Yesterday's End-17

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.



Chapter 17


Josh's blue eyes stared at the young man seated beside him, Lucas smiling back at him.

"Comfortable, Luke?"
Lucas nodded, Josh's arm around him.

"Yes, very." he said, Josh smiling back.

The two men sat on a couch in the Delaneys' home, surrounded by their friends and family.

Lucas had been discharged from the hospital, the group returning to Finn's home.

Everyone had quietly marvelled at the young man's returning health, the man seemingly almost back to normal.

He'd smiled and chatted with everyone, everyone seeing no sign of the deep fatigue anymore, the young man smiling often.

Here now it was a few hours later, lunch finished, Lucas relaxing in the living room.

Lucas had invited Grayson and Carl to lunch, the Delaneys inviting them as well, both men accepting with civility.

Lucas' violet eyes looked towards the older man a few times through lunch, everyone sensing a calmness belaying an approaching revelation.

Here now Lucas' violet eyes had focused on the older man again, Grayson smiling towards him, he and Carl seated on another couch.

Josh smiled at Lucas, their eyes meeting again.

"You should take a nap, Lucas. I see a soft tiredness in those beautiful eyes."

Lucas smiled, the man smiling back at him.

"I feel calm and relaxed, Joshua. I'd like to relax with all my friends for a bit more."
Josh nodded, Lucas sinking into his body beside him, Josh smiling at his closeness.

"I still can't fathom the look of you, Luke. It's as if nothing's happened. Your wounds have vanished!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I warmed in the waters of my own healing love, Finnegan." Lucas said, his parents staring at him, Trish's blue eyes focused on him as well.

"The waterfall, Luke?"

Lucas smiled at his sister.

"Yes, Patricia. The waters from that pool rejuvenated my soul. Or so the man made me understand."
"The man?" Grayson said, Lucas' violet pools focusing on him.

"Yes, sir. The man who talks to me at the pool's edge. I've ascertained now that it or he is not my father."
"So you were incorrect, Lucas?" Justin said, Lucas nodding at him.

"Yes, Justin. I thought that that man was my father. That my parents somehow were drawn into that place of my imagination. I didn't find them there."

Justin nodded, smiling softly at him.

"I'm sure they're out there, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding.

"I'm certain they are, Justin." Lucas said, his eyes focusing on Grayson again.

"You're a remarkable young man, Lucas. I see a lot of your grandfather's courage and giving nature in you."

"Perhaps a well-meaning compliment, Mr. Wainwright. But I know not the man nor even his own son, my father."

"Your grandfather's absence can be alleviated, Lucas. You could visit him and learn of his own heart."
Lucas nodded, his eyes going to his mother.

"That is a meeting that shall have to wait for further down the path, Mr. Wainwright."
Grayson stared at him, reluctance showing on his face.

"Your grandfather will not welcome those words, Lucas. He has been anxious to meet you. And expecting it."
"I know he has, Mr. Wainwright. For I feel his eagerness."
"You feel him, Luke?" Skyler said, Lucas nodding at the young woman.

"Yes, Sky. As I feel my father." Lucas said, his hand raising, going into his shirt, encircling the red stone hanging from his neck.

"Many teardrops have fallen in the name of courage, honour and giving love. The stone is aptly named, sir." he said, his violet eyes staring at Grayson.
The lawyer nodded, staring at Lucas' hand, the stone hidden beneath it.

Lucas' eyes went around the room, his face showing a calmness and soft tenderness.

His hand released the stone, Carl and Grayson staring at its redness.

"The Blood Drop, named after the blood of my own family. The Belmont dynasty. Many teardrops and drops of blood have fallen upon its smoothness. I do believe it, at one time, was not red but clear crystal."

Finn stared at Lucas in surprise, Vivian staring at Lucas as well.

"You mean. . .you mean it's red because it has been stained by blood? By your family's blood?" Finn said, staring at the stone.

"Not stained in a sense, Finn. Moreso it's been infused by the blood of my ancestors. You yourself said that this stone was older than the Belmont dynasty, Mr. Wainwright. Am I correct?"

Grayson nodded, staring at the young man with amazement.

"I told that to your family and friends, Lucas. You were not in the room when I divulged that."
Lucas smiled, looking around at everyone.

"My perception is focusing, sir. I'm becoming focused on my surroundings. My senses are heightening."
Grayson nodded, staring at the young man.

"You surround yourself with great mystery, son. You are akin to your grandfather. I have known him all my life and I still can't say that I know all parts of him."
Lucas smiled, looking at the man.

"I'm myself, Mr. Wainwright. And I sense I'm someone else also."


Josh stared at Lucas, remembering his talk back in New York with him.

"You said that before, Luke. You said you thought you were having the dreams of someone else, like you were walking his past. Is it the man at the pool? The other Joshua?"

"Joshua?" Grayson said, Lucas looking towards him.

"Yes, sir. He said for me to call him Joshua."

Grayson nodded, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"That's why you thought he was your father."
Lucas nodded, smiling at the older man.

"I think the man's more than just a vision from the past. I think he's a composite of my own free will."

"Meaning what, Lucas?" Skyler said, smiling at him.

"Meaning that he's a figment of my imagination. I've made him up somehow."

"So you're saying all these dreams are just that, dreams?" Justin said, staring at him.

"No, Justin. I think the visions are real. I think he's a balance I've created to deal with the reality of those visions. Sort of a buffer to keep me calm while I discover their truths."

"To keep you calm, son?" Henderson said, Lucas nodding at his father.

"Yes, Dad. I think that whatever those dreams hide is dangerous."

Everyone looked at Lucas with surprise and concern, the young man smiling.

"It's okay everyone. The dreams themselves aren't dangerous, it's what those dreams are forcing to happen that could be dangerous."

"Forcing to happen? What do you mean, Luke?" Lance said, seated beside Justin.

"I'm talking about what happened with my Mom, and what happened years ago with my real parents. Someone's trying to stop my parents, or perhaps my grandfather, from destiny."
Everyone looked confused, Lucas staring at Grayson.

"This all stems from the Belmont family, doesn't it, Mr. Wainwright?" Lucas said, everyone's eyes focusing on Grayson, the man quietly staring at Lucas, his eyes moving to Vivian, Lucas quietly taking in his glance.

"Yes, Lucas. As I said earlier, I am on a mission on behalf of your grandfather. I was seeking your father, for your grandfather's need."

Vivian stared at Grayson, then at her son.

"I know that man's need. He needs only to increase his wealth, his power and his control over everyone."
Grayson sighed, Lucas staring at both of them.

"I sense your heart holds no love for my grandfather, Mom."

Vivian's eyes met Lucas', then Grayson's, the older man sighing again, looking at Lucas.

"Your mother once loved the man as a second father, or perhaps as a substitute father, her own having died when she was young."

Everyone looked surprised, Vivian's head lowering for a moment, Lucas rising up, moving and sitting down beside her, Henderson on her other side.

"You loved him, Mom?"
Vivian's eyes raised, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Yes, Lucas. I once did. But the realities of life--and of falsehoods--make a person see the truth."
"You didn't see the truth, Vivacious. There was no falsehood in the man's love for you or your sister. Or for your mother."

Vivian's eyes went to Grayson's blue, the man staring at her with compassion.

"I will not talk of the past, Grayson. My son needs not to walk down that path now."
"We all need to walk that path, Vivian. For it leads to the realities of today." he said, Lucas looking at him, then at his mother.

His hand went to her shoulder, Vivian staring into her son's eyes.

"It is alright, Mom. There will be time enough later to walk many paths." Lucas said, smiling at her.
Vivian stared at him, seeing a calmness in his violet eyes.

"You seem so relaxed, Lucas."

He smiled, looking around at everyone.

"There are many answers, paths and mysteries surrounding my family, and even more so myself. But I have been given a moratorium."

Grayson's eyes widened in surprise, the young man smiling at him, Lucas standing up.

"You may tell my grandfather that I will visit him soon, Grayson. But not for a couple of months."

Grayson stood up, Lucas staring at him.

"He will not like the wait, Lucas."

"Tell him that the waterfall has calmed my soul. And that I'm on the path given by the Blood Drop."

Grayson looked confused, Lucas smiling at him.

"I have my own life, Mr. Wainwright."
"Please, Lucas. My name is Grayson."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Grayson. I have my own life. And what that life needs right now is music, and love. I am discovering both for the first time. The true meaning of both."

Lucas' eyes went to Josh, then to Justin.

"I want to finish the album, guys. And I want to follow my heart. There will be time enough for discoveries of heritage, destiny and life."

Josh smiled, standing up, his eyes going to Lucas'.

"I think I will take that nap now, Joshua."

Josh nodded, he and Lucas smiling at everyone, the two men walking out of the room.

Everyone stared after the two men, all their eyes going to Lucas' mother and Grayson.

The two were staring at each other.

"You heard him, Grayson. He is focusing on his own path in life. I won't let him be hurt by him, Grayson. That man's hurt enough people."
Grayson nodded, smiling softly at her.

"And he'll be loved once again. I felt that truth in your son's soul."

Vivian stared at the older man, their staring confrontation broken by the front door bell.

"That's Mom and Dad. They said they'd be over after lunch." Skyler said, rising from her seat, she and Finn heading for the front door.

Grayson and Vivian sat down again, Carl quietly looking at Grayson.


Lucas sighed, soft lips kissing his neck.

"I can't nap with you kissing me, Joshua."
Josh smiled, lifting his head, his lips meeting Lucas' soft lips.

"I'm just so glad you're okay, Lucas. And I have you now all to myself."
Lucas smiled, he and Josh laying in Finn's old bedroom upstairs, the two snuggled together on the twin bed.

"Close and comfortable, I love it." Lucas said, Josh smiling down at him, Lucas staring into his now softly wet eyes.

"I'm alright, Josh. I'm going to be okay."
Josh sighed, laying his head on Lucas' chest, Lucas' arm going around him, the man snuggling into his body.

"And here I thought I was being the strong one."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's forehead.

"We're equal in our love and caring for each other, Joshua. We're both strong when the other needs it. Like you've been for me the last few days."
Josh smiled, his fingers rubbing the stone laying on Lucas' smooth chest in the opening of his shirt.

"I love you, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, the words sounding so beautiful.

"I love you, Josh. I'm going back to New York. You and I are going to get to know each other. And I'm going to finish our album. I owe that to my friends, and myself. And I need to find out what life will be like with you."
Josh raised his head again, staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

The man sat up, Lucas staring at him.

"Something wrong, Josh?"

Josh's eyes met his, Lucas seeing uncertainty there.

"I'm. . .I'm not sure I'll be all you're looking for, Lucas."
Lucas sat up, his arm going around Josh.

"I'm looking for only one thing, Josh. I'm looking to live life."

Josh's blue eyes stared at him, Lucas smiling.

"Life can't exist without love, Josh. I'm hoping to find that life-giving love. I'm hoping it's from you. I won't know unless I follow my heart and see where it goes with you."
Josh nodded, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm ready to live life again, Josh. And I want you to experience it with me."
Josh smiled, the man moving forward, Lucas falling back, Josh's body now on top of Lucas'.

Lucas smiled, their lips meeting, both men feeling a quiet love flowing through them.

Josh parted his lips from Lucas', the man smiling.

"Someone's stoking his libido."
Lucas laughed, smiling at Josh.

"Well, I am young, hung and sung."

Josh laughed, pressing his body against Lucas' center.

"Well, I feel the hung, now how about a song?"

Lucas blushed, Josh laughing, moving his body off Lucas, snuggling against him again.

"No rush, Lucas. I can taste your bits later. I'm sure they're smashing!"

Lucas laughed, their eyes meeting, Lucas moving, his head now going against Josh's chest, Josh smiling, his arm going around the younger man.

Lucas sighed, the two laying in silence for a few moments, Josh slowly closing his eyes, a soft voice making them open again, the man lost in the beautiful voice filling the silent room.


If I love you, can we be true?

If I love you, can it be new?

If I love you, will our hearts entwine?
If I love you, will you always be mine?


My heart hears a sound,

coming from below ground.

Coming also from above,

I feel the echo of your love.

The echo of your love.


My heart beats faster now,

from the chimes of your vow.

From this new feeling of love,

from the echo of your love.


May it ring for years to come,

for the total and the sum.

Of the love we shall grow,

because of what I now know.


I will love you, it will be true.

I will love you, and it will shine like new.

Our hearts will entwine,

forever you'll be mine.


And our hearts will echo with our love,

the echoes of our love.


Josh was in tears, Lucas smiling and snuggling more against him.

"Lucas. . .that was. . .that was so beautiful. Those words. . .the echo of my love. . .what I had said before. . .?"

"I told you I had a song in my head when I heard your words. It was a song of truth and love."
Josh smiled, Lucas smiling as well against Josh's warm chest.

"I think I'll close my eyes, Josh. I love you."
Josh smiled, the young man closing his eyes, Josh holding him.

"I. . .I love you too, Luke."
Lucas smiled, the young man settling down, surrounded by a new love.


Two hours later, Josh and Lucas walked back downstairs, Lucas met by two people when he walked into the living room, the young man embraced in a duet of love.

Skyler and Finn smiled, Vivian and Henderson smiling at the touching scene.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Luke." Lorraine Templeton said, kissing his cheeks repeatedly when she'd broken her hug on him.

"I'm going to be okay, Aunt Lori." he smiled, the woman in tears, kissing him again.

"You're a strong boy, always have been!" Ian Templeton said, the man's arm around Lucas.

"Thanks, Uncle Ian." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at the two hugging Lucas, the man standing back a bit.

Lucas looked towards Josh, the young man smiling at him.

"This is JC Chasez, Aunt Lori and Uncle Ian. Josh, these are Skyler's parents. My adoptive aunt and uncle, same as Mavis and Sean." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling and stepping forward, Lorraine smiling at him.

"Another star! Land sakes! I'm still not believing it. A pleasure meeting you, Mr. Chasez. Justin and Lance were so gracious!" she smiled, Josh smiling at her as her husband shook his hand.

"You said it right there, Ma'am. I'm just Josh. We three are Lucas' and Trish's friends, and Finn's and your daughter's as well."

Both of Skyler's parents smiled, Finn grinning.

"Watch her, Josh. That old broad can be frisky."
Lorraine laughed, her fingers going to Josh's cheek, lightly pinching it.

"Hey, I don't get to grope stars much!" she laughed, hugging Josh to her, Lucas chuckling.

Skyler smiled at him, Lucas smiling at Finn.

"You're just jealous that she no longer feels you up."
Finn laughed, as did Skyler's father.

Lorraine blushed but laughed, gently slapping Lucas' shoulder, Josh smiling at her.

'Everyone's out in the backyard, Luke. Dad's fired up the barbecue and Mom's in full kitchen duty. She's making you your favourite dessert, Lucky. Lips Pudding!"

Lucas laughed, then blushed a bit.

"Lips Pudding?" Josh said, raising an eyebrow, looking at Lucas, the young man blushing more.

Finn grinned, lightly elbowing his friend in the ribs, Lucas sticking his tongue out at him.

"You'll see soon enough, Josh. Why spoil the surprise?" Finn said, his arm going around Lucas, kissing his cheek.

Lorraine and Skyler both laughed, the group heading towards the back door.


They walked out into the backyard, everyone smiling at them.

Justin and Lance were relaxing in lounge chairs, Justin's legs stretched out the full length of the long chair.

"Someone's made himself at home." Lucas grinned, Justin smiling up at him.

"Mamma Mavis is a gracious host. We're still full from lunch and snacking the last hour. We're taking in the warming, late day rays." Lance said, Lucas smiling.

Lucas and Josh joined Trish and her parents, Skyler's parents joining them as well, everyone seated around a couple of large patio tables on a stone terrace.

Justin's eyes went to the large garden in the backyard corner, smiling at Lucas.

"Mavis showed us your garden. Your creativity shows in all of it." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, looking towards the garden and the stone angel waterfall.

"I wanted her to so love it. An angel wetting another angel's home."
Finn smiled at Lucas, knowing his love for his parents and Skyler's.

"Where are Grayson and Carl, Mom?" Lucas asked, his mother looking at him.

"They left a half hour ago. Grayson wanted to return to the hotel. He's flying out in the morning back to America." she said, looking towards the garden, Lucas looking at her.

"I'm sure he wants my grandfather to hear my words personally." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

Lucas smiled at him, focusing on his mother.

"I'm going back to America as well, Mom and Dad. I've got to finish my music."
Justin smiled towards Lucas, Lance's green eyes staring quietly at Justin.

"My daughter's going to be a star! How remarkable is that?!" Ian said, Skyler smiling at her father.

"I know, Ian. My son as well." Sean said, the man standing at the barbecue by the terrace, steaks cooking on its surface.

Finn smiled towards his father, Sean smiling back.

"We're just tag-a-longs to Lucas' greatness." Skyler said, Lucas looking at her, she and Finn snuggled together in a lounge chair.

"You are no such thing, Sky. Your voice is part of the mesh that is Orion. We all are a group."

The three singers smiled at Lucas, he seeing their happiness towards that music.

"As I've told you before, us four together, always."

Josh smiled at Lucas, seeing his unwavering determination for all four of them to succeed.

"A few more weeks in the studio and that group will be ready to go live." Justin smiled, the four singers smiling at him.

Justin sat up, rising and walking to the table, sitting down on Trish's other side, smiling at her.

"Once the album's ready, you four have to start a publicity tour, then there's the release of your first single and video, then after that a tour." he said, Lucas nodding, Josh smiling at Justin.

"You're going to be big, Lucas. The four of you are going to be huge." Justin said, Lucas smiling towards Trish, his sister's smile large.

"It's a path I'm looking forward to, Justin. I've always felt my music was a part of my soul. My soul needs this. We all need it. I think it's going to be amazing." he said, his three bandmates smiling at him.

Vivian's hand went on top of her son's, she seated beside him and Josh.

"I think that's a wonderful path you need to go down, my son."
Lucas smiled, leaning in and kissing her cheek.

"It's a path I must go down, Mom. I believe there's something waiting for me on that path. I won't stray long off the original path, Mom. I know I have to venture into the unknown heart of the Belmont family. I have to find my past and I have to claim my future."
Vivian lowered her eyes, Lucas' arm going around her.

"I love you, Mom. I know you're trying to shield me from something. Something you hold with fear and uncertainty in your heart. I won't ask you to reveal that now. I'm certain in time it will all become clear."
"I'm. . .I'm scared, Lucas. That path can be so dangerous. I don't want you getting hurt."

"I love you and Dad, Mom. And our beautiful Trish."
Lucas' parents and sister smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"But I have another family out there as well, one I've never known. I know in my heart I must find them. For all paths must be travelled. I'm already walking one filled with visions of the past. The next path will be filled with happiness and music, the last filled with truth and life."
Everyone stared at Lucas, seeing the calmness in the young man's violet eyes.

Lucas' eyes went to the garden at the yard's end.

"The flowers of love blossom throughout life." he softly said, Josh's hand going on top of his other hand.

Lucas smiled, looking towards Trish.

"My sister's happiness comes."

Trish looked at Lucas with confusion, the door of the house opening, Mavis stepping out and smiling at everyone.

"More visitors, land sakes I'll have to add some chairs." she smiled, two men walking out of the house, Trish's eyes widening.

Sol Silverman smiled at everyone, his nephew's blue eyes locked on only one person.

Trish was out of her seat in a heartbeat, the young woman enveloped in a warm embrace, two lips going against hers.

Lucas smiled, watching his sister in the arms of Andrew McLaughlin.

Everyone's eyes were looking between them and Lucas, the young man softly blushing.

"I felt the approaching love." he softly said, Josh smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, rising from his seat, walking towards his manager and his lawyer.

Sol hugged the young man, staring into his violet eyes.

"Glad to see everyone's okay. We just flew in from London." the man said, genuine caring showing on his face.

"We're all just fine, Sol." Lucas smiled, his violet eyes going to Andrew's, the young man having parted from Trish's welcoming embrace, her hand now in his, both looking at Lucas.

"Trish called me last night. I'm so glad you're up and walking, Lucas." Andrew said, smiling at him as the two shook hands, a mild look of wonder in his eyes, an equal look in Sol's.

"I'm fine, guys. And I see my sister's damn near radiant!"

Trish blushed, looking around at everyone, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"I think you should guide this young man towards our parents, Trashy. You know Mom likes fresh meat."

Trish laughed, Andrew blushed, the young woman pulling him towards her parents.

Sol smiled at Lucas, his hand going gently to his shoulder.

"Are you sure you're okay, Luke? I was so shocked when I heard."

"I'm fine, Sol. We're heading back to New York probably tomorrow."

"I'm sending Drew back with you, Lucas. I think he needs to get some experience."
Lucas nodded, smiling towards the young man, Vivian kissing the young man's cheek, Andrew softly blushing.

"I think he needs to experience more than his career."

Sol nodded, smiling, then winking at Lucas, the young man smiling, guiding the man towards his bandmates and friends.


Everyone smiled and laughed, seated around two large tables on the patio, Mavis' dinner enjoyed by everyone.

A large group of younger people devoured a lot of it, the older ones enjoying its deliciousness as well.

Mavis radiated with all their compliments, the meal abundant and joyous.

Here now they were relaxing, the women inside cleaning up dishes, dessert not yet served.

The men were relaxing around the patio, Lucas seated between Josh and Finn, the two men deep in conversation about music, Lucas half listening, the young man leaning back into his chair, his violet eyes scanning the patio.

His eyes locked on Justin's blue, the man seated beside Lance, he and Sol talking quietly, Justin's eyes looking towards Lucas, then glancing away, the man conversing with Andrew and Trish on his other side.
Lucas' violet eyes scanned the man's rugged face, taking in its quiet smooth beauty.

Justin was a handsome man, his blue eyes the gateway to his soul.

Lucas had stared into those blue eyes, seeing a revealing truth there.

Lucas sighed, his eyes going to his Josh beside him, Lucas taking in his beautiful face.

Surrounded by beauty, entrapped by reality.

Why do I feel so much love?
I've never felt so much before.

It's as if my soul has doubled, as if I can now feel the hidden love.

Lucas' eyes went around, taking in the visions before him.

His eyes glanced towards the house, opaque shades of light now showing before his eyes.

He followed the solid flows of light, watching them flow across the patio, each destined for a single person.

He saw a soft blue light encircle his father, Henderson seated with Sean, a soft yellow light surrounding him.

He saw soft light begin to encircle Andrew and Trish, two lights of white glowing softness.

He smiled, realizing in his heart the truth of that white light.

The light of purity and innocence.

Lucas' respect for Andrew increased in that truth.

His eyes turned to his left, Finn now radiating a soft shimmering blue light, a tentacle of light that came from the house, Skyler's light of love.

Lucas smiled, realizing what he now could see.

The joined lights of true, real love.

His eyes turned to his Josh, Lucas' violet eyes widening a bit.

Josh was covered in a changing pattern of glowing light.

Lucas lowered his eyes to his own self, a violet tentacle of light coming from his chest where his heart was flowing out into Josh's chest, the man covered in its violet hue.

That violet hue suddenly changed to a softer blue, Lucas seeing a dawning truth beginning to form its path.

He followed the blue light from Josh, watching it trail across the patio, flowing up a man's leg, entering that man's chest, Lucas meeting Justin's beautiful face, the man staring at him again.

Lucas stared back, seeing the blue light intensify around the man, Lucas suddenly seeing flashes of red explode in the man's light, the redness appearing like large splashes of exploding blood.

Then he saw a tentacle of blue light moving again away from Justin, Lucas seeing it heading towards him.

Lucas stared at the blue stream, watching it edge closer to him, Lucas' mind trying to understand its truth.

The light then moved with a sudden flash of speed, Lucas sensing it hit his chest, Lucas feeling a sudden explosion of energy hit his heart, Lucas softly gasping, falling forward a bit, two arms suddenly surrounding him.

"Are you alright, Lucas?" Josh's soft voice said, Lucas raising his eyes, meeting his blue pools.

Lucas saw only the violet light surrounding Josh now, the young man staring into his blue, love-filled eyes.

"I. . .I got lost in the lights, Josh."

"The lights, Lucas? What do you mean?" Josh said, looking concerned.

Lucas' eyes moved, quickly glancing around, seeing that the lights around him were beginning to fade.

His eyes fell on another new light, a soft green glow showing now.

He stared at Lance, the man staring back at him, Lance covered in a soft green light.

Lucas saw one tentacle of light moving out from him, its end trembling, moving towards someone.

Lucas stared at the thin tentacle, seeing it stop, then completely fade.

He saw Lance's eyes move for a moment, then the man's head lower.

All the flowing lights suddenly disappeared, Lucas closing his eyes.

"I'm alright, Josh. I. . .I just found the sunlight a bit strong for a moment there." he said, his soft lie easing Josh's concern.

"You're still recovering, Luke. You're taking it easy."
Lucas smiled at Josh, the man's caring smile smiling back.

Lucas' eyes turned, meeting Finn's, his young friend staring at him, a soft look of confusion on his face.

"I'm okay, Finn. I'm just tired."

"Josh is right, Luke. You need to take it easy."

Lucas nodded, leaning back in his chair, the two men surrounding him staring at each other.

Everyone on the patio had been looking at Lucas, the terrace suddenly quieting.


The quietness was broken by the house patio door opening, the women walking out of the house; Vivian, Lorraine and Mavis carrying trays of coffee and dessert.

Mavis was smiling towards Lucas, the young man staring at the tray she carried, a wide smile coming to Finn's widening face.

"Awesome! She remembered!" he grinned, standing up and walking up to his mother, staring at the tray she carried.

"Time enough, son! Take your seat! You know it's Luke's turn to get the bowl bubbling!"

Finn laughed, clapping his hands together, Trish and Skyler--as well as Sean and Skyler's parents--grinning.

Everyone else on the patio was looking confused, seeing Mavis carrying a large tray, two large bowls sitting on it, as well as a bunch of napkins.

She smiled at everyone, the woman setting the tray down on the table in front of Lucas, the young man showing a soft blush, his eyes quietly scanning around, their violet hue showing a sparkling timidness.

"I think I've been tricked into a corner."

Finn laughed, smiling at his friend, then a soft look of concern crossed his face.

"If you're not up to it Luke, we'll understand completely."
Lucas' violet eyes met Finn's blue, Lucas smiling at him.

"For your mirthful happiness, I'm up for anything."
Finn smiled a large smile of love, looking towards his mother, Mavis nodding.

"For all of you that don't know of this family tradition, we--the Delaneys and our adoptive friends--have held a long standing tradition of celebrating wonderful occasions with a moment of mirthful love and happiness. My own family began this tradition, and my husband has welcomed it into his clan celebrations. I think the old codger just likes to laugh!"
Sean laughed, winking at his wife.

"Ya keep me rolling in and out of the hay, my sweet!"
Everyone laughed, Mavis blushing but laughing, shaking her finger mirthfully at her husband.

"All with love, my Seany!"

Sean smiled, blowing her a kiss, the woman smiling and looking around at everyone.

"On this tray is a large bowl of my grandmother's favourite pudding. It's a rich, sweet chocolate, as thick as chocolate sauce, and very delicious. I have some ready for all of you in the kitchen."
Everyone looked at the large bowl of chocolate pudding, confused looks on their faces.

Lance was the first one to seek an answer to that confusion.

"You have a full bowl right there, Mavis."
Mavis smiled, looking around.

"This here is not my grandmother's pudding. This is the Lips Pudding."

"Lips Pudding?" Justin asked, looking towards Lucas.

Mavis smiled, nodding.

"Yes, Justin. This is called Lips Pudding. It is a recipe of the same family pudding etched with a little more mirthfulness." Mavis said, smiling towards Lucas.

"At each festival, party or family function one individual is selected to dish out this dessert. It is given with mirthful love and a bit of saucy individuality." she smiled, everyone still looking a little confused.

Finn smiled, walking up to his mother, Mavis laughing, kissing his cheek.

"My son's chomping at the bit to see the love and fun flow. Take it away, my Finny."
Finn grinned, looking around at everyone.

"I nominate this day as the commander of the bowl my best friend, and mirthful pal Lucas."

Lucas smiled, the young man standing and walking up beside his friend, Josh's blue eyes following him with loving care.

Lucas smiled at Mavis, the woman winking.

"I do love your star cookies, Mamma Mavis. This is a tricky way of getting them."

Mavis laughed, her hand going to the second bowl on the tray, picking it up, everyone seeing it covered with a cloth, the woman smiling around.

"As Lucas so deliciously stated I make a mean batch of star cookies. That's what hides in this bowl. Most of them are red sugar hued but some are golden dipped. Those gold dipped ones are the winners who get to taste the pudding. And Lucas is the servant who'll bring that pudding to you."
Everyone looked intrigued, looking around at each other, Finn grinning.

"I will walk around to all of you, each selecting a cookie from under the cloth. Whoever picks a golden one gets to taste the pudding, in a mirthful way. Who'd like to go first?"

Finn grinned, walking up to his mother.

"It could be no other." Finn grinned, his fingers slipping under the cloth, Finn feeling around the bowl.

"Just one, my son of mirth."
Finn laughed, pulling his hand out, a golden cookie in his hand.

Finn grinned widely, Lucas blushing softly.

"Make it wet and delicious, Lucky!"

Mavis laughed, looking at Lucas.

"You know the position, Luke. And the ritual."
Lucas smiled, nodding.

His hand went to the tray, picking up a large napkin, opening it, moving quickly, the napkin covering his head, Lucas tying it at the back, his head covered with it.

"For love and mirth I bow to this family's happiness. Pucker up, Finny! You're getting a snack of Lips Pudding."

Everyone's eyes widened, Trish and Skyler laughing as Lucas dove his head face first into the bowl of chocolate pudding.

He pulled his head back up, his face covered in chocolate pudding.

He opened his eyes, the only white part of his face showing.

Then the whiteness of his smile made everyone begin to laugh, the man walking up to Finn, pulling him into his arms, kissing the man on the lips quickly, Finn having no chance to back up, a chocolate set of lips meeting his.

Skyler was on the floor laughing, Trish laughing louder.

"Your man's enjoying it a little too much! Look at that pooh on his lips!" Trish said, Andrew busting into laughter.

The two broke their kiss, Finn's face covered in chocolate.

"Once you go black you never go back, Finny!" Lucas said, Finn bursting into laughter, licking the chocolate off his lips.

"But why the tongue, Lucky?"
Lucas burst into laughter, Mavis grinning.

"Who's next?"


The next hour was covered in laughter and chocolate.

Lucas dove often into the pudding, Mavis offering the bowl of cookies to all.

Josh pouted when he chose a red cookie, Lucas winking at him, Finn whispering--rather loudly so everyone could hear--into Josh's ear.

"Don't worry, Josh. You get to lick the bowl. And that pug ugly violet-eyed face!"

Lucas smiled at Josh, everyone else laughing.

Josh smiled, seeing the gleam of mirthfulness etched on Lucas' chocolate-covered face.

"Awesome, I like to lick deep!"
Lucas laughed, continuing on his paths to the golden cookies.

Andrew, Lance, Henderson, Skyler and Lorraine were some of the winners of the golden cookies.

Lance had blushed when Lucas pulled him close, Lucas smiling at him.

"You can lick where you desire, Lance. I'm totally delicious."
Lance had laughed, Lucas' lips meeting his in a flash of speed.

Lance became lost in the scent of chocolate and the underlying scent of Lucas' own self.

He'd pulled back, his tongue licking the remnants of chocolate from his lips, his green eyes opening into two violet pools of friendship.

"Our friendship will be even more delicious." Lucas smiled, Lance smiling back, the singer moving forward, licking Lucas' nose.

"Your skin's not bad either."
Lucas had laughed, moving on to Drew.

Andrew had blushed when Lucas had kissed him, Lucas smiling at him as they parted.

"I'll let my sister catch the sweetness of the remainder. And the man laying under it."
Andrew had smiled, two lips of sibling love replacing Lucas'.

Lucas had smiled, walking up to Mavis, she smiling at him.

"Only one cookie left. You're the last, Justin." she'd smiled, looking towards the man, Justin smiling at Lucas.

Justin rose up from the seat he'd been sitting in, the man having taken in all the mirthful happiness surrounding him.

"The best for last." he smiled, walking up to Mavis, his slim hand going under the cover of the bowl, picking up the last cookie.

He smiled, pulling it out of the bowl, a golden star shining in his hands.

Justin put the cookie to his mouth, biting off a piece, smiling.

"The last one of the batch is always the most tasty, for it is the last." Justin smiled, looking at Lucas.

Lucas smiled, Finn tapping his shoulder.

"You need to refresh your face, Commander."

Lucas laughed, Finn pushing the bowl of chocolate into Lucas' face, pulling it back with a laugh.

Lucas' face was covered in chocolate, gobs of it running down onto his shirt.

"It's a Kinder Surprise!" Finn pointed, everyone bursting into laughter, Lucas smiling under the chocolate.

"Pucker up, Timberlake. You're getting coated!" Finn laughed, pushing Lucas right into Justin, the young man stumbling, his lips meeting Justin's, the older man putting his arms around him, their lips joining completely.

Lucas became lost suddenly in an overpowering charge of emotions, Justin's lips tasting his.

He felt Justin's mouth opening, his tongue licking the chocolate off Lucas' lips.

Lucas pulled back, that tongue taking in all it could for a moment.

Lucas opened his eyes, staring into opening pools of blue need.

Lucas stared as Justin smiled, his face coated in chocolate.

Justin raised his hand, the cookie still in it.

"You've earned my treat of love, Lucas. All of it."

Justin smiled, moving the cookie forward, pushing it into Lucas' slightly opened mouth.

Josh laughed, walking up to his friend and boyfriend.

"You both look like deranged chocolatiers!" he laughed, Justin and Lucas' eyes breaking from each other.

Lucas smiled at Josh, the man smiling at him, handing a towel to Justin, then taking another and beginning to wipe Lucas' chocolate-covered face.

"My man of candied love." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm only as sweet as the love I'm fed."

Josh smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lucas' chocolate-free lips.

"Mm, even better underneath!"

Finn laughed, walking up to the three men.

"He's fatty though. It'll go straight to your hips."
Everyone laughed, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

His eyes met Justin's, Justin's blue eyes sparkling.

Neither saw Lance quietly looking at both of them.



Pembroke Holding Center, Pembroke, Wales


Bartholomew Barrister sat on his bunk, the man staring out the one barred window of his cell.

He'd been here for two days, the dankness of the place rather smothering in its starkness and dreariness.

He'd walked every inch of the eight by ten cell, finding no comfort in the quietness or loneliness.

His mind had spent its time replaying the whole day of his capture.

He still hadn't been able to reason out what exactly had happened.

Where had those three men come from?

They'd seemed to overpower him quickly.

He'd felt so much strength in them.

But they were nothing compared to the look he'd seen in that young man's eyes before they'd appeared.

He'd seen no fear or worry there.

It was as if the man knew they were about to attack him.

Barrister shuddered, his arms going around him.

He'd had no word from Haven, knowing the man would not contact him directly.

But he expected at least some connection.

Barrister's one good eye looked up, hearing movement coming down the tiled hall.

He heard a key going into his door's lock, the man squinting as the light from the hallway shone into the darkened cell.

'You've got a visitor, No Name." the guard said, staring down at the man.

"It's after six. Who'd come this late?"

"The chief's given his approval, so get up off your ass!" the guard said, his hand going to the gun on his belt.

The large man rose up, staring at the man, their eyes level with each other.

"Put these on, Princess." the guard said, the large man turning around, the guard slipping the cuffs onto his wrists.

Barrister remained silent, the guard motioning the man out of the cell, the two walking down the corridor, the large one-eyed man glancing into the cells they passed, all their doors open.

He sensed he was totally alone in the holding rooms.

They walked down to the end of the corridor, the guard opening a locked door, guiding the large man into a smaller room, one table and two chairs the only furniture in the room.

On the other side of the table sat a young man with handsome features, the man softly smiling at the mammoth of a man staring down at him.

"Please sit down, sir. My name is Sheridan Whitecastle." the young man said, the large man slowly sitting down in the chair when the guard unlocked his cuffs from behind his back, the man then locking one cuff to the table's leg, the other still on Barrister's wrist.

The guard looked at the younger man, the man nodding.

The guard quietly left the room, closing the door behind him.

Barrister's one good eye stared at the young man, his blue steely eyes glaring at the large man.

"I am here at Haven Marlowe's request, Barrister."
Barrister's eyes widened, staring at the man.

"He sent you? You're here to get me out of here?"

"No, Barrister. That boat may have long past sailed."
"What do you mean? It's because of him I'm in here!"

"Tsk, Tsk. Attempted murder? In front of a room filled with witnesses, some well-known. Are you a fool?"

The large man rose up, his one free fist slamming down on the table.

"You tell Mr. Marlowe that I want out of here! If he doesn't arrange that I'll bring him down from his throne!"

"Threats, Bart? My, how low you have sunken."

Barrister sneered at the man, the young man smiling back.

"Your tenure with Mr. Marlowe has now ended. He has washed you from his employ as a man would wash a clop of dirt down the drain." the young man said, beginning to stand up, the large man rising out of his seat, struggling against the chained leg.

"I want out of here now!" he yelled, the young man smiling, walking up to him.

The man's hand went up to the large man's shoulder beside his large neck, gently pressing down on it.

"Calmness, Barrister. You shall be out of here very shortly."

The large man looked confused, staring into the man's blue eyes.

"Haven never leaves any loose ends. Consider yourself forever washed from life."

The young man smiled, Barrister feeling a pinch on his neck, the young man's nail pressing into his skin.

"Marked as useless, marked as insignificant. Gone forever. Goodbye, lost one." the young man said, releasing his hand from the man's shoulder, walking to the door, knocking on it.

The door opened, the guard looking into the room, seeing the large man standing at the table, still handcuffed to it.

"He's not being sociable. I'll leave him to his fate." the young man smiled, quietly walking out of the room, the guard looking after him.

The guard walked back into the room, staring at the large man.

"Even fancy lawyers don't want to touch you, scum. Stand still. You're heading back to your cell."
The large man didn't move, the guard walking up to him.

Suddenly the large man's hand went to his throat, the man gasping, his eyes widening.

He struggled to speak, the guard staring at him.

"What now. . .don't start. . ." he began to say, the large man suddenly staggering, collapsing to his knees. then falling face forward.

The guard stared in shock as the man collapsed to the ground.

Bartholomew Barrister lay on his back, his dead eyes staring up into the heavens, life forever lost to him.



Balderson Hotel, Pembroke, Wales


Justin walked out of the bathroom, towelling his head, smiling towards Lance.

"I think I've finally got all the chocolate out of my hair. Lucas was damn messy!"

Lance smiled at him, the man sitting up in his bed, the man under the covers, his naked chest in full view.

Justin smiled towards him, sitting down on the bed's edge, facing Lance's side.

"A mirthful end to a good day. It was good to see Lucas back to normal." Lance said, smiling at Justin.

"Yes, I'm so glad he's okay now. I was so scared when he got shot." Justin said, taking his cell phone off the nightstand between their two beds.

Lance and Justin were sharing a room, Josh now staying in the suite across the hall with Lucas.

"Yes, I can't believe he survived that attack. He was shot and now he's healed. It's all so amazing." Lance said, Justin looking at him.
"He's an amazing guy, Lance. I think we're just seeing the start of his greatness."
Lance nodded, the man looking towards Justin.

"Jess is doing okay?"
Justin smiled, leaning back against the pillows, Justin having called her before he'd taken his shower.

"Yes, she's still in Los Angeles but will be home by Monday."
"Great. You must miss her?"
Justin lowered his eyes for a moment, Lance quietly staring at him.

"Yes. . .yes, I must."

Lance moved from the bed, his long muscular legs coming into view, the man facing Justin, the two seated on the beds facing each other.

Justin's blue eyes took in Lance's sleek, slim, smooth form, Lance wearing only boxer briefs.

"I think it's time you and I have a talk, Justin. I think it's time this was all in the open."

Justin's eyes met Lance's green pools, seeing only his love and friendship there.

Justin thought he also saw concern there as well.

"You're. . .you're not going to tell everyone about what happened in New York, are you? You're not going to open that all up? I'd. . .I'd never live it down!" Justin said, Lance staring at him.

Lance sighed, the man moving, sitting down beside Justin, Justin feeling his arm going around him.

"No, Justin. I promised you that I'd never reveal that truth. I've always been your friend. You can always trust me to my word."
Justin nodded, smiling as he looked into Lance's smooth face, his emerald eyes calming Justin's soul.

"Thank you, Lance. I'll always value that friendship."

Lance nodded, Justin leaning forward and lightly kissing Lance's lips.

Lance backed up a little, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Lance. Thank you for always being you."
Lance smiled, nodding.

"I love you too, Justin. And I know what's going on."
Justin stared at Lance, his green eyes staring back.

"What. . .what do you mean?" Justin said, his eyes glancing away from Lance, Justin feeling his arm tighten around him.

"I mean that I know where your heart lays now. I think it's time you told Jessica the truth."
Justin stood up, Lance staring up at him.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm going to bed, Lance. I suggest you go as well."

Lance stood up, Justin staring at him.

"You can't silence your heart by denying what it wants, Justin."

Justin stared at him, the man staring back.

Justin's heart sank when Lance spoke his next words.

"I know you're in love with Lucas, Justin. And I know Lucas knows it as well."



End of Chapter 17


And Lance shows his giving self.

He's easily clued in to Justin's hidden truth.

I think you all guessed that.

What will Lance now do with that truth?
And what will Justin do?


I hope you liked the pudding dessert.

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Our Lucas is healed and heading back to New York.


Who is the seemingly sinister Sheridan Whitecastle?
It seems he's silenced the one-eyed giant.

What will he do now for Haven?
Is this the next monster on the trail of Lucas?


Up next: A return to normalcy and a growing love.

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