring on his hand.

“Why, Lucas?” she said, her daughter looking at her, then Lucas, Vivian’s eyes on all three of them as well.

Lucas sighed again, looking around at everyone.

“You have told me the story of her importance in the Carlisle family’s heritage. Of her being the first Lady of the Light of the Carlisle Brotherhood.”

Lady of the Light, Lucas?” Lewis said, Lucas looking at the reverend.

“Yes, Lewis. A position of magic and strength within the Brotherhood. A leader among all of them, a courageous soul of unending love and determination. Priscilla was the first of them. And that position she took with total truth. And she found the reasoning of what she was destined for.”

“You seem deeply involved in the truth, Lucas. Could you share that truth with all of us?” Emerson said, Lucas smiling at his grandfather.

“Yes, Grandfather. I hold no secrets within my love for my families.”
Everyone smiled, Lucas looking around the dining room.

“How about we venture into the Receiving Room and relax? I have some truths to say.” Lucas said, everyone nodding, rising from their seats.

“We’ll clean up the dishes first, Lucas.” Momma Mavis said, Lucas smiling at her.

“Thank you, Momma Mavis. I do need some time to do something. I shall return.” Lucas said, kissing Josh on the lips.

“Lucas. . .” he began to say, Lucas putting his finger to his mouth.

“I am wrapped in your love, all of your love. See you shortly.” the young man said, smiling at his soulmate.

Lucas walked out of the room, everyone’s gaze following his departure.

Emerson’s eyes met his brother’s, Grayson’s on Josh’s.

“Your man is unbelievable in his love and giving soul, Josh. He draws truth out of all of us.”

Josh stared at him, the man feeling Justin’s and Lance’s arms going around him.

“I don’t know what’s going on here, Grayson. But I do know that I will not let any of you hurt him. Regardless if you are of magic or family.” Josh said, Emerson’s hand going to Josh’s shoulder, staring at the three men.

“We all love him, Josh. To hurt him would be to hurt all of our souls.”

Josh nodded, Emerson seeing a tear in his eye.

“I love him, Emerson. I only want him to be safe.”

“That is our goal as well, son.” Tristan said, the man walking up to Josh, the man moving forward, Tristan’s arms going around him

Savannah stared at her husband, seeing his love for Lucas and Josh in his green pools.

“Let’s go to the Receiving Room. I hunger for my son’s truth.” he said, the man guiding Josh out of the room, Justin and Lance following.

Savannah’s violet pools met her mother’s, Francesca looking towards Harry, the young man walking out of the room with Alain.


A half hour later everyone was relaxing around the Receiving Room, the atmosphere quiet and calm.

Lucas hadn’t returned yet, everyone anxiously waiting for him.

Their minds had gone over the morning’s revelations, no real consensus developing as to what Lucas had said.

They had been surprised by Joshua Belmont’s sudden calmness.

It was as if Lucas’ touch had calmed his soul with a great truth, the glowing of his eyes belaying a sign of magic flowing between the two.

Josh sat on a couch with Justin and Lance, Tristan and Savannah seated beside them as well, Tristan’s arm around Josh.

Justin’s eyes met Lance’s, both seeing the older man’s love for Josh now.

The door of room was wide open, everyone waiting.

The kids were playing on the floor in front of Christmas tree, Rosa Sharon and Stephen playing a game on the iPad again.

Jonathan and Colton were sitting with them, the two wrapped in each other’s arms.

Colton’s blue eyes had gone towards the doorway, his mind on his friend’s return.

“Do you sense anything, Colton?” Josh said, Colton looking towards him.

“I sense his love and magic, Josh. But it seems like. . .”

“Seems like what, Colt?” Finn said, Colton looking around the room.

“It seems like he’s far away. Really far away.” he said, his uncle and Harry trading looks.

“This all seems surreal, Harry. The ancestor of our Brotherhood still alive?” Gideon said, Harry looking at him, then at Savannah and Francesca, Lucas’ grandmother seated on a couch with Emerson, Gabriel and Grayson.

“It does, Gideon. But if Lucas says it’s true, I will believe him. It’s unbelievable, but I will believe.” Harry said, everyone looking at him.

“My heart feels your devoted love, Harry.”

All eyes went to the room’s open doorway, Lucas standing there.

Josh was beginning to rise up, his eyes wide with wonder.

Lucas’ raised hand and motion stopped Josh.

“Remain seated in my father’s love, Josh.” he smiled, everyone staring at him.

The man’s muscular physique seemed to be radiating a glowing shine, the man enveloped in a soft glow.

His eyes were again green, the ring on his finger practically glowing.

He walked into the room, the glow instantly disappearing.

Rosa Sharon looked up at him, her eyes meeting his.

Her face changed into a wide smile, Colton’s showing the same look at almost the same instant.

“Love you, Dad.” Rosa Sharon and Colton both said, the young man smiling.

“Love you both.” he said, Lucas continuing his walk, walking up to the fireplace, staring at the painting above it.

“The day beams with sunshine. I think we’ll venture out after lunch into its snowy happiness. And then other things shall hold our time.” he smiled, the kids smiling.

“Great, Bro!” Stephen said, Randall smiling at his son, his blue eyes meeting Lucas’ green.

“You said you had some truths to say, Lucas.” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

“Yes, Randall. I’m sure all of you were surprised by my revelations and my Grandfather Joshua.”

“His story was amazing, Luke. So wrapping in this country’s past.” Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

“Yes, Finny. He walked through history, as my own Grandfather has.” Lucas said, smiling at his grandfather.

“We walked our lives, Lucas. I heard the story many times. Well. . .most of it. He told Grayson and me both of his love for Almira and of my mother.” Emerson said, Lucas nodding.

“His heart is large, Grandfather. All Belmont hearts are large of love, courage and life.”

Tristan smiled at his son, Grayson and Emerson smiling as well.

“You are a Belmont as well, Uncle Gray. In the love Joshua and my grandfather and my father all have for you.”

The lawyer smiled, looking at Emerson and Tristan.

“My heart is theirs, Lucas. As is my love.”

Lucas smiled at the man, his eyes looking around at everyone.

“What I have reasoned out is true. Priscilla Carlisle is a being of magic. She has existed for a long time. Even longer that the path of the Brotherhood. Yes, she created it, for it was a tool of her own destiny.”

Harry rose from his seat, walking up to Lucas, their eyes locked on each other.

“This seems so unbelievable, Lucas!” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

“My life and your family’s is that, Harold.”

“I am the leader of the Brotherhood, Luke. I have learned all the history of its lineage. Priscilla Carlisle is a sacred individual revered as a saint among all of us.”

Lucas smiled, his hand going to Harry’s shoulder.

“She was a woman of courage, as all the individuals she became after were. As all before her were.”

Harry looked confused, Lucas smiling at him.

“Sit, my cousin. Let me shed some light on the path of our ancestors.”

Harry nodded, returning to Alain’s lap, the two seated in a wing chair near the fireplace.

Lucas’ eyes went around the room, the man’s head moving upwards, everyone staring at him, seeing his searching the heavens.

His hand moved, the door of the Receiving Room quietly closing.

His eyes glowed for a moment, their green intensity diminishing.

He smiled, looking around at everyone.

“You are all focusing on the one lady of the path of destiny. She is only one of that long path. The name Priscilla Carlisle I have shown twice as the same lady. The founder of the Brotherhood over a thousand years ago, and the wife of Archer Belmont, Emmanuel’s own father, my grandfather’s great-grandfather, so many years later.”

Emerson stared at his grandson, Lucas smiling at him.

“Grandfather always talked of him and his wife as the foundation of his soul, Lucas. He loved both with deep affection.” Emerson said, Lucas nodding.

“Yes, Grandfather. All the Belmont men loved their mothers with total love. You felt the same love your great-grandfather felt.”

“I am still trying to reason out that in my mind, Lucas. That my mother, and Grayson’s mother, and my great-grandfather’s mother were one and the same person. It seems so unbelievable.”

“It is believable in the love that shone, Grandfather. It is just as great a love that has shone through the Belmont soul.” Lucas said, Emerson looking at him.

“I have gone through all the lineage, Grandfather. From Alsarius down to my own father’s self. And through the ten generations that being of love has walked back on to the path four times.”

Josh stared at his soulmate.

“You’re saying this being, this Priscilla, has been four of the mothers of your family’s sons?” he said, Lucas nodding.

“Yes, Josh. Four soulmates of my ancestors. Carlotta Cummings, Joshua’s first wife. Priscilla Carlisle, Archer Belmont’s wife. Ricardo Fellini, Thameus Belmonius’’ soulmate. And finally Xavier Cardona, Tomarus Belgras’ soulmate.”

“Alsarius’ son was gay?” Tristan said, Lucas nodding at his father.

“Yes, Father. Alsarius and his son were both gay. As was Thameus Belmonius, Tomarus’ grandson. As I am. All unions of our forefathers were entrenched in love.” Lucas said, his green pools going to Josh’s blue, the two seeing their love.

Tristan nodded, his eyes on his son as well.

“They were the four of the being’s rejuvenation. And Almira Carlisle was something else.”

“She was the being as well. My mother was of total magic.” Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

“Your mother and Emerson’s was a being of magic, yes. But also of love. As were the three before her. As was the original being.”

“Who was that original being, Lucas? You said--or Arlo said--that the tomb of Almira was empty. Is this being really still out there? Still alive?” Tristan said, Lucas looking at his father.

“I haven’t quite reasoned out who it was originally. But the being still exists, Father. Its soul still moves upon our path. Where it is at the moment, I know not. But I do sense who it now is.”
“Who is it, Luke?” Alain said, Lucas looking around seeing everyone staring at him with awed wonder, all on the edge of their seats.

“It’s the Watcher.”

All eyes moved, Rosa Sharon standing in front of the Christmas tree, Colton staring up at his sister.

The girl moved, walking towards Lucas, the young man lowering to his knees, Rosa Sharon smiling, climbing into his lap, their eyes meeting.
“Correct, little one. The Watcher is the being of my family’s heritage.” Lucas said, rising up to his feet, Rosa Sharon in his arms.

“I felt its love, Lucas. It is so loving.” she said, Lucas smiling.

“Yes, I’ve felt it too, Rosy.”

The little girl smiled, kissing Lucas’ cheek, Lucas setting her down again, the girl walking over to Colton, climbing into his lap, his arms going around her.

“As Rosa Sharon reasoned out, the being and the Watcher are one and the same.” Lucas said, Finn staring at him.

“So you’re saying this being of magic walked through your Belmont family’s past, as Carlisles and as others, its last ending turning it into a being now walking in the shadows watching you.” he said, Lucas nodding.

“Yes, Finn. Almira Carlisle’s essence died, as mere mortals do in this life, her spiritual being reaffirming itself as its original form. A spirit of magic and love. It can move between any realms, any space of time. It now resides here, lost in the shadows, doing what it must to continue the path. Only this time it has something deeper within its soul.”

Grayson stood up, Lucas staring at him.

“I am. . .I am a child of total magic?” he said, Emerson looking up at his brother with love.

“You were a child created of love, Uncle Gray. Half your soul was pure magic, the other half love and magic. Your soul is real, you are real. You have a soul enriched with magic and love.”

Grayson walked up to Lucas, staring at him.

“Why did my father seem so calmed at the end before he left, Lucas? What did you do to him?” he said, Lucas’ hand going to the man’s shoulder.

“I showed him the truth, Uncle Gray. The truth of what he’s long searched for.”
“What is that, Lucas?” Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

“The love, Gray. The love he’d lost in his heart. He’d been deceived into believing he’d lost his soul. He always had his soul. It was a soul of unending love. It shines in both his sons’ eyes. He only had to look there today to see it. To see the truth of what she gave him. Two visions of her love and his. Two of his heart and soul. He left today with that truth. He now walks a greater path. He has offered to find what I asked him to find to fill his heart again with that love. “

Grayson stared at him in wonder.

“He’s. . .he’s gone in search of her, hasn’t he? Of what he’s lost?”

Lucas smiled, looking upwards again.

“He never lost anything, Gray. He had her love in both of you. He now has that in his heart again. He now walks after the magic. And he searches for something else. Something that will unlock everything. When he finds the being, he will show it his heart. And hopefully the being will give him what I need.”

Josh rose, walking up to his soulmate, their arms going around each other.

“What do you need, Lucas?”

“I need the answer, my love. The answer to all of this. And when I have that, the truth can be shown. And the path will end. And another will begin. Our eternal path of love.”

Josh smiled, seeing the calmness and love in his soulmate’s now violet eyes again.

“Your eyes are back to their beautiful realness, my love.”

“They are the eyes of love, Joshua. All of my family have seen them.”

Tristan’s eyes went to Savannah’s, Emerson’s going to Francesca’s.

Lucas’ eyes met Gabriel’s, the judge staring at him.

“You yourself can draw the realness of his love out, Gabriel.”

Gabriel rose, walking up to Grayson, their eyes meeting.

They stared into each other’s blue pools, Grayson seeing so much love in Gabriel’s blue pools.

“I love you, Gray. Now and forever. I have always seen the violet love shining in your eyes. It is mine alone.”

Their lips met, everyone watching them.

The two parted, everyone watching Grayson’s eyes open, their centers now a vibrant violet.

“His eyes are violet!” Finn said, Grayson blushing, Gabriel kissing his lips softly again.

“The violet hue of the Carlisle love. The violet hue of true love.”

Josh’s blue pools looked into Lucas’ violet pools.

“Your eyes have always been violet, my love.” he said, Lucas smiling.

“Because I have always been loved, my Joshua. At the end of this their violet shine will overwhelm you. For then I’ll have total love. The love of all of you.” he said, his eyes meeting Justin’s blue and Lance’s green.

Everyone smiled at the young man, his violet eyes going around the room.

“That is the story of the realness of the magic that has flown through my family’s bloodline. On both sides of it. Carlisle and Belmont. Love and Magic. It still continues with those before us. My father and my mother, Grandfather and Grandmother Isadora Francesca, Grayson and Gabriel, Joshua Belmont and his two soulmates. And myself and my own trinity of love. We are of magic and we are of love. The path continues to its end. Love and magic will flow from all corners.”

Everyone smiled, Finn rising from his seat, walking up to his friend.

His hand went to his shoulder, the two staring at each other with friendship and love.

“Your families amaze all of us, Luke. And I know your loving heart is the center of all of it.”

Finn leaned forward, kissing Lucas on the lips, the two friends kissing each other, Finn backing up.

“Don’t start anything if you’re not going to finish it. That tongue is so long. Have I got a center for you.”

Finn laughed, everyone smiling at the two men.

Lucas’ humor had disintegrated the drama in the room.

“You wish, perv! I know who owns that center!”

Lucas laughed heartily, everyone smiling at him.

He smiled, Josh’s lips kissing Lucas now.

The two parted, Josh smiling at his man.

“I want to play in the center of your love.”
Finn laughed, grinning.

“It might be crowded up there. Timberlake looks like he wants to play there too.”

Lucas laughed, smiling at his man, Josh blushing, Justin blushing as well, he and Lance having risen from their seats.

“Always room for you as well, Finny. I know you won’t take up much room.” Lucas smiled, Josh and Justin now laughing, Finn blushing.

“No thanks, Lukey. Sky’s got what I need. And it’s beautiful.”

Skyler smiled, seated on a couch with the two infants, her mother and Finn’s beside her.

Lucas smiled, his hand going in Josh’s.

“Let relax and await lunch, everyone. Then its snow fun again. Then we have some alterations to do with our wedding clothes. I have everything ready.” Lucas smiled, everyone smiling.

“Weddings in the sunshine. Love and magic are going to flow brightly.” Mavis said, Lucas smiling at her.

“And motherly love will outshine it all.”

All the mothers smiled, Lucas kissing Josh’s chin.

“Let’s go change, my loves.” he said, Justin and Lance smiling, all four heading towards the doorway, the door opening by itself.

“Change them into something halfway decent, Lukey!” Finn yelled, the man now holding his son in his arms, seated beside his fiancée.

“Three hairy Delaney orangutans coming up.” Lucas said, not looking back, everyone laughing.

Finn blushed again, Lucas surrounded by laughter, he and his soulmates leaving the room.


Josh gasped, feeling the hardness sunken deep within him.

“Oh, Lucky!” he moaned, the man feeling his soulmate’s desires.

He felt two lips on his cheek, the man turning his head to his right, two lips meeting his, Josh feeling Justin’s desires as well, their wetness on his lips.

Josh and Justin were both naked, lying face downwards on their large bed in their bedroom, their men behind them, possessing them.

Lucas leaned over, his lips meeting Lance’s, the two continuing to thrust deep within their lover’s ass.

They broke their kiss, Lucas’ lips going to Lance’s left nipple, sucking it gently.

“Oh God, Luke. Don’t stop!” Lance moaned, his hand rubbing his Justin’s naked back.

The four had returned to their bedroom, Lucas closing the door behind them, leaning against it, staring at the three before him.

“Your family, Lucas. The love. . .the magic. . .the love you show.” Justin softly said, Lucas smiling at him, meeting two sets of blue and one of green.

“All paths flow through me, Justin. I am love and I am loved. They will all see the truth. But none of them will feel my total love. That is for you three alone.”

The three teared up, moving forward, Lucas raising his hand.

“I need all of you. Get out of those clothes or I’ll rip them off all of you.”

The three smiled, Lucas watching as the three removed their clothing in moments, taking in their visions of love.

Justin was in the middle, his center the hardest, standing straight out.

Lance’s shaft was leaning downwards, its largeness succumbing to gravity.

Josh’s shaft was hard, its upward curve showing.

“I need your heat, my love. Justin’s heat needs the monster.” Lucas said, his clothes leaving his body in moments.

Here is was ten minutes later, Justin and Josh feeling the total possession of their men.

Lucas and Lance had tasted the total love of both, their men licking every inch of their bodies, here now the two possessing them totally.

Lucas raised his head, his lips leaving Lance’s nipple, their lips meeting again, both continuing to thrust.

Lucas’ lips broke the kiss, licking Lance’s chin.

Josh and Justin both moaned, their tongues duelling below them.

Lucas moved, pulling out of Josh, the young man moving Lance back as well, his large erection flopping out of Justin’s ass.

“Awe, babe! Don’t stop!” Justin moaned, breaking his kiss with Josh, Josh moaning as well, feeling the loss within him.

Lance and Lucas broke their kiss, Lance feeling Lucas’ hand wrap around his erection, stroking it.

Lance opened his eyes upon breaking the kiss, staring into two violet pools, those pools changing to green.

“Our HD’s on fire, Lancy. Want to trade?’

Lance smiled, nodding, the man moving, Lucas moving as well.
Their eyes met again, Lucas smiling and looking down at the two men naked on the bed, their asses hung over the edge.

Lucas smiled, going to his knees, the man’s tongue devouring Justin’s ass.

Justin gasped, his moans increasing.

“Oh God, Lance! That’s going so deep! Oh God, don’t stop!”

Lance smiled, realizing Justin didn’t know it was not him, going to his knees as well.

He smiled, staring at Josh’s smooth butt in front of him, a soft ring of hair around his rosebud, its center pulsating.

He moved forward, his tongue devouring its surrounding moisture.

“Oh God! That’s. . .that’s not you Lucky! Lance?” Josh said, his head raising, Justin’s raising as well, both looking back, staring and gasping at the same time.

Justin and Josh’s eyes met, Justin smiling at his friend.

“He’s amazing, Josh. And your. . .oh God. . .your Lucky’s. . .oh God!” Justin moaned, feeling Lucas’ fingers entering him, his tongue now licking his balls.

Josh moaned as well, his head going down again.

“Don’t stop, Lance! God you’re amazing!” Josh said, the man feeling the magic of Lance’s talented tongue.

Lucas rose from his kneeling position, his fingers deep within Justin’s ass.

He tapped Lance’s shoulder, the man’s face coming off Josh’s smooth center, looking up at him.

“Rise and enter the magic of my Josh’s total beauty, Lance. Let’s love them as we love our soulmate.” Lucas smiled, the man’s hands moving, his fingers coming out of Justin, moving the man’s body, flipping him over, Lucas climbing on top of Justin.

Justin’s eyes opened, two lips meeting his.

Lance had moved Josh around as well, Josh staring into two green pools of love.

That face wore a large smile, Lance’s body on top of him now.

“Lucky says we can play, Daddy.”

Josh laughed, hearing Justin gasp beside him, his eyes moving, watching Lucas go up and down on Justin’s large shaft, its length buried in Lucas’ mouth.

He stared into two green pools, Lucas eyes filled with magical love.

He knew the sensation of that magical love and the feeling flowing through Justin.

His own mind gasped, feeling his shaft engulfed by Lance, its sensation different but no less filled with love.

He moaned as well, the man feeling fingers stroking his center, his needs overcoming him.

“Take me, Lance! I need you so much!” Josh moaned, the same words spoken by Justin beside him about Lucas.

Both men felt their lover move, a heated hardness sinking into them.

And all four became lost in the love following through them and around them.

Josh and Justin both opened their eyes, staring into the green pools above them.

They felt their lover’s possession, their hardness now a part of them.

“Don’t stop, Lucas!” Justin moaned, Lucas’ lips going to his chin, licking it, then moving, his tongue licking the moisture from Justin’s armpit.

Justin gasped, Lance doing the same to Josh, the man finding Josh’s armpit delicious and tasty like Justin’s.

The two men raised their heads, leaning over and kissing each other, tongues duelling, Josh and Justin staring up at them.

Lucas broke the kiss, his lips moving over Lance’s sweaty chest again, licking its moisture, Lance continuing to thrust into Josh, the man staring up at him with moaning love.

Lucas moved back to Justin, kissing his lips deeply, Justin lost in the love flowing into him from them and from the hardness embedded in him.

Lucas broke the kiss, moving to his Josh, continuing his rhythm with Justin as his lips met Josh’s, the man feeling his total love.

Lucas broke that kiss, licking Josh’s lips and chin, moving back, all three men seeing his green pools glow violet, then green, then a soft blue.

“Your eyes! They are flashing violet and green and then blue, my love. Ooh!” Josh gasped, as Lance continued to own him.

“I need. . .I need more, my loves.” Lucas moaned, Justin feeling his thrusting love.

“Anything, Lucas!” Justin moaned, Lucas smiling as he felt Lance’s lips on his ear.

“I as well, our young stallion.” he said into his ear, the other two hearing him.

Lucas smiled, stopping his thrusting, pulling slowly out of Justin.

Justin’s face showed a deep loss and need, Lucas leaning down and kissing his lips.

“Hold that need, HD.” Lucas said, his eyes going to Lance’s green.

“Josh possessed your needs, Lance. I need you as well.” he said, Lance smiling.

“I’m yours, Lucas. I’m all yours, my three of love.”

“Release my man’s love, my Lance.”

Lance smiled, moving back, his large shaft pulling out of Josh’s needful ass.

Josh’s face showed the same look Justin’s had, Lucas smiling.

“I love you, my love. I’m coming back.” Lucas said, the man moving, Josh feeling Lucas’ center fill him again, the man moaning.

Lance returned to Justin, the man smiling widely.

“Hang on, our visions of love.” Lucas said, the two looking at him.

Lucas’ eyes returned to Josh’s blue pools, Josh now seeing their regular violet.

“I love you, Joshua. I feel your connection with me. Your love is mine.” he said, Josh tearing up.

“I need more, my love. We both do.” he said, his eyes turning to Justin.

“I love you, Justin. I need the connection of your love. And I need yours as well, Lance. I love you also.”

Justin and Lance looked at each other, seeing the need in Lucas’ violet pools.

“I need both of you, together.”

The two looked surprised, Lucas smiling.

“I want you inside me, Justin. And your Lance shall own you. And I will feel the connection of all of us.”

Justin smiled widely, moving off the bed, Lucas feeling his body behind him.

“Daisy chain here we come!” Justin grinned, Lance laughing.

His hand went to Lucas’ shoulder, their eyes meeting.

“Prepare for all our love, Lucky.”
Lucas smiled, the man gasping, feeling Justin enter him slowly, his arms wrapping around his waist, Josh feeling Lucas’ center thrust deeply into him at the same time, he gasping as well.

Justin smiled, feeling the tightness and warmth of Lucas’ center, a warmth he now loved as much as Lance’s and Josh’s.

Then Justin felt a larger sensation, Lance’s monster entering him.

He gasped, moving forward, three feeling the added weight.

“Everyone okay?” Lance said, his love shining in his concern.

“Have at it, boys! Don’t stop!” Lucas said, everyone beginning to move in unison, a rhythm starting.

All four were lost in this new sensation, Lucas feeling something even more.

He felt his heart and soul come alive, three torrents of love flowing into him.

And then he felt his mind focus, his eyes opening.

Lucas stared down into two blue pools, the man seeing a thousand stars shining in them.

Then he and Josh and the two above them exploded as one, their love flowing, all four lost in a white light.


Justin sobbed, Josh’s body against his, his lips licking the moisture off Justin’s smooth chest, Lance on Justin’s other side.

Justin himself lay on top of Lucas, the man’s arms wrapped around him.

“Did. . .did you feel the total love, guys?” Justin said, Lucas smiling, kissing his neck.

“Yes, Jus. We all felt it, me the most.” Lucas said, Josh and Lance staring at him.

He saw the emotion in their eyes, the young man smiling at them with love.

“Our love has bonded totally now. The four of us are one.” he said, Josh leaning forward, kissing his man’s lips.

The two parted, staring into each other’s eyes.

“You always knew this would happen, didn’t you?” he said, Lucas eyes lowering.

Justin moved on top of Lucas’ young muscled body, his body turning, and three sets of eyes stared into Lucas’ violet pools.

“I felt the identical love in all three of you the moment I looked into each of your eyes that first time.” he said, all three looking surprised.

“You were the first, Justin. I felt the needful love in your soul when I looked into your eyes. And then I felt the identical emotion in your green pools, Lance. And then I felt it in your blue pools of love, my Joshua. In those pools I felt total love. I now see it in yours and Justin’s, Lance. We all now have the same love for each other. Total love.”

The three teared up, looking at each other.

“I always loved both of you.” Josh said, the two men smiling at him.

“I loved you and have been loved by you, Joshy.” Justin said, he and Josh kissing.

“And I always loved you as well. I feel a greater love for you now. It’s identical to my Justin’s.” Lance said, Josh smiling at him, the two men kissing.

The three looked at Lucas, seeing tears in his violet pools.

The young man moved, Justin moving off him, Lucas rising to his feet, the three men staring at his naked beauty.

He stared down at all three, taking in the beauty of their naked visions.

“I love all three of you, my loves. Joshua, you are my soulmate. Our love locked in our souls forever. And you and Justin are now just as loved by me, Lance. I was always destined to have your total love. It is the greatest gift I could ever wish for.” he said, the three men rising, Lucas now surrounded by their love and beauty.

“It is a gift within our souls as well, Lucas. We love each other and we love you.” Justin said, the young man tearing up.

“I need your love so much! It will. . .it will soothe my soul through all my destiny.” he said, Josh’s lips meeting his, Lucas feeling his love.

Josh’s lips were replaced by Lance’s, then Justin’s, Lucas feeling their total love.

He also felt Justin’s hand on his ass while he kissed him, the young man smiling when they broke their kiss.

“You’re so insatiable, HD. Your lips kiss my soul, your fingers reignite the passion.”

Justin smiled, Josh and Lance smiling at Lucas.

“I think he needs more loving, Lucky.” Lance said, Lucas smiling.

“He’ll have enough from all three of us. As I have.”

The four smiled, Josh staring at Lucas.

“I love you, Lucas. I love you Jus and Lance.” he said, the three smiling.

“Let’s make it wet, Joshy. You know I love your ass wet.” Justin smiled, Lucas laughing.

“Insatiable! But you’ve met your match in me.” Lucas smiled, Justin grinning.

“Bring it on, magic boy.”

Lucas smiled, his eyes changing to green.

The four laughed, heading for the bathroom.


“Ouch! Mind the pins, Lukey!” Finn said, Lucas smiling up at him.

“I’d have thought you’d be used to being pricked by now, what with those hairy legs.” Lucas smiled, Finn looking down at him, Lucas laughing.

Lucas was on his knees, adjusting the cuffs on Finn’s tuxedo pants.

All the soon-to-be grooms were in a large room off the kitchen, all of them wearing their tuxedoes.

Some had their coats off, some bare-chested, awaiting Lucas’ steady hand, the young man altering what was necessary.

“Wherever did you learn to tailor, Luke?” Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

“I’ve fended for myself since I was ten, Lance. Mom always gave us our own path in life. We learned to cook, sew, clean and do laundry. Trishy and I are both self-reliant.” he smiled, Chris grinning at him.

“You’re a regular Suzy Homemaker, Luke. I know who’s going to be the wife in your household.” he grinned, Finn laughing.

Lucas smiled, his eyes going to the closed door.

Josh, Justin, Abraham, Gabriel, Skyler, Trish and Alain were in other rooms, their soulmates unaware of what they’d be wearing for the magical moments.

Even Josh and Justin had kept that secret hidden from their lovers, Lucas having picked out Justin’s suit before they came to Vermont.

Josh had brought his own suit, Lucas having not seen it.

Lynn and Mavis were helping them with their alterations.

Joey and Chris were helping Lucas, the three men making quick work of the others’ measurements.

“You’re amazing, Luke. These suits fit us all to a tee.” Finn smiled, looking over the black tuxedo he wore, its sleekness bringing out his slim muscled form.

“Yep, all my intention. I might as well have hot sexy eye candy to look at that day. Although my Josh will do it for me that day.”

Harry laughed, the young man’s naked torso on full display, wearing only his white tuxedo pants.

“Alain loves me in white.” he smiled, looking at Lucas.

“I know, Har. Just as I know Justin loves his Lance in anything green or black.”

Lance smiled, the man wearing a black tuxedo.

“As my Abe loves me in blue. You are amazing, Lucas.” Myles said, the man wearing a navy blue tuxedo.

Lucas smiled, standing up, patting Finn’s ass.

“All done, Finny. You only needed to lose an inch. Skyler will be so heartbroken. Down to three.”

Chris and Joey laughed, Finn blushing.

“I know you meant the pant length, Schmuck.” he said, Lucas laughing.

“Yeah, sexy. I know you’re packing.”

Finn laughed, Chris smiling at the two young men, seeing their solid love for each other.

“Looking good, Finny. Skyler’s going to be floored.” Chris smiled, Finn smiling at him, the young man looking at himself in the long mirror in front of him.

“I’m the one who’s going to be floored. Her beauty will be so unbelievable that day.” he said, Lucas smiling and patting his shoulder.

“The beauty of her smile will be from the vision she sees before her. As yours will be, Finnegan.”

The man smiled, looking around the room.

“Where’s your tux, Lukey?” he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

“It’s already altered. I’m keeping it a surprise for everyone.” he smiled, Grayson smiling at him.

“Going to wow us, are ya?” Grayson smiled, Lucas smiling.

“There’s only one I want to wow that day, Uncle Gray. My Josh.”

Grayson nodded, Harry walking up to Lucas.

“I’m ready for the pins, Lucas.” he smiled, stepping up onto the chair Finn had just vacated.

Lucas smiled, looking at the young man’s slim legs, the pants almost perfect.

A knock came to the door, Joey answering it, opening it.

Adam smiled, walking into the room, the man followed by Nick.

“Ooh, male flesh!” Adam smiled, looking towards Harry, the young bodyguard smiling.

“Not yet, sexy boys. Lose the clothes.” Lucas smiled, the singers blowing him a kiss.

“Right how Joshy loves you, Luke. On your knees.” Nick smiled, Adam laughing.

“Sing me a song and I’ll bow to anyone.” Lucas smiled, the man rising to his feet, smiling at Harry, patting his center which was right in front of his face.

“Calmness, boys. You’re exciting Harry.” he smiled, Harry blushing, getting off the stool.

Adam and Nick laughed, Lucas smiling at them all.

“That’s the last one, you’re ready for the sunshine, guys.” he smiled, everyone smiling at the young man.

“Looking good, boys. It’s going to be a moving ocean ceremony.” Adam smiled, Lucas nodding.

The other guys were starting to remove their clothes, Lucas smiling at the two singers.

“I’m free to hear out your hearts, boys. Let’s talk in private” he said, Adam and Nick looking at him.

“How did you know. . .?” Adam said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

“I feel your hearts, my friends.” he smiled, the young man walking towards the door.

Adam and Nick looked at each other, the two following him out of the room.

Lance stared after the three, Harry’s hand going to the man’s shoulder.

“Lucas still spreads the love. Those two looked reflective in their gazes towards us.” he said, Lance’s eyes meeting Harry’s.

The two smiled, taking in each other’s smooth bodies.

Harry’s eyes went towards the door, their centers softly glowing a faint blue, no one seeing it.

“Lucas’ love unites us all. I think New Year’s Eve is going to be a night of deep love.” he said, Lance smiling, his heart and soul filled with his trio’s love.

“Deep indeed.” he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

Chris’ eyes were on the closed door, his thoughts his own.

He moved, walking towards the door, looking at Joey.

“I’m going to go find my Chris. I need some love as well.” he said, Joey smiling at him.

“Our talk of love has gotten Chris excited. Go find your Piney, Chris.” he said, the other men smiling at the departing men.

Chris smiled, the man walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

He leaned against the door, looking around the empty hallway.

We all have paths to follow.

I think it’s time to walk mine.

Thank you, Lucas.

I feel what I need.

And it begins with your friendship.

He smiled, walking down the hallway, going in search of his happiness.



End of Chapter 160


And so Lucas has revealed the reality of Almira Carlisle.

Of a being of immense magic and life.

That being walking through all the past of the Belmont souls.


It seems this family is steep in magic and love.

What task has Lucas requested of Joshua?

He seemed charged with a new purpose.


The weddings near, Lucas helping his friends look their best.

His love spreads always.

Adam and Nick are now with him.

What in their hearts do they need to talk to him about?


You know the drill.

Read on, let’s watch the love.


Hugs, Angel.