Yesterday's End-171


The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.


Chapter 171


Lucas' eyes scanned the beach, the young man taking in the festive surroundings.

Everyone had been in awe of the beach's transformation from when they'd left before sunset.

White covered tables were formed in a circular span, a large buffet again set up on the main cottage's veranda.

What surprised all of the grooms and brides were the ten wedding cakes set up on two large tables on both sides of the veranda steps.

All the ten couples had viewed them, each a different cake of symbolic beauty for each couple.

The ten couples had smiled, seeing miniature versions of themselves on top of the cakes.

Skyler's and Finn's cake was a soft yellow iced cake, the color matching Skyler's wedding dress.

Andrew's and Trish's was a white cake with matching red roses in the frosting, matching her wedding bouquet.

Chris had laughed at his cake, Lucas adding a bit of mirth to the two grooms on its top.

The two grooms were joined together, the Chris one kneeling before the Piney image.

"Me to a tee, Luke. I'll always be on my knees to Piney's beauty." Chris had grinned, Piney blushing but smiling at him.

"Most bitches are at their master's knees." Justin laughed, others joining him.

Chris had blushed, Piney kissing his lips.

"I am master of his heart, as he is mine." He smiled, Chris smiling at him, their hands joined.

"How and when did you do all this, Luke?" Chris had asked, Lucas smiling at him, looking around at everyone.

"You are all surrounded by mothers, my friends. The best bakers in the world." Lucas had smiled, Karen kissing his cheek.

"My sons' cake is made with love." She smiled, Josh smiling at his mother, then taking in the beauty of his and Lucas' cake.

The two of them were united together on a staircase that wound its way up around the cake, the two joined at its top in an embrace of love.

Blue and violet candy roses were all over the cake, adding a touch of romantic love to it.

"It's beautiful, Mom." Josh said, Savannah kissing his cheek.

"Make that Moms, Josh. They both had a hand in our happiness. Aunt Vivian as well." Lucas smiled, Vivian kissing his cheek, Josh smiling at all three mothers.

All the couples were surrounded by their parents, each seeing their mothers' love in the cakes.

Pictures were taken with each couple and their cake, all wearing smiles of happiness and love.

After that Lucas guided everyone to the awaiting feast.

Five tables of two newly-married couples each were set up in front of the veranda, the wedding parties relaxing before dinner.

Josh and Lucas sat with Justin and Lance, all four smiling with happiness.

Colton walked around, photographs of all their smiling happiness taken, the area lit with hundreds of Tiki torches, the beach bright and festive.

Lewis was called upon to say the prayer before the meal, the minister smiling at his husband, standing among his friends and family.

"Today we are blessed by the greater happiness of all our hearts. So many joined under love and God. Moments of love and magic that we each will always carry in our hearts for the years of love ahead. Today we thank our Lord for the gifts we have received. Love, happiness, new families and beauty. Bless us this day for the magic of he of the giving love. His love is equally in our hearts this day. This day of Lucas' love. As the day progressed, each moment showing even more beauty, that love carried forward in all our hearts. The day ended with the setting of the sun on a moment of singular love. We are all blessed to see the love around us. In the people we love, in the food we now dine on prepared by families of love. May God guide us through our lives with happiness, love and hope. His angel begins our paths. Our love continues. Amen."

"Amen!" everyone said, all eyes going to the young man seated beside Josh, Lucas smiling with happiness at the minister, Reverend Saunders smiling, joining his husband again.

They'd all dined on a scrumptious feast of different flavours, each family's cuisine enriching the others'.

A gathering of many families under one moment of love.

Toasts had been given throughout dinner and after, all the couples celebrated.

Lucas was singled out by many, the young man smiling with calm love, his calm happiness showing.

After dinner the tables were moved back, a dance floor filling with families and happiness.

Music filled the air from a sound system set up on the veranda.

Couples of new-married love joined, their love showing for everyone.

Lucas' first dance was with his husband, Josh's beautiful smile showing through all of it, tender kisses exchanged.

The other couples showed the same love, their happiness evident to all those around them.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank you for this beautiful day. The love did indeed grow all day. You gave all four of us a greater love in the void."

"It's our love, my Joshua. We love each other. It had to be that way. Our love is each other's."

Josh smiled, kissing his husband's lips, another song starting.

"Can anyone take a nibble?" a voice said.

Josh smiled breaking the kiss with his husband, staring into Justin's blue pools, the man in Lance's arms beside them.

"Only those of our one heart." Lucas smiled, pulling Justin into his arms, Lance's arms going around Josh's slim waist.

Justin smiled, Lucas leaning into his ear, licking its lobe.

"If you start nibbling, your going to end up hungry. And do I have a meal for you." Lucas whispered, Justin beaming.

Lance smiled, pulling Josh close.

"I need a nibble also. Let's cut a rug, Joshy." He smiled, Josh snuggling close to him, the two dancing away.

Justin smiled after them, beginning to dance with Lucas, Justin staring into his violet sparkling pools.

"I love you, Lucas. Thank you for this day of magical love." Justin said, Lucas seeing the love in his blue pools.

"Lance holds a big part of that in your heart, Jus. His love is yours forever." Lucas smiled, Justin tearing up.

"Lucas. . .I. . ." He softly said, Lucas kissing his lips, Justin feeling his love.

"I am yours forever as well, Justin. As is our Josh. Our love is yours forever." He smiled, Justin pulling him close.

"I'm in a dream. This has to be a dream! My greatest wishes in life fulfilled!" Justin said, his head going against Lucas' chest.

"Life is a dream, my love. We're all living our greatest dreams." Lucas smiled, Justin hugging him close.

"I'm going to love you three forever." Justin said, pulling back, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"And I'm going to drain your libido every day. My love is going to own you."

Justin smiled widely, kissing Lucas' chin.

"Promises, promises." He smiled, Lucas' hand slapping his firm ass.

"That's a promise I intend to keep."

Justin beamed, the man moving with grace across the dance floor, Lucas smiling in his muscular arms.


The dancing continued, Lucas dancing with everyone, his graceful beauty showing in their arms.

Aaron, Nick and Craig all gave him moments of thankful love, the young man kissing each on the lips, all feeling his new brotherly love.

Lucas was happiest when he was in the arms of a newly married groom or bride, all showing their happiness in their eyes.

Finn even danced with him, the man filled with happiness, his words of love and thankfulness filling Lucas' heart with more love for his handsome friend.

"You are the best friend of my heart, Lucas. Thank you for the joy I feel today." Finn said, his blue eyes showing soft tears.

"I love you, Finn. I would have always made this day wonderful for you."
"You have, Luke. It's' the best day of my life. I have a family now. Two children and a beautiful wife. All thanks to you."

Lucas smiled, kissing Finn's cheek.

"That is all because of you, Finnegan. Your love and beauty created all of it. Even I got a little tease of it this morning. Sky's so damn lucky! Ever fool around with a married man?" Lucas winked, Finn laughing loudly, those around them smiling.

"Sorry, Lukey. You'll have to be content with your three boy toys." Finn smiled, Lucas smiling, glancing towards his men, Justin and Josh slow dancing, Lance dancing with Adam.

"The contentment of my heart begins with their love. My life has meaning now." Lucas said, Finn smiling and kissing his cheek.

"I'll still show some eye candy now and then. Variety is the spice of life." Finn grinned, Lucas laughing.

"I'll carry clippers with me always. Even wet you're still too hairy!"

Finn laughed again, the two dancing as brothers, both smiling widely.

The evening progressed, everyone having lots of fun.

Rosa Sharon danced often with Colton and Jonathan, the young girl a bundle of joy and happiness.

Lucas smiled at her often, and danced with her as well, the girl beaming with happiness.

Lucas felt the joy in her heart and Colton's.

Close to eleven the young man sat down between his father and grandfather, both Belmont men smiling at him.

"A day of joy, Lucas. You lighten even this old heart with the beauty and love you've shown today." Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I saw you dancing often tonight, Grandfather. Your heart is not old. It beats with the youthfulness of Grandmother's love." Lucas said, Emerson smiling.

"That it does, Lucas. You give youthful love to all our hearts. And I've never seen Grayson so happy." Emerson smiled, the three men looking at Grayson dancing with Gabriel, both men smiling at each other.

"Happiness lays in the love we cherish. Life is love." Lucas said, his father smiling at him.

"And your love is unending, my son. It is in all our hearts. We all radiate youthful love because of you. You draw it out of all hearts."

Lucas smiled, looking around at all the dancing couples and families.

"Love is nothing if not shown."

The two men smiled at him, their eyes going to their own wives, both dancing with others.

"What of the journey ahead, Lucas? Is this the happiness before the destined reality?" Emerson said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Tomorrow begins the year of destiny, Grandfather. The path continues. Tonight is about love. I will rein in all the others as they must be. Leave that reality to myself. In a short nine months all paths will come to their end. And from there will be a greater path. A path of true happiness." Lucas smiled, his eyes meeting Francesca's and Savannah's as the two women walked up to them.

Grayson and Gabriel were beside them, all four having heard Lucas' words as they came up to them.

"I haven't danced with you yet, my son." Savannah smiled, Lucas smiling and standing up.

"My heart knows no joy until I make my mother smile." Lucas smiled, Savannah smiling at him.

The two walked onto the dance floor, the others watching them begin to dance.

Francesca smiled, sitting down beside her husband, Emerson's arm going around her.

"You can feel the love in his smile. He's beyond happy tonight." She smiled, Grayson sitting down beside his old friends, Gabriel sitting beside him.

"Our young friend seems calm, the future holding no worry for him." Gabriel said, Grayson looking at Emerson and Francesca, then at their son.

"Lucas is on a misguided path, I fear." the lawyer said, Emerson looking at him.

"What do you mean, Gray?" Tristan said, looking towards his son on the dance floor dancing with his wife.

Grayson looked at Tristan, then at Emerson, then at Francesca.

"He's venturing into areas of danger. Yesterday alerted me to that fact. Today substantiates it even more." the man said, Gabriel's arm going around him.

"What's going on, Gray?" He said, Grayson looking at his husband with love.

"Right now only love, my love. Lucas is filling our hearts with love. Tomorrow may bring a greater truth." Grayson said, Emerson looking at his old friend.

"You spoke of danger, Grayson. If he's in danger, we need to know. He needs to know." Tristan said, Grayson's blue eyes meeting his green.

"He already knows, Tristan. And still he's done it." The man said, sighing.

"What's going on, Gray? What has he done? Are you keeping something from us?" Tristan said, the older man looking at him.

"I love you and your parents, Tristan. I would never keep anything from you on purpose. Lucas is intelligent. He's seen through the mist, I believe. Tomorrow he aims to reveal the true path." The man said, Gabriel staring at his husband.

"Lucas' mysteries are rubbing off on you, my love. You are a Belmont."

Grayson smiled at his husband, their hands joining.

"Lucas has informed me that he will meet with all of us tomorrow, after lunch. He wants a meeting of his family. I think he's about to take charge of destiny. I just hope he hasn't chosen the wrong path." the man said, rising from his seat, the other three staring up at him.

"Tomorrow we deal with reality, tonight we deal with the love in our hearts. I feel Lucas' love surrounding us. Come my love, let's dance again. I need your love in my arms."

Gabriel smiled, rising from his seat, the two walking to the dance floor, beginning to dance.

Tristan and Emerson stared at their old friend, Francesca's violet pools staring at Lucas dancing with his mother, her daughter.

Her violet pools flickered to blue, then back, the woman's minds filled with thoughts of their own.


At five minutes to twelve, Lucas stopped the music, the young man standing on the veranda steps smiling at all the families and couples joined together at tables and in each other's arms.

Josh was at Lucas' side, his arm around him, their white suits sparkling in the torch light.

"If I could have everyone's attention, please." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling, the beach quieting down.

"You're not going to start the honeymoon early right in front of us, are you, Lukey?" Finn yelled, Lucas smiling at his friend, Skyler rolling her eyes beside him, but smiling.

Finn showed a soft intoxication, a glass of beer in his hand.

"No, Finny. That happens later. This old cottage is going to get rocked off its foundation tonight with our love. And I get three times the fun." Lucas smiled, Finn laughing, Alain's loud laughter behind him.

Others laughed, Josh blushing but smiling, Justin grinning, Lance blushing, the two standing just below Lucas and Josh on the sandy beach, their arms around each other.

"I just wanted to announce that it's almost midnight. New Year's Eve is about to end. The New Year shortly greets us." Lucas smiled, people applauding.

"I have a special song to ring in the New Year with, for all of us. If all the couples of loveŚnew and oldŚwould gather on the dance floor, let's ring the New Year in with happiness. Those of single happiness join in as well. Everyone needs to feel the New Year's joy."

Everyone smiled, the dance floor filling with happy couples, and joining friends.

Alain's cousin was standing with Gabriel's sister, Marjorie smiling at the friendly black man.

Rosa Sharon was in Stephen's arms, the two youngsters smiling beside Colton and Jonathan.

Lucas walked back to the music sound system, the man hitting the CD button, the beach flooding with music, some smiling, the song known to them.

It was perfect for the occasion.

Lucas walked back to Josh, taking his hand in his.

"To our happiness, my love. I want to dance the year in within your love."
Josh smiled, walking his man to the middle of the dance floor, Justin and Lance at their sides.

Everyone smiled, soft music surrounding them, a voice filling the air.

Everyone looked surprised, recognizing Lucas' rich voice, the man smiling and beginning to dance with his soulmate, Justin and Lance joining them.

Other couples began to dance, soon everyone became lost in the music, love and happiness surrounding them.


One minute to midnight

One minute to go

One minute to say good-bye

Before we say hello


Let's start the New Year right

Twelve o'clock tonight

When they dim the light

Let's begin


Kissing the old year out

Kissing the New Year in


Let's watch the old year die

With a fond good-bye

And our hopes are high

As a kite


How can your love go wrong if

We stared the New Year right?


Let's watch the old year die

With a fond good-bye

And our hopes are high

As a kite


How can our love go wrong if

We start the New Year right?


Let's kiss the old year out

Let's kiss the new year in

I love you, my loves

Our New Year of love begins


Josh stared into Lucas' violet pools, Justin and Lance staring as well, all the couples smiling at the four as they danced.

"Welcome to a new year of love, my loves." Lucas said, his lips meeting Josh's, Justin's meeting Lance's.

The moment Lucas' lips touched Josh's the night's sky exploded with fireworks, Lucas' song ending, Auld Lang Syne filling the beach, everyone staring up at the sky, its rich bright colors bringing awes from the crowd.

Justin broke his kiss with Lance, both staring into each other's eyes.

"Happy New Year, my love." Lance said, Justin smiling at him with love.

His blue eyes moved to Josh and Lucas, the two men standing in the center of the beach, their lips still joined.

"Happy New Year, my love. It's going to be a year of unbelievable love." Justin smiled, Lance smiling and staring at the couple, the night's sky filling with more blossoming fireworks.

"His love is going to move us all." Lance smiled, the two joining other people in welcoming hugs of love and happiness.

Lucas broke his kiss with Josh, the man's blue staring into his violet pools.

He saw a thousand stars again shining in their violet hue.

In the depth of their centers his saw a faint green glow, the man smiling as Lucas' head moved, his lips tugging on Josh's left ear lobe.

"I will have all your love to start the year right. I need so much." he softly whispered, Josh smiling.

He sensed the night was only beginning.


Justin was crying, two arms of muscular warmth holding him close, two lips kissing his neck.

He felt other arms wrapped around him, one hand rubbing his back with touching love.

Justin also felt the largeness buried within him.

The lips on his neck moved, their soft warmth kissing his own, soft fingers brushing the tears from his cheeks.

"Oh God, Lucky." Justin softly moaned, feeling the largeness move around, its length seemingly hardening again.

It was well after three in the morning, the last few hours given over to a greater passion they'd never experienced before.

And it had all been centered around the young man who now possessed him.

The celebration had ended around one o'clock, couples leaving, moments of love ahead for all of them.

The four men had kissed and hugged everyone goodbye, their happiness showing for all of them.

Josh and Justin had their arms around their husbands, the four watching their friends return to their cabanas, the beach littered with remnants of the night's revelry.

"We should clean all this up." Lance smiled, looking towards the veranda, the buffet almost all gone.

"Our continuing love is more important right now." Lucas said, his violet pools on the three surrounding him.

All three smiled at him, Justin's eyes going to the beach again, their blueness widening.

The beach was spotless, nothing showing except smooth soft sand.

"Where did. . .what the. . .?" he stuttered, Josh and Lance looking around as well, Lance's eyes going to the veranda, the buffet gone, the veranda spotless.

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"My magic grows, my loves. As does my love. The night of love continues." Lucas said, the man moving, picking Josh up in his arms, holding him against his chest, Josh staring into his violet pools.

"Our honeymoon begins, my loves. Let me carry you across the threshold of our married bliss." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, the young man carrying him towards the cottage.

Lance smiled, feeling Justin's arms going around him, the man lifted off the sandy beach, into the arms of his soulmate.

"I want to carry you to my love, my husband." Justin said, Lance smiling into his blue pools.

"Lead the way, my warrior of love. My husband of life."

Justin smiled, following Lucas, the four walking into the cottage.

Lance looked around, seeing the place spotless,  Lucas forgoing the living room, walking towards the bedrooms.

Justin followed, the man feeling a sudden desire flood his soul.

His eyes gazed at the beautiful man walking in front of him, his white covered physique sending a rush through Justin's soul.

He felt two lips kiss his cheek, Justin staring into Lance's green pools.

"I feel it too, my love. Lucas' love is consuming us."

Justin smiled, following Lucas into his and Josh's bedroom.

Lucas set Josh down, Lance's feet touching the floor as well, all three men looking around the softly lit room.

Several candelabras were positioned around the room, their glowing candlelight the only light in the room.

The large bed in its middle was covered with rose petals, the silk sheets and blankets pulled back, several satin pillows covering the head.

A bottle of champagne was chilling in an ice bucket by the bed, glasses on a tray on the nightstand.

Justin felt two lips kiss his neck, the man's head turning, staring into Josh's blue pools.

"Can you feel the love, guys?" Josh said, his lips meeting Lance's soft ones.

Justin smiled, his blue eyes staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"It is my love, my husbands." Lucas said, the three smiling at him as Josh broke his kiss with Lance.

Lucas smiled, walking over to the champagne, filling four glasses, handing each a glass as he returned to them.

"I love all three of you, my husbands. You each are equal in my heart and my love."

The three smiled, Lucas raising his glass.

"A toast to our love. Tonight and forever we are all we need. Tonight our love is ours." he said, raising his glass, the other three smiling at him with tearful eyes, each taking a sip of the sweet wine.

"But what about those other hunks out there, Lucky? I can't just have you three." Justin smiled, Lance laughing, the other two joining him.

The four smiled at each other, Josh's hand slapping Justin's white covered ass.

"Harry and Finn would kill you, Jus. And Alain would tear you a new one. He looks like he's packing." Lance said, Lucas laughing loudly, the other three smiling at him.

Lucas' hand went to Lance's center, Lance staring into his violet pools as Lucas gently squeezed his package.

"There's only one monster we need. We have more than enough to handle right here." He smiled, Justin smiling at him and his man.

"We have total love, guys. That and your beauty are all I need." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

Lance's arm went around Justin's waist, kissing his cheek.

"We should return to our own room, Justin. It is our wedding night." He smiled, Lucas' hand going to Lance's shoulder, Lance staring into his violet pools.

"There will be no more separate rooms, my love. Our love is one now. We are husbands together." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Do you want to leave, Lance?" Josh said, Lance staring into his blue pools.

"No, Josh. I love you two as deeply as my Justin." He said, Justin smiling at him.

Lucas smiled, his hand going against Josh's cummerbund, stroking the three layers of color.

"We each wear the colors of the eyes of our love. Tonight and forever that love and beauty will own us." Lucas said, Justin smiling, his hand going against Lucas' cummerbund.

His hand pulled the cummerbund off Lucas' waist, the snaps at the back letting go, Justin throwing it on the floor.

"You're way overdressed, Lucky. We all want to own you." Justin smiled, the passion showing in his blue eyes.

Lucas smiled, Josh and Lance seeing the violet hue of his beautiful eyes softly changing to emerald green.

"You're in for it now, Justy. His passion's igniting." Lance smiled, Justin staring into Lucas' now green eyes.

Lucas moved, Justin feeling two strong arms pick him up, the man feeling his body become airborne, a softness suddenly enveloping him.

He stared up into two softly glowing green pools, their greenness changing into violet, the man feeling the man now laying on top of him, Justin in the center of the large bed, the scent of roses surrounding him.

"Ownership is steeped in love. Tonight you're going to feel all of mine." Lucas said, his lips meeting Justin's, Justin feeling his hands begin to remove the clothing he wore.

Behind him Josh and Lance were kissing, their own hands on missions of need, clothes beginning to fall.

Justin gasped, feeling the tongue in his mouth begin to possess him.


Here now it was hours later, Justin staring into two violet pools of sensual love, the man feeling Lucas' needs again.

For hours the young man had been relentless, his needs never abating.

All three men had felt his sensual passion, its need taking their breath away.

The young man had possessed all three, alone and together, their sweaty bodies contorting into throes of passion, his love echoing in their souls and bodies.

All three had cried, his love so consuming.

Justin felt the hardness in him beginning to move, Lucas' love beginning to claim him again.

"Oh, Luke!" He moaned, the man feeling a hand move his face, two lips meeting his.

He felt the love in the kiss, a tongue licking against his lips as the head moved back, Justin staring into two blue pools.

Josh gasped beside him, Justin seeing two arms wrapped around Josh's smooth sleek torso.

He saw Lance kissing Josh's neck, Josh moaning, his forehead touching Justin's.

"Oh God, Jus! Our Lance is on fire!" Josh gasped, feeling the long hardness buried within him.

"So is our Lucky!" Justin moaned, then gasped, Lucas' lips now on his left nipple, his hardness on a rhythmic path of need.

Josh's hand moved, wrapping around Justin's hardness, Justin's hand moving on its own, feeling for Josh's long shaft against his thigh.

Lucas raised his head, his lips joining with Lance's, the two men deep within their lover's embrace.

The four men felt their passion flowing, Lucas' hand moving to Lance's smooth ass, pushing him deeper in Josh's center.

The two broke their kiss, Lance staring into Lucas' violet pools, a thousand stars sparkling in their centers.

The greenness of his magic's passion had only shown for a few moments when Justin had first encountered Lucas' desires, the last few hours Lucas' own needs claiming all three of them.

Lance smiled, thrusting into Josh's center, the man kissing his neck again, Lucas continuing to own Justin, both men lost in their lover's passion.

The four exploded together, their passion at its height, need overtaking them, all four lost in the glow of love's pinnacle.

Josh and Justin felt the two men pull out of them, their bodies drawn together, lips kissing others.

"God you're amazing, Lucky." Justin softly said, Lucas smiling and seeing the exhaustion on Justin's handsome sweaty face, kissing his cheek.

"And the tiger's finally sated." He smiled, Lance smiling at him, the man holding Josh in his arms, the man's face showing a contented tiredness.

"We've worn them out, Lucky." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling, his fingers rubbing against his man's cheek, Josh smiling at him.

"We were ambushed. Your love overcomes us." Justin said, snuggling against Josh's back.

Lance smiled, kissing his man's cheek, Justin smiling at him.

"You need sleep, beautiful. Come into my arms of love. Lucky needs you, Joshy."
The two men smiled, trading places, Lucas and Lance wrapping their arms around each other's soulmate, Josh's head going against Lucas' soft sweaty glowing chest.

Justin was enveloped in his man's arms, Lance pulling him close.

The man's eyes were closed, Lance smiling at Lucas.

"Good night, my loves." He said, Lucas smiling at him, Josh's eyes closed as well.

Lance closed his eyes, he and Justin snuggling together.

Josh's lips kissed Lucas' chest, Lucas feeling his close warmth.

"Goodnight, my love. I love you." Josh said, Lucas kissing his forehead, the young man feeling Josh's body relax into his, sleep overtaking him.

Lucas smiled, scanning the three visions of beauty beside him.

His own heart felt no tiredness, the love and need within him unabated.

He smiled, watching the three sleep, his mind filled on other thoughts.


A couple of hours later he slowly rose from the bed, staring down at the three visions of smooth beauty before him.

It had taken him a few minutes to unravel from Josh's needful embrace, the man smiling and seeing the man move to his left, Justin's arm pulling him close, the three snuggled together.

"From love's embrace, to love's center. Feel their love, my love." Lucas softly said, the young man smiling, quietly walking to the closet and pulling on a t-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts, quietly leaving the room.

He quietly walked out of the cottage, the sun's soft rays showing on the horizon, the hour close to six, the day a few minutes away from beginning.

He smiled, quietly stepping off the veranda, the soft sand feeling cool on his toes, Lucas walking along the beach past the cabanas.

He stopped at each, the young man feeling the love emanating from each, a soft smile showing on his handsome face.

He felt the love that had flowed in each all night, its warmth calming his soul.

He moved on, each cabana's love filling his soul.

He stopped in front of the cabana that held Adam, Pierce and Usher.

The love flowing from there felt stronger, Lucas smiling.

"You have your dreams, Adam. Love is stronger than need. Paths right themselves." Lucas softly said, the young man smiling, continuing down the beach.

He failed to see a shape standing in the darkness of the cabana's veranda.

Lucas walked the length of the beach, passing each cabana, feeling the love in his heart grow, the young man taking the small path up the hill towards the pool.

He felt a soft breeze blowing on his neck, the young man's footsteps carrying him up the hill.

He walked out into the clearing, seeing a large field of tall grass before him in the semidarkness.

He stared at it, closing his eyes, feeling the love in his soul.

He opened his violet eyes upon hearing the rushing water.

He stared at the waterfall in front of him, its beauty unchanged in the soft dawning light.

Its facing was covered in a soft glow of yellow gold, the sun rising from the horizon's edge, its beams hitting the waterfall.

"In the dawn's light, God's beauty draws love to it. Good morning, Adam." Lucas said, not looking back behind him.

"Good morning, Luke. How did you know I was behind you?" Adam said, the man having followed Lucas up to the pool.

Lucas smiled, turning his head back, staring into the singer's blue pools in the dawning light.

The sun was behind Adam, the man's slim physique seemingly glowing in a halo of sunshine.

"I felt your love as I walked by your cabana.  Your beauties sleep wrapped in it, but I felt your own love awake." Lucas smiled, Adam smiling and walking up beside him.

The man stared at the waterfall before him, seeing the sunshine dancing across its wet surface.

"The pool looks so beautiful in dawn's light." He said, Lucas smiling and looking at him.

"My love shines as each new day begins." He smiled, Adam's eyes staring into his violet pools.

The man smiled, taking in the handsome smile on Lucas' young face.

"And why are you not back there with the three of your heart? I'm sure their love was beautiful last night. I wouldn't ever leave it."

Lucas smiled, his hand going to Adam's shoulder.

"You left your own twosome of love to walk up here to mine. I think we both were overcome by what was before us." Lucas said, Adam staring at him.

"Their love last night moved me, Lucas. It felt so genuine, so real. I love them so much!" Adam said, Lucas seeing the love and honesty in his blue pools.

"I know, Adam. I feel your healed love for each other. It is as great as the healed love the four of us have."

Adam smiled, nodding his head.

"I feel like a new man, Lucas. Your love, your friendship, it has guided me to my happiness." He said, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"Your own love and heart have guided you to that happiness. I only had to show you the real you inside."
Adam smiled, staring at him.

"Thank you for that, Lucas. For making me see me."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his cheek.

"You're welcome, Adam. You're now seeing the man I always saw. A man who's now one of my dearest friends."

Adam smiled, Lucas seeing his happiness.

"I am your friend forever, Luke. I would do anything for you."

Lucas smiled, staring at him.

"Then shuck those clothes and get into that pool. I need to lick some tattoos."

Adam stared at him with shock, the young man bursting into laughter.

Adam blushed, Lucas' arm going around him.

"I don't need your beauty, Adam, although I know it would be delicious. I only need your friendship. I need it greatly."

Adam smiled, feeling the man's deep friendship and love.

"Your beauty would be divine, Lucas. I see the happiness in Josh's, Justin's and Lance's eyes. It must be consuming. I'm happy for all three of them."

"They are your friends as well, Adam. The past is the past. Our future together will be total friendship. And honesty."

Adam smiled, staring into his violet pools.

"I'm all for that, Luke. And the eye candy of your beauty will soothe all our souls."

Lucas smiled, staring at the pool.

"I love you, Adam. And I now need that friendship. I need to be honest with someone." Lucas said, staring at the pool, Adam staring at him.

"Alright, Lucas. I am here for you in any way."

Lucas smiled, staring into his blue pools.

Adam saw a thousand stars sparkling in their violet centers.

Lucas' hand moved, touching Adam's cheek, Adam feeling a warmth surround him.

"In you, I find friendship, Adam. In you, I find a confidante. In you, I voice my truths."

Adam remained silent, feeling something overcome him.

"Lucas. . .your. . .your eyes?" Adam softly said, feeling a hand going into his.

"Let's bathe in the waters of my love. Let's bathe in truth."

Adam moved, Lucas guiding him to the pool's edge, their eyes still locked on each other.

Adam felt his clothes leave him, then the sudden feeling of wet warmth, a thousand stars consuming him.


End of Chapter 171


And so the honeymoon's over.

Lucas and his loves finding their happiness and desires in each other's arms.

The three of his love sense the newness of Lucas' changing love.


And another of a different heart finds a newness in Lucas as well.

It seems Adam has wandered into Lucas' changing magic.

What's going on between these two?
Are they really now naked and in each other's arms in Lucas' Pool?

What has overcome Adam's soul?


The path will return to the real world.

Lucas and his friends will return to America, and new lives of wedded bliss will begin.

But first, Lucas begins the path of his destiny.


Hugs, Angel