Yesterday's End-161


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 161


Lucas smiled, setting down his coffee cup, the man feeling Josh's arms wrapped around him.

The two were seated on a couch in front on the Receiving Room's fireplace, the two surrounded by family and friends.

Dinner was over, everyone dining together in the dining room, the meal delicious and bountiful.

Joey lay on the floor by the Christmas tree, his daughter and wife snuggled beside him.

The two Chrises were close by on another couch, Chris wrapped in his Piney's arms, the man rubbing his soulmate's stomach.

"The walruses are down. The bounty was large." Lucas smiled, Josh chuckling, Justin and Lance smiling at the two, they snuggled together as well.

Everyone else surrounded them, Mavis smiling at everyone, walking around with small desserts and more coffee, Horace carrying another tray beside her.

"Good food calms and enlivens the weariest soul." Mavis smiled, Joey raising his head, smiling at her.

"Is that carrot cake?" he said, Kelly groaning.

"You're bottomless, my love." she said, Mavis laughing, leaning down and handing the man a small plate of carrot cake.

"He brightens any cook's smile, dear. He's a lover of good food." she said, Joey smiling at her, diving into the cake.

Lucas chuckled, he and Josh passing on the cake, Justin taking a large piece, Lance taking a small pudding, Lucas smiling at them.

"Energy for later." Justin smiled, Lance kissing his man's cheek.

"He's plotting, Luke." Lance smiled, Josh smirking.

"Lucky us." Josh said, kissing his man's cheek.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools meeting Lance's green.

"And what of yourself, Lucky? You've been floating around all of us all day. Something special up again? More surprises?" Lance said, smiling at Lucas.

Everyone smiled at the young man, Lucas' violet pools meeting everyone's.

"Man, you reveal a few Christmas surprises and everyone thinks you're a magician." he smiled, Lance laughing.

"Sorry, Luke. Your love is just always so surprising."

Lucas smiled, looking around the large room, everyone smiling at him, couples joined, families joined.

"My love is in the open, Lance. I'll always show its realness." he said, kissing his man's cheek.

"We all feel it, Luke." Justin smiled, Finn smirking, the man walking into the room, Skyler at his side, the two holding their infants.

"Some of us are covered in it." Finn grinned, Justin blushing, Lance smiling.

Lucas smiled, rising to his feet, Finn and Skyler walking up to him, the young man taking Diana from Skyler, smiling down into her blue pools.

"A smile to warm our evening. Hello little one." Lucas smiled, kissing her forehead, Skyler smiling at him.

"They take so easy to you, Luke." she said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"They feel my love as well." he said, Finn smiling at his friend.

"Your love is in their soul, Lucas. Your love brought them into our love. You'll always be their hero." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend again.

"Life begins for your family, Finn. Focus on the love surrounding you, Poppa. You'll be their hero. That's all they need." Lucas smiled, Skyler and Finn staring at him.

"We love both of them, Lucas. They are now our life." Finn said, Lucas smiling, kissing both on the cheek.

"As is our music, and your own love. Life is going to be so good, my friends!"

The two smiled, everyone smiling at Lucas' touching, giving soul.

His violet pools met Lance's green again, the young man smiling.

"We've feasted all day on our love and our cooks' bountiful harvest. I think tonight we should warm our souls on some moments of love." Lucas smiled, Finn grinning at him.

"You do have a surprise!"

Lucas smiled at his friend, his eyes looking around the room.

"My heart is ever-giving, but this surprise isn't mine. Although, I'll always listen and give advice on love. Four souls asked for that advice today." Lucas said, smiling, his eyes meeting four sets of quietly staring eyes.

"Would you like to start, Adam?"

Adam's blue eyes went to Lucas' violet pools, the man seeing so much love shining in those violet pools.

Usher and Pierce looked at Adam, the man rising from his seat between them.

He walked up to the fireplace, Lucas smiling at him, the young man hugging him gently, Adam feeling his love.

The two broke their embrace, Lucas smiling and returning to his seat with his soulmates.

Everyone stared at the singer standing in front of the fireplace, his blue pools looking towards Usher and Pierce.

"Lucas' love is indeed giving and he listens with a soul of unending love. And his advice, as he told myself, was that love comes from one's own soul. Our souls are our own. We are the ones who walk our paths. Lucas' giving friendship has guided me onto a path I never knew existed. I'll always thank you for that, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No thanks are needed, Adam. That path of love comes from your own heart."

Adam smiled, looking towards Usher and Pierce.

"Would you please come up, Usher and Pierce?" he said, the two men looking at each other, rising and walking up to their Adam.

Lucas smiled, his violet pools on all three.

Adam looked around at everyone.

"You all know of the love we three have for each other. Of how Lucas' love and giving friendship guided Usher and myself to our true path. Our love for each other. Our now engaged love." Adam said, Usher smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"That love that we found in each other wasn't quite enough. We needed another to make our love a triad of beauty, emotion and romance. Lucas guided our Pierce to our door as well. He united the three of us in a moving way. In each other we three have found our happiness and love. We have found our soulmates." Adam said, Pierce smiling at him, the young doctor moving forward, kissing Adam's cheek as well.

Usher smiled at the two men, his brown eyes meeting Adam's blue.

"Usher and I are engaged. We hadn't set a date for the wedding, my love leaving it up to myself when to do it. But then we met our Pierce, our beautiful Pierce." he said, Usher smiling at the doctor as well.

Pierce smiled, looking into their eyes of love.

Everyone smiled at the three, their eyes also looking towards Lucas.

The young man was smiling, his eyes on the three.

"I talked this morning with Lucas, his soul so open and giving, in its friendship, advice and love." Adam said, looking at Usher.

Usher smiled at his soulmate, leaning in and kissing his lips this time.

"I'd like us to marry in the sunshine, Ush. Lucas has offered us a moment in those days of warm bright love. I want our marriage to shine as the sun does." Adam said, Usher tearing up, his arm going around his man.

Everyone smiled, Finn smiling at the two men.

"Two more to wed on a beach of love! Man it's getting crowded!" he smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"Love crowds all our heart. We welcome it with happiness." he said, Pierce staring at the two men.

"It will be a moving moment. Your two hearts combining as one." he said, Adam smiling at Usher, his blue pools going to two violet pools that had walked up to them, Lucas smiling at all three.

"Make that three to one." Usher said, Pierce staring at him, the young man feeling Adam's hand going to his shoulder.

He stared into Adam's blue pools, then into Usher's brown pools.

"We love you, Pierce. You are the third of our soul." Usher said, the man pulling out a box from his pocket, Pierce's eyes widening, Adam pulling him close.

"We love you, Pierce. Will you marry us? Will you bond with us in a triad of love? We need your love."

Everyone was staring at the three, seeing a moment of deep love before them.

Pierce's head lowered, the man feeling another hand now going to his shoulder.

He raised his head, staring into two violet pools.

"I feel your soul.  They need to feel its trueness."

The young man was staring at Lucas, his eyes going to Adam and Usher.

"You were not the only one who talked to Lucas today, Adam. His love is giving and loving. I told him that I'd fallen in love with both of you. I asked him if he felt a truer love between us."

The two men looked at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"I told him that I felt the greatest love. A love built on trust, respect, desire, need and emotion. His heart is as true as yours are. Another trinity of love unites."

The two men teared up, looking at Pierce.

"We love you, Pierce." Usher said, Pierce's eyes tearing.

"I know, Ush. I love you and Adam. I need the two of you in my life always. I need your love!" he said, the two men pulling him into their arms.

Everyone smiled, a few people showing tears.

Adam's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling, patting Pierce's shoulder.

"I believe they need an answer, Pierce." he said, Pierce's head raising, his tear-filled eyes looking at both men.

"Yes, my loves! I will marry you! I love you so much!" he cried, Usher and Adam embracing him again, the three crying.

Adam's lips met Pierce's, the man feeling his love.

Clapping began, everyone rising to their feet.

The three broke their embrace, Pierce wiping his eyes.

Usher raised his hand, opening the box in it.

Pierce stared at a beautiful ring, identical to the one Adam wore.

"My second soulmate of love. A ring to unite us. You and my Adam are my soulmates. And my soon-to-be husbands." Usher smiled, Adam smiling and removing the ring from the box, Pierce raising his hand, the singer slipping it onto his masculine beautiful finger.

"You and Usher are my soulmates. And my soon-to-be husbands." he smiled, Pierce staring into his blue pools of love.

"And I am yours. My husbands of love to be." he smiled, the three smiling at each other.

Adam's eyes went to Lucas' violet, the man smiling.

"You talked to all three of us, didn't you?"

Lucas smiled, looking at Usher.

"You three are so alike. You give your love so openly, you each seek so much from the other two. Usher came to me a few days before we left the West Coast for here. He told me of his love for both of you. And of his wanting to marry both of you. You and Pierce spoke to me today, each expressing the same loving soul."

"Thank you for giving us a moment in that sunshine, Lucas." Usher said, Lucas smiling at Adam.

The man's face wore a smile of deep happiness, his blue pools looking around at all the smiling faces staring at him and his soulmates.

"Lucas has offered us a ceremony apart from your moments of uniting love. The second evening we're on the island. The three of us will join in a ceremony of bonding love. We'd like all of you to be there." Adam said, Usher and Pierce staring at Lucas with surprise.

"Your loving commitment to each other well begin our week of uniting love in the sunshine. It's going to be a week of love." Lucas smiled, the man suddenly surrounded by all three men, everyone else in the room moving as well, their voices filled with love and happiness.


For ten minutes the three were congratulated; kissed, hugged and welcomed with love.

Lewis' blue pools were staring at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"Your love is unending, Lucas." he smiled, Lucas smiling at the trio of love.

"Love needs to spread, Lewis."

The man nodded, looking at the three.

"Do you need a minister of love? I would be honored." the man said, the three smiling at him.

"We were going to ask you, sir." Adam said, Lewis smiling, patting his shoulder.

"It's Lewis, Adam. We are all friends under Lucas' love."

Lucas blushed, the minister laughing.

"Ever-giving, ever bashful." he smiled, Jacques' arm going around his soulmate.

"You're going to busy, my love. A lot of couples of amour uniting under God's giving love."

The man smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"And I am the servant to do it. My heart widens with the coming love."

Lucas smiled, looking around the room.

"One down, three more to go." Lucas said, everyone looking at him, Josh kissing his man's cheek.

"When have you had time to sleep, my love? Your heart's working overtime."

Lucas laughed, everyone smiling at his happiness, his eyes sparkling with violet love.

"Return to you seats, my friends. Love continues."

Everyone smiled, Finn smiling at his friend, clapping his hands together.

"Lucas' love round two!"

Lucas laughed, walking up to the fireplace, stirring the embers behind the grate with a poker, adding a couple of logs.

He returned the poker to its stand, rubbing his hands together before the flames.

"Warm inside, warmer outside. Love moves." he said, Justin looking at him.

The man turned, all eyes on him, his face covered in a calm, loving smile.

"A moment of thrice given love. It will be a joyous start to Embrace Island's romance." he smiled, his eyes looking around.

"There are two others here who also have spoken to me of love, of need and of hope. A hope for a brighter tomorrow, of a soul in search of life. They have found that life in the second of their soul. Their own souls hold a nervousness of emotional resolve. They need a deep love. A love they only had to search their own souls for. For that love comes from that second half of their soul."

Everyone looked around the room, no one showing any emotional nervousness.

Lucas smiled, looking around the room at all the couples of upcoming matrimony.

"Two other souls would like to unite under our blanket of matrimonial bliss. Our love is giving, and generous. Let's welcome them into our happiness."

Everyone smiled, nodding their heads.

"The more the merrier, and the more the happier, Lucas." Lewis said, Lucas smiling.

"You may need roller skates before this is done, good Reverend." he smiled, everyone laughing, Lewis smiling.

"I bask in God's loving unity, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, looking around the room.

"Two hearts need to speak of love." he smiled, the young man moving, returning to his seat with Josh, Justin and Lance.

The room suddenly went quiet, two people rising from their seats, their soulmates looking up at them with surprise.

Chris stood in front of his Chris, Chris looking up at him.

Aaron stood in front of his Craig, the young man looking up at him with soft wonder and surprise.

"I love you, Chris. You are the sunshine of my life." Chris said, Piney staring up at him with wetting eyes.

"I love you, Craig. You are my life." Aaron said, the two men rising from their seats, their soulmate's hands going in theirs.

Chris smiled at Aaron, the young man smiling at him, his eyes going back to his Craig's blue.

"Please go first, Aaron." Chris smiled, his eyes looking towards Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

Aaron's blue pools were staring into Craig's blue.

"I love you, Craig. And I feel your love for me. A love that never judged me, never used me, never hurt me. Your love is my soul's need, my love. You make me feel so alive." he said, Craig's eyes filling with tears.

Nick stared up at both men, the man staring at his brother with love.

"I love you, Aaron. What. . .what is this?" Craig softly said.

"This is me, my Craig. I stand before you as myself, as your Aaron. You complete me, Craig. My life is nothing without you. I need your love so much. You've given me so much love!" Aaron said, his eyes filling with tears, the young man in front of him pulling him close.

"You've given me so much, my Aaron. I love you so much!"

Aaron's face took on a look of total love, of total happiness.

The young man went to one knee, Craig's eyes widening, everyone around them smiling.

The young man pulled something out of his jeans pocket, his hand raising, Craig's blue eyes stared at a golden ring in Aaron's slender fingers, a blue diamond in its center.

"Will you marry me, Craig? This week on that island of Lucas' giving love? Will you be the true second part of my soul? I love you." Aaron said, Craig tearfully smiling at him.

"Yes, Aaron. I will marry you. This week, today or tomorrow, or right now!  I love you." he said, Aaron on his feet in moments, their arms around each other, their lips meeting in a kiss of total love.

Everyone was clapping, cheering and wiping their eyes.

All their eyes were on the two Chrises now, the second about to have their moment.

Chris' blue eyes were on Piney's icy blue irises, the man moving forward, their lips meeting.

Lucas smiled, the young man rising from his seat, everyone else rising.

The two men parted, staring at each other.

"You don't have to give a long speech, my love. I see the brighter love in your eyes. I'm game for a wedding as well. I have to make you mine." Chris Pine smiled, Chris staring at him, his eyes then going to Lucas' violet pools.

"My love is ever-giving. A lot of souls came to me today." he smiled, Chris' eyes going back to his man's blue pools.

"I. . .I wanted to voice my love for you, my Piney." he said, tears showing in his blue pools, Piney wrapping his arms around him.

"You voice it every day in your eyes, my love. And every night in your beauty, your desires and passion. I love you, my Chris." he said, Chris tearing up.

"I had. . .I had a speech and everything." he said, lowering his eyes.

Chris Pine kissed his soulmate's forehead, Lucas smiling at the two men.

"I love you, Chris."

Chris smiled, raising his head, the man pulling out a box out of his suit jacket pocket, his Chris smiling at him.

The man began to lower himself, Chris feeling a hand going to his shoulder, stopping him.

"You shouldn't, Chris. Our walrus may not get back up."

Joey burst into laughter, Chris staring into Lucas' violet pools, the man smiling at him.

Chris smiled, then laughed.

"True, Luke." he smiled, his eyes staring at his soulmate.

"I've always stood on my own two feet. And now I stand with you, my love. You are my second soul, as Lucas said. I love you, Chris. Will you marry me? Will you love your old walrus?"

Piney smiled, pulling his man into his arms.

"I'll stand by you, I'll love you and I'll always need my second soul. Yes, my love. I'll marry you. I happen to love walruses." he smiled, Chris tearing up, their lips meeting.

Everyone cheered again, the two couples surrounded by everyone, their love showing for all four men.


Chris hugged Lucas tightly, the young man gasping.

"Let me catch my breath, Chris! Help! Walrus attack!!" Lucas yelled with a large grin, Joey laughing, Finn joining him, Alain doubling over with laughter.

Chris broke his embrace, his lips meeting Lucas', the young man surprised.

"There! You kissed a walrus. Now you're a walrus groupie!" Chris smiled widely, Lucas smiling at him with a look of soft awed wonder.

"You need a shave, and a mint."
Chris laughed, smiling at the young man, then hugging him gently this time, whispering in his ear.

"Thank you, Lucas. For letting me see my heart's need."
The young man smiled, the two breaking their hug, Lucas pulled into another by Chris Pine.

He smiled, feeling the handsome man's warmth and friendship.

He whispered as well.

"Thank you, Lucas. For guiding his heart to what we both need." he said, the young man smiling.

After he broke his embrace, Lucas was hugged by Aaron and Craig, both young men kissing his lips.

"Thank you for everything, Lucas." Aaron said, Lucas smiling at him, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Your life begins anew with true love, with true happiness. The past is gone. The future holds its own happiness." he said, Aaron tearing up, Craig's arm going around his soulmate.

"Two more couples shall join us on New Year's Eve to marry under a sunset of total love. A short four days away."  he said, the two Chrises and Aaron and Craig smiling.

"That makes nine couples, Luke. And the trio of love the night before." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I may have to shorten my sermons." Lewis smiled, everyone smiling at the couples.

Aaron and Chris had both asked the reverend to officiate after he'd congratulated them, Jacques smiling at his man's happiness.

"We have the afternoon and evening to listen to your words of God's love, Lewis. And the sunshine shall shine on all our faces of love."

Someone smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling.

"You are unbelievable, my love." Josh said, kissing his man's lips again, Lucas feeling his man's emotional love.

"I'm going to unite even more people, if it makes you needful, my love." he smiled, Justin laughing, Lance joining him, Josh blushing.

Others laughed, Finn grinning.

"Marriage proposals make the man hot!" he laughed, Josh blushing more, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"The man can't get any hotter, Finny. He's beyond beautiful." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling widely, his embarrassment evaporating.

"So is that it, Luke?" Finn said, the young man seeing a look of needful longing in his blue eyes.

"Speaking of people who get all hot and bothered." Lucas smiled, Finn blushing, Josh laughing now.

"Oh man! Busted!" he grinned, Finn blushing more, his Skyler kissing his cheek.

Finn smiled, looking at Josh.

"Okay, I love the romance as well!" he said, Josh smiling, leaning over and kissing his cheek.

"We all love Lucky's love."

Everyone smiled, Finn's blue pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"Okay, I did say there were four moments of love coming. We've seen three. Adam's triad of love, Aaron's and Chris' moments of love." he smiled, everyone smiling, returning to their seats.

"What a way to work off that big dinner, Luke. We're getting lots of exercise rising up and down to the love." Joey smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love, life's trampoline."

Joey laughed, returning to his family.

Lucas smiled, looking around the room again.

"There is only one more moment of love left. You have the floor, my friend." Lucas said, the young man leaning against the stone fireplace.

Someone rose from their seat, three others looking at him.

Aaron looked at his brother, Nick rising from his seat beside Gideon and Gio, the two looking at him with confusion as well.

The man walked up to the fireplace, Lucas smiling at him.

Their eyes met, Nick smiling back.

He turned, looking around the room, folding his hands in front of him.

"Some of you have known me for quite a while, in very close personal ways." he said, Justin and Usher looking at the man, Adam's eyes on him as well.

"My life for many years was a constant barrage of intimate moments. Of conquests and not-so-glowing moments." he said, Aaron's eyes on his brother, their blueness shining with total love.

"Our dear friend standing beside me here gave me a second chance at life. He showed me what that life almost cost me. My brother's love. Tonight, standing here before all our friends, Aaron, I'd like to ask your forgiveness. For not seeing what Zac had done to you, for not stopping him." Nick said, staring at his brother, Aaron rising from his seat, walking up to him, his arm going around him.

"We have already talked this through, Nick. I forgave you when you stood up for me against him in front of Lucas and my Craig. I gained my brother's love back in my heart that night. Lucas is right, the past is over, and the future is the happiness we need." Aaron said, Nick smiling at him.

"I love you, Aaron. I'm so happy that you've found Craig, that you now have his love. Please come here, Craig."

Craig smiled, rising and walking up to his fiancÚ and Aaron's brother.

Nick's hand went to the young man's shoulder.

"Thank you for loving my Aaron, Craig. For healing his hurting soul. I see the love you have in your eyes for him, the love he shows back with identical beauty."

"I love him, Nick. I will love him forever."

Nick smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"You are now my brother, Craig. Your love for him makes you my family."

Craig teared up, Aaron smiling widely as Nick hugged the young man, Craig smiling and wrapping his arms around him.

"Welcome to my friendship and love, Nick." the young man said, Nick smiling and parting from the hug.

Nick smiled at Craig, then looked at his brother.

"I see your love. I only wish both of you a lifetime of happiness."

"You have to be my best man, Nick. I'd have no other." Aaron said, Nick smiling at him.

"I would be honored. If you'll be mine."

Aaron looked surprised, Nick's eyes going to his Gideon, Gio quietly staring at him as well.

"Gideon, my love. Please come here." Nick said, Gideon rising to his feet, walking up to Nick with a shocked look of surprise on his face.

Gio's eyes followed the young man, his brown pools then lowering.

Gideon stopped in front of Nick, the man taking his hand in his.

His blue pools went to Gio, seeing the man's lowered head.

"You as well, my love."

Gio's head slowly rose, staring into Nick's blue pools.

"Please join our love, my Gio."

Gio looked around, everyone smiling at him.

He slowly rose to his feet, slowly walking across the room.

Gideon's eyes met his, then Nick's, the two men seeing a shining happiness in his blue pools.

Nick's other hand went into Gio's, the man staring at him with emotion.

"I love both of you, my Gideon and my Gio. Both of you have entered my soul. Lucas' love has united ours. He saved me that night from walking a path of anger, pain and hurt. I have my soul back. And it is filled with my brothers' love. My brothers Aaron and now Craig."

Craig and Aaron smiled, their hands joined.

"But the greatest love I have within my soul is a new love of total happiness. The happiness I feel when I am in both of your arms. You each are so different, but equal in the love you give me. I love both of you."

Gideon's eyes met Gio's, the man squeezing Nick's hand.

"I love you, Nickolas. As much as I love you Gideon." Gio said, Gideon smiling at him.

"I love you, Nickolas, my beautiful soulmate. A love equal in its intensity from my loving Gio. We are three of love. Lucas' love has bonded our trio of love. I love both of you."

The other two men smiled, Nick releasing their hands, the two staring at him.

"You both are my soulmates. I love both of you. My heart, my soul and my life I give to both of you." he said, the man's hands going into both of his suit jacket's pockets, the two men standing in front of him staring at him with shocked surprise, Aaron smiling beside his brother.

"Awesome!" he said, Nick smiling at his brother, Aaron seeing the love shining in his blue pools.

Nick's eyes went back to Gideon and Gio.

In Nick's two hands he held two golden rings, each identical in their beauty, both showing crystal clear diamonds.

"You are the second and third part of my soul. Will you both love me? Will you join with me in a bond of total love? Will you both marry me?" Nick said, his blue eyes filled with tears.

Gideon and Gio both moved, a trio of love uniting, three sets of tearing eyes meeting each other.

"Yes, Nikolas. I will marry you. And I will marry you, my Gio." Gideon said, Gio smiling at him.

"And I will marry both of you. I need your love so much!" Gio cried, Nick kissing his lips, then kissing Gideon's.

Clapping began again, as did cheering, the new trio of engaged love surrounded by everyone.


Gideon's arms were filled with his nephew, Colton hugging him tightly.

"I love you, Uncle Gideon. You never looked so happy!" he cried, Gideon smiling widely, hugging his nephew.

"I love you, Colt. I am beyond happy." he smiled, Nick and Gio smiling at him.

Aaron's arms were wrapped around Gio, kissing the handsome man.

"Welcome to the family, bros!" he grinned, Nick kissing his cheek.

"One big happy family, Aaron!" he grinned, everyone now hugging the three and kissing them.

Justin smiled at Nick, his hand on his shoulder.

"I see your happiness, Nicky. Congrats on their beautiful love."
Nick smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Our wayward angel's love is so giving, Jus. He's letting me marry these two on the same night as Adam's trio of love. We're going to be six of happiness." Nick smiled, Josh smiling at the young man, seeing Lucas' giving heart on full view again.

"You are remarkable, my love." Josh smiled, looking around.

His eyes found Lucas, the young man's back turned to everyone, his head lowered, staring into the fire before him, his hand resting on the fireplace's mantle.

"Lucky?" Josh said, everyone's eyes going to Josh's blue pools, then following his gaze to Lucas.

The couples of love all stared at him, Josh moving and walking up to his man.

Lucas didn't move, Josh's hand going to his shoulder.

"Are you alright, my love?"

Lucas raised his head, Josh staring into two wet violet pools, their centers changing to a vibrant green, then a deep crystal clear blue, then back to their normal violet hue.

"So much love, Joshua! I feel the greatness of the love surrounding me. So much love of my own making. It tears at my divided soul."

Josh's arms went around him, Lucas' head going against his chest.

"You are love, my Lucas. We are all blessed with your love." he said, Lucas staring at everyone.

"The love smothers me, my love. I can't fathom why I deserve all this. Your love, their love. Everyone's love." he said, his voice laced with emotion.

He raised his head, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"You deserve it because you gave it, Lucas. You gave your love to all of us, and we in return have given it back. We love you, and you love us. We all deserve the love we now have. You earned my love, my love."
"You have earned mine as well, Lucky." Justin said, he and Lance walking up to the two, Lucas raising his head and staring at both.

"I love you, Lucas. Your love is mine, as it is Justin's. As is Josh's. We are four of love." Lance said, Lucas sobbing, the three holding him close.

Everyone sat in silence, staring at the scene of joined love before him.

Lucas stopped crying, wiping his eyes, the three surrounding him smiling at him.

"I'm sorry, the love overpowered me for a moment." he said, wiping his eyes more, Josh kissing his lips.

"You give too much, my love. Save some for us."

Lucas smiled, staring into three sets of total love.

"There's more than enough for you three. And for everyone." he smiled, everyone smiling at him as he looked around the room.

Colton walked up to the four, his youthful smile making Lucas smile.

"All this with no magic, Luke. I think your love is even more spectacular."

Lucas smiled, Colton kissing his cheek.

"Love is life's magic, son."

The young man smiled, his eyes going to Jonathan.

"Too early for that, Colt." Lucas smiled, Colton blushing, Jonathan blushing more.

"We know, Luke. We'll bask in your uniting love on the island. Our moment comes much later. Jonah's a diva when it comes to one-upping everyone." Colton smiled, Justin laughing, others laughing as well, Jonathan's arm going around his Colton, the man now at his side.

"I'm the diva? Have you met my brother?"

Justin blushed, Lance laughing, kissing his lips.

"The divas of our love, Colt." Lance smiled, Colton kissing Jonathan's lips.

"Okay, everyone. Champagne for all!" Lucas smiled, Mavis and Horace smiling, walking out of the room.

"Are you okay now, my love?" Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Joshua. I'm in love and I'm surrounded by it. I'm happy."

His three soulmates smiled, the three kissing him.


Josh stretched, feeling the warmth around him.

He smiled, feeling the large hardness rubbing against his left hip, knowing his Lance was on his left side.

He felt a mouth on his right nipple, a tongue licking its hard nub.

"Mm, Jus. You were always so good at that." he smiled, opening his blue pools, staring down at his best friend.

Justin's lips came off the nipple, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

Their lips met, Josh feeling the love in the man's warm lips, his fingers brushing both of Josh's nipples.

They broke their kiss, staring into each other's blue pools.

"Where's Lucas?" Josh said, Justin smiled, his head turning towards the bedroom's door, Josh's eyes following his.

Six suitcases were all lined up, the closet doors open, their hangers empty.

"He's downstairs making breakfast for everyone. I think he's been up for hours. We're all packed and ready to go. He woke me about an hour ago with a heated moment of love. I still feel him within me."  Justin smiled, snuggling more into Josh's side.

Josh smiled, feeling Lance stir against his other side, Justin smiling at his soulmate.

"He woke me two hours ago." Lance said, his eyes still closed.

The two men smiled, Lance's green pools opening, a smile of love on his face.

"The man's unbelievable." Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing his man's lips, then Josh's.

The three smiled at each other.

"I missed out on the fun." Josh smiled, Justin's hand moving, wrapping around Josh's morning hardness under the blanket covering them.

"The fun's only beginning. Lucky's stoked my fire. I need more."  Justin said, his lips meeting Josh's again, Lance smiling, his hand going across Josh's smooth warm chest.

Lance's eyes went to the doorway, seeing all the suitcases as well.

"Our heart seems to be raring to go. An island of love awaits us." he said, the two beside him breaking their kiss, smiling at each other.

"Three more days and he's yours forever, Joshy." Justin smiled, Josh smiling more.

"I already have his love. And yours." the man smiled, Lance smiling, patting Josh's smooth abs.

"How about some wet fun, my angels? Then let's dive into Lucas' breakfast and love. Both will warm our hearts for the voyage ahead."
The other two men smiled, all three climbing out of the large bed, their naked bodies revealed for each other.

Josh's eyes went to the two chairs in front of the balcony windows, clothes laid out on both.

"Our man's picked out our clothing for the trip." he smiled, the other two smiling.

"His love is the fashion of our souls." Justin smiled, Josh smiling and scanning over Justin's and Lance's smooth bodies.

"And you are the accessories of my heart."

Lance laughed, slapping Josh's ass cheek.

"Time to put those accessories on, sexy."

Josh laughed, the three walking into the bathroom.


The three men walked into the dining room, a large group of faces meeting their smiling ones.

"About time, my loves. Chris and Joey are gnawing on the furniture." Lucas smiled, rising from his seat beside his grandfather, the three smiling at Lucas.

Josh's arms went around his soulmate, their lips meeting.

"I awoke to find you gone, our bags packed." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I was up early. I wanted to get everything ready. But I did leave you in good hands." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling more.

"The best, Lucky. But not yours."

"Later, babe. On a warm beach of love." Lucas smiled, Finn gagging, Joey and Chris joining him.

Lucas smiled, looking at his friends.

"The wildlife's stirring, babe. They need to be fed. We'll put them back into the water later tonight."

Everyone laughed, the three men blushing, Chris smiling at Lucas.

"Feed me then you can watch my beauty on the beach."

Lucas laughed, kissing Josh's, then Justin's and Lance's lips.

"Sit, my men. Prepare for a feast." he smiled, walking towards the kitchen, disappearing through its swinging door.

Josh smiled after him, the man sitting down beside Lucas' empty seat, Justin and Lance joining him.

"My grandson's love shines today, Josh. He's welcomed all of us with his smile this morning." Emerson said, Josh smiling at him.

"I feel his happiness, Emerson." Josh smiled, Savannah smiling at him.

"I believe we're in for more surprises today, and all weekend." she smiled, Tristan smiling at his wife.

"My son's love surprises all of our hearts."

Josh smiled, Lucas, Mavis and Momma Mavis walking out of the kitchen, carrying platters; Horace, Sean and Henderson following with more.

"Prepare for a grand meal, everyone. It will hold us until the luau tonight." Lucas smiled, setting his platter down in front of Joey and Chris, their soulmates smiling up at Lucas.

Lucas smiled, pulling off the lid of his platter, Chris' and Joey's eyes widening.

The platter was heaped with bacon, sausage links and patties, as well as ham slices and French toast, Joey's eyes scanning all of its warm deliciousness.

"Luau, Luke? You roasting a pig for us tonight?" Joey smiled, chuckling.

"Maybe, Joe? Depends on whether I can convince Chris to climb up onto the spit." Lucas smiled, Joey, Alain, Finn and Usher roaring with laughter, Chris blushing deeply.

The room was filled with laughter, Lucas leaning down and kissing Chris' cheek.

"Feed on the love and breakfast, our walrus of love." he smiled, walking around the table, sitting down beside his soulmates.

Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Let's enjoy our last moments at Kurucu's Haven, everyone. Then we fly into the sunshine. And the love continues." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

The young man stood up again, smiling at everyone.
"I'd like to say grace, my friends."
Everyone nodded, their heads lowering.

"Bless us, Lord, for all that lays before us. And all that lays behind. Our souls are paths of love and life. We walk in your love and in the love surrounding us. In the good food before us, prepared by myself for my family. In the love that fills our heart, and in your love, guiding us through daily life. We are stronger with love in our hearts, with family and with our loved ones. Let us walk into the sunshine of our dreams. I have walked visions of destiny, of the past and of the future. The greatest vision I have walked is the love that surrounds me.  Love charges me, love charges all of us. God bless your guiding love, and God bless the love. Amen."

Lucas sat down, the young man seeing a lot of tearing faces, his violet pools meeting Lewis' blue.

"God follows all of us, Lucas. And you are his messenger of love."

Lucas smiled, opening his napkin.

"Dig in, everyone. Then let's get walking into the sunshine of my love."

Everyone smiled, diving into Lucas' large breakfast.

The young man smiled, the days ahead filling his soul.


End of Chapter 161


And so our return to Kurucu's Haven ends.

A Christmas holiday of surprises, love and mystery.

Wintry love now gives over to sunshine and love.

Onward we go to an island of love.

A wedding day of joining love.


The first event of love will be two threesomes uniting under their love.

Trust in Lucas to make the festivities joyous and love-filled.


Up next: An island shows its beauty.

And love lands on its sandy shores.


Hugs, Angel.