Yesterday's End-166


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 166


Adam sighed, feeling the two sets of arms wrapped around him, two sets of lips on his own lips and neck.

“God I’ve wanted to kiss you with passion for hours.” Pierce said, breaking his kiss from Adam’s lips.

The singer smiled, feeling Pierce’s hands on his ass, Usher’s hands on his center.

“Wow, married for a couple of hours and you two think you own my ass.” Adam smiled, Pierce smiling back.

“Our love owns you.” he said, Usher smiling behind Adam, his lips continuing to kiss his neck.

“I want to own all of my men tonight. I need my husbands.” Usher said, his hand rubbing Adam’s center, his touch igniting Adam’s desires, his center lengthening.

“Let’s head for the couch first, my beauties. I want to snuggle with my new husbands. I’ll grab a bottle of wine and some glasses.” Adam smiled, Pierce’s fingers already loosening Adam’s white bowtie, Usher’s hands having pulled off his suit coat.

The three smiled at each other, moving towards the living room of the cabana, Usher flicking on a light switch as Pierce removed his suit jacket for him, the place having been in darkness.

The three men stopped, taking in the romantic setting before them.

The moment Usher had hit the light switch the fireplace in the cabana’s living room corner had ignited, the three men seeing a large white fur spread across the central couch, a tray of glasses on the coffee table in front of it, a bottle of white wine sitting in a silver ice bucket half filled with water and ice cubes.

Music filled the air as well, igniting when the switch was hit.

Beside the tray on the table three small boxes sat, an envelope on top of them.

“Looks like Luke’s read your mind, babe.” Pierce said, Usher and Adam smiling at their husband.

“That man is beyond amazing.” Adam said, walking forward, the other two following him, the three sitting down on the couch, Pierce putting their suit jackets on a chair beside them, the three feeling the softness of the white fake fur behind them.

Adam smiled, picking up the envelope, the three staring at the three small boxes.

On top of each was an embroidered initial; an A, U and P.

“One for each of us. Read the letter, my love.” Usher said, putting his arm around Adam’s back, Pierce’s already there.

Adam smiled, seeing the words written on the front of the envelope.


           The Levine-Raymond-Welby Family


The three smiled, Adam opening the envelope, finding a single sheet of paper and a flattened white rose.

He lifted the flower to his nose, smelling the still strong scent.

He passed it to Usher, he sniffing it, then putting it to Pierce’s nose.

“It’s still fragrant! But it looks so old and dried.” the doctor said, Adam nodding.

“A flower of Lucas’ magic.” he said, unfolding the sheet, Usher and Pierce snuggling against him.

Adam’s voice filled the room, overpowering the soft music.



My friends of love;


Today your white dreams of love have been realized.

The three of you are now one soul.

I envy you three the beauty of your love, your desires and your one soul.

It must mirror my own quartet of love in so many ways.

In its intensity and beauty.

The path begins, three angels of love.

The reality of today’s events tonight focuses for all three of you.

You are loved.

Before you are the final commitments for all three of you.

One soul needs one locking moment.

You spoke your words of love to each other before the waterfall.

Tonight you’ll speak the deeper words of your hearts.

And experience the new touches of those you need.

Let these three lost mementos seal your love’s truth.


The privacy of your own hearts needs it.

The love of your hearts earned it.


Love all three of you.

Your friend, for now and always.




The three men stared at each other, their joined eyes going to the three boxes.

“I think he’s been in the soul of all three of us.” Pierce said, Usher and Adam’s eyes meeting his again.

“We only spoke of it once in our preparations for today. We all agreed on the idea of rings. I think Lucas saw the truth in my own soul.” Adam said, the other two staring at him.

“You wanted that?” Usher said, Adam slowly nodding, blushing a little.

“Why didn’t you say something?” Usher said, Pierce staring at him then Adam.

“For the same reason I didn’t.” he said, Usher and Adam staring at him.

“You were the one who suggested it, Ush. We both wanted to please you.” Pierce said, Adam smiling at him.

“Guys, we’re in this together. We’re three of love. I want both of you to voice your own opinions on everything in our lives. I would have listened to all your views. I love you two. I want to please you as well.”
Adam smiled, looking down at the letter in his hand.

“The boy’s remarkable. He’s drawn the truth out of all three of us.” he smiled, his eyes going to the boxes on the table.

He moved forward, picking up all three, handing two to his soulmates.

The three smiled, opening the boxes.

All three sets of eyes widened, taking in the beauty of the golden ring laying in the velvet box in their hand.

Pierce’s held two stones, one of soft brown topaz and one of blue diamond.

Adam’s held the same.

Usher’s had two blue diamond stones.

‘The colors of our soulmates’ eyes.” Adam smiled, staring at his ring, and the other two in his husbands’ hands.

The three stared at each other, Adam setting his ring down, taking the other two from the boxes in his husbands’ palms.

“I see what Lucas meant. A locking of our hearts for all three of us. These three rings--if we choose to wear them--will mean that the three of us are each others’ forever. I want that.” Adam said, his blue eyes showing soft tears, Usher wiping his cheeks.

Pierce smiled, staring at both men.

“I want that as well. I want my love locked with yours. You two are the prisoners of my heart.” the doctor said, the two smiling at him.

“Alright, my beauties. I want what you want. I want both of you. My love is yours forever. I’ll wear that ring as a symbol of it.” Usher said, Adam and Pierce smiling, Usher lifting his hand, Adam slipping the ring onto his black finger.

Usher’s brown eyes seemed to sparkle with a golden brightness for a single moment, two sets of blue staring into them.

“Oh, God! I see the trueness of it! I need this forever!” Usher said, his face changing into a deep, wide smile.

Pierce raised his hand, smiling at Usher.

“I want to see the truth. I love you both.” he said, Adam slipping his ring onto his finger.

The young doctor’s eyes softly brightened with a soft golden hue for a moment, his smile now matching Usher’s.

“Awesome! I feel the depth of your love! I can’t. . .I can’t believe it!” he said, Adam staring into his blue pools, then Usher’s brown.

“Join us on our true path, my love.” Usher said, picking up the ring out of Adam’s box on the coffee table, Pierce smiling widely.

Adam raised his hand, its fingers trembling.

“I love you both. I’ll follow you on any path. Especially your path of love.” Adam said, Usher smiling, Pierce watching him slip the ring onto Adam’s finger.

Adam’s eyes suddenly glowed soft blue, then a soft gold, Usher and Pierce staring at him, seeing the tears begin to flow instantly.

“Oh, your love! It’s. . .it’s so unbelievable. I love you both so much!” Adam said, his lips meeting Pierce’s, Usher smiling, those lips now on his.

The two men felt Adam’s deep love, their souls trembling together.

I love you both.

You are mine forever.
Adam’s thoughts filled his mind, breaking the kiss with Usher.

Usher smiled, as did Pierce, their arms around Adam again.

“We are each other’s forever, our Adam.” Pierce said, Usher smiling, Adam’s eyes widening.

“You. . .you read my thoughts?”

The two smiled, their lips meeting Adam’s, the man feeling their love.

“We all feel each other’s thoughts, dreams and love, Adam. I think Lucas has given us a magical gift.” Pierce said, the three smiling at each other.

Pierce and Adam stared at Usher, his face looking thoughtful.

The two men laughed, Usher smiling.

“Let’s head for bed. And yes, Usher, we both are hungry for your love as well.” Pierce smiled, Usher laughing.

“I need my doctor of love to give me an examination.”
The three laughed, rising from their seats, their hands going together.

“This doctor is very thorough.” Pierce smiled, Adam’s lips meeting his.

“I’ll help you, Doctor Love.” he smiled, Usher beaming.

The three smiled, walking into their awaiting bedroom of love.


Lucas gasped, feeling the hardness sunken deep within him, Lance’s arms wrapped around his wet body.

“God, you’re on fire, Lucky!” Lance moaned, his lips on Lucas’ ear, the young man bucking back against him.

“Your love flows, Lancy. I need it so much tonight!” Lucas moaned, rather loudly, Lance’s hand going across his mouth.

“Shush, Lucky. We just got Finny to sleep.” Lance smiled, nibbling on his earlobe, Lucas’ body trembling, Lance’s hand wrapping around his large hard shaft, stroking it.

The two men were in the shower, the hour almost two o’clock.

The two had separated from their soulmates, many final kisses exchanged, their men walking away into the darkness, heading towards Skyler and Finn’s cabana, Skyler in their arms, Finn’s eyes following her disappearing form.

The two men had guided Finn into Lucas’ cottage, the three men spending the last night of bachelorhood together.

They’d settled down on the living room couch, the three talking as friends, Lucas’ arm around his old friend, Lance smiling at their closeness.

He saw a lot of love in the Welshman’s blue pools, seeing a romantic heart as well.

The three had talked and laughed for over an hour, Finn smiling at the love he saw in front of him as well.

He also had picked up on an unusual quietness in Lucas’ voice and eyes.

He sensed the young man missed his soulmate deeply.

Just after one, the three began yawning, Lucas smiling at his friends.

“It’s bedtime for us, guys. The morrow of our soulmate’s love awaits. We need to look rested.” he smiled, the two men smiling at him, Finn’s eyes staring at him.

Lucas saw a soft look cross his face.

“Thank you, Lucas.” he said, Lucas smiling at him.

“You don’t have anything to ask me for thanks, Finnegan. Your love with Sky you created on your own.” he smiled, Finn staring at him.

“I wanted to thank you for being in my life. For guiding me with your friendship and love.” he said, Lance smiling at both men.

He saw the look of emotional love cross Lucas’ face.

“You are my brother, Finn. My life is better with you being in it. I will always be here for you.” Lucas said, Finn staring at him with emotional love as well.

“Tonight I feel so alone, Luke. She’s only been gone for an hour and I miss her so much.” he said, Lucas’ arm going around his friend.

“I’m here, Finn. Lance as well.” Lucas said, Finn smiling at him.

“Thanks, but you’re missing something.” he said, Lance laughing.

The three laughed, Lucas smiling and slapping Finn’s head.

“I meant as friends, perv.”
Finn laughed, smiling at him.

“It’s our last night of freedom, Luke. I could give you your lost dreams.” he smiled, Lucas laughing.

“I’ve lost my hair fetish, Frankie. And I don’t do electrodes. Too hard to suck on.”

All three burst into laughter, Finn grinning widely.

“Thanks, I needed that.” he smiled, Lucas rising to his feet.

“Come on, Frankie. I’ll ready the spare room for you.” he said, Finn smiling and standing up.

“Can I sleep with you tonight, Luke? I don’t want to be alone.” he said, his blue eyes meeting Lance’s green.

“You’re welcome too, Lance.” he smiled, Lucas laughing, slapping Finn’s ass now.

“He was already there, Finny. I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for even you.”

Finn laughed, Lance smiling at Lucas.

“Oh. I don’t want to interfere then.” Finn smiled, Lance smiling at him.

“We welcome you with friendship, Finny. We’ll try and control ourselves. If Lucky can do it, it can’t be that hard. Besides, I’m a smooth groupie.”

The three laughed, Lucas smiling and guiding his friend towards his room, Lance smiling and killing the lights in the living room.

Here it was now almost an hour later, Finn sound asleep in Lucas’ bed, the two other men now in the shower.

They’d been surprised when Finn had shucked his clothes, climbing in between the two men in the bed, his muscular frame between them.

He’d cuddled against Lucas’ chest, his head going to it, Lucas smiling and wrapping his arms around him.

“I have a nice back, Bass. And you look nice and warm.” Finn had smiled, Lance smiling and snuggling against his back.

Finn had smiled, closing his eyes.

“I’m a day away, my love. And our love’s forever.” he had said, Lance and Lucas smiling at each other.

Within minutes Finn was lightly snoring, Lance smiling into Lucas’ violet pools in the moonlit room.

“He’s beautiful, Luke. In mind, body and soul.” Lance had said, Lucas smiling at him.

“But he’s a friend of love, Lance. He doesn’t give me what I need from my three of love.”
Lance smiled, leaning over Finn’s shoulder, his lips meeting with Lucas’.

They parted their lips, Lance feeling Lucas’ tongue lick his lips.

“I need you, Lance. Being so close to his beauty, being so far from our Josh’s and Justin’s, and so close to yours. I need you now.” Lucas had said, Lance smiling.

“Let’s have a wet moment, Lancy.” Lucas had smiled, gently unwrapping Finn from his body, the Welshman mumbling, then laying on his back, Lance pulling back as well.

Both men smiled, glancing over his muscular, hairy chest.

The two smiled at each other, climbing out of the bed quietly, Lucas pulling Lance into the bathroom.

Lucas now felt Lance tremble behind him, the man sinking deep into Lucas.

“Oh God, Luke! I. . .I. . .oh God!” Lance gasped, Lucas feeling the liquid love fill him, Lance’s arms wrapping around his waist and chest.

Lucas moaned, one of Lance’s hands moving to his balls, Lucas’ own passion cresting, his erection exploding, soaking his wet chest, the two men sagging against each other.

Lucas turned his head, Lance’s lips meeting his, their love coming down from its heights.

They broke their kiss, their heads going against each other, the water falling over them from the showerhead.

“Monster love. It’s fantastic!” Lucas smiled, sighing, Lance pulling out of him with a soft pop, turning the young man in his arms, Lucas’ head going against his wet, smooth chest.

Lance smiled, washing Lucas’ back with a sponge, the young man softly purring.

“Your love was needful tonight, my Lucky.” Lance said, kissing his wet forehead.

“I’ll always need your love, Lance. Especially tonight without them. Your love washes away my loneliness.”
Lance teared up, kissing him again.

“I miss them too, Lucky.”
Lucas smiled, raising his head, Lance staring into his violet pools.

“A few more hours, Lancy. Then we’ll have our dreams.”
Lance smiled, pulling the young man close.

“You could have had an old dream tonight, Luke. I think even Finn would have given into your love.”
Lucas smiled, looking towards the closed bathroom door.

“I love him, Lance. But it is--and always will be--the love of family and friendship. He’s beautiful, but he’s not my Josh, my Justin, or you.”

Lance smiled, his green eyes tearing.

“That he is, Luke. But you and our soulmates do it for me as well.”

Lucas smiled, his hands going against Lance’s smooth chest.

“I love you, Lance. Tonight will be the last night of our doubts.”

Lance stared at him.

“The only doubt I have left is the doubt of whether I’ll make it through this night without my Justin.”

Lucas smiled, kissing the man’s lips tenderly.

“I’m here, Lance. My love tonight will be enough. And you’re going to be too tired to do anything but sleep.” Lucas smiled, pushing Lance up against the shower wall, his lips meeting his again.

Lance trembled, feeling the rising need in Lucas’ center pressed against his thigh.

“Oh, Lucas! You are on fire!” Lance moaned, Lucas’ lips attaching to his right nipple, Lance feeling the man’s passion rise again.

In one motion he felt Lucas’ strong arms flip him around, Lucas going to his knees, his tongue invading Lance’s center.

The man gasped, feeling Lucas begin to devour him.

His mind filled with love, two other faces showing in its center.

He smiled, then gasped, feeling Lucas begin to own him.


The Next Morning


Lucas stirred, feeling two arms wrapped around him.

His violet pools slowly opened, staring into a handsome smooth face.

He smiled, Lance’s beauty against him.

The arms wrapped around him pulled him closer, Lucas feeling the hairiness of the warmth behind him.

He also felt the steel-like hardness firmly pressed against his boxer brief-covered ass.

He smiled, feeling Finn’s warmth around him.

Well my old dreams have almost been fulfilled.

He smiled more, leaning forward and kissing Lance’s soft lips, the man murmuring, snuggling more into Lucas’ smooth chest.

Lance’s hands moved, his arms going across Lucas’ hips, settling on Finn’s cloth covered ass.

Lucas smirked, kissing Lance’s forehead, his face against Lucas’ chest now.

Lucas was wrapped in two men’s powerful arms of masculine beauty.

I don’t think you’d mind a hairy treat either.

Lucas lightly chuckled, the man feeling Finn’s hot breath on his neck.

“Mm, babe. You feel really warm.” Finn softly said, his arm moving, one hand moving down Lucas’ thigh.

Finn felt the hairiness of Lucas’ muscular leg, his eyes suddenly opening.

Lucas’ head moved back, staring into his blue pools.

“Morning, Frankie. Is that an electrode in your pocket or were you having a nice dream? Was I in it?” he smiled, then laughed.

Finn blushed, moving a little, feeling Lance’s hands hold his ass firmly.

“You’re trapped, my friend. Lance never gives up a fine ass easily.” Lucas smiled, Finn blushing more.

“Lucas, I’m. . .” he said, Lucas smiling more, Finn seeing only mirthfulness in his violet pools.

“Relax, Finnegan. We all have dreams of those we love. I’m lucky. I have a substitute for my Josh’s love. You’ll just have to settle for just your Sky.”

Finn softy smiled, looking at Lance sleeping against Lucas’ chest.

“Lucky you, Luke. Variety is the spice of life.” he smiled, Lucas grinning.

“And I’m a sucker for a nice snack of Bass or a Timberlake steak.”
Finn now grinned, looking at Lance.
“How do I get his hands off my ass? He’s got a grip like a vice.” Finn said, Lucas smiling.

“Let me take care of that. I know how to handle monsters.” Lucas smiled, his hand moving between him and Lance, finding the warmth of Lance’s hard shaft in his briefs.

“Roll over, monster of my heart. I need you.” Lucas said, kissing his forehead again.

Lance murmured, his hands moving off Finn’s ass, the man turning onto his back, Lucas smiling and Finn watching where his hand was.

Lucas smiled at his friend.

“That gearshift controls the whole works.” he said, Finn softly laughing.

Lucas smiled, turning his own body onto his back, Finn laying beside him.

Finn’s eyes went to the window, seeing the light of morning creeping through it.

“Big day, Finny.” Lucas smiled, Finn smiling, staring into his handsome face.

“The biggest, Luke.” he said, Lucas smiling.

“We’re getting married today, Finny.”

“Yep, Luke. But not to each other. Sorry for that.” Finn smiled, Lucas laughing, lightly slapping his muscular hairy chest.

“Guess I had to settle for second best.” he smiled, Finn smiling at him.

“I love you, Luke. Thanks for being my friend.” he said, Lucas smiling, his finger going to the young man’s cheek.

“I’m not going anywhere, Finn. I’ll always be your friend. And I can’t live without your eye candy.”

Finn grinned, slapping Lucas’ smooth muscular chest.

“Want to join me in the shower? Or would you like to ravish your friend there? I can stay in there for a bit.”

“Nah, we’re good. We took care of our needs once you started snoring. And Lance says your ass tastes like salt.”

Finn blushed, Lucas laughing.

“I myself think it tastes like heaven.”
Finn laughed, slapping his chest again.

“You wish, pervs!”

Lucas smiled, Finn smiling back.

“Sky always gives me a good wash in the morning. Care to volunteer?”

Lucas smiled, staring into his friend’s blue pools.

He saw only friendship there.

“Sure thing, Finny. I’ve been told I make a great sponge.”

Finn smiled, the man moving, rising out of bed.

Lucas smiled, taking in his muscular hairy beauty.

“I love you, Luke. And I trust you. Might as well begin the day of our greatest happiness with both of our dreams coming true.”

Finn smiled, the man removing his briefs, Lucas taking in his glorifying beauty.

“Friends forever, Luke.” Finn smiled, walking towards the bathroom, Lucas’ eyes taking in his unabashed beauty.

Lucas smiled, climbing out of bed, his own briefs left on the floor beside Finn’s, the young man walking into the bathroom.

He smiled, closing the door behind him, seeing Finn’s naked body in the steamy shower.

The young man smiled walking into the shower stall, two blue pools and a smiling face meeting his.

“I love a good scrubbing, Luke.” Finn smiled, handing him a sponge filled with soap.

Lucas smiled, Finn smiling and turning his back to him.

Lucas’ eyes scanned down his smooth back, a firm smooth ass before him.

A soft trail of furry hair filled the crack, Lucas smiling.

“Less ogling, more scrubbing, biatch!”

Lucas laughed, his sponge-filled hand flowing over Finn’s beauty.


Josh opened his blue pools, staring into two other blue pools of intense beauty.

Justin’s smiling face was right in front if his, his lips meeting his, Josh feeling so much love in that kiss.

They broke their kiss, Justin smiling at Josh, Josh seeing a new look of glazed love in his blue pools.

“Morning, Joshy. I took it upon myself to greet the day with your giving love.” Justin softly moaned, his body moving upwards.

Josh felt the heat wrapped around his center, its length embedded in Justin’s center.

“Oh, Joshy! You’re the best!” Justin moaned, continuing to bob up and down on top of Josh.

Josh’s hands went to his hairy muscular thighs, guiding his own needs.

“Yeah, that’s it! Give it to me deep!” Justin moaned, his teeth biting his bottom lip, Josh’s hands moving to Justin’s smooth chest, tweaking his nipples, Justin shuddering.

Josh smiled, pulling Justin down to him, their lips meeting again.

Justin opened his mouth, Josh’s tongue invading his mouth.

Justin tasted his own liquid on Josh’s breath, knowing the two had both tasted each other’s love before they’d fallen asleep last night.

Josh had given into Justin’s clingy needs, the younger man devouring him.

They broke their heated kiss, Josh licking his chin.

“Like that, sexy?” Josh smiled, teasing his ear with his tongue.

“God yes, Joshy!” Justin moaned, Josh smiling.

“I’ve got something better, Jus. Climb off.”

Justin obeyed, feeling Josh’s length leave him, Josh rising from his laying position.

He was now on his knees, guiding Justin towards his center.

Justin engulfed Josh’s full length, Josh moaning, his hand moving down Justin’s back, the man now on all fours.

Josh found the heat of Justin’s center, burying three fingers into it.

Justin moaned, more of Josh’s center going down his throat.

Josh smiled, moving his fingers around, feeling Justin’s heat and need.

Justin bobbed on Josh’s erection, its warmth flooding his soul.

Josh’s other hand found Justin’s nipple underneath him, pinching it, Justin shuddering.

“You’re on fire, Timberlake.” Josh smiled, pulling his erection out of Justin’s mouth, slapping it against his nose and cheek.

“You’ve got me hard, stud. What do you want me to do with this?”
“Take me, Josh! Own me!” Justin moaned, Josh smiling and lifting his erection, Justin taking his balls into his mouth, sucking both.

“Mm, Jus. You’re so good! But I need more.” Josh said, moving off the bed, Justin whimpering, lowering his head to the sheets, still on all fours, his ass now higher in the air.

Josh smiled down at it, standing on the edge of the bed behind his lover.

“Damn that’s hot. Your hole’s leaking its need.” Josh said, his fingers rubbing against Justin’s wet rosebud.

He moved his fingers forward, Justin devouring them.

Josh smiled, his erection against Justin’s center.

“I love you, Jus. I’m going to own you now and always.” Josh said, burying his shaft deep into him in one smooth slow thrust, Justin gasping, his body trembling.

“God, Josh! You feel huge! You’re one of the best!” Justin moaned, Josh smiling, beginning a slow rhythm, pulling the younger man up from the bed, wrapping his arms around him, both men on their knees, their passion taking over.

For ten minutes Josh owned him, Justin’s body given over to his experienced touch and possession.

Both men exploded together, Josh’s hand covered with Justin’s juices, both men feeding off it, their passion abated.

They collapsed together, Justin pulling off of Josh, turning around and snuggling against him.

“As moving as ever. Your love and passion only gets better, my Josh.” Justin smiled, Josh’s lips tenderly kissing him.

“Lucas’ talents are rubbing off on me. And on you. You’re even better, too.” Josh smiled, Justin pulling him close.

“Lance’s love echoes in my heart and skills, Joshy. His passion makes mine greater.” Justin said, Josh smiling at his old friend.

“Look at us. We’ve both changed so much.” Josh said, Justin smiling into his blue pools.

“Our love hasn’t changed. Your love is as beautiful as that first night I experienced it.” Justin said, Josh smiling, feeling Justin’s hand wrap around his flaccid center.

“Still our loving horndog.” Josh smiled, Justin smiling.

“Your beauty and theirs does it for me. I need it all.” Justin said, Josh smiling and seeing the honest feelings showing on Justin’s handsome face.

“We know, Jus. We know we own your love.”
Justin smiled, looking into his friend’s blue pools.

“What do you think Lucky’s got planned for us today?” he smiled, Josh smiling, his eyes looking towards the window showing the morning’s rays of sunshine.

“I haven’t any clue, Jus. But I know it will be drenched in his love. A love I can’t wait to experience.” Josh said, Justin smiling, seeing the honest emotion on his friend’s face.

“We all love you, Josh. We all see your total love for him, and for us.”
Josh smiled, staring into his friend’s blue pools.

“I miss his touch. And Lance’s.” Josh said, Justin nodding his head, his hand pulling on Josh’s shaft, his other hand running across his chest.

“I miss their love.” Justin said, Josh smiling, pulling him close.

“A few hours, my Jus. They’ll be in our arms again.” he smiled, Justin smiling.

“Right now I need to be inside you, Josh. Your warmth always floods my soul with love.”
Josh smiled, moving, now on top of Justin’s smooth naked body.

“And what makes you think I’ll give into your needs so easily?” he smiled, Justin smiling up at him.

‘You love me. That’s reason enough.”
Josh laughed, smiling at him.

“Let’s get wet, horndog. My ass, my love, and all of me, is yours for the day.”

Justin grinned, Josh climbing out of bed, the two smiling at each other, running towards the bathroom.


Nick’s blue pools opened, feeling a heat against him and behind him.

And in him.

He smiled, feeling two arms wrap around him more, two others moving down his legs.

“I awake in heaven, assaulted by angels.” he smiled, two lips kissing his neck.

“You sleep too much, beautiful. We moved on our own. Your love we needed.”
Nick smiled, Gio’s lips kissing his earlobe.

He felt Gio’s full length hardness sunken deep within him.

He felt two other lips on his nipple, a hand wrapped around his morning hardness.

“Good morning to my two horny angels. Oh God, Gio!” Nick moaned, feeling the hardness sink deeper.

He felt Gideon’s lips move off his nipple, meeting his own, a tongue pushing against them.

Nick opened his mouth, Gideon’s tongue invading it.

He felt their passion surround him.

Gideon broke their kiss, their eyes meeting.

“Good morning, my ringed husband.” Gideon smiled, Nick smiling at the ring showing on Gideon’s hands, it moving against his cheek.

He and Gio wore the identical rings, the three having found them on their bed when they’d walked into their bedroom last night, an envelope accompanying their three boxes.

Nick smiled, remembering Lucas’ words of love.

And the love the three showed to each other, their truthful love as real as the other threesome of love.

All three had donned their rings, their love and truths leading them to hours of passion and opening love.

Gio moved, Nick feeling his hardness pulling out of him, Nick moaning at the loss.

The man felt his body being moved, lips against his again.

He felt his center fill again with a different hardness, this longer but thinner than Gio’s.

He opened his eyes again, staring into Gideon’s blue pools, his body on top of him.

He saw a smiling Gio over Gideon’s shoulder, the singer feeling their dual weight on top of him.

He felt a movement against Gideon’s hardness, another hardness joining his in Nick’s center.

Nick gasped, feeling the fullness of their joined love.

All three trembled, feeling the emotions flood their souls, all three sets of eyes sparkling with new love.

They’d found this treasure of ecstasy last night, Nick and Gio claiming Gideon’s love in the same way.

Lucas’ love and his giving rings of love had united their love in new ways.

Nick moaned, feeling the newness of their connected love.

“Oh God, babes! You’re amazing! Don’t stop! I need more, Gio!” Nick gasped, Gio smiling, burying his shaft deeper into Nick’s center, the man feeling Gideon’s shaft against his.

Gideon moaned between the two, Gio’s lips on his earlobe, his hands on Gideon’s nipples, Nick’s hands on Gio’s ass.

The three continued their passion, their love flowing to its rising edge.

The three exploded together, Nick feeling his lovers’ wetness fill him together, Nick’s own wetness covering his smooth chest.

Gideon felt Gio’s hardness move off of his, Gideon pulling his own out of Nick.

The two men moved to Nick’s sides, both devouring the wetness across his chest, Gio drinking from its source, Nick overcome with emotion, their lovemaking so much greater now.

The two raised their heads, both singularly kissing Nick, then each other.

“This is so new! So amazing! It’s like we’re experiencing our love anew.” Gio said, Nick’s hands rubbing his sweaty muscled chest.

“It’s the magic of Lucas’ giving love. I think it’s in these rings.” Gideon said, the other two looking at him.

“You feel his magic?” Nick said, Gideon smiling at him.

“At each moment that we’ve crested the edge of our passion since we put these rings on, I’ve felt a deep emotion coming from my ring. It’s like the love within us has doubled.” Gideon said, Gio smiling at him.

“Well you are of his family, so you would feel magic more than us. All I feel is our love like that as well. When you both make love to me now it’s like it’s unending.” Gio smiled, Nick smiling as well.

“Goes ditto for me. I think we’re going to kill each other.”

All three laughed, Gio kissing Nick’s warm lips.

“What a way to go.” he smiled, Gideon’s hand now on the Cuban’s firm, smooth ass cheek.

“I’m hungry. I think I’ll clean my two men out of their filled love. Then I’m cooking breakfast for my husbands.”

“To my center then the kitchen, biatch!” Gio smiled, Nick laughing, Gideon grinning and diving into Gio’s ass, the young Cuban gasping.

Nick smiled, his lips meeting his.

“I’m hungry too.” Nick smiled, diving onto Gio’s rising shaft.

The young man gasped, his face showing a wide smile of love.


Lucas smiled, walking into the kitchen, a young smiling face greeting his, two other youthful arms of love wrapping around him.

“Morning, Dad! Your wedding day!” Colton grinned, his lips meeting Lucas’, Lucas feeling his youthful love.

“Morning, Colt. You’re lucky. You got to taste Timberlake heaven this morning. Lance and I are lost without it.” Lucas smiled, Jonathan blushing from the stove, Colton smiling at his boyfriend.

“Yeah, I had to climb over Josh to get to Justin. He tasted as good as Jonah.” Colton smiled, his eyes meeting Jonathan’s.

Lucas laughed, slapping Colton’s ass.

“I’m sure my Josh wouldn’t give up our Justin so easily. And there’s something to be said about Jonathan over there. He’s like a younger version of Justin.” Lucas smiled, Jonathan smiling and walking up to them, Jonathan hugging Lucas, kissing his cheek, his hand rubbing Lucas’ left butt cheek.

“And I’m sure you’re like an older version of my Colty.” he winked, Lucas grinning.

“Indeed. But I don’t have his gusto for your beauty.”

Colton smiled, his arm going around his man, Lucas’ body suddenly wrapped in a vision of youthful happiness that had moved from the kitchen table.

“Morning, Dad! I’m going to be your flower girl today!” Rosa Sharon grinned.

“Yep, our little angel. You’re going to be everyone’s flower girl today.” Lucas smiled, leaning down and kissing the girl’s cheek.

“Love’s beautiful, Dad. Your love amazes even him.” she smiled, walking back to the table, Lucas staring after her.
“Sit down, Dad. We have breakfast at hand.” Colton smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

“How are Josh and Justin doing, Colt and Jon?” he said, the two young men smiling at him.

“From the sounds coming from their bedroom last night, and the bathroom this morning, I’d say they’re doing great.” Jonathan smiled, Colton giggling.

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

“I knew they’d keep each other happy.” he smiled, two arms wrapping around him, kissing his cheek.

“And you’re just as comforting, Lucky.” Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

“Damn, and here I thought it was Finny.” he smiled, Lance slapping his ass.

“No such luck. He’s changing. And he looks extremely relaxed.” Lance smiled, winking at Lucas.

Lucas smiled, walking over to the table, his hand in Lance’s, the two sitting down with Rosa Sharon.

“That’s because I’m marrying my angel today.” Finn said, walking into the kitchen.

Lucas smiled at him, Finn’s eyes meeting his, the young man smiling.

“You take forever to dress, Finny.” Colton smirked, the young man wrapped in Finn’s strong arms, the older man kissing his cheek.

“Beauty takes forever to get just right. Just look at Jonathan. I don’t envy you his preening ways. He’s Justin junior.”

Jonathan blushed, Colton’s arms moving around him.

“He’s perfect. You can’t rush perfection.” Colton smiled, Finn smiling, kissing Jonathan’s cheek.

“Most Timberlakes think they are.” Finn laughed, Lance grinning at him.

“I’d have thought Luke would be longer. He had to pick all those hairs out of his teeth.”

Colton and Jonathan burst into laughter, Finn blushing, sitting down at the table.

Lucas’ hand went on top of his, smiling at him.

“They’re just jealous, Finny. God’s beauty fills all envious hearts.”

Finn smiled, the others smiling at him and Luke.

“Okay, I’m starving! Where are your mushroom omelets, Jonny?” Lucas smiled, Jonathan smiling at him, setting a platter down on the table.

“Right here, Lukey.” he smiled, he and Colton setting other platters down, joining their friends.

“Let’s dive in then! It’s going to be a long, energetic, loving day.” Lucas smiled, his violet pools softly glowing with love.

Lance smiled at him, his eyes going to Finn’s blue.

The Welshman smiled, diving into his breakfast.


The day continued, breakfasts joined in loving family happiness, Lucas taking care of everyone’s needs as usual.

Twenty visions of upcoming matrimonial love were kept separate, their love and need for their soulmates felt by everyone surrounding them.

Lucas seemed to be the most calmed, the young man visiting everyone but his Josh at Colton’s cabana.

He did meet with Justin for a few minutes, the two kissing in secluded love in the forested area behind their cottage.

The young man held Justin close, the man feeling his love and emotional needs.

“Your Lance loves you, Jus. His love calmed me all night, as mine did him.” Lucas said, Justin kissing his neck.

“I need him so much, Lucas. I love him so much.” Justin said, Lucas smiling and holding him close.

“And what am I?”

Justin smiled, his lips meeting his.

“You are beautiful, that’s what you are. And I need you.” Justin said, going to his knees, Lucas about to stop him, then giving into the needful love he saw in Justin’s blue pools.

“You’ll taste him on me, Jus. That’ll hold you.”
Justin smiled, diving onto Lucas’ rising hardness, the young man moaning with total love.

The two had a short emotional half hour of forested love, Justin calmed by Lucas’ giving love, Justin’s giving love going away with Lucas in his soul and in his filled ass.

The beach and cabanas were overflowing with love and happiness all day, everyone dining together as best they could.

The six souls of yesterday’s love walked onto the veranda of Colton’s cabana, Justin and Josh both smiling at all six.

“They can still walk! And you thought the honeymoon would kill them, Chris? You owe me twenty bucks!” Joey grinned, Chris rolling his eyes, pulling out his wallet, Piney rolling his eyes at Josh.

Adam hugged everyone, Josh seeing the happiness in his blue eyes, the other five hugging everyone joined for lunch at Colton’s cabana.

The two Chrises were there, Josh and Justin surrounded by their and Joey’s friendship, Grayson and Emerson there as well.

“You all look exceptionally happy. Married life agrees with all of us.” Emerson smiled, Grayson smiling at his brother.

“I have so much to look forward to.” he said, Adam smiling at him.

“If your nephew has anything to do with today’s beauty, your life is going to be unbelievable.” Gio said, smiling at his husbands.

Grayson smiled at the young man, his eyes catching the golden ring on his left ring finger.

His blue pools widened suddenly, staring at it, then going around all the other five, seeing each with almost the same ring on their fingers.

“It. . .it can’t be.” he softly said, Emerson staring at his friend.

“Can’t be what, Gray?” Emerson said, the man looking at him.

“It can’t be any more believable, Emerson. My love for Gabriel, I mean.” he said, a smile showing on his face.

Emerson nodded, staring at him for a moment, then smiling again.

“Love grows, Gray. Your life ahead will be filled with sunshine.” Emerson said, the lawyer smiling at him.

His eyes met Adam’s blue pools, the younger man seated between his two husbands on a settee.

“Those rings are beautiful, guys. Where’d you get them? You didn’t use rings in the ceremony yesterday.” Chris said, lifting Gio’s hand beside him.

The six men smiled, looking at their soulmates.

“They were a gift from Lucas. They were in our cabanas last night when we entered them. Along with a note of touching love. They are our commitments to each other. Our ‘rings of united love,’ as Lucas said.” Adam smiled, Usher kissing his lips, Pierce smiling at his men.

Josh and Justin smiled at each other, Grayson’s eyes on the rings.

“Excuse me, everyone. I need to talk to Lucas about something myself.” Grayson said, the man rising from his seat, Emerson smiling up at him.

“Hurry back, Gray. We’ll hold lunch.” Josh said, Grayson softly smiling at him.

“I won’t be long. I hope.” he said, walking off the veranda, Emerson’s eyes following him.


Grayson walked into Lucas’ cottage, finding the place empty, walking through it into Lucas’ bedroom.

He scanned the room, walking over to the closet, opening the door, scanning its contents, not finding what he searched for.

He closed the door, walking over to the nightstand, opening its drawer, searching quickly through it, not finding anything there as well.

The lawyer sighed, closing the drawer, scanning the room.

He saw two suitcases sitting on a chair by the door.

Grayson walked over to them, opening up both, his eyes drawn to an old journal laying in the center of Lucas’ clothes in the second one.

Grayson picked up the journal, walking over to the chair by the window, sitting down after scanning out the window.

He opened the old journal, seeing the rich old writing on the front page, his eyes drawn to the portrait etched on its surface.

“Your father’s love shines in your eyes, Gray. And your magic’s truth shines at your seeing that portrait.”

Grayson’s blue pools raised, staring into two violet pools, Lucas standing in the doorway.

“I was wondering how long it would take your loving soul to search out for answers.” Lucas said, Grayson staring at him, the lawyer rising from his seat.

“I. . .I walked in. . .and no one. . .” he began to stutter, Lucas walking across the room, his hand going to the older man’s shoulder.

“I think it’s time you and I had a long talk soon, Uncle. I take it you’ve seen the rings?”

Grayson stared at the young man, seeing his eyes now softly glowing.

“I need. . .I need answers, Lucas!” he said, his eyes filling with tears.

“You have his love, Gray. Today that’s enough. Tomorrow we’ll have a talk of truth. And I am just the one to calm your searching soul.” Lucas said, taking the journal from Grayson’s hands.

“Father’s book. . .he wrote. . .”
“He wrote truth. And he wrote of the true path without realizing it, Uncle Gray. That is the secret hiding within its pages. Even your magical eyes will not see it. It was there for me alone.”

“You’ve. . .you’ve found the treasures. . .you don’t know what you’re toying with.” Grayson said, Lucas smiling at him.

“I am only toying with hearts, Grayson Carlisle.” Lucas said, Grayson’s eyes filling with tears.

“He loves me, Lucas! How can he. . .he cannot know the truth.”

Lucas smiled, pulling the older man closer.

“He has your love, Gray. For him that will always be enough.”
“I love him, Lucas. Will you. . .?”

“I will do what needs to be done for love. For yours and his. And for all of theirs. Adam and his soulmates--and Nick and his--have their true love today. For that I’ll always walk paths of danger. Let me deal with what I know lurks behind the shadows.”
“They will not like it, Lucas.”
“My family will see with their hearts, not their heritage, Grayson. Today, love takes precedence over everything. Tomorrow. the true path begins. You need to go back to my Josh. Please give him this.” Lucas said, pulling an envelope out of his pocket, offering it to Grayson.

The man took it, watching as Lucas threw the book towards the bed, the old journal disappearing before it even hit the blankets.

Grayson’s eyes met his now glowing green, the older man lowering his eyes, quietly walking out of the room.

Lucas stared after him, the young man sighing, looking towards the bed.

He sighed again, walking out of his bedroom.

Outside the window, two blue pools stared into the room, a large smile forming on a handsome face.

The vision of masculine beauty disappeared in the afternoon sunshine.



End of Chapter 166


Wow, interesting!
What’s going on between Grayson and Lucas?

It seems a vision of magic is watching them.


The day of marital love finally arrives for our four of love.

And sixteen others.

The morning started with needful love.

Josh and Justin joining their love and desires as always.

Lance and Lucas wrapped in each other’s love.


An old dream of Lucas’ heart may have reached its reality.

He and Finn showered with brotherly love.

How far did that go?                                                            


Lucas seems calm, focused on all surrounding him.

Including Grayson’s searching need.

Where did those six rings come from?
Grayson spoke of treasures?

And Lucas spoke of danger?


Sorry for taking so long to join our two twosomes of love.

I just had to build some mystery and magic around everything.


Let’s walk forward on a day of love.

It may be magical.


Hugs, Angel.