Yesterday's End-162


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 162


Josh smiled, Justin and Lance snuggled against him.

His eyes looked around the large jet, seeing everyone relaxing and enjoying themselves.

His Lucky was seated with Grayson and Gabriel and another woman, the three talking with smiles on their faces.

Half of his friends and relatives were on this plane, another jet following them; the largeness of Lucas' family and friends warranting two jets from the Belmont fleet.

Everyone had been in awe of the expensive jets they'd boarded, Emerson smiling and taking a seat with his wife.

"There are seven top-of-the-line jets in Belmont Industries' fleet. The company is vast and global." Grayson smiled, taking a seat with Gabriel, Emerson smiling at his lawyer, friend and brother.

"Nothing but the best for my grandson's happiness." Emerson smiled, Lucas smiling at him, taking a seat with his soulmates.

They'd left the Vermont coolness just before lunch, the jets streaming across the Eastern seaboard.

The two Mavises were on both jets, each carrying a large basket laden with food, everyone having a light lunch in the clouds.

The flights would take about four hours, the group landing in Jamaica late afternoon.

From there it would be a short flight to the island.

Josh assumed it would take Alain a few flights with his plane to take everyone there.

And Lucas' loving heart had made the group enlarge.

Everyone had been surprised when Lucas informed them all that they'd be landing in New York to pick up a few more people.

"Everyone's here and on the other plane, Luke." Finny had smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Nearly everyone." he'd smiled, the young man walking around the plane, talking to everyone.

Just after noon they'd landed at JFK International Airport, their two planes taxiing down a private runway, stopping in front of a hangar.

Everyone had looked out the jets' windows, seeing several people waiting outside the hangar.

Nick's blue pools recognized someone, as did Gio.

"My God! That's. . .that's my Mom!" he said, Gideon looking at him.

"And my Mom and Dad are here!" Gio replied, his brown eyes catching their waving hands.

"What would they. . .?" he began to say, another voice filling the plane.

"One needs one's family around them when one is crossing the threshold of matrimonial life." Lucas said, all eyes going to him.

"Walk into their love. Let's welcome your happiness." Lucas smiled, Nick staring at him, Gio staring as well.

The door of the plane opened, the flight attendant putting down steps.

"They'll board and we'll leave shortly." the man smiled, Nick and Gio staring at Lucas with emotion.

"You are my friends. I will always add to your happiness." he smiled, the two men moving towards Lucas, the young man moving down the stairway, everyone staring after him.

Nick and Gio moved, everyone following them.

They'd all walked off the two planes, everyone watching some moments of gathering love.

Chris Pine's father was there as well, Robert Pine hugging his son with happiness and warmth.

Chris Kirkpatrick's parents were on hand as well, the man hugging both with emotional happiness.

Joey's and Lance's parents surrounded them, their tearful eyes filled with happiness.

Grayson smiled with quiet happiness seeing his soulmate wrapped in two arms of sobbing happiness.

Gabriel was hugged deeply by his only sister, the two emotional.

"Marjorie? What are you doing here?" he cried, his sister kissing his cheek.

"I'm here for your happiness, Gabe! My brother's getting married!" she said, Gabriel smiling widely, pulling Grayson towards his sister.

Harry was in his parents' arms, Alain smiling beside him, Harry's mother's arms around him, kissing his cheek.

"Mom, Dad? This is such a. . .I'm so glad you're here!" he cried, his father hugging him tight.

"We had to come, Harry. Your happiness is our happiness." Harry's father smiled, Alain smiling at him.

Nick and Aaron were in their parents' arms, the two men crying.

Andrew's uncle Saul had his arms around his nephew and Trish, both feeling his welcoming love.

Adam and Usher were with their parents, the four smiling at Pierce, the young man welcomed by all, Usher's mother's arms around him.

Pierce's parents were gone, the young man an only child.

Adam and Usher sensed their mothers' love wrapping around the young man.

"Mom, how did you. . .?" Adam said, wiping his eyes, his mother smiling at him.

"An angel guided all of us here. Or so we all found out from each other awaiting your descent." she smiled, everyone turning and looking at Lucas, the young man standing back from everyone, Josh's arm around him.

"We should get going everyone. Embrace Island awaits." Lucas smiled, Gio walking up to him, his own parents surrounding him.

"How did you do all this, Lucas?" he said, the young man blushing.

"Life is about having love around us, everyone. You all needed your families." Lucas said, his violet pools going to Grayson's smiling blue.

"You all have a good friend in my uncle. And his vast resources mobilized all of them." the young man smiled, Gio approaching him, Lucas backing up.

"No thanks are needed, everyone. We are all happiest with our families' love surrounding us." the young man said, smiling and walking back up the plane's staircase.

Gio stared after him, Josh's hand going to his shoulder, smiling at Gio's parents.

"His love is amazing, Gio. It guides us all to our happiness. He'll always be amazing in his giving love." Josh smiled, his own parents' arms around him, everyone smiling at him.

"We should get moving, as Lucas said. Families join together in the skies of happiness." he smiled, walking towards the plane, everyone smiling and walking with their families to their planes.

An hour later, Lucas and Josh having met everyone new on their plane, Lucas blushingly smiling at everyone, their thanks showing in their eyes.

All their parents told everyone about Lucas personally calling them a few days before Christmas outlining the upcoming love.

Grayson had helped Lucas organize everyone's flights to New York, families now joined.

Lucas was sitting with Grayson and Gabriel, the young man in a discussion with Gabriel's sister over his music.

Josh smiled, feeling Justin kiss his cheek, Lance kissing his other, the man between them.

"His love is unending. Did you know about this?" Justin said, Josh shaking his head no.

"No, Jus. I knew he'd talked to Grayson a few times before we left for Vermont, but I thought it was about his Grandfather. Now I see he was guiding the love." Josh smiled, a look of awed love showing on his face.

"Something tells me he knew that everyone would voice their uniting love for each other over the holidays. He was prepared for everything." Lance said, Josh smiling, kissing his cheek.

"Our Lucky is always prepared. I can't wait for our wedding day. I may be crying tears of joy." Josh smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"You can't, Joshy. You're in charge of keeping me from bawling."

Josh laughed, Lance smiling at his men.

"I think we'll all be shedding tears. We will all have our dreams." he said, Justin smiling at him with deep love.

Josh smiled, seeing their love in their eyes.

"I think I'll let you two cuddle within the love of your hearts." he smiled, rising from his seat, the two smiling up at him, Lance moving closer to Justin.

"Go play with your man, Joshy. I need my own man's love." Justin said, his lips meeting Lance's, Josh smiling, walking over to his man.


The two jets touched down on a runaway at Sangster Airport, Jamaica's main international airport.

They taxied down a long private runway, coming to a stop beside each other.
Everyone looked out the windows, Alain smiling and unbuckling his seatbelt, Harry smiling at him.

"Welcome to Jamaica, everyone. It's a short drive from here to our second destination." he smiled, standing up as the plane stopped, everyone undoing their seatbelts.

"Your airplane, Alain? It isn't here at this airport? It was last time." Lance said, the man smiling at him.

"I don't think we could all squeeze into it, Lance. Although I wouldn't mind Finny in my lap." he grinned, Lucas laughing, smiling and standing up.

"Let's get everyone organized. We have a fleet of vehicles waiting." he said, Alain smiling at him.

"Are we in for another surprise, Luke?" Finn said, smiling at him, his son in his arms.

"Get used to it, everyone. It's going to be a day of warmth and surprises." he smiled, Alain winking at him.

Everyone smiled, the flight attendant opening the jet's doorway, dropping the steps, everyone smiling at him and thanking him as they exited the plane.

Their eyes met their friends coming out of the other jet beside them, six vans stopped in front of the two jets.

Chauffeurs from the vans were beginning to empty the jets' cargo holds, luggage being put into a separate truck.

"Well organized, indeed." Grayson said, Josh smiling at him.

"You're not in on it, Grayson?" he said, the lawyer smiling at him.

"We're out of America, Justin. My vast network stops at its borders."

Lucas laughed, the man smiling at him.

"But your heart flows everywhere." Gabriel said, kissing his cheek, his sister smiling at the man's gaze at his brother.

"On to the love. Let's climb into the vans, everyone."

Adam's eyes met Lucas', the man smiling at him, the two having been in separate jets.

"Lucas, my family. . .our love. . ." he said, Lucas softly blushing.

"Love is around us, Adam. All the love we need." he smiled, walking towards the vans, Adam looking at Josh.

"He's our Lucas, Adam. You know his heart needs no thanks."

Adam nodded, his mother's arm going around him.

"He's beyond remarkable." she said, Josh smiling at her and the other surrounding parents.

"Prepare for the surprises of his love. Let's go everyone." he smiled, walking off towards his Lucky.

Everyone boarded the vans, the chauffeurs smiling at them all, pulling the vans out of the airport, driving towards the highway.

It was a short fifteen minute drive from the airport, everyone feeling the warmth of the sunshine and the beauty of the tropical landscape.

"It is home for me, everyone." Alain smiled, Harry's arms around him, Lucas smiling at him in front of him.

"Home always draws our hearts to its existence. Love began there."

Alain smiled, nodding his head.

"And others add to the love."

Lucas smiled, his violet pools taking in the scenery.

The van drove down another road off the main highway, the road winding down a hill.

Everyone saw a large inlet ahead of them, the water crystal blue, a marina in front of them.

The vans drove through the small marina, stopping near the water.

Lucas smiled, Alain opening his door, climbing out of the van, smiling at everyone.

"Welcome to my cousin's thriving business." he smiled, everyone climbing out of the vehicles.

Lance's eyes scanned the marina, not seeing Alain's plane or any others.

"Where's your plane, Alain?"

He smiled, another black man walking towards them.

"There yuh, Alain!" the man smiled, Alain walking forward, hugging the slightly older man.

"Hello, Baja!" he smiled, the man smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Welcome to the island, Alain's friends." he smiled, Alain leading the man to everyone, introducing his cousin Baja.

The man smiled, shaking Lucas' hand last.

"The great one. I feel your beaming friendship and love." the man smiled, Alain smirking.

"Baja's always had a touch of our grandmother's magic. He always said he can feel things." Alain smiled, Baja smiling at him, his brown eyes meeting Lucas' violet again.

"I am only great in my friendship and love, Bamm-Bamm."

The man's eyes widened, looking at Alain.

"Your childhood name given to you by Alain. I hope you weren't Pebbles?"

The two men laughed, Alain patting his cousin's shoulder.

"We watched the Flintstones after school every day in our youth. I was Dino."

Finn laughed, Alain smiling at him.

"Yabba Dabba Doo!" Finn grinned, everyone laughing.

"Brothers for life." Lucas smiled, the two black men smiling at each other.

"Indeed, Lucas." Baja said, Alain smiling at him.

"Come everyone, your own island awaits. It is ready for the coming happiness." Baja smiled, beginning to walk away, Lucas and Alain beginning to follow.

"Where are we going, Luke?" Finn said, his Skyler at his side, their parents carrying the infants, everyone following the three men.

"To happiness, Finn. To happiness." Lucas smiled, everyone quietly following.

They walked down a long pier, their eyes widening.

At the end of the pier two large pontoon boats were tied up, their size massive.

"Lucas' love has enlarged. We needed better transportation." Alain smiled, his cousin grinning.

"The best on the island. My prize babies!" he smiled.

Everyone looked at Alain and Lucas, both men smiling.

"There are too many of us for a fast trip on Alain's plane. He would have to make several trips.  Alain came up with this idea." Lucas said, Harry smiling, wrapping his arms around his lover.

"My baby's so smart!" he said, Alain beaming.

"It's about an hour boat ride, rather than a fifteen minute plane ride. But it is a beautiful day and the ocean's calm." Baja said, smiling, the van chauffeurs walking towards them, baskets of suitcases with them.

"What a nice idea, Alain. We'll all land at once." Justin smiled, Alain smiling at him.

"Yes, Justin. I'll pilot one boat, Baja the other. The island awaits, everyone!" he smiled, Baja smiling around at everyone.

"You will all be happily surprised." he said, looking at Lucas, the black man lowering his eyes, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"Yes, they shall." Lucas smiled, the man's smile returning to his face.

"Something tells me something's afoot?" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love's afoot, Sherlock." Lucas smiled, heading towards the boats, Alain and Harry following.

"On to that love." Justin smiled, Lance looking at him.

"Hmm, interesting." Lance said, Justin blushing.

Everyone headed for the two large boats.


Lucas smiled, the soft breeze flowing through his curly locks.

He stood at the bow of the first boat, his eyes scanning the open sea around them.

The water was crystal clear blue, the air fresh and breezy.

He saw the island coming into view ahead of him, the young man smiling.

He turned, Justin and Alain smiling at him.

Everyone was seated, enjoying the short cruise, Alain having been talking about the area, the sea and the water life.

They'd spotted a dolphin a few minutes ago, Rosa Sharon and Stephen awed by it.

Lucas smiled, sitting down beside Josh, his arm going around him.

"We return to our tropical love, my pet." he said, Lucas smiling, kissing his warm lips.

"Sans the thongs, my love. Finny's pouting about that."

Justin laughed, Finn blushing in another seat, his wife at his side, the infants asleep in their carriers in front of them.

"No worries. I'm sure the male flesh will all be on view." Finn smirked, Lucas smiling at him.

"I think we should designate one beach area clothing optional. Hairy orangutans welcomed." Alain grinned, piloting the boat from his seat.

Everyone laughed, Finn blushing more.

"I'll stay on the other beach, thanks." he smiled, Lucas smiling.

"There will be love on all beaches this week." he said, everyone smiling.

"Speaking of which, we're coming into Embrace Island's cove." Alain smiled, the man waving at Baja driving the other boat a few yards away from them.

Alain picked up the radio, talking to his cousin, his eyes going to Lucas' violet pools.

"We're docking on the eastern peninsula, Luke." Alain smiled, the young man nodding.

"Aren't we docking on the west spot at the wharf?" Josh said, remembering it was only a short distance from there to the cottage.

"No, my friend. The January tide makes that spot a little treacherous for watercraft. Best to dock where it's safe." Alain smiled, the man moving his boat to the left, Baja following, the two craft moving around the island, going away from the cottage's location.

"You're going right around the island, Alain." Harry said, Alain kissing his cheek, Harry standing beside him.

"Might as well give everyone a few of its total beauty." he smiled, Lucas smirking.

Harry smiled, kissing his man's cheek.

"I see that total beauty in front of me."

Alain smiled, Finn rolling his eyes, smiling at the couple.

Everyone took in the sandy beach running all along the island's shore, the island filled with deep vegetation.

"It's bigger than I thought." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We looked at it with love in our eyes, babe. It kind of blended into the beauty in front of us." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling and kissing his lips.

"Every part of the world does that when I'm in your arms."

Finn gagged, Chris gagging as well.

Lucas and Piney smiled at each other, then rolled their eyes.

Finn laughed, everyone smiling and taking in the view.

Within ten minutes Alain was coasting the craft up to a long pier, everyone smiling as it came to rest against it, Harry jumping out onto the pier, tying the boat up.

"Welcome to Embrace Island everyone." Alain smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

The other boat pulled up behind them, Gio helping Baja tie off their boat, both engines cutting.

Everyone piled out onto the wooden pier, Baja smiling and telling everyone to leave their bags for now.

"The island awaits. Let my cousin guide you to Lucas' love." he smiled, his cousin smiling at him.

"You have the floor, Luke. Or should I say, the pier." Alain smiled, his arm going around Harry.

Lucas smiled, seeing everyone joined together on the pier, couples together, families together.

"As Alain said, welcome to Embrace Island. Please come here, Justin." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him, walking up to Lucas' side.

"Justin bought this island a few months ago. He bought it as a retreat for him and Lance, and all of us surrounding him. An island of love as he called it." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at everyone.

"It is called Embrace Island. I want all of you--my friends and family--to embrace its beauty and its love." Justin said, everyone smiling at him, clapping beginning, the man blushing, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"This week it is going to be the site of a new beginning. A joining of loving couples under God's love. We'll all experience the love of this beautiful island." Lucas smiled, Finn grinning at him.

"It will be cozy, all of us crammed into that one cottage." he grinned, Lucas smiling.

Justin smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Now you know our loving Luke wouldn't want us to be without comfort. And we don't want to be close to people who shed." Justin said, everyone laughing, Finn blushing again.

Lucas smiled, Justin kissing his cheek.

"Lead on to your magical love, Lucky." he smiled, Lucas smiling, looking at everyone.

"I wanted this week to be a moving showing of our love. I hope you like what I've created. With Alain's diligence and his family's help, I've created a community of love. Please follow me." Lucas smiled, his hand going in his Josh's, the man smiling at him.

"I don't remember this pier being here before, Lucky." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Love grows, love flows." he said, walking down the pier with his soulmate, everyone smiling and following.


Everyone stopped, staring at the vision of surprising beauty before them.

They all stood on the sandy white beach of the island's west shore, Lucas having walked for about ten minutes walking out of a forested path onto the sandy beach.

"What the. . .none of this was here before!" Lance said, Justin's arm around him.

"Welcome to paradise, my friends." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

Ahead of them was a row of small cabins, at least fifteen of them, all nestled back into the shady forest, the sandy beach in front of them.

The main cottage was in their center, it larger than the others.

Lance took in a small sign near the first cabin, everyone following him over to it.

He read the words aloud, smiling at his Justin.


                      Embrace Island


                      Families Unite

       Under Love's Light


"Lucas' words, my friends. Welcome to our family haven from life's dramas." Justin smiled, everyone staring at him and Lucas.

"Justin is offering this island as a retreat for everyone. You may all come here with us, or by your own selves. This will be the heart of our loving friendship." Lucas smiled, everyone tearing up, Finn and Skyler walking up to Justin.

"Thank you, Justin. It's so beautiful." Finn said, Justin smiling.

"We're all getting married here in a few days. We had to make it presentable, and comfortable. I think this place will be a gathering for our love for many years to come. I offer it today as a New Year's tradition. I invite all of you to come here each year, so that we can celebrate our love and the New Year together as a family. Welcome to Embrace Island, everyone. Your new tropical second home."

Everyone surrounded the man, thanking him and hugging him, kisses exchanged.

Josh's arms went around his man, Lucas smiling at him.

"And why didn't you let me in on this?" he smiled, Lucas kissing his lips.

"Where's the fun in that? You and Lance looked totally surprised. Well worth the deception." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling at him, kissing his lips as well.

"Our ever-devious, ever-giving soulmates. What shall we do with you?" Lance smiled, Justin's arm going around him.

"You'll love us, Lancy." he smiled, Lance kissing his lips.

"This is so beautiful, guys. It all looks so homey and comfortable." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at everyone.

"Walk around, everyone. Take it all in. Choose your cabanas for the week. Finny, yours is the last one. We want your howling as far away from us as possible." Lucas smiled, everyone laughing, Finn grinning.

"So why are you in the center then? Your three beasts will keep us all up at night." he grinned, Alain laughing, the two high-fiving each other.

Lucas laughed, shaking his head.

"Let's walk into the love, everyone. There are twenty cabanas. Most have two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room. A few are smaller for more intimate couples. I'm sure you can choose with love and friendship. There are more people here this week than there will be usually, but we can make it work. We'll be in the cottage when you've all freshened up. The luau begins at seven." Lucas smiled, his hand going into Josh's.

"Thank you, Lucas. You look after everyone's needs." Adam's mother, Patsy said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Your son is my friend, Mrs. Levine. His happiness is my happiness. And it's just Luke." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling at him.

"I'm Patsy, Luke." she smiled, Lucas smiling back.

Everyone began to move, families and couples beginning to walk into paradise.


Lucas smiled, feeling two lips on his neck, another set of lips on his cheek.

"What a way to start a week of happiness. Wrapped in love." he said, Josh on his left side, Lance on his right, Justin standing right in front of him.

The four stood on the front veranda of their cottage, a soft breeze blowing across the beach right at them.

"This is so beautiful, Lucky. A family community under the sun." Lance said, Lucas smiling, kissing his lips.

"You can thank your man, Lancy. It was Justin's idea." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling at him.

"It may have been my idea, but you and Alain brought it to life. The place is amazing! It's just what I thought it would be." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing Justin's lips, the man feeling his love.

"You forget that I feel into your soul, my Jus. The images of your dreams I'll always bring to life." Lucas smiled, Justin grinning.

"I'm dreaming of three showing me their total thanks." he said, his voice suddenly laced with seductive need.

Lucas smiled, biting Justin's lower lip, licking it.

"Later, master. Right now we need to go get our bags. Then we have to organize the luau." Lucas smiled, the three surrounding him sighing.

"Family shines around us. I'll always make them happy." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"My dad's already licking his lips looking for the ribs." he said, Lucas laughing.

"There'll be plenty to feed his happiness. The fridges are all stocked." he smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"We'll grab the bags, Luke." he smiled, taking Justin's hand in his, the other two smiling at them, the two walking off the veranda, heading down the beach.

They waved at someone seated on the veranda of the closest cabana, Lucas smiling, feeling two arms wrap around him.

"You never stop amazing me, my love. What you've done here for all of us. Your and Justin's ever-giving love." Josh said, Lucas smiling and kissing his warm lips.

"We both love all of you. We worked out all the details in our love for all of you. I'm glad everyone loved it." Lucas smiled, looking down the beach on both sides.

"You never stop wanting to make people happy. I love you so much." Josh said, Lucas smiling, pulling him close.

"How about a little wet love, my beauty? Our soulmates won't be back for a bit. I'm sure they'll stop along the way."

Josh laughed, kissing his man's lips again.

"I knew there was reason why you put the cabanas all in a row. For our own private moments." Josh smiled, Lucas smiling, his hand cupping Josh's jean-covered center, Josh softly moaning.

"Come on, beautiful. I want you wet, naked and needful."
Josh smiled, Lucas pulling him into the cottage.


Two hours later, a family joined under the darkening sky of a tropical paradise.

Lucas had lit Tiki torches all around the front beach of their cottage, a large buffet set up on the veranda, tables and chairs set up all along the beach.

Alain had set up a fire pit, a large spit above it, chickens and ribs roasting over the fire.

Everyone had met with happiness and love, Lucas and Justin hearing all their praise and happiness at their small cabanas of love.

Jonathan, Colton and Rosa Sharon had chosen the one right beside Justin's cottage, Lucas smiling at their close love.

Finn and Skyler had chosen the one on the other side.

The two threesomes of love had chosen four on the right side at its end, their love close and loving.

Their families were sharing with them.

Gabriel and Grayson had picked a smaller cabana, their love close and intimate, Gabriel's sister taking their second bedroom.

As had Trish and Andrew, and Alain and Harry.

Chris had surprised everyone by picking the last cabana on the left, the first they'd seen.

It was small, only one bedroom.

Lucas smiled, sensing the man's intimate, romantic soul.

He'd put their parents and Joey's together in the next cabana.

Baja had left just before dinner, the man needing to get back to his own wife and family.

He'd left with hugs of friendship and happiness.

Lucas had invited him and his family to Alain's wedding, Alain hugging his cousin close.

"You have to be my best man, Baja!" he said, tears showing in his brown eyes.

"I would be honored, Ali."

Harry had smiled, his blue eyes going to Lucas.

"Would you honor me with the same, Lucas?" he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I would be honored as well, Harold." he smiled, Harry hugging him tight, his parents smiling at Lucas.

Here now everyone was enjoying Lucas' rich feast, Lucas smiling at everyone's ravenous appetite.

Couples sat together at tables, in lounges or on blankets on the sandy beach.

Lucas sat at a table with Josh's parents, Josh and the Belmont family.

"This is all so amazing, Lucas. Quite beautiful and serene." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"It is the natural beauty of God's embrace. The island is aptly named." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"It embraces your heart, Luke. That's why I fell in love with it that first day I came here." Justin said, he seated in Lance's lap in a chair beside their table, Lance feeding him off a plate.

"Now it embraces all our hearts. Thank you, Justin." Savannah said, Justin smiling at her.

"It is for all of you. Anytime you need it." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Right now I need more of those mouth-watering ribs, my boy." Roy smiled, his wife rolling her eyes.

"I'm on vacation, sweet cheeks. We'll work it off later." he said, kissing her cheek, Karen blushing, Josh smirking.

Lucas smiled at Roy, Emerson patting his hand.

"Your love continues in so many amazing ways, Lucas."

The young man smiled, looking out into the setting sun, its rays on the edge of the horizon.

"Prepare for a week of love, everyone. I may surprise even myself." he smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"Can't wait, my love."

Everyone smiled, feasting on Lucas' buffet and love.


The evening was a happy event.

Chris had put music on after dinner, couples dancing on the beach, or snuggling in shadowy secluded chairs, the night now full, the torches cutting into the darkness.

Everyone enjoyed themselves, Lucas dancing with most everyone.

He'd been surprised when Chris had pulled him up from his chair, Piney pulling Josh up as well.

"Play with your former boy toy, Joshy. I want to dance with Tiny Tim here." Chris smiled, Lucas chuckling.

"Well, I don't know about tip-toeing through the tulips, but I will dance in the sand with you."
Chris laughed, his arms going around Lucas.

Josh smiled, feeling Piney's familiar arms going around him.

"I see the love in your eyes, Joshy. It's as deep as the love I have for my Chris." Chris Pine smiled, Josh smiling and dancing with him.

"He loves you, Chris. As I love my Lucas." Josh said, Chris smiling, his head going against Josh's chest.

"Like old times, Josh. But now it's friendship that fills our hearts. Our hearts are full of their love and our friendship."

Josh smiled, dancing slowly with his friend and former lover.

Chris smiled over at his Piney, seeing Josh's love wrapped around him.

"He always loved Josh. I see now it's a love of friendship." Chris said, Lucas kissing his cheek, their eyes meeting.

"It always was, Chris. That they've now reasoned out in their hearts. And his love is now totally yours. You are his life." Lucas said, Chris' eyes filling with tears.

"Thank you, Lucas. For making me see that."

"It wasn't a big stretch, Chris. You already loved him completely."

"Lucas. . .I wish I had. . ." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek again.

"Joey is your best friend, Chris. He shall stand by you on the beach when you unite with his love. I'll be there as a friend."

Chris smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas on the lips.

"I couldn't ask for more." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Not with those walrus whiskers. You need a shave!"

Chris laughed, spinning Lucas around, Lucas laughing.

Josh and Piney smiled, seeing their lovers showing their friendship and love.

The evening progressed, the conversation lively and loving.

Lucas basked in all the love surrounding him, feeling everyone's hearts filled with happiness.

He sensed that Embrace Island would erupt in passion tonight, the love on it stoking a lot of hearts.

His violet pools had gone to the three of his soul all evening, seeing their simmering love.

Everyone relaxed, all wearing shorts, swim trunks and t-shirts or button shirts, the evening still warm.

Lucas sat again at a table with his family, Grayson and Gabriel seated there as well with Gabriel's sister.

"This place is so beautiful, Luke. Will the weddings be on this beach?" Marjorie said, Gabriel smiling at his sister.

"I've picked out a beautiful spot for that, Marjorie." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, kissing his cheek.

"Another surprise, my love?" he said, Lucas smirking at him.

"My man's turning into a surprise junkie."

Everyone laughed, all the couples surrounding them listening in on the conversation with love and interest.

"I'll show you all in the morning. It's a piece of heaven in my eyes." Lucas smiled, kissing his man's lips.

"You're heaven in my eyes, my love." Josh said, looking at his man with total love.

"On that note, goodnight everyone!" Lucas said, standing up, pulling Josh up with him.

Everyone laughed, Lucas' arms going around his man.

"I'll make it a spot of heaven for you, my Joshua. For there, you'll join with my soul." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him with love.

"Get a room guys! We may have to throw them in the ocean to cool off!" Finn laughed, Lucas staring at him.

Finn's eyes met his, the man seeing the mirth in his violet pools.

"Five, four, and three. . ."

Finn's eyes widened.

"Now, Luke! I was only. . ."

Lucas moved with a burst of speed, his arms enveloping his friend, Finn screaming.

Everyone laughed, watching Lucas pick the larger, muscular man up, carrying him towards the water.

"Don't you dare, Luke! I just put these clothes on!" Finn screamed, Lucas picking up speed, the young man running into the water now, going about knee deep.

He stopped, his arms flying, propelling Finn ahead of him, the young man flying through the air, landing in the water with a big splash.

Lucas' laughter filled the beach, the young man turning back to everyone, his face covered in a wide smile.

"As Finny suggested, the beach party can now start. Who's up for a swim?" Lucas grinned, shucking his shirt, the man standing in swim trunks.

Alain and Harry stood up, Alain pulling off his t-shirt, his black muscled chest on display.

"Don't worry, Finny! I'll save you! Do you need mouth-to-mouth?" he yelled at Finn, the man swimming in the water, his clothes soaked.

Skyler was laughing, kissing Alain's cheek.

"I'm putting the kids to bed. Go play with my man, Alain. Try not to pervert him."

Alain laughed, kissing her cheek.

"Your mommy says we can play, Finny!" he yelled, running towards the Welshman, diving into the water.

Everyone laughed, Lucas diving in with his friends, others joining the wetness of their happiness.


The Next Morning


Lucas smiled, everyone following him.

The morning had been a gathering of happiness, everyone having a large breakfast buffet at Justin's cottage again.

The night before had been a night of passion, love and desire for most everyone surrounding it.

Couples had joined, love had flowed.

Lucas had risen early, walking the full extent of the beach, feeling the love emanating from every cabana.

The passion was deepest at the last two cabanas, Lucas sensing the abandon of the love echoing in the souls of the two threesomes of love.

It was almost as intense as the quartet in the main cottage.

Lucas smiled, remembering every moment of the hours of passion he'd received from and given to his threesome of love.

His soul and body felt all their giving love, as they had felt his overpowering love.

The three had shown tears as usual, Lucas' deep love intense and beautiful.

He smiled, looking back, seeing everyone smiling at each other, or at him.

"Just a few more miles." he smiled, Finn rolling his eyes, his daughter in a bundle against his chest.

"Ha. . .ha, Carver! This better be good." Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Didn't I hear Sky say that last night?"

Skyler laughed, Julian against her chest in a cradled bundle.

Finn blushed, Lucas smiling at him.

Finn's face changed to a smile, ignoring the laughter behind him.

The group walked up a rise, Lucas stopping.

"Here it is, everyone. The answer to my dreams." he said, everyone moving around him, their eyes widening with shock and wonder.

"It. . .it can't be!" Emerson said, Francesca staring at her husband, her arm going around his shocked physique.

"It is, Grandfather. A vision of dreams, a part of my soul. It shall be where I receive my dreams." Lucas smiled, Josh staring in front of him, Justin and Lance at his side, the three staring at a vision of remembered beauty.

"Pools of my soul, waters of my life." Lucas said, the young man walking forward.

"It. . .it is the pool from my dreams!" Emerson softly said, Grayson looking at him with surprise.

"You mean. . .?"

"It is Lucas' Pool, everyone. We are marrying within his soul of love." Justin said, Josh looking at him.

The three followed Lucas, everyone walking towards a large pool, a waterfall on its far side.

Rosa Sharon smiled, kissing her brother's cheek, she in Colton's arms.

"We're in his special love for real, Colt. He's giving us his dreams."

Colton smiled, his awed eyes walking into Lucas' soul.


End of Chapter 162


And so a family gathers on an island of love.

And a watery pool from Lucas' soul has materialized again.


Lucas plans to marry at the pool of his soul.

At the sanctuary of his love as Joshua once called it.

Magic flows from our young friend.


He and Justin have made a paradise for their families.

A place for their love to flow in private, together or alone.

I thought that was a nice touch.


And weddings approach.

First up, two threesomes of love.

Then nine couples of love.


Trust in me to make it magical, romantic and interesting.


Hugs, Angel.