Yesterday's End-167


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 167


Lance smiled, adjusting the bowtie on Chris' neck.

"There, buddy! You look perfect." Lance smiled, Chris smiling back at him.

The man wore a dark navy tuxedo, a matching tie and cummerbund.

"I feel like a penguin." he said, looking at himself in the mirror.

"A fine looking, dashing penguin, but still a penguin." he smiled, Lance smirking.

"We'll get you an iceberg to sit on." Lucas smiled, walking into the bedroom.

Chris smiled at him, the young man wearing an all black suit.

"Speaking of penguins, you look amazing, Luke." Chris smiled, Lucas smiling at him, the young man carrying a small box.

"Not as handsome as the bride, but I get by." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing, Chris blushing.

"I'm the groom, Piney's my bride." he smiled, looking at himself again.

"Your boutonniere, Testosterone Boy." Lucas smiled, opening the box in his hand, Chris smiling and seeing a blue rose boutonniere.

"Blue like Chris' eyes. Excellent!" Chris smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I wanted all of you to match. You in a blue tux, Piney in walrus grey." Lucas smiled, Lance laughing more, Chris blushing more.

"Ha. . .ha, Carver. You're just jealous at how amazing I look. I hope Chris likes it." Chris said, the man staring at himself in the mirror.

Lucas smiled, pinning the boutonniere onto Chris' lapel, kissing his cheek.

"He's marrying you, Chris. I think he likes what he sees. Inside and out." Lucas smiled, Chris smiling more.

"He loves me, Luke. And I love him." he smiled, Lance smiling at his old friend.

"You're going to be the first of our old bandmates to marry, beside Joey, I mean." Lance smiled.

"The first today, yes. By the end of the day N*Sync will be old married men." Lucas smiled at him, Lance and Chris smiling.

"How are the preparations going, Luke?" Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him and Chris.
"I've everything ready for today's first half of love. Just finished walking around and handed out the flowers. Everyone's almost ready. It's one-thirty. We should be going guys." Lucas smiled, setting down the empty box on the nightstand.

"How's my Chris doing?" Chris asked, Lucas smiling at his concerned face.

"He's as nervous as you, Chris. But his friends surround him. Josh and Justin are helping him get ready." Lucas smiled, Chris smiling at him.

"I think I'm ready." Chris said, Lance smiling at his friend.

"You look very handsome, Chris. Piney won't be able to keep his eyes off you." Lance smiled, Chris smiling back, hugging his old friend.

He smiled at Lucas, the young man opening his arms, Chris hugging him.

"Thank you, Lucas. For all this amazing week. For today's assured beauty.  For what you're doing for both of us." Chris said, Lance seeing soft tears in his eyes, Lucas' handsome face showing its usual blushing uncomfortableness.

"Your love is making this day beautiful, Chris. And the years ahead for both of you will be amazing."

Chris smiled, releasing the young man in his arms, Lucas smiling at him.

A knock came to the door, Colton smiling and walking into the room.

"Everyone's ready, Luke. I need a picture of the groom first." he smiled, his camera around his neck.

Chris smiled, his arms going around Lance and Lucas.

"Snap away, Colton." he smiled, Colton smiling and taking the picture, all three smiling.

"Onward to happiness, Christopher. Your Chris awaits." Lucas smiled, Chris smiling widely, he the first to leave the room.


Lucas smiled, standing at the back of the pews, all the wooden seats filled with happiness and love.

The newly married six from yesterday were front and center, their families surrounding them.

He saw all their faces of happiness, the young man having been hugged by all six all day, their happiness showing on their smiling faces.

Everyone filled the pews, the pews now in a different arrangement.

Everyone marveled at the changes, taking in the reflecting devotion to God's love in their appearance.

They were now aligned in a traditional setting, all now dark oak pews, arranged in forward facing lines, two sides with a long aisle between them.

The front altar was changed as well, the traditional look a symbol of Lewis' godly devotion.

A tall wooden cross stood behind the altar, the waterfall behind it.

Lucas smiled, knowing the minister would be moved by its churchlike beauty.

He also knew the others were traditional in values as well.

Lucas felt a hand go to his shoulder, Randall smiling at him.

"Everything's ready, Lucas." he smiled, the man wearing a dark brown suit, a bible in his hand.

"Great, Randall."  Lucas smiled, looking behind him.

Gabriel, Chris, Myles and Jacques stood behind Randall, Lucas smiling at all four standing in tuxedos.

Gabriel's and Jacques' were traditional black, Chris' navy blue, Myles' a soft grey.

Gabriel's sister Marjorie stood beside him, Tristan standing beside Jacques.

Joey stood beside Chris, smiling at his best friend.

Myles' parents surrounded him, the man smiling.

In the earlier discussion on the first day at the pool Lucas had forgotten the two, including them in the first trio of loving couples, making them a quartet of dual love.

Rosa Sharon smiled up at Lucas, the young girl carrying her basket again.

Randall smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"Let's begin everyone. The path of love moves again." he smiled, Randall smiling and walking down the aisle towards the altar.

Justin and Josh were on a small platform again, Lance with them as well.

Josh's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

All of today's grooms were in attendance, Lucas knowing they'd all want to see all the different ceremonies.

Tradition in a way was still being upheld, the partners of love still separated but in full view of each other, no words spoken between them.

Technically it was their wedding, they could be shown before each other, but they were alone in their thoughts for their wedding day.

Randall smiled at all three on the bandstand, winking at his son, smiling and walking up onto the altar, staring out at everyone.

"God's uniting love begins again, everyone. Please rise." he smiled, the audience rising to their feet, the band beginning to play soft music, everyone recognizing the music as Justin sang I Honesty Love You, its musical beauty filling the warm sunshine.

Everyone turned, Rosa Sharon smiling and walking down the aisle, the girl tossing rose petals ahead of her.

Everyone smiled seeing Gabriel walking down the aisle, his arm entwined with his sister, both older siblings smiling widely.

The two walked to the end of the aisle, Marjorie kissing her brother's cheek, wiping her eyes, standing at the front pew, Gabriel walking up onto the altar, standing on Randall's right.

Rosa Sharon smiled, walking back down the aisle, everyone smiling at her, her movements youthful and happy.

The music continued, Rosa Sharon smiling and beginning to walk the aisle again, this time Jacques and Tristan walking behind her, Jacques' face showing a calm smile, Tristan smiling at his friend.

The two hugged at the end of the aisle, Jacques joining Gabriel on the right side of the altar, Rosa Sharon heading up the aisle again.

Randall smiled after her, then smiled at the grooms.

A few moments later Rosa Sharon was walking forward again, her petal-strewn path now walked by Chris and Joey, the two men arm-in-arm.

At the end of the aisle Chris hugged Joey, the man smiling, Rosa Sharon walking back down the aisle, Chris walking to Randall's left side.

The grooms smiled at each other, all three looking forward, awaiting their loves.

A few moments later Myles walked down the aisle behind Rosa Sharon, his parents on both sides of him.

Horace and Mavis were beaming, the man between them smiling with deep love.

Randall smiled at the man, his parents hugging him and kissing his cheeks, the man walking up onto the altar, standing beside Chris.

Justin smiled, his father nodding at him as the song ended.

Then Lance's rich voice filled the quiet outdoor church again, his rendition of I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You soft and romantic, the melody flooding the sunshine.

All eyes turned back down the aisle, Rosa Sharon's smile wide and love-filled, Grayson walking behind her, the man surrounded by Emerson and Francesca, both wearing wide smiles.

Grayson's eyes were on Gabriel's, the judge's eyes filled with tears of love, awaiting his soulmate.

In front of the altar Emerson and Francesca both kissed Grayson's cheeks, Grayson hugging his brother, Emerson smiling and guiding him to Gabriel's side, the two joining hands.

Rosa Sharon smiled at Randall, the girl walking back down the aisle, Emerson following her.

Lance smiled, continuing to sing, Josh and Justin joining him on the chorus.

A few moments later Rosa Sharon was walking again, this time Lewis and Lucas walking down the aisle.

Jacques stared at his man, his blue eyes filling with tears.

Lewis looked around the small outdoor church, Lucas kissing his cheek, whispering in his ear.

"God's servant needed to marry in his house of devotion, under God's ever more beautiful sunshine."

Lewis teared up, the two ending their walk, Jacques walking forward and taking Lewis' hand, the two smiling at each other with deep love.

Lucas smiled at his Josh, the man smiling back, continuing to sing.

Lucas stood beside his father, Tristan smiling at him, the two in the front pew.

Rosa Sharon smiled, walking back up the aisle.

A few moments later she walked down again, the aisle now deeply full of rose petals, two others walking behind her.

Chris' blue eyes met two pools of shining blue, Chris Pine walking with his father.

The two walked down the aisle, Chris smiling at his man with love.

The two stopped at the end of the aisle, hugging each other tightly, Colton smiling and snapping photos, the young man having been photographing every groom on their treks of love.

Chris smiled at his Piney, taking in his light blue vision of love, his tuxedo a soft blue.

Chris walked forward, Piney's hand going in his, the two joining the other couples in front of Randall on the altar on his left side.

A few moments later Rosa Sharon was on her last trek, the young girl walking in front of Abraham and Emerson.

Myles' blue eyes were locked with Abraham's, the man wearing an identical grey tuxedo to his.

Both smiled at each other, the distance between them shortening.

Randall was smiling widely, seeing his old friend walking to his happiness.

Emerson hugged his friend at the altar, rejoining his wife in the second pew, Abraham's hand joining Myles', both smiling at each other with love as they joined the two Chrises on Randall's left.

All eight were staring at their soulmate, their love showing deeply.

"Eight of love join in God's sunshine, in his earthy house of devotion and love. You may all be seated." Randall smiled, everyone sitting down.

Lucas sat down between his father and Colton in the front pew, Rosa Sharon climbing into Lucas' lap, the young man smiling at her.

Randall smiled at the young girl, she beaming with happiness.

"Thank you, little angel of love. Your rose covered path has guided them all to their happiness." Randall said, everyone smiling at the little girl.

The eight grooms smiled back at her, Rosa Sharon beaming proudly, Colton smiling at his sister.

Randall smiled at the eight standing now in front of him.

"Before us we see four coupled visions of joined love. Eight men who at one time were lost in loneliness, or were lost in hearts of denied love. Today they stand together with hearts now filled with deep love. The love for the other they now are joined here with. Four couples of older virtues, but no less loving. And all ready to take the path of joined love."

"I'm not that old or virtuous, Randall." Chris smiled, Randall smiling.

"Got that right!" Piney said, people behind them laughing.

Randall laughed, continuing.

"I'll correct that then. Eight of youthful love and happiness."

All eight smiled, looking at their soulmates.

"Today we join your twosomes of love under God's love. We see his love shining all around us. In the natural beauty surrounding us, and in the faces of all your families and friends joined here today with you to celebrate your uniting love. One of those friends stands out with his remarkable magical, giving heart. He'd like to say a blessing upon all eight of you. You have their attention, Lucas." Randall smiled, Lucas smiling and rising from his seat--Rosa Sharon now in Colton's lap--walking up onto the altar.

Josh's blue eyes followed his love, seeing the happiness on Lucas' handsome face.

The suit of black he wore seemed to make his beauty shine in the sunlight.

Lucas smiled, standing in front of the eight men, Randall smiling behind him at the dais.

"Hello, my friends and family. Hello, couples of gathered loves. I see before myself four sets of soulmates. Each of you has walked your own path of loneliness, of searching need. Grayson and Gabriel's love spanned over twenty years of loss, their love denied. Love is real, my friends. It can never be lost."

Grayson and Gabriel smiled into each other's eyes, their hands squeezing together.

"Chris and Chris share a love of shining truth. In each other's soul they see what they need, the other making him see what life is. Life is love, my friends."

Chris smiled with love at his soulmate, Piney smiling back.

"And the third and fourth of our couples are two sets of loving men who've known each other for years. They, too, had a separation of loneliness. Lewis' and Jacques' a path of sacrificial separation, my own father their dearest friend. Myles and Abraham shared a life together, Myles lost in the darkness of their joined guilt. The past is as it was. Life is a path of surprises. Here in the sunshine of your midlife you have found each other again. And the love lying dormant has exploded into reality. You'll make up for lost time, no doubt."

Jacques laughed heartily, Lewis blushing but smiling, Lucas smiling at them all.

Myles and Abraham smiled at each other, Myles staring at his man with deep love.

Others laughed behind them, the air filled with happiness.

"Eight souls who today offer their hearts to each other. Today life begins for all of you. Love is the essence of life. I offer all of you a blessing from all of our hearts today. Behind you are your friends and family. We are all blessed to know you and love you. And you will be loved by all of us. As we will see your love blossom before us. Go forward with love, life and happiness. Discover all that love can be." Lucas said, the young man smiling, stepping off the altar, all eight grooms smiling at him with tearful love.

Randall smiled, walking around the dais, standing in front of the eight.

"Words of love and truth given by our dear friend. Lucas is correct. Marriage is a path of discovery. All eight of you have known your partner for a long time. The love in your heart is seasoned with the normalcy of your own selves. Love is set in your hearts for they you love. The path continues for all of you. Let's now join that path forever."
All eight smiled, looking into their soulmate's eyes of love.

"Turn and face each other, and join both hands." Randall smiled, all four couples now facing each other.

"Do we have the rings?" Randall said, Emerson, Tristan, Joey and Lucas each walking forward, handing each of the grooms a golden ring.

Randall smiled, each couple staring at each other.

"One of you each place a ring on your partner's finger and repeat after me these words of devotion. Let's start with you, the apparent youthful soul of all of you."
Chris beamed, Randall smiling at him, Chris Pine placing the ring on Chris' finger, then looking at his soulmate with love.

"I, Christopher Pine, love you, my Chris. Today I promise to love you forever. To cherish your heart, to be faithful to your love. We today join in our love for each other. I promise today to love you with all my giving heart."

Chris Pine smiled, staring at the love of his life.
He quickly repeated the words, Chris smiling at him with tearful love.

Randall smiled, looking at Chris, the man nodding his head.

"I, Christopher Pine, love you, my Chris. Today I. . ." Chris Kirkpatrick grinned, Randall laughing, his hand finding the back of Chris' head.

The audience filled with laughter, Chris Kirkpatrick smiling widely.

"Well, you said repeat it. Couldn't resist, Randall." Chris smiled widely, rubbing his head, Randall laughing.

Joey was laughing, yelling from the front pew.
"Good aim, Randall!"

Others laughed again, Randall joining them, Chris smiling at his Chris.

"You love me for my humor, my love." he smiled, Piney smiling at him.

"Don't ever change, my Chris." he smiled, Randall smiling again at Chris, the man smiling at his soulmate.

"I, Christopher Kirkpatrick, your mirthful angel, love you, my Chris. Today I promise to love you forever. To cherish your heart, to be faithful to your love. We today join in our love for each other. I promise today to love you with all my giving, joking heart."

Randall smiled, nodding at both men.

"Seal your newfound bond with a kiss of love. God's love shines in your hearts." Randall smiled, the two men kissing deeply, the applause filling the clearing.

Randall smiled, continuing on to the next couple.

Within a few minutes all eight had said their words of devotion, their lips meeting in a joining of love, happiness, and faith.

Lewis' and Jacques' was the most emotional devotion, both teary-eyed and emotional.

Randall finished the last two, Myles and Abraham parting from their kiss, the applause again filling the clearing.

Randall smiled at his old friend, seeing the happiness on Abraham's face.

"In the beauty of God's earthy love, in the warmth of your families' hearts, today I pronounce you couples of marital love. Go with God's love in your heart. Love fills you." Randall smiled, the eight smiling widely, Randall smiling as the eight turned, their families and friends rising from their seats, the applause louder.

Randall smiled, guiding the first couple to a table set up off the altar, the words of love witnessed and written.

While they signed their marital books, Justin and Lance sang another song, this time You Are So Beautiful filling the clearing, their voices of love rich and love-filled.

Lucas smiled, the young man looking towards Josh, his blue pools locked on his as he played a guitar.

Lucas smiled, the young man closing his softly glowing violet pools, his mind hearing the gasps and awes surrounding him.

The grooms had just finished their signings, all eight just walking to the middle of the altar, Chris the first to gasp.

The moment Lucas had closed his glowing eyes, the church-like clearing had began to blossom with now showing roses.

Everyone in their seats was staring at the aisle between them, all of Rosa Sharon's rose petals having magically turned to real full roses.

Large rose bushes had appeared at the end of each pew, the bushes at least six feet tall, covered in different colored roses.

All eight grooms stared at the flowery bushes with shocked eyes, Chris pointing upwards.

The sky above them was filling with rose petals, the clearing beginning to be blanketed in flowery rain.

"It's raining rose petals!" Chris stuttered, Lucas opening his violet pools, all eight staring at his handsome smiling face in the front pew.

"God's flowers blossom as your love does. The tears of your happiness are falling from heaven in flowery love." he said, the eight tearing up, rose petals now covering their shoulders and everyone else.

Randall stared in awed wonder, his blue eyes looking out at the people before him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you four couples of joined loves. May their love bloom always." he said, everyone cheering, the eight smiling, joining arms and walking down the aisle as couples, their families crying with happiness and following them.

Josh's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling, his father's arm going around him, the two walking down the aisle with others.


The area behind the clearing was now filled with happiness, the four couples surrounded by their families, a small area of celebratory love created by Lucas.

Everyone was walking around, hugging the eight, congratulating them, the eight wearing wide smiles of love.

A small buffet of light sandwiches and punch had been set up on a white covered table, everyone smiling and helping themselves.

Josh and Lucas' eyes had met often, the two congratulating the couples separately.

The other future grooms of the day were doing the same, keeping separate from their loves with yearning love.

Their eyes met often, their friends and families surrounding them.

Lucas felt a hand go his shoulder, the young man turning around.

He stared into Justin's blue pools, the young man smiling at him with love.

"You're amazing, Lucas. The beauty of what you've shown these last few days. The love continues to grow more amazing with each wedding."
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"You ain't seen nothing yet, beautiful." he smiled, Justin smiling with love.

Their eyes went to their soulmates, Lance filling a cup of punch for Josh, the man standing beside him.

"They're so close, yet so far." Justin said, Lucas smiling, his arm going around him.

"Eye candy for the soul, my Jus. They've never looked more beautiful." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"I'd say the same for you, Luke. I so want you."

"Wow. Getting married today and he's making advances to one of the best men? You sir, are a slut."
Justin laughed, smiling widely.

"But I'm your slut, so it's okay." he beamed, Lucas smiling and staring at him.

Justin saw a deep look of shining love in his violet pools, the man lost in their beauty.

"You're so much more, Justin. So much more." Lucas said, the young man kissing his lips.

"I love you, Justin." Lucas said, the young man releasing him, walking away from him and walking up to Lewis and Jacques.

Justin stared after him, the man feeling a hand going to his shoulder.

He turned, staring into two blue pools.

"Have you pried anything out of him?" Finn smiled, looking towards the church area.

"No nothing. He says we haven't seen anything yet." Justin smiled, Finn smiling.

"The boy's amazing. What we've already seen, what the magic's shown." Finn said, his eyes looking towards Skyler, she holding her daughter, her mother beside her holding Julian, her eyes meeting his with a soft smile.

"I think we're in for an amazing day, Finny." Justin said, Finn smiling.

"His love is unbelievable, Justin. And his hands are even amazing." Finn smiled, Justin staring at him.

The young Welshman grinned, walking over to the two Chrises, Justin staring after him.


What has your love been up to today, Lucky?

Justin smiled, walking over to his parents and brother.

The small reception continued for an hour or so, everyone surrounding the eight of love.

The eight wore wide smiles of happiness, their hands in constant contact with their husbands.

Lucas began to direct people away from the clearing, another wedding scheduled shortly.

The six of love for that event were guided to different cabanas, their happiness about to unfold.

Lucas smiled towards his Josh, the man smiling back at him.

Josh's mind was filled with his love for this remarkable young man, his thoughts on his beauty and love.

"He looks beyond happy, Joshy." Lance said, standing beside him.

"He's surrounded by love, Lancy. It makes his soul breathe with life." Josh said, Lance smiling, looking towards the young man.

"What do you think he's planned for us?" Josh softly said, Lance smiling and kissing his cheek.

"Love, Josh. His and our unending love." Lance smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I'm glad you and Justin will be with us as we marry, Lance. Your love echoes in our hearts."

Lance smiled, his eyes going towards his soulmate, his blue eyes locking on his green.

"We all love each other, Josh. Lucas' love has seen to that."
The two men smiled, walking away from the clearing, heading for the beach.


Lucas walked into the bedroom, stopping in his tracks.

Trish turned from the window, Lucas staring at the vision of a radiant bride.

"Oh, Patricia! You look so beautiful!" Lucas said, staring at her white wedding dress.

"Thank you, Lucky." she beamed, her veil covering her shoulders.

Lucas smiled, crossing the room, taking her white glove-covered hands in his.

"The most beautiful bride I've ever seen. Andrew will be lost in your beauty." he smiled, Trish practically radiating.

"I feel so beautiful, Luke."

Lucas smiled, kissing her cheek.

"Dad said you wanted to see me?" he smiled, Trish smiling at him.

"I wanted a moment alone to thank you, Lucas." she said, Lucas seeing tears showing in her blue eyes.

"Now, none of that! Your face needs to be stunning for your man. Running mascara will kill that." Lucas said, Trish lightly laughing, Lucas smiling at her.

"Please let me say something, Lucas." she said, Lucas nodding his head, smiling at her with brotherly love.

"You are my brother, Lucas. In all ways, in all destinies. I love you. We've travelled our lives together, you and I. We've both been there for each other all the way. I'm so glad you're here today, on this day of both our happiness. We're getting married. Our adult lives begin. But in my heart you'll always be my little brother. My magical, loving, beautiful little brother. Josh is going to be so happy for all his life. As happy as I'll be!" she said, Lucas tearing up, hugging her close, the two locked in an embrace of sibling love.

"I love you too, Sis! I'm happy you're here today, too!" Lucas said, his eyes showing tears.

The two parted their embrace, wiping their eyes, Lucas smiling at her.

"Trashy's getting married! Andrew's so damn lucky!" he smiled, Trish smiling widely.

"I love him, Lucas. He's my life."

"I know, Trish. I know." he smiled, kissing her cheek again.

"I have to be off. Have to check on the grooms. And my other surprise." he smiled, Trish smiling at him.

"What are you cooking up now?" she smiled, Lucas smiling at her.

"Let's just say Finny's going to be surprised."

Trish laughed, smiling at him.

"Meaning what?"

Lucas smiled, releasing her hands.

"You know me. I love making monsters cry."

Trish laughed, Lucas smiling and walking out of the room.


Lucas walked into another bedroom, smiling at the vision before him.

Harry's blue pools met his, the man sitting on the bed, naked in only boxer briefs.

"You should be dressed, Harold." Lucas smiled, looking at the white tuxedo laying on Harry's bed.

"I was just lost in my thoughts, Luke." he said, Lucas sitting down on the bed beside him.

His eyes scanned the young man's muscular physique, taking in its tanned smoothness.

"I'm sure those thoughts are of your Alain." he smiled, kissing Harry's cheek.

"I love him so much, Luke. Is this real? Am I really going to marry the man of my dreams?"

Lucas smiled, his hand moving, pinching Harry's left butt cheek.

The young man jumped, Lucas smiling more.

"There, it's real!" he smiled, Harry blushing.

"I just meant everything's happening so fast. We've loved each other for so long. But it still just seems so sudden." he said, Lucas smiling at him, his arm going around him.

"Do you love him, Harry?"

"With all my heart and soul, Luke." he said, Lucas nodding.

"Do you believe he loves you?"

"Yes, Luke. I know he loves me."

Lucas smiled, patting his knee.

"You just answered your own doubts, Harold. You both love each other. Right through to your inner soul. The next step of that love is sealing it completely with each other's love. That's what today is. You and Alain are sealing your love together forever. It's a beautiful love. We all see it." Lucas smiled, Harry smiling now.

"It is, Luke.  Thank you for making me see that."

Lucas smiled, standing up.

"I didn't make you see anything. Your love for Alain makes you see life." he smiled, Harry smiling up at him.

"How about we get you into that suit, our white angel?" Lucas smiled, Harry smiling and standing up.

Lucas' eyes scanned up and down his muscled form.

"Unless you want to fool around? Last chance before we attach the ball and chain?"

Harry laughed, pulling the clothed young man in his arms, hugging him close.

"I can only deal with so much heaven in one day, beautiful." Harry smiled, Lucas smiling and slapping his brief-covered ass.

"Too bad. You look so tasty."

Harry smiled, releasing his hold on his cousin.

"That's what Alain says. I'm good enough to eat." he smiled, Lucas laughing.

"I'm sure you'd go to my hips."

Harry laughed, Lucas smiling and pickup up the white silk dress shirt off the bed.

"Let's hide you under Alain's love. He'll feast forever."

Harry smiled, Lucas helping him dress.


Lucas smiled, walking into his cottage, Lance smiling at him, the man walking out of the kitchen with two cups of tea.

"Where'd you disappear too, Lukey?" Finn said, the man resting on the living room couch, Lucas smiling at him, sitting down beside him, setting the bag he'd carried in with him onto the armrest of the couch.

"Looking after things. Getting ready for the continuing love. It's almost four, you should be getting ready, Finny." Lucas said, Lance handing Finn his cup of tea, the two looking at each other.

"I'm not getting hitched till eight." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Change of plans, my friend. I've designed something more romantic for you."

"I thought the plan was for Finny and Skyler to marry with us, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him with love.

"Paths change, my pet." he smiled, Lucas looking at Finn.

"You want Sky and me to marry next?" Finn said, Lucas seeing the soft look of worry on his face.

"Sorry, Finn. Is that a problem?" Lucas said, Finn staring at him.

"No. . .no Luke. It's just. . .just so sudden."

Lucas smiled, looking at Lance.

"I love you, Finn. And I wanted to make today special for you. You, Sky and Trish have always been close. I always intended on the three of you marrying together. I wanted it to be a surprise." he smiled, Finn staring at him.

"Trish is our sister, Luke. We love her and you."
Lucas smiled, putting his arm around his friend.

"I know, Finn. That's why I kept it a surprise." he smiled, Finn looking at him.

"I'm. . .I'm not ready for this." he softly said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"The great Finnegan Delaney getting cold feet? I know you experienced my talented hands this morning, but that's no reason to change your life's path." Lucas smiled, Finn staring at him, Lucas batting his eyes.

Lance smiled, seeing Lucas' handling of Finn's feelings.

"Don't flatter yourself, shower boy!"

Lucas laughed, Finn smiling at him.

"It's just you've thrown me for a loop, Luke. I love Skyler completely." he said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek again.

"I know, Finn. Your flaccid response to myself in the shower this morning proved that. Otherwise, we'd be deep within each other still, Frankie."

Finn laughed, Lucas laughing as well, Lance smiling at them.

"Thanks, Luke. But Sky does it for me. You'll have to settle for your trio of boy toys."

Lucas smiled, kissing Finn's cheek.

"I brought your tux, Heartbreaker." Lucas smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"I'm ready, Luke. Damn the suddenness, full speed ahead." he smiled, Lance smiling at him.

"Well, you do have a torpedo." Lucas grinned, Finn laughing heartily now.

Lucas smiled, the Welshman standing up, picking up the suit bag off the couch's arm.

"I'll change."

"Need help, Finny?" Lucas said, the other two rising from their seats.

"Thanks, but this submarine's docked. I need Sky's love to set it off on the voyage of a lifetime." Finn smiled, the two others laughing, Finn walking towards the bedrooms.

Lance's arm went around Lucas' waist, pulling him close.

"What are you cooking up now, my love?" he said, Lucas smiling, staring into his green pools.

"They love each other as siblings, Lancy. I knew they had to marry together. Aaron, Craig, Harry and Alain will be happy as well."

Lance smiled, his lips meeting with Lucas', their love flowing.

They parted, staring into each other's eyes.

"That means it will be only the four of us marrying under the sunset of love." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Saving the best for last." he said, Lance staring into his violet pools.

"You always planned that, didn't you?"

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Tonight will be more than a wedding of two couples of love. It will be the uniting of love's center." he smiled, kissing his cheek again.

"Let's get these eight hitched first, then we'll deal with the last two couples of love. The path continues." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at Lance.

"You go help Finny, Lance. You might as well benefit from his hairy beauty. Later, you and I are going to clean each other to ready for our soulmate's love."

Lance smiled, nodding.

"Okay, devious angel of our hearts." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

Lance moved, walking back towards the bedrooms.

Lucas stared after him, the young man walking to the front door of the cottage, going out onto the porch and returning in moments, two bags in his hands now.

He smiled, walking towards his own bedroom, disappearing into it.


End of Chapter 167


And so eight more marry under a rainfall of rose petals.

Lucas' love and magic making it a moment of romantic love.

Randall marries his old friend to Myles, their love now theirs forever.


It seems Lucas has changed the second weddings as well.

Finn and Skyler now marrying with Trish and Andrew, as well as Aaron and Craig, and Alain and Harry.

Four more couples of love uniting in the sunshine of Lucas' magical love.

What surprises does he have in store for them?


It seems that Lance and Justin will marry beside their friends Josh and Lucas alone.

Our two main couples of love sharing a special moment under the setting sun of the last day of the year.

New Year's Eve may turn out to be a magical evening.


This is unfortunately the last chapter of the year for me.

Christmas is shortly upon us.

I want to take this time to wish all of my fans the most joyous of holidays.

May you be surrounded by family, friends, happiness, love and joy.


Best wishes to all of you.

And the happiest of New Years.


Hugs, Angel.